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by Richard H. Shulman


This is an analysis of an essay illustrating the vicious misconceptions that our civilization is up against and that the Internet publicizes. Most serious scholars would not it deem worthy of reply. tandards of education and media having fallen, I rebut it.

The essay at issue is from someone whose screen name on the internet newsgroup soc.culture.israel is Bongblaster.

Bongblaster's headline on November 10, 2006 was, "Jews Are Racist Murder-Mongers That Love to Kill Non-Jewish Children for Holohoax Revenge -- While Zionist Uncle Sam Twiddles His Thumbs."

How much vitriol! That headline is practically a full diatribe. I searched through the subsequent article for substantiation. There was none. There was no indication of Jewish racism. There was none of any love of killing. There was nothing about the Holocaust or the US being pro-Zionist. It's all assertion. Vicious charges, unsubstantiated. That is irresponsible. In fact, that is the very biased hate-mongering that he purports to deplore.

In an interesting twist of logic, and I mean "twist," Bongblaster both denies the Holocaust and claims that the Jewish people exact revenge for it. If it didn't happen, there is no reason for revenge. Like the Arabs, Bongblaster tries to have it both ways.

Now, the Arabs do like to kill Jewish children. The PLO used to raid nurseries. Palestinian Arabs still try to shell Israeli schools. That is terrorism and war criminality. Muslim clerics have declared Israeli children fair game, because many of them become soldiers later. What a callous rationalization! This policy violates the Geneva Conventions that the Arabs claim Israel violates. Why should they care whether Israel violates them, although actually it doesn't, when the Arabs clearly violate them. Again, Muslim Arab double standards. They probably suppose that the Jews are doing it, because it is what the Muslim Arabs do.

The grim truth is that Israel does not retaliate effectively -- or in the language used in the recent Lebanon War -- it does NOT respond proportionately. Arab provocations are diabolical -- bombing civilians with nails to tear more flesh. And Israel's means for retaliation, its actual pursuit of terrorists, is mild -- striving more to minimize civilian casualties than to inflict military ones.

In Israel, Arabs vote, get schooling and medical care like any other citizen. There's no discrimination. Arab countries, on the other hand, discriminate against non-Arabs. Islam calls for humiliating non-Muslims. The Muslim Arabs do what Bongblaster claims Israel does. He is so busy calumniating the Jews, that he hasn't noticed that the racism he doesn't like about the Jews does not apply to the Jews but does apply to the Arabs.

Of course, to call the US "Zionist," while the history of the State Dept. indicates that the Executive branch mostly favors the Arabs over Israel, is part of the Muslim Arab propaganda that portrays themselves as the victims. They are the aggressors, in accordance with their religious imperative, but they want to be considered the victims.

While Bongblaster was denying the Holocaust, I was at the premiere of a film documenting the exceptionally vibrant intellectual and cultural Jewish society of 60,000 Jews in Vilna until the Holocaust murdered almost all of them. I spoke with some of the few survivors. It is obvious to me that Bongblaster doesn't know Jews. They are of all races, have a lot of religious inter-marriage, and are not racist. (Jews were integral to the civil rights movement.) Israel doesn't apply the death penalty, which Judaism discourages. I never heard anything in synagogue or Jewish meetings calculated to arouse a blood lust, though mosque sermons and their broadcasts usually do. When an Israeli shell goes astray, and strikes civilians, Israelis feel anguish. I spent almost three years teaching at a private school, most of whose students were non-Jews. I adored them.

Attributing Muslim behavior to Jews isn't all the irrationality we get from anti-semitic internet writers.

The main illogic of their antisemitic belief system is this: If the Jews are so powerful, wreaking major havoc and manipulating major countries, why can't they manipulate foreign aid to cut off money and good will to the Arabs? Why is America training Palestinian Authority "policemen". Why is Egypt receiving advanced weaponry from America and the training on how to use these state-of-the-art systems? Why can't the Jews get the US to insist the Arabs stop fighting against Israel? Why hasn't Israel been able to protect itself over the years from invasions and pogroms?

While the internet can be used to spread hate and poison, fortunately for us, it can be used to broadcast counteractives. A writeup of this particular anti-semite was posted on His real name is David Sharp and he is a real anti-Semite. We have less information on his attitudes towards Arabs and other Muslims. Does he even like them? Or does he repeat their arguments mainly to expand his ability to lash out against Jews. The same question can be asked of the Anglicans and Episcopals who agonize at the inconvenience experienced by Arabs stopped by Jews at checkpoints and ignore that so many of these Arabs devote themselves to trying to kill Jews.

