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by Brother Shane


Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the Citizens of Yisra'el, and Mr. President Barack Obama, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Jimmy Carter, and the Citizens of the United States of America,

The following is what i consider to be the perfect Peace-Plan for Israel and the Middle-East region surrounding her...


The problem is obvious, as is, the solution. After the 1967 war, thousands of "Palestinian" Arabs were welcomed and invited by Israel to stay and become a part of that nation's free and democractic society. But the Islamo-Fascists decided it was a better opportunity to make their own people suffer, and cause the World to view it as oppression by the host country. This would give them the chance to split the nation and "drive the Jews into the sea"...which has been their plan all along.

Section 1 - Removal

First, all Philistinian (aka, "Palestinian"), terrorist thugs from the Gaza and the West Bank must be arrested, removed and/or destroyed...and all terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Fatah must be eliminated. Their continuous and unprovoked terrorist attacks on the peaceful and innocent civilians of Israel can no longer be tolerated.

(If Chicanos and illegal Mexicans fired 8,000 rockets into residential neighborhoods in the southwest U.S., over the past few years, and murdered thousands of American men, women and children in terrorist attacks across the nation, would you turn around and reward them by giving them half of the United States and half of Washington D.C.!???)

War is not the answer...permanent removal is.

Section 2 - Re-Settlement

We suggest the remaining Philistinian civilians be re-settled within the borders of Jordan (Since this region was part of the original Balfour Agreement it should meet with the requirements of a Palestinian state within Israel).

Some have suggested that they be resettled, or create their own state, in the Sinai. But Jordan was part of Palestine when the British ruled it and was part of the original agreement in the Balfour Declaration and was supposed to be included land in the forming of the modern nation of Israel. But since the British unlawfully gave it to the Palestinian Arabs (after approving and legally recognizing the Balfour Declaration/Agreement thru The League of Nations), then it means Jordan is still legally (by international law), Israeli property.

So, in order to fulfill your recent "Road to Peace" agreement, that calls for Israel to form a Palestinian state inside the borders of Israel, the most sensible, practical, lawful and justifiable solution would be to create this state within Jordan/Trans-Jordan/Palestine - ("East Israel")...where the majority of the Palestinian Arabs are already living.

Section 3 - Land Claims

Historically and Biblically a good-sized portion of NW Jordan was Israeli land that was estabished 3,500 years ago by the Hebrew-Israeli tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh (See chart at bottom of this proposal). Since a remnant of the tribal members of Menasseh was recently discovered in India, and brought to resettle in modern-day Israel, then i would say they'd have a more convincing and historical claim on some of that land than the Palestinian Arabs - who took it unlawfully.


Next, buffer-zones need to be established in order to protect the free and democractic peoples of Israel & Lebanon. Their former foes in war; Egypt, Jordan and Syria, are no less determined to destroy Israel, and "drive her into the sea", than they were 60-80 years ago. Israel, having to defend itself from total annihilation in unprovoked wars, in 1948, 1967 and 1973, must now re-establish their Biblical and historical boundaries that were defined by the Twelve Tribes 3,500 years ago (See chart at bottom of this proposal).

Section 1 - Sinai (Simeon)

In the Sinai, a buffer-zone will need to be drawn with a border line from Al-Arish, starting on the Mediterranean Sea, from Wadi al-Arish, south to Abu Uwayjilah, then continuing south, along the highway, to Al-Qusaymah, then south on the road to Ra's an-Naqb, and then onto the border just NW of Elat (Those four Egyptian towns will also need to be absorbed into the nation of Israel).

These southern boundaries will afford Israel protection from reprisals of any renegade Philistinian terrorists south of Gaza. It will also allow the I.D.F. to destroy any and all tunnels used to supply terrorist factions within Israel. It will furthermore remain as an important buffer against any future attacks or attempted incursions by illegals, terrorists or invading enemy forces.

