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by Hillel Fendel


( Grassroots organizations in Yesha (Judea and Samaria), together with the National Union faction in the Knesset, have published a rough draft of a plan to actively fight the construction freeze. The program is formulated carefully and logically, yet deals with what it calls an "existential threat" and the "first step towards the destruction of most of the Jewish presence in Yesha."

The Komemiyut (Proudly Upright) organization will disseminate the plan in post offices throughout Judea and Samaria at the end of this week. The program begins by outlining the calamitous nature of the construction freeze decision by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, explains the draconian nature in which the freeze is expected to be implemented, and concludes with an operative set of steps to fight it.


The decision to freeze all construction in Judea and Samaria is not something that can be easily ignored. It is nothing less than the first step — irreversible, under natural circumstances — towards expulsion and destruction of a far worse extent than what we experienced in Gush Katif and northern Shomron.

Just as it was naïve to believe that the expulsion from Gush Katif would legitimize Israel's right to defend its southern communities — the world expressed its "understanding" for this right in the Goldstone Report — it is similarly blind to imagine that after ten months, the world will allow us to resume building. Past experience shows us that the international pressure and the Palestinian appetite will simply grow stronger.

It is also detached from reality to think that local town councils in Yesha will ever again be allowed to authorize construction. The freeze decree is clearly the beginning of a slippery and dangerous slope leading to the destruction of the entire Jewish settlement enterprise. One must be naïve to believe that this is only a temporary measure and to strenuously defend it, as Cabinet Ministers Yaalon, Begin, Lieberman and others have done.

The handwriting is on the wall in large, clear writing; we must simply open our eyes, read and internalize.

The very day (Friday) after the construction freeze order was signed, and up until the minutes that the Sabbath began, freeze orders were distributed to local mayors. Aerial photos were even taken in order to document the status quo. The speed with which this process was done shows that this was not a sudden decision, but one that was preceded by careful, long planning — far from the eyes of the public and by deceiving the voters.

The next logical step is negotiations and Israeli withdrawal from most of Yesha and the destruction of the towns and expulsion of their residents.

It is still not too late, however, to stop this. We can still bring the healthy political forces in the nationalist camp to get Netanyahu to change his path. We can still get Israeli society, and the decision makers, and the Defense Ministry subcontractors — those who do not realize that they should refuse the orders — to realize that choking the settlement enterprise in Yesha is mission impossible.

Know Your Opponent: How They Plan to Enforce the Freeze

The defense establishment is relating to the enforcement of the freeze as a national mission encompassing the entire IDF, from the Chief of Staff down to the regional brigades in Yesha. Just like before the Gush Katif expulsion, the army is preparing to provide "mental preparation" for the policemen and soldiers who will take part, including motivational talks about how the freeze is critical for national security. Some 40 teams of inspectors, including representatives of the Civil Administration, Border Guard, and IDF guards, will enforce the freeze, driving around in bullet-proof vehicles to the various communities.

They will attempt to create a "deterrence effect" by arresting individuals who will serve as scapegoats by being punished severely, with the expectation that others will be afraid to follow in their footsteps. This is critical for the government, since they know that they will not be able to deal with thousands of opponents — but if we realize that in truth they cannot punish thousands of us, and we thus break their "deterrence effect," and simply not be afraid of them — we will have won.

Plan of Action: Basic Principles

We must create an atmosphere of tension and agitation, in order to get the nationalist-camp politicians to truly pressure and threaten Netanyahu.

No Dialogue!

We must also employ psychological warfare, in the sense of, "We're upsetting the board and not playing anymore." There must be no dialogue with the government or the IDF. Dialogue only serves their purposes, of keeping things under control. Their fear of the unknown and lack of control is much greater than ours, and if we don't talk with them, they have more to lose than we do.

