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by Arlene Peck


Despite the fact that I was born a Leo and the symbol of the lion, I have always considered myself a pussycat. And, I never thought that my words of wisdom would need any reason to re-access my thinking in how I phrase them. After all, my publishers never seemed to mind that I had a tendency to be a tad politically incorrect. I just told them that I had a compulsion to tell it like it is? and they loved me for it! Maybe a little too much.

Because, folks, it seems that I have been blackballed for being a bad girl. I guess I have not been nice enough to those wonderful folks that brought us the Taliban and the weekly be-heading show. How do I know this? Well, I believe that it all began a while back when I wrote a column called CAIR and the ACLU Strange Bedfellows. [Editor's note: it can be read by clicking here.]

It seems somebody, (I say somebody because I'm not allowed to know the names of my accusers) at Google who probably works in a "tech help" center in one of those wonderful Islamic countries that we now outsource to, has decided that my column How Has Islam Enriched Your Life? was in the category of "Hate Speech."

As a result, they notified one of my publishers, Frank Salvato, the managing editor of The New Media Journal, that he had been dropped from Google. And, sadly, they listed me as the reason. I say "they" although their names could be Mohamed and Achmed but I will never know who wants to censor his paper. So, even though it's a huge violation of our First Amendment's guarantee to a free press, do they care? Hell no!

Google, even though it might be as big as a small country, does not have to play by the rules because they are considered a "private company." They don't worry about mundane things like how awful a test case this might become.

Folks, this is no different from making a fuss over cartoons. Except now they seem to have become a little more sophisticated. They are entering another arena by intimidating journalists into writing anything but very left of center so it will be considered tame enough for the censors at Google. And, to my way of thinking... somewhere in the background is good old CAIR.

I had been wondering what was happening at Google even before I was notified that I had been so bad that I was taken off the good list. For the two previous weeks, I had noticed that although about 50,000 sites referenced me when my name was clicked on Google, (Yahoo still has 48,000) about 1,500 were being dropped off every day. So, I called the good people in India and asked them was it possible that a "hacker" was removing my name. Nobody seemed to know. Ah, but then only a day or so later, I was told that they considered me a "hate speech" writer.

Thankfully, there is a large contingent of my readership who are not intimidated by the threat of censorship. However, folks, this is truly scary. Because this, I believe, is a test case by the Islamic powers that be. They are now going after columnists and journalists who write columns that they consider unfavorable to their Islamofascist cause

Whenever a speaker was or is invited to the campus who just might be Jewish or speaking on anything with an Israeli orientation, and this includes Israeli Prime Ministers Netanyahu and Barak; Islamic scholar Daniel Pipes and Lebanese Terrorism expert and speaker Brigitte Gabriel. The campus office would be flooded with emails, letters and protests barring them from speaking the truth.

Their methods worked. Today, the invitations from the universities aren't happening because it's not worth the hassle of putting out so much security to protect these speakers from the well planned Muslim protest that follow these speakers wherever they go.

Now, however, it's no longer cartoons they are targeting. I believe that I am a test case. So now, when these "plants" at some search engines see that there are those out there who are not writing to their liking, they spam the email of companies such as Google. These targeted companies then cave in, complaining about "hate speech" and newspapers, such as The News Media Journal are withdrawn.

These people don't worry about First Amendment rights. They have learned how to use our "free and democratic system" to their advantage. More importantly, they know that if they do, American companies will fold. Folks, I do not intend to "give in". Concessions denote weakness and that is just not my "style." It shouldn't be yours either. Tell people and fight this with me!

BrookesNews Editor's note: I find it ironic that one of Google's cofounders is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. His parents managed to escape that totalitarian state in the early 1970s and bring him with them. And how does he show his gratitude? He collaborates with the Beijing regime in silencing genuine dissenters (not the phony ones we have in the West) and joins with the Democrats, the same party that opposed those Reagan policies that brought down the Soviet empire. Now the little snot is censoring conservatives. And this self-righteous bigot had the nerve to invent the slogan "Do No Evil". I think he ought to change it to: "We Cooperate With Evil".

End note on CAIR

 This is an excerpt from Arlene Peck, Will I Be Censored?:

"For those of you who do not know what CAIR might be, let me clarify. The Council of American-Islamic Relations is an offshoot of the Islamic Association for Palestine. This is the illustrious group whose founders include the number two leader in the terrorist organization we have all come to know and love today: Mousa Abu Marzook, the former North American leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

"Sounds impressive... huh? And, what a commendable, likable group they are. Besides publishing and promoting the Hamas charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel, they seem to stay as busy, raising money for "alleged" terrorist organizations, cloaked as 'humanitarian' charities and carrying their message of "peace" to countless American college campuses. Oh yes, and let's not forget their constant work in our prisons, which are now hotbeds for this same message that is gnawing away, destroying the trees in the forest that Americans cannot yet see.

"If it were not so dangerous for me to write about this so-called, peaceful culture, I would go on to tell you about their latest target, besides journalists who dare write about them. They are going after the Jews and their holidays. Now that they have most of Europe under their control, it is time for them to start on the good old, naive USA!

"Not content with the regular riots and hate rallies that they start whenever a Jewish or pro-Israel speaker is invited to speak at one of our universities, the Baltimore County Muslim Council now demands that the Baltimore County school system remove the Jewish holidays from the 2006-07 school calendar. Does my memory fail me, or was this country founded based on the Judea/Christian culture by the founding fathers?

"Now, the justification process. Try to remember, this is AMERICA we are talking about! The benevolent president of the Muslim council said that it is not fair for the country to recognize one religion while ignoring others. He said, "that if the school board does not vote to allow the two Muslim holidays, then the Jewish holidays should be dropped." He continues, "The issue is about equality, about equity."

"What an interesting concept! However, do you know what the Muslim attitude is in all of their countries to any religion other than theirs? Or the urgings contained in the Koran? No? Well, not only do they not recognize any religion other than theirs, but if you happen to be living nearby and don't follow their Islamic law, that's a good reason for beheading you. After all, they are commanded to convert, subjugate or kill all of "The Others" in the world. This includes fellow Muslims who do not believe in their particular brand of Islam, for example the Sufis, and the Kurds."

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She can be reached at: and This column appeared on the BrookesNews Bulletin ( May 29, 2006.


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