Section 2 - Jordan (Reuben, Gad and Manasseh)

In NW Jordan, new borders will also need to be established. Running along the Wadi al-Mawjib, at the Dead Sea, and east to the highway (to Amman), then running north to Suwaylih, it will then run NE along the border of Al-Balqa province to the border of Az-Zarqa province, it will then run SE along the border to the highway at Ar-Rusayfah, it will then follow the highway NE & NW to Al-Mafraq, now it will run SE & NE along the highway to Mahattat al-Hafif, it will then start NE and begin circling North and NW to the eastern border of As-Suwayda province in Syria. These boundaries will re-establish the borders of Reuben, Gad and southern Manasseh.

Section 3 - Syria (Manasseh)

In southern Syria it will now follow the northern border of As-Suwayda province, and will also include the entire provinces of Dar'a and Al-Qunaytirah (the Golan Heights). From there it will then follow the U.N. Disengagement line to the Lebanon border...on the south slope of Mount Herman. These boundaries will re-establish the borders of the northern part of Manasseh.

Section 4 - Lebanon (Naphtali, Asher & Dan)

In southern Lebanon, the border will include the entire province of An-Nabatiyah. It will also include the southeastern portion of Sayda province, running from the west side of the border of An-Nabatiyah province, starting just east of the town of Ansar, heading south in a straight line, running just east of the town of Az-Zrariyah, down to the present-day Israeli border at Hanita. These boundaries will re-establish most of the borders of Naphtali, Asher and Dan.

Section 5 - Nationality

All residents of these lands will be allowed to remain. They will be required to apply for Israeli citizenship and must not have any criminal record or association with any organization involving terroristic activity against Israel or Lebanon.

Section 6 - Result & Outcome

Banking on the tremendous historical successes of Israel, in political stability, and in the industries of technology, agriculture, finance, international trade, the arts, and science & medicine, it's easy to see how this plan will not only increase peace & democracy to the region, but will also encourage & stimulate an unlimited boon in enconomic growth and development. Arab peoples, who can learn to be law-abiding citizens and accept other races and religions, will also benefit from this prosperity.


Lebanon was once a land of free trade, friendly neighbors and economic prosperity. Even since the times of the ancient Phoenicians it had always been so. Beirut was once called, "The Paris of the Middle East" ...referring to its lovely cafes, museums, artistic ambience and fine restaurants, hotels & shops. But today it is an empty shell of tired, broken and traumatized souls. Islamo-Fascists have murdered over half the Christian population. Its streets and neighborhoods have been controlled by fear, crime, terror and war for the past 30 years. Several times Israel has tried to rid Lebanon of this stranglehold, only to be thwarted and forced to withdraw by the International Socialist-Fascists in the U.N., and their puppet strong-arm, the United States.

It is in desperate need of liberty, freedom and healing.

Section 1 - Relief

The terroristic, Islamo-Fascist organization of Hezbollah must be dissolved and eliminated. The I.D.F. will assist the Christian Lebanese military in removing all Islamic militants and rooting out any cells of terrorism and insure that no terrorists re-enter it. All remaining Islamic civilians in Lebanon will be removed to Syria. Israel will then provide financial, medical and military aid to the Christian Lebanese government. Lebanon will then be re-established as the prosperous Christian nation it once was...a "Mecca" of tourism, learning, finance and...liberty!

Section 2 - Security

Lebanon will become an Israeli protectorate. Israel will not take over the government but, will simply liberate the original and Christian government that has been overrun by Islamo-Fascist thugs. The I.D.F. will establish a Disengagement Observer Force along her borders to protect its people and its exhausted & fagile political system. Once its Christian military has been strengthened and properly trained, to keep its own streets & borders safe, Israel will then be able to withdraw its troops.

Section 3 - Reassurance

An agreement will be adopted between the two nations that will assure a cooperative and mutually friendly relationship. This will form a lasting Lebanese-Israeli alliance to help keep both nations borders safe and their communities free from tyranny and terrorism.

Section 1 - Rescue

The I.D.F. will offer to rescue any and all Jews and (Protestant) Christians, from militant Islamic/Arabic dominated nations, who wish to resettle in Israel or Lebanon. This will include, but not be limited to (non-Roman Catholic), Egyptian Copts, Syrian Christians, Assyrian Christians in Iraq & Syria, Palestinian & Arab Christians and any Hebrews/Jews descended from Israel/Judah. Many of these peoples are on the verge of extinction or are suffering terrible persecution and threats of annihilation. Without the sympathy and compassion of a nation like Israel they have nowhere else to turn.

For many years Christians around the World have been supporting and praying for Israel. It's now time for major cooperation between the two faiths. For over 19 centuries Jews and Christians have been suffering the same persecution and fate. It's now time for them to join hands and defend their stance for Liberty and Freedom together.

NOTE: Any Muslim militants posing as Christians with the intent of committing terrorist activities against Israeli or Lebanese civilians will be dealt with swiftly and severly. For every civilian murdered a cruise missle will be launched to destroy a terrorist factory (aka, "mosque" or "madrassa"), in the country the perpetrater originated from.

Section 2 - Special Defense Force

The I.D.F. will recruit from these various Christian groups to form units of a Special Defense Force. After three years of intensive training, they will be used to help guard and defend the borders of Israel. Example: Egyptian Christian S.D.F. will be used to help guard and defend the southern border with Egypt. Israeli Arab ("Palestinian") Christian S.D.F. will help guard the border with Jordan. Syrian Christian S.D.F. will help guard the northern border with Syria, and Assyrian Christian S.D.F. will help guard the eastern Syrian border - facing towards Iraq. They will become and remain a division of the Israeli Defense Force.

Section 3 - Triple Line of Defense

The I.D.F. will form a Disengagement Observer Force along all of Israel's border. This first line of defense will be maintained with roving patrols, observation towers and lookout stations. Its main duty lies in ensuring no terrorist infiltraters, illegals or enemy troops slip past the border.

Various S.D.F. units will patrol a 2nd line of defense. Their duties will include searching for explosives, tunnels and anything/anyone that might have slipped past the D.O.F.

A 3rd defensive line will be the establishing of I.D.F. military bases with anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries.


The fruit of any religion should be that of Peace of Mind, Body and Soul. A fundamental common belief of most all religions is that what you do to your neighbor will come back to you - whether good or bad it will come back to you. Basically, love your neighbor as you do yourself. Another common belief is that you should not force your beliefs upon anyone else. Let God work on them and if it's meant to be, that they will believe, then nothing you can do or say will change that. The only so-called religions that do not follow these beliefs are considered cults or secret societies. Satanism, devil worship, and groups that use ungodly spirits to do their bidding (i.e., demons, jinns/genies), are in this category. Many of these types of "religions" are used by government officials in high positions of authority to influence kings, presidents, other leaders, and to pacify/control the masses.

Well-known political movements that've come out of them are; Nazism/Fascism, Socialism, and Communism. A few things they all have in common are; Totalitarianism (Dictatorships) - Swearing oaths of alliegiance - A double-standard practice of teaching (preaching) high-morals yet living (worshipping) a life of lust and materialism - And finally...a hatred for Jews and evangelical Christians.

Islam fits this category.

Section 1 - Islamo-Fascism

The practice of Islam will be outlawed in Israel and Lebanon (as will any religion that has promoted, been in close association, or allied with, any fascist organization).

Islam will no longer be recognized as a religion, but, as a political movement that has deceptively used religion as a guise. For more than 1,200 years it has produced nothing but terrorism, war, genocide, widows, orphans, torture, murder, rape, theft, deception, kidnappings, slavery, racism, suppression of truth/control of the media, ignorance/illiteracy, poverty, misery/mass suffering, sexual perversion, political corruption, totalitarian dictatorships, injustice, capital punishment, public executions, honor killings, subjugation of women, and complete intolerance of any other religious beliefs...with a particular & prejudiced hatred towards Jews and evangelical Christians.

Section 2 - The Quran

Because of its totalitarian, fascist theme, and its overtones and teachings of racial bias/prejudice, sexual degradation and religious intolerance, the Quran (and Hadiths), will be utterly banned from being printed, sold, possessed, preached or taught within the nations of Israel and Lebanon (in a religious context).

Section 3 - Mosques

All mosques and madrassas will be converted to free health clinics and education centers for the widows & orphans of war and Islamic violence. Some will be used as rehab centers for former Muslims who need to be gently "un-indoctrinated" and heal from their horrible experience in such an evil cult of death as Islam.

