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by Judi McLeod



Palestinian propagandist "Green Helmet Guy", whose photos depicting him carrying the corpse of a child went viral during the July 2006 war in Lebanon, has resurfaced.

Qana, Lebanon baby resurrected as Gaza resident

Playing a prominent role in proven bogus pictures in the aftermath of the July 30, 2006 raid on Qana where he seemed to be on the payroll of Hezbollah, the corpse-bearing photo of "Green Helmet Guy", aka "Mr. Green Helmet" is now being used to disseminate Hamas propaganda.

YouTube can now be added to Green Helmet Guy's propaganda arsenal.

In a YouTube entitled "Ahmed Hamdy Singing for Ghazah, here Green Helmet Guy is holding up the corpse of the same child he held up two years ago in Lebanon. It is unlikely that singer Ahmed Hamdy knows his singing is being used to promote propaganda via YouTube.

Graphic photos of Palestinian victims, many of them dead or mortally wounded children, appear in the YouTube with Hamdy's voice singing in the background. The YouTube, which includes messages written in Arabic, was put together by Mohamed Ibrahim.

Green Helmet Guy was caught red-handed when bloggers spotted him in the aftermath of the raid on Qana as a "rescue worker" who seemed to parade around with the corpse of a child for protracted periods of time.

"Many bloggers speculated that he is, in fact, a Hezbollah "set designer" and media relations officer whose job is to milk maximum propaganda value from each photo opportunity, with the cooperation of willing photographers, who must witness his shenanigans in person, but not report on them." (

Canada Free Press (CFP) was sent the YouTube on an email list that included info@radioislam,com. CFP's IT expert Brian Thompson recognized Green Helmet Guy when checking to see what was on the video.

The photos from Qana and Gaza are a perfect match.

During the Qana aftermath, the blog EU Referendum had the most complete photo series compilation, showing that each image individually might be accepted as an unopposed authentic news photo, but that when one considers all the photos taken that day by Reuters, AP and Agence France Presse, it becomes obvious that the entire scene was some kind of gruesome theater performance, apparently with actors posing as rescue workers parading around with a few corpses, seemingly posing for the cameras instead of evacuating the bodies as humanely and efficiently as possible.

"However on August 9, the ruse was completely unmasked by the TV newsmagazine "Zapp" on the German NDR television network, which aired video of Green Helmet Guy acting as a movie director and staging propaganda photos and videos while pretending to be a rescue worker. After the video was posted online, most leading bloggers (such as Little Green Footballs) felt the evidence was now absolutely conclusive that Hezbollah was staging most of the imagery coming out of Lebanon.

"The German news site Bild uncovered pictures of Green Helmet Guy staging similar gruesome propaganda shots in 1996, as the Jawa Report noted, proving he's been at this business for quite some time."

"Incredibly, in response to the initial questions about the Qana pictures, Reuters issued a statement that completely denied any of its photos were staged, stating, "Reuters and other news organisations reviewed those images and have all rejected allegations that the photographs were staged." But their denial has fallen on deaf ears in the blogosphere, as more and more seemingly staged photos are discovered every day.

Hatred towards Israel in Lebanon, fomenting since the 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel, has reached fever pitch.

Protests against Israeli attacks on Gaza have been held over the New Year's weekend in Beirut, New York, London, Cairo, San Francisco, Athens Paris and Baghdad.

Protesters have hit the streets waving "Nuke Israel!" and "Death to Israel" signs in many of the world's capital cities, with hundreds of more protests expected this weekend.

"MSNBC reports that in Beirut, Lebanon, Hezbollah supporters thronged south Beirut in support of Hamas. Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, urges the Lebanese to support Hamas and declared Monday a day of mourning to show solidarity with Gaza. This certainly seems to support rumors that Hezbollah may be aiding Hamas by supplying arms, financing and terrorists." (, Dec. 29, 2008.)

Meanwhile, it seems that Hezbollah and Hamas share the same propagandists to advance their hatred of Israel and are willing to defraud the public and media in reaching their goal.


Some additional information

Arab singer Ahmed Hamdy has no problems with "Green Helmet Guy" using his voice in the background for a YouTube that promotes Hamas.

In fact, Hamdy sent an email to Canada Free Press (CFP) yesterday, listing the url of the CFP January 2, 2009 cover story "Green Helmet Guy now working for Hamas?"

"Save Ghazah (sic) Frome (sic) Israail (sic). We Want Peace," was the singer's message.

In a YouTube entitled "Ahmed Hamdy Singing for Ghazah, here CFP noticed that Green Helmet Guy was holding up the corpse of the same child he held up two years ago in Lebanon, in photos published by mainstream media.

Playing a prominent role in proven bogus pictures in the aftermath of the July 30, 2006 raid on Qana, where he seemed to be on the payroll of Hezbollah, the corpse-bearing photo of "Green Helmet Guy", aka "Mr. Green Helmet" is now being used to disseminate Hamas propaganda.

Green Helmet won't be too pleased if he comes across the same photo of himself bearing the same corpse, illustrating Monday's San Francisco Sentinel story, "Hamas Declares It Will Kill Israeli Children Anywhere", particularly because the caption of the photo now reads: "Israeli child previously killed by Islamic terror."

You'd think by now a green helmet would be a red flag for spotting propaganda.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how many "news organisations" run the picture of Green Helmet Guy carrying the corpses of Palestinian children in Gaza.

Addendum by Editor:

The Hamas actor/producer -- who was promptly labeled Mr. Green Helmet -- is shown above holding a baby, presumably dug up from the wreckage of a bombed house in Qana, Lebanon. The curious thing was that few of the children were dirt-covered. Most of the dead children, all of whom were supposedly buried under a house that collapsed, were clean, with unripped clothes and no wounds. As Judi McLeod tells us, Mr Green Helmet and his Hamas buddies carried individual children from photographer to photographer to make sure everybody got a great shot. When the photographers were done, they tossed the dead children onto chairs for others to handle. When the photos appeared in the newspapers, they were written up as if Mr. Green Helmet was rushing the poor things for medical aid -- running fearlessly in the open -- in the midst of an Israeli bombing. There was no bombing going on. The children were not in need of medical treatment -- they were dead and had been dead for some time. In fact, in some cases, there was a strong possibility they had been trucked in to contribute bodies to the Qana hoax.

In recent months, noxious pictures of dead babies have been emailed to internet websites by a hate-monger using the name of a Middle Eastern dictator. Every time there is an attack by Hamas or another terror group or if there is response from the IDF, the same pictures of one or more dead babies surface with a new history or no history -- we are supposed to believe these resurrected bodies are connected to the new story. It is of interest that a couple of these dead babies look like they could have been dug up from under dirt. The others are clean as were most of the other ones supposedly buried when the house collapsed in Qana. It would be good to find the source of this necropornography.

To read how the bloggers handled the original hoax, see Lipkin, here. The citations reference the bloggers who first broke the story. The internet bloggers squashed the hoax before it acquired legs -- but not before the Main Stream Media bought into it.

The dead baby of Qana photo isn't the only one that's been spotted as a recycle. The photo below is from a video that purports to show the aftermath of an IDF strike on a civilian marketplace in Gaza January 1, 2009. It was actually from the Jabalya refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip and was taken September 23, 2005. (See "Pallywood, Gaza Edition 2000" here.) The original was the aftermath of an explosion of a pick-up truck carrying Qassam rockets during a Hamas rally.

Here is a side by side of the video posted and the photo from 2005.


Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck. Email her at:

Part I appeared January 2, 2009 in Canada Free Press,

Part II appeared January 7, 2009 in Canada Free Press,


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