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by Bill Levinson


Abraham Foxman, Democratic Party Judas Goat, puts Obama's Re-election Above ADL's Mission. National Jewish Democratic Council (National Judenrat Democratic Kapos) Join in Whitewash

A Judas goat is a tame animal whose function is to lead other herd animals into a meat packing factory to be "processed." A Judas goat has no choice but ADL's Abraham Foxman and the NJDC's David A. Harris and Marc R. Stanley are in contrast shameless political prostitutes who place the well-being of the Democratic Party above that of the United States, its allies, and even the Jews they claim to represent. We have four words for you, Harris, Stanley, and Foxman: NOT IN OUR NAME.

Abraham Foxman had this to say about Barack Obama's statement that Israel should return to its indefensible pre-1967 borders:

"I don't see this as the president throwing Israel under the bus," he [Foxman] told me. "He's saying with `swaps.' It's not 1967 borders in the abstract. It's not an edict. It's a recommendation of a structure for negotiations. ...The speech indicated to me that this administration has come a long way in better understanding and appreciating the difficulties facing both parties, but especially Israel in trying to make peace with the Palestinians," Foxman said.

NJDC Chair Marc R. Stanley and President and CEO David A. Harris said:[1]

NJDC is deeply grateful for the unwavering support for Israel shown today by President Barack Obama in this major speech, and the incredibly pragmatic, supportive steps forward he offered to address a decades-old problem facing our closest ally in the Middle East — Israel.

This is what Marc Stanley and David Harris call "unwavering support for Israel" but they confuse it with their own unwavering support for the left-wing dregs of the Democratic Party. David A. Harris[2] then attempted to spray even more air freshener on Obama's steaming heap of anti-Israel excrement in a desperate attempt to cover up the smell:

It's laughable to suggest that President Obama insisted Israel return to 1967 lines, or that he said anything different from the policies of Presidents Bush and Clinton before him. ...This speech was truly remarkable in how partial and pro-Israel it was. You've heard the spin. Do yourself and the truth a favor: 1. Please pause right now and read the relevant text[3] yourself.

We did read the relevant text, in which the Catastrophe in Chief equates a Jew murdered by Hamas terrorists to Palestinian women who were killed accidentally when Israeli artillery fired on military targets. In other words, the Community Organizer sees no difference between the deliberate murder of a civilian by terrorists and the accidental death of civilians whom terrorists used as shields. Maybe Obama also believes the United States' rare, accidental, and unintentional killing of civilians who are right next to Taliban or Al Qaida terrorists is morally equivalent to Al Qaida's willful and intentional murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11. Obama said,

I recognize how hard this will be. Suspicion and hostility has been passed on for generations, and at times it has hardened. But I'm convinced that the majority of Israelis and Palestinians would rather look to the future than be trapped in the past. We see that spirit in the Israeli father whose son was killed by Hamas, who helped start an organization that brought together Israelis and Palestinians who had lost loved ones. That father said, "I gradually realized that the only hope for progress was to recognize the face of the conflict." We see it in the actions of a Palestinian who lost three daughters to Israeli shells in Gaza. "I have the right to feel angry," he said. "So many people were expecting me to hate. My answer to them is I shall not hate. Let us hope," he said, "for tomorrow."

Only an incompetent buffoon or a Judas goat would not be suspicious of people who say openly that they intend to throw all the Jews into the sea, display maps of an Israel-free "Palestine" "from the river to the sea," and raise their children from birth to be murderous terrorists. Only an incompetent buffoon would not realize that his words just proved to the world that the United States does not put a price tag on terrorism. Obama just told the terrorists that they are free to cut the throats of as many Jewish children as they want (e.g. the Fogel family), fire as many rockets as they want, and break as many truces as they want without any fear of consequences such as Israel's permanent annexation of some or even all the disputed territory.

To this we add that only Judas goats who place the welfare of Obama's wing of the Democratic Party above the security of the United States and its allies would use their Jewish identities to whitewash this, and this is far from the first time that ADL and NJDC have done this.

Abraham Foxman's Anti-Semitism enabling and Denial League (ADL)

(1) In 2006, Abraham Foxman used ADL's Jewish identity to rescue[4] from what would probably have been total destruction (it was crippled by having to take down its prized Action Forum) for welcoming anti-Semitic and other forms of hate speech at its Action Forum.[5] Even though it was proven to ADL that Eli Pariser lied about MoveOn not knowing about the hate speech and even about removing more than a small fraction of it, ADL allowed the following statement to stand:

ADL is pleased with Mr. Pariser's responsiveness to our concerns and believes the matter has been resolved satisfactorily.

