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by Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D. and Professor Ya'akov Peretz Golbert, J.D.


Predictably the Palestinians sabotaged implementation of yet another variation on Oslo. By electing Hamas, the Roadmap is annulled, any whitewash by President Bush notwithstanding. Within days of their victory, they publicly declare that all Oslo agreements are null and void. Every algorithm that required reciprocity from the Palestinians failed.

Israel incessantly tried courting peace with the so-called Palestinians, making one painful concession after another, and one one-sided gesture after another, only to be made a fool of again and again. Negotiations, confidence building measures, painful concessions, security fence, proportionate response, and international guarantees are not just useless, but make Israel the laughing stock of all countries. There is no alternative to finding a viable alternative, certainly not the rehash of the same approach that has wrought disaster for decades.


"Justice is the tolerable accommodation of the conflicting interests of society, and I don't believe there is any royal road to attain such accommodation concretely." ~Judge Learned Hand, in P. Hamburger, The Great Judge, 1946

The holocaust left an indelible mark on the Jewish psyche. It became indisputable that, as a people, they cannot rely on any gentile nation to save them or offer a safe haven. The need for a Jewish homeland became axiomatic.

Chaim Weizman, an early Zionist foresaw this need and sought the official in charge to eke out a segment of the Turkish Empire to serve as a homeland for the Jews. From this meeting, Palestine was born. The Turkish Empire stretched over enormous area, but it was not divided into countries. This agreement served both the interests of the Jews and Muslims. The Jews would have a safe haven; the Arabs could then pressure the Jews in their lands to emigrate so that their regions would be populated only by Muslims. Palestine was in essence designed as a very large ghetto.

The League of Nations ratified this new country after World War I and gave Britain the mandate to oversee the administration of this newly created Jewish State. Britain illegally usurped land granted to the Jews and granted 80% of Palestine to Arabs, creating Transjordan. Even the 20% became problematic because the British allowed unlimited Arab immigration into Western Palestine even while severely limiting Jewish immigration. The United Nations in a plan to avoid war in 1947, recommended partitioning that remaining portion of Palestine but the Arabs invaded anyway and took the Gaza strip and Judea and Samaria, the rest becoming Israel. The people today called Palestinians are those who inhabited Gaza and Judea and Samaria, even if they had moved into these regions during the period of the Mandate and even during the illegal Egyptian and Jordanian occupation.

In 1967, Israel liberated these lands and the original 20% of Palestine which the British had not usurped was returned to the Jews. As Israel did not wish to increase the Arab population, it annexed the Golan and Jerusalem giving quasi-citizenship to those Arabs. The others, who were Jordanian citizens, retained their Jordanian citizenship. When Jordan made a Peace agreement with Israel, it disengaged from the West Bank and that population was left in limbo. While free to earn their livelihood in Israel, they were encouraged to become autonomous. From this evolved the Palestinian Autonomy. It was designed to serve both the interests of the Jews and Arabs. The Jews can keep them from taking over Israel democratically, and they were awarded a large measure of self-determination.

Terrorism is a distal, not proximal facet of this conflict of interests. Terrorism was not created in order to create a Palestinian State. Rather, before 1967, it was a part of the Arab war of attrition to eliminate Israel.

"There will be no presence in the region other than the Arab presence. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion.... We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem." Arafat summed up this ideology in 1975, and the PLO has never deviated from this goal. "The term most often used was quada'ala -to put an end to... which was not susceptible to a partial satisfaction and compromise, as what was meant was the entire liquidation of Israel, not its truncation..." Arafat explained the PLO's genocidal goals with equal clarity: 'The operation of liberation is not merely removing an imperialist base, but what is more important: the extermination of a society (inqirad mujtamai)'" The war is about all the land, from river to sea, no more, no less.

A two-state solution is but another stage prior to Israel's demise.

Israelis are blinded to this because they are trapped in a self-limiting mindset. Most Israelis are bright, dogmatic and pigheaded, risking their lives based on feelings and emotions. They are not open to fresh, innovative concepts and solutions and cling to entrenched beliefs. Rigid thinking and stultified beliefs produce mental calcification. Israel has been reactive since its birth, responding to crisis upon crisis.

Israel constantly looks over its shoulder for approval, not taking charge of its destiny like any other sovereign nation. Israel has suffered through the Clayton's and Anglo-Oil Designs, the Palestine's Little and White Paper Designs, the Dulles, Rogers, Ford, Reagan Plans, James Baker's Five Points, the Shultz, Kissinger, Albright, Madrid, Camp David, Oslo, Wye Accords, and now the Bush Road Map, all to achieve "stability" in the region at the price of Israel's existence. These plans and designs have served the U.S. 's interests at Israel 's expense. Prudent nations at war conceptualize worst-case scenarios and develop counter-measures. What is today's worst-case scenario?

Arafat feverishly built a huge army (already larger than Israel's standing army), and procured massive quantities of arms, including LAW anti-tank missiles capable of disabling Israel's famed Merkava tanks, hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades [RPG's], Sagger missiles and land mines. At least four Muslim countries -- Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria -- can supply chemical shells to the PLO. Syria is 'safe-keeping' 2,000 Iraqi shells laden with Anthrax and Sarin, buried in the North Beka'a Valley in Lebanon.

With the PLO poised on Gaza's northern border and on the Judean and Samarian ridges, in possession of medium-range artillery pieces and thousands of chemically-laden shells, upon Abbas's order, these shells will explode over Israel's coastal cities and villages, decimating six million Jews within hours. Add to that the bombardment of 2,000 Iraqi shells laden with Anthrax and Sarin from the Lebanon border and Israel is doomed.

All this has been known since January 1997 to be the Arabs' operational plan. At that time, a study by the Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Terrorism and Non-Conventional Warfare was made public. That task force, headed by Congressman Jim Saxton of New Jersey, reported that a pact had been made between Iraq and Syria, in April 1996 (before the election of Netanyahu, when Syria was still Israel's "peace" interlocutor) to form a united Eastern Front against Israel. It was joined by Iran in the summer and massive joint war games were conducted. The Palestinian Authority signed on in August 1996 (which was before Israel opened the Kotel Tunnel). The task of the Palestinian Authority under the pact is precisely to prevent the mobilization of the reserves. If the IDF cannot mobilize the reserves to the front within 48 hours, the entire North falls. The presence of Iranian forces shortens the time accordingly. If they link up with the Palestinian forces in the mountains of Samaria, the Center of the country is entirely indefensible. The South gets its water from the North.


