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by Gilbert Simons



Every Jew in Coastal Israel has a bull's eye painted on his or her forehead, man, woman and child. It won't rub off. Hide your head in the sand, or puff out your chest like Tarzan, and it's still there. What is this accursed bull's eye? It is the genocidal enemy's ultimate goal of killing every Jew in Israel. A majority of Israelis don't believe this to be the enemy's goal. They think that if they but surrender Yesha, he will leave Coastal Israelis alone. Where is their evidence? In feelings and emotions! Not in facts, for the the PLO Covenant spells out the final solution as clearly as did Hitler's Mein Kampf.

The PLO's strategy is to distract Jews through intermediate crises while it steadfastly focuses on the "the final solution," the death of ALL THE JEWS of Israel. The current Gaza crisis is a perfect example. Half the Israelis want "disengagement," half do not. There are massive demonstrations, calls for Referendums, phone campaigns to M.K.'s, the White House, etc. The conflict is not Gaza, but the upcoming Shoah! Stop the Shoah, and the Gaza crisis ends with it.

Hitler similarly split the Jews of Poland into warring factions, so they never dealt with the ultimate crisis, their deaths. Israel's Jews are afflicted with the same myopia, unaware of the fate that awaits them all: Coastal or Yesha Jews, Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed, Secular, Labor or Likud. The PLO won't differentiate any more than Hitler did.

Hitler's campaign of distracting and demoralizing Jews - even getting them to do his dirty work, was hugely successful, but no more so than Arafat's and now Abbas's campaign against the Jews of Israel. Prof. Lucy S. Dawidowicz records that, "In Vilna,... [in] late October 1941, when Gens himself, as head of the Jewish police, directed the Jews to right or left, to life or death... [he justified his actions by saying], "With hundreds, I save a thousand. With the thousands that I hand over, I save ten thousand..." He did not even save himself. Rumkowski similarly deported 10,000 Jews from the Lodz ghetto. Prof. Dawidowics writes, "But Rumkowski's success in satisfying the Germans with 10,000 Jews had been illusory. On February 22 the deportations were resumed. For the next 40 days nearly 1,000 Jews were daily deported to an unknown destination... (The War Against the Jews, p 292). Jews turned against Jews, as Israelis are doing today.

Every Judenrat provided forced laborers to the Germans. "The Jewish police...was the Judenrat's instrument of enforcement. As a ghetto institution, the uniformed Jewish police exemplified the dynamics of degeneration that the Germans set in motion...The Germans encouraged members of the prewar Jewish underworld to set up informer and police agencies to do the dirtier work the Jewish police caviled at. Such groups existed in Lodz, Kovno, Lublin, and Warsaw..." (Ibid, pp 231-235). Such groups are being formed by Ariel Sharon today.

"That community is already in the process of dissolution," cautioned chief justice Learned Hand, "where each man begins to eye his neighbor as a possible enemy." Rabin ridiculed the Yesha Jews: "Let them spin like propellers." Sharon calls the Jews at the ramparts of Yesha by similar epithets.

Hitler explained his favorite tactic of devouring the enemy one bite at a time: "A shrewd victor will, if possible always present his demands to the vanquished in installments. And then, with a nation that has lost its character - and this is the case of every one which voluntarily submits - he can be sure that it will not regard one more of these individual oppressions as an adequate reason for taking up arms again. The more extortions are willingly accepted in this way, the more unjustified it strikes people finally to take up the defensive against a new, apparently isolated, though constantly recurring, oppression, especially when, all in all, so much more and greater misfortune has already been borne in patient silence" (Mein Kampf, p 668). Israelis, if you do not recognize the "Strategy of Phases" in the above, you are blind.

Coastal Israelis who voted for the Gaza pullout, are freierim (fools), for it is the final Phase of the "Strategy of Phases," the political war to be followed by a short and savage military operation, in which 6 million Israelis will die. Don't count on your magnificent army, navy and air force, for in a Cannae-style battle - in a small area, the defensive force is trapped, paralyzed and unable to maneuver - they will be helpless. If you still don't know that you are in a Genocidal war of extermination, you are either ignorant or freierim. Ignorance is correctable by knowledge, but pigheadedness which equals stupidity is uncorrectable. Barbara Tuchman calls such stupidity a March of Folly, "disaster plainly foreseen by many in good time, ready and feasible alternatives willfully ignored by men obsessed with power." "Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him." (Pr 26:5). Sharon: take note.

