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by Steven Goldberg


Part 1: Peace and Palestinian don't go together. Palestinian Activity during the Gulf War

Palestine and Israel. Not a match made in heaven. While the liberals and others think peace is possible with Palestine, such is an unrealistic goal. The experience of the past and the actions and behavior of Palestine towards Israel have shown us all that this is not a possibility. The actions of Palestine towards Israel have shown that peace is not their intent. Yet the fools amongst us seem to think that for some unfathomable reason Palestine and its leaders can be trusted. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like the communists and Marxists during the Russian revolution similar tactics are repeating themselves. How so, you may ask? It is simple, the ends justify the means. This means that if you must lie, cheat, steal, deceive or hoodwink so long as victory is obtained all is fair and all is permissible.

In Islam such is acceptable if it advances the cause of Islam. The followers of Islam are under no contraint when it comes to the deception of infidels and Kafirs (unbelievers). I observed on more than one such occasion that the practices of such deceit and out-right fraud against unbelievers by muslims was considered a source of mirth and thought of as great sport.

While Israel may desire peace, Palestine does not. How many times does Israel have to learn the lesson before they get the idea. There can be no agreement with honor if those you deal with are lying rat bastards whose only goal is to get you to compromise your position so that you are at a disadvantage and on an uneven playing field. It is common knowledge that Palestinians only long for the destruction of Israel. It is their duty as Muslims according to the Koran to kill, convert of enslave all those who do not become muslims. This includes Jiyza, or dhimmitude which is a tax on infidels who accept muslim rule. But then I guess it all depends upon the quality of life you choose for yourself. Whether you wish life standing on your feet or that of a dhimmi on your knees before muslim tyranny.

You would think with all the bloody battles that Israel has fought against the followers of Islam that they would get the idea. There is no profit in dancing with the devil. Yet it appears that some of Israel's politicians are truy moronic in that they have the mistaken notion that there can be peace with Islam.

History and experience has taught Israel that there is only one way there can be peace with Islam. That is peace through strength and military force. The surrounding arab countries have decided that there is no profit in war with Israel since Israel has turned kicking arab butt in the region to an olympic sport.

Israel however cannot rest upon its past accomplishment and think that all will be as it was before. There is a new threat on the horizion that bears watching. I refer to Syria and Iran. It is not so much those countries themselves, but it are the major powers that have chosen to Involve themselves in the region. The major powers of which I speak are Russia and China.

While Israel is small it is the only localized military force in the region that because it is highly trained and well equipped, would stand as an impediment to the Russian and Chinese plans for the region. Some may say "Yo, dude what kind of good sh*t have you been smokin'?" Not a thing, just looking at the history of the region and what they have been up to.

The first choke point for the rest of the world is that the Middle East supplies 70% of the world's oil supply. If you control that you basically control the rest of the world because of their dependency on middle east oil. The second choke point is Africa. Africa is a source of strategic war materials.

The first choke point has been heaviy concentrated on by the Russians for years in their attempt to gain access to the Middle East or to set up puppet regimes that would allow them to have access to Middle East oil or to control access to it. Their actions along these lines can be seen throughout the history of the region since the mid 80's.

When Saddam Hussein came to power he was a bastard, but he was our bastard, bought and paid for by the US. It was great he fit in with the typical arab mentality. Who ever is the biggest rat bastard that everyone else is scared shitless of is who gets to be in charge. That is the way it works in the arab world. Along came the Russians who decided to get in on the deal. So they began to provide him with the tools of the trade dirt cheap. This included Russian military equipment and military advisors. For the Russians who were strapped for currency at the time it was a great deal because they got to sell off some of their surpus military equipment and convert it into currency that they badly needed. It also providied a means for them to advance their influence in the region.

Had the Russians and the Chinese kept their nose out of it, there would have been no gulf war I or gulf war II. Saddam would still be the rat bastard in charge in Iraq and he would be in his little box rattling the bars and growling at the world.

So how is it that I know that the Russians were up to their elbows in this? The most interesting point in all this is that in Oct of 1990, during the first Gulf War we surprised 300 russian military advisors that were not supposed to be there. This revealed to us just how involved the Russians were in the internal operations of Iraq.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the Russians either politically or in business knows that they do nothing for free nor out of any spirit of charity. If you do business with a Russian it is usually because it is very good for him and somehow very bad for you, if they do business with you it is because they get something out of the deal. It is up to you to make sure that you are not getting royally screwed in the process.