The U.S. and other Western nations respect independence, strength and conviction. Responding to a senator who told Menachem Begin: "Don't tell us we can't question your actions, Mr. Prime Minister. We're footing the bill." Begin replied: "Don't threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again with or without your aid."

America recognizes that " Israel is an inspiration and a model for all of us: A country seeking to be free and to live in peace. It is a story which must be written in Israel by Israelis. It cannot be written by anyone else...or dictated by ultimatums or by demands" Israelis must stop being fractional and myopic, and become united, far-sighted, and bold. Any valid, effective plan must at its core be sensitive to the conflicting interests of segments of society. Plans built of false, irrational assumptions are doomed.

It is patently absurd to keep implementing the same plan that has never worked, is not working and will never work. It does not take genius to see that retreat and appeasement are not going to bring Israel peace or security. It is nothing more than wishful thinking of a people without solutions. Whether they call it the Madrid Conference, Oslo, Wye, Camp David, Powel Plan, Burns plan, Zinni plan, Mitchel plan, Bush vision, Roadmap, or Geneva Accords, it boils down to the same thing; Israeli capitulation. Rather, the conflict ends when there "is the tolerable accommodation of the conflicting interests of society."

Palestinian Issue: The fiction of the Palestinians must be brought to an end. The so-called Palestinians are not Palestinian. They are Jordanian citizens residing in Judea and Samaria. " Palestine" was a name the Romans gave Israel when they subdued it in 77 CE. It was always a colony, first of the Roman Empire, then of the Ottoman Empire, and, after WW I, a colony of the British Empire under the pretense of being a League of Nations Mandate, for the specific purpose of creating a "national home for the Jewish people. Implicitly, the Jews were recognized by the nations of the world as the exiled indigenous population of the land. The British divided Palestine along the Jordan River: the "East Bank", 80% of Palestine, was given to Arabs and renamed Jordan, and the territory of Judea and Samaria, the "West Bank" of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean was returned to the Jews for a Jewish homeland. This became Israel - a mere fraction of its original size. The British allowed unlimited Arab immigration into Western Palestine while severely restricting Jewish immigration. In 1948, the Egyptians and Syrians attacked the new Jewish state, and, until 1967, Jordan illegally occupied Judea and Samaria. In the Six-Day War, Egypt committed an act of war by amassing its army on Israel 's border and blockading the Straits of Tiran and Israel used military force to remove the encirclement and blockade. After the second day of the Six-Day War, Jordan attacked and Judea and Samaria were restored to Israel. The United States takes the position that, as Israel fired the first bullet, it technically attacked Egypt and therefore is unjustified in retaining Gaza. However, even the United States must agree that, as Jordan attacked Israel, they have no legal claims to Judea and Samaria (the so called " West Bank").

Resolution of Land Disputes: There is absolutely no justification in perpetuating the delusion that Judea and Samaria are not Israel. All of Judea and Samaria must be annexed. Israeli annexation does not need to be an overt action. Applying Israeli law to this region as it applies everyplace else in Israel will have the same effect.

Israel must evict all so-called Palestinians who do not possess valid title to their land and homes with the same authority and verve that Israel has in removing Jews from "illegal outposts". Furthermore, Arabs should be permitted by law to sell to Jews, and receive protection by Israel if they do sell to Jews. Arabs are prevented from exercising their right of free trade by racist fatwas, or religious decrees, of Moslem clerics who issue a death warrant for any Moslem who sells land in Israel to Jews. In a country of law, this must not be tolerated. Ordering the death of the seller is incitement to murder, plain and simple, whether the terrorist threats are acted upon or not. The cleric must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Palestinian web sites proudly display execution of land dealers, complete with video and pictures of the execution.

The Holy Land will be restored to the Jews in accordance with Biblical prophecies. As such, Judea and Samaria will be annexed to Israel.

Farms and Homesteads: Undeveloped land in Judea and Samaria must be cultivated. Just as farmers may apply for agricultural land within Israel, either in joint co-operative projects, as in moshavim or kibbutzim, or in private farming ventures, permits to farm land in Judea and Samaria that is owned by the Israeli government must be offered to Israeli citizens. For public land, Israel should copy the United States Homestead Act of 1867, permitting citizens to farm abandoned land and record ownership after a number of years. This would simply reinforce the existing Jordanian law that is in full force and effect in Judea and Samaria that permits farming abandoned property. In order for the homesteads to not become a burden upon the Israeli armed forces, homesteaders must be ex-soldiers with valid permits to carry firearms and who have proven ability to protect themselves from infiltrators.

<>This law is certainly not in violation of the Geneva Convention. The League of Nations recognized the Jewish people as the indigenous population and mandated Britain to restore the Jews to the land. The influx of Arab immigrants during the period of the Mandate was a perfidy committed by Britain, a betrayal of its mandate. The occupation by Jordan and Egypt was illegal. The territories of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza strip were restored to Israel in 1967, not conquered. There is debate whether Egypt 's blockade of the Straits of Tiran in 1967 was an act of war, even though coupled with massive mobilization on Israel 's border. If it was and act of war, which every nation would consider it to be if done to itself, then even though Israel fired the first weapons, it was a defensive war.

Even those that consider Israel 's use of military force against Egypt as an offensive rather than defensive act must concede that Israel 's defense from the attack from Jordan was defensive. Jordan attacked Israel after the second day of the Six-Day War despite Israel imploring the Jordanians not to enter into the conflict. Jordan is unquestionably the aggressor in that war and their loss of the West Bank is permanent. The Geneva Accords definitely do not apply to this territory. As such, even the most extremist view that the Geneva Convention prohibits private citizens of one country to move into the occupied territory of a conquered country, this would have only applied in Gaza. A Homestead Act in Judea and Samaria is perfectly legal. Egypt, moreover, was an illegal occupier and no complaint concerning who fired the first shots should be heard. The amassing of armies on Israel 's border, coupled with clear statements of intention to invade for the purpose of genocide AND announcement of a maritime blockade on the high seas is justification enough. Couple all that with the fact that the Jews are the rightful indigenous population of the land, including the Gaza strip, as recognized by the League of Nations pursuant to the San Remo Conference (which was never superseded, except implicitly as concerns the East Bank, since Jordan was already a full member of the UN in 1947) and Egypt was there as an illegal occupier. Who today questions that opposing an occupation justifies the resort to "all means necessary" to "end the occupation"? Israel has no need to bow to the State Department's position, not in the slightest.