If Israelis pull out of Gaza, they are on a March of Folly to their own doom. Shortly, I will spell out "ready and feasible alternatives," so far dismissed by most Israelis I contacted as "too radical, too late, too unacceptable by the U.S." Kissinger stated: "The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously." Life or death? Which will Israelis choose?


1. What is the PLO's final goal?

Most Israelis, with their heads in the sand, don't want to face the truth. Prof. Yehoshafat Harkabi, of blessed memory, Chief of Military Intelligence from 1955 to 1959, far more knowledgeable about the PLO than 99% of Israelis, explained: "The term most often used was quada'ala - to put an end to ... which was not susceptible to a partial satisfaction and compromise, as what was meant was the entire liquidation of Israel, not its truncation..." He explained the PLO's genocidal goals with equal clarity: "'The operation of liberation is not merely removing an imperialist base, but what is more important: the extermination of a society (inqirad mujtamai)'" (The Palestinian Covenant and Its Meaning, p 47). What part of liquidation and extermination do Israelis not understand?

David Pryce-Jones, another outstanding Arabist tells us the fate awaiting the Israelis: "Were the PLO to succeed in its declared goal of recovering Palestine, then Israel would cease to exist, and Israelis would undergo the tribal-religious fate of massacre and expulsion." (The Closed Circle, p 281). Incrementalism and compromise will not save them. Mortimer B Zuckerman wrote that "[t]hose who live by compromise will die by it."

Arafat summed up his ideology in 1975, from which the PLO has never deviated: "There will be no presence in the region other than the Arab presence. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion.... We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem." Goal: a judenrein state and region. Count on Mahmoud Abbas, his sidekick for 40 years, to follow the same path, tie and coat not withstanding.

The war is about all the land, from river to sea, no more, no less. Prof. Harkabi explained: "The theme that Palestine and Israel are mutually exclusive is prominent in PLO writing, and the conflict is frequently presented as a deadly zero-sum game. 'We say 'no' to Israel because we say 'yes' to Palestine,' (Professor Fayez Sayegh, quoted in Arab Strategies). A two-state solution is but the last step to Israel's demise.

2. How will the PLO achieve its final goals of politicide and genocide"

While Israelis show little knowledge about military matters, preferring to endlessly discuss political minutia, military events will decide their fate and that of their nation: live free or die as slaves. Israelis must learn basic military principles and act accordingly.

Rule a.   Never let the enemy come within artillery range of your civilian and industrial centers.

It spells doom. Gaza and the ridges overlooking Coastal Israel are strategically important. Herzog wrote, "the Gaza Strip occupied by the Egyptians in 1948 was like a dagger poised against the main centers of population in southern Israel and along the coast," while Kiernan called Gaza, "a finger into the underbelly of Israel." (Arafat, p 148). Sharon is playing brinkmanship with the state and with the lives of Coastal Israelis if he surrenders the buffer zones of Judea/Samaria and Gaza to the PLO. They represent the buffer between themselves and death.

Rule b. Prudent nations at war conceptualize worst-case scenarios and develop counter-measures.

Never expect to fight a new war as you fought the previous one. The Yom Kippur War is a case in point. "During the first day of battle fifty-one Israeli planes - more than 10 percent of the entire Israeli Air force - were ripped from the sky by Muslim missilery." (Arab Reach, p 47). In eighteen days of combat the Israeli Air Force lost more than a quarter of its combat aircraft (104 planes of various make). "In October 1973 the Israelis lost 840 tanks - or over 49 percent of their entire 1,700-strong tank corp," (Arab Reach, p 48), most to mobile Sagger missiles and RPG-7 bazookas - wielded by individual Egyptian infantrymen. The PLO possesses both weapons in quantity.

