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Posted by Buddy Macy, June 30, 2006.

This was published June 7, 2006

Gravely Imperiled, And Those Who Were Expelled Ten Months Ago Remain In Severe Need.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has announced that Israel will retreat from 95% of Judea and Samaria in order to create an independent Hamas-PLO Islamic terrorist state in the Biblical heartland of the Jewish people. This treacherous retreat will leave tiny Israel with borders that are only 10 miles wide. Even Abba Eban, the extreme left-wing former Israeli foreign minister, once called these indefensible borders "Auschwitz lines." And Golda Meir, the former Prime Minister from the socialist Labor party, once said that any Jew who supports a retreat to such borders would have to be a "traitor."

For 2,000 years, millions of Jews were tortured and murdered because they did not have a Homeland in which to return. Now, the holy refuge of Israel, itself, is in grave jeopardy as never before.

But most leaders of American Jewish establishment organizations not only do not raise their voices against this plan of national surrender - these Jewish leaders enthusiastically support the proposed suicidal Israeli retreats, as well as the expulsion of up to another 100,000 Jews from their G-d-given Jewish homeland...while refusing, as a whole, to assist the more than 9,000 Jewish refugees from the expulsion of last August from Gush Katif and northern Samaria.

Jewish leaders with exorbitant salaries challenged

If Jewish leaders need more than $200,000 per year to motivate themselves to help their fellow Jews here and in Israel, they are in the wrong "business!"

For the past 25 years, prior to this past February, I had made thousands of phone calls, soliciting donations from Jewish individuals to help their fellow Jews locally, in Israel and around the world. As was the case with thousands of other solicitors throughout North America, I made these calls as a volunteer.

It is time the charitable Jewish public confront the leaders of American Jewish organizations, including the executive directors and other professionals of the Jewish Federations, under the auspices of UJC (United Jewish Communities), and question the appropriateness of accepting large salaries while performing the work of charity: salaries that are paid from charitable donations.

Upon completing my research, I have determined that there are more than 40 American-based Jewish organizations in which the top leader has received $200,000 or more per year in total compensation (TC). Listed below are the names of the heads of various Jewish non-profit organizations who have received more than $250,000 in TC for the fiscal year ending on the date provided:

* http://www.charitynavigator.org
** http://www.forbes.com/2005/11/18/ largest-charities-ratings_05charities_land.html

John R. Fishel - Jewish Fed. Council of Greater Los Angeles - $332,423* (12/31/04)

Robert Aronson - Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit - $355,686** (5/31/05) Large Discrepancy between the two sources - $267,901*

Anita Friedman - Jewish Family and Children's Services - $309,404* (6/30/05)

Steven B. Nasatir - Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago $411,806* (12/31/04) The JUFMC provides the largest share of monies allocated locally and nationally by its sister organization, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.

Harold Goldman - Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia - $264,400* (8/31/04)

Barry Shrage - Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Boston) - $271,617* (6/30/04)

Yehuda Halevy - Bar-Ilan University in Israel (NY) - $330,000* (9/30/04)

Tom Dine - Jewish Comm. Federation of San Francisco - $271,625** (6/30/04)

Jacob Solomon - Greater Miami Jewish Federation - $295,000* (6/30/04)

Rabbi Marvin Hier - Simon Wiesenthal Center - $361,809* (6/30/04)

Jeffrey Klein - Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County - $314,000* (6/30/04)

John Ruskay - UJA/Federation of New York - $407,000** (6/30/04) Significant Discrepancy between the two sources - $377,000*

Stephen Hoffman - Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland - $720,844** (6/30/04) Large Discrepancy between the two sources - $588,916*

Mikhail Galperin - Jewish Federation of Greater Washington - $321,000* (6/30/04)

Marc B. Terrill - Associated: Jewish Comm. Fed. of Baltimore - $292,000* (6/30/04)

Max L. Kleinman - UJC of MetroWest New Jersey - $269,084* (6/30/04)

Martin S. Kraar - American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science - $355,000* (6/30/04)

Peter Willner - American Friends of the Hebrew University - $299,671* (9/30/04)

June Walker - Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Org of Amer - $263,370** (5/31/04)

David A. Harris - American Jewish Committee - $ 396,183** (6/30/04) Moderate discrepancy between the two sources - $373,296*

Russell Robinson - Jewish National Fund America - $254,566* (9/30/04)

Sol Adler - The 92nd Street Y - $319,319* (6/30/04)

Steven Schwager - American Jewish Joint Distribution Comm $354,000* (12/31/04)

Abraham H. Foxman - Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith - $483,677* (12/31/04)

Malcolm Hoenlein - Conference of Presidents - In the tax filing for the 2003 fiscal year, Mr. Hoenlein's salary was listed as $144,025. For the fiscal year ending 3/31/04, his salary was listed as $819,939*. Mr. Hoenlein said that the figure reflected the vesting of his pension [ed. that could represent an accrual of past years' pension funding] in addition to his annual salary, and that he hadn't actually received the $819,939 listed in the 2004 tax filing. Information provided from: http://www.forward.com/main/article.php?ref=weiss20050303108 It is impossible to calculate the amount of total compensation Mr. Hoenlein received during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2004 from the information in the Forward article or in www.charitynavigator.org.

Steven H. Hoffman - predecessor of Howard Rieger (UJC CEO) - $705,442 (6/30/03):
Information source:
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=howard+Rieger+salary I have been unable to locate the TC Mr. Rieger received during the FYE 6/30/04.

Upon reviewing these large salaries, one might argue that they are much less than could be obtained from working in the private sector, and that they are lower than those paid at other non-profit organizations. My response to these arguments is that the salaries should be viewed from a moral perspective, one that embraces the very spirit and intent of the mitzvah of tzedakah. Is it moral to gain wealth from the charitable gifts of others (that were to a large degree solicited by unpaid volunteers)? Would the donors have given their gifts if they knew of the large amounts of money that were to go to the salaries of the top professionals?

In addition, it is my contention that the relatively large salaries of Jewish leaders that are generated from small, medium and large charitable donations, encourage the recipients of that compensation to maintain the status quo, whether consciously or unconsciously. It can be assumed that individuals making 3,4,5 and even 7 hundred thousand dollars annually, wish to retain their jobs. Thus, they are more likely than not to avoid controversy, and to discourage dissent and other original and creative thought. In regard to Israel, it has been the case since the creation of the Jewish State that American Jewish charitable organizations tow the Israeli Government line, no matter how obviously misguided, immoral and self-destructive it appears to be. Any individual or group that challenges that policy takes the risk of being ostracized, or worse.

While the top Jewish leadership in North America has become very comfortable financially, the expelled Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria continue to suffer tremendously, ten months after their expulsions from their homes and land. And, the looming expulsions of up to 100,000 more Jews under Olmert's "disengagement" turned "convergence" turned "consolidation" turned "re-alignment" plan, would place these Israeli citizens in horrendous conditions, while putting the State of Israel's very existence into serious question. Perhaps the leaders would have spoken out on behalf of their suffering brethren and would be speaking out against Olmert's plan of national suicide, had they not had so much to lose.

Hoping and praying for justice for the more than 9000 Jewish refugees, and for the prevention of suffering of another 60,000 to 100,000 of our fellow Jews in Israel,

Published June 9, 2006

Two days ago I sent out a letter "exposing" the salaries of specific American Jewish leaders. Since that time, I have received quite a few emails in response to my report/commentary. The vast majority are extremely positive, though that had been expected, as my long list of email addresses is skewed towards like-minded individuals.

However, I did receive four emails that are critical of my writing. Of the four, two were personal in nature, and two were in defense of the salaries of the leaders. I find those four replies quite fascinating, not for what they include, but for what they are missing. None addressed the issue of helping the Jewish refugees who are suffering tremendously, ten months after being kicked out of their homes, and from their land. And, none of the critical emails included anything about the future expulsion of up to 100,000 Jews, should Mr. Olmert, G-d forbid, have his way.

I hope my email has sparked discussions and communications in the United States and in Israel -- not about whether my "attacks" were warranted, or about who or what I will "attack" next -- no, I hope my email has encouraged those in positions to effect positive change in Israel (which, by the way, is everyone of you who received the email), to have discussions with others and act, together, to end the suffering of our fellow Jews in Israel, and to prevent Mr. Olmert from executing his expulsion plan; one that would produce unimaginable suffering of our People.

To the individuals I mentioned by name, and to all of the professionals and lay leaders of Jewish organizations: This is your moment to shine. We, Jews, look to you to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Israel, who, up until now, have for the most part been ignored and abandoned by their brethren. We rely upon you to end their suffering, and to prevent the suffering of tens of thousands more of our flesh and blood.

Shabbat shalom,

Published June 19, 2006

A response to my email to Ronald Lauder

Dear Ms. Bodner, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Lauder,

Thank you for your June 12, 2006 response to my email. It has been copied and pasted, in its entirety, at the bottom of this email. Ms. Bodner, you wrote:

"...But first the facts. Of every dollar it raises, JNF sends 81% to its programs. Only 19% goes to cover administrative costs and fundraising expenses. Never satisfied, JNF [ed. Jewish National Fund] is working to bring those costs in even lower.

"We make these figures available for every donor to see in our annual report --see www.jnf.org -- and are actually proud of the high percentage that goes to fund our many projects and initiatives --Zionist education here -- and all of our action areas that care for the land of Israel."

Ms. Bodner: From the 2004 JNF Annual Report, within the "Your Dollars at work in Israel" section, the following projects and percentages of dollars are listed: Land and Community Development - 24%; Tourism - 10%; Research - 3%; Water Resources and Rehabilitation - 27%; Education - 6%; Security - 9%; and Ecology and Forestry - 21%. The good thing is, the individual percentages add up to 100%. The bad thing is, the 19% for administrative costs and fundraising expenses is not included in that 100%. If "only" 19% goes to administrative and fundraising, shouldn't you have been "actually proud" to have it included in the section, re-entitled, "A Full 81%* of Your Dollars at work in Israel"?

*Perhaps, less than 80%, after deducting the money spent on Zionist education in the U.S., mentioned above.

On the JNF website (www.jnf.org), within the section entitled, "A Message from Ronald S. Lauder - #2 in a Series," is written the following:

"I have traveled all over the world, seen great cities and mesmerizing landscapes, but there is no sight more breathtaking than the Negev desert. Here the history of our people shouts from every mountain and the hope for our people's future beckons from every valley." With all due respect, Mr. Lauder, "the history of our people shouts from every mountain" and hill in Judea and Samaria (where lies Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, the cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and the source of the Dead Sea Scrolls), from where you and other extremely wealthy North American and Israeli businessmen support the expulsion of 60,000 to 100,000 of our fellow Jews.

More from, "A Message from Ronald S. Lauder - #2 in a Series":

"Haruv sits on its temporary site while its permanent home beckons from a hilltop, waiting for the infrastructure to be created. Residents live in temporary caravillas, and work and go to school in nearby Kiryat Gat." Mr. Lauder: Don't you find this description to be a slight bit smug and callous? The "temporary caravillas" are mentioned in passing, as if they are resort homes suitable for a more-than-comfortable existence. How about including some of the reality behind those tiny, cardboard-thin shelters, that sometimes lack electricity and running water? And, why no mention of the Negev trailer camps for mostly former farmers? Also, what about the 113 families who, ten months since their expulsions from Gush Katif, are still living in hotels, guest houses and tent sites? Regarding the work and school nearby: You neglect to inform the reader of the 50% unemployment rate among the expellees. Have all of the adult residents living in the temporary caravillas at Haruv found work? You fail, too, to mention that many of the Jewish refugee children have attended three or four schools since their odyssey began last August, and that a significant number of them suffer from traumatic and post-traumatic stress symptoms as a result of being physically removed from their homes and communities more than 10 months ago.

Excerpt from article:

From WND'S Jerusalem Bureau
"U.S. Jewish groups refuse aid to evacuees:
Residents expelled from Gaza face 'humanitarian crisis'"
JERUSALEM -- Mainstream American Jewish organizations largely have refused to aid the thousands of Jews evacuated last summer from the Gaza Strip, the majority of whom are unemployed and have yet to find permanent housing, WND has learned.

Leaders from Gush Katif, the former Jewish communities of Gaza, said a series of direct petitions to significant U.S. Jewish organizations in recent months have been fruitless. They outlined a "humanitarian crisis" among the expellees.

"With few exceptions, we have received almost no help from the mainstream Jewish American groups, which grant billions of dollars" said Dror Vanunu, a former Gaza resident and the international coordinator for the Gush Katif Committee, a major charity organization representing the Gaza Jewish refugees.

Refugees 'in desperate need'

Israel in August evacuated its nearly 10,000 Jewish citizens from Gaza. Successive Israeli governments over the years had urged thousands of Israelis to move to Gaza and build communities there. Israel promised the expelled residents compensation packages and aid, much of which -- nine months later -- has yet to arrive.

A status report released last week by the Gush Katif Committee found only 58 percent of expelled Gaza Jews were granted compensation for their homes guaranteed by the Israeli government. Only 26 percent of businessmen received housing compensation, and among farmers, only 5 percent.

The Israeli government pledged it would provide temporary housing solutions for all expelled Gush Katif residents. But 200 of the approximately 1,750 former Gush Katif families are living in university dormitories, motels and guest houses. Most families now reside in the Israeli Negev desert in small-government-built prefabricated "trailer villas." Residents there live mostly in crowded conditions, in many cases lacking enough bedroom space to accommodate their families.

"You can punch through my wall," a resident of Nitzan, the largest Gush Katif trailer community, told WND. "My friends come to visit me in coffee shops because there is not enough room in my living room for them to be comfortable."

Several residents said electricity and running water in their trailer communities is sparse.

Prior to their evacuation from Gaza, the vast majority of Gush Katif residents lived in large homes in landscaped communities. Many were farmers, tending to the area's famous, technologically advanced greenhouses that supplied Israel with much of its produce. The Gush Katif unemployment rate was less than 1 percent.

Now, 50 percent of Gaza's Jewish refugees are unemployed, and only 21 percent of former Gush Katif businesses have re-opened.

Residents of the Negev trailer camps mostly are former farmers, many of whom now say they are not sure what they will do.

"The land is much different here than what Gush Katif farmers are used to," explained Anita Tucker, one of the pioneer farmers of Katif. "Most of the techniques used in the greenhouses in Gaza were specific to the land and environment. Now farmers will have to develop new ways for these new lands and the different kind of soil."

According to the most recent Gush Katif status report, many of the Jewish children expelled from Gaza suffer from a full range of traumatic and post-traumatic stress symptoms, including anxiety, depression, regressive behavior, general behavioral problems, lack of concentration and difficulty coping with new or challenging situations.

Yet many refugee sites lack youth counselors and activity centers. Budgets for youth programs expired in March.

"The situation is extremely grave," said Vanunu. "It is at emergency status in many cases..."

And, in case you do not trust one source:

"Unemployment Still Rampant Among Ex-Gush Katif Residents"
17:09 Jun 14, '06 / 18 Sivan 5766
by Hillel Fendel

No joy in the Knesset Finance Committee, whose members received the latest report on the status of the uprooted Gush Katif residents today. 70% of the families in Nitzan are still unemployed.

Some 150 expellees demonstrated today, for the fourth straight day, on the Ashkelon highway. Blocking the highway near the hastily-constructed town of Nitzan - where the largest amount of expelled families live as they wait for their permanent communities to be planned and built - the protestors demand solutions for their unemployment and inability to resume the farming in which they were engaged while living Gush Katif.

The numbers submitted to the Finance Committee today, ten months after the expulsion, include the following:

* 51% of the expellees are still unemployed
* 70% of the expellees living in Nitzan are unemployed
* 113 families - 7% - are still living in hotels, guest houses and tent sites
* Just 38 out of 220 people who ran functional farms or agricultural enterprises have returned to such work
* 2% of the families live in permanent housing

The Agricultural Ministry recently opened a retraining course for people wanting to be -- shepherds! The six-week course has attracted not only former Gush Katif residents, but also others who wish to change agricultural professions. Among the topics covered in the course are sheep care, milking, nourishment, preparing for breeding and birth, sheep diseases, making professional decisions, planning structures, and financial flock planning.

Israel has a total of 2,400 shepherds in the Jewish, Arab and Bedouin sectors - a number that has grown in recent years because of the demand for sheep cheese and meats. [end of story]

And if these two articles don't make you realize how ridiculous your series of messages from the Jewish National Fund to the public are, Mr. Lauder, please take a look at the headline of the article that appeared in yesterday's WorldNetDaily.

Most Gaza Jewish refugees not yet compensated Israelis evacuated from their homes unemployed, suffer emotional ailments
Posted: June 17, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern

Back to Jodi Bodner's email:

Additionally, JNF raised millions for the evacuees from Gush Katif and helped clear land for hothouses, funded temporary homes and together with its partners is moving them into new communities so they can rebuild their lives.

and Ronald Lauder's "A Message from Ronald S. Lauder - #2 in a Series" from www.jnf.org:

"Jewish National Fund has embarked on Blueprint Negev
(www.jnf.org/negev/?JServSessionIdr004=9kntl0qqr1.app26a), a long-term vision to develop the Negev into a hospitable environment that will become home to 250,000 new people over the next five years. We move forward in this international $500 million campaign with Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, Daroma, the Israeli government and the Or Movement, and our plans include building reservoirs, creating infrastructure for new homes, connecting people with job opportunities, and attracting industry, while preserving the desert environment. JNF is creating a philanthropic bank to assist in financing loans for people moving to the Negev."

Ms. Bodner: You wrote in your email to me, "You are right to demand oversight." In response to your encouragement, I request the following from you, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Lauder:

  1. Please send me documentation as to the total amount of money raised by JNF for the evacuees from Gush Katif.
  2. Please provide me with a dollar breakdown as to JNF's funding of temporary homes.
  3. Please let me know when you plan to help move the 113 families who are not yet in their TEMPORARY homes.
  4. Please provide me with an approximate timeframe as to when the people who are living in caravillas, hotels, guest houses and tent sites, will be moved into "new communities so they can rebuild their lives?"
  5. Please ensure me, in writing, that Ronald Lauder, S. Daniel Abraham, Sam Halpern, Joseph Wilf, Bruce Rappaport, Charles Bronfman, Matthew Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman, Mort Zuckerman, James Tisch and Haim Saban, all financial backers of Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert, all vocal proponents of the expulsions from Gaza and northern Samaria, and all supporters of Olmert's "re-alignment" plan that would create 60,000 to 100,000 additional Jewish refugees who would have to suffer for years, as they, too, wait to be moved "into new communities so they can rebuild their lives," will not be involved in any of the planning, architectural or construction work in the to-be-built JNF communities, and that they will not benefit at all from the expulsions of the Jews from Judea and Samaria, or from their subsequent resettlement in the Negev, or elsewhere in Israel.

Ms. Bodner, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Lauder: The Jewish refugees from Gaza and northern Samaria are suffering tremendously, more than ten months after the expulsion from their homes and land. The worldwide Jewish community holds you, in addition to the other major Jewish organizations, responsible for their welfare. In addition, we would hold you and the other major American Jewish organizations responsible, should Mr. Olmert expel up to another 100,000 Jews from their homes and land.

I look forward, with great interest, to receiving the requested documentation, information and written vows of "non-benefiting" by the eleven gentlemen mentioned above.

Most sincerely,
Buddy Macy

Below is Ms. Bodner's entire response to my email, and my email to which she responded:

Dear Mr. Macy, [ed. received 6/12/06]

Thank you for your letter. It shows commitment, concern, and passion -- three attributes necessary to make a difference in this world.

I know and have worked peripherally with some of the people on the list below, and since August have been Director of Communications for Jewish National Fund and work directly with its Chief Executive Officer, Russell Robinson. While you say you spent 25 years fundraising as a volunteer I was not able to tell if you ever worked at a non-profit. I have worked in both the non-profit sector and the for-profit business world and I can say I have never seen anyone as committed to the cause, or work so hard --nearly 20-hour days -- or live the mission, as Russell Robinson does for JNF.

But first the facts. Of every dollar it raises, JNF sends 81% to its programs. Only 19% goes to cover administrative costs and fundraising expenses. Never satisfied, JNF is working to bring those costs in even lower.

It wasn't always like that and JNF, under Russell Robinson's leadership, together with its president, Ronald Lauder, has been turned around in the past eight years. Before, inefficient fundraising techniques and financial mismanagement burdened JNF, but under their leadership, costs were streamlined, staff scrutizined [sic] and departments centralized. We have also implemented a lay leader committee system which provides oversight for each national department and regional office.

JNF meets all of the 23 non-profit requirements of the Better Business Bureau as well as the Standards of Practice for Jewish Organizations of Tzedakah, Inc. In addition, JNF was applauded by New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for adopting the Standards of Practice, which go beyond the provisions of the New York State statute for non-profit organizations and has achieved a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator.

We make these figures available for every donor to see in our annual report --see www.jnf.org -- and are actually proud of the high percentage that goes to fund our many projects and initiatives --Zionist education here -- and all of our action areas that care for the land of Israel.

Far from being complacent, Russell Robinson is a highly motivated, talented, and creative leader and sets a very high bar, by example. Certainly, Blueprint Negev, JNF's $500 million woldwide [sic] campaign to develop the Negev, cannot be considered "maintaining the status quo" and JNF's work with answering the water crisis, building security roads, making parks inclusive to people with and without disabilities to name a few, must be considered responsive, vital, and innovative.

Additionally, JNF raised millions for the evacuees from Gush Katif and helped clear land for hothouses, funded temporary homes and together with its partners is moving them into new communities so they can rebuild their lives.

Finally, on a personal note. I have been involved in my children's school and in other community organizations for years. It's been tried many times to raise money for the school without holding an annual dinner--why spend the money it was asked. Why not just ask people for the money and send it directly to the school? Each time that was tried, the funds raised were far less. You absolutely have to spend money to make money. It doesn't work any other way. And organizations that want to seriouly [sic]make a difference, must be run by professionals; they cannot be run only by volunteers.

You are right to demand oversight. But these people you have listed below have chosen the non-profit sector precisely because of their commitment, passion, and concern for the Jewish world. It is not a job to them, it is part of who they are -- they do not ever leave it in their offices at the end of the day. It follows them wherever they go. They earn their money the old-fashioned way--sweat.

I hope this answers some of your concerns. If you'd like more information about JNF, please let me know.

Jodi Bodner
Director of Communications

-----Original Message-----
From: Russell F. Robinson
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 12:40 AM
To: Jodi Bodner
Subject: FW: Charity Ends Up In Jewish Leaders' Own Pockets, While Israel's Very Survival Is

-----Original Message-----
From: Annette Evdos On Behalf Of Ronald S. Lauder
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 8:50 AM
To: Russell F. Robinson
Subject: FW: Charity Ends Up In Jewish Leaders' Own Pockets, While Israel's Very Survival Is

Annette Evdos
Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO
Jewish National Fund
42 East 69th Street
New York, NY 10021
212-879-9300, ext. 218

Published June 22, 2006

We launched the Friends of Gush Katif a campaign to collect funds to help the Jewish refugees rebuild their lives. Click Here for details.

Contact Buddy Macy by email at VegiBud@aol.com

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Posted by Barry Rubin, June 30, 2006.

As if an article seriously discussing whether Iran's president had actually called for Israel's destruction, and a vicious review showing anti-Israel bias by Jerusalem bureau chief Steven Erlanger[1] weren't enough, the New York Times had another silly editorial on June 17.

Basically its argument goes like this: Just because Hamas and Fatah are engaged in a near-civil war while trying to show how each can kill more Israelis and make more radical statements is no reason to conclude that there is not a chance for real progress in peace negotiations.

The editorial also repeats the old, and by now should be discredited, idea that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is so globally important that it shapes every other issue in the Middle East, and indeed to a large extent in the whole world. The Los Angeles Times recently said the same thing, warning that somehow the U.S. position in Iraq depended on a resolution of this issue, without explaining how this made any sense.[1]

In other words, just because your potential negotiating partner has no effective government, is ruled by genocidal terrorists, launches dozens of missiles at you, and demands you be wiped off the face of the earth is no reason not to believe that they are unready to make peace.

The problem at this point is that rather than analyze the problem in serious intellectual and political terms, there is an obsession that: a) this issue is the core of everything that happens in the Middle East and of terrorism, and that b) it can be fairly quickly resolved peacefully. This belief is not subject to any rational consideration. Well, it should be.

By the way, in good Times fashion, Israel's building a fence and defining its claimed border is equated to "armed thugs" fighting it out. Remember, Israel can never be portrayed as better than the Palestinians in Times editorials. Here is a wonderful example of the Times' idea of an evenhanded approach, "Rockets are raining down again on innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians, inflaming passions on both sides."

In addition, the Times accepts the idea that much or most international terrorism arises from the Palestinian issue. This sort of leaves out the experience of the past five years that revolutionary Islamist Jihadism is the cause (remember Usama bin Ladin?). Of course, the Palestinian issue is one motivating factor in international terrorism but this is not the 1970s of PLO airplane hijacking. I would put the Palestinian issue as no more than 10 percent of the issue, and that is probably an exaggeration.

What is also fascinating, and typical, in the Times editorial is the lecturing of political groups in a tone so far removed from the real world. It is nice that the Times calls on Hamas to recognize Israel and on Arab states to pressure them to do so. But does anyone believe either of these things are going to happen? What should be done if the targets of the Times' "good advice" do not pay attention? (Listen, Mr. Stalin, why don't you stop gobbling up Eastern Europe? Hey, Mr. Hitler, be nice to Czechoslovakia!) Here is the point at which serious policy advice must come into it.

But the Times does not want to engage in this practice, partly because the writers of its editorials seem to have little sense of how strategy and policy work, also because they do not want to draw the logical conclusion: there is no chance of a peace agreement, and the world should support Israel in defending itself against terrorists and extremists.

What is even more shocking is the Times' lack of knowledge about the issues on which it is writing. It urges Hamas to accept the Beirut declaration, which, the newspaper is apparently unaware, demands that Israel admit all Palestinians who want to live there. In other words, the Beirut declaration--which Hafiz al-Asad's Syria and Saddam Hussein's Iraq had no trouble accepting--is the old phased formula for destroying Israel, not making real peace with it.

It is equally amazing that the Times accepts at face value the old myth of Arab state devotion to the Palestinians. Of course, it says, no one expects that Arab states will abandon the Palestinians to their financial plight. In fact, they have done so for the last 12 years. Only five percent of aid to the Palestinian Authority came from all Arab lending institutions and states, putting the oil-rich countries collectively right up there with Norway. The Times has not learned that the Palestinians are not the center of Arab world considerations.

Finally, it is amusing that, as credentials giving it the right to ask Arab states for a favor, the Times cites its own frequent criticism of Israel. But clearly no matter how often the Times bashes Israel, Arab states are not going to be impressed.

How about a dose of reality and real fairness from what thinks of itself as the world's leading newspaper?


1. Previous E-Blogs

* New York Times: Stop Me Before I Editorialize Again: June 30, 2006
* Biased, Silly or Stupid: Major Press Editorials on Israel-Palestinian Issues: June 23, 2006
* The Times Sinks Even Lower: May 25, 2006
* New York Times: Something Happened: March 05, 2006
* More New York Times Mischief: February 15, 2006
* Why Is the NY Times Portraying Hamas as Easily Moderated?: February 06, 2006
* Regarding Iranian president's remarks and Israeli attitudes toward the Iran nuclear issue: January 10, 2006

Full editorial text follows:

The New York Times
June 17, 2006
"A Problem That Can't Be Ignored"

There's a barely concealed wish among many old Mideast hands these days to just walk away from the steadily deteriorating Israeli-Palestinian situation. Armed thugs from Fatah are fighting it out with armed thugs from Hamas. Israel is building unilateral fences and defining unilateral borders. If the two sides do not really want to negotiate with each other, the argument goes, there's nothing much outsiders can do to help.

That temptation to walk away needs to be strongly resisted. As bad as things are now, they can get a whole lot worse, and almost certainly will if the outside world averts its attention. Already, rockets are raining down again on innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians, inflaming passions on both sides.

And when those passions explode, the deadly consequences won't be limited to Israelis and Palestinians alone. They never have been in the past, and are even less likely to be in a world of satellite television, ubiquitous Internet access, multinational terrorism and increasingly long-range missiles.

Further, there is something very important that the outside world, particularly the Arab and Islamic world, can do to help. It can make plain to the Hamas-led government of the Palestinian Authority that if it means to become the legitimate international voice of the Palestinian people, and a true government in the community of nations, it will have to accept the minimal international ground rules already in place. These include renouncing terrorism, acknowledging Israel's existence as a sovereign nation and abiding by formal agreements previously signed by lawful Palestinian negotiators.

Those are ground rules that have already been accepted by Egypt and Jordan and by the Arab League as a whole in its 2002 Beirut peace initiative. They need to be accepted by Hamas, but not as some kind of ideological concession. Hamas must see them as an admission ticket tithe real world, a necessary rite of passage in the progression from lawless opposition to a lawful government.

Hamas has repeatedly heard this demand from the United States, Europe and Israel, and has repeatedly ignored it, even when it has been backed by halts in vitally needed economic assistance. Hearing it from Arab and Islamic neighbors, in the form of friendly persuasion, would be harder for Hamas to dismiss. It also could prove easier for Hamas to accommodate.

This page has not hesitated to call on Washington, as Israel's most important ally, to encourage Israeli leaders to keep the door open to an eventual negotiated peace. In the same spirit, we call on the leaders of Arab and Islamic states to speak firmly and constructively to Hamas.

No one expects these countries to remain silent about the sufferings of the Palestinian people or abandon them to their now desperate financial plight. But with support comes leverage, and true friends of the Palestinian people need to start using that leverage to talk straight with Hamas.

Barry Rubin is Director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center university. His co-authored book, Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography, (Oxford University Press) is now available in paperback and in Hebrew. His latest book, The Long War for Freedom: The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East, was published by Wiley in September. Prof. Rubin's columns can now be read online at: http://gloria.idc.ac.il/columns/column.html.

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Posted by National Review Online (NRO), June 30, 2006.

An NRO Symposium
(http://article.nationalreview.com/ ?q=NWEyNmZhMmI3Nzk0YzhjNjNkYzAxODk0NTQ2MjQ0ZWU)

As Gaza flares up with tension, violence, and rumors of worse, National Review Online gathered a group of Mideast experts asking them: Can anything be done to prevent more violence? Is there anything constructive to be done -- and by whom?

Michael Freund

Less than a year after pulling out of Gaza, Israeli forces are back again, hunting down Palestinian terrorists and attempting to rescue one of their kidnapped comrades.

The only thing surprising about the return to Gaza is that it took this long to occur. Ever since the withdrawal, the Palestinians have been firing rockets on a near-daily basis into southern Israel, making life unbearable for tens of thousands of Israeli citizens.

Israel's retreat created a vacuum, which al Qaeda and other Islamist terror groups quickly set out to fill, paving the way for Hamas to take control. The flow of weapons smuggled in from Egypt has soared, and Gaza has rapidly become the perfect launching pad for enemies of Israel and the West.

At this point, the best thing Israel can do is to stay put in Gaza, flushing out the terrorists while creating and patrolling permanent security zones adjoining the frontier, such as the Philadelphia Corridor along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Only by maintaining an enduring physical presence in the area can Israel ensure that Gaza does not become a hotbed of fundamentalist strife. And only by reasserting its control can Israel provide its citizens with the security they rightly deserve.

-- Michael Freund served as deputy director of communications under former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. He is currently a syndicated columnist for the Jerusalem Post.

Dore Gold

When I used to spend a great deal of time with Ariel Sharon between 2000 and 2003, he would always say to me: "Never put yourself in a position that you only have two choices when you are under a threat: going to war or doing nothing."

But that is precisely Israel's situation today. Israel's southern town of Sdeirot and the Western Negev have been struck with over 500 Qassam rockets -- in a blatant escalation of unprovoked attacks since Israel withdrew lock-stock-and barrel from the Gaza Strip. Clearly this escalation did not come about because of some political "grievance" against Israel due to its Gaza presence, which had been removed, but rather from the sense of victory that Hamas and the forces of jihad sensed from Israel's decision to pull out last August. In the meantime, the Gaza Strip has become a new center for global jihadi groups including Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

The situation cannot be alleviated then by diplomatic initiatives, and the illusory hope that internal Hamas led by Ismail Haniyya is a potential peace partner if he and his colleagues break away from Khaled Mashaal's branch of Hamas in Damascus. Gaza Hamas, in fact, expressed its regrets for the loss of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and is cut from the same ideological cloth as Hamas overseas. Additionally, deterrence of terrorist groups hiding in densely populated areas does not work; the civilian casualties that can be caused are simply untenable. There is no stable deterrence balance when there is no responsible government on the other side.

But there is what strategists used to call deterrence by denial: cutting off the enemy's capabilities. In this sense, stabilization will only be achieved by isolating Gaza, and preventing its further reinforcement from the supporters of global jihad, whether by suitcases full of cash or Katyusha rockets. Syria must be made to understand that it will pay a price if it continues to harbor the Hamas leadership and to reinforce the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. These are hard but necessary measures. Diplomacy should press Egypt to be more forceful in blocking the Sinai-Gaza border. Indeed, increased Egyptian responsibility in Gaza and Jordanian responsibility in the West Bank may be the only long-term effective option instead of the Palestinians' own failed political system, particularly if the Hamas regime collapses. In the meantime, it is necessary to recognize the errors of the past that occurred with Gaza disengagement and not just repeat them again in the West Bank.

-- Dore Gold was the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations in 1997-99. His book, Hatred's Kingdom exposed Saudi Arabia's financial ties to Hamas and international terrorist groups.

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The flare-up in Gaza was to be expected, given that the Palestinian leadership lost yet another opportunity, after the Gaza disengagement, to halt its self-destructive course. Ultimately, there are two ways to read the current situation and interpret its causes. One claims that the 2000-01 attempt to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict failed because there is no genuine Palestinian partner for Israel and there are not going to be chances for peace in this generation. Given that conflict is inherent to the Palestinian-Israeli arena, disengagement was meant to create militarily, demographically, and politically more defensible lines for Israel and allow Israel to fight more effectively in a protracted conflict. If this interpretation is correct, the latest flare-up in Gaza confirms the need for Israel to redeploy and disengage from the Palestinians, given their hopeless devotion to Israel's destruction. The second view claims that the violence erupted after the Camp David failed summit in the summer of 2000 is a hiccup in a historical process that will eventually lead to peace. In this light, Israel's unilateral disengagement thwarts the chances of meaningful negotiations because it rewards Palestinian rejectionism and its violence. The latest flare-up, in this light, is evidence that Palestinian terrorism was emboldened by Israel's withdrawal and seeks to provoke Israel to further undermine its deterrence. In this sense, the Gaza disengagement appears a failure, rather than a success.

Whatever the reading, Israel fell in a trap by going into Gaza with massive force. Upping the ante with targeted killings would prove more effective because it leaves the option open to invade later. Threatening to kill Hamas ministers if the kidnapped soldier is not returned would have been a better measure. The invasion allows the Palestinians yet again to play victims in the stage of world opinion.

-- Emanuele Ottolenghi teaches Israel studies at Oxford University.

Daniel Pipes

The Bush administration sees the United States at war with Islamic radicalism; has not the time come for it to see other theaters of this same war -- Russia's with the Chechen rebels, India's with the Kashmiri insurgents, Israel's with Hamas -- as we see our own, and work for the defeat of the Islamists?

Instead, in the Israeli case at least, Washington urges understanding, restraint, compromise, management of the problem, and other half-hearted and doomed remedies. The result is an ever more exhilarated and aggressive Palestinian population that believes victory within reach.

Washington's mistaken approach goes back to the Oslo accords of 1993, when Yasser Arafat seemingly closed the existential conflict in writing to Bill Clinton that "The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security." But Arafat's assurances were fraudulent and the Arab effort to eliminate Israel remains very much in place.

Israel, with U.S. support, must defeat this foul ambition. That implies inflicting a sense of defeat on the Palestinians, and winning their resignation to the permanent existence of a Jewish state in the Holy Land. Only then will the violence end.

-- Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum and a prize-winning columnist.

Danielle Pletka

In the last week, Hamas has kidnapped two Israelis, a soldier and a teenage settler, and threatens to kill both unless its demands are met. The al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, affiliated with "moderate" Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party, announced it could now manufacture chemical and biological weapons. Can anything be done to prevent the use of those weapons and brake accelerating Palestinian violence?

The answer isn't as complicated as many suggest. Hamas and Fatah are terrorist organizations and they must be treated as terrorists, and crushed with all means necessary. They are no more entitled to violence than al Qaeda. Foreign Ministers from London, Washington, and Cairo have bleated that diplomacy must be given a chance, but President Bush has inveighed repeatedly against negotiating with terrorists.

And what of the Palestinian people? Let us remember, they elected Hamas. Perhaps next time they will choose more wisely. We can help them by immediately ending fruitless efforts to appeal to "moderates" like Abbas (who was useless in his long stewardship of the PA), wholeheartedly support Israeli actions to eliminate terrorists, and throw our political and financial support behind the idea of new Palestinian political leaders more interested in serving the needs of their people than they are in killing and kidnapping.

-- Danielle Pletka is the vice president for foreign- and defense-policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Once upon a time, the Palestine Liberation Organization would send out terrorists under the operational name Black September, so as to maintain "plausible deniability" for actions that might not play well in the West. http://www.palestinefacts.org/pf_1967to1991_munich.php Today, however, the freely elected Islamists governing the Palestinian Authority feel no need even to use pseudonyms.

Hamas leaders announced that the recent assault on an IDF base in pre-1967 Israel, in which two Israelis were killed and one taken hostage, was the action of Hamas "militants," of which they had no knowledge.

Yet, Hamas is publicly and officially dedicated to destroying Israel and killing Jews. Furthermore, in the ten months since Israel unilaterally withdrew its military and 8,000 civilians from the Gaza region, PA-based groups, including Hamas, have fired more than 1,000 rockets at Israeli cities and have carried out several other terrorist attacks.

Given this, future violence can only be prevented by eliminating the causes of current violence. And those causes are the Arab terrorist groups running the PA -- Hamas and Fatah. After more than a decade of concessions and dialogue, Israel must now destroy in order to create -- destroy the terrorists' autonomy in order to create a chance for peace.

-- Nissan Ratzlav-Katz is opinion editor of www.IsraelNationalNews.com.

Saul Singer>

Palestinian terrorism will stop when the international community decides to hold the Palestinian leadership fully accountable for its aggression and to vocally support Israel's right to self defense.

The U.N. Security Council, which has frequently condemned Israeli defensive actions, has not condemned the firing of hundreds of missiles against Israeli civilians. A U.N. resolution unequivocally condemning Palestinian terrorism and affirming Israel's rights under Article 51 of the U.N. charter, followed if necessary by the threat of sanctions, would induce the Palestinians to advance their interests by other means.

In addition, the U.S. and Israel should not just speak of the need for two states, Israel and Palestine, but of the true obstacle to implementing that vision: the continuing Arab refusal to accept a Jewish state in this land.

If the Arab states truly accepted the two-state solution, why did they recently fight tooth and nail against welcoming Israel and Palestine into the International Committee of the Red Cross? Why do they foment boycotts and rabid anti-Semitism? Why do the leaders of states that are ostensibly at peace with Israel refuse to visit here? And why does the international community accept such behavior without comment?

-- Saul Singer is editorial-page editor of the Jerusalem Post and author of Confronting Jihad: Israel's Struggle and the World After 9/11.

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Posted by Israela Goldstein, June 30, 2006.

This excerpt below says it well. The article was written by Michael Gove and it appeared

The only change I would make is to not limit Islamism's desire to "cleanse" so-called "Muslim lands"(which intention includes Europe). They wish to "cleanse" the world.

From the Hamas killers in Gaza to Hizballah terrorists in Lebanon and Islamist fighters across southeast Asia, there is a ruthlessness in the selection of civilian targets reinforced by a willingness to embrace suicide bombing, a belief that Western influence needs to be cleansed from Muslim lands and a desire to see a narrow and highly politicized form of Islam imposed across the Muslim world.

Islamism is not Islam in arms, it is a political creed which perverts Islam, just as fascism degraded nationalism and communism betrayed socialism.

Islamism appeals to that part of the human soul which has always been capable of being drawn to revolution, violence, and the exaltation of the self through membership of the elect.

Islamists believe in the re-ordering of society to secure total submission to a narrow, puritan, and fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

They are conducting a civil war within the Islamic world designed to overthrow existing regimes, which they consider to be unforgivably apostate, and replace them with a single and unified Muslim state, the restored caliphate.

Islamists believe that the sanctity and culture of Muslim lands are menaced and defiled by Western influences, from capitalism to feminism, which have to be eradicated.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 30, 2006.


The Government can infiltrate the patriotic movement by offering jobs. Betrayers save their bodies that way, even though they lose their souls. The greedy can get Knesset seats for becoming leaders, actually, misleaders, of the movement. They become officials of the Yesha Council. Their questions or radical proposals give some of the infiltrators away. Their usefulness to the government ends when they become ostracized.

What about the reverse, infiltrating the government, to find out or get proof about its dirty tricks? Can't do it. Anyone joining a security agency gets thoroughly investigated. People with patriotic courage are known. Attempts would be severely punished.

Sometimes people do ascertain facts about government deceit. Unfortunately, the media cooperates with the government in ignoring the scandal or hastens to shut off coverage of it. After all, the Prime Ministers and other leading personalities of the Kadima Party are popularly known to be crooks, but manage to avoid serious punishment. The police claim insufficient public interest in prosecution, investigation drags on or omits the more promising leads, the courts contend insufficient evidence, and the media downplays it. This is what has been happening to people who overheard PM Olmert's orders to beat Jews. The Left has things under firm control (personal source).

Dissenters are harassed. Thus Nadia Matar is charged with insulting a public servant, Mr. Bassi, who brutally deported Jews from Yesha. She likened him (I think aptly) to the Judenrat of 1942 (ghetto officials who turned Jews over for deportation). The judge suggested the prosecutor withdraw the indictment, because the case is weak. Defense counsel proved that insulting officials is common in Israel but the Left isn't prosecuted; this prosecution is discriminatory. Among the protestors outside was a Nobel Prize winner, who decried the oppression of free speech in Israel. The media did not cover the trial

The trial is rescheduled for September. This defendant is fortunate that the government spared her the common fate of dissidents, kept in jail while the cases are postponed. This deprives them of livelihood and freedom. Frequent prosecution costs them legal fees (letter from Ruth Matar and some observations from another source and from me).


Theoretically, Israel and the US are democracies. Actually, a ruling elite and lobbyists control. In Israel, the government arbitrates almost everything and minutely. Israel lacks a Bill of Rights. Its whole justice system is political and ideological. Liberal notions of using the government to rectify injustices turn into pork barrel legislation and welfare mentality. Nor do government decrees resolve problems well. There is too much legislation, and too little time to consider it. Bills attract loopholes by inadvertence and by design. Some are peculiar, such as the unlimited Medicare coverage of physical therapy if done only in a hospital-related facility. The US tax code is tens of thousands of pages long!


The US gleans intelligence from Iranian TV broadcasts. For examples, the Iranian intelligence minister stated that Iran uses double agents to "keep them busy and fool them" in America. Iran's chief nuclear negotiator stated that Iran negotiated with Europe in order to stall sanctions while completing components of its nuclear program. Foreign Min. Mottaki said, "We emphasize the peaceful nature of our nuclear weapons... I mean... of our nuclear power plant." Iran's chief of staff said his military plans "to put America in its place," inasmuch as "America's military power is greatly overestimated." We would be wise not to ignore their outlook (Steven Stalinsky of MEMRI, NY Sun, 6/14, p.5).

Iran means to challenge the US militarily. It prepares for war, and we prepare for politics. Our enemies appear to be cleverer than we.


Two Jewish high-school girls were trying to hitch a ride near Shilo, in the Territories. Armed Arabs got out of their car and began forcing the girls in. One girl managed to run away. Then an IDF officer came along, and the Arabs tried to get away. The officer called up for an ad hoc checkpoint; it trapped the kidnappers' car.

The Army has warned Israelis not to hitchhike, but people act irresponsibly. On the other hand, bus service out there is scant (Arutz-7, 6/15).


Israel boasted that it sent a serious threat to Hamas leaders, and got Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israel. There was a brief lull, just long enough to elicit such a boast. Then the rocket crews resumed launches. Hamas claimed it would try a ceasefire, if Israel stopped targeting its commanders. Other terrorist organizations, however, refused to stop firing their rockets (Arutz-7, 6/15). Some of their rockets come from Hamas. Hamas claims to have clean hands, but get other groups to do its dirty work.


After the Defense Minister of Israel threatened escalation against the P.A., IMRA asked his office whether he had sole authority to follow through or required approval of the PM or the Security Cabinet. His representative told IMRA to ask the Office of the PM. The Office of the PM asked IMRA to put the question in writing, and it might reply. It replied that it may not answer (IMRA, 6/15).

The government often responds to a simple question that way. An answer would reveal that the government is dissembling or bluffing, so the government just doesn't answer.


Abbas claims that the Israeli presence in the Territories began illegally in 1967, he says, and remains illegal. He concludes that Israel should withdraw (IMRA, 6/15).

In 1967, Egyptian and Jordanian invaders illegally seized the Territories. The world did recognize their rule there as legitimate, though neither did it mind it. From there, Egypt made war on Israel, and Jordan bombarded Israel. In self- defense, Israel fought back and ended up in charge of the Territories. Nothing illegal about that.

There still isn't a legitimate sovereign government in place, and the locals are at war with Israel, so Israeli military presence remains needed. As for the Israeli civilians, settlement is required under the Palestine Mandate, which remains the governing legal document.


Since a surprise move two years ago, the Presbyterian Church has been divesting from corporations that operate in Israel, because Israel controls part of the Territories. This is not socially progressive but pro-Islamist out of naivete or antisemitism. Likewise, some Presbyterian leaders went to Lebanon, and praised Iranian-directed Hizbullah, which has murdered thousands of people. This type of radicalism has caused members to divest from the collection box and from membership.

The church also funds fiercely pro-Palestinian (Arab) committees, sends representatives to Palestinian advocacy conferences, and has written obsequious congratulatory letters to the terrorist leaders of Hamas on their recent election victory. Simultaneously, the church remains remarkably docile on profoundly serious issues such as genocide in Darfur, the Iranian nuclear buildup and mistreatment of Christians in communist and Muslim countries.?

"Presbyterian delegates also take leadership roles in organizations that blame the U.S. and capitalism in general for most of the world's catastrophes. The 2004 manifesto of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, for instance, went on about America's 'imperialism,' 'domination' and 'massive threats to life.'" The same activists make non-factual comparisons between S. Africa and Israel. Now that Hamas runs the P.A. and a lunatic runs Iran, the attempt to blame everything on Israel and the US becomes more embarrassing (and dangerous). Problem countries make their own problems from their preaching of hatred.

Almost two dozen presbyteries formally requested ending divestment. The leadership stubbornly seeks to stymie opposition by parliamentary maneuver (Prof. Steven Plaut, 6/15).


The IDF protected a convoy of three trucks bringing about 950 M-16 rifles to Abbas' Presidential Guard (Prof. Steven Plaut, 6/15). A Guard commander said that the rifles would not be used against fellow Arabs but only against Israelis, and already have been (IMRA, 6/16). Israel made this mistake, before. Olmert has no excuse for doing it again. At least Israel did not pay for the rifles.


For many years, Barry Chamish has defied the Israeli Establishment and exposed some of its crimes against democracy there. He has more than his share of courage. However, he began to have "accidents." He felt it would be wiser to put some distance between himself and Israel. Now in North America, he lectures about what most people otherwise don't hear.

His Christian audiences have been enthusiastic. He doesn't get many Jewish audiences, any more. He thinks they are afraid or Establishment-minded (Chamish, 6/15).


Israel abandoned the Gaza-Sinai crossing. International monitors came, but the P.A. had the final say in what to do and whom and what to stop at the border. The P.A. has not been inspecting baggage coming in from Egypt and has allowed Hamas ministers of government to bring in millions of dollars. The monitors feel useless, and have threatened to quit (IMRA, 6/15).

They were being played for fools. They should have realized that at the outset. Too much credence is placed in the good faith of the Arabs, who thwart genuine inspection. Such is the fate of arrangements that leave power in the hands of jihadist Arabs. The Arabs know only the language of force.


While rockets fall on his hometown of Siderot, Israel, Defense Min. Peretz reserves the Army against "illegal" outposts. He ordered the IDF to prepare a plan to evacuate the most defiant ones within two weeks. He is intent, he said, on upholding law and order (IMRA, 6/15).

What law and order is in Israel, where the Arabs and the Left do pretty much what they want, and the religious and the Right are prosecuted for objecting? What kind of law has a government that abandons the national patrimony? Instead of using the Army to defend the country, he uses it to destroy the country. Peretz has his priorities mixed up.


A Paris court sentenced 25 Muslims from Algeria and Morocco for plotting to blow up the Eifel Tower and other places. They wanted to see the Tower fall. That was supposed to be a blow for the Chechen Muslims in Russia (Prof. Steven Plaut, 6/15).

What does France have to do with Russia? The Muslims are out to wreck whatever they can of civilized areas, until they can take them over and into 7th century Islam.


PM Olmert announced intent to turn over certain Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to the P.A.. He rationalizes that doing so would improve Israeli security by keeping a higher ratio of Jews in the City. What actually would result: (1) Fearing oppressive Muslim rule, the Arabs of those neighborhoods are crowding into the rest of the city. Therefore, the Arab proportion remains the same. (2) Letting the P.A. terrorists into those neighborhoods enables them to put the Jewish neighborhoods within rifle range, as well as make them easier targets for mortars. Therefore, Jewish security deteriorates.

The plan's real purpose is to appease anti-Zionists (IMRA, 6/16 from Caroline Glick). That includes Jewish anti-Zionists, which the far leftists are and the other leftists are becoming.

When the objects of appeasement hate the appeasers, as the anti-Zionists do, and want to conquer them, as the Muslim Arabs do, then appeasement does not satisfy hate-filled aggressors. It merely weakens the appeasers' chance for survival. Olmert's plan is criminally suicidal for his country.

Specifying the Arab neighborhoods in advance enabled the Arabs in them to frustrate the immediate purpose of the plan. Where is the planning in that?

The plan should have been to make the Jewish population secure by enacting, say, a five-year elimination of Jerusalem residency permits of Arabs, with compensation for their property. At least those non-citizens should be denied the welfare and travel benefits of citizens. Then living in Jerusalem would not be as coveted, though they do prefer Israeli rule. They prefer it as a whole. Enough of them, however, prefer al-Qaida to make the whole lot of them a security risk. Israel doesn't understand that, for the most part, the Arabs have a dual attitude, of preferring Israeli rule and hating Israel.


An FBI agent noted that some Americans have converted to Islam and some Arab immigrants westernize their appearance so as to pass for Hispanics. They would not be detected by ethnic profiling.

On the other hand, the many Muslim students at the University of California and many Muslim residents of towns there bear watching, the agent said. Neighbors tip off the FBI, with some good results, about the Muslims who rent apartments with a mattress and five computers, but no other furniture, or who suddenly change their license plates (Mideast Forum, 6/16).

We can't watch millions, but we shouldn't have to live in insecurity. Why are we letting ourselves in for this, via immigration policies and college admission policies?


A couple of years ago, the US had the Islamists and other dictators on the run. After prematurely hailing some Arab feints towards democracy, the US found its emphasis and tactics on democracy had backfired, bringing Islamists into power. This includes Iraq, where both Shiite and Sunni Islamists are forcing women to don the veil, as Islamist rule creeps into neighborhood after neighborhood, and Christians flee.

The US ended its emphasis though not the nearsighted micromanagement. Pres. Bush still gives pro-democracy speeches, but the dictators are cracking down all the harder. Syria and Iran are resuming their influence over Lebanon, as by arming the Palestinian Arab refugee descendants against the Lebanese. Islamist strategy now is to create chaos everywhere, both to discourage the West and to see where they can move in and pick up the pieces (Youssef Ibrahim, NY Sun, 6/16, p.6). One size doesn't fit all. We should have been trying to foster democracy in Iran, which couldn't get worse.

Zarqawi's lair held a document showing that the insurgency was waning. It couldn't recruit new warriors much. The US was training counter-insurgency troops, seizing weapons, making massive arrests, constricting terrorist funding, and dividing the insurgents against each other. Zarqawi developed a counter-insurgency of splitting the US from its local allies and of striving to deflect US might by getting it into a war with Iran (Sameer N. Yacoub, NY Sun, 6/18, p.6).

There is no indication that the US has developed a healthy humility from the failure of its micro-management in Iraq. After all, Congress rarely investigates State Department failure. There is little accountability and little change in mind-set. The enemy has more flexibility than has the US, except in military tactics. There seems to be little appreciation by Americans for what a great military we have developed, no longer the uncoordinated machine of the past.

State Dept. stubbornness should give way to a procedure for reviewing the efficacy of policies. Likewise, Congress should include in bills a provision for periodic review of their efficacy.


Sunni leaders have been indoctrinating their followers in hatred of the Shiites. Zarqawi proposed annihilating the Shiites. They may fall on each other, soon (Nibras Kazimi, NY Sun, 6/16, Op.-Ed.). Or is it the extremists against the semi-extremists?

We just had learned that Sunnis and Shiites learned to work together against Israel and the West. Thus, Shiite Hizbullah works with Sunni Hamas. Iran assists the Iraqi insurgency in Iraq. Imagine if both Shiite Iran and Sunni Pakistan have a nuclear exchange! These Muslims had better curb their primitive notions, or nobody will be left.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Join the Boycott, June 30, 2006.

The LA Times says of Israel's Gaza offensive "we cringe at the sight of a disproportionate response". More likely most Americans wonder why Israel took so long...and cringe every time the LA Times calls terrorists "militants". See the latest at

Stop supporting PLO propaganda. Call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel. Letters of protest to letters@latimes.com and dean.baquet@latimes.com and CC to jointheboycott@mailcity.com

Join the Boycott

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Posted by Steven Shamrak, June 30, 2006.

In 1964 a "Mexican Liberation Organization" for Independence of the South-West states of the USA" -- MLO - was created with the help of the Mexican government.

In 1972 the MLO murdered the members of US wrestling team at Olympic Games of Munich.

Since then, the citizens of the United States have been subjected to random acts of terror by the members of various factions of the MLO.

1993: Mexican and US representatives met in Oslo and signed a breakthrough agreement of mutual recognition between the USA and the MLO Organization, which began the US-Mexican peace process.

The chain of agreements that followed, were facilitated by Israel - Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, summit at Sharm El Sheikh, Tenet Plan, Road Map.

During all this time the MLO organization continued terror activity against the USA and ignored all agreements it had signed.

The UN and EU observed the suicide bombings, kidnappings and home made rockets fired across the border by the MLO, but financially, politically and morally supported the MLO and the Mexican government struggle against the USA.

Ten months ago the US government announced its decision to withdraw from New Mexico and transferred full control of the territory to the MLO.

Six month ago, US government ignored the protest of its people and deported the non-Mexican population from New Mexico, hoping to save lives and reduce the cost of the conflict.

The MLO responded with an escalation of the terror. Katusha rockets landed on the land of the United States. Suicide bombings and kidnappings never stopped.

A week ago MLO members used a tunnel to attack a US military border post. Two US solders were killed, 4 wounded and one kidnapped.

The MLO made a demand to release Mexican terrorists from US jails.

The US army in order to free the kidnapped solder and punish the MLO entered New Mexico . A Power station, bridges and the Interior ministry building was bombed.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman calls for restraint and advised that diplomacy is a viable option.

The President of Mexico has asked the United Nations for help in freeing the MLO members. The UN special envoy for the Middle East, Alvaro de Soto, says he will discuss the issue with the US government. US's four-day military offensive in New Mexico has prompted recriminations during a UN Security Council debate sought by Spanish speeking countries.

At least the Mexican people have a legitimate historical right to claim the South-West of USA -- Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians, have none!

Steven Shamrak was born in the former Soviet Union (USSR) and participated in the Moscow Zionist "refusenik" movement. For the last 3 years, he has been publishing internet editorial letters on the Arab-Israeli conflict -- independently, not as a member of any organization or political movement. He can be reached by email at StevenShamrak@mail2world.com

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Posted by Valery Novoselsky, June 30, 2006.


My name is Zakira Zaripova. I am the resident of Israel living with my family in the town Rishon-le-Tzion. As a person from a Muslim background

I aspire to dedicate my activity for building the bridges of peace and harmony between the world of Islam and Jewish people.

This year I and the group of like-minded persons established the Tatar association in Israel. In our activity we rely on positive historical and nowadays examples indicative about the possibility of a peaceful coexistence between our communities. As such examples we can mention Khazar state, Volga Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, and medieval Spain. And even nowadays we should not forget such personalities as Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi (Italy), King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin (Tatarstan, Russia). We are sure that the record of such examples will expand due to our efforts in this direction.

We are planning to conduct communal cultural and educational events and we shall be glad to see you among our friends, wherever you live.

Respond, if you are not indifferent regarding the future of relationships between the world of Islam and Jewish people.

Our contact information:

Zakira Zaripova
E-mail: z.zakira@mail.ru
Mobile: +972-(0)54-3024454
Languages: Tatar, Uzbek, Russian, Ukrainian.

Valery Novoselsky
E-mail: nov_val@zahav.net.il
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Posted by Bryna Berch, June 30, 2006.

This is a news item from Arutz-Sheva
(http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=106160) June 27, 2006. The Israeli Government has been claiming that just about everyone has been compensated, and now, almost a year after the expulsion from Gaza, Israel implicitly admits the Jews of Gush Katif haven't been settled. Unless, of course, Israel did compensate the settlers but all the officials have Alzheimer's and don't remember.

(IsraelNN.com) Minister of Industry Eli Yishai met today with farmers and business-owners from Gush Katif who have been without income ever since the government forcibly withdrew them from Gaza in August 2005 (the Disengagement). They presented to the minister the extent of their financial difficulties and the problems they face in reestablishing their previous businesses or farms. The farmers noted that the government does not provide them with alternate land to continue their agricultural livelihoods. Nor does the state provide alternate venues for independent businesses to re-open, the minister was told.

Min, Yishai committed himself to help find solutions, or at least lessen the damage, for the evacuees.

In Nitzan, which received most of the expelled Gush Katif families, there is now a 65% unemployment rate. 95% of the farmers are not working at the present time.

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Posted by Steven Plaut, June 30, 2006.

As you know, PM Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz are attacking one another, neither of whom has any idea of how to deal with the recent wave of Palestinian terror and th ekidnapping of the Israeli soldier hostage.

Well, I have located an interesting commentator who seems to have an interesting take on what to do. I present here, for Olmert and Pertz to consider.

The Master Plan for Dealing with the Crisis, from a knowledgable strategic commentator:

"And the Canaanite heard that Israel had approached and he arose to battle with Israel and he kidnapped a hostage. And Israel swore an oath saying, 'When we get our hands on those people we will seize all their cities and confiscate everything in them.' And sure enough, right after that Israel went in and seized all their cities and confiscated their contents."

But, alas, right after that the Israelis started bitching and whining, so a plague of annoying pests starting attacking them, as their comeuppance and punishment. But eventually, when they got there act together at last and finally got serious about going on the warfare against th eterrorists, they annihilated the enemy.


The above sums up Chapter 21 of Numbers, part of this week's Torah portion.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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Posted by Marcel Cousineau, June 30, 2006.

DEMONSTRATIONS today in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt against ISRAEL

That Israel is meekly defending themselves against Islamic destroyers angers most of the world. The rest of the world quietly sides with them by their silence.

The truth -- Israel is only tolerated by the world when they silently allow themselves to be bled to death without a fight. When the Jews rise up and defend themselves this ALWAYS triggers outrage and hatred around the world as we see today.

This is why the EU, US and UN call for Israel's restraint. They want the world to love dead and dying Jews, not strong ones able to fight and defeat their enemy.

It's the concentration camp mentality ingrained in the minds of the west. WEAK JEWS UNABLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, DYING BY THE MILLIONS, ARE ACCEPTABLE JEWS.

These are loved and pitied, in fact there are holocaust memorials in Europe and the U.S. to show feigned, fake compassion to the millions of murdered Jews while the world sat and did nothing.

The world has not changed

When Israel gets serious the west always rushed to restrain them. So much for the worth of these friends an allies.

They are in reality cohorts of hell and will get what's coming.

They (U.S., U.N., E.U.) are already recieving God's wrath and rising calamity for their hypocrisy and betrayal of Israel to the jihadist forces of satan.

That's why a feeble and weak P.M.Olmert is acceptable to them, easliy constrained and limited in his response to the destroyers of Israel.

A strong Jewish leader would never be tolerated by the U.S.,E.U.,U.N.

Eventually Israel will have to snap out of this suicidal relationship with the world and defeat allah's devils before they wipe out Israel. These Islamic devils already have the worlds blessing of course when it comes to Israel who they are so willing to sacrifice.

Marcel Cousineau can be reached at up2zionsg8@yahoo.com or go to his website: http://averyheavystone.blogspot.com

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Posted by Yardena Even, June 30, 2006.

RE: "The government is losing its reason"
Haaretz Editorial

Excerpt about the Government going back into Gaza:

Bombing bridges that can be circumvented both by car and on foot; seizing an airport that has been in ruins for years; destroying a power station,... a menacing flight over Bashar Assad's palace; and arresting elected Hamas officials: The government wishes to convince us that all these actions are intended only to release the soldier Gilad Shalit.

But the greater the government's creativity in inventing tactics, the more it seems to reflect a loss of direction rather than an overall conception based on reason and common sense.

Olmert should know that arresting leaders only strengthens them and their supporters. But this is not merely faulty reasoning; arresting people to use as bargaining chips is the act of a gang, not of a state.

The government was caught up too quickly in a whirlwind of prestige mixed with fatigue. It must return to its senses at once, be satisfied with the threats it has made, free the detained Hamas politicians and open negotiations. The issue is a soldier who must be brought home, not changing the face of the Middle East.

This editorial reads as if written in Gaza by one of the savages.

What a pity Amos Schocken wasn`t kidnapped instead of the soldier

Ha'aretz article is worth reading. It is extraordinary how Haaretz through months of its editorials and "talkbacks" tell readers and viewers, both how to take the opposing stand find fault with Israel, as appalling as it is how self hatred is so evident here, it generates hatred towards the JEWISH STATE and the Jewish People!! Such is the deep seated hatred Haaretz editors have within themselves and try to project it to the web's readers!! and it's constant. every editorial is poison to the sick mind. and there are plenty of those who post at haaretz, and get published, there is no filtering. Some of you will say, It's an Israeli paper. How can it be? My response, be aware this website caters to anti semites!!!

The Editorial in question Im referring to is saying that the Israeli government simply doesn't know what it's doing.

I am moved to write this to this list and expose who's who in the Israeli press and who is cheering which side. It is obvious Haaretz editorials aid the enemy there is no doubt in my mind.

Yardena A Even can be contacted by email at Yardena3@aol.com

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Posted by Steven Plaut, June 30, 2006.

Three days of intensive military action in Gaza with virtually no terrorists killed? Battling Kassams by making sonic booms? More "signalling that Israel is deadly serious"?

Yes, we are back to the RRH doctrine.

Here is an earlier piece of mine on this doctrine:

I've long suspected that it is the Israeli grand strategy to defeat the Palestinians by forcing them to laugh themselves to death.

That seems to be the only possible way to understand the latest resuscitation of the RRH Doctrine, which has dominated Israeli policy toward the Palestinians and the Arab states since the early 1990`s.

The RRH Doctrine was invented in the early days of Oslo and stands for "Really, Really Hard." Israeli governments would make deals to hand over most of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the PLO, while reassuring Israelis that there was no reason for worry - if the Palestinians misbehaved, Israel would hit back at them "Really, Really Hard."

The boy who cried wolf was a far more credible strategist.

Even if perchance anyone ever took the RRH threats seriously, by the mid-1990`s the RRH was little more than an overly-long-running joke. Rabin and Peres had threatened it during the early days of Oslo. Later, Prime Minister Netanyahu, after each and every act of terrorism, would loudly invoke RRH, but then did little, if anything, to retaliate. After Netanyahu came Barak, who once again threatened RRH regularly. But his only implementation of it consisted of chopper attacks on empty Palestinian buildings - and only after the PLO was given advance notification so that all humans and terrorists could be evacuated.

RRH was also used by Barak (and other prime ministers) to threaten Hizbullah in Lebanon and their Syrian puppet masters. After each Hizbullah attack on Israeli towns and on Israeli forces inside southern Lebanon, Israel threatened the most serious RRH. But, in the end, the only manifestation of RRH implemented by Barak consisted of a panicked unilateral capitulation and withdrawal from southern Lebanon, which left Hizbullah sitting smack dab on Israel's border, with thousands of its rockets aimed at northern Israel and with Haifa in range.

When Ariel Sharon first revealed his "Gaza Disengagement Plan" after winning the Israeli election, it too was accompanied by empty threats of RRH. Israel could not get the PLO to make any concessions in exchange for surrender of the Gaza Strip and the eviction of the Jewish population there; Sharon nevertheless decided to implement the Mitzna Plan, against which he had campaigned, and withdraw without any quid pro quo. He would just go ahead with unilateral capitulation, whether the PLO liked it or not. And if the PLO failed to contain Hamas and prevent terror attacks against Israel after the withdrawal, why, then, Sharon's government would order the Israeli Defense Forces to respond with serious RRH.

Yeah, sure.

Hours after the Gaza capitulation was completed and all Israeli troops and settlers had been removed, the rocket and mortar attacks on the Negev began. The PLO was calling Sharon's bluff.

Almost as old as the RRH Doctrine is the "Who Could Have Ever Predicted That" Syndrome. Since Oslo, every new Israeli concession resulted in escalated Palestinian violence. And the Israeli chattering classes would sigh and ask rhetorically, "Who could have possibly foreseen this?" Likewise after each violation of the Oslo Accords by the PLO, the media and the left-wing politicians would pout, "Who could have predicted that?"

After years of daily proof that the entire Oslo concept was unworkable, its advocates were still responding to each new failure with total serendipity.

The Israeli media could not foresee any failures of the Oslo capitulations and appeasements because the media are by and large the occupied territories of Israel's radical Left. The overseas media were even less capable of foreseeing the consequences of Oslo because they were far more interested in bashing Israel than understanding anything about the Middle East conflict.

The answer to the rhetorical question of "Who could have foreseen the failures of Oslo?" is "Anyone not blinded by ideology." A few weeks after the handshake on the White House lawn in 1993, I published my first article predicting the complete failure of the Rabin-Peres Oslo initiative - in fact, it was the first such article published in North America. I predicted that the PLO would simply use any territory turned over to it by Israel to build terror infrastructure and launch attacks on Israel, and I wrote of future rocket attacks and sniper fire against Israeli towns from the PLO-controlled areas years before they actually began in earnest. And I was hardly alone in 20-20 foresight.

It was not particularly difficult in 1993 to see why Oslo would fail. It is even easier now, with 12 years of disastrous "peace process" experience, to understand why Sharon.s Gaza disengagement will result in an enormous escalation of violence, not in any relaxation of tensions.

Let's give the Arabs some credit. Israel has been making so many threats of RRH ever since the Oslo "peace process" began that a Palestinian leader would have to be learning-disabled to take any of them seriously. If I consider them a joke, why should Abu Mazen believe them?

The Oslo Accords produced the greatest escalation in Palestinian terrorism and atrocities in modern Israeli history. At their most severe, Israeli retaliations took the form of some targeted assassinations of Hamas and PLO terror leaders. More often than not, Israeli retaliations consisted of meaningless gestures like bombing the aforementioned empty buildings or making sonic booms over terrorist concentrations, and of course the ever louder empty threats of RRH.

On Israel's northern border, virtually no retaliations against Hizbullah took place, even after Hizbullah kidnapped and murdered three Israeli army officers and fired rockets into Israel.

All of this brings us to the latest rocket attacks by the PLO on Sderot a few days ago. The main effect of the Gaza capitulation is that the PLO can now import unlimited supplies of weaponry from Egypt, with no ability by Israel to interfere. Israeli troops are no longer on the ground inside the Gaza Strip.

We already see the results and we can clearly foresee the "unexpected" consequences that will be taking place in the near future. The PLO and its affiliates now have all the freedom they need to upgrade their rockets. The new improved Kassam rockets are already able to hit Ashkelon from Gaza. Sharon's Gaza capitulation will turn the Negev town of Sderot into Israel's Guernica.

When the rockets now hit Sderot after Israel's withdrawal from Gaza, Olmert and his people respond mainly with a new round of RRH. The laughter from Ramallah was deafening. Let's note that, back before 1993, when Israel held Gaza tightly with on-the-ground military rule, there were no Kassam rockets in Gaza. The Palestinian savages threw stones at Jews because real weapons were hard to procure.

The PLO knows what we all know; namely, that Olmert is afraid to take the only action that, in the end, can end the shooting of Kassam rockets into Jewish homes - R&D, or Re-Occupation and DeNazification. Let's hope his successor will be less pusillanimous.

2. Taken hostage
by Yossi Klein Halevi
"Why Israel's attack on Gaza isn't enough"
The New Republic on Line
June 29, 2006

JERUSALEM -- What's the news?" we ask each other, and everyone understands that the question refers to Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas. Though the old socialist Israel is barely a memory, in times of crisis we again become collectivized.

Nothing unites Israelis in outrage more than the seizure of hostages. Next week, on July 4, Israel will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Entebbe operation that freed over a hundred Israeli hostages, and little has changed since then in the national ethos of rescue. The last Zionist ideal still shared by most Israelis is the determination to fight back. An Israeli soldier held hostage is a taunt against the Zionist promise of self-defense, an unbearable reminder of Jewish helplessness.

Our obsession with hostages is a tactical weakness but a strategic strength. It allows terrorists a stunning psychological advantage: With a single random kidnapping, they hold an entire society emotionally hostage. Strategically, though, hostage-taking only strengthens Israeli resolve.

And resolve is precisely what the public now expects of its government. So far, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has responded well. He began by issuing two policy guidelines in dealing with the hostage crisis. The first is that Israel won't negotiate over Gilad's release and won't exchange prisoners. The second is that Hamas leaders -- "political" as well as "military" -- will be held personally accountable for the fate of Gilad.

If Olmert's government hopes to retain its credibility among Israelis, it needs to maintain those two principles.

In recent months, the public has become increasingly disillusioned with the government's failure to adequately respond to the almost daily rocket attacks on Israeli towns and villages, especially Sderot. No Israeli town within the 1967 borders has experienced the kind of relentless attacks that Sderot has suffered. Even Hizbollah's Katyusha rocket attacks on the northern town of Kiryat Shmona in the early 1980s occurred in waves, with periods of reprieve between them. In the ten months since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, though, Sderot has barely known a day of peace.

After the withdrawal, Israelis expected the government to enforce a policy of zero-tolerance for Palestinian attacks emanating from Gaza, even for attacks that didn't cause fatalities. Instead, the government responded unevenly, often ignoring rocket attacks that caused no damage.

Many Israelis see Hamas's raid on an Israeli military post within the 1967 borders as a result of the weakness Israel has projected. In yesterday's letters column in the daily Maariv, for example, the hardline consensus was almost unanimous. "We told you so," wrote one reader who identified himself as "right wing." "Why doesn't Israel shut off electricity and water to Gaza?" demanded another reader. "Enough words, it's time to act," insisted a third.

That perception of weakness could have far-reaching domestic consequences. The premise of Olmert's centrist party, Kadima, is that only a hawkish approach on security will convince Israelis to implement a dovish policy on territory. Given the Sderot precedent, though, Olmert is failing to uphold that centrist doctrine. For Olmert to win the public's agreement for another unilateral withdrawal, he needs to begin proving that he is capable of defending Tel Aviv from Palestinian rockets. And the place to begin convincing Israelis is Gaza.

The military invasion of Gaza that began last night, and whose purpose is to surround the area where Gilad is presumably being held, must only be the first step. A brief invasion, a "show of force," is hardly adequate. Instead, Israel needs to resume its policy of systematically targeting Hamas leaders, just as it did several years ago, culminating in the assassination of Sheik Yassin. That policy drove most of Hamas deep underground and led to the cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Resuming assassinations against Hamas's political echelon is, of course, a declaration of war against the Hamas regime. But given its official sanctioning of kidnapping, Hamas has already declared war against Israel. Hamas's adoption of the tactics of Al Qaeda in Iraq comes as no surprise. After the killing of Zarqawi, Hamas issued a statement mourning his death and urging continued "resistance," thereby making the Hamas regime the world's only openly pro-Al Qaeda government. Unfortunately, the international media missed the significance of that moment.

That lapse in media judgment is worth recalling in the coming days, when much of the media will be presenting the "prisoners' document" -- a set of demands drawn up by Hamas and Fatah members imprisoned in Israel -- as a historic Hamas concession, offering "tacit" recognition of Israel. In fact, the document does nothing of the sort. Nowhere does the document recognize the right of Israel to exist. Instead, it calls for Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders, followed by the "right" of Palestinian refugees to resettle in Israel and demographically overwhelm the Jewish state. The prisoners' document, in other words, is a plan for the phased destruction of Israel -- precisely why Hamas can endorse it.

Driving on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, I saw this graffiti: "Olmert, gadol alecha". which roughly translates as, "Olmert, the job is bigger than you are." For Olmert to disprove that growing suspicion among Israelis, he must commit himself to the destruction of the Hamas regime. Sooner or later, Israel will have no choice but to adopt that policy. The only question is whether Olmert will still be prime minister when that happens.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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Posted by Voice of Judea, June 30, 2006.

Today Eliyahu Ashri was buried in Israel. Eliyahu was only 18 when he was kidnapped and brutally murdered last Sunday. Eliyahu was hitching back to shcool as many young Jews often do near Ofrah, when Arab terrorists forced him into their car and sped away, passing several Israeli checkpoints, and entering into PA controlled Ramalah, where his body was found yesterday.

Our sincere condolences must be extended to the family of Eliyahu Ashri. At this time all of us must also make a commitment to do everything within our power to stop such heinous attacks in the future.

Eliyahu was not the first Jewish kid to stand alone at a dark and vulnerable hitching post to be abducted and murdered. Several weeks ago two girls miraculously escaped their would-be kidnappers at a hitching station near Rehelim. Hundreds, if not thousands of Jewish kids regularly wait at bus stops and hitching stations along the roads of Yesha.

K.L.Y. -- Klavim Lehaganat Yisrael -- Dogs for the defense of Israel is launching an emergency appeal to raise funds to finance patrols consisting of security dogs and trained handlers to help secure these bus stops and hitching posts throughout Yesha.

K.L.Y. -- Klavim L'Haganat Yisrael -- is a unique life-saving association that sponsors special bomb detection and patrol dogs, as well as their volunteer handlers to help detect and deter terrorists in Israel.

The sponsorship and training of a team consisting of a dog and handler cost 10,000 dollars. K.L.Y. Klavim L'Haganat Yisrael is a fully registered Israeli Amutah Charity that has already donated and dispatched dozens of dogs and handlers in Israel and has already helped prevent at least 4 terrorist attacks by assisting the army and local security patrols in early detection of terrorist movement or by assisting the IDF in tracking after fugitive terrorists.

In wake of the recent rash of kidnappings and attempted kidnappings at deserted and vulnerable hitching posts throughout Yesha, K.L.Y. is calling upon you to help us finance our patrols at these hitching stations with specially trained canines. The added presence of the dogs and their handlers at these hitching posts will make it more difficult or impossible for terrorists to simply pull up along side a lone Jewish kid and to force him/her into a car without being noticed. Where possible, KLY will also supply transport to "safer" areas. K.L.Y. is presently distributing and posting flyers in these vulnerable spots publishing a hotline where people can report lone Jewish kids hitching in "unsafe areas", and when possible, K.L.Y. will dispatch volunteers and dogs to stand with the hitchers or to pick them up.

K.L.Y. is currently financing a medical response and patrol vehicle that will transport medics, dogs and handlers to patrol vulnerable hitching spots near Rechelim, Shilo, Ofra, Eli, Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Gush Etzyon, Efrat and Kiryat Arba.

Thanks to the generous contribution of supporters in the U.S., a life-saving emergency vehicle was donated. God bless the righteous individuals who have helped us purchase the vehicle and the dogs. However, the maintenance of the vehicles, volunteers and canines cost us money that we don’t always have available. The purchase of gasoline, food and housing for the dogs and volunteers, equipment and canine training is not cheap either. With the rise in the cost of gasoline in Israel, the daily cost of gas for each patrol-vehicle, can cost as much as 400-500 shekels = 100-130 dollars. Due to lack of funds we have been forced to cut back much of our canine training exercises and we lack the necessary funds to fuel the cars and to sponsor this vital work to the extent that we need to. This is a rare opportunity where you can make a direct contribution that could immediately and directly help save lives in Israel.

We have brave and courageous, wonderful volunteers and we have the experts to train these special anti-terror canines. Please help us sponsor more dogs and handlers. We urge you to make a generous contribution to K.L.Y.– Klavim L'Haganat Yisrael.

If you can't afford to sponsor a team for 10,000 dollars then send whatever you can. We desperately need your help and we are grateful for any and all help you can offer us.

You can call 011 972 5231 80290 for further reference (From Israel, dial 052 3180290.)

Emails can be sent to IsraeliDefenders@aol.com

Klavim LHaganat Yisrael
POBox 6592 Jerusalem

Contact the Voice of Judea by email at mishal@mishal.org

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Posted by Sergio Tessa (HaDaR), June 30, 2006.

This was an item in Israel National News --

We built by-pass roads so that they would not kill us, since Jews are not allowed to travel freely passing by Arab villages.

We cannot travel on their roads.

They travel on our by-pass roads and also use them to hurt us.

The government accepts all this as the ghetto Jews accepted all decision and abuse by the goyim as a ghezerà: they turn their eyes to the other side; they say "it rains" when they spit on us; they do not arrest them if they stone our cars, but arrest us if we dare defending ourselves when stoned; army and police do not even show-up when called because Arabs stone Jews, but get there within three minutes if Jews stone Arab cars; they allow Arabs to shoot THOUSANDS of bullets every day at their weddings, doing absolutely NOTHING to put a stop to the nightly shootings, but if we dare even shooting in the air when we are attacked they arrest us and confiscate our weapons. Now, after they are unable and unwilling to insure our safety and they PRE-EMPT US from defending ourselves, they want to make sure that our daily lives are impossible and we cannot travel freely.

B"H, our great youth, which does not have AT ALL the ghetto mentality of our leaders, and which does not spend their days getting stoned, stabbing each other, stealing and other great occupations like those. which are UNKNOWN to the "settler's youth", have decided that IF WE CANNOT TRAVEL ON OUR ROADS BECAUSE THE ARABS ENDANGER US, THE ARABS SHOULD NOT TRAVEL ON THEM EITHER; so they are blocking the roads to Arab cars.

OF COURSE, the collaborators with the Arabic speaking nazi enemy will jail THEM...

Sergio Tessa can be reached at Hadar-Israel@verizon.net.

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Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 30, 2006.

One supposes that it is fitting and proper that the IAF is being gingerly used in small doses in Gaza to strike one building of Fatah brigades and to disperse a squad or two of jihadists in the act of attacking Israeli soldiers. Since we've been told by President Bush, Mr. Olmert, and numerous other brand-name politicians that the head of Fatah, Abu Mazen Abbas, is "a moderate" and since Fatah is the offshoot of Amin el Husseini's Nazi - affiliated Islamic terror movements, these small efforts are not much comfort; they are slim pickin's indeed for the retribution due and payable a long time.

And since the show of force, accompanied by a few missiles for media / public consumption is meant to save Hosni Mubarak and Prince Abdullah under color of rescuing soldier Shalit we are not impressed by burblings of a 'conditional agreement'; we are depressed by reports of the slowing of the slow motion Israeli display.

Perhaps what is needed here are reminders of vivid kinds, that Israelis look at photos of the murdered youth who was kidnapped while hitchhiking and shot in the head, his beautiful life being turned into inert matter by savages spawned by the Arabs culture of hate, of murderous hatred for Jews. To look at photos of Koby Mandel, Shalhevet Pass and all the others murdered since and before Oslo by the homicidal haters of the Jewish people.

And then let us remember that "Amalek came and attacked Israel in Rephidim" and the positive command of Hashem to Moshe that he write as a remembrance in the Book and speak into the ears of Joshua that the hand is on the throne of G-d: Hashem maintains a war against Amalek... do not forget." And that when Samuel went to anoint Saul he told the new king to "hear the words of Hashem, Master of hosts: 'I have remembered what Amalek did to Israel. Now go and strike down Amalek and destroy everything that he has. Have no pity on him, kill man and woman alike, infant and suckling alike, ox and sheep alike, camel and donkey alike" (Exodus 17:9-16, 1 Samuel 15).

And although Shaul did not complete the job, woe to those who fail to complete this job and woe and grief to all the Jewish people --- still "he struck Amalek down from Havilah to the approach to Shur." That would be sufficient for a start for now instead of the timid, approved-by-the-State Department 'show of force' and save Mubarak operation currently in place.

Think of those slain, and the apposite teaching: "just as they have no pity on you, so you have no pity on them." The devastated ones need vengeance to see that there is a G-d Who judges in the land, that there is a G-d in Israel.

Remember the slain Jews. Get away from 'Uncle Laban' and destroy Amalek, all of them alike. That is the only way to healing and to peace; a time for war, as they keep telling us, and then, after victory, a time for peace.

Eugene Narrett's new book is "Israel and the Endtimes".

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Posted by Fern Sidman, June 29, 2006.

On this day, June 29th, 2006, the 3rd day of Tammuz 5766, the nation of Israel buried a true Eved Elokim, a faithful servant of the Almighty G-d of Israel. Today thousands of Jews across the State of Israel attended the funeral of 18 year old Eliyahu Pinchas Asheri, ZTK"L, the yeshiva student from the settlement of Itamar who was kidnapped and murdered by Arab terrorists. Asheri, a student at the pre-military yeshiva academy in N'vei Tzuf in the western Binyamin region was last seen at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday at the French Hill junction in northern Jerusalem. He was hitching a ride to his yeshiva in N'vei Tzuf.

His parents, Yitro and Miriam Asheri reported him missing on Monday, but according to reports from the IDF he had already been murdered by that time. According to Arutz Sheva, "A Ramallah Tanzim terror cell, taking orders from the Gaza headquarters of the Popular Resistance Committee, carried out the kidnapping and murdered of pre-military Torah academy student Eliyahu Asheri, according to the IDF."

The report went on to say, "Itamar resident Eliyahu Asheri, z'l, died immediately when he was kidnapped on Sunday, according to OC Central Commander Yair Naveh. Naveh told reporters at a briefing on Thursday that the 18-year-old victim was not kept alive, as claimed by the terrorist group that abducted him, but was "without a doubt murdered immediately."

Popular Resistance Committees terrorists claimed they had kept Asheri alive until Tuesday while considering the possibility of holding him for ransom. Said Naveh, "They had absolutely no intention to hold negotiations."

According to The Jerusalem Post, (6/27/06), "On Wednesday, elite police and IDF forces arrested Popular Resistance Committees operative Osam Abu Rajil, who was suspected to have been involved in the kidnapping. Abu Rajil led the forces to a mountainside north of Ramallah, where Asheri's body was found buried, Army Radio reported. Naveh confirmed Thursday that Abu Rajil was personally involved in the kidnapping.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the Hamas-affiliated PRC told Al-Jazeera that Asheri would be "butchered in front of TV cameras" if the IDF operation in Gaza did not stop. "Our patience is running out," he said. "I am announcing for the first time that the kidnapped Zionist Israel is searching for is the same settler who is being held by us. He is aged 18-1/2... and is a soldier in a pre-military academy," said the spokesman, who identified himself as Abu Abir."

In addition, Arutz Sheva reported that, "The IDF did not say whether the assault rifles which the Olmert government and the United States transferred to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, (Abu Mazen) earlier this month were used at any point in the kidnapping or murder. WorldNetDaily reported in the name of "sources close to the Al Aqsa Brigades" that the guns had been used in two separate shooting attacks against Israelis within days of the transfer."

Roads in Jerusalem were closed in honor of the funeral, which is to end with the youth's burial in the Mt. of Olives cemetery. Eliyahu's teachers and family, one after the other, spoke about what a sweet person he was. Over and over it was mentioned that Eliyahu's prayers were "like fire."

"You went up to Heaven in a storm, like Eliyahu (Elijah) the prophet," Eliyahu's mother Miriam eulogized, in a calm and determined voice. "Now, Eliyahu - stand before G-d and speak out in favor of the Nation of Israel - don't let up until our Father in Heaven agrees to reveal Himself to His people."

Yitro Asheri spoke of his son, recalling that he would always sit in their home and make peace between his siblings. "When you get to Heaven," the Australian immigrant said, addressing his son, "make peace within our people and between the Nation of Israel and our Father in Heaven."

Asheri added that the world has much less prayer in it now that Eliyahu is gone and implored all of Israel to "Pray! Pray - because you are righteous and G-d desires your prayers."

Eliyahu's mother Miriam told Voice of Israel Radio this morning, "At this time, I do have not much to say, for the pain is so unbearable; I can barely find a way to hold it. But one thing I can say is that many times in the past years, because of the many disagreements-between-brothers we have in this country, many times I asked G-d to give me, first of all, love in my heart for everyone. And now, following this terrible thing that happened to us, it has become clear to me how really great the Nation of Israel is - how much help we have received, and all the volunteers, and the army - there are no words to describe it... And this was the way of Eliyahu as well..."

Rabbi Chaim Druckman, the national head of the Bnei Akiva Yeshivot movement and Eliyahu's adopted grandfather, said at the funeral that sometimes funerals are like sunsets, but that Eliyahu's passing is like the sun going dark at noontime. "This is not just a private funeral, but one belonging to all of Israel," he said. "His murderers intended to kill any one of us and all of us."

Rabbi Avi Ronski, the Rabbi of Itamar and the man who has been tapped to become the next Chief Rabbi of the IDF, said at the funeral, "It is now clear that they murdered Eliyahu very soon after they kidnapped him, and all their announcements and threats afterwards were merely psychological pressure against us."

The murder of Eliyahu Asheri comes on the heels of a Hamas terrorist attack several days ago when a Hamas 8-man force crawled through an underground tunnel into Israel, lobbing grenades and bombs at a military outpost killing two IDF soldiers, Lt. Hanan Barak, 20, from Arad and Sgt. Pavel Slutzker, 20 from Dimona A third soldier, Corp. Gilead Shalit from Mitzpe Hila was kidnapped.

The kidnapping of Corp. Shalit, prompted the IDF to launch its "Operation Summer Rains" offensive Wednesday with the entry of Israeli forces into Southern Gaza. The stated goal: The release of kidnapped solider Gilad Shalit.

In addition to knocking out electricity in much of Gaza, the operation has included an aerial missile attack on an electricity station south of Gaza City, aerial attacks on three bridges in the central Gaza Strip, over dry river beds, artillery fire at open areas in the southern Gaza Strip and entry of armored forces into the Dahaniya area, mainly the abandoned airport, where the IDF has set up a headquarters. This area represents a strategic control and observation point over the southern Gaza Strip.

In response to the murder and kidnapping, Israeli forces arrested one-third of the Hamas-led Palestinian Cabinet and 20 lawmakers early Thursday and pressed their incursion into Gaza.

Today is a day of tremendous grief and mourning for the family and friends of Eliyahu Asheri. It is also a day of mourning for the entire nation of Israel. It is not easy to forget a day on which a young Jew was buried. A young Jew, heinously murdered by Arab savages. A Jew who feared G-d and walked in the way of his ancestors, in the way of Hashem's holy Torah.

It will be difficult to forget the looks of profound grief and misery etched on the faces of his parents, his siblings, his friends and neighbors. The murder of Eliyahu Pinchas Asheri was the murder of a part of each and every one of us. For the murder of Eliyahu Pinchas Asheri could have been the murder of our own son or brother. Ask any parent that has lost a child and they will tell you that they never get up from sitting shiva. The sadness and despair is all consuming and does not diminish with the passing of time.

We are commanded by the Almighty G-d of Israel to be our brother's keeper, for we are all one nation, a collective body and soul. When one of us grieves and suffers, we all grieve and we all suffer. Today we have lost a brother and our tears flow freely and without respite. And we ask, why was Eliyahu Asheri murdered? Why was it he that had to spend his last moments on this earth as a captive of barbaric Arab terrorists who have no respect for the sanctity of life?

We may never know the answer, however we do know that the blood of Eliyahu Asheri is on the hands of those who control the government of Israel. Of those who aid and abet Arab terrorists by evacuating thousands of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and who plan to uproot more Jewish settlements in the ultimate goal of creating "peace" with our Arab enemy. The blood of Eliyahu Asheri is on the hands of those in the government of Israel who transfer thousands of assault rifles and a million rounds of ammunition into the hands who those who seek our destruction.

We can blame a government of Israel who oppresses the free speech of Jews who oppose the Olmert convergence-realignment plan. We can point our fingers in outrage and indignation at a government who is bent on national suicide. A government comprised of spiritually bankrupt leaders that lead us to believe that genuine and long lasting "peace" can come to fruition with an enemy that has sworn our destruction. An enemy who interprets territorial compromise and conciliation as acts of weakness and surrender and who respond with even more contempt and disdain.

It is true that the government of Israel is one that is devoid of belief and faith, true belief and faith in the G-d of Israel and Torah. It is a government that has elevated the concepts of a westernized democracy into their own personal god. A government that displays a callous disregard when Jewish blood is spilled. We must express our anger and our outrage and rise up in indignation at the actions of a government who is responsible for the murder of our brother, Eliyahu Pinchas Asheri. For Eliyahu's murder can be harbinger for the potential murders of our own brothers.

Let us raise our collective voices in prayer and supplication to the Almighty G-d of Israel. Let us plead with Hashem to give us the strength, courage, fortitude and tenacity to oppose a government that does not protect its people. Let us beseech the Almighty to provide comfort, strength and courage to the Asheri family and to all of the nation of Israel, for on this day, a part of each and every one of us has died.

Contact Fern Sidman at AriellaH@aol.com

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Posted by Burt Prelutsky, June 29, 2006.

It was inevitable that while most of the civilized people of the world, including millions of Iraqis, celebrated the death of Zarqawi, there was one significant group that pooh-poohed the happy occasion. I refer to those notorious party-poopers, American liberals.

Most of their consternation centered on two things. The first of these was that America had turned him into a martyr. Leftists insisted that his death was meaningless because dozens of Muslims would rise up to take his place, while millions of others would now be provoked into joining the ranks of the extremists. That is what the pinheads always say, but the fact is that by this time, after all the suicide bombings and after the killing of so many so-called insurgents and after the capturing of Saddam Hussein, if there's one thing that's a glut on the market, it's Islamic martyrs. By this late date, surely they must have run out of virgins in Paradise, and be making do with divorcees, the recently widowed, and elderly spinsters.

