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posted by Mary Jensen and Bernice Lipkin
narrated by Bernice Lipkin
June 10, 2003

This is a bit of oral history. I'd never heard it before. I present it as it happened. Surfing the web, I came across a letter on the A Tangled Web website and inquired about it. This is the correspondence. It says something about how Arabs treat their women and children. I'd known they use them as human shields and hide among them. But I'd not heard they had a history of using them as suicide bombers.

It also says something about getting information on the internet. No wonder many people are beginning to trust some websites more than the 'news' that comes from newspapers like the New York Times - news that too often is biased while pretending to neutrality. Blogs and Readers' Letters on websites that aim for accuracy even if they have a point of view are coming into their own! It's worth having to delete spam and viagra ads to be able to 'talk' to people with interesting stories and similar interests.

Mary Jensen wrote a letter to the Tangled Web website ( on September 7, 2002. It was in response to an article entitled Disarming Israel. Tony Blair had announced that his Government was stopping the sale of many kinds of military equipment from English firms to Israel, equipment Israel needs to fight terrorism. The author concludes that "Appeasement of terrorism has entered the soul of the UK political establishment."

Mary wrote:

Tony Blair taking arms from Israel. I am originally from England. My Father was a Sargt. in the British Commandos in WW2. He was in No. Africa. When the British and American soldiers stopped to eat and sleep at night the arabs sent in their children asking for food. Only under their clothing were bombs. Once inside the camps the children were detonated blowing up the children and soldiers alike. Another evil act was to send in young girls and women peddling trinkets or flowers. Inside the baskets were bombs and, again, once inside the camps the girls and soldiers would be blown up! Nothing has changed!! My Father always prophesied this to us growing up, "don't worry about the germans, it's the arabs that will come back to finish what hitler started!!" His prophesy is coming true! What did my Father fight for! What did all those British soldiers give their lives for! I am so disgusted with my country that I have taken my Union Jack down from outside! What is happening, has England gone mad! Why are they handing over the country to these evil muslims? I am so heartbroken. I believe that England will no longer be England in 10, 15 or 20 years, but will be a muslim country. In fact, because of the "Islamification" of Europe, I believe all of Europe will eventually be taken over by these demented hatemongers...the new nazis. What happened to "There'll always be an England"...I cry myself to sleep at night.

I saw the letter last month. I wrote her, told her a bit about Think-Israel, and asked for more information.

I saw your Sept 7 letter today on A Tangled Web. If I understood you correctly, you said the Arabs were doing bomb-terror during WW2. That's something I've never heard. Could you elaborate?

Mary wrote back.

What I can tell you is this. My Father, Frank Ransom, was a Sargeant in the British Commandos in WW2. He was in a Special Opps. squad that "liquidated" high ranking Nazi officials. He was involved in a plot to assassinate Hitler and Mussolini. During the war he was sent to North Africa. He traveled with the "regulars".

The evenings, when the soldiers stopped to eat and sleep, became a dreaded time for all. The arabs, who were in collusion with the Nazis, knew that the Brits and Americans found it appalling to kill children and women. Capitalizing on this, the arabs would send little children into the camps under the disguise of begging for food. Under the clothing of the arab children were bombs. Once inside the camps, the arabs detonated the bombs, blowing up the soldiers and their own children! Another tactic was to send in old women and young girls with baskets of trinkets, under the disguise of peddling their wares to the soldiers. Bombs were placed inside their baskets, and once again, the arabs would detonate the bombs, blowing up soldiers and women and girls alike. My Father said it was a terrible experience for the soldiers, who, once they realized what had happened to their fellow soldiers and the American troops, were forced to shoot the children and women when they approached their camps. It became such a problem, not knowing whether or not ANY approaching arab was concealing a bomb on their person, that they shot whoever approached. It was a terrible psychologic game the arabs played. They knew that it was morally reprehensable to the Brits and Americans to shoot these children and old women....some soldiers would "choke up" and not shoot them, resulting in terrible consequences for the soldiers. Many suffered lasting emotional problems from being forced into this horrible situation.

After the war my Father drilled into our heads daily this admonition, "Don't worry about the Germans, it is the arabs who will one day rise up and try to finish what Hitler started. Blowing themselves up....and everyone else....this is the future!" My Father is gone now, resting in Heaven. But my stomach churns and churns and I keep telling everyone who will listen what my Father warned us about for the future. Only the future is today! My Father's prophecy has come to pass. One might think that my Father was Jewish and therefore my story is colored by our own biases. But this is not so. We are not Jewish, we are Christians. But really even that is irrelevant. Because one does not have to be Jewish or Christian to recognize the face of evil. One only needs to hear the agonizing cries of old ladies and old men blown apart at Seder meal or hear the crazed screams of a young mother as her babies are blown to bits on the bus, on what appears to be a peaceful Thursday morning...rational people should be able to recognize the face of evil. This mindless, insane carnage is evil. It is not new. It's been lurking around for a while now. Looking for innocent victims to spew out its unreasonable hatred upon. I am torn that my Father has passed on. Torn in that I am glad he is not here to see such wicked insanity, but sad too, that he cannot tell more, shouting loudly to all who will listen, that suicide murder is not the desperate act of a poor oppressed people, but something old and very twisted, embraced by a group of people that have no respect for the lives of their own people, let alone the lives of others.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you would like to use this as an editorial, and you think it is good enough, you are welcome to do so. If you would like additional information on anything I have said, I shall be happy to reply.