Saddam made a deal with the Russians that if they helped him, when he took over Kuwait and reclaimed it for himself that the southern sea ports in the Gulf of Kuwait were going to be given to the Russians. The Russians wanted these ports for places to land roll on/roll off ships so they would have places to land armor, artillery and troops to further divide and dissect the region.

The local arab military forces in the region are laughable in regards to tactics and skill as evidenced by the number of times that Israel has spanked them soundly and sent them home to momma with no milk and cookies.

The only military force other than Israel that would be of any account I think would be Yemen as they just got done with a very nasty little civil war between N. And South Yemen. I remember what happened in 1994 I think it was when Saudi decided to take over a couple of towns in Yemen territory because they decided they would rather steal the land then pay the oil leases to Yemen. Saudi had been leasing the towns from Yemen for more than 60 years. So they rolled in thinking they were just going to take the place and the Yemenese proceeded to kick their ass so bad it was not funny, then they decided that they needed to go back and pay the oil leases as before. The Yemenese told them as long as you continue to pay us for the leases we have no problem. The Saudi's learned their lesson the hard way.

Of particular note is the untold story of what the Palestinians did in Kuwait. It made no paper, it was never put in the media but it is proof of just what a bunch of rat bastards the Palestinians are and what sort of warped mindset they have. Had I not heard in from people who experienced it I would not have believed what I was told.

It seems that there was a large number of working Palestinians who were in Kuwait at the time who were there as contract laborers and business professionals as is the practice in most of the arab world. You bring in foreigners to do everything for you while the local population which is supported by oil revenues is, in most cases, loathe to get their hands dirty. The Palestinians that were in Kuwait and the PLO came up with a most malevolent scheme which in turn was a wink-wink agreement between Arafat and Saddam.

The local Palestinians began to provide covert military intelligence for the Iraqi military, their job being to identify and locate every police station, water filtration plant and power station in Kuwait. Their secondary mission was to round up foreign nationals to be used as hostages by the Iraqi military.

In exchange for their aid and cooperation the Northern half of Kuwait was to be given to the Palestinians, which also contained the Kirkuk oil fields.

The Palestinians also took on some of the tasks that the Iraqi military would not perform because it was considered loathsome. That was the torture, and interrogation of prisoners, the murder and rape of women and children in front of their families which the Palestinians took to with relish. The goal being if you could not make your own country, just steal part of someone else's. After all why work for it, if you can steal it?

How far did it go? The use of electric wires and arc welders to torture prisoners during interrogation, the use of acetylene torches and propane torches to burn prisioners, beatings, the removal of fingers and toes using bolt cutters. I talked to a gentlemen who was a guest of the Palestinians. He showed me where they had put out cigarette butts on his back and his foot where they had cut off one of his toes using a bolt cutter.

In addition there were substantiated reports where they had pulled people's teeth one at a time with a vise gripper, or smashed individual fingers with a hammer or a vise, taken power tools such as battery-operated drills to people's elbows and knee caps and countless other things which I will not mention. It is difficult to fathom how someone who calls himself a human being will take relish in such treatment of other human beings in this matter. As a result of their crimes against humanity and other treasonous acts against the state of Kuwait, in 1994 all Palestinians were expelled from Kuwait and forbidden to return regardless of their age.

What really started the first Gulf war ahead of schedule was because of the actions of the Kuwaitis themselves. It seems that they were cross drilling under the border at an angle and were tapping into an Iraqi oil field and actually stealing oil from Iraq. They were told to stop several times and did not.

Saddam decided he had enough of their double dealing and decided to do something about it. Kuwait at the time because it was naïve and thought that because all that surrounded them were fellow muslims, they had no need for a military to protect them from their fellow muslims. All they had in the beginning was a constabulary police force. No military. No nothing. How wrong they discovered they were.

The first thing the Emir did was run for it, if he had run any faster I would have thought he was part French -- they were the first who inspired the the battle tactic of Cluck and Run, or when threatened surrender, then if threatened again collaborate with the enemy just like the Vichy government did.

