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by Pat Gilsan


These are my thoughts about Occupation and Genocide.


The Arabs may not have much originality but they know how to present an argument.

It is a fact that the Arabs are occupying our land. It is a fact that we have a biblical right to our Land, and that includes Samaria and Judea and Gaza. And certainly all of Jerusalem. It is a fact that we have a historic right to this Land. It is a fact that we have a legal League-of-Nations-verified right to this Land. It is a fact that we have a right to the Land by right of conquest - this is land we won after we were attacked by the Arabs.

But we Jews concentrate on the legal ramifications, the shadings. We want to make our case precisely. We use a lot of words.

These are also facts.

The Palestinians are ordinary Arabs that call themselves a people and say they are Canaanites or Philistines. They are not. Most of the 'ancestors' of these Palestinians flooded into Israel after the Jews started rebuilding the land.

Arabs that want to better themselves keep arriving into Biblical Israel all the time.

There is no way that a couple of hundred thousand Arabs living in the part of the Ottoman Empire that became known as Palestine under British rule could have become the 4-6 million Palestinians of today. It's a demographic impossibility.

How do the Arabs answer these facts? They don't. They ignore them.

You have to admire the simplicity of the Arab argument. They artistically use ONE word: occupation. The long version is still simple: Israel is occupying our land. It is so clear, so simple, so easy to comprehend. And best of all, it justifies everything they do: targetting and killing Jewish babies, murdering Jewish mothers and children asleep in their bedrooms, blowing up Jewish children on buses on the way to school.

Their formula is a winner, even though it happens not to be the truth.

When we talk about our legal claim to the Land, people tune out.

When we talk about 3000 years and our God-given right to the Land, people sneer that this is a parochial argument - these are the same people who feel Mohammad's dream horse flying to heaven from Jerusalem gives the Muslims title to Jerusalem.


Arabs have been committing genocide, killing Jews in Israel in a systematic, organized fashion, for the past 80 plus years. On Friday, August 23 1929, Arab mobs attacked Jews in Jerusalem, Motza, Hebron, Safed, Jaffa, and other parts of the country. By the next day, the Haganah was able to mount a defense and further attacks in Jerusalem were repulsed. But villages were plundered and destroyed by Arab mobs. While attacks on Jews in Tel Aviv and Haifa were thwarted by Jewish defenses, there were Jewish deaths in Hebron, where 67 Jewish men and women were slaughtered and Safed, where 18 Jews were killed, as well as scattered other losses totaling 133 Jewish deaths, with more than 300 wounded. There were 510 Jewish men, women and children slaughtered in Arab riots in Palestine in 1936-39. There have been periods of relative calm - especially immediately after Israel survived a major attack from her neighbors. But genocide, not cooperation, is how the Arabs have continued to react.

Jews have fared no better in countries where Arabs are in the majority. These facts are screaming for recognition: in Libya in 1948 there were 45,000 Jews, in 1976 - 70. Algeria: in 1948 - 150,000, in 1973 - 750. Morocco: in 1948 - 300,000, in 1973 - 25,000. Syria: in 1948 - 45,000, in 1976 - 4000. Egypt: in 1948 - 75,000, in 1976 - 350. Iraq: 1948 - 200,000, in 1973 - 400. (Now - about 90.) (Data is from the report of Amnesty International, 1976).

Jews fled from those countries because they were not protected from crimes like murder, torture, accusations of spying (you can see this currently in Iran and Egypt), as well as desecrations of synagogues and cemeteries, anti-Jewish laws, robberies, and restrictions of relocation (reservations). This is Genocide.

How many Jews are left in those countries now? Where can we find these data now? Amnesty International does not do this kind of research anymore, because the results may not support the anti-Semitic pro-Muslim agenda of this agency.

Arabs inflicted 4 regular wars on the Jewish state. After losing 4 times, in 1964 they invented an advanced biological weapon (with a human-like brain) of mass destruction and started to grow it in mass numbers in Palestine. They named it the 'Palestinian people'.


Arabs already have 22 countries and nevertheless immigrate (occupy?) to "infidel" countries in the millions and do not complain about being transferred. Right now they constantly transfer themselves to Palestine from all over the Arab world at the rate of about 50,000 to 100,000 a year. 400,000 came just after Oslo - mostly before the intifada.

They come in legally and illegally. They moan that Israel oppresses them and they flood in.

Nobody leaves a good place to come to a bad place.

They come voluntarily, without pressure or invitation from Israel, to become occupied! This fact shows us that they enjoy Israeli occupation and the current intifada is nothing more than an unprovoked instance of genocide against Jews in Israel.

Let's ignore history for the moment - the way the Arabs do. Aside from anything else, this land gives Israel minimum strategic depth in the event of the next Arab aggression. And nobody believes the Arabs will quiet down, especially when they think they are winning.

But people keep pushing for a Palestinian state. Do they think this people, filled blood lust, who have thugs for leaders, will develop a normal state? Not really. Even George Bush figures it will be a bust and says we Jews are going to have to give them jobs and take care of their medicine. Huh? And they downplay that the Arabs still demand that the Arab refugees be allowed back into Israel. A rejection will give them an excuse to keep murdering Jews. Acceptance will destroy Israel as a Jewish State. Some choice.


The world keeps on saying that the only way to solve the Arab Israeli conflict is to negotiate, to split the land between the two people, one real, the other fake. It is the solution of the bureaucrat who disregards the facts.

So the answer is not to give up land. The answer is to transfer the Arabs.

In the same way they immigrated into Israel, they can transfer back out to their native countries and leave just one Jewish state. We Jews do not have 22 or even 2 states and so we do not have any place to leave as they do.

They already started a population exchange when they forcefully transferred the Jewish population out of arab countries to Israel. It is grossly unbalanced, one-sided, unfair, and GENOCIDAL to stop the process in the middle and only transfer Jews out of Arab countries and not Arabs out of Israel. If the first step has been done, the second must follow. It was not our choice. It was imposed on us. Israel is too small to be split into pieces. In contrast, Arab countries are huge in area and the density of population is 50 to 100 times less than the density of population in Israel.

About this transfer: I cannot understand why the transfer of Arabs from Judea is inhumane, but the transfer of Jews from Judea is humane. I don't understand why Arabs must live in the Jewish state as full-rights citizens and be elected to parliament but Jews are not allowed to live at all in Jordan and won't be allowed to live in the new Palestinian state. How many Jews are in the Palestinian parliament? Or in any other Arab parliament?

Israel was created as a refuge for Jews from genocide and, as such, being located in the center of Muslim hostility, it must have a minimal protectable size. Considering Arab hostility and Arab racism (their Judenrein policies), Israel is entitled to keep its Land to protect itself.

We too wish for the Arabs to become civilized and normal and want their children to live. But not on our nickel.

I hope those points make sense to you.

Pat Gilsan is a computer programmer, who lives in a suburb of Washington, D.C.

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