Each Jewish family may claim their portion of the holy land. They will receive their proportionate share of acreage provided they consent to actively farm it in accordance with Jewish law. This land cannot be sold.

Local Government: Separate regional governments in Judea and Samaria must be established, just as the Sharon, Upper Galilee, Lower Galilee and Negev are separate jurisdictions within Israel, which could be defined as "provinces." They are free to pass additional provincial or municipal ordinances, just as any other province or municipality within Israel has that prerogative.

Residency Rights: Just as Bulgarian citizens who wish to remain in Israel can acquire permanent residence status if qualified, Jordanian citizens who want to remain in Judea and Samaria can apply for a permanent resident visa. According to existing Israeli law, permanent residents can vote in local municipal and regional elections.

Permanent residents who join a terror organization have their visas revoked and are deported. The lawlessness of the Palestinian Authority must be brought to an end. Israeli law must apply to the permanent residents who live in Areas A and B. Anyone who is either a security risk or participates in the violent overthrow of a government is routinely deported in every democratic country. Just as a Jewish, non-Israeli malcontent who foments racism or is guilty of incitement is deported to his country of origin, Arab malcontents must similarly be deported. The entire terrorist infrastructure from top to bottom must be deported. Israeli law must be equally applied to all residents, Jews and Arabs alike.

Virtual Citizenship: Arabs are the only citizens of the Israel that are not required to serve in the Army or even perform community service in lieu of Army service. While Jewish boys are required to be at risk and sacrifice the best three years of their lives in full time Army service, the Israeli government in a reverse discrimination policy provides University education gratis to Arab adolescents. Israeli Arabs derive all the benefits of citizenship without assuming the obligations of citizenship. Jews should have this same option. Many Jews hesitate to make Aliya as they are not prepared to forfeit their children's adolescence. That should be an individual decision. When their child reaches the age of maturity, they should be permitted to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be full citizens and serve in the Army. Currently, it is impossible for Jews to move to Israel and remain non-citizen residents as a professional license to be a physician, lawyer, social worker, nurse, etc. cannot be processed unless the individual becomes a citizen. As such, a Jew who wants to live in Israel without obligating their children to serve in the Israeli Army cannot obtain professional licenses, cannot work. As such, we advocate creating two classes of citizenship: Full citizenship with the right to vote for those that are eligible to serve and virtual citizenship for those that are exempt from Army service. These virtual citizens could buy houses, get professional licenses, and work even in professions, but would not have the right to vote in national elections, would not be eligible for higher education scholarships, and would not receive National Insurance assistance based on the number of children in the family. The Law of Return can be simply revised to automatically grant virtual citizenship to anyone who is a Jew and who wishes to be exempt from Army service. As such, in addition to the thirteen million Jews worldwide, virtual citizenship would be awarded the Arabs that do not serve in the Israel Defense Force, including the one million Israeli Arabs and two million Arabs living in Judea and Samaria. The Israeli Arab, so called Palestinian Arab and Jewish virtual citizens will vote only in local elections in the areas in which they reside. The virtual citizens will not be a drain on the taxpayers' pocket. Just as Jewish virtual citizens do not serve in the Army, pay for their own health insurance, pay for their elementary and high school education, and do not receive National Insurance child allowance, the Moslem virtual citizens likewise receive the benefit of exemption from the Army at the cost of self-sufficiency. In contrast, those that bear the burden of full citizenship receive the benefits of full citizenship. Druze and Bedouins that serve in the Army retain their full citizenship, continue to serve in the Army and continue to vote in national elections. Similarly, their wives, daughters and elderly would enjoy the benefits of full citizenship.

Citizenship: Citizenship will be restricted to those who as a class are eligible to serve in the Israeli armed forces. Non-citizens may remain on a temporary resident visa, but must leave after the six-month term. If qualified, some may receive permanent visas. Visa violations will be as strictly enforced as they are in the United States. Non-citizens certainly will not receive child welfare checks, free education, free healthcare and subsidized higher education. Furthermore, non-citizens will not be permitted to own property and must deed it to the Jewish state or sell it to private Israeli citizens.

Finally, it is unconscionable that Israeli citizens forfeit due process rights if they live in Judea and Samaria, where martial law rather than civil law prevails. Israeli citizens are imprisoned without charges, are prevented legal representation and contact with lawyers, etc. They are citizens and the same due process should apply to them on both sides of the Green Line.

Refugees: Jewish refugees from Europe will be compensated for the lands, houses and businesses confiscated before and during World War II. The European Union will build six million houses to house the refugees and their descendants. The million Jews that had to evacuate Middle East countries with just the shirts on their back will be compensated. The Arab League will build another three million houses in Israel to house the second-generation Jewish refugees that were forced to flee Arab countries. After European and Middle East Arab countries live up to their obligation to compensate Jewish refugees, Arab refugees may be compensated.

Emigration Rights: Jordanian Arabs who seek to emigrate from Judea and Samaria should be permitted to freely emigrate. The Israeli authorities frequently deny these Arabs a pass to leave, citing illusory security precautions. Ironically, we have become like the Soviet Union that for decades withheld exit visas of three million Soviet Jews who sought to exercise their basic human right of emigration. We must insist upon equality under the law. Those Jordanian Arabs who wish to emigrate should be categorically permitted the equivalent of an exit visa. The United Nations Charter gives them this right. Their right to emigrate is an inalienable basic human right.

As the Arabs do not want the return of three million Jews into Arab countries, the Arab countries agree to absorb three million Moslem refugees. The Arab League will pay all costs for the emigration of Moslems from Israel. The Arab League accepts that Jews will exclusively occupy Israel. To make sure that the three million Jewish refugees do not return, the Arab Union will pay for a publicity campaign to encourage Jews worldwide to have a second home: their first in Israel, and their second wherever they now live.

How can Israel withstand international pressures? Israel must reformulate defense policy and foreign policy doctrine to include aggressive alternative energy research and implementation. The more the world uses energy other than petroleum from OPEC countries, the more the power of international jihad is weakened, the less money there will be to finance terrorism against Israel. We advocate a water tunnel from the Mediterranean to Dead Sea with hydro-electric and desalination plants along the way. We would like to see clean energy sources be exploited such as the energy tower proposed by Zoslowsky, solar ponds, and solar electricity fields. There is 40 billion dollars in oil trapped in Israeli oil shale.