The local people or the Kuwait resistance fought house to house with the Iraqi army and helped evacuate and protect foreigners from being kidnapped by the Iraqi military. One of my friends there evaded capture by convincing the Iraqi soldiers that he was Romanian because he spoke Iranian. Of course the Emir being the piece of work that he was would not return until the gold faucets that had been looted from his palace had been replaced by the US Army Corp of Engineers. Isn't it amazing that he was more concerned about those gold faucets then the welfare of his own people? Tells you a lot right there.

Kuwait learned a valuable lesson that Jefferson spoke of more than 200 years ago, "A well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state." Without a military Kuwait discovered that it could not provide for the common defense and protect neither the people nor the kingdom. As Nietzche said, "experience is a dear teacher and fools learn from no other".

Part 2: Islam's View of the World

Over the years I have watched outrage and whining by Muslims about how Islam is unfairly treated in the world view.

But the followers of Islam have forgotten one basic fact of life: trust has to be earned; it is not just given. All one has to do to know about Islam is view its history over the last thousand years. You'll get the real picture of Islam. Those who use reason and logic look at the behavior patterns that surrounds Islam in order to form their opinions of Islam. The opinion they come up with is usually less than favorable, except for Napoleon, but then he was as mad as a hatter.

Yet should anyone say anything bad about Islam or make an observation that is less than favorable about Islam, suddenly the self-proclaimed protectors/defenders of the faith become absolute nutters. I do not see the reason behind such behavior. Islam if it is of merit does not need the protection of a hot house in order to propagate and to survive as a religion -- unless there is something inherently wrong with it that it cannot survive on its own merit or withstand the occasional criticisms that all religions run into now and again.

If Islam could stand on its own merit, it would not need extraordinary protection in order to survive. That is the first thing that tells you something is seriously wrong with Islam as a religious faith. There is no need to resort to intimidation or threats to spread or propagate any religion unless its worth is questionable.

It is sole and separate as a faith, forbids friendships with non muslims, has a doctrine of acceptable deceit, fraud and trickery when dealing with non believers. It revels in cruelty, in humanity and selfishness and considers women to be on the order of sub humans or property. It appeals to everything that is wrong with civilization and only the most twisted sociopath would find it acceptable as a religious faith. But perhaps because it appeals to the baser twisted nature of man, the beast that is kept in the shadows or the evil that resides in the dark corners of men's souls is the key to its survival.

While I was in the Middle East I got to observe this cruelty towards others first hand:

There was one incident that I observed at a local market, where a man's wife decided she wanted something different in the way of a lunch meat from a local delicatessen. It was one of the finer establishments in that city and was known for its quality luncheon meats. I had stopped by to get some imported polish beef/ham; taste like ham but is made out of beef. I was standing in line with my ticket waiting for the butcher to wrap my order.

Her husband did not agree with her and dragged her out in front of the store. What happened next could only cause me to stare in disbelief. He proceeded to start beating her there in public while a local policeman stood there and watched as if this was an everyday thing that did not warrant concern. All because she had the impudence to request a different lunch meat than what her husband wanted.

What sort of a screwed up society encourages cruelty to women and insists that they should be treated as property, rather than as life partners when they are married? Oh that is right I forgot, wife beating is an acceptable practice amongst the practitioners of Islam. Just the thing that appeals to the sick and twisted or those who would cloak their bad behavior in the political correctness of hiding behind a religious faith to justify cruelty to others. Never does the thought cross their mind that just because you can does not mean that you should. But to think like that, they would have be motivated by the love of others rather than the love of self. And for some evil men and those with tiny minds, if there is no consequence for cruelty or bad behavior. There is no reason to stop and the bad behavior continues because it is permissible and not held in check.

Then we get into when is enough and when is too much? It seems that with Islam there are little or no controls in regards to what actions the followers of Islam may take against others, particularly family members.

Religion of peace? My ass... Everything about Islam fosters selfishness, cruelty and perpetuates evil and disturbs the peace and tranquility of civilized society. It is our tolerance that is our undoing. We tolerate Muslims thinking that they operate on the same reasoning and logic as other reasonable men. This is a dangerous assumption and extremely naive, because nothing could be further from the truth.

