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by Barry Rubin


A few years ago, two unarmed Israelis, headed to camp to fulfill their army reserve duty, accidentally drove into a Palestinian town. They were seized by a mob and beaten up. The Palestinian police then took them to their station. After a few minutes, they turned them over to the mob which murdered them and tore their bodies apart. Some of the police participated.

Left: the caption read: "Palestinian crowd waves entrails of butchered Israeli victims. in Ramallah. The expression on their faces show they are orgasmic. This level of hate is only possible in Islam. ("

By chance, a television news crew from Italy's main channel caught much of this on tape and it was shown on the air. The Palestinian Authority reacted angrily and threatened to pull the television station's credentials. At which point, the reporter wrote a humiliating letter of apology, which was published, abasing himself and insisting that he was on the Palestinian side.

There is a record of atrocities on the Palestinian side which are documented over many years. These include hundreds of terrorist attacks and the deliberate murder of civilians. Let me mention a few in passing.

I could fill page after page with such events. Yet for much of the West, especially in Europe and especially in the media and intelligentsia, these are of no importance and are quickly forgotten.

And the list above is only that of a few atrocities perpetrated against Israelis and Jews. What about those against fellow Arabs and Muslims as well as attacks designed to wipe out Christians in Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, and Egypt; Yazdis in Iraq; and Bahai in Iran?

Mass murders and ethnic cleansing in southern and more recently western Sudan? Media not interested. Christians being persecuted in scores of incidents? Western intellectuals not outraged. Iranian regime steals election and represses peaceful demonstrators with force? No Westerners demonstrated. Thousands of civilians killed in Sri Lanka? Moral outrage: zero. Kurds shot down by the Saddam Hussein regime in a manner unseen since what the Germans did to Jews on the Eastern Front in World War Two? Yawn, yawn, and again yawn.

Oh, and by the way, when a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel activist in Sweden wanted to write a book which, among other things, accused Israel of murdering Palestinians to steal their organs for sale, Swedish government money paid[1] for it.

Where does this attitude lead for those in the Middle East it is supposedly favoring? More suffering, violence, repression, and dictatorship.

When an Iraqi member of parliament tried to get the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union to pass a resolution condemning the Saddam Hussein regime's murders, he was ridiculed by the delegations from other countries. One such colleague told him: We are tired of this Iraqi whining. There are mass graves in all Arab countries. So what? There is no shortage of real war crimes, real racism, real brutality, as opposed to the counterfeited variety.

So why is there such a righteous obsession with phony ones in order to slander and demonize Israel?

Vice never flourishes more than when it can portray itself as virtue.

Result: the West's senses for understanding the world are simultaneously gagged and blindfolded.

Changing this situation is difficult; defining what's needed is simple: honesty, not ideological predetermination to ignore evidence that runs contrary to the "Politically Correct." Serving a "higher" political cause is no excuse. For scholars and journalists, honesty; reas on; and a fair, realistic representation of the facts is the highest possible cause.

At any rate, the causes being served are dreadful, anti-freedom ones. And when you reward the villains, you give an incentive for more people to behave that way and encouragement for the malefactors to go even further in their crimes.

Israel may be the canary in the coal mine, but the miners are the people of Western democracies and, equally important, Third World people's hopes for a better life not at the hands of corrupt tyrants, ruinous ideologies, and bloodthirsty extremist revolutionaries.  



[2] europe/22lockerbie.html&OQ=_rQ3D1Q26partnerQ3DrssQ26emcQ3DrssQ26 pagewantedQ3Dall&OP=7ff1fdddQ2FcqQ20wc_MHQ23Q5EMMXEcEQ2BQ2B2cQ2BQ3 CcEEcqMQ5EQ3D_cQ20kQ5EMlQ20cEEQ3DMHYQ20Q5EwQ24Q20mxXAQ3D

Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal

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