Gideon Rafael postulates that, "The trap of intelligence is to search for evidence to support your own views and exclude evidence which contradicts them... the time-honored maxim of military prudence [is] when in doubt assume the worst and prepare for it." (Destination Peace). Most Israelis are bright, dogmatic and pigheaded, putting their lives at risk based on feelings and emotions. David Grossman warned: "In Israel, it is easier for a man to change his religion, and maybe even his sex, than to change in any decisive way his political opinion." This is a defect, not a quality. Israelis who voted to abandon Gaza bought political catch-phrases, ignorant of military principles.

In 1973, not preparing for the worst caused thousands of Israeli deaths; hundreds taken prisoner; Defense Minister Moshe Dayan warning of the possible fall of Israel itself, and P.M. Golda Meir considered suicide.

What is today's worst-case scenario? With the PLO poised on Gaza's northern border and on the Judean and Samarian ridges, in possession of medium-range artillery pieces and thousands of chemically-laden shells, upon Abbas's order, these shells will explode over Israel's coastal cities and villages, decimating six million Jews within hours. A million Israeli Arabs will die as well, but they are of little matter to totalitarian dictators.

For years, Mubarak has been funneling weapons to Arafat. The IDF discovered and destroyed hundreds of tunnels, many electrified, air-conditioned, and with rails. How long were they active before their discovery? How many more are still active 24/7? The Karine-A was intercepted with 50 tons of heavy weapons from Iran. How many got through without discovery? At least four Arab countries - Egypt, Iran, Libya, and Syria - have chemical shells available to the PLO. Syria is safe-keeping 2,000 Iraqi shells laden with Anthrax and Sarin, buried in the North Beka'a Valley in Lebanon.

Arafat feverishly built a huge army (already larger than Israel's standing army), and procured massive quantities of arms, including LAW anti-tank missiles capable of disabling Israel's famed Merkava tanks, hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades [RPG's], Sagger missiles and land mines. Liat Collins, reported in the Jerusalem Post of March 21, 1998: "National Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon, meanwhile, warned that the Palestinian Authority is stockpiling Strella and Stinger shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles for use against planes taking off or landing at Ben-Gurion Airport..." [my emphasis]. Update 3-27-05: "Defense Minister Mofaz tells Cabinet: "Palestinians" Smuggled Strellas into Gaza."

Rule c.   Don't depend on others for your survival.

"Clearly, Israel has been scheduled as an expendable for the 'good of all,' ...Israel will ... be ...truncated on her way to elimination as you [Pres. Bush] maneuver to lock in the greater prize of oil you intend to dominate," wrote Emanuel A. Winston on March 18, 2005. Don't count on G-d for salvation either. Benjamin Franklin asserted: "God helps them that help themselves." He further counseled: "He that lives upon hope will die fasting." If only Israel can find a wise Prime Minister like Benjamin Franklin while there is still time.


Israelis must first cure major structural defects before they can defeat the enemy. These defects have caused the very crisis Israel is suffering today, and has cost Israel every peace. Don't count on miracles forever. Six million Jews, including most of my family, perished. Only one lost war will swallow up tiny Israel as if it never existed, as it does not exist on any PLO or Arab map today. Fix those defects, or Israel will succumb even if it survives its current trauma.

Repair the defects in a matter of hours, and all crises become easily manageable and resolvable.

Most difficult for Israelis will be to UNITE, as in war. This is war. Benjamin Franklin's warning of 1776 applies to Israelis today: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." To succeed, Israelis must dispose of their current leadership, which has become malignant. A State of Emergency or new elections are mandatory.

What are these structural defects? Israel, after 57 years, is but a nominal and incomplete entity. Prof. Harkabi lamented that "Israeli leadership, political and cultural, was inept in managing Israel's existential contradictions. This lack of coherence played into the Arabs' hands." (Arab Strategies and Israel's Response, p 99). Israel has no frontiers, no constitution. It is an oxymoron democratic-Jewish entity, birthing or aborting. It is lost, without goals and helpless against terrorism, its Achilles' Heel. Liddell Hart asserts: "Helplessness induces hopelessness, and history attests that loss of hope, not loss of lives, is what decides the issue of war."

Israel's foreign policy is U.S. and E.U.-driven. Its internal affairs are governed by the U.N., the International Court of Justice, and the PLO, which Israel rewards with pieces of its land whenever it is momentarily "good." Israel has been reactive since its birth, responding to crisis upon crisis. Israel is constantly looking over its shoulder for approval, not taking charge of its destiny like a sovereign nation.