The other thing the liberals started spouting off about was the suspicious timing of Zarqawi's execution. As usual, when something terrific occurs that might reflect favorably on the administration, the lefties spring into action. In this case, they claimed that we could have killed or captured the butcher of Baghdad on several earlier occasions, except that the Republicans were waiting for the most opportune moment in order to cash in politically. What they failed to bother explaining was exactly how, with elections in November, killing Zarqawi in early June could possibly be regarded as an example of cynical strategy, easily traced to the nefarious mind of Karl Rove.

I suppose the thing to keep in mind is that these are the same lunkheads who kept insisting back in 2004 that, suddenly, on the eve of election day, George Bush would announce that we'd just nabbed Osama bin Laden. And when that didn't happen, I don't remember even one of them admitting he'd been a sap to suggest it.

Speaking of Osama, I wish to go on record and state that I really don't care if we never capture him. Let's face it, if we did, we\d merely have to live through another farcical trial, such as Hussein\s. If it's all the same to you, I don't need to hear Ramsey Clark and a team of leftist lawyers pleading his case night after night on the news. In the end, after all, even if he were found guilty, he'd only wind up receiving a prison sentence. Frankly, I prefer to picture him roughing it in the mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan, cowering every time a helicopter flies by, than imagine him watching cable TV, working out in the weight room, and showing up in our living rooms every other week, courtesy of Larry King, Barbara Walters, and Geraldo Rivera.

One question left unanswered for me was whether or not America's bad will ambassador, Jimmy Carter, flew over to Iraq to pay his respects at Zarqawi's funeral.

Burt Prelutsky has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times and a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine. He is the author of Conservatives are from Mars (Liberals are from San Francisco). This essay appeared on the Townhall website:
(www.townhall.com/opinion/columns/ BurtPrelutsky/2006/06/29/203001.html)

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Posted by Shoaib Choudhury, June 29, 2006.

Radical Islamist leader, Noor Hussain Noorani, personally threatened the life of Bangladeshi editor Salah Uddin Choudhury yesterday. Noorani heads the radical Khatmey Nabuat Movement (KNM), which clashed with police last week after it tried to attack an Ahmadi prayer service in the capital of Dhaka. The Ahmadi are a Muslim group that has angered fundamentalists by its belief that Muhammed was not the final prophet, and for their belief in the crucifixion of Jesus. KNM and others have been demanding that the government declare the Ahamadi non-Muslim. They are allied with various Muslim extremist groups in pressing that agenda and the imposition of Sharia (Muslim law) throughout all of Bangladesh.

Choudhury, a Muslim, has been associated with various causes opposed by Bangladeshi Islamists ever since he was arrested in 2003 when he tried to go to Israel. Noorani became incensed at Choudhury after he published an editorial praising an article that warned police and the public about KNM's intention to attack the Ahamadi last week. Previously, KNM had operated unmolested in Bangladesh, but police blocked KNM attacks both on Friday and Sunday. Noorani was injured in the Sunday melee and taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

Noorani called the editorial office of Weekly Blitz, Choudhury's paper three times within eight minutes Thursday evening. He called from his cell phone and spoke with Circulation Manager Amanur Rashid Aman. According to Aman, Noorani sounded highly agitated on the phone and repeatedly threatened to kill Choudhury and "blow away the Blitz office," located in downtown Dhaka. When informed of the threat, Choudhury, whom Islamic radicals have threatened before for his anti-terrorist stance, went to the police and filed a report. The report noted the death threats and identified the mobile phone number from which the call originated as Noorani's.

"It wasn't even unnecessary for me to inform the police," Choudhury said, "since they have been intercepting all my calls for months. And because Noorani is in the limelight right now you know they are intercepting his as well." Bangladeshi officials have long intercepted all international calls, and calls by and to dissidents and religious minorities.

A copy of the report had an official stamp showing that police had seen it, but thus far they have taken no action either to protect Choudhury or Blitz offices. Choudhury complained bitterly that when another paper recently received a threat by mail, the police arrived immediately to investigate the threat and protect the paper.

Choudhury was freed on bail last year after seventeen months in prison after he warned about the rise of radical Islam in Bangladesh, urged his nation to recognize Israel, and advocated interfaith understanding and religious equality. He still faces sedition charges, although government officials admit there is no substance to them.

This below is what Mr. Choudhury wrote:

This is a disturbing news indeed. Today, we received three phone calls from Mufti Noor Hussain Noorani, Chief of ultra radical Islamist millitant group Khatmey Nabuat Movement (the organization demanding declaration of Ahmedias as non-Muslims). Kindly read the exact translation of the General Diary that had been filed with the local police station right after the incident. We are also attching the image of the GD.

The most discouraging news is, police or the government are extremely reluctant in providing security to Blitz office and the editor even after the formal complaint nor they have began the investigation or any legal actions.

This is for your kind information please. For further details, please call our USA Correspondent Dr. Richard L. Benkin at: +1-8479226426 or call Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury at: 880-191-326232, 880-1711-938344.

The translation of the General Diary is set below:

June 29, 2006

Officer In-Charge
Paltan Police Station

Subject: General Diary (GD) with regard to Death Threat to the editor of Weekly Blitz & Weekly Blitz


Today 29/6/06 AD, Thursday, at 5:55 p.m., at 6:02 p.m. and again at 6:02 p.m. The so called "leader" of Ultra Radical Organization Khatme Nabuat Movement Mufti Noor Hussain Noorani called the circulation manager Amanur Rashid Aman of the weeklies from his mobile phone number 01711159675 to the Blitz/Jamjamat Mobile Phone number 01888 22744 and repeatedly threatened of death to the editor Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury and also threatened of Blowing away the Blitz office located at 169, Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani,Bijoy Nagar,Dhaka for publishing anti radical reports in the weeklies.

In this circumstance, an urgent enquiry and necessary action is requested.

Dated: 29/6/06 AD
Sikder Mizanur Rahman
Assistant Editor
Weekly Jamjamat
Phone: 01716372038

Ref. Paltan Police Station
General Diary No. 1650
Dated 29/6/06

Order -- Sub inspector Arshad Ali will take necessary actions on investigation.

Contact Richard Benkin at drrbenkin@comcast.net.

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Posted by Sanda Abramovici-Lam, June 29, 2006.

This article was written by Caroline Glick and appeared today in the Jerusalem Post
(www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?apage= 1&cid=1148482068828&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull)

Fresh from her tete-a-tete with PA leader Mahmoud Abbas last week, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni instructed her press flack to tell her fellow cabinet ministers to remain mum on Abbas's latest "diplomatic" gambit. In the words of her communications director Shai Ben Maor, Abbas's decision to turn a document written by convicted Palestinian murderers and attempted murderers sitting in Israeli prisons into the centerpiece of his diplomatic policy is "an internal Palestinian issue" and so Israel should not be weighing in on it.

What is the context of Abbas's new initiative regarding which Israel is supposed to have no official position?

After receiving the Bush Administration's full-throated endorsement during Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's visit to Washington, DC last week, Abbas sprang into action. Following Bush's characterization of Abbas as a man who "favors and speaks for peace and negotiations," Abbas - who has never lifted a finger and indeed pledged never to lift a finger to fight Hamas, Fatah or any other terrorist organization - announced that he has a new plan.

Abbas's plan has two central components. First, he wants to get the PA's Hamas government to accept the document authored by convicted murderers and attempted murderers. Second, Abbas wants Israel to allow him to raise, arm and field a new militia with 10,000 soldiers to supplement the 20,000 soldiers Abbas already hired in the lead-up to the Palestinian elections in January.

Both the Israeli and the international media have referred to the convicted terrorists' declaration as a "peace plan." London's Daily Telegraph's summation of what its editors considered the main points of the declaration represents more or less what all the mass media organs in Israel and abroad have been saying.

The Telegraph's report claims that the plan has six main components. In its words, those components are: "A negotiated settlement with Israel if the Jewish state withdraws from land occupied since the 1967 Middle East war; continued resistance, focusing on peaceful means, on land occupied since 1967 - the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem; an independent Palestinian state on all land occupied since 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital; a unity Palestinian government uniting all factions, including Hamas and Fatah; guarantee the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their former homes inside Israel and the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israel; speeding up efforts to incorporate Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the umbrella Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which has negotiated past interim peace accords."

IF ONE were to take these terms at face value, perhaps this could be seen as a step forward. But just the barest scrutiny shows that what the jailed terrorists announced was nothing more than a new restatement of their declaration of war against Israel and a recommitment to their goal of destroying the Jewish State.

It is true that the document speaks specifically of Israel's retreat from Judea and Samaria as well as Jerusalem. Yet led by convicted mass murderer, Fatah head and darling of the Israeli Left, Marwan Barghouti, the terrorists reiterated the "liberation of the land," that is, all of Israel, as their real objective.

The Telegraph's assertion that the "resistance" to Israel is supposed to be largely by "peaceful means" leads a reader to assume this means that the terrorists are calling for an end to terrorism. Nothing could be further from the truth. In six separate clauses of the declaration, the terrorists make clear their continued commitment to carrying out acts of terrorism against Israel as part of their strategy for destroying the Jewish state. Those acts of terrorism are supposed to be conducted in conjunction with civil disturbances, negotiations with Israel run by Abbas (something that Iran and its client the Palestinian Islamic Jihad does not accept), as well as an international diplomatic campaign in cooperation with NGO allies intended to delegitimize and demonize Israel.

Far from calling for an end to terrorism, the terrorists called for the establishment of a new joint terrorist organization called the "Popular Resistance Front" that is to be composed of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah terrorists. As they put it in their declaration, this new group's job will be "to lead and engage in resistance against the occupation and to unify and coordinate action and resistance and to form a unified political reference for the front."

It is unclear what the difference will be between this proposed terrorist organization and the Popular Resistance Committees that Barghouti and his Hamas and Islamic Jihad colleagues formed in the months that preceded the outbreak of their terror war in September 2000.

The Telegraph notes that the imprisoned terrorists insist that Israel accept the so-called "right of return" of the so-called "refugees," but the newspaper, like its Israeli media counterparts, fails to recognize the true significance of this repeated demand. These murderers are demanding that in exchange for a temporary cessation of terror attacks against its citizens, Israel agree to its national destruction. The so-called "right of return" is a demand that Israel accept the unimpeded immigration of millions of hostile, foreign- born Arabs to its sovereign territory.

THESE MURDERERS devote an inordinate amount of attention in their declaration to detailing their desire to incorporate Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Abbas-led PLO. They repeatedly call for unity between the "nationalist and Islamic" factions. That is, they call for unity in their ranks for the purpose of advancing their war for the destruction of Israel.

Finally, in a decidedly self-serving fashion, the convicted murderers emphatically call for their own release from Israeli jails and see their release as "a sacred national duty."

In short, much as one would expect, convicted Palestinian mass murderers from various terrorist organizations met in an Israeli prison yard to recommit themselves and their followers to their war for the destruction of Israel. And, much as one would expect, the international and Israeli press presented this declaration of war as a peace plan.

ABBAS TOOK the media by storm with his bold declaration last Thursday that if Hamas does not accept the prisoners' declaration within 10 days he will bring it before the Palestinian public as a referendum. "What a bold effort!" the press exclaimed excitedly. Buoyed by his success, Abbas announced the second half of his plan. In order to ensure Hamas realizes that he means business, Abbas renewed his demand that Israel allow him to receive arms and ammunition for his loyal troops. He further announced his intention to increase the size of his current personal army - Force 17 - from 2,500-3,000 men to 10,000 men.

There is very little new in the convicted terrorists' declaration or in Abbas's embrace of their declaration. Abbas has been embracing declarations of war against Israel since he joined Fatah as Yasser Arafat's deputy in 1959. There is also nothing new about Abbas's demand that Israel either supply him with arms or enable others to supply him with arms even though such arms and ammunition have been directly involved in the murder of scores of Israeli citizens since 1996. What is new is the response of Israel's government.

Since 2000, the government has refused Palestinian requests for guns and ammunition. Yet, last week, Olmert's government allowed Abbas to receive arms and ammunition for Force 17 from Jordan and Egypt. Not only did the government allow forces committed to Israel's destruction to receive arms and ammunition, well placed sources claim that Defense Minister Amir Peretz's office was the source of the misinformation campaign that has dubbed the prisoners' declaration of war a peace plan.

In misleading Israel's citizenry about the content of the murderers' war declaration and in enabling the rearmament and quadrupling of the size of Abbas's personal army, the Israeli government and the Israeli and international media have also been egged on by the Bush Administration. US military envoy to the Hamas-led PA, General Keith Dayton has reportedly been a major supporter of Peretz's desire to arm Abbas's men. The Americans have been pushing to have this militia deployed in northern Gaza where its members will purportedly stop Kassam missiles from being fired at Israel even though Abbas, their commander has adopted a plan that calls for continued attacks against Israel.

It is hard to find polite words to describe an Israeli government that embraces enthusiastically a declaration of war against its country and enables its enemy to arm and field armies that have been trained to kill its citizens. It is hard not to view US support for the so-called "peace plan" as a repudiation of the Bush Doctrine.

Contact Sanda Abramovici-Lam at sab@telefonica.net.pe

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Posted by Zalmi, June 29, 2006.

We will stay in Gaza ... we won't stay in Gaza. Hamas should do this ... Abbas must do that. Peres says this, Ramon says that. Yap yap yap ... there is no shortage of talking heads from all branches of the government pontificating over the abduction and killing of our people.

Personally I have had a bellyful of what the politicians have had to offer. Like disengagement and the senseless eviction of thousands of Jewish families most of which still languish in temporary shelters still waiting to receive a penny in compensation.

Like the relaxing of border restraints and confidence-building measures for Abbas, which have been exploited for the importation of ever greater quantities of arms which will be ranged against our troops in the days ahead. And let's not forget our own shipments of thousands of assault rifles to bolster Mr Abbas's security.

Then there was the wholesale release of hundreds of terrorists, each one of which our soldiers will have risked their lives to capture. And allowing a 6-times lifer like Barghouti -- who should be rotting in solitary - enough freedom to run a political campaign from his jail cell.

Like showing what a pluralistic liberal democracy we are by allowing Hamas to campaign for office in our own territory and appointing an Arab MK to sit on the Defense and Foreign Relations committee. What utter farce!

And for all of this, what have we got in return?

Less than zero.

Less than zero means going backwards.

Our people used to be able to walk the streets without fear of missiles falling out of the sky. Parents used to have a reasonable expectation that their kids could roam freely in their country without fear of being kidnapped and torn to shreds by hate-crazed Islamic fanatics.

No longer. These are the wages of appeasement and the price of living in denial.

Denial of the plain fact that these people have one single aim. To kill as many Jews as they possibly can and to terrorise the rest into fleeing Israel. That has always been their aim. Nothing less than total erasure of the Jewish state. That is why Arafat turned down even Barak's giveaway offer at Camp David.

You cannot keep throwing meat to a lion and expect it to turn into a vegetarian.

So let it stop right here. Let the politicians finally shut up and let the army do what it knows best. To bring back their boy -- hopefully alive -- and flatten the terror infrastructure along the way. And to consign Hamas leaders Meshaal and Haniyeh to their heavenly virgins in the same bloodied state as Yassin and Rantisi before them.

That is the only message our "peace partners" have ever understood.

Contact Zalmi at zalmi@zalmi.net

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 29, 2006.


The media call the Arab prisoners' plan a peace plan, as if unaware that it advocates continued fighting and flooding Israel with enemies. This is a war plan. What else should one expect of the prisoners, all terrorists, many being mass-murderers? For the media to accept their plan as a peace plan without skepticism, given its source and the prisoners' unrepentant attitude about terrorism, shouts bias or blindness.


We must stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability (weapons plus means of delivery). We are about to find out that deferring action eventually requires mega-action.

I hoped that we would impose sanctions and overthrow the regime before it came to war. By deferring action, we may be left only with war. Then it is a question of how and with what weapons. War is rejected by pro-democracy elements in Iran that hate the regime. They threaten to join in solidarity with the regime against US raiders or invaders.

If that is their attitude, I think less of them and have less interest in sparing them. On the other hand, in the face of their opposition, war would be more difficult.


The NY Times and some wire services still can't refrain from adding the adjective, "moderate," to any mention of Abbas' name. I've objected to that as being an untrue characterization of him. However, no characterization is appropriate.

It is not the function of the media to declare the political temperament of foreign leaders. They should present the news and let readers reach their own judgment about who is moderate. The media is describing Abbas as moderate, so that readers would think there is some justification for US or Israeli policy of strengthening Abbas vis-à-vis his rivals.

The effort to turn news reports into propaganda, and false propaganda, at that, builds sentiment for false policy. Nor does he get strengthened.

AN 80-YEAR WAR THE TIMES DOESN'T KNOW EXISTS The NY Times speculated that the Gaza rockets could spark a war. (Is the bombardment not war?) It also wonders whether Israel had responded disproportionately to the rockets fired at it. Apparently not -- the rockets keep coming. Couldn't the NY Times figure that out? "Disproportionate" is a ridiculous standard, giving comfort to aggressors and discomfort to their victims. One usually wins by disproportionate means. The war the Times fears may start has been going on against Zionism since 1920, or 86 years, unless one considers this just a part of jihad, that has run for 1,300 years!


For a couple of days, the Times repeated the accusation that Israel caused the Gaza beach deaths, without acknowledging Israel's finding that it did not do it and the Arabs probably did. On 6/14, the NY Times belatedly acknowledged the IDF finding. But it also reported that Human Rights Watch (HRW) reached the opposite conclusion.

Israel's Chief of Staff rejected having outsiders involved in the Israeli inquiry. He said his people are professionals, and don't need assistance (Steven Erlanger & Ian Fisher).

The Chief of Staff doesn't understand. It's not a matter of needing assistance. It is one of getting an independent inspector, to overcome the conflict of interest in a self-investigation. On the other hand, given the international bias against Israel, which the Times might have reported that HRW shares, who could be trusted to be truly independent and to decide with integrity? Would HRW related its report's specifics?


The plan, called a peace plan, refers 14 times to resistance, the Arab code word for terrorist aggression against Israel. By contrast, Oslo and the Road Map called for peaceful resolution of the conflict. The earlier plans call for dissolving terrorist organizations, whereas the prisoners' plan calls for uniting them for resistance.

Under the plan, civilians in any area not part of Israel before the 1967 war are subject to terrorism, but the plan the does not state any recognition of Israel. The area subject to terrorism includes Jerusalem and any parts of the Territories that Israel retains. A plan for terrorism is hardly a peace plan.

The plan emphasizes the admission to Israel of all the Arab refugee descendants, eight times. Once admitted, the Arabs would constitute a majority and take over the country. Naturally, they would end the Jewish state if not also the Jews. That is the platform of those prisoners' organizations.

Four times the plan calls for releasing the prisoners. (Aha! Thoughtful of the prisoners.) How does it make for peace to release unrepentant serial killers?

Were this a decent world, it would denounce Abbas' plan (IMRA, 6/14 from ZOA).


The Israeli Air Force bombed a car of terrorists carrying rockets (IMRA, 6/14).

This bombing also injured many other Arabs. The assumption is that Israel bombed too heavily. But the car had explosives in it. Might they not have caused casualties?

P.A. POLICE KILL P.A. ARABS P.A. police shot dead two Arabs whose cars did not stop at a roadblock. One Arab had stolen the car. The other, suspected of criminality, tried to ram police (IMRA, 6/14).

When Israeli police shoot Arabs who run a roadblock or try to run the police over, the usual pro-Arab sympathizers complain that Israel is unreasonable, and they denounce roadblocks. There is no foreign sympathy for those Arabs when shot by P.A. police. Neither is there foreign denunciation of P.A. roadblocks. Let there be disinvestments from the P.A. by those US Church groups that purport to have a social conscience.


Israeli Defense Min. Peretz advised Hamas to return its rockets to its storerooms. He also informed Hamas that Israel knows where these storerooms are. The implication is that if Hamas resumed their use, Israel would blow up the storerooms. That means that Israel would allow Hamas to keep its rockets for use whenever it wants to (IMRA, 6/15).

"...Either there will be absolute quiet, or there will be an overwhelming and singular response" Defense Minister Amir Peretz said to reporters as broadcast on Israel Television's Mabat News program on 14 June." Next day, four rockets struck Peretz' home town. His bluff was called. Then a fifth one struck, destroying the roof of a factory and wounding someone (IMRA, 6/15).

If Israel knows where these storerooms are, why doesn't it blow them all up now?

Israel's threats all are bluffs. The Arabs know it. If the media were honorable instead of ideological, it would expose the emptiness of government threats.


Haditha residents' entertainment: watching Iraqi insurgents execute people, and then buying the DVD of the executions, that afternoon. Some civilians were found slain there, after marines fought there. The marines claim they merely returned fire according to their rules of engagement. Opponents of the war, such as the Times and Rep. Murtha did not wait for investigation before joining in the accusation of murder.

Bodies were piled up. However, the Islamist enemy is known to place bodies so as falsely to claim their enemies committed a massacre. The media should await an investigation or undertake an investigation, before rendering a verdict.

This is like Israel being accused of having committed a massacre that either didn't occur or was done by the Arabs to themselves. As soon as the accusation is made, Israel apologizes and the media and UNO accuse Israel. Then Israel is found innocent (NY Sun, 6/15, Ed.). The exoneration is muted, and hardly redeems Israel's reputation.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Gerald M. Steinberg, June 29, 2006.
This article appeared in the National Post
(www.canada.com/components/print.aspx?id= 759aea19-42e5-4620-b7af-ef78a6d71370)

As an early Israeli supporter of unilateral disengagement, I admit that this plan, like the earlier Oslo "peace process," has failed. Hopes that the unprecedented move, including the dismantling of all Israeli military bases, checkpoints and even civilian houses in Gaza would reduce the violence and promote mutual accommodation were naive. Almost a year after the exit, attacks against Israelis continue to escalate, Palestinian society is in a state of advanced anarchy and the security pledges from Egypt and Europe, brokered by the U.S., have proven worthless.

The murder and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Palestinian terrorists, who launched the attack from a tunnel dug from a house in Gaza under the border, was the last straw. Even before then, the dozens of rockets raining down on houses and schools every week, and numerous other terror efforts, had already signalled the approaching end of this unique experiment in conflict reduction. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity for progress, Palestinians moved their rocket launching teams into the most densely populated neighbourhoods, goading Israel into responding. And whenever a Palestinian was killed, even when Israel was not involved, they could count on political groups such as Human Rights Watch to condemn the Israeli Defense Force, regardless of the evidence.

The role of the Palestinian population in supporting terror is central, but the international community also bears considerable responsibility for the latest disaster. For years, the Europeans, the UN and others had provided massive support -- financial as well as political -- to PLO leader Yasser Arafat in the hope that he would make peace. After that proved to be a mirage and Arafat died, the members of the Quartet (the European-inspired framework designed to push hopes for peace co-operatively) pressed numerous schemes to prop-up Arafat's successors. These failed to achieve anything of significance.

Without skipping a beat, as soon as the Israelis left, the Palestinians extended the terrorist infrastructure to encompass the resources they had gained. A few months later, the entry of Hamas officials, pledged to radical Islam and the eradication of Israel, sped up this process.

As the attacks accelerated, and no evidence for a change for the better was forthcoming, Israelis also rediscovered the mistake of giving responsibility for their survival to outsiders. The security arrangements negotiated with Egypt and Europe, which accompanied the withdrawal of Israeli military forces from Gaza in August 2005, have all collapsed.

The first agreement was signed with the Egyptians, after former prime minister Ariel Sharon overruled many advisors, and agreed to remove Israeli troops from the 13-kilometer border strip between Gaza and Egypt. The IDF had been very active in stopping Palestinians from smuggling explosives, terrorists and various anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles under the border. Although turning over this responsibility to Cairo was a calculated risk, the hope was by making this move, Israel would be seen to have ended the occupation of Gaza. And perhaps the Egyptian presence along the border and inside Gaza would encourage the Palestinians to turn their energies from war to peace.

In parallel, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brokered a separate security arrangement covering the Rafiah crossing. On Nov. 15, 2005, Rice pressed then prime minister Sharon to agree to a joint Palestinian-European Union arrangement in this very sensitive area. The U.S. was responding to pressures from the Europeans, who desperately wanted a major role in what was seen as the latest "peace process."

A short time after the agreement was signed, Palestinians bulldozed a breach in the barrier along the Philadelphi corridor and moved freely into and out of Egypt. The 70 European "observers" were shunted aside and chased away by various Palestinian gunmen. As a result, the smuggling of weapons and terrorists has grown into a torrent, and these agreements have joined many others in the dustbin of Middle East peace efforts.

After paying a high price for these hopes, Israelis have rediscovered the fundamental need for direct control over their own security. This lesson has been learned on many occasions -- in 1948, when no one protected them from a mass invasion that almost crushed the nascent country; in 1967, when the UN suddenly removed the peacekeepers stationed in the Sinai following the previous war; and in 1973, when Egyptian forces were able to use weapons that the American-brokered cease-fire was supposed to have kept far away from the front. But after a few years, the combination of international pressure on Israel and the hopes that perhaps there will be changes this time, have led to another round of Palestinian attacks and a reluctant Israeli return to responsibility for its own security.

It is still far too early to know how the return to Gaza will end. But even if the kidnapped soldier is released, the Israeli forces cannot simply turn around and leave Gaza, waiting for the next attempt. Israel is unlikely to reoccupy the poor and hate-filled cities, but the days when Palestinian groups could simply drive from Egypt into Gaza with weapons and terrorists are over. Reliance on outsiders -- particularly Egypt and the European Union -- for security is over, and Israel has no choice but to resume control over Gaza's borders. This will at least help to prevent more terror and kidnappings, and perhaps eventually convince some Palestinians that the only option they have is to take control over their own society, and finally make the compromises necessary for real peace.

Gerald M. Steinberg is editor of NGO Monitor and director of the Program on Conflict Management at Bar-Ilan University.

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Posted by Steven Shamrak, June 29, 2006.

This was written by Scott Shiloh and is called "Foreign Governments are Key Backers of Peace Now." It appeared in Arutz-Sheva -- www.IsraelNN.com
(http://israelnn.com/news.php3?id=105688 )

Peace Now, a far-left Israeli-based organization promoting Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 borders and removal of all Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria, is largely funded by foreign governments. The organization, which spends large sums of money finding and detailing every new Israeli structure in Judea and Samaria, is effectively on the payroll of at least three European governments, according to Israeli investigative reporter David Bedein?

Bedein said a member of the Finnish Parliament told him the money was forwarded to Finland by the U.S. government. Bedein said another source of financing for Peace Now is the economic Cooperation Foundation, a group funded directly by the European Union. The EFC was the subject of controversy last year when the Israeli media revealed that the organization was funding the activities of left-wing MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz).

The foreign governments which fund Peace Now, such as Britain and Norway, are fundamentally opposed to the existence of all Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. (Effectively, they oppose the existence of the state of Israel. This is an open violation of the sovereignty of an independent state - Israel. It is bordering upon a declaration of war! The Holocaust was not enough, they are determined to finish job!)

1. A mass abduction of about 100 Iraqi factory workers is staged by dozens of gunmen in Tajji north of Baghdad.

2. An alQaeda-led Iraq group announces a decision to kill four Russian embassy hostages.

3. The two missing US soldiers recovered in Yusefiyah south of Baghdad had undergone "barbaric torture" and their bodies were booby-trapped.

...and what UN is worrying about. "The Secretary-General calls on Israel to respect international law and to ensure that its actions are proportionate and do not put civilians at grave risk," - First, the UN must make a strong uncompromising ultimatum to perpetrators and sponsors of terrorism - Hamas, PLO, Al Qaeda, Jamal Islamia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and other 'quiet achievers'! Second, eradicate the internal anti-Israel infestation of anti-Semitism within the UN! Yes, I know, it is too much to ask!

Business as Usual. Hamas recently declared an end to an unofficial truce with Israel. An 8-man terrorist force crawled through an underground tunnel into Israel. Two Israeli soldiers were killed, four others wounded and one is abducted during the raid. Hamas endorsed and played a leading role in the long-planned attack. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has urged the United States to press Israel to stop military escalation against the 'Palestinians'.

US Urges Israel Restraint. THE international community of hypocrites urged restraint as thousands of Israeli troops massed on the Gaza border poised for an offensive over the kidnapping of a teenage soldier. (For 58 year, only Israel has being exercising restraint. It is time to get rid of our enemies once and for all and free Jewish Land!)

Food for Thought

Israel's consul general in New York, Aryeh Mekel, has stated that those American Jews who do not support Olmert's realignment plan "will be told to keep quiet." - The president of Australia Zionist Federation, Philip Chester, also said that Jews in Australia should not protest against deportation of Jews from Judea and Samaria, because it will not change anything. - So much for the democracy and freedom of speech! - When Jews do not challenge apathetic leadership, National disasters happen. There are many compelling examples in Jewish history.

Guns Supplied by Israel to kill Jews. Members of PA President Mahmoud Abbas' personal guard, "Force 17", used Israel's weapons to shoot Israelis this week. Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Force 17, said bluntly that the weapons will be used to shoot Jews, and added that the terror organization may share the weaponry with Hamas as well, if its 3,000-member militia is absorbed into the general PA police force.
(israelnn.com/news.php3?id=105917 (Jewish blood is on the hands of Olmert.)

Red Cross has Done it Again. Israel's aid organization, Magen David Adom has been admitted as a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The Palestine Red Crescent has also become a member. Israel first tried to join the International Red Cross Movement in 1949, but Middle Eastern politics have kept Israel out. (It took 58 years for Israel to get to this point of 'recognition'. It took no time for non-existent, fictitious anti-Israel entity to be recognised by the Red Cross. Now is a very good time for Israel to resign from this deeply anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organization!)

The War is Declared. The armed wing of PA governing group Hamas said its forces aided the attack, using firearms and bombs. spokesman for Gaza's Popular Resistance Committee said they carried out the attack on an Israeli army position near the Gaza Strip. (Do not kid yourself, the war is declared by Hamas government! When will Israel clear Jewish land of our enemies?)

Egypt and Jordan rejected Olmert's 'Realignment'. President Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah warn Israel against unilateral steps - realignment plan for the West Bank.

Steven Shamrak was born in the former Soviet Union (USSR) and participated in the Moscow Zionist "refusenik" movement. For the last 3 years, he has been publishing internet editorial letters on the Arab-Israeli conflict -- independently, not as a member of any organization or political movement. He can be reached by email at StevenShamrak@mail2world.com

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Posted by Benjamin Svetitsky, June 29, 2006.
From: Professors for a Strong Israel

Professors for a Strong Israel deplores the extreme procrastination that preceded the start of military action against the terrorists in the Gaza Strip. This delay served to increase their motivation and led to increased missile fire against Israeli towns and, ultimately, the recent incidents of kidnap and murder. We reject the folly of waiting for international "legitimacy" before acting to defend Israeli citizens exposed to terrorism.

We demand that Operation "Summer Rains" continue beyond the rescue of the kidnapped soldier. We demand that it continue beyond elimination of the threat of the Kassam missiles. Likewise, it is unacceptable that the ultimate goal of the operation be the surrender of the Land of Israel to the "good terrorist" Abu Mazen. We demand that this operation continue until the full and final expulsion of the Palestinian Terror Authority from the Land of Israel.

Contact Professors for a Strong Israel by telephone at 050-551 8940 or by email at bqs@julian.tau.ac.il

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Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 29, 2006.

We read that four IAF jets have buzzed the northern palace of jihad - host Bashir Asad, dictator son of the Syrian dictator who oversaw the murder of Israeli POWs on the Golan in 1973. We read that dozens of Hamas 'officials' have been taken into custody following the murder of 18-year old Israeli hitchhiker, Eliyahu Asheri.

Have you seen the photo of this youth the savages murdered? They have murdered too many Jews. It's been a long time since it's been too many...

Are you disgusted by the incremental, tippy-toe 'response' by the IDF led by the unilateral surrender artists, Ehud Olmart and Amir Peretz? You are for they are far beneath contempt; they are the face of everything contemptible, cowardly, self-hating and corrupt in Israeli politics, the cringing of the galut that is only 'proud' when beating up self-respecting Jews.

So, the IAF has buzzed the palace of the main state harbor of jihadists; they've sent him a message and a warning; another in the endless chain of hollow 'don't do it again or you'll be sorry, maybe' messages in which the Israeli 'elites' excel.

If they had any self-respect or concern for other Jews, if they had any crediblity of fortitude Bashir Asad's palaces would be smoking ruins right now, and all the Hamas 'officials' that have been arrested would be dead from bullets to the head in payment for the execution-murder of that beautiful young man. Nothing else will do him respect or do his family justice. Nothing else will deter similar kidnappings and murders of Jews of all ages by the savages which surround and infest Israel.

The index of the regime's hollowness, cowardice and imminent collapse is its addiction to sending 'warning messages' to savages that are publicly committed to the murder of Jews. Until or unless they strike them as they need to be stricken, off the face of the earth, they will themselves be accomplices in this bloody fiasco they have inflicted upon the Jewish people. They are not for peace, but for war because they do not punish and preempt the enemy. Now, with the abominatons of islam so blatant in our faces is the time to crush the guilty into the ground so that future such will be deterred.

Flatten Gaza, scrape it clean and rebuild it full of beautiful and productive Jewish towns.

Professor Eugene Narrett's new book, Israel and The Endtimes is now available at this web site: www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671 The book discusses the nature and origin of Western Civilization, its intimate, complex and terribly punitive relation to Judaism and the Jewish people. Dr. Narrett's previous books are "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace" and "Israel Awakened".

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Posted by Buddy Macy, June 28, 2006.

First, a message from Dror Vanunu, International Coordinator, Friends of Gush Katif / Director, Gush Katif Committee (gkatif@netvision.net.il)

"We are excited to witness the launch of a campaign fund in North America, from which 100% of the money will help the expellees of Gush Katif. I have been working closely with Buddy Macy and have total confidence in his integrity and honesty -- and in his sincere intentions of helping us. The video presentation at the commemoration in Jerusalem should be tremendously moving. I can't wait to see the faces and hear the voices of all of our friends in America and Canada. From all of the expellees from Gush Katif, thank you very much for your generosity!" Dror

Dror and his family were/are victims of the "disengagement" this past August. He is dedicated to helping his fellow expellees live as normal a life as possible in these more than trying times!

Since the launch of the campaign this past Wednesday on the Middle East Report radio show (www.zoaphilly.org), and on the Internet this past Thursday, I have received quite a few notes of encouragement, including the two that follow, about which nothing needs to be said:


Well, what can I say. I certainly wish I HAD some $ to give. I myself am a widow and mother with NO income whatsoever. (Ya oughtta try that sometime). But am weaving tallitot, challah covers etc and working to get a business going. From 'nothing'. I am so grateful that although my husband died suddenly between jobs and with no insurance, and that we seem to qualify for no aid whatsoever (go figure).... that I DID already have looms and fibers (wool, cotton, silk, linen :-)!) and an excellent training- and even a computer and internet access. So it isn't really nothing, just no money to put into it..... and the harder part is, no legal advice.

But perhaps I could donate some custom-woven challah covers and/or tallitot? I would be glad to discuss how we could work this out with someone there....

Hoping to hear from you soon.

As if that weren't enough, the following is Anita's response to my reply:

Shalom, Buddy,

What a heartening and kind response! Thank you very much!!! I would be so excited and happy to be able to do this for the expellees!!! ... I think I can have at least a couple of tallitot or challah covers, perhaps some of each?, ready before August 1. If I work real hard. Also, you may use my name, email address etc if it will help you. I began weaving tallitot and challah covers in 1977 at The Norry Studio in Rochester NY, so this is something I have done for years, except that while my husband was living I did not for several years. But, will it make a difference to you, that I am not Jewish? I hope/pray that it won't.... For years people have been telling me I have 'Jewish heart' and are usually surprised that I am not Jewish. But I sure do love the Torah and The Almighty One of Israel and His people- most of all the expellees. Oh how my heart aches for them and I pray daily for their strength and encouragement- and for their provision of all they need. And of course for all that has been so wrongfully and brutally taken from them to be restored to them in full /plus/. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to, in a small way, put some 'feet' (action!) in my prayers.

His Best Blessings to you,
anita [from Tennessee]

ps I have had a wretched and discouraging day; your very kind response has made such a difference. Much Shalom to you. [theist@bellsouth.net]

Since the launch of the campaign last week, the fund has raised $2,900. Included among the contributions is an $1800 gift from the Eshet Chayil Foundation of New Jersey.

As was explained in the first campaign email, we plan to produce a video that we intend to show on a giant television screen in Jerusalem during the commemoration ceremonies. Included on the video will be short greetings from donors of a minimum of $180* to Friends of Gush Katif, who will have emailed me a digital movie clip. Our goal is to have a 90-minute video filled from start to finish with best wishes to the expellees from their Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters around the world. If one does not have access to a video camera, he or she will be able to mail or email us a photograph to be included on the video, with a caption created underneath.

For more information about the campaign, or to offer your welcomed assistance, please call toll-free: 800-BUDDY-NY (800-283-3969) from the U.S. or Canada. Outside North America, please call: 973-785-0057. Please forward this email to everyone on your list!

Thanking you in advance for your most generous of support,

Buddy Macy

Friends of Gush Katif
P.O. Box 1001
Little Falls, NJ 07424-1001

Please write the following in the note section of your check: "We give generously!"

Please email your video clip or photo to: vegibud@aol.com.

*Please note: Gifts of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Contact Buddy Macy by email at VegiBud@aol.com

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Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 28, 2006.

Mahmoud Abas' military 'wing,' Fatah's al aksa martyr's brigade boasts that it has shot a rocket bearing a bio-chemical warhead into Israel. This is quite possible and the public response of the Olmert administration minimizing the incident is predictable. Only a terrorist attack resulting in major Jewish casualties might, -- repeat, might compel the client regime of Foggy Bottom to respond with significant military force against the jihadists who are in open war against Israel. The Olmert - Peres regime is not going to accept the reality of this until it happens and when it does they cadres in the media and academia will blare that it is because Israel has not withdrawn fast or far enough toward the ocean.

That's how intelligent the "enlightened ones" in Israel are.

The last thing the Olmert - Barak (Supreme Court Judge and militant secularist Aharon Barak) regime wants is to be put in a position where it needs to save face and thus retain its chokehold on Israeli society by meaningfully striking the Arabs. If this clique was to take a major bite out of terrorism it would damage the regime's excuse and means for 'justifying' the alienation of the central portions of the Jewish heritage of land and holy sites.

The suicidal insanity of the jihadists is less mad and more reality-based than it seems. It is based partly on an accurate assessment of the fact that the dominant elites in Israel intend on destroying the Jewish aspects of the state and that therefore terrorism can be escalated with success if it is done steadily with occasional spikes, like the kidnapping of Jewish soldiers built in to move the process along.

The "Palestinian" terrorist groups are not only pawns of Arab states and ruling elites but of the Israeli secular elites that want, 1) to preempt the dawn of a truly Jewish and self-respecting Israel, and 2) to maintain their own socio-political dominance despite their small numbers.

This is why the current occupation of small parts of Gaza by the IDF is so limp, so lacking in major firepower directed against all areas that harbor terrorists and all hostile population centers. This is why the IDF and Olmert regime already, as the Labor "Zionists" did in 1948 are pleading with the Arabs not to flee to Egypt but to stay in the Gaza area: they need to be as close as possible to the Jewish towns they must attack for further withdrawals to be justified until Israel reaches the size that the State deems adequate for its complete servility while also retaining utility as a target for global jihad and a steady source of computer, laser, military and medical technology. That's the game.

Instead of taking grim satisfaction in the imminent destabilization and fall of the Mubarak and Hussein regimes in Egypt and Jordan respectively and their replacement by blatantly jihadist cliques whose activities might embarass Israel into a meaningful military strike, Israel's government is now aligned with American and French diplomats in laboring to extricate the kidnapped Israeli soldier as a means to saving the puppet regimes in Cairo and Amman.

Of course this self-despising treachery is self-defeating for, like the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif it emboldens Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran and only brings closer the inevitable major attack that will force the anti-Jewish client regimes in Jerusalem to strike back decisively or to lose their hold over the IDF and the Jews. Make book on it: when the terrible attack comes, as in 1948, the forces of 'havlaga' (which is mainly a rationalization of the elite's refusal to be Jewish and embrace the birthright) will counter attack only as much as they need to do to maintain their power and facade of legitimacy. And so there will be graver and larger terror strikes until the entire unnatural charade, the wall of whitewashed plaster is swept away by a storm.

Still this game plays on: Israeli reports, aping and aped by the world media, in consonant with jihadist bluster, emphasize the 'dangers' of Israel attacking its enemies throughout Gaza. Mines, booby traps, .... blather. These are serious obstacles only if the politicized IDF, true to form from 1948 to Jenin 2002 uses its ground troops as cannon fodder and refrains from making maximal use of its air force. This of course is what should be done and would reduce the jihadist enclave to the condition of Dresden in late March 1945.

Maybe Rice should order Olmert to do this since it would save Mubarak from the nightmare western diplomacy and islamic imperialism has created in Gaza and so many other places.

Professor Eugene Narrett's new book, Israel and The Endtimes is now available at this web site: www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671 The book discusses the nature and origin of Western Civilization, its intimate, complex and terribly punitive relation to Judaism and the Jewish people. Dr. Narrett's previous books are "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace" and "Israel Awakened".

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Posted by Mrla 26, June 28, 2006.

This article was written by Henryk M. Broder and it appeared today in Der Spiegel

Many are treating the apparent recognition of Israel by Hamas as a sign of hope. It's not. Indeed, the Palestinians have no such intention -- and have left Israel with only military options.

Once again the Palestinians are in the process of shattering the Israeli dream of peace. The building of a tunnel under the border, the attack on an army post and the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier haven't just served to stir things up in the stagnating Middle East war. The attack also served to bring the Israelis face to face with the limits of their power. And to provide the Palestinians with a short-lived though uplifting feeling of superiority. It's difficult, after all, to categorize an assault on an army unit as an act of terrorism.

Israeli soldiers receive their orders near Kerem Shalom

Recent history has seen the Palestinians firing homemade, short-range Kassam rockets from Gaza into Israel and Israel responding with "targeted assassinations" -- which have often resulted in civilian deaths. That was, though it may sound cynical, Middle East business as usual -- and also mirrored the situation in the north where Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon has hardly resulted in instant peace there.

All or nothing

Now, however, the conflict has reached a new level. The Israeli withdrawal from Gaza last summer has more than anything motivated militant Palestinians to demonstrate to Israel that the conflict is not primarily about territory, the end of the occupation and the return to the 1967 borders. Rather, it's about all or nothing. It's about the control, not the division, of the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Were the Palestinians to invest only a tiny percentage of the energy they consume in internal conflict and resistance against Israelis into the reconstruction of the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank and Gaza would be much better off.

And the Israelis? Those who believed that unilateral action and the construction of a fence would result in the security that negotiations have been unable to provide are now being confronted with the bitter reality. Fences and walls cannot provide absolute security -- and no matter how high such barriers are, they can still be dug under. The question they are asking themselves is this: "What is cheaper: ending or continuing the occupation?" What's the point of military withdrawal when those Palestinians who want a peaceful resolution are unable to assert themselves -- and those Palestinians who want to continue fighting merely feel vindicated and encouraged?

As usual in such moments -- with the tunnel at the end of the light coming ever closer -- those who have a stake begin to clutch at whatever straw they can. The Europeans are once again trying to whitewash things. One hears a lot these days about the so-called "prisoners' document" -- that mysterious paper in which representatives from Hamas and Fatah have agreed on a common position on Israel. It is said to be nothing less than an "indirect recognition" of Israel.

Ignoring the rules of democracy

Leaving aside for a moment what exactly an "indirect recognition" means in practice -- no attacks within the 1967 Green Line? No attacks on Saturdays and holidays? No attacks on women and children? -- one salient fact is being forgotten. Israel and the PLO have already long since recognized each other in the Oslo Accords and all the agreements that have come since.

One of the basic rules in any democracy is that a new government accepts the treaties made by the old. Germany's Christian Democrats, for example, didn't annul the agreements struck by Social Democrat Chancellor Willy Brandt with East Bloc countries in the 1960s even if, when in opposition, they did everything in their power to torpedo the policy.

For Hamas, however, such rules don't seem to apply. The "prisoners' document" is a paper that is supposed to re-establish and solidify the "national unity" of the Palestinians. Inferring therein a recognition of Israel -- no matter how indirect or implicit it may be -- merely shows a tendency toward self-delusion. Nobody has yet seen the entire paper, but those bits that have been released are just as incoherent as they are explicit. And everything is discussed. Indeed, the only thing that doesn't appear is any mention of a recognition of Israel -- neither in pre nor in post 1967 borders. Only one conclusion can be drawn: Even after 40 years of occupation, the Palestinians have still not accepted reality and still dream of a return to the way things used to be.

Indeed, if there is a clear message provided by the paper, it is this: The Palestinians do indeed want a two-state solution. One in those regions -- the Gaza Strip and the West Bank -- occupied in 1967. And one in that region that is today known as Israel. One shouldn't forget that the PLO was founded in 1964 with the goal of freeing Palestine from the Zionists -- three years prior to the Six Day War when Gaza was still under Egyptian control and the West Bank was a part of Jordan.

Either complete victory or utter defeat

Back then, talking about the "Occupied Territories" meant Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beer-Sheva. And in this respect nothing has really changed to this day. The only difference between Hamas and Fatah -- which is overlooked by "the document" -- is the question of how Israel should be defeated: either militarily or through the implementation of a "right of return" policy. Israel therefore has the choice as to whether it is wiped from the map either in battle, or by peaceful means. Whoever hopes Israel will embrace these two alternatives is kidding themselves: there is no third possibility.

Israel has no other choice but to stand tough because every climb down and withdrawal is interpreted as weakness. Furthermore the word "compromise" is a foreign word in the Arab world. You either prevail or go down in a blaze of glory.

For this reason a "ceasefire" is the most Hamas is prepared to offer Israel, which the Europeans insist on misinterpreting as the first step towards recognition. Rather, it's merely a tactical pause in the war against Israel.

News about the new confrontation on the border between Gaza and Israel has largely displaced reports of the looming "humanitarian catastrophe" in Gaza. It's also important to find out how a government that can't even provide for its own people is getting the means to assemble, clothe and arm a new 3,000 man force. And who is arming and paying the salaries of these masked, hyper-agile young men who are storming the streets wielding bazookas? Is that what a "humanitarian catastrophe" looks like?

Hamas, though a problem for Israel, is a catastrophe for the Palestinians. It's a difference that no document can set aside.

Contact Mrla 26 at mrla26@aol.com

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Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 28, 2006.

Matthew Kalman's "Palestine Accord seen producing little progress" (SF Chron, 6.28.06) grossly mis-represents the "accord" that terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails cobbled together in order to manipulate Abbas to get them out of jail.

International media have referred to this accord as a "peace plan"; but what the jailed terrorists announced was nothing more than a declaration of war against Israel and a recommitment to Arab terrorism's "higher goal" of destroying Israel.

In six separate clauses, the declaration calls for acts of terrorism against Israel, to be conducted in conjunction with civil disturbances, negotiations with Israel run by Abbas (something that Iran and its client the Palestinian Islamic Jihad does not accept), as well as an international diplomatic campaign in cooperation with NGO allies intended to delegitimize and demonize Israel.

The terrorists call for the establishment of a new joint terrorist organization called the "Popular Resistance Front" that is to be composed of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah terrorists. This new group's job will be "to lead and engage in resistance (aka. terror warfare) against the occupation and to unify and coordinate action and resistance..." Such coordination will simply enhance the efficiency of their terror war against Israel.

The document also insists that Israel accept the so-called "right of return" of the so-called "refugees"; but this demand in reality means that in exchange for a temporary cessation of terror attacks against its citizens, Israel agrees to its own national destruction. The so-called "right of return" is a demand that Israel accept the unimpeded in-migration of millions of hostile, foreign- born Arabs to Israel's sovereign territory.

Finally, in a decidedly self-serving fashion, the convicted murderers emphatically call for their own release from Israeli jails and see their release as "a sacred national duty."

So convicted Palestinian mass murderers met in an Israeli prison yard to recommit themselves to their war for the destruction of Israel, and the international press call it a 'peaace plan'.

David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 28, 2006.

The LA Times article by Laura King and Ken Ellingwood "Israelis punch into Gaza..." (SF Chron, 6.28.06) touches briefly upon a Mid-east 'fact of life' which bears some clarification.

The terrorist leadership in the Arab world, from the Hajj Amin el Husseini, grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the pre-state era, to Fatah and the PLO and Arafat and now Hamas and Abbas, have never disagreed as to their "higher goal": the destruction of Israel. Disagreement between so-called 'moderates' and radicals has been whether to pretend to make peace now and gain some political advantages or to keep up a terrorist assault with no pretense of peace, so that Jews are killed almost daily.

In that context, Arafat was indeed a 'moderate'. He sought a superficial political solution so that he could muster his terror forces behind the safety of a semi-autonomous Palestinian Authority and unleash them with greater efficacy when the time was ripe....but, as his adjutant Faisal Husseini said, never loosing sight of the 'higher goal'. Hamas and numerous other terror groups opposed even this faux-peacemaking, and used terror to derail Arafat's pseudo-peace talks.

Now we see the same schism within Hamas. Although he has not eschewed the Hamas Covenant and its higher goal to destroy Israel and genocide its Jews, Isma'il Haniyeh is scrambling to quell his own terror forces and keep them from undermining his recent political gains. He is playing the role that Arafat played. His immediate superior, Khaled Mash'al, safely esconced in Damascus, made an end-run around Haniyeh, and ordered the recent attack by Hamas terror forces loyal to him, in order to keep the terrorism alive and active, and to prevent Haniyeh from gaining too much power, even though this most recent unprovoked attack and kidnapping may result in a massive defeat for the Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip.

For Mash'al, most of the Hamas leadership, and most of the Hamas terror army, just the slightest hint of resolution, even though it may be nothing more than a subterfuge to further the 'higher goal' later on, cannot be tolerated. The immortal words of the Hajj live on: "Murder the Jews. Murder them all!...Kill the Jews - kill them with your hands, kill them with your teeth - this is well pleasing to Allah." (Berlin Radio, 1942).

For the Arab terrorist leaders, terrorism is more important than statehood. Killing Jews is more important than Palestinian political self-determination. Fatah did not lose the last election. The Palestinian people did.

David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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Posted by Avodah 15, June 28, 2006.

The IDF confirmed early Thursday a report the Popular Resistance Committees issued from Gaza that it had executed Eliyahu Asheri, 18, of Itamar, who was kidnapped earlier this week in the West Bank.

IDF combat engineers and Shin Bet agents, acting on intelligence, found Asheris body Wednesday night in an abandoned car in an open field outside of Ramallah. The youth appeared to have been shot to death, and initial findings indicated that he may have been killed as early as Sunday.

Asheri family has been notified.

After Israel fears came true Wednesday when a spokesman for the PRC in the Gaza Strip revealed an authentic copy of missing teenager Asheri identity card to the press, confirming claims that he had been kidnapped, the police elite counterterrorist squad raided a home in Ramallah in the afternoon and arrested a fugitive, who may have provided the information on the location of Asheri body. butchered in front of TV cameras if the IDF operation in Gaza did not stop. our patience is running out,he said.

Contact Avodah 15 at avodah15@aol.com

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Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, June 28, 2006.

This more or less says it all. I wonder how long the before they send in the troops with the wooden stick who will yell bang, bang so as not to get the guns dirty. It is really a shame because there are still some good soldiers left in the IDF. I wonder how long they can stand being made the fools of the world.

From Shmuel
Subject: Update
Gaza "invasion" to this moment.

No casualties for the enemy.
No detainees.
Apparently 20 thousand soldiers in there.
Apparently 150 tanks involved on raising large clouds of dust.
Apparently 300 APC's carrying ice popsicles for one and all.
Cannon is bombarding sand dunes.
Two bridges originally built by the Gush Katif Administration, partially dismantled.
One old metal working lathe, destroyed.
One HV electrical power transformer ignited.

Two islamics killed while arming a mine in their home...

Perhaps it is the post war style of making war. If you know anything else let us know. Everybody here is in utter disbelief.


Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

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Posted by Israel Zwick, June 28, 2006.
This article was written by Tashbih Sayyed http://web.israelinsider.com/views/8756.htm

Can a war be won without understanding the enemy? No. Israel's continuing failure to stem persistent Hamas terrorism is a testimony to the fact that the Jewish state is still in dark about the real character of their enemy -- Arabs living in the historical Jewish lands.

Time and again Israeli leaders have exhibited their profound ignorance of the Arab's culture of terror that nourishes the Hamas mentality. The Israeli efforts to withdraw from southern Lebanon and the unilateral disengagement to the 1967 lines around Gaza Strip have all been carried out under the perception that such gestures will achieve peace with the Arabs. But in reality, it worked the other way round. The Arabs perceived Israel's peace moves as its weakness. The Israelis have been forced to pay in blood, the price of their leaders' failure to understand the culture of terror.

In this existential war for Israel, it is vital to keep Hamas' constitution in mind. A video released on the Hamas website clearly emphasizes the Arab Islamic ideology -- the subjugation of Judeo-Christian lands under Islam. Moreover, Israel's withdrawal from Gaza has been presented as a success of their policy of terror. The way Israel "ran" from Gaza after terror is presented as the prototype for future Israeli and western behavior in the face of Islamic force.

Transcripts of Hamas' video leave no doubt about the true agenda of the Islamists in which the future Palestinian State, being pushed as the "only" solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict, will be a vanguard. The video boasts, "We will rule the nations, by Allah's will, the USA will be conquered, Israel will be conquered, Rome and Britain will be conquered. The Jihad for Allah... is the way of Truth and the way for Salvation and the way, which will lead us to crush the Jews and expel them from our country Palestine. Just as the Jews ran from Gaza, the Americans will run from Iraq and Afghanistan and the Russians will run from Chechnya, and the Indian will run from Kashmir, and our children will be released from Guantanamo. The prisoners will be released by Allah's will, not by peaceful means and not by agreements, but they will be released by the sword, they will be released by the gun".

Sunday's (June 25, 2006) pre-dawn attack by Hamas' military wing against Gilad Shalit's tank in which the terrorists succeeded in abducting him and killing two of his crew is just another example of Hamas' culture of terror. Proving once again my premise that talks, negotiations, dialogue and peace gestures are tools of a civilized culture. In a culture of terror these methods are a sign of weakness.

In this culture, murderers are lionized as Gaziz (victors), killers who die in the pursuance of their bloody trade are called Shaheeds (martyrs) who are believed to be rewarded by Allah with 72 virgins and a state in which the followers of one faith are considered as the most perfect and the others sub-human (Dhimmis) is considered as a Dar ul Amn (House of Peace).

The Islamist culture of terror is in unambiguous with regard to Jews. An act of terrorism against Jews is not considered terrorism. Most all newspapers in the Muslim lands support Arab terrorism against Jews. They justify attacks on the Israeli citizens as a legitimate act of jihad (holy war). According to a fatwa (edict) issued by Egyptian Mufti Sheikh Ali Goma'a, "whoever blows himself up is a Shaheed".

Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most influential contemporary Sunni Muslim scholars is a radical supporter of Islamist terrorism and promoter of anti-Semitism. According to a research article, "he has called for targeting American forces and civilians in Iraq and provided religious justification for the use of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians. His fatwa authorizing the use of women in suicide attacks -- an ironic reflection of his "advanced" concept of women's capabilities -- provides religious sanction for Hamas when it began enlisting female "martyrs."

The culture of terror that symbolizes Hamas, believes and teaches that the Jews have killed God's prophets and oppose justice and righteousness. According to this belief, and throughout history, radical Islam has inflicted enormous damage on the human race. They have achieved this by engaging in plots against other nations and ethnic groups by perpetrating destruction, evil and malice.

The theology that has given birth to the Hamas mindset teaches that the infidels (non-Muslims) have been the source of such deadly diseases as the plague and typhus. They believe that Christians poisoned their water wells, and thus killed them.

Can a dialogue be initiated with a culture that professes and ideology that is anti-Christian and anti-Semitic? No. Unless this culture is cleansed of their hatred for non-Muslims of all religions, nothing productive can emerge from any amount of talking or negotiating. They need to be dealt with an iron hand.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is correct in his declaration that there will not be any negotiations with Hamas over the release of IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit. "This is not a matter of negotiations, this is not a matter of bargaining," Olmert said in a speech to a gathering in Jerusalem. Olmert said Israel would fight Islamic extremists and warned that it could hit militants wherever they are.

The Shalit abduction should serve as a warning that so long as Hamas is being treated as an authentic member of a civilized society, Israeli will never be able to secure peace and prosperity for its citizens. Hamas must be treated as what it is -- a group of terrorists.

This past Sunday's killings and kidnapping should be taken as further proof that by rewarding terrorism with appeasement, land giveaways and negotiations, the Islamists have become further convinced that terrorism is a legitimate response in their quest to achieve their ultimate and sinister goals.

Contact Israel Zwick at israel.zwick@earthlink.net

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 28, 2006.


Road Map Phase I requires the Arabs to eradicate terrorism and terrorist organizations. PM Olmert is drawing up an alternative to his withdrawal plan that abandons 90% of Judea-Samaria to a P.A. state, and enters Phase II of the Road Map without Phase I. Thus the Arab state would have all its terrorist militias in place, ready to resume the war from the vantage of sovereignty.

Olmert claims that Israel would retain control over the Jordan Valley. That was the same language that PM Sharon had used about the Philadelpha corridor in Gaza, from which Israel was to prevent smuggling. He gave the corridor up. When the world tells Israel that retaining control over the Valley, which would give Israel a secure border where Joshua fought for the Israelites, is "occupation," he would give it up (IMRA, 6/13).

Remember how weak Rabin was towards the Arabs and the US? Netanyahu was worse. Remember how appeasement-minded Netanyahu was? Barak wanted to give everything away. Remember how unrealistic Barak was? Sharon was worse. Remember how foolish Sharon was? Olmert epitomizes folly.


Arabs tend to gather around a car of terrorists being attacked by Israeli aircraft. The result is that more bystanders get killed. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights warns them not to. It also condemned Israel for attacking the cars of terrorists (IMRA, 6/13).

It ought to demand that the terrorists evacuate from civilian areas, so as not to draw fire down upon the civilians. Terrorist deployment there is a war crime. Attacking terrorists there is not, so long as Israel doesn't blanket the whole neighborhood with artillery shells.


Nadia Matar is about to go on trial in that purported democracy known as the State of Israel for "insulting" a public official. Her crime was to liken the official in charge of rousting the Jews out of Gaza similar to the Judenrat, or Jewish ghetto officials who helped Germany roust the Jews from their towns and onto the railroad trains.

Matar has sued PM Olmert's daughter, Dana, for calling the Defense Minister a "murderer," after some Arab bathers in Gaza were blown up in a mysterious explosion that the P.A. faked evidence to implicate Israel in. If Israel were responsible, it was an accident. Dana did not wait for an investigation. Her rallying cry was "Long live the Intifada!" Matar's strategy is to show that the law doesn't get applied to seditious leftists, only to patriotic rightists, or to force the Left to drop the law (Prof. Steven Plaut, 6/13). In other words, Dana Olmert does favor murder, but of her own people. Olmert brags that his family influences him.


"Q: Mr. Secretary-General, at a time when Pres. Mahmoud Abbas is trying to force the hand of Hamas to accept the referendum, to instill the principle of the Road Map and two States living side by side in peace, Israel is conducting its offensive?" "We do accept that Israel has a right to defend itself and its population, but..." "...how shocked and saddened I am by the latest missile attack by the Israelis... I have always maintained that there has to be proportional use of force, and governments have to be careful not to take action in areas where civilians are remotely likely to be put in harm's way, and that we need to respect humanitarian international law."

Sec. Annan phoned PM Olmert to accuse Israel of violating international law. Angry, Olmert asked whether the Arabs' firing of hundreds of rockets honors international law. "Why didn't you phone me after 30 rockets were fired at Israel, and say you wanted it investigated?" Annan replied that he didn't know of the week-long bombardment. (He often gives ignorance of current events as an excuse. Even when informed, he does not act.)

"...with regards to the [Qassam] attacks by the Palestinians, I have always condemned it and ask them to stop doing it."

"Q: Mr. Secretary, the Israelis have done their own investigation into the first attack on the beach where that girl lost her whole family, and officials are saying that they are concluding that this is a mine that was on the beach... Human rights organizations are saying that this is quite unlikely."

"SG: ... an international investigation of any kind, it would require the cooperation of the parties."

"SG: I have always said that I stand by... the need to be careful not to resort to extra-judicial assassination of people who do not have a chance to respond to the accusations -- whatever they may be -- because they will no longer be around to answer questions anyway." (IMRA, 6/14.)

Annan attributed the blast to Israel, without knowing the facts. He has the mentality of a lynch mob. When he heard that Israel thought that the explosion came from a mine at the beach, he called this "odd." It isn't. Hamas is known to have mined the beach. Another fact he didn't know.

There is no requirement for proportional use of force. Belligerents are required to try to minimize civilian casualties. That, Israel does. Why doesn't Annan acknowledge that and admit that the Arab side specializes in maximizing civilian casualties, sometimes as the sole target? International law of war forbids troops from risking civilians needlessly by stationing themselves and fighting from amongst them; it permits the enemy to attack such forces stationed in civilian areas. Annan doesn't understand international law.

Yes, Annan asks the P.A. not to commit terrorism. However, the request is mild and without expectation of compliance, for the Arabs never have complied with such requests. Since they are the aggressors, commit terrorism, and endanger civilians by their presence among them, they should be condemned severely and Israel should be encouraged to fight back, not just permitted to fight back and then be rebuked for it. The questioner shows his own bias by referring to Israeli defense, which mostly is a phony attack on open areas, an "offensive" that interferes with Abbas' peace effort. The daily rocket bombardment of Israel is an offensive, and Abbas' praise of the terrorists nullifies his alleged peace effort.

Yes, an ideal investigation requires cooperation. This the Arabs won't do. Let Annan remark that if the Arabs don't want to be seen as hiding the facts, they should not sweep away evidence. But can Israel get a fair international investigation? You see the bias at the UNO.

During WWII, the US shot down the brilliant admiral commanding the Japanese fleet. It was not an "extra-judicial assassination." Adm. Yamoto had no right to a trial. It was war. The Arabs go in for assassination, themselves. When Israelis are the victims, the terrorists are not condemned.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Judy Lash Balint, June 28, 2006.

Efraim Halevy, the former head of Israel's fabled Mossad intelligence agency, drives up to a briefing at a Jerusalem think tank in his own grey sedan. No one would guess that the unassuming, British-born gentleman who steps out of the car is the architect of Israel's controversial targeted assassination policy that has eliminated scores of Arab terrorists over the past several years.

Halevy, 73, headed up the Mossad between 1998-2002, years when Israel was dealing with Yasser Arafat as head of the Palestinian national movement. But Halevy identifies the current crisis triggered by the tunnel raid into Israel and the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, 19, as "the fatal moment, the ultimate moment of truth" for Palestinians.

For Halevy, the author of a new book entitled Man In The Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis (Weidenfeld & Nicholson) the manner in which Hamas leadership deals with the kidnap situation will reveal whether there's a future for real Palestinian governance or if the territories under Palestinian control will descend into further chaos and anarchy, ringing the death knell both for themselves and as future negotiating partners for Israel.

"The real question is whether the Palestine national movement has the power to create a structure of command, control and viable governance," Halevy states. "Are they capable of setting up a system of governance"? While Halevy won't predict the outcome, his analysis is that Hamas is now on the horns of a dilemma about the direction they will take. "All timetables have changed," Halevy asserts, noting that the ruling party would now be pushed to go one way or the other because a faction had chosen to instigate the well-planned tunnel incursion into Israeli territory. "We'll see all this unfold in the next 24-48 hours," he predicts.

Halevy paints a scenario where Khalad Mashal, the Damascus based head of Hamas' military wing could triumph over the so-called civil wing. There's a "real possibility Mashal will succeed in leading Hamas into a spiral of destruction over this issue," he asserts. If that should occur, the future will be an even greater question mark than ever, Halevy says.

But the former intelligence head posits that should the Gaza and Ramallah Hamasniks "get it together and overcome the threat from Damascus, Hamas could become a viable partner for negotiations with Israel." If they resolve the kidnapping, "we'll be in a new ball game," Halevy asserts. At that point, Hamas will have some degree of credibility and if they show that they will adhere to some basic norms of how a responsible government acts, it will be possible to deal with them, Halevy maintains.

At the end of the day, Halevy insists, the ball is in the Hamas court. "Hamas has to decide how to resolve the issue of the kidnapped soldier. Israel doesn't have to do anything. If they resolve it, a new situation will arise." As far as Halevy is concerned, there's no place for Israel to support one Hamas faction over another. "We don't have to save Hamas in any way. This is a test of authority for Hamas leaders."

Whether Hamas implodes or not, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert continues to push ahead with his "realignment" plan to transfer tens of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria. As former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's security advisor, Halevy supported the idea of leaving Gaza, but opposed the unilateral approach that meant "we got nothing, and the Palestinians see the withdrawal as a great victory." Today, Halevy acknowledges that the number of Kassam rocket attacks on Israeli communities has risen since the Gaza pullout and states categorically: "I don't see that any future realignment plan is worthwhile from a security point of view."

Judy Lash Balint is an award-winning investigative journalist and author of "Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" (Gefen). It is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com Visit http://flickr.com/photos/jerusalemdiaries/ for some unusual photos from Israel.

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Posted by Batya Medad, June 28, 2006.

There's a war going on, and this latest "military incursion" is just one of the battles.

It doesn't make me happy. I'm not a war-hungry militant. I don't want fighting and war. I want victory a genuine victory.

I want the victory we had in our hands in June, 1967, but this time we're not giving the enemy the keys to the Temple Mount![1]

Until we have a battle plan to defeat the Arab terrorists who are attempting to destroy us and western civilization, all of these "incursions" are just cosmetics, and they are dangerous.

If you want peace, you must destroy[2] the enemy. That's the truth; that's life. 1. Lambert Dolphin, "Preparations for a Third Jewish Temple" http://www.templemount.org/tempprep.html 2. Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, "Palestinian Authority political leaders advocated kidnapping-for-hostage policy," June 27, 2006,

Batya Medad lives in Shiloh. She can be reached by email at Shilohmuse@yahoo.com or visit her website http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/ or go to http://www.shilo.org.il

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Posted by Steven Plaut, June 28, 2006.

1. Tough!

Quick, take a fast current events quiz:

1. Since the start of the Palestinian "intifada", how many innocent Palestinian civilians have been intentionally murdered by Israel?

2. Since the start of the Palestinian "intifada", how many innocent Israeli civilians have been intentionally murdered by the PLO, the Hamas, and their affiliates?

Now if you have been relying on the mainstream media, you will be forgiven for not knowing the correct answers to those two questions. The correct answer to the first question is "zero", and the correct answer to the second question is "All of them!"

That's right. Not a single innocent Palestinian has been intentionally killed by Israel during the past two decades of "intifada" violence. But every single one of the hundreds of Jewish civilians killed was an intentional act of Palestinian murder.

Sure, plenty of guilty Palestinians have been killed, and these include murderers, leaders in terror organizations, rank and file terrorists, and people setting up rocket launchers to fire at Jewish civilians. And sure, there have also been innocent Palestinian civilians who were killed or injured when the Jews shot back. These are people who were killed in the same Israeli anti-terror operations necessitated by Palestinian terrorist aggression and atrocities.

There is a fundamental difference, however, between Palestinian civilians getting killed in anti-terror operations and reprisals by Israel and Israeli civilians, who are killed by Palestinian Islamofascists. The Palestinian dead are unintended collateral damage from operations aimed at stopping rocket attacks and other terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. True, Israeli anti-terror operations are not so "surgically exact" that only guilty terrorists get killed in them. I am quite sure that if and when such a precise military technology is invented, for killing only guilty terrorists when they hide among innocent civilians, Israel will be the first country on earth to adopt it. However, until then, when Palestinians intentionally target and murder Jewish civilians, innocent Palestinian civilians may suffer the consequences of Arab terror.

Jewish civilians are ALWAYS the target of Palestinian terror. Israeli soldiers hurt by the terrorists are generally the unintended collateral damages.

Israel suffers from a fundamental strategic problem, which damages its ability to defend itself, namely, the fact that modern Hebrew does not have a linguistic equivalent to the American slang expression "Tough!" True, it has some words for "What a Shame," but they do not quite convey the same meaning. As a result, Israeli politicians generally fail to respond to whines from the world about Palestinian civilians getting hurt in counter-terror operations by saying, "Tough!"

There has never been a war in which only soldiers get killed, and there does not exist a weapons technology that allows military strikes to take place in an exact manner where no civilians near military targets ever get hurt. Such surgical precision is all the more impossible when terrorists intentionally hide within and behind civilian populations. International law recognizes the rights of countries at war to attack terrorists and even soldiers when they are hiding among civilians, even when such attacks produce civilian deaths. International law assigns blame for those deaths on the belligerents who use the civilians as their "human shields". As well it should.

When German civilians were killed in massive allied bombing of Germany in World War II, when schools with German children were blown to bits, the American command did not send out forensics crews to examine whether the shell or bomb had really come from an American plane or perhaps from something else. The Allied command just said "Tough!". Nazi Germany had started the war, engaged in barbarous aggression and genocide, and Germany -- including its civilians -- would have to bear the consequences. Don't like German children being targeted? Then don't start a world war.

Ditto for Japanese civilians killed in World War II. Let us keep in mind that far more innocent Japanese civilians died in the conventional bombing of Tokyo than in the two nuclear explosions. Bombing Tokyo was necessary to end the war. (Actually, so was bombing Hiroshima.) Civilians died as a result? Tough!

When Palestinians on a Gaza beach are killed by an Israeli shell (if that is what really happened, and there are reasons to doubt it), then the moral responsibility for those deaths rests squarely on the shoulders of the Palestinian terrorists who necessitate Israeli return fire. These are the same terrorists who have fired thousands of rockets and mortar shells into Israeli civilian areas, even after Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip. These are the murdering Islamofascists who have turned the Negev town of Sderot, well inside Israel's pre-1967 borders, into the Israeli equivalent of Guernica, under daily bombardment. Sderot's low-income civilians live in bunkers, afraid for their lives.

Don't want Palestinian civilians killed when Israel shoots back? Simple. Stop the rocket attacks on Sderot.

Don't like Israeli reprisals? Simple. Stop the terror atrocities committed by Palestinians against Jews.

You want Palestinians to move about freely without being searched at checkpoints? Simple. Stop the campaign of bombings, suicide mass murders, and atrocities by the Palestinians. When the Palestinians stop murdering Jews, no one will have to check their cars. When Palestinian ambulances no longer carry explosives and murderers, no one will stop them for inspection.

You want the Palestinians to earn decent wages, have a comfortable life? Simple. Suppress Palestinian terrorism. Stop Palestinian rocket aggression. Then they can even hold day jobs in Israel if they want. They are welcome to shop in Israel and get Israeli medical treatment. No problem!

But as long as the terror continues, don't expect Israel to respond by turning the other cheek and abandoning self-defense. Don't like it? TOUGH! When suicide bombers blow up Israeli buses and cafes, military strikes at the perps will continue and Palestinian civilians may well die. Tough! You don't want innocent Palestinian civilians to have to die? Stop the mass atrocities against Jewish children and other living things! Don't like civilians getting hurt in wars? Then don't start wars of terror and aggression against Israel.

The Bash-Israel lobby keeps coming up with new forms of political aggression against the Jewish state. The newest goes something like this. Until Israel is technologically capable of killing terrorists hiding in the middle of cities full of civilians without a single Palestinian civilian being injured as "collateral damage", then Israel should be coerced into adopting a policy of Quaker pacifism, under which it does not respond or retaliate at all to terror atrocities.

In other words, by demanding that Israel only implement 100% pure military tactics that no other army on earth has ever adopted, the Bash-Israel lobby is in effect really insisting that Israel stop defending its own civilians altogether. Israel should just respond to the firing of thousands of rockets at its civilians by turning the other cheek, becoming the first nation on earth to adopt such pacifism as its military strategy. Israel must be disarmed, while the terrorism must be rewarded. And if Israel dares to shoot back, it becomes the aggressor. By the same logic, Britain and the US were the real aggressors against Germany in 1944.

Such disingenuous demands for utopian purity in military operations, even when they come from Israel's own Leftists, are little more than a demand for unconditional Israeli capitulation to terror. Indeed, the only permissible defensive strategy such people are willing to allow Israel to follow is such capitulation.

Let us stop with the rhetorical pretenses and affectations! People who are "only" outraged when Palestinian civilians are unintentionally hurt by Israel, but have nothing to say against the mass rocket attacks on Sderot, are naked anti-Semites. They consider Jewish children legitimate targets of Arab aggression and Islamofascist terror because they hate Jews. In reality, they do not care a fig about Palestinian civilian casualties. Such causalities are such delightful propaganda tools that can be exploited to demonize the Jews.

There is only one effective way to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties, and that is to stop the Palestinian terrorist aggression against Israel. But that is the one solution to the problem that these modern day pogromchiki, including the academic brownshirts, will never allow to be implemented.

2. June 28, 2006
"Stop Terror at Its Source"
By Michael Oren
June 28, 2006; Page A14

JERUSALEM -- Dawn broke yesterday over the Israel-Gaza border on a surreal but not unfamiliar scene: Rows of Merkava tanks, armored personnel carriers and Humvees were assembled in preparation for an incursion into the strip. These forces -- when given the green light -- would punch through booby-trapped refugee camps in search of Hamas and Islamic Jihad gunmen, while Israeli jets and helicopters hunt the terrorists from above.

By invading Gaza, Israel hopes to counter increasingly bold Palestinian attacks -- such as the firing of some 1,000 Qassam rockets at Israeli border towns and the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Hamas earlier this week. The troops will probably net a large number of terrorists and may rescue the captured soldier. But while the operation may flex its military muscle, it cannot restore Israel's deterrence power or prevent future rocket attacks and kidnappings. Indeed, the attack may well prove Pyrrhic -- inflicting greater injury on Israel than on the Palestinians.

The quandary Israel confronts today originated in the unilateral withdrawal of all Israeli settlers and soldiers from Gaza last August. A sizable majority of Israelis supported disengagement, excruciating as it was, as a means of achieving a national consensus on the country's borders and of preserving its vital Jewish majority.

Yet even those Israelis most in favor of the Gaza pullout understood that many Palestinians would interpret the move as a strategic retreat and a victory for Hamas and al-Aqsa terror. "We shot at the Jews and they fled Gaza," they would say, "so let's keep shooting and they'll abandon Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem." Israel could have refuted that claim by responding immediately and massively to every infiltration and to every rocket fired, irrespective of whether the attacks caused Israeli casualties. Gaza is now a de facto independent state, Israel should have declared, and like any other state it must bear the consequences of its aggression.

* * *

But Israel did none of this. On the contrary, infiltrations and rocket strikes began almost the day after the Gaza disengagement. The primary target was Sderot, a working-class town in the western Negev populated mostly by long-settled immigrants from North Africa and more recent arrivals from Russia. Israel responded with missile attacks aimed at eliminating the Palestinian rocket crews and destroying the Qassam factories. But the crews were too elusive and the factories too readily rebuilt.

The attacks against Sderot and other border towns intensified -- several Qassams struck Askhelon, Israel's major industrial city in the south -- and the Palestinians elected a Hamas government sworn to escalate the violence. Israel retaliated by blasting the Qassam launching areas with artillery fire, but the barrages did little but churn up dirt and accidentally hit civilians. The Jewish state, from a Palestinian perspective, seemed helpless.

Israel's impotence was the product of several factors, firstly Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's reluctance to reoccupy Gaza so soon after evacuating it. Then came Mr. Sharon's stroke and the Israeli elections, during which, traditionally, Israel refrains from staging large-scale operations. Finally, Ehud Olmert succeeded in cobbling together a left-of-center coalition that pledged to proceed with the unilateral disengagement from the territories (or, as it is now called, convergence), but largely abandoned Mr. Sharon's hard-hitting antiterror tactics.

Though himself a resident of Sderot, Minister of Defense Amir Peretz, a Laborite and advocate of renewed talks with the Palestinians, vowed to exercise maximum restraint and to "count the shells" that the Israel Defense Forces fired into Gaza. Indeed, when Qassams were smashing into Sderot last week and Mr. Peretz's neighbors were on a hunger strike in front of his house, the defense minister was in Jerusalem stumping for his candidates in the Jewish Agency elections.

Israel's inaction has provided a bonanza to Hamas. By demonstrating that disengagement impaired rather than enhanced Israeli security, Hamas has dissuaded many Israelis from supporting a similar withdrawal from the West Bank, from where Qassams could be launched at Tel Aviv and the Ben-Gurion airport. By firing the rockets from densely populated neighborhoods, the Palestinians have forced Israel to kill and wound civilian bystanders, sullying its reputation abroad. Indeed, many world leaders and virtually all of the press hastened to condemn Israel for allegedly firing a shell onto a Gaza beach that killed eight Palestinians. That the IDF denied firing the shell and that the Palestinians destroyed exculpatory evidence by gouging shrapnel from the victims' limbs could not repair the damage to Israel's image.

Collateral damage not only hurts Israel's international standing, it also divides the country internally. Many Israelis grieve over the deaths of innocent Palestinians, even those incurred in successful strikes against terrorists. Israel's Supreme Court is now considering two lawsuits against the IDF, both filed by Israelis, for the unintentional deaths of 15 civilians while killing Hamas commander Selah Shahada in 2002.

The deaths of more than a dozen Palestinian civilians by Israeli fire in the last few weeks has further widened these schisms, pinning the government between the leftists who denounce its callousness and the generals who disdain its sheepishness. An Israeli raid into Gaza will almost certainly result in a frightful number of civilian deaths. The press will once again focus on funerals and mourning families and forget the reason for Israel's action. Israelis will once again agonize over whether these casualties were justified or avoidable.

Palestinians will not be the only ones killed. Hundreds of Qassams fell on Sderot but it took the deaths of two soldiers and the kidnapping of a third to move the government to consider major military action. Soldiers are Israel's Everyman -- or rather Everychild -- and Israelis are acutely sensitive to their safety. Yet in retaliating for the rocket attacks and trying to free the hostage, the IDF will almost certainly suffer casualties.

After a few days of heated battles and accusations of Israeli atrocities, the government will be compelled to extract its forces from Gaza, but not all the soldiers will be going home. And the rockets will keep raining on Sderot. Posing as defenders of the land, Hamas will be made more, not less, popular by the Israeli attack, and Abu Mazen will be commensurately weakened. Mr. Olmert will be unable to proceed on convergence and the Israeli right will begin its inexorable return to office.

There is, however, one way to avert a public relations disaster for Israel, to limit casualties, and to restore Israel's deterrence power: Israel must return to the targeted-killing policy that enabled Mr. Sharon to triumph over terrorist organizations. Israel must target those Palestinians who order others to fire rockets from within civilian areas but whose families are located safely away from the firing zones. No Hamas or Islamic Jihad leader should be immune from such reprisals -- neither Prime Minister Ismail Haniya nor Khaled Meshal, who masterminds Hamas from Damascus. Though there is certain to be some international backlash, the damage to Israel's image will likely be temporary. Who today remembers Abdel Aziz Ranitisi and Sheikh Yassin? Those responsible for causing injury and death to both Israelis and Palestinians must pay the ultimate price. Only then can quiet be restored to Israel's borders and progress toward either unilateral or negotiated solutions resumed.

Mr. Oren, senior fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, is author of "Six Days of War" (Oxford, 2002). URL for this article:


Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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Posted by Evelyn Hayes, June 28, 2006.

We lost 29 wonderful boys as bomb targets in Operation Defensive Shield implicating the collaboration of Saddam Hussein and Arafat al Husseini/Mahmoud Abbas in suicide murder.

Kadima then invited another killing field by evicting Jews from productive peaceful Gush Katif employing Bedouins and others, sending fruits, vegetables and flowers across the globe.

As Kadima watched the killing field bomb Sderot extensively and shushed the attacks on Ashkelon, and knew of more tunnels it was too busy brutalizing its settled Jews on Jewish owned land in Biblical Israel.

Warn all inhabitants of War zone Gaza of temporary eviction and Bomb sweep by air not with our kids.

The 150,000 who rushed the gates opened by Condoleezza Rice and Kadima can be evicted by all in Gaza terrorist holdouts and sent to a safe haven in walled section of Sinai and then massive bombing of the remaining terrorist infrastructure and weapons plants. Shutting off electric and water will try out the terrorists or send them escaping through their tunnels. Where are the dogs who would be barking out the tunnels.

True peaceful residents can return after Gaza is cleared and all mercenarry murdering Hizballah, Alqaida, Hamas, Fatah are sent to an Alkatraz to stop global jihad rallying by killing Jews.

Stop Jihad now before it is all explosive

Contact Evelyn Hayes at haze@rcn.com

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Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 28, 2006.

One knows that the IDF, Israel and the Jewish people are poised for a long-needed and life-saving success when Arab MK's began burbling threats about ending the move into that geographic anomaly and geopolitical imposture, the Gaza strip. The smell of success also is blowin' in the wind when jihadists begin making threats about what they 'will do' if Israel gives them the pounding they have earned and that they can feel hovering in the air above their murderous heads.

This babbling of the enemy is a sure sign that Israel, astonishingly (and look at what it's taken the past 13 years) is on the verge of making a major bite out of global jihad and in restoring deterrence, -- the awareness by everyone that Jewish life is precious, not cheap and that, cousin to this fact, that Jewish land everywhere west of the Jordan is going to be redeemed and soon.

Israel must not miss this opportunity to bring light out of darkness, good from evil and to step away from the precipice its ruling echelons have brought it to (albeit with much great power pressure). The hail of rockets from the Gaza strip have been a kind of measure for measure revealing the suicidal stupidity and sin of removing the Jewish settlers from their beautiful communities there. The continuing and increasing attacks, and the escalating threats of the Islamic groups of more to come are facts demanding that retributive justice be exacted now.

Trust us: nearly all Americans, including the malicious peddlers of bad faith in the State Department will breathe a lot easier. But that is not the main concern or benefit...

At a minimum, the IDF remains in the entire southern 'bulge' of Gush Katif, isolating the terrorists from the sieve-like Egyptian border and re-establishing a permanent Jewish presence there, for life and living. In addition, all leaders of all terrorist groups that may be involved in any way with the rocket attacks or with the recent infiltration, murders of soldiers on guard duty (this isn't a war, is it? and if it is...), and the heinous kidnapping and threats to murder Israeli POW Shalit must be executed forthwith by any means.

And if, heaven forbid, POW Shalit is not released promptly or if he is harmed further in any way at all then every leader and spokesman for any terror group anywhere from the Sinai to and throughout Syria and Lebanon, Yehuda and the Shomron are to be executed and the cities from which they operate flattened flatter than the towns of Gush Katif were flattened; flattened just like the cities from which the nazi murderers operated.

This is the path to peace; this is the preemption of more terror attacks against Jews. This is deterrence against the continuing attrition and genocide of the Jewish people.

It's about time that Israel, the main target for many centuries, led the world in bringing a big dose of retributive justice and deterrence to global jihad. That's a peace process that will succeed; the partner will be created in proportion to the massiveness of the deterrent strike.

Professor Eugene Narrett's new book, Israel and The Endtimes is now available at this web site: www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671 The book discusses the nature and origin of Western Civilization, its intimate, complex and terribly punitive relation to Judaism and the Jewish people. Dr. Narrett's previous books are "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace" and "Israel Awakened".

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Posted by Gerald A. Honigman, June 28, 2006.

So, did you hear the "good news"?

With Israel poised to invade Gaza to strike out against those who have deliberately launched dozens of rockets and mortars against civilians in Israel proper since the latter withdrew from Gaza, Hamas and Abbas's Arafatians have come to an agreement.

The good cop/bad cop halves of the same Arab coin now allegedly will call for a halt to attacks against Jews within Israel's 1949, U.N.-imposed, 9-mile wide armistice line existence if the Jews agree to give away the store.

The media is reporting the story as an implicit recognition of the Jewish State. And the Arabs are laughing their butts off.

For many Muslims, obfuscation--deliberate deceit--is kosher as long as it's done to promote the cause. It has a name, taqiyyah, and it is especially proper in times of a threat.

For both Hamas and Abbas' Fatah, that cause--whether framed in Dar ul-Islam vs. Dar al-Harb religious or political language--has no room for a Jewish Israel -- regardless of size.

There is no difference between the charters of the P.L.O. or Hamas when it comes to this subject--despite lies to the contrary. And those lies are another example of taqiyyah -- in this case telling the West what it wants to hear as opposed to reality.

With Israeli tanks on their doorstep in the wake of the kidnapping of a young soldier stationed at his base in Israel proper (with subsequent news of another possible kidnapping as well) and the killing and wounding of others, it's show time once again...

Tell an all-too-gullible West what it wants to hear -- even if you're not telling them that at all.

So, if Israel agrees to a total retreat to its former microscopic, rump state status, and accepts being inundated by millions of alleged Arab refugees sworn to its destruction, then the good cop/bad cop team might agree to another of their so-called hudnas -- temporary ceasefires.

As many have noted, Arafat's vision of this was the Peace of the Quraysh. The Muslim Prophet, Muhammad, made a temporary truce with this pagan tribe until he gained the strength to defeat them. The late Egyptian ghoul's vision is identical to that of the current good cop/bad cop team.

It gets tiring having to repeat all of this stuff. But the media and others--including the U.S. State Department--act in ways that makes this repetition necessary.

The most moderate of so-called Palestinian Arab moderates, the late Faisal al-Husseini, called any dealings with the Jews merely a Trojan Horse.


And he explained that the real plan was for an Arab Palestine from the River to the Sea.

Check out both the Arafatians' and Hamas' websites, maps, literature, and so forth if you have any doubts about the alleged new Arab plan as well.

After the Six Day War in 1967, Arabs were forced to abandon the one fell swoop idea for Israel's demise for a destruction in stages strategy instead. The old/new plan now making "news" calls to first get Israel back to its indefensible, '49 Auschwitz/armistice lines, and then--as Muhammad did with the Quraysh---finish it off at the proper time.

Recall that Mahmoud Abbas, the current sweet-talking, Arafatian alleged good cop, also ran for office based upon policies calling for Israel's destruction as a Jewish State. He has been simply more willing than Hamas to play the taqiyyah card.

With Israel apparently ready to blast some more of Hamas's leaders to their awaiting seventy or so virgins in Islamic Paradise, it appears that taqqiyah is sounding a bit better to them as well right now. Hence the media's reporting of this alleged new joint implicit acceptance of Israel's right to exist by the Arab good cop/bad cop team.

For such a "deal," Israel is expected to bare the necks of its kids.

What's really nauseating is that all of this is well known and is well-documented. So why is it newsworthy when Arabs indulge in such taqiyyah--to save their own derrieres--yet again?

Most nations wouldn't have waited months to take effective action against neighbors bombarding them on a daily basis. America certainly wouldn't have. And none should.

Imagine trying to locate the exact car of the exact bomber amid a crowded civilian population. But what's Israel's alternative here -- to simply allow the rats to escape back into their dens unchallenged? And recall that, in Israel's particular case, the Palestinian Arab population voted into office a government openly dedicated to its destruction. So the Arab Street is a willing accomplice to the blood lust, rejectionist policies of its leaders...Not exactly an innocent group.

While many in the media and elsewhere claim that there's moral equivalency at work here, murdered Jews are not killed because their brothers use them as human shields and are caught in the crossfire and such. They are innocents deliberately targeted and blown apart simply because they are Jews living in the sole, resurrected Jewish State. Keep in mind that Arabs have almost two dozen of such states (including one, Jordan, which exists on some 80% of the original 1920 borders of Palestine), most having been conquered and forcibly Arabized from native, non-Arab peoples.

Consider what the Geneva Conventions has to say about this?

Article #51/7:

The presence of the civilian population shall not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations, in particular in attempts to shield military objectives from attack.

Think about what Israel has been putting up with from its neighbors.

Article #58b:

The parties to the conflict shall...avoid locating military objectives within or near densely populated areas.

The rats' dens are typically set up in or adjacent to civilian apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., as America has learned for itself in Iraq.

Article #51/2:

The civilian population...shall not be the object of attack. Acts of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited...Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited.

Arabs typically target Israeli civilians.

In light of all of the above, there is only one course of action for Israel to take in response to the old, new destruction in phases peace of the grave plan which the media and others claim to be the Arabs' implicit recognition.

It must treat it the way any other taqqiyah should be dealt with.

Gerald A. Honigman, a Florida educator, has created and conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated Arab spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in both the print media and on websites. Contact him at honigman6@msn.com or go to his website: http://geraldahonigman.com/blog.php

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Posted by Deb Kotz, June 27, 2006.

This is yet another instance of bias in Mideast coverage by a major newspaper reporter. Last week at a board meeting for Sarah Stern's new think tank, Emet, I had the pleasure of meeting a former UPI reporter who said he encountered the bias firsthand while reporting on events in Jenin. UPI initially refused to publish his piece on the lack of evidence for a massacre at Jenin because they said it wasn't even-handed. He was basing his story on IDF statements and not balancing it with the Palestinian viewpoint. The fact that there wasn't a massacre didn't make a difference. It was the covering of both viewpoints (as if the event were somehow subjective) that the editors insisted upon. It wasn't until another reported wrote a piece from the Palestinian standpoint that UPI put out both pieces together for "balanced coverage".

On another note, this new book, Hamas: Politics, Charity and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad, by Matt Levitt (Kemp Mill's very own whose son is an excellent t-ball player) looks quite interesting and informative. The negative NY Times review makes me want to buy it more. Check it out on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0300110537/sr=8-1/ qid=1151430773/ref=pd_bbs_1/102-0779505-4813736?ie=UTF8

This review of Erlanger's review was written by Dr. Barry Rubin, Director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center. It appeared yesterday in the Jerusalem Post.

In a shocking anti-Israel diatribe, the New York Times correspondent in Jerusalem has revealed both his profound personal bias and basic acceptance of Hamas's political claims.

These revelations came in a review by Steven Erlanger in the International Herald Tribune of June 23 (reprinted from the Times) of Hamas. Politics, Charity and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad by Matthew Levitt, currently a deputy assistant secretary of the US Treasury department.

Erlanger spends little time covering the actual contents of the book, but instead launches an attack on the book's premises, sources and on Israeli policy.

The most important aspect of the review is Erlanger's complaint that Levitt "does not discuss (and never even seems to entertain) the premise that Palestinians have a right to resist a 40- year Israeli occupation and partial annexation of their land."

He says that Hamas is popular because of the existence of Jewish settlements, the separation barrier, restrictions on Palestinian movements and "the failure by Israelis to support those in Fatah committed to nonviolence, like President Mahmoud Abbas..."

