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by Yashiko Sagamori


Ancient Romans were amazingly magnanimous. Whenever they turned yet another patch of land into a new province of their empire, they treated the conquered people more or less like Romans. Most probably, not like 100% real Romans; but don't forget that real Romans, unlike us, had no compulsion to pretend that all men were born equal, no matter where they were born or for what purpose. All they asked in return for their generosity, besides taxes, was that the new citizens of the Roman Empire add the Roman emperors to the list of the local gods they worshipped. The Romans didn't demand any excessive zealotry. A temple or two would suffice. They didn't ask anyone to really believe that dead emperors became gods, just like the Soviet Politburo didn't expect anyone to believe its officious inanities. It was a simple, pretty meaningless formality. But how hard was it to behave as if you believed? Not hard at all, especially considering all the advantages of reasonable behavior.

Unlike the enlightened Romans, Jews of the same period were incredibly stubborn and prone to various superstitions. Of all the people conquered by the Roman Empire, only the Jews refused to recognize the official Roman gods, reserving all their devotion to something unbelievably vague they worshipped in the Holy of Holies of their Temple. Eventually, it cost them their Temple and their country, and if you look at the events of that time from the perspective of the 21st century, you can't miss the uninterrupted straight line that connects those events with the perils the Jews are facing today.

Like today, the Jews of that time were split over their approach to the situation. There were many reasonable people, the ancient Yitzhak Rabins and Yosi Beilins, who were ready to sacrifice something they could live without for the benefits of peace. And, of course, there were extremists. But how could an extremist express his extremism many centuries before Johann Guttenberg invented printing and Al Gore invented the Internet, in an era that knew neither the freedom of speech nor mass media?

There was only one way to do it, and that was to actually fight. According to contemporary historians, the Jews fought remarkably well. They fought as if victory was possible. But, victims of their own decadent superstitions, they only fought six days a week. Chronicles of the time report occasions when Jews, while being armed, rested, and ready to fight, allowed the enemy to slaughter them on Saturdays, not even attempting to offer any resistance at all.

An anti-Semite would write that only a Jew would behave in such an idiotic way. However, I must say that there are Jews and Jews. Not every Jew behaves like those zealots. To demonstrate such an absurd devotion, one must be an extreme right-wing militant Zionist imperialist apartheid colonialist extremist, like those people who, until recently, grew their tomatoes in the no longer standing greenhouses of Gaza. A reasonable person, especially a goy, would have never done anything like that.

Or would they?

Those ancient Zionists fought six days out of seven. In our enlightened age, we do not fight at all. No, I don't forget about the war we are conducting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But that war has not made, and is not going to make us, any safer from jihad. President Bush is not fighting it for our survival. He has different goals in mind.

Recently, the White House celebrated the end of the Ramadan. Condi Rice delivered a speech. She said, "We in America know the benevolence that is at the heart of Islam."

Actually, we in America know that she was lying like a Clinton under oath. And yet, nobody asked her to define benevolence. Nobody asked her to cite even a single example of its manifestation. I guess nobody wanted to embarrass her more than she had embarrassed herself and the American people.

But wait. Who am I to speak for the American people? I've seen a few articles criticizing Dr. Rice's speech, but there has been no popular outcry. The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee did not call a press conference to express his concerns by vomiting in front of the cameras. Nick Berg's dad didn't get up and say that Islamic benevolence had cost his son his head. Families of the victims of 9/11 did not try to organize a million man march on Washington. Everybody behaved like a Jew on a Saturday when no Shabbos goyim are available.

It's not easy nowadays to find a town in the United States without a mosque in it. But in the four years that have passed since 9/11, no one who matters has said that the mosque in his town constitutes not only an insult to the many American victims of Muslim murders, but also a clear and present danger to the continued existence of this country.

Let me spell it out for you. The danger of Muslim presence on the American soil is not limited to sleeper cells. This country became great because it was founded by people who cherished freedom above everything else. It is now being invaded by people who don't even have the equivalent of the word freedom in their vocabulary. This country was founded by people escaping religious persecution in Europe. It is now being invaded by followers of a cult based on religious persecution. By settling in America, perfectly peaceful Muslims are gradually turning the United States into a Muslim country, just like they have already turned Western Europe into a province of the Caliphate. There has never been a prosperous, democratic Muslim country. Neither France, nor the rest of Europe, nor even the United States of America will become the first one. The difference will be only in the degree of Talibanization.

Haven't you heard that "it takes a village"? Well, the village has already arrived.

The warriors of Judea refused to fight only on Saturdays. We refuse to fight, period, even though we wouldn't have to risk death by sword or crucifixion. Why don't we speak out in this freest country in the universe? Because of a stupid, suicidal superstition called political correctness. Does that mean we are 7 times as Jewish as the Jews who resisted the Romans? No, we are the exact opposite to those Jews. Those Jews were facing an enemy that was incredibly stronger, better armed and better organized. We face an enemy we could drown in a spit if we wanted to. We prefer not to.