There is a solution, a light at the end of the tunnel. If Israel becomes pro-active, it can end the conflict within three days.

Israelis must open up to fresh, innovative concepts and solutions. Most Israelis cling to entrenched beliefs, and are very resistant to ideas which conflict with theirs. Rigid thinking and stultified beliefs result in mental calcification. Historian Barbara Tuchman claimed that "[i]f the mind is open enough to perceive that a given policy is harming rather than serving self-interest, and self-confident enough to acknowledge it, and wise enough to reverse it, that is a summit in the art of government." But Tuchman was pessimistic. "Mental standstill or stagnation - the maintenance intact by rulers and policy-makers of the ideas they started with - is fertile ground for folly..." (The March of Folly, p 32).

In 1964, Teddy Kollek wrote Jon Kimche: "...There is no one now who thinks ahead in terms of Israel's Grand Strategy. Ben-Gurion had a concept, five years, ten years and even twenty years ahead...they gave a perspective and a sense of purpose to Israel's outlook which is totally lacking now. The country is living ideologically as well as financially on a hand-to-mouth basis and on day-to-day decisions..." U.S. Congressman Everett M. Dirkson believes that, "The only people who do not change their minds are incompetents in asylums, who can't and those in cemeteries." Do Israelis have the wisdom to re-examine and re-think, the moral courage to cut losses, the self-confidence and boldness to fundamentally and extensively alter course before it is too late? The Rev. Schuller penned a poem: "Dare to confront your naysayers and enemies, dare to challenge your assumptions, dare to update your preconceived perceptions, dare to rethink and revise your illusions." Israelis, are you wise enough to follow such advice? You need to if you are to survive.

The U.S. and other Western nations respect independence, strength and conviction. Senator Packwood from Oregon recalled "a statement of courage like I have never seen in my life." Responding to a senator who told Menachem Begin: "Don't tell us we can't question your actions, Mr. Prime Minister. We're footing the bill."

Begin replied: "Don't threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again with or without your aid." This Hachomer spirit must reinvigorate Israelis, who need it now as never before. Israelis must stop being fractional and myopic, and become united, far-sighted, bold and ruthless. Abraham Lincoln said: "You don't fight wars by blowing rose water through corn stalks." Lincoln's advise to Israel might be: Become pro-active and save your loved ones and your nation.

"Be under no illusion that the state of Israel is prepared to return to the situation that reigned up to a week ago," Prime Minister Levi Eshkol said at the conclusion of the Six Day War. "Alone we fought for our existence and our security. We are entitled to determine what are the true and vital interests of our country, and how they shall be secured." Yet today, Israel is going back to the Auschwitz borders of 1948, and implanting a major terrorist state in Israel's heartland. Israel must reject the U.S.'s interference, and must act in its own best interest. Alone, Israel must take action, win the war, emerge whole, secure and at peace. No doubt the U.S. and the rest of the world will denounce Israel's actions. Better to live and be momentarily hated, than to die and have your tormentors shed crocodile tears.

Jim Nicholson, the then Republican National Committee Chairman, stated in a speech to AIPAC's Annual Policy Conference: "Israel is an inspiration and a model for all of us: A country seeking to be free and to live in peace. It is a story which must be written in Israel by Israelis. It cannot be written by anyone else ... or dictated by ultimatums or by demands." (Near East Report, June 15, 1998). Israel, write your story in bold letters, without outside permission, assistance, approval or consent.

No time for a Constitution. Israelis must enunciate basic principles representing the nation's bed-rock, its foundation, to believe in and stand for; never to be altered or modified by anyone, including Prime Ministers and/or the Knesset. Israel has suffered through the Clayton's and Anglo-Oil Designs, the Palestine's Little and White Paper Designs, the Dulles, Rogers, Ford, Reagan Plans, James Baker's Five Points, the Shultz, Kissinger, Albright, Madrid, Camp David, Oslo, Wye Accords, and now the Bush Road Map, all to achieve "stability" in the region at the price of Israel's existence. These plans and designs have served the U.S.'s interest at Israel's expense. Jon Kimche points out that in foreign policy, nations serve their own objectives and goals, not those of others. It is time for ISRAEL'S GRAND PLAN, serving Israel alone.