The "Dome of the Rock"/al-Aqsa mosque will be bulldozed and the Temple of Solomon will be rebuilt. Animal sacrifice will not be re-instated but, instead, it will be used as a place of worship, prayer and spiritual healing for peoples of all faiths, races and nationalities. It will be a beacon of Love, Peace and Unity for the entire World.

Section 4 - Idolatry

Idol worship of any kind will no longer be allowed or tolerated within the nation of Israel. Symbols and crosses will be allowed, but statues of gods/goddesses, Buddha, "Mary", "Saints", angels, etc. will not.

Religious paintings and photos will be acceptable but should be used sparingly or only during religious festivities while in public places. Adoration or worship of such items is discouraged.

Crucifixes and portraits displaying the likeness of Jesus on the cross will only be allowed if kept inside Christian churches, private homes & buildings of worship. Displaying them in public will be forbidden.

Satanism, Wicca, any form of "devil worship", Kabbala-ism, Spiritism, Paganism, Druidism, Thulism, witchcraft, or any Spiritualist religion or secret societies connected to Nazism will no longer be lawful to practice.

Section 5 - Grace

Though Judaism will remain as the official religion of Israel, Christians and peoples of all peace-loving faiths will always be welcomed. But, in Lebanon, there will be no restrictions on Christian evangelism.

Section 1 - Sovereignty

Israel is an independent and sovereign nation. It does not recognize any foreign policing or military occupation or interfering in its defense of, its land, cities or borders. The United Nations, NATO, European Union, and the United States (or any other foriegn power), must immediately cease from any action that tries to restrict or hinder the I.D.F. from defending Israel of any and all threats to its population. This would include the bombing of military targets in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, or any nation that may pose a threat to Israel.

This would also include ceasing from any demands that Israeli citizens stop building communities/"settlements" in the West Bank. This is and always has been Israeli land. When America gives sovereignty (and the land), back to the American Indians then they might gain enough respect to start asking such things. But, and until then, they have no right to demand anything of Israel.

Section 2 - U.S. Military Presence

The United States military must dis-engage all its active troops from the field (in the Middle-East), immediately. It must also close all military bases in Islamic nations and remove its troops. Israel can keep the peace in all the Middle East, and keep any and all dictators, fascists, and terrorists in check, without your help.

Nuclear reactors worrying you? "Here today, gone tomorrow"...the Israeli Air Force has a proven track record.

Israel will recognize any U.S. military presence, in any Islamic nation, as an agressive threat towards its national sovereignty and security. Israel will only recognize (as friendly), invited active duty U.S. military advisors and instructors within its borders.

Section 3 - The U.N. and the N.W.O.

From this day forward the United Nations will only be recognized as a biased tool of (Inter)National Socialists and a puppet of Islamo-Fascists...with one of its main goals...the destruction of Israel. It must be therefore deemed a terrorist organization and an enemy of the sovereign state of Yisra'el.


The alternative is not considered reasonable, feasable, practical, sensible, rational or even lawful.

To give over nearly half of its nation up to thugs and terrorists, who have been teaching their tiny children that Jews are nothing but "monkeys and pigs", and to become human bombs to blow up shopping centers, schools and hospitals or to stab to death old people, women & children in public places, or students in religious schools, is nothing short of total lunacy. At best it's a genocide-sized death wish.

Section 1 - Let's Suppose...

Imagine, if you will, that Mexicans were taught their entire life that Americans are nothing but monkeys and pigs and deserve only death and to be slaves...and that this is what their priests and churches preached to them at every mass. Their schools even teaching their young children that the only way to peace is to kill Americans. They constantly committed acts of violence and terrorism against the American people, with rapes, thefts, tortures, bombings and murders. Imagine if you had to endure 8,000 deadly rockets being shot into your residential just 7 years!? Imagine if you heard your child's school had been bombed with dozens of children wounded and killed...or the hospital where your loved-ones are getting treated...or the supermarket where you shop...or your grandfather getting stabbed to death on the bus. All just because you're an American or a Christian.

