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by Paul Lademain


The recent horrible attack by the arab interloper and the acid-throwing arab woman's vicious exploitation of "Jewish Wonderfulness" (she was shunted through Israel's 'humanitiarian" checkpoint with concealed acid flask which this vile creature used to blind an Israeli officer) will happen again and again until Israeli Jews behave differently toward these assailants. We hope the acid-thrower was shot on the spot and her family expelled without mercy.

We humbly offer a few suggestions: The Israelis must behave with the same forceful sense of "rightness" as did the Saudis who stole the Arabian peninsula from the Saba peoples.

"You are retaking what has always been yours."

"You are making honest men out of the Brits who confirmed this right unto the Jews."

In 1932 Abdullah, the brutish arab terrorist, demanded that the Brits recognize his right to form a theocratic monarchy out of the territories he conquered (on the Arabian peninsula) with the argument that "the Brits ought to do so because the Brits had earlier recognized Palestine as the Jewish Homeland."

Jews MUST stop behaving as if they are not allowed or entitled to swing the same scimitars. They are ... and now they must do so. Jews who are squeamish when it comes to defending themselves and their nation will most certainly be exterminated either by their enemies or else double-crossed to death by their craven politico-bureaucrats.

Israel must immediately put a stop to the piecemeal destruction of the Jewish homeland. And this must be done without apology.

Jews all over the world must stop talking, must stop apologizing, must stop with the fifty-page screeds justifying Israel's existence and just behave as if the land you want is yours. All of it. And if you no longer want to "share" it with your violent guests, then give them a choice: Surrender to Israel, or be driven into the sea.


Because the land IS yours and the power to control it belongs to the Jews. Stop questioning this!

All of the land from the ocean to the sea belongs to Israel and Israel is a Jewish homeland regardless of how many Jews are secular and regardless of how many of them are willing to sell the shirt off their brother's back or the land under their sister's feet just to prove their "wonderfulness." Regardless of what this category of feckless Jews claim, they cannot deny that they are the descendants of the Hebrew peoples and they must be made to value this. You are what you are and learn how to behave as if you love it instead of subjecting yourselves to the flabby mewlings of that peripatetic excuse for a FM you've got. If you waver and stall, this will be taken as proof that you are mere "sheeple" and not the descendants of the Lion of Judah.

Your recent leadership has made Israel appear ridiculous in the eyes of the aggressors who are slavering to eat you for lunch. And your enemies include the weak-spined money-grubbers who infest the US State Dept. and who bow for pay to the ME oilers.

At bottom, this means expelling the arab interlopers from Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Temple Mount and the Golan Heights, and finally, retaking the Gaza strip ... and then proceeding to retake the Sinai should your usual critics give Israel any more guff.

You must also begin to LOUDLY demand land for the 800,000-plus Jews who were expelled from their homelands in the surrounding areas that became Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia and do it with brio and without your usual humble apologies to the Euroids. (When Euroods complain about Israel, you MUST demand that they, too, return lands they seized during their wars.) Demand YOUR fair share of the Arabian Peninsula. The oil fields, not the palaces.

Rigorous force, coupled to a new attitude of rightfulness, and a shout of conquest must come from Israel. Many of you must watch American entertainment so remember the line from the film "Network": "I'm mad as hell and I won't take it anymore!"

Well, it's about time some of your Jewish "in-tell-leck-shewalls" who are so prone to attack Israel's "rights" and who yammer that Jews must make painful concessions (and who are even more foolish for having adopted the semantics of Israel's would-be arab conquerors) must be laughed at and loudly ridiculed.

The feckless Jews MUST be reminded that if they contribute to the diminution of their homeland, if they querulously offer to "share it," or if they beg for "peace" in exchange for slicing up Israel's land, then they will lose their homeland and their identity and they will once again wander like unwelcome ghosts from city to city and country to country; once again encountering the dirty names and dismissive appellations that were formerly cast upon the unwelcome "wandering Jews."

Viva to the Patriots of Israel from the NON-evangelical Christians for Zion.

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This letter was submitted September 24, 2008.

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