Netanyahu, for instance, has humiliated the Yesha leadership by refusing to meet with them ever since he was elected — except for immediately after the freeze orders were issued, when he wished simply to calm us down and neutralize our ability to fight. Meetings of this sort can help us in small things, but the price will be our ability to wage an effective fight.

We call upon the mayors, rabbis and community leaders not to meet with or have any contact with anyone connected with the enforcement of the freeze. This "extreme" move will significantly complicate the enforcement, and will also broadcast a message of how grave the construction freeze truly is.

A basic assumption is that the State will not be able to enforce the freeze in the face of thousands and tens of thousands of opponents. Neither will the IDF be able to handle refusals by dozens and hundreds of soldiers.

The struggle must therefore be broad and comprehensive, and supported by public leaders and rabbis. Groups of dozens and hundreds of adults and youths must be organized, where everyone places on brick on a new building. In this relatively simple manner, we will show that enforcing the freeze is impossible and that we will not take it lying down.

No Fear

We must also not be afraid to be arrested. We must fight their psychological warfare by showing that we are not afraid, and turning this approach to our advantage. The courts will not be able to deal with hundreds and thousands of indictments and arrests. It will not only stop up the court system, it will also broadcast a message of lack of control, of impending catastrophe, of a nationalist party against the public, etc.

In short, the motto is, "Arrest Means Victory."


Editor's Addenda:

(1). In an article entitled, "Tea-parties, Israeli-style," Moshe Dann (, 6dec09) has written:

"Connected to relatives and friends throughout Israel, the 'settler' network is extensive; that means virtually the entire country is affected, in one way or another. The result has been a spontaneous rebellion, led by heads of local communities who, under normal circumstances, would duly follow orders. Instead, they are organizing resistance to PM Netanyahu's edicts.

(2.) For additional techniques of resistence, see Bernard J. Shapiro, "We Need Heroes Today. Let Us Be Like Maccabees," here.

(3.) Some readers' comments trivialized the situation or saw it through their conviction that the Land belongs to the Arabs or rejected the plan. Others were enthusiastic about the anti-freeze plan, and saw it, as a fight not only for democracy in Israel, but a fight for the entire free world, to prevent Muslims inflicting Sharia law over the whole world. These are some comments to the original article that amplify the theme.

1. Defer your enlistment to the IDF!

To quote: "...a national mission encompassing the entire IDF, from the Chief of Staff down to the regional brigades in Yesha... ". Defer your enlistment to the IDF (or reserve duty) till such a time as the IDF finds an alternative national mission.

Y, Eretz Israel (12/24/09)

2. Anti-freeze

The only way to influence Netanyahu is to severely threaten his prime-ministership. Maybe easier ways to instead get rid of him. Barak could be forced to use the PA paramilitary to help him and this will invigorate a putsch in the IDF. Either way it's civil war.

Aubrey Wulfsohn, Leamington spa (12/24/09)

3. Freeze

Possession is 9 parts of the law. Whomever is in possession wins... Even if it is a designated agent of the owner... Keep what you have won; don't give it away for false claims of security.

Wingy, USA (12/24/09)

6. Amen

This is what I am talking about - "can do type people ".Don't hinder your thoughts or your fight because of fear.Fight for your freedom against the tyranny of your government and the enemy that wants to destroy the Jews.Have a braveheart and the Father will help His children.My prayers are with you and remember don't get shook up on your first cruise,continue on and most importantly,stay united.

D. Wialliams, Texas, USA (12/24/09)

10. Massive demonstrations

Massive demonstrations to keep this regime off ballance and ultimately to bring down this regime of Reshaim. all religious soldiers should unite in declaring that they will not participate in any expulsion orders. they have it in their power to break the back of this tyrannical regime and they should not be afraid to use their power for a righteous cause.

