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by Dr. Emmanuel Navon


On Monday, Jan. 31 st., a 10-year-old Arab girl was killed by gunfire, and her death was initially blamed on the IDF by PA and UN officials. The girl was shot as she stood outside a UN-sponsored school in Rafiah, Gaza. Suspicion surrounded the initial claims that the IDF was responsible for the girl's death due to the fact that no IDF activity had taken place anywhere near the school. It was later revealed by the Ynet news agency that hundreds of shots had been fired into the air by Muslims celebrating the departure of friends and family on the Hajj, a once-in-a-lifetime visit to Islam's holy cities, Mecca and Medina - incumbent upon every Muslim. The girl was killed when one of the bullets struck her in the head.

The "information" that the IDF had "killed a Palestinian child" was out in the news. Then came a quiet correction, en passant, but that had no impact on public opinion. People heard the "information" but barely noticed the correction. It is a familiar pattern.

There are many reasons why European public opinion is so antagonistic toward Israel, but one of them is the manipulation of media and information by Israel's foes. Which brings me to the sad irony of this week's commemoration events of the liberation of Auschwitz.

(Last) week, Europe asked forgiveness for the killing of 6 million Jews. But it cannot forgive itself for Israel's existence. This is the sad and tragic irony of Europeans asking forgiveness for a crime that happened in the first place because of Europe's irrational attitude toward the Jews. Unfortunately, this irrationality hasn't changed.

Most Europeans now subscribe to the belief that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the source of Islamic terrorism, and that this conflict is still going on because of Israel's stubbornness and territorial grid. It's very simple: Israel wants land but doesn't want peace, and this is why it humiliates the Palestinians and nurtures a conflict that in turn angers 1 billion Muslims that are getting nasty in Europe and elsewhere. And Bush doesn't want to put pressure on Israel because he is a fundamentalist Christian (the moron happens to believe in God) and his advisors are all Jewish neoconservatives. Voila.

It is time for Israel and pro-Israel advocates to explain to Europeans that far from being Europe's enemy for allegedly nurturing Islamic violence, Israel is actually fighting an ideology that is threatening Europe itself and that it is time for Europe to wake up.

How do you explain that to Europeans? With the following quotes and facts.

  1. In 1974, Algerian President Boumediene candidly admitted at the UN General Assembly that "One day, millions of human beings will quit the Southern Hemisphere toward the Northern Hemisphere. And they won't show up as friends. They will come to conquer. And they will conquer by having children. The belly of our wives will deliver victory."

  2. In an interview with Oriana Fallaci in 1972, Palestinian terrorist George Habache admitted that "Our revolution is only a stage in world revolution. It is not limited to the reconquest of Palestine ... The Palestinians are part of the Arab nation. And so it is necessary for the entire Arab nation to fight America and Europe. There will be a war against the West, and this is only the beginning. And we will proceed patiently, we will conquer inch by inch."

  3. Islam is conquering Europe demographically and culturally. 30% of the children born in Belgium today are Muslim. After the Yom Kippur War, the Arab states not only used the oil weapon to subdue Europe. They also established the "European-Arab Dialogue" (EAD), a mechanism through which Europe gave in to being flooded with hundred of thousands of Arab immigrants and to "spreading Arab and Muslim Culture in Europe." In 1975, the new Eurabia journal was published in Paris.

  4. In 1975, the European Economic Community (EEC) adopted the "Strasburg Resolution" in which the EEC accepted to allow "the immigration of Arab workers to Europe" and the "need to create, through the media and academia, a favorable environment for the new immigrants" and the "right of the new immigrants to diffuse and propagate their religion and culture in Europe."

People often ask me what's wrong with the Europeans when it comes to Israel. The answer is that Europe has been colonized demographically and culturally for the past thirty years. Try and have a rational conversation in a public forum in Europe today on Islam or on Israel. It's impossible.

Europe is no longer a place where you can freely think and debate in public as far as topics like Islam or Israel are concerned. As Italian author Oriana Fallaci wrote in her recent book The Force of Reason: "The war that Islam has declared to the West is not a military war. It is a cultural war. A war, as Tocqueville would have said, aimed not at our body but at our soul." Europeans should be thankful to America and Israel for fighting this war instead of blaming them for all of the world's ills.

The fact that more and more Europeans have integrated the basic messages of Islamic propaganda is indicative of the power of "intellectual terrorism." As "business ambassadors" you can and should help Europeans to wake up --for their own good and ours.

Dr. Emmanuel Navon is CEO, The Business Network for International Cooperation (BNIC), which is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Contact BNIC by email at and by phone at 972-3-645-5053. Its website address is

BNIC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve Israel's international image and business presence. Through BNIC, Israel's business leaders and communications specialists join their resources, talents and efforts to counter the international de-legitimization and defamation campaign orchestrated against the State of Israel.

Thanks are due to IsrAlert ( for bring this article to our attention.


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