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THINK-ISRAEL features essays and commentaries that provide context for current events in Israel. The war Islam is waging against Israel and the West is top priority. We report on global anti-Semitism, Islamism and creeping Sharia.We aim to make sense of what's going on.  

These sites can provide your daily news and analyses about Israel.
Arutz Sheva ( is everyone's favorite news source from Israel. Subscribe and they'll send you a synopsis of the latest news by email daily.
CAMERA Media Report (from the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) issues superb reports correcting inaccurate media writings on Israel.
Center For Security Policy brings together news reports and excellent analytic articles on homeland security, the so-called peace movement, arms control and American foreign policy around the world, region by region.
Christian Action For Israel (CAFI) always has the latest news and wonderful thought pieces. The site is run by non-proselytizing Christian Zionists who support Israel. They have compiled and made available a comprehensive group of articles and historical documents that expose the UN's shoddy behavior towards Israel, beginning before the State was established. Their papers on Radical Islam and on Palestine and the Palestinians are must reading.
Daily Alerts are issued by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. In addition to news items and analyses from the Israeli, American and European press, the page has a novel and useful section, Talking Points, which summarizes the major points of some cogent and important article. The Daily Alerts are prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs  (JCPA).
Archive of articles by Daniel Pipes, an expert on Islam and the Middle East.
DEBKAfile offers both news with follow-up and superb in-depth analyses of regional news. Quite often, like the Drudge Report, you'll read it here first.
The Drudge Report gained fame for breaking the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. It gives Israel good coverage and is a gateway to many newspapers, weeklies and columnists such as Joseph Farah, Jeff Jacoby, Michael Kelly, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Safire and George Will.
Emet News Service is a weekly summary of news and events concerning Israel and the Jewish people. In addition, it provides some excellent thought pieces.
Fox News is a less biased alternative to other general news sources such as CNN, ABC and the BBC.
Up To the Minute Terrorist Incidents This site tracks what's going on in the world: terrorist acts, threats, explosions, airline incidents, etc. Yuval Zaliouk, who found it, writes: "It's not just about terrorism - it's about what is happening every day, every minute some place in the world that could affect all of us in some way." It updates every 30 seconds, constantly. You just click on any icon on the map for full info at any time.
Gush Katif in English is a beautifully-designed, inspiring mix of stories and articles about what's happening to the Jews of Gaza. The Hebrew version is at
Guysen Israel News (L'agence De Presse Francophone) has both French and English editions, with brief ticket-tape news snippets that you can receive daily by email. They also have full-length articles in French. comments on current media articles on Israel from the daily press - the good, the bad and the ugly. is the website of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, non-proselytizing Christians who support Israel in word and in deed. They have sponsored 50 flights of Russian immigrants to Israel and their news service is a model of succinct, accurate news reporting that talks plainly. Unlike most of the media, they call Arab terrorists 'terrorists,' not 'gunmen.'
Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA) provides thoughtful analyses of current events and the results of the latest polls taken in Israel. It's easy to search their archives to track a specific subject.
The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center is an amazing site, with summary information and articles on terrorist organizations in the Middle East, country by country, as well as on global jihad. The graphics are superb; many are of the original in Arabic. Much of this information is hard to come by in the ordinary news media. The text is backed by meticulously-researched hard evidence.
Israel Insider has well-written and detailed news stories and features views by writers such as Daniel Pipes, Aaron Lerner and Emanuel Winston.
The Israel Defense Force (IDF) writes sober and truthful summaries of military actions. It now also has a section on Palestinian Disinformation, which should be required reading for columnists who disseminate whatever the Arabs tell them--without checking. 
International Media Intelligence Analysis (IMIA) provides global news on Islamic terrorism, country by country and analytical articles in their Insight section. The Realite-EU component focuses on Middle East events that pose a threat to Europe. It provides breaking news and analyses.
