by Rachel Wolf, December 4, 2019

Columbus State Community College in Ohio confirmed the incident on Twitter and said that "an investigation is underway." Likely, the investigation will take forever and get nowhere. Were this an approved minority — a black, an illegal 'refugee' — the perpetrators would be dismissed from campus before the sun set.

cutting flag
A Columbus State Community College student cuts an Israeli flag off an international flag display (screenshot)

A TikTok video surfaced of a student cutting an Israeli flag off a display of hanging flags and throwing it in the trash at Columbus State Community College in Ohio. The video can not be shown here, but is available here.

trashing flag
Malek Mustafa, a Columbus State Community College student, finishes job. (screenshot)
BDS Report

Malek Mustafa destroyed an Israeli flag and vandalized Columbus State Community College @cscc_edu.

Expose this anti-Semitic student and demand the college hold him accountable for his actions.

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Beach Hopper
Just out of interest, can anyone list the Innovations in technology, medicine, agriculture, cyber security, water management, desalination or any nobel prize's for science or any other contributions to humanity by Muslims? (Bomb vest innovations don't count) l'll wait..


Beth Rosenberg
He should be expelled


Siggy Flicker
- do something about this animal and stop with the fear. It's not a Jewish problem. It's a world problem. Stand up you terror. NOW!

BDS Report, which posted the video, identified the student as Malek Mustafa,[1] who allegedly has an anti-Israel past and a profile on the Canary Mission's website. The Canary Mission "documents individuals and organizations that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses," according to the organization's website. While the website alleges that Mustafa tweeted anti-Israel messages, his Twitter page has been deleted, leaving no way to verify the tweets.

"Columbus State has confirmed a recent incident in which a miniature Israeli flag was forcibly removed from an international flag display on college property. An investigation is underway," the college[2] tweeted on November 30.

Columbus State

Columbus State has confirmed a recent incident in which a miniature Israeli flag was forcibly removed from an international flag display on college property. An investigation is underway.

"Columbus State is committed to a safe, inclusive environment for all students and the community. The college is undertaking a due process review of the recent incident of a man cutting down and throwing away a miniature Israeli flag from an international flag display on campus," the school elaborated on Twitter. "We first learned about this incident Saturday along with the rest of the public when the video posted to social media and quickly went viral. The college must and will abide by student privacy laws in disposition of the incident."

Hillel International reports that out of the school's 26,935 undergraduate students, just five are Jewish.




Rachel Wolf is a graduate of American University where she received a BA in CLEG (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government). She recently completed her service in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

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