There are other technologies in existence that can free Israel and the world from the grip of Middle East petroleum. One is based on the work of Nikola Tesla for which Israel is the ideal location which could provide power for everyone in the world, as Tesla proposed. Financing for his project, however, was thwarted by banking interests interested in petroleum. Another is an Israeli project that can transform algae into crude oil, turning petroleum into an agricultural product, requiring only flat land with reliable sunlight (such as desert) near water either salty or fresh. It is in Israel 's interest that projects such as this be developed and exploited everywhere in the world. Australia, for example, could produce as much crude oil as Saudi Arabia.

Israeli governments also underestimate the value to the world of Israeli military technology. The Popeye missile and the unmanned drones are only two. Israeli electronics took apart the best Soviet made anti-aircraft systems in Syria in 1967 and 1982, to the shock of the Soviets. Many of those technologies have been acquired in secret by the United States, in order to not offend the Arab states, in some cases via threats and intimidation. Israel looks like a beggar at the gate to Americans, seeing only billions of dollars of "aid" being given to Israel and not seeing that, in fact, the US gets more than its money's worth. Israel has to insist that acquisition by foreign governments of Israeli arms technology, consultation and training (in urban warfare in Iraq, for example) and other strategic cooperation be done only in public and not secretly. Insisting on legitimacy means refusing to be treated like the "other woman" in order not to offend the Muslim states.

Best Interests of the so-called Palestinians: While implementing this plan will upset a handful of demagogues who corruptly abused their position of power, it is in the best interest of the so-called Palestinians. Rather than remaining locked into an armed struggle that they can never win and rather than falling victim to fanatical, corrupt self-rule, this is the best accommodation they can hope to achieve. In the early 20th Century, their families moved to what is now Israel in the hopes of a better future for themselves. In the new Jewish settlements, there were jobs aplenty, education for their children and the promise of a modern democracy. Instead, they were turned into a scapegoat for the entire Arab world, forced into the role of oppressed refugees by their own crooked leadership, contained in poverty and exploited by the Western anti-Semitic media. This is their chance for freedom. Hundreds of thousands of so-called Palestinian Arabs have elected to relocate abroad. They want nothing more than a chance for a normal life. They want to live in an area free of tyranny, injustice and free from those who have exploited them for generations. They understand that, were they to stay, they are condemning their children to a lifetime of poverty, abuse by the so-called Palestinian leadership, and anarchy. They do not want to become full-fledged Israelis, which in the future would require three years of army service from their boys and girls just like any other Israeli citizen. They certainly do not want to pay the high taxes that other Israelis pay. They want out. We should help them out.

Environmental Changes: Some environmental disasters are created by inaction. The Dead Sea is evaporating a meter a year. The water tunnel mentioned above from the Mediterranean to Dead Sea would have the effect of restoring the Dead Sea. We would like to see clean energy sources be exploited such as is mentioned above

Fostering trade and investment in Israel: We Jews have no national economy except in Israel and it is being sold, at this very moment, to multinationals. Intel, for example, is aggressively and voraciously buying companies, especially high tech start-ups. Japanese companies have quietly bought many Israeli companies purely for the technology, dismantled the company property and sent it to Japan.

In fact, it would be small exaggeration at most to say that the goal of every Israeli start-up is to go to America and be sold on the American market. The management team brought in by the venture capital company takes total control of the company. Any money that changes hands goes into the Delaware bank account of a newly formed Israeli-owned Delaware corporation. The Israeli entrepreneurs who developed the technology are kept on in the technical department to develop new technology. Nothing remains in Israel ; nothing comes back to Israel.

The goal of globalization is for the multinational corporations to take control of local economies and, through that, control national policy. This is simply the globalization of the manner in which conglomerates subordinate government in America. Compliance with corporate goals is obtained, in part, by rotating personnel between executive positions in the company and governmental posts. Another strategy for obtaining governmental compliance is the threat of cutback or closure of local facilities in favor of corporate divisions or subsidiaries in other, "friendlier" locations. The implications for Israeli independence are clear and the damage is present and on-going.

It cannot be expected, however, that a Jewish businessman, who has built up a business and wants to cash it out, should limit his market for the company to nationalistic Jews only. That would be demanding far too much. The strategic interest of the Jewish people is not the responsibility of the individual businessman alone. What is needed, for one thing, is a network, independent of the Israeli government and the Histadrut, to broker deals. More serious still would be a mechanism for forming a capital pool, in Jewish hands, to buy control of important businesses in order to keep them in nationalist Jewish hands. It could be in the form of a holding company or a mutual fund but it would not operate purely for profit, since businesses would not be for sale to the highest bidder; only "in the family". That's legal and honorable, as long as it's clear and up front.

One who believes, with Charles Wilson, that "What's good for General Motors is good for America " will be comfortable with globalization: What's good for General Motors and Siemens and British Petroleum and Mitsubishi, etc. is good for the whole world. Even if one is comfortable with that proposition, however, we know that what applies to "everyone" does not necessarily include the Jews. Jewish survival and Israeli independence cannot depend on the good will of the nations of the world.

Apart from that, there is another reason. Years ago, Americans used to speak of the "American destiny." The phrase has hardly been heard for decades, certainly not since Vietnam and even Ronald Reagan did not revive the notion. Few people if anyone today believes that America has a peculiar destiny. On the other hand, people know in their bones that the Jewish people does have a peculiar destiny. The fundamental reason for having a separate Jewish country is that the Jewish destiny, as revealed in the Torah, requires it.

Governmental Corruption: Political corruption cannot be addressed by merely replacing one politician with another. It is not that all politicians are untrustworthy. Rather, it is a systemic problem. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, what is needed is accountability to constituents. Bribery, blackmail and intimidation can never be eliminated from government but they can be made far less relevant by requirements of transparency -- which means permitting audit and discovery by constituents -- and by dispersing power. To the extent that power is concentrated, it can be sold. Individual election by district will help to disperse power because an opponent in each election has incentive and ability to hold the incumbent to account. Secrecy is the natural ally of bribery, blackmail and intimidation. On the other hand, it is said that sunshine is the best disinfectant. Let the sunshine in! What is also needed is a more direct and continuous contact with the constituents, with email or telephone polls. Campaign platforms should be treated as contracts. Deviation from their mandate must automatically result in dismissal and the need to seek a new mandate.