This plan must have the breath and depth of vision of heroic pioneers Herzl and Ben-Gurion. Israelis must take as role models, and create statues honoring assertive, pro-active heroes who stood up for strong ideals and faced tyranny and oppression with courage and conviction; who played vital roles in the creation and development of ancient and modern Israel. These heroic figures, Jews and righteous gentiles alike, should include such stalwarts as Raoul Wallenberg, Orde Charles Wingate who taught the Hagana and Palmah to attack rather than to retreat and Dr. Arthur Ruppin, the "father of Zionist settlement."

I propose a plan that embraces three eternal Principles: PERMANENCE, SECURITY, PEACE. Rabin failed to achieve Peace in isolation. So did Netanyahu with Peace and Security. One cannot create a standing stool with one or two legs. Missing was the most important first leg: Permanence. Peace and Security cannot be obtained at the price of Permanence. Permanence must be protected by Security, and Security's strength brings Peace. Permanence dictates never retreating, never surrendering land, never trading what is a sacred trust held for all future generations of Jews. "A nation may be said to consist of its territory, its people, and its laws. The territory is the only part which is of certain durability," said Abraham Lincoln. Israelis break this crucial and fundamental principle to this very day.


Israel's Permanence, Security and Peace Principles must be recognized, honored and respected by all states of the world for their self-evident, eternal, immutable, non-negotiable, fixed, inviolable truths. They must become the foundation of the state, symbols imprinted on all official documents. These Principles can never be altered, defiled, weakened or violated, no matter who rules in the Knesset, or who threatens the state. These Principles must guide Israel's leaders throughout their deliberations, foreign and domestic, as the U.S. Constitution guides the U.S. President, Congress and the Supreme Court. Israel's Principles must protect Jews throughout the ages. They are not subject to the approval or condemnation of any nation or international body, friend or foe. Israel has the unqualified, unconditional, absolute right to Permanence, Security and Peace. Those who challenge Israel's Principles do so at their own risk.

The moment Israelis put their Principles in their hearts and turn them into action, the Gordian Knots which bound Israel for decades, and brought Israel so close to disaster fall away. Israeli Principles take priority over the needs and wants of all others, Arabs, Americans, whomever. Then-Maj.-Gen. Ariel Sharon opined in 1988: "We have to agree on the substance - what we are willing to do for the Palestinians and what are we not prepared to do." Wrong. Israel's needs were not even part of the equation! Satisfying "Palestinian" and Israeli needs simultaneously is impossible. Israelis serve their needs alone, and only afterwards, if others' needs do not conflict with Israel's, are they even considered. Each knot is thus untied in turn, and what appeared an eternal conflict ends within three days.

Principle 1:  Permanence

Permanence consists of three components: Frontiers, the Jewish State, and Citizenship.

1. Frontiers.

A sovereign nation is identified by its permanent frontiers. These frontiers do not contract under any circumstance. Israel must declare its sovereignty by proclaiming its permanent frontiers to the world. The PLO has defined the area in dispute: It claims Palestine, min al nahr ila al barh, from river to sea. No partial solution. Israel must stake its claim on exactly the same territory: from river to sea.

On what grounds does Israel base its claim?

a. The religious claim is unassailable.  The Bible constantly refers to the Jews' permanent attachment to the land:

"And the Lord said to Abram ... 'For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever'" (Gn 13:14, 13:15). "Even the Islamic sacred scripture, the Koran, recognizes the affinity of the Jews to this land (see Suras 5/'The Table,' 10/'Jonah,' and 17/'The Night Journey'), Jerusalem Post, May 2, 1998, Moshe Kohn. Unmentioned: Jerusalem.

b. Historically and politically.   Jews created the first and only independent sovereignty in Israel, starting with the Twelve Tribes of Israel about 1,000 B.C.; through King David; the split into two kingdoms of Judea and Israel; to the modern times with the League of Nations Mandate, the United Nations partition resolution of 1947 (not accepted by the Arabs); its admission to the U.N. in 1949. Abba Eban stated in 1981: "Israel's right to exist, like that of the United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel's legitimacy is not suspended in midair awaiting acknowledgment." Winston Churchill proclaimed: "The Jews are in Palestine by right, not sufferance." And if the British Mandate and international law don't apply to Israel, then they don't apply to the Arab states England also carved out of the Ottoman Empire.