Israel Resource News Agency carries articles from Israeli journalists. It is one of the few that has explored the connection between Al Qaeda and the training of Arab terrorists in the UNRWA refugee camps.
The Jerusalem Newswire is an independent Christian-operated source for daily Israel-centered news. The site provides several innovative features including the "Middle East Hourglass" - a compilation of daily headlines, with, when available, links to explanatory articles - and a Ticker Tape of current news, which can be mirrored on any website. Read the analytic articles by Ryan Jones. They will shape your thinking.
The Jerusalem Post 'Dry Bones' cartoons are marvelous. Its reporters and columnists aren't all the same caliber, but it is still a reasonable source. The Readers Letters feature is great. Caroline Glick is clear, insightful and a pleasure to read.
The Jewish Institute For National Security Affairs (JINSA) issues news, bulletins and analyses, many of which deal with Israel's security needs.
The Jewish Press carries editorials, feature items and news about Israel and columns on leading an orthodox Jewish life in America.
The Jewish Telegraphic Agency features stories and news about Jewish communities and organizations around the world.
Jewish World Review carries news articles and columns from a large number of journalists, including Charles Krauthammer and George Will. As part of its attractive format, some columns are helpfully highlighted as 'great reading,' 'insightful,' or 'excellent.' Don't miss the Jonathan Tobin columns.
Likud Holland prints articles in both Dutch and English from many sources on antisemitism and Arab rejectionism, terrorism and how they educate their children. Articles can be searched individually or by topic.
The Maccabean-Online is the website of the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies. It is a monthly magazine with analytical articles, commentaries and editorials on Israeli and Jewish affairs. Online since 1995, it is remarkable how long a shelf life most of the articles have.
The Media Line carries analyses of the news from Israel by participating scholars. Michael Widlanski does an excellent job analyzing the latest from the Arab media.
MEMRI (The Middle East Media and Research Institute) carries translations from the Arab press as well as in-depth analyses about the Middle East. When you read the Egyptian and Saudi columnists, you realize Arafat isn't the only one who speaks peace publicly and war when he's at home.
MidEast Truth has a attractively-designed, highly-informative website, which carries excellent articles on Israel and its neighbors.
Middle East Forum is a Philadelphia-based think tank that publishes articles from the Middle East Quarterly including some written by Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer.
The National Review Online has Victor Davis Hanson. If that isn't enough, they have John Derbyshire, Jonah Goldberg and a host of other columnists -- including some, like Mark Steyn, from other magazines -- who entertain as they educate.
National Unity Coalition for Israel is a Christian-Jewish umbrella group that strongly support Israel and speak plainly against the Arab Jihad.
The Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal often has excellent articles concerning Israel. A recent one included Best of the Web by James Taranto and an article on Iran by James Woolsey.
Palestine Media Watch monitors the Arabic press. It translates what Arabs say to Arabs in Arabic in their newspapers and on TV. These are presented, often with pictures, in well-done Bulletins.
Project One Soul lays out the current war between Israel and the Arabs in brilliantly integrated pictures and text. This is a must see. takes the New York Times to task. Its well-written comments point out inane remarks and downright errors in the New York Times. Search their archives for articles on Israel.
Topica.This is an attractively-formatted and highly-informative source of excellent articles and columns about Israel. It is run by a group of volunteers from several countries. For continuous news alerts gleaned from a variety of sources, you can sign up at
World News carries stories from different papers all over the world. You can even read the news from the point of view of the Palestine Times. It's a daily paper that doesn't leave ink on your fingers.
WorldNetDaily--Joseph Farah is its editor--carries breaking news from Israel. It also carries columns from Debka and the Jerusalem Post.
World Watch Daily provide a daily news service, with news items from Israeli sources and "'front lines' information from the White House relevant to Israel and its role in the unfolding global drama." It also provides daily Christian devotionals.
The Zionist Organization of America issues timely background Bulletins about Israel and its neighbors. These can be downloaded as PDF documents.
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