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by Boris Celser


"What a pity Salvador Dali died before Oslo. The number of subjects and topics available since then for his surrealist paintings is inexhaustible."


Jews here, Jews there, Jews everywhere. Jews born in Israel living in Israel or abroad, Jews born abroad living in Israel or elsewhere, Jews who care, Jews who can't, Jews who know, Jews who don't. Plenty of action and attention for just 13 million Jews. We are important. Very important.


Israel is a confused nation, because its society is not given a chance to live a normal life, not only because of a hostile world, but also because of the ruling elite. In no other country would a perennial loser like Shimon Peres be allowed to manipulate the system for his own gain for so long and to implement his megalomaniac ideas at the expense of the lives of so many. He continues to do so almost unimpeded. Israel is in serious difficulties and, under the false pretence of being a true democracy, it is likely to never convene a real commission of truth to expose the crimes and punish the perpetrators. The system is totally geared towards protecting the political criminals operating on many spheres of society.

Imagine a place where people are not feeling well, but also know that if they go to the doctor they won't be told the truth about their condition. This is the role of the Israeli media and large parts of academia, behaving as protectors of the system as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into this self-made quagmire and drags down Jews everywhere. Of course, any physician who behaved as the one above would be punished for violating the Hippocratic Oath. The Israeli media, on the other hand, seems to have sworn to be totally hypocritical.

It is hard to decide which is the worse, in some cases. Leaders who were not born in Israel but brought with them feelings of victimization from Europe as well as some valuable experience on the Holocaust; or Sabra leaders with a complex of inferiority disguised as superiority, who think they know it all, while being afraid of the world's shadow. The interface between both is Shimon Peres, who brings the worst in people through his paranoid visions which have turned into a cornucopia spitting out "sacrifices for peace" populating Israel's cemeteries.

It's very nice and good PR for the IDF to fly over Auchwitz with the permission of Poland, but far more productive if it were allowed to attack Israel's mortal enemies. It would save a lot of Jewish lives and stop the partition of the country.

Under the political system of proportional representation corruption flourishes because there is no accountability to voters. Even worse, the system allows smaller parties to represent their own special interests, not the nation's. This is why parties are often for sale to the highest bidder, in this instance, Kadima. This is why the country doesn't function very well at all. People are fed up, but don't know how to effect change. The system is very entrenched. Meanwhile, elected politicians spend a fair amount of time writing columns, blogs, and acting as sounding boards to the leader. Running the country is not something they're capable of doing. Since they represent almost no one, they never change their views even when proved wrong. On the contrary, they blame others for their own mistakes, because to blame themselves as part of a system where true accountability does not exist would be foolish. Former diplomats, politicians, negotiators all join the fray, writing articles supporting the same failed policies, regardless of how many people suffer and die. It doesn't pay to repent.

While in other Western countries former Prime Ministers move on to other things, in Israel it is the opposite. They work their way back into power any way they can. The latest example of the above is Ehud Barak. Barak lost to Sharon after a disastrous term in office, went to America to make money (did he have or need a green card?), then last year returned through the back door to become Defense Minister. These are his "accomplishments" so far: a) supporting the same policies that saw him defeated in the first place, because the system of government encourages him to do so; b) failing to quit the government as promised, once the Winograd report was released; c) acting against the security interests of the residents of Sderot, Judea and Samaria; d) behaving as the yes-man to the US government, lifting roadblocks so that Jews can be shot at and killed; e) promoting "Palestinian" settlements in Judea and Samaria while trying to dismantle Jewish ones; f) together with PM Olmert, planning to return the Golan to Syria as a way of hiding their failures in everything they touch. This is the man who has a fair chance of once again becoming Prime Minister of Israel. Unfortunately, this is not the exception, but the general rule in Israel.

Lobbyists representing logging and oil interests in Oregon and Alaska, respectively, are not as dangerous to the spotted owl and polar bears as the Post-Zionists in Israel are to the whole of the Jewish people.

The division of Jerusalem takes place thanks to marginal parties like Shas, whose leader tells PM Olmert that the party will quit if he even talks about dividing Jerusalem, while at the same time supporting him while the division is already being carried out. Shas's policy in regards to Jerusalem is the same as the Pentagon's during the debate about gays in the US military: don't ask, don't tell. Plus $182M shekels. That's what Jerusalem is worth.

To those two famous collections of books on several topics we can now add "Post-Zionism for Dummies" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Proportional Representation".

The Geography of Rape: Stealing a Whole Bank

Just as armed burglars rob banks, well-dressed politicians of Christian and Muslim persuasion stole a whole Bank with Jewish acquiescence. This happened even though historical Palestine is rapidly shrinking. Most of it is now called Jordan and, assuming Israel continues to exist, Palestine will be very tiny. Is this really the intention of his majesty, the present king of Jordan? The Romans must be turning in their graves.

What happened to the East Bank of the Jordan River? Where did it go? Why is there only a West Bank? Why does "West Bank" indicate a large amount of land replacing Judea and Samaria, while on the other side everything is "Jordan"? How did the Jews let the late king get away with it?

One can understand that not everything is symmetrical. For example, there is no East Virginia (yes, Virginia, I know there is a Virginia). And there is no Wester Island, Wester Bunny, or even George E. Bush. But mustn't a river have two banks so it can be crossed, like the Rubicon? Capitalizing the "W" without doing the same to the "E" is plainly not acceptable. It must at least be like East and West Jerusalem, even though it is only one city.

Perhaps it is worth dwelling further on this subject in the context of other Jews. The geography of rape, the rape of Jerusalem, and the "disappearance" of the East Bank in order to take away Judea and Samaria can be better understood by looking at the Israeli media and the role it plays on behalf of the lunatics running the asylum in Israel.

Two of the largest English newspapers in the country are Ha'aretz and the Jerusalem Post. The former has David L as chief editor. The latter is led by David H. Both are Brits, in itself something very worrisome. Since Ha'aretz and David L are in Tel-Aviv and the Jerusalem Post and David H are in Jerusalem, it seems fair in order to avoid confusion in this tale of two Davids to refer to them as West David and East David, respectively.

West David, as per his own words earlier this year to Secretary Rice, favors the outright rape of Israel. Ha'aretz's editorial policy validates this assertion. East David and the Jerusalem Post seem to favor a more subtle approach. For example, last year the Director of Policy Analysis for the suicidal Israel Policy Forum in Washington, a regular contributor to the newspaper and the target of nasty talkbacks by the readership, wrote a column indicating that Tel-Aviv, not Jerusalem, is the city that should matter to the Israelis. Not even West Jerusalem without the Temple Mount, simply Tel-Aviv. Now, considering what Jerusalem represents to the Jewish people, and considering that East David runs a paper called the Jerusalem Post in Jerusalem, the least that should have happened after the backlash was a rebuttal via an editorial, out of respect to all the readers. Either that or a change of name back to Palestine Post.

But no, not a chance. The fool is still writing his nonsense. Side by side with the government, both West and East Davids's newspapers play the game of not recognizing Judea and Samaria as Jewish land, while bowing to the king of the East Bank. Of course, the world and the "Palestinians" choose to interpret geography their way. To them the Jews are expendable and the West Bank is expandable, all the way to the sea. Their goal is clear: from the river to the sea. That's why they call it the "road map" (another invention of the East Bank king). Literally, not metaphorically. The world has been playing world games with the Jews since the Romans named the land "Palestine", and unfortunately most Jews seem to enjoy the contest. But the game ends when one side runs out of land.

When tragedy occurs and Israelis are killed by "Palestinian" peace partners many foreign Jews donate money to the families of the victims through legitimate organizations operating in Israel and abroad. What is curious is that Ha'aretz and the Jerusalem Post send e-mails to their readers and subscribers asking for support for that very cause. Of course, this is no spam or scam, but it is ironic that they do that while supporting the very policies that cause those things to happen. Ha'aretz even more so. It offers itself as the interface for "I love Sderot" campaigns, asking readers to purchase items to help support those under attack by Hamas. But the paper opposes victory. It supports surrender. Askelon, Ashdod, you will be next in the hands of those two Samaritans.

The media also excels when it comes to the color game and the farce called the Green line. The Jews living west of it are indoctrinated by politicians and media to look at the Jews living east of it as obstacles to peace. This means that those Jews living peacefully east of this Green line have crossed a red line of some sort. On the other hand, when Arab terrorists strike within Israel such red line is never enforced properly in order not to jeopardize the peace process and annoy the international community. On the contrary, the police quickly set up a "do not cross" blue line while the government continues to arm the terrorists, violating the most basic red line of all: a government's main role is to protect its citizens. Of course, Israeli Arab MKs are not subjected to any of these restrictions, violating the red one in Israel through incitement and the Green one when visiting enemy countries. Perhaps the government ought to set up a yellow line to warn everyone when the red line is about to turn green and vice versa. The yellow line could be a river, with red and green as its two banks. This is no fine line, and the bottom line is that it'd be better to only pay attention to the Caro Line, she being one of the few East David's columnists who still makes some sense. She toes no party line, and that's where she draws the line.

