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by Boris Celser


A play in one terminal act

            Sun Tzu (544BC -- 496 BC)[1]
            Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831)[2]
Time:   The present
Place:   Irrelevant

Carl: Sun, it is a pleasure to meet you. I read your work both before and after I died.

Sun: Carl, the pleasure is all mine. I read yours soon after you died, too.

Carl: We're famous. Our ideas, military strategies and tactics on war are taught and applied even in this day and age.

Sun: Yes, they are. With a notable exception, of course, the new State of Israel, exactly the one that could benefit the most from them.

Carl: Apparently their military colleges and academies don't even bother looking at On War and The Art of War.

Sun: That's just part of the problem. On purpose or not, their leaders are applying our methods in reverse, even against themselves. That's suicide.

Carl: It really is. At Masada, several centuries after you died, 967 of them were really in trouble, surrounded by the Romans. They chose suicide. This time, they are the region's military, economic, and technological superpower. And they still choose suicide.

Sun: Why such behavior? Because they're Jews?

Carl: As a German I feel a bit awkward, but the answer is yes. Many of them are suicidal Jews, others in the minority are not, and the bulk of them are brainwashed, anywhere in the world they happen to live in. Then there is also outright hatred, self-hatred, and corruption.

Sun: We Chinese are a very pragmatic people. Never, never in my military and political days had I ever come across anything like it. Their country will soon be indefensible, with implacable enemies inside and outside its fictitious borders, and I'm not even talking about the water supply.

Carl: You've mentioned water. How can such a small nation retrench willingly towards the seawater that embraces it? Did we forget to write a chapter on this kind of senseless behavior?

Sun: No, we didn't. And if we had supported this behavior, we ourselves would have been discounted as madmen. And died earlier than we did, executed as traitors or something. At least they don't do these things nowadays.

Carl: Actually they do, in the countries and entities making "peace" with Israel. Israel's policies are futile. She's conceded defeat after winning all wars. The Arabs made their lands virtually Juden Frei. Their Jewish problem lies next door, on the outskirts. Either the Jews do something similar in their tiny land, or they're doomed, now or in a few short years. No new Holocaust necessary. One does not need to be dead to see this.

Sun: Without rehashing the last 100 years, one does not need to be a military genius to realize that a Palestinian state west of the Jordan is the end of Israel, pick your own time frame, and that the solution must involve the following: blackmail against the king of Jordan and the Saudi royal family, preceded by appropriate action obvious to anyone but a suicidal Jew.

Carl: Otherwise they should either leave or live under dhimmitude again. To survive, they must never allow any initiative to belong to Muslim or Christian nations. Ever. And that's coming from a German. Look, in 67 when they recaptured the Temple Mount, Moshe Dayan allowed the Arabs to continue managing its day by day affairs. The two mosques, rudely built on the Mount, were not touched. What happened? With the connivance of successive Israeli governments, not only Jews are not allowed to pray there, but also illegal excavations have damaged or destroyed historical evidence of Jewish presence. Mind you, they even claim the Western Wall as theirs. Give them a finger, they take the whole hand.

Sun: The Jews try to be a model for the world, which keeps killing them. It took the most tragic event in history for them to finally get a foothold back home as an independent nation. They regained the rest, less than 25% of what was promised them, during a war designed to annihilate them. With nothing to show for it, among other things they are prepared to give up even their own capital. How can they wonder the world despises them? They are different. When did Muslims and Christians offer to share Jerusalem with each other and the Jews when they had it?

Carl: They have been fed the idea their conflict with the "Palestinians" are the cause of everything that is wrong with the world. The B&B syndrome.

Sun: Bull and baloney?

Carl: No. Bush and Blair. Israel likes to please the American government.

Sun: What are Americans?

Carl: They come from America, the latest superpower. It's a funny country. They want to partition Israel. On their currency it is written "In God We Trust".

Sun: Is it so? So why don't they actually trust God and accept the fact that God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, and only to the Jews? Arabia is elsewhere.

Carl: God must be angry with the Americans for defying Him. He's punishing them where it hurts: their currency. It's been going down faster than their diplomats can come up with ideas to weaken Israel.