Control of Terrorism: Buffer zones must be imposed to prevent the possibility of attack. In order to prevent Jews from being within range of snipers and bombers, clear a two-kilometer buffer zone around every Jewish holy site and tomb, around each Jewish community and along the roads in Judea and Samaria. Any Arabs that have houses and farms within these buffer zones who can prove ownership, with papers delineating the chain of title from the Ottoman, British and Jordanian records, should be compensated. Others are squatters who have no rights to this land. We must pool our resources to purchase all property in these buffer zones from the so-called Palestinians. By buying out just 1% of the Arab population in Judea and Samaria, Jews can reclaim 58% of Judea and Samaria, because 99% of the Arabs live in concentrated areas on the other 42%. From the standpoint of Israeli security, there will be no need for the security fence, but rather there will be sufficient buffer zones between populations. The cost to the government in providing security to its citizens will be markedly reduced.


The electoral victory of Hamas has converted the Oslo-Geneva Roadmap to the Olso-Munich Roadmap. Shaul Mofaz unwittingly hit the nail on the head in his pronouncement that if Hamas continues with terrorism, no terrorist leader is immune. Israel acted correctly in hunting down those terrorists that killed the Israeli Olympic contenders in Munich. Sometimes, there is no alternative but to fight fire with fire. Israel can create its own terrorist units, either official or private but officially sanctioned. While American movie audiences identify with the poor terrorists on the run, one element of Spielberg's spiel is laudable: The terrorists were frightened by Israeli retaliation. Terrorism is a modality of war; an unconventional weapon. As they have been employing this weapon for decades, it can only be controlled by turning it upon itself. There are no alternatives. Conventional warfare cannot eradicate it.

We did not negotiate Entebbe. We did what had to be done to save lives. Mofaz will find that eliminating only the leaders is useless. It may have worked in ancient battles, but this is not ancient Troy or a David-Goliath contest. Terrorism cannot be weeded out unless it is taken up from the roots. Not just the heads, but the members, those that train them, those that arm them and those that finance them are all the enemy and must be eliminated. That goes not just for terrorist acts thus far committed, but also terrorist acts that are imminent. This is consistent with the Bush doctrine. On the night of September 11th, President Bush declared that the United States would make no distinction between the terrorists and those who support them. Any person or government that supports, protects or harbors terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent, and will be held to account.

Furthermore, we can no longer afford to maintain a fifth column within our midst and in the Knesset. We can no longer tolerate employing Arabs in the lands registration department of the military court. These non-soldiers, not eligible to serve, report to the Palestinian Authority any file they receive in which an Arab sells to a Jew. By nightfall that Arab seller is dead. Both the killer and informer is the enemy and must be eliminated.

America has suffered enormous casualties in Iraq only because they insist on fighting a humane war. Humane war is an oxymoron. If Israel insists on maintaining the persona of a humane country, they could simply unleash those who would retaliate for terrorist acts in which their family was injured or killed. We have a concept of "Goel Ha'Dam" which predates Italian vendettas by several millennia. Israel can eliminate terrorism, but not without killing the terrorists. In this, there is no alternative. There are, of course, much more extreme positions.


In a brainstorming session in Jerusalem, one participant privately noted that death and the threat of death are psychological weapons, not military ones. The more gruesome, the more they are prized by the Arab masses. Bashing in children's heads, shooting and throwing wheelchair-bound Klinghoffer overboard, shooting babies in their cribs, their pacifiers still in their mouths, decapitating and dismembering women and children with bombs, blowing people out of airplanes - the more gruesome the deaths, the more they serve the PLO's purpose. While the worst of us is incapable of doing what the Palestinians did in the Ramalah or Tekoa lynch, there is something worse that someone could do. When Israel regained Hebron in 1967, Sheik Jabri met the commanding officer after white flags were waived from every window. To a shocked commanding officer, the Sheik said "I ask only one thing of you. Do not rape our daughters." While this was clearly a projection of what the Palestinians would do if they won, it reflects their vulnerability. They value their daughter's chastity more than their own lives and the lives of their children. In that case, we should send the portion of Bible that spells out the rights of the Israeli soldier in taking the spoils of war including marrying whoever they chose. This propaganda ploy will be feared more than death, even more than mutilation and torture. Of course, this is not offered as a serious proposal but part of unedited brainstorming. Sometimes it is not how things are that is important but how they appear to be. The attack in 1948 on Dir Yasin was retaliatory and ended the war. Whether it is true or not, but the Arabs believed that the Jews raped their women and tortured and mutilated the men. Perhaps the perception that they and their women are in danger from these fringe lunatics will act as a deterrent for continued terrorism and obstruction of the smooth government.

Another extreme proposal bears mentioning to as it reflects the mindset of a segment of the population. They maintain that anything not worth dying over is not worth living for. American's who leave relative security and move to Israel or Judea and Samaria endanger their lives and the lives of their children because it is that important for them to live in the holy land. They argue that the Jewish religion obligates Jews not only to move to the Holy Land, but to recapture the Holy Land. Gentiles that resist the Jews reclaiming any part of the Holy Land must be put to death just as Joshua did. Furthermore, they argue that the Palestinians that attack the weak and infirm on the roads have the law of Amolek and the Bible commands that all Amolek be put to death. Even more extreme, others claim that as this land belongs to the Jews any gentile that has possession of any part of the holy land is a thief and according to the seven Noachite laws, gentiles that steal are supposed to be put to death. These views are against gentile emigration, but believe that they must be all put to death. Those that expressed this viewpoint have no intention of taking the law in their own hands. Rather, they posit that this is what their idealized government would do.

While the Oslo-Geneva Roadmap concerned itself only with resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, other plans, such as those of Prof. Eidelberg and of Prof. Golbert, not only resolve the conflict but also concern themselves with making Israel a fair and just society.

