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by Paul Lademain


We are the SC4Z and we pray for Israeli management to get a grip on its lands. Nettie has already proven himself too malleable when it comes to standing up to US pressure and despite the misleading media reports, he apparently remains all too willing to haggle when it comes to protecting Jerusalem and the lands of Israel. As for Peres and Barak: We can say what Israelis dare not — we think both men are self-indulgent thrill-junkies who seemingly gain personal satisfaction from speaking from both sides of their mouths and walking the borderline of sedition. Such cultural softness is also displayed when Jewish naifs automatically refer to any arab invader as a 'palestinian' — which in turn confers superior privileges upon the invader than enjoyed by ordinary Israelis.

Arabs, especially those educated in the US, apparently understand British law better than today's Israelis and one of the most important laws pertaining to the ownership and title to land is: Possession is 9 points of the law (aka: Possession is 90 per cent of the law.) This "common law" is in effect throughout the US and incorporated into statute, and known as "the law of adverse possession". The law of adverse posssession" allows a trespasser who gains control over lands belonging to another for a statutory period to destroy the true title-holder's claim to its property. The law of adverse possession is well understood by the invading arab scofflaws, and when Israelis — many in Israel's current top leadership — automatically refer to every arab as a 'palestinian' they are, wittingly or not, aiding and abetting the seizure and destruction of their own nation — bit by bit, piece by piece, and acre by acre.

By so easily hoodwinking Israelis — getting Jews to call Islamics 'palestinians' and rewarding them with superior rights — the arabs, who pose as poor and oppressed, are thereby enabled to buffalo Jews at every turn. Worse still, some powerful women lodged in Israel's highest court use every imaginary excuse to reward the Islamics at the expense of Jews — as if these Jewish women were ashamed of being Jews in a Jewish state.

As we've repeatedly said in the past, we must say it again: Nations who agree to relinquish their land or their power in exchange for air-kisses are correctly perceived as "losers," because even if they win the war, they invariably lose the peace. For instance, when Israel bowed to US pressure, and strove to appear magnanimous by bargaining away its right to assert control over lands in its possession, Israel was punished by the world community for its naivete and failure to understand how to exercise its rights and powers. In short, Israel's status as a nation was immediately diminished by this unnecessary sacrificial gesture. A gesture that generated only short-term, illusory benefits. Rabin and Peres were immediately flattered to their faces — Peres, like BHusseinObama, got himself a "peace prize" — but but both Rabin and Peres were ridiculed behind their backs not because they were Jews but because these men were perceived as soft-heads who simply gave away Israel's power in exchange for flattery. For an object lesson — observe how the world now beholds BHO, the great apologizer, and accordingly dismisses the US.

To perfect control over YOUR land you must first resolve that the land is YOURS — and shall always be yours — and to do so without any qualms and with absolutely no guilt. This new attitude will allow Jews to assert domination and control over their promised land without trembling and worrisome second-guessing, which bad habits have led Jews into the delicious trap of analysis-paralysis — that is, delicious to the arabs, who joyously moved in and began to conquer Israel through their sheer numbers (and untrammeled fecundity) until finally they reached a tipping point which permitted them to launch attacks on Israeli civilians.

Notice how Islamics are not shy about making demands? And how readily they can resort to violence when their demands aren't met? They dare to behave this way because they've always understood that "possession is 9 points of the law" and they well understand the power of "adverse possession" especially in the face of Israel's small but loud crowd of appeasers.

We hope our little lecture here will embolden Israelis to make demands and how to make them stick, and how to empower themselves in order to reclaim their lands taken (and being taken from them) by the Islamic invaders — invaders from all over the Middle East who were unwisely allowed to control Israel through their superior use of language and propaganda.

Paul Lademain describes himself as a Secular Christian For Zionism. Contact him by email at This essay was submitted November 21, 2009.


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