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by Arlene Peck


I cannot even bear to open the newspaper or watch the television as of late. We are either so stupid or politically correct that we cannot say the words that tell it like it is. What part of murderer don't we get? The cretins who are raging over the hill and murdering everyone in sight - every one of them is a Muslim fundamentalist - are barbaric and evil beyond belief. Yet, all we can find to refer to this evil entity are, "insurgents" Gawd.

What is that song we used to sing? "This land is our land." etc. Well, it sure ain't no more. In fact, I hate to think of how many of the same kinds of terrorists who surprised us on 9/11 are coming in from Mexico and Canada every day. We are a nation literally stuffed with illegal immigrants who are slipping into our shores to get everything we have in the way of services, education, jobs etc. However, they have little or no intention of integrating into our way of life

Yet, most of those same Muslims refuse to learn our language, continue to use their tribal interpretation of "honor" and take over our neighborhoods with their codes of dress and education. Then, they pressure the residents, as they did in Dearborn, Michigan, to leave by razing the churches and putting mosques in their places, displace the local delis with Middle Eastern food, the Arabic signs go up and another neighborhood bites the dust. Now, everyone can be serenaded five times a day with loudspeakers calling them to prayer. Fast learners, they are now armed with the knowledge of how to beat us with bullets and ballots.

There are ways to guard against the on-coming onslaught such as checking county land records to see who are on the deeds. So many Muslim "charities? or foundations here today are fronts for Islamic brotherhoods. They have found that the local zoning boards can be bought and are not doing diddly-squat to block their development of a particular neighborhood. So-called charities, such as CAIR to which Theresa Kerry donated millions, are either known terrorists organizations or supporters working within our communities to gain control.

What is frightening is how they have learned to use our courts and legal systems, and, especially that wonderful ACLU to subvert our freedoms. Recently, Dell computer, and later General Motors, caved into threatened lawsuits by this Muslim "charity" to giving a large group of Muslim workers back pay, undisclosed settlements, and anything else their hearts desired because they were unhappy. Why? Because the companies didn't offer prayer sessions during work hours for these employees, some of whom may not have even been legal aliens.

Hell, I remember not so long ago when I sat in on a town meeting at a local mosque. For two hours we listened while the U. S. representatives who were sent there, two with Arab names informed us of their "rights" via our government. They were told how the next move should be to have their children major in journalism at university and train to enter our political system. Honest! I sat there while the audience was just about given a road map on how to manipulate our system to achieve their gains.

Most of all, they have mastered the art of double-speak. Instead of saying, "People who do these despicable acts are dysfunctional and should die" they play word games condemning "all acts of terrorism against the innocent people of the world" (but not Jews). They fail to state and even deny, as does most of the world, that the terrorists among us are ALL Muslim. What scares the bee-gees out of me is how many of these Muslim pressure groups are working together to form a protective shield around militant Islam.

We, in the United States and most of the rest of the world for that matter, have no grasp of the Middle Eastern mindset anyway. Worse, when it comes to Israel, her leaders seem to think that because they understand the backward way of thinking of their Arab neighbors, the State Dept. and foreign dignitaries will eventually "get it". Well, they won't, nor will the Jewish state survive unless they come to the conclusion that their best interests are only going to be reached by learning how to "just say no!"

The only cheerful spot in the scenario that I watch each evening on the news is that these vermin, because of the protective shield, the so-called Security Fence around Gaza and the West Bank can no longer cause the carnage in the nightly "suicide" (aka homicide) bombings in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Nor, do they seem to be attacking the U.S. soldiers with the same tenacity because of the forceful response they receive. So, who are they going after now? Their own compatriots. Brother Muslims! Would you think I was a terrible person if I smile and hope they kill each other and the hell with their "democracy"? And, while we're there, we should take some of the oil to compensate our economy for the damage they've done to us fighting for their freedom.

I have no doubts that we'll continue to stay ignorant, as will officials in our government and the biased press, to the full depth of danger we're facing from the Islamic threat within our country. It is tedious to read but the Koran is a manual of destruction and war for the world. It even gives specific directions how to train for jihad in the most barbaric and violent ways. Need directions for mutilations of women, honor killings or how best to be-head? Go to your local mosque and you, too, can be enlightened if you get in and know Arabic.

And, woe is the organization or company which has the audacity to place any roadblocks in the way of their plans. All we have to do is continue to lull ourselves more and more into the false sense of security we already have and ho-hum the repeated terror alerts given by the government.

I wish the leaders in Israel could take a few classes in "reality" In their refusal to accept the facts on the ground, Somehow, they continue to believe American leaders who are incapable of having the Jewish state's best interests at heart despite the supposed heart-felt religious beliefs they so often talk about. Now that we are paying over three dollars a gallon for gas, that old expression, "Money talks", comes to mind. Bush and company listen to "our good friends" in Saudi Arabia but not our only REAL ally in that region. Our President is quite cavalier about giving back "occupied land" and signing over the State of Israel. However, I'm not hearing too much from Crawford, Texas about signing over Texas to Mexico. Apparently, what is good for the goose (Israel) is not good for the gander (the US). But, hey, I can also bury my head in the sand with the best of them. So can we all if I'm right.

America is caught fast in the quicksand of politcally correct rhetoric, realpolitik, and multicultural Arab/Muslim appeasement. And in the meantime, the "insurgents," "militants," and "rebels" are killing us and our allies left and right in the name of their God.


Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She can be reached at: and


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