It is a shame that the fools in charge of Israel and their Jewish sympathizers don't understand that the Green line, like the Equator, is nothing but an imaginary line that does not even separate anti-Semites living west of the Green line up to the International Date Line from those living east of the Green line up to the International Date Line. Like a Polish corridor, these anti-Semites are all "lined" up to beat up the Jews floating between those world wide "banks".

The Politics of Yesterday

At this time every four years the Israeli media starts writing opinions on who the best candidate for US president is. Of course, it shouldn't really matter if the country were truly independent and ruled by more humble people. Besides, what does being the best president for Israel really mean? Someone to protect her? From what? Someone who will demand more concessions and humiliations? Someone who will support the financing and arming of the PA by Israel herself? In any event, if a US president were to really support and push Israel to defeat the "Palestinians" once and for all, the Israeli media and intellectuals would turn against that individual anyway, and so would the whole political Left.

In the US the expression "the politics of yesterday" is generally used by younger candidates running against older ones but without necessarily implying that the politics of yesterday did not necessarily work yesterday. In Israel, where meaningful change is virtually non-existent, can anyone deny that since Oslo the politics of yesterday and today have not worked, are getting worse by the day, and are not going to work tomorrow? That's because the same people are always around, will never admit they've been systematically wrong or allow others to come in and correct what they've done. Shimon Peres in particular, in or out of government, implements his delusions according to his "principles and vision" and with little regard to obeying the law or for the consequences of his actions on the people and nation. Today he is president, so the politics of yesterday still tragically work for him and a few others. Under proportional representation the politics of yesterday are the politics of everyday.

Indeed, if Rip Van Winkle had fallen asleep at Oslo time, woken up now and seen the situation, he could comfortably go back to sleep again sure of the likely outcome, whether he supported Israel or the Arabs.

Chugging Right Along

Chug, chug, chug, chug. The peace train with Olmert, Barak, and Livni in charge is on its erratic way again. It never arrives anywhere. So what if the "Palestinian" track is blocked? Let's detour to the Syrian track, then. Give the Golan station to the Syrians in return for "peace" written on a piece of paper. However, the Syrians have now made clear "peace" requires a full return to the 67 borders, including Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The cat has been out of the bag since 2000, thanks to the first Ehud. What the heck, give it to them, but make sure the Americans and the Saudis get the credit. Israel gets the dead. It's just another "peace" of paper that will make Israel's enemies suddenly vanish: Hamas, Huzbullah, Al Aksa, even Iran. The peace train may also stop at Sderot station, via a hudna. Why send the missiles from far away, when one can soon detonate them from inside the country with the Israelis even paying for freight? The second Ehud could then claim the threat of long-range missiles has been eliminated. Even suicide bombers no longer will be needed. Nice "achievements" for his reelection campaign.

Because of Israel's policies since Oslo all Jews worldwide are threatened. Any sign of weakness is enough for anti-Semitism to erupt again. And it has, even in countries where there are few or no Jews. But in the UK, for example, there are brave British Jews fighting boycotts, accusations, demonstrations, the media, universities, sometimes risking their own physical integrity in the process. Some are young, some not so young. Israel is not guilty of crimes against humanity, but crimes against Jewish humanity. The lunatics in charge managed to do what no one else in history has ever accomplished. The Jews are hated everywhere, wrongly and unfairly of course, but increasingly so, and if the intention of the Peres gang was to spread such hatred and danger uniformly across all borders they have succeeded beyond their dreams. From a haven to Jews, Israel has become a danger to Jews abroad, and thinking Israelis can not honestly say Israel is the safest place for Jews at the moment.

By the same token, it can be also complex to defend Israel's right to exist, its right to the land based on international law, the right to do whatever it takes to survive, simply because doing so goes against the present policies of the country. TV debates and documentaries tend to be loaded against Jewish defenders. Muslims state that Jews are not a race, that today's Jews are not related to the ancient Hebrews, that the whole land is Muslim, that the "Palestinians" comprise a nation, not the Jews. Although some of these assertions are easy to refute assuming one is given a fair chance to do so, many participants fall back to the official line that Israel is withdrawing, the occupation is ending, etc. This is exactly what the other side wants to hear, in order to further delegitimize the country. After all, its official policy is what makes it so easy to attack its right to exist. Should a participant tell the truth and expose the media and Muslim lies, the moderator is likely to ask: "And how come the Israeli government itself disagrees with your views?" Shimon Peres made clear history is a big misunderstanding, but he forgot to consult the rest of the world on this. The final impression is that every Jew is overflowing with guilt, so Israel's detractors must be right.

Then, of course, there are plenty of self-hating Jews, normally from academia, available to wrap things up.

And then the Israeli government comes up with new policies that do even more harm.

Israel's intention to create a terror state will cost the whole world dearly, and whether Israel survives or not all Jews will pay, because they will be blamed for the horrors Islam is causing everywhere. Israel right now continues its suicide mission, and she doesn't know how to say "no". She has no problems expelling Jews. But even this she can't do right. Gush Katif families still don't have a place to live, let alone homes and jobs. And the first expulsion was just an appetizer before the main course.

Why is it that "moderates" of all religions only propose sacrifices that take away the very legitimacy of Israel and all that is sacred to her people? A lot of it is because of the Israeli government's actions. This is not a conflict about land. The world can plead ignorance and it can also afford to hope that if Israel surrenders land things will work out. If they don't, they can try something else. But Israel can not afford this luxury. Every day the Muslim world expresses its willingness for peace in their media, at the UN, at the UN's Human Rights Commission, and everywhere in Eurabia. Instead of looking for an unworkable permanent solution that will lead to her final demise, Israel must impose a military solution that serves her needs for as long as possible, including the preservation of all her land. The Muslim countries did not change, are not changing, and will not change. Why should they? They're conquering the West being just the way they are.


It's a disgrace that after 2,000 years of abuse by the world so many Jews still haven't learned the lesson that in order to survive they can not afford to play by normal rules. What applies to other nations and peoples can not apply to the Jews, because it is deadly to them. The Inquisitors of yesterday are represented today by official world organizations that declare that only Zionism is racism. These are supported by NGOs, mostly anti-Semitic to the core, which pretend to be experts on how wars should be fought. Abiding by their rules and demands get Jews killed every day, and the Israeli government bears full responsibility for what is happening to Jews in Israel and abroad. It caved in, and it is still not done caving in. In the early 1940s the Jews had no country, but still were going to be exterminated as a race. Today they have part of their old country back, but not only are they told that it is not theirs and never was theirs before, but also for good measure they are not a nation, either. Now they can be exterminated without being a race. They're not a race, but they're racist. It's the West Bank but no East Bank ploy again. It's a shame so many Jews everywhere absorb a feeling of guilt and expose others to harm. If the majority of Israelis finally say "enough is enough", and behave politically, militarily, and religiously as competently as they do in all areas of art, science, health, technology and business, the Muslim and non-Muslim enemies will be defeated. But the present system of government must be totally revamped at all levels. Judea and Samaria and Gaza and the Golan are not occupied territory. But the governmental institutions of Israel are.

In his book Moscow 2042 Russian satirist Vladimir Voinovich presents a story about the future. The Soviet Union still exists, but Communism has failed to provide the goods, so the alternative found is to isolate Moscow and turn it into a true Communist city, in order to save it from Soviet corruption. The rationale is that Communism must start small in order to succeed. It didn't, and shortages of say, food in Moscow, are justified by written explanations like "This particular need is not being satisfied at the moment". The whole idea is flawed, of course.

Given the failures of Pereism from Oslo to the present, it is not hard to predict more madness to come. Perhaps a city for two peoples will be attempted. The city will have Arabs and Jews "living side by side in peace and prosperity". It will be a closed city, and the experiment will be a total disaster. Of course, the Israeli government, media, and intellectuals will declare it a success and propose its expansion. After all, how can they resist such a morsel of intrigue and action? One can almost Bank on it.


Boris Celser has a MBA, and is a lifelong traveler and avid reader. He lives in Canada and is a frequent contributor to JewishIndy and Think-Israel. He invites comments to this article –– please address them to This article appeared March 31, 2008 in Jewish Indy


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