Professor Golbert posits that, the alternative for Israel boils down to the following:

  1. Eliminate the Palestinian Authority because it will never produce the peace that was intended. It democratically elected Hamas and other terrorist groups.
  2. Actively destroy all the terrorist organizations, including the PLO and all its constituent groups;
  3. Kill all the terrorists who don't flee fast enough, including individual terrorists unaffiliated with a terrorist group,
  4. Prosecute everyone who has aided and abetted the enemy, including such foreign precedents as the Post World War II prosecutions of "Tokyo Rose" and "Lord Haw-Haw"; everyone who obstructed justice by cover-up or partiality in the application of law or abused power to pervert state policy; everyone who made decisions based on bribery or other corruption or in service of foreign interest;
  5. Redefine citizenship (full and virtual) and enforce the law banning parties that deny the nature of Israel as a Jewish state;
  6. Annex Judea and Samaria;
  7. Equal enforcement of planning and building laws;
  8. Restructure the government to provide for winner-take-all district elections to Knesset and executive appointment of judges;
  9. Reformulate defense policy and foreign policy to include aggressive alternative energy research and implementation and insistence that acquisition by foreign governments of Israeli arms technology, consultation and training (in urban warfare, for example) and other strategic cooperation be done only in public and not secretly. Insisting on legitimacy means refusing to be treated like the "other woman" in order not to offend the Muslim states;
  10. Establish the centrality of Torah to Israeli education, law, policy and strategic planning. Being a Jewish state means embracing Jewish destiny. There is no other source by which to define such purpose and destiny and is no other purpose for the state that cannot be satisfied in California, Italy, Canada or many other places.
  11. In brief, instill Torah and Jewish self-respect into Israeli education, foreign relations and defense policy.



There is a vacuum of moral leadership which has resulted in a paralyzing stagnation. In order to wrest control from the small elite minority that has been leading Israel to oblivion, their power base must be dissipated. Professor Jack Golbert posits that by addressing these critical issues, not only does the country become viable and fair, but it dethrones the demagogues that have been in control for a half-century.

Community self-defense: The IDF cannot protect Jewish communities, not in the territories over the Green Line and not within the Green Line either. In the Jerusalem Post for March 1, 2001, the IDF reported reduced manpower available for defense of communities over the Green Line and said that residents of those communities have to take more responsibility for their own defense. Of course, no one's reserve duties were reduced to make that possible, nor was equipment or munitions made available for the task. The IDF simply abdicated part of its responsibility for their defense. Yet the Palestinians have not kept their plan a secret. Those communities are under threat from the Palestinian Authority's armed forces which are well armed, including more than 120 armored cars, which the communities of YESHA are not known to have any defense against. A small armed force operating behind an armored car could quickly overwhelm the defenses of a settlement. It is doubtful that the IDF could respond to 120 simultaneously.

Towns inside the Green Line along the seam find themselves in a similarly threatened situation and no one is addressing the problem. The fact is that the whole country is under dire threat and the government seems to be pretending that the threat does not exist. Prior to the closure of Orient House, the Palestinian Authority had been deeply engaged in computerizing the identity of properties owned by Arabs prior to 1948 and matching properties to families. They make no secret of their intention to send hundreds of thousands of "refugees" into " Israel proper", backed up by armed Palestinian "police" to "reclaim" the homes their ancestors had abandoned. Nor do they conceal their intention to kill any occupant who refuses to evacuate the premises.

There is precedent for armed border positions being overwhelmed by masses of civilians swarming past it. The Hezbollah overwhelmed the South Lebanese Army the same way: masses of civilians backed up by armed Hezbollah gunmen. Morocco occupied the Spanish Western Sahara the same way. Would Israeli troops open fire on women and children? Doubtful. Once inside Israeli cities, their purpose would be to run amuck and kill as many as possible. We can expect them to infiltrate the 14 and 15-year-old snipers they have been training to take up positions in teams on strategic buildings, similarly guarded by PA security personnel, to kill as many as they can before they are taken out. Then they will scream to the world that "The Israelis are killing our children."

Will the IDF be able to respond in the entire country? Not likely. In point of bitter fact, that will probably be coordinated with a general invasion by Egypt in the South, Syria in the North with expeditionary forces from Iran and probably Jordan and maybe even Iraq in the East. The IDF will be unable to mobilize because of the chaos wrought by the Palestinians all over the country.

Clearly, the IDF will not be able to protect the neighborhoods inside the country. The police cannot be expected to meet a challenge so massive. The Jewish communities themselves, in every neighborhood in the country, have to be the ones to defend themselves. The situation, however, is that the Jews are not armed, not ready. But the Arabs are. The Arabs have been arming themselves and even rehearsing their tactics. The Israeli government, in 2002, announced that the police will not search Arab villages for illegal weapons lest the Arabs riot. What that means is that the State of Israel has relinquished sovereignty over the areas populated by Arabs.

The future of Israel as a Jewish state and as a democratic state depends on arming and training the Jews, community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, to defend themselves. The government has to permit and facilitate it or it will place itself precisely in the role of the British Mandatory government, the protector of the Arabs in their massacres of Jews.

Media Relations and Lobbying to get our case before the Public: In the court of public opinion, Israel 's presentation of their case has ranged in quality from feckless to self-destructive. Ultimately, there should be media outlets created to present the nationalist point of view. It is difficult to understand why that has never happened. It will have to be self supporting because if it depends on advertising, like the other outlets, it will be dependent on the companies owned by the Histadrut and its political allies. It will have to be supported by donations from its readers and other supporters.

Intelligent political action: demonstrations designed to create public interaction: Every demonstration directed toward the government has to carry with it a threat. In a democracy, the threat is that we will turn the incumbent government out. In a parliamentary democracy, there is the additional threat that we will bring the government down in mid-term and replace it with a government led by the opposition. Israel was never a democracy and it certainly is not a democracy today. Democratic institutions function only when the government is led by the right wing. The media, the courts, the Histadrut, the universities, the banking and capital system and the intellectual elite in general, serve the left wing as slavishly as Pravda ever served Stalin. The army and the police have also been thoroughly politicized to serve the left.

In such circumstances, the threat can only be that the violence of the police will be met with massive violence by the public. The Arabs have prevailed over the government and the army because they have not hesitated to employ massive violence and to pit their own willingness to suffer casualties and imprisonment against the willingness of the Israeli soldiers and police to do the same and to suffer the universal opprobrium in the media and the diplomatic corps. If Jews in Israel are unwilling to do that, then there is no point in demonstrations directed toward the government. Rather, all demonstrations must be directed toward the public at large.

Our weapons are truth and the patriotic love of our country and our people. The goal of this activity is to reach and persuade the population, not to alienate it by being hateful or undignified. When our demonstrations are met with unbridled police brutality, then the government has to be taken to task.