Praying daily for the victory of Israel over all who seek to destroy her!

I confess, her goodness and moral strength shook me. It is such a change from the sophisticated downplaying of Arab evil that we get from pundits and experts on TV these days - they are so busy talking politics and strategy, they forget the basics. I wrote her back.

I think you have written of an important piece of the history of WW2 - one certainly that is little known. Yes, I would very much like to share it with the readers of Think-Israel.

I share with you the belief that evil can exist in the world, and it is an absolute. It can't be talked away by sophisticated talk about relative morality. I hadn't known that Arabs had used their women and children as active participants before 1980. But I did know they used women and children as shields. I visited Israel in 1968 a few months after Israel took Jerusalem. There was a small Arab army compound just over what had been the border. One house was for the officers. Another was for the ordinary soldiers. The Arabs had put their ammunition in the house where the women and children stayed. The Israelis were informed of this. If the Israelis didn't hit the house because they didn't want to harm the women and children, then the ammunition was safe. If the Israelis did hit the house and make the ammunition explode, killing the civilians, it was a mark against the Israelis. Either way, the Arabs saw it as a win.

I assume that your father was talking about events that occurred late, around 1944-1945, but I don't know. Do you? And I assume it was in the Maghrib. But again, I don't know. I asked my husband about it - he is more knowledgeable in history than I - and he knew some about the North Africa campaign. He wondered if this was in Tunisia or Morocco.

Mary wrote back.

You had requested the specific locations of the incidents in North Africa with my Father and the arab suicide murders. I have asked everyone in my family that is still living if they can remember exact locations that my Father spoke of to no avail. He always refered to North Africa and did not say a specific location. I do know that he was at Tobruk and El Alamein. At one time he was in Algiers and Tunisia. There was a picture of my Father standing with Gen. Montgomery in Mersa Matruh in my history book at school. I stole a copy of the book, but unfortunately it has been lost over the years. I am so sorry that I cannot give specific locations. I know that it is better to be able to be more precise when retelling these events and I wish I know more. I can only say what I know and pray that people will listen.

On a different subject, I thought you would be interested in this. I am living in the U.S.A., in California. I am so passionate about Israel that I fly an Israeli flag on a whip antenna on my jeep. It always gets a reaction! I have had Israelis in tears stopping me to tell their stories and I have also been accosted three times! Once an arab pointed a gun at me (I think it was a toy) and said that I was next! He was in his car and sped away. Once I was at a shopping mall and parked diagonally from a car load of muslim youths. They shouted obscenities at me and the girls made that awful "war cry" sound they make. I just kept walking. When I came back an hour later they had trashed my car and written anti-Jewish slogans and dumped garbage on my car. The most recent was earlier in the week at another store parking lot when a middle aged white man approached me with a clenched fist shouting anti-Jewish obscenities. I got my club out (a stick-like locking devise that goes on your car steering wheel.) I told him to back off or I'd hit him! He did. My next door neighbor, who is Jewish and lost her family to the Nazis in Poland, thinks I am crazy to have this flag on my car. But I feel so strongly toward Israel and her people and her right to exist that I don't care who knows it.

Well, Ms. Lipkin, I am sorry I could not be more specific about my Father. I hope that you can use the information that I have already given you and that it is still o.k. to print. Praying for Israel and victory over those who would destroy her!

Mary Jensen

Mary Jensen was born in England in 1951 and came to the USA as a young child. When she was 9 or 10, she read a book about the Holocaust. She writes: "It was horrifying! I read it from cover to cover and began looking for other books pertaining to this dreadful event. I became consumed with the unimaginable...unable to stop thinking, or reading anything I could get my hands on. I could not understand how such a thing could happen! That is when I began asking my Father, who had been in this war, what he knew. He told me of terrible things. Then I began to understand why he had always said those warnings about the arabs. I began to see how the past is always a warning to the future. In 1965 I became involved with a few Russian and Polish Jews who introduced me to a few of the evils that lived closed to our own homes. The National Headquarters of the American Nazi Party was located only 5 miles from our town. Through various "activities" I got a first hand look at this evil close up. I was the only Christian involved with this Jewish group. I finished college in 1973 and started work as a graphic artist for The Whittier Daily News. After marrying, and having two wonderful daughters, I went back to college in 1982. I then taught school for 17 years. I am now retired and active in Jewish and Christian causes. My dear husband, Peter, is from Denmark and his aunt hid a Jewish family from the Nazis throughout the war. We are both Christians and feel a deep love for the Jewish people and Israel. We are supporters of the I.D.F. and our prayers are always for the victory of Israel over her enemies."

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