CLEARLY, ERLANGER views the conflict from a radical Palestinian standpoint, probably without consciously understanding why his statement demonstrates this fact. Hamas itself and its main supporters do not hold their views because of anger at Israel's presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - now greatly diminished, though Erlanger appears unaware of this - but due to a desire to wipe Israel off the map.

Apparently, though, Erlanger views anti-Israel extremism - the factor that is maintaining all the issues he mentions - as merely a reaction to Israeli policies. Yet, to cite only two examples, both Hamas and Fatah rejected both peace with a Palestinian state in 2000 and Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip because they saw such developments as undermining their drive to keep the conflict going until they can attain total victory.

Equally absurd is Erlanger's blaming Palestinian extremism on an Israeli failure to help Abbas. Leaving aside past Israeli funding of that leader's budget, military restraint, the turning over to him of the Gaza Strip and the recent giving of guns to his forces, it ignores Abbas's unwillingness to do anything moderate.

Abbas is hardly committed to nonviolence. To cite only one example, his recent endorsement of the "prisoners' letter" explicitly endorses violence against Israelis. Hamas's success is certainly related to Fatah's incompetence and corruption as well as the nationalist group's refusal to offer an alternative, moderate program, but that is hardly Israel 's fault.

WHILE ERLANGER would no doubt condemn terrorism, it is also shocking that he does not see that terrorism is not exactly covered by a right to resist occupation. The way he expresses all these issues is the same way that Hamas and Fatah propaganda explain them.

And yet Erlanger is accurately explaining the thinking that lies behind most of the Times coverage, the view that Israeli is responsible for the conflict, Abbas is a moderate victim and Hamas is an understandable reaction to Israeli misdeeds.

It should be remembered that Osama bin Laden and the terrorists in Iraq also justify their deeds, including September 11, as falling under a right to resist occupation.

ON TWO other points, Erlanger makes interesting observations. First, he is obsessed with Levitt's use of sources, complaining that the author employs material from a research center associated with Israel's government and has worked at a think tank - the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center of the Center for Special Studies - "considered friendly to Israel." Thus, he concludes, "There will be readers of this book who will see it as fronting for the Israeli intelligence establishment and its views."

Of course, Erlanger is signaling people that they should reach this conclusion.

This kind of writing is inappropriate because the research center in question is almost exclusively merely translating Palestinian documents and texts.

At any rate, the proper course for Erlanger would have been to point out some error or questionable interpretation by Levitt based on his use of this material. Instead, we have guilt by association.

I think that what Erlanger is really doing here is revealing his own fear of being branded pro-Israel if he pays too much attention - or at times merely reports - Israel 's side of the story. There is a constant tendency to take Palestinian sources at face value but to energetically challenge Israeli sources, which have proven far more reliable.

Finally, Erlanger is insistent on a very curious argument. He spends a lot of the review criticizing Levitt for not agreeing that the most important aspect of Hamas is trying to Islamicize Palestinian society rather than fighting against Israel.

Ironically, this contradicts his claim that Hamas and its supporters are motivated by Israeli actions. But obviously both fighting Israel and Islamicizing Palestinian society are goals of Hamas. Indeed, Hamas believes that continuing to fight Israel, ignoring Israeli concessions and ensuring that peace fails is the best way to build support for an Islamist revolution among Palestinians.

Why, then, is Erlanger obsessed with this distinction? I suggest that what Erlanger is actually saying is that what is really bad about Hamas is not that it is a racist, terrorist group with genocidal intentions against Israelis but that it is an Islamist organization. If, after all, Hamas is exercising a just right of resistance motivated by Israeli misdeeds, how can it be condemned on those grounds? The trouble with Hamas is that it is a "right-wing" religious group rather than a "left-wing" nationalist one.

The bottom line of all these points is that after reading Erlanger's review it is impossible to take seriously the idea that he is a fair reporter or has a good understanding of the contemporary issues he is covering.

Deb Kotz is an active member of the Brandeis Chapter of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and maintains an email list to distribute articles of interest to the local community. She can be reached at DebKotz@aol.com

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Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 27, 2006.

Steven Erlanger is the Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times. His review of Matthew Levitt's "Hamas" (Militant Zeal: a Sunday New York Times Book Review) makes two rather unexpected errors which will mislead readers unless corrected:

1.) "....Hamas's essential goal remains the creation of an Islamic society in Palestine. The war against Israel is actually secondary". This is not correct.

The "Palestine" that Hamas seeks to Islamize, per their own oft-ballyhooed pronouncements, is "Palestine from the River to the Sea" -- all of what is today Israel. Therefore, the war against Israel is indeed primary. Israel must first and foremost be destroyed, and its Jews annihilated or exiled. Then the Islamization of that "Greater Palestine" can be accomplished. All Mr. Erlanger needed to do was to read the Hamas Covenant. Their goals, primary and secondary, are perfectly clear.

2.) "Most damaging of all, Levitt does not discuss (and never even seems to entertain) the premise that Palestinians have a right to resist a 40-year Israeli occupation and partial annexation of their land."

This is not correct.

Actually the Palestinians. leaders and rank-and-file, have absolutely no right whatsover to offer military or terrorist resistance to Israel. It is against international law to utilize war or terrorism or violence or mass murder to resolve a problem when peaceful means of resolution are available.

Israel, the UK, the USA, the UN, or some combination of these have offered statehood and peaceful political self-determination to the Palestinian leadership at least 15 times since 1937 (the Peel commission). Every time, the offers were rejected with violence, murder, terrorism, war, and the endless relentless declaration that the Arabs would destroy Israel and genocide its Jews.

Palestinian leadership has made clear, many, many times, that their goal is not a state alongside of Israel, but a state instead of Israel, on the corpses of Israel's 6,000,000 Jews.

What is euphemistically and mendaciously called the "resistance" (which Erlanger somehow thinks is the Palestinan's right) is actually the continuation of the terror war begun by the Hajj Amin el-Husseini (ally to Hitler) in 1929, and continued sporadically, punctuated by full-scale wars, to this day.

If the Palestinian leadership wanted their state on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, they could have had it decades ago. They have chosen instead to achieve their real goal with violence and war and terrorism. There is no moral, historical, or legal justification for their endless jihad against Israel.

It seems that Erlanger is ignorant of international law and the history of the Israel-Arab conflict. He should do a bit of research before he errs in such a misleading manner.

Will you be kind enough to print a correction?

David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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Posted by Hillel Fendel, June 27, 2006.

Arab sources in the PA said last night, and again today, that they had kidnapped another Israeli. Eliyahu Asheri, 18, of Itamar, has not been seen since he left Beitar Illit on Sunday.

Eliyahu, son of Miriam and Yitro Asheri, is a student at the pre-military yeshiva academy in N'vei Tzuf, in the western Binyamin area. He was last seen Sunday when he left a friend's home in Beitar Illit on his way north. He was to have joined his yeshiva colleagues on a trip to the Golan Heights, but the head of the academy called this morning to say that Eliyahu never arrived.

Volunteers are on their way to Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem and west of Gush Etzion, to see if they can find a trace of the missing youth.

A friend of Eliyahu informed the police early Monday afternoon that he had seen him Sunday evening at the French Hill junction in northern Jerusalem, where hundreds of people wait for rides northward every day.

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) terrorist group announced late last night that it had kidnapped a "settler." Arutz-7 has learned that an emergency room has been established in Itamar. Though his father told the police that his son has "gone off by himself" in the past, the security establishment is essentially convinced that the youth was kidnapped.

A spokesman for the PRC confirmed to Ynet this afternoon that a settler had been kidnapped, but said he would not "give out information for free."

Hamas spokesmen threatened even more kidnappings, until all Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons are released.

MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud) told Arutz-7 that in his opinion, it is easier to find a kidnapped Israeli in Judea and Samaria than in Gaza. Asked what he feels should be Israel's strategy today, the Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the previous Knesset said, "Beyond the problem of Kassams and a kidnapped soldier, a Palestinian Hizbullah is being formed under our noses in Gaza, with tens of thousands of young Arabs training to fight against us - and yet Israel does nothing about it."

Shteinitz said that in the short range, Israel must close down Gazan infrastructures, as well as target Hamas leaders. "Ultimately," he said, "there will be no choice but to go into Gaza, as I have long proposed, and carry out another massive offensive like Operation Defensive Shield."

Hillel Fendel is senior news editor at Arutz Sheva (www.IsraelNN.com).

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Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 27, 2006.

This article by Daniel Pipes in the NY Sun
(www.danielpipes.org/article/3706) augers really ill for Western Civilization in general, and for Chrisians, Jews and Israel in particular.

The Pew polls are highly respected, and seem to be done in a scientific manner. Therefore, their results are worthy of our attention.

Unfortunately, the results described below are congruent with the experiences of myself and some members of my congregation (Kol Emeth) who met last week with Moslem journalists, editors, and News TV producers and anchors from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This was in the context of a world-tour of the East-West Center and Senior Journalists 2006 Senior Journalists Seminar.

While our meeting was far more than just cordial, and our interaction with the Moslem journalists was pleasasnt, productive and informative, some of us Jews were deeply disturbed by some of the journalists' questions, asked with disarming innocence and ingenue, such as:

1.) Is it true that 4000 Jews stayed home from work in their offices at the twin towers on 9/11/01? (i.e., the Jews did 9/11, didn't they?)

2.) What about the Jewish lobby. Does it really run the USA? (i.e., the Jewish Lobby runs the USA, doesn't it?)

3.) what about all those thousands of Moslems killed in Sabra and Shatila by the Israelis? (i.e., Moslems hate Israel because Israelis slaughter Moslems -- oops, no one told them that it was actually Lebanese Christian Arab Phalangists who slaughtered about 600 [not thousands] Moslem Palestinian civilians in those two refugee camps, NOT Israelis. Thus while one may argue that Israel bears partial culpability, it was Christian Arabs, not Jewish Israelis, who did the killing).

4.) How do you (Jews) deal with the fact that Israel stole Moslem land and drove hundreds of thousands of Moslems into exile? (i.e., the Arab revisionist propaganda narrative is the truth and the Israeli historical account is discounted as irrelevant or false, or is not even known).

5.) Why is everyone so focused on Moslem terrorism? What about the IRA and FARC and the Basques? (i.e., the fact that almost all of today's terrorists are Moslems has not registered with these media leaders and opinion-makers, and they seek excuses to minimize Moslem terrorism rather than confront it).

Recall that the questioners are journalistic leaders in their countries. They are news editors, TV anchors, senior reporters, etc. They are the opinion-makers in their Moslem countries. They are highly educated professionals and are in professional positions where they are expected to know, and have access to the sources to learn, about the realities of the Israel-Arab conflict and the broader conflict of Western civilization against Islamofascist terrorism. They all spoke fluent English. Therefore, the naivetee of their questions, asked honestly with no sense of hesitance or untowardness, is deeply disturbing. Their questions bespoke the credibility that these senior journalist leaders gave to the Arab propaganda lies.

It was, of course, excellent that we had the opportunity to explain to them why these assertions are false, what was the evidence that exposed the falsehoods, and what where the alternatives that had much evidence supporting them.

[[[ in a nutshell.....

1.) if you want to cover your tracks, blame the Jews. The Saudis started the lie that 4000 Jews did not show up for work at the world trade center that day.

2.) if you have tremendous influence on Washington and you want to keep attention off of your influence, blame the Jews. Arab source and pro-Palestinian spokespersons emphasize the lie of the Jewish lobby.

3.) Christian Arabs slaughter Moslem Arabs because of the attrocities perpetrted against the Christians by the Moslems.....and both sides, plus much of the rest of the world, are happy to blame the Jews.

4.) I summarized in a brief very long one sentence the mountains of data and evidence that prove that Jews bought land, NOT stole land, and Jews developed land, and Jews created the economy and agrarian infrastructure that permitted the tripling or quadrupling of Arab populations in pre-state Israel between 1855 and 1947. Far from stealing land and driving Arabs off, Zionism created arable land from desert and swamp and brought a million arabs in.

5.) while not all Moslems are terrorists, almost all terrorists today are Moslems. A Saudi Moslem journalist made that tragic observation more than a year ago.


It was also most gratifying to see that this group accepted our explanations without objections (although that could just be politesse on their part -- no sense getting in to an irreconciliable argument, so let our hosts say what they will).

But the bottom line impression that I got from this meeting is congruent with the statistics in Pipes' article. Most Moslems, in most of the world, including the very polite and cordial and peace-loving and highly educated westernized Moslems who have access to non-Moslem media, are quite willing to believe the most anti-Semitic canards promoted by Arab propaganda (funded in large part by the Saudi royal family) and by Moslem anti-Israel governments.....and to believe them without any serious critique or examination.

It is more than likely that their personal beliefs make their way into their professional news activities, and thus exacerbate the problem by having their media project those beliefs onto their audiences in the Moslem world. Since these journalistic and media leaders believe the lies, then it is no wonder that Moslem rank-and-file, by the hundreds of millions, believe Osama's lies and Nusrallah's lies.

Peace begins with trust. And trust begins with truth. Truth is in deep crisis due to the psychosis of denial in the Moslem world, and that may explain why peace is so problematic in the Middle East.

David ML

How do Muslims worldwide think?

To find out, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press carried out a large-scale attitudinal survey this spring. Titled "The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other," it interviewed Muslims in two batches of countries: six of them with long-standing, majority-Muslim populations (Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey) and four of them in Western Europe with new, minority Muslim populations (France, Germany, Britain, and Spain).

The survey, which also looks at Western views of Muslims, yielded some dismaying but not altogether surprising results. Its themes can be grouped under three rubrics.

A proclivity to conspiracy theories: In not one Muslim population polled does a majority believe that Arabs carried out the attacks of September 11, 2001, on America. The proportions range from a mere 15% in Pakistan holding Arabs responsible, to 48% among French Muslims. Confirming recent negative trends in Turkey, the number of Turks who point the finger at Arabs has declined to 16% today from 46% in 2002. In other words, in every one of these 10 Muslim communities, a majority views September 11 as a hoax perpetrated by the American government, Israel, or some other agency.

Likewise, Muslims are widely prejudiced against Jews, ranging from 28% unfavorable ratings among French Muslims to 98% in Jordan (which, despite the monarchy's moderation, has a majority Palestinian Arab population). Further, Muslims in certain countries (especially Egypt and Jordan) see Jews conspiratorially, as being responsible for bad relations between Muslims and Westerners.

Conspiracy theories also pertain to larger topics. Asked, "What is most responsible for Muslim nations' lack of prosperity?" between 14% (in Pakistan) and 43% (in Jordan) blame the policies of America and other Western states, as opposed to indigenous problems, such as a lack of democracy or education, or the presence of corruption or radical Islam.

This conspiracism points to a widespread unwillingness in the umma to deal with realities, preferring the safer bromides of plots, schemes, and intrigues. It also exposes major problems adjusting to modernity.

Support for terrorism: All the Muslim populations polled display a solid majority of support for Osama bin Laden. Asked whether they have confidence in him, Muslims replied positively, ranging between 8% (in Turkey) and 72% (in Nigeria). Likewise, suicide bombing is popular. Muslims who call it justified range from 13% (in Germany) to 69% (in Nigeria). These appalling numbers suggest that terrorism by Muslims has deep roots and will remain a danger for years to come.

British and Nigerian Muslims are most alienated: Britain stands out as a paradoxical country. Non-Muslims there have strikingly more favorable views of Islam and Muslims than elsewhere in the West; for example, only 32% of the British sample view Muslims as violent, significantly less than their counterparts in France (41%), Germany (52%), or Spain (60%). In the Muhammad cartoon dispute, Britons showed more sympathy for the Muslim outlook than did other Europeans. More broadly, Britons blame Muslims less for the poor state of Western-Muslim relations.

But British Muslims return the favor with the most malign anti-Western attitudes found in Europe. Many more of them regard Westerners as violent, greedy, immoral, and arrogant than do their counterparts in France, Germany, and Spain. In addition, whether asked about their attitudes toward Jews, responsibility for September 11, or the place of women in Western societies, their views are notably more extreme.

The situation in Britain reflects the "Londonistan" phenomenon, whereby Britons preemptively cringe and Muslims respond to this weakness with aggression.

Nigerian Muslims generally have the most belligerent views on such issues as the state of Western-Muslim relations, the supposed immorality and arrogance of Westerners, and support for Mr. bin Laden and suicide terrorism. This extremism results, no doubt, from the violent state of Christian-Muslim relations in Nigeria.

Ironically, most Muslim alienation is found in those countries where Muslims are either the most or the least accommodated, suggesting that a middle path is best - where Muslims do not win special privileges, as in Britain, nor are they in an advanced state of hostility, as in Nigeria.

Overall, the Pew survey sends an undeniable message of crisis from one end to the other of the Muslim world.

David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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Posted by Steven Plaut, June 27, 2006.

This was published in the New York Post June 19, 2006. It is called "Lighter side -- Mensch in Tights".

Superman is the ultimate American icon - tall, built, brave. And hot.

But now, as Superman is set to fly onto the big screen next week, bringing truth, justice and rippling muscles to a new generation of moviegoers, there comes word that the Man of Steel has a secret.

The man behind the red cape is a Yeshiva boy.

Superman - Jewish?

"Only a Jew would think of a name like Clark Kent," says Brooklyn Rabbi Simcha Weinstein.

"He's the bumbling, nebbish, Jewish stereotype. He's Woody Allen. Can't get the girl. Can't get the job - at the same time, he has this tremendous heritage he can't express."

Weinstein has just published Up, Up, and Oy Vey! (Leviathan Press), a work that concludes, with scholarly authority and voluminous footnotes, that beneath Supe's form-fitting tights, there lurks a circumcision.

In the book, and on his Web site, www.rabbisimcha.com, he outs the Jewish roots of other superheroes who conceal their true identities - an undoubtedly Jewish trait - such as Batman, the Hulk and Spider-Man.

Weinstein grew up in England as Simon, a boy who worshipped the pop-culture gods of Indiana Jones and James Bond.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 27, 2006.


The Arabs have increased their rocket bombardment of Israeli towns to more than a dozen a day (as per IMRA, 6/11). The Secretary-General asked for a UNO investigation of the explosion that killed Arab bathers in Gaza (IMRA, 6/10). He did not ask for a UNO investigation of the daily barrage of Israeli towns by rockets from the P.A.. What does that tell you about the UNO?

When there were a couple a day, the IDF said it would not tolerate them, but it tolerated them. IDF announcements about taking tough action, made almost daily, are ignored by the Arabs. The residents of the struck communities know this. They are protesting. Do Israelis as a whole know that their government does not provide security?


"...we need to separate from the Palestinians into boundaries that can be defensible. Now, whether technically it will be called permanent or not permanent, if these boundaries will be satisfactory if they will be protected by the fence, if the international community will recognize Israel's right to have such boundaries,..."

IMRA comments: "In the elections PM Olmert said he wanted to retreat to permanent borders. Now he wants to retreat to a temporary line if part of the world temporarily 'recognizes' the temporary line. Olmert isn't claiming that his proposed retreat would put a stop to the ongoing 'slicing' of the Israeli 'salami'. He also isn't clear what constitutes 'recognition'. Does this mean that products manufactured within the 'recognized' lines but beyond the 'Green Line' would qualify as 'Made in Israel' for customs clearing in Europe...' (IMRA, 6/10.)

As Israel retreats from its diplomatic and territorial positions, it also retreats from the rationale for retreat. Olmert doesn't define "defensible." Without most of Yesha, the borders are indefensible.


Egypt says it has evidence that Hamas trained the terrorists who set off bombs in the Sinai, and demands an accounting from the Hamas regime in the P.A. (IMRA, 6/11).

Egypt has opposed Israeli and P.A. disarming of Hamas. Egypt: vipers make poor pets.


Unlike awardees who come to express love for Israel, Daniel Pipes came to criticize Israeli timidity towards the Arabs. The Israeli ruling class does not understand the Arab viewpoint. The Arabs want to destroy Israel. Israel needs to win, but it thinks it cannot win, it must try to manage the conflict. This conflict is pressed from the Arab ground up, rather than being a diversion by the leaders to shield them from popular discontent. The Arabs have milked the false notion of "occupation," so that even as Israel withdraws, the Arabs claim they still are being occupied and Israel owes them a living. P.A. anarchy began before withdrawal, and in the long run, may hurt Israel (Pipes #679, 6/11). Pipes may not express devotion to Israel because he doesn't have any. He just opposes jihad.


Tel Aviv University once hosted PLO founding member and apologist for terrorism, Feisal Husseini, as a speaker. Leftist professors told protestors that they should not interfere with his "freedom of speech."

Tel Aviv U. invited ex-Defense Minister Mofaz to speak. Thirty leftist professors protested against the invitation, arguing that he is identified with Israeli war practices, which they suggest are criminal. One protestor against letting Mofaz speak had insisted on letting Husseini speak regardless of his actions. The Left is hypocritical as well as anti-Israel (Prof. Steven Plaut, 6/11).

It is never appropriate, except by proponents of jihad, to invite a terrorist to speak at a college. Terrorists are war criminals.

Against terrorism, Israel has a right to defend itself. It does not commit war crimes. The Left, impelled by self-hatred, accepts false accusations by Israel's enemies.


Polls governed Pres. Clinton's foreign policy. To maintain popularity, Clinton backed off from confrontation with Somalia, let Saddam alone, let Iran develop nuclear weapons technology, and let the EU finance P.A. terrorism. He left these problems to Bush. (Now, Democrats blame Bush for these problems and his attempts to solve them.)

Pres. Bush said he would stay the course of bringing the war to the terrorists, but he now is letting Iran develop nuclear weapons technology. He is worried by polls showing him having lost popularity (MEF News, 6/11). Campaign contributions to Clinton gave China access to US rocket secrets.

Clinton's policies led to many deaths. P.A. terrorists killed hundreds of Israelis. Islamists seem about to take over Somalia. Now Bush may regain a little popularity, until Iran destroys one of our cities.


PM Olmert boasts, "The IDF is the most moral military in the world." It avoids inflicting civilian casualties. When by chance some occur, the country strives to correct the error (Benny Avni, NY Sun, 6/12, p.5).

I think that the US military has a high ethical standing, and that Israel has a low ethical standing. The IDF avoids inflicting civilian casualties, but the terrorists exploit this chivalry (or is it obsequiousness) to kill more Israelis. It fails the basic mission of an army. Worse, it attacks its own people. It is getting worse, whereas the US is improving.


Hamas felt somewhat strengthened by the beach bathers' deaths "apparently by an errant Israeli shell." It became emboldened to attack a P.A. police building. Fatah retaliated by attacking the parliament building dominated by Hamas (Steven Erlanger, NY Times, 6/13, A1.)

The P.A. film of the beach casualties incorporated clips of an Israeli ship firing at the coast, amid P.A. sirens sounding, and sailors observing the results, before and after beach havoc scenes. The filming fabricated an impression that the ship was firing at the beach, but it showed a crater unlike that which an Israeli shell would make, and all Israeli firing was at a different time. P.A. doctors had removed shrapnel from the beach-explosion patients whom they turned over to Israeli hospitals. Israeli doctors found a bit more shrapnel. It was not the same type of metal as used by Israeli shells. The Arabs have mines and explosives all over, and fire at Israel. It is more likely that one of the Arabs' shells, than an Israeli one, fell short (IMRA, 6/12).

Perhaps Mr. Erlanger didn't read his own article. On page 6, it goes on to cite Israeli claims, but omitted specifics, that the evidence was not of an Israeli shell but a P.A. one. Is he taking an editorial stance he shouldn't, unaware of self-contradiction, or still trying to leave a sour taste about Israel. I find the latter the tendency in his newspaper.

There is no evidence against Israel, just an Arab claim. Arab claims usually prove wrong. The Arabs engage in false propaganda deliberately, setting up elaborate hoaxes of battles. There is some evidence here against the Arabs, such as removal of additional evidence.

They destroy their own parliament building! Do gangsters deserve statehood? Oh, let us take up a collection to replace that building "for humanitarian reasons!"


Every Friday, ISM members incite Arabs in Bil'in to riot against Israeli troops guarding the security fence and to impede the search for terrorists at checkpoints. ISM wants those jihadists eventually to fight the US. The organization welcomes the publicity from the "martyrdom" of any members of the cult (Arutz-7, 5/30), played for fools.


Several Arab states that were admitted to the World Trade Organization or otherwise signed free trade agreements stipulating they would stop boycotting Israel have been found by private organizations to be maintaining the boycott. Sen. Bingamon would like to amend the law to require closer US monitoring of Arab states' compliance with their agreements (IMRA, 6/12).

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Professor Paul Eidelberg, June 27, 2006.

A basic principle of democracy is the subordination of military to civilian authority.

This principle prompts democracies to pursue a foreign policy based on peace, hence to resolve international conflicts by diplomatic rather than military means.

What tests the mettle of a nation, however, is not peace but war. War often steels a nation's will, produces heroes, fosters self-sacrifice and dedication to the common good. In contrast, the quest for peace is often symptomatic of self-indulgence, cowardice, and decadence.

Welcome to Israel. What has happened to this once dauntless nation? What has happened to its superb military establishment, the Israel Defense Forces?

Alas, the IDF has been emasculated by Israel's political elites. Thanks to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert -- and this applies to his predecessor -- the IDF, in confronting Israel's Lilliputian but implacable enemy, is governed not by military or rational criteria, not by concern for Jewish lives or even Israel's survival, but by Olmert's feckless (and futile) concern over PR or international public opinion. Olmert has surrendered the country to spin doctors.

Hence he has no need of a Defense Minister more competent than Amir Peretz, a man without military expertise. And since Olmert has no intention of engaging and destroying the enemy in land warfare, what more does he need as the nation's Chief of General Staff than former Air Force commander Dan Halutz? The terrorists in Gaza as well as in Judea and Samaria never had it so good.

But what about the General Staff itself? Unfortunately, Israeli officers have been politicized by the mere fact that they can retire at the age of 45 and then become Knesset members and even cabinet ministers.

Without any political experience on their part, the door to the Knesset and the cabinet is opened to high-ranking officers by the parliamentary system of fixed party lists. The prospect of a political career makes them yes-men, corrupting their military integrity. None will resign in public protest against a government whose policy of appeasing the enemy cannot but multiply IDF casualties and endanger the nation's security.

Of course, high-ranking officers can always take cover behind the democratic principle of military subordination to civilian authority. Amazing how much Israel suffers from the necessity of preserving its reputation as a democracy -- which requires Israeli prime ministers to pursue a policy of self-restraint against Arab terrorists, negotiate with despotic Arab thugs, and thus yield Jewish land and sacrifice Jewish lives in this ignoble and funereal quest for peace.

Under Israel's erstwhile warrior, Ariel Sharon, more than 1,000 Jews were murdered by Arab terrorists, while some 5,000 more were wounded, many maimed for life. And now, under Ehud Olmert, while Kassam missiles are raining down on Sderot, the hands of the IDF are tied, making it wrenchingly obvious that Jews are disposable in the secular and reputedly democratic state of Israel.

Therefore I say to the people of this country:

1) So long as this state remains a state tied by an umbilical chord to America, it will remain a paltry state and you will be sacrificed on the altar of PR.

2) So long as this state remains a state whose laws are merely a product of transient human will, it will remain a paltry state and you and your children will be expendable.

3) So long as this state remains a state that has no higher law than the immediate and narrow interests of men, it will remain a paltry state and your lives will count less than those of your enemies.

4) So long as this state remains a state divorced from God, this state will have paltry prime ministers who, in the deceitful language of "peace" and "democracy" will betray you and your noble heritage.

5) As for your General Staff, it will continue to genuflect to the cretins and cravens who rule your factitious democracy -- yes, and will do so in the name of a System of Governance that has made you powerless.

Professor Paul Eidelberg is President of the Foundation For Constitutional Democracy. He can be reached by mail at 244 Madison Avenue, Suite 427, New York, NY 10016, Tel: 212-372-3752, and by email at Constitution@usa.net

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Posted by Sergio Tessa -- HaDaR, June 27, 2006.

This article was written by Caroline Glick and it appeared today in The Jerusalem Post
(www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1150885858215&pagename= JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull).

It is painful to watch Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni try to contend with the terrible outcome of the Palestinian terror strike against the IDF on Sunday morning.

They use so many fancy and angry words. They sound so resolute. And yet, they have nothing useful to say. Two soldiers are dead, a third is now the prisoner of jihadist killers, seven are wounded, an IDF border post has been overrun, and a world view and a security doctrine have been blown to smithereens.

Olmert and his associates have four general messages. First, they tell us that Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas is responsible for bringing about Cpl. Gilad Shalit's release. Second, they say Hamas better watch out because they're gonna get it. Third, they say that Hamas won't get it until later. Finally, while stipulating that they will not negotiate with Hamas, Olmert and his associates are negotiating with Hamas.

None of these messages and none of the actions that attend to them have any chance of making Israel safer. They also hold little promise of bringing Cpl. Shalit home. Yet there is next to no possibility that Olmert or his associates will widen their options to include any relevant responses to Sunday's terror offensive. Doing so would involve an admission that what the Kadima and Labor parties have presented to the public as their world view is wrong.

That world view involves a denial of a basic, fundamental truth: When you empower terrorists, terrorists are empowered.

WE HAVE been in this situation before. Six years ago, in October 2000, on the eve of Yom Kippur then prime minister Ehud Barak gave Yasser Arafat an ultimatum. He was ordered to end all the violence he had fomented within 48 hours or face the consequences. When as the deadline passed Arafat continued the violence, Barak did nothing. He did nothing because he could do nothing. His entire government was based on the idea of making peace with Arafat by empowering him. When Arafat chose war, Barak had nothing to say.

Kadima and Labor insist that by empowering terrorists they are somehow weakening them. This is the notion that stands at the base of the government's insistence on reenacting the empowerment of Hamas and Fatah caused by last summer's retreat from Gaza by repeating it twenty-fold in Judea and Samaria.

Somehow, destroying Israeli communities, ordering the retreat of IDF forces and so enabling the terrorist takeover of those lands is - according to Olmert and his associates - supposed to bring about the enhancement of Israel's security through the weakening of terrorists that Israel is empowering.

Ahead of Sunday night's security cabinet meeting, Olmert reportedly told IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz not to present any wide-scale military options to the cabinet. This makes sense. Any major operation, just like any real discussion of Israel's security situation or its options for contending with it would show the failure of the government's retreat policy. And so the government entertains only fictions.

The first fiction the government entertains is that of PA Chairman and Fatah Chief Mahmoud Abbas as anti-terrorist peace partner who must be empowered. Abbas is viewed as an irreplaceable resource and ally of Israel. If he goes, Israel will face nothing but Hamas. And since Hamas is bad, Abbas must be good. Unfortunately, Abbas is a terrorist too.

Abbas has pocketed the money, arms and legitimacy that Olmert, the Bush administration and the EU have given him and proceeded to buck up his terrorist credentials. He appointed Mahmoud Damra, a top Fatah terrorist as the commander of his personal army Force 17. Damra is wanted by Israel for his direct involvement in the murders of scores of Israelis since 2001.

Abbas took the thousands of rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition the US gave him last month and had his security chief Muhammad Dahlan issue a joint call with Hamas for the murder of all Palestinians suspected of assisting Israel in its counter-terror operations.

He has been negotiating a blueprint for war - authored by jailed Fatah mass murderer Marwan Barghouti - with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and has been touting the document as a peace plan.

And, his Fatah organization is as responsible for Sunday's strike against Israel as Hamas. The Popular Resistance Committees, a Fatah front group that also includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists claims to be holding Cpl. Shalit. Fatah has threatened to attack Israel with chemical and biological weapons and to renew shooting attacks on neighborhoods in southern Jerusalem if the IDF launches a major operation in Gaza.

But none of this can be acknowledged because acknowledging that Abbas is a terrorist would mean acknowledging that empowering him means empowering terrorists.

THEN THERE is the doctrine of the security fence. Olmert and his colleagues are big proponents of replacing defensive strategies with slogans and one of their favorite ones is "We'll be here and they will be there." Israel will build a fence and we'll never have to deal with the Palestinians again. But then those mean old Palestinians showed us on Sunday that they can dig beneath our fence. They show us daily that they can launch missiles and rockets and mortars above the fence. They can build ladders to climb over the fence. And of course, they can simply subcontract their killing to their collaborators on our side of the fence.

But this cannot be acknowledged because doing so would be tantamount to an admission that Olmert and his associates have been passing off cliches as security plans for the past four years.

The bombardment of the Western Negev that holds the population and the economy of southern Israel hostage to the whims of jihadist cells with rocket launchers has shown up another major myth that forms the basis of Olmert's world view. Olmert and his associates claim that the IDF deployment in Gaza was wasteful because all those forces were being used just to defend those annoying, fanatical settlers in Gush Katif and northern Gaza. But as the bombardment and the IDF's inability to stop the bombardment from outside Gaza shows, the IDF was not in Gaza to protect the Israelis who lived there. The IDF was in Gaza to protect Israel.

Any major IDF offensive in Gaza would constitute an admission of this truth. Yet since the government's only policy is to reenact last summer's retreat in Judea and Samaria, it cannot acknowledge this truth. It needs the public to believe that the safety of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can be guaranteed by having IDF forces sitting in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It needs the public to believe that settlers are the cause of their misfortunes and not the jihadists who are waging war against our country.

That is, they need the public to believe that empowering terrorists doesn't empower terrorists.

FINALLY, OLMERT cannot allow a counter-terror offensive in Gaza because doing so will lead to international condemnation of Israel. It isn't the impact of the condemnation Israel's international standing that concerns him. Olmert cannot be condemned internationally because he promised that after Israel retreated from Gaza, the international community would accept any Israeli counter-terror offensives in Gaza.

Sunday's attack and Cpl. Shalit's kidnapping are watershed events. In the coming days and weeks, it will become self-evident to the Israeli public as a whole just how indefensible Olmert's plan to empower terrorists actually is. Yet public recognition of his plan's failure is not enough.

In 2000, the public realized that Barak's terrorist empowering peace plan had brought us war. Yet rather than discard the policy of empowering terrorists, our political leaders simply repackaged it. What had formerly been called "peace" was called "separation" and "disengagement" and now is called "convergence" or "realignment." These euphemisms are sold to the public in turn as new quick-fixes that spare us the need to recognize the reality of war.

So to our fervent prayers for Cpt. Shalit's rescue, we should add another prayer. We should pray that whereas the demise of the so-called peace process did not cause the demise of its core policy of empowering terrorists, the demise of Olmert's retreat policy will also cause the burial of the notion that empowering terrorists can do anything other than make terrorists more powerful.

Contact HaDar at HaDaR-Israel@verizon.net

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Posted by Moshe Feiglin, June 27, 2006.

As of this writing, Oryah Shirel, age 15, has been sitting in an Israeli jail for 13 days. She has not been charged with any crime. Oryah's father is an American citizen and her mother is a Canadian citizen. Oryah lives with her parents and eight siblings in Hebron.

15-year-old Oryah Shirel is in jail indefinitely. But she has the key. All she has to do is to sign on bail. She refuses to do it.

Oryah was arrested at a demonstration outside the kindergarten in her hometown of Hebron. She and hundreds of others had protested the Israeli government's rebuilding of an Arab home, a structure from which Jewish children in the school playground had previously been attacked.

In her decision to return Oryah to her prison cell, Judge Shalev-Gartel wrote that there is no basis to believe that Oryah acted in an illegal manner. So how does a wholesome teenager who doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs end up in prison? Why doesn't she have the basic rights afforded to all minors that include the privilege to call home and to receive clean clothing?

Oryah hasn't studied law. She probably cannot analyze complex situations like we, the adults, can. But Oryah has good common sense, a still unmarred perspective on reality and youthful innocence that penetrates all the layers of falsehood to which we have become accustomed. We adults need to work hard every morning to find the truth. But Oryah simply lives it. When she saw how the entire judicial system was used against the Jewish majority in Gush Katif, and when she saw how it covered up all abominations -- from Sharon's corruption to the abusive and violent police in Amona -- she understood the reality of her own situation. She declared, "You've broken all the pieces and I'm not playing the game -- I do not recognize you and am willing to be judged only according to the laws of the Torah."

The poor judge didn't know exactly what to do. The defiant young girl in her courtroom had removed the mask that conceals the collective face of the system. So the judge wrote "Classified Information" in large letters at the top of the protocol of the hearing. It was a futile attempt to hide the decadence of a system that concentrates on fighting against young girls and boys, children who no longer have questions. What they do have is a simple answer that shows the way that we need to struggle today.

At base, what Oryah and others like her are saying to us is, "Stop cooperating with these anti-Semites. We are the ones affording them legitimacy. Stop giving them the oxygen that they need to destroy us. Stop giving them your recognition. Because in truth, Judge Shalev-Gartel represents nothing at all. She is passé, still around only because nothing has replaced her -- yet. The positive Zionism that built this country and nurtured it is finished. The truth, morality and the positive energy are all with Oryah. If Oryah had tried to defend herself, she would have become part of the game. Essentially, she would be acknowledging the legitimacy of the Israeli judicial system.

So we see that more than Oryah needs the judge, the judge needs Oryah! And Oryah has deftly disconnected the judge's oxygen supply.

But now we must address an underlying issue. Does the judge really not have the authority to try Oryah Shirel? The answer is not so simple. Every state must have a judicial system. If not, anarchy would reign. What would Oryah do if she had a monetary claim? Or a civil suit? Would she then be willing to relinquish the right to defend herself?

Oryah demands to be judged according to the laws of the Torah. And she is right, of course. But we are not living in rectified reality. We still drink the water from the State's pipes, use its electricity and speak through its phone lines. We still live in the Israeli reality. Yes, we are attempting (slowly but surely) to build a rectified reality on its base. But in the current corrupt reality into which G-d has inserted us, the judge has the authority -- and the obligation -- to try us. So the problem is not the authority of the judge, but rather the credibility of the judge.

Israel's judicial system lost its credibility (and also its honor) in the ruins of Gush Katif. When minors are brought to trial in groups, when 8,000 Gush Katif residents are given fifteen minutes to argue in court against their expulsion, when murderers are freed wholesale while children are imprisoned until the end of the proceedings against them, there is no justice. What we have instead is judicial bullying. Judges have the authority to judge, but not to be bullies in judge's cloaks. Instead of saying, "I don't recognize the court's authority," I think that Oryah should be saying, "I don't have any faith in the judicial system."

The unpleasant truth is that if you are arrested for a "patriotic offense" there is no reason to defend yourself. The system simply has no credibility. There is no reason to hire a lawyer. But even if you decide to forgo the services of a lawyer and the right to defend yourself against the band of anti-Jewish tyrants currently occupying the judges' seats, you do not have to go to jail.

We appear in court because they force us to do so -- not because we have any faith in the court's credibility. We sign on bail because they force us to do so. The judges are nothing more than bullies.

Is it worthwhile to make claims and counterclaims? Forget it.

Should you hire a defense attorney? It's superfluous.

Should you represent yourself? Don't bother.

What you need to say is, "I am here against my will. You have forced me to be here. The police behind me are here to make sure that I don't run away. I am signing on bail not because I accept you as a credible judge, but because I can't afford to go to jail.

There is no trial here, and I will not take part in the farce.

The only thing going on here is coercion.

And I have no faith in bullies.

Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) is a group of people inside the Likud party who want to see Israel adopt a more Jewish character. Moshe Feiglin, its cofounder, has emphatically said he does not want a theocracy, but he does want a State based on Jewish values. The Manhigut Yehudit website address is http://www.manhigut.org.

Moshe Feiglin writes "Manhigut Yehudit is the largest faction inside the Likud Party in Israel. It strives to turn Israel from The State of the Jews into The Jewish State. Contact: Shmuel Sackett, International Director (516) 330-4922 (cell)"

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Posted by Rachel Saperstein, June 26, 2006.

The World Betar Convention took place at the Hyatt Hotel, Jerusalem, June 17, 2006.

Saturday night, July 24th, I spoke to the young people of Betar, the Likud youth movement. Gathered from all parts of Israel and abroad, they came to see and to be heard. They are beautiful young men and women, their intense love of Israel -- all of Israel, was a pleasure to witness.

Representing Gush Katif, speaking from my heart, I spoke to them. They listened carefully and later came to thank me.

Standing on the balcony of the hotel, the lights of Jerusalem behind me and these upturned dedicated young faces in front of me, I spoke these words:

Erev Tov and Shavua Tov. My name is Rachel Saperstein. I am 65, a wife, mother and grandmother. I came from New York to live in my homeland 38 years ago. My husband and I once lived in a beautiful home in Gush Katif. Today I am a refugee.

We were forcibly removed from our home by the State of Israel. Not by the non-Jewish government of a foreign country but by the Jewish government of my own homeland.

My husband lost his right arm in the Yom Kippur War. We never uttered a word of regret. We loved our country. We were ready to sacrifice. Our daughter was injured on a bus blown up by a suicide bomber. We never uttered a word of regret. It was part of the price of living in our homeland.

We moved to Gush Katif from Jerusalem and the mortars and Kassam rockets fell on us night and day. We never complained for we knew we were holding on to our precious land. And when my husband was shot by a Palestinian policeman and lost part of his remaining hand, we remained silent and proud of our privilege to give to our land.

And then we were rewarded for our bravery, for our courage. We and the eight thousand men, women and children of Gush Katif. We who held on to the land, we who defended our land against Arab murderers, were forced out by Jewish soldiers and Jewish police. We were put into tiny hotel rooms, flimsy tent cities and despicable trailers and, finally, into cardboard houses called "caravillas". Our possessions were locked away in containers, often destroyed by rats. We watched our homes razed, our synagogues burnt. We were left penniless.

Today our children cannot concentrate on their studies, our people still weep, for we are all traumatized. Many of our men have died of heart attacks. Within 24 hours a once vital people were turned into the homeless and unemployed.

The government of Israel declared that we were well compensated. That was a lie. Farmers with once thriving businesses sit and stare at television. Promises of land remain just that -- promises. The small amounts of compensation are being eaten up each day. Mortgages on destroyed homes are still being paid to the banks. Private people come to give us handouts. Supermarkets donate food for the Sabbath meals. Donations are given so that infants can receive formula and diapers. Brides receive household gifts from caring strangers.

This is what the government of Israel, the Likud government of Israel, did to its people. We voted the Likud government into office under their banner of security and protecting the land. They lied to the people of Israel.

Where were you? Where were the massive demonstrations to fight the evil decree? We experienced the opposite of every principle of Likud, of Menahem Begin, of Vladimir Jabotinsky, of Yosef Trumpeldor. Our precious land was given to our deadly enemies.

Jews were pulled out of their homes. I am one of those Jews. You are those Jews because this is your home, too. We were betrayed. You were betrayed.

You must not allow this to happen again. Today the prime minister promises other expulsions. You must not allow this to happen. Gush Katif is not a place -- it is a concept. It s every one of us. Gush Katif is the symbol of courage. You must have the courage to say NO. NEVER AGAIN.

You must never reward any politician who voted for the expulsion with the privilege of serving in any office of the Likud.

Likud must return to its ideology. The ideology of Eretz Yisrael l'Am Yisrael, the Land of Israel for the People of Israel.

Gush Katif must never happen again. NEVER. NEVER AGAIN.

Lo Nishkach v'Lo Nislach!

We will not forget!

We will not forgive!

And we will return to Gush Katif!

Rachel Saperstein and her husband Moshe lived in Neve Dekalim, Gush Katif, Gaza, Israel. She was a teacher at the Neve Dekalim ulpana and a spokeswoman for the Katif Regional Council. Her recent book, "Eviction: A Gush Katif Viewpoint", with photos by Moti Sender can be ordered from www.pavilionpress.com. They now live in a trailor camp in Nitzan.

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Posted by Marcel Cousineau, June 26, 2006.

Bush - I know you have problems in Gaza, Ehud, but you just can't go in, it will ruin our sucess and destroy momentum for Israel's destruction, oops, I mean for the Road Map peace plan.

Olmert - But Mr. President, I'm under great pressure to do something.

Bush - Just talk tough and mass your troops on the border with Gaza and do nothing else or I will cut you off.

There are many there ready to take your place, remember that.

I want to make it abundantly clear that you are not to go into Gaza,a small limited and restrained response is all that I will allow you to appease your citizens.

Also I want you to crush without mercy the right who are the only opposition to my Final Solution Road Map for Israel.

Demonize them, arrest them, harass them and hound them, kill them if you have to. Hitler would be proud, my plan has successfully flown under the radar and the majority of Christian's and Jews are completely off guard and asleep.

Even as I protect the Palestinian terrorists and keep Israel from defeating them under threats and hard pressure they still support me.

These fools are so easy to decieve and seduce.

They voted for me and I work day and night to bring about Satan's New World Order. Israel has no place in this plan.

Olmert - Mr. President, I went along with your plan to send thousands of weapons and ammunition to the PA,

I went along with Amona, but I'm afraid some of my Military Commanders are waking up to what is going on.

Bush- Don't worry, if you got a problem I'll send some of my best silencers over there and take care of it for you.

We've got to neutralize Israel to get the Arabs on base with our global agenda and thats the only way they'll stay on board.

We've got to deliver.

Olmert - Yes sir Mr. President, I'm happy to serve you and your glorious plan. I am your obedient servant.

Marcel Cousineau can be reached at up2zionsg8@yahoo.com or go to his website: http://averyheavystone.blogspot.com

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Posted by Lawrence Uniglicht, June 26, 2006.

Planet Earth, an orb composed of ethnic tribes surrounded by national borders, rapidly evolves into Planet Earth Inc, a global corporation without borders. One such tribe with borders, the tiny besieged nation of Israel, must ever defend itself from its militant newly formed neighbor Gaza, led by Islamic fundamentalist Hamas fanatics, as well as blatantly skewed world opinion, no doubt influenced by the seemly fact oil-addicted nations, in lock step with oil corporations, must bow to politically craven terms, etched within extorted Faustian fossil fuel contracts, entered into with Islamic rogue anti-Israeli rulers of the Middle East. What, however, might happen if say petrol leviathan Exxon-Mobil was enticed to set up a research and development facility, operated by Israeli scientists, in Defense Minister Amir Peretz's hometown Sderot, currently a seductive blip located within the crosshairs of abutting Gaza terrorist missile fire? Might a powerful incentive consequentially be launched to cease and desist from such criminal rocket launchings?

If indeed "Big Oil" was to follow the magnanimous but shrewd lead of the world's second wealthiest individual, investor icon Warren Buffet, a prescient soul willing to invest a substantial cache of greenbacks into an Israeli company thus Israel's macro-economy, the Jewish State would begin to develop an impenetrable "capital shield" over its territory, guaranteed protection by the ever respected "almighty buck" so defining Planet Earth Inc. Even such jewel-laden silk robe bedecked sleaze, as the mover and shaker rogue royal House of Saud, underwriters of Wahhabi Jew/infidel despising extremism, salivate over and surely worship that "almighty buck".

Furthermore, an evolving Donald Trump skyscraping edifice, soon to cast its capital presence over international dynamo Tel Aviv, will add an additional pillar of prestige as well as security to this bustling Israeli metropolis. Don't mess with the world's financial Big Kahunas! Corporate boardrooms always frown on miscreant cultists, whose abominable mischief reduces bottom-lines, a cardinal sin that will not be tolerated. Hamas, Hezbollah, and all other fringe fundamentally flawed cadres of hostile anti-secular delusional humans, remain incompatible with the imperatives of Planet Earth Inc. The ever-present ghost of a most traumatic 9/11must not be resurrected into another tangible catastrophe, ever-insured by a watchful no nonsense corporate world, thus Israel would be wise to firmly establish itself as a respected influential force within all Planet Earth Inc. boardrooms, governed by entrepreneurs affiliated with the world's industrial nations. It doesn't hurt to mingle with the money crowd every now and then.

Lawrence Uniglicht is a career civil servant, working for the Social Security Administration. He advocates for the State of Israel with an American perspective. He writes, "Advocating for the disrespected underdog has been my passion, no doubt Israel falls into that category." Contact him by email at luniglicht@snip.net

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Posted by Jacob Richman, June 26, 2006.

This week I launched a new website called:
Learn Hebrew

Learn Hebrew is a free, on-line, educational resource to learn Hebrew words. The flash site incorporates 46 topics, along with over 1,700 Hebrew words and phrases. Each Hebrew word is presented as an image with nikud [vowels]. When you click on a word or phrase you can hear it spoken. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio.

The site is multilingual. The menus, transliterations and translations are in four languages: English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Both the student and the teacher will find the site easy to use and very educational. As mentioned, the site is free to all.

Feedback is welcome.

Please forward this message to anyone that may be interested in learning Hebrew. Thank you!
Have a good day,

Contact Jacob Richman at jrichman@jr.co.il

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Posted by Jonathan Spyer, June 26, 2006.

In the last few days, the Quartet have finalized the details for the new emergency aid mechanism to the Palestinian territories. According to its remit, the mechanism is to provide "needs-based assistance directly to the Palestinian people, including essential equipment, supplies and support for health services, support for the uninterrupted supply of fuel and utilities, and basic needs allowances to poor Palestinians."

If the mechanism manages to alleviate hardships suffered by innocent Palestinians--as a result, of course, of their government's refusal to accept Israel's right to exist, commit to existing agreements and so on--then it is surely to be welcomed. One can't help noticing, however, that the introduction of the aid mechanism creates a strange, two-tier structure of financing for the Palestinian authority (PA). According to this structure, the international community will agree to pick up the tab on mundane daily matters.

This, in turn, will leave the elected Islamist rulers of the authority free to pursue matters that they find of greater interest. They will be in the enviable situation among governing authorities of being free to pursue higher, historic tasks, safe in the knowledge that someone else--in this case the generous taxpayer of Europe and North America--has taken on the job of preventing famine and societal collapse in the areas under their control.

What, then, are the other interests which the Hamas rulers of the PA are likely to use their increased leisure time to engage in? Well, recent events offer a series of clues. On May 19, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zahri was apprehended at the Rafah Crossing by PA security forces, while trying to smuggle in between 650-900,000 euros in cash. Abu-Zahri, one of the senior Hamas leaders in Gaza, at first refused to leave without the cash, and a tense stand-off ensued between PA (Fatah-controlled) security forces and Hamas gunmen at the scene. Abu-Zahri's indiscretion was only the first of a number to have come to light. Thus, on June 15, the PA foreign minister, Mahmoud al-Zahar, was caught trying to smuggle in the sum of $20m in cash, in 12 separate suitcases.

Now if these were two occasions when the intrepid smugglers were caught, there were probably other occasions when they or their colleagues were not. Israel considers that the smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, a favoured route for bringing in weapons to the Strip, are also being used to bring in cash.

But since Hamas dominates the elected government of the PA, why, then, is there a need to smuggle these funds past the PA's own security forces? Why, in fact, was the PA foreign minister, al-Zahar, trying to bring money past security guards who, at least nominally, are under his own command?

There's a simple answer. It's the two-tier funding structure. The official coffers--meant for all the boring stuff like doctors' and nurses' salaries and medical equipment and drugs--were empty at the same moment that Hamas officials were smuggling in bagfuls of cash. And the fact that the money wasn't to be declared to the PA indicates that those official coffers were going to stay empty. This, of course, could be blamed on the wicked Israelis, and could wait until the Quartet chose to intervene. No hurry. Not the PA government's problem.

The bagfuls of cash, meanwhile, were going to be spent on the exciting, important stuff. Like feeding, training and equipping a brand new 3,000 strong militia to face off against the parallel militias founded by one's political opponents. And financing the production and launching of rockets at the towns of the western Negev.

What is interesting about this process is that it captures in miniature one of the basic developmental problems of many of the states of the Arabic-speaking world. It casts light on one of the processes that has kept well-funded countries poor and lagging behind in development. For as long as the ruling elites--nationalist and Islamist--of the Arab world consider that marching about in military uniforms and producing blood-curdling rhetoric are the real business of politics--with health care and living standards a minor concern unworthy of serious attention--the Arab world is going to stay poor and undeveloped--and real democratization remain a distant, receding hope. Alleviating hardship is of course a worthy goal. But the current system of aid to the PA plays the additional role of propping up dysfunctionality.

Dr. Jonathan Spyer is a research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center (GLORIA) at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Contact GLORIA by email at gloria@idc.ac.il or by phone at +972-9-960-2736.

This article appeared in The Guardian, June 21, 2006.

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Posted by Lee Caplan, June 26, 2006.

A major problem facing the IDF, as a Shabak official told the Knesset Law Committee last week, is the dearth of intelligence emanating from Gaza ever since the Disengagement. The Deputy Investigations Department chief of the General Security Service told the committee that the "lack of intelligence in Gaza places us in a very problematic position." This situation contrasts with that in Judea and Samaria, where the army has intelligence sources.


"Distancing Orders Issued to Outpost Activists" by Hillel Fendel, Arutz-Sheva.

The government has taken its first steps to destroy four Jewish outposts in Judea and Samaria, distributing restraining orders against some 15 activists on Friday and Sunday.

O.C. Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh signed the orders, forbidding the recipients from nearing the threatened neighborhoods. Activists who live in pre-1967 Israel are banned from entering Judea and Samaria (Yesha) altogether. The orders are valid for between three months and a year, and are designed to prevent active opposition to the plans to destroy the Jewish presence in parts of Yesha.

The Yesha Council - the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria - attacked the non-democratic nature of the government's move. Essentially stating that people should be arrested after they commit crimes, and not before, the Council said,

"Administrative measures of this nature are a tool that should be used with great caution and as a last resort in order to prevent violence. The regime must take care not to harm citizens' freedom of movement and their civil rights. We are liable to easily slide down a slippery slope using this tool, as we saw during the Disengagement."

On the government's chopping bloc at present are four outpost neighborhoods: Scali, next to Elon Moreh; Hilltop 725, just south of Yitzhar; Arusi, near Har Brachah - all in the Shomron - and the Maon Farm in the Southern Hevron Hills.

The Scali outpost, four kilometers east of central Elon Moreh, was started by Yitzchak Scali in 1999. He now lives there with his wife and three children. Another four families and several singles live there as well, most of them in wood houses, and they have a synagogue made of stone. Elon Moreh spokesman and veteran settlement leader Benny Katzover told Arutz-7, "Some of the wood houses were reinforced with stone as a result of two terror attacks on the outpost - one that happened two years ago, when our forces killed two terrorists, and another one four years ago." No Jews were seriously hurt in these attacks.

Katzover said that by intending to destroy Scali, the government is violating an agreement it made back when Ehud Barak was prime minister. That agreement involved the "authorization" of some outposts, in exchange for the removal of some others. "This neighborhood has passed many other legal battles as well," Katzover said, "and the location of each building was precisely determined in conjunction with the Civil Administration."

Hill 725, established several years ago, is an integral part of the Shomron community of Yitzhar, communally and municipally. This, despite the fact that its houses ar physically separated from its parent community by a kilometer. Five families currently live in the neighborhood, including one with ten children. Of the six buildings on Hill 725, two or three are permanent structures made of wood. A synagogue/study hall also stands on the site.

The Arusi outpost, with 15 families, is so named because it was founded seven years ago by Ronen Arusi, who has since married and lives there with his wife and children. It is an integral part of the community of Har Brachah, though it is separated from most of the town by three kilometers of hills and fields.

The Maon Farm, outside the community of Maon south of Hevron, is also populated by several families.

The names of those who received the orders have not been publicized. Residents of one of the outposts said in response, "The government is wasting its time. We plan to live in the outposts and build them up."

Aviad Visuly, head of the Land of Israel Task Force, suggests that those who received the restraining orders should turn to the courts for redress, and could even sue Gen. Naveh personally. "Administrative detention orders against someone might mean that he is planning to commit a crime," Visuly said, "but restraining orders of this type have no basis whatsoever."

"Report Shows: Outposts are Not Illegal" by Hillel Fendel, Arutz-Sheva.

As the gov't prepares to destroy what it calls "unauthorized" outposts, the Shomron Regional Council presents evidence that the outposts are no more " unauthorized" than many other Israeli towns.

The Shomron Regional Council has prepared an extensive slide show, concentrating on several aspects of construction and authorization of new neighborhoods and communities in Israel. It aims to offset the Sasson report of over a year ago.

In March 2005, State Prosecution attorney Talia Sasson prepared a report against the outposts in Judea and Samaria, terming the construction of new communities in Yesha over the years "institutionalized law-breaking." The report listed the ways in which the government "closed its eyes and enabled" the establishment of the new settlements. Various ministries and official bodies gave their own approval to each individual step, but the final approval was rarely given until much later, if at all.

The Shomron Council presentation, citing the State Comptroller's report of 2005 and many other sources, shows that the outposts were built in the same manner as many towns in Israel over the years. For instance:

* Yardena - along the Jordan River, north of Beit She'an - was established in 1952, but received its final authorization only 30 years later.

* Gilon - 15 kilometers east of Acre, in the Galilee - was built in 1980, and waited until 1988 until its final authorization.

* Towns established in 1949 include N'vei Ur (just north of Yardena) and Barkai (northeast of Hadera), but they were finally authorized only in 1975 and 1980, respectively.

The report also notes the extent of illegal Arab construction that is being all but ignored by the relevant authorities. It cites 399 illegal Arab-sector construction sites throughout the country, including no fewer than 30,444 units. In eastern Jerusalem, of 5,657 illegal units, only 261 were razed in the years 2001-2004, or less than 5%.

A fair share of the Shomron Council presentation relates to the illegal use of land by large municipal councils around the country. In the Hof HaSharon (Sharon Coast) Regional Council, for instance, the community of Batzra used agricultural land for commercial purposes, and other towns similarly misused land. In addition, between 1988 and 2004, primarily in the 1990s, the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa built 223,100 square meters (over 2.4 million square feet) of office space in an area where, up until 2001, such construction was forbidden.

The State Comptroller, in his report on this issue in 2005, wrote, "It must be thoroughly checked what causes a large local council to adopt alternative methods to those stipulated by the law, in order to implement its planning policies. Claims that municipal councils are restricted in their building plans must be dealt with."

An important aspect of the Shomron Council's presentation on outposts is a 1999 Knesset speech by then-MK Ariel Sharon explaining the rationale governing the construction of the outposts. Ironically, it was Sharon, as Prime Minister, who later asked for and accepted Sasson's report against the outposts.

Sharon told the Knesset,

"Why did the government, at the time, decide to establish outposts on the hilltops? Was it just a whim, or a way of outsmarting someone? Not at all. The hilltop outposts were designed to enable the Jewish communities that were built by the Alignment [Labor] and Likud governments ever since the Six Day War, in areas that were designed to be security areas in our control under any agreement, to live in security, even while the diplomatic process continues.

"The very decision to evacuate outposts, to the loud applause of the Palestinians... without ever seriously considering what the purpose of these outposts is, and why they were built, and how they would contribute to a decrease in friction in the future and to the creation of a better atmosphere for the continuation of the process - this is a reason why the government deserves to be toppled... It is imperative that we connect these communities with emergency roads to main roads that will always remain in our control, such as connecting Elon Moreh, Itamar, and the Shilo bloc communities to the Alon Highway to their east, which will always remain under our control..."

A campaign is underway to email the presentation to many Knesset Members:

dazulay@knesset.gov.il; aatias@knesset.gov.il; eamsalem@knesset.gov.il; slomob@knesset.gov.il; yvaknin@knesset.gov.il; nzeev@knesset.gov.il; eyishay@knesset.gov.il; amncohen@knesset.gov.il; izchakec@knesset.gov.il; amichaeli@knesset.gov.il; ymargi@knesset.gov.il; mnahari@knesset.gov.il; mgafni@knesset.gov.il; shmuelh@knesset.gov.il; ycohen@knesset.gov.il; ylitzman@knesset.gov.il; mporush@knesset.gov.il; aravitz@knesset.gov.il; iaharon@knesset.gov.il; rilatov@knesset.gov.il; ahason@knesset.gov.il; etertman@knesset.gov.il; aliberman@knesset.gov.il; slandver@knesset.gov.il; amiller@knesset.gov.il; smiseznikov@knesset.gov.il; yshtern@knesset.gov.il; lshemtov@knesset.gov.il; zorlev@knesset.gov.il; efye@knesset.gov.il; belon@knesset.gov.il; egabai@knesset.gov.il; ithakl@knesset.gov.il; nslomianski@knesset.gov.il; meitan@knesset.gov.il; gerdan@knesset.gov.il; mcachlon@knesset.gov.il; yiskatz@knesset.gov.il; llivnat@knesset.gov.il; dnaveh@knesset.gov.il; bnetanyahu@knesset.gov.il ; gsaar@knesset.gov.il; rrivlin@knesset.gov.il; ysteinitz@knesset.gov.il; sshalom@knesset.gov.il; ntans@knesset.gov.il; zhanegbi@knesset.gov.il; zelkin@knesset.gov.il; davidt@knesset.gov.il

The website of the Shomron Regional Council http://www.shomron.org.il has a FANTASTIC new presentation on the topic of outposts (in Hebrew). It shows that the "illegal outposts" are just like the "Christian children who were baked in order to make Passover matzas" -- a lie which any respectable journalist ought to be embarrassed to publish. The presentation also shows the proposed governmental method for getting authorization to build a legal outpost (slides 47 - 51). The method proposed would take 7 years (!!!) -- which is like the authorities saying, it's illegal to cross the street unless there's a green light, and then programming the light to change only every 7 hours.

To save the outposts from being destroyed, with ZERO compensation paid to the families living there, kindly forward this entire email to 49 MKs. The list of the MKs' email addresses is above (scroll up). Simply press "forward", then "color" the entire list of email addresses with your mouse and move it to the "to" field of the new email you have formed. The purpose of sending this email along to the MKs is to make the outposts issue the "hot issue" in the Knesset this week (MKs know how to count. If they get an email many times -- they read it. If they get the email only a few times, they don't read it -- or they read it and don't act upon it).

BONUS: By doing this, you are also saving 13 Israeli citizens like yourself from unnecessary administrative detention
www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3266731,00.html. Note how the Shas-Olmert-Litzman government is getting worse and worse: first the ongoing Sderot fiasco, then zeroing in on the "outposts" for no reason (and with no compensation), then tossing people into jail for no reason in order to accomplish the foul assault on the outposts.

Thank you for your kind cooperation in forwarding this email to the Knesset Members.

Mattot Arim

Contact Lee Caplan at leescaplan@yahoo.com

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Posted by Sandy Rosen-Hazen, June 26, 2006.

This amazed me, as it well might amaze many of you..... It contains history of which SO many are not aware!!!! I've read it and re-read it twice.....realizing that it is something I absolutely MUST share with as many people as possible!!!!

It's called "Confronting The Challenge of Islamic Fundamentalism:" and it is an Address to the Jewish National Fund of Australia at their Annual Dinner at the Palladium at the Crown Hotel, Melbourne, on Sunday, 28 May 2006 > by Winston S. Churchill, grandson of Winston Churchill, who was Prime Minister of England during WW2.

If you have no time to read it, in FULL, right now..... PLEASE print it out to read later, at your convenience, and PLEASE be sure to forward it to everyone you know!!!!

Thank you.....
Love always,

Governor, yr Excellencies, Mr. President, Members of JNF, Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is both an honour and a pleasure to be your guest in Melbourne tonight, and to have the privilege of addressing this important assembly of the Jewish National Fund of Australia. May I say how delighted I am to be back in Melbourne -- the last time was nearly 40 years ago when I had the huge privilege of speaking at the feet of that great and most lovable Australian & friend of my Grandfather's, Sir Bob Menzies who, as Chancellor of the University, had invited me to deliver the Moomba Oration in 1968 or '69!

Last year we commemorated the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II, and with it the Liberation of the Concentration Camps of Europe. That should remind us all of the continuing importance of the fight against anti-Semitism. We like to think that we are today living in a kinder, more tolerant age than our forebears. Nonetheless, racial and religious intolerance, hatred and persecution -- the scourge of our times -- are never far away. They manifest themselves in so many ways -- in bullying at school, obscene graffiti sprayed on graves or public buildings, verbal abuse and, at their most extreme, murder, mass-murder, including suicide bombings, and genocide.

Of course the problem goes far wider than anti-Semitism. It extends to innumerable other racial and religious groupings beyond the Jews. In the 1990s in Rwanda, the Tutsis became the victims of genocide on a horrendous scale at the hands of their Hutu neighbours; in Srebrenica in July 1995 some 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were massacred by the Serb army, under the very noses of the UN protecting force.

In recent months Christians have been massacred by Muslims in Pakistan. At this very moment in Darfur, the Christians of Southern Sudan are being slaughtered by the Muslim Janjaweed militiamen in a brutal exercise of ethnic cleansing, while just last week Australian troops have had to be rushed to East Timor to quell the vicious racial violence that has broken out there.

Of course, all decent, responsible people, wherever in the world they may live, whatever god they may or may not bow down to, unreservedly condemn such actions. But condemnation alone is not enough. We must all play our part in combating intolerance & racism, including anti-Semitism, wherever it rears its ugly head, and redouble our efforts to extirpate this cancer that afflicts almost every land and which, tragically, shows no sign of abating.

For more than 40 years I have reported and observed the Middle East scene. As a young war-correspondent twenty-six years of age, I found myself in Israel in mid-May of 1967. I happened to be with David Ben-Gurion, former Prime Minister of Israel, interviewing him at dawn one morning in his suite at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem when -- as I recall about 6:50 am -- Kol Israel interrupted their programs to announce that President Nasser of Egypt had closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping -- cutting, at a stroke, Israel's oil lifeline. Ben-Gurion, with a gesture of the hand, ordered his assistant to switch off the radio and, shaking his great mane of white hair gravely, declared with sorrow:

"This means war. I am very frightened. Not for Israel, for she will survive -- we cannot afford otherwise -- but for the younger generation. It is always the best of their generation who never return."

Thereupon the great man led me out onto the balcony overlooking the Holy City of Jerusalem, where the first rays of the morning sun were striking the city's golden domes, cupolas and spires. Taking me by the arm, he proceeded to give me a succinct lesson in Jewish history:

"Mr. Churchill before you, you have the City of David -- 3,000 years Jewish. But do you see the road that leads down the valley? Follow it and it will lead you to Hebron, the City of Abraham -- 4,000 years Jewish!"

It was a magical moment and one that I shall always treasure.

A week later, with Nasser making blood-curdling threats as to how he would wipe Israel off the face of the earth and drive the Jews into the sea, war preparations in Israel were in full swing. In Tel Aviv thousands of graves were being dug in the public parks in anticipation of large scale civilian casualties. Public appeals were made for blood, to which I, among thousands of others, responded. Among all, except the highest echelons of government and the military -- who, alone were privy to Israel's war-plan -- there was a deep-rooted fear that, with all the Arab nations mobilising against her, Israel might lose the war -- a prospect too terrible to contemplate.

It took an Ezer Weizman, the most recent head of the Israeli Air Force, to be bullish about the situation as it presented itself in the first few days of June 1967, with the entire Arab world mobilising and, as they supposed, moving in for the kill. Well do I recall him telling me, over breakfast in the Tel Aviv Hilton with his gung-ho jocularity: 'The Arabs have surrounded us again -- poor bastards!'

But, among the rank & file, there was deep anxiety, even fear. My Israeli reservist escorting officer, a lawyer in his mid-forties, recently married with a small daughter, told me in all earnestness that, in the event that Israel was being defeated, he would have no hesitation killing his wife and daughter, rather than let them fall in to the hands of the Arabs. It would indeed have been a second Masada.

For my part, I found myself wondering what I -- a Goy and a Brit -- should do in that event, given that I was from a foreign land and had no direct involvement in the quarrels of the Middle East -- beyond a Grandfather who had been a signatory of the Balfour Declaration! Without hesitation, I concluded that I would grab whatever weapon might come into my hands and fight at the side of the Israelis. From that moment onwards, though I avow the right of the Palestinians to have their own independent state within the confines of Biblical Palestine, which has been their homeland over the centuries, I have counted myself a Zionist, firmly believing in the justice of the existence of the State of Israel.

In 1973 my intelligence was no better than that of the Israeli Government and the Yom Kippur War found me a prisoner Westbound aboard the QE2 committed to a two-week lecture tour of the US. By the time I got back to Israel General Sharon was on the West side of the Suez Canal with the Egyptian Third Army in his power. I sent him an urgent message asking him to call. An hour later I was still waiting when I had to leave to have Dinner in a Palestinian fish restaurant in Jaffa with General Motti Hod, Commander of the Air Force in '67. I briefed the switchboard operators at the Tel Aviv Hilton to forward any telephone call to the restaurant.

Half way through Dinner mein host, the Palestinian, called me to the phone. I went behind the bar & took the phone off the hook. A booming voice came on the line, causing me to hold the phone at arm's length: 'Winston, This is Arik!' adding with overtones of Scipio Africanus 'Arik from Africa! Winston, We have Peace! A piece of Egypt, a piece of Lebanon, a piece of Syria & a piece of Jordan!' There you have it: the Sharon vision of Peace! There is no denying that he was God's gift to journalists!

Turning to the situation in the Middle East today, the recent declaration by the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that the Holocaust never happened, and that Israel is a 'tumour' to be 'wiped off the map', can only be a matter of the gravest concern, linked as it is with his decision to remove the UN seals from Iran's nuclear research facilities and press ahead with its programme to develop nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

Of course there is no shortage of people on hand to reassure us that the Iranian President does not really mean what he says -- just as there were those around in the 1930's who made clear that, of course, Herr Hitler did not really mean what he had written in his book, Mein Kampf! Whether the government of Israel will buy such reassurance, only time will tell! But somehow, knowing Israel, I doubt it!

It is by no means impossible that this reckless action by the Iranian President will provoke an Israeli, or even American, air-strike to take out Iran's budding nuclear capability, as the Israeli Air Force so brilliantly did in 1981 with Saddam's Osirak reactor, named after the Egyptian mythological God of Death. In such circumstances the political temperature in the Middle East would go stratospheric; Iran might sink a couple of super-tankers, closing the Straits of Hormuz and the price of oil could well go through $200 per barrel.

That of course would be a huge inconvenience to people around the whole world and will predictably call down on Israel & the US a caterwaul of condemnation. But that might not be the worst of outcomes. The alternative -- too terrible to contemplate -- might be the destruction of the state of Israel & a second Holocaust!

But, while facing realities however harsh, it is also important to use a phrase beloved of my Grandfather, to 'grasp the larger hope'. Out of the present seemingly bleak situation, it is by no means impossible that, in the coming weeks & months, the newly elected Hamas Government of Palestine may be forced to confront the reality of the permanence of the state of Israel and move to recognise its existence, within the pre-1967 boundaries, while abandoning its previous insistence on a 'Right of Return', for those Palestinians displaced in 1948. That would appear to be the wish of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas and, were it to happen, the end of the 60-year war between Palestinians and Israelis over how to divide the Holy Land, could be in sight.

What blessings would not flow from such a historic development, not just for the peoples of Israel and Palestine, but for the wider Middle East! Indeed nothing could do more to disarm the present worldwide hatred, presently directed not only against the state of Israel, but against the United States and her allies.

I wish to congratulate the JNF of Australia on your important initiative to raise funds to relocate half a million Israelis from the narrow coastal strip adjacent to Tel Aviv, to the under populated region of the Negev. This is a project that is not only environmentally desirable but -- given the great vulnerability of Israel's densely concentrated population to a potential nuclear attack -- strategically sound. While hoping for the best, it always makes good sense to prepare for the worst.

As you may imagine, I am deeply proud to be Winston Churchill's grandson and to have the immense privilege of bearing the name of the man who, more than any other individual, turned the tide of war in the greatest and most terrible conflict known to man. You may say I am biased -- which of course I am -- but I firmly believe that, but for Winston Churchill, Great Britain would have surrendered to Nazi Germany in that fateful Summer of 1940, when all effective resistance to the Nazi power in continental Europe was coming to an end.

Though the situation seemed hopeless, Churchill, in the words of that great CBS Radio reporter, Edward R. Murrow -- made famous by President John F. Kennedy -- 'mobilised the English language and sent it into battle'. Telling his fellow countrymen that he had 'nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat,' he persuaded them to fight on for eighteen months alone, but for the strong, unstinting support of Australia, Canada and the other Dominions of the Crown.

It would be wrong to say that Winston Churchill won the War, but what is true is that -- but for him -- the war would have been lost by default. It would have been impossible for America, when eventually she awoke from her reveries, to launch a D-Day style Liberation of Europe from more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

In such circumstances it is entirely possible that, to this day, the Nazi swastika would be flying over Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and over all the capital cities of Europe, as far East as Moscow. The world would indeed be a very different place, and there would be many of us who would never have survived to see our children and our children's children.

In 1993 I had the privilege of being invited to address a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising at London University. Following my speech, a very beautiful lady of a certain age, approached me:

'Mr. Churchill, at the time of the Uprising, I was a girl of just 12. We had all been herded into the Ghetto -- supposedly for our safety. But then people all around us started to disappear, we knew not where -- we were all very frightened. We had one of the few radios in the Ghetto and, whenever your Grandfather was due to broadcast on the BBC, my family & our friends would gather round. I could not understand English, but I knew that if I and my family had any hope of coming through this war alive, it depended upon that one, strong, unseen voice.

We were all taken to Treblinka and then to Bergen Belsen. I was the only member of my family to survive. I was liberated by British forces in 1945 -- in fact by the gentleman you see at my side, who is today my husband!' It was a profoundly proud, yet humbling, moment! I had some idea how much my Grandfather meant to the Brits, and even to the Americans but, until that moment, I had no understanding of just how much he meant to those living in Occupied Europe, most especially to the Jews.

But today a new challenge confronts us: Extremist Islam has declared war on the rest of the world, as we see from their ruthless attacks -- overwhelmingly targeted at innocent civilians -- with the outrage of Nine-Eleven, the bombings in Madrid, in Bali, in London and, most recently, in Jordan.

Meanwhile the Fundamentalists are doing all in their power to mobilise against us the large Muslim communities living in our midst. There today are an estimated 7M Muslims in North America; nearly half a million in Australia, while in the European Union, the Moslem community is estimated at 20M, including nearly 2M in Britain.

The scale of the problem confronting Europe today is epitomised by France, which has a Muslim community of some 6M, or 10% of its population. But, taking the population aged 20 and below, that figure rockets to 30%, such is the birth rate among the immigrant communities. In other words, within one further generation, France will have become an Islamic country -- a truly awesome prospect.

It is clear that the writing is on the wall for Judeo-Christian Europe, as we have known it over the past 2,000 years. Why are the alarm-bells not ringing? Can it be that we would sooner commit national suicide than risk being labelled 'politically incorrect'? Can anyone imagine a comparable situation in reverse being tolerated in Saudi Arabia? The answer is so self-evident, it needs no response.

As if that were not enough, the United States is pressuring the EU to grant Turkey admission to the European Union -- something that, at a stroke, would cause the Moslem population of Europe to soar from 20 to 100M. I have a high regard for the Turks, who have long been loyal members of NATO, but that would be an act of consummate folly. It is high time someone summoned up the courage to tell Washington to mind its own business.

It is deeply worrying the extent to which -- unlike all other categories of immigrants -- the Islamic communities are reluctant to bond with their fellow countrymen & women, while harbouring a separate, indeed alien agenda of their own. While the US imports its bombers from Saudi Arabia, and Spain from North Africa, it is a deeply disturbing feature of the 7/7 attacks on London that our bombers were home-grown -- a fact that should cause us to ponder, swift & hard, just where we have gone wrong. America & Britain are now experiencing what Israel has lived with for years: the curse of the suicide bomber.

While on Australian soil, I wish to pay tribute to your Prime Minister, John Howard. Unique among Western leaders, he has had the courage to stand up for those values -- freedom, democracy, liberalism & tolerance -- that inspire our Western democracies, bluntly endorsing the view that those who would prefer to live under Sharia law, rather than Parliamentary law, should pack their bags & go.

That said, with large Islamic communities already established in each of our countries, it is vital that we recognise that the majority of Muslims in our midst are loyal, law-abiding citizens and we must ensure that -- in our pursuit of the men & women of terror -- we do not alienate the Muslim community as a whole, for their help is vital if we are, eventually, to excise this cancer of terrorism in their midst.

Intriguingly the dangers of extremist Islam were foreseen by Winston Churchill all of 85 years ago, as I discovered to my amazement, while compiling my most recent book NEVER GIVE IN! The Best of Winston Churchill's Speeches.

Churchill is of course well known for his gift of prescience and, specifically, for being the first to warn of the menace of Hitler & Nazism as early as 1932, and of the Soviet threat in his famous Iron Curtain speech of 1946 in Fulton, Mo. But how many know that he also warned the world of the dangers of Islamic Fundamentalism? I certainly did not!

On 14 June 1921, hard on the heels of the Cairo Conference, at which he presided over the re-shaping of the Middle East, including the creation of modern day Iraq, he warned the House of Commons:

'A large number of [Saudi Arabia's King] Bin Saud's followers belong to the Wahabi sect, a form of Mohammedanism which bears, roughly speaking, the same relationship to orthodox Islam as the most militant form of Calvinism would have borne to Rome in the fiercest times of [Europe's] religious wars.

The Wahabis profess a life of exceeding austerity, and what they practice themselves they rigorously enforce on others. They hold it as an article of duty, as well as of faith, to kill all who do not share their opinions and to make slaves of their wives and children. Women have been put to death in Wahabi villages for simply appearing in the streets.

It is a penal offence to wear a silk garment. Men have been killed for smoking a cigarette and, as for the crime of alcohol, the most energetic supporter of the temperance cause in this country falls far behind them. Austere, intolerant, well-armed, and blood-thirsty, in their own regions the Wahabis are a distinct factor which must be taken into account, and they have been, and still are, very dangerous to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina?..

In Churchill's day, of course, the viciousness and cruelty of the Wahabis was confined to the Saudi Arabia peninsula, and their atrocities were directed exclusively against their fellow Muslims, whom they held to be heretics for not adhering to the Wahabi creed -- but not anymore.

Today the combination of the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia and the supine weakness of the Saudi royal family which -- as the price for not having their own behaviour subjected to scrutiny and public criticism by these austere, extremist clerics -- has bank-rolled the Wahabi fundamentalist movement, and given these fanatical zealots a global reach to their vicious creed of hatred and extremism. The consequence has been that the Wahabis have been able to export their exceptionally intolerant brand of Islamic fundamentalism from Mauritania and Morocco on Africa's Atlantic shores, through more than two dozen countries including Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, to as far afield as the Philippines and East Timor in the Pacific.

This is the stark challenge that today confronts the Western world and I fear it will be with us, not just for a matter of years, but perhaps even for generations. Whether the decision to invade Iraq was right or wrong, wise or foolish, is immaterial. The reality is that Iraq today is the epicentre of the Islamic militants' assault on the West. They are determined that democracy shall not succeed in Iraq. For our part, we cannot allow it to fail.

Even before the recent serious developments in Iran, siren voices could be heard on Capitol Hill, raising the cry: 'Bring the Boys home!' I tell you: nothing could be more disastrous than if, at this juncture, the United States were to cut and run. It would, at a stroke, undermine those forces of moderation we are seeking to establish in power, betray our troops as they fight a difficult, but necessary, battle, and break faith with our gallant soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to establish a free Iraq.

Gravest of all, we should be handing a victory of gigantic proportions to our sworn enemies. Let no one imagine that by pulling out of Iraq, the threat will simply evaporate. On the contrary, it will redouble, it will come closer to home and our enemies will have established in Iraq the very base that, by our defeat of the Taliban, we have denied them in Afghanistan. We shall see a desperately weakened United States, with its armed forces undermined and demoralised, increasingly at the mercy of our terrorist enemies.

Precipitate withdrawal is the counsel of defeatism and cowardice which, if it holds sway, will immeasurably increase the dangers that today confront, not just America, but the entire Western world. It is something for which we shall pay a terrible price in the years ahead. When great nations go to war -- and they should do so only as a last resort -- they must expect to suffer grievous losses and must commit to war with an unconquerable resolve to secure victory.

In Iraq the United States has lost some 2,500 men and women, Britain 111. Compare that to the first day of the Battle of the Somme -- 1 July 1916 -- when the British Army in a single day, nay, before breakfast, lost 55,000 men killed, wounded or missing in action. Did we talk of quitting? Did we, heck!

What has happened to the mighty United States? Is she going soft? Are the elected representatives of the American people really ready to surrender to those who threaten their homeland -- indeed their civilian population -- with death and destruction? I pray that they are not, and I call to mind the words of my Grandfather, addressing the Canadian Parliament on New Year's Day 1941, in which -- referring to the British nation dwelling around the globe, but it applies equally to our American cousins today -- he declared:

'We are a tough & hardy people! We have not travelled across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains & across the prairies, because we're made of sugar candy!'

In conclusion, I would remind you all of Winston Churchill's words to the House of Commons on becoming Prime Minister in May 1940, which applies every bit as much to the situation that confronts us today.

You ask: What is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is Victory. Victory at all costs, Victory in spite of all terror. However long or hard the road may be; for without Victory there is no survival."

Provided we have the courage to stay the course, I am convinced that we can and shall, in the end, prevail, both in Afghanistan & in Iraq. Any alternative is too terrible to contemplate. Let us fight the good fight -- and let us fight it together! How pleased my Grandfather would be to know that -- 40 years on from his death -- the Anglo-American alliance is still strong and that British, Australian & American soldiers tonight as we are gathered here, stand shoulder-to-shoulder in Iraq and in Afghanistan, confronting the peril of the hour! Long may we stand together! God bless Australia! And God bless both the State & the people of Israel!

Contact Sandy Rosen-Hazen at sandy@israel.net

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Posted by Steven Plaut, June 26, 2006.

1. Ben Dror Yemini, the Deputy editor of Maariv, published the following column this past Friday in the weekend edition of the paper, June 23, 2006 (my translation). It concerns the Holocaust revisionist statements by the Arab woman judge, Reem Naddaf, in the Nazareth court verdict that ruled that illegal pro-terror activities by an anti-Israel extremist are protected speech, but criticism of those same illegal pro-terror activities is "slander". It is called "Judicial Autism". Here is the full text in translation:

"Anyone today who 'dares' to recheck the events of the Holocaust and its scale, from any point of view, whether it be human, historic, scientific, political, or otherwise, immediately is turned into the target for attacks and accusations of being an anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier, worthy of being dubbed Judenrat or a Jew for Hitler.

"This phenomenon becomes buttressed even more when factual statistics, data, or opinions and theories about the Holocaust are presented that differ from the statistics about the Holocaust published to date or that deviate from the known consensus.

"This phenomenon is in opposition to the principles of democracy, which are supposed to stand firm especially in those cases where stormy public debate arises about such sensitive and painful subjects."

That sums up, albeit in a somewhat palliated manner, the position of the President of Iran, Ahmed Ahmadinejad, about to hold an assembly of Holocaust Deniers in Teheran. He is, as is well known, a stout defender of academic freedom of expression. Therefore groups of Holocaust Deniers, who "deviate from the known consensus", together with some others, will be assembling in Iran, and the 'truth' of the Holocaust Deniers will be published for all to see.

Except that it was not Ahmadinejad who made those statements cited above! These were all statements that were written by a woman judge in Israel (Reem Naddaf of Nazareth court. SP), in her ruling in a libel suit between two academics. The rhetoric that justifies and enables hooligans and bigots to use "freedom of expression" and "academic freedom" in order to promote their agenda has arrived in Israel as well. It matters not at all which side is in the right in the specific court case. There was no justification for these pronouncements about "departures from the consensus" regarding the Holocaust, in which Holocaust Deniers wash their filthy laundry, to make a determination. And lest we err, the woman judge adds for us that she is simply not aware that David Irving himself is a Holocaust Denier. She does not know that Irving was judged in Britain and was declared a Holocaust Denier and a liar. She does not know that this same Irving is now sitting in prison in Vienna for Holocaust Denial.

This woman judge is traveling down the familiar path of phony "rights discourse". This is where automatic judgment is always relativistic, where it denies there is any reality at all, only "theories". Actually, most liberal freedoms are misused by fringe elements. In the USA, these include the Neo-Nazis marching through neighborhoods of Holocaust survivors in Skokie, and in Israel they include Kahanists who want to march through Umm al-Fahm, as well as extremist fanatics like Azmi Bishara who endorse "resistance". meaning terror. All this in the name of freedom of expression.

In Europe, unlike Israel, a red line is being drawn. Hence political parties who oppose basic rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom to organize, are denied constitutional protections for their own rights, because these are rights that these groups would revoke if they were to take power in those countries. This is called "democracy defending itself". This is a worthy model for implementation in Israel. When it is so implemented, instead of liberal rights being the captives of people like Azmi Bishara and Baruch Marzel, those rights will be restored to their proper position.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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Posted by AFSI, June 26, 2006.

Speaking from a place devoid of all authority, overstepping his role as Consul-General and exposing the fundamental weakness of Ehud Olmert's government, Aryeh Mekel seeks to silence American Jews who would criticize current Israeli policies of appeasement, abandonment and expulsion -- and all this in the name of honoring Israel's "democratic process."

In a recent interview with the Jerusalem Post, Mr. Mekel said that; "American Jews largely support Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's realignment plan, and those who don't will be told to keep quiet so that the global Jewish community can maintain a united front."

Is it the job of the Consul General to speak for American Jews?

Is it his job to promote the opinions of those he declares the majority and silence those he pronounces the minority?

Does his personal desire for a lemming like "united front" outweigh matters of Jewish survival?

According to the Consul-General's own website, the role of the Consul General is quite limited. Its primary task being:

"to promote the positive image of Israel in the media and the surrounding communities ..."

By seeking to silence American Jews Mr. Mekel is way out of bounds and has seriously undermined his job of presenting Israel in a positive light. Perhaps he seeks to empower himself as the voice and censor of American Jewry -- thanks but no thanks.

Mr. Mekel, take note. Americans across the political spectrum cherish free speech and the right of dissent as essential elements of democracy and disdain tactics that would impose silence. Mr. Mekel would do well to stick to the parameters of his job description that includes maintaining "mutually cooperative" relationships with Jewish organizations in America and refrain from delving into the politics of propping up a weak government that fears to have the inanity of its policies challenged.

It is suspected that the same approach of silencing dissent will be taken with Christian Zionists who oppose Ehud Olmert's policies -- although not through Mekel. Those that would silence can be assured that such efforts will be rebuffed and that both the weakness of the government and its attitude towards free speech will not go unnoticed by the Christian community.

If the present government of Israel were confident about its direction it would not fear dissent and seek to silence it. If it was a strong government, it would not attempt to intimidate those that oppose it from speaking out. This government is neither confident nor strong and Mr. Mekel's remarks are testimony to that.

Those Americans who recognize the folly of appeasing terror are in the clear majority. They recognize that the war on Israel is part of the War on Terror and will not be silenced or cowed by a weak government in Israel that has embraced appeasement and worse. A few people may be intimidated and even a few organizations, but a lemming like "unity" in support for national suicide in response to an out of bounds request fro m Mekel? Not a chance.

Barry Freedman is Executive Director of Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI, a pro-active pro-Israel advocacy group. AFSI may be contacted by mail at 1623 Third Ave., Suite 205, New York, N.Y. 10128 (Tel: 212-828-2424; Fax: 212-828-1717); by email at afsi@rcn.com; or by accessing its website: www.afsi.org.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 26, 2006.


Zarqawi had become the most dangerous known jihad commander. He still fought, whereas bin Laden hid. He had gained expertise, which he passed on to others. An aggressive leader, he inspired masses and developed theories for extending jihad. Elminating him was a major wartime goal and victory.

A year or two ago, when Israel became semi-aggressive in liquidating terrorist leaders, it sent most of the dwindling number of terrorist leaders into inactivity. If the US keeps up this similar instance of success, it would greatly reduce terrorism in Iraq.

The NY Times emphasized that his death won't end terrorism; more terrorists will take his place. Since he was especially qualified, they won't replace him at his level of expertise for some time. He won't inspire so many people, any more. The Times is defeatist. Democrats were discovered discussing how to minimize acclaim for this victory, lest the Bush administration gain some credit with the public. That is unpatriotic partisanship.


Although he cited his source accurately, Internet writer Serwad's source misleads by omission. The story is about the arrest warrant for an alleged war crime. The threat of arrest kept an Israeli officer, invited to England, from stepping out of his plane. Some European countries and the US allow their citizens to institute a government prosecution of a foreign national for an alleged war crime in a foreign country, none of it having any relevance to the prosecuting country. Several countries amended the law to require some connection to their countries.

The officer had demolished houses in Gaza. The court, on accepting the case, had as its standards: (1) Supposed applicability under the Geneva Convention; (2) The act would be a crime, if proved; (3) The defendant's country doesn't review many such cases. Israel complains that singling out Israel makes it seem "a singularly unlawful state."

What did the story omit? (1) The fact that the multi-national movement has gotten out of hand. It has been pre-empted by states and individuals, many being war criminals, themselves, or who are radicals hating the US and Israel. They seize upon this and other opportunities, originally meant to impose justice, to impose injustice upon scapegoat states. The story hints that some countries have repealed the broad sweep of the statute, because it is subject to abuse. These days, lawsuits are used censor and extort, rather than to resolve. (2) The Geneva Convention does not apply to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. It applies only to sovereign territory, in an attempt to deter countries from absorbing other countries. (3) The merits of demolition are not discussed. Israel has done it for a small proportion of illegally built houses and houses, often abandoned and used for terrorism. This anti-terrorism is legitimate law-enforcement. (4) The phony self-righteous social conscience behind the lawsuit fails to object to Arab terrorism.


Canada has the same unrealistic notion of itself as have some European countries. It is civilized and tolerant now (it once preferred Nazis to Jewish refugees). It supposes that all ethnic groups enjoy the tolerance, and repay it with loyalty. It does not realize that Islamic solidarity and bigotry rarely are penetrated by the best modern values.

While the people slept in their cocoon of fantasy, the vigilant police uncovered a widespread domestic Islamic terrorist plot against the country. One official publicly described the plotters as of diverse backgrounds, but did not mention that all were Muslims (which is more relevant). The next day, the police chief bragged to Muslim leaders that officials did not mention the accused men's religion. And the raiders have undergone sensitivity training (as if they did something wrong). A Toronto imam called the arrests "an attack on the Muslim community" made "for the sake of pleasing George Bush." (Muslims concoct motives just to have something to say.)

The imams urged academic study of how their youth got into terrorism. The plotters mostly were Canadian citizens, educated in Canadian public schools, but hear hate-speech from the imams. (The imams urge study to divert attention from their guilt.)

Many Canadians still think they were attacked for some connection with the US, rather than for being a secular, liberal country. The national leadership, however, was the first to sever ties and funding for the Hamas regime, classified the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization, and went to Afghanistan to show support for the Canadian soldiers there (Adam Daifallah, NY Sun, 6/7, Op.-Ed.).


Israel raided and killed the former head of the P.A. Popular Resistance Committee, which has been committing much of the recent P.A. terrorism. The P.A. reacted by calling that liquidation of the Muslim war criminal itself a criminal act (IMRA, 6/8).

There is no indication that the major media ever ask the Muslims what the other side in a war is supposed to do.


Oh how the two countries are cooperating in the endeavor to get a state for the P.A. Arabs. How appreciative Olmert is of Jordan's training Abbas' Presidential Guard (IMRA, 6/8).