Our very own rules for tolerance are used against us to insure the survival of Islam and for it to propagate itself while we stand by and watch this monster grow in our midst. There is no benefit gained from the existence of Islam save for the destruction of civilization itself when Islam infests a society.

The goal of Islam is to spread, conquer, infest, control and enslave all that it comes into contact with. Islam will use anything at its disposal to accomplish this task.

The first thing that is attacked is free speech. They use legal maneuvers or try to get laws passed to prevent the general public from objecting when they see Islam doing something they do not approve of to silence public opposition to the actions of Islam. Free speech is necessary if a society is to prosper, otherwise it will stagnate and die. The people should have the ability to speak out when they consider the actions of a group of individuals to be objectionable or government is not representing the interests of the people it is there to protect. Governments exist because of their populations and because their populations choose those elected leaders. Therefore they have an interest in insuring that they operate in the interest of the populations they represent. This becomes an issue when -- because of political gamesmanship or corruption -- the government chooses to act in its own interest.

In the United States politicians discovered that free speech was a two edged sword, it could help but it could also destroy political careers. This meant that politicians need to limit the people's ability to complain so that politicians and government could have more free reign because of a restriction to free speech.

Any religious organization that surrenders its free speech in exchange for the acceptance of tax exempt status is a sell out. None is required to accept tax exempt status. Therein lies the trap. Because of the frailty of man and his intellectual naiveté in thinking that he is getting something for nothing. Instead what they are doing is not asking what the price is that they will be required to pay.

This issue is actually addressed in scripture in two areas for those who are followers of the bible as Christians. Jesus instructed that we should render unto God that which is God's, and unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. This means that if Caesar requires a tax to be paid then as law abiding citizens, churches have the same obligation as private citizens to pay a tax.

But who says that a church has to have a building, that it has to have property, that it has to have assets? Absolutely nothing, These are the trappings of man and not God. It was for the very same reason that Christ chased the money changers out of the temple because they had perverted it into a business. Jesus's definition of what a church is says it all: Whereever two or three are gathered together in my name that is my church...

But many accept this as the status quo because they do not know what it is that they profess to believe. Like sheep they follow everyone else around them because it is the path of least resistance. Those who are physically lazy and intellectually as well, sometimes never search the texts of the faiths that they believe in to discover exactly what it is that they profess to believe in or what it is that they are actually agreeing to when they profess to belong to a specific faith.

Islam propagates itself through terror, intimidation and threats. That is because there are many things that are wrong with Islam. A wise man questions everything, a fool questions nothing. But if you are a follower of Islam and should you choose to question something about your faith, it can be hazardous to your health. You may have asked a simple question because you do not understand. The fact that you were impudent enough to ask a question can get your ass beaten, get you killed or members of your family tortured or worse. All to make sure that you say nothing bad about Islam should you discover that you as a believer have made a very bad choice. A choice that appeals only to psychopaths and madmen once is to examine in further detail Islam's dirty little secrets. The radicals keep the faithful in line through the use of threats and intimidation. The silent majority while they may disagree, because of their lack of objection, basically rubber stamp Islam's bad behavior. Since there is no immediate penalty for such bad behavior, there is no reason for those behaving badly to stop.

Islam is the cancer upon civilization. It cannot be eradicated, it can only be contained. If we wish to survive as civilized societies in this world it is necessary for Islam to be contained. Otherwise our societies will eventually destroy themselves to accommodate Islam because of the liberal minds' infatuation with political correctness. Sometimes you have to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because there is profit in it.

Accommodating Islam means sacrificing your principles and the rule of law. It is like a game of Kiss the Scorpion: no matter how hard you try or how nice you talk to the scorpion, you will still get stung. Why? Because it is in the scorpion's nature. Just as it is with Islam. If you wish to become a Dhimmi all you have to do is to accommodate Islam.

Steven Goldberg is the pen name of a retired military man, who worked overseas in the Middle East as an independent contractor, living among the local population while on assignment for several years. He has traveled in Germany, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, S. Africa and the Indian Ocean area.

The two parts were submitted as two separate essays -- Part 1 on September 26, 2010 and Part 2 on September 27, 2010.


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