In December 1917, Lord Robert Cecil proclaimed his country's policy simply: "Our wish is that Arabian countries shall be for the Arabs, Armenia for the Armenians, Judea for the Jews." Emir Faisal, one of the sons of the Grand Sharif of Mecca, who became the ruler of TransJordan, wrote Felix Frankfurter, a member of the American delegation in 1917: "...We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement...: we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home..."

In 1922, England lopped off 78% of the land intended for a Jewish state, giving the Hashemites of Saudi Arabia a nation called Transjordan (east of the Jordan river) for their help in World War, when they were chased out of Mecca and Medina by Ibn Saud, on his way to creating Saudi Arabia.

The Israel Government stated under Fundamental Policy Guidelines, Aug 5, 1981: "At the end of the transition period, set down in the Camp David agreements, Israel will raise its claim, and act to realize its right of sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip." (The Israel-Arab Reader, p 623). It did not act then. Will it act now?

c. Militarily.   Judea, Samaria and Gaza were conquered by Jordanian and Egyptian armies in 1948. Neither had a historic or political claim to these Israeli lands. Transjordan at that time changed its name to Jordan, and called occupied Judea and Samaria, "the West Bank," an unlawful term still used internationally. In 1967, Egypt, Jordan and other Arab states once more tried to wipe Israel off the map, and in a defensive war, Israel LIBERATED Judea, Samaria, Gaza and captured the Golan Heights from which Syria had bombarded Israeli villages below mercilessly. Israel should have officially unified the nation then, but did not do so. Egypt and Jordan have fully abandoned all claims to these areas. Syria still wants the Golan Heights back, officially annexed by Israel. International law scholar Stephen Schwebel wrote: "A state acting in lawful exercise of self-defense may seize and occupy foreign territory as long as such seizure and occupation are necessary to its self defense." It still is necessary.

Then who claims that Judea, Samaria and Gaza are "militarily occupied," or "disputed territories"? The "Palestinians"? The PLO? "The restrictions contained in the Fourth Geneva Convention as to a military occupier presuppose that a registrate sovereign was a signatory to the convention," states international lawyer Rita Hauser (Myths & Facts, 1989, pp 76-77). Neither the Arabs of Israel nor Arafat and the PLO were sovereign signatories, and the PLO holds no standing under international law. Furthermore, the PLO's authority comes out of the barrel of a gun, with extortion, terrorism and murder as leverage. Their claim of legitimacy is as bogus as their claim to be liberators. Arafat then and Abbas now are putschists as were Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. The local Arabs are their dupes.

Pryce-Jones, foremost expert of Islamocentric culture and practices describes the organization: "Since 1967, the PLO has been nothing but an amalgamation of mercenary retinues, Muslim or Christian, at the beck of a dozen or so competing power holders, reproducing a microcosm of the Arab world as they fight out in this unlikely forum several conflicting interests which are not related either to Palestine or Israel." (The Closed Circle, p 290).

Under the Geneva Convention's provisions, Israel's liberation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza does not represent a military occupation. Israel has full right to unify Israel's Inland and Coastal segments. Israel holds sole sovereign title to Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan, from river to sea, historically, religiously, politically and militarily.

Power challengers such as Haj Amin and Yasser Arafat made claims in the names of the Arabs, and started calling them Palestinians, once the Jews changed their names to Israelis in 1948. They used the Arabs to advance their own conquest Agenda as Hitler used the Germans for his megalomaniac vision. Another segment of the Arab population is developing a sincere desire for a peaceful Arab state of its own. The PSP plan has solutions to deal with each of the above populations under the Security and Peace Chapters. Since Israel's rebirth in 1948, the Arab states have attacked it five times, making all previous Geneva and U.N. Resolutions null and void. What is irrevocable is that Israel is in trust for all Jews forever.

2. The Jewish State.

Israel's Declaration of Independence clearly states: "The land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people... Impelled by this historic association, Jews strove throughout the centuries to go back to the land of their fathers and regain their statehood...We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish State in Palestine, to be called Medinath Yisrael (The State of Israel)." The Declaration further states: "Eretz-Israel [the Land of Israel] was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained to statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance and gave to the world the eternal book of books..."

Israel constituted, as Golda Meir believed, the spiritual foundation of Jewish existence. Albert Einstein and Erich Kahler, testifying before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives stated: "This tiny Palestinian the only place in the world legitimately and most deeply connected with the Jewish people, its religious foundation, and its historic tradition as an independent people..." (The Jews Among the Nations, 123-133).

In 1978, Herzog wrote that there were 30 democracies in the U.N. Being one more is not Israel's mission. Its uniqueness, its role, duty, responsibility, and extraordinary honor and distinction is to be the only Jewish state in the world. There are numerous religious states in the world, 22 Arab ones prominently among them. Israel is, and must eternally remain, the only Jewish state among the nations. It must be a Jewish-Democratic state, and not a schizophrenic Democratic-Jewish one. Rabin, fearful of the upcoming Arab demographic time-bomb in Yesha, signed on to Oslo, which passed the Knesset by one vote, with 5 Arab M.K.'s putting the measure over the top. Bringing the cancer of Arafat back into Israel to "control the Arabs" was a cure worse than the disease. A far simpler and more certain solution, shown below, was not even thought of. Israel must reinforce its Jewish essence by making Hebrew the single national language, used in schools, courts, on street signs, etc. In all-Arab villages and towns, bi-lingual education should be practiced, until children are fluent in Hebrew. No religious figure, media outlet, or school may expound anti-Semitism.

3. Citizenship.

A sovereign state has the sole right to decide who shall and who shall not be citizens. Once Israel has declared its frontiers, and has become a full sovereign state, it must declare that only those who pledge allegiance to the Jewish state shall qualify as citizens of Israel. This disenfranchises almost all the Arabs, including their M.K.'s, (a blight on the State), and a number of Jews, loyal to the PLO. It does grant some non-Jews citizenship, if they so desire.

Abraham Lincoln, in his first Inaugural Address declared: "It is safe to assert that no government proper ever had a provision in its organic law for its own termination." Israel is the sad exception. Israel's Declaration of Independence includes a 5-word poison pill, which, if not removed, brings about the certain end of the Jewish state. Only the date has to be inserted. The Declaration reads: "The State of Israel...will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of religion, race, or sex..." Five words, "Without distinction of religion, race,..." reverse the very intent of the Declaration, and undermines the foundation of the state, making Israel a Democratic-Jewish state rather than a Jewish-Democratic one. The Knesset must correct this flaw in a matter of minutes, once the Arab M.K.'s are ejected, and Jewish M.K.'s who do not pledge allegiance to the unified Jewish state are removed. The very concept of Arab M.K.'s sitting in the Knesset and on the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committees, while advising the enemy on how to destroy Israel, and on trips to Syria, at war with Israel, wishing Hizbullah well in the conflict, would be ludicrous if it were not so macabre.

Principle 2:  Security.

This subject relates to internal security (sholom bayit) and national security.

A. Internal security.

Arabs fit three categories: those who want to be peaceful permanent residents, those who peacefully want their own state, and those who are revolutionaries and insurgents.

1. Peaceful permanent Arab residents of Israel.   Most Arabs want what populations throughout the world want: to live in peace, to work and feed their families in decent environments, to be free from fear, repression and war. They do not want themselves or their children to become cannon-fodder for power-challengers. Most Arabs therefore fit into this category. Largely forgotten by Israelis is the fact that before Arafat's invitation into Israel's heartland (1993), Jews shopped in Arab villages in total safety. Jews and Arabs lived near each other, worked peacefully together. Arabs revealed Arafat's Fatah infiltrators to the IDF, donated blood in Israel's defensive wars, and 60,000 volunteered for IDF service (foolishly rejected by the Knesset). There were no mortar attacks, no suicide bombers, no attacks on "settlements."

Most Arabs much prefer to live under Jewish rule than under Arab dictatorships, and with good reason. Most Arabs in Israel are recent immigrants from surrounding Arab states, drawn to the Jewish nation by the far higher standard of living, a vibrant economy, legal provisions, educational and medical institutions, freedom of speech and women's rights than they could obtain in their Arab countries of origin.