A Real Human Rights, Civil Liberties Organization and Legal Aid Society: What are currently called human-rights are a smokescreen and a political weapon. They are interested in the selective enforcement of the law, in short. We want to see to it that laws that are enforced against one sector of the society are also enforced against the others. In America the issue is called "equal protection of the law." In Europe, it's called "rule of law." There should be no illusion, however, that we can really win a general, global victory in the courts of law, self-perpetuating bastion that they are of extreme leftist ideology.

The most important function for such an organization is to serve as a legal defense fund, to defend the people who will be charged with serious crimes for standing up to the system. Forcing people to defend themselves in court without clear justification is oppressive because most citizens cannot bear the cost of the defense of their basic rights on their own. Most of us are priced out of the legal system. That makes it possible for the rich and powerful (which in Israel means the Socialists) to turn the courts into an instrument of oppression and they do, without compunction. They are the ones who claim, sanctimoniously, to be the advocates of democracy and the rule of law but surely this is the ultimate perversion of both. A legal aid society is therefore most essential, to extend the rule of law to ordinary citizens.

Similarly, "Legal Aid" in Israel is not worthy of mention. The importance of a private and effective legal aid organization should be apparent to anyone who remembers the repression of the Rabin-Peres government, replete with manipulation of the media, disinformation, use of agents provocateurs, arbitrary arrest and detention without charges, police brutality, show trials on trumped-up charges supported by police perjury, politicization of the police and the army, and public calumnies and incitement by members of the government against sectors of the population which opposed government policy. The same kind of repressive period is beginning again, all in the name of 'rule of law'. It is important to have another organization operating, presenting a different view of the role of the government and the courts.

Resisting Oppressive Tactics of the Israeli Government: If the government, or a foreign government, wants to limit the effectiveness of the Israel right, for example, it needs only to find members of the core of the right wing, like residents or even better, leaders of the settlements in Judea and Samaria, who will go along with the goals of the government or can be induced to go along. They will finance this "tame" settler organization, and insure that the media covers it generously, give it organizational power from the government's covert agencies. The tame organization will put out militant-sounding propaganda, organize demonstrations and issue extreme public statements, lavishly published at great expense, which will support the image of the "settlers" as extremists and fanatics, and on unproductive extravagances like swimming pools and tennis courts in the settlements. In general, they will dissipate the energies of the right wing in ineffectual and marginal activities.

For example, in the 1950's, to prevent the Arabs from forming a nation-wide Arab party, the Israeli government made sure there were Arabs in the Zionist parties and that they got ample publicity in the media, that they delivered to their constituencies a modest level of services and patronage. Under no circumstances were these Arab politicians to be allowed to take independent action. The carrot is used freely, as is the stick. If that fails to control the situation and effective action and organization threaten to arise, other tools are available. Character assassination is commonly threatened and used. This may include slander within the community that support right wing activity. It may consist of indictment and prosecution. The grounds might be true, which they have discovered by exhaustive investigation with the express purpose of blackmail or character assassination. Or, if there is insufficient dirt to be discovered, the charges might be trumped up and the charges backed up by police perjury. The cost of legal defense is only one effective tool of repression, as mentioned above. There are others, including selective violence & even assassination. What was done to the Arabs in the 50's is now done to everyone except the Arabs, who have been able to achieve freedom of action precisely because they do not believe in the system.

These techniques were developed in the 19th Century by the British to maintain their colonial empire. By now, it is a universal method, absolutely systemic all over the world. It is not even necessary that the "tame" organization know that it is being fostered and used. Many American peace activists during the Vietnam War did not know that they were being financed and influenced by North Vietnamese intelligence. That came out only years later. Some did know all along, it is true and they served North Vietnam willingly and openly but that is not necessary. They need only find someone doing something they want done and make sure that party gets ample funding and publicity.

The way to combat this is by forming numerous organizations and movements dedicated to the same causes, all functioning in different ways, all open and above-board, all legal. The Prisoners of Zion and the other people involved in resistance to Soviet rule have demonstrated that the thing most subversive of oppression is truth.

How can we know who is infiltrating us? We cannot always know. Look for someone who comes from nowhere and rises rapidly to prominence and dominates the field for no objective reason. The chances are very good that such a party is being promoted from behind the scenes by someone with resources far greater than could be expected in context, such as a governmental intelligence service, either Israeli or foreign. This is especially to be suspected if there is pressure to "unify" and come under its auspices or leadership. Also, watch for its efforts to suppress or sideline materials or activities which are effective. At the other extreme, look for another Avishai Raviv: someone very extreme enjoying ready access to the media, who serves to attract the extreme elements and create an extremist and irresponsible image for the whole movement or segment of the population in order to delegitimate it and even dehumanize it.

Courts and Supreme Court: At least two members of the Supreme Court are certifiable criminals. They are on tape, one as State Prosecutor and one as Attorney General, obstructing justice by deciding to prosecute a man they knew was innocent in order to deflect investigation from Shabak agent Avishai Raviv. They have to be removed from the court and, even more importantly, the manner of appointment has to be changed to executive appointment of judges with Knesset approval, preferably by special majority. Israel needs a Constitutional Court, newly constituted and empowered, to decide questions of fundamental law. The practice of the President of the Court impaneling the judges to hear specific questions means that he alone decides every case. The entire Supreme Court has to hear every case, en banc.

Election of Members of Knesset by winner-take-all district elections. Under the system of proportional representation by party lists, every Member of Knesset has a constituency of one: the leader of his or her party whom he has chosen as his boss and protector. Party discipline is absolute. No government has ever been brought down by a vote of confidence. In other democracies, members of the parliament are individually elected by district. People break from party discipline because they cannot be reelected at home with such an issue on his record. That never happens in Israel. The evacuation of the Gaza Strip for example has made Ashkelon and some 40 other towns more vulnerable to Arab terrorism. If someone representing Ashkelon had voted for it, he would have to face an opponent demanding his defeat for reelection for having sacrificed the security of Ashkelon. As it is, no one represents Ashkelon and therefore, no one has to take responsibility for having put Ashkelon on the front line. No one represents anyone except the party leaders, who cannot be defeated at the polls except by defeating the entire party list.


(This has been discussed above.)