This is an excerpt from the information available at

Q: Who is David Sharp?

David L. Sharp is an internet character/troll that has haunted the and alt.assassination.jfk newsgroups for several years. He has written several "books" outlining his bizarre conspiracy theories regarding the murders of JFK and John Lennon.

The Jews

David is a rabid anti-Semite and holocaust denier. He claims the Jews planned in advance and brought about the Tsunami in the Philippines in 2004 by detonating a nuclear bomb in the ocean. Most curious is David's theory that the purpose of the media in using the word "Tsunami" to describe the tidal wave was to confuse people into thinking Tsunami is the name of a small country.

Persecution by the CIA, FBI et al.

Critics of his theories are often labeled CIA or FBI agents and subject to harassment and scurrilous accusations. He routinely sets up web pages to libel his critics and will include personal information and photographs without regard for their privacy. David often plays both sides of the fence, both as the persecutor and victim. He will also on occasion inexplicably accuse someone who is critical of him of making "death threats" against him.


David has on many occasions demonstrated a predilection towards homophobia and an obsession with J. Edgar Hoover's alleged transvestite activities. It seems he believes that slandering J. Edgar Hoover infuriates all the "CIA infiltrators" in RMB. He claims these people are paid by the CIA or FBI to monitor the newsgroup and debunk his theories.

Sock Puppets

When you are David Sharp you have to get publicity for your "books" somehow. David does it by joining various internet venues (using an assumed name) and asking if anyone has ever read this great book (his own). David's propensity for creating sock puppets to converse and agree with himself is well documented. He has also encouraged others to create them in order to both support him and denounce his critics.

In Conclusion

He can dig up interesting facts on occasion but his methodology is the epitome of junk. It is tainted by his refusal to abandon his original theory when the facts point elsewhere. His reasoning and judgment are seriously flawed.

Much to David's dismay he is dismissed for the fool that he is by virtually all serious researchers once he makes his crackpot theories known. Instead of reconsidering the validity of his theories he will launch personal vendettas against the very people who's respect he covets. The common thread that connects his theories is that they all ultimately point to his beliefs in the "Protocols of Zion" and his own anti-Semitic views.

Q: What are some of David Sharp's aliases?

"David Sharp", "Cropdustersal", "Salvador Astucia", "Salvadorwriter", "silentcoupsal", "PatrickSMcNally", "ODG", "Oliver D Greene", "DC Dave", "David Martin", "BongBlaster", "chitlins con carny", "Bill Gates", "Fire Man", "Pompeo", "Maximillian", "John Bruno"

This list is by no means exhaustive. Anyone interested in knowing more about David Sharp can simply enter one of his aliases in a Google Groups search. It will turn up a plethora of fascinating articles. This link will get you started.

Q: What are his known email addresses?

When you are a Nazi you can't let any grass grow under your feet. Subsequently David changes email addresses more often than his underwear. Here are just a sample:

Q: What Newsgroups does David Sharp frequent?

David primarily haunts the & alt.assassination.jfk newsgroups but has also been known to post to these groups:

alt.activism, alt.books.m-lackey, alt.california, alt.child.molesting.freak.of.nature.michael-jackson, Alt.conspiracy.princess.diana, alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater,,,,, alt.guitar.rickenbacker, alt.history, alt.impeach.clinton, alt.journalism, alt.journalism.print, alt.military.retired,,,, alt.politics.bush, alt.politics.democrats.d, alt.politics.greens, alt.politics.liberalism,, alt.politics.youth, alt.prophecies.nostradamus,, alt.religion.christian.baptist, alt.religion.christian.east-orthodox, alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic, alt.revisionism, (yeah I know ;p), alt.thebird, alt.thebird.copwatch, alt.true-crime, alt.war.vietnam, dc.general, ga.general, misc.activism.militia, nc.general, nm.general, nyc.general,,,,,,, ri.general, sci.geo.earthquakes, soc.culture.canada, soc.culture.Iraq, soc.culture.israel, soc.culture.jewish, soc.culture.usa, talk.politics.guns, talk.politics.mideast, talk.politics.misc, tx.politics,,, us.politics.abortion

He is currently posing as a rational sane person (deep undercover) on alt.assassination.jfk using the address . It is a moderated newsgroup so if he tries to post his Nazi nonsense it never gets past the moderators.

Q: How Did you confirm David Sharp's identity?

Mr. Sharp has left a trail of angry people behind him. His Identity has been known since at least 1998 via research by the victims of his mental and social illnesses. See:

If you have further information about David Sharp you can email the webmaster at:

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at


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