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by David Ha'ivri


Our youth deserve responsible leaders who are willing to stand on their principles without apologies or "zigzags". Our youngsters deserve strong, unequivocal leadership, which doesn't change its position in the midst of the struggle. In lack of such leadership, it has emerged that the only real heroes today are the younger generation itself. Our youngsters embody the perfect blend of Torah-true ideology and self sacrifice. They are de facto spearheading the "national camp" today with strength and glory; and every time they achieve success, various politicians and organizations scurry to reap the "profits" these youngsters gained.

Unfortunately, the elder counterparts of these youth, the settlement establishment, futilely attempt to sit on both sides of the fence. On one hand, they want to take credit for the truly effective actions that have made a real impression on the public, such as blocking roads. Yet, on the other hand, they wish to maintain their positions as "responsible leaders of the community" and project an air of legitimacy around them, so not to endanger their own political future. The result has been the domino-like collapse of one leader after another, who end up denouncing the actions of the youth and criticizing the very actions which they themselves rushed to take credit for. Suddenly, overnight, these actions become "inappropriate", and the "respectable leaders" of the camp must distance themselves from those who are involved in carrying them out.

The fact is that the proclaimed "leaders" do not head the struggle, but rather the youth themselves. The fact that certain organizations come along afterwards and take credit for actions which are not their own does not convince anyone who is truly in touch with the "man in the street". And it will be none other than the "anonymous soldiers", the youth, those completely disconnected from all personal political concerns, who will be the ones to defeat the wicked schemes of the government. It is not the opportunistic politicians leading the way, but the brave activists who, day in and day out, act with pure motives for the Land of Israel, who are willing to sit in jail for their beliefs.

The salvation of Israel and the Jewish People cannot come from career politicians who think that the battle for the Land of Israel is some sort of tactical game. It cannot come from those who think that the biased media and their completely non-objective opinion polls represent the true pulse of the people. It cannot come from those whose main priority is to look respectable in the eyes of the press; that same press which constantly demonizes the real leaders, the youth, as "dangerous extremists".

He who wants to lead those faithful, precious youth must first of all be faithful to Eretz Yisrael without zigzags, and secondly, must be loyal to his soldiers and not abandon them in the middle of the battlefield. Far too often have we seen our leaders backtrack on policy, hanging their selfless activists out to dry, and then give tired excuses such as, "Only I know when it is proper to block roads."

Thank G-d that we have a generation of young men and women who know how to achieve results without resorting to political zigzagging or compromise, without long drawn out meetings, and without the help of expensive public relations firms. We have been blessed with youth who are willing to proudly face the consequences of their actions, and not try to weasel their way out of punishment by apologizing and reversing their position when faced with criticism. These proud Jewish youth stand up for what they believe in. I wish their elders did the same.

David Ha'Ivri is the chairman of Revava "a Jewish grassroots organization whose goal is to restore self esteem to the state of Israel by restoring Jewish national pride and values." David has a weekly internet radio program in English and Hebrew. He actively works for Jewish access to the Temple Mount. He was convicted in June in Magistrate's Court of incitement to racism. The incitement? His tee shirt read, "No Arabs, No Terrorism."

He sums up this article this way, "Mi L'aShem LaNoar - Whoever is for HaShem will follow the lead of the youth!"

Thanks are due Sergio Tessa (HaDar) for submitting this.

[Editor's note: See the home page for pictures of some right-wing youth.]


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