Sun: I remember now. Their President calls Islam a religion of peace. His Secretary of State wants not only a Palestinian state, but also a contiguous one. If they're so tough, why don't they demand Canada gives them contiguity between their mainland and Alaska?

Carl: Shhhh, it's a secret. Americans are actually afraid of upsetting oil-rich nations.

Sun: Then they should change the message on their currency from "In God We Trust" to "Oil or Bust". This is a vulnerability Israel should exploit.

Carl: You know, Israel had it all until the end of the Cold War. But Shimon Peres, the Jewish monster, believed that history is a big misunderstanding. Therefore, he brought the Arab monster, Yasser Arafat, to the Holy Land. The same one who almost destroyed Jordan and decimated Lebanon previously, and whose organization was virtually finished in Tunisia. Then the real tragedy started. When in history has a country brought back its worst enemy, in particular when such an enemy twice killed so many next door? Never. He first murdered Jews around the world and blew up planes. In 1993 he was then welcome to murder Israelis, and no one did anything. It's not as if he was hiding. All the Jews did was to elect the Jewish monster president.

Sun: You know that because of the consequences of the above the Jews will eventually be directly blamed for all Islamic terrorism, don't you?

Carl: Absolutely. The world would have been a better place had the above not happened. Posthumously or not, the Jews will take the blame. And they partially deserve it. Israel has become weak voluntarily, and that has brought all the anti-Semites out of the closet.

Sun: Were they really ready to run a country, so soon out of the ghetto? I know it sounds awful, but the mentality of millennia of subjugation is still there. They try to please everyone else. On the other hand, they have something in common with their neighbors: they abuse their Jewish population, in particular those who disagree with the ruling elite. It's as if everybody's survival depended on oppression.

Carl: Their leaders' survival does. But there is an important distinction: the Arabs brainwash towards resistance, while the Jews brainwash towards passivity. For example, one of their ministers recently favored the release of terrorists for political gains, don't ask me which gains, but not the release of Jewish protestors who hurt no one. Being nasty to their own people is the surest way for Israeli leaders to be accepted by the world. It is an unnecessary continuation of what was forced on them in the ghettos in WWII.

Sun: These politicians force the most bizarre rules of engagement on their young soldiers. Remember the battle for Jenin? Soldiers were lost because the Air Force was not used. They allowed themselves to be "guided" by Arab children to boobytrapped places. Their instructions were to protect the enemies' families at a cost of their own lives. And last year in Lebanon they concentrated their firepower bombing empty buildings, even without ammunition in them, after sending flyers announcing their intentions. Did we teach that?

Carl: No, we didn't. Of course, the international community still accused them of genocide, and the Arabs were given a wonderful propaganda tool. The number of dead Jewish soldiers in Jenin was almost as high as the total number of enemies killed, and not that much was accomplished, because once again the politicians didn't allow the army to win.

Sun: Don't forget the hatred factor. In their sick system of government they never retire, win or lose. Proportional representation without constituencies is a wonderful tool for perpetuity. It's political power as it was meant to be, with little or no accountability. They also hold grudges against their colleagues and the people in general. Their egos get inflated, and they must prove they were right to start with. Conversely, they change their minds at will once in power, and become easy targets to foreign interests. The whole thing feeds on itself. Our books and work were not designed to deal with such internal political disarray. We presumed those who want to win lead their own to victory. Acquire territory, do not abandon it to the enemy next to one's own population centers. Populate disputed areas with your own people, not the enemies'. Protect your own.

Carl: Remember, Israeli politicians like to be wined and dined, even if they are the main course. Years of discrimination, expulsion, plus alienation and internal exile in their adopted lands left their toll. They want to fit in, to belong; the price is unimportant to them personally. Acquiring and maintaining grudging respect through strength from others became a lost art to them. Religion is a mere detail. Holy sites are just real estate to be traded. They figure it is better to allow their connection to the land to be wiped out and to antagonize and abuse their religious community, who is loyal to their history, than to protect them. What would their ancestors think?

Sun: When one of the Oslo architects, PM Yitzhak Rabin, was murdered, the perennial leader of the opposition, Bibi Netanyahu, said that in Israel change takes place with ballots, nor bullets. But if they release terrorists and give bullets to the enemy as they did, and still do, the consequence is fewer Jews to cast ballots.

