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An Open Letter To President Bush

by Alyssa A. Lappen
June 19, 2003

Dear Mr. President:

The Road Map dangerously subverts the U.S. War on Terror.

As a journalist specializing on Middle East history, I urge you to refocus on the goals you brilliantly outlined on June 24, 2002. We must not ask Israel to negotiate for a Palestinian State until the renewed terrorist attacks stop and the terrorist infrastructure is dismantled.

Hamas is not at war with the Palestinian Authority, despite a PR campaign to the contrary. The PA has worked actively with Hamas for years. In 1995, it wrote a pact with the Islamist terrorists in Hamas. Mahmoud Abbas' protests are evidently for show. On March 3 of this year, Abbas urged that violence continue.

A draft of the Hamas-PA pact, appended below, ran on Sept. 20, 1995 in Egypt's Al-Ahram government weekly. Article 12 requires the PA to cease all preventive security and let Hamas operate without PA interference. The agreement gives Hamas a role in the PA government, which Abu Mazen fulfilled by naming a Hamas partisan as education minister.

Indeed, PLO political chief Farouq Al-Qaddoumi confirmed on Jan. 3, 2003, Fatah was 'never different from Hamas. Strategically, we are no different from it.'1

The Hamas-PA agreement crosses Article XV paragraph 1 of the second Oslo agreement, which requires both sides to take 'all measures necessary in order to prevent acts of terrorism, crime and hostilities directed against each other, against individuals falling under the other's authority and against their property, and shall take legal measures against offenders.'

In public, especially to foreign reporters and leaders, Mahmoud Abbas defends 'peace.' This extends a decade of PA mass deception, originally planned in Cairo in 1974. Its leaders still consciously encourage terror, mass produce anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitements, illegally import arms and teach small children to kill. Abu Mazen's PA TV greeted the Road Map with a call to murder Jewish civilians.2

Mr. President, you resolved after September 11th that the U.S. would defeat terrorism globally. I'm a New Yorker, and this earned you my unwavering support.

The Road Map, however, defeats this wise policy by: