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by Arlene Peck


Growing up in Georgia, the Holocaust and all its horrors could have been a million miles and light years away for me. I knew my dad and his brothers were all in the United States Armed Forces, but when they returned, they didn't talk about it much. Years later, as I grew up, I began to have conflicting thoughts about how something so horrible and evil could have happened.

Ah, but that was before we became conditioned and desensitized by another evil culture that almost makes the Nazis look civilized. After all, the Nazis may have put Jews in the ovens; but the Muslims, their modern day heirs, are consumed by their need to kill and behead those who stand in their way.

One thing, however, has plagued me. How could an entire nation, of supposedly educated and cultured people, not do anything and just let it happen?! Later, I was told that the educated Jews of that time didn't take the approaching storm seriously. Their mantra became, "We're Germans, not Jews." "We're too important to the lifestyle here. Nothing is going to happen to us." Today, that apathy has turned into something called, "being politically correct." We are a nation so dumbed down that whatever hate filled propaganda is tossed in our direction from pro-Muslim journalists, who have made deep inroads in our press, we buy it and believe in it.

When they write in our newspapers, that the Jewish state Israel no longer needs to be a Jewish state, but actually, free of Jews in order to bring peace to the Middle East, our liberals repeat it as their mantra. I am astounded when I hear Israeli or American Jewish friends tell me that Obama is their hero. Still?! And, even more so, when I saw the statistics that show that almost 80% of the Jews voted for him, more so donated the money to put this dangerous man in power, I cringe. Why are we our own worst enemies?

YEAH, I'M RATHER INTOLERANT TO OTHER CULTURES. Our schools in California are horrible because of the open borders. The same for our hospitals which are filled with illegal aliens who get treatment for a hangnail while the taxpayer waits for hours in the emergency room and is billed a fortune for service of any kind. Don't get me started on how much our prisons are costing and that the Muslims are using those prisons as recruiting and training grounds where they teach the inmates all about jihad. My up coming book I named, "Prison Cheerleader.How a nice Jewish girl went wrong for doing right!" I wrote it in 1976, when I had a Jewish Discussion Group at the Atlanta Federal Prison. At the time, I believe we had about 6,500 Muslims in the entire country. I was unaware then of the Muslim plan for world domination. But, they were already then on their infiltration path.

However, today's Islamic training grounds begin much earlier. I watch in disgust while Barak Hussein Obama was bowing to the Saudi King; he is also making sure that we keep sending money to Saudi Arabia for our oil supply. That money is being used to fund the Islamic schools madrassas that teach Wahabism, which is Islamic radicalism. The madrassas teach another generation of terrorists to be used against the Jewish State and the rest of the free infidel world. The funds that we send to them to re-build Gaza end up building more tunnels for the transportation of more arms for more terrorist attacks. Their indoctrination of hatred of the Jewish State starts when they are toddlers. I've seen their classes and books. Their teachers tell them stories describing the killing of Israeli children so they will be blessed by Allah.

While Obama keeps on apologizing to the Muslim world about the poor behavior of the United States, it would have been an appropriate time to mention also the teaching of hatred begins in the those savage countries from the womb and continues to the tomb. While we send our tax dollar aid to these countries that hate us and disrespect us so much, their schools, mosques and our prisons teach them to kill Jews and Christians and all other infidels. Finally, the Saturday people, the Jews, are sharing the danger. Lord, how many times did we hear our new president inform his audience that the USA is no longer a Judeo-Christian country, but we are now a large Muslim nation? Exactly when and by whom was that decided?

But, why would he do any different? When I looked into the three fields to where the Muslim communities are now directing their children, I found that they are focused on: media, politics and education. Notice, next time you read the paper, how many of the reporters have Arab names reporting from the Middle-East. Or, how many programs on Arab studies, etc., are being taught by Arab teachers. And, now, for the grand finale, the Muslims now have an American President to call their very own. His Islamic heritage he worked so hard to conceal during his campaign is no longer a secret.