Carl: They've boosted Abbas so many times they could have put him in orbit. They lick his shoes almost as much as the Americans lick the king of Saudi Arabia's sandals of moderation. Now there's another show coming up in November, a "peace" conference, where the terms of surrender will be ironed out. Starting with Jerusalem.

Sun: This is a real dilemma. Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are so important for the Jewish people, so important, that they can not be trusted with them, because they will give them away. Where can one find an international force that will protect them and keep them for the Jews? That's one tragedy that befalls the Jewish people. When they have something but are weak, it's taken away from them. But if they are strong, they proceed to give it away. Some want Hashemites in control, others Egyptians or the UN, the Jewish monster wants a Palestinian flag on the Temple Mount. Never the real owners in charge. None of these will do anything different from what the Jewish police do now: preventing Jews from praying, allowing Muslims to destroy Jewish history.

Carl: It's an eye for an eye as part of an absurd policy. In Homer's Odyssey, Ulysses dealt with an one-eyed monster, a Cyclops. How many healthy eyes can blind PM Ehud Olmert afford to sacrifice, or put to the wrong use?

Sun: Well, in order to stay in power he did appoint the Labor leader, Amir Peretz, a labor leader with no military experience, to be DM. That's enough to make Olmert a danger to the nation, as the war in Lebanon proved. Then afterwards Peretz was seen looking through binoculars at Syrian positions across the Golan Heights, but he had the lens caps on.

Carl: What difference would it have made if the lens caps were off? Besides, Olmert tried to use his "victory" in Lebanon to push for more disengagement. For crying out loud, the whole north of the country had just suffered massive bombardment for a whole month. Thousands upon thousands needed to be evacuated because the IDF was told five years ago to leave Southern Lebanon to Hizbullah. Now he wants more unilateral withdrawals.

Sun: The whole thing is largely about money, too.

Carl: You're right. The Jewish monster proposed to his wife by reading parts of Das Kapital. But this was no Sozialismus. For himself, he really meant Das Kapital, and he was not referring to Jerusalem.

Sun: It is also about oil. So the Israeli leaders play the game of protecting the Saudis, calling them moderates, anything to be a part of the "club".

Carl: Oil, foil, boil, coil, soil. The Saudis pump oil. They're oil pimps. The world is hooked on it. It makes the world act like hookers.

Sun: The Saudis finance madrassas in many countries. You know what they teach and the practical consequences. They also promote anti-Jewish and anti-Israel ideas via newly funded Islamic Studies departments at major universities in Christian countries. Now, imagine the following: a terrorist state next to Israel, populated by "Palestinians". As part of a "peace" agreement, Saudi diplomats will be free to roam around what is left of Israel, promoting their radical ideas and distributing cash and propaganda to the other "Palestinians", the Israeli Arabs, already radicalized by the Arab monster. What do you think it will happen? We're talking 20% of the population and growing. Do you think the Galilee Arabs will just continue to throw rocks at Israeli cars, safely shielded by the Israeli High Court against harsh punishment?

Carl: From the Galilee Arabs to the Negev Bedouins, the Jews will be attacked, and could end up virtually confined to their towns and villages. Then the carving up will start. Many Israelis will demand the government cede the Galilee and other areas to the state of Palestine. It's ghetto if you do, ghetto if you don't. Surrounded by three "Palestinian states in Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank, a hostile Syria to whom the Golan will be also surrendered, and an Egypt eyeing the Negev, the rest of Israel will become a fourth "Palestinian" state in the making. No economy, no matter how strong, can survive under these political and military threats. It will be too late to do what they can still do now, although time is running out.

Sun: Just like in Berlin, we will have East and West "Palestinians" destroying the fence, which protects against nothing anyway but, unlike the Berliners, unification is not going to be good for the Jews. But even before that, the number of returning "refugees" illegally moving from the West Bank to Israel proper will completely overwhelm the country. The West Bank is a death trap of poverty and misery to any returning Arab, let alone millions of them. Meanwhile, the Israeli government would like nothing more than to expel over 250,000 Jews from their homes and turn them into refugees. That area will be turned into a huge bomb factory, Israel's water supply will be in danger, and so will the bulk of its population. On the other hand, they turn a blind eye to the thousands of illegal Arab homes that were built in and around Jerusalem, to strengthen the terrorists' claim to the city.