We still have on record our E-mail to ADL that proved MoveOn lied about removing the hate speech, but Foxman's ADL made itself a party to's lie by continuing to post the statement shown above. In other words, it was more important to Foxman's ADL to protect a "Democratic" anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate group than it was to oppose anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.

(2) Abraham Foxman legitimized the vicious racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton by issuing a joint statement with him.[6] There are dozens of respectable African-American civil rights leaders with whom Foxman could have issued this statement but he chose instead the leader of an organization that shouted racial and anti-Semitic epithets along with arson threats at a Jewish-owned store (Freddy's Fashion Mart), and also the same individual who falsely accused white people of raping Tawana Brawley the way the Ku Klux Klan once falsely accused Black men of raping white women so it could lynch itself a few Negroes.

(3) We cannot say that Abraham Foxman engaged in outright denial of the Armenian Holocaust because he acknowledged that Armenians were in fact murdered by Turks[7] but he nonetheless did his best to prevent Congress from speaking of the annihilation of the Armenians.

Having said that, we continue to firmly believe that a Congressional resolution on such matters is a counterproductive diversion and will not foster reconciliation between Turks and Armenians and may put at risk the Turkish Jewish community and the important multilateral relationship between Turkey, Israel and the United States.

Given Turkey's recent actions against Israel, Abe, tell us how your whitewash of the Armenian genocide worked out for you. Can you say, "First they came for the...?" We remind our readers that Foxman fired an ADL director, Andrew Tarsy, for daring to contravene him on this issue[8] whereupon two other ADL directors resigned in disgust.[9] That's real organizational leadership, isn't it? Now here is another thought for Foxman, with only a slight rephrasing of his own words:

Having said that, we continue to firmly believe that discussion of the Holocaust may put at risk the German Jewish community and the important multilateral relationship between Germany, Israel and the United States. We should therefore pretend that the Holocaust never happened.

We finally remind Mr. Foxman that the world's willingness to overlook the genocide of Armenians suggested to Adolf Hitler that he could get away with exterminating Jews and Poles; the latter were the subject of his infamous statement, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" Abraham Foxman's ADL: Where "Never Again" is Only a Slogan.

National Jewish Democratic Council aka National Judenrat Democratic Kapos

(1) NJDC also used its purportedly Jewish identity to whitewash's hate speech against Jews, Catholics, and others. "Jewish voters should take comfort in knowing that is not a haven for anti-Semitism and the organization will renounce and remove any postings of the sort. Leave it to Republicans to not allow the truth to get in the way of campaigning. Sincerely, Ira Forman Executive Director National Jewish Democratic Council." Ira Forman and the truth have very little in common, and his successor David A. Harris seems to be following right in his footsteps.

(2) NJDC published an anti-Christian hate video[10] that portrays Christian ministers, Jesus, and the Cross in a "This is the Enemy" context.

(3) NJDC published anti-Semitic "Jews as Christian-haters" material[11] to further undermine relations between Jews and Christians.

(4) NJDC published a blood libel of the Christian computer game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces."[12] The blood libel consists of the knowingly false accusation that the game encourages players to kill anybody who won't convert to Christianity.

(5) NJDC condemned Mitt Romney for appearing at the museum of a long-dead EX-antisemite (Henry Ford, who retracted and repudiated "The International Jew") while saying nothing about Barack Obama's ongoing appearances with a live and unrepentant one (Al Sharpton). NJDC in fact accused[13] those who call Obama out for the latter are engaging in sinat chinam (baseless accusations):

For an example of how sinat chinam is beginning to inject itself into our community's discourse, one need only look at the recent smears against Senator Obama aimed at Jewish voters. What started as fallacious emails claiming the senator is Muslim, was sworn in on the Koran, and cavorts with anti-Semites, etc., has now made its way into semi-respectable websites and even onto the op-ed page of the Jerusalem Post.
Ira Forman at least lied intelligently this time by mixing one lie with two pieces of truth. Obama belonged to a racist but nominally Christian church as opposed to a mosque and he was not sworn in on the Koran. As for cavorting with anti-Semites, however, the following picture speaks for itself.





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This article appeared May 22, 2011 in IsraPundit


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