The Presidential Guard doubles as a terrorist organization. P.A. statehood would be at the expense of Jewish patrimony and security. The King must see Olmert as a fool.


With Egyptian mediation, Fatah and Hamas agreed to let thousands of Hamas men into the P.A. police (IMRA, 6/8).

This is an important step in Hamas taking over the P.A.. Hamas will accumulate an army of the current 70,000 P.A. troops plus its own thousands plus the eight thousand that Abbas is adding to his Presidential Guard. The Quartet wanted amalgamation, without caring that it means combining terrorist forces ranged along Israel's flank. Do you think that Egypt and Russia won't show that army how to penetrate the flank in support of invaders that Israelis would be scrambling to assemble in time to block?


The Sharon-Olmert regimes have been purging the security agencies of brilliant thinkers who oppose unrequited concessions and retreats. Sharon dismissed three; Olmert has dismissed two more. Those leaders were responsible for new methods that the US and other militaries asked to be taught. In Israel, critical thinking is not wanted any more.

The political echelon constantly makes grave strategic errors, for which brilliant military strategists have had to compensate. Now the military is going to be as witless as the politicians (IMRA, 6/9). Israeli leaders have over-sized egos and under-sized I.Q.s.


Zarqawi was the product of an assembly line producing terrorists. The US waits at the end of the assembly line to fight the troops that emerge. It should attack the brains behind the factory and shut down the assembly line. That means getting at the religious leaders and educators (as at al-Azhar U. in Cairo).

Most Muslim governments make deals with those terrorist indoctrinators, rather than prosecute them. In the West, lobbyists and permissive welfare and citizenship systems protect Islamists. The prior two US presidents, senators, ex-officials, and lobbyists serve Muslim governments (Youssef Ibrahim, NY Sun, 6/9, p.6). So do many academicians and reporters. Many editors appease the Muslims.


"Hamas had officially been abiding by an intermittent 16-month-old cease-fire," but now "Declares it will resume attacking Israel." So wrote Steven Erlanger, 6/10, A1).

"Officially," yes. Unofficially, no. Hamas gave its rockets to other groups to fire. Some Hamas cells engaged in terrorism. A cease fire is a Muslim way of feigning moderation temporarily or of gaining a respite for rearming. The Times misleadingly protects the reputation of Hamas, which it calls militant rather than terrorist.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Naomi Ragen, June 26, 2006.


Could the tragic deaths of two soldiers and the kidnapping of a third have been avoided by better planning and technology? This article by Amir Oren says yes. "The IDF has two armies. There is one that fights day and night, to the best of its depleted ability; most of the time it succeeds, sometimes it fails. The second army works during office hours, from Sunday morning to Thursday afternoon, with no sense of urgency. The tunnels are being dug along the seam between the two armies."

An article worth reading. My thanks to IMRA for posting. It is entitled "Investigate the tunnel fiasco" and was written by Amir Oren; it appeared in Haaretz
(www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/731174.html), June 2 2006.


Two weeks ago officers from the Israel Defense Forces Engineering Corps knocked on the door of the Geophysics Institute which, among other work, researches subterranean phenomena related to security. The officers expressed concern at the possibility that in the area of the Sufa crossing between Israel and Gaza, tunnels are being dug from the Palestinian side in the direction of the border - both for immediate crossings into Israel and for future use. Experts at the institute were asked to assist in locating the tunnels, which Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi said the IDF had failed to find. The staff expressed an eagerness to help, but asked that an official request be made, as is customary. No such request arrived; instead a Palestinian commando attack took place yesterday there against IDF soldiers.

The fiasco in the handling of the Gaza Strip tunnels cost the lives of two soldiers yesterday, the abduction of another and injuries to others, and has led to an escalation in ground warfare in the Rafah area. The responsibility of the Hamas government for these developments does not free Israel of the need for a detailed evaluation of the failings of the army and the Defense Ministry in the tunnels affair. The Defense Research and Development Administration, the Ground Forces Command, the Southern Command, the Defense Ministry's administration and its minister, the General Staff - all share the responsibility, more or less, directly or indirectly. Only an authorized and independent investigation can determine the extent of that responsibility.

A year and a half ago, following repeated incidents along the Philadelphi Route that claimed many lives, then chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon appointed a special advisor on the issue of tunneling, Colonel (res.) Yossi Langotsky, a geologist and a veteran of special operations with experience dealing with technologies used by the Intelligence Corps. Langotsky investigated and presented Ya'alon with a very critical report on various aspects of the tunnels. He feared that just as in the case of the downing of the Pan Am airliner over Lockerbie - which he himself had warned about as one of the authors of a report on aviation security during the 1980s - his findings would once again be ignored.

The response from the upper echelons of the defense establishment to Langotsky's report was quick and to the point: It was directed not against the tunnels, or those responsible for the failings, but against the geologist himself. His assistance was apparently unwelcome, and those harmed by Langotsky's findings blamed him for being motivated by personal interests. Then defense minister Shaul Mofaz, who boasted in the Knesset about the successes in coping with the tunnel phenomenon, avoided a meeting with Langotsky. This was also the response of all the generals who were dealing with the issue - with the exception of Major General Benny Gantz who, as head of Northern Command, was worried that the Hezbollah was also secretly digging tunnels. What Gantz actually has done with respect to this problem, in his current role as head of the Ground Forces Command, which also includes the Engineering Corps, is something that needs to be clarified in the investigation.

The well-known method that brands a person who sounds the alarm as a fanatic who should be ignored, worked. The handling of the tunnels situation moved along slowly, and an official announcement declared it a problem with no solution. The Palestinians were convinced - and continued to dig. If Israel is a fenced-in state, they can try to pass over and under the fence: bypassing it from above with ballistic weapons and from below by using tunnels.

The IDF has two armies. There is one that fights day and night, to the best of its depleted ability; most of the time it succeeds, sometimes it fails. The second army works during office hours, from Sunday morning to Thursday afternoon, with no sense of urgency. The tunnels are being dug along the seam between the two armies.

If an investigative committee headed by retired judge Vardi Zeiler is set up to probe ties between police officers and criminals, and if to prove the IDF's innocence in the killing of Palestinians on a Gaza beach, a major general is appointed to head an inquiry - surely a public commission is necessary to probe the tunnels fiasco.

This year the state comptroller already examined the tunnels issue and focused on various aspects of development, intelligence and operations; a bleak draft of the findings is waiting for answers from those under scrutiny. During the past two years senior officials in the defense establishment have been involved in failures, and the system will find it difficult to rise above itself and act objectively against itself and its own. Only external elements, perhaps the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, have the power to appoint a "Zeiler equivalent," who will investigate the failures and help prevent the next foul-up.

Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist and journalist who lives in Jerusalem. She can be contacted at www.naomiragen.com, where you can subscribe to her newsletter.

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Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 26, 2006.

Disengagement strikes again. The brilliance of Peres and his golem again has been shown. Expel the Jews from their homes, destroy them and give the remains to the mortal enemies of the Jewish people and the state of Israel and the sharks will be sated and Israel will be right to strike at any subsequent attacks.

Lies, lies, and just another internationalist ploy to shrink Israel to a bite-size nugget for global jihad.

And so rockets rain on Sderot and other west Negev towns, terrorists infiltrate in increasing numbers, more lethal versions of the fedayeen from the 1950s streaming out of the "Gaza Strip" until Israel quited them by conquering the Sinai in October 1956.

But the globalist left pursues its made dream and life grows worse and worse.

Soldier Gilad Shalit has been captured by savages whose penchant for kidnapping and murdering Jews is a matter of record. His situation focuses the principle issues of the entire situation with Israel's Arab enemies, the Jew haters. How to free him in a way that addresses the fundamental problems of the matzav?

1) Islam is the enemy of the Jewish people; their spokesmen remind us of this daily. Their people put into power vicious anti-Semites akin to Nazis. Somehow, those with power in Israel must recognize that these mortal enemies are blatantly at war with the Jewish people, indeed, that they intend to exterminate the Jews and to fight the war that is and has been going on since the first rocket or bullet was shot into pre-1967 Israel. The enemy must be crushed or they will crush the Jews.

2) Freeing the soldier must be done in a way that decisively deters a repetition of this heinous and familiar scenario. Here is the way to proceed: issue an ultimatum, public and private to the leaders of the enemy groups stating that they will be executed if the soldier is not released by noon tomorrow. Make it clear that this includes the entire Hamas government. Let the message be consistent, firm, and terse. Let them see signs of the death hanging over their heads and of the destruction of their entire enterprise and its boasts, its dail humiliation of Israel and the Jews.

They will not murder this youth; they want to win, not die. The leaders of media darlings, cowards. If he is not freed and back in Israel by noon, by 12:30 massive attacks on Hamas and on many kinds of targets throughout Gaza and in 'Area A,' Ramallah, Jenin, Hebron, and more will be hit in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

Worst case scenario: the maniacs murder the soldier, which they well may do anyway as abundant precedents have shown, and they suffer a major defeat and reduction toward nil of their ability to ever harm any Jew again.

Best case scenario: they release the soldier and after the next rocket that leaves an Arab area and lands in any Jewish area the IDF does what it is trained to do and inflicts a hellacious pounding on the jihadists and the mobs that turn out to cheer their threats against Jews. Result the same: deterrence for a lifetime and an enormous reduction of islamic ability or desire to raise a hand against Jews.

Let them know Jewish life and blood is precious and any attempts against it will be met with overwhelming force, storm and fury. There will be no more kidnappings and Israel will settle in its place.

Professor Eugene Narrett's new book, Israel and The Endtimes is now available at this web site: www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671 The book discusses the nature and origin of Western Civilization, its intimate, complex and terribly punitive relation to Judaism and the Jewish people. Dr. Narrett's previous books are "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace" and "Israel Awakened".

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Posted by Jacob Benesch, June 26, 2006.

IDF Intelligence Chief Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin recently declared that Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza has increased the number of strategic threats to Israel's existence.

Yadlin is only the latest important military and defense figure to speak about Israel's deteriorating strategic environment. Yadlin was a general in the Israeli Air Force and currently heads IDF Military Intelligence. Speaking at Haifa University's National Strategic Center on June 20th, Yadlin presented several factors that have contributed to Israel's deteriorating position in the eyes of the world.

The main factor, he said, was the Hamas victory in the PA elections, after convincing the Palestinian people that their terrorist actions against Israel have been successful. In addition, Hamas forced Israel into making concessions and unilaterally withdrawing from Gush Katif. Yadlin said that Hizbullah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah "was the first to claim that by military force alone he would make Israel retreat from south Lebanon, with no diplomatic compromise. This trend was positively reinforced by Israel's Disengagement from the Gaza Strip."

Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens has also come out vocally against the withdrawal, saying that Israel must reoccupy Gaza as the only way to prevent the continuation of rocket attacks on towns and cities. Former IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon has repeatedly said that the path of unilateral concessions and the assisting of a Hamas-controlled government will lead to a costly war.

International Jihadist Movements such as Al-Qaeda have put Israel in the spotlight, Yadlin explained, adding that recent activities emanating from Osama Bin Laden's terrorist network's continue to focus on Israel and the Middle East. "In the meantime," he said, "it has had a notable influence on the surroundings, such as terror attacks in Taba, rocket fire from Aqaba, and fire on Lebanon - and not on Israel itself."

Meanwhile, the intelligence chief added, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to research and develop nuclear technology. Yadlin noted that the development of nuclear technology was a chief reason behind the turnaround from the positive atmosphere in Israel's strategic environment from April 2002-August 2005. His election to power in June 2005 has also contributed to this change.

"General Yadlin's analysis powerfully underscores the fact that strategic threats to Israel are worsening in part on of policies like that of further unilateral withdrawals now being pursued by the Olmert government," said Zionist Organization of America's National Chairman Michael Goldblatt in a statement distributed together with a transcript of Yadlin's words. "We urge the Olmert government again to reconsider urgently the path it is proposing to take."

This article appeared in Arutz-Sheva today and is archived at

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Posted by Fern Sidman, June 25, 2006.

If the Jewish people would ever establish a national day of celebration and glorification of the victories of those amongst them who can be defined as "lemmings", today would be that day.

It has been reported by Arutz Sheva (6/23/06) that, "Members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' personal guard, "Force 17", used Israel's weapons to shoot Israelis this week, according to Israeli security and PA terrorist sources. Israel is the supplier of the weapons used in the gunfire that killed one Israeli and wounded several others, according to an interview written by journalist Aaron Klein and released Friday by WorldNetDaily. Klein quoted Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Force 17, who like many other guards is a member of the Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades terror group."

The report goes on to say, "Olmert's administration decided to transfer the U.S.-manufactured weapons to Abbas' guard troops in a bid to shore up his ability to protect himself in the fight against the terror group Hamas for control of PA security forces. The recent shipment included 3,000 M-16 automatic machine guns and one million rounds of ammunition. Abu Yousuf said bluntly that the weapons will be used to shoot Jews, and added that the terror organization may share the weaponry with Hamas as well, if its 3,000-member militia is absorbed into the general PA police force.

"These weapons will not be used in an internal war but against Israelis," Yousuf told Klein. He added as far as his group was concerned, Israel transferred the weapons to his Force 17 unit "for its own political purposes. We are not concerned with the reasons. The weapons will not be used against our brothers, only [against] Israelis."

And if this news doesn't warm the hearts of the global community of Jewish lemmings, then perhaps the following will make great fodder for celebration. According to a report in The Jerusalem Post (6/25/06), "The Aksa Martyrs Brigades announced on Sunday that its members have succeeded in manufacturing chemical and biological weapons. In a leaflet distributed in the Gaza Strip, the group, which belongs to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah Party, said the weapons were the result of a three-year effort.

According to the statement, the first of its kind, the group has managed to manufacture and develop at least 20 different types of biological and chemical weapons. The group said its members would not hesitate to add the new weapons to Kassam rockets that are being fired at Israeli communities almost every day. It also threatened to use the weapons against IDF soldiers if Israel carried out its threats to invade the Gaza Strip. "We want to tell [Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert and [Defense Minister Amir] Peretz that your threats don't frighten us," the leaflet said."

And while all this is happening, ynetnews.com (6/24/06) is reporting that PA President Mahmoud Abbas, the good friend and ally of the Jewish lemmings, is pressing US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice to intervene on behalf of the Palestinians to get Israel to stop launching air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

According to their report, "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has urged US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to press Israel to stop escalating tensions, Abbas' office said Saturday. In the telephone conversation Friday, Abbas called for US intervention on behalf of the Palestinians to get Israel to stop launching airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh said."

There is no doubt or question that euphoria, ecstasy and unbridled joy is filling the hearts and souls of the Jewish lemmings. They can bask in their efforts to secure a national suicide of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people. They can reap great reward and benefit from these latest news developments. The Jewish lemmings are a clever bunch and they are led by their appointed leader, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

While the world is focused on the threat of Hamas and their promises to destroy the Jewish State, the lemmings ingeniously devised a plan to help "our friends," Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. They have led us to believe that Abbas and his Fatah party are trying to quell Hamas' terrorist activities aimed at Israel. They have succeeded in convincing those who desperately want "peace" that the way to go is to support those Arabs who define themselves as "moderate" and can be reasoned with. Yes, the lemmings are great at public relations and know how to manipulate the minds of the people. The lemmings know the truth and are exploiting it for their ulitmate goal of expeditously destroying themselves.

The Jewish lemmings know the truth about the background of Mahmoud Abbas. They know he is a terrorist mastermind, but they couch their rhetoric in the most palatable terms for the consumption of the masses. Quoting from an article written by this author in May of 2003 entitled "A Tale of Two Frauds", subsequent to the election of Mahmoud Abbas, a/k/a Abu Mazen, the following information came to light, "The Israeli civil rights group Shurat Hadin has announced a campaign to convince US and German law enforcement agencies to open an investigation into Mahmoud Abbas, a/k/a Abu Mazen in the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany.

On September 5, 1972, a squad of heavily armed Palestinian terrorists attacked the dormitories housing the Israeli Olympic team and murdered a coach and weightlifter David Berger, who was an American citizen. The terrorists then took nine Israeli athletes hostage. While the terrorists and their hostages were transported to the airport, the German police botched a rescue attempt and all nine of the athletes were murdered.

The director of Shurat Hadin, attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, sent letters this week to US President George W. Bush and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder containing new information indicating that Abu Mazen provided financing to the PLO's Black September terrorist group, in order to carry out the notorious terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympic Games.

While recent newsmedia profiles of Abu Mazen have accentuated his alleged "terrorism-free" personal history, the Shurat Hadin charges that in 1972, Abu Mazen, then a high ranking PLO official, provided financing for the terrorist attacks being perpetuated by Yassir Arafat's PLO faction Fatah under the nom de guerre Black September.

Shurat Hadin is basing its information on published statements by the terrorist who masterminded the Munich attack, Mohammed Daoud Oudeh ("Abu Daoud"). In his French-language autobiography, Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich, Abu Daoud describes the role of Abu Mazen in providing the funds to carry out the Black September Olympic attack.

Furthermore, in an interview with journalist Don Yaeger of Sports Illustrated Magazine in August 2002, Abu Daoud reiterated his charges that Abu Mazen supplied the money for the deadly attack.

In his memoir Abu Daoud states:

"After Oslo in 1993, Abu Mazen went to the White House Rose Garden for a photo op with Arafat, President Bill Clinton and Israel's Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. ..."

"Do you think that ... would have been possible if the Israelis had known that Abu Mazen was the financier of our operation?" Abu Daoud writes. "I doubt it." Today, the Bush Administration seeks a Palestinian negotiating partner "uncompromised by terror," yet last year Abu Mazen met in Washington with Secretary of State Colin Powell."

Abu Daoud's allegations have been confirmed by sources within the Palestinian Authority, according to Shurat Hadin.

Attorney Darshan-Leitner's letter to President Bush states: "Under your leadership the United States has declared that it will no longer maintain contacts with those tainted by terrorist pasts. It appears that the new Palestinian leader, on whom the United States and Israel are now pinning their hopes, was also involved in murderous attacks perpetrated by the PLO's Black September. If proven true, Abu Mazen's role in the brutal killing of the Israeli athletes and American citizen David Berger must preclude his involvement in the negotiations between the United States, Israel and her Arab neighbors."

Both Germany and Israel still have the legal jurisdiction to prosecute those involved in the Munich Olympic killings."

Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah and the PA are no different than Hamas. They share one goal and that is the eradication and destruction of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people. Terrorists don't change their stripes. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist. While the world and the media are quite adept is whitewashing the terrorist past of those they seek to transform into legitimate statesmen who are dedicated to "'peace", we need only look to Yasir Arafat and his ilk to see that this kind of propaganda is a thinly veiled attempt to deceive the public.

And the top brass at the Jewish lemmings' headquarters know the truth as does their rank and file membership.

And to those Jews who are not lemmings, to those Jews who respect the sanctity of Jewish lives and are dedicated to the preservation and survival of Israel and it's people, now is the time to rain on the parade of victory that the Jewish lemmings are enjoying.

Now is the time to exude Jewish pride, power, strength, courage and commitment to their convictions. Now is the time to proclaim to the Jewish lemmings that their ill conceived plans for national suicide will be thwarted (with G-d's help) by those who believe in life, justice and righteousness.

And to those who believe in the laws of the Almighty G-d of Israel and whose lives are committed to practicing His commandments and whose lives are committed to adhering to the values of Hashem's Torah, then now is the time to end the "party" for the Jewish lemmings. Now is the time to raise our collective voices in prayer to the G-d of Israel and plead for His mercy and compassion and now is the time to ask for the strength and temerity to expose the lies and corruption of the Jewish lemmings.

Contact Fern Sidman at ariellaH@aol.com

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Posted by Professor Eugene E. Narrett, June 25, 2006.

The failure and bad faith of Israel's ruling elites since the late 1920s, the pre-state days, the days when the Histadrut - Bund formulated havlaga [Jewish self-restraint in response to Arab attacks] led to the peace processes that claimed the lives of two more Jews today near the abandoned lands of GK.

Did we write 'bad faith'? Say rather, loss of faith because the failure to embrace the birthright, violently overt since the sinking of the Altalena has led directly to the relentless push of the powers to keep Jews from returning to, -- or remaining in -- the Jewish heartland and holy sites.

One result of this terrible failure, the modern sin of the spies who are unable to blend gevura with chessed and thus put Jewish life always at risk, is that all of Israel has the status of a "border." In most respects this is terrible but the Torah and halacha are wisdom and the status of a border has a saving grace built into its strictures.

The sages recognized that border regions are particularly vulnerable to the attacks that the nation's will never cease to make till Israel is settled completely in its place. Rav Josef Caro summed up their wisdom when he specified in the Shulchan Aruch that when an enemy attacks, or even prepares to attack even a border region of Israel then Jews are obliged to "kill them first," and that even if it is Shabbat they are to carry off the would-be assailants weapons and goods.

Okay; all Israel today has the status of a border. Israel is surrounded and infested by Hamas and supporters of Hamas, the "Palestinian" population. The silver lining of this terrible situation rests in Israel's choosing to follow the explicit and practical point of the law: "kill them first" before they murder any more Jews or capture them as happened today.

Whether this saving stricture is followed out of self-respect, bitterness, fear or various political or strategic motives, JUST DO IT. Avenge the spilling of Jewish blood on the entire enemy nation and thereby deter the spilling of more blood and advance the day when there will be peace.

Professor Eugene Narrett's new book, Israel and The Endtimes is now available at this web site: www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671 The book discusses the nature and origin of Western Civilization, its intimate, complex and terribly punitive relation to Judaism and the Jewish people. Dr. Narrett's previous books are "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace" and "Israel Awakened".

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Posted by Michael Freund, June 25, 2006.

In the wake of a report in last week's Jerusalem Post, an influential US congressman has sent a letter to the United States Trade Representative (USTR) pressing her to explain her defense of Saudi Arabia's record on the Arab boycott of Israel, after Riyadh's envoy to Washington admitted that the embargo remains in place.

Florida Democrat Rep. Robert Wexler wrote to USTR Susan Schwab after reading an exclusive report in the Post on comments made by Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki al-Faisal. Speaking at a June 19 "policy lunch" at the Brookings Institution, al-Faisal acknowledged that his country continued to bar Israeli-made goods from entering the kingdom, saying that it was "an issue of national sovereignty," according to a transcript of his remarks obtained by the Post.

He added that US officials had been "informed" of the continuation of the boycott, an assertion which contradicted previous public statements made by the USTR, including as recently as last month.

In May, Schwab told members of the US Senate Finance Committee at her nomination hearings that reports that the Saudis were violating their pledge to dismantle the anti-Israel boycott were "incorrect".

She insisted that her office had received "assurances" from the Saudis that they were no longer enforcing the boycott.

In a press release issued last year, then-USTR Rob Portman said, "Saudi Arabia is legally obligated to provide most-favored-nation treatment to all WTO Members, including Israel." The Bush administration conditioned Saudi Arabia's entry into the World Trade Organization on its removal of the boycott, and the Saudis were allowed to join the group in December only after pledging to do so.

The WTO, which aims to promote free trade, prohibits members from engaging in discriminatory practices such as boycotts or embargoes.

In the letter to Schwab, Rep. Wexler wrote, "Ambassador Al-Faisal's assertion that Saudi Arabia continues to enforce the primary boycott of Israel stands in stark violation of its commitments under the WTO." The envoy's remarks, Wexler noted, "seemingly contradict former representative Portman's claims and, to my knowledge, contradict all other public statements on this issue made by USTR."

"Ambassador Schwab," he wrote, "it is clear that either the Saudi government is acting duplicitously or there is a misunderstanding between Congress and the USTR." "At this juncture," the letter concludes, "I respectfully request that you explain to what extent - if at all - USTR was made aware of Saudi Arabia's ongoing enforcement of the Arab League boycott of Israel, and please explain the response of USTR to the aforementioned Saudi claims." The Saudi ambassador's admission that his country continues to enforce the boycott confirmed reports that first appeared in the Post over the past few months.

As the paper first reported in March, the Saudis played host to a major international conference aimed at intensifying the anti-Israel boycott.

In May, a Saudi delegation took part in a meeting of the Arab League's boycott office in Damascus, and Saudi customs officials contacted by the Post said Israeli-made goods were barred from entering.

In an interview with the Post last week, Wexler said, "Saudi Arabia is violating its commitments to the US, and the Bush administration needs to confront them on this... if the Saudis are being duplicitous," he warned, "there need to be consequences."

Michael Freund served as an adviser to former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. This article appeared today in the Jerusalem Post
(www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1150885840505&pagename= JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull).

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Posted by Naomi Ragen, June 25, 2006.

As a direct result of the destruction of the communities of Gush Katif, terrorists are now free to shoot rockets, plant land mines, and dig tunnels all over Gaza. No one takes responsibility for the attacks. And if you try to fight back, you find yourself blowing up civilians because terrorists hide behind the innocent.

Today, nine terrorists infiltrated Israel with machine guns, rockets, and suicide belts. They killed two soldiers: Chanan Barak and Pavel Slotzker, They also kidnapped Gilad Shalit and injured four other soldiers. Some terrorists were killed. Others escaped back through the tunnels to Gaza.

Chanan, who lived in Arad, was "the wisest, strongest man I knew," a friend said. He would have been 21 in August. Pavel, who was planning to study medicine when he finished his tour of duty, was from Dimona. He was "big and beautiful," his mother said. He was twenty. Gilad Shalit, who has been in the army 11 months, is 19. His family lives in the Western Galilee. I cannot imagine what they are going through. The horror of waiting, the search for information. May God return him safely home.

I have been writing much less of late. Not because nothing is happening but because there is nothing left to say. How many times can you write that Israel's leaders are weak and deluded? And why should anyone care given their empowerment through a free and democratic election? How many times can you say the obvious, that the Arabs have a single agenda, to wipe us off the map? No one even denies it anymore, not even the Leftists. How many times can you say: We said this would be the result of the retreat from Gaza, more murder, more mayhem, not a saving of lives, but a horrible security risk that would endanger our soldiers most of all? And who doubts it now anyway? Like the collapse of the Oslo Accords, which sold a bill of goods to the gullible, no one cared, or took responsibility, or paid the price for the death of thousands of Israelis.

And so it will be this time.

Those who will pay the price will be the wise and the strong, the beautiful and the intelligent, who stand under orders at our borders while Mr.Olmert and Mr.Peretz are busy with their photo ops, smiling for the foreign press, shaking hands, and kissing whatever part of the enemy is available.

"Put not your faith in princes," the Psalmist writes. Like the Hebrews facing the sea with the Egyptians massing at their backs, we await the future hoping for miracles, even as we mourn the unbearable reality of all our present.


Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist and journalist who lives in Jerusalem. She can be contacted at www.naomiragen.com, where you can subscribe to her newsletter.

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THE RAT TRAP, and the Dumb Cats...
Posted by Professor Eugene E. Narrett, June 25, 2006.

Assume the implausible, -- that there was a self-respecting, self-preserving, redemptive aspect of the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria. The assumption is based on the long known and daily reiterated facts and goals of jihadist behavior. In regard to the gerush from GK specifically this means that the jihadists who had rained rockets onto Negev towns near GK and who had initiated many murder missions from within Arab areas of Gaza would continue to do so when and if the Jews were removed.

And lo, it has come to pass.

It also was predictable (and predicted by many, in the IDF, GSS and lay commentators) that additional terrorists and jihadist groups would flock into all areas of the "Gaza strip" when and if the Jews and the IDF exited and that there would be, consequently, an exponential increase in jihadist attacks and attempted attacks on Jews in Israel and on other peoples.

And lo, it has come to pass.

Assuming there was some rhyme or reason to the gerush, that it was some kind of bizarre, self-flagellating tactic it could only be that once the inevitable concentration of terrorists and their infrastructure into the area occurred, with the resultant increase in murderous attacks that then the IDF and IAF would sweep through the area like a sharp threshing tool of many blades and crush the enemy in their entirety, pulverize them and sweep them all like chaff into the Sinai and back toward Egypt.

But no; while the IDF top brass reportedly pleads with Walmartz for significant preemptive measures every single response is vetoed by the political echelon. And this is done even though what needs no explaining is explained in detail: that the meager response of targeted missiles from helicopters is not only inadequate to stop the Arab war against Israel but that it carries a much higher probability of killing civilians and therefore bringing world diplomatic and media opprobrium on Israel.

Three obvious comments: this reminds us that, 1) the official organs of the world powers are outraged when Jews respond physically to murderous attacks against them ('just shut up and get in the cattle car'), and 2) that Walmartz wants Israel to pursue a policy that not only is ineffective as deterrence but that is guaranteed to increase 'world' criticism of Israel and, thus, pressures on Israel to atone by making further unilateral concessions, -- returning more Jewish land to Arabs to create a fake state for a fake people.

These points demonstrate the degree to which, 3) Walmartz is a tool of the State Department, Brussels, the Davos Group and the "world community." Indeed, this rag doll is even too limp for his handlers (and also for Egypt, Jordan and perhaps other Arab states) who fear that Israel is collapsing too fast to suit the fine-tuning of their grand designs and the maintenance of their own positions of power.

Yes, the State Department finally has created an Israeli golem that is too suicidal even for its plans. It's somewhat reminiscent of October 1973: Foggy Bottom wanted Israel "to bleed a little bit" but not bleed to death, not yet, anyway. Same now: and maybe, as their end game nears checkmate and a world community without a truly sovereign USA looms ahead, just maybe they're a little nervous in viewing what they have done. The view from the very edge of the cliff is not inviting. Promoting jihad could get out of hand...

Yet the war on Israel continues, and the puppet regime continues to act like it's happening on another planet. It's not sustainable: at some point, even a totally politicized IDF and citizenry worn down by decades of socialism and worse will act. And Israel's friends in the American Executive Branch notices that Walmartz garnered less than 24% of those who bothered to vote; that 70% of Jews reject the planned expulsions of Jews from Judea and Samaria; that 80% consider the new Defense Minister to be a disaster, etc. etc.

The expulsion of Jews from GK would not have been morally or militarily acceptable even if there was a rat trap plan in place. As it is, events are pushing the Israeli and American establishments to enact some such response for their own self-preservation if not that of their peoples. And just as there's more than one way to skin a cat, there are various rats that may be caught when the trap eventually snaps shut.

Dr. Eugene E. Narrett's |Israel and The Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History" (2006) is now available on the AuthorHouse Web site www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671

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Posted by Barry Rubin, June 25, 2006.

The killing of Iraq's insurgency leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has raised an issue frequently discussed in recent years: Does the death (or capture and imprisonment) of a top terrorist or extremist chieftain make a difference?

It is easy to answer this question with a no. After all, the movement will continue to exist. Radical movements claim to draw nourishment from the blood of martyrs. New individuals will step forward to fill the vacant positions. In short, it may well seem that nothing changes.

Such a conclusion, however, is profoundly misleading for several reasons. First, leadership does matter. The number of charismatic figures is few and highly competent people are rare. The real question is whether the replacements can do as good a job and win as much loyalty as their predecessors. To cite only one example, the terrorist Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) still exists and occasionally commits terrorist acts but after the capture by Turkey of its leader, Abdullah Ocalan, the organization was far weaker.

Nor should it be forgotten that there is usually more than one person who thinks himself qualified to be the next leader. Competition over high positions often provokes internal conflict and splits that undermine an organization.

It does not take long--or many lost key individuals--before the quality and capability of leaders decline. The war may go on but the other side is less effective.

The same applies to others in key positions, for example, bomb-makers or others who create or build weapons. This is a skill not so easily acquired, especially given the consequences of making a mistake. When top PLO or Hamas bomb-makers have been killed, the number of those blowing themselves up trying to learn the trade goes higher and the effectiveness of terrorism declines.

General George Patton, the tough-as-nails American commander during World War Two, unsentimentally pointed out that the goal of warfare is not to die for one's country but to make sure that the son-of-a-bitch on the other side died for his. The point is valid. The outcome does not depend on who gets the most glory or the finest poems but on who survives and wins.

Of course, there is an unspoken assumption in the argument that eliminating terrorist leaders doesn't matter: that this is a war of attrition and by proving a willingness to be martyrs the terrorists will outlast their opponents. Thus, the mere ability to continue fighting is the most important victory of all.

This has been the strategy of the PLO and now of Hamas. The result is that after forty years the former is in a horrible mess and both have inflicted terrible suffering on their own people. Back in the 1960s, PLO leaders like Yasir Arafat argued, as Hamas did today, that by continuing anti-civilian terror they would drive the Israelis to flee or surrender. It did not work for them and will not work for contemporary terrorists elsewhere either.

Regarding Iraq, though, this has nothing to do with the U.S. forces remaining there. If American troops leave--an idea that I think makes sense--the insurgents will have to face the Shia and Kurds, 80 percent of the population, who are not going away. In the meantime, they have created so much inter-communal hatred that any terrorist who escapes with his life will be very lucky indeed. Unfortunately, they have made it likely that many of their fellow Sunni will die as well.

But to return to the question of terrorist leaders, there is another point besides the difficulty of really replacing lost cadre. One should not believe in the terrorists' propaganda that thousands are ready to become martyrs and tens of thousands are ready to be fighters. After all, terrorist armies tend to be small because they have reached the limit of who can be recruited.

I well remember seeing an interview with a Hamas official who had been the most successful recruiter of suicide bombers after he was arrested. In particular, he was asked one obvious but very significant question: Since he was such a passionate believer in the cause, why had he not become a suicide bomber? His answer, and I quote him very precisely, is that "I didn't think I would be very good at it."

On one level, this seems a joke. Walking into a place and pushing a button to blow oneself up is not difficult. What is hard is the psychological readiness to do so. Obviously, he--like most people--was not eager to die.

Again, the PKK leader Ocalan furnishes a good example. He mercilessly ordered the murder of thousands of Turkish civilians but once captured and facing the death sentence, Ocalan squealed for peace and told his men to stop fighting in order to save his own life. Not all extremists are secretly cowards but many are far from the lions they pretend to be.

It is also well established that the leaders of terrorist groups--notably the PLO and Hamas--never put their own children in the front line. In one case, Hamas recruiters approached the son of a top leader when the latter was in prison. As soon as he found out about this, he had his son sent out of the country. To cheer a terrorist group is easy, to urge others to die in a struggle is not too hard, but to ensure one's own end is more challenging.

No matter what terrorist propaganda claims, the more casualties there are, the harder it is to raise additional forces. Again, this does not mean that the battle will end or that nobody will volunteer to fight but that there will be more people in the stands cheering and fewer on the playing field shooting. It is more pleasant to chant poems of praise to martyrs while sitting comfortably in one's living room.

Higher-quality recruits will also be harder to find since such people are more likely to think carefully about the risks being run or to seek more advantageous employment. While there are many stories of parents bragging--after the fact--about the sacrifice of their children, there are also many accounts of parents acting energetically to stop them from getting themselves killed.

So the death or imprisonment of terrorist leaders does matter a great deal.

Barry Rubin is Director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center university. His co-authored book, Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography, (Oxford University Press) is now available in paperback and in Hebrew. His latest book, The Long War for Freedom: The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East, was published by Wiley in September. Prof. Rubin's columns can now be read online at: http://gloria.idc.ac.il/columns/column.html.

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Posted by Lawrence Uniglicht, June 25, 2006.

A 03/15/2005 Jackson Diehl New York Times editorial; written at the time of a Shiite Hezbollah rally, presumably for freedom, in the streets of Beirut; suggesting radical Islamic groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah might quell their violent behavior if incorporated into political processes, can now be analyzed bolstered by the passage of time, albeit of somewhat short duration. Hamas, a militant cadre of religious Sunni Arabs, has relatively recently been democratically elected to steward the Gaza strip, land ceded to those morphed Jordanian voters by Israel. Here is a chance to test Mr. Diehl's theory. Alas, Hamas still refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist, is on the verge of civil war with a more moderate political rival Fatah willing to negotiate with Israel, continues to allow Muslim terrorists to launch deadly rockets into the sovereign Jewish State with impunity, will not renounce homicide/suicide bombing, and does virtually nothing to improve to the dysfunctional lives of the perhaps disillusioned citizens who indeed gave Hamas the key to their hoped for state. Surely, you can take a jihad junky out of a terror cell but you can't take the terror cell out of that junky. Indeed, Diehl's philosophy of dealing with fundamentally flawed souls, as if they were rational, is perilous pie-in the-sky fantasy. The naïve author opines, "If the Islamists can be induced to pursue power by politics-if Hezbollah continues to make its case with rallies rather than car bombs in Beirut-than those movements might be detached from their violent cells and, over time, the more extreme elements of their agendas." He goes on to state "Islamists could be driven over time to moderation" presumably by the political process.

Radical Islamic fundamentalists would have to, in effect, renounce twisted Koranic verse, so essential to their collective culture of violence towards the infidel, especially the Jewish infidel, if moderation were a possibility. Furthermore, Hamas would have to renounce the demented venom incorporated into its charter.

"The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." Is that likely?

Journalists like Jackson Diehl seem afflicted with cognitively dissonant viewpoints of the world, convoluting observations to be compatible with predetermined mindsets attuned to the way they would like things to be. "You can't make a silk purse out of a camel's ear" no matter how hard you try. A secular political process will not dissuade religious fanatics, bizarrely believing paradise awaits those martyrs willing to blow themselves up along with proximate infidel victims. Such criminally insane thought processes are likely beyond redemption. Islamic extremists, as typified by Hamas, Hezbollah, and similarly demented fundamentalist cadres are not unlike metaphorical malignant tumors of the human organism that must be extricated, or in social terms at least have its participant members incarcerated. Indeed, their collective delusional ideation concerning homicide/suicide bombing ominously supplants mankind's natural survival instinct. If such poisonously programmed humans are left to replicate, infecting other members of the species, the danger exponentially increases that some day one such mutated soul will acquire a nuke and be willing to detonate, changing "life" as we know it. Think about that Mr. Diehl.

Lawrence Uniglicht is a career civil servant, working for the Social Security Administration. He advocates for the State of Israel with an American perspective. He writes, "Advocating for the disrespected underdog has been my passion, no doubt Israel falls into that category." Contact him by email at luniglicht@snip.net

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Posted by Pinhas Inbari, June 25, 2006.
  • The June 25 Palestinian attack from the Gaza Strip on an IDF military post inside Israel is directly connected to the Hamas-Fatah struggle over the "Prisoners Document," which may be put to a Palestinian referendum. The core of that document calls for the unification of all armed factions to carry out joint operations against Israel. What remains in dispute is who exactly will lead the new unified front. Essentially, Hamas' Khaled Mashaal is telling Fatah that it will not determine for the Palestinians how to conduct the "resistance."

  • Fatah sources have said that the referendum initiative was designed to offer Hamas a ladder with which to climb down from the current stalemate. However, Abbas did not properly calculate the veto power of Khaled Mashaal, the head of Hamas' Damascus-based political bureau.

  • Mashaal views Hamas as in the Iranian-Syrian orbit, while Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Gaza identifies his government as part of the global Muslim Brotherhood movement. Haniyeh is also limiting his horizons to the PA, while Mashaal has a broader vision of the global spread of Islam. Mashaal maintains direct command of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

  • The fact that the Prisoners Document was produced by jailed Fatah-Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti -- the bitter enemy of the old Tunis Fatah echelons -- created tensions inside Fatah between the Old Guard and Abbas, whom they suspected of secretly nurturing the Young Guard at their expense. The advent of Barghouti as the one who is controlling the development of events has led the Old Guard to limit their support of Abbas' initiative.

  • Support for Abbas in a showdown with Hamas could come from the alarmed Arab governments that feel threatened by the rise of Hamas, and especially Jordan, which uncovered several attempts by Hamas in Syria to operate inside Jordan. The capture by Israel of Ibrahim Hamed, the military commander of Hamas in the West Bank, led to the exposure of far-reaching plans by Hamas to attack Jordan from the West Bank, according to directives coming from Mashaal in Damascus and backed by Tehran.

  • While there is no reason to suspect Abbas' rejection of a renewed armed conflict with Israel, his build-up of a new militia based on Force 17 personnel who are in contact with Hizballah does raise concerns. It is also noteworthy that the Prisoners Document still calls for "resistance" inside the territories and accepts the establishment of a Palestinian state inside those territories, but without renouncing the fundamental Palestinian right of return to areas inside Israel.

The Prisoners Document

The June 25 Palestinian attack from the Gaza Strip on an IDF military post inside Israel, and the accompanying escalation of fighting between the two sides, is directly connected to the Hamas-Fatah struggle over the "Prisoners Document," which may be put to a Palestinian referendum. The core of that document calls for the unification of all armed factions to carry out joint operations against Israel. What remains in dispute is who exactly will lead the new unified front. Essentially, Hamas' Khaled Mashaal is telling Fatah that it will not determine for the Palestinians how to conduct the "resistance."

The Palestinian legislative elections on January 25, 2006, that brought Hamas to power have created an acute, two-fold crisis in the Palestinian Authority: economic and constitutional. Due to the holding back of international aid, the Hamas-led government has had difficulty paying the salaries of its 160,000 employees, who form the backbone of the Palestinian economy. At the same time, there is a constitutional crisis over the distribution of authority between PA Chairman Mahmud Abbas of Fatah and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, both of whom were elected to lead the Palestinians.

The dispute over authority has exposed the PA to the danger of civil war, which has sharpened since Abbas called for a national referendum to approve the Prisoners Document formulated by imprisoned Fatah-Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti. Abbas hopes its adoption will enable the Hamas-led government to meet the international requirements necessary to allow the resumption of international aid. However, this document neither recognizes Israel in a straightforward way, nor calls for an end to terror. It calls for accepting the PLO as a roof organization for all factions and for the adoption of its past resolutions, thus implying the recognition of Israel based on the PLO's previous statements of recognition.

With regard to terror, the document calls for uniting all factions under a unified command to continue the "resistance" inside the territories and accepts the establishment of a Palestinian state inside those territories, but without renouncing the fundamental Palestinian right of return to areas inside Israel.

All Hamas leaders, including Prime Minister Haniyeh, have made it clear that they reject the document. This rejection may be seen clearly on Hamas websites, although Haniyeh says Hamas is "studying the document in order to change it." Haniyeh has also questioned whether Abbas has the constitutional authority to declare a referendum.

In another Fatah-Hamas showdown over authority, Hamas Interior Minister Said Siyam, who is responsible for security, deployed an armed force in the streets of Gaza. When Abbas ordered the disbanding of this force, the Hamas government ignored him.

Both Abbas and Haniyeh have repeatedly declared that "civil war is not in our vocabulary." Moreover, when I asked Abbas on the eve of the legislative elections why he had decided to allow them, knowing that this might lead to the rise of Hamas to power, he replied: "for the sake of Palestinian unity." That is to say, Abbas believed it was necessary to risk the continuation of Fatah rule in order to avoid an Algerian-style civil war, and Haniyeh thanked Abbas for this position.

Fatah sources have said that the referendum initiative was designed not to lead to a major conflict with Hamas but rather to offer Haniyeh a ladder with which to climb down from the current stalemate. However, the sources added that Abbas did not properly calculate the veto power of Khaled Mashaal, the head of Hamas' Damascus-based political bureau.

Alternative Scenarios

Haniyeh himself has raised another scenario: not a civil war, but the dismantling of the PA, which could threaten the stability of the whole region. Israeli security sources are indeed concerned for the future of the PA as a functioning system, and they are discussing ideas on how to transfer more responsibilities regarding the Palestinians to international organizations.

Abbas does not mention the possibility of dismantling the PA, but during his May European tour he threatened to disperse the government and call for new elections. Haniyeh, however, has said that there was no need to return to the voters only a few months after the last elections, in which all the programs were presented to the people. On a different occasion Haniyeh threatened to "turn the tables" if his government collapses. So calling for early elections could well lead not to new elections but to the collapse of the PA. In such a case, Hamas would end its period of "calm" with Israel. Thus, instead of internal civil war, full-scale fighting against Israel could erupt that unites all the Palestinian factions.

Another possible outcome could be a split between a Hamas-led government in Gaza and a Fatah-led government in the West Bank. Fatah sources have said Abbas was considering holding the referendum only in the West Bank.

Fatah's Post-Election Plans

Fatah-Tanzim leaders close to Barghouti had stated their plans on the eve of the parliamentary elections. They had assumed that Fatah would win by a small margin and had intended to propose to Hamas to join forces in a new command structure for the fight against Israel, ending the current situation in which Hamas and the PLO were launching separate military campaigns. This new joint campaign was to be limited to the territories and have as its target the toppling of Israel's security fence. In this way, they were hoping to disconnect the Palestinian "legitimate resistance" from al-Qaeda-style terror, and this is reflected in the Prisoners Document now under dispute by Hamas and Fatah.

Internal Struggles Inside Hamas

The chairman of Hamas' Damascus-based political bureau, Khaled Mashaal, views Hamas as in the Iranian-Syrian orbit, while Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Gaza identifies his government as part of the global Muslim Brotherhood movement. However, both view Hamas as affiliated with outside power centers. Haniyeh is also limiting his horizons to the PA, while Mashaal has a broader vision of the global spread of Islam. While Mashaal declared that the Hamas electoral victory was the beginning of a Muslim takeover of Europe, Haniyeh restricted his narrative to the borders of Palestine.

According to senior Fatah sources, Mashaal had rejected the very idea of Hamas running in the elections. Once they were held and the Hamas-run government began to sink into difficulties, Mashaal tried to create a mood inside Hamas to have it abandon the idea of running a government, as something that had occurred "too early," and to return to "clandestine resistance." According to these sources, the main problem for Haniyeh is that Mashaal maintains direct command of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, and this limits Haniyeh's ability to confront Mashaal.

Hence, while in the dispute over the Prisoners Document Haniyeh has tried to soften his non-acceptance in ways that leave the door open for the continuation of contacts with Abbas, Mashaal expressed his total rejection right away. By the end of June, Mashaal had softened his tone, but one can suspect the sincerity of this change.

Israeli security sources say Haniyeh has demanded that Mashaal help him calm the tensions. Yet both senior Fatah sources and Israeli security sources believe that at the end of the day Mashaal will impose his will on Haniyeh against any compromise with Abbas on any subject, and especially over the referendum. Fatah sources said that before Abbas launched his referendum initiative, he told Haniyeh that once he "distances" himself from Mashaal, Fatah will protect him against the Qassam Brigades. In other words, Abbas encouraged Haniyeh to split Hamas; Haniyeh ignored the offer.

Internal Struggles Inside Fatah

In Fatah, there is a similar internal struggle, though it is much less acute, given the fact that, unlike Hamas, much of the "outside" leadership arrived in the PA territories after the Oslo agreements. However, there were hardliners that rejected the Oslo agreements and stayed behind in Tunis under the leadership of the head of the Fatah movement, Farouq Qaddumi. Like Mashaal, Qaddumi is linked to the Syrian-Iranian orbit. He openly rejected the parliamentary elections, and after they were held he declared that the new Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) was subject to the PLO parliament-in-exile -- the Palestinian National Committee (PNC). In the current crisis, Qaddumi supports Hamas' stand of not recognizing Israel. However, unlike the situation in Hamas, the Fatah leadership in the PA is prevailing over the outside leadership since the bulk of that leadership is now in Ramallah.

Nevertheless, differences inside Fatah can play a role in deciding whether the Palestinians will move toward civil war. Once they arrived in Ramallah, the former Tunis leadership developed a dislike for the younger local leadership led by Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti, and Muhammad Dahlan and Jibril Rajoub, commanders of the newly established Preventive Security forces. The fact that the Prisoners Document was produced by Barghouti -- the bitter enemy of the old Tunis echelons -- created tensions inside Fatah between the Old Guard and Abbas, whom they suspected of secretly nurturing the Young Guard at their expense. While the Old Guard of Fatah did not easily accept the loss of power to Hamas, and urged the hesitant Abbas to take action, the advent of Barghouti as the one who is controlling the development of events has led the Old Guard to limit their support of Abbas' initiative. While Abbas has so far proved reluctant to initiate a confrontation with Hamas, it is of crucial importance for him to ensure the backing of his fellow Fatah colleagues.

The Hamas Conspiracy Against Jordan

Support for Abbas in a showdown with Hamas could come from the alarmed Arab governments that feel threatened by the rise of Hamas in the PA, and especially Jordan, which uncovered several attempts by Hamas in Syria to operate inside Jordan. The capture by Israel of Ibrahim Hamed, the military commander of Hamas in the West Bank, led to the exposure of far-reaching plans by Hamas to attack Jordan from the West Bank, according to directives coming from Mashaal in Damascus and backed by Tehran.

Abbas expressed "shock" when first informed in Amman of the details and scope of the Hamas conspiracy against Jordan, and this may have been a turning point in his stance toward Hamas. He has again raised the possibility of dispersing the Hamas government and calling for new elections, has accelerated the establishment of a new militia in Gaza to counter Hamas' new force, and has ordered the formation of a new militia in the West Bank as well.

Abbas' New West Bank Militia: Aimed at Hamas or Israel?

At the same time, Abbas may also be building a military force to confront Israel in the territories in line with the stated intentions of the Prisoners Document. Fatah PLO member Yasser Qaraqe' said that Hamas should not reject the document as it does not recognize Israel. Abbas advisor Ahmad Abd a-Rahman told Al-Jazeera on June 9 that the document seeks only to strengthen the Palestinian position inside the territories. Fatah senior officials have tried to convince Hamas that once "legitimate resistance" inside the territories is recognized, then "let's see what happens."

Serious doubts about the possible outcome of the Prisoners Document increased with the nomination of wanted terrorist Mahmud Damra (Abu Awad) as the commander of Fatah's Force 17 in the West Bank. Dimra's connections with Hizballah and Iran raise the question of whether this opened up an opportunity for Iran to penetrate Abbas' new force, and whether this force is meant to confront Hamas -- or Israel -- as specified in the Prisoners Document.

A "Lull" Means Rocket Fire at Israel

Despite the tempting incentives for Hamas to adopt the document, they have so far rejected it, not only because it is written in Fatah terminology and imposes on Hamas the authority of the secular PLO, but also because it demands that Hamas stop supporting the launching of missiles into Israel. This is the distinction between a tahdiya (lull) and a hudna (ceasefire or armistice). While a tahdiya is perceived as limiting the "resistance" to the launching of missiles at Israel while stopping terror attacks inside Israel, a hudna means a complete cessation of violence. Haniyeh even spoke of a hudna in terms of "an end of conflict."

Studying the course of the dialogue launched by the Palestinian factions to avoid a civil war, one can hardly conclude that Hamas was convinced by Fatah's arguments. Abbas advisor Ahmad Abd a-Rahman wrote in Al-Ayyam on June 10 of the unbridgeable division that was uncovered during the dialogue. Hamas flatly rejects the fundamental Fatah worldview including the basic asset of PLO diplomacy -- international legitimacy. Hamas also rejected the Arab League and Saudi initiatives. Furthermore, Hamas is willing to recognize the PLO as the Palestinian roof organization only on condition that far-reaching reforms be adopted that will result in Hamas becoming the leading force in that body. Hence, the dialogue has served to expose the inherent differences between Hamas and Fatah.

Notably, Abd a-Rahman also discerned conflicts between the West Bank Hamas and the Gaza-based Hamas. While the West Bankers appear to be closer to Fatah's point of view, the Gazans blocked them from reaching an agreement. Hamas forced Abbas to move the dialogue to Gaza due to its distrust of the Hamas leadership in the West Bank.

What Will Happen Now?

Overall, there appears to be a strong possibility of a major eruption that might topple the PA, either through civil war or a renewal of fighting with Israel, the drying up of Palestinian financial resources, or all combined. Aware of this potential, Abbas and Haniyeh share a common interest in avoiding civil war.

Mashaal and Qaddumi are loosely aligned to prevail over the local leadership and are linked with the Iranian-Syrian orbit. They are both interested in the collapse of the PA. Mashaal is prevailing over Haniyeh, while Abbas is prevailing over Qaddumi.

The main problem inside Fatah is between Abbas and the Old Guard. They first criticized him for delivering the PA to Hamas rule, then for his hesitance to disperse them, and now for his apparent link-up with Barghouti and the Fatah warlords.

Mashaal, on the one hand, and the Fatah warlords, on the other, are pushing in the direction of a collision, and are now engaged in a major military build-up for D-Day. At the same time, Haniyeh and Abbas are still committed to internal calm. Despite the current low-scale conflict between Fatah and Hamas that is claiming lives in Gaza every day, the two leaders are trying their utmost to prevent a major showdown.

Other scenarios can also materialize, including the complete and final collapse of the PA, or a split between Gaza, that will remain under Hamas rule, and the West Bank, that will return to Fatah rule.

While there is no reason to suspect Abbas' rejection of a renewed armed conflict with Israel, his build-up of a new militia based on Force 17 personnel who are in contact with Hizballah does raise concerns.

Pinchas Inbari is a veteran Palestinian affairs correspondent who formerly reported for Israel Radio and Al Hamishmar newspaper, and currently reports for several foreign media outlets. He is the author of a number of books on the Palestinians including The Palestinians: Between Terror and Statehood.

This article was published as a Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) Brief, Vol.5, No. 27, June 25, 2006.

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Posted by Sergio Tessa (HaDar), June 25, 2006.

This morning at 05:30, a groups of five Hamas terrorists, coming from the Gaza Strip, penetrated a few hundred yards inside Israeli territory through a tunnel that was dug during the last few months.

During the attack, two young Israeli soldiers were killed. lieutenant Hanan Barak, ZTUQ"L, HI"D, 20 years old from Arad, and sergeant Pavel Sladtzker, ZTUQ"L, HI"D, 20 years old from Dimona, and another young soldier was kidnapped, may Hashem protect him.

ALL the Israeli media and the political world are boiling over and the tones are very dramatic.

The guerrilla operation is being defined as a very grave fact, whose responsibility is fully on the Hamas, to which a very hard response will be given, because it is an attack of unprecedented gravity.


Since when an attack on military forces has to be judged with more gravity and deserving a hasher response than an attack on defenseless civilians???

THE LYING POLITICIANS AND THE MEDIA TALKING HEADS are tying to confuse the issues to justifies their ideological and practical impotence, their IMMORALITY, which has allowed a continuous rain of missiles until today without any serious attempt to end it IMMEDIATELY AND BY ALL MEANS.

Their reaction todays shows how the perversion of moral values in Israel has reached such a level that Israeli citizens are treated as cannon fodder, as peons to be used and transferred at will, peons in an immoral political process made of surrender in the face of terrorism, made of concessions, appeasement and self-destruction, while the armed forces are considered more important and worthy of being avenged.



End Arab occupation of the Land of Israel: Judea to the Jews, Arabia to Arabs Be'ahavath Israel -HaDaR- a Torah-wing Jew from Qiryath Arba Hebron one of those THEY call "religious fanatic, gun-toting settler" :-)

Sergio Tessa can be reached at Hadar-Israel@verizon.net.

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Posted by Paula R. Stern, June 25, 2006.

Israel has, for the most part over the last year, appeared weak and inefficient in its dealings with the Palestinians. We have emphasized our desire for peace and our willingness to make painful concessions and the Palestinians hear only that we are willing to take pain, and willingly oblige.

We have made unilateral concessions and for the most part the Palestinians laugh at our having given up much of our bargaining position before the bargaining has even begun. Imagine, they think to themselves, how much more the Israelis will be forced to give up when we actually do sit down to negotiate.

And even more, they tease us with promises of peace -- and then explain they only mean a temporary peace, perhaps 10 years, perhaps more, but only if we weaken ourselves enough that they too will be able to follow in the path of their great Mohammed. They remember that Mohammed made a peace agreement, only to break it two years later when the enemy was weakened enough that Mohammed's victory was assured.

But all our past mistakes will be as nothing if we do not make the ground shake today, if we do not act without mercy, as they have done. This morning just after dawn, 8 Palestinians attacked an army base in Keren Shalom. As military strategy goes, it was a successful operation in which 2 of the enemy were killed, 6 others wounded, and best of all, the infiltrators were able to steal back across the border after kidnapping an Israeli soldier.

This was not a terrorist attack against innocents. We cannot bemoan the lack of decency or mercy that is so common in most terror attacks. This was a military incursion and must be answered in kind. That they will likely choose to hide their prize among Palestinian civilians is not our problem and we must show the same lack of mercy that was shown to us.

The fact that they were able to infiltrate and attack is the fault of the Defense Minister and the upper echelons of the army who have failed to allow our soldiers to adequately defend themselves, but the reasons no longer matter. If Israel does not shake the ground to get our soldier back, if the very earth does not vibrate with our anger and our determination to return the soldier and the body parts these ghoulish gunmen claim they took, we may as well surrender all that we have left.

The reason we live in Israel, the purpose for its existence is so that we Jews can live in our land, be protected by our army, and take our place among the nations of the world. If Olmert and Peretz are to be worthy of the positions they hold, they will hold back no mercy, until our boys are home.

Contact Paula Stern at paula@writepoint.com

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Posted by Justice For Jonathan Pollard, June 25, 2006.

Jonathan Pollard pled guilty and was indicted on one count of passing classified information with no intent to harm the United States, to Israel, a major non-NATO ally and he received a life sentence.

Ronald Montaperto, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst recently pled guilty to spying for China throughout his 22-year career in government. According to a Pentagon official, Montaperto's value to the Chinese included not only the top secret information that he provided, but also his role in facilitating Chinese deception of US intelligence. According to a statement of facts submitted in the case, the information Montaperto supplied to the Chinese included top secret details of the sale of Chinese military equipment and missiles to the Middle East. Thanks to a plea deal Montaperto will be sentenced in September to a term of no more than 10 years --possibly less.

Jonathan Pollard is currently serving his 21st year of a life sentence with no end in sight. In comparison to Montaperto and other spies who have committed far more serious crimes and received far lighter sentences or no jail time at all, Pollard's life sentence is grossly disproportionate. Every other possible excuse for the ongoing, 2-decades-long incarceration and mistreatment of Jonathan Pollard has been eliminated over the passage of time. Anti-Semitism remains the only explanation.

A detailed account of the Montaperto case follows. It is called "Ex DIA Analyst Admits to Passing Secrets to China. Plea deal guarantees no more than 10 years." and it was written by Bill Gertz. It appeared in the Washington Times, June 23, 2006.

A former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst has pleaded guilty to illegally holding classified documents and admitted in a plea agreement to passing "top secret" information to Chinese intelligence officials.

Ronald N. Montaperto, the former analyst who held a security clearance as a China specialist at a U.S. Pacific Command research center until 2004, pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful retention of national defense information, according to court papers and law officials familiar with the case, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

"Montaperto admitted to verbally providing [Chinese military] attaches a considerable amount of information that was useful to them, including classified information," according to a statement of facts submitted in the case.

Montaperto told investigators he could not recall specific information he gave Chinese attaches Col. Yang Qiming, Col. Yu Zhenghe and other Chinese officers during his 22-year career in government. But the statement said it included both "secret" and "top secret" data. It also said he had close unauthorized relationships with the two officers.

The guilty plea was part of an agreement reached Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. The conviction can carry fines of up to $250,000 and a prison term of up to 10 years. Sentencing is set for Sept. 8.

A Pentagon official said Montaperto's value to China included both the secrets he shared and his role facilitating Chinese deception of U.S. intelligence by providing feedback on how those efforts were working.

A senior U.S. intelligence official bluntly stated, "He was a spy for China."

During questioning by investigators in Hawaii in 2003, where he was dean of the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Montaperto said he verbally gave Col. Yang and Col. Yu both "secret" and "top secret" information, the statement said.

"He admitted to passing classified information to military attaches who the FBI determined were Chinese intelligence officials," said a law-enforcement official involved in the case.

Montaperto, 66, joined the DIA in 1981 and eight years later sought a post at the CIA that eventually led to suspicions he was a spy for China. An investigation of his links to Chinese intelligence in 1991 was dropped for lack of evidence.

He had been part of a DIA program involving authorized contacts with Chinese embassy officials. However, the statement said Montaperto failed to report his contacts, as required by security rules.

After leaving DIA, Montaperto continued in government at the National Defense University and then became the dean of the Pacific Command think tank until his dismissal in 2004.

A second investigation that led to his guilty plea was started in August 2001 and led to the discovery of classified documents in his Springfield residence.

Reached by telephone Monday at his home in Morehead City, N.C., before the plea agreement was finalized, Mr. Montaperto declined to comment.

Investigators from the FBI and Naval Criminal Investigative Service started a sting operation in July 2003 that involved asking Montaperto to join a China-related intelligence program that required him to undergo polygraph testing. Under questioning prior to the test, he made the admissions about passing secrets to China, the statement said.

The information supplied to the Chinese included top secret details of the sale of Chinese military equipment and missiles to the Middle East, the statement said.

The plea agreement requires Montaperto undergo debriefings and forbids him any contact with foreign agents. "He's already given a lot of information," one official said.

According to U.S. intelligence officials, Montaperto was among a number of U.S. intelligence officials who came under suspicion of being informants following the defection of a Chinese intelligence official in the late 1980s. The defector revealed that Beijing had successfully developed five to 10 clandestine sources of information here.

Montaperto also was part of an influential group of pro-China academics and officials in the U.S. policy and intelligence community who share similar benign views of China. The group, dubbed the Red Team by critics, harshly criticizes anyone who raises questions about the threat posed by Beijing's communist regime.

Contact Justice For Jonathan Pollard at Justice4JP@aol.com

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Posted by Esther Green, June 25, 2006.


I copied from the newsletter of today of Leah Lekarev (leahrafaeli@yahoo.com, http://www.lekarev.org, please send it to everybody you know!

Once again, the real news is conveniently not being reported as it should. At present, in my Hebrew class, there is a woman who recently made aliya from Paris with her family. I have spoken with her about anti-Semitism in France and she confirmed that it is very, very serious and getting worse every week. She and her family fled Paris and came to Israel, fearing for their lives - literally. This is first hand, my friends

To give you an idea of what's going on in France where there are now between 5 and 6 million Muslims and about 600,000 Jews, here is an email that came from another Jew still in France. Please read! Will the world say nothing - again - as it did in Hitler's time?

He writes, "I AM A JEW -- therefore I am forwarding this to everyone on all my-mail lists. I will not sit back and do nothing." Nowhere have the flames of anti-Semitism burned more furiously than in France:

In Lyon, a car was rammed into a synagogue and set on fire. In Montpellier, the Jewish religious center was firebombed; so were synagogues in Strasbourg and Marseilles; so was a Jewish school in Creteil - all recently.

A Jewish sports club in Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails, and on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus in Paris, the words "Dirty Jew" were painted. In Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with sticks and metal bars. The bus that takes Jewish children to school in Aubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months.

According to the Police, metropolitan Paris has seen 10 to 12 anti-Jewish incidents PER DAY in the past 30 days. Wake up, world! Walls in Jewish neighborhoods have been defaced with slogans proclaiming "Jews to the gas chambers" and "Death to the Jews. A gunman opened fire on a kosher butcher's shop (and, of course, the butcher) in Toulouse, France; a Jewish couple in their 20s were beaten up by five men in Villeurbanne, France. The woman was pregnant; a Jewish school was broken into and vandalized in Sarcelles, France. This was in the past week.

So I call on you, whether you are a fellow Jew, a friend, or merely a person with the capacity and desire to distinguish decency from depravity, to do, at least, these three simple things: First, care enough to stay informed. Don't ever let yourself become deluded into thinking that this is not your fight. I remind you of what Pastor Neimoller said in World War II: First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

Second, boycott France and French products. Only the Arab countries are more toxically anti-Semitic and, unlike them, France exports more than just oil and hatred. So boycott their wines and their perfumes. Boycott their clothes and their foodstuffs. Boycott their movies. Definitely boycott their shores. If we are resolved we can exert amazing pressure and, whatever else we may know about the French, we most certainly know that they are like a cobweb in a hurricane in the face of well directed pressure.

Third, send this along to your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Think of all of the people of good conscience that you know and let them know that you and the people that you care about need their help.

The number one best selling book in France is "September 11: The Frightening Fraud," which argues that no plane ever hit the Pentagon. Is it any wonder that Aliya from France to Israel has increased dramatically

Contact Esther Green at eil100@zahav.net.il

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Posted by Lawrence Uniglicht, June 24, 2006.

The disrespected State of Israel today is not likely to dissuade its blatantly hostile enemies or more subtly anti-Semitic adversaries from maligning whatever efforts it might take to create a peaceful environment for beleaguered Jewish citizens, within its tiny parcel of land, surrounded by a vast dysfunctional geographic abyss known as the Middle East. Indeed, Israel's very existence violates the core beliefs of Muslim militants who absolutely despise Jews and everything they stand for. Manipulative rogue Islamic rulers of the region have programmed constituencies to spew venom at Jews/Israel, creating an artificial occupied Palestinian people, thus have diverted attention away from their own exploitative practices. Yet again, the Jew and Jewish homeland become convenient scapegoats for wealthy powerful Machiavellian Muslim egomaniacs. Furthermore, many hand wringing especially European non-Muslims give credence to claims disparaging Israel, rarely considering alternative viewpoints. So it goes!

Reversing a tidal wave of such skewed thinking is more than difficult. It boggles any rational mind that Gaza Arabs, totally disengaged from Israel, launch deadly missiles at their Jewish neighbor with impunity, retaliatory strikes are made by Israel to protect its citizens, and presumably civilized nations such as France bizarrely castigate the Jews for a disproportionate response. If fairness were imbedded within worldwide mindsets, all reasonable nations and world bodies, including the United Nations and International Court of Justice at The Hague, would rise to the defense of Israel. Subhuman obsessed psychopaths, unleashing missiles at a neighbor for no good reason, ought to be incarcerated. The fact that the disrespected Jewish State is blamed more than those criminally insane Islamic culprits for such outrageous behavior supports the notion that we truly live on a Kafkaesque planet chronically besot with the mind wasting disease of anti-Semitism. This is not acceptable. For the human species to lift itself from the dregs of such moral decay, that debilitating Jew-bashing scourge must be eliminated!

An international conference hosted in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, requesting the presence of political, academic, scientific, journalistic, and intellectual leaders from around the globe, might convene to analyze why anti-Semitic behavior will not abate as we enter a new millennium, despite the most recent and indeed most horrific Holocaust perpetrated primarily but not exclusively against Jews, an event that should have elicited a planetary epiphany supporting the concept "Never Again", virtually ending anti-Semitism forever. If the human species cannot figure out why Jews and the Jewish homeland continue to endure so much undeserved antipathy, and as a consequence of that analysis take steps to reverse such shameful behavior, future prospects of moral growth on this troubled planet are surely dim.

Lawrence Uniglicht is a career civil servant, working for the Social Security Administration. He advocates for the State of Israel with an American perspective. He writes, "Advocating for the disrespected underdog has been my passion, no doubt Israel falls into that category." Contact him by email at luniglicht@snip.net

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Posted by Buddy Macy, June 24, 2006.
[NOTE: My remarks below are in red and enclosed in square brackets.]

Subj: Stop Lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 6/23/2006 2:23:38 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: mayy2kbaby@go.com
To: VegiBud@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

[The heading, above, and the following two paragraphs are the extent of the sender's email. There was no name or identifying mark at the end of the note. Curiously enough, the two paragraphs directly below also appeared in yesterday's edition of Howard's View (June 23, 2006/27 Sivan 5766), the weekly online newsletter written by Howard Rieger, president of UJC (the Jewish Federation network in North America), which means that the "author" of the email is both a coward and a plagiarist!]

The IEC [Israel Emergency Campaign of UJC] work group also allocated $400,000 for trauma relief for those evacuated from the Gaza Strip during the disengagement, to help these Israelis adjust to new homes and communities and rebuild their lives. [Some of the expellees are still not even in there temporary homes, more than 10 months after being "evacuated." http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50467. $400,000????? That amounts to about $1.00 per expellee per week!! Wait, it gets better - please keep reading.]

Federations have helped Gaza evacuees as well. The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago/Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago raised $300,000 to provide social services for Gaza evacuees in its Partnership 2000 region of Lachish/Safir, for example, while other communities such as the UJA-Federation of Northern New Jersey and United Jewish Communities of Metrowest, N.J. similarly stepped in. [What about national UJC???]

[ Following is another paragraph from the same edition of Howard's View, that was not included in my new friend's email:]

At the height of the matsav, UJC/ federations raised $360 million for Israel through the Israel Emergency Campaign, which addressed many needs. During the last year we have been collecting about $2 million in remaining IEC commitments, and this past week our IEC Workgroup recommended distributions that will continue to make a difference for Israelis who have suffered. [If it was part of the emergency campaign, why was the money kept for up to a year in a money market account? If some of it had been distributed sooner, perhaps some of the "Israelis who have suffered," would have suffered a little less! And, imagine if UJC had initiated a campaign that was dedicated exclusively to helping the expellees. How many millions do you think would have been raised for the "Israelis who have suffered?"]

[I find the timing of the decision to allocate the whopping $400,000 to the expellees and the announcement of the allocation in Howard's View to be quite interesting -- the day after the launch of a grassroots campaign to help the suffering expellees! Actually, I find it more than interesting; I find it motivating and inspiring. I would like to think that the allocation was reported yesterday as a result of Mr. Rieger having read about the launch of the grassroots campaign the day before. Potential donors: If that is indeed the reason, please think about the effect it would have on Mr. Rieger and UJC if we raised $2,000,000!]

[I will be sending you my first campaign update this Tuesday, six days after the campaign's radio/Internet radio launch (www.zoaphilly.org), and five days after its email launch. Thank you so much for your generosity. Buddy]

Friends of Gush Katif
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Little Falls, NJ 07424-1001

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Gifts of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

For more information, please call 800-BUDDY-NY (800-283-3969) from the US & CA or 973-785-0057 from anywhere else. Shavua tov!

Contact Buddy Macy by email at VegiBud@aol.com

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Posted by Mordechai Ben Menachem, June 24, 2006.

This article was written by Charles Jacobs and Seth Klarman. Charles Jacobs is president and Seth Klarman is chairman of The David Project Center for Jewish Leadership in Boston. This appeared in The Jewish Week.

A rush of shocking events is creating a "tipping point" in Jewish consciousness. Increasingly, Jews feel our situation has substantially changed, and for the worse.

The events include Iran's nuclear threats and Holocaust denial, Hamas' electoral victory, the torture and murder of Ilan Halimi in Paris by a Muslim gang, the "discovery" by a Harvard dean that Jews actually do conspire to control Congress and American foreign policy in the service of Israel and to the detriment of U.S. interests, and the British academic boycott.

All of these demonstrate for many that there is a new assault on the world's Jews. The hostility is based on a unique and intense hatred of Israel and deep resentment of its supporters, accompanied by a growing willingness to use violence.

As though in a "perfect storm," two global ideologies, rooted in different radical critiques of the West, have suddenly aligned against us:

1. Islamic anti-Semitism. Fueled by Saudi petro-dollars and Iranian revolutionary zeal, a global campaign in mosques and madrassas (Islamic schools) teaches hundreds of millions of Muslims that Jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs, and killing them is a holy deed. The internet and television embellish the message: docudramas in Iran, Egypt and Jordan depict Jews harvesting the organs of Muslim children, killing non-Jews to make matzo, and plotting to rule the world.

This poison reaches Muslims in the West. Europe's Jews are besieged and violently assaulted -- on the streets and in the no-longer varnished rhetoric of polite society. In America, Freedom House told Congress it found Saudi-produced hate literature aimed at Americans, Christians -- but mostly Jews -- in mosques across the U.S.

2. In the West, "Palestinianism" -- the notion that an innocent, indigenous people suffers a senseless, cruel oppression by the Jews of Israel (who ought to know better) threatens to become the standard view. It is the basis for an attack by Western radicals on Zionism, Jewish national self-determination, and by extension on Jews everywhere. The "oppression" of an Arab people by Westerners is, for the far Left, morally and politically more consequential than the massacres, enslavements, beheadings, bombings, and ethnic cleansings committed by Arabs and Muslims from London to Sudan, from Spain to Indonesia. These are treated by radicals as distractions from (even caused by) the deeper Zionist evil.

Rooted in separate critiques of the West, Islam and the radical left are now allied -- in Europe and increasingly in segments of America's professoriate, media, human rights community, and the leadership of certain Protestant churches.

In America, Jews fret as a vicious anti-Israel movement has taken root on American campuses, and Jewish organizations reeled last summer when five mainline Protestant denominations passed anti-Israel resolutions. Most Jews don't yet know the extent to which public high school texts -- and teachers -- are delegitimizing Israel.

Anti-Semitism is a virus that morphs. In the West now, hostility to Jews has little to do with the familiar hatreds -- of Judaism or the Jewish "race." Today's antipathy makes Israel "the Jew" and its "crimes" the old "Jewish crimes" -- killing of the innocent, theft (this time of land), arrogance, and the control of business, finance, government and the media by international cabals. As before, "Jewish crimes" stand out as uniquely, even cosmically evil. And as such, they call for correction.

We were unprepared; we remain confused. Arab and Muslim Jew-hatred was misread as mere "street talk" that would dissipate when Oslo brought peace. Instead, Jew-hate is an engine of the global jihad. We are flummoxed by the new breed of Western adversaries. After centuries of attack by brutes, illiterates, right wing lunatics, and Christian anti-Semites, antagonism to the Jewish collective is now generated by soft-spoken moralists with high ideals, by "anti-racists" -- some of the most articulate of whom are Jews. Set to defend against thugs yelling "kike," we are attacked instead by college professors -- today a far more insidious enemy -- who berate us for supporting "immorality."

No one wants to think that sixty years after the Holocaust, a new storm threatens Jews everywhere. But reality cannot be avoided or minimized. Confused, with our defenses down, Jews need to consider the profound impact of losing the ideological battle that can destroy the Jewish state. This new time requires courageous and talented leaders to grasp these new realities and create strategies to defeat the latest defamations, grounded in a libelous portrayal of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A leadership correctly prioritizing the threat would convince us to lay aside our furious left- right debates, and teach us instead to make Israel's basic case -- from the left as well as from the right. It would gather the support of non-Jews and distinguish clearly friends from enemies. Most important, a new leadership would bravely and tirelessly tell us the truth about our new situation and recruit our talent and resources to the task.

If current Jewish leaders -- in this country which has been so good to the Jewish people -- can't or won't do these things, then this small but enormously talented people will have to get new leaders. For in this, the Jewish community cannot and must not fail.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is at Ben-Gurion University. He can be reached by email at quality@computer.org

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Posted by Tsvi November, June 24, 2006.

Between the 12th and 15th of June, 2006, the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism at the Hebrew University hosted an international conference entitled Antisemitism, Multiculturalism and Ethnic Identity. Leading academics, journalists, authors and activists from many countries including the USA and Australia presented well-written papers based on observation and research. The high point of the conference was, no doubt, the screening of Obsession, a forceful documentary featuring spine-chilling clips from Saudi, Palestinian, Egyptian, Iranian, Hizbullah and Al-Jazeera TV along with interviews with Israeli, American and reform-minded Arab commentators. The film is all about radical Islam and its global jihad. In the film, Ms. Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-born Arab Moslem who now lives in Los Angeles explains the radical Moslem thinking that underlies the scenes of huge crowds of raving men (and sometimes women too) shouting "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Islam is destined to rule the world". Often, these mass demonstrations in Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Palestinian territories and elsewhere include burning the US flag and effigies of President Bush, Sharon and others. After the screening, Ms. Darwish, who participated in the conference, gave a thirty minute talk that provided keen insights into the radical Arab-Islamic mentality. Ms. Darwish personally underwent this hate (her terminology) indoctrination while growing up in Gaza and Egypt before emigrating to the US.

During the conference, many trenchant points were made which I wish to share with you. First, antisemitism is not just a Jewish problem. Rather, it has tremendous ramifications for the future of Western civilization as a whole and the maintenance of a, more or less, sane world order. History shows that antisemitism starts with Jews but does not end with them.

As a reaction to Nazi racism and the Holocaust, it is no longer acceptable for polite, liberally-inclined Europeans to be anti-Jewish. Jews, in fact, are well accepted today as part of the European mainstream. Furthermore, the large wave of immigration into Europe from all over the world and most especially from former colonies in North Africa and Asia has transformed almost all Western democracies into multicultural nations. Historically, it was the Jews who advocated multiculturalism and pluralism as a framework for tolerance within which they could be both Jewish and British or German or French, etc. Multiculturalism presumes a certain degree of mutual respect and acceptance of other ethnic groups within a common political framework based on shared fundamental values.

Today multiculturalism has backfired because the vast majority (over thirty million) of immigrants in Europe is Moslems who, for the most part, are not integrating themselves into European societies. Indeed, some Moslem clerics openly proclaim Islam's intent to replace Christianity in Europe. Serious demographers calculate that Europe will be Islamic in about fifty years since all Western European birth rates now fall well below the replacement level. Furthermore, the female replacement rate, another indicator of demographic contraction, is also negative. Of course, this does not hold true for Moslems in Europe since they produce many more children per family than do their non-Moslem neighbors. To make matters worse, there is a fairly large hard core, estimated by one of the lecturers at around 15%, of radical Moslems who support al-Qaeda, have carried out terror attacks in London, Madrid and elsewhere, who predominate in the Moslem communities and threaten moderate Moslems who do accept Western ideas of equality and mutual respect between ethnic groups and different religions too. These radicals are vehemently anti-Israel and antisemitic. It is these religious radicals who are mainly responsible for the precipitous increase in the number of attacks on Jewish persons and institutions in recent years.

To appease Moslem, most European governments have long since adopted a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel stance. As Bat Ye'or, the author of Eurabia, elucidated in her talk, there is a constantly expanding European-Arab sphere of cooperation which is leading to Christian dhimmitude (the social inferiority of non-Moslems). Some European politicians like London's mayor, Ken Livingston accept and welcome Arab hate mongers while insulting Jews. In the Netherlands one law maker has even suggested adopting the Shari'a Islamic law code. Astute politicians adopt anti-Israel and even antisemitic positions so as to attract Moslem voters.

Dr. Margaret Brearley, a former member of the Archbishops Council who works with the London Jewish Cultural Centre, spoke about antisemitism in Britain which is now at an all-time high. She detailed the Anglican Church's strong anti-Israel stance and activities as well as their efforts to cultivate links with the UK's Moslem community which is estimated to number between two and four million. Dr. Brearley went on to say that multiculturalism is still well accepted by the British but has, nevertheless, resulted in the creation of ghettos where Moslems concentrate and live in tight-knit neighborhoods in which mainstream British values based on "live and let live" attitudes are rejected. She reminded her audience of Abu Humza al Masri and other radical Islamic clerics who openly preach hatred of the Jews and encourage holy war against both Christians and Jews. They make good use of their rights to free speech in the democratic country they despise. A public opinion poll among Moslems in Britain in 2006, after the July, 2005 London bombings, found that 7% of Moslems believe that bombings in the UK are justified and a further 37% feel that the Jewish community is a legitimate target for attacks. The Anglican Church, which is in a state of steep decline, has set out on a path of accommodation with the Moslems that finds expression in forceful anti-Israel and anti-Jewish motifs.

Most Europeans today side with the Arabs in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the more radical left-wingers question Israel's very legitimacy. Essentially, old fashioned antisemitism has been replaced by anti-Zionism. Like antisemitism, attacks on Israel can be devoid of facts, illogical and based on a double standard.

Fiamma Nirenstein who writes a column for La Stampa, hosts her own TV show in Italy and has authored several books about the left's collusion with Islam's agenda including antisemitism made a passionate plea to stand up to the new antisemitism and fight radical Islamic terrorism. Nirenstein believes that Judeo-Christian civilization and modern civil society is threatened by Islamic radicals and their leftist apologists. The West's response must be firm.

The conference did not go into the various definitions of multiculturalism nor make a clear distinction between multiculturalism and pluralism. Anton Pelinka of the University of Innsbruck did, however, note that there are several types of anti-Semitism (i.e. socio-economic, socio-psychological. geopolitical and religious). He pointed out that antisemitic harangues provide self-contained simple explanations that do not require proof.

Professor Richard Landes of Boston University analyzed conspiracy theories focusing on how Jews are frequently blamed for the world's ills. He went on to discuss the conspiracy theories that explain the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Landes said that some of the 9/11 conspiracy theories are examples of the "inversion of cognitive egocentricism". According to this line of reasoning President Bush, the Mossad, etc. are responsible for the 9/11 attack because we (the USA) are really the bad guys who had the most to gain from the destruction in NYC while Bin Ladin is just an underprivileged Third World protestor against American hegemony, capitalism, colonialism, globalization and imperialism.

Anti-Americanism, according to several speakers, is widespread in Europe because people believe that America dominates the world, attacks countries near and far, selfishly exploits the world's economy and is, of course, guilty of the worst sin of all; namely: supporting Israel and Israeli "colonialism".

The power of conspiracy theories to take root among large numbers of believers, Landes explained, is founded on the capacity of these theories to point a finger at the people who allegedly benefit most from the situation at hand. Everything then fits into place to enable believers to understand the hidden forces working against them (e.g. The Elders of Zion).

Professor Shmuel Trigano of the University of Paris, X-Nantere sees Europe's alignment with the Arabs as a trade-off: Europe supports the Arabs against Israel while the Arabs support Europe against American dominance.

In addition to their objections to many aspects of American foreign policy, there are other factors behind Europe's anti-Americanism according to Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld who presented an incisive analysis of ethnic tensions in the Netherlands. He pointed to three important themes: Europeâs is militarily weak because European nations have been relying on US protection since WWII, Europe is dependent on Arab oil for its very survival and European statesmen cannot take a position on any issue without first taking Moslem Arab public opinion into consideration. Professor Robert Wistrich, the director of the Center for the Study of Antisemitism, noted in his keynote lecture that Europeans are also somewhat jealous of America which can be considered the world's most successful attempt at creating a viable multicultural society. Not surprisingly, there is comparatively little anti-Semitism in the US except for the fringe Nazi adherents and black Jew-hating activists who openly insult Judaism and instigate racial friction on college campuses.

To sum up, we see increasing Arab/Islamic pressure on Europe but most people are still in a state of denial; claiming that the international jihad in its varying forms is not really a serious threat yet. Meanwhile, Europeans are trying to placate and appease Arabs. A key element in European-Arab cooperation is being anti-Israel. Anti-Zionism, however, is a modern adaptation of antisemitism. The humanist, liberal left (which has traditionally included large numbers of Jews) has no problem with being anti-colonial which means being pro-Palestinian which means being anti-Israel. Since the left is also against (inhuman) capitalism and globalization, it is also, by definition, anti-American. Paradoxically, the multicultural left accepts and supports European Moslem communities even though Islam relegates women to subservient status, does not tolerate homosexuality and is not favorably disposed to democracy or openness (as evidenced by the world-wide rampage protesting the publication of the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark).

One speaker stated that multiculturalism has proven to be a Trojan horse for Europe, allowing in large numbers of Moslems who are antagonistic to a secular, liberal life style. Another commentator added that multiculturalism, as it has evolved in Europe today, has led to a significant increase in antisemitism. It is, therefore, bad for the Jews who are now part of the establishment in many countries. Jews in Holland, France and elsewhere are advised to take off their kipot and conceal outward signs of Jewishness. Even on the academic/intellectual level antisemitism (in the form of being anti-Israel) has manifested itself in various boycott initiatives. Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Saudi, and Egyptian academics are never boycotted or condemned for their countriesâ aggressions and abuses of human rights. But the double standard allows Europeans to indict Israeli academicians with impunity. I would add that this same double standard is responsible, in large measure, for biased news reporting where Israel is concerned. At the BBC, for instance, IRA operatives are "terrorists" but Hamas suicide bombers who blow up children on buses in Israel are "militants" (a term which can actually have a positive connotation).

Contact Tsvi November at tsvinovember@hotmail.com

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Posted by May Leiner, June 23, 2006.

For those of you who don't like Dennis Miller, who is not Jewish, you may want to reconsider after reading his brilliant comments that follow. Please pass it on to your friends.

For those who don't know, Dennis Miller is a comedian who has a show called Dennis Miller Live on HBO. Although he is not Jewish, he recently had the following to say about the Middle East situation:

"A brief overview of the situation is always valuable, so as a service to all Americans who still don't get it, I now offer you the story of the Middle East in just a few paragraphs, which is all you really need.

Here we go:

The Palestinians want their own country. There's just one thing about that: There are no Palestinians. It's a made up word. Israel was called Palestine for two thousand years. Like "Wiccan," "Palestinian" sounds ancient but is really a modern invention. Before the Israelis won the land in the 1967 war, Gaza was owned by Egypt, the West Bank was owned by Jordan, and there were no "Palestinians."

As soon as the Jews took over and started growing oranges as big as basketballs, what do you know, say hello to the "Palestinians," weeping for their deep bond with their lost "land" and "nation."

So for the sake of honesty, let's not use the word "Palestinian" any more to describe these delightful folks, who dance for joy at our deaths until someone points out they're being taped. Instead, let's call them what they are: "Other Arabs Who Can't Accomplish Anything In Life And Would Rather Wrap Themselves In The Seductive Melodrama Of Eternal Struggle And Death."

I know that's a bit unwieldy to expect to see on CNN. How about this, then: "Adjacent Jew-Haters." Okay, so the Adjacent Jew-Haters want their own country. Oops, just one more thing: No, they don't. They could've had their own country any time in the last thirty years, especially six years ago at Camp David. But if you have your own country, you have to have traffic lights and garbage trucks and Chambers of Commerce, and, worse, you actually have to figure out some way to make a living. That's no fun. No, they want what all the other Jew-Haters in the region want: Israel. They also want a big pile of dead Jews, of course -- that's where the real fun is -- but mostly they want Israel.

Why? For one thing, trying to destroy Israel - or "The Zionist Entity" as their textbooks call it -- for the last fifty years has allowed the rulers of Arab countries to divert the attention of their own people away from the fact that they're the blue-ribbon most illiterate, poorest, and tribally backward on God's Earth, and if you've ever been around God's Earth, you know that's really saying something.

It makes me roll my eyes every time one of our pundits waxes poetic about the great history and culture of the Muslim Mid east. Unless I'm missing something, the Arabs haven't given anything to the world since Algebra, and, by the way, thanks a hell of a lot for that one.

Chew this around and spit it out: Five hundred million Arabs; five Million Jews. Think of all the Arab countries as a football field, and Israel as a pack of matches sitting in the middle of it. And now these same folks swear that if Israel gives them half of that pack of matches, everyone will be pals..

Really? Wow, what neat news. Hey, but what about the string of wars to obliterate the tiny country and the constant din of rabid blood oaths to drive every Jew into the sea? Oh, that? We were just kidding.

My friend, Kevin Rooney, made a gorgeous point the other day: Just reverse the numbers. Imagine five hundred million Jews and five million Arabs. I was stunned at the simple brilliance of it. Can anyone picture the Jews strapping belts of razor blades and dynamite to themselves? Of course not. Or marshaling every fiber and force at their disposal for generations to drive a tiny Arab State into the sea? Nonsense. Or dancing for joy at the murder of innocents? Impossible. Or spreading and believing horrible lies about the Arabs baking their bread with the blood of children? Disgusting.

Now, as you know, left to themselves in a world of peace, the worst Jews would ever do to people is debate them to death.

Mr. Bush, God bless him, is walking a tightrope. I understand that with vital operations in Iraq and others, it's in our interest, as Americans, to try to stabilize our Arab allies as much as possible, and, after all, that can't be much harder than stabilizing a roomful of super models who've just had their drugs taken away.

However, in any big-picture strategy, there's always a danger of losing moral weight. We've already lost some. After September 11th our president told us and the world he was going to root out all terrorists and the countries that supported them. Beautiful. Then the Israelis, after months and months of having the equivalent of an Oklahoma City every week (and then every day) start to do the same thing we did, and we tell them to show restraint.

If America were being attacked with an Oklahoma City every day, we would all very shortly be screaming for the administration to just be done with it and kill everything south of the Mediterranean and east of the Jordan.

Contact May Leiner at mayleiner@cs.com

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Posted by Lawrence Uniglicht, June 23, 2006.

The potentially disastrous effects of Global warming present themselves, ever more starkly, in ominous scenarios documented by exponentially increasing ice melts at and near our planet's poles as well as on mountain peaks in Peru's Andes, and in increasing intensities of extreme weather events, related to sustained increases in water temperatures, exemplified by hurricanes along the U.S.A.'s gulf coast. Furthermore, most credible scientists hypothesize that the burning of fossil fuel has substantially contributed to this phenomenon. Indeed, major suppliers of the vicious viscous substance, surely threatening "life" as we know it on our one home in the universe, just happen to reside on the shortlist of perilous archenemies of the beleaguered State of Israel. Fundamentalist Islamic regimes such as oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Iran underwrite worldwide fanaticism, while oil-addicted industrial nations pour ever more revenues into the coffers of these pusher nations. Indeed, the carbon based heat-retaining molecules that so threaten our planet climatically imperil Israel's socio-economic climate, ever inducing industrial world policy decisions to the Jewish State's detriment. Thus it is imperative that Israeli Jews aggressively react to such facts on the ground, channeling all necessary resources into developing a cheap efficient alternative energy source to supplant fossil fuel.

A research and development center for such a cerebral activity can be constructed in the Golan Heights. Concurrently, the political climate of Israel must be safeguarded from a disastrous policy contemplated by its current Prime Minister and his cronies. Ehud Olmert, alas, is willing to negotiate away Israeli territory with the two-named double game unapologetic erstwhile Holocaust trivializer Fatah potentate Abbas Mazen, perhaps at the behest of a Bush Administration in need of planetary kudos, or in fact unilaterally cede this precious land if all else fails. Have such Israeli leaders, led by a Sharon baton carrying Olmert, lost their collective mind? Can they not envision Hamas salivating to take credit for bludgeoning a retreating Israel into submission? The frequency of rocket fire into Israel will only increase, and surely be deadlier, with more launching sites available. Furthermore, 70,000 evicted grieving Israeli citizens from Judea and Samaria, dwarfing in number those still grieving evicted Israeli citizens formerly of Gaza, will create a reprehensible morale-deflated climate for a tormented Eretz-Israel. No doubt, Israel must begin to develop a usable alternative energy source to rescue an otherwise endangered species from catastrophically overheating to the point of no return, while simultaneously rescuing its own endangered State from political folly of no return. Is anything more urgent?

Lawrence Uniglicht is a career civil servant, working for the Social Security Administration. He advocates for the State of Israel with an American perspective. He writes, "Advocating for the disrespected underdog has been my passion, no doubt Israel falls into that category." Contact him by email at luniglicht@snip.net

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Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 23, 2006.

The unsustainable situation of Israel and the Jewish people is writ large not only in the rockets that continue to rain down on Jewish towns; it is not only that these rockets are launched by elements of global jihad from the ruins of Jewish towns destroyed by the "disengagement" of Sharon - Peres in August 2005; it is not only that these wholesale and reiterated acts of war are met with dabs of ointment ("targeted air strikes") by Israel's political and military top echelons who profess to see no other alternative, no other possibility: it is that Israel's governing establishment agreed to act as middleman and shipping company for the transfer of thousands of M-16s automatic rifles and a million rounds of ammo (you can murder a lot of Jews with a million rounds) to Fatach ("conquest"), the military arm of the PLO now being presented as the "moderate alternative" to their first cousin, Hamas.