Carl: If the Israelis think the fence will stop terrorists, then they are waiting for Godot. But what they will get is Maginot.

Sun: I wish they had drawn the line at Maginot. But look at their Defense Minister now, Ehud Barak, and the most decorated soldier in the country's history. As PM he brought Hizbullah to Israel's border with Lebanon by withdrawing in the middle of the night. Not to be outclassed, Ariel Sharon, who followed as PM, withdrew from Gaza in daylight but brought Hamas in. The former left Israel's Christian Lebanese allies and weapons behind. The latter left greenhouses, shelters and synagogues behind, which were immediately vandalized and destroyed. One evacuated soldiers. The other used them to forcefully evacuate civilians. One is Homus Erectus but Minusculus. The other Homus "Fatus" from Sick&More. Then came Ehud Olmert as the present PM, and the theater of the absurd became even more tragicomic.

Carl: Nowadays the two Ehuds hate each other, sabotage each other, even though both share the same goal: surrender. Meanwhile, the FM's and DM's policies are totally at odds, since neither gets along with the other and both want to replace the PM. The Vice-Premier is a female molester, and wants to rape the greatest dame of all -- Jerusalem. He's Haim "the Splitter" Ramon. He reports to Ehud "the Snitcher" Olmert. Ramon and Hamas, Olmert and Abbas, it's all covered. Can any country be run this way?

Sun: This crowd is so "good" that they even manage to violate Lavoisier's chemistry law: in nature nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. To them, anything created can be destroyed, and everything can be surrendered. It looks like another Nobel Prize is in the bag. Suicide in this case does fall into the chemistry category.

Carl: On "Schindler's List" Oskar Schindler went purposely broke in order to save Jews from the Nazis by building a factory and employing them. They worked hard to produce absolutely nothing. In Israel since Oslo, we see politicians getting very rich in order to create the conditions for an Arab terror state that kills Jews. The system has been working hard to produce its own demise. We might as well write sequels to our books: On Surrender and The Art of Surrender. Look at all the material available.

Sun: Olmert calls for painful concessions from others. Well, he can hardly call for painful confessions from himself, because he will end up in jail.

Carl: You and I lived in a 2-D world. There were no submarines, planes, rockets, etc. The Israelis, however, have embraced 3-D fantasies. Besides North-South and East-West land concessions, up and down is also up for grabs. The skies have been conceded to Hamas's Kassam rockets. Those enemies with more modern arsenals watch and learn. Underneath, the flimsy Jewish control of the Temple Mount's underground has now been matched by the spectacle of Sderot children studying below ground. Eventually, tunnels may be necessary to connect Jewish communities in Israel. But here the terrorists are ahead. Conflict will be inevitable, but no one on the ground will see it. They can all pretend is fantasy. After all, the Israelis barely bomb the aggressors. They're even afraid of disconnecting the electricity that would impede the manufacturing of the rockets. They will do nothing. Until the nukes hit.

Sun: Will the Iranians do it, directly or by proxy? I don't think it matters, because the Israelis don't understand that whoever seeks nukes in their neighborhood is not their only enemy. Carl, don't let me tell a lie. You know what I mean. The problem for the Jewish nation is that, as far as the world is concerned, more important than who uses these weapons is whom they are used against.

Carl: You are absolutely right. If nukes must be used anywhere, then, given a choice, it is always better that, regardless of who launches them, they be launched at Israel and the Jews.

Sun: That's what I mean. The loss would be acceptable to the world, and the perpetrator taken care of with kid gloves, as in Nuremberg. A mere change of regime would suffice, and the nuke threat to the world would be removed.

Carl: The Israelis, of course, are too blind to understand your point, but I do.

Sun: Of course you do. It's implied in our work. Look, a "peaceful" destruction of Israel is not really all that good to the world, because terrorism would continue and probably accelerate. A devastating destruction, however, is perfect, because it would make the world safer from nuclear devastation for another 70 years, at least. Remember that nothing similar has happened since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Carl: Exactly. The world will join together to remove such weapons from the perpetrator, the Zionist entity is removed, anything else the world can manage, and even a Muslim-Christian hudna might ensue. Politically speaking, 70 years is an eternity. All is well. Sun, you're brilliant.