Did any of you notice, during the election, that if anyone dared refer to him as Barak Hussein Obama, that, was 'racist'. I was shouted down at a meeting when I mentioned his real name was "Barry" but he reverted back to his Muslim one. When an Israeli friend came over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder saying, "I know you're from the south and southerners feel differently about blacks" I went ballistic and shouted, "It's NOT a black thing. It's a MUSLIM thing!" Interesting though, now that the election is over, and he is free to travel back to his ancestral homeland, in the Middle East, his speeches to his Muslim brothers are full of acknowledgments about his Muslim "roots."

Of course, our moronic press looks at the ecstatic response from this community as a wonderful break-through in a part of the world where we have not been very popular. Hey, how could they not like a man who in such a short time has managed to bring our country to its knees by spending us to the edge of poverty? Doesn't it give them the edge on us they have been waiting for so long for? And, at the same time, he has managed to bash and trash Israel in a dozen obvious ways starting with snubbing the Jewish state and cozying up to everyone that wants Israel destroyed from Iran to Saudi Arabia.

I just wish that Israel would stop acting like a Banana Republic and start it's own PR and billboard campaign stating that Israel, all of Israel, has always had a Jewish presence in the Holy Land of Israel. He talks about removing 'settlements' as though they were sticks in the ground. They are villages, towns where men women and children live! They are lovely Jewish cities with almost 400,000-people living in them in lovely homes with all the possible comforts. It's not about land anyway. It's about a culture that lives for death and destruction. And, unless you believe as they do and live in their barbaric tenth century lifestyle, then you have to be killed.

Look at a map folks! Israel is so small that you can barely see that sliver of land. A country, that is surrounded by 22 hostile Arab nations with oil; with petrodollars. The Arabs don't give a diddly-squat about having a country. They just want the Jews gone! Actually, the Christians too! Remember Bethlehem? Look how these same 'peace makers' have murdered, militated, raped, and intimidated the Christians and ran them out of town until, today the Christians still living in Bethlehem make about 4% of the total population of what was once a Christian city.

As far as I'm concerned, Israel should not be so nice to them or allows the Arab traitors to sit as members of the Knesset and enjoy better rights than any of their Arab brothers in any Islamic country. Great! They came from Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They should return to where they came from.

Don't you remember that Jews lived for hundreds of years in all of these Arab states? What do you think happened to them? They were expelled with the clothes on their backs, leaving vast amounts of property and wealth behind. These countries became Judenreit-Jew free over night the way they want their 23rd Islamic state to be. And these Jews were never compensated for what they were forced to abandon. In fact no one ever mentions it yet the ancestors of the Arabs who fled (by choice) Israel in 1948 are constantly talking about being compensated for what was never theirs! Remember, the Land of Israel was given to the Jews and the few Arabs who were there were simply squatters.

And, now our President and Sec. of State, Madam Hillary, are commanding Israel to empty the villages and towns in Judea and Samaria. These are the Jewish cities they call the obstacle of peace and they want to remove all of the Jewish citizens living there to make room for the millions of Arabs they intend to move into Jewish land. However, this is the last thing the leaders of Israel should be considering. Nor should they jump and ask "How high," when Obama or any of the United States, UN, and Europeans snap their fingers and bark orders.

It's way past time for Israelis to remember, and act the part, that their homeland is an independent, sovereign state. In fact, it wouldn't hurt them to read some history and remember that Israel was given those rights not only by the League of Nations but their deed goes back to the Bible . The God of the Jews gave that land to them!

Every sovereign nation has the G-d given right to defend its citizens. What Mr. Netanyahu should be telling Israel's enemies, and I even begin to think that this includes the United States. Tear down? Naw, I believe that now, more than ever before, is the time to build and strengthen the Land of Israel. All Israel should be listening to is the Bible and following Jewish history. All of Israel is entitled to "natural growth." Hey, if the love of Israel is racist, then call me one too, as I am definitely a Zionist and Zionist I shall remain!

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She can be reached at: bestredhead@earthlink.n f My Best Friends: Only The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Guilty." Her upcoming book is entitled "Prison Cheerleader: How A Nice Jewish Girl Went Wrong Doing Right."

This essay was submitted June 10, 2009.


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