Where will it end? Look at Prince Charles. Even before the rumors of his conversion to Islam began circulating, I was absolutely fascinated with him. First, he married someone who looked and sounded like Miss Idaho 1943. (I mean her views not the accent.) He dumped her, and she took an Arab for a lover. That must have triggered the prince's interest towards Islam. Although Muslims are not supposed to consume alcohol, Diana and her Muslim boyfriend got themselves killed in a drunk-driving accident. After an appropriate period of mourning, but before anyone had a chance to inform him that Islam forbids this kind of fun, the prince fulfilled his dream of serving as a tampon to a woman who succeeded in looking ugly even while standing next to him. And then, he comes to America hoping to convince President Bush of the merits of Islam. Obviously, he doesn't realize that George W. Bush is the first Muslim president of the United States to a much larger extent than Bill Clinton was our first black president.

Or look at Israel. Not so long ago, the main question of the day was whether to allow Hamas to participate in the "Palestinian" elections. In my modest opinion, why not? If Israel allowed Hamas to exist, who gives a hoot whether they participate in elections or not? The difference between Hamas and the rest of them is not big enough to convincingly play good cop/bad cop. They all want to destroy Israel. Why should Israel care who is running in the elections held by a terrorist organization?

I remember talking to an Israeli soldier during the first intifada.

"I don't understand," I said to him, "why one of the best armies of the world cannot defeat a bunch of hoodlums with rocks and Molotov cocktails."

"Because it is impossible," the Israeli soldier assured me.

"But why?"

"Because I will not shoot at kids, no matter who they are or what they do," said the soldier.

"Then they will grow up and kill you," I promised.

"There is nothing I can do," said the soldier.

And if there is a clearly visible straight line between the Roman invention of Palestine and today's "Palestinians", how difficult is it to see the connection between Israel's failure to destroy its enemies and the Muslim riots that are unfolding in France right now? I am not worried; the French will get used to it. But how tempted I feel to appeal to the President of France!

Monsieur Le President! You are a cruel, dishonest, cowardly, utterly impotent poseur. In other words, you a quintessential Frenchman. Nevertheless, even a Frenchman must be able to see that history handed you a unique opportunity. Today, you can lead the world to freedom. You can single-handedly end jihad. If just once in your life you act like a man, you can save not only your beautiful country, but our entire civilization.

I can understand why the French were afraid of the Germans. But your enemies today are no Germans. They are illiterate, unarmed and disorganized. They are worse cowards than even you, and that doesn't happen often. A dozen heavy machine guns followed by ruthless deportation of the survivors can forever cleanse your country of the cancer that's metastasizing across the world. Show us the way. The world would follow enthusiastically. You would instantly become an international hero. France would instantly become the center of the world. For centuries your name would be the epitome of courage and wisdom. You are an old man; you have nothing to lose but your country; you could save the world.

We must be in truly fine shape if an American can be looking at France with hope even for a brief moment.

But of course, President Chirac will do nothing of the kind. After rambling out something thunderously grandiose and completely meaningless, President Chirac will exchange land for peace. The beautiful land of France that no longer belongs to the French people for peace with the worst form of fascism that history has ever seen. As a result, his great country will fall to the Arabs, while my little shitty country will still be standing, although it's hard to say for how long. Isn't it fascinating? Maybe not. But, like it or not, it's most certainly fair. And you, Monsieur Le President, will live to see people crawling on all four inside Notre Dame and to hear the muezzin's call to prayer from its towers.

But how is what's happening today in France different from what happened in Gaza as soon as the Jews left? The Arabs destroyed everything they found. That is the essence of Islam: like a dog licking its privates simply because it can, Muslims kill and destroy whenever the opportunity presents itself. There isn't that much difference between Jewish warriors of old who refused to defend themselves on Saturdays and suicide bombers: both die for their beliefs. Only their beliefs are very different. That's why the former became a great, albeit tiny nation, while the latter has behaved like untreated cancer.

There is a simple lesson in this. Wherever Islam is allowed to take root, civil society will be destroyed. We could have fought them off, but our civilization has apparently reached the blissful stage of an eternal Shabbos, and neither Christians nor Jews are going to do anything to save themselves from jihad.

The Latest Addition to the Dear Yashiko File

From: 7k []
Sent: Saturday, November 05, 2005 10:27 PM

Yashiko, dear friend,

I'm afraid I may know your true name: I say I'm afraid because your many enemies may come to my same conclusion, through deduction from some details. Having the greatest admiration for your genius, and caring a great deal about you, I wish that my immense pleasure in reading you will last as long as you enjoy writing, so please: do not take any risk.

If you are G.G. - and I hope I'm wrong - change 'something'... I won't be more specific because it may help some possible big brother able to access this mail now, to identify you as well.

I just want to 'protect' you from any evil-doer, if I may say so.

Best wishes to a wonderful human being!

Your friend,

Dear Francesca,

What a coincidence! I think I know your real name too!

Nice try, Ahmed!



Yashiko Sagamori is a New York-based Information Technology consultant. To read other articles by the author, go to or email This article was submitted November 8, 2005


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