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by Rabbi Benny Elon, M.K.


These are the components of the Israeli Initiative

The rehabilitation of the refugees and the dismantling of the camps

Israel, the US, and the international community will formulate a multi-year program for full and rapid rehabilitation of the Palestinian refugees, while absorbing them as citizens in various countries. During the rehabilitation process, UNRWA, an organization that perpetuates the status of the refugees, will be dismantled, and all residents of refugee camps will be offered permanent places of...

Read the entire proposal here.

Strategic cooperation with the Kingdom of Jordan"

An exchange for the Palestinian 'Partner' who is unable to bring peace, with a reliable partner interested in stability

Read the entire proposal here.

Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria"

An end to the 'Occupation' and a move to sovereignty, which will prevent Hamas taking control and grant security to Israel and to the countries of the region

Read the entire proposal here.


Dear Friends,

The Oslo Accords and the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza are now widely recognized as tragic errors of immense proportions. Now, we face an even greater danger as the Israeli government, in the wake of the Annapolis summit, is scrambling to give away parts of Israel piece by piece in the pursuit of yet another false peace.

The creation of another Arab state in the heart of the Holy Land is anathema to Jewish and Christian faithful alike -- and for good reasons. In addition to the obvious security issues, it also contradicts prophecy and hinders the in gathering of the Jewish people to all parts of the holy and ancient land. It not only abandons the key biblical holy sites of Bethlehem, Jericho, Bethel and the Jordan Valley, but also, as we now know, would even divide Jerusalem. Finally, it flies in the face of God's eternal covenant with Abraham which is at the very center of the Bible. Whatever else can be said about our government's plan, clearly it would be a catastrophic spiritual and psychological defeat for Jews and Christians, and a colossal victory for Islamic terrorism. No one can foresee what would follow.

We must now stand together and translate faith into reality. It is time to learn from previous mistakes, and to create a new strategic vision which will allow us to protect Israel. We must propose a new way of thinking and waging the battle for conceptual change.

In this regard, I am proud to be promoting the Israel Initiative (, an original Israeli peace plan which we are working to advance. Our goal is to bring real peace to Israel without sacrificing security or our eternal rights to the holy land.

The battle for public opinion is upon us. To this end in the last few weeks, we have been running the "Collective" software on our website - a sophisticated program that utilizes advanced, modern-day technology and enables Internet users to go from being general supporters to actual influencers. Those who download the program will help add to our collective strength on the Internet and promote subjects in a very easy, user-friendly manner.

We are releasing a very well-made video clip, which will hopefully create a lot of "buzz" on the web and in the news. To see the trailer, see

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"Israeli MK Benny Elon elaborates on the unique plan"

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"Senator Brownback Partners with Benny Elon"

Our goal is to get the Israeli Initiative the top rating on YouTube, which will then generate much media attention. We can not do this with out your help. In order to achieve this goal, we are asking you to download the "Collactive" software and distribute this request to your mailing list as soon as possible, along with your personal endorsement for this effort.

Please note that downloading the "Collactive" program does not reveal your e-mail address to us and gives you the ability to participate in our online campaigns in total anonymity. If you are willing to assist us in promoting the Initiative in this way, I would very much appreciate your doing so as soon as possible, so you and your list members who choose to download the program will be able to take part in next week's campaign. The following link leads to the program download page on our website. To read about the "Collactive" software, click here.

For additional details on the "Collactive" software,
click here.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Initiative's staff if you have any comments or questions. Click here.

Rabbi Benny Elon has served as rabbi of a kibbutz and as a chaplain in the IDF. He has been a member of the knesset (MK) since 1966, and served as Minister of Tourism until he was fired because of his opposition to expelling the Gazan Jews of Gush Katif.

Portions of this essay appeared May 25, 2008 as a Bnai Elim Report ( For more information, see also


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