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by Jack Engelhard


The dictionary defines "looting" as "to rob, steal, pillage." But, in its first reports on Gaza, where Palestinian Arab mobs were, well, looting, the New York Times came up with a nifty twist to avoid the L-word. There was no looting going on, only "looking for usable materials."

Our friends in Print and Broadcasting are having difficulties putting a shine on this Palestinian Arab rampage that's been in progress ever since the Israelis departed. Obviously, we need a new dictionary, or the same dictionary that they're using over there at the Times, the BBC, and wherever truth needs to be camouflaged.

CELEBRATION, for example, usually means "to express happiness," but it means something entirely different when describing the total takeover of Gaza by Palestinian Arabs. In this case it means rage and rioting, or, indeed, "looking for usable materials." When the new inhabitants of Gush Katif ransacked the greenhouses left behind by the Israelis, and, like termites, tore down everything that stood, they were celebrating.

HOLY PLACES used to refer to places of worship of all religions. Not so anymore. Holy Places refers only to mosques and other Muslim shrines. Churches, for example, are not Holy Places ever since Arab terrorists invaded the Church of the Nativity (April 2, 2002), used it as a latrine, and hardly anyone complained. They also ripped the place apart, no doubt "looking for usable materials." More recently, like yesterday, the new inhabitants of Total Gaza set fire to about 25 synagogues and this, indeed, is seen by the world as a step toward peace. Torching synagogues can also be found under TO CELEBRATE.

FIRE. What fire? The BBC only showed the smoke and conceded that things were burning, but were careful not to mention the arsonists. Fire happens.

PAIN. Only Muslim Arabs are entitled to pain. Here, for example, is the BBC's Orla Guerin reporting from Gaza: "Palestinians came streaming to the settlements that caused them so much pain. Israel stole 38-years from them; today, many were ready to take back anything they could." The Israelis who were evicted from their homes felt no pain. Is that clear? Also, thanks to Ms. Guerin and the BBC, we know that "Israel stole 38 years from them." This sets a new standard for totally objective and thoroughly unbiased journalism.

SUFFERING. In the old days, suffering used to include everyone who was, well, suffering. That's been changed to Palestinian Arabs only. They have "suffered under Israeli occupation" for so long that they are entitled to grievances beyond the rest of us. Christians, especially Zionist Christians, do not suffer. Hindus do not suffer. Sikhs do not suffer. Jews certainly do not suffer. In the Times, the BBC, and along the remaining network of Print and Broadcast, the word "suffering" is reserved for Muslim (not Christian) Arabs. Christian Arabs, incidentally, are continually harassed and murdered by Muslim Arabs, but since they are Christian, they do not suffer. Such harassment and murder against Christian Arabs takes place in Gaza and in other territories occupied by Muslim Arabs, most recently in Beirut. See OCCUPIED TERRITORY.

OCCUPIED TERRITORY. The above definition is incorrect. Occupied Territory refers only to Jews, or any place a Jewish man or woman sets foot or builds a home. See ARAB LANDS.

ARAB LANDS. Everything. Everywhere.

AL QAEDA. The name for every terrorist attack around the world, but actually a code when we are afraid to mention the real enemy. See TERRORIST.

TERRORIST. There is no such thing.

JIHAD. Some call this a holy war against Western Civilization. This is what it is: "looking for usable materials."


Jack Engelhard is the author of the bestseller "Indecent Proposal," the award-winning "Escape from Mount Moriah," and the novel "The Days of the Bitter End," which is being prepared for movie production. He receives e-mail at

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