Already Jews have been murdered by this latest shipment of weapons as they have been murdered for 13 years by the weapons given to them by Israeli and western governments under Oslo.

Israel is a western government and a western state. That is to say that is deeply perhaps terminally infected with Hellenism, with the insitutionalized lies and suicidal tendencies that more and more characterize the West. The geopolitics of the West are more and more about preempting or destroying any kind of Jewish state in the Promised Land and with decimating if not exterminating the Jewish people. This was the plan of the Nazis, of Marx ("to eliminate the opiate" Judaism as an author has noted), and of the French Revolution that meant to efface biblical religion while freeing the Jews to be people like any other people, clever beasts supposedly ruled by reason to fulfill their natural passions. In other words, no more Judaism.

Yes, the plan of Hadrian lives on ever more clearly as the West declines. Its sunset brings out the colors of its inception: material and spiritual theft, homicidal slander, and murder of the Jews. It cannot be much more blatant than Uncle Sam using Israel to ship arms to Fatah to murder Jews.

The top political - judicial - military echelons allow Hamas to sit in Jerusalem; they meet with Fatah to plan the occupation of the Jewish heartland by an islamic state; they speak openly of their "wish to expel 70,000 Jews within 18 months" from Judea and Samaria.

The 'left' used to call this a "revolutionary situation." All hope for meaningful reform or policy alternatives seems blocked, suppressed. Law becomes blatantly politicized, punitive and illegal. The state puts its citizens on the chopping block and demeans their mortal dilemma.

With power comes responsibility: the more power, the more responsibility. Those with power in Israel, to the extent that they have it, those in the Jewish world anywhere with power owe it to their brethren to act to fundamentally change the current state of events and to assert the right of Jews to live safely and productively everywhere in the Promised Land. The storm is very near at hand.

Professor Eugene Narrett's new book, Israel and The Endtimes is now available at this web site:

www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=38671 The book discusses the nature and origin of Western Civilization, its intimate, complex and terribly punitive relation to Judaism and the Jewish people. Dr. Narrett's previous books are "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace" and "Israel Awakened"

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Posted by Lee Caplan, June 23, 2006.

1.  A Disgraceful Situation

"Supreme Court´s Procaccia Keeps Girl In Prison"
by Hillel Fendel

Supreme Court Justice Ayalah Procaccia gave the young teenager a choice: Leave home and town, pay 7,000 shekels, and guarantee another 30,000 - or stay in prison.

The girl, Yiskah, was arrested ten days ago for trying to block the building of a wall in the middle of Hevron's "Avraham Avinu" neighborhood, and her trial is today. She and several others stand accused of throwing stones at policemen during a violent evacuation of a building - though the Prosecution agrees it cannot be certain of the identities of the stone-throwers.

Yiskah is being kept company in prison by two other friends, also residents of Hevron. One of them refuses to cooperate with the authorities in any way, and the other says she won't leave until Yiskah is released.

The original incident occurred on Tuesday, June 13, after Justice Procaccia turned down the Jews' appeal for an injunction against the construction of the wall: a 2-3-story concrete barrier adjacent to the Jewish neighborhood's playground and apartments. The Jewish community says the wall enables an Arab family, previously banished because of terrorist activities, to return to its home and rebuild.

Ten days ago, dozens of police, riot squad, soldiers and officers appeared in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood for the wall-rebuilding mission. Facing them was a group of over 20 Jewish girls who had locked themselves into the community kindergarten, one of the areas declared a "closed military zone" for the occasion.

The ensuing two-hour attempt to break into the building and remove the girls was marked by a violent struggle on both sides. No one was hurt, but 19 of the girls, between the ages of 12 and 15, were arrested. The incident caused only a slight delay in the rebuilding plans, and by Wednesday, a slightly taller, reinforced concrete wall was standing.

"We have no intentions of living behind walls," a Hevron spokesman said afterwards, "especially when they are built to protect Arab terrorists. There is no reason why a known terrorist family should be awarded a home overlooking a Jewish neighborhood in Hevron. We will continue to protest until the wall is removed from our midst, one way or another."

Overturned Rulings

In the meantime, two lower courts ordered Yiskah released to house arrest, but the Prosecution appealed each time. When the case reached the Supreme Court, Justice Procaccia - as she has done in the past - essentially ordered the 14-year-old girl held in prison until the end of the proceedings against her. However, she also ordered a quick trial, beginning today.

"It's theoretically possible for the girls to be released today if the Prosecution presents its case quickly and my daughter is quickly convicted; which we are quite sure will be the outcome," Yiskah's mother told Arutz-7.

"We, for our part, don't have any witnesses to call or anything like that. We're not taking part in this farce. But if the Prosecution asks for another day for summaries and the like, then it could take some extra time, and maybe even spill over into the month-long summer recess..."

Yiskah's mother says that her daughter has absolutely no sympathies for the justice system. "She has no interest in cooperating with a legal system in Israel that is not according to Jewish Law, and with criminals who accuse her of being a criminal," her mother said.

A number of years ago, Yiskah's father was placed under house arrest and then administrative detention for almost two years. He was later awarded 100,000 shekels for having suffered false arrest.


The father of one of the other girls accuses the system of attempting to "re-educate" those who do not agree with it. His daughter, Oriyah, 15, originally told the court, "I did nothing wrong, and there is no reason for me to sign on bail and thus recognize the court system that consistently fights against me and my ideals." The judge sent Oriyah back to her cell, where she was held for a week with no charges pressed against her.

"In other words," her father later wrote, "any citizen in Israel can be arrested for no reason and held in jail indefinitely simply because he does not recognize the authority of the court system. 'If you sign and recognize our authority,' the judges essentially explain, 'you can go free. If not, we have methods to help you to understand.'

"In Oriyah's case, those methods included revoking her rights to speak with her parents on the phone, and eventually separating her from her friends and sending her to a filthy solitary cell in a prison reserved for drug dealers and other sordid characters. The bottom line is that Oriyah, a minor, was imprisoned to force her to change her opinions and ideals. In plain English, that's called re-education."

When Oriyah was later charged with unruly behavior in a public place, the police claimed they had a video proving the charge. However, the prosecution soon admitted that there was no such video or any other evidence against her.

"Nevertheless," her father wrote, "the judge ruled that Oriyah will remain in prison until she is willing to sign on bail. With astounding candor she wrote that... the reason for Oriyah's imprisonment is her refusal to recognize the authority of the court... Oriyah is now back in prison. Not because she committed a crime. She is there simply because the court's re-education project has not yet been successful.

"Oriyah is a strong girl and has a solid support system of family and friends. With G-d's help, she will be fine. What is not fine is the fact that Israel's ruling elite is using the court system to oppress and re-educate Israel's Jewish majority."

Dana Olmert's not in jail -- so why is 15 year old Oriyah in jail?

Remember Dana Olmert who participated in the demonstration which called the Ramatkal a murderer?

Another demonstrator, much younger and way on the other side of the political spectrum, 15 year old Oriyah S. from Hebron, demonstrated 9 days ago (against the theft of a portion of the Hebron Jewish community playground for "security" purposes) but unlike Dana Olmert, Oriyah S. was thrown into jail. Even though she is a minor and even though she is not accused of any violence whatever, she is STILL in jail 9 days later.

Please help by calling the new head of the Knesset Law Committee, Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson, 02-6753115. Ask why 9th grader Oriyah S. is in jail whereas Dana Olmert is out of jail.

The obsessive and unfair witch-hunts against Israelis who just happen to live in Judea & Samaria simply must stop -- your phone call will help.

Please carefully write down the answer you are given and forward the answer to sddym@bezeqint.net immediately. Thank you so much!!!

2.  One absolute act of stupidity

"Guns Used in Fatah Terror Attacks Supplied by Israel"
By Hana Levi Julian

Members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' personal guard, "Force 17", used Israel's weapons to shoot Israelis this week, according to Israeli security and PA terrorist sources. Israel is the supplier of the weapons used in the gunfire that killed one Israeli and wounded several others, according to an interview written by journalist Aaron Klein and released Friday by WorldNetDaily. Klein quoted Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Force 17, who like many other guards is a member of the Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades terror group. Klein was interviewed on on IsraelNationalRadio's Tovia Singer Show.

Olmert's administration decided to transfer the U.S.-manufactured weapons to Abbas' guard troops in a bid to shore up his ability to protect himself in the fight against the terror group Hamas for control of PA security forces. The recent shipment included 3,000 M-16 automatic machine guns and one million rounds of ammunition.

"I did this because we are running out of time and we need to help Abu Mazen," Olmert told reporters on Tuesday, using Abbas' nom de guerre. Olmert made the announcement one day before heading to Petra for an official meeting with Abbas, hosted by Jordanian King Abdullah II at a quiet breakfast during a gathering of Nobel Prize laureates and other notables. Vice Premier Shimon Peres and world-renown author Elie Wiesel attended the gathering as well.

Abu Yousuf said bluntly that the weapons will be used to shoot Jews, and added that the terror organization may share the weaponry with Hamas as well, if its 3,000-member militia is absorbed into the general PA police force.

"These weapons will not be used in an internal war but against Israelis," Yousuf told Klein. He added as far as his group was concerned, Israel transferred the weapons to his Force 17 unit "for its own political purposes. We are not concerned with the reasons. The weapons will not be used against our brothers, only [against] Israelis."

The terrorist also called WND to claim responsibility on behalf of Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades for an ambush of an armored Israeli bus earlier in the week in Samaria, just outside the town of Ofra. Three school girls were lightly wounded in the attack, which security officials said would have been more serious had the bus not been armored.

Security sources added that the Israel Defense Force suspects a terror cell from Yousuf's group in Ramallah of carrying out other recent attacks, including an ambush which resulted in the death of an Israeli Arab traveling on a highway near Jerusalem. The senior terrorist lives with other members of the group in the Mukata, the former Ramallah residence of the late PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. Yousuf also revealed that many of the weapons are being stored in the compound.

Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades has been on the U.S. State Department list of terrorist organization since March 2002. The group took joint credit with the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization for the April 19th bombing of a Tel Aviv restaurant in which 11 people were murdered, including 16 year old Daniel Wultz of Florida.

"MK Calls for Gaza Ground Offensive as Airstrikes Continue"
By Alex Traiman

Likud MK Yuval Steinitz is calling for a Gaza ground offensive to halt the barrage of Kassam rockets on Israeli towns. Meanwhile PM Olmert stated that targeted anti-terror airstrikes will continue.

During a speech at the Caesarea Economic Conference in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated, "Israel will continue to carry out targeted attacks against terrorists and those who try to harm Israeli citizens."

Israel has recently increased air strikes into Gaza due to the non-stop Kassam rocket attacks on southern Israeli towns near the border with Gaza.

Three Kassam rockets were fired Thursday evening, one damaging a hothouse in Netiv HaAsara. Two more were launched in the vicinity of Sderot Friday morning. Sderot residents are marching to Jerusalem beginning Monday in protest of the government's failure to halt the attacks on their city.

Steinitz, former chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has called for a ground offensive into the Gaza strip to eliminate terrorist infrastructure and rocket launching capabilities.

In an interview on Voice of Israel Radio, Steinitz stated, "I call on the Israeli government not to wait any longer and to begin a comprehensive ground operation in Gaza in order to fundamentally damage the terror infrastructure in a few weeks."

Steinitz compared the suggested operation to the successful Operation Defensive Shield launched in 2002 by then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon into Arab-controlled areas located in the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria.

That operation lasted less than three weeks, and halted a string of suicide terror attacks including a massive bombing at a hotel in Netanya during a Passover Seder.

Former Defense Minister and Likud party member Moshe Arens believes that an air offensive is incapable of ending rocket attacks, and Israel must reclaim parts of the Gaza Strip that were ceded to terrorists during the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the region last August.

"Israel leads in ballistic interception technology, but the trajectory of Kassams is just too short to make interception possible," Arens wrote in the Haaretz daily Hebrew newspaper. "The obvious move to cut down on this danger is for the IDF to reoccupy unilaterally some of the areas in the northern Gaza Strip that were so foolishly abandoned unilaterally last August."

Despite the failure of air strikes to halt rocket launches, members of the current defense establishment are trying to avoid a ground invasion into Gaza.

Major General Eliezer Shkedy, Commander of the Israeli Air Force stated, "We carry out attacks in the Gaza Strip daily," during an interview with Haaretz. "The air operations are nearly the only way to operate in Gaza. The other option is a land operation, and we must do everything possible to avoid that."

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority is criticizing Israel for civilian fatalities caused by the air strikes. A statement from PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the IDF's preventive attacks.

"The increased frequency of women and children falling victims to Israeli missiles, in an age of very precise electronic warfare, indicates a deliberate intention on the Israeli part to target every Palestinian and to cause maximum human, physical, and psychological damage," the statement claimed.

The defense establishment has noted that the civilian deaths are due primarily to the fact that terrorists have made a concerted effort to concentrate their activities in Arab population centers, increasing the likelihood of bystander casualties.

The IAF goes to great lengths to reduce the chance of civilian injuries, and has launched investigations into each air strike which has any Arabs that were not the intended terrorist targets.

In his Caesarea conference address, Olmert apologized "from the depths of my being" for the Arab fatalities, stating, "but I value the lives and the welfare of the residents of Sderot as much, if not more than the residents of Gaza."

Contact Lee Caplan at leescaplan@yahoo.com

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Posted by Anita Tucker, June 23, 2006.

We were told last night to keep praying for refuat six year old Yehuda ben Shoshana

His family had a son buried, Lo Aleinu, in Gush Katif during the Struggle and reintered him in after the expulsion in Mt. of Olives. They deserve that all pray for refuat Yehuda

Doctors removed part of Yehuda's spleen, damage to stomache -- missed liver by drop B"H -- a lot of internal bleeding. Six yr.old had no external injury so didn't realize seriousness at first when was hurt playing on piles of building dirt left in middle of Ein Tzurim-Neve Dekalim caravilla site.

Housing Ministry's contractor removed the piles of dirt from place of accident.

But, unfortunately they didn't remove other dangers from all over site. Children have nowhere to play.

Only outdoor places to play in Ein Tzurim caravilla site are in piles of dirt and blocks and building holes not only in "new" site of Netzer Hazani but even still in old half of Neve dekalim where the families moved in before Pesach.

Last nite I went to kiss my grandchildren good night and say Mazal Tov as they slept for the first time in their new bigger beds (as have grown alot in ten months ) in this new home. I said "Mazal Tov on your new Bayit". My four your old grandson Raiee said "this is not my my Bayit, this is my Caravilla". I said, "yes but this caravilla is your new Bayit". He said "NO!! this is my caravilla". I repeated "Yes it is a caravilla but now it is your family's new bayit". Raiee said emphatically "THIS IS MY CARAVILLA, MY BAYIT IS IN NETZER HAZANI!!!" on the verge of tears and very upset with me that I wasn't saying the truth.

I asked my son Amichai and daughter in law Naomi if they had any discussion on this with him. They said "no, not at all -- but that he does always emphsizes and calls it -- "the caravilla".

Another grandson, Ohad, saw the cooking oven being taken out of the storage container and asked what that was-and his mom explained that "now I can cook in our house and we can eat here". The three yr. old said -- but Ema -- will you be able to make "ketzitzot" like we always eat in the Ein Tzurim Guesthouse dining room in this "thing".

Yesterday my son Aviel's kid three yr. old leaned on the electric pole immediately in front of their caravilla. The metal cover of access box that was apparantly not screwed on fell on him -- fortunately the someone noticed immediatey just as my grandchild was about to investigate what was in this interesting box that amazingly opened up in front of him (fortunately he wasn't hurt by the metal cover that fell on him).

Last night five of the twelve families moving in had a little mezuzh placing ceremony -- we went from house to house and the last one prepared a Kibud. It was very moving as each told the story of the removal of the very same mezuzah that he was now attaching.

Yitzchak Cohen told of how he begged the soldiers who came to take him out to tremove the mezuzah from the doorpost for him -- they all refused and one burst into bitter tears and cried "I can't, I can't". Amichai hung the same mezuzah that he is seen so painfully removing from his doorpost on the picture disk of Netzer Hazani that many have seen.

I said to all, may we be Zoche to see these caravillas bulldozed soon as we will God willing succeed in building anew our more permanent home and agro-businesses very soon. Then one of the teenagers said - and this time we'll be happy to photograph the bulldozers that was so painful to photograph in Gush Katif.

Perhaps my grandson is right perhaps we cannot call this site that was built for us without love and caring -- Habayit!

Yet there have been so many wonderful caring people of Am Yisrael feom all over the world who have helped,visited and encouraged us constantly to enable us to make this temporary stay here more bearable. Their caring give the spurts of Koach to turn this "site"into our "home" even temporarily - as our "home" is still apparantly our spirit, values and community that we took out with us from Netzer Hazani, from Gush Katif and this is what we will use to make the Ein Tzurim caravilla site a great place to live -- temporarily

Perhaps this what my young grandson had in mind by "Bayit".

Shabbat Shalom,

Anita Tucker is a farmer. She and her family were evicted from their home in Gush Katif last August by the Sharon government.

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Posted by Sarah N. Stern, June 23, 2006.

This is from Lenny Ben David at I*Consult. Contact him at BenDavid@i-consult.org or go to the website: www.i_consult.org

Surveys conducted for Avigdor Lieberman's Israel Our Home party show that some 70 percent of Israelis who backed last summer's Gaza disengagement object to West Bank withdrawal plan; only small percentage of respondents said they consider Peretz a success as defense minister

Attila Somfalvi YNET (06.22.06, 23:17)

Two polls conducted for Avigdor Lieberman's Israel Our Home party showed that some 70 percent of Israelis are opposed to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's realignment plan.

The polls, conducted by Shvakim Panorama under the supervision of American strategist Arthur Finkelstein, also revealed that some 65-70 percent of those who backed last summer's Gaza disengagement object to the West Bank withdrawal plan.

In addition, the survey showed that 70 percent of Israelis who backed the Gaza pullout would have been against it today.

According to the polls, about 80 percent of new Russian immigrants who voted for Kadima in the March elections now support Israel Our Home due to the fact that Olmert did not appoint Kadima MK Marina Solodkin to a cabinet post, which they view as an insult to the entire sector.

The surveys showed that the Russian immigrant public would like to see Lieberman replace Olmert as prime minister; Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu followed Lieberman as the sector's choice for the position.

'New immigrants switching from Kadima to Israel Our Home'

The polls also revealed that Labor is losing strength, with many of those who voted for Defense Minister Amir Peretz's party defecting to other parties. Senior Labor officials said certain disappointment can be detected among those who voted for the party in the last elections.

Respondents viewed Olmert as a weak prime minister, and only a small percentage said they consider Peretz to be a success as defense minister.

The vast majority of those who took part in the survey responded negatively to the question "do you feel safe in the country?" and Finkelstein said the reason this discontent has not been expressed in a major loss of mandates by both Kadima and Labor is attributed to the fact that no security-related catastrophe has occurred.

"We can confirm that new immigrants are switching from Kadima to Israel Our Home, and a segment of the general public is leaving both Likud and Kadima for our party," an Israel Our Home official told Ynet.

Sarah Stern is Founder and President, Endowment for Middle East Truth. Contact her at sstern@emetonline.org

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 23, 2006.


The Arabs smuggled more weaponry into Gaza in the eight months since Israel abandoned it, than in the prior 38 years. The Sinai is full of terrorist smugglers, whom Egypt does not apprehend (IMRA, 6/6 from head of Shin Bet, Israeli intelligence). The arms smuggling tunnels that Egypt never uncovered now are being used to sneak in millions of euros (IMRA, 6/7).

Not so brilliant, was that abandonment and the one from Sinai. The head of Shin Bet states that Egypt does not have success in intercepting terrorists in the Sinai. I think Egypt does not want to intercept those whom it thinks are operating only against Israel and not against Egypt. Egypt considers Israel its primary enemy. PM Olmert considers Egypt a friend. Given Egypt's attitude, Olmert's is fatuous.


More and more Arabs are getting shot by masked men. Forces from Fatah and Hamas attack each other and P.A. forces and facilities. Bystanders fall (IMRA, 6/6).


Muslim threats against the West sound so bizarre, that Westerners they tend to ignore them. Ignoring them is a mistake. The Muslims take their rant seriously. They mean to do what they threaten. What we see as rant they see as roadmap.

The foolish notion that office-holding breeds moderation in fanatics still is alive and mischievous. It did not work with Arafat, the Taliban, the Iranians, or the Assads.

Equally foolish is the notion of respecting the Palestinian Arabs' "democratic," choice of a party that avows non-recognition of Israel and wants to destroy our democracy.


When the leader of China planned to visit the US, his government withdrew charges against a prominent dissident seeking freedom for the country. The US thinks that China may be mellowing or at least wants to please the US. When the leader returned to China, however, the regime reinstated the charges.

NY Times executives went to China to complain that its website was blocked. China unblocked the site and praised the newspaper. Afterwards the site was blocked again. Now China is punishing a member of the Times staff, but the newspaper blames the Bush administration for not having given the head of China a state dinner and for other minor gaffes. Who can trust the Times, which doesn't understand its own issue with China? (Kin-Ming Liu, NY Sun, 6/6, Op.-Ed..)


Another associate just told me that his close friend saw the first 9/11 plane strike a tower and debris fly out. She got right back into the subway and took the next train uptown. His cousin worked in the tower. What he observed on the way out required psychiatric treatment to overcome. The worst scenes were not shown clearly to the public.

Why? To spare scenes of horror for a public that flocks to horror movies? Not likely. My associate thinks the government strives to keep Americans from getting fed up with the Arabs. Why did the media go along with it? The State Dept. has much influence with what is called our free press. If a journalist or his editors displease the State Dept., the Dept. may not invite them to its briefings or clear them for entry to war zones.

Supporting this belief: (1) The President's speech inaccurately exculpated the Arabs and Islam in general; (2) The government whisked prominent Saudi families out of the country; (3) The media basically did not report that celebrations took place all over S. Arabia and the P.A., upon hearing news of the 9/11 attack on America.

Pres. Bush outsmarted himself. By not letting Americans realize who are our enemies, how much they hate us, and how vicious and deceptive they are, he undermined his own subsequent effort to lead a war on Islamism. Americans still don't realize fully what confronts them. Half the people think they need not confront it now.

The censorship and self-censorship is not acknowledged or investigated.


Why are Iraqis taking so long to form a government? How effective and useful will it be?

Problem is, the government is being formed the Lebanese way. Each group vetoes the choices of the others, leaving inactive and incapable candidates offensive to no group. Some of the groups are Islamist or under Iranian or Syrian influence. The US also interferes constantly. The US often nominates poor candidates, and any competent ones would be suspected by the other groups of being under undue US influence.

Despite Pres. Bush's progress reports, which are not reports of progress but unspecified claims of progress, the insurgency is growing. The middle class is squeezed. (Oil smuggling fuels insurgency.) Fatwas in Baghdad ban salads, on the grounds that cucumbers are male and tomatoes are female, and shouldn't mix! The formerly stable South is rising up, now, too, instigated by Iran. Who will put the insurgents down, when the insurgents have many friends in the government? We are losing, but cannot afford to lose (Nibras Kazimi, NY Sun, 6/6, Op.-Ed..) The US indulges in wishful thinking, Democrats shrug off thinking, and the enemy plans sensibly but for evil

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Benjamin Svetitsky, June 23, 2006.

This statement is from Professors for a Strong Israel

Even as the IDF is fighting against the terrorists of the Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigade, which is part of the larger Fatah terror organization, Kadima's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is socializing with Abu Mazen, chairman of the Fatah. Further meetings are planned. Olmert persists in cultivating terrorist leader Abu Mazen, giving him guns that will be turned against Jews, while ignoring the savage terrorists he commands. Professors for a Strong Israel demands an end to the legitimacy and immunity enjoyed by these criminals, even if they know how to put on tailored suits and how to mouth proper platitudes for press conferences.

Contact Benjamin Svetitsky at bqs@julian.tau.ac.il

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 23, 2006.

(Much as Harvard tried to disassociate itself from the Mearsheimer-Walt essay, "The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy," it remains known as the Harvard study.)

New historian Benny Morris debunked much of the Harvard study in his analysis, "And Now For Some Facts." (Problem is, new historians are biased against Zionism and weak on facts, themselves.) Morris starts off agreeing with the Harvard denunciation of the Jewish nationalist militia, Irgun, as terrorist (which is about 99% false, and he doesn't admit that the socialist militia, Haganah, used thuggery against nationalist Jews.) Morris also agrees that Israeli troops committed atrocities in the war of 1948, without specifying any. (I don't believe him.)

Morris analyzed the study's methodology. It misleads by key omission and distortion. To undermine the moral case for Israel, it claims that Israel had more troops and weaponry than the Arabs, in all their wars. That is a lie, as Morris proves. Nor does being the underdog, a role they falsely assign to the Arabs, confer legitimacy. The Arabs were the aggressors.

In the current war, the Harvard duo cite the current disparity in size of armies and weaponry. This is misleading, too. Israel does not use its planes and tanks against the Arab people, whom it tries to spare. It uses them just against empty buildings and cars of terrorists. Therefore, they hardly should be counted. The terrorists fight from behind civilians in crowded areas, and try to kill primarily Israeli civilians most of whom are not armed as well as are the terrorists, giving terrorists a military advantage. (When they blow up an Israeli bus or café, their people celebrate. The P.A. signed a peace agreement!) Some moral superiority the Arabs have!

(I think that trying to spare Arab lives is poor strategy. In battle, it gives the enemy deadly advantage. Overall, it leaves the enemy undefeated and able to fight on.)

Then there is the old Arab propaganda notion that Israel drove the Arabs out, using the war as an excuse for doing what the Zionists always wanted to. Although some Zionists sometimes discussed this, they never proposed it and never made it policy, although at one time Britain did propose it. Desperate for a haven for world Jewry, the Zionist establishment accepted the partition of 1947. Morris outlines Zionist plans for development that assumed a large, continuing Arab minority. People who make such plans don't have a policy of expulsion. Indeed, the Haganah was ordered not to extend the war to areas whose local Arabs had not yet entered it. The hope was that they would not enter the war and would stay put. Haganah went on the offensive when Arab ambushes were strangling Jerusalem and other areas, and a foreign Arab invasion, for the announced purpose of genocide, was imminent. (The Harvard writers' indignation is not against the genocidal Arabs but against the Jews fighting for their people's lives).

Morris discusses partition as if unaware that there earlier was another partition of Palestine. A poor historian, he is ignorant of what is "Palestine."

The truth is that the Arabs did not and do not accept partition. That truth, the Harvard study does not acknowledge.

Morris calls the notion of transfer of Arabs "awful." Had it been done, Israel would not now have a huge fifth column, one that tips the balance in Knesset votes in favor of the enemy. Had it been done in 1967, in some fashion, even by moderate measures, there would be less warfare possible against Israel, now. Many lives would have been saved, and security would be greater. I think not having transferred the Arabs was awful.

Yes, Israel did not let most of the Arabs who fled, return. Morris defends that decision. Why let back in a genocidal enemy? Contrary to the Harvard study, those people were not innocent.

In discussing the Camp David proposals, Mearsheimer and Walt claim that the P.A. was offered a "dismembered set of Bantustans." -- But witnesses say that PM Barak offered the P.A. 100% of Gaza and at least 90% of Judea-Samaria and functional control of part of eastern Jerusalem. After Arafat walked out, Pres. Clinton and Barak offered them about 95% plus other territory, and sovereignty over half the Old City and refugee assistance. Still the Arabs said goodbye, and rejected statehood.

Other errors are buried in footnotes. One is the false claim that Britain favored the Zionists, during the Mandate. Apparently the Harvard scholars did not hear of the White Paper, internment only of Jewish immigrants, etc., to keep the Arabs a permanent majority, so there would be no Jewish State. Nor did they realize that Britain provisioned and advised the armies of three invading countries.

Another false statement is that Israel passed classified information from Pollard to the USSR. The authors seem to leave no libel unstated.

Still another lie is that Israeli citizenship is based on (Jewish) blood kinship. A fifth of Israel's citizens are Arabs. Resident applicants can become eligible for citizenship after five years. Jews are eligible for immediate citizenship, but Israel, after all, is a Jewish state, just as France is a French state.

Incorrect is the claim that "The Arabs... had been in continuous possession of (Palestine) for 1,300 years. (It was for about 200 years, and not as a discrete country.) Did those scholars not know about the subsequent hundreds of years of Turkish rule? Population figures were incorrect, too, excluding most Jewish residents, bolstering the Arab claim.

What poor, biased scholarship! (Jewish Political Chronicle, 5/2006).

The authors reveal almost complete ignorance of Zionist history. They need a primer on it. There are good books. Their bibliography omits them.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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Posted by Mordechai Ben-Menachem, June 23, 2006.

I have been assured that it really did occur.

Hello, Gann Academy class of 2006.

It's wonderful to see you sitting here today, ready to graduate from high school. I've known some of you since you were in elementary school, and I'm very proud to look out at you now.

Usually, commencement speeches urge seniors to go out into the world and commence their lives. The world is yours, go and make your way in it.

My message to you today is different. The world that I would have wanted you to go out into is changing, and not for the better. As they say in The Hobbit, "Evil is abroad in the land." Our world, the world of tolerance and equal opportunity and respect, is under attack by a radical Islam that wants to destroy Israel and dominate Europe and then dominate America.

So what I have to urge you to do today is not go out and make your way in the world, but go out and defend our culture, our civilization and our values.

You and your families made the decision to attend Gann Academy rather than a public high school, and as a result, you are the most qualified high school graduates in America to undertake this task.

Public high schools today are based on a multicultural view of the world, one in which all cultures are equally deserving of respect and honor, and in which it's considered bad ("racist" is the catch-all term) to criticize other cultures, to say that some are "good" and others are "bad," with the exception, however, of the Jewish and American cultures.

It's not acceptable to criticize Cuba, where the secret police control all dissent, or Islamic countries, where women are oppressed and homosexuals are killed and Christians are imprisoned and people are beheaded for disagreeing. But it's fine to tell lies about Israel and to accentuate the negative about America and to hold Israel and America to standards that no other countries have to meet.

But here at Gann we've taught you the opposite. We're not a multicultural school - we're a uni-cultural school. We've taught you that Judaism is important and beautiful; that it has taught the world its most important lessons: respect for law, respect for other people and tikkun olam. And that America was founded on those Jewish principles and is the highest expression in human history of respect for law and human rights and leading the world to make it a better place. And that Israel, which is facing incredible pressure and is outnumbered and is slandered and blamed for all the world's ills, is admirable for maintianing its high moral standards and is a model to the rest of the world for how to act.

So when you go off to college, and your professors can't believe you actually went to a Jewish school and actually love Israel and actually think that America is a wonderful country, you'll be able to stand up to their anti-Zionism, their anti- Americanism, and their intolerance for ideas that aren't as radical as theirs,

And you won't be afraid to say "this is right and this is wrong," "this is good and this is bad," and you'll be equipped to defend western culture, Jewish culture, American culture and Israel.

And if you need help, call us. We'll be here to help you, as we always have been.
Good luck.

Joshua Katzen
Gann Academy
The New Jewish High School of Greater Boston
June 18, 2006

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is at Ben-Gurion University. He can be reached by email at quality@computer.org

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Posted by Nadia Matar, June 23, 2006.

With his article, "The Wailing of Sderot Compared to the Heroism of Gush Katif" (Hatzofeh, June 20, 2006), journalist & commentator Hagai Huberman joins a few of the deportees from Gush Katif with whom I spoke, all of whom express themselves more or less in the same vein: "The residents of Sderot are crybabies. Look how they're going mad in response to the Kassams falling on the city of Sderot. We in Gush Katif continued our routine lives, and we didn't wail over the Kassams that fell."

I read and hear these things, and I just don't believe them. Do you want to tell us that you are proud of having continued the sacred "routine," without having cried out "We can't bear it?" Don't you think that the response by the inhabitants of Sderot is the normal reaction in light of the not-normal situation of mortar shells and Kassams falling on a civilian population, day after day?

It is specifically the response of the residents of Sderot that is correct! Their message is clear: "It is inconceivable that daily life will go on in the country when the murderous enemy attacks civilians in an Israeli city. We will not remove the issue from the national agenda until the government will do something about this. Whether this is the cutting of electricity to Gaza or the razing of Beit Hanun from where the Arabs shoot- it doesn't matter what - we will not remain silent until you deal with the Arab enemy who is attacking us. This is the government's duty: to defend its citizens." These are the messages that are broadcast from Sderot. We will not enter into the debate regarding the type of protest (personally, I oppose hunger strikes and closing down the city under attack; in my humble opinion, instead of shutting down Sderot, Ramat Aviv and the vicinity of the Knesset in Jerusalem should be shut down by the Sderot residents and their supporters), but the bottom line is: the residents of Sderot have set out on a vociferous struggle.

The fact that the media highlights several individuals who are willing to leave the city is irrelevant. We know that most of Sderot's residents are staying put, just as our brethren from Gush Katif did. The media always found in Gush Katif the one individual who announced that he was packing and leaving. So what?

When the Gush Katif leadership and rabbis silenced our brethren in Gush Katif and lulled them to sleep, and prevented loud and vociferous protest, as a considerable part of them had demanded, they did an injustice, not only to Jewish morality (for how can one remain silent when Jews are attacked), they also did a great injustice to the struggle to save Gush Katif, and the entire settlement enterprise in general. When the victim remains silent, we cannot expect that anyone will come to his aid. No one interpreted the silence and restraint of the Gush Katif leadership as heroic. To the contrary, anyone who is silent when attacked, broadcasts the message that he does not deserve protection, that he admits that he is a second-class citizen, that his blood and the blood of his children doesn't count for as much as that of the inhabitants of Tel Aviv. Obviously, I know that this was not the intent of the leaders of Gush Katif, but as we see, the way to deportation is paved with good intentions.

Who knows where we would be today if the Gush Katif leadership had screamed a resounding "We can't stand it any longer" already when the first mortar shell and the first Kassam fell? Who knows if things would not have turned out differently if the Gush Katif leadership and rabbis had acted as does Sderot's leaders, and exceeded all bounds to protest, to cry out, and - mainly - not to remain silent.

And this should not be addressed only to the leaders and residents of Gush Katif. Where was the entire national camp; where were we all, when Kassams fell on Gush Katif or when Arabs killed our brethren in shooting attacks on the roads of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza? How did we dare continue our daily routine, as if this were a decree from Heaven about which nothing could be done? How was it possible that the leadership of the national camp and its rabbis did not demand that we put a complete stop to our everyday life, so we would not stand by while our brethren were murdered? Yes, it transpires that we all sinned the sin of the silence of the lambs. And, incidentally, we are still guilty of this sin of silence today - a silence that enabled the malicious government of destruction to carry out its wicked goal of deportation all the easier, without conscience pangs, and without the inhabitants of Israel and of the world sensing that a crime had been committed here.

Thus, instead of leveling criticism at the "wailing" of our brethren from Sderot, I propose that we learn from them. Not only must we support them, we must ensure that, from now on, we, too, the residents of Judea and Samaria, who are candidates for ruin and deportation, must not be silent and carry on with our normal lives. Unlike the inhabitants of Sderot, who face only an Arab attack, we, the residents of Judea and Samaria, must contend with the double war that has been declared against us: the Government of Israel has joined together with the external enemies of Israel, and they act together to destroy the settlement enterprise in Eretz Israel - as a first step towards the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state and its transformation into a state of all its citizens. Accordingly, our protest, our outcry, and our struggle must be even more assertive and determined than the battle waged by the residents of Sderot. Our struggle is not one to save some settlement or other, it is a battle to save all of the Land of Israel.

And so, we will go forth with a cry of fighting both Arab terror and the decrees of the internal foe - the Government of Israel. Yes, it is true, we will not win the sympathy of the media as is the case with Sderot, but it is a known psychological fact that someone who respects himself is respected. If we exhibit restraint, remain silent, and act as if "we look like grasshoppers to ourselves" (Num. 13:33), so we will look to them, and they will succeed in deporting us with ease.

But if we struggle, already now, against every decree (starting with a determined and uncompromising struggle for each and every outpost [settlement]), and cry out over every terror attack, the authorities will begin to think of us as a force that does not intend to turn the other cheek, not to the Arabs, and certainly not to the "leftists."

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Buddy Macy, June 22, 2006.


More than ten months after their tragic expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, most of the expellees still have not received the compensation promised them by the Israeli Government. And, the major American Jewish organizations, as a whole, have ignored their plight and welfare. Since the organized Jewish community is not assisting these needy Jews financially, we as individuals must provide the necessary aid. To that end, and as announced yesterday on the ZOA Middle East Report radio program (available at www.zoaphilly.org), I hereby announce the email launch of the Friends of Gush Katif Jewish Refugee Fund, from which 100% of the dollars raised will go directly to the expellees, through the registered 501C(3) charitable fund, "Friends of Gush Katif."

I have created a campaign that will combine fundraising with a visual, moving, tangible tribute to the refugees. On August 1, 2006, the expellees will be commemorating the first anniversary of their expulsion. The largest of the commemorative events will take place at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where most of the nearly 10,000 refugees from Gush Katif and northern Samaria are expected to be.

Our brothers and sisters feel abandoned (and, rightly so), having been physically removed from their homes and land, and having not received substantial support from their brethren in Israel and here in America. My idea is to directly address this feeling of abandonment. We plan to produce a video that we intend to show on a giant television screen in Jerusalem during the commemoration ceremonies. Included on the video will be short greetings from donors of a minimum of $180* to Friends of Gush Katif, who will have emailed me a digital movie clip. Our goal is to have a 90-minute video filled from start to finish with best wishes to the expellees from their Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters around the world. If one does not have access to a video camera, he or she will be able to mail or email us a photograph to be included on the video, with a caption created underneath. The collection of greetings will be shown continuously in the background during the ceremonies, occasionally with the sound raised up high. This moving tribute to the former residents of Gush Katif and northern Samaria should prove to them that they have not been abandoned; that, quite to the contrary, they have many strong supporters in the United States and elsewhere who have renewed energy, passion and purpose in helping their brethren.

I will provide you with frequent updates of the campaign and am sure that the leaders of the Jewish Federations in North America and other American Jewish leaders will be following its progress closely. The more dollars we raise, the more likely it would be that the UJC and other Jewish organizations allocate money for the refugees!

For more information about the campaign, or to offer your welcomed assistance, please call toll-free: 800-BUDDY-NY (800-283-3969) from the United States or Canada. Outside North America, please call: 973-785-0057. Please forward this email to everyone on your list!

Thanking you in advance for your most generous of support,

Buddy Macy


Friends of Gush Katif
P.O. Box 1001
Little Falls, NJ 07424-1001

Please write the following in the note section of your check: "We give generously!"

Please email your video clip or photo to: vegibud@aol.com.

*Please note: Gifts of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Contact Buddy Macy at VegiBud@aol.com

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Posted by Juda Engelmayer, June 22, 2006.

This article is by Neil Goldstein, who is the Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress.

U.S. preoccupation with events in Iraq tends to blind us to the storm that threatens critical American interests in the region and prevents us from understanding what needs to be done to prevent calamity.

Israeli intelligence officials and Arab diplomats share a gloomy view of developments in the Middle East: a growing danger of Islamism and sectarian strife throughout the region. The assassination of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi must be understood as but one small victory in this larger conflict that threatens the vital national interests of the U.S. and of all of our Western and regional allies.

In describing the danger, one Sunni Arab diplomat privately referred to what he calls a "pall" resulting from Arab concern over the impact of Iranian mischief against its neighbors. Among his fears: that oil-rich Bahrain, whose population is 70% Shia, soon will fall to Shiite radicals backed by Iran, and that Kuwait may not be far behind. Add to this the apparent loyalty to Iran of many Shiite groups in southern Iraq (an issue that has been discussed publicly by Egypt's President Mubarak). Then factor in the intimidating impact on Saudi Arabia of Iran's purported effort to build an atomic bomb and, even before success in that ultimate goal, their potential to use uranium enrichment to build a "dirty bomb." Finally add to the mix a potential uprising by Sunni Saudi Arabia's Shiite minority who reside precisely where that country's oil fields are located. The consequence, suggests this diplomat, is Iranian hegemony over the Persian Gulf and a stranglehold on the oil supply of the region.

But, according to other Arab leaders, the Iranians are not the only threat to American interests. As a result of the Hamas victory in Palestinian Authority elections this past January the Moslem Brotherhood -- of which Hamas is the Palestinian branch -- has been emboldened throughout the region. In Jordan, where it is called the Islamic Action Front (IAF), it elected a pro-Palestinian leader in March, sworn to striking down Jordan's 1994 peace treaty with Israel. Meanwhile, Hamas itself has been caught smuggling arms into Jordan and planning terrorist acts. Because of the Muslim Brotherhood's capacity to undermine pro-Western Sunni governments, Iran shrewdly provides assistance to Hamas and to other elements of the Brotherhood, although it is a Sunni, rather than Shiite, movement.

Elsewhere, conflict, rather than cooperation, is the norm between Shia and Sunnis, and enflames passions in the surrounding states, threatening to embroil them in the conflict. In Iraq, "takfiri" groups, such as al-Zarqawi's "Al Qaeda-in Iraq" which considers Shia to be apostates, or "kafirs," have declared open war against the Shia, as well as against the American "occupiers." Poised opposite these Sunni insurgents are Shiite militias accused of running secret prisons where they illegally hold Sunnis. Privately, Arab leaders warn that the continuing chaos in Iraq could draw in Iran, Turkey and other surrounding states, intent on protecting their own interests or the lives of their co-religionists or ethnic kinsmen. Already, there are signs of spill-over, such as the attempt to kill Hezbollah (Shiite) leader Nasrallah in nearby Lebanon, in retaliation for Shiite violence within Iraq. Perhaps most dangerous of all, Sunni leaders warn that the continuing sectarian violence in Iraq results in growing popularity for those groups that favor moral and material support to defend Sunnis in Iraq against what they see as Shiite domination and U.S. occupation. The outcome, ironically, is that these Sunni regimes find it more difficult to openly support the U.S. stance against Shiite Iran's nuclear ambitions.

What makes these changes especially significant is that, in coming years, petroleum forecasters expect demand for oil to skyrocket just as worldwide production capacity peaks. Then, only the Middle East and Persian Gulf will have sufficient capacity needed to meet growing world demand, and any disruption of oil from this region would have disastrous consequences for the economies of the industrialized countries of the world. So, not only does our addiction to imported oil fund worldwide terrorism and pay for armies of our potential adversaries, it also leaves us vulnerable to a catastrophic interruption or interdiction of supply.

So what needs to be done to avoid the calamity?

First, the U.S. must bolster friendly regimes in the region imperiled by the growing power of radical forces, assisting them with border security and with the capacity to compete against groups that, in imitation of Hamas, are providing social services to the poor of their countries.

Second, the U.S. must do everything in its power to end sectarian violence in Iraq, to make it easier for the Arab nations of the region to unite behind U.S. efforts to contain Iran. Forward-thinking leaders like Jordan's King Abdullah have put forth their own initiatives from within Islam to end this sectarian conflict. Privately, Arab proposals for what the U.S. might do include inviting Iran, Turkey and other surrounding states to take a more active role (a proposal that is likely to engender skepticism in the U.S. and active opposition from the Kurds) and a more active U.S. peace-keeping role in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians (equally likely to meet with skepticism given the victory of Hamas and the perceived weakness of President Abbas).

Third, the U.S. must insist that Arabs become part of what until now has been an enterprise of the U.S., EU, Russia and a reluctant China to end Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions. The Arab states have much at stake and much to offer in resolving this problem.

Fourth -- and perhaps most important of all -- the U.S. and the West must make a maximum effort to find a solution to the energy dilemma, since the only way to reduce dependence on this region is to end dependence on imported oil.

Juda Engelmayer is with the American Jewish Congress News Bureau. Contact him at American.Jewish.Congress@AJCongress.org

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Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 22, 2006.

Haim Watzman's "Hiding behind the Enemy" (NY Times, 6/22/06) is pernicious in what it omits.

Watzman craves the smug satisfaction of being able to tell the world that his country has captured the moral high ground. But in his convoluted assessment of how and why Israel must do that, he fails to answer two critical questions:

a.) How high a price in human lives must Israel pay for this high ground?
b.) Where does he want the casualties who are that price?

The Price:

The use of local Palestinians as "pointers" saved lives, both Israeli and Palestinian. With such assistance no longer available, the use of bulldozers to break down walls now saves lives, but destroys property. So Watzman suggests that "... some terrorists will get away, and sadly, ... more soldiers will die" is an acceptable price to pay for the moral high ground of no bulldozers in the pursuit of terrorists.

But either Watzman is myopic, or he hopes that his readers are. The cost of that moral high ground is far greater than more soldiers dying, as if that were not enough. More Israeli civilians will die as well, as the escaped terrorists kill again before they are apprehended. Reducing Israel's ability to apprehend terrorists, de facto helps the terrorists. It therefore prolongs the terror war and emboldens more terrorists to more terror. So Watzman's moral high ground will also cost the lives of civilians who will be killed by other terrorists and terrorist wannabees emboldened by Israel's apocopated ability to pre-empt, apprehend and retaliate.

The Casualties:

With the use of bulldozers, the casualties in an Israeli army pursuit of terrorists are the homes destroyed, and the potential for civilian injury or death if the residents ignore the army's orders to leave the house.

Without the use of bulldozers, the casualties are:

  • the un-numberable additional soldiers killed in the urban guerrilla combat that must ensue in order for the terrorist to be apprehended

  • the un-numberable additional Palestinian civilians likely to be killed or injured in the cross-fire

  • the un-numberable additional Israeli civilians killed in the future terror attacks of the escaped terrorists

  • the un-numberable additional Israeli civilians killed in the additional terror attacks of other terrorists during the terror war that is prolonged by Israel's deflated ability to pre-empt, apprehend, and retaliate.

    So, where does Watzman want the casualties that his moral high ground will create; and just how many casualties on both sides does Watzman think will be the acceptable price for the capture of that coveted moral high ground?

    "Hiding Behind the Enemy" was written by Haim Watzman, the author of "Company C: An American's Life as a Citizen-Soldier in Israel." It was an Op-Ed piece in the
    New York Times

  • NINE months ago, Israel's Supreme Court forbade the Israeli Army to use civilians as human shields when it raided houses to arrest Palestinian combatants. Last week the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the consequence of the ruling has actually been to place Palestinian civilians in greater danger. Instead of soldiers entering houses to find their targets, the army is using bulldozers to knock the houses down.

    The army of a democracy fighting an insurgency -- Israel in the West Bank, like the United States in Iraq -- faces tough choices. Its government requires it to observe rules of war intended to protect the rights and lives of civilians. At the same time, commanders must protect their soldiers. The two imperatives often conflict.

    When I served as an Israeli infantry reservist in the West Bank in the 1980's and 90's, sometimes my company would be sent to apprehend a terrorist. Under the direction of an agent from the Israeli counterterrorism agency, Shin Bet, we'd surround and then raid the house where the man was believed to be hiding.

    We usually had a Palestinian to help us. He was called "the pointer," because his job was to enter the house with us and identify the man we were after. He was a collaborator -- a Palestinian serving the Israeli cause. We soldiers were not permitted to talk to him, but we had heard enough stories to know that while he might have been helping our side of his own free will, he might also have been coerced.

    Most of my friends hated going on these raids. They were both dangerous and unpleasant, because the house we were raiding was always a family's home. We'd surround the house and break in after midnight, waking everyone inside. Women would scream, children cry. As often as not, the man we were after had been tipped off and fled.

    If he was there, it was worse, because he'd be armed and dangerous. And the last place a soldier wants to get into a shooting match is in a small, constricted space where he can't see well, can't take cover and can't know whether there are more enemies waiting in the next room.

    The pointer made some of us feel safer. It seemed logical that the terrorist would hold his fire if he saw that he might hit a Palestinian.

    We used Palestinian civilians for other tasks as well. If we discovered that the boys in the village we were patrolling had jury-rigged a roadblock out of boulders during the night, we'd grab some nearby civilians and order them to dismantle it. This was partly an act of collective punishment, but there was also a safety factor involved. If the roadblock was booby-trapped, they'd get hurt instead of us.

    I always felt queasy about using civilians to protect us. It didn't seem to me that we had the right to put someone else's life in danger to protect our own. I voiced my reservations on occasion, but nothing changed.

    Sometime during the years that followed, the pointer and roadblock clearers evolved into something even more questionable: the human shield. Soldiers who had to raid a house or patrol a dangerous stretch of road would grab a nearby civilian and place him in front of them. Unlike the pointer, this civilian had no function other than to protect Israeli soldiers.

    According to Btselem, the Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, the practice was not a grassroots initiative. It was an army policy, handed down to soldiers by their superior officers. The routine became much more widespread in April 2002, when Israel reoccupied the West Bank in response to a wave of Palestinian suicide bombings and other acts of violence against Israeli civilians.

    In August of that year, a Palestinian man, Nidal Abu Mohsen, was killed while serving as a human shield. Israeli human rights organizations filed suit to halt the practice, and last October, the Supreme Court handed down its ruling banning its use.

    Many in the army were upset. They felt they had been robbed of a tool that made their jobs safer, and which helped the commanders protect the lives of their soldiers.

    But morality in combat is not just an abstract principle. It is an element of an army's strength. It is also essential to the society that sends the army into battle. If the safety of soldiers becomes the standard according to which an army designs its missions, the army will not have the courage to take risks. An army that does not take risks will be easily beaten by an opponent that does.

    So it's not unreasonable -- in fact, it's essential -- for a society to demand that its army observe moral standards, even if the price to be paid is that more soldiers will be killed.

    But sometimes eliminating one morally questionable practice opens the door to others. Once the Israeli Army banned the use of human shields, it had to come up with another way of extracting the Palestinian guerrillas from their hideouts. Hence the bulldozer. Of course, this method is much more dangerous for the family inside.

    Israel can't stop hunting down its enemies. As long as there is no peace agreement with the Palestinians, the Jewish state must protect itself and its civilians. Can it do so without bulldozing houses that harbor terrorists?

    Certainly it can. Raiding a house is a dangerous operation, but good intelligence, proper planning and careful execution can, in most cases, reduce the risk to a reasonable level. Commanders must be prepared to adapt their tactics to a range of constraints: terrain, weather, the training and equipment of their troops, and the enemy's positions, to name a few.

    In some cases, the risk may be too great and the operation may be canceled or postponed until the next opportunity comes around. Good commanders don't give the enemy quarter, but they also don't send the Light Brigade charging unprotected at the enemy's guns.

    Laws and moral rules are another set of constraints. Soldiers sometimes chafe at them because, unlike hills and bullets, they seem like artificial and unnecessary barriers. In a purely military sense, armies could better do their jobs if they could ignore the civilians on the battlefield. But we don't allow them to ignore civilians. And truth be told, I've never met a soldier who thinks armies ought to be able to maim and kill civilians with impunity.

    When the Supreme Court banned the use of human shields, army commanders looked for another way to succeed with minimum risk. They decided on the bulldozer. Getting rid of the bulldozer may well mean that some terrorists will get away, and sadly, that more soldiers will die.

    But in the final analysis, Israel and its soldiers will not be less secure. They will occupy the high ground, and that is the most secure place to be.

    David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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    Posted by Bryna Berch, June 22, 2006.

    This was written by Amir Mizroch and it appeared in the Jerusalem Post today
    (www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1150885828365&pagename= JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull)

    Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Petra, Jordan, Thursday. (Photo: GPO)

    Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday hinted that the settlements of Shilo, Beit El, Ofra and Kedumim would be evacuated under his unilateral withdrawal plan, and said that many other settlements in the West Bank would be also be evacuated.

    "Shilo, Beit El, Ofra and Kedumim were always part of the historical Land of Israel, and they always emotionally will be," Olmert said in a conversation with Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel at the Petra Nobel Laureates Conference in Jordan.

    "We, Israelis, Jews, firmly and deeply believe that this Land of Israel from the Jordan River to the [Mediterranean] Sea has always been our heritage. We will always have a right to this land. Our history, and not that of the Palestinians, is buried underneath this land," the Prime Minister said.

    Israel, Olmert said, would have to make a choice of whether to continue living in places where Israelis would never be separated from the Palestinians and which would make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "endless", or to live in "a part of this land" so that Israelis would be able to live "in partnership" with a contiguous Palestinian state.

    Settlers, Olmert added, would have to make a "personal choice" whether they wanted to live in a Jewish state or a Palestinian state. "The settlers can decide they would rather live on this particular piece of land, and that is [their] choice," Olmert said.

    Responding to Olmert's comments, Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann, a staunch settlement supporter, told The Jerusalem Post that, given the choice, he would remain on land vacated by Israel in the West Bank under Palestinian sovereignty if his safety was guaranteed by the Palestinian Authority. Aumann, who lives in Jerusalem, added that he would encourage other settlers to do the same. "I will live in a Palestinian state if my life is assured by the Palestinian Authority, and I call on others to do the same if their security is assured. If it cannot be assured, then there is no peace. If we have hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Arabs living in Israel, and we cannot have Israelis living in the land of the [Palestinian] Authority, then there is no peace," Aumann said.

    Challenged by Aumann, who called Olmert's convergence plan a "crime against humanity," Olmert responded that the majority of Israelis were in favor of "painful compromises that would put an end to the conflict."

    "I will pull out from territories, not from every inch, I have no commitment to the boundaries [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] Abu Mazen is demanding [a withdrawal to the 1967 lines]. This we will negotiate and I will make compromises. There will be blocs of settlements that cannot be evacuated. And there will be many, many settlements vacated by Israel which would give the Palestinians territorial contiguity in which they can realize their dream of a Palestinian state," Olmert said.

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    Posted by Ratowitz, June 22, 2006.

    Let's take part in the Israeli effort to explain the incident in the Gaza beach against the criminals from the Palestinian side and the Israeli left wing "freedom fighters". Please distribute this e-mail as widely as you can. The English version is below.

    1.How could it be that at the scene of the incident there was a cameraman from the start to finish, and the quality of the pictures could have it him a prize as photographer of the year?

    2. As a former soldier who has fired artillery before I can say that if artillery fire was the cause of this incident you would have seen a huge crater, but no picture of the incident shows this.

    3. Pay attention to the crying of the girl, the people who pick up the sheets, the arrival of the stretcher. The photographer had to be just a few meters away to be able to get such high quality pictures.

    4. There were claims of seven killed, and the pictures passed around show the girl crying next to her father's body. Where are the other dead bodies? Did they leave the body of the father for the cameraman to be able to take pictures of a girl crying next to it?

    5. That same girl that was crying right after the incident explains to all the foreign news organizations professionally the whole timeline and information about what happened during the incident on the beach without even crying. Would such a young girl who had just experienced a big trauma really be able to do that?

    6. They show Ismail Hiniya (Hamas terrorist leader) visiting injured in the hospital. For there to be seven deaths and dozens of injured in such a open field, on a sandy field, you need a round with a explosive head of at least 20kg - the Israeli navy warships on the coast of Gaza do not have such rounds.

    7. In one of the pictures you can see something that looks like a metal plate next to the girl, similar to such a structure found in land mine.

    8. Because the probability of IDF artillery having been fired is almost zero, in order to kill a whole family you would need to have a sniper kill each one, one by one. No Israeli soldier would do so.

    9. The rounds used by the Israeli navy are 76mm and their aim is targeted destruction of buildings. The effect of them on sand is very small, because it is sandy and a wide open space.

    10. Add to all of this the fact we are dealing with one of the most corrupted, dark and lying regimes of the world that has a history of great information campaigns, and you will see that this whole incident was one great act by the PA yet again.

    Contact Ratowitz at ratow@bezeqint.net

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    Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 22, 2006.


    A middle-aged State Dept. employee and former CIA agent is undergoing a lengthy, hostile review of his security clearance, simply for having been a Volunteer for Israel in his youth. Foreign Jews volunteer for a 2 ½-week stint of menial work on an Israeli army base, to relieve the troops. It expresses solidarity but also provides free transportation.

    The agent since then distanced himself from Israeli relatives, one being in intelligence. But the US acts as if any old connection with Israel were suspicious (NY Sun, 6/6).

    I find the US suspicion grounds for suspicion. This same government invites Arabs to translate terrorist documents, after having found deliberate mistranslation by Arabs.

    Security is a problem. The Soviets used to get free information from radicals, paid mercenary-minded military officers for intelligence, blackmailed homosexual agents, and sexually compromised married male agents who egotistically assumed that beautiful Russian women simply happened by and fell for them.

    Contemporary journalists often reveal classified information, sometimes of use to the enemy in battle. On the other hand, the government classifies far too much data, some of it already in the public domain or sometimes just to cloak embarrassment. Then it leaks selected data for political purposes. The US forfeits some criminal prosecution of terrorists and spies, lest it offer insight into counter-terrorism. Terrorists transmit training manuals and mission instructions via Internet.

    One Jew spied for Israel and but not against the US. He revealed intelligence that US agencies had agreed to give Israel but secretly and contrary to official policy withheld, as if it wanted heavy Israeli casualties in the next Arab war. This intelligence agency subversion never was investigated. Neither was State Dept. failure to screen the 9/11 terrorists. How patriotic is our government?

    The government's witch hunt for subversive Jews goes too far, reflecting ignorance and prejudice selectively against Jews. It seems like an attempt to repress general support for Israel and to conceal US subversion of Israel.


    The IDF is reconfiguring itself in order to face what it foresees as an escalation of warfare from the P.A., regardless of more Israeli withdrawals (IMRA, 6/5).

    It should have pointed out that withdrawal facilitates escalation and that the government and Supreme Court forbid any use or full use of certain effective methods against terrorism. Instead of plumping for P.A. statehood, Israel needs a strategy for winning, as by making Arab P.A. residency non-viable and by annexing parts of the Territories unsettled or deserted by Arabs. The Arabs must be made to feel defeated and hopeless.


    The EU still is telling Israel not to punish the P.A. people for their electoral choice. Israel's Foreign Min. Livni said that Israel favors a "two-state solution" and will not comment about the proposed P.A. referendum on the prisoners' "solution" (IMRA, 6/5).

    The choice was terrorism. Withholding some money otherwise remitted to the P.A. is more of a precaution against terrorism than a punishment. Put it the other way. When Israel funds the P.A., that seeks to conquer it, is it sane?

    Actually, the electoral choice was between terrorist parties. Israel should have withheld the funds long before. This is war, not a matter of expressing displeasure over a vote, a vote that did not change the Arab goal, which always has been to destroy Israel.

    Actually, Israel still is giving money to the P.A., though less. So is everybody else, while pretending to be high-minded as if giving only "humanitarian aid." That is like scooping manure, perfuming one's hands, and calling them sanitary.

    The terrorists want to destroy Israel. IDF intelligence confirms the obvious, that the P.A. intends to escalate against Israel. By what rationale does the Foreign Minister of Israel call conferring statehood upon the imperialist P.A., a "two-state solution"?

    The prisoners' plan is another scheme for destroying Israel. As usual, the world pretends that an Arab plan for conquest is a peace plan. By not commenting about it, Israel lets the pretense proceed, against Israel's interest in survival. The Israeli government acts as if it does not have an interest in surviving. It takes great restraint not to call the Israeli ruling elite the most stupid people imaginable, in policy after policy, and action or inaction after action and inaction. Israel's blunders are flagrant, but the world, in this modern age of miscommunication and prejudice keeps praising Israel's movement towards destruction. I've never seen or read anything like it.


    Members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka demonstrate at funerals of gay Iraq veterans. Their signs read "God Hates Fags" and they thank God for the roadside bombs that kill them. States are banning demonstrations at funerals. The family that held one such disrupted funeral is suing the group for invasion of privacy (NY Sun, 6/6, p.6).

    As a matter of policy, I think the war justified, but recognize a right to protest against it. As a personal matter, I disapprove of homosexuality. But I think that those Baptists carry their disapproval of homosexuality beyond the bounds of the decency they think they are upholding. Bereaved parents should not be insulted. Their sons gave their lives to protect the rest of us. We should be respectful and thankful, not judge someone exclusively by some personal preference we may dislike.


    The State Dept. praised Abbas for his proposed referendum as indicating he wants two states (IMRA, 6/6). Implication: this would end the conflict with Israel.

    It would not. Jihad does not get settled by territorial concession. The purpose of getting the territory is to gain proximity to Israel, the better to attack it, and to deprive Israel of strategic borders and depth and water. It would be like praising Delilah for solving Samson's conflict with the Philistines (no relation to the Palestinian Arabs), by marrying him and clipping his long hair. The hair was the reputed source of his strength. Fool he was for consorting with the enemy and then not killing her when he told her first that something else gave him strength and she clipped that. (Gaza was Israel's warning.)


    Hamas is training and arming. Its researchers are striving to integrate toxic materials into its bombs. (Give those Arabs humanitarian aid?) It is accumulating enough explosives so that as soon as the order is given to resume fire, it can mount many, powerful attacks.

    Some of its cells actually have been attacking, but do not claim responsibility in the name of Hamas (IMRA, 6/6).

    This is the traditional Muslim use of cease-fires,to develop the means for escalating when fighting resumes. Hamas gives rockets to other organizations, so that Hamas can pretend that it is not part of the continuing warfare. There is blood on the very Hamas lips that deny committing ongoing terrorism.


    Palestinian Islamic Jihad claims that terrorism has inhibited Jewish immigration to Israel and caused emigration. He quoted the granddaughter of former PM Begin as having moved to the US, because Israel does not safeguard its people (IMRA, 6/6).

    She is right. The government should wipe out the terrorists, instead of acting primarily to conserve enemy lives.


    Three terrorists dressed in Egyptian Army uniforms crossed into Israel and opened fire on an Israeli patrol. The patrol killed two. In a meeting with Pres. Mubarak of Egypt, Israeli PM Olmert said he was moved at sitting next to the great Mubarak, to whom he apologized. He told the Army not to let this happen again. The Israeli commanders were disgusted. They should put Olmert on trial (Winston Mid East Analysis, 6/6) -- he's the coward. Mubarak probably finds him contemptible. What should the IDF do, let its men be killed by infiltrators? Egypt should be asked not to let this happen, again.

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    Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, June 22, 2006.

    These are points I have been trying to bring to the attention of people for a number of years. It is time to recognize the truth of all this. Furthermore, the real goal of the Oslo treason has been to prevent the emergence of a religious, political majority that will replace the anti-Torah establishment with loyal Jews.

    There is a point I would like to make here that will anger many. The real divide in Israel is not religious-secular. It is those who are loyal to the Jewish people and those who are not. Loyalty to the Jewish people involves living within Jewish culture and history. It can not be accomplished by living as an outsider to the culture and history of our people, loyal to the cultural and historical values of a foreign people. Ask yourself: Who are your real heros? When confronted with a serious problem, whose life and actions inspire you and set the example you would like to imitate? What would you be willing to sacrifice your life for? What would you be willing to sacrifice the lives of your children and family for? In short, what are you values? Are they Jewish or not? If your values are not Jewish how can you be loyal to the Jewish people?

    Those who spread the establishment's propaganda of a secular (anti-Torah) majority are either willing lackeys of that establishment or fools. In either case, whom they are should be noted by all loyal Jews and every effort should be made to remove them from any positions of responsibility in the community. Anyone who actively or passively aids this Government of betrayal must be openly criticized and scorned by all those loyal to the Torah and the Jewish people.

    The final point made in this article that; "The first leader or political party that learns how to tap into the 'real majority' will easily change the face of Israel." is critical. I have, in the past, attempted to explain this to political activists and would be leaders. The unfortunate reality is that nearly every person involved in the Israeli political process wants the system to continue as is. Their interest is only to personally profit from the system and not to advance the cause and interests of the Jewish people.

    Ultimately it is the real majority that must decide whom to follow. My advise is look carefully at the personal and public values of any wannabe leader. Does he display the absolute and total loyalty to our people, culture and history we desperately need today or is he just another opportunist? Choose a leader who is more loyal than you are not less!

    This article was written by Yoel Meltzer and it appeared today in Arutz Sheva - IsraelNationalNews.com. It is archived at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/article.php3?id=6325

    There is a widespread belief amongst the members of Israel's national-religious community that the Israeli government represents the majority of Israeli Jews. This way of thinking is so prevalent that it affects both layman and rabbi alike. A clear example of this can be seen in a pamphlet, written by leading national-religious rabbis, which was distributed a few weeks ago throughout synagogues in Israel.

    Although arguably an admirable attempt to build some consensus in the face of threatened future withdrawals, nonetheless, the pamphlet reveals the rabbis' belief, with such statements as "a minority cannot impose its views on the majority." In other words, the minority (the faith-minded public that cares about Torah, the Land of Israel and the People of Israel) cannot impose its views on the majority of Israeli Jews, since the majority, via the electoral process, chose Ehud Olmert and his Kadima party.

    However, what many of the signatories to this pamphlet, as well as many in the national-religious camp in general, fail to understand is that this so-called majority is nothing but a fabrication of the ruling establishment. In other words, via the use of the media, the establishment has managed (already for many years) to implant the belief in the public that they represent the majority of Israelis. Thus, even when opposing the views of the ruling establishment, there is an accepted belief that 'we are the minority' and 'they are the majority'. Moreover, since it is accepted that they represent the majority, there is a constant attempt to be liked by the establishment. This way of thinking has unfortunately guided, and still guides, many of the good-intentioned members of the national-religious camp. If it doesn't stop, then the tragedy of last summer in Gush Katif will be nothing compared to the awaiting tragedy.

    My question is: Has anyone ever checked this notion of who are the majority of Israelis (a demographic question), or who represents them (a political question), rather than accepting it as a divinely-given fact?

    On a political level, an analysis of Israel's elections for the past 30-plus years presents a very interesting picture ( the following statistics can be found on the web site of the Israeli Knesset).

    Starting with the most recent elections in March, for Israel's 17th Knesset, as everyone knows Kadima received the most votes. However, has anyone bothered to notice that of all the eligible voters (of which, more than 35% chose not to vote), Kadima received roughly 15% of the votes? Or to turn this statistic on its head, of all the eligible voters, roughly 85% did not vote for Ehud Olmert and his Kadima party. If we analyze the elections this way, then even Ariel Sharon and his Likud party during the landslide victory in 2003 managed to receive only 20% of the votes (once again, of all the eligible voters, many of whom chose not to vote). Although obviously better than Ehud Olmert and his Kadima party, roughly 80% of all the eligible voters did not vote for Ariel Sharon and his Likud party.

    In fact, analyzing the election results this way for the past 30-plus years will show conclusively that no one party has ever come close to receiving a majority of all eligible votes. Even the biggest winner, when analyzed this way, only received roughly 30% of all eligible votes (this being the Alignment back in 1973).

    True, Israel is a parliamentary democracy (sort of), so the largest winner in the elections has usually managed to form some sort of governing coalition. However, these coalitions and their ensuing policies invariably have nothing to do with the wishes or desires of the majority of Israelis, but rather are based upon (for the most part) a bunch of opportunists joining together to get access to, and control of, the various sources of power in this country.

    Turning to the demographic picture, there is the accepted notion that the majority of the Jews in Israel are secular and that therefore, the religious minority (to quote the pamphlet mentioned above) "cannot impose its views on the majority." However, similar to the "political majority" discussed above, the accepted "demographic majority" is also quite deceptive.

    An article published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, "How Religious are Israeli Jews?" (by the late Professor Daniel Elazar), cuts through this assumption. Although based on statistics from 1993 and therefore a bit outdated, this article is nonetheless still relevant in that it clearly shows that the accepted demographic notion is far from the truth.

    Without going into all the details, it shows that nearly 25% of the Jews living in Israel define themselves as 'religious' (Hareidi, national-religious, etc.), while another 55% define themselves as 'traditional' (mainly Sephardim). Although it is true that amongst the individual Jews that fall within these two groups there can be found a wide range of religious differences (both in observance and outlook), nonetheless nearly all have some affinity for the Jewish tradition, the Torah, the Land of Israel, etc. Moreover, when viewed this way, the secular Jewish population comprises a mere 20% of all the Jews living in Israel. Thus, rather than being the majority (as is commonly assumed), the secular Jewish population in Israel is, in fact, the minority.

    To summarize: a) the largest political parties in Israel do not represent the majority of Israeli Jews; and b) the overwhelming majority of Jews in Israel define themselves as either religious or traditional. Given these facts, it should be clear that the national-religious public has to stop viewing the establishment as representing the majority and stop trying to be liked by them; rather, they should go on the offensive with their ideas since they, and not the establishment, are connected to the majority of Jews.

    The first leader or political party that learns how to tap into the 'real majority' will easily change the face of Israel.

    Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

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    Posted by Steven Plaut, June 22, 2006.

    The following is an English translation of an article by Jonathan Rosenblum that appeared in hebrew today in Maariv, June 22, 06.

    Free speech for some

    At the height of the American civil rights movement, Southern strategists hit on a novel strategy to bankrupt civil rights organizations and their leaders: libel suits to be tried before local juries in states like Alabama. The U.S. Supreme Court put an end to that strategy in 1964 by making it almost impossible for a public figure to sue for libel absent a showing of knowing falsehood or reckless disregard for the truth. (That matters of opinion were beyond the reach of libel law did not even need stating.)

    Protection of free speech in Israel lags far behind the America, especially when it comes to libel suits. Last year Tommy Lapid was smacked with a 50,000 shekel libel judgment for calling an astrologer a "charlatan" on TV. Lapid was not making a comment on the professional skill of the astrologer in question, but rather expressing his opinion that astrology is hokum. He may have been impolite, but he is entitled to his opinion.

    Recently inveterate Israel-basher Niv Gordon succeeded in turning Nazareth Magistrate's Court into Israel's Alabama when he successfully sued Haifa University economics professor Steven Plaut for libel. Gordon's choice of venue was hardly accidental. He lives in Jerusalem and Plaut in Haifa; he sought a venue with a strong likelihood of a judge who would share his politics.

    Gordon exercises his free speech rights to the fullest. His attacks on Israel's "fascism" and "state terror," as well as praise for Norman Finkelstein, who has been dubbed the Jewish David Irving, feature on various neo-Nazi, Islamist, and anti-Semitic websites. He once wrote a letter to Ha'aretz justifying Palestinian violence as the only language then Prime Minister Ehud Barak understands. Gordon has labeled Gaza Brigade Commander Gen. Aviv Kochavi a "war criminal," as a result of which Kochavi was advised not to take up advanced studies in Britain for fear of war crimes prosecution.

    Gordon can dish it out, but he cannot take it. And in Judge Reem Nadaff he found an unwitting accomplice in suppressing the speech of those contemptuous of his antics. Naddaf found Prof. Plaut's forwarding (not writing) of a satiric E-mail of condolence to Gordon upon the targeted killing of Hamas bomb-maker Mohammed Def. She also found to be libelous Plaut's description of Gordon's academic publications to be paltry, even though it was true at the time of publication, because he had not removed those articles from various websites.

    Most of Judge Nadaff's opinion was taken up by discussion of the headlines of two pieces by Plaut -- one entitled "Haaretz supports Jews for Hitler;" the other "Judenrat for Peace." In the first article Plaut attacked Ha'aretz for picking Gordon to review Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry and then printing his laudatory review. Finkelstein claims that the number of those killed in the Holocaust is "grossly exaggerated," as part of a systematic manipulation by world Jewry to deflect criticism of Israel's "racist" and "Nazi" treatment of Palestinians.

    Plaut claimed that the headline in question was tacked on by an editor, and in, any event, the title does not mention Gordon. The "Jews for Hitler" of the title most plausibly referred to Finkelstein, as head of a metaphorical club of Jewish supporters of Hitler.

    The second article savaged Gordon for violating army orders by entering Yasir Arafat's Ramallah compound, along with 250 members of International Solidarity Movement to serve as human shields for Arafat. Gordon was photographed holding hands with Arafat, and quoted as dismissing charges that Arafat ordered and financed terror attacks on Israel.

    Again, the Judenrat title did not mention Gordon by name. Nor could the article be plausibly read as an assertion that Gordon was an ally of Hitler in his plans to destroy the Jewish people, as Judge Naddaf seemed to. Rather Plaut was engaging in a Holocaust metaphor: Just as during the Holocaust the Judenrat assisted in the killing of their fellow Jews, so do Gordon and his ilk today.

    That is no more or less legitimate an opinion than those that Gordon spews around the world. And the attempt to suppress it reflects the way that free speech in Israel often applies to only one side of the political spectrum.


    Maariv this morning also reports that the Judge Ayala Procaccia, who was the subject of the Caroline Glick article I posted yesterday

    (www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1150355527747&pagename= JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull), due to her politicized verdict against the free speech of protesters who opposed the Gush Katif capitulation, has been receiving death threats. Procacia had jailed teenage girl protesters for weeks until their hearing came up in court.

    Let me emphasize that I am strongly opposed to violence or threats against any Israeli judge or against any other public figure, even against leftist politicized judges, even against a judge who would rule that treason is protected speech while criticism of treason is "slander".

    Having said that, let me also add that there is a serious problem in Israel. When judges issue biased, one-sided, politicized rulings that suppress freedom of speech, they violate the social contract of democracy. They may drive certain hot heads to conclude that since courts are unwilling to defend democracy, the rules of the democratic game are off. In other words, anti-democratic rulings by politicized biased judges can produce violence! And the judges themselves must bear part of the responsibility for that.

    See also www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid= 1150885825806&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

    Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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    Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 21, 2006.

    From the articles below we learn that Moslems have been angry at the USA at least since 1967.

    They are angry when we intervene, and they are angry when we don't intervene.

    They are angry because we stay (Iraq); but they were angry when we left prematurely (Afghanistan after the defeat of the russians and before the Taliban took over).

    They are angry that we collaborate with undemocratic oppressive totalitarian tyrannical rulers, but they don't seem to notice that there have been nothing but undemocratic oppressive totalitarian tyrannical rulers in most of the Moslem (and all of the Arab) world since long before the USA came in to being.

    They are angry with us because we support Israel, but they don't seem to notice that if we did not support Israel, we would be de facto supporting the second genocide of almost half of world Jewry.

    They are angry with us because we send billions of dollars to israel, but they astutely and consistently and unflinchingly ignore the massive billioins of aid and food that we have supplied almost every Moslem nation in the world since world war 2.....and they conveniently ignore the fact that these same Moslem nations harbour and support and cheer the efforts of their own terrorists to destroy us.

    They are angry with us because of "what is going on overseas"; but they don't seem to notice that most of what is going on overseas is the murderous violence of Moslem against Moslem.

    They are angry with us because of what they are taught by their "do-it-yourself" Islamic teachers; but they don't seem to notice that these "....uneducated scholars (who) are bending the peaceful word of the Koran to suit their violent ideology...." are teaching the same ideology that has been the mainstream practice of Moslems against non-Moslems, and Moslems against Moslems, for 1,300 years across the entire Moslem world......so how are those 'do it yourself' teachers any different from those who have been teaching normative Islam for more than a millennium?

    They are angry with us because we (for reasons that evade my comprehension currently) symbolize the worst of western 'white man' imperialism and colonialism; but they don't seem to notice that it was the European powers including Russia who did the imperial conquest and brutal exploitative colonialization two hundred years before the USA became a world power (and they don't seem to be angry at Russia, or France or Germany ... or at least not as angry).

    And, speaking of ANGER:

    "Heft (Moslem convert interviewed below) knows personally about the road to religious extremism. He says when he was in the thick of it, he would have killed his own parents had they come between him and his newly chosen religion."

    Hmmm...killed his own parents....now that's ANGER!!. Where did that come from? Grievences against the USA? Israel? Jews (who, he presumably learned during his conversion lessons, are the descendents of apes and pigs, and are therefore to be despised as sub-human, per the Qur'an)? Or from the Islamic teachings that he internalized during his conversion process? (*)

    As Kagan writes (below), do not be fooled by Moslem anger. Do not "...succumb to the illusion that America was beloved until the spring of 2003 and will be beloved again when George W. Bush leaves office."

    They do not hate us for what we have done (to them or to others, real crimes or imagined). They hate us for what we are: free, rich, successful, generous, multi-cultural, and non-Moslem. (*) Mohammed's (PBUH) earliest biographer, ibn Ishaq (8th century), recounts that one of Mohammed's first converts killed some non-believer in Medina for some slight against the Prophet (PBUH). When rebuked by his older brother who was still a pagan, the new convert threatened his older brother's life too. Upon seeing his younger brother's zealousness, the older brother told the younger: any religion that inspires that kind of fervour must be straight from God. And the older brother then converted on the spot.

    "Man who knew some plot suspects says Islamic 'anger' prevalent"
    June 16 2006
    The Wall Street Journal

    A Toronto-area man who knew some of the 17 people charged in connection with an alleged bomb plot in Ontario says one had some fairly extreme views.

    Mohammed Robert Heft claims Faheem Ahmad thought the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington were a good thing for Islam.

    Three of the 17 suspects facing terrorism-related charges will be in a Brampton, Ont., courthouse on Friday. They cannot be named because they are under the age of 18.

    Evidence presented today in court cannot be made public because of a publication ban.

    Heft converted to Islam in his twenties. He says he fell briefly into a radical religious mindset but then regained his perspective. That's when he started helping troubled Muslims at a Scarborough, Ont., shelter.

    He says he knows five of the suspects facing terrorism-related charges, some of whom came to the shelter. He never heard any of them advocate violence against Canadians, but he says he had a long and disturbing debate with Ahmad, 21, two months ago outside of a Scarborough mosque.

    "He believed the 19 people involved in the World Trade Center bombings were martyrs and he was handing out DVDs openly of wills and testimonies of those 19 people suggesting what they did was right," said Heft.

    But Heft has a different impression of another of the suspects, 25-year-old Stephen Chand, whom he describes as quiet and not at all political.

    "I felt no threat from Steven Chand. This alleged [threat of] beheading of the prime minister sounds like a Hollywood movie to me."

    Heft says a lot of young Muslims are angry and extremism is prevalent in the Toronto area. They get upset when they hear of alleged atrocities overseas in places like Iraq.

    "People get emotional. Imagine if somebody came into your house and raped your family, or by mistake just blew up your family, you'd get a little angry.

    "I mean we get angry ... when the water isn't hot in Canada or we lose our electricity for a day. So imagine what these people overseas are going through."

    Heft knows personally about the road to religious extremism. He says when he was in the thick of it, he would have killed his own parents had they come between him and his newly chosen religion.

    He blames the spread of extremism on the internet and what he calls "do-it-yourself Islam," where uneducated scholars are bending the peaceful word of the Koran to suit their violent ideology.

    "For the last two years I've been involved in this mentality. I was dealing with it on a grassroots level. All it takes is a little education and sorting out who to take religion from."

    Heft is hoping to open a new Islamic centre and residence for Muslim men and women. The idea is to help troubled young people and get those who have become radical back on track.

    He says the problem of extremism is something the Muslim community has to face up to and solve itself.

    Comments from Jihad Watch on Canada: Man who knew some plot suspects says Islamic 'anger' prevalent

    Why didn't Mohammed Robert Heft notify authorities about Faheem Ahmad? "Man who knew some plot suspects says Islamic 'anger' prevalent," from CBC News.

    Then why not educate Moslem youth about peaceful Islam? Why are there so many "extremists" in the Toronto area? What kind of education programs have the Toronto mosques estabished in order to fight this?

    Heft says he hopes to start one.

    "On Hating America"
    by Robert Kagan
    The Washington Post
    June 21, 2006

    I recently took part in a panel discussion in London about civil conflict and "failed states" around the world, centered on the interesting work of the British economist Paul Collier. The panelists included the son of a famous African liberation-leader-turned-dictator, the former leader of a South American guerrilla group, a Pakistani journalist, a U.N. official and the head of a nongovernmental humanitarian organization. Naturally, our reasoned and learned discussion quickly transmogrified into an extended round-robin denunciation of American foreign policy.

    The interesting thing was that the Iraq war was far from the main topic. George W. Bush hardly came up. The panelists focused instead on a long list of grievances against the U.S. stretching back over six decades. There was much discussion of the "colonial legacy" and "neo-colonialism," especially in the Middle East and Africa. And even though the colonies in question had been ruled by Europeans, panelists insisted that this colonial past was the source of most of the world's resentment toward the U.S. There was much criticism of American policy during the Cold War for imposing evil regimes, causing poverty and suffering throughout the world, and blocking national liberation movements as a service to oil companies and multinational corporations. When the moderator brought up nuclear weapons proliferation and Iran, the panelists talked about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    As for "failed states" and civil conflict, several panelists agreed that they were always and everywhere the fault of the U.S. The African insisted that Bosnia and Kosovo were destroyed by American military interventions, not by Slobodan Milosevic, and that Somalia was a failed state because of American policy. The Pakistani insisted the U.S. was to blame for Afghanistan's descent into anarchy in the 1990s. The former guerrilla leader insisted that most if not all problems in the Western Hemisphere were the product of over a century of American imperialism.

    Some of these charges had more merit than others, but even the moderator became exasperated by the general refusal to place any responsibility on the peoples and leaders of countries plagued by civil conflict. Yet the panelists held their ground. When someone pointed out that the young boys fighting in African tribal and ethnic wars could hardly be fighting against American "imperialism," the African dictator's son insisted they were indeed. When the head of the NGO paused from gnashing his teeth at American policy to suggest that perhaps the U.S. was not to blame for the genocide in Rwanda, the African dictator's son argued that it was, because it had failed to intervene. The U.S. was to blame both for the suffering it caused and the suffering it did not alleviate.

    The discussion was illuminating. There is no question that the Iraq war has aroused hostility toward the U.S. around the world. And there are many legitimate criticisms to be made about America's conduct of the war. But it is worth keeping in mind that this anger against America also has deep roots.

    The Iraq war has rekindled myriad old resentments toward the U.S., a thousand different complaints, each one specific to a time and place far removed from the present conflict. It has united a diverse spectrum of anti-American views in common solidarity -- the Marxist Africans still angry over American policy in the 1960s and '70s, the Pakistanis still furious at America's (bipartisan) support for the dictator Gen. Mohammed Zia ul-Haq in the 1970s and '80s, the French theoreticians who started railing against the American "hyperpower" in the 1990s, the Latin ex-guerrillas still waging their decades-old struggle against North American imperialism, the Arab activists still angry about 1948. At a conference in the Middle East a few months ago, I heard a moderate Arab scholar complaining bitterly about how American policy had alienated the Arab peoples in recent years. A former Clinton official sitting next to him was nodding vigorously but then suddenly stopped when the Arab scholar made clear that by "recent years" he meant ever since 1967.

    The Iraq war has also made anti-Americanism respectable again, as it was during the Cold War but had not been since the demise of the Soviet Union. People who a decade ago would not have been granted a platform to spout the kind of arguments I heard on this panel are now given star treatment in the Western and global media. Such people were always there, but no one was listening to them. Today they dominate the airwaves, and this in turn is helping produce an increasingly hostile global public opinion, as evidenced in a recent Pew poll.

    There are two lessons to be drawn from all this. One is that in time the current tidal wave of anti-Americanism will ebb, just as in the past. Smarter American diplomacy can help, of course, as can success in places such as Iraq.

    But the other lesson is not to succumb to the illusion that America was beloved until the spring of 2003 and will be beloved again when George W. Bush leaves office. Some folks seem to believe that by returning to the policies of Harry Truman, Dean Acheson and John F. Kennedy, America will become popular around the world.

    I like those policies, too, but let's not kid ourselves. They also sparked enormous resentment among millions of peoples in many countries, resentments that are now returning to the fore. The fact is, because America is the dominant power in the world, it will always attract criticism and be blamed both for what it does and what it does not do.

    No one should lightly dismiss the current hostility toward the U.S. International legitimacy matters. It is important in itself, and it affects others' willingness to work with America. But neither should the U.S. be paralyzed by the unavoidable resentments that its power creates. If Americans refrained from action out of fear that others around the world would be angry with them, then they would never act.

    And count on it: They'd blame America for that, too.

    David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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    Posted by Gerald A. Honigman, June 21, 2006.

    Something amazing happened the other day at perhaps the king of all sports events, the World Cup.

    A young black African football aka soccer star, John Pantsil, celebrated his Ghanan team's victory over the Czech Republic by taking out a concealed Israeli flag and, with the help of his teammates, ran it around the field with untold millions watching all around the world.

    There's a name for that sort of thing and it's called courage.

    At a time when much of the world--and Pantsil's Third World in particular--demonizes the Jew of the Nations, Pantsil stood up to tell it like it is.

    Arabs, in particular, are especially incensed. They who have massacred, raped, and enslaved millions of blacks for centuries (still going on as this article is being written), like to lecture others about Zionist racists.

    John Pantsil knows better, as do many others too intimidated to speak up.

    Israel has indeed aided black Africa tremendously for over half a century. Like many other football players (including Arabs), Pantsil also plays for another team besides his native country's. His other team is in Israel.

    Related to this story, an article appeared just a few days earlier dealing with how Arabs have dealt with some of Pantsil's fellow black Africans in the Sudan.

    Tucked into an article on page nine of my local Florida paper on June 15th was a classic line...but I doubt if it was noticed by most. It was, after all, nowhere near front page or an op-ed, editorial, or such. And it wasn't the sports section or the comics.

    I mean, if Arab civilians in Gaza get killed (due to a war waged by leaders they themselves elected whose goal is to exterminate their Jewish neighbor), then there's a real story... big pictures, big stories (using only Arab sources, of course), editorials, the whole shebang. That's the typical deal if Israel is the alleged bad guy.

    But those in that June 15th story were not Arabs allegedly killed by Jews, these were blacks undoubtedly killed by Arabs...so page nine would do nicely?

    While the media is running more articles about the Sudan of late, the message still doesn't seem to sink in to those who are at least now covering the story.

    The article by Nick Wadhams of the Associated Press dealt with the findings of the U.N.-backed court probing war crimes in Darfur.

    In the middle of the article, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, was quoted in his report as stating that eyewitnesses told of the perpetrators of the atrocities telling victims such things as, "we will kill all the black... we will drive you out of this land."

    But, try as you may, one would be at a loss to determine who those above perpetrators were. No need to guess, however, when the articles are about Israel...

    The perpetrators, of course, are Arabs who have waged war in Africa in the name of the Arab nation for over four decades (actually, since the 7th century C.E.). For whatever reasons, too often that detail is left out when Arabs are involved... and for the same reasons why the average reader doesn't get to read about Kurdish school children being forced to sing songs praising their alleged "Arab" identity in Syria, the plight of non-Arab Berbers, Assyrians, Copts, native kilab yahud "Jew dogs," and so forth throughout the "Arab" world.

    Rare was the student who heard anything about the war in the Sudan in the 1960s when its modern version erupted bigtime. Periodically the public would be tossed reports of Anya-Nya "rebels" who began a revolt against the imposition of Arab rule in the south in 1963...like those now coming from some columnists today.

    Similarly, one seldom heard about other non-Arabs in the region as well. The only time, for example, that I heard about Kurds (thirty million of them and, unlike Arabs, truly stateless) from the tenured chief honcho at Ohio State while doing doctoral studies in the '70s was when he mocked their own national aspirations. But "Palestine" and the "plight of the Palestinians" never left center stage.

    Too often it is Israel, alone, which is constantly put under the high power lens of scrutiny despite the fact that--unlike how Arabs have treated their own perceived nationalist competitors--the Jews indeed made repeated, honorable attempts at compromise with them.

    Think about numerous blacks in Africa alone--not only in the Sudan--who suffered quite a different fate at the hands of Arabs whose idea of "compromise" involves total subjugation to their own cause. Millions of these people have been massacred, enslaved, turned into refugees, and so forth. Now ask yourself how many times Arabs have been taken to task by the international community--always quick to accuse Israel for any and all alleged sins--for such things.

    In contrast to this Arab version of "compromise" (and as must be repeated over and over again whether some like it or not), purely Arab Jordan sits today on over three fourths of the land of the original April 25, 1920 Mandate of Palestine. And later there were repeated attempts to create that 2nd state for Arabs in Palestine on the quarter or less of the land remaining after 1922's creation of Transjordan. These were rejected by the Arabs themselves. Arafat did it again just a few years ago. Did Arabs ever offer any such thing to their own nationalist rivals?

    But there's no mystery here?

    In Arab eyes, no one but themselves could be rulers or perceived as equals in their neck of the woods--not "their" Jew dogs, gassed Kurds, massacred black Africans, and so forth.

    A few years ago, David Ignatius of the Washington Post wrote on September 16, 2003 of the danger in playing America's Turkish card in Iraq. When referring to Kurds, he managed to label them only as terrorists or rebels.

    At a time when most media folks still debate whether or not Arabs--who deliberately blow up Jewish innocents--are "militants" or "terrorists," folks like Ignatius have no problem using the "T" word for Kurds.

    And Ignatius' comments have often been echoed elsewhere, such as in Thomas Friedman's March 26, 2003 op-ed in the New York Times. Friedman advised that the Kurds should be told point blank, "what part of 'no' don't you understand? ...You Kurds are not breaking away."

    Again, these are the same folks who write volumes espousing the creation of the Arab's 22nd state and second, not first, Arab one in "Palestine." But I've yet to see the paper or hear the commentary endorsing similar rights for blacks in the Sudan, calling for a roadmap for Kurdistan, and so forth.

    While more coverage is now being given to the carnage in the Sudan, those who should know better still act deaf, dumb, and blind.

    Imagine if these were Jews committing these atrocities?

    We don't have to imagine.

    Think of the Muhammad al-Dura affair, the alleged Jenin massacre, and so forth. Front page news, editorials, and op-eds for months. It turns out that the Arabs lied through their teeth about all of this, and an all-too-gullible West simply accepts the Arab version of any given story over and over again?


    Is it that after victimizing Jews for millennia, Gentiles need to convince themselves that Jews are indeed as bad as themselves?

    As the latest example of this mess and the West's collaboration in demonizing the Jew of the Nations,while Arabs hastened to cart off evidence from that recent Gaza beach tragedy, it turned out that Arabs lied again. Surviving evidence points to Arabs mining the beach to prevent Israeli commandos from launching another attack which took out Arab rocket crews earlier. Hundreds of mortars and rockets have been deliberately launched against Israeli civilians over the past months during the Arabs' alleged "cease fire." It appears that Arab picnickers likely encountered one of their brothers' own mines.

    So, again, what's up? I think I know but will be accused of being a paranoid Jew if I say it.

    So, let's return to the Sudan?

    Back in early March 2006, I came across Nicholas Kristof' New York Times' op-ed dealing with the Darfur genocide. And, unlike the above June 15th article, he did manage to mention the word Arab (once) as well. Compared to most others, Kristof has shown more responsibility in portraying the broader perspective regarding the struggle for political rights in the region.

    Despite this, Kristof still doesn't get it...and if he doesn't, the others of his ilk certainly don't.

    Is it a genetic defect of this species which dictates seeing the entire region only through Arab lenses? A current or future payoff from Arabs (others, for example, habitually move through the revolving door of politics and big business tied to Arab megabucks)? Is it that "Jew thing" again?

    Given the policy of the "liberal" media (and I'm a registered Democrat who drives a hybrid Toyota Prius) to treat others in the region besides Arabs as mere interlopers or rebels, their audiences remain ignorant of the atrocities committed against all who don't accept subjugation and forced Arabization as their fate.

    And even most, like Kristof, who finally write exposés about Arab actions, still can't make the next essential leap...that others are also entitled to what Arabs demand exclusively for themselves.

    While I share concern about earlier effects of imperialism Western style, the media has too often ignored the tens of millions of non-Arab peoples and/or lands which have been conquered, massacred, enslaved, turned into refugees, colonized, etc. by the Arabs' own centuries' old imperialist policies, creating new victims--black Africans, Kurds, Assyrians, Copts, Berbers, and so forth--as this piece is being written. Recall that half of Israel's Jewish population were refugees from the "Arab"/Muslim world.

    In case there are any doubts as to what the game plan is for the African part of what Arabs like to call "purely Arab patrimony," pay close attention below.

    The Third World likes to chastise the West for its condescending attitudes. Again, I agree with much of that criticism. Rudyard Kipling's poem, The White Man's Burden, and so forth...

    But while the liberal media is quick to agree, why are writers even like the more tuned in Kristof mum about such things as President Nimeiry's statements during the slaughter of over a half million blacks in the Sudan in the 1960s and 1970s (much more since) that...the Sudan is the basis of the Arab thrust into...black Africa, the Arab civilizing mission ("Arabism and Pan-Arabism in Sudanese Politics," Journal of Modern African Studies, Vol. 11, #2, 1973, pp. 177-78)?

    Is it that the Arab Man's Burden is acceptable, but the White Man's Burden isn't?

    Or why, over the decades, no response to this all-too-typical Arab approach as expressed in the Syrian Arab Constitution of the Ba'th?:

    "...The Arab fatherland belongs to the Arabs. They alone have the right to direct its destinies...The Arab fatherland is that part of the globe inhabited by the Arab nation which stretches from the Taurus Mountains, the Pacht-i-Kouh Mountains, the Gulf of Basra, the Arab Ocean, the Ethiopian Mountains, the Sahara, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea."

    I still can't tell for sure...Are there any Eskimos included in that above Arab vision?

    Probably not... but think about Mindanao in the Philippines. Or much of Europe if it doesn't watch out. France had its own little intifada not long ago.

    Again, keep in mind that these are the same folks who condemn alleged expansionist, racist Zionists who dare to assert that Jews deserve a state more than nine miles wide. Those same Jews who made Arabic the second official language of their sole state and who have Arab representatives in the Knesset who regularly side with Hamas (which rejects the existence of a state for Jews for the same reason one for Kurds or black African Sudanese and so forth is rejected) against the country in the region which has the freest Arabs... Israel.

    The June 15th AP article ended by stating that Sudan's national courts have shown little desire to investigate crimes against humanity in Darfur.

    But consider also the travesty of justice committed for decades by those alleged moral watchdogs in academia, the media, the U.N., and so forth who too often ignore such happenings above...unless it involves Israel. The latter was brought to the International Court of Justice in Geneva for building a fence designed to keep Arabs from deliberately blowing apart its children.

    Think about how much attention has been given by the "liberal" media to the cause of the Arabs' 22nd state... that additional one in "Palestine" which Arabs demand take the place of the Jewish one, not live in peace beside it?

    Now ask yourselves when the last time was that you heard or read something similar being demanded for any of the Arabs' numerous victims mentioned above?

    My Jewish "paranoia" again?

    I think not.

    Racist Zionists?

    Yea, right?

    Don't think so.

    Just ask John Pantsil.

    Gerald A. Honigman, a Florida educator, has created and conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated Arab spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in both the print media and on websites. Contact him at honigman6@msn.com or go to his website: http://geraldahonigman.com/blog.php

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    Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 21, 2006.


    The government scheduled the expulsion of Gaza Jewry, but opponents accepted government patronage until the last minute. Then they took a stand. Too late! The government moved swiftly and ruthlessly. The media collaborated with the government in favoring the Arabs and misinforming the war-weary public. Opponents needed to have purged the provocateurs and planted leadership. They were winning public opinion, but were betrayed by their leaders.

    My Israeli source explains, mostly in her words. The settlers and supporters spoke about love, instead of anger. They were passive in all demonstrations. All the politicians against the withdrawal spoke of non-violence. They didn't realize that they were dealing with a dictator. He is not a man that listened to reason by his own army or the people. Different tactics had to be used, not hugging the soldiers dragging them out. The people learned their lesson, so that during the mini-expulsion at Armona, no one was hugging.

    Now there are many confused soldiers and guilt-stricken ones. It weakened the Army.

    Many on the Yesha Council secretly worked with the government. They all told the Gaza residents that they will be saved when in the last few days the Council would bring into the Gush Katif area thousands of people. They lied. Actually they stopped people from entering. My source witnessed the events the evening before the evacuation. She reports that the Council lied to people in the fields, and led them around in circles, until they ran into the Army. At other times they physically stopped people from breaking through the police and IDF lines. There were times when protestors outnumbered the police, but Council representatives advised, sleep in the fields tonight, we will go in the morning. In the morning the Jews were surrounded by barbed wire. The Yesha representatives physically stopped youth who tired to get through.

    The second time they had people sleep in the fields with the pretense to go through, but Rabbi Beni Elon took a bullhorn and asked the people to follow him. The Council people forcefully took away the bullhorn and forcefully pushed Elon to the side. This was seen on TV, exposing the Council as liars. Nor did the Council bring the thousands to help those already on the scene.

    It is difficult to know how to conduct massive civil disobedience against a ruthless government whose brutality is understated by a biased media and which gets is own agents into the leadership of the protest. Given that media, violence by protestors would be exaggerated and cost public support. I guess public support has to be won not just for the particular civil disobedience, but to persuade the public that it must oust the government, a government of Quislings. Tall order for a country given to wishful thinking.

    The government has begun softening up the opposition to the Judea-Samaria expulsion (my source in Israel). "The scheme is to be implemented in stages: first they close roads to Jews, put up fences and gates, make the Jews wait in unbearable traffic jams, hand out racist 'resident' car stickers for Jews -- all this in order to depress, exhaust, and demoralize the Jewish public. Only after that are they able to expel masses of people."

    Example: A 15-minute drive connected Efrat in Eastern Gush Etzion with Jerusalem. Now the new road, built with Israeli money, is open only to Arabs, who use it to go from Hebron to Ramallah. "The Jews are made to take a huge detour through Efrat and the Tunnel Road -- adding to the traffic on the main highway -- extending the 8 minutes to up to 2 hours, because the alternative route to Jerusalem passes through hostile towns whose Arabs shoot or throw stones. When local Jews marched on one such town, the IDF stopped them. The Arabs felt protected in their terrorism.

    "The official reason for closing the road to Jews is their security. The real reason is to get the public ready for the "Convergence" Plan, the expulsion of Jews from Judea-Samaria. If implemented, G-d forbid, the scheme would bring Hamas, kassams, and katyushot to Jerusalem and Gush Dan." The government treats its own people like enemies, and treats enemies as if its own people.


    Both the NY Sun and the NY Times describe the proposal that Abbas wants put to a referendum as implying recognition of Israel and accepting peace. It does not. It leaves open for negotiation demands that would mean the destruction of Israel. One of those demands is to pour in the descendants of Arab refugees in sufficient numbers not just to wreck the economy and require rationing of water, but to overturn Jewish rule. Given the brainwashing those Muslims have in the duty to kill Jews, and their tradition of looting, the likely results are dispossession and death. Call that recognition and acceptance?

    Other demands would deprive Judaism of its holiest sites and the Jewish people of their core historical homeland and the right to offer other Jews sanctuary. The plan would leave Israel without a purpose.

    That this is not a peace should have been figured out from its origin, unrepentant terrorists convicted of murders. Journalists might have given some thought to the plan's authorizing continued terrorism against Israel, until it withdraws from all the "occupied" territory. How long would it be before Hamas and PLO reminds followers that Islam considers all of Israel occupied? The Hamas author repudiated the plan. Moral: don't rely on the Arabs.

    The real question here is how the media comes to give any credibility to Arab "peace plans,"

    Considering that they all are variations of the same aggressive demands, and that the Muslim Arabs approve of deceiving the enemy, they should be analyzed better. Unfortunately, the Israeli and US media treat proposals superficially.


    A sign in the window of Manhattan's Jewish Community Center urges social action in behalf of the victims of (Muslim Arab) mass-murder in Darfur. This is a worthy cause. The Y's advocacy reflects the Jewish social conscience.

    The window did not urge social action in behalf of the victims of Muslim Arab jihad against Israel. Jewish nationalists notice that many activist Jews work in behalf of every cause but their own people's. I find this avoidance a shameful neurosis.


    Israel's Defense Minister asked the IDF to complete but defer its plan to rout the terrorists. Meanwhile he is holding off on another plan to liquidate the entire Hamas leadership. He claims he is giving Hamas time to stop its warfare. He also has suspended artillery fire against suspected rocket launchers. These decisions have been criticized as failing to defend Israel. Some of the news organizations comment on every action the IDF is ordered to take or to desist from taking. Mostly it is to desist, to shell empty buildings, or to uproot Jews.

    Most pundit criticism is premature, though IMRA correctly characterizes it as threatening rather than acting. Threats are useless, because: (1) The Arabs have learned that Israeli threats are not fulfilled; and (2) Islamists don't stand down, they have to be killed, to stop them. However, I don't want to second-guess every defense decision. If Defense Min. Peretz waits many days, then I would conclude that his threats were as empty as those of his predecessors.


    National Security Chief Eiland observed that the national security implications of the Gaza withdrawal were hardly discussed in advance. Withdrawal is completed (except for compensation to the expelled Jews) without any national evaluation. But PM Olmert already is jetting around the world touting his next withdrawal scheme.

    Eiland calls the original withdrawal a failure and a missed opportunity. He finds the new scheme likely to produce a non-viable, unstable, radical state (IMRA, 6/5).

    Israeli governments work by ideology, not by rational analysis, except for Netanyahu's economic reforms. Now the ideologues are trying to undo those reforms, which improved the economy and warrant extension.


    Germany and other countries have had much success apprehending terrorists. Nevertheless, said the intelligence chief of Germany, this success has done little to reduce the Islamist terrorism threat. Unlike the attacks on the US, "the terrorists in Europe are homegrown and homemade." (Jewish Political Chronicle, 5/2006, p.12.)

    The police catch many plotters, but if one plot succeeds, it may murder many people. Mosques, madrassas, and prisons breed terrorists faster than police can apprehend them. The West needs to keep Islamists out of its mosques, madrassas, and prison chaplain posts, and probably should keep Islamists and even other Muslims out of the West. They also need to destroy terrorist states and havens.


    "Radical Muslim Chaplains, trained in a foreign ideology, certified in foreign-financed schools, and acting in coordination to impose an extremist agenda have gained a monopoly over Islamic religious activities in American state, federal, and city prisons and jails."

    The radical chaplains, followers of the Saudi Wahhabism, harass moderate Muslims, confiscate their Islamic literature, and physically threaten them. The Wahhabis teach hatred of Shia and Sufi Muslims. These chaplains are certified and trained by the Islamic Society of N. America and the Graduate School of Islamic Social Sciences are under federal investigation for ties to terrorism.

    Gov. Pataki barred the chief Muslim chaplain in the NY State Dept. of Correctional Services from New York prisons, but did not act against the radical clerics whom the chief had brought in (Jewish Political Chronicle, 5/2006, p.13 from Stephen Schwartz, Weekly Standard, 4/2006).

    Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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    Posted by Naomi Ragen, June 21, 2006.


    Nazis in America. The following was filmed in the U.S. a few months ago. The film begins with some information in Hebrew, but quickly switches to English. Just so you know who's out there.


    Not in Germany, but in the US...

    Not in the 1940's, but right now...

    How many of you really know what's happening in your own back yard?

    They're not scared anymore.

    In broad daylight, in the middle of downtown, by taking advantage of freedom of speech, and with police protection they continue to spread their hatred.

    Don't stand aside on this, take a stance and make sure that this will never happened again. Forward this Email to as many people you can so every one will know.

    The movie is from Israel and it's about the Nazis' of Minnesota filmed on 4/23/2006.

    Please take a couple of minutes and watch this movie. The beginning of it is in Hebrew, but the rest is in English.


    Something to think about...

    Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist and journalist who lives in Jerusalem. She can be contacted at www.naomiragen.com, where you can subscribe to her newsletter.

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    Posted by Lee Caplan, June 21, 2006.

    The first article below makes me particularly angry. Does this mean that we should keep quiet while the Israeli so-called "leadership" tries to commit suicide for the State of Israel? Even Shimon Peres, in response to the wave of Kassam rockets that have hit Sderot of late, said last week, "Despite the grave results [of the Disengagement from Gaza], which were not what we expected, we must continue [along the same path], because if not, it would have been [or, it would be] even worse." Even Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan said today, that Prime Minister Olmert's withdrawal plan will not stop Arab terrorism. "I'm not saying whether there will be suicide bombings or not. But the conflict, the violence, the hostility, all will remain."

    Has there been a single person out there who is in tune with security issues who has praised Olmert's plan of convergence? On the contrary, the comments and the articles written against the plan have been scathing. So we in America should just sit back and let Olmert and his cronies allow our brethren to be placed in further danger? It is obvious that Olmert doesn't have a clue what is good for our people.

    He and his government are doing virtually nothing to stop the war against the people of Sderot. He and his government are doing virtually nothing to stop the incessant terrorism which is rampant over all Israel, which includes attempted kidnappings of young girls going home from school, shootings at buses, attacks on IDF soldiers and commanders, suicide bombers, increasingly sophisticated weaponry, weapons and terrorists moving freely into and out of Gaza. Instead, Olmert and his Defense Minister prefer to busy themselves with plans to evacuate so-called "illegal Jewish outposts" as a prelude to evacuating large, thriving, beautiful communities in YESHA. The fact that these "outposts" and communities provide protection for cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa is totally ignored by Olmert.

    So we in America should just sit back and watch? The democracy spoken about by Meckel continues to be squelched as people who are brave enough to speak out and protest against Olmert's policies are harrassed, persecuted, and imprisoned, while leftists who continually harm the State of Israel as well as Arab murderers remain free to continue their treasonous activities. Ehud Olmert and his cronies don't speak for the majority of the Israeli people. We in America and all over chutz l'Aretz must speak out against Olmert's suicidal plans. We must continue to contact President Bush and our Congressman and ask them NOT to support this crazy plan, one which will put Americans in danger of terrorism. We can tell them that even Egypt and Jordan are scared to death of Olmert's plan and are against it, as they have seen how Hamas and Al Queda have moved into Gaza and created bedlum there as they export terrorism. If even they are against the convergence plan, then it is clearly dangerous.

    We must show the American government and people that Olmert's plan is dangerous for this country, that it compromises our security. Most Americans don't care about Jews being expelled from their homes, most Americans don't care about Israel giving away land, but they do care about their own security. That is the message that we must transmit to our elected officials and to the American people, that Olmert's plan is dangerous for our security! Please see "The Impact of Israel's Proposed Retreat on U.S. Interests" by Yoram Ettinger at the end of this email below for more. For sample letters, please contact me.

    Tizku lemitzvos.

    "Israeli Groups Reject "American Jews, Keep Quiet" Approach"
    By Hillel Fendel

    Aryeh Mekel, Israel's consul general in New York, has stated that those American Jews who do not support Olmert's realignment plan "will be told to keep quiet." Israeli groups are up in arms.

    Three Israeli organizations - Professors for a Strong Israel, Women in Green, and Mattot Arim (Cities of Israel) - strongly approach. They feel that from both a Jewish and democratic point of view, Jews in the U.S. have not only a right, but an obligation, to speak their minds. As has been said, "Jews can speak up on human rights violations in Rwanda, but not on whether the Jewish People should give up their homeland?!"

    Excerpts from the joint statement:

    "The Olmert realignment plan is a successor of last summer's realignment plan, which has thus far cost Israel both a rocket war and a political victory for the Hamas. Nonetheless, Mekel insists 'it's not up to them [American Jews] to second-guess Israeli democracy and the Israeli voter's choice.'

    "As Israelis, we regret the rudeness and presumption of Mr. Mekel's statement. More to the point, his statement runs counter to the very basic Jewish teaching, which has been promoted in our day by the World Jewish Congress: All Jews are responsible for one another.

    "As for Mr. Mekel's remarks on Israeli democracy: American Jews who oppose the Olmert plan are not second-guessing the Israeli voter, because Mr. Olmert and his realignment plan are the United States' choice much more than they are the Israeli voter's choice. Firstly, only 15% of the Israeli electorate actively voted for Olmert's party (the voter turnout was 62%, uncharacteristically low, of which less than a quarter voted for Olmert's unilateral retreat party).

    "Secondly, Olmert became prime minister of Israel only after the President of the United States intervened on his behalf: In the midst of spirited parliamentary jockeying between two possible prime ministers, Olmert and territories-for-true-peace 'social' candidate Amir Peretz, President Bush made a phone call, well publicized in the Israeli press, hailing Mr. Olmert as prime minister... This heavy-handed unilateral endorsement was not lost on the newly elected Israeli MKs... After all, Israeli MKs are keenly aware that theirs is a small country whereas the United States is the largest world power and Israel's sole benefactor.

    "Under these circumstances, it is obvious that American Jewry is not merely entitled to speak up against the dangerous realignment plan; American Jews have a clear political and moral obligation to do so. In fact, they have even more of a moral imperative to fight the dangers of the Olmert realignment plan than we Israelis do, because their political leadership - not ours - is responsible for ushering this bizarre plan into a position of power."

    The joint statement was signed by:
    Dr. Amy Rosenbluh, Chairperson, Professors for a Strong Israel 972-54-5709061
    Ruth Matar, Co-Chairwoman, Women in Green, 972-2-6249887
    Susie Dym, Spokesperson, Mattot Arim, 972-52-8301999

    Palestinian Terrorists Follow Up Kidnapping Attempt With Shots
    By Hillel Fendel

    This week in war: In a largely unreported inciden, Palestinian terrorists fired at a girls' school bus in Samaria, lightly wounding 5; wanted terrorist killed on Wednesday; anti-tank rocket fired...

    A busload of high school junior girls from Maaleh Levonah - a small Jewish community near Eli and Shilo - set out from their school Monday afternoon towards Jerusalem. North of Ofrah, near the hostile Arab village of Sinjil, a round of gunshots rang out, and though the bus is mostly bulletproof, three girls were wounded by shrapnel.

    Three other girls - both of whom lost brothers at the hand of Palestinian terrorist murderers, and one who lost both parents in a terrorist shooting - were treated on the scene for shock.

    Jews from the Shilo area conducted a morning prayer service at the site of the shooting the next morning.

    It was originally thought that the play for the school's commencement exercises the next night would be canceled because of the injuries of some of the actresses, but in fact, the show in Maaleh Levonah went on as scheduled - with the participation of all the peformers.

    Last week, two 9th graders from Maaleh Levonah were saved from an Arab kidnapping attempt as they waited on the highway for a ride to Jerusalem. One girl ran away as the armed Arabs got out of the car and made their way towards her, while the other was nearly pushed into the car, but escaped with several scratches on her face when an army car happened along at that moment.

    This coming Thursday, at 4:30 PM, in response to the near-abduction, a small group of women will demonstrate Jewish presence on the roads of Shomron by walking from Tapuach to Eli.

    The group has been making similar walks for the past four months. Without any official army escort, they have made their way from Tapuach to Ariel, from Ramat Gilad to Karnei Shomron, from Yakir to Emanuel, and along other routes. They invite others to join up; call Ruthie at 0577-208135.

    Arabs attacked an Israeli car with rocks near Karnei Shomron Tuesday morning; damage was caused, and no one was hurt.

    In Yitzhar, at a hilltop outpost known as Hilltop 725 - one of those on Defense Minister Amir Peretz's list of outposts to demolish forthwith - a soldier shot over the heads of Jews Tuesday afternoon. The Jews were in the midst of trying to banish an Arab who had approached their homes with his car, and the soldier was trying to deter them. Just over a week ago, a policeman fired in the air at a group of Jews during a scuffle.

    Arab terrorists fired an anti-tank missile from northern Gaza late Wednesday morning, causing no damage.

    Early Wednesday morning, an IDF force encountered two armed terrorists in the Shechem region, and opened fire, killing one - Daoud Katuni. Katuni was responsible for dispatching the suicide terrorist who, dressed as a religious hitchhiker, entered a Jewish car and blew himself up at the entrance to Kedumim. Four Jews were murdered in that attack three months ago: Rafi and Helena Levy, 20-year veterans of Kedumim; Reut Feldman of Herzliya, who was on a year of National Service in Kedumim; and Shaked Lasker, a 16-year-old from Kedumim.

    "Sderot Will Resume Protests Next Week; Kassams Continue"
    By Hillel Fendel

    Following yesterday's closure of the city's entrances, and last night's self-imposed electricity black-out, life in Sderot is returning to normal. Three more Kassams were fired since last night.

    Sderot residents shut out their lights all over the city at 9 PM last night, in protest of the government's continued failure to provide them with security from the ongoing Kassam rocket attacks. The darkness was to continue for two hours.

    However, at approximately 10:30, word came of the Israel Air Force strike on a terrorist's vehicle, with the resultant killing of three Arab civilians. Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal therefore ordered the lights turned back on, because of what he called the "security sensitivity" of the situation.


    Though the Kassams have not stopped, and Fatah terrorists are in fact threatening to step up their attacks, life in Sderot has returned to near-normal. The hunger-strikers stopped their protest fast on Monday night, city entrances are not blocked, and elementary schools are open once again. The city protest planners, however, have scheduled a mass three-day march from Sderot to Jerusalem beginning next Sunday. It will culminate with a massive demonstration outside the government complex; afterwards, a fixed protest vigil will be established in a tent at the site.

    Yesterday, dozens of Sderot residents blocked the three entrances to their city for several hours, allowing almost no one in or out. Exceptions were made for food deliveries, emergency vehicles, and others such as two busloads of students on their way to a day-trip.

    "The residents feel," said Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal during a visit on Monday by President Moshe Katzav, "that that the government is not protecting their lives the way it should. The feeling is that [the government] is simply leaving us to our own devices in the face of these rocket attacks."

    Many of the residents called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to follow Katzav's example and come for a visit as well. "If he can send all his top officials to come, then he can come too - if only to give us that support," said Lt.-Col. (ret.) Chaim Kuznitz.

    Mayor Moyal said that the rest of the country appears not to be aware of the "war atmosphere" that the people of Sderot are living through. Aspects of this atmosphere include: the frightening "Red Dawn" warning alerts sounded every time a rocket is fired towards the vicinity; the abrupt week-long closing of schools and kindergartens throughout the city; the perpetual lack of certainty as to where and when a rocket will fall; and more.

    Peres: "Kassams, Shmassams"

    Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres caused a stir Monday evening when he belittled the residents' complaints. "[We] have to stop being hysterical about the Kassams," Peres told reporters in the Knesset. "We are all fanning the hysteria. What's the big deal? Kiryat Shmonah was shelled for years. What, there were no rockets in Kiryat Shmonah? We have to tell the Palestinians that Kassams, Shmassams, we're staying." He said that several measures must be taken to stop the rockets, but did not elaborate.

    In response, Mayor Moyal said that Peres should be fired, and should stay away from Sderot. MK Uri Ariel (National Union) said that Peres has been detached from "everything that is happening here ever since the days of Oslo" and that perhaps if he visited Sderot, "he would start worrying about the welfare of the Sderot people at least as much as he worries about the Palestinians."

    Mechi Fendel, a mother of six who has lived in Sderot for ten years and has been active in organizing community projects such as protests and charity drives, told Arutz-7,

    "Can a country really tolerate rockets falling on a city, just an hour from Tel Aviv? ... What we would like to see are signs all over the country, just like with the struggles for Gush Katif and the Golan, saying, 'Jerusalem with Sderot,' 'Givatayim with Sderot,' and the like. In addition, it would be good to have delegations from different cities come and visit, as some did from Ofrah and Beit El."

    Is There a Solution?

    On Tuesday evening, speaking at the 35th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that though there is no definitive solution to the Kassam problem, Israel would take measures harsher than any taken in the past against Palestinian Authority attackers: "No one has immunity, no matter what he does, and no matter with what group he's associated."

    Some politicians and military experts feel that a solution to the Kassam problem does exist, in the form of a massive military operation in Gaza:

    * Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, for instance, has suggested turning Beit Hanoun - a northern Gaza city from which many of the Kassams are fired - into a ghost town.
    * MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud), a former chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said Israel's entry into Gaza is inevitable.
    * MK Matan Vilnai (Labor), a former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff, agreed, adding that there is no reason that Abu Mazen should be able to sleep soundly at night while Kassams are being fired into Israel.
    * MK Gilad Erdan (Likud) has called for the electricity in Gaza to be taken out.

    Fatah leader Abu Mazen called for an end to Kassams yesterday, but within hours, following the Israeli missile attack that killed three Arab civilians in Gaza, Fatah terrorists were warning of a sharp retaliation and resumption of Kassam rockets.

    "Negev Municipalities to Discuss Next Phase of Struggle" June 20, 2006 / 24 Sivan 5766

    (IsraelNN.com) Negev communities demonstrating against government inaction to the bombardment of their communities by Kassam rockets from Gaza will discuss the next phase of their struggle today.

    The mayor of the Sh'ar HaNegev regional council said he would be joining the demonstrations alongside the residents of Sderot.

    "GSS Warns Arutz-7´s Eran Sternberg"
    By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

    Eran Sternberg, director of Arutz Sheva's televised programming, was detained and questioned by General Security Services (GSS) on Tuesday. They warned him that he "had best be careful."

    The GSS, Israel's domestic intelligence agency, claimed that Sternberg engaged in incitement to violence against officers of the law. Sternberg, who was the former spokesman for the Gaza Coast Regional Council before the uprooting of the Jewish communities of Gaza, vehemently denies the allegations.

    Sternberg, 31 and a father of four, currently lives in Yad Binyamin, between Beit Shemesh and Ashdod, together with his expelled neighbors from the former northern Gush Katif community of Ganei Tal.

    Tuesday morning at 6 AM, three state agents arrived at the Sternberg home and demanded that Eran accompany them. He was released after 20 minutes of interrogation, after which Sternberg said his interrogators told him that they do not have clear evidence of the alleged incitement. Nonetheless, he said, the GSS agents concluded with a warning that he was "walking a bad path" and that he "had best be careful."

    Speaking with Arutz Sheva Radio after his release, Sternberg said, "I have not been involved in any sort of violence against the police and I will not be involved in anything related to violence. It is all lies and deception." He emphasized that his expression of his opinion that youth should delay their enlistment into the army until "it returns to itself" is nothing in comparison with public statements made by the Left.

    Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said the police and GSS were abusing their authority in order to silence government critics. It is absurd that law enforcement agencies were silencing Jewish dissent while "Arabs who praise the actions of terrorists walk around free," Eldad said.

    The Movement for the Whole Land of Israel and representatives of the Nahalal Forum, a grassroots movements of secular and labor Zionist activists, reacted with rage at what they called "the false arrest" of Eran Sternberg. Tzafrir Ronen, a leading spokesman for the Nahalal group, said:

    "Eran Sternberg is a public figure, a journalist, a television station manager - his words represent a clear, loud voice in favor of democracy. Olmert is the one violating democracy. We all remember how, after he and Ariel Sharon swore to respect the referendum among the Likud voters, he contemptuously trampled it and charged ahead to the cheers of the protective media. Who is the violator of the law and democracy? By what right does the GSS arrest a journalist? Did the GSS take the time to arrest Professor Sternhal, who called for the terrorists to murder settlers? Has the GSS become a completely political organization? Does it no longer understand its role?"

    Ronen compared Sternberg to the socialist pioneers of the early Zionist movement who founded kibbutzim such as Ein Harod, Degania, Hanita and Kinneret.

    "We, people of the labor settlement movement, the Nahalal Forum, stand behind [Sternberg] and we condemn the attempts to shut voices by the current regime of darkness in Israel," Ronen declared. "Instead of fighting against the enemies of Israel, against the 1,000 rockets that have landed on the towns surrounding Gaza and Sderot, the 'hero' Olmert and 'Generalissimo' Peretz choose to arrest the nation's pioneers. You will not succeed in strangling pioneering and Zionist Israel...."

    "MK Eldad: Police and Shin Bet Attempt to Silence Gov't Critics" Jun 20, 2006 / 24 Sivan 5766

    (IsraelNN.com) MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union-NRP) said the police and the Shin Bet (the nation's clandestine intelligence agency) were abusing their authority to silence government critics.

    He said it was absurd that law enforcement agencies were silencing Jewish dissent while "Arabs who praise the actions of terrorists walk around free."

    Eldad made his remarks after the Shin Bet briefly detained former Gush Katif spokesman Eran Sternberg for questioning on charges of incitement and engaging in violent activities.

    "Foreign Governments Are Key Backers of Peace Now"
    By Scott Shiloh

    Peace Now, a far-left Israeli-based organization promoting Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 borders and removal of all Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria, is largely funded by foreign governments.

    The organization, which spends large sums of money finding and detailing every new Israeli structure in Judea and Samaria, is effectively on the payroll of at least three European governments, according to Israeli investigative reporter David Bedein.

    Those governments provide the financial support for the activities of Dror Etkes, whose staff researches and publicizes data relating to every aspect of the Israeli government's support for the quarter-million Israelis living in Judea and Samaria.

    Etkes, who is studying for an M.A. in history, draws a salary of NIS 150,000 ($34,000) per year for his anti-settlement activities for Peace Now, a large sum by Israeli standards.

    The foreign governments which fund Etkes and Peace Now, such as Britain and Norway, are fundamentally opposed to the existence of all Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. The money Peace Now receives to promote an Israeli withdrawal from those territories, therefore, may invariably serve those governments' foreign policy interests.

    Such an outcome would not be surprising, as Bedein claims Peace Now has accepted funding directly from the British and Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

    Bedein claims he has documents detailing the extent of Peace Now's funding by foreign governments. In 2005, he says, Peace Now received direct payments from three European governments, Britain, Norway, and Finland, totaling nearly a half million dollars.

    For its 2006, budget, the group has approached six foreign governments - Britain, Norway, Canada, Germany, Holland, and Finland - and has received commitments for larger budgets from Britain, Norway, and Finland, according to Bedein.

    Yesterday, representatives of Peace Now met with a ministerial committee headed by Justice Minister Chaim Ramon (Kadima) in an effort to convince the committee to dismantle a number of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

    The legal status of those communities has been repeatedly challenged by Peace Now. Such challenges often have direct impact on government policy and on the country's fragile social and political fabric. The government's decision to dismantle nine homes in the town of Amona, for example, followed a Supreme Court petition filed by Peace Now, claiming the homes were built illegally. The homes were destroyed in a violent police action, in which hundreds were injured.

    The violence and sharp polarization of Israeli society ensuing from the Amona tragedy may be playing into the hands of the same foreign governments which fund Peace Now. This is so to the extent that divisions within Israel's political communitiy weaken the government's ability to maintain Israeli control of Judea and Samaria in the face of world criticism.

    Regarding Finland's contribution to Peace Now, Bedein said a member of the Finnish Parliament told him the money was forwarded to Finland by the U.S. government.

    Bedein said another source of financing for Peace Now is the Economic Cooperation Foundation, a group funded directly by the European Union. The EFC was the subject of controversy last year when the Israeli media revealed that the organization was funding the activities of left-wing MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz).

    Despite the funding Peace Now receives from foreign governments, the organization is not required under Israeli law to register as a foreign agent. In contrast, if the organization were operating in the United States, it would have to register as a foreign agent with the U.S. Justice Department, Bedein explained.

    Bedein said Peace Now was not just a foreign agent operating in Israel but was "in effect spying on Israel for foreign governments." He said the organization not only engages in surveillance activities relating to Israeli settlements and their security, but "reports on and photographs military installations" belonging to the IDF.

    Bedein said Peace Now's association with foreign governments also calls into question the financial support the organization receives from American Friends for Peace Now, a group based in the United States. He said the U.S. group's affiliation with Peace Now may require the American group to register as a foreign agent in the U.S. Dana Olmert's not in jail -- so why is 15 year old Oriyah in jail??

    Remember Dana Olmert who participated in the demonstration which called the Ramatkal a murderer? http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3261107,00.html

    Another demonstrator, much younger and way on the other side of the political spectrum, 15 year old Oriyah S. from Hebron, demonstrated 9 days ago (against the theft of a portion of the Hebron Jewish community playground for "security" purposes) but unlike Dana Olmert, Oriyah S. was thrown into jail. Even though she is a minor and even though she is not accused of any violence whatever, she is STILL in jail 9 days later. Please help by calling the new head of the Knesset Law Committee, Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson, 02-6753115. Ask why 9th grader Oriyah S. is in jail whereas Dana Olmert is out of jail. The obsessive and unfair witch-hunts against Israelis who just happen to live in Judea! & Samaria simply must stop -- your phone call will help. Please carefully write down the answer you are given and forward the answer to sddym@bezeqint.net immediately. Thank you so much!!!

    "Likud: Kadima is Attempting to Boycott Us"
    Jun 21, 2006 / 25 Sivan 5766

    The Likud movement's representatives in the World Zionist Congress are accusing the Kadima party and Jewish Agency head Ze'ev Bielski of attempting to boycott them. The Likud members charge that the Kadima faction is seeking to block the Likud from any positions in official Zionist bodies.

    "This is behavior that is contrary to all the agreements among the factions at the Congress," said Danny Danon, chairman of the worldwide Likud movement.

    THE IMPACT OF ISRAEL'S PROPOSED RETREAT ON U.S. INTERESTS (Yoram Ettinger, http://yoramettinger.newsnet.co.il)

    1. VITAL U.S. INTERESTS would be impacted by Israel's proposed retreat ("Realignment") from terrorist strongholds in Judea & Samaria.

    2. Israel's retreat from So. Lebanon catapulted HIZBALLAH from a small -- to a regional - terrorist organization, the role model of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), haunting US servicemen in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.

    3. Israel's 1994-1998 series of retreats from 85% of Gaza and 40% of Judea & Samaria created the Palestinian Authority: the Mecca of homicide bombing and anti-US and anti-Jewish hate-education (please see Cloakroom #190). Palestinian terrorists fought the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. ANTI-U.S. TERROR has increased since the initial 1993 Oslo retreat!

    4. Israel's 2005 retreat ("Disengagement") from Gaza and Northern Samaria has established the largest terrorist base in the Mideast, adrenalizing anti-US terrorism.

    5. Israel's 2005 retreat has been perceived as a cave-in by the role-model of counter-terrorism to the role-model of terrorism. It paved the road to HAMAS' electoral victory and upgraded the posture of ISLAMIC JIHAD and AL-QAEDA, thus providing friendly platforms for IRAN, SYRIA, SUDAN, YEMEN and the PRO-SADDAM elements.

    6. Bolstered Palestinian profile constitutes a present and immediate lethal DANGER TO PRO-U.S. REGIMES in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf states, threatening US troops in the Gulf area.

    7. Expanded Palestinian Authority facilitates the strategic re-entrenchment of RUSSIA, CHINA and NO. KOREA in the Mideast at the expense of US interests in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean and throughout the Mideast.

    8. Another Israeli retreat would further undermine Israel's posture of DETERRENCE, which is critical to the enhancement of regional stability.

    9. U.S. ENCOURAGEMENT of another Israeli retreat from Palestinian terrorist strongholds would exacerbate the threat to US interests. Would the US learn from recent history by repeating -- or avoiding -- past errors?!

    Contact Lee Caplan at leescaplan@yahoo.com

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    Posted by Deb Kotz, June 20, 2006.

    THis is straight from the source, a surgeon who operated on one of the Gaza beach victims and examined the shrapnel from the explosive himself. He says it's of Hamas origin, not Israeli. Would someone please forward this to the UN head Kofi Anan and those stupid human rights watch groups who keep blaming Israel for this? I think that they believe that their own wishful thinking will make this a reality. If only they're quoted enough times blaming Israel, it doesn't really matter what the truth is. In other words, they will make their own truth--a very dangerous proposition.

    This note was sent me by Gail Sanders:

    I thought you might be interested in this email that my cousin, Dr. Michael Bayme, who is a surgeon in Israel sent me.

    Hi All! Trust everyone is well.

    Some of you may have been following the tragic story of a Gazan family that was destroyed by some sort of bomb last Friday. The world of course chose to blame Israel - without verifying any facts. The fact that Israel immediately accepted all the victims to its hospitals was seen as an admission of guilt, and not as a humanitarian gesture.

    There is now incontrovertible proof that Israel did not cause the tragedy - shell fragments extracted from one bomb victim match the types of bombs made by Hamas - and not Israeli artillery shells. How do I know? I received the victim last Sunday (at 2:00 am), operated on her until 5am, and have re-operated every night since. Now she's out of danger, and will survive to rejoin her family. A (highly edited to remove the guts and gore) photo of the over-tired trauma surgeon appears below.

    Best wishes to all.


    Deb Kotz is an active member of the Brandeis Chapter of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and maintains an email list to distribute articles of interest to the local community. She can be reached at DebKotz@aol.com

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    Posted by Jerome S. Kaufman, June 20, 2006.

    This article was written by Jason Maoz, Senior Editor, Jewish Press and appeared in the Jewish Press June 2, 2006.

    Since returning to private life some three decades ago, Henry Kissinger has doggedly attempted to restore some luster to a rather badly tarnished image. Lionized by the press in the mid-1970's as "Super K," the unprecedented powerful secretary of state and mighty architect of American foreign policy during the Nixon-Ford era, Kissinger saw his stock fall rapidly in the 1980's and 90's as conservatives criticized him for what they saw as his defeatist policy of détente with the Soviet Union and liberals lambasted him for what they viewed as his amoral, Machiavellian sacrifice of American ideals on the altar of pragmatism and realpolitik.

    On the Middle East, Kissinger has labored to re-cast his image from that of a play-no-favorites geo-strategist -- in whose eyes Israel chiefly served as an impediment to greater U.S. influence in the Arab world -- to someone who has always recognized Israel's great political value, first in the cold war and now in the war on terrorism. Such a pro-Israel image is quite at odds with eyewitness accounts of Kissinger's dealings within the Nixon administration during the 1973 Yom Kippur war and with Israeli and Arab leaders as he brokered a cease-fire and attempted to craft some sort of peace accord in the months after the fighting stopped.

    In Gerald and Deborah Strober's, Nixon: An Oral History of His US Presidency, former congressional staffer, State Department official and AIPAC executive director Morris Amitay described Kissinger as trying "to fine-tune the outcome of the Yom Kippur war so that both sides would be dependent on the United States, which is what ultimately happened. But it involved bloodshed from the Israelis and it robbed them of a decisive military victory...." Though Kissinger had his defenders in the Strobers' book, the consensus of Nixon administration insiders is that the secretary of state wanted Israel to suffer at least a limited hit, in the hope that a bloodied Israel would be more malleable at the negotiating table,

    On the issue of the massive U.S. military airlift to Israel, most of those interviewed by the Strobers saw Kissinger as being an impediment to a smooth and timely transfer of arms. Former Nixon aide Leonard Garmen recalled:

    "Henry was always trying to titrate the administration's support for Israel, so as not to get the Arabs angry: 'We can do this but we can't do that.'"

    Kenneth Rush, who served as a deputy secretary of state and a deputy secretary of defense, painted a picture for the Strobers of Kissinger at his manipulative best (or worst):

    "Nixon wanted the re-supply; Kissinger delayed... not because he didn't want to help the Israelis, but he wanted to make them feel that they owed the re-supply to him; he could use this in his negotiations, as well as for his personal benefit. So he delayed, and the Israelis, at the time, thought that he was the hero who had stepped in and made Defense and Nixon come through.

    The fact is that Nixon was pressing like mad for the re-supply. Defense was ready to go forward, and Kissinger was holding it up by various means."

    What brought all this to mind was the release last week by George Washington University's National Security Archive of 28,000 pages of Kissinger-related foreign policy papers. Kissinger is on record as assuring the Iraqi foreign minister in 1975 that while "we can't negotiate about the existence of Israel, we can reduce its size to historical proportions."

    What Kissinger had in mind when referring to Israel's "historical proportions" is anyone's guess, but his feelings about Israel -- and his wildly-off-the-mark projections about Israel's future -- come through all too clearly in his statement to the Iraqi official that American public opinion was turning more pro-Palestinian; that the then-current level of U. S. aid to Israel would inevitably be reduced; and that in not too distant future "Israel will be like Lebanon -- struggling for existence, with no influence in the Arab world." Once it reaches a comprehensive settlement with its neighbors. "Israel will be a small friendly country." Kissinger happily predicted.

    Jerome S. Kaufman is National Secretary of the Zionist Organization of America. and host the Israel Commentary website (http://www.israel-commentary.org).

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    Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 20, 2006.


    True or false, benign or malign, makes no difference -- nobody likes being manipulated by propaganda that seeks to stir emotion with a ruse. Half-truths at best were the method used by John Batchelor in conjunction with the NY Sun's campaign for extensive immigration (5/31, Op.-Ed.). This isn;t about the Arab-Israel conflict, but the propaganda techniques used in his article are transferable.

    The stage is set with the false premise that Mexico is the scapegoat for American fear of the future. As he does for the whole article, Mr. Batchelor offers no evidence for this premise, no polls, no interviews, no quotes. Congress, he heard, warned about the threat of the border to our sovereignty, our justice, our well-being. He brushes off those concerns as wanton "anger toward the least among us." That clause is designed to arouse sympathy for the immigrants and guilt in those who oppose their undeterred entry.

    As for the security of our borders, a genuine concern is that non-Mexicans, including Islamists, have been sneaking in. Illegal aliens enter states that once were parts of Mexico, and that Mexicans want back. Mexicans in this country are known to boo the US and wave Mexican flags. Their government is setting up dual citizenship for them, organizing them to become a lobby in this country for that country, and rejects our right to control who enters.

    Our well being is reduced by millions of illegals who absorb more in taxes than they pay, in a country with declining resources. Mexico is not fulfilling its duty to take are of its own citizens within its own country, and sends its unwanted to us, while we are pondering how to pay for medical care for our own, large population.

    Then there is the standard rejection of immigration controls by citing the centuries of large-scale immigration into the US. That is an illogical argument. The fact that ten people have gotten into a lifeboat, now low in the water, does not mean that three more should be allowed to climb aboard and thrust it under.

    The whole alarm over immigration (which is not only about Mexicans) is said to be a similar scapegoating and denial of more serous problems that Bachelor said we went through a century ago, with exaggerated fear of Pancho Villa. To me, this is an irrelevant analogy, a digression. He won't face the reality of the present.

    The final paragraph makes the accusation of "...breast-thumping sermons of George Bush and his Congress as they denounce and defame Mexico..." Pres. Bush did not defame Mexico; he was careful not to. Diplomatic considerations aside, he would have been within his rights to, for that country encourages illegal immigration into ours. I think the article is "denouncing and defaming" our President.

    Most Muslims detest and want to change our culture. Massive immigration poses legitimate concerns. They are debatable. What is not legitimate is the propagandistic way of trying to brush them off with dismissal and stimulation of guilt in us Americans.


    The terrorist network uses the Internet, smuggling, sympathetic NGOs, legitimate governments, safe havens, and front companies. To defeat the terrorist network requires a network, not just an army.

    The US is developing a network of federal and state law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the State Dept. (heaven help us), and other countries. Since Al-Qaeda wants to rid the Midast of Western influence and then take over what it calls secular governments, some of the Arabs states will cooperate against terrorism in their own countries.

    The US seeks to prevent international terrorism from establishing itself in weak countries. This does not require garrisons but sufficient, mobile force to deter enemies and maintain access to strategic resources and communications. Local countries must learn to defend themselves and not become dependent upon, nor be occupied by, US. It may take us a generation to win (Jewish Political Chronicle, 5/2006, p.10 from Sgt. Sara Wood, American Forces Press Service, 3/13).

    How shallow is the thinking of those who, with lips aquiver, condemn Pres. Bush because Iraq was not responsible for the 9/11 attack, yet he made war on Iraq! (But Iraq did offer terrorists training of a type that was helpful.)


    The reformed Israeli economy has perked up. Foreign investors are flocking in. Unwilling to acknowledge the success of their freer capitalism, the Israeli media, which is leftist, paints the economy as a failure, with poverty rife. Leftist appeasement has weakened Israel strategically, Israel's media, being leftist, keeps this from its people.

    The media admitted that Iran gave Hizbullah rockets that can strike most of Israel. Iran has been working towards that for years, but the media refused to see this coming, after Iran's original delivery of missiles to Hizbullah years ago. Instead, the media supported the Road Map, as if Israel were not under strategic siege. And now it is not raising an alarm and demanding to know why the government did not blow up the missile shipments at the airport or doesn't demolish them at the border. The media congratulates Israel for having retreated from Lebanon and reduced casualties, without wondering how much greater casualties will be when Hizbullah fires its 14,000 missiles.

    Likewise, the media tardily informed the people that the IDF was operating in Gaza again. This proves that Gaza withdrawal a failure. The new Hamas force, supposedly recruited to restore order, actually is devoted to fighting Israel (IMRA, 6/1). Are there economic problems in Israel, and are they due to reform or the need for more reform?

    So what is all this talk of Israel having a "vibrant" media? Israel's media would cripple the economy and cripples national defense, rather than admit its ideology is fallacious.

    EVALUATING THE GAZA ABANDONMENT Israel's Chief of Staff uses a politician's argument rather than a commander's reasoning about whether the abandonment of Gaza backfired. He denies its failure on the grounds that nobody in Israel was killed (though two were), since withdrawal. However, the Arab barrage has been increasing in intensity and accuracy. There have been near misses in strategic facilities. Deaths were avoided in school classes and household only by luck. Such luck is not likely to last (IMRA, 6/1). The planner, Gen. Giora, said it failed.


    Some OPEC members are taking advantage of high oil prices to extract and sell more than their quotas (IMRA, 6/1).

    The price is supposed to be determined by the ratio of supply: demand. Demand is rising in China and India. The supply is perceived supply, threatened by war. Markets anticipate future shortages due to war. Since some suppliers sell more than they admit, isn't the ratio more balanced than supposed? Is the problem a shortage of oil refineries? Will the US rebuild refineries where the Gulf Coast storms demolished them?


    Some Palestinian Arabs have been caught leading terrorist cells in the Sunni insurgency against the coalition. An estimated hundred youths entered Iraq for this purpose, posing as students and family visitors (IMRA, 6/3).

    The US has given those people hundreds of millions of dollars, and is encouraging Israel to leave them more territory. They use what they get to make war on the West.

    TERRORISTS ATTACKING SYRIA Syrian forces killed four terrorists, and lost one soldier. The arms came from a "neighboring country," along with Islamist tapes. The terrorists had been known to be moderate, previously (IMRA, 6/3).

    Even a terrorist country suffers from terrorism. The irony is that Syria is an ally of Islamist Iran, but Iran is Shiite, the attackers are not.


    W. Europeans had thought of the Arab-Israel conflict as a colonialist one. Now they are realizing that the Palestinian Arabs are extremists and that Islamists threaten Europe. Previously, 48% of Frenchmen favored the Palestinian Arabs, and 12% favored Israel. Now only 24% favor the P.A. (IMRA, 6/4).


    Rockets are falling upon Israel with greater frequency and accuracy. There was this discussion about it at a Cabinet Meeting.

    Israeli Interior Min. Dichter demanded that Israel station troops in Gaza or in other ways stop the Arabs from firing rockets at Israel, "as the IDF paralyzed Hizbullah this week." "If need be, we can turn Beit Hanoun into a ghost town. We need to return the balance of deterrence. It can't be that in one week, we can stop Hizbullah fire but not (northern Gaza's) Qassam fire."

    Defense Min. Peretz replied, "Occupying parts of Gaza is irrelevant. The security establishment has been working successfully for a long time in the face of the threats while examining new methods and tools of employing force." (IMRA, 6/4.)

    Min. Dichter has had professional experience in this, but Min. Peretz is a novice. His statement that the military has been working successfully against rocket launching is false. Waiting for them to finish examining new methods is what is irrelevant, in the face of the mounting barrage.


    "Humanitarian aid is almost always political. It's governments and organizations with clear political agendas that dispense most 'humanitarian' funds. A close look at foreign aid indicates that the self-interest of the donor rather than altruism usually motivates such programs. The French directed economic aid, primarily to former African colonies, for years in order to further a Francophone community. Meanwhile, European aid programs to the Palestinians are a way to exercise a diplomatic role in a conflict in which most of the shots are called by the Americans.

    FOREIGN AID is seen as buying influence. While establishing a clear connection between economic dependence and political compliance is problematic, such a link is on the minds of decision makers."

    "Secondly, decisions on financial aid are hardly based on a meticulous comparative analysis of the respective needs of various hard-hit groups around the globe. Aid programs are only minimally related to an objective evaluation of the economic situation of potential recipients." The P.A. gets proportionately more aid than poorer places. "Some leaders in the less-developed world are ingenious at siphoning aid away from those who truly need it." "Food and medicines sent to the Palestinians will invariably end up in the hands of the armed militias." UNRWA helps perpetuate welfare dependency.

    "Disasters that attract the attention of the media for extended periods are inevitably viewed as good tools for public diplomacy. Such disasters are capitalized upon to announce generous offers of foreign aid (not always fully delivered) in order to enhance national reputations." (IMRA, 6/4.)


    Olmert praised Mubarak as a partner for peace and against terrorism. When Israel urges the US not to give Egypt the latest weaponry, Congress notes his inconsistency. As for Mubarak's record, he has refused to visit Israel, he strives to keep all the terrorist militias armed, he has not acted to stop the smuggling of arms into Gaza, and his military absorbs billions of dollars of US arms under a doctrine that assumes war against a country where Israel is located (IMRA, 6/5).

    Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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    Posted by Yardena Anat Even, June 20, 2006.

    The following article by Thorsten Schmitz, published in the German newspaper Suedduetche Zeitung. It was translated by Ami Isseroff. One wonders WHY not a single Israeli journalist asked the questions the German journalist did? Iti is called "The war of images: Seven casualties in Gaza beach: Was it a shelling attack by Israel? Or an exploding Palestinian land mine? An example of how sometimes Palestinians bend the truth." and was written by Thorsten Schmitz. It is archived at http://www.sueddeutsche.de/ausland/artikel/315/78237/5/. This was translated into English by Ami Isseroff.

    Last Friday, ten-year-old Huda Ghaliya woke up early in the morning even though she did not have to go school. She was excited. Final exams were over and summer vacation had just begun. Huda's father had promised the children on Friday of last week that they would go to the beach in northern Gaza for a picnic.

    According to her cousin, Huda was one of the best students in her class. She loved mathematics, biology and reading. Her favorite poem is called "Identity Card," by Mahmoud Darwish. It is a sad poem about a homeless Palestinian and his hatred of the occupiers.

    Carrying plastic tables and chairs, and baskets filled with corn on the cob and pita bread, this large family left their home in Beit Lahiya (population of 35,000), and traveled the short distance to the beach. Beit Lahiya is known for its strawberries, as well as for the fact that short-range rockets are fired from this city toward Israel.

    The picnic ended in death for her father, one of his two wives, and five of his children. Around 5 PM, there was an explosion in the middle of the family. Seven people lost their lives on the beach and on their way to the hospital that Friday afternoon.

    The bloody picnic made Huda Ghaliya world famous in just a few hours. For this, she has photographer Zakaria Abu Irbad to thank. In the blink of an eye, after a metal-filled device exploded, the 36-year-old photographer from Gaza City took his camera and recorded the misfortune.

    A Lucrative Job

    Irbad works for the Arab TV Production company, Ramattan News Agency. The agency has bureaus in the West Bank city of Ramallah and Gaza City, which is the main city in the Gaza Strip.

    The largest TV networks in the world, including CNN and ABC, news agencies such as Reuters and AP, and German TV stations work together with Palestinian cameramen when it comes to news from Gaza. Pictures of the hopeless world in the Gaza Strip are first distributed by Palestinian cameraman. Working as a cameraman for the western media is a very lucrative business for the Palestinians. Some cameramen earn as much as $250 per day. Some Palestinians don't make that much money in a half a year.

    This past Friday, Irbad had professional good fortune. He was the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy. His agency, Ramattan News Agency, sold the heart-rending footage of the hysterical and crying Huda Ghaliya to media all around the world. His pictures of Huda -- as she pulls her hair, beats her chest, falls over her dead father in the sand, and wanders in the sand crying -- appeared in Australia, India, Europe and the US.

    The cause of death of the Gahliya family members was very clear to the Arab world and the Palestinian community already on Friday: Israeli artillery fire. To reinforce this assumption, the Arab TV networks inserted archived footage of Israeli soldiers firing artillery shells among the images provided by Irbad.

    Following the story, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Fatah President Abu Mazen claimed the family was killed by Israeli artillery fire. Both used the term "massacre." In a rare display of agreement between Hamas leader Haniyeh and Abbas, they symbolically adopted Huda on Saturday. A Palestinian child who lost his father served as a witness to the adoption. (Huda's beloved mother Hamdiyah was wounded but survived the blast). A team of US Human Rights Watch activists determined that Israeli artillery was responsible for the explosion.

    Human Rights Watch carefully analyzed the scene after visiting the site and conducting interviews with eye witnesses, policemen, and physicians. It strongly suggested that Israeli artillery was responsible for this tragedy. The report of this human rights group does not take into account that the supporting evidence from the beach was examined a day after this unfortunate event -- enough time to remove any important evidence.

    The Israeli Ministry of Defense, using initial reports from radar and satellite pictures, explained that the explosion that killed the seven Palestinians did not come from the army. Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Israel regrets the death of the Palestinians but that does not mean "that we are responsible for the deaths."

    According to Israeli army reports which relied on film footage and physicians' reports, but not on an on-site investigation, the Israeli army fired six artillery shells in the direction of the Gaza beach on that Friday afternoon. In accordance with reports from Halutz, five of the six shells were fired between 4:31pm and 4:48pm, approximately 250 meters north of the position of where the family was picnicking. The purpose of the artillery shelling was to stop Palestinian rocket fire.

    An unmanned Israeli army drone recorded the Gaza Strip at the time of the firing. From the film, one can see civilians located 250 meters south of where five craters created by the artillery fire on the beach were visible. According to army information, the explosion on the strip of sand where the Ghaliyas were picnicking must have occurred between 4:57 PM and 5:10 PM. Prior to 4:57 PM, the army film shows a normal scene at the beach.

    It is strange that the over-flight film does not show beachgoers fleeing after the artillery shells landed 250 meters away. The next pictures from army film show the ambulances as they arrive at the beach. That is at 5:15 PM. The hospital from which the ambulances arrived is five minutes from the site of the explosion.

    A Possible Unexploded Shell

    The Israeli army cannot determine the site of impact for the sixth artillery shell which Human Rights Watch and the Palestinian Government claim was an unexploded shell that caused the deaths of the seven family members. But the army asserts that it is "impossible" that the shell could have landed 250 meters from the site it was targeting.

    As further evidence, Israel claims that there were four wounded people from the beach who received treatment in a Tel Aviv hospital. A piece of shrapnel taken from the body of one of the wounded could not have come from weapons in the Israeli arsenal.

    The Israeli army does not discount the possibility that the explosion was caused by a mine planted by Palestinians to prevent Israeli marines from entering the Gaza beach.

    Irbad's footage has great significance due to the contradictions it raises. This footage generates more questions than clarifications. Segment of the original footage are so questionable that the CNN website is only showing abbreviated clips.

    Irbad explained to the SZ that he learned about the explosion from the medics and followed the ambulances to the site of the blast in his own car. From the footage that Irbad took of the hysterical ten-year-old Huda, it appears as if he was a witness to the explosion. He also filmed the arrival of the emergency workers to the site which must mean that he was already on the beach. Furthermore, some of the dead and wounded were covered with blankets -- who did that?

    Irbad explains to the SZ that Huda was not wounded because she had been swimming in the sea. But in his video, Huda is running around in dry clothing. For minutes, Irbad ran after Huda and recorded images of the dead and wounded.

    Suddenly, the camera captures footage of a man next to Huda's dead father, who was also covered by a blanket and lying motionless, standing up with a machine gun in his hand. The footage shows rescue workers in green hospital uniforms and a dozen men with typical Hamas-style beards apparently removing evidence from the site.

    In any case, one has to ask why the emergency workers didn't treat the wounded and make sure that police arrived at the site. Did the Hamas men remove pieces of evidence as was claimed by the Israeli media and Palestinian eyewitnesses?

    The Cameraman's Evasive Answers

    Curiously, Irbad's footage does not include an identifiable crater. The more Irbad was asked about this by the SZ, the more evasive he was. Was he at the site before the ambulances arrived? Who are the civilians who are cleaning the beach? Where is the armed man who suddenly got up from the ground? If the artillery shell that killed the Ghaliya family was from the Israeli army, why don't the Palestinians present the fragments?

    And: Why didn't Irbad think of calming the hysterical Huda down instead of following her for several minutes with his camera? Irbad says "she asked me to film her. She wanted to be seen with her dead father and wanted to show the world what criminals the Israelis are." Is it possible that the saddened ten year old Huda, who just lost seven family members, could have been giving Irbad stage directions?


    There is nothing new about Palestinians publishing falsified or fabricated pictures during the Middle-East war. Since the airing of a 60 Minutes investigative report, the term "Pallywood," modeled after the Hollywood film industry, has been used by the media. In the report, for example, there are Palestinians from the early days of the Intifada who are carrying a dead person. One of those carrying the dead stumbles, and the supposed corpse falls to the ground -- and springs back onto the stretcher, lies down, and mimics a dead person.

    The most recent example of this effort of the Palestinians to openly mislead the world occurred when Israel attacked three member of the Islamic Jihad last Tuesday, killing eight civilians, including two children. Shortly after the attack on the car in which the three terrorists were sitting, one can see three men on the other side remove a short-range rocket from the car.

    For two days, the sentence: "Urgent: News for our clients" flashed on the Internet site of the Ramattan News Agency. As the agency fears further dissemination of the Huda video whose authenticity is called into question by many people, they assert they have exclusive rights to the footage. No one else has the right to further disseminate these pictures without their consent.

    Contact Yardena Anat Even at yardena3@aol.com

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    Posted by John Stone, June 19, 2006.

    This was written by Kalavai Venkat, an India-born, Silicon Valley-based orthodox, practising, agnostic Hindu. It appeared on India Forum
    (www.india-forum.com/articles/134/1/Let-Israel-be-Jewish) June 14, 2006. The original has links to additional material.

    Israel has allowed Daystar, a Texas-based Christian evangelical TV channel, to telecast into Israeli homes and attempt to proselytize Israel's five million Jews. Is this religious freedom or adding insult to the Jewish injury?

    For two thousand years, the Jews were systematically persecuted everywhere, except in India [1]. The Christian Bible instituted religiously motivated anti-Semitism, and continues to remain the most comprehensive anti-Semitic scripture. Norman Beck, a distinguished academic and Lutheran theologian, has catalogued over 450 anti-Semitic verses found in Christian lectionaries and calls for eliminating the anti-Semitic polemic [2].

    The Church, since the promulgation of the acts of the Council of Elvira (~300 CE), has portrayed the Jews as "the enemies of the Heavenly Majesty. [3]" Christian teachings falsely demonize the Jews as "Christ-killers," "Children of the Devil," "Brood of vipers," etc., and pronounce all future generations of the Jews guilty of "killing" Christ [4]. The Christian Bible declares, "The Devil is the father of the Jews. [5]" Church fathers have demonized the Jews as cannibals that ate their own children [6]. The Fourth Lateran Council (1215 CE) decreed that the Jew be ghettoized and forced to wear the Jewish dress, conical hat, and the "Jew badge" - usually a yellow circle, symbolic of the Jew as betrayer of Christ for "gold," an image that fused religious and economic anti-Semitism [7]. Intensely persecuted, especially during the infamous Inquisitions, some Jews converted to Christianity. Even that would not remove the "stigma" of having been a Jew. Pope Gregory I warned that "a Jew returns to his faith like a dog to his vomit. [8]"

    Lest one should think that the Catholic Church alone is culpable of anti-Semitism, the Protestant Church has been as much anti-Semitic. After all, every denomination derives its religiously justified anti-Semitism from the Christian Bible. Erasmus, who influenced Martin Luther, infamously declared: "If it is part of a good Christian to detest the Jews, then we are all good Christians. [9]"

    Martin Luther was initially kind towards the Jews as he attempted to convert them. Once his attempts failed, he wrote the most vicious anti-Semitic tract: On the Jews and their Lies. In that tract, Luther justified the terrible sufferings of the Jews over 1, 400 years in exile and chastised them for not learning their lesson [10]. Luther urged Christians to burn the Jewish synagogues and expel the Jews [11]. He held that the Jewish misfortune is proof of Christian truth and Jewish error from scripture [12]. Luther called the Jews "bloodhounds [13]" and argued that Christians are at fault in "not slaying the Jews. [14]"

    Elie Wiesel, winner of the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize, writes of the Holocaust:

    All the killers were Christians. The Nazi system was the consequence of a movement of ideas and followed a strict logic; it did not arise in a void but had its roots deep in a tradition that prophesied it, prepared for it, and brought it to maturity. That tradition was inseparable from the past of Christian, civilized Europe. [15]"

    Wiesel's words are not rhetorical. It is evident that the Nazi hatred for the Jews is the culmination of the anti-Semitism intrinsic to the Christian Bible. The Nazis reprinted Luther's hate-filled anti-Semitic text, On the Jews and their lies. The editor of the 1936 Munich edition approvingly claimed that On the Jews and their lies was the "arsenal from which antisemitism had drawn its weapons. [16]" Hitler aptly told the Christian bishops who met him in the aftermath of the 1933 laws that he was merely putting into effect what Christianity preached and practised for 2,000 years [17]. The Nazis' illustrated educational handbook for children carried the hate-filled poem, "The father of the Jews is the Devil," a theme which, as I showed earlier, first occurs in the New Testament [18]. Both the Protestant and Catholic clergy eagerly handed over genealogical records to the Nazis, knowing fully that it would result in the destruction of Jewry, even though the clergy had the opti on to refuse [19].

    Civilta cattolica, the official organ of the Vatican, writing in 1937 CE, after the Nuremberg race laws had been fully enforced, discussed undertaking the total expulsion of the Jews. It went one step further and discussed the extreme option of "destruction" of the Jews. Of course, after discussing the option of destruction, the Vatican rejects it as undesirable. But, what kind of religious order would even contemplate the "Final Solution" of the Jews (an idea that Hitler would later embrace)? Why did the Protestant and Catholic clergymen provide the Nazis with genealogical records? They did so not because those clergymen were intrinsically evil but because they had internalized the Christian libel that the Jews are cursed forever and hence worthy of destruction.

    Even the gruesome Holocaust did not lead to introspection among Christians. When Hitler committed suicide, Cardinal Adolf Bertram ordered that in all churches of his archdiocese a special requiem, namely,

    "A solemn requiem mass be held in commemoration of the Fuhrer, where prayers to the Almighty that His son, Hitler, be admitted to paradise, be offered. [20]"

    The German Lutheran Church and its leaders such as Bishop Otto Dibelius, who later became the President of the World Council of Churches (1965), called the Nazi policies towards the Jews "a fulfillment of Luther's program." The theologians of the German Lutheran Church that met in Darmstadt in 1948, three years after the Holocaust, proclaimed that the Holocaust was a divine punishment and called upon the Jews to halt their rejection and ongoing crucifixion of Christ [21].

    This was not an isolated phenomenon restricted to Germany. Numerous studies have demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between one's observance of Christian faith and one's anti-Semitism. Studies conducted by the Anti-Defamation League and U C Berkeley reveal that in the USA, a vast majority of Lutherans and Southern Baptists, around 80 percent, believe that the Jews can never be forgiven for their gullibility in deicide [22]. A vast majority of Christians continue to be anti-Semites [23]. A vast majority of those Christians do not care if their anti-Semitism offends a Jew [24].

    The Jewish community faced a unique disadvantage when Israel was formed in 1948: even though Christian teachings had led to their persecution for 2, 000 years culminating in the Holocaust, they needed the support of the Christian West to become a viable nation. This is largely true even today. So, Christians should themselves introspect and cleanse their scripture of anti-Semitism. Yet, barring a few honorable exceptions such as Norman Beck and James Carroll, Christians have failed to evaluate the teachings of the Christian Bible that almost caused the extinction of the Jews. Sadly, many still believe that it is their right to proselytize Jews.

    The world would be offended if an anti-Semitic political ideology is telecast into Israeli homes. Why then should we condone if an anti-Semitic religious ideology is telecast into Israeli homes? We do not tolerate the Hakenkreuz, a symbol associated with anti-Semitism. Why should we tolerate if the Cross and the Crucifix, constant reminders of the hoax that the Jews are guilty of Christ-killing, are beamed into Israeli homes?

    When Daystar is beamed into Israeli homes, it is not religious freedom. It is a travesty that adds insult to two millennia of Jewish injury.


    [1] Katz, Nathan: Who are the Jews of India? This book carries an excellent case study of how the Jews of India flourished without submerging their religious identity into the mainstream.

    [2] Beck, Norman A.: Removing anti-Jewish polemic from our Christian lectionaries, a proposal, http://jcrelations.net/en/?id=737

    [3] Ruether, Rosemary Radford: Faith and fratricide, the theological roots of anti-Semitism, p. 189.

    [4] Matthew 3:7, 12:34 and 23:33, Luke 3:7 and Matthew 27:25.

    [5] John 8:37-59.

    [6] Chrysostom: Eight orations against the Jews 5:6.

    [7] Poliakov, Leon: The history of anti-Semitism, Vol. 1, p. 65.

    [8] Synan, Edward A.: The Popes and the Jews in the Middle Ages, p. 52.

    [9] Poliakov, Leon: The history of anti-Semitism, Vol. 1, p. 123.

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    [17] Schweitzer, Frederick M.: History of the Jews since the first century A.D., p. 222.

    [18] Goldhagen, Daniel J.: A moral reckoning, the role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and its unfulfilled duty of repair pp. 19-21.

    [19] Ibid pp. 59-60.

    [20] Ibid p. 200.

    [21] Rubenstein, Richard L. and Roth, John K.: Approaches to Auschwitz, the Holocaust and its legacy pp. 57-59.

    [22] Glock, Charles Y. and Stark, Rodney: Christian beliefs and anti-Semitism, a scientific study of the ways in which the teachings of Christian Churches shape American attitudes toward the Jews, table 24, p. 62.

    [23] Ibid table 48, p. 129.

    [24] Ibid table 58, p. 155.

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    Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 19, 2006.

    Steven Erlanger's "Gaza Residents left to scrape by after West cuts foreign aid" (San Jose Mercury News, 6/18/06) paints a vivid picture of the tragic suffering of the Palestinian people.

    But he omits the four most important facts about this dire situation:

    a.) According to the New York Times editorial of 6.17.06, the Hamas government is NOT a legitimate voice of the Palestinian people...NOT a true government....NOT a part of the community of nations. That government, per the Times editorial, does not yet have its "...admission ticket to the real world," and has not yet progressed from "...a lawless opposition to a lawful government." And this is because Hamas has shown itself, in word and in deed, to be a brutal, barbaric, hate-driven, genocidal, criminal, terrorist thugocracy which cannot yet be counted as part of the civilized world.

    The Palestinian people elected that government only a few months ago, in fair, open, legal, democratic elections. In the real world, there are often very nasty consequences to really, really bad choices. The Palestinian people made their choice, and now they are facing the consequences.

    b.) The restrictions on movement out of Gaza are to stop terrorism. If one argues against these restrictions, one must ask the gut-wrenching but unavoidable question: where do you want the casualties?

    With the restrictions, the casualties are described in Erlanger's article... the Gazan Arabs who are inconvenienced and distressed and reduced to grinding poverty.

    Without the barrier, the casualties are the un-numberable Israelis who will be blown up, burned alive, shot, stabbed, wounded, or kidnapped by the Palestinian terrorists whom the restrictions at the Gaza borders now stops.

    Where would any nation want the casualties?

    c.) Israel offered millions of dollars worth of aid in the form of medicines for the impoverished hospitals of the Gaza Strip.

    Hamas said "NO! We can't buy bullets with penicillin!" So the hospitals did not get their medicine.

    d.) All that Hamas needs to do in order to reverse this dire situation is to merely say (not take any action, just say) that they renounce terrorism, recognize Israel, and seek peace. But Hamas leaders are so rigidly locked into their pathological hatred of Jews and of Israel, that they cannot even utter those words.

    Who is to blame for the suffering of the Gaza Arabs?

    David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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    Posted by Aaron Tirschwell, June 19, 2006.

    Join One Israel Fund this summer for exhilarating and unique day trips throughout Israel. Witness first-hand the beauty and history incorporated in our Homeland, with a focus on the Heartland -- YESHA.

    Explore the past while encountering the issues confronting the present and future. Interact with and support the determined communities in Yehuda and Shomron. Embark on a journey that you and your family will remember for a lifetime!

    Tuesday, July 4, 2006 /Tammuz 8, 5766: Sites and Cities of the Shomron

    Climb to roof of Kever Shmuel for magnificent views of Jerusalem and the Shomron
    Visit Bet Horon, site of ancient Maccabee battles
    Stop at the beautiful community of Alfei Menashe and meet the eloquent Mayor, Hasdai Eliezer
    Travel to Kedumim and tour state-of-the-art surveillance center
    Lunch at Kedumim with its dynamic Mayor, Daniella Weiss
    Tour the Samaritan town on Har Grizim and see the site of Kever Yosef in Shechem
    Ascend Ba'al Hatzor where Hashem showed Avraham Avinu a spectacular view of all of Eretz Yisrael
    Visit Amona, site of recent outpost conflict
    Visit Psagot and view the "neighboring community" of Ramallah

    Wednesday, July 5, 2006/Tammuz 9, 5766: Yehuda -- Gush Etzion and Hebron

    Pray at Rachel's Tomb. View the national security fence that surrounds the Kever
    Explore Herodion, King Herod's ancient palace
    See Ma"ale Rechavam, the "outpost" on the Judean Desert
    On to multi-cultural spiritual community of Bat Ayin, site of an ancient winepress from Bibical times
    Lunch at the Judaica Center
    Tour Tel Azeika, the site of David's battle with Golyat
    Explore the Bar Kochva cave at Tel Godaid
    Visit Hirbat Midras, believed to be the site of ancient dovecotes used for korbanot
    Walk the Path of the Patriarchs and explore the ancient Mikvah from Temple times
    Visit Karmei Tzur, on the road to Hevron
    Mincha at Ma'arat Hamachpela

    Sunday, August 20, 2006/ 26 Menachem Av 5766: Jordan Valley: The Next Frontier

    Take a dip at the shores of the Jordan River where Yehoshua crossed into Eretz Yisrael
    Visit a young idealistic family at their ranch at Einot Kedem near Yericho
    Tour the town and yeshiva of Hamra and other Jordan Valley villages
    Visit an army base in the Jordan Valley
    Ascend Ba"al Hatzor where Avraham was shown all of the Land of Israel
    Visit the community of Kochav HaShachar on the Allon Road, and Migdalim
    Tour Ofra and Amona, see the site of the recent conflicts over the "outposts"

    Monday, August 21, 2006/ 27 Menachem Av 5766: Sites and Cities of the Shomron

    Travel highway 443 and see the route of the "security fence"
    Visit the communities of Elkana and Oranit
    Drive to Neve Tzuf and meet with residents
    Tour and have lunch in Karnei Shomron
    Walk through Wadi Kana, at the division of the lands of Efraim and Menashe
    See Shavei Shomron, the Northern Shomron frontline town as of last summer
    Visit Einav and Avnei Hefetz

    Day Trip Details

    Cost for each day is $55/NIS 250 shekels, $45/NIS 200 per child. Cost includes lunch.

    Judy Auerbach and Era Rapaport, outstanding licensed tour guides, will lead the tours in English in an air-conditioned, bulletproof bus. Security considerations may entail a change in itinerary.

    Tours will leave from Jerusalem's Inbal Hotel at 9:00 a.m. promptly and return at approximately 7:00 p.m.

    For reservations and additional information, please contact: North America: Ruthie Kohn, -516-239-9202 x10 In Israel: Irwin Borvick, 054-570-1548 or Eve Harow, 057-622-8275 e-mail: daytrips@oneisraelfund.org


    Contact Aaron Tirschwell at aaron@oneisraelfund.org

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    Posted by Yoram Ettinger, June 19, 2006.

    Enclosed you'll find the English translation of my latest OpEd, published today (June 19, 2006) by Ynet, the Internet edition of Yedioth Achronot, and Israel's leading Internet daily.

    The OpEd is based, largely, on a breakthrough American-Israeli study, led by Bennett Zimmerman of L.A. (Yoram Ettinger is the head of the Israeli contingency), which was published in February 2006 by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (www.biu.ac.il/Besa/MSPS65.pdf). More data on the study can be retrieved at

    Should you wish to examine previous OpEds and/or newsletters, please visit http://yoramettinger.newsnet.co.il.

    Enjoy it,


    Prime Minister Olmert's visit to West Europe has reaffirmed the central role of Demographobia -- the irrational fear of Palestinian demography - in determining Israel's permanent boundaries, in spite of the gross errors underlying the demographic scare. For example, Israel's Jewish population growth has exceeded Arab population growth in Judea & Samaria (2.1% vs. 1.8% during 1997-2004). Moreover, Muslim fertility rate, within the Green Line, has declined dramatically from 9.23 children per woman in 1960/64 to 4.63 in 2004, while Arab fertility rate (including Druz and Christian Arabs) has declined to 4 children per woman.

    The Prime Minister has reiterated his position that a retreat from geography is a prerequisite for saving Jewish demography. His determination to withdraw from the mountain ridges of Judea & Samaria -- which, in his opinion, possess a unique historical and security added value -- has not reflected a cave-in to Palestinian terrorism and/or US pressure. Prime Minister Olmert has demonstrated his capability to defy terror and pressure during the general election of 1996 and 2001 (when he supported victorious Netanyahu and Sharon, the hawkish candidates) and during his own mayoral campaigns in Jerusalem. However, currently, he intends to retreat under the influence of Demographic Fatalism, which has been nurtured by severely erroneous 1998-2015 Palestinian demographic projections. These projections have been embraced, without examination, by Israel's demographic establishment. They have spearheaded an intensive effort to instill demography-driven faintheartedness in the minds of Israel's policy-makers and the public at-large. In contrast, Gallup's March 17, 2006 survey of Jewish and Arab fertility rate preferences concluded that "Green Line" Jewish and Arab fertility preferences are equal at 3.7 children per woman, while East Jerusalem Arabs and Judea & Samaria Arabs prefer 4.1 and 4.5 (and declining) respectively. Gallup indicated that actual fertility tends to converge with fertility preference.

    Prime Minister Olmert is convinced that time works against Jewish demography, and that Jews are doomed to become a minority between the Jordan Rive and the Mediterranean. Therefore, in his mind, demographic considerations supersede geographic and topographic (security) considerations in the equation of Israel's national security and in determining the future of Judea & Samaria. Thus, Demographobia, which never penetrated the mind of Jewish leaders, when Jews constituted a minority of 8% (1900 -- Herzel) or 33% (1947 -- Ben Gurion) west of the Jordan River, dominates the mind of Israel's current leadership, in spite of the fact that Jews have been a 60% majority (67% without Gaza) during the last 45 years.

    Contrary to Demographic Fatalism, there is a demographic problem, but there is no machete at the throat of the durable Jewish majority, which benefits from a robust demographic momentum. For instance, the annual number of "Green Line" Jewish births has increased from 80,400 in 1995 to 105,181 in 2005, while "Green Line" Arab births have stagnated during the same period at around 40,000, with a drop to 36,000 per year during the first few months of 2006. The Jewish Demographic Momentum is further bolstered by the net annual positive migration (Aliya+returning Israelis-emigrant Israelis) of 20,000 since 2001. These developments have been ignored by Israel's "Prophets of Demographic Doom", who have consistently employed yesterday's outdated demographic indicators as a basis for tomorrow's projections, thus exacerbating their errors.

    Documented births, deaths and migration have refuted -- annually -- the projections made by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and by Israel's "Prophets of Demographic Doom". Demographic reality has vindicated Zionist leaders, who persisted in their attempt to establish the Jewish State, in face of seemingly-insurmountable-adverse security, economic and demographic odds. Certainly, there is no reason for Demographobia at a time when a critical Jewish majority has been attained between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, bolstered by unparalleled military, economic, financial, technological and educational achievements. Demographic growth provides no reason to sacrifice critical strategic assets on the altar of a bogus demographic scare.

    Ambassador Yoram Ettinger is a consultant on US-Israel relations as well as the Chairman of Special Projects at the Ariel Center for Policy Research. Formerly the Minister for Congressional Affairs to Israel's Embassy in Washington, DC, Ettinger also served as Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern US. He is a former editor of Contemporary Mideast Backgrounder, and is the author of the Jerusalem Cloakroom series of reports. Contact him at yoramtex@netvision.net.il or go to http://yoramettinger.newsnet.co.il.

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    Posted by NGO Monitor, June 19, 2006.

    This report was written by Aaron Beitman. The original has links to additional material and is available at www.ngo-monitor.org/archives/infofile/cesr_email_190606.html

    The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR), a New York City-based NGO, funded by the Ford Foundation and other philanthropies, claims to "promote social justice through human rights."[1] However, CESR publications on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict promote a highly political agenda, reflected in a one-sided Palestinian narrative that erases the context of terrorism. CESR campaigns demonize Israel and involve partnerships with organizations such as ICAHD, Sabeel, and the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights. CESR's public relations activities and special consultative status with the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC) provide a forum to promote its radical ideology, masked in the rhetoric of universal rights.


    According to its mission statement, CESR's objectives include advancing "social justice through human rights"[2] as well as promoting "the universal right of every human being to housing, education, health, and a healthy environment, food, work, and an adequate standard of living."[3] CESR's extensive activities related to Israel and the Palestinian Territories claim to highlight "the root cause of ESCR violations [Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights] - the discrimination and brutality inherent in the Israeli occupation - and to advocate for alternatives that recognize and promote equal rights for all people living under Israeli rule."[4]

    CESR was co-founded in 1993 by two lawyers and a scientist from Harvard University: Roger Normand, Sarah Zaidi, and Christopher Jochnick. Following a 2004 leadership change, CESR is now headed by Eitan Felner, a former director of B'Tselem and previous chair of the Israeli Section of Amnesty International.[5]


    According to its website, CESR was established on a grant of "a little over $100,000 from the MacArthur Foundation and the Echoing Green Foundation [...and] currently manages an annual budget of well over half a million dollars."[6] In 2004, CESR received a $435,000 grant from the Ford Foundation[7] and has also received funds from the Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation, Samuel Rubin Foundation, and the Life Foundation as well as substantial donations from Elizabeth Benjamin, Carol Bernstein Ferry, and Claude Welch.


    CESR produces articles, fact-sheets, and reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and also organizes conferences and teach-ins on topics such as "Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return" and "Great Expectations, Bitter Realities: Human Rights Abuse and Economic Decline under the Oslo Process." In addition, CESR's special consultative status with the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights has enabled it to provide reports and oral testimonies to the UN including the discredited and now defunct UN Commission on Human Rights.


    CESR coordinates research projects on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from its New York City and Gaza regional offices with a variety of organizations, including LAW, Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, B'Tselem, Palestinian Ministry of Education, UNRWA, Birzeit University, The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Defense of Children International/Palestine Section, as well as Caritas, Center on Housing Rights and Evictions, and PENGON. As past NGO Monitor reports have documented, many of these NGOs are active in promoting the Durban strategy of demonization against Israel.

    In October 2001, together with over 200 NGOs and individuals, including Christian Peacemaker Teams, Grassroots International, Israel Committee Against House Demolitions-USA, MADRE, US Campaign to Stop the Wall, and Friends of Sabeel-North America, CESR helped to create U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. This organization spearheads the divestment campaign, promotes the "right" of return and perpetuates extreme anti-Israel rhetoric, for example attacking Israel's disengagement from Gaza as "a prelude to consolidating Apartheid."[8]

    CESR formerly employed Lucy Mair, who, as documented in a previous NGO Monitor report, has written for Electronic Intifada and is currently employed by Human Rights Watch as a researcher on Israel/Palestine issues. Mair contributed to CESR reports to the UN, coordinated protests against Israeli officials, and organized events which promoted a decidedly one-sided and highly distorted view of the conflict.


    In the introduction to one report entitled "Violations of the Right to Education During the Al-Aqsa Intifada," CESR claims that the so-called 'second intifada' "led to the most comprehensive Israeli military and economic siege ever experienced in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)."[9] Through a selective application of human rights norms, CESR emphasizes the Palestinian right to education, while making no mention of Israel's right to defend its citizens from Palestinian terrorist attacks.

    A 2001 report submitted to UN ECOSOC, entitled "Under Siege: Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestine," highlights the primacy of CESR's political agenda. The report asserts that "...while Israel's occupation is the underlying cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the current systematic violations of economic, social and cultural rights in the OPT derive from Israel's interrelated policies of [...] closure, curfew and siege."[10] By rewriting the history of the conflict, and grounding its attacks on Israel in human-rights terminology, CESR exploits the "halo-effect" surrounding human rights NGOs to advance a highly biased, pro-Palestinian narrative.

    In a highly contradictory fashion, CESR criticizes IDF actions, while cynically justifying Palestinian violence as an "expression of Palestinian frustration and rage over the accelerated loss of land and freedom under the Oslo process, a period that was supposed to bring peace and improved living conditions."[11]

    In summary, CESR's political agenda, shrouded in the rhetoric of "social justice through human rights," consistently serves to delegitimize Israel by erasing the context of terrorism and promoting the Palestinian narrative, while absolving the Palestinians of accountability. Instead of advocating for "social justice using human rights tools and strategies," CESR exploits the "halo-effect" of human rights work in order to advance the strategy of demonization proclaimed in the 2001 Durban conference.

    This report was sent to the following officials at the Ford Foundation for comment. As of publication, we have received no response:
    Susan Berresford, President, Ford Foundation
    Marta L. Tellado, Vice President for Communications, Ford Foundation


    [1] http://cesr.org/about
    [2] http://cesr.org/about
    [4] http://cesr.org/palestine
    [5] http://cesr.org/aboutfelner
    [6] http://cesr.org/node/view/674
    [7] http://www.fordfound.org/grants_ db/view_grant_detail.cfm?grant_id=232393
    [8] http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?list=type&type=37
    [9] http://cesr.org/node/view/91
    [10] http://cesr.org/filestore2/download/692/under%20siege.pdf
    [11] http://cesr.org/node/view/692

    Contact NGO Monitor by mail@ngo.monitor.org or go to their website: www.ngo-monitor.org

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    Posted by Steven Plaut, June 19, 2006.

    (This is a reprint of an older piece)

    Let us emphasize that Sderot is in pre-1967 Israel, well within the Green Line. It is not a "settlement", unless one considers Tel Aviv and Haifa also to be settlements.

    I hereby propose the organization of the Sderot Defense Forces (SDF). The SDF will be a militia entirely operated by and manned by the residents of Sderot. Its function will be to retaliate whenever Sderot is attacked.

    The SDF will be equipped with heavy artillery, tanks, rockets, jets and a battleship. An aircraft carrier might be a nice addition down the road, as would be heavy air bombers. Whenever Sderot is attacked, the SDF will saturate the Gaza strip with rockets, bombs and shells.

    Israel will not be held responsible. The Israeli government can shrug its shoulders and say: Hey, that ain't us bombing Gaza. Any Gaza residents getting killed or hurt from the retaliation shelling will be the responsibility of the PLO.

    The SDF will not be answerable to the Israeli government. Just like the Israeli government has washed its hands of any responsibility for the security of Sderot and abandoned any military role in retaliating for attacks on Sderot, so the SDF will announce that it is not automatically going to respond to any calls for help from Israel, nor will it automatically support defense efforts by Israel.

    A single Kassam, mortar shell, katyusha, suicide bomber or large rock used by the PLO or its affiliates in Gaza to attack Sderot will result in the saturation bombing of the entire Gaza Strip by the SDF.

    Olmert need not worry, because there will be no Jews or Israeli soldiers there to risk getting hit or to be blamed. If the Gaza Strip simply is emptied out of population due to the retaliation shelling, well, that is no worse a consequence than Sderot being emptied out as a result of Oslo cowardice and defeatism.

    You might want to fax the proposal to your favorite Israeli politician.

    Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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    Posted by Sandy Rosen-Hazen, June 19, 2006.

    This is from "Sjimon den Hollander" . It is an Urgent Request for your Support for the Jews of Uganda.

    Be sure to visit my Web Site to see more information and photos of the Abayudaya Community, at:
    http://groups.msn.com/SandysPhotosChildrenElephants/ bethanyhomeforchildrenindia.msnw

    Dear friends,

    Shavuot is just a few weeks behind us. At "Mattan Torah", most nations rejected G-d's offer of His Divine word and guideline towards a meaningful and holy lifestyle. The Jewish people however said "yes", and since then they have carried on the torch of Torah-light. But some souls who were also gathered at Mount Sinai, and who also replied with a "yes" to the Divine offer, are still forced to carry this torch largely on their own. They do not have Rabbis, they are not counted for minyan when visiting "regular" synagogues, they don't get the same spiritual support as we receive.

    Putti Village Synagogue

    It is sad that too many of our letters are about emergencies. Before we address the imminent needs of the Putti community (for more information on the community, see below) let us also mention the good things that are happening. First of all, despite all hardships, the Jewish community of Putti has grown in strength and number. There are daily classes of Jewish learning in the newly built Jewish school "Etz Chayyim", both for children and adults. The community has been an inspiration to other groups such as the one in Nairobi, Kenya led by Ms. Wanjiku Ngugi. This Torah-endeavoring group is now sending their children all the way to Putti, where they board with Ugandan families and receive Jewish education. People are more determined than ever to learn Torah, and join the Jewish people. It is up to us to support them as they do not have the means to fulfill these goals on their own.

    Another blessing was the recent birth of a third daughter to Enosh, the "Ribbi" (the main teacher) of the congregation. Unfortunately, after a healthy life's start, both baby Shalva and mother Shira became ill and had been hospitalized. Thank G-d, they are now recovering, but our prayers and support are still needed.

    In general the health situation has been far from good in the community, some of the Kenyan girls that were sent to Putti for Jewish education have fallen seriously ill, and this is partially due to the recent drought and severe food shortage that had struck the region. Even though the rains have returned, the vast majority of the crops had perished including many fruit trees that are needed to feed families. It is very important that new trees be planted soon, as they have a much greater chance of surviving droughts than other crops.

    Despite this drawback, the She'erit Israelites of Putti are trying to restore their daily lives. However, for the children and vocational students the next term has begun (in Putti the school year is divided into four terms), meaning tuitions are due again. Most families are not able to pay these dues. They have been depending on our support, and because donations have been failing lately, many of the children have been dismissed from school. The new Jewish school is now at the point of becoming registered as an official school, licensed within the district. We are hoping you will help us provide the necessary $3,000 fee towards this goal.

    Putti Village Children

    The Putti children have been deprived of their education due to lack of money. Each term, when the monies run low, the children are sent home. They cannot return until the fees are paid. This has been a recurring issue each school term.

    We believe that this should and need not be. A better situation would be if we could raise enough funds among our supporters for a year's budget, so that when the new school term begins, we know that their education is secured. Without this much needed support, the children are now home, unable to prepare for their end-of-term tests and exams.

    Therefore, it is our hope to raise enough money to last for a year ahead, so this situation can be improved once and for all. Our target now is to raise $50,000 worth of donations. This amount could take care of all school education and materials, most emergency food and health aid, newly planted trees, as well as Jewish educational material and religious assistance.

    We only have a small circle of sponsors at this moment. Magen Yisrael is run by two or three (and in need for an accountant!). We really depend on your support and ask you to refer us to other interested people.

    This plea is not just about money. It is about embracing sincere and dedicated fellow Torah believers. Let's hope that very soon our brothers and sisters of Uganda will find a valid Bet Din, be accepted in the cradle of the Jewish people, and admitted into the land of Israel. G-d willing may it happen in the near future.

    Please be so kind, to do whatever you can, at least by forwarding this e-mail to your friends.
    Thank you.
    Sjimon den Hollander
    President of Magen Yisrael

    Tax deductible donations can be written to: Magen Yisrael & sent to:
    Magen Yisrael
    c/o Sjimon den Hollander
    21 East 22nd Street, Apt. 12-G
    New York, NY 10010

    Putti, an Unknown Jewish Village in Uganda

    In the Mbale region of Uganda (East Africa) there are five scattered villages where the people live Jewish lives. They and their ancestors have been doing so ever since 1928 when their leader, Semei Kakungulu, inspired thousands of people to follow the laws of the Torah. These five villages are the remaining settlements of what was initially a large and strong movement. Over the years missionary activity and persecution have decimated the Jewish communities. Eventually these "Abayudaya" (Ugandan for "Jews") came into contact with Jews of the West, and were introduced to their traditions, rituals and history. Most of these settlements have been adopted by American support organizations. However, until recently the village of Putti (being a remote settlement, with no running water or electricity) was without any help or assistance.

    Sjimon den Hollander was introduced to this cause and visited the community almost three years ago. He was deeply moved by the people's dedication, their strong adherence to the Torah and Mitzvot (commandments), their love for Judaism, Israel and the Jewish people, as well as their joyful and positive approach of life. At the same time, he was affected by the severe poverty, the constant struggle with hunger, drought, famine and disease.

    Sjimon started a non-for-profit organization to support the community of Putti. This support organization is called Magen Yisrael, Shield of Israel, and is run by just a few volunteers. Initially, Magen Yisrael has mostly focused on raising funds for education, but it has also financed the purchase of a small solar panel, fruit trees, artemesinin (anti-malaria) plants and other projects. In addition, religious material was donated, such as prayer books, chumashim, a few tallitot and mezuzot, and a paper printed Torah scroll, as not enough funding for a real Sefer Torah had been found yet. Even though the community was aware that a paper scroll is not a valid Sefer Torah, nevertheless when it arrived, the whole community danced with it through the entire night!

    The needs are enormous and there is much that can be done. We of Magen Yisrael are seeking money for educational needs, as we believe that education is the primary tool for the new generation to grow out of their vicious cycle of poverty. But of course this is not the only means to improve the quality of life. For instance, we would like to purchase a water well that is presently being offered for sale, and build a fish pond to provide a better source of protein. Such a pond could be connected to a mikwe, combining physical and religious goals. It would save the women from immersing in the river, something that can be hazardous due to snakes, or diseases like bilharzia. Additional steps we seek to undertake are: the introduction of a weaving loom, planting more fruit trees (as they are hardier and more capable of surviving droughts than other forms of crops), providing better learning materials, as well as solar cooking ovens (so less trees have to be cut for fuel).

