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by Bernice Lipkin


My father's favorite joke was about futility, how some things could never be because they were based on a wrong premise. The country hick came into the big city and went to the movies. He sat through showing after showing until finally the manager asked him why. "You know that scene?" he answered, "The one where the girls start to get undressed? But just then the train comes by. And by the time it leaves, the girls are in the water. Well, by cracky, I figure that one of these times, the train will be late."

By cracky, that's just how the diplomats treat the "peace process." Someday, they solemnly assert, peace diplomacy will work. Arabs and Jews won't fight. And automatically, peace will descend upon the entire world, because after all, aren't all our problems rooted in the Arab-Israeli hostilities?

Has "Land for Peace" worked? Ever? The Israelis surrender what could become a normal government, were the Arabs to develop an infrastructure. The Arabs use the territory to stockpile weaponry and make better missiles and explosives.

The Peace Diplomacy has, of course, nothing to do with peace because that isn't what the Arabs want. It has nothing to do with making the Arabs masters in their own land, because land for expanded terrorist factories and explosives storehouses is only a part of what they want. The first thing they want -- and they haven't been at all shy telling us so -- is the end of the Jewish State. But that's just the beginning. They've learned a lot about how to fight undercover and underhanded by trying out new terror techniques in Israel. Israel has never really been allowed to squash them and like a partially-damaged bacteria, they have gone from strength to strength. Now they are champing at the bit, desirous to try their skills on more of the Western World.


For Israel, the major issues are that a Palestinian State will a) remove Biblical Israel from Israel; b) remove that part of Jerusalem that houses some of Israel's holiest religious sites from Israel; c) remove the source of much of Israel's water from Israel; and, oh yes, position a Terror State smack up against Israel: the West Bank together with Gaza will flank Israel. It will also force the inhabitants of Samaria and Judea and a portion of Jerusalem (the West Bank) to vacate their homes and businesses. That means anywhere from a quarter of a million to a half million people will becomes homeless refugees, dependent on an incompetent government that has still not properly absorbed the Jews from Gush Katif, Gaza, who became refugees in 2005, back into the economy.

If the November Annapolis conference comes about, it will do what all Arab-Jewish Peace Conferences have done. The Arabs will agree reluctantly and minimally to some conditions that they will not keep; and no one will really pressure them to keep. Heck, they haven't even disavowed that they are determined to end the Jewish State -- an ambition they were supposed have rejected in Clinton's time. The Jews will, however, agree to give up real land, specifically, their Biblical inheritance, eastern Jerusalem and much of the Biblical land of Samaria and Judea, -- what the pro-Arab press cleverly calls the West Bank. And all the "neutral" peace brokers will be there to make sure the Israelis keep every concession they promised.

Will this satisfy the Arabs? If they follow their usual form, of course not. Remember how shocked Dennis Ross was when he offered Arafat more than he asked for, and assumed the Camp David negotiations were now concluded. Arafat came back the next day with the "final" settlement as a starting point and demanded more. The Arabs will take what they can get in land but the next day, the next week, the next year, they will demand that the Arab professional "refugees," well-supported for these 60 years by the U.N., be allowed back to their "homes" in Israel -- never mind that a large part of this group of refugees was recruited from the local Arab population near the refugee camps. If Israel agrees, it is dead. If Israel doesn't agree, it will be hounded and accused of destroying the peace treaty. And the forthcoming kiss-and-make-up between Hamas and Fatah -- already in the works -- will be blamed on Israel's intransigence.


Why is this happening now? The Arabs who run the show have patience and perseverance and fanatical resoluteness for decades. (See Sharon, "A Short Guide To Those Obsessed With Peace" here.) Every so often, they insist that if America doesn't push harder for peace (read: twist Israel's arm), the final opportunity for democracy in the area will have been missed. But that's also fairly routine.

