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by Lori Averick



It's time to connect the dots

The past year has seen a serious and alarming increase of violent extremist activities throughout the United States. Contrary to what some in the media would have you think, this clear and present danger is not coming from the radical "right" or the liberal "left." It is coming from Muslim terrorists whose activities are frightening and well-documented.

Authoritative Islam is a radical theo-political ideology that openly aims to kill Jews, Christians and other non-believers who do not convert or submit to Islam. This threat should be the primary concern of leaders and citizens alike. Unfortunately, we are living in a country where political correctness has trumped all security threats. Therefore, how can we aggressively fight our enemy, when some of us refuse to even identify them as such?

So the question that begs to be answered is: Is America at war with radical Islam and those who seek to carry out its doctrine?

To help answer that question, take a closer look at some of the recent jihadi activities that have been glossed over and labeled as isolated occurrences. Click on the hyperlinks to read more details about each story:


Waking Up

There is an abundance of evidence that suggests that America is indeed under attack and that Muslim terrorists have declared war on the U.S. Charles Jacobs, named by the Forward as one of America's top 50 leaders, notes that "These are extraordinary times. We face daunting challenges for which there are no known answers. Chief among them are Islamic anti-Semitism and the global jihad that pose enormous, unanticipated threats to Jews around the world."

There are too few among us who are willing to connect the dots of these events and honestly acknowledge the gravity of our situation. Now is the time to band together and educate ourselves and our communities — before it is too late.

The methods of dealing with this threat must be elevated to a priority national debate. But in order to do so, the first step is that we must all — in the words of renowned historian Bernard Lewis in the must-see documentary film on this issue, The Third Jihad[*], "Wake up!"

[*] The Third Jihad can be seen at

Lori Averick is a Campus and Community consultant for two non-profit organizations; JerusalemOnlineUniversity and the Clarion Fund. She writes for Jewish websites on relevant and contemporary Jewish issues.

This article appeared January 10, 2010, on the Aish website
( Thanks are due Susana K-M for sending it to Think-Israel.


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