    The small Jewish community of Putti, Uganda, has been practicing Judaism despite hardships, poverty, persecutions and missionary activities from churches that offer financial aid in return for joining another religion. Having chosen to be part of the Jewish people, this community especially suffered heavily under the persecution of Dictator Idi Amin.

    With their bare hands, brick-by-brick, the community in Putti has recently built a new synagogue and a Jewish day school. Their most cherished dream is to undergo a long awaited official conversion. Also they are looking forward to the opportunity of one day (G-d willing) joining their fellow Jews in Israel. The people of Putti have identified themselves as Jews sharing our traditions and beliefs, our history and destiny. In their hardships, are we willing and capable to identify ourselves with them?

    Sjimon den Hollander
    Magen Yisrael Corp.
    Home Tel: (212) 995 9859P.S.

    Contact Sandy Rosen-Hazen at Sandy@israel.net

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    Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 19, 2006.


    In self-pity and self-justification, anti-Semites have adopted a self-righteous line for brushing off rejection of their complaints about Israel. They lament that whoever criticizes Israel is dismissed as being anti-Semitic.

    Some fellow Jews do reject certain criticism of Israel that way. Most accept reasonable criticism. The lament is false, because the criticism is solely against Israeli self-defense. It is not a factual and thoughtful review of Israeli policies in general -- it's anti-Israel.

    Much of the world has piggybacked on existing scapegoating of the Jewish people. This fulfills some unhealthy psychological need. People prefer to avoid grappling with real problems, and to elevate themselves to superior moral status by pulling the scapegoat down. When raw anti-Semitism went out of favor, the anti-Semites substituted Israel, the so-called Jewish state, as the object of their verbal aggression.

    Verbal aggression it is! The media distorts the nature of jihad, especially of its manifestation in the Arab-Israel conflict, until at least most Europeans think Israel is oppressing the Arabs, instead of the reverse. Those Europeans may not intend to be antisemitic, but their views have the same effect as if they were.

    On the Internet, people tirelessly devote themselves to demonizing Israel and the Jewish people. Whatever evil the Arabs commit or plan, they attribute to "the Jews." The canaille accepts every canard. Muslim clerics and other antisemites fabricate new grievances against Israel. Some of their claims are not just false but ridiculous. They depend on credulity for credence. When people start to catch on to Arab machinations, the Muslim Arabs and other antisemites deny the conclusion, tracing it to an alleged "Zionist propaganda machine." Meanwhile, the poor Jewish people in the US mostly have appeasement-minded media, and in Israel have mostly anti-Zionist media. In Israel, the major media usually favor the immediate Arab territorial goals, "affirmative" discrimination against Jews, violation of civil liberties of observant Jews, and tolerance of massive Arab lawbreaking. Some "Zionist propaganda machine!" It fits the myth of Jewish domination, created by those who dominate or intimidate the Jews.


    The Homeland Security Dept. has a large budget. Each state's politicians try to tap it for economic and therefore political reasons, not for security. Since New York City and D.C. have the most targets, they warrant the most security measures. But the Dept. grants patronage as much as security. Some New Yorkers' complaints, however, refer to budget cuts unfairly, since that City's cuts were proportionately less than others'. Their analysis is hazy. We need more skepticism and scrutiny of government budgets.


    Taking PM Olmert's policy at his word, Contributing Editor David Twersky wrote that Israel would "unilaterally re-deploy to new lines of its own choosing. In real terms, this would involve a significant withdrawal from most of the W. Bank... to lines defined by the route of the security barrier being built to separate" Arab areas from Israeli ones (NY Sun, 6/2, Op.-Ed.).

    The State Dept. has been sending agents to guide Israel to those new lines of "its own choosing." Israel has changed some of the route to suit the State Dept., which wants a total withdrawal. How is it that the Contributing Editor does not know that? Why does he repeat the rationalizations given by the Olmert regime, false to start with and proven false subsequently? Could it be that the Sun favors the Olmert policy as it stands, rather than as it is stated?

    Note the euphemism, "re-deploy," as if it is not both a military withdrawal and an abandonment of Jewish patrimony to which Israel has a better claim than do the Arabs. Although the policy is stated as one of population separation, vacant areas contiguous to Jewish areas are to be put on the far side of the fence, too. The military folly of ceding territory to a genocidal enemy makes Israeli policy about as anti-Israel as can be imagined.

    The malicious intent of ethnic cleansing is made clear by the barrier's delineation in such a way as to leave various Jewish communities just on the wrong side of it, or mostly surrounded by hostile Arabs, or penned in on low ground while the Arabs can and would pick them off from the high ground. They would not officially be designated for uprooting, but in view of how little the Army protects them, and how much it fails to let them protect themselves, the effect is to make them flee. This policy shows that although Israel is run by Jews, its leaders are only superficially Jewish and detest those who are profoundly Jewish, the settlers.


    Former CIA director Woolsey analyzed the Gaza abandonment as a major blunder by Israel. He explains that the proposal to uproot several times as many people from Judea-Samaria, would be several times as bad.

    The earlier abandonment of the Lebanon Security Zone left Hizbullah entrenched at the border. That seemed merely a nuisance, until Hizbullah got 14,000 rockets, of which the newer ones can reach Tel Aviv. (The Gaza Arabs are extending the range of their rockets, which they fire regularly at Israel.) Hizbullah has become a strategic menace to Israel (Arutz-7, 5/31). From nuisance to strategic threat. What folly, by Israel!

    Israel appeases and sacrifices for Arab aggression. Why not uproot some Arabs?


    After some Jewish families moved into property in Hebron purchased from Arabs, the sellers claimed the sales papers were forged. Haaretz and Yediot journalists submitted accurate reports, but their editors revised them in order to side with the Arab claims. The Supreme Court ordered the Jews out until the matter was investigated. Investigation apparently upheld the purchasers' version (as it almost invariably does, for Arab denial is an old trick.) The defamed Jews sued the newspapers and won damages.


    Leftist agitation at Hebrew U. got the University to cancel a special program for intelligence agents. The opposing faculty claimed they feared the homogeneity of such classes. Prof. Stephen Plaut calls that a lame excuse for censorship and hatred of the Jewish state, most of whose social studies faculties are homogenous -- radical left (5/31).


    Prof. Plaut surmises that the government is afraid that a pilot project would demonstrate the policy to be a failure. The government avoided test runs with Oslo, too (Op. Cit.).

    Gaza was a failed pilot project. Some ideology that persists in the teeth of failure! Is this really ideology or corruption or neurosis? The corruption and the neurosis probably result in the ideology, and the ideology pre-conditions people to become neurotic about it. Anything not to admit intellectual bankruptcy.


    Negotiations with Islamists don't work. The usual explanation for this failure is that lack unity. The more important reason is that their theology repudiates compromise. They would rather suffer from existing arrangements than feel humiliated by having recognized the infidels' legitimacy and given them something.

    Al-Qaeda doesn't seek negotiations. Besides, it demands that the West have nothing to do with the Muslim world. Hamas doesn't want to negotiate, refuses to recognize Israel. Hizbullah joined the government of Lebanon, but makes only minor compromises. Arafat retained popularity by symbolizing resistance to ultimate recognition of Israel, while Westerners thought he was being just impractical by not making any gains for his people (Jewish Political Chronicle, 5/2006, p.10 from David Ignatius, Wash. Post, 4/28).

    The West is handling the jihadists unproductively. They must be fought and defeated, not pressed to negotiate and offered concessions. They are unrelenting. They also find that the more they hold off negotiating, the more they are offered. Iran (and N. Korea) exploit the West's hope to negotiate, to get action against them deferred until too late.

    Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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    Posted by B'nai Elim, June 1, 2006.

    This was written by Michael Devolin. It is archived at http://bnaielim.org/devolin061806.htm

    I will never be a member of the Christian Peacemaker Teams, not because I'm no longer a Christian, nor will I ever be a member of Amnesty International, not because I've never been in jail, but rather because I cannot, in good conscience, abide the inverse morality common to both these organizations. The self-appointed and self-proclaimed "messiah" James Loney is a perfect example of that wild imprudence James Bisset, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia (1990-1992), refers to when he writes, "Obsessed with the protection of individual rights, they seem willing to risk violating the collective rights of their fellow citizens." Their anarchic and esoteric ethics have goaded them into that absurd, intellectual realm where kindness is rewarded with cruelty, and cruelty rewarded with kindness.

    I attended the Caravan of Freedom meeting in Belleville, Ontario. I was expecting to hear from these "messiahs" how unfair the Canadian justice system is, how cruel and callous our police and intelligence services, and in that regard, I was not mistaken. While articulating the outrage he felt at the thought of Muslims being incarcerated in this country on the basis of National Security Certificates, one of their organizers actually compared our present Canadian democracy to the phobic "McCarthyism" manifested in the United States during the darkest days of the Cold War. What I didn't hear -- what I expected to hear from those whose entire premise for maligning my country's laws and statutes they loudly aggrandize as being based on objectivity -- is any discussion regarding Muslims and their much equivocated proximity to that invidious, shamelessly anti-Jewish and religious ideology which precipitates terrorism, namely Islam.

    Gordon Nickel, who has a PhD in the commentaries on the Koran and teaches in British Columbia, points out, "Muslims seeking to find a peaceful message in the Koran must fight not only the plain meaning of the Koran's text and the current fashion for militancy, but also the arrow of Muslim history." And this is the faux pas (and I do mean social blunder, especially on the part of lime-lighters like James Loney) of fools like Christian Peacemaker Teams and Amnesty International: for all their shouting from housetops and their many beaming, angelic countenances assertively and conspicuously thrust before attentive media cameras, they have yet to drum up enough courage to publicly identify Islam as being the root cause of even this inconvenient and "Canadian" dilemma their Muslim friends now find themselves in, let alone the terrorism they have been accused of planning. To continually and thoughtlessly exculpate the religion of Islam by way of excoriating the Western world's attempts, whether military or otherwise, at stemming the tide of its attendant violence and bloodshed is to empower those who advocate Islamic terrorism; is to hinder those brave policemen, intelligence operatives, and soldiers who have signed up to extirpate it from within our borders.

    "In our countries, religion is the sole source of education, and is the only spring from which that terrorist drank until his thirst was quenched. He was not born a terrorist, and did not become a terrorist overnight. Islamic teachings played a role in weaving his ideological fabric, thread by thread, and did not allow other sources -- I am referring to scientific sources -- to play a role. It was these teachings that distorted this terrorist and killed his humanity. It was not the terrorist who distorted the religious teaching and misunderstood them, as some ignorant people claim." These are the words of Wafa Sultan, an ex-Muslim from the Middle East who now resides in the United States. Her story is unique in that she has found within herself the courage to repudiate publicly Islam in its entirety, precisely because she has realized from her own experience that terrorism is not tangential from Islam but organic of Islam. She has chosen to call a spade a spade, as the saying goes, which is totally out of step with the many "political correct" and lazy journalists of the West who have wilfully camouflaged with endless equivocations the utter horror of Koran-evoked violence. Like the Beslan massacre and the countless suicide bombings in Israel, as nothing more than mere and incidental foibles of errant Muslims driven to such barbarism by dispossession and political zeal. Those who have been following "the arrow of Muslim history," from Islam's bloody beginnings to its bloody present day manifestations will know that, conversely, the political zeal of non-Muslims (the Jews of ancient Israel included) dispossessed by Islamic expansionism have consistently and tragically been efficacious in precipitating similar Islamic violence. The Armenian genocide is but one horrifying example.

    Consider these facts next time you hear James Loney lamenting for his "oppressed" Muslim friends. As for those Muslims who, while incarcerated in Canada, wrote such a lovely letter on Loney's behalf when he was held hostage in Iraq, remember that being behind bars has humbled many a man to levels of virtue previously unknown him. "Good behavior" has always been a great bargaining tool for prisoners seeking conditional release. It's what these "moderate" Muslims do with their "free time" that concerns our CSIS and our police services. Unctuous critics like James Loney refuse to acknowledge the real and present danger these particular Muslims pose. As James Bisset points out, "The first crime they commit may be the detonation of a bomb that not only kills innocent victims, but also themselves. The aim of counterterrorist activity today is prevention; once the act is done, its too late."

    "An ideology extends wherever it has believers. These are the actual limits or foci of extremist Islamic terrorism." -- Ajai Sahni

    For information on B'nai Elim membership, contact membership@bnaielim.org

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    Posted by Likud-Herut, June 19, 2006.

    This article was written by Yehuda Avner and appeared in the Jerusalem Post. Yehuda Avner served on the personal staff of five prime ministers, including Menachem Begin. Contact him at avner28@netvision.net.il

    There is irony in the thought that were Menachem Begin alive today he would be saddened, indeed outraged, at Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's insistence - in consort with the US and the EU - that Hamas's political legitimacy be conditioned, inter alia, on its recognition of Israel's right to exist.

    "Right to exist?" I can hear the late prime minister roundly chastising his younger successor who declares himself to be a Begin disciple. "Are you telling me, Ehud, that our right to exist in Eretz Yisrael has to be sanctioned for political purposes by an intrinsically anti-Semitic, murderous Palestinian Arab terrorist organization? Have you lost your Jewish self-respect? Where is your Jewish memory?"

    Menachem Begin had a surfeit of both - Jewish self-respect and memory. He had an all-encompassing grasp of Jewish history. Instinctively his memory went back thousands of years and his vision forward thousands of years. Jewish nostalgia fed his soul; it nurtured his deepest convictions.

    SO WHEN, on the first day of his premiership in 1977, he was waylaid by a tall, debonair, rakishly good-looking Englishman in a bow tie and a perfectly pitched BBC announcer's voice, and saucily asked whether he looked forward to a time when the Palestinians would recognize Israel, his jaw tightened in restrained Jewish anger. But honed as he was by years of legal training, he answered with the composed demeanor of a practiced jurist, saying, "Traditionally, there are four major criteria of statehood under international law. One - an effective and independent government. Two - an effective and independent control of the population. Three - a defined territory. And four - the capacity to freely engage in foreign relations. Israel is in possession of all four attributes and, hence, is a fully fledged sovereign state and a fully accredited member of the United Nations."

    "But, surely, you would insist, would you not, that the relevant Palestinian organizations recognize Israel as a sine qua non for negotiations with them?" persisted the fellow.

    "Certainly not! Those so-called relevant organizations are gangs of murderers bent on destroying the State of Israel. We will never conduct talks about our own destruction."

    "And were they to recognize Israel's existence - would you then negotiate with them?" pressed the correspondent.

    "No, sir!"

    "Why not?"

    "Because I don't need Palestinian recognition for my right to exist."

    TWO HOURS later Menachem Begin stood at the podium of the Knesset, presenting his new cabinet. He began by dryly outlining the democratic processes that led to the changing of the guard, from Labor to Likud. And then, in recollection perhaps, of his acerbic exchange with the BBC man, he began talking about Israel's right to exist.

    "Our right to exist - have you ever heard of such a thing?" he declared, passion creeping into his voice. "Would it enter the mind of any Briton or Frenchman, Belgian or Dutchman, Hungarian or Bulgarian, Russian or American, to request for its people recognition of its right to exist?"

    He glared at his audience and wagged a finger, stilling every chattering voice in the Knesset chamber. And now, using his voice like a cello, sonorous and vibrant, he drove on:

    "Mr. Speaker: We were granted our right to exist by the God of our fathers at the glimmer of the dawn of human civilization four thousand years ago. Hence, the Jewish people have an historic, eternal and inalienable right to exist in this land, Eretz Yisrael, the land of our forefathers. We need nobody's recognition in asserting this inalienable right. And for this inalienable right, which has been sanctified in Jewish blood from generation to generation, we have paid a price unexampled in the annals of nations."

    Then he rose up on his toes, his shoulders squared, thumped the podium, and perorated in a voice that was thunder, "Mr. Speaker: From the Knesset of Israel, I say to the world, our very existence per se is our right to exist!"

    A spontaneous applause rose from the benches. Many got to their feet in full-throated acclaim. It was a stirring Knesset moment - a moment of instinctive self-recognition affirming that though the State of Israel was then but 29 years old, its roots in Eretz Yisrael ran 4,000 years deep.

    THREE WEEKS later, the very same issue cropped up once more when prime minister Begin first met president Jimmy Carter in the White House. As their encounter drew to a close, the president handed the premier a piece of heavy bond White House stationary on which the formal communiqu to be released in their name was drafted.

    "I trust this will meet with your approval," said Carter in his reedy Georgian voice.

    Begin ran his eye over the one page text, and said, "Totally acceptable, Mr. President, but for one sentence."

    Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, an unruffled man as a rule, who had invested much effort in drafting the document, became momentarily agitated. After a year at the job he had perfected a manner of drafting such joint statements designed to convey as little meaning as possible.

    "And what might that be?" he asked.

    "Please delete the sentence which reads, 'The United States affirms Israel's inherent right to exist.'"

    President Carter's steely pale-blue eyes flared in surprise. "It would be incompatible with my responsibilities as president of the United States were I to omit this commitment to your country," he said. "To the best of my knowledge, every Israeli prime minister has asked for this public pledge."

    "I sincerely appreciate you sentiment, Mr. President," said Mr. Begin, his tone deeply reflective as if reaching down into generations of memory, "But it would be equally incompatible with my responsibilities as prime minister of Israel were I not to ask you to erase that sentence."

    "But why?"

    "Because our Jewish state needs no American affirmation of our right to exist. Our Hebrew bible established that right millennia ago. Never, throughout the centuries, did we ever abandon or forfeit that right. Therefore, sir, we alone, the Jewish people - no one else - are responsible for our country's right to exist."

    So yes, Menachem Begin would, indeed, have had what to say to Ehud Olmert, were he around today. Never would he have put on the table a demand for recognition of Israel's right to exist as a quid pro quo for negotiation. To him, this was a high ideological principle, a fundamental axiom, an absolute given, a natural corollary of his all-embracing view of Jewry's extraordinary history.

    Ehud, take it out.

    Contact Likud-Herut at info@likud-herut.org.uk

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    Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz, June 18, 2006.

    Ellen Horowitz lives in the Golan Heights, Israel with her husband and six children. She is a painter and columnist for Israelnationalnews.com. email: ellen@artfromzion.com

    This cartoon appeared in Arutz Sheva
    http://israelnn.com/image.php?id=123. The Hebrew version is at

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    Posted by Fern Sidman, June 18, 2006.

    The history of the Jewish people is replete with scourges, haters and mass murderers of our people. The latest menace to our people is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He spews forth his vitriol against Israel and the Jewish people on a daily basis and has threatened to use his nuclear arsenal at will. There is no question that this latest madman must be taken seriously.

    In his translation of a speech to the "World Without Zionism" conference held for students in October of 2005, Nazila Fathi of The New York Times' Tehran bureau reported Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying, regarding Israel, in part:

    Our dear Imam (referring to Ayatollah Khomeini) said that the occupying regime (Israel)must be wiped off the map and this was a very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front. This would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime has in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world. But we must be aware of tricks.

    Ahmadinejad also claimed in the speech that the issue with Palestine would be over "the day that all refugees return to their homes [and] a democratic government elected by the people comes to power", and denounced attempts to normalize relations with Israel, condemning all Muslim leaders who accept the existence of Israel as "acknowledging a surrender and defeat of the Islamic world."

    The speech also indicated that the Iranian President considered Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to be a trick, designed to gain acknowledgement from Islamic states. In a rally held two days later, Ahmadinejad declared that his words reflected the views of the Iranian people, adding that Westerners are free to comment, but their reactions are invalid.

    In December of 2005 and January and May of 2006 Ahmadinejad made controversial statements which denied the veracity of the Holocaust and criticized European laws against Holocaust denial. CNN and other media outlets reported that he stated concerning the Holocaust that "they have invented a myth that Jews were massacred."

    In an interview with the German publication Der Spiegel, Ahmadinejad was asked, "Are you still saying that the Holocaust is just 'a myth'?" He responded, "I will only accept something as truth if I am actually convinced of it." In the same interview, he later stated, "We oppose every type of crime against any people. But we want to know whether this crime actually took place or not.. If it did not occur, then the Jews have to go back to where they came from".

    In an interview with Iranian state television's Arabic-language satellite channel, Al-Alam, on December 8, 2005, Ahmadinejad referred to Israel as a "tumor", and suggested that it should be relocated to Europe. His other quotes concerning Israel and the Jews are as follows:

    "You believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price?"

    "Germany and Austria, come and give one, two or any number of your provinces to the Zionist regime so they can create a country there... and the problem will be solved at its root."

    "They have invented a myth that Jews were massacred and place this above God, religions and the prophets."

    "If somebody in their country questions God, nobody says anything, but if somebody denies the myth of the massacre of Jews, the Zionist loudspeakers and the governments in the pay of Zionism will start to scream."

    If these statements were not enough proof of the danger of the current Iranian regime, it has been recently reported by the Iranian news service that Mohammed Ali Ramim, a senior advisor to Ahmadinejad told students during a visit to the town of Rasht in Iran that, "Jews are a filthy people, and that is why they have been accused throughout history of spreading deadly disease and plagues."

    Ramin, an alleged historian who serves as the president's most senior aide, is believed to be the man behind the regime's recent statements that the Holocaust is a myth. Ramin went on to say, "Historically, there are many accusations against the Jews. For example, it was said that they were the source for such deadly disease as the plague and typhus. This is because the Jews are very filthy people. For a time people also said that they poisoned water wells belonging to Christians and thus killed them."

    Ramin also reiterated past statements made by Ahmadinejad regarding the Holocaust, saying it was the cause for the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, and claimed that Israel is responsible for the Middle East crisis. "So long as Israel exists in the region there will never be peace and security in the Middle East," he said adding, "so the resolution of the Holocaust issue will end in the destruction of Israel".

    The Jerusalem Post reported on 6/16/06 that Ahmadinejad said during a news conference following a meeting with Chinese president Hu Jintao, that, "I think we have sufficiently talked about this matter and these Holocaust events need to be further investigated by independent and impartial parties." He added that, "An event that has influenced so many diplomatic and political equations of the world needs to investigated and researched by impartial and independent groups."

    To those who are students of history, we know that this kind of propaganda is not new. It has been utilized against the Jews since time immemorial. We know that Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels honed this practice to a fine art. We also know that the current Iranian administration is well adept in this modality as well. We who know the truth, know that this kind of incendiary rhetoric is designed to create a dramatic rise in Jew hatred, thus facilitating their final goal, the eradication of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people. Yes, it is yet the latest round of modern day Hitlers. We are used to this. We must tell the Iranian madman that we're not going anywhere. We must tell him and the world that no one will eradicate the State of Israel and extricate the Jewish people from their home.

    And to those who believe that this "blather" should not be taken seriously are in fact denying the real threat that this latest round of Jew haters represents. And we ask, "What does the world have to say about all this? Where are all the bold and unequivocal denunciations and condemnations from the leaders of the free world?"

    The answer is clear to those who wish to see it. The world cares little for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. This is not the first time in history that this kind of anti-Jewish invective has been promulgated by state leaders. This kind of anti-Jewish canard and propaganda has become standard fare for the wide variety of Jew haters that fill the world.

    It is time to clarify our position and to announce without fear and trepidation what our position is. The modern Jewish State of Israel did not come into being because we needed a safe asylum for the thousands of survivors of Hitler's Holocaust. The Jews of Europe did not come to a country that did not belong to them and displace it's Arab population. The Jews of Europe and from around the world, came back to their homeland. They did not come as "occupiers" but they returned as the sole legitimate owners of a land that was given to them by the G-d of Israel.

    Did the world feel sorry for the Jews and "allow" them to call "Palestine" their home and rename it Israel? We will never know the true motivation of the UN vote that established Israel as a Jewish State on May 14, 1948. We do however, know that the current state of affairs between the "Palestinians" and the Israelis has nothing to do with the Holocaust. We do know that it is yet another diatribe aimed at delegitimizing the right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. We do know that the Holocaust did indeed occur and has been documented and there is no need to investigate it's authenticity. Just ask any Holocaust survivor.

    We do know that our claim and ownership of the Land of Israel was given to us by the Almighty G-d of Israel and our ownership is declared before any other commandment. One need only look at the first verse in the Book of Genesis, "In the beginning G-d created the Heaven and the Earth." The biblical commentator and great Torah giant, Rashi, tells us that this verse establishes the Jewish ownership of the Land of Israel. "If the world will say that we are robbers and stole this land, we know that it was G-d who created the world and it was He who first gave it to Canaanites and then gave it to Bnei Yisroel." It was He who said that "this land shall be yours for as long as the sky remains over the earth."

    Yet, it is we who must acknowledge this and it is we who must declare to the world that our right to be in this land is from G-d and it is His rule that we must obey. No government or international body can declare our right to ownership of Israel, for the vacillating will of man can be easily refuted or reversed.. It is we who must know that this is the land in which Hashem Yisborach designated as a homeland for us for all time. It is we who must tell this to the nations of the world and to the Iranian dictator. For in the end, it is G-d who we must fear and not man. Ahmadinejad is just the latest in the never ending flow of Jew haters who seek our destruction. In His infinite mercy, it is Hashem alone who allows us to exist. It is Hashem who has brought down and destroyed all those who sought to annihilate His people.

    It is only through faith and trust in the Almighty G-d of Israel and adherence to His commandments that will see us through this clear and present danger. We must raise our voices in prayer and supplication to the Almighty. Now is the time to gird our loins and prepare to defend our faith. May Hashem give us the strength and courage to overcome our enemies and to do His will.

    Contact Fern Sidman by email at AriellaH@aol.com

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    Posted by The Reality Show, June 18, 2006.

    Whether the (so called) 'Palestinian' Arab Muslims are a "nation" that is 39 years old (since 1967) or a bit more than that or even if you believe that they are just another group of Arabs, one thing is certain, they have contributed some vocabulary. Take some PLASTINIAN lessons:

    Hamas' terrorists greed for higher salaries (2006) = "starving Palestinians".

    Killing its own people (like Muhammad Al Dura 2000, Rafah 2002 in a cave & now Gaza beach 2006) = "israeli aggression".

    Arab settlers (at the 1800's and their descendants) = "indigenous Palestinians".

    Carefully over a lengthy period planned genocide-bombing attacks = "spontaneous desperation".

    Aiming at babies = "freedom fighting".

    Hate sermons (from radical Islamofascists at militant mosques) = "national pride".

    De-legitimizing Jews' roots to their historic home = "self determination".

    overwhelmingly voting in & supporting terrorists = "moderate majority".

    The Egyptian born Yasser Arafat, the terror master = "fought for a Palestinian homeland".

    Putting their kids in front of their machine guns = "stone throwing palestinian kids".

    A terrorist that blows up innocent unarmed people = "activist"

    Terrorists mingling with civilians = "israel massacre".

    Exploiting & abusing IDF's humane weakness in being extra careful in anti-terror operations where civilians are caught in the middle = "palestinian heroes"

    Contact The Reality Show at therealityshow@mail.com or visit his blogsite: http://lightonthings.blogspot.com

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    Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett , June 18, 2006.

    Studying an old edition of Pirke Avot (NY, Bloch 1956), I came across the following discussion in the notes by Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein. The notes were written in 1923 and have acquired increased relevance, and evidence to support Rabbi Goldstein's comments, since first penned.

    The comment is to the 12th verse ("make a fence around the Torah") of the first Mishna and is ascribed to the sages of the Great Assembly. Rabbi Goldstein comments:

    "Through the idea of a 'fence' [around the Torah], Rabbinic Judaism aimed for Jewish saintliness, separateness, and above all self-restraint. This idea of the 'fence' has kept the Jewish people alive.

    "The weak among the Jews, the Reformers, broke down the fence of self-restraint and in doing that have since necessarily trespassed upon the garden [the fence protects]. They thought if they would make religion easier they would have more observance. The contrary proved to be the case. The more fences they broke down, the more the people wanted broken down until now the garden itself is in danger: the Sabbath is not kept, the holidays are not properly observed, and the Bible itself, the source of all our instruction and inspiration is being case aside by them. The same will be true of the conservatives in this country [America] in another generation or two. The Reformers, originally, were like the conservative synagogues of today."

    Again, this was written in 1923. Whatever our degree of observance or connection to the Jewish people and a Jewish Israel, the Rabbi's analysis merits reflection.

    Eugene Narrett has published extensively on American culture and politics and on events pertaining to Israel. His books include "Gathered against Jerusalem" (Writers Club Press), "Israel Awakened" (Author House) and, forthcoming July 04, "Israel and the Endtimes" (www.authorhouse.com). Contact him at Culturtalk@aol.com

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    Posted by The Reality Show, June 18, 2006.

    "...The IDF is the most moral military in the world. There has never been, and there isn't now, a policy of attacking civilians."
    www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1149572658286&pagename= JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

    Since Mr. Olmert didn't elaborate too much let the facts speak for themselves:

    (Not only is Israel never even considering to be acting like its coward murderous Arab Muslim counterparts to target the unarmed, not one Arab Muslim would have survived their military power, but Arab Muslim "Palestinians" prefer targeting the unarmed, the bigger the crowd of the victims the bigger their sick public joy on the Arab street, whereas on the Israeli side, IF there are non combatants civilians caught in the fire the Israelis' grief is tremendous, all that and more, here are a few points about Israel's unique higher moral ground).

    * In Jenin, the IDF went from door to door, from house to house in an ant's work, well aware of the booby trapped device that encounter them, fully aware that every door might be a trigger to a bomb that would explode on them at any second, or an "innocent" woman carrying hot burning oil to burn the "zionists".

    Why do you think the IDF didn't just blow the suspected houses off?

    * The IDF went to great length into developing a special low range missiles for use in its anti terror operations to minimize collateral damage, taking into account the high risk in such low impact rockets could harm the operational success thus endangering lives.

    * The IDF sacrificed immensely in giving over Israel's Gaza strip to the "Palestinian" Arab Muslims, we all saw the painful heartbreaking of being forced to tear other Israelis from their historic legitimate homes, even taking into consideration that it might turn into a terrorists' hide out, lo and behold their fears became true, but their hope for peace & their sacrifice for it is never appreciated in the media.

    * While Arab Muslim "Palestinian" injured are always rushed to Israeli hospitals by the IDF, such was also the case for the Arab family that (as we all know by now) was actually killed from Hamas land mines, nevertheless, the Arab Muslim "Palestinians" never offered to rescue Israelis hit by Arab Muslim "Palestinians" in missiles or genocide bombings attacks, for those living in proximity to "Palestinian" controlled hospitals.

    * The IDF is faced with the most vicious attackers known to man, that exploit their kids as human bombs and as human shields, What is the IDF to do in shielding itself from the moral dilemma the "Palestinians" force them to encounter?

    When the cynical "Palestinians" think it's a game the IDF only tears. The IDF took not just once or twice many bullets when seeing the shields!

    * The IDF risks much of its defensive operations when announcing ahead of time for certain houses - for non combatants - to evacuate before entering an area.

    * The IDF humanitarian missions all over the world including to Arabs is well documented but rarely spoken about. See http://israaid.org

    Yes, no other nation would be able to stand such high moral grounds in face of those that are the lowest of the lowest in morality, regards to any human life even its own populations.

    Contact The Reality Show at therealityshow@mail.com or visit his blogsite: http://lightonthings.blogspot.com

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    Posted by Steven Plaut, June 17, 2006.

    In a recent issue of the far-Left web magazine Counterpunch, Neve Gordon, senior lecturer in the Department of Politics and Government at Israel's Ben-Gurion University, again comes to the defense of his admired author Normal Finkelstein, professor of political science at DePaul University. Gordon favorably reviews Finkelstein's new book Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History (University of California Press).

    Finkelstein is a strange figure for an Israeli academic to be praising. Back on November 18, 2002, Finkelstein gave a lecture at Georgetown University. Four days later the Anti-Defamation League, in a letter to the president of Georgetown, said it was "shocked and troubled" that the university had "sponsored a lecture by a known Holocaust denier and anti-Israeli propagandist, Norman Finkelstein. [The] lecture was a one-sided program, intended to promote hatred of Israel and perpetuate classic anti-Semitic stereotypes."

    ADL's letter went on to note that "in his highly publicized book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, Finkelstein argues that the Holocaust "has become a straight-out extortion racket." Finkelstein is well known for his anti-Israel rhetoric and his claims that Jews have exploited the Holocaust to make money. He has said that he "truly honored" Hezbullah fighters from Lebanon for "having inflicted an exceptional and deserving defeat on their foreign occupiers," and that, "I can't imagine why Israel's apologists would be offended by a comparison to the Gestapo..."

    ADL could have added, among other things, that the New York Times called The Holocaust Industry "a novel variation on the anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"; that historian Peter Novick called it "trash"; and that Gabriel Schoenfeld, author of The Return of Anti-Semitism, labeled Finkelstein's views as "crackpot ideas, some of them mirrored almost verbatim in the propaganda put out by neo-Nazis around the world." ADL could also have mentioned that Finkelstein appeared on the official Hezbollah television network al-Manar, and that he is a popular speaker among German neo-Nazis, one of whom, the wife of the notorious Ernst Zundel, called him the "Jewish David Irving."

    Gordon and Finkelstein have, of course, some things in common, including an attraction to anti-Israeli terrorists. On February 3, 2002, Israel's ynet reported that "250 left-wing activists violated the Israeli army's orders and entered Ramallah for a meeting with Arafat. ... Neve Gordon ... was photographed with Arafat with hands clasped [see picture]. ... In reply to the question of whether he felt comfortable hugging the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, responsible according to Israel for acts of terror, he replied: 'I don't know who's responsible for the terror attacks, that's what the media says' ..."

    Gordon, who has written that "Israel's gravest danger today is not the PA or even Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, but the one it faces from within: fascism," (and whom Ma'ariv columnist Ben-Dror Yemini accused (along with Haifa University's Ilan Pappe) of "spread[ing] their articles dripping with anti-Zionist poison all over the world, some of which appear on anti-Semitic websites,") also shares with Norman Finkelstein a Zundel connection.

    Ernst Zundel, a pamphleteer who has been jailed several times for hate literature, was deported this year from Canada to his native Germany to stand trial for Holocaust denial. On October 27, 2000, his Zundelsite.org posted Gordon's glowing review in The Nation of Finkelstein's earlier book, The Holocaust Industry, in which Gordon opined that "[Finkelstein], and not the Jewish organizations he criticizes, is following the example set by the great Jewish prophets." Zundel prefaces the review by remarking: "I think it is pretty balanced, even though there are a few politically correct hiccoughs." And on November 23, 2002, Zundel approvingly posted another Gordon article from The Nation.

    In his Counterpunch review of Finkelstein's latest opus, which the publisher demanded that Finkelstein revise after Alan Dershowitz complained and proved that it libeled him, Gordon demurs from "an odd and troubling conclusion: the Jews, Finkelstein implies, are also to blame for the rise of anti-Semitism." But Gordon goes on to praise Finkelstein's attempt to debunk Dershowitz's defense of Israel's human rights record in his The Case for Israel. Finkelstein, in trying to pillory Israel for alleged violations, relies on human rights NGOS like Physicians for Human Rights Israel, whose "crude propaganda," wrote Israeli professor Gerald Steinberg of NGO Monitor, "is seen by many as anti-Semitic, and has prompted the Israeli Medical Association to end all cooperation with this group."

    Nowhere in the review, of course, does Gordon mention that Finkelstein sympathizes with terrorists and has himself won neo-Nazi admiration, and indeed it would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    As always, Neve Gordon retains his carte blanche from Ben-Gurion University to conduct his "research" and to "teach" Israeli students.

    http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1129540643087&pagename= JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull "Norman Finkelstein's world"

    Isi Leibler,
    The Jerusalem Post
    Nov. 1, 2005

    Historically, self-hating Jews besmirching their kinsmen have ranged from apostates in the Middle Ages to communists in Stalinist Russia. Today their successors have assumed pivotal roles in the global campaign to delegitimize Israel.

    The most recent chapter in the ongoing offensive is Norman Finkelstein's book Beyond Chutzpa, which endeavors to depict Israel as one of the most evil countries in the world. The author also defames Alan Dershowitz, author of the widely acclaimed The Case for Israel. Dershowitz is particularly hated by the anti-Israeli pack because of his impeccable credentials as a champion of human rights.

    Finkelstein accuses Dershowitz of plagiarizing material for his book from Joan Peters's From Time Immemorial, published over 20 years ago. The accusation is specious, because Dershowitz never used a single phrase or idea from Peters without proper citation. All Dershowitz did was to collate the evidence (including material used by Peters) and employ his professional fort to present a first-rate case for Israel. Indeed, after reviewing the charge of plagiarism, the former presidents of Harvard and Dartmouth both concluded that it was baseless.

    Finkelstein also accused Dershowitz of trying to suppress his views on the grounds that he expressed surprise that a purportedly reputable publisher like University of California Press would associate itself with so unscholarly a work.

    But Dershowitz was entirely justified in describing Beyond Chutzpa as a vile, unscholarly anti-Semitic tract. It employs similar techniques that Holocaust revisionists do in seizing upon tiny grains of truth to build a framework of lies, employing myriads of distorted or misleading footnotes to provide a veneer of pseudo scholarship.

    Peter Novick, whose work criticizing aspects of Holocaust memorial activity was utilized by Finkelstein, described Finkelstein's "scholarship" as "a twenty-first century updating of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a piece of trash."

    NEVERTHELESS Beyond Chutzpa is likely to confuse those unaware of the extent to which human rights agenda of NGOs as been hijacked and transformed into a vehicle for demonizing Israel.

    Finkelstein quotes extensively from organizations such as Human Rights Watch, B'Tselem, Physicians for Human Rights, Amnesty, and the Public Committee against Torture which have long track records of bias and employing double standards in relation to Israel.

    Finkelstein had already assumed the role of a global cult figure among anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli groups prior to the publication of Beyond Chutzpa.

    In an earlier book, Finkelstein described the "holocaust industry" as "an extortion racket", a vehicle "to crush any dissent, any criticism of the State of Israel." Jewish leaders were referred to as "gangsters" and "crooks." Eli Wiesel was depicted as "the resident clown for the Holocaust circus." He challenged the authenticity of survivors, "If everyone who claimed to be a survivor is one, my mother used to say 'Who did Hitler kill then?'"

    In subsequent interviews, Finkelstein attacked Leon Uris, author of Exodus alleging that "the chief character was named Ari Ben Canaan because Ari is the diminutive for Aryan." He admired Hizbullah - "The honorable thing now is to show solidarity with Hizbullah as the US and Israel target it for liquidation."

    Israeli demolitions of terrorist homes are equivalent to the "Nazi destruction of the village of Lidice" (in Czechoslovakia). Being compared to the Gestapo would "flatter" Israel; its human rights record "is interchangeable with that of Saddam Hussein's Iraq."

    But his most bizarre comments related to Osama bin-Laden: "Regrettably it is payback time for the Americans... We deserve our problems because some things Bin Laden says are true... Bin Laden said 'until we [Moslems] live in security, you are not going to have any security' ... and there is certain rightness in that... Why should we go on merrily with our lives when so much of the world is suffering - with us as the direct and indirect perpetrators?"

    IN Beyond Chutzpa Finkelstein writes: "From a combination of economic and political power [Jewish American elites] have sprung a mindset of Jewish superiority... From this lethal brew of formidable power, charismatic arrogance, feigned or marginal victimhood, and Holocaust immunity to criticism, has sprung a terrifying recklessness and ruthlessness on the part of American Jewish elites. Alongside Israel, they are the main fomenters of anti-Semitism in the world today. Coddling them is not the answer. They must be stopped."

    He also claims that "like the Holocaust" anti-Semitism is an ideological weapon to deflect justified criticism of Israel and concomitantly, powerful interests. In its current usage, "anti-Semitism" alongside the "war against terrorism" serve to cloak a "massive assault on international law and human rights."

    Jewish leaders "resemble stereotypes straight out of Der Sturmer" and are also "de facto agents of a foreign government" and "in service to their Holy State."

    IN A sane political world one might have assumed that such trash would be relegated to the fringe. Not in todays frenzied anti-Israeli climate where Finkelstein's ravings are boosted, among others, by a long parade of academics of Jewish origin praising his lies and describing his distortions as scholarship. The blurb on the dust jacket of this appalling book includes commendations from Daniel Boyarin of the University of California, Avi Shlaim of Oxford, and of course, Noam Chomsky from MIT.

    But the most outrageous paeans of praise come from Israeli academics whose universities are sponsored by the state they demonize and supported by contributions from Diaspora Zionists.

    Thus Hebrew University professor of sociology, Baruch Kimmerling, describes the book as "the most comprehensive systematic and well documented work of its kind... about the daily practices of the occupation and colonization of the Palestinian territories by Israel."

    In a review of Finkelstein's book in the National Catholic Reporter, Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University, who also promotes international war crime tribunals against Israeli military officers, described Beyond Chutzpa as "an attempt to expose how elements in academia have played a role in concealing Israel's abuse... the heated response to his book is just another example of how the literature discussing the new anti-Semitism delegitimizes those who expose Israel's outrageous violations of international law. The major irony in relation to this saga is that Dr. Finkelstein's book, not Dershowitz's, constitute the real case for Israel, that is, for a moral Israel."

    THE INCREDIBLE damage to Israel's reputation inflicted by renegade Jews has been greatly underestimated. The distortions have already persuaded the average European that Israel represents a greater threat to world peace than Iran or North Korea. We cannot afford this to be extended to the United States.

    Israel must realize that the battle of ideas is crucial to our future. There are hundreds of talented Israelis and friends of Israel throughout the world who possess the scholarship and communication skills to enable them to make a major contribution. The government should invite the best of them to join in a campaign to reverse the tide. When the poisonous ravings of people like Finkelstein gain credence in the mainstream media, it is surely time to ring the alarm bells.

    The writer chairs the Diaspora-Israel relations committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is a veteran international Jewish leader. ileibler@netvision.net.il

    See also:

    Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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    Posted by Buddy Macy, June 17, 2006.

    To The United Jewish Communities

    The Jewish expellees from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, the 60,000 to 100,000 Jews facing possible refugee status, and those people working diligently to help them, deserve much better than this!

    It is obvious to me that at least one of the Jewish Federation professionals requires a history lesson. The following was written by a Jewish hero, Ben Hecht, and can be found in A Child of the Century (Plume Publishing, May 30, 1985):

    Here were Jews finally fighting for their own honor and not someone else's--usually their enemy's. You could ask for nothing more novel than that as a piece of Jewish news.

    But the fact that they were willing to fight and die for the liberation of a land they called their own was not the great fact to me. Valor had not been missing in the long tale of the Jews. They had stood up often in alien parts of the earth and died memorably.

    The great fact was that here were Jews with a new soul, or possibly, an old one returned. They did not dream of victory as a thing to be won by a tearful parade of their virtues. (Good God, how tired the goyim of Europe must have become of hearing how good their victim was!)....

    As the deeds of the Irgun increased, a drama of dual courage came out of Palestine. It was the courage of a handful of young Jews hurling themselves onto the bayonets and gallows of the British. And it was also the courage of standing up against the roar of invective set up by the Jews of all the lands--including the one for whose liberation they were battling. Here, fanned by the Socialist Ben-Gurion and the Zionist Weizmann, the Jewish bitterness against the Irgunists sounded its fiercest snorts.

    The astonishing cry of all these Jews was that the Irgun was shaming and disgracing Jewry. What curious things cowardice always figures out as shameful and disgraceful! Organized Jewry had felt no shame in failing to send a dollar's worth of help to the thirty thousand Jews who fought and died for the honor of all Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. But here in the Holy Land where young Jews were bravely standing up to a mighty enemy--here was disgrace!

    In Tel Aviv, the Socialist Jews led by Ben-Gurion, the Zionists and Jewish Agency-ites, all scampered eagerly to British headquarters to protest their own innocence, and to prove it by betraying Irgun hiding places to British Intelligence. British troops with names and addresses in hand, supplied by these Jewish organizations, arrived at secret stores of Irgun bullets and seized them, marched straight to the hideaways of the bravest and cleverest of the Irgun warriors, and arrested them.

    The men betrayed by Ben-Gurion's Socialists and the Zionists were sent off to desert concentration camps or hanged on Palestinian gallows....

    Betraying Jewish fighters to the British was not enough for the Ben-Gurion-Weizmann contingent. The fighters must also be betrayed to the world, before the world took to looking on them as Jewish heroes, and took to looking on the other, non-fighting, back-pedaling Jews as something else. Ben-Gurion launched a rear-guard action at the Irgun. He was the first to denounce the Jewish fighters as a gang of terrorists. They were, he said, a small criminal element that must be stamped out by Jews as well as by the British--or no Jew would ever be able to hold his head up again among decent people. Thus spoke the political boss of Palestine.

    The name Terrorists became overnight the favorite epithet that all the Jews of the world took to hurling at the fighting Jewish troops. American and Jewish newspapers alike chronicled the Irgun's deeds of valor as the scurvy antics of hoodlums and gangsters. At last the complications of Jewish thought and argument became quite clear to me. In this year, 1947, their hundreds of arguing schools had dwindled to two simple sects --the Terrorists and the Terrified. Alas, how more numerous and popular the latter lot was! [ed. Please think to yourself to which group you belong.] http://www.saveisrael.com/others/hecht/hechtchild.htm

    The story of your indifference has appeared inter alia on World Net Daily. Called "U.S. Jewish groups refuse aid to evacuees: Residents expelled from Gaza face 'humanitarian crisis'," it was written by Aaron Klein and appeared on the WND website May 23, 2006.

    JERUSALEM -- Mainstream American Jewish organizations largely have refused to aid the thousands of Jews evacuated last summer from the Gaza Strip, the majority of whom are unemployed and have yet to find permanent housing, WND has learned.

    Leaders from Gush Katif, the former Jewish communities of Gaza, said a series of direct petitions to significant U.S. Jewish organizations in recent months have been fruitless. They outlined a "humanitarian crisis" among the expellees.

    "With few exceptions, we have received almost no help from the mainstream Jewish American groups, which grant billions of dollars" said Dror Vanunu, a former Gaza resident and the international coordinator for the Gush Katif Committee, a major charity organization representing the Gaza Jewish refugees.

    Refugees 'in desperate need'

    Israel in August evacuated its nearly 10,000 Jewish citizens from Gaza. Successive Israeli governments over the years had urged thousands of Israelis to move to Gaza and build communities there. Israel promised the expelled residents compensation packages and aid, much of which -- nine months later -- has yet to arrive.

    A status report released last week by the Gush Katif Committee found only 58 percent of expelled Gaza Jews were granted compensation for their homes guaranteed by the Israeli government. Only 26 percent of businessmen received housing compensation, and among farmers, only 5 percent.

    The Israeli government pledged it would provide temporary housing solutions for all expelled Gush Katif residents. But 200 of the approximately 1,750 former Gush Katif families are living in university dormitories, motels and guest houses. Most families now reside in the Israeli Negev desert in small-government-built prefabricated "trailer villas." Residents there live mostly in crowded conditions, in many cases lacking enough bedroom space to accommodate their families.

    "You can punch through my wall," a resident of Nitzan, the largest Gush Katif trailer community, told WND. "My friends come to visit me in coffee shops because there is not enough room in my living room for them to be comfortable."

    Several residents said electricity and running water in their trailer communities is sparse.

    Prior to their evacuation from Gaza, the vast majority of Gush Katif residents lived in large homes in landscaped communities. Many were farmers, tending to the area's famous, technologically advanced greenhouses that supplied Israel with much of its produce. The Gush Katif unemployment rate was less than 1 percent.

    Now, 50 percent of Gaza's Jewish refugees are unemployed, and only 21 percent of former Gush Katif businesses have re-opened.

    Residents of the Negev trailer camps mostly are former farmers, many of whom now say they are not sure what they will do.

    "The land is much different here than what Gush Katif farmers are used to," explained Anita Tucker, one of the pioneer farmers of Katif. "Most of the techniques used in the greenhouses in Gaza were specific to the land and environment. Now farmers will have to develop new ways for these new lands and the different kind of soil."

    According to the most recent Gush Katif status report, many of the Jewish children expelled from Gaza suffer from a full range of traumatic and post-traumatic stress symptoms, including anxiety, depression, regressive behavior, general behavioral problems, lack of concentration and difficulty coping with new or challenging situations.

    Yet many refugee sites lack youth counselors and activity centers. Budgets for youth programs expired in March.

    "The situation is extremely grave," said Vanunu. "It is at emergency status in many cases."

    Almost no assistance for the former Gush Katif residents has been offered by any mainstream American Jewish organization, most of which publicly supported the Gaza withdrawal.

    Many U.S. Jewish charities are associated with Jewish federations. They reportedly grant more than $3 billion per year.

    Jewish federation leader quits in protest

    Until he resigned in February, New Jersey resident Buddy Macy served as a member of the board of trustees and a recording secretary for the Jewish Federation of Greater Clifton-Passaic in New Jersey which belongs to the United Jewish Communities charity network, the most financially endowed Jewish charity group in the U.S.

    The UJC reportedly raised over $850 million last year. It is known to set the tone for thousands of Jewish charity organizations nationwide.

    Macy told WND he quit his position after more than 25 years of service to protest the UJC's refusal to initiate a campaign fund to help the Gaza Jewish refugees.

    "There are thousands of Jews in dire need and the UJC and other mainstream groups with huge endowments are deliberately ignoring the crisis. The situation is absolutely unacceptable," Macy said.

    In an e-mail to UJC President Howard Rieger that has been widely circulated among Jewish circles on the Internet, Macy called the UJC leadership "heartless with regard to the Jews who live and lived in Judea, Samaria and Gaza."

    In an e-mail reply also widely circulated after it was posted by Macy, Rieger retorted, "I am not heartless. Read many of the comments which I have made publically [sic] on this subject. On the impact that dislocation has on individuals. And I have visited many of those who are now living in the Sinai and feel genuine concern for their plight."

    Former Gaza Jewish residents do not live in the Sinai, which is located in Egypt.

    Rieger in the e-mail went on to blame the Gaza Jewish refugees for their current situation:

    "I do believe that in the end that the priority must be the rule of law," he said. "That many of those who found themselves without assistance after having to be uprooted also refused to engage with the system which was offering compensation."

    The vast majority -- 1,450 of Katif's 1,800 families -- did not apply for government compensation ahead of Israel's August evacuation deadline, some stating they feared if the withdrawal were allowed to be implemented in Gaza, it would lead to other evacuations in Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem.

    After the Gaza withdrawal, the Israeli government reoffered aid packages and said all residents would be fully compensated.

    Almost all Gush Katif families applied.

    Rieger was unavailable for comment. His spokesman, Glenn Rosencrantz, did not return several messages left by WND at his office and on his cell phone the past few days.

    Jewish leaders refuse aid efforts

    Macy listed other major Jewish American leaders he charged have been refusing to aid Gush Katif expellees, including Israel Policy Forum President Seymour Reich, World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman, Anti-Defamation League Director Abe Foxman and Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

    While the situation regarding expelled Gush Katif residents has been publicly looming, Macy points out Jewish leaders Hoenlein and Foxman recently initiated a large charity effort to aid Israeli Arabs.

    Macy also cited private Jewish philanthropists who provide large sums to mainstream organizations, including American Jewish magnates Ron Lauder, S. Daniel Abraham, Sam Halpern, Joseph Wilf, Charles Bronfman, and Matthew Bronfman, for helping set the tone for the Jewish groups. The philanthropists have been aiding efforts to build the Israeli Negev desert. Macy stated the individuals are closely linked to Israel's economy and to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is looking to push through a withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria, which is expected to bring an influx of new residents to the Negev.

    Some small groups offer assistance

    The Gush Katif Committee's Vanunu said he briefed the UJC, the Conference of Presidents and other mainstream American Jewish organizations about the status of the expelled Jewish residents and that little aid was forthcoming.

    Hoenlein of the Conference told WND his organization has been pressing the Israeli government for more assistance and more effective outreach toward former Gaza Jews.

    Vanunu said one UJC-linked federation in Texas made donations for scholarships for expelled Jewish children, and another local group provided funds to an employment office in a regional site housing former Gaza Jewish residents. The Jewish National Fund, which leads efforts to populate the Negev, has offered select assistance programs to Negev-based refugees.

    "Unfortunately, there has been no real response from any of the main groups," Vanunu said.

    Some smaller American Jewish organizations have been helping. The Orthodox Union, the largest American Orthodox Jewish organization, helped provide for evacuees' short-term needs immediately after the Gaza withdrawal and continues to support certain activities.

    The National Council of Young Israel, an American synagogue organization, provided funds for specific campaigns under the leadership of the Council's executive vice president, Pesach Lerner.

    Vanunu said mainstream Canadian groups and philanthropists, largely located in Toronto, have been providing aid.

    "The Toronto community has been enormously receptive," he said. "I would really like to apply that model to the American organizations."

    'Time to put politics aside and help our own people'

    Young Israel's Lerner
    (wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=46266) last September led a fact-finding commission to Israel to assess the situation among the former Gaza Jewish residents. He authored a letter urging American Jewish groups to help the expellees.

    "The mainstream groups are not responding," Lerner told WND. "They supported the Gaza evacuation. So they are not going to turn around now and offer assistance to the expelled Jewish residents."

    Lerner said the mainstream American Jewish groups may be reluctant to provide aid in light of their stated support for Olmert's Judea and Samaria withdrawal.

    "If it is highlighted the Gush Katif refugees are not taken care of nine months later, it will look terrible for the chance that any Judea and Samaria residents will be compensated," said Lerner. "We're talking about 10 times the people."

    "I hope they come to see things differently," he continued. "There is a Jewish humanitarian crisis. It's time to put politics aside and help our own people."

    Vanunu said while he suspected politics might be at play, the Israeli government is also to blame. He said government officials told American Jewish leaders prior to the Gaza evacuation their assistance was not necessary.

    "Israeli leaders announced that they had everything under control," Vanunu said. "That all the Gush Katif residents would be taken care of. Unfortunately today almost everyone realizes that is not a reality."

    Said Lerner, "I hope the mainstream groups come to see things differently. There is a Jewish humanitarian crisis. It's time to put politics aside and help our own people."

    Some weeks ago, I wrote to Howard Rieger to express my outrage at the silence of the leaders of the Jewish Federation system
    ( click here to read the letter.) I sent copies to other concerned UJC officials. This is what the Chief Financial Resource Development Officer, Executive Office, of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit (part of United Jewish Communities) Andrew Echt wrote back:

    i dont give a shit what you think
    Contact Buddy Macy at vegibud@aol.com
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    Posted by Professor Eugene Narrett, June 17, 2006.

    The Israel of the headlines reflects the agenda of the silk hats that are running the world into the ground. It is malicious and homicidal slander meant to legimize the expulsion and even the murder of Jews, even to rationalize their mass murder by, say, Iran, armed to the teeth by Germany, France, Russia and others. This target Israel is an intransigent belligerent that has 'stolen' its tiny scrap of a nation from the "Palestinian people," or as the Arabs say, the "Balestinian beeple.'

    This big lie keeps the attention of many of the multitude away from the obvious facts that successive Israeli governments betray their own people and Judaism too, accepting the segregation and ethnic cleansing of Jews, the destruction of Jewish holy sites, and relentless murderous assaults by Arabs to which only neglible responses are made.

    Certainly this is a nation that deserves to be destroyed, or so the media moral would seem to be.

    Let the following paragraphs be an antidote. They describe some highlights of a recent pilgrimage I made to the land and the sights and some of the people I had the pleasure of seeing and being with. I also want to thank Zev and Rochelle of Elon Moreh for their gracious hospitality; they are among the founding settlers of Camp Kadoum ("Kedumim") Itamar and Elon Moreh.

    For eighteen days beginning May 22, I traveled Israel from Yevul at the Egyptian border to Hispin in the Golan Heights. These travels included large swaths of the hilltop communities in the Shomron and Binyamin regions, the latter being the beautiful ridges and hills northeast of Jerusalem. The first eight days I was with an AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel) tour, one of the very few groups that regularly visits those places where the cutting edge of the globalists "grand game" intersects with the lives of the people who are its target. The journey's purpose was largely educational, a fact-finding mission that included visits to many new communities some of them refugee camps for those Jews expelled in August 2005 from the towns and farms they had built on the dunes in Gush Katif (the Gaza area), deported in the name of "peace."

    And we saw the wall in many places; we heard rockets being fired over it and saw one that had recently landed right next to a greenhouse in Netiv Ha Assara which, thanks to the expulsion of the Jews from GK (the ancient Biblical territory of Gerar, Genesis 25) is now on the frontline with global jihad. Far from the lights, press conferences and suave diplomats we also saw the people in these camps. Despite what they have been through, and despite the poverty and terror that the deals of politicians subject them and their children to every day, they are not discouraged but have their eyes set on creating and flourishing future of dignified joy, one day at a time.

    "Every place we settle we will create a Gush Katif," said Sara, mother of nine children and formerly from Netzarim. "We will return to Gush Katif; and if not us, our children will return." Such people cannot be defeated.

    The Beauty of the Land and People

    The land is astonishingly beautiful, with a uniquely stark, colorful, eye-arresting mix of hills, ridges, winding valleys and stream beds. And, yes, wherever Jews have settled and worked the land it is green, from the tomato, mango, date palm and orange plantings in the sun-baked Dead Sea valley, to the wheat fields, vineyards, herbs and flowers of the Negev, to the olive, fig and almond orchards of the Golan and Samaria. Perhaps this is what the powers of the world don't want people to see: that the promises of the Creator are real; that His covenant is real and everlasting.

    Notwithstanding the marvel of this "green line" the people are the most beautiful and instructive feature of the Israel no one sees: gracious, cheerful, "grounded" we would say, living attuned to nature and to nature's Creator with simple unshakeable faith, honor for history and Scripture, and with inspiring persistence.

    We began our travels in the hills of Ephraim, in the University town of Ariel at the southern edge of the Shomron. A lovely hotel, the Eshel haShomron has a flower-surrounded pool, dry clear air and sits near the tip of a salient enclosed by the "security fence" at the very eastern edge of what the world leaders intend to permit for Jewish settlement. Ascending into the hills one is astonished at the spaciousness and emptiness of nearly all the Jewish heartland. Fifty-six years after Israeli independence, most of the land is still waiting for its people. There is room for millions, for innumerable flocks and plantings, for a paradise on earth.

    Exploring a new neighborhood of trailers (the Israelis euphemistically call them "caravans") housing refugees from the Gush Katif expulsion, I was invited for coffee by Ziv and Adi, a young couple with seven children, formerly from Netzarim. Having been uprooted several times before their temporary place at Ariel, their courtesy and good nature were remarkable. "We want to make a permanent community, to build with teaching and spirit and love. The most terrible pain was not to us but to Israel. We worry about what will come from this kind of break in caring [about people]."

    Nine people were living in a space barely suitable for four. Once employed now jobless, yet their hospitality and good nature shone out. They accompanied me on my way...

    From Ariel we drove east to Kfar Tapuach ("Apple village") and then, turning north on highway 60 sped through the chop shops and stalls of the Arab town of Hawara, noting the Jewish hilltop communities of Lehava and Hill 725 (meters) far above us on the west side of the road. Traveling this stretch, and many others like it, one grasps the need for those Israeli checkpoints the diplomats are always pressing Israel to close. It would be like pulling in your scouts and pickets at a battlefront for thanks to Camp David, Oslo and the Road Map, Jews live under siege in their own nation. A detailed map of Oslo's partitioning of central Israel shows the mischief of that "peace accord," Balkanizing the land into a myriad of terrorist enclaves, with narrow corridors for Jews to inhabit and pass through, -- at their own risk. A long-suffering and gritty patience enables the Jews to persist and flourish but this self-restraint also postpones the inevitable reckoning with an enemy that will not be appeased. Still, the planting and re-settlement of the land continues.

    Vivid Moments

    In the highlands, we ranged from Yizhar and Shalhavet in the west to Itamar, Gidonim, Givat Olam ("eternal hills," see Jacob's blessing to his sons, Genesis 49:26), and the outpost hills 830 and 777. Around the vineyards and orchards the earth was covered with thyme, purple phlox, rosemary, and pale green grasses. In the breeze, with the vista of rugged hills angling together in innumerable lines, the fragrance, stillness and beauty were startling. Gazelles paused and then bounded across the far edges of the fields.

    High in Itamar, despite its Alpine views and sweet people, the reality of being at the frontline of global jihad and great power games was brought home by Mike who trains dogs for community self-defense. "A dog shifts the element of surprise from the terrorist to the community patrol" he explained, then added words Americans should take to heart: "we're in an impossible situation. You can't win a war by defense."

    On a nearby hilltop we saw a young man in an orange tee shirt building with his bare hands a stone house that he and his fiancé would dwell in after their marriage. Looking up from yellow wild flowers one sees, miles to the southeast amazing clumps of red, plum-colored, chalky limestone and basalt crags overlooking the Jordan Valley. In Yizhar we talked with Ariel who's adding two thousand more vines to his existing 4000, grafting chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon shoots onto the hardy stock that flourish in the local soils. His wife, tall, with a long black skirt, checked shirt and two small children frisking around her smiled and invited us into their "wine cellar" featuring dozens of barrels of the local best. There was an easy going and serene friendliness that recalled the promise if not the reality of the late 1960s. Here in the Jewish towns, vineyards, farms and orchards of Samaria are the true beautiful people so much sought since those times: balanced, simple, quietly glad. They know who they are; they know what they are doing and that it's right. They live free, simply and with faith. They have a lot to offer the world though they would never say so and probably don't think about it...

    In Bracha, 890 meters above sea level (more than 4000 feet above the Jordan Valley) I spoke with Eretz, a cheerful young vintner who studied his craft in the coastal city of Netanya. Admiring his skill and energy I asked, "Why don't you move to France or California where you could live easily and make lots of money? Why work with the threat of terror attacks, expulsion and loss of your livelihood"?

    "I stay here because of the holiness of the land. I don't need to go to Italy or America to make a lot of money." Asked again about the uncertainties he just smiled and said, "We will stay."

    Bracha also overlooks the city of Shechem (mainstream media bury its real name an history by using the Arab "Nablus," a corruption of the Greco-Roman town, "Neapolis" built over the ruins of the original Hebrew settlement where Joseph and Joshua are buried). Since the Oslo deal, Jews have not been able to live, visit, or even pray there. On one of the peaks of Bracha, in and around a 15' x 20' concrete shelter covered loosely with camouflage is a squad of paratroops, one of several that keep the city, a major center of terrorist activity under constant surveillance. The destroyed tomb of Joseph, and the ruins of the yeshiva that was there are among many testaments to the fate of holy places when Islam takes authority.

    North of Shechem is Mt. Ebal, where the Israelites built the first altar when they entered the land (Joshua 8; 24). I had a constant view of the site when I stayed in Elon Moreh (see Genesis 12:7) for the holy day of Shavuot ("Pentecost"). The altar has been excavated, identified and dated by archaeologist Adam Zartal of Haifa University since 1980. His book, The Birth of a Nation discussing the finds is in Hebrew but a web site in English (http://ebal.haifa.ac.il/) gives abundant and intriguing details. One of the great ironies of our time is that as evidence of the historicity of the Hebrew Scriptures accumulates the nations increase their efforts to blot out the history and Jewish identity of Israel. It recalls those lines from Orwell's 1984: "The past was erased. The erasure was forgotten. The lie became truth."

    One of the main tools by which the powers pursue this dirty job is through ISM (the International solidarity Movement) and other Euro-funded leftists who infest the hills and incite local Arabs to harass, rob, and physically attack Jews, their farms and flocks. Every Jewish settlement we visited, from Elon Moreh and Scali's farm to Esh Kodesh and Hebron had stories to tell of invasions and incitement by leftists, -- and of the close ties of the provocateurs with the anti-Jewish Israeli judicial system. The apparent alignment of hostile aliens and the judicial establishment is not unique to America but part of the fissionable aspects of our times.

    Esh Kodesh a community of about 20 Jews on a verdant hilltop overlooking green valleys and ridges about three miles east of Shiloh (where the tabernacle was set up in the days of the Judges) is a supremely beautiful place of work and dedication. The Jews living there in trailers with a one-room post and beam synagogue are holding the land by shepherding. They, too, are targeted by "Peace Now" and the ISM. If one wants to see the frontline of the war against religion and the past, go to Israel.

    Joy, Community, Diversity

    During the past three decades, Americans have been beaten to death with the rhetoric of diversity. Here it's a code word but in Israel it's a reality. You can't find a nation of more remarkably vivid individuals nor of more varied background, features, and upbringing. On Jerusalem Day (this year May 25), the anniversary of the liberation and re-unification of Jerusalem in June 1967 there was a spectacular demonstration of the achieved fact of diversity and the motto, 'e pluribus unum.'

    Dancing 40 abreast down Jaffo street past Zion Square south to the Temple Mount plaza, dancing to the driving rhythms of a reggae - klezmer fusion group, came tens of thousands of Israeli-flag waving Jews of every color, size, age and language. The sense of national identity, the history and the Book that linked the celebrants has the same tap root that draws energy into the building, planting, and re-settlement of the country as a whole. The Jewish people lives and will outlive the designs of the powers and their treacherous client regimes too.

    Am Yisrael Chai.

    Eugene Narrett has published extensively on American culture and politics and on events pertaining to Israel. His books include "Gathered against Jerusalem" (Writers Club Press), "Israel Awakened" (Author House) and, forthcoming July 04, "Israel and the Endtimes" (www.authorhouse.com). Contact him at Culturtalk@aol.com

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    Posted by Aryeh King, June 17, 2006.
    This article was written by Aaron Klein and appeared in World Net Daily (www.WorldNetDail.com) March 3, 2006.

    JERUSALEM -- While Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has the past few weeks directed large numbers of Israeli forces to demolish several isolated West Bank Jewish homes deemed illegal, a report newly released here charges Jerusalem's city hall deleted files documenting hundreds of illegal Arab building projects throughout eastern sections of Jerusalem.

    Aryeh King, chairman of the Jerusalem Forum, which promotes Jewish construction in Jerusalem, initiated a state investigation into the deletions, which allegedly took place while Olmert served as mayor of the city. He charged Olmert told senior municipal workers not to enforce a ban on illegal Arab buildings, allegedly saying to them eastern Jerusalem would one day be given to the Palestinians.

    "Ehud Olmert gave the order not to deal with the problem and not to put Israeli security forces to the duty of taking down the illegal Arab complexes. Senior municipal workers told me Olmert said not to bother with the illegal Arab homes because eventually eastern Jerusalem would be given to the Palestinian Authority," said King.

    The state comptroller was asked to investigate the situation following the publication of a local media report alleging Jerusalem municipal officials erased the files, which detail over 300 cases of Arab construction in eastern Jerusalem deemed illegal starting from 1999. The illegal buildings were reportedly constructed without permits and are still standing. According to law, they must be demolished.

    The media report alleged the files were erased by Ofir May, the head of Jerusalem's Department of Building Permits, with the specific intention of allowing the statute of limitation on enforcing the demolitions of the illegal construction to run out.

    King's group asked the comptroller to probe Olmert's and other government officials' involvement in the alleged file deletions. Olmert was Jerusalem mayor from 1993 to 2003.

    The Jerusalem municipality released a statement in response to the allegations claiming the threat of Arab violence kept it from bulldozing the illegal Arab homes.

    "During the years of the intifada, the municipality had difficulty carrying out the necessary level of enforcement in the neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem due to security constraints," the statement read.

    King said the hundreds of buildings allegedly detailed in the deleted municipal files house more than 20,000 illegal units.

    "We're talking about perhaps 100,000 or more Arabs in eastern Jerusalem living in illegal homes with the government doing nothing about it," King said.

    While the Jerusalem municipality under Olmert's mayoral administration did not clamp down on illegal Arab construction, the acting prime minister the past few weeks has directed security forces to bulldoze Jewish homes in the West Bank also deemed illegal for lack of building permits.

    Several weeks ago, Olmert ordered more than 1,500 Israeli Defense Force soldiers and Israeli police officers to bulldoze nine homes in the West Bank community of Amona after the court system ruled the houses were constructed without a permit.

    The government said the homes could be rebuilt at a later date in the same community if the construction is coordinated with the Ministry of Defense. But Olmert ordered the demolitions be carried out immediately and instructed the military to use "all force necessary."

    During the bulldozings, horse-mounted police, water cannons and specially trained riot officers faced off against hundreds of protesters who massed in Amona in hopes of halting the efforts.

    Israeli television broadcast live footage of demonstrators, including women and children, being dragged and beaten by soldiers. Teenagers with bloody noses and head wounds were seen being removed from the scene. Police were videotaped using batons and gas canisters to clear the area of demonstrators. Some protesters were seen throwing rocks and paint at security forces.

    After more than 100,000 Israelis gathered in Jerusalem to protest against the violence at Amona, the government established a special Knesset commission to investigate whether excessive force was used in enforcing the Amona evictions.

    Olmert the past few weeks also directed Israeli forces to tear down Chazon David, a small community consisting of a synagogue and several mobile units near the West Bank town of Hebron, home to the oldest Jewish community in the world.

    Prior to that, Olmert enforced the eviction of 11 families from a Jewish-owned market within Hebron's Jewish community because the families reportedly moved in without government permission.

    Some Israeli commentators have been questioning the timing of the orders to demolish the Jewish West Bank homes, which came as Olmert begins to launch Kadima's political campaign. The commentators say Olmert will need to demonstrate he is capable of carrying out the policies of Kadima in absence of its founder, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who remains comatose in a Jerusalem hospital following a severe stroke.

    Many Kadima members have stated the new party is looking to change Israel's borders.

    Olmert has announced his administration will seek to withdrawal from most of the West Bank, and has previously made statements to reporters about the possibility of vacating certain peripheral areas of Jerusalem.

    Israeli Nationalist lawmaker Benny Elon accused Olmert of using the recent West Bank Jewish evictions for votes:

    "Olmert is not a military man. He doesn't have a strong defense background like [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon, who everyone knows can get tough," Elon said. "So Olmert's public relations people told him he needs to act macho against the settlers ahead of the elections to prove to them he can push through what the extreme leftists want, a West Bank evacuation."

    Contact Aryeh King at kingshir@bezeqint.net

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    Posted by Lawrence Uniglicht, June 17, 2006.

    Israel's foreign policy initiatives must align with the West, especially America, when advantageous, yet prescient logic dictates connections should be directed towards the rising sun as well, wending their way to Shanghai, an erstwhile refuge for thousands of Jews fleeing sadistic Nazi barbarians and other abusive enclaves. A once thriving community of perhaps 30,000 disproportionately productive souls of Jewish heritage can and should be revived. The Chinese government understands that Jews do not proselytize, thus are no threat to its power structure. Furthermore, those who lead the rapidly strengthening Oriental Dragon realize that tiny Israel, identified by its Jewish character, is a flourishing economic dynamo immersed in state of the art technological research and development, with a cerebral populace that can surely benefit any trading partner. Shanghai, in particular, can no doubt use an educated motivated Jewish professional workforce, that evolving city having recently constructed enormous amounts of office space, even rivaling in volume existing business laboratories saturating the entire island of Manhattan. Thus Israeli entrepreneurs, or perhaps the Israeli government, would be wise to invest in an industrial research complex, within China's largest megalopolis, providing opportunities for Jewish/Israeli brainpower to immigrate and steer potential projects. Of course, Jewish/Israeli families prefer to inhabit communities with comfortable affordable housing and familiar cultural accoutrements like Jewish style/kosher restaurants, theaters, health clubs, and so forth. Such collateral enterprises can indeed be erected to support the hub of any progressive Jewish/Israeli managed complex in the heart of Shanghai. Diversity would likely be welcomed in fact encouraged in this exponentially expanding international bastion of economic activity.

    Let us not ignore the relevant fact that China is a major trading partner of Iran, a regime whose maniacal Islamic president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suggests Israel be wiped off the map. Sometimes it is good to ally with a nation that interacts with your worst enemy. Perhaps, the inflammatory rhetoric of the Persian potentate would soften if the emerging Oriental superpower puts in a good word or two about the Jewish State. Stranger things have happened. All nations attempt to enhance their own interests, and if it is in the interest of Iran to reassess its attitude towards Israel, it will likely do so. No philosophy is etched in stone when more beneficial considerations are in order. Even Jew-despising lunatics like Ahmadinejad, or perhaps those who might still overrule the Imam obsessed jihad junkie, would not wish to upset this no nonsense Pacific Rim customer with ever-growing clout.

    As century twenty-one begins to emerge, a country infected with thus influenced by the scourge of hate-filled Islamic fundamentalism, even an oil-producing country, will not successfully compete within a global economy if it consequently loses its most important contracts. If Israel, understanding the ways of Darwinian hardball, becomes an essential component within the schematic of the Oriental powerhouse's global outreach, the symbiotic trade and brainpower alliance will strengthen the currently beleaguered Jewish State's hand in a planetary casino where a few superpowers truly own the house thus can order the likes of Islamic "tar-pit" bosses with all their prehistoric carbon-based eggs in one straw basket to toe a rational line. Furthermore, as century twenty-one continues to emerge, as alternative energy sources finally flourish, regimes such as currently dysfunctional erstwhile Persia, for one, will either cut the umbilical cord to an imaginary misogynist Allahland paradise steeped in compliant virgins and get with a tangible sensible secular progressive tolerant program of modernization, or wither away into chaotic third world impoverished obscurity. A raw material economy, even if sucking-up petrodollars and petroeuros now, is not sustainable in the long run. Today's presumed oil-drenched royal flush in spades, held by maniacal mullahs and other Islamic potentates, in reality continues to dig their sterile exploitative dictatorships into abyss' of no return, for someday the fossil fuel foundation of their collective wealth will morph into a hand of worthless jihad jokers. In the meantime, let Israel advance using inherent brainpower while networking its worth to friends, both East and West, in high places. As one philosopher of note once opined, "For the loser now will be later to win for the times they are a-changin'."

    Lawrence Uniglicht is a career civil servant, working for the Social Security Administration. He advocates for the State of Israel with an American perspective. He writes, "Advocating for the disrespected underdog has been my passion, no doubt Israel falls into that category." Contact him by email at luniglicht@snip.net

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    Posted by Sanda Abromovici-Lam, June 17, 2006.
    This article was written by Caroline Glick and it appeared in the Jerusalem Post June 15, 2006.

    During his tour this week of European capitals, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that in addition to Judea and Samaria, he plans to transfer a number of neighborhoods in Jerusalem to Hamas. In his words, "Not all the Arab neighborhoods will be part of the city in the future."

    Olmert claims that taking these Arab neighborhoods out of Jerusalem's municipal boundaries will strengthen the city. From a security perspective this makes no sense since transferring Tzur Baher, Jebl Mukaber and Isawiya to the Hamas-Fatah-Islamic Jihad-al-Qaida-Hizbullah-led Palestinian Authority will place all the remaining neighborhoods in the city within enemy rocket, mortar and even rifle range. Olmert apparently thinks that partitioning the city will secure the Jewish majority of the city. Yet, taking these neighborhoods out of the city will actually endanger that majority.

    Over the past few months, a team of American and Israeli researchers conducted a demographic study of Jerusalem and its environs. Last year the same researchers - Bennett Zimmerman, Roberta Seid, Michael Weiss and Yoram Ettinger - conducted the first independent study of the Palestinian population data published by the PA's Central Bureau of Statistics in 1997. Their study exposed that the PA had inflated the number of Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza by some 1.5 million or 50 percent. Olmert and his colleagues in Kadima and the Labor Party have justified their plan to surrender Judea and Samaria to Hamas on the basis of these inflated numbers which falsely project that by 2015 there will be more Arabs than Jews between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

    The team's research methods and their findings were reviewed by the leading American demographer Nicholas Eberstadt from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. At the Herzliya Conference in January, Eberstadt praised the team's research methods and stated that their conclusions were "not only plausible but quite persuasive."

    Their study showed that today Jews comprise 59 percent of the overall population of the areas that include sovereign Israel, Judea and Samaria and Gaza and 67 percent of the population of Judea, Samaria and sovereign Israel. Far from becoming the minority by 2015, the group's projections show that in 2025, Jews will comprise between 56-71 percent of the overall population of Judea, Samaria and sovereign Israel. In other words, the team showed that there is no demographic threat to Israel's Jewish majority.

    The team began examining the demographic situation in Jerusalem and its environs after Olmert first expressed his plan to partition the city as part of his unilateral retreat policy. The team noted at the outset that Olmert's claim - that by placing Arab neighborhoods outside the municipal boundaries he would be reducing the Arab population of the capital by tens of thousands - ignores the fact that Arabs can move. As legal residents of Jerusalem these Arabs are under no obligation to remain in the neighborhoods slotted for transfer to Hamas.

    Indeed, since the government's intention to partition the city was made clear by the route of the security fence, thousands of Arabs with Jerusalem ID cards who had previously lived in Judea and in neighborhoods set to be placed outside the city's boundaries started converging on the city. Residents of Pisgat Ze'ev and Neveh Ya'acov relate that Arabs are moving into their neighborhoods in droves. This is also the case in the city's Arab neighborhoods not set for transfer to Hamas such as Beit Tzafafa, Wadi Joz and Abu Tor. Rather than reduce the number of Arabs in the city, Olmert's plan is just crowding the city's population into shrunken boundaries. At the same time, by giving up all the reserve open lands around the city, he is blocking all chance of municipal growth.

    As Zimmerman and his team members note, in Jerusalem's current municipal boundaries, 487,000 Jews make up 68% of the population and 231,000 Arabs make up 32%. Fertility rates of the two populations are nearly identical, with a Jewish fertility rate of 3.8 and an Arab fertility rate of 4.1 per woman.

    The team checked what would happen if, rather than partitioning the city, Israel were to expand the boundaries of the city. They found that if Israel were to extend the borders of the capital to include the Adumim bloc, the Etzion bloc, the Adam bloc, the Givon bloc, Mevasseret Zion and its satellite neighborhoods, the Tekoa area, Abu Dis and Bir Naballah and incorporate all these communities' Jewish and Arab residents into the city, Jerusalem's demographic balance would remain the same. The enlarged city would have 704,000 or 68% Jewish residents and 335,000 or 32% Arab residents.

    The enlarged capital would have plenty of land reserves on which to build new housing for both its Jewish and Arab residents. Retaining Israeli control over the areas around Jerusalem's current boundaries would also protect Bethlehem's status as a Christian city while Olmert's plan, which places these areas under terrorist control, guarantees that Jesus's birth city will become a Muslim majority city with all the religious and political consequences that such a religious transformation would involve for the Christian world. The study shows that the number of Arabs that would be incorporated into the city if it were to expand its borders is smaller than the number of Arabs incorporated into the city with its unification in 1967. And it goes without saying that an enlarged Jerusalem would be safer than a partitioned city with its removed sections under terrorist control.

    In light of the study's findings, and given the deterioration of Israel's national security situation in the wake of its retreat from Gaza last summer and the recent reports of al-Qaida cells operating in Jerusalem, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that in configuring his retreat and partition plan for the country's capital city, Olmert did not consider its devastating repercussions on Jerusalem itself.

    SO IF Olmert's planned retreat harms Jerusalem, what purpose does it serve? The sole goal that Olmert's partition plan advances is that of attempting to appease racist, anti-Jewish radical Islamic forces that claim that Jews have no rights in Jerusalem. Indeed, at its core, Olmert's plan internalizes this jihadist view by completely ignoring the security, municipal and demographic concerns of the city's Jews and non-jihadist Arabs.

    This Israeli internalization of the jihadist view of Jews in Jerusalem also pervades the government's treatment of Jewish land purchases in eastern Jerusalem. Last week Ha'aretz reported that a month ago the State's Attorney, Eran Shendar, asked Police Inspector Yohanan Danino to undertake a covert investigation of Ateret Cohanim - a non-profit organization that works to bypass the Palestinian Authority's policy of defining land sales to Jews as a capital offense for which dozens of Arabs have been murdered since 1994.

    Shendar's instructions came after an Arab Jerusalemite named Muhammad Marageh, who in the past worked for Ateret Cohanim, offered to attempt to criminally implicate the organization in exchange for receiving state's witness protection and, perhaps, money from the state. The Ha'aretz report makes clear that Israel's chief prosecutor is so convinced that there is something wrong with willing Arab sellers selling land to willing Jewish buyers that apparently, without being presented with any evidence of wrongdoing, he ordered the police to begin a secret criminal investigation of the Jews.

    This anti-Jewish view is similarly manifested in the police's indifference to the fates of Arab land sellers. On April 12, the eve of Pessah, Jerusalem resident Muhammad Abu Al Hawa was tortured and murdered in Jericho for the "crime" of selling a building in Abu Tor to Jews. The week before his murder Israel's Channel 10 led prime time news broadcasts, on two consecutive nights, with hysterical reports about the land sale. The reports were precipitated by a court order for the police to evict illegal squatters from the building to enable the legal owners to take possession of their property - an eviction which Channel 10 filmed.

    As I reported at the time, sources in Abu Tor stated that after the Channel 10 expose, it was only a question of time before Hawa was murdered. Those sources also said that far from protecting Hawa, the police were suspected of tipping off Channel 10's reporter on the scheduled eviction. This week, the spokesman for the police's Samaria and Judea District responsible for investigating Hawa's murder did not respond to repeated requests for information on the status of the investigation.

    THE GOVERNMENT'S treatment of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate similarly exposes its internalization of the anti-Semitic view that Jews have no rights in eastern Jerusalem. Today there are two Patriarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church: the legal Patriarch Irineos and the illegal de facto Patriarch Theophilos. Last summer Ma'ariv reported that Irineos leased two hotels near the Old City's Jaffa Gate to Jews. The story caused an uproar in the Church, the PA and among Israeli Arabs. In its wake, Irineos was illegally ejected from his position and his life has been under constant threat.

    The Church, together with Jordan's King Abdullah and PA President Mahmoud Abbas, selected Theophilos to replace him. Ahead of his appointment, Theophilos promised Abdullah that he would operate in accordance with Jordanian rather than Israeli law, meaning that he would uphold the Jordanian legal prohibition of conducting land deals with Jews. Attorneys and others involved in this issue claim that Theophilis also pledged to Abbas that he would cancel the lease agreement for the hotels at the Jaffa Gate.

    In an interview with Al Quds newspaper on May 18, Theophilos said that he was unable today to fulfill his pledges because the Israeli government has yet to approve his appointment.

    To force Israel's hand, Theophilos filed a petition with the Supreme Court demanding that the government approve his appointment. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the petition on July 19. The Jews involved in the Jaffa Gate lease agreement and in other land agreements with the Greek Orthodox Church, which owns vast landholdings in Jerusalem and throughout the country, are deeply concerned about the government's likely response to the petition. The government did nothing when Irineos was sacked although it is legally bound to protect him and his position. Indeed, Israel has allowed Theophilos to act as the de facto Patriarch.

    The government's acceptance of the jihadist view that denies all Jewish rights to Jerusalem is nowhere more evident than on the Temple Mount, which since 1995 Israel has abandoned to the control of the PA's Mufti Ikrameh Sabri. Sabri preaches the "rights" of Arabs to eradicate the Jews whom he refers to as "pigs and monkeys." And with the backing of the Israeli government, he ensures that the police enforces his ban on Jewish and Christian worship on the Temple Mount.

    Moreover, under the impotent eye of the government, for the past decade Sabri has overseen the commission of one of the most heinous archaeological crimes in human history. While denying the Judeo-Christian sanctity of the site, since the mid-1990s the Islamic Wakf on the Temple Mount has been systematically destroying Jewish and Christian relics hidden inside the mountain that date back to the time of Solomon's Temple, in an attempt to erase the historical record. Sabri and his colleagues further exploit their control of the Temple Mount to incite Muslims to attack Jews for imagined crimes relating to the so-called "Judaization" of Jerusalem.

    In answer to reporters' queries, this week Olmert repeatedly stated that he would never give up the Temple Mount.

    But his statements are meaningless. You cannot give up what you already surrendered. No, Olmert is not giving up the Temple Mount. Olmert is giving up all of Jerusalem.

    Contact Sanda Abromovici-Lam by email at sab@telefonica.net.pe

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    Posted by Dr. Babu Suseelan, June 17, 2006.

    Jihadi terrorism is as old as Islam. Jihad war, death and destruction have followed in the wake of Islam for hundreds of years. Ancient Egypt, Greece, Spain, Persia, India and several societies have experienced the deadly Islamic conquest. Now Jihadi terrorism has propelled to dangerous proportions and is a major threat to public health and world peace. Jihadi terrorists are said to have the unique ability to perpetuate their deadly terrorism wreaking havoc in every city in the world. It's destructive impact on the economy, public health and public safety is widespread, and on the increase.

    Sensational Jihadi terrorism, mass riots, violence, beheading, suicide bombing and plane hijacking are under constant media scrutiny. Jihadi terrorism is also a compelling subject for terrorism scholars, social scientists and security planners. Nevertheless, agreement on the important underlying causes has been elusive and inconsistent. Liberal left wing social scientists attribute Jihadi terrorism as a product of "labeling" and social causes including economic deprivation and interference of non-Islamic countries. They romanticize Jihadi terrorists as involved in protest against social injustice. In their eagerness to promote the irrational doctrine of "political correctness", left wing armchair speculators see Jihadi terrorists as victims of reactionary, reductionist "conspiracy theories" that make the terrorists the real victim of unjust society. For phony, left wing, liberal social scientists, suicide bombing, mass murder, riots, arson and public beheading of non-Muslims by Jihadi terrorists are negotiated product of formal responses to political injustices.

    Numerous empirical evidence and case study analysis of Muslim terrorists proves the unbalance of this equation. Such malicious "politically correct" statement is misleading and mischievous. The unified left wing explanation of Jihadi terrorism as a social phenomenon in the changing political, economic context is false and falls far short of explaining reliable and stable psychological and religious variables influencing Islamic terrorism.

    In recent years, studies of risk prediction and identification of both static and dynamic factors associated with Jihadi terrorism have provided a clear understanding of the problem. Empirically based investigations of psychological factors on Jihadi terrorists have indicated important cognitive and behavioral variables acting as pathways for Jihadi terrorism. Focused studies have revealed unusual ways of Jihadi's thinking, asocial attitudes, cruelty, and indifference to the feelings of victims, paranoia and aggressive hostility.


    Religious, psychological, educational, and historical factors are implicated in Jihadi terrorism. Static variables (age, ethnic religious background) and dynamic variables (cognitive distortions, thinking errors, negative emotions, maladaptive behaviors, deviance amplifying community networks) also specifically lend itself to the identification of dynamic risk factors of Jihadi terrorism.

    Muslims think Islam is a perfect and perfected religion. It has perfect answers for science, politics, government, economics, psychosocial problems and human life. As far as the doctrinal tenets are concerned, Islam maintains that Muslims must unquestionably follow the tenets. Muslims should shun everything that is opposed to Islam. Muslims consider Koran, Hadith and sura, which are called "Nusoos-e-Qatiyah", are perfect and have no place for criticism.

    Muslims are indoctrinated at an early age into the rigid, closed, reductionaist Islamic dogma, demanding full faith and devotion and separation from all competing philosophies. They are kept ignorant of the world and other rational thought systems. Islamic schools focus on rote memorization of Koran and discourage critical thinking. Islam regards thinking as a part of worship. Questioning Islamic concepts is the biggest crime, punishable by death.

    From the beginning, Islamic education starts formulating a conceptualization, which logically connects automatic Islamic thoughts and beliefs. The education system fails to see the larger picture and jump from one core belief to another. It provides a cognitive map that is limited, hostile and untrue. The faulty cognitive map generally resonates with the students for life. These rigid Islamic cognitive schemas have a profound impact on their thinking, feeling and behavior. Muslims have a common narrative history, cognitive schemas, social scripts, and kind of desire, attitude and cultural values. The whole thought system lacks critical thinking, rational analysis and personal responsibility, and Muslims are just content to stay the same and blame every one but themselves for their thinking errors. For their failings and shortcomings, Muslims hide behind alibi and denial. Everything happens is "Allah's Will" and "non-believers will burn in Islamic hell fire". Such automatic expressions influence their subsequent emotion, behavior and response. Since their automatic response is based on their pre-conceived Islamic thought, they often misconstrue neutral situations to fit their closed model thinking. Thus, Muslim's automatic thoughts are with full of thinking errors and biased.

    Since Islam is a closed dogma and Muslims are forbidden to test its validity or utility, and required to maintain the equilibrium at any cost, Muslim's thinking errors are overwhelming. Dysfunctional automatic thoughts coexist with various thinking errors in Islam. Typical Islamic thinking errors include:

    * Polarized or all-or-nothing-thinking (e.g.: believers and non-believers, daru-ul-Islam, dar-ul-harb)
    * Catastrophic Thinking (all infidels will go to hell)
    * Discounting the positive, accentuate the negative (all kafirs are trying to get Muslims)
    * Emotional reasoning (emotional justification for bombing, beheading, terrorism)
    * Labeling (put a global label on non-believers as kafirs)
    * Minimization (blame the victim, denial, alibi)
    * Mind Reading (Muslims know what non-Muslims are thinking)
    * Mental Filter (Failure to see things wholistically)
    * Over Generalization (making sweeping negative conclusions, Jews are pigs, Christians are rats)
    * Personalization (Muslims believe Kafirs are behaving negatively because of Islam)
    * Tunnel Vision (only see things the Islamic way)

    Muslims erroneously think Islamic absolutist paradigm is designed to be adaptable to existing, new and future applications for all the time. It restricts Muslims to seek viable solutions to life's problems. They refuse to reform or incorporate critical elements with Islamic thinking as a means to achieve a better society by utilizing new concepts to reach a more accurate assessment to produce more accurate judgments. Out of box thinking, logical reasoning, higher order thinking, and scientific thinking are really not intellectual pursuits of Muslims.


    As a result, their interpretation of neutral events, problem solving strategies, emotional reactions, interpersonal communication and attitude towards non-Muslims are full of thinking errors, automatic thoughts and negative behaviors. Consciously or unconsciously, Jihadi Muslims react to upsetting events, rejection, failure, and criticism in extreme negative Islamic terms. They may spontaneously respond without critical evaluation with extreme, angry outbursts. Instead of developing a more adaptive response, Jihadi Muslims accept automatic, pre cooked responses couched in Islamic jargon as correct and feel proud of it. Islamic automatic thoughts are predictable since its underlying beliefs are in the closed, rigid Islamic dogma. Such automatic response and ready-made solutions from Koranic concepts complicate issues, and interfere with their ability to reach positive goals. These dysfunctional, automatic thoughts and negative mal adaptive behaviors are logically connected to the content of the defective automatic thoughts. It leads to intermittent explosive disorder including violence, riots, suicide bombing and terrorism. For Jihadi Muslims, such distorted thoughts and violent behavior has their own validity and utility.

    The consequences are decidedly disastrous and miserable for the victims. The interaction of Islamic dogmatism, early indoctrination, rote memorization, deviant amplifying community psychodynamics, and cognitive processes enable Muslims to the maintenance of closed thinking, negative emotions and explosive behaviors. Strict Islamic regulatory guidelines also act as catalysts for developing authoritarian/conservative personality traits including conservatism, aggression, toughness, projectivity, stereotyping, destruction, hostility and anger. Such aggressive, conservative personality traits are maintained in all Jihadi Muslims by militant Islamic religious and social networks.