The Israeli secularists who control its news media and much of its economy fear the growing religious Jewish population much more than they worry about the Arabs. The small group of politicos in control -- some Marxist ideologues, some paid directly from Europe and indirectly by the Arabs, some just going along, mouthing ideas promoted by their mentors -- say that all they what they want for Ramadan is a spanking new Arab state, as if the 20-odd Arab states aren't enough. Moreover, they are dedicated to placing this alien state on land that by international law is held in trust for the Jewish people. If this means cutting Israel in half, to make sure that Arabs have a unified State, so be it. If this means that Israel will no longer control its own water supply, well, surely the nice Hadassah ladies from Brooklyn will send bottled water, and maybe even some diet sodas. The secularists do have some cause for concern. The Orthodox are already an important part of the army and the economy, though not yet in the top echelon and they are having more babies than the secularists. Give them another five years and they may be able to seize power from those now running the show. So now's a good time to demoralize the religious.

But it's the Bush administration that's really under pressure; they need a foreign policy win. So they are doing what American presidents since Johnson have done. They push on an obliging Israeli administration to give them a foreign policy victory that they can use to try to bedazzle the public and make it ignore the shambles they've made in some other part of the world. This has been going on ever since we fought a restrained war in Vietnam through Carter's losing Iran to the mullahs to the ongoing drain of the current war in Iraq. Would Bush cripple Israel so America can leave Iraq "victorious"? Well, except for the blitzkreig the first few weeks of the war, we've emphasized good-will P.R. We've put our own grandkids in hock because we are too noble to make the Iraqis pay for their freedom and we've yapped about democracy and other concepts foreign to the Muslim religion. But I don't see us fighting the enemy all out, not while our leader Bush shills for them, proclaiming Islam a kind and gentle religion, and ignoring that the motive power for terrorism comes from the dictates of this gentle religion. And if Iran takes over Iraq after the next American election, well, at least the politicians have had time to figure out the next propaganda ploy. Maybe that's why the Bush administration is willing to take the chance that its only real friend in the Middle East will be destroyed by those who have vowed to establish a New Caliphate, with America as one of its conquered vassals.


Israel might be about to find out if a very small cadre of politicians who are as popular as the Dengue Fever mosquito can destroy a country by helping to set up a new and rabid State in its midst -- a state run by terrorists who have vowed to destroy Israel. As Minister of Foreign Affairs Livni put it to to the United Nations' Ad Hoc Liason Committee for Assistance to the Palestinian People: "Israel is committed to the establishment of a viable and vibrant Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, as a homeland for the Palestinian people and a peaceful neighbor to Israel. This is a shared vision, not a zero-sum game." Not exactly a realistic speech. A "viable and vibrant Palestine"? Well, they do have the best cottage industry in low-cost explosives in the world.

Livni is undeterred by the billions of dollars already wasted in Gaza, by the increase in terrorism following the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza, the popularity of Tweedledee Hamas as it squabbles with Tweedledum Fatah. She convinced me she truly believes someday things will be different -- the train will be late and she'll see the girls stripped down to the buff.

And what will the American Jewish leadership be doing in the next few weeks to prevent a conference that will structure a new holocaust for the Jews? Well, in October, Aipac invited the Israeli leadership -- Ehud Olmert and the Tzipi Livni -- to tell us Jews how splitting Israel in two and starting the dissolution of Israel will benefit us all. The General Assembly of the august United Jewish Communities meets in Nashville Tennessee mid-November, not exactly an Elvis hop-and-skip from Annapolis. Do they really think this Summit will stop the Muslim attempt to takeover Israel and eventually America? Do they really think?

Likely America will continue to do what she's always done: defend the Arabs with money and blood and threaten to cut off the material Israel needs to defend herself.

But for now, we can expect smoke and mirrors -- information, hope, disinformation and all the while a determined bid to force Israel into acceding to a Palestinian State -- with the fall-out of up to half a million Jewish refugees fleeing the judenrein Palestinian State, with hostile build-up at all her borders and with the "world" complaining she isn't doing enough to make the new Palestinian state viable. Secretary Rice has already announced that Palestinian compliance before final status talks is not required. She does assure us that compliance will be required before the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state.

Don't count on it. If the time comes for a photo-op creation of a sovereign Palestinian state but the Palestinians haven't complied, she will look into the cameras and say how pleased she is to have received a report that the PA has promised to fulfill its Road Map obligations. Or she will proclaim once again what a swell guy Mahmoud Abbas is and explain that he will only really have the power to comply when he actually has a sovereign state.