A Real Labor Union: Lech Walesa and Solidarity showed the way to unravel a Bolshevik system. The biggest employer in the country cannot be the labor union in a healthy economy. The owner of 60% of the nation's industry (which it might have mismanaged down to c. 45%) will not represent the interest of the workers in a labor dispute with management. It IS management. Its power comes from being management. The power it gets from being the workers' representative it secures by demagoguery, not by honest representation of the workers. An independent labor union exposes the betrayal of trust inherent in a socialist system and the hollowness of its pretensions. Only two people are required to start a labor union; an experienced and effective labor organizer and a lawyer who is absolutely expert in all aspects of Israel labor law, chapter and verse, with the commentaries and the cases. He would have to be able to explain to the workers what the legal consequences of their proposed actions would be and he would have to vindicate it in court.

Aliyah and resettlement: Barring Divine intervention, there will be Jewish refugees to be rehabilitated and resettled in Israel. Some will come from unexpected places. Argentina and France are only the first. We were unprepared for the expellees from Gush Katif and the northern Shomron. We must also expect refugees in large numbers from numerous other expulsions and from other countries. However the Israeli Jewish agency has facilitated the emigration of non-Jews. About a third of the immigrants from what was the Soviet Union are not Jews. Until and unless the Knesset changes the definition in the Law of Return, any person with one Jewish grand- parent is entitled to make aliyah as a Jew, together with his or her non-Jewish spouse and children. Just in case that were not bad enough, few aliyah emissaries make an effort to ensure that the documents presented to prove the one Jewish grandparent are genuine and not counterfeit. The reason is that the non-Jewish immigrants "strengthen the secular segment of Israeli society." Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of Jews in the southern tier of the former Soviet Union -- Georgia and the Caucusus, and Central Asia -- the overwhelming majority of whom are 'Edot Mizrah' -- "Eastern" Jews; the overwhelming majority of whom are religious. Little or no effort is being made to recruit them for aliyah. The establishment does not want that kind of Jew. They only want "their" kind of Jew: someone who votes socialist and hates Judaism. There is ample room for private initiative to bring Jews home. In fact, it is a newly established private organization in the US that has brought more American Jews to Israel than a dozen years of Jewish Agency half-hearted efforts.

Creation of a New Jewish Agency: We want to create the New Jewish Agency as a non-profit, tax exempt entity abroad to raise money to finance organizations to carry out the 8-point plan plus geulat karka. The Jewish Agency has stopped doing what it was created to do or has even started doing the opposite. We have mentioned bringing non-Jews on "aliyah". In addition, lands of the Jewish National Fund are now being sold to Arabs. For these and other reasons, we have to do all the things the Jewish Agency was created to do.

Outreach to strengthen Jewish Identity: The essence of being Jewish is also a strategic imperative.

On the strategic level, Karl von Clausewitz wrote that victory in war required:

  1. The complete or partial destruction of the enemy's armed forces;
  2. The occupation of his country; and
  3. The breaking of his will to fight.

On the tactical level, victory involves:

  1. The enemy's greater loss of material strength;
  2. His loss of morale; and
  3. His admission of the same by abandoning his intentions.

Can there be a better thumbnail sketch of what has been done to Israel by the psychological warfare waged against us? It has produced the virulent self-hatred called "Post-Zionism", and the material depredations of the Oslo process. What is left of Zionist intentions? The most dedicated Jewish nationalists have been vilified and marginalized as "extremists" and "fanatics."

Like a long history of other movements, secular Zionism has dead- ended. To the extent that we Jews get our self-image from the people around us, we internalize the warped image of the bigots who hate us. Without a source of a true picture of who and what we are, it's like growing up in a hall full of distorted mirrors. We have found no source of truth about ourselves except Torah which can counteract the world's bigotry over the long haul.

Our claim to the Land of Israel is not because Israel is democratic, not because we are here already and to uproot us would entail human cost too terrible to contemplate. Our claim to this land is primarily based on the fact that we are Jews, the Children of Israel, to whom G-d gave this land. The Book that says that G-d gave us the land, the Torah, also says many other things, however, which most Israelis do not do, which the Israeli government and most of the institutions of Israeli society positively denigrate. The Torah says "Remember the Sabbath Day to sanctify it - keep it Holy", but few in our government do so. It tells us what we may eat and what we may not eat, but few in the government observe those rules, many are positively ostentatious in their non-observance. The late President Hafez al Assad of Syria, confronted by the Biblical promise of the Land to the people Israel, said "The Israeli leaders don't believe in the Torah, why should I?" He was a fool, of course. Truth does not depend on who believes it and who does not, but he was not entirely wrong.

It is quite irrelevant, however, who believes and who does not. It is the Jews' belief that governs the commitments and values of the Jews. Our belief in the land having been promised to us by G-d Himself has motivated our commitment to this land for the last nineteen centuries in exile. Every year we have observed its harvest seasons, its planting seasons and the anniversaries of our besiegement and exile. We face Jerusalem in our prayers. We have never claimed any other land but Eretz Yisrael, although we were settled in Germany before the German tribes conquered, in France before the Franks conquered, in Spain before the influx of Goths and Vandals and in many other lands before their present inhabitants.

Furthermore, rather than gentiles making demands upon the Jews, it is the Jews' obligation to demand that gentiles observe the seven commandments that they are obligated to observe from the Torah. Six of these were commanded to Adam and the seventh to Noah. As all humanity descends from Noah, they are obligated under punishment of death to adhere to these seven commandments.


The illusion of helplessness is just as dangerous to self-preservation as genuine helplessness. Israelis were cowed by the United States into accepting the same futile strategy called by various names: the Madrid Conference, Oslo, Wye, Camp David, Powel Plan, Burns plan, Zinni plan, Mitchel plan, Bush vision, Roadmap, or Geneva Accords. The Hamas electoral victory put a stop to this approach.

We need not give in to hopelessness and helplessness. Having a repertoire of responses that take control inoculates us against helplessness. Numerous viable alternatives to the Oslo-Geneva Roadmap abound in addition to the ones detailed in this paper. This paper does not purport to have THE ANSWER but presents a number of cogent ideas that warrant serious consideration. More importantly, some of these viable proposals can be implemented immediately.

Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D., has been involved in creating communities for English-speaking olim, and in an emigration program for Palestinians. He currently resides in the Shomron. He can be reached at Professor Ya'akov Peretz Golbert is a co-founder of Netzah Yisrael Lo Yeshaqer. He can be reached at

This article was published December 4, 2006 on the Netzah Yisrael Lo Yeshaqer website

Thanks are due Ted Belman for sending this article to Think-Israel.


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