Sun: I'm just a pragmatic Chinese. It's all based on Jew-hatred. Arabs helped and supported the final solution. Now the West and Russia are repaying the favor by helping Iran and others go nuclear. Do you think they don't know what it is all about?

Carl: Bingo. And the Jews are not the only mad ones.

Sun: No, they are not. They're more naïve, though. But they must dwell alone.

Carl: Alone, yes. Look, male foreign journalists covering Israel have a ball. They do what former president Moshe Katsav and Haim Ramon could only dream of doing. During the day they screw Israel. At night they screw Israelis. No need to tell the truth. It's better than covering Israel's "peace" partners or neighbors, where telling the truth is dangerous to one's health.

Sun: It's quite amazing, isn't it? They don't like Israel, but they like living there. Unlike most Diaspora Jews, who are not keen on moving there to be governed by Jews they can't trust. It's a sad irony. Question is, can anything be done to save the country?

Carl: Plenty, but only if different people come into power. Military and political options are wide open, and Jordan and Saudi Arabia are there for the taking.

Sun: Can the people of Israel or even the IDF make the necessary changes in time? How?

Carl: Well, we're both dead, but not forgotten. We may be dead snobs, but we're dead set about our ideas. Dead right, too. Anyone else is dead wrong. The people of Israel need to wake up. Therefore, they need a new cemetery. Urgently.

Sun: To impress on them what has really happened since Oslo. To make them act. A new cemetery, already populated, in the center of the country, so all can visit. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Carl: Exactly. A cemetery with about 2,000 residents, on private land -- the victims of Oslo and what followed it. It will be a trauma for the families to have their fallen ones disturbed and moved, but it will awaken the nation. It must. It's their last chance to make a permanent change. Their main enemies are the ones who govern them. The cemetery's name comes from the German language.

Sun: Arbeit Macht Frei -- Work Makes You Free.

Carl: Nein, Herr Tzu. But close. The Jewish monster equivalent: Frieden Macht Frei -- Peace Makes You Free. He has to be finally exposed and pay for what he did, and, likewise, all the ones who have helped him and have now taken over his work. The country can not continue to be run by corrupt madmen. The system can't be fixed or overhauled. It must be entirely replaced. Only the people and the IDF can do it.

Sun: I have no grave, but you do. Would you move yours to this place you recommend they build?

Carl: No. I like quiet. The secondary role for that cemetery is to never expand unnecessarily. Will it get very crowded? Unlike Muslims, who prefer death in order to find life, Israelis live to die, courtesy of those whom they elected to keep them alive. The Jewish monster referred to them as "sacrifices for peace". Too many sacrifices and no peace. It is up to the people and the IDF to ensure the sacrifices stop now. It's masochism, they were never needed to start with. It was all a homemade barbaric crime.

Sun: The two monsters called it "The peace of the brave". Their detractors refer to it as "The peace of the grave".

Carl: The brave and the not so brave are entitled to live their natural lives, peace or not. As to myself, I have no choice. And that's where I'm going back to now.

Sun: I think I'll join you.


End Notes

[1] The Art of War is a Chinese military treatise written during the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu. Composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it has long been praised as the definitive work on military strategies and tactics of its time, and it has had a huge influence on Eastern and Western military planning, business tactics, and beyond. Leaders as diverse as Mao Zedong, General Pervez Musharraf, Vo Nguyen Giap, and General Douglas MacArthur have claimed to have drawn inspiration from the work (Source: Wikipedia).

[2] Although Carl von Clausewitz participated in many military campaigns, he was primarily a military theorist interested in the examination of war. He wrote a careful, systematic, philosophical examination of war in all its aspects, as he saw it and taught it. The result was his principal work, On War, the West's premier work on the philosophy of war. His examination was so carefully considered that it was only partially completed by the time of his death. Clausewitz's work is still studied today, demonstrating its continued relevance. Clausewitz introduced systematic philosophical contemplation into Western military thinking, with powerful implications not only for historical and analytical writing but for practical policy, military instruction, and operational planning (Source: Wikipedia).

The author has a MBA, and is a lifelong traveler and avid reader. He lives in Canada.


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