Israel's Arab neighbors see nothing wrong in indulging in the fantasy that Arab Israelis are without civil rights. When speaking to the ignorant, they don't mention affirmative action in Israel favoring Arabs at the universities and courts, voting rights, medical treatment, subsidies and Arabs in the Knesset. They themselves are Judenrein -- that means that with the exception of a few leftovers of what were thriving Jewish communities, many predating the arrival of the Arabs -- no Jews are allowed to live in Arabland. And that includes Jordan.

Another example of this double-think is what "two states for two people" really means. Talking about two states, one Jewish, one Arab, is a misnomer. Arabs constitute 20% of Israel's population and if Arab maximalist demands are honored, there will be an influx of Arabs who have an affiliation with an Arab that left Israel in 1948 when the Arabs invaded. (Not to mention that in Arab countries harboring the refugee camps, many local Arabs actually bettered their lives by signing up as refugees.) The prospect is two states, one Arab, which will not allow Jews to live in it, and one Jewish, which, depending on Israeli concessions, will have a large Arab population or will become a majority-Arab state.

Creating a third state in Mandated Palestine and a second Palestinian Arab State -- (Trans)Jordan was the first -- itself presents Israel with an immediate problem. Anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000 Jews will be cast out of their homes, farms, orchards and businesses and communities.

The American administration and their Israeli lackeys will attempt to start this as soon as possible. As an aside -- did you know that Israel was already throwing people out of their homes in Samaria and Judea? The current expellees are activist religious and patriotic Jews -- and what government intent on suicide needs Jews who are loyal to the State and the People of Israel?

Israel has still not absorbed the 9000 Jewish refugees from Gush Katif, Gaza. These people, once strong contributors to the Israeli economy, are still living "temporary" with a bleak future and little help from the government that created the problem. So how exactly are they going to handle the new refugees? In a bizarre way, Israel will become the homeland of homeless Jews. If the treatment of the Jews of Gush Katif, Gaza is an indication, and it is, the Jews of Samaria and Judea and some of Jerusalem and maybe the Golan will become street wanderers, living in dilapitated hotels and pressed-paper trailers, a drain on the economy, a clump of dispirited citizens and an easy mark for the next wave of Arab terrorism.

It's not unexpected given the spinelessness of the Israeli leadership, that it's the supposedly weak Arab Palestinians that get to decide not just their own future but Israel's. Plans published in the media would allow the Arabs to decide whether they want to return to Israel or be compensated for not returning or go live in some third country. Israel isn't consulted. And Sec-State Rice demands that Gaza and the West Bank (Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem) be made contiguous. It doesn't matter that this means that Israel will be cut in half. In Jerusalem, the Arab neighborhoods are sancrosanct -- even though many of the inhabitants are living illegally in Jewish property -- and Jews are kept out with the help of such "Jewish" groups as Peace Now. But let a Jew try to stop an Arab from buying property in a Jewish-majority neighborhood, and suddenly the Jewish state has become undemocratic.


Actually, the Arabs are exploiting a major weakness in the notion that democracy means 'one man, one vote'. We don't even have that in America -- we filter that raw idea through regionalism: the majority in each state gets 100% of the votes cast. Israel has never put itself through the hard exercise of deciding how a state can be really Jewish and yet so democratic that Arabs might eventually decide on Jewish religious practices and life style.

There's a simple way to solve the conflict, that doesn't involve turning Israel into a Rubic cube. Israel has 1 tenth of 1 percent of the land of the Middle East. The Arab have 99.9% of the land. Let the Arab states host their creation, the "Palestinian people." There's lots of vacant land. Why take the land of a 4000 year old people to indulge the demands of a 40-year old "people", who are in no way different from the other Arabs in the region? Especially when the Jews own Israel -- all of it. They were granted it in trust by international law. They won it fending off Arab invaders. It is their homeland. It is the setting for the Bible, the basis of the moral code for Western countries. There is a Jewish people. There is a conglomerate of Arabs. The "Palestinians" can be settled among them. The Jews have earned their right to self-determination. And they can exercise it. If they the determination to do so.




We Jews and our friends need to become proactive go into attack mode. We can't be bled every few years whenever someone wants good publicity or needs a distraction or is looking for legacy material. Right now, you can contact your representatives in Congress; you can contact Knesset members. You can get your friends and family and co-workers to do the same. Jews and Christians: you are doing it for Israel; you are doing it for America; you are doing it for yourselves.

