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by Jacob Gur (Gurewich)


The ultimate solution is to face the truth and confute once and for all the myth and the deceit that the so called falastinians have even a fragment in the Land of Israel.

Religious and secular gentiles alike, do not have to look in historical reliable data or history books, in order to be swayed that there was never a falastininan people, a falastinian region, or a falastinian country in the Land of Israel or anywhere else in the world to begin with — and that there are no falastinian chronicles.

They could browse only through the Bible, and will no doubt be swayed that the Land of Israel was the Land of the children of Israel more than three thousand years,

and shall remain so to the end of all generations!

Let alone the historical hard evidence — published in all the text books throughout the world about the Babylonian and the Roman banishment of the children of Israel from the Land of Israel, more than two thousand years ago.

Those barbarian heathens invaded the Land of Israel, they looted the treasures from the TEMPLE in Jerusalem the capital of the Land of Israel, desecrated it, murdered, enslaved, and exiled the children of Israel from the Land of Israel.

Muslims or falastinian Arabs for that matter, never existed at that time, even the United States of America the so called NEW WORLD was not yet discovered.

Alas, a terrible SHOAH befell upon us in the Diaspora, and millions of BNEI-YISRAEL perished in mass production death-camps in the cursed European continent.

The following is a piece of my LAMENT SCROLL based on a witness —of a living survivor from the Majdanek death camp:

Her name was PNINAH: for as her name is,
So is she.

Pninah, only 12 years old, was brutally murdered in Majdanek

IT came to pass: Majdanek, midnight, freezing temperature, Pninah stepped out from a hut, used
For Majdanek's Polish hooligan guards.

Stumbling, bare foot, almost without garments...she
Stared furiously at the hostile firmament, and yelled in her feeble voice:


Her feeble voice became powerful, and echoed through the stillness-of-death in Majdanek...

Alas, nothing happened.

No echo from heaven resounded - no silence - like the stones of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, but the machine guns of the German hooligans were not silent...

A barrage of bullets murdered Pninah, their "enemy" the innocent child 12 years old.

GIVE EAR O HEAVENS! The voice of Pninah along with the millions of voices of the tortured Bnei-Yisrael — annihilated in the horrible SHOAH were more powerful than the Germans'

Machine guns, their blood will never cease to cry from the ground!

And the stones of the Wailing Wall cried out and the beam out of the timber answered:

Expel the Arab murderers from the Land of Israel.

Purify the desecrated Mount Moria, and build the 3rd Temple in accordance with the blue prints in the Torah!

Do not lament any longer on 9 of Av, however, never ever forget the SHOAH!


BUT LAMENT, grieve and pray: Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I am not mindful of the SHOAH. And let my right hand lose his skills if I forget the horrible SHOAH

Wherein 6 million innocent Bnei-Yisrael perished by the despicable Germans and their European abettors in mass-production death camps, and in

Countless death-ditches throughout the cursed European continent.

I hear the voices from a huge mound of bones in Majdanek — the voices of millions of Innocent men, women and children brutally murdered by European murderers, and I cry

And Pray: O God, to whom vengeance belongeth,

Shew thyself! (Book of Psalms)

Let the European continent open its mouth and swallow them!


Jacob Gur is a Talmudic scholar and a former commander in the IRGUN. He battled the evil British oppressor, and was almost executed. He was tortured and exiled from the Land of Israel. He is the author of The Enemy Within, Fear Factors, and The 5 Chapters.


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