Izzy, Brooklyn (12/24/09)

15. Phillip Morgan 8 The Land of Israel is Jewish not Arab.

So all the people you have spoken to do not remember Israel annexing the so called West Bank, Israel got back the West bank from the Jordanians who iligally occupied the West Bank from 1948-1967 . It was never part of Jordan pre 1948 and was not Arab. The Jewish people have lived continualy in the Land of Israel for over 3,000 years and it not for the world leaders or the anti-semitic media to give the Land of Israel which is Jewish to the Arabs. Jordan did not esist before the beginning of the last century when the British brought together ALL The Warring Arab tribes in the Arabian Gulf and together with King Abdallah from Saudi Arabia ( the Great Grandfather of King Abdallah) to create the Hashomite Kingdom of Jordan it is time that All Muslims return to Saudi Arabia from where they were created. The Arabs must stop thinking they have the right to take what ever country they want.

Pamel, (12/24/09)

16. Counter-measures!

We have high-tech people on our side, just as they do. Part of Barak's plan is to jam our cell phones prior to an expulsion attack, so we can't communicate and bring in support to the endangered community. Don't we have people who can likewise jam THEIR communications? Let's mobilize those people and DO IT! Let's get plenty of high quality walkie-talkies and/or CB radios (like were common in the U.S. before cell phones) in every town, so we CAN maintain communications.

If we have learned anything from the Gush Katif disaster, it should be 1) don't trust anything the government says, and 2) demonstrations, crying, and pleading don't help one bit. We ARE as smart as they are. We know what they are planning. Let's use our smarts this time along with our t'fila so we can witness once again t'may'im b'yad t'horim, resha'im b'yad tzadeekim!

Macabee, Shomron (12/24/09)

17. Alternative government

Not only should there be no talking to the government and IDF, an alternative to these needs to be established including an alternative police force that should act to arrest the Roadmap and Disengagement criminals.

Dr Colin Naturman, Cape Town, SA (12/24/09)

36. #1 - maybe still enlist in IDF

If all true Jews defer their enlistment in IDF, who will defend Yesha citizens? Maybe it is better to enlist and pretend, and be deployed (I assume with weapons), and at the last moment, when already facing the "settlers ", switch the sides and join the resistance. Just imagine: if enough solders (hundreds) start joining citizens and fight against remaining solders still loyal to this criminal government, this whole freeze or eviction process will crumble.

Jew w/common sense, USA (12/25/09)

40. arm

In order to stop this we have to ARM. we just have to collect weapons and not be afraid to use them. Otherwise we may as well leave now. Natanyahu and others are just kapos, and those who obey them are kapos as well.

anonymous, yesha (12/25/09)

42. Sticking to this plan will bring certain victory.

If Jewish patriots stick to this plan, and let nothing sway us from it, our victory is certain. Most Israelis oppose the freeze and will support our opposition to it. Especially important is the requirement of NO NEGOTIATIONS regarding even the slightest compliance with racist, evil settlement freeze. We must deal with the freeze with a solid wall of defiance. We must not offer even the tiniest concession. With massive unrelenting opposition to the freeze together with zero fear of being arrested, our victory is certain.

Chaim, (12/25/09)

43. to Concerned about Arabs, #37

No, don't kill them, except those convicted of murder or attempt to murder.

According to Torah, Arabs or any other non-Jews should not have representation in Jewish country: Jewish country should be run by Jews. If you think this is a problem, first go and demand that all Muslim countries, as well as many other countries in the world, remove similar laws.

Any Arab wishing to live in Israel, may be granted permanent visa with all the rights except voting or taking government jobs. Similar to holders of "green card " in USA. Permanent visa should only be granted after "pledge of allegiance " - again similar to the way it is done in USA. Anybody having problem with this must find other country to live, where they would not have to sing "Hatikvah ", and can sing whatever they want, even "Kill the Jews "

I could go on, but Shabbath almost here - have to go.
Shabbat Shalom.

Jew, thinking again, USA (12/26/09)


Hillel Fendel is Senior News Editor of Arutz-Sheva. This article appeared December 24, 2009 in Arutz-Sheva (Arutz-7)


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