Write the Israeli administration. Let Ambassador Sallai Meridor Ambassador in Washington understand that you can't support an Israel that doesn't support Jews. His phone is 202-364-5590; his fax is 202-364-5560 and his email is . The Counsul in NY is Asaf Shariv; his phone is 212-499-5450; his fax is 212-499-5455 and his email is Consulate General of Israel to New England: his phone is 617-535-0200; his fax is 617-535-0255 and his email is .

Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest: Tel: (312) 297-4800; Fax: (312) 297-4855/4865; .

Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest: Consular Department - (713) 622 4924; All Other Departments - (713) 627 3780; Fax:(713) 627 0149;;; .

Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles: TEL:323-852-5500; Fax: (323) 852-5566; .

Consulate General of Israel - Miami: Tel: 305-925-9400; Fax: 305-925-9455; .

Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia: 230 South 15th Street Suite 8 Philadelphia, PA 19102 Tel: 215-546-5556 Fax: 215-545-3986

Natan Sharansky on his One Jerusalem website is saying that the ambassador and the consul general are getting NO protests about what Israel is doing and will surely be prejudiced. WRITE, CALL, FAX.

Contact your Congressmen in Washington. As David Bedein explains,

"The US Congress remains overwhelmingly pro-Israel and dedicated to helping Israel when called upon to do so. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have expressed criticism of the Bush administration's continuing coddling of Abbas, especially in light of the collapse of the US initiative to bolster Abbas only six months ago, which resulted in the strengthening of Hamas. And the administration remains accountable to the Congress, especially to its operational subcommittees.

However, because the government of Israel hesitates to challenge the Palestinian policies of the Bush administration, many members of Congress remain passive in their opposition to these policies; the truism about not wanting to be more Catholic than the Pope applies here. Congresspersons are more likely to respond with vigorous opposition to the Bush policies if: they have solid, cutting-edge information on the issues; they hear from Israelis prepared to counter their government's passivity; and they are encouraged by their constituents to act.

Opinion-makers who have influence with the White House should be approached. They, too, require solid, cutting-edge information on the issues and an opportunity to hear from concerned and knowledgeable Israelis."

Contact Congressional Staff. UCI has provided the names of some important contact people. They are listed by Name, phone, fax, email address, Position

Alan Makovsky 202-225-6735 202-226-3581 senior professional Majority staff member for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Howard Diamond 202-225-2601 202-225-1589 Deputy Chief of Staff for CONGRESSMAN GARY ACKERMAN, Chair of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and Asia, of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Matthew Zweig 202-226-8467 202-226-7269 Professional Staff Member, Minority Staff, for House Committee on Foreign Affairs, works with CONGRESSWOMAN ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN
Elise Kendarian Aronson 202-225-4765 202-225-0768 Chief of Staff for CONGRESSMAN JIM SAXTON
Jason Steinbaum 202-225-2464 202-225-5513 Chief of Staff for CONGRESSMAN ELIOT ENGEL, who is on the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and Asia and a good friend to Israel
Tom Stallings 202-225-4567 202-225-6328 Chief of Staff to CONGRESSMAN TRENT FRANKS, a Congressman with growing influence, who is a solid friend and has taken on the issue of the inciteful PA school books.
Zahava Goldman 202-225-3976 202-225-4099 Legislative Assistant to CONGRESSMAN HENRY WAXMAN, who has powerful influence on matters of foreign policy and speaks out for integrity in government
Lester Munson 202-225-4835 202-225-0837 Chief of Staff for CONGRESSMAN MARK KIRK, who is a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which has considerable power, and co-chairs a Republican caucus group, thus having contact with others.
Don MacDonald 202-225-5911 202-225-5879 Staff director for CONGRESSMAN BRAD SHERMAN, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade.

Write members of the Israeli Knesset. David Bedein has provided us with the list -- each by Name, Party Affiliation and email address.

Eli Aflalo Kadima
Yitzchak Arharonwitch Yisrael Beitenu
Chaim Amsellem Shas
Uri Yehuda Ariel Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Ariel Atias Shas
Colette Avital Labor-Meimad
Ruhama Avraham Balila Kadima
Ami Ayalon Labor-Meimad
David Azoulay Shas
Ronnie Bar-On Kadima
Mohammad Barakeh Hadash
Yossi Beilin Meretz-Yahad
Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer Labor-Meimad
Isaac Ben-Israel Kadima
Menahem Ben-Sasson Kadima
Yacov Ben Yizri Gil Pensioners Party
Shlomo Benizri Shas
Ze`ev Boim Kadima
Avishay Braverman Labor-Meimad
Eitan Cabel Labor-Meimad
Amnon Cohen Shas
Ran Cohen Meretz-Yahad
Yakov Cohen United Torah Judaism
Abraham Dicter Kadima
Amira Dotan Kadima
Yuli-Yoel Edelstein Likud
Jacob Edery Kadima
Effie Eitam Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Michael Eitan Likud
Rafi Eitan Gil Pensioners Party
Talab El-Sana Ra`am-Ta`al
Arieh Eldad Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Zeev Elkin Kadima
Benyamin Elon Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Gilad Erdan Likud
Gideon Ezra Kadima
Eliahu Gabbay Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Moshe Gafni United Torah Judaism
Zahava Gal-On Meretz-Yahad
Itshac Galantee Gil Pensioners Party
Shmuel Halpert United Torah Judaism
Elhanan Glazer Gil Pensioners Party
Tzachi Hanegbi Kadima
Israel Hasson Yisrael Beitenu
Yoel Hasson Kadima
Zvi Hendel Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Shai Hermesh Kadima
Isaac Herzog Labor-Meimad
Nadia Hilou Labor-Meimad
Abraham Hirchson Kadima
Robert Ilatov Yisrael Beitenu
Avigdor Itzchaky Kadima
Dalia Itzik Kadima
Moshe Kahlon Likud
Haim Katz Likud
Yisrael Katz Likud
Dov Khenin Hadash
Sofa Landver Yisrael Beitenu
Yitzhak Levy Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Avigdor Liberman Yisrael Beitenu
Yakov Litzman United Torah Judaism
Limor Livnat Likud
Tzipi Livni Kadima
Raleb Majadele Labor-Meimad
Yoram Marciano Labor-Meimad
Yakov Margi Shas
Sara Marom Shalev Gil Pensioners Party
Michael Melchior Labor-Meimad
Avraham Michaeli Shas
Alex Miller Yisrael Beitenu
Stas Misezhnikov Yisrael Beitenu
Shaul Mofaz Kadima
Said Naffaa National Democratic Assembly
Meshulam Nahari Shas
Benjamin Netanyahu Likud
Orit Noked Labor-Meimad
Michael Nudelman Kadima
Ehud Olmert Kadima
Zevulun Orlev Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Chaim Oron Meretz-Yahad
Amir Peretz Labor-Meimad
Ophir Pines-Paz Labor-Meimad
Meir Porush United Torah Judaism
Haim Ramon Kadima
Avraham Ravitz United Torah Judaism
Reuven Rivlin Likud
David Rotem Yisrael Beitenu
Gideon Sa`ar Likud
Ibrahim Sarsur Ra`am-Ta`al
Otniel Schneller Kadima
Yosef Shagal Yisrael Beitenu
Silvan Shalom Likud
Moshe Sharoni Gil Pensioners Party
Meir Sheetrit Kadima
Shemtov Yisrael Beitenu
Shalom Simhon Labor-Meimad
Nissan Slomiansky Ichud Leumi - Mafdal
Ephraim Sneh Labor-Meimad
Marina Solodkin Kadima
Yuval Steinitz Likud
Hanna Swaid Hadash
Wasil Taha National Democratic Assembly
David Tal Kadima
Yuli Tamir Labor-Meimad
Esterina Tartman Yisrael Beitenu
Ahmad Tibi Ra`am-Ta`al
Ronit Tirosh Kadima
Yitzhak Vaknin Shas
Avshalom Vilan Meretz-Yahad
Matan Vilnai Labor-Meimad
Majalli Whbee Kadima
Shelly Yacimovich Labor-Meimad
Dani Yatom Labor-Meimad
Eliyahu Yishai Shas
Jamal Zahalka National Democratic Assembly
Nissim Zeev Shas
Izhak Ziv Gil Pensioners Party
Abas Zkoor Ra`am-Ta`al



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