Then China and the U.N. tells your government they "MUST" give California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas over to the Chicanos & illegal Mexicans who are screaming in the streets, "LA RAZA!" and "DEATH TO AMERICAN MONKEYS AND PIGS!", and that the land belongs to them.

Would the American people allow that?

Or, to make it a little easier to understand... this would be the equivalant of The European Union demanding your government stop all Americans from any further building of houses or communities in, force all its American citizens and Christians out of their homes and land in, and give over complete ownership and jurisdiction of; California, New Jesey, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, and half of Washington D.C. Al Qaida!!!

That's what you are demanding of Israel.

Section 2 - Double Standard

You even have the original inhabitants of your land still living, the American Indians (a people who actually have a legal and historical claim on the land)...yet you treat them like 2nd class citizens...most of them still living in poverty in concentration camps (aka, "reservations") , - the poorest county in America being on the Pine Ridge Oglala Indian Reservation.

The legal defensive military tactics that Israel has made on the residents of Gaza is nothing when compared to the inhumane, immoral and violent genocidal brutality that the U.S. government has committed upon the American Indians.

Yet you have the audacity to demand Israel gives over half its land to terrorists, criminals & murderers!??

Excuse me, Mr.Carter, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, but where did you get such nerve...or have you just completely lost your minds!?

You have fooled millions into believing Islam is "a religion of peace and love". The next time you say that why don't you ask the children and parents of Beslan, Russia what they think.

Of course, those of us with an ounce of intelligence know the only real reason you're concerned about the "Palestinians" is just to gain favor with the Saudis and their neighbors. It's all about the oil.

You're not fooling all of us.

Section 3 - Ultimatum

If the aforementioned conditions cannot be agreed upon, or if this proposal is not acceptable, then Israel will need to forcibly re-establish its former borders set by King David and King Solomon. This would encompass an area from the Euphrates River, in northern Syria, along with two thirds of that country, including Damascus, most of Lebanon, nearly half of Jordan, including Amman, and about one third of the Sinai Peninsula.

If that didn't work then total war would be declared on the Islamic World. For Islamic leaders from Libya to Turkey to Chechnya to Iran to Bangladesh to the Malay Archeapelago have been calling for the destruction of Israel and death to Jews for many years now.

Israel is tired of being the victim.

Hope you like my plan! God bless you.

In His' Love,

Brother Shane - Lover of Truth and Justice

"Nobody loves peace more than a Jew"

Ancient Biblical Israeli Hebrew Towns still occupied in Modern Lebanon, Syria and Jordan

Reuben (in Jordan)

Present-Day name <- Ancient Hebrew name
Dhiban <- Dibon
Hisban <- Heshbon
Umm Qusayr <- Gezer
Ariha <- Aroer
Ma'daba <- Medeba
Ma'in <- Baal-meon
Na'ur <- Elealeh

Gad (in Jordan)

Present-Day name <- Ancient Hebrew name
Shunat Nimrin <- Beth-ninirah
Wadi as-Sir <- Jahaz
As-Salt <- Ramoth-Gilead
Damiya <- Adam

Manasseh (in Jordan)

Present-Day name <- Ancient Hebrew name

Irbid <- Abil

Manasseh (in Syria)

Present-Day name <- Ancient Hebrew name

Dar'a <- Edrei
Salkhad <- Sakah
Al-Qurayyah <- Kerioth
Ash-Shaykh Sa'd <- Ashtaroth-Karnaim
Fiq <- Aphek

Asher (in Lebanon)

Present-Day name <- Ancient Hebrew name

Qana <- Kanah

Naphtali (in Lebanon)

See also: The province of An-Nabatiyah in southeast Lebanon. This is quite obviously the modern version of Naphtali.


Some of these towns are over 3,000 years old...yet many still have the same (or very similiar) name. Check the maps...the locations are accurate (1992 Rand McNally "Todays World" Atlas / KJV Bible -Thompson Chain Referrence edition, map No. 5).

The pronounciations are based on the Christian KJV Bible. The accurate Hebrew pronounciations would actually be closer to the modern Arabic pronounciations.

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