    Research studies have revealed that individuals who are committed to dogmatic Islamic belief system suffer from reasoning deficiencies, thinking errors and are likely to join terrorists groups as an expression of their conservative/authoritarian outlook. There is also evidence that socioeconomic factors, and educational level are not a determinant of Jihadi terrorism. Do Jihadi Muslims who share dogmatic Islamic beliefs, and membership in terrorism groups are more emotionally disturbed? By every measure available to researchers, absolutist, dogmatic, rigid beliefs negatively influence ethical judgment, and precipitate emotional disturbances.


    In Islamic culture, the common emotional impulses of Muslims are shaped through Islamic education, and through shared experiences in the Islamic social groups. Islamic cultural institutions, religious organizations and the state have ways of controlling thinking and social expression. The dogmatic Islamic ideology, and the strict enforcement of religious practices to maintain the closed system, and rote memorization of Koran solidify dysfunctional cognitive schemas. Defective cognitive schemas, culture and conservative personality continuously interact, in mutually supporting and shaping explosive behaviors.

    Jihadi Muslims seldom recognize the existence or inappropriateness of their thinking errors, negative emotions or refrain from misinterpretation of the situation or violent outbursts. In discussion or negotiation sessions, Jihadis often mix-up feelings and thoughts and mislabel feelings as thoughts. The connection among their irrational thoughts, negative emotion and outrageous behavior is always justified in the name of Allah.


    To develop and implement an effective model to prevent Jihadi violence and terrorism, it is important to focus on the cognitive and behavioral variables acting as pathways for Jihadi terrorism. Empirically based investigations of psychological factors of Jihadi terrorism have been helpful in identifying risk factors, thinking errors, and criminogenic needs of Jihadi terrorists. These risk factors, and the deadly Islamic ideology, which transforms Muslims into terrorists and suicide bombers should be part of any effective harm reduction and terrorism prevention policy and plan. Prevention strategies must include effective cognitive restructuring methods to address the impact of early learning processes and its influence in shaping negative emotions and deviant behaviors.

    Democratic nations must exert pressure on Islamic countries to reform their education system. Education in Islamic countries is not conducive for raising the level of rational thinking, or to help students in thinking differently, and expand scientific knowledge and insight. It is necessary to compel Islamic educational institutions to modify the system to minimize those factors, which enhance destructive beliefs and thinking errors. Effective educational reform must include restructuring school curriculum, and revising training curriculum for teachers. Islamic education reform can modify negative thinking process and possibly ameliorate some of the violent behavior including Jihadi terrorism. Revision of Islamic education should come from outside of Jihadi groups. Islamic countries must be forced to break the wall of denial and commit themselves to the difficult process of change. As part of the pressure, liberal democratic nations must enforce effective psycholinguistic, cognitive/behavior restructuring, and thinking for a change programs to modify Muslim's sense of righteousness and their simplistic all or nothing mentality that causes them to wage war against infidels.

    Dr. Babu Suseelan is a professor of psychology and director of a drug and alcohol treatment program in Pennsylvania. He writes on the effect of Islamic terrorists on Hindu society.

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    Posted by Gary Cooperberg, June 16, 2006.

    We sing "Hatifkvah", but it seems that we have lost the hope. We have still not escaped the ghetto mentality which tells us that our highest priority is to please the goyim. What will the nations think if we act as a proud independent nation and vanquish our enemies? Our leaders are afraid that foreign sympathy for vanquished Arabs will turn the nations against us, so rather than destroy those who seek to destroy us, we make it national policy to live together with our murderers.

    There are those who angrily condemn those Jews who still do have Jewish pride and self respect. Nadia Matar is being prosecuted for being a living example of Jewish self respect, an act which a self hating Jewish government cannot tolerate. What they fail to understand is that Jewish mothers have been forced to behave like army generals only because our army generals have begun to act like Jewish mothers.

    Yesterday two young Jewish girls were almost kidnaped while trying to hitch a ride in our country. General Yair Golan, in reaction to the incident called upon Jews not to hitch rides in Judea and Samaria. We don't need IDF generals to act like mothers. Rather than suggest that we stop living normal lives, the general would do better to make kidnaping an impossibility by taking freedom of travel away from our Arab enemies.

    Ehud Olmert is going all over the world selling his brand of cowardice as a form of twisted ideology. Rather than admit that we are living in a state of war and simply decide to win it, he has chosen to flee from our enemies and surrender our freedom and independence in the futile hope that the nations of the world will respect us for it. What cowards always fail to understand is that fleeing from bullies never satisfies them. On the contrary, it only encourages them to increase their belligerence. Anyone can see that our brave and bold decision to flee from Gaza has resulted in increased terror which will not stop until our leaders decide to stop it by returning to those areas and destroying our enemies.

    Olmert claims that his plans for further retreat are inevitable. This may be true. But what he refuses to see is the fact that such plans will result in strengthening our enemies who will eventually unite in a renewed effort to destroy our country completely. There is no question that any Jewish government will eventually have no choice but to redeem and reclaim all of the lands we have freely given away to our enemies. Our enemies will give us no choice. But the price we will have to pay in innocent lives will be far higher than it would have been had we acted with self respect rather than self humiliation.

    When Arabs are not afraid to try to kidnap Jewish girls, the question we should ask ourselves is not "Why do Jewish girls place themselves in danger"? Rather "How is it that Arabs are not afraid to kidnap Jewish girls"? We have an army which is fully capable of making it clear that kidnaping and stone throwing, not to mention shooting at us, are acts punishable by immediate death. Rather than arresting the kidnapers, they should have been shot on sight. It is only because we are tolerant of terror that terror prevails. It is high time that Jewish generals start acting like generals, and stop acting like Jewish mothers.

    Gary Cooperberg founded Project Shofar, which is dedicated to sounding the alarm to Jew and Gentile alike, to open our eyes to the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it. We dare not stand idly on the sidelines. Contact Gary Cooperberg at gary@projectshofar.org or go to his website:

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    Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 16, 2006.

    This article was written by Charles Krauthammer and it appeared today in Jewish World Review. (jewishworldreview.com/cols/krauthammer061606.php3).

    It was another one of those pictures that goes instantly around the world. A young Palestinian, wailing in wretched sorrow, grieving over her dead father, stepmother and five siblings who had been killed by an explosion on a Gaza beach. Then came the blame. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (he's the moderate) immediately called the killings an act of Israeli "genocide" and, to dramatize the crime, legally adopted the bereaved girl.

    The sensational coverage and sensational charges raise the obvious question: Why would Israel deliberately shell a peaceful family on a beach?

    The Israeli government, clumsy as ever, seemed to semi-apologize by expressing regret about the deaths, implying that perhaps they had been caused by an errant Israeli shell targeting a Palestinian rocket base. But then, a few days later, an army investigation concluded that it was not Israel's doing at all.

    First, because the shrapnel taken from the victims (treated at Israeli hospitals -- some "genocide") were not the ordnance used in Israeli artillery. Second, because aerial photography revealed no crater that could have been caused by Israeli artillery. And, third, because Israel could account for five of the six shells it launched at the rocket base nearby, and the missing one had been launched at least five minutes before the one that killed the family.

    An expert at a local chapter of a human rights group disputes the Israeli claims. Okay. Let's concede for the sake of argument that the question of whether it was an errant Israeli shell remains unresolved. But the obvious question not being asked is this: Who is to blame if Palestinians are setting up rocket launchers to attack Israel -- and placing them 400 yards from a beach crowded with Palestinian families on the Muslim Sabbath?

    Answer: This is another example of the Palestinians' classic and cowardly human-shield tactic -- attacking innocent Israeli civilians while hiding behind innocent Palestinian civilians. For Palestinian terrorists -- and the Palestinian governments (both Fatah and Hamas) that allow them to operate unmolested -- it's a win-win: If their rockets aimed into Israeli towns kill innocent Jews, no one abroad notices and it's another success in the terrorist war against Israel. And if Israel's preventive and deterrent attacks on those rocket bases inadvertently kill Palestinian civilians, the iconic "Israeli massacre" picture makes the front page of the New York Times, and the Palestinians win the propaganda war.

    But there is an even larger question not asked. Whether the rocket bases are near civilian beaches or in remote areas, why are the Gazans launching any rockets at Israel in the first place -- about 1,000 in the past year?

    To get Israel to remove its settlers, end the occupation and let the Palestinians achieve dignity and independence? But Israel did exactly that in Gaza last year. It completely evacuated Gaza, dismantled all its military installations, removed its soldiers, destroyed all Israeli settlements and expelled all 7,000 Israeli settlers. Israel then declared the line that separates Israel from Gaza to be an international frontier. Gaza became the first independent Palestinian territory ever.

    And what have the Palestinians done with this independence, this judenrein territory under the Palestinians' control? They have used their freedom to launch rockets at civilians in nearby Israeli towns.

    Why? Because the Palestinians prefer victimhood to statehood. They have demonstrated that for 60 years, beginning with their rejection of the United Nations decision to establish a Palestinian state in 1947 because it would have also created a small Jewish state next door. They declared war instead.

    Half a century later, at the Camp David summit with President Bill Clinton, Israel renewed the offer of a Palestinian state -- with its capital in Jerusalem, with not a single Jewish settler remaining in Palestine, and on a contiguous territory encompassing 95 percent of the West Bank (Israel making up the other 5 percent with pieces of Israel proper).

    The Palestinian answer? War again -- Yasser Arafat's terror war, aka the second intifada, which killed a thousand Jews.

    This embrace of victimhood, of martyrdom, of blood and suffering, is the Palestinian disease. They are offered an independent state. They are given all of Gaza. And they respond with rocket attacks into peaceful Israeli towns -- in pre-1967 Israel proper, mind you.

    What can Israel do but try to take out those rocket bases and their crews? What would the United States do if rockets were raining into San Diego from across the border with Mexico?

    Now look again at that terrible photograph and ask yourself: Who is responsible for the heart-rending grief of that poor Palestinian girl?

    David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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    Posted by Yoram Ettinger, June 16, 2006.

    Enclosed you'll find two article, published this morning (June 16, 2006) by Ha'aretz daily on its front page and as a commentary. The articles highlight some of the grave errors, which have underlined Demographic Fatalism.

    Contrary to the "Prophecies of Demographic Doom", there is a demographic problem, but there is NO Demographic Machete on the throat of the Jewish State, and the current trend is bolstering Jewish Demographic Momentum.

    More data can be downloaded from http://www.pademographic.com.

    Shabbat Shalom and may we heed a key lesson of this week portion of the Torah (SHLAKH): Just like Caleb and Joshua -- and contrary to the ten wimps -- a nation should not sacrifice long-term vision, history, principles and national security on the altar of short-term convenience, due to a tenuous threat, temptation or pressure.

    1. "Fertility rate among Israeli Arab women steadily declining"
    by Shahar Ilan, Haaretz Correspondent
    FRONT PAGE 16/06/2006

    The fertility rate among Arab women in Israel has declined steadily in the past five years, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

    Fertility rate signifies the number of children a woman is expected to deliver during the course of her life. The fertility rate among Israel's Muslims was more than nine children in the 1960s. By 1985, it had dropped to 4.7 children, and then remained at this level for the next 15 years.

    Over the past five years, the decline resumed, with the fertility rate dropping 8 percent - from 4.74 children per Muslim woman in 2000 to 4.36 in 2004. During the same period, the fertility rate for Jewish women rose slightly, from 2.66 to 2.71.

    Another relevant figure is the number of births per thousand. Among the Jewish population, the number of births per thousand rose from 18.7 in 2000 to 19.2 in 2004. In contrast, the number of births per thousand among the Muslim population plummeted during the same period, from 37.5 to 33.2 - a drop of 11 percent.

    The number of Jewish births in Israel rose from 92,000 in 2000 to 100,000 in 2004 - an increase of 9 percent. Meanwhile, there were 36,000 Muslim births in 2000 and the same number in 2004. The very next year brought a drop of 5 percent, to 34,000 Muslim births.

    2.  "A blue-and-white future?"
    by Shahar Ilan
    www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/LiArt.jhtml?contrassID= 2&subContrassID=15&sbSubContrassID=0

    The dispute over Israel's demographic forecast has broad political implications - mainly for the question of whether the convergence plan is necessary

    There is no demographic problem in Israel, there never was one, and most important, there is not going to be one - that is the clear conclusion reached by anyone who accepts the demographic forecast presented by an American-Israeli team of experts. A year and a half ago, this team, headed by former strategy consultant Bennett Zimmerman, kicked up a storm with its contention that there were 2.5 million Palestinians in the Palestinian Authority (West Bank and Gaza) in 2004, and not 3.8 million, as claimed by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, upon whose data most of the demographers rely.

    Now the team has published its predictions for 2025. According to the median forecast, 7.5 million Jews will be living in Israel and the West Bank then, constituting 63 percent of the population, as compared to 4.45 million Arabs (of these, 2.25 million in the West Bank), or 37 percent of the population. In other words, for every Arab, there will be two Jews. The population in Israel proper will be 77 percent Jews and 23 percent Arabs - not much different from today.

    These are the assumptions that guided the American-Israeli team in its highly optimistic forecast: There are only 1.4 million Palestinians in the West Bank today. The fertility rate of Jews in Israel is higher than that taken into account by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics in its forecasts, while the fertility rate of the Arabs in Israel is plunging. Immigration to Israel is expected to continue in its present scope.

    So what about the Gaza Strip? The one area that has been left out of the team's report, for some reason, is Gaza. True, Israel has disengaged from it, so presenting data that exclude it might be considered legitimate. But to completely ignore the Arab population living between the Mediterranean and the Jordan? That doesn't seem logical.

    Seeing that Zimmerman's team didn't do it, I took the figures for Gaza and factored them into the demographic forecast for 2025.

    The current state of affairs can be described thus: In 2004, according to the U.S.-Israeli group, the strip of land between the Jordan and the sea was 60 percent Jewish and 40 percent Arab. Hebrew University's Prof. Sergio della Pergola, one of Israel's leading demographers, says that since last year the number of Jews and Arabs in the region has equalized. According to the team's median forecast, there will be 7.5 million Jews and 6.2 million Arabs between the Mediterranean and the Jordan in 2025, which is to say, 55 percent Jews and 45 percent Arabs - almost a tie. In other words, there may indeed be a demographic problem, although Zimmerman's data show that it is developing very slowly.

    The president of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Louis Shabana, claims that the number of Palestinians living in the PA will reach 5 million by 2015. Zimmerman's team predicts only 4 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza in 2025. Demography is also a matter of geography, apparently.

    Not just numbers

    Zimmerman is not the only one who has his doubts about the predictions of the Palestinian CBS (3.6 million in 2004). Della Pergola's estimate for the number of Arabs in the PA is 3.3 million, and Prof. Arnon Sofer of the University of Haifa is inclined to accept the Israel Defense Forces' figure of 3 million. Ultimately, the debate is not just about numbers, but between those who say that we are looking at a very serious and dangerous demographic problem (Della Pergola and Sofer), and those who say our demographic future looks more blue-and-white than ever (Zimmerman, his Israeli partner Yoram Ettinger and their team of experts).

    "If we lop off a few hundred thousand people, the demographic 'tie' only gets pushed off by a couple of years," says Della Pergola. "Does that change anything?"

    This dispute has broad political implications, of course, mainly for the question of whether the convergence plan is necessary at all, or could be done without.

    Zimmerman et al have convinced us more with the questions they have raised than with their facts and figures. Thanks to them, the Israeli public has learned that the Palestinian figures are only a forecast. The Palestinian CBS itself, with or without a connection to Zimmerman's report, has lowered its estimate for 2004 from 3.8 million to 3.6 million; 200,000 people gone with the click of the mouse.

    The Zimmerman team had some major criticisms of the Palestinian forecast. For example, the fertility rate has sharply declined in the territories under PA control, which means that the forecast is inflated by about 300,000 people. The Palestinian CBS also counts the 200,000 residents of East Jerusalem and 150,000 Palestinians living outside East Jerusalem who have received Israeli identity cards. Also, the Palestinians include in their figures 325,000 people who have resettled abroad (the Palestinians deny this). The calculations of their CBS are thus based on an influx of 320,000 people into PA territory. In practice, however, the immigration-emigration balance is negative.

    The claim by Zimmerman's team that fertility in the Arab sector in Israel has radically declined is worth noting, especially in view of the fact that it is entirely based on the data of the Palestinian CBS. The most important figure in birthrate predictions is the total fertility rate (TFR) - i.e., the number of children a woman is likely to bear in her lifetime. The TFR for a Muslim woman, which was 4.74 in 2000, has been steadily decreasing. In 2004, it was 4.36; a decline of 8 percent. The TFR for a Jewish woman rose slightly in the same period, from 2.66 to 2.71. There were 92,000 Jewish births in Israel in 2000, and 100,000 in 2004 - an increase of 9 percent. The number of births in the Muslim Arab sector was 36,000 in 2000, with no change in 2004. The rate of births per 1,000 Jewish women rose from 18.7 in 2000 to 19.2 in 2004. The rate of births per 1,000 Muslim women dropped in this period from 37.5 to 33.2 - a decline of 11 percent.

    One of the widespread criticisms against the Zimmerman team last year, especially on the part of Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, was that the group had made a presentation rather than publishing research. What this meant in academic terms was that its findings could not be taken seriously or responded to in a proper fashion. A few months ago, the team published an academic research paper under the aegis of Bar-Ilan University's Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Research, downloadable from the center's Internet site. A Hebrew translation of the paper will soon be out. Now the findings can be discussed, challenged or rejected -- but to ignore them would be folly.

    Ambassador Yoram Ettinger is a consultant on US-Israel relations as well as the Chairman of Special Projects at the Ariel Center for Policy Research. Formerly the Minister for Congressional Affairs to Israel's Embassy in Washington, DC, Ettinger also served as Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern US. He is a former editor of Contemporary Mideast Backgrounder, and is the author of the Jerusalem Cloakroom series of reports. Contact him at yoramtex@netvision.net.il or go to http://yoramettinger.newsnet.co.il.

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    Posted by Hillel Fendel, June 16, 2006.

    With Kassams falling not only in Sderot, but also further away, five hunger-strikers continue to demand safety from Palestinian rocket launchers in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

    Five Kassam rockets were fired towards Israel over the night, from different areas of the Gaza Strip, and two more later this morning. Of the first five, two fell in the westernmost point of the Negev - near Kerem Shalom, south of the Egyptian-Gaza border city of Rafah - while another one smashed into a field well to the north, near Sderot. Two others landed in Gaza itself. No casualties or damage was reported.

    Today's two rockets were of concern, in that they landed deeper into Israel than most others. One of them hit a greenhouse in Moshav Shuvah, just before the workers were about to show up. Shuvah, near Kfar Maimon and five kilometers west of Netivot, is over six kilometers (four miles) from Gaza - about twice the distance from Gaza to Sderot.

    This was apparently only the second time Shuvah has been hit by Kassams. A wave of rockets hit the town last December, sending two women into shock and damaging a home.

    In the meanwhile, five Sderot residents continue their five-day-old hunger-strike. They began it Sunday night outside the home of Sderot resident and former mayor Defense Minister Amir Peretz, in the midst of a wave of more than 100 rockets at the area over a four-day period. Two of them fainted yesterday when a Kassam rocket exploded nearby [see photo].

    The strikers plan to remain at the site over the Sabbath.

    Hillel Fendel is senior news editor at Arutz Sheva (www.IsraelNN.com).

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    Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 16, 2006.


    Arab clans continue clashing in Gaza; gunmen keep kidnapping. We give the Arabs money, enabling them to stay there and continue to be inhumane to each other and to anyone who crosses their path, including foreign aid workers. They like gifts but not the bearers, especially if of a different religion. The world wants to confer statehood on those Arabs. The result would be to raid Israel and then get the UNO to declare Israeli retaliation a violation of P.A. sovereign rights.


    Thomas Jefferson believed that good ideas would prevail over poor ones, in a democracy. Americans are not so confident about that, any more. The government leaks some secrets, but punishes dissidents in its ranks for leaking others. It strikes out warnings by scientists that might cost industry money, as if politicians know science. Corporations sponsor science research that hides poor results. Universities hire mostly leftists. Their students shout down conservatives and even liberal voices of tolerance. Educators dumb down the curriculum, then slant it as much as do the media.

    All those groups are trying to keep only their views in the marketplace. That leaves the shelves half bare. How will we the people feed our minds from empty larders? How will our leaders determine suitable policy?

    Big business in the US is starting to change, but the prevailing attitude still is to avoid changes arising from public policy. General Motors has lost sales partly because it produces cars poorer in mileage and richer in pollution.

    Some public policy changes offer preference to less competent people, because of the social group into which they are categorized.

    Defense procurement seeks to foster employment as much as military need. Defense policy is directed sometimes for politics or ideology. This may work effectively or not, depending. Sen. Kerry would have abandoned the war on Iraq, because of his philosophical views. The result would have been a sharp rise in recruitment for terrorists, seeing that the US, once again, has lost its resolve. On the other hand, the US tries to have troops everywhere, allowing us an insufficient force anywhere.

    Government increasingly intrudes on our private lives, and not just by eavesdropping and by stifling criticism of Islam. US corporations are buying back their stock or switching to foreign stock exchanges, because of government-busybodies whose law imposed a confusing burden in a hasty attempt to prevent corporate fraud. Then there is the tax code, tens of thousands of pages long, thanks to lobbyists. Everyone wants some personal exception. Almost everyone thinks of tax revenue as something to take from other people and to give to him. Our society cannot keep this up.


    Playing in Dubai theaters, Munich, decried in the US for its moral equivalency between terrorists and their pursuers, planted seeds of doubt among the Muslims about terrorism. From their viewpoint, terrorists are heroes, but the film shows terrorists to be no better than the Israeli pursuers (Youssef Ibrahim, NY Sun, 5/30, p.7).


    Rocket launches against Israel from Gaza became such a problem, that the IDF is being sent back in, on occasion, to silence the rocket crews (NY Times, 5/31). France "deplores" the incursion and demands that the P.A. stop the rocket crews (IMRA, 5/31). But the P.A. won't. What is Israel supposed to do with treat violent Islamists, let them wreak their damage, the way the French handled its own Muslim rioters?


    "The plan does not call for formal recognition of Israel, nor does it call upon Hamas to renounce violence or disarm, all of which are the preconditions set by the Quartet of Nations (United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia) for restoring international funding for the PA government." (Arutz-7, 6/12.) The NY Times emphasizes its claim that the plan would recognize Israel "implicitly." Signed Arab commitment is unreliable enough, but "implicit" recognition would be repudiated, just as the prisoner-authors have been repudiating their own plan.

    The plan calls for continued warfare against Israel. That is a war plan, as all the other parts of it confirm. It is not clear why Israel's Defense Minister calls it a peace plan, nor why the Foreign Minister ordered the government not to discuss it, calling it an internal P.A. matter. Israel seems inclined to agree to let or help Abbas build up his presidential guard from 3,000 to 10,000 men, as if that terrorist, who promises he will not repress terrorism, would use that force to repress terrorism (IMRA, 5/30). The head of the guard is a wanted commander of suicide bombings (IMRA, 5/31).

    Internal? It involves Israel, all through it. I think that the government knows its position is gangrenous, but tries to cover people's noses, so they don't detect the intellectual rot.


    The government of Israel was asked to comment about reports that the US was barring Israel from incorporating Israeli enhancements into a new type of plane it would buy from the US. The spokesman called the reports useless, because Israel remains part of the plane's development team. IMRA pointed out that the comment ignores the content of the reports. What has Israel's helping to develop the plane got to do with Israel's inserting its own enhancements afterwards? (IMRA, 5/30.)


    In a 5/25 NY Times Op.-Ed., a Palestinian Arab "peace activist," whatever that is, complained bitterly about Israeli checkpoints in Judea-Samaria. He characterized the Israeli soldiers as "arrogant." (Was that subjective name-calling?) He wrote indignantly that they made a woman holding a crying baby dump her bag's contents on the ground.

    He said, "Israel says these measures are vital to stop suicide bombers from flooding into Israeli cities to terrorize the civilian population. But I can't imagine a suicide bomber standing in a long line deep inside the W. Bank, waiting for soldiers to check his ID and car. Determined people can always travel through the hills, avoiding the checkpoints."

    Actually, on May 29, the IDF arrested a suicide bomber and aide on mission, at a surprise checkpoint. Terrorists often don't wait at established checkpoints. That keeps them from pouring into Israel. There should be tables to show things on, but women with babies have tried to bring in bombs. The soldiers must be vigilant and check. If they don't, they get blown up. Therefore, the Times should have told its Op.-Ed. writer to omit the nonsense (Hillel Halkin, NY Sun, 5/30).

    Does that "peace activist" lament terrorism and the deaths of innocent Israelis? Most people who designate themselves as seekers of peace favor appeasement. They vehemently oppose Israeli self-defense but hardly chide Arab war criminals. They thus encourage aggression. Some "peace activists!"


    Under-Sec. of State Feith came Georgetown U. to teach diplomacy. Faculty, administrators, and students circulated a petition opposing his employment there.

    The petition claimed that he defended the use of torture, which the petition's author later acknowledged he had not. Another mistaken claim was that he has sought to diminish the importance of the Geneva Convention, which, in the Reagan administration, he was notable for defending. (I suppose they are referring to his finding the Convention inapplicable to Israel in the Territories. I heard him make that case, in person, on sound grounds of international law and the plain meaning and purpose of the Convention.)

    Signatories worry that his hiring is "reckless disregard for the potential damage to Georgetown's reputation." He is exceptionally qualified. They really object to his not being appeasement-minded. They are trying, as in universities all over the country, to keep out conservatives. They let in leftist extremists. Universities have become biased and censorious. The ideologues like uniformity, but they subvert higher education and forfeit an opportunity to correct their misimpressions about Iraq and also to ask him about Abu Ghraib and what his Pentagon unit found on whether Saddam and Al Qaeda worked together (Amity Shlaes, NY Sun, 5/31). What university reputation?

    Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at richardshulman5@aol.com.

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    Posted by May Leiner, June 16, 2006.

    This was written by Stanley Zir, founder of the Victorious America website.

    It now turns out that the baton for peace in the Middle East, which has been passed on to every US president since Jimmy Carter, is nothing other than a baton calling for Israel's self-destruction; more succinctly, a doctrine of "Jewicide".

    By initiating a peace plan that would continue to promote negotiation and concessions to the Palestinian population, while overlooking their habitual addiction to suicide attacks on Israeli citizens, it is now obvious that President George Bush, and other presidents before him, not only bought into an Arab Two-State Peace Scam, but swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

    This ruse has now reached the point where the nations of China and Russia are both willing to sacrifice the entire the nation of Israel for a chance to play Iran's oil market. In exchange for their support of Iran, they follow the Iranian "Oil for Jews" nuclear blackmail program.

    Now, Israel must depend on the nations of the European Union to ward off Iran's nuclear threat, nations who, time after time after time, indicated that sacrificing Israel's safety was a small price to pay for preventing their own economic disaster. With the possibility of Iran securing a nuclear dirty bomb, the risk of attack from within their own terrorist-infected nations is no longer one they are willing to take.

    As this cocktail turns deadly, don't hold your breath, Israel, when they offer you up on the chopping block to secure their own survival.

    To make matters worse, the American nation-building policy in the Middle East has been, and still is, preventing Israel from exercising her inalienable right to declare a full-scale war on the Palestinian terrorism-infected population, or to destroy Iran's nuclear power plant in order to save the nation from destruction.

    Did Kennedy wait first to win the hearts and minds of the Communist nations when the nuclear missiles landed in Cuba? No! The very survival of America was at stake. He did not even wait 90 days. Then why has President Bush been asking Israel to wait for more than three years, when the likelihood of Iran producing a nuclear bomb is no longer a remote possibility?

    Under what pretext did Israel's survival become an obstruction to America's nation-building policy in the Middle East? Is it that in order to be successful in this policy America had to first win the hearts and gain the trust of the majority of the Muslims in the region, in order to spread the doctrine of democracy there?

    Was it in a show of good faith that America continued to limit Israel's response when suicide bombers attacked her population because Muslims believe Israel is a terrorist state and the Palestinian people are the victims?

    America, you cannot keep downgrading Israel from a nation of freedom-loving people into a bargaining chip by asking their citizens to sacrifice their lives, in order to satisfy any part of a terrorist agenda, in the hope of establishing democracies in the nations of the Arab League. This is a policy that is doomed to failure.

    President Bush's surprise that 95% of the Palestinian people went to the polls and freely elected a terrorist organization speaks directly to this matter.

    Let's cut to the chase: the current Bush Doctrine and the Road Map have done nothing less then spawn a web of delusion in the minds of the Israeli people, which has now brought them full circle. Israel is again being asked to show restraint, this time in the face of a nuclear attack from Iran, a nation where the only thing that can be certified is the lies and deceptions that are the protocol to serve their tyrannical agenda.

    In the meantime, Israel will be hauled back to the United Nations, where China and Russia will leverage the threat of losing Iran's oil market to pressure the security council to water down sanctions or even oppose them. Instead, they will turn the focus on Israel as the final solution to end the Middle East conflict and Iran's nuclear threats. Inevitably, the self-serving policy of these two countries will result in the overwhelming majority of the nations of the world falsely blaming Iran's nuclear threat and Middle East unrest on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; thus, they will call for a hasty resolution to this conflict.

    Then what options are left on the table for Israel - negotiating with the terrorist Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas or the snake Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who wants an Arab "right of return"? In any case, it is a mute point when faced with the fact that 95% of the Palestine people chose Jihad, instead of liberty, through free elections.

    On 9/11, the unthinkable came to pass. Now, the same fools who did not think the Holocaust or the attack on the World Trade Center would happen, even after years of warnings, are the very same fools who are predicting that Iran will take anywhere from four months to four years to acquiring a nuclear bomb (and that is excluding the possibility of a nuclear suicidal dirty bomb attack on Israel by the Palestinians).

    Israel, you do the math.

    Stanley Zir is founder of www.Victoriousamerica.com, "dedicated to the completion of America's destiny... in fulfilling Liberty's mandate: 'Our Eternal War on Tyranny'...."

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    Posted by Rabbi Baruch Lederman, June 16, 2006.

    Two non-Jewish burglars broke into a Jewish home in Bessarabia, Russia in the 1800s. They plundered the home, scouring every crack and crevice, every nook and cranny. In the course of their pilfering, they found two books in a remote spot that the family themselves didn't even realize were there and probably never would have found.

    After leaving the house, they took a closer look at the two books and realized that they were all in Hebrew. They were about to toss the books into the trash, when they noticed a Jew walking by. One of the robbers called out to a passing Jew, 'Won't you buy these two Jewish books from me for a ruble? If you won't, I'll discard them with the garbage.' The Jewish man, Shlomo Yehoshua, saw that they were written in Hebrew and he paid a ruble in order to rescue them from disgrace. However, he didn't know what they were.

    None of those men, neither the Jew nor the robbers had any idea that on that night, they were making history.

    The Vilna Gaon lived in the 1700s. His scholarship and piety are legendary. He stood head and shoulders above the greatest Rabbis of his time. Indeed he was a throwback to an earlier era. The Rosh Yeshiva, Horav Alter Henoch Leibowitz, shlit'a told us that Reb Chaim Volozhin said of the Gaon that he was K'Rashba Ulai K'Ramban (as great as the Rashba, perhaps as great as the Ramban).

    During his lifetime, the Vilna Gaon wrote numerous commentaries on the Tanach and Talmud, each a magnificent treasure of incalculable depth and brilliance. One of the greatest of those treasures was his inspired commentary of the complex Seder Zeroim of the Yerushalmi.

    Somehow, to the dismay of many, this invaluable commentary disappeared. The work was known to exist, and many great Torah scholars longed to see it, but it was not to be found. The extensive efforts made in order to locate it were futile and they had almost lost all hope of obtaining it. The famous publishers in the 1800s, the Romm family particularly made enormous efforts to recover the vanished commentary, but to no avail.

    Shlomo Yehoshua left the robbers with the two books he had "purchased". He didn't know what they were, but he knew that he couldn't allow the robbers to desecrate them. He still had to decide what to do with them. He held them in his home for a while, but eventually gave them to a friend whom he felt could do a better job watching and safeguarding them. Neither friend knew what they were, but they both were intrigued and certainly wanted to know. They also both agreed that they might be holy books and should therefore be given proper care and respect.

    The books changed hands several times. Any time along the way they could have wound up buried, but they eventually reached someone knowledgeable who realized that these books were written by the Vilna Gaon himself. It turned out that the home that was plundered had belonged to one of the family members of the Gaon zt'l. These two old books in fact were an old manuscript of the Vilna Gaon's elusive explanation of the Yerushalmi on Seder Zeroim and a newer copy of it.

    At that time, the Romm publishers had put out sales notices that they were about to publish the Yerushalmi. Upon seeing the notices, the knowledgeable man purchased the manuscripts cheaply and traveled to bring them to Romm. The publishers happily bought them from him for a handsome price. One of the workers on the project proudly recounted, "We were the means by which the public received it. We were able to affix it as an adornment to our holy literature and the posuk 'And a blessing to the chief purveyor' was fulfilled in us."

    The events that led to the Vilna Gaon's commentary on Yerushalmi Seder Zeroim coming to light, were nothing short of a miracle. Chazal's comment about such stories is that, "Everything needs mazel (good fortune), even the sefer Torah in the heichal (sanctuary)!"

    In this case it needed good fortune, and a couple of robbers.

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    Posted by Steven Plaut, June 16, 2006.

    "Free Speech for me but not for thee," is by Jonathan Rosenblum. It appeared in the Jerusalem Post today. It is archived at

    The Torah contains many prohibitions against speaking derogatorily of others. When it comes to the laws of lashon hara, even truth is not a defense, except in certain narrowly defined circumstances.

    Underlying the proscriptions against derogatory speech is the idea that we create our world through our speech. If we continually view others with a jaundiced eye, and fail to judge them favorably, our world becomes a nasty, brutish place. The Sin of the Spies, about which we read in this week's Torah portion, was to create by their negative report of the Land that G-d had promised a false reality.

    Last week someone with whom I maintain an e-mail correspondence published what I considered an over-the-top attack on the entire chareidi community. And I told him so. He replied that if I wanted to have a dialogue with him, I'd have to eschew descriptions like "screed," "bad journalism," and "ignorant." Though each of these descriptions could have been defended, I agreed.

    The dialogue was more important to me than scoring points. One of the problems with today's Israeli society is that there is too little dialogue. Too often conversation is precluded at the outset by one party shooting a verbal arrow across the bow that makes it impossible for the other to listen to anything he or she has to say.

    WHILE AS A TORAH JEW, I attempt to maintain a degree of restraint in my own speech, I do not want the secular Israeli state to attempt to impose a regime of restraint through the law.

    One of the baleful consequences of the over-involvement of the Supreme Court in setting national norms has been the conflation of what is right, proper or moral with what is legal. The two categories must remain distinct. There is no inconsistency between advocating particular modes of speech, and criticizing those who fail to meet those standards, on the one hand, and supporting a legal regime that places few, if any, restrictions on expressions of opinion.

    Experience has shown that legal prohibitions will too often be applied in a highly selective and discriminatory fashion. And the resulting perception that the legal rules are manipulated on behalf of one side of the political or religious spectrum undermines the legitimacy of Israeli democracy in the eyes of the public.

    Nadia Matar's current trial on charges of "insulting a public official" is a case in point of selective enforcement, as this paper pointed out this week ("Noxious Speech," June 11). No doubt Yonatan Bassi was insulted by a letter from Matar likening the Disengagement Authority to a modern day "Judenrat."

    But I suspect that Court President Aharon Barak was no less hurt to read his colleague Mishel Cheshin's characterization of his legal position on the citizenship law in Ha'aretz: "Justice Aharon Barak is ready for 30, 50 people to be blown up, but we will have human rights." And doubtless Chief of Staff Dan Halutz took umbrage at signs carried by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's daughter Dana and her fellow Machsom Watch demonstrators labeling him a "murderer," at a demonstration protesting the deaths of seven Palestinians on Gaza Beach last Friday night.

    Matar, Cheshin, and Olmert were all making a political point, and as with much political speech, they chose the sharpest possible imagery to do so. (Only Olmert's charge can be objectively refuted, if, as now appears clear, the IDF bore no responsibility for the explosion that killed six members of one family.) The only difference between them is that there is absolutely no chance that Cheshin or Olmert will ever stand trial.

    No less troubling than the Matar prosecution is a libel judgment entered last week against Haifa University economics professor Steven Plaut. Nazareth Magistrate Reem Naddaf fined Plaut 80,000 shekels and assessed him 15,000 shekels in legal costs for comments about Ben-Gurion University lecturer Neve Gordon.

    The United States Supreme Court recognized long ago in New York Times vs. Sullivan (1964) that private libel actions can be employed to stifle free speech. Plaut's conviction is a case in point. Plaut's rhetorical style can only be described as "take-no-prisoners," which, in my opinion, makes him less effective than his brilliance warrants. But his pieces are always well-documented so that any reader can decide for himself the appropriateness of his characterizations.

    Plaut has a running vendetta with post-Zionist academics, like Gordon. Among his libelous acts, according to Magistrate Naddaf, was forwarding (not writing) a sarcastic e-mail of condolence to Gordon and other left-wing academics after the IDF's targeted killing of Hamas bomb-maker Mohammed Def. Another was a reference to Yasser Arafat as Gordon's "guru," after Gordon violated IDF orders to enter Arafat's Ramallah compound, where he was photographed holding hands with him.

    Finally, in a piece entitled "Ha'aretz promotes 'Jews for Hitler,'" Plaut attacked Ha'aretz for publishing Gordon's laudatory review of Norman Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry," in which the latter claims that the number of those killed in the Holocaust has been "grossly exaggerated," as part of a systematic manipulation by world Jewry to deflect criticism of Israel's "racist" and "Nazi" treatment of Palestinians. (The "Jews" in Plaut's title more plausibly referred to Finkelstein than Gordon.)

    That any of this could be actionable boggles the mind. Many others have reached the same conclusion as Plaut about Gordon's antics. Such a modulated voice as Bar-Ilan University's Gerald Steinberg has described as "anti-Semitic" a group of caricatures of Israeli soldiers "oppressing" innocent-looking Palestinians, published by Physicians for Human Rights, which Gordon formerly headed.

    Maariv op-ed editor Ben-Dror Yemini accuses Gordon, along with Ilan Pappe, of "spreading their articles dripping with anti-Zionist poison all over the world, including anti-Semitic websites." Gordon's review of Finkelstein's book was posted on the website of Ernst Zundel, recently deported from Canada to stand charges for Holocaust denial in Germany.

    Nor has Gordon been restrained in his criticisms of Israeli "fascism." In a widely published article, Gordon labeled Gaza Brigade Commander Gen. Aviv Kochavi a "war criminal" in the title. Kochavi was subsequently advised by the IDF legal advisor not to take up studies at the Royal College of Defense Studies in England, out of fear of "war crimes" prosecutions.

    Plaut's sharp pen is not everyone's cup of tea -- surely not Gordon's. But until the day comes when all Israelis recognize, that "death and life are in the power of the tongue" (Proverbs 18:21), we are better off ordering our legal regulation of speech according to George Orwell's dictum: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

    Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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    Posted by Marion Dreyfus, June 16, 2006.

    I wish the leaders of our country would take a stand like Australia.....

    Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

    A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia at a special meeting with Prime Minister John Howard, he and his ministers made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown.

    Treasurer Peter Costello, seen as heir apparent to Howard, hinted that some radical clerics could be asked to leave the country if they did not accept that Australia was a secular state and its laws were made by parliament.

    "If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you," he said on national television.

    "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia, one the Australian law and another the Islamic law, that is false. If you can't agree with parliamentary law, independent courts, democracy, and would prefer Sharia law and have the opportunity to go to another country, which practices it, perhaps, then, that's a better option," Costello said.

    Asked whether he meant radical clerics would be forced to leave, he said those with dual citizenship could possibly be asked to move to the other country.

    Education Minister Brendan Nelson later told reporters that Muslims who did not want to accept local values should "clear off".

    "Basically, people who don't want to be Australians, and they don't want to live by Australian values and understand them, well then they can basically clear off," he said. Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques.


    IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It! I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.

    However, the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the "politically correct" crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others. I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to Australia.

    However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here, need to understand.

    This idea of Australia being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Australians, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle.

    This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, then learn the language!

    Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push but a fact because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, Because God is part of our culture.

    We will accept your beliefs and will not question why, all we ask is that you accept ours and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.

    If the Southern Cross offends you, or you don't like "A Fair Go", then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet.

    We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don't care how you did things where you came from. By all means keep your culture but do not force it on others.

    This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this, but once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, "THE RIGHT TO LEAVE."

    If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.

    Pretty easy really, when you think about it. I figure if we all keep passing this to our friends (and enemies) it will also, sooner or later get back to the complainers, lets all try, please.


    Contact Marion Dreyfus by email at dreyfusmarion@hotmail.com

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    Posted by Lawrence Uniglicht, June 15, 2006.

    Fundamentalist Islamic adherents, inculcated by misogynist racist hate-filled uncivilized Wahhabi doctrine, view themselves as citizens of their malignantly interpreted Koran, thus retain no allegiance to and will not tolerate civilized secular governmental structures. A civilized secularly based tolerant Constitutional (oral or written) republic legally insuring minority rights, thus protecting the proclivities of citizens of all faiths and non-faiths, is the antithesis of a culture based on such theocratic dogma. In effect, a fundamentalist Wahhabi Islamic culture cannot peacefully blend within civilized cultures, considering members of such cultures to be infidels that must be eliminated, thus remain an ever-present danger to the health and safety of those civilized denizens. Live and let live is not an option within the muddled mind-sets of Wahhabi infected bigots. Naïve Europeans, unwilling to grasp the presence of the festering fundamentalist Wahhabi infection, imported from proximate impoverished lands, ready to burst and infiltrate the bowels of their collectively secular social structure, need an immediate wake-up call. Furthermore, such Europeans must acquaint themselves with a prescient fact, that Israel, a modernized technologically advanced tolerant secularly bent democratic bastion of hope within an ever-dysfunctional Middle East, must be viewed as an ally whose basic values coincide with theirs, thus for the sake of self-interest all anti-Zionist fervor must forthwith cease and desist.

    Clearly, anti-Zionist sentiment maligning the Jewish State, ever-prevalent within many non-Muslim civilized nations but especially indigenous to Europe, loomed as one substantial factor persuading Israel to cede Gaza. Indeed, it is difficult to make one's case, thus garner sufficient support to keep one's territory, when widely and unjustly perceived as an imperialist occupier of poor Palestinian Arab waifs by one's trading partners. Ironically, Europe's malignantly skewed perspective concerning this issue, perhaps unable to appropriately deal with its own guilt-ridden post-Holocaust syndrome, could eventually create a perilous scenario for that continent. An oil pipeline traversing Turkey between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea is in the planning stages. European tankers docked in the Mediterranean, of course, would deliver the fossil fuel to accessible ports of call. Lest we forget, the emerging Persian Islamic fundamentalist nuclear power Iran boasts of an undersea missile no ship, including oil tanker, can outrun. Gaza, now in chaos, however likely to be controlled by Hamas radicals, abuts the Mediterranean Sea. If such a cadre of fundamentalist militants acquired one of Iran's seaworthy missiles of mass destruction, only Israel's ever-vigilant navy and air force guarding a radically altered stretch of coastline, would be able to prevent a launched war-headed missile from striking a loaded European oil tanker, or for that matter with remote guidance any European port such as Rome, St Tropez, Monte Carlo, or Barcelona. Indeed, the maliciously skewered "Zionist" nation that many Europeans detest might someday be their only defense against those perceived poor Palestinian waifs, in fact jihad junkies, they so support. Talk about irony!

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    Posted by Judy Lash Balint, June 15, 2006.

    In the early 1990s I spent quite a bit of time in Sderot, one of Israel's southern development towns that sits at the northeastern tip of the Gaza Strip. At the time, I was coordinator of the Operation Exodus campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and Sderot was our twin community.

    The idea was that a portion of the money raised in Seattle for Soviet emigration would be channeled directly to Sderot to help them absorb an additional 11,000 immigrants. The entire population of Sderot back then was only 12,000, so the town was expected to almost double its size over a period of just a few years.

    I remember sitting in the sweltering conference room of the bare-bones municipality building in 1990, as city officials explained where the new neighborhood of pre-fab houses would be built, not far from the burgeoning industrial zone. There was optimism in the air despite the obvious challenges of integrating such large numbers of people who had little in common with the largely North African Sderot old-timers. The newcomers would revitalize the town and stimulate the economy we were told, and Sderot would become an attractive regional center. A safe community, secure in its uncontroversial status inside the Green Line.

    These memories came flooding back yesterday as I sat in that same conference room listening to Eli Moyal, the ashen-faced, exhausted and exasperated Likud mayor of Sderot.

    Not much has changed in the modest building--the same tired-looking, once-white stucco covers the walls, and the giant size map of the city in the conference room hasn't been updated. But the most striking difference in that conference room is the 13 pictures of Sderot residents killed in terror and Kassam attacks. Several of them are children, including Ayala Abucassis, 17, who was killed by a Kassam rocket last year on a Sderot street. A couple of the terror victims are Russian-speaking immigrants.

    Since the Israeli withdrawal from Gush Katif last summer, Sderot has become the new address for a barrage of Kassam rockets fired from the area of the now-destroyed Jewish communities of Dugit, Alei Sinai and Nisanit. According to IDF statistics, more than 600 Kassams have been launched against Israel from the Gaza Strip since last September. Several have targeted the Ashkelon industrial area, but it's Sderot, barely 3 miles away from Beit Hanoun, that has borne the brunt of the onslaught.

    Last weekend alone, seventy of the crude arrowhead missiles were launched toward Israel. Four Israelis were wounded and a few buildings were damaged. Every time there's an incoming Kassam, a warning siren sounds. It's called "Red Dawn" and provides all of 15 seconds for people to dive next to a wall or under the bed. To say that the citizens of Sderot are on edge would be a severe understatement.

    A group of residents is currently conducting a hunger strike in a small Sderot park. Their demand is simple -- get the IDF to strike Beit Hanoun so they can live in peace and quiet. The park where they've set up their protest tent is a few yards away from the home of Defense Minister Amir Peretz, leader of Israel's Labor party. Peretz hasn't been home much lately -- he's too busy issuing empty threats from Jerusalem. On Wednesday, Peretz clearly warned Hamas to stop launching rockets at southern Israel or "face the wrath of the IDF." Today, one day later, when a Kassam collapses an industrial building in Sderot injuring one worker, Peretz tells the Knesset plenum his preference would be for both sides to work out their differences within the context of an agreement.

    Anger at such government policy is palpable all over Sderot. Over at the AMIT High School, a few short yards away from the municipality and Sderot's central square, students are squeezed into the ground-floor classrooms since May 21 when a Kassam burst through the red-tile roof shattering the ceiling of the 11th grade classroom. The teenage boys were finishing morning prayers in the school's synagogue when the missile hit.

    "They're shocked, afraid. Everyone is frustrated at the government," Rabbi Amit Orenbuch, the soft-spoken school's principal says. "The students feel that nothing is as it should be," he goes on. Orenbuch, himself a seven-year resident of Sderot says this is the worst period he remembers in the town.

    A few of the teenagers come out to talk to reporters. In the typical manner of teenage boys, they put on a facade of bravado -- tense smiles cover their fears as they proclaim how they're OK and have no difficulties dealing with the situation.

    Mayor Moyal has a more sober assessment of the effect of the Kassams on Sderot's children. "More than 50 percent of kids here are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome," he asserts. "It manifests in all kinds of ways -- they're sleeping in their parent's beds, can't concentrate on their studies, taking pills," he adds.

    Moyal pledges that by the end of the month no kids will be left in Sderot. All 5,000 children will be sent to summer camps in other parts of the country to protect them from additional trauma.

    Moyal isn't placated by government promises to reinforce schools with Kassam-proof roofs. "I don't believe in protection -- what we need is to prevent the terrorists launching missiles at us. Israel isn't really fighting terror, our government is trying to negotiate with terrorists."

    The Likud mayor doesn't mince words in conveying his disgust at his Palestinian neighbors. "There's no reason the Palestinians keep on shitting on us after we took all our troops out of Gaza. It's just blatant hatred, that's why they're shooting at us. There are no Palestinian demands on this land. I'm calling on the citizens of Sderot not to go anywhere -- we'll stay here forever. Not because we're strong, but because we're right. We won't give them the satisfaction of giving into terror."

    At his news conferences with world leaders this week, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert barely mentioned the suffering citizens of Sderot. Mr. Olmert shouldn't expect a quiet homecoming. Pictures of Sderot at http://flickr.com/photos/jerusalemdiaries/ for some unusual photos from Israel.

    Judy Lash Balint is an investigative journalist and author of "Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" (Gefen). It is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com

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    Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 15, 2006.

    Daniel Pipes, in the interview below, gives us some information that bodes very ill for the future of peace in the Middle East.

    "The great debate among Palestinians is not over goals; the elimination of Israel is a consensus goal among 80 percent of the Palestinian population, while the other 20% has no voice. The debate among that 80% for two decades has been how best to deal with (i.e.., destroy) Israel." (about mid-way down the text of the interview).

    If this is true, then there is no hope for peace via negotiations or compromise or concessions or targetted assassinations or the imprisonment of terrorists.

    Pipes does not quote a source for this statistic. But, even if it is skewed, the conclusion is still the same. Even if only 50% held the concensus goal of destroying Israel, as long as the other 50% were voiceless, the destruction goal would guide Palestinian Authority policy. Even if the percentages were 20% vs an 80% voiceless, that 20%, being violent terrorist murderers who have no compunctions about terrorizing their own people, would guide PA policy.

    What percentage of Germany was NAZI in 1939? I don't know. But certainly there were some (many?, most? surely not all?) Germans who were not NAZIs, but who voicelessly did not oppose it. And NAZI priorities ruled Germany until its defeat.

    If the ruling forces in Palestinian society are committed to Israel's destruction, and the other forces in the society are voiceless and powerless ( or choose to not exercize their power or make their voices heard), then the only way that there can be peace is if/when Isrrael does to the Palestinian people what the Allied Powers did to the German people.

    1.) war with the uncompromising goal of total defeat for the terrorists, even at the cost of civilian casualties (remember Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki)

    2.) total defeat means that the terrorists accept unconditional surrender (as did Germany after Hitler's death)

    3.) part of unconditional surrender means the dismantling of the terror forces, imprisonment of their leaders, total and permanent disarmament, disbanding of disarmed terrorists, and the official goverment decree that terrorism and incitement to terrorism and incitement to hatred are all illegal in Palestinian society....including mosques, schools, media, and government pronouncements.

    Only then, with the terrorist leaders dead or in jail, can moderate leaders emerge who can lead the Palestinians to a sovereign state, run by rule of law, behaving in a civilized manner, in peace and cooperation with Israel.

    Your thoughts?

    The Interview below, entitled "I watch with frustration as the Israelis don't get the point," was conducted by Ruthie Blum, on Jerusalem Post, June 9, 2006. It is archived at www.danielpipes.org/article/3667

    In Israel last month to receive the "Guardian of Zion" award from Bar-Ilan University's Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies, Middle East scholar and author Daniel Pipes pulled no punches. In his acceptance speech at the King David Hotel before a distinguished gathering of academics, politicians, business people and the media, Pipes did something that - while perhaps, par for his own lonely course of late - was unconventional to say the least. It certainly strayed from the pro forma podium fare that was the focus of his predecessors' professions of dedication to the Jewish state and its capital. Rather than emphasizing his heart-felt connection to the land and people of Israel, he gave a lecture on "The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem."

    With the customary articulateness and the scholarly adherence to historical data that are the trademarks of his writings - among them a weekly column in these pages - Pipes produced empirical evidence to demonstrate that any and all Arab claims to "al-Quds" are, and have always been, merely utilitarian. Period.

    In other words, Pipes showed himself a Guardian of Zion and Jerusalem not by direct professions of love, but by refuting the fallacious arguments of those he identifies, in no uncertain terms, as Israel's mortal enemies.

    Another feature of the annual ceremony that distinguished it from that of previous years was the opening of the floor to questions from the audience following the lecture. This spiced the festive dinner with the flavor of a debate; though in this case, there was clearly more a sense of serene agreement among the few hundred attendees than skepticism or hostility. Which may have been something of an unusual experience for Pipes, who is under constant attack from the Left for his portrayal of the Islamist agenda, and for his calling to task the departments of Middle East studies at North American universities - through his Middle East Forum's Campus Watch project - for what he considers to be academic malpractice. Nor has he been winning any popularity contests among former political and intellectual allies on the Right - not, that is, since conservatives first split over the wisdom of Ariel Sharon's unilateral disengagement plan. While neoconservative appointees in the Bush Administration - like many Bush-backers elsewhere - have remained loyal to the policies of the American president and the former Israeli prime minister, others, like Pipes, have been sounding alarm bells about both. In an hour-long interview with The Jerusalem Post in his suite at the King David on the eve of the award ceremony, Pipes pinpointed what he considers to be Israel's fundamental failing: a shift from victory-driven warfare to conflict management.


    "In the end, one side will win and one side will lose," he said, shrugging matter-of-factly, his mild-mannered tone seemingly at odds with his message. "What's so striking is that Israel, which is a modern, sophisticated, globalized country, seems not to understand this. Very few Israelis are aware of the need to win. As an outsider, I watch with frustration as the Israelis don't get the point."

    Were you surprised to have won this particular award?

    Yes, it came as a surprise.


    Well, the prior recipients were people I admired, and I didn't quite see myself in their league. [Previous recipients were William Safire, Arthur Cohn, Ruth Wisse, Charles Krauthammer, Cynthia Ozick, Sir Martin Gilbert, A.M. Rosenthal, Herman Wouk and Elie Wiesel.]

    You didn't see yourself "in their league" or you don't share their views on Israel?

    Those who won this award have been, as the title suggests, "Guardians of Zion" - in other words, defenders of Israel. That description applies less well to me. If anything, I lambaste Israel.

    What do you "lambaste" Israel for?

    Israelis have lost their way when it comes to relations with the Arabs, and more specifically, when it comes to war goals. I criticize Israelis - and I mean the body politic, not specifically the leadership - for thinking that management of the conflict is the best that can be done.

    As opposed to ...?

    As opposed to winning. Over the course of the past 15 years, one has seen a host of proposals on how to manage the conflict. Some of these proposals became government policy; many others are simply proposals. What they have in common, from Left to Right, is that they see this conflict as unwinnable, as merely manageable.

    The security fence is a case in point. I am for it. Clearly, it has had - and in the future, when it's completed, will have even more - the effect of keeping out would-be murderers. But a wall is not the way to win a conflict. A wall is a tactical mechanism to protect oneself, not a strategic way of winning a war. Winning a war requires imagination - perspective - to impose your will on your enemy. That is classically what victory means: imposing your will on your enemy. It doesn't mean massacring or impoverishing the enemy, but causing him to give up his goals. This notion is virtually absent from Israeli political discussion.

    You say that Israelis have "lost their way" in relation to the Arabs. This implies a shift. When do you see this shift from aiming to win the conflict to merely managing it as having taken place?

    A profound shift took place during the decade between the 1982 war in Lebanon and the 1993 Oslo Accord.

    Is criticizing Israel the only difference between yourself and prior Rennert award winners?

    No, there is another. I focus on Muslims rather than defend Israel. I don't spend time on the British boycott of Israeli universities, or on the bias against Israel at the United Nations. I don't justify Israel. I don't fit the pattern in the sense that I look at Israel primarily from the Palestinian, Arab, Muslim point of view. My work involves not so much the defense of Israel as looking at Syria, the Palestinians, etc.

    Is there really such a thing as an Arab "point of view?" After all, there are so many different Arab and Muslim countries in the world.

    There are enormous numbers of differences and exceptions among them, but I think in general one can draw a broad outline of a viewpoint, yes.

    So, from an Arab point of view, what constitutes the imposition of will on an enemy?

    I understand this conflict between Israel and the Arabs to be defined by war goals. Israel's war goals consist of winning the acceptance of its Arab enemies, in particular that of the Palestinians. Acceptance means no longer using force - or other means, for that matter - to eliminate the Jewish state. The Arab war goals, conversely, are to eliminate the Jewish state. I see this as binary - as black and white. One side wins, one side loses. Compromise cannot take place. Oslo was a grand experiment in compromise, and it failed. In the end, one side imposes its will on the other.

    Now, if the Arabs impose their will on Israelis, it means there will be no sovereign Jewish state. There could be a Jewish population living under Palestinian or other Arab rule. Or it could be that the Jews flee. It could be that they're murdered. But there's no more sovereign Jewish state.

    Should the Israelis win, the Arabs acknowledge, however grudgingly, that Israel's there and is a permanent fact of life. They don't have to have trade with it, or sponsor Hebrew classes in their schools - these would be nice things, but they're not necessary. A cold peace, as it were, would work. But unlike the one with Egypt, there truly must be acceptance.

    What's so striking is that Israel, which is a modern, sophisticated, globalized country, seems not to understand this. Very few Israelis are aware of the need to win. As an outsider, I watch with frustration as the Israelis don't get the point.

    And the Palestinians?

    The Palestinians, who have not scaled the same sophisticated heights, ironically, do understand that their goal is to win.

    How much of this is connected to pressure from Washington?

    I have been struck for 15 years now by how Israelis make their own destiny with little reference to Washington. Looking at the relationship schematically, until the 1967 war, Washington exerted little diplomatic pressure on Israel, for there was no one to negotiate with on the Arab side. But then, even in the midst of the Six Day War, president Lyndon B. Johnson had formulated the outline of the land-for-peace policy that all these decades later still drives US diplomacy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    This became more real when [Egyptian President Anwar] Sadat took office and with the diplomacy that did ensue, especially in 1973.

    For the next 20 years, constant tension divided Washington and Jerusalem. Washington advised Jerusalem to take the plunge, and Jerusalem responded with caution, pointed out that the Arabs say one thing in Arabic and another in English - that they are not sincere.

    This tension finally dissolved in 1993, when, under [prime minister] Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli government said, in effect, "OK, United States, you're right. Let's give it a try." Since then, there basically has been no tension, other than modest, temporary strains under [prime minister Binyamin] Netanyahu.

    The degree of agreement between Washington and Jerusalem has been remarkable, as has been Jerusalem's initiative. Consider three examples: The Oslo Accord was done in Oslo, not in Washington, to keep the Americans from knowing about it. At the tail end of [prime minister] Ehud Barak's and [US president] Bill Clinton's time in office, in January 2001, the former pushed the latter to come up with some arrangement that would finally settle matters at Taba. And there was [prime minister Ariel] Sharon's change of heart concerning Gaza in November 2003.

    What about "occupation"? What is its role in all of this?

    The Palestinians hold the notion of occupation dear to them, to the point that no matter what Israel does - even withdraw forces completely from Gaza - they say the occupation continues. Israelis are trying to "un-occupy," in terms of currency, utilities and much else, and the Palestinians are saying, "No, we're your unwanted stepchild, and we're yours."

    They found that this word, ihtilal (occupation), is a very useful one, domestically and internationally.

    What is the ultimate Palestinian war goal, then, statehood or the elimination of Israel?

    Oh, definitely the elimination of Israel. That is to say, there is far wider agreement on this than on the notion of a Palestinian state. Recall that making the region Israel controls into southern Syria drove Arab politics in the early 1950s. Then came the heyday of Pan-Arab nationalism in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Today, Hamas strives for an Islamic state whose boundaries need not be those of Mandatory Palestine. All of these outlooks agree on the need to eliminate Israel but disagree on what should replace it.

    There is much talk now about the regimes in Egypt and Jordan being in danger of destabilization as a result of the chaos in the Palestinian Authority. If so, why are these countries more actively siding with the PA than with Israel?

    The Palestinian cause is a challenge to most Arab leaders - something they ride at their peril. It has a potential to challenge their regimes from the outside. So they handle the issue with great caution. Most Arab leaders, especially those of Jordan and Egypt, would like to end this conflict. Indeed, in both cases, their predecessors tried, by signing formal peace agreements with Israel, to pull out.

    Why did that not succeed?

    In both cases, the population said no. They had given their proxy to their governments and said, "Here, leaders, you're in charge of anti-Zionism."

    When the leaders betrayed them by signing formal peace agreements - Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 - the popular reaction was, "We're taking back our proxy; we've got to do this ourselves."

    You see a ratcheting up in popular attitudes toward Israel?

    I lived in Egypt for three years before the signing of the peace agreement with Israel, and Israel was hardly ever a topic. Egyptians did not engage in economic boycotts of firms that were dealing with Israel or rumored to be sending money to Israel. No songs celebrated hatred of Israel. Political cartoons were nasty toward Israel, but just politically, not religiously.

    I conclude that we see a far deeper anti-Israel sentiment in the post-1979 period than before then. The same goes for Jordan, where the king signed a particularly warm agreement with Israel, the popular reaction to which was, "No! We will not have trade. We will not have other forms of contact with Israel."

    What does this imply?

    That, contrary to common perception - according to which Arab governments foment trouble with Israel as a cheap way of diverting attention from their own malpractices - the issue of Israel is a grass-roots issue that scares them. We witnessed this, for example, during the violence of late 2000-early 2001, when massive demonstrations took place on Arab streets and the governments dealt with them very gingerly. A prime minister might head a demonstration in a show of solidarity, but he was clearly nervous about it.

    Any comments on the actions of the Egyptian and Jordanian governments lately?

    They have begun to revert to their pre-1967 roles - Egypt in Gaza and Jordan in the West Bank. They exert nothing like the control they enjoyed before June 5, 1967, but both governments now - with Israelis pulling back and Hamas surging in power - are nervously concerned with what's taking place in their former territories.

    Many Israelis who favored disengagement from Gaza say that the success of the withdrawal can be seen in the chaos - perhaps civil war, even - now taking place in the PA between Hamas and Fatah.

    I disagree. First, I see no causal effect between the Israeli withdrawal and the anarchy in the PA - which began much earlier. I documented it from February 2004 in a blog titled "The Growing Palestinian Anarchy."

    Second, I'm not altogether sure that this violence benefits Israel. Short-term, there's a diversion of attention away from Israel. But long-term, the forces unleashed now might well harm Israel.

    Third, this surely is not the way to judge the withdrawal, which needs to be assessed from Israel's point of view on the basis of whether it has enhanced Israeli interests and security or not. I'd say there are strong reasons to claim it has not.

    Is there a causal relationship between Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon and the events leading up to disengagement from Gaza?

    I definitely think there was. There are a few pieces of evidence. First, a number of statements by Palestinian leaders indicated how deeply they were influenced by the Israeli withdrawal in May 2000. Second, it vindicated the Palestinian use of violence. This requires some background.

    The great debate among Palestinians is not over goals; the elimination of Israel is a consensus goal among 80 percent of the Palestinian population, while the other 20% has no voice. The debate among that 80% for two decades has been how best to deal with Israel.

    The PLO answer is to engage it. Look at all the benefits it won by making fraudulent statements and giving empty assurances: It got the Palestinian Authority, a proto-military force, greater world support and so forth.

    To which Hamas replies that the PLO has degraded itself, lost its purpose and betrayed the purity of the cause. This has been the key debate among Palestinians.

    In this light, the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, driven by Hizbullah, signalled that Palestinians, too, can achieve their goals without negotiations, without trucking with the enemy. Just relentlessly hammer away, kill, attack, year after year, and the Israelis will take flight. There's no need for negotiations, for agreements, for international involvement. This powerful argument resonated in Palestinian circles.

    How so?

    The first manifestation of this came just two months later, in July 2000 at Camp David. Despite Barak's quite extraordinary offers, Yasser Arafat not only said no, but he did so without making any reciprocal offers. I mean, he was pressured to go there by the US government. And he showed up. But he said no to everything, and the talks collapsed. Two short months later, the violence began - violence in good part inspired by Hizbullah tactics - a very different form of violence from what had been seen before: particularly the suicide bombing, a Hizbullah tactic, and the use of videos to build up the would-be suicide bomber giving testimonial, or then showing the actual scene of the attack. So, whether tactical or strategic, Hizbullah set the pace. Showed the Palestinians how to do it.

    How did this affect the withdrawal from Gaza?

    The dominant Palestinian slogan last summer was, "Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem."

    There's no question that they saw the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza as a vindication of their use of force. I'd be hard-pressed to gainsay them, because it's quite clear to me that had there not been violence in Gaza, the Israeli military and the Israeli civilians would still be there. They only left because of the violence.

    And the West Bank?

    The same applies there. Should there be a withdrawal there, too, it's because it became too difficult. When things get painful - whether in Lebanon or Gaza - Israelis leave. That sends a signal that violence works. It presumably will be applied in Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv as well.

    How would the White House have responded after President Bush's June 24, 2002 speech, had Sharon gone to Washington and, instead of proposing disengagement, requested that the PA be treated as an enemy that had to be defeated militarily as part of the war on terror?

    It would have been a hard sell. US policy towards the Arab-Israeli conflict, since 1993, has been premised on the idea that since 1993, Palestinians and Israelis are "partners for peace" - that their war is over and it's now a matter of finding the modalities of a resolution. Therefore, the sort of things that the US government does vis-à-vis the Taliban or al-Qaida are wrong, illegitimate and counterproductive for Israel to pursue vis-à-vis the Palestinians. America is at war, while Israel is making peace.

    The US government would have to be addressed on this level, something along the lines of, "No, Mr. President, we're not at peace; we're at war, just like you are. We tried negotiations, but they failed. Just as the US government is engaged in an asymmetric war, where the vastness of the US is arrayed against al-Qaida, so, too, in a lesser disproportion, Israel is arrayed against the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad."

    But Israeli leaders did not make the case, because it is not their view. Instead, Sharon agreed with Bush in principle and actually disagreed a lot on the ground - which was a reasonable approach, and it did work.

    I came out against that June 24th speech, which I thought rewarded terrorism. But I understand that the Israeli prime minister would rather not tangle with the US president. So he said, "Good idea" - both with this and the roadmap - and then implemented his own way. I, as an American foreign policy analyst, don't need to do that.

    As an American foreign policy analyst, how do you explain the split among the neoconservatives regarding the Israeli policy of unilateral territorial withdrawals?

    I attribute the split to Sharon and his change of views. Given his personal history and his being prime minister, he had a lot of credibility on the Right. As he made his pirouette from one outlook to another - from opposing unilateral withdrawal to favoring it - a lot of people went with him. Basically, they said to him, "Arik, you understand this more deeply than I, and you see it further than I do, so I'm following you."

    Can the Arab world democratize?

    Yes. There's nothing in the Arab DNA that is anti-democratic.

    Do you see it making such a transformation?

    Possibly, but it will take a long time. A lot of things have to change. The basic problem is that the Arabic-speaking Muslims have had a great deal of difficulty in coping with modern life, and blame others for their problems. They're not introspective and not productive and constructive in their self-criticism. A notable exception would be the UN's Arab Human Development Report of 2002 - which made one take note. But it's such a wisp in the overall conspiratorial mindset, which requires profound changes taking place.

    Profound changes in Islam, you mean? Like some kind of reformation?

    Religious reformation is certainly very important, but changes are also needed outside the religious sphere. A sense of taking responsibility for themselves. An attempt to be introspective, to figure out what the problems are.

    There are positive examples. The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, has recently come out with a book titled My Vision, for instance. He's of note, because he actually achieved something. He stayed away from ideology and built an economic success story. He did this through intelligence and good practices.

    But such positive elements are few and far between. The Arabic-speaking Muslim world - as the Muslim world as a whole, perhaps even more so - is in a state of anger, denial, fury, extremism and conspiracism that creates problems for the entire world. It's a threat to us all, including to those Muslims who want to live a modern, civilized life.

    Do you think that they're demographically "a threat to us all?"

    The Muslim demographic upsurge is striking. But there's every reason to see it as temporary. Europe went through a huge population burst at a point in its development, then had a demographic leveling and is now experiencing collapse. A number of Muslim countries are already going through a demographic decline.

    And the Muslim population in Europe?

    That's a different story. European women have an average of something like 1.4 children, when 2.1 is what's necessary for continuity. In other words, one-third of the needed population is never born. That one-third is primarily being replaced by immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries which are nearby, with which there are colonial relationships, or which are particularly eager to get to Europe because of troubles in their own countries. Europeans are not really coming to terms with this phenomenon. They do not bother to figure out how to adapt to their population deficit or to decide which immigrants they want.

    In December 2002, a month after the Turkish elections, you attended the Herzliya Conference, where you were chided for being pessimistic about the rise to power of the Islamist party. How do things look now in Turkey?

    Things look bad, especially of late. [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan is turning out to be a skilled, savvy, cautious politician who is moving to promote the Islamist agenda. Whether it be foreign policy, the judiciary, the role of the military, relations with majority-Muslim states or Turkey's regional standing, the Islamist influence is paramount.

    The great question about Turkey is whether Erdogan and his colleagues see themselves as countering the Ataturk Revolution - as being the anti-Ataturk cadres - or whether they're willing to work within the Ataturk structure.

    I can't say for sure that they're revolutionaries, that their goal is to upend the system. But it certainly seems more likely than not, and more so with time.

    Another one of your projects is Campus Watch. You have been accused of being an academic witch-hunter where the free flow of ideas in the universities is concerned.

    Campus Watch is specifically concerned with Middle East studies in the United States and Canada, and what we perceive on the basis of Martin Kramer's book, Ivory Towers on Sand, to be the failure of this enterprise. We criticize the substantive work, the extremism and the imposition of political views on students. And we hope that by bringing this to the attention of the general public, two positive results will follow: First, that Middle East specialists will be more cautious; and second, that universities will make sure that there's more intellectual diversity.

    We've been quite successful in the former, where we see repeatedly specialists being aware of Campus Watch and being more cautious. We have not even begun to have any achievement in the latter area, where appointments are still very much skewed.

    How have you been successful in the former?

    By attracting attention to problems with Middle East studies. For example, our work uncovered the wretched excesses of Middle East studies at Columbia University and we initially noted Juan Cole, the professor now much in the public eye because of his possible move to Yale.

    Do Middle East studies differ from other academic areas in this respect?

    No. They are perfectly representative of many social science and humanities fields, whether it be Latin American studies or anthropology or English literature. We focus on the Middle East because it has a prominence other areas lack. Take a concept like jihad, which is central to understanding the war on terror, and you hear historians of Islam, religious specialists or others, almost without exception saying that jihad is moral self-improvement - becoming a better colleague; working on behalf of women's rights; working against apartheid. They are generally unwilling to state what it really is, which is warfare that expands Muslim control of land. This is a very important concept, and whom does one turn to for an understanding of it? Not to politicians, not to the media, but to specialists. And they have failed, betrayed their profession, by not being candid as to what this means. This is disinformation and dissimulation. It is what we criticize.

    When, in his victory speech in January 2005, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas said the period of the "little jihad has ended, and now the big jihad is beginning," there was much debate in Israel as to the meaning of his statement. Some local Middle East analysts said that "little jihad" was warfare, and that "big jihad" meant internal spiritual ascension. Are you saying they were spreading disinformation?

    Not in this case. A secondary meaning of the word jihad comes from Sufism and means, in fact, moral self-improvement. But, when used in the public sphere - when Osama bin Laden uses it, or in statements by Islamic Jihad - it normally refers to warfare to extend Muslim control.

    Do you envision a situation in which there will be a reverse shift - in Israel and elsewhere in the West - from managing conflicts to imposing victory on the enemy?

    I don't know. Sometimes I'm optimistic and think that the unending failures of not striving for victory will eventually lead someone to figure this out. On the other hand, I see how mistaken policies can go on year after year.

    Were you optimistic in this way on 9/11? Did you believe it was the event that would "lead someone to figure this out?"

    Yes, I was, with "united we stand" being the slogan of that period, and with the sense of resolve, the willingness to undo the Taliban regime. The 50-50 division in the United States now between those who understand we are at war and those involved in a glorified police operation was not something I expected.

    But now, having seen that division, and having seen what happened after the 2004 Madrid train bombings, the 2005 London bombings and other major terrorist incidents, I'm no longer surprised.

    David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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    Posted by David Meir-Levi, June 15, 2006.

    Here is an Associated Press article that gives us Hamas' answer to the question: where do you want the casualties?

    After severe reprisals which killed innocents (not at the beach, but at an Israeli helicopter attack on a terrorist car carrying weapons and explosives in Gaza), and the threat of more reprisals even though such reprisals may kill more innocents, Hamas has stopped the rocket/Qassam/Qatyusha attacks.

    We learn from this several things:

    a. Since Hamas can and does stop the attacks now, Hamas could have stopped the attacks any time earlier, but chose not too. As the governing force in power in the PA, Hamas is therefore responsible for the attacks and thus has NOT upheld the cease fire of February, 2005.

    b. Hamas and other terrorist groups intentionally place their rockets and crews in or near civilian implacements, knowing that Israel is to some degree impeded in retaliation because of Israel's commitment to avoid civilian casualties.....and because of all the bad press like what Israel just got for the deaths on the Gaza beach (even though there may not have been caused by Israel). Therefore, even if it were (it was not, but even if it were) Israeli fire that killed the civilians on the Gaza beach, Hamas still shoulders the onus of culpability per international law and western morality.

    c. the Israeli artillery and naval attacks are in response to, and are attempts to prevent future, qassam/mortar/qatyusha attacks. They are aimed at the terrorist perpetrators. The Hamas qassam/mortar/qatyusha attacks are aimed at civilians. Although, by sheer luck, they have not been successful in causing massive casualties (as would have been caused had a qassam rocket landed only two minutes later on a classroom in Sederoth -- the kids were still in the school's synagogue at prayer when the qassam hit the empty classroom), these endless barrages (as many as 80 in one day) almost daily for more than a year are an aggression and threat which clearly qualify as 'casus belli' - cause for war: i.e., a military response is legal per international law.

    d. clearly, the israeli response has been effective. Hamas is now reversing its stand and taking measures to stop the rocket attacks. So the killing of civilians in the context of israel's retaliation agianst the hamas attacks is tragic, but it results in the saving of lives, both civilian and military, on the Israeli side.

    So now both sides have decided where they want the casualties....and where they don't.

    It is beyond tragic, and certainly criminal, that hamas decides to stop its attacks only when it is taught that the cost of those attacks is too high.

    It is tragic that Palestinian civilians must die in the process of stopping hamas terrorists from perpetrataing their terror.

    But what choice has any country ever made, in the entire history of the world, when its civilians are threatened with endless relentless brutal lethal terrorism aimed purposely at maximum civilian casualties?

    Hamas militants stopped rocket fire after Israeli threats
    Associated Press
    June 15, 2006

    Hamas militants stopped in recent days firing rockets from the Gaza Strip toward Israel after Israel made threats to the group, Israeli officials said Thursday.

    The comments by Maj. Gen. Amos Gilad, a senior official in the Defense Ministry, and other Israeli officials signified that Israel and Hamas -- which rules the Palestinian government -- were stepping back from an escalation in fighting that began last week after eight Palestinian civilians were killed on a Gaza beach in a blast Palestinians blamed on Israel.

    "We sent clear messages ... and at the end the firing of the rockets stopped," Gilad told Army Radio. He did not say how the messages had been sent.

    In response to Hamas calls earlier this week to escalate attacks, Israeli officials had suggested that Israel would strike at Hamas leaders involved in violence, even naming Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh as a possible target.

    But Israel had estimated that Haniyeh had not yet given direct orders for attacks against Israel, so he was not yet a target, officials said.

    Israel Radio reported Thursday that a Hamas leader living in Syria, Khaled Mashaal, and Haniyeh had ordered a stop to the rocket fire.

    In response to the report, Israeli lawmaker Tzahi Hanegbi told the radio that, Israel would avoid targeting Hamas members in response to group's decision to stop attacks.

    "If Israel will see that there is something to this new policy, of course the reaction will be accordingly," Hanegbi said.

    Hanegbi, the chairman of the influential parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee was among those Israeli officials who said earlier this week that Haniyeh himself could be targeted.

    Israel has in recent weeks carried out several deadly air strikes against Palestinian militants it believes are involved in rocket attacks.

    The rocket fire had increased at the start of this week, with Hamas involvement, following the Gaza beach explosion last week. In recent days, the number of rockets fired has dropped considerably.

    Hamas rules the Palestinian Authority after winning elections in January. The group's military wing has killed more than 250 Israelis in attacks in almost six years of but had largely kept a truce declared in February 2005 until it began last month engaging in rocket attacks against Israel.

    David Meir-Levi is an American-born Israeli, currently living in Palo Alto. His expertise is in Near Eastern studies and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is Director of Peace and Education at Israel Peace Initiative (www.ipi-usa.org). Contact him at david_meirlevi@hotmail.com

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    Posted by Helen Freeman, June 15, 2006.

    Dear Community leaders and friends,

    As you may know, The Committee of Gush Katif, encompassing members from all of the 21 dispersed communities in the Gush, has designated Tuesday, August 1, as a memorial day to remember the past and look to the future. The emphasis will be on the humanitarian issues now facing the refugees; however, we understand that reference must be made to the political decisions that created the problem(s) and that are now threatening communities in Judea and Samaria, exacerbating the dangers to Israel and indeed, all of western civilization.

    There are concerned supporters who have already indicated their desire to spearhead daytime "street theater" events that will be dramatic and will succeed in catching press attention. Others wish to concentrate on an extensive email fund-raising campaign. There are communities that will concentrate on placing ads in newspapers on August 1, and others that will run events in synagogues and schools and camps, with speakers and videos, emphasizing the humanitarian issues created by the expulsion.

    The Gush Katif Committee is preparing educational KITS that will provide needed materials for the commemoration. These will be available in mid-July.

    Please consider planning an event in your community. We leave it to you to decide what would work best in your particular area.

    We will publicize all the activities that will be taking place throughout the country - and indeed the world - for this world-wide day of remembrance. Please make your event part of this large plan.

    Please contact me, or Dror Vanunu and Laurence Beziz at gkatif@netvision.net.il. Thank you so much for giving this your best effort.

    Helen Freedman

    Helen Freedman is with Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI, a pro-active pro-Israel advocacy group. AFSI may be contacted by mail at 1623 Third Ave., Suite 205, New York, N.Y. 10128 (Tel: 212-828-2424; Fax: 212-828-1717); by email at afsi@rcn.com; or by accessing its website: www.afsi.org.

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    Posted by Barry Rubin, June 15, 2006.

    A careful and balanced evaluation of Mahmud Abbas's new strategy is tremendously important. While in some respects it represents a step forward, it is also couched in the tricky double meanings Palestinian political groups have used to conceal their continuing goal of total victory in eliminating Israel. Moreover, nothing is likely to come out of it.

    There are four important loopholes in the proposal:

    First, its main purpose was not to recognize Israel but to outmaneuver Hamas in terms of domestic politics. Abbas's terms were that the referendum would go ahead only if Hamas did not reach agreement with Fatah. Moreover, of course, the main goals are to promote Palestinian unity and make international public relations' gains.

    Second, the plan very consciously leaves open the idea that gaining an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and east Jerusalem is only the first stage in wiping Israel off the map.

    Third, the priority given to the demand for a "right of return" as a condition of equal importance to gaining a state reveals the preceding point. The invocation of UN Security Council resolution 194 as a basis for this claim (a half-century-old, non-binding resolution intended to give instructions to a long-forgotten peace commission, which the Palestinians rejected) should be a joke that promotes laughter. But the intention is to flood Israel with Palestinians set on its destruction. The problem is not just that this idea is never going to get Israel's agreement but also it continues to signal to Palestinians that they seek something far more than a homeland of their own alongside Israel.

    In Abbas's words, resolution 194 "is even more valuable than Resolution 242," a UN measure--it is often forgotten--that the PLO opposed at the time because that organization warned it would permit border changes. Abbas specifically rejected anything less than every inch of the territories ruled before 1967 by Egypt and Jordan.

    Fourth, the program justifies terrorism, albeit only in the territories captured in 1967 by Israel. The idea that the Palestinian Authority (PA) would explicitly advocate violence (it has been doing so in practice, of course, for a dozen years) makes a mockery of any possibility of it living up to the Road Map or being a partner for peace. Further, even if the referendum did pass, the PA security forces would not lift a finger to stop terrorist attacks on Israel.

    Finally, the referendum will probably never be held, though Abbas has picked July 31 and says he will give a "presidential order" to do so. But only the Hamas-dominated PA can organize it and will certainly refuse.

    The positive aspect, which should not be overstated, is that this plan can begin a long-term reeducation of Palestinians to accept a real two-state solution. But it does so much less than the minimum for having a major effect in that direction. Both aspects can be seen in the way Abbas defined his view:

    "There is a general national consensus, from Hamas to the Communist Party, that we want a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders.... This is what we can do right now, this is what we are offered right now, and we are not talking about dreams in hazy terms.... We want an independent state with [territorial] contiguity in which it is possible to live, within the 1967 borders. We want to end the occupation...."

    This is a good pragmatic formulation--though we know what Hamas and most of Fatah wants to do with such a state--along the lines of: let's get something real instead of fighting forever to get everything. It is to Abbas's credit that he understands this reality and speaks about it. Yet the other factors involved undercut this message, including the fact that most of Fatah's leadership continues to be more radical and not that different from Hamas, except for opposing the Islamicization of Palestinian society.

    Maybe this is the best Abbas could do at this point. But if in the year 2006 their leaders still cannot go beyond this kind of language, that in itself is quite devastating in terms of the ability of Palestinians--who just voted overwhelmingly for Hamas and for Fatah hardliners--to make peace.

    An interesting piece of evidence on these issues is a Birzeit university poll:
    http://home.birzeit.edu/dsp/opinionpolls/poll27/results.html. Some media highlighted the point that 77 percent of Palestinians support the plan. But the critical question is to ask what they think the plan says. The question does not define its provisions. Certainly, they do not seem to see the plan as a way of recognizing Israel in exchange for a permanent two-state solution.

    The critical question was when those polled were asked to choose between Hamas rejecting recognizing Israel or its recognizing Israel and thus receiving "funding from the international community." This is the sole question raising the recognition issue. Notice it was posed in a way to maximize the latter response, that is, on the basis of direct financial benefit for those answering. Nevertheless, almost two-thirds opposed Hamas recognizing Israel (61 to 31 percent).

    In other words, it seems a large majority of Palestinians support the plan--which they see as a way of promoting national unity and stopping chaotic Hamas-Fatah fighting--and also oppose recognition of Israel or even a real two-state solution.

    On other questions, generally not reported in the media, strong support for Hamas is shown. While 63 percent say their family income has declined, the performance of Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh is rated higher than that of Abbas (57 to 48 percent). And while about equal numbers say they would vote for Hamas and Fatah, 21.5 percent--most of them probably Hamas voters--say they are undecided. It can be argued that Hamas has lost some unpopularity but far less than many would expect.

    Waging this partisan battle, Abbas wants to consolidate Fatah popular support, stop the fighting with Hamas, force Hamas back into being Fatah's junior partner, gain more international support through a public relations campaign, and end the international sanctions against the PA. Actually making peace with Israel is very far down that list of priorities and successfully doing so is blocked by all his other domestic political considerations.

    Barry Rubin is Director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center university. His co-authored book, Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography, (Oxford University Press) is now available in paperback and in Hebrew. His latest book, The Long War for Freedom: The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East, was published by Wiley in September. Prof. Rubin's columns can now be read online at: http://gloria.idc.ac.il/columns/column.html.

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    Posted by Steven Plaut, June 15, 2006.

    1. Speechless

    I wish I could tell you this is just another Plaut spoof. But I am afraid this is for real!

    The banner headline in Yediot Ahronot, Israel's leading daiy, today (June 15, 06):

    Israel Transferred Rifles to The Palestinians

    Three trucks with 950 American M-16 automatic rifles arrived from Jordan and were allowed to be shipped into Ramallah and Gaza, in convoys protected by the Israeli army.

    The new Israeli policy of the Olmert government is to provide rifles to Palestinian murderers that will now be used to murder Jewish children and other civilians. 3. "Turn Left at the Presbyterian Church (to anti-Semitism)" http://online.wsj.com/article/SB115033656216580816.html by Jim Roberts

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- A growing number of Presbyterians are engaged in a battle for the future of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Over the past two years, this denomination -- my denomination -- has taken a turn toward radicalism that threatens to tarnish a once-proud institution. At issue is the Presbyterian Church's decision in 2004 "to initiate a process of phased, selective divestment in multinational corporations operating in Israel." The fallout was immediate, painful and damaging.

    Not only are a handful of church leaders taking positions that are highly unpopular in the pews, they are doing so with heavy-handed, top-down measures, actions that run contrary to long-honored traditions. Not surprisingly, the church is experiencing problems with declining membership and dwindling financial support -- due in large part to widespread frustration over the direction the leadership has taken. Instead of developing policies to unite us, the leadership is sowing seeds for further defections by large numbers.

    My denomination, once revered as an icon of socially progressive thinking, is now tainted by perceptions of anti-Semitism and naive support of Islamic terrorists. The Presbyterian bureaucracy seems unwilling to confront difficult problems in Africa and the Middle East that do not fit its hard-line, pro-Palestinian political viewpoint. Interfaith relations with Jewish friends are also in shambles after decades of efforts by Presbyterians to reach out and create healthy working relationships based on mutual respect.

    * * *

    How did the church fall so far so fast? In June 2004, with scant attention and without fair debate, the leadership foisted a divestment resolution on an unsuspecting church. While the action was likened to similar divestment from South Africa under apartheid in the 1980s, attempts to draw analogies between that country then and Israel now are factually indefensible. Only a few months later in the fall of 2004, senior church leaders were among a contingent that met with Hezbollah in Lebanon and praised them -- the same international terrorist organization that has killed thousands, including Americans, without remorse over several decades, and that receives major funding from Iran.

    The church also funds fiercely pro-Palestinian committees, sends representatives to Palestinian advocacy conferences, and has written obsequious congratulatory letters to the terrorist leaders of Hamas on their recent election victory. Simultaneously, the church remains remarkably docile on profoundly serious issues such as genocide in Darfur, the Iranian nuclear buildup and mistreatment of Christians in communist and Muslim countries.

    Presbyterian delegates also take leadership roles in organizations that blame the U.S. and capitalism in general for most of the world's catastrophes. The 2004 manifesto of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, for instance, went on about America's "imperialism," "domination" and "massive threats to life." And the Presbyterian Church's 2004 Stony Point Declaration was a similar self-parody, noting that "our nation . . . pursues global empire, backed by unprecedented military supremacy. Its un-qualified commitment to economic growth through a global, capitalist economic system has not served God's purposes of justice, peace, community and the integrity of creation, but has enriched the corporate ruling class . . . [creating] monstrous inequality and massive suffering."

    Instead of admitting in 2006 that the Middle East has changed dramatically since 2004 -- the rise of a land-for-peace consensus in Israel, the election of Hamas to the Palestinian government, and the equally (if not more) disastrous election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran -- the Presbyterian Church clings stubbornly to flawed policies that are now all the more embarrassing. Some leaders continued as late as a few months ago to attend world-wide church meetings to encourage divestment among other churches. This they attempt while simultaneously downplaying and trying to isolate a groundswell of objections within our own church. What the leadership now faces are nearly two dozen formal requests from regional Presbyteries across America to change or terminate our divestment policy. At the very least, a large majority agrees that we need to abandon divestment as a hostile action against Israel in favor of "investment" in Israeli and Palestinian groups that are working as bridge-builders for peace.

    Most people also agree that, with Hamas now in power in the Palestinian territories, Presbyterians need to clearly and unequivocally denounce Hamas's longstanding call for the destruction of Israel in its charter, and to demand that Hamas stop its many hateful indoctrination practices against Jewish people.

    Key Presbyterian church leaders, however, are balking at considering such necessary action. Many now have a huge personal and professional investment in the Palestinian political agenda and the cause of divestment from Israel. Some leaders seem to savor the global attention such advocacy has brought them. They cannot admit that they have politicized our church in ways that prevent healing and salvation.

    Today, we Presbyterians begin our national General Assembly in Birmingham, Ala. The problem is that the leadership appears to be working overtime to come up with parliamentary and other maneuvers to stop the anti-divestment movement. At the 11th hour, for example, the worried leadership proposed that a new task force be created to "study" the divestment "option." The plan would populate the task force with supporters of divestment and would preserve divestment momentum while the task force works through the summer of 2008.

    This helplessly transparent scheme, if adopted by General Assembly, would override the overtures from Presbyterians, putting them on hold and delaying a clear up-or-down vote on divestment for at least another two years. It would, however, allow other denominations to continue to cite the 2004 divestment resolution as justification for their own actions.

    With such efforts, the church leadership hopes to preserve their stature -- along with their failed vision for the church. The vast majority of Presbyterians long for our church to return to its core purpose: to help nourish a closer relationship with our Savior. Instead, the leadership is forcing many of us to spend countless hours trying to rescue the church from those who hew to terrorist liberation politics.

    Those of us who oppose divestment are not unqualified supporters of Israel nor insensitive to the plight of Palestinians. We believe that this country and our church need a wise and well-funded program to provide more aid to those suffering in the Palestinian territories, Darfur and elsewhere. However, the problems these societies are facing cannot be blamed on democracy, capitalism or even current Israeli policies. They suffer most from the excesses created by their own preachers of hate and generations of corrupt and dysfunctional leadership.

    This year, Presbyterian commissioners voting at General Assembly can steer the Presbyterian ship back on a prudent path, which begins with reversing the divestment course charted two years ago.

    Mr. Roberts is chairman of the Committee to End Divestment Now.

    Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments -- both seriously and satirically -- on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is

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    Posted by Richard H. Shulman, June 15, 2006.


    The Hamas regime in the P.A. depicts previous international donations and the boycott of Hamas as political extortion. That it is, but is it justified?

    The previous donations were put as humanitarian, but I think they represented approval of what the Arabs misinformed them was their goal against Israel. They portrayed their goal as national liberation for themselves. Actually it was religious enslavement of the Jews, while the Arabs remain under totalitarian rule.

    The Hamas regime admitted openly what the PLO regime did not admit openly, that it was disregarding its peace agreements, seeking war, approving of all means including terrorism, and wanting to overthrow not just Israeli rule in the Territories but in the State of Israel. It admitted, like the PLO Covenant that the PLO finds it politic not to remind the West of, that the capture of the Territories was but a phase in the conquest of Israel.

    I've been emphasizing the irrelevance of the armistice line as a boundary between the State of Israel and the Territories, from the Jewish point of view. It is equally irrelevant from the Arab point of view. After all, those Arabs don't come just from the Territories, but from the whole region. There is no nationality based in the Territories. The armistice line is a chance situating of military positions at the end of battle. It has no national or strategic significance, though the Territories are strategically vital for Israeli defense. The Green Line armistice line is an artificial division.


    Islam is like bacteria in that the latter produce disease in weakened organisms. That is how the imperialistic desert religion g