In A Place Among the Nations, Netanyahu relates: "Soon after the Six Day War, Israel adopted a liberal policy aimed at radically improving the lives of the Arabs. Universal education was instituted, universities were opened, hospitals were built, and modern roads were cut into the hills. ...By 1986, 91 percent of Arab homes in Judea and Samaria had electricity (as opposed to 23 percent under Jordan), 74 percent of homes had refrigerators (as opposed to 5 percent), and 83 percent of homes were equipped with stoves (as opposed to 5 percent). By 1987, these Palestinian Arabs had become the most educated segment in the Arab world, infant mortality had dropped drastically, and the economy had grown by an amazing 400 percent. The improvement in Gaza was even more dramatic."

Under Arafat, who wanted the people poor and desperate, conditions declined precipitously. In a June, 1998 speech, U.S. Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat cited a recent International Monetary Fund study, which found that real Palestinian GNP per capita has fallen 22% since the Oslo process began in 1993, and now stands at $1,700 annually, one-tenth the Israeli level. It has fallen far below that level since. Currently, "each of the PA's 26 ministers is set to receive a $76,000 Audi, while each of the 86 'mere legislators' will suffice with cars costing the PA budget $45,000 apiece" (Naomi Ragen, 3-23-05). Arafat and now Abbas revel in their subjects' plight. It converts them into cheap cannon fodder.

Once Arafat's and the PLO's poison, spread 24/7 from minarets, radio, TV, newspapers, posters and school textbooks, is expunged, most Arabs will return to being friendly, supportive residents of Israel. Most Israelis do not know that Arabs follow the lead of whomever is the current power holder. When Israel was the power holder, they supported Israel. When Arafat was forced upon them, they had to follow his lead or die. Israelis, return to being the absolute power holder in all of Israel and normality will return to the land, believe it or not. This large segment of the Arab population will eagerly settle down to become once more peaceful permanent residents of Israel, with good employment and education, advanced health services, women's rights, free media and speech, a high standard of living, the rule of law. Within Arab communities, Arabs will rule themselves under locally chosen leaders, within village and regional councils, no longer smashed by the PLO.

Many Israeli leaders and volunteers worked hard at creating a bond between Israelis and Arabs, and they were making excellent progress until Rabin brought Arafat back from Tunis.

Chaim Herzog noted:

"Another undeniable reality in the West Bank is the daily dialogue which has been established between Israelis and the major elements of the Palestinian Arabs. Despite the very real differences of opinion that exist, this dialogue which has developed from a decade of social and economic progress under Israeli administration, has brought about a greater degree of mutual understanding than has ever been achieved before... in all fields of human endeavor: medicine, agriculture, commerce, politics, science and higher education. In stark contrast to the bombs and threats of the PLO, this cooperation manifested in every town, village and field of the West Bank has created the foundations from which to advance further towards the solution of the Palestine Arab issue on a basis of growing understanding." (Who Stands Accused, pp 80-81).

Pryce-Jones believes that, "Hope for peace is widespread among the Palestinian masses." All undone when Rabin, unaware of the consequences, brought Arafat back into Israel's heartland.

2. Peaceful Nationalistic Arabs.   Over the past several decades, a segment of the Arab population, including intellectuals, professionals and educators, has developed a growing aspiration for what may be termed a national commonality, identity and ideology; a desire to create and rule themselves rather than be ruled, either by Arab dictators or by Jewish democrats. They envision a peaceful Arab state, egalitarian, humanistic, quasi-democratic, free from the traditional violent tribal construct of Arab society, with its money-favoring, shame-honor, perpetual careerist power-challenging strife.

Rid of the PLO, this silent group will gain its voice, and Israel should help it achieve its goal of creating a peaceful Palestine. Of course, it cannot endanger Israel's Permanence Principle, so this "Palestine" cannot be in Israel. But where?

The most logical locale is Southern Lebanon up to the Litani River. Lebanon, an amalgamation of disparate sects, religious and ethnic, has never been a viable state with little national loyalty, held together by compromise and concessions. Gervasi claimed that, "As of early June, 1982, Lebanon [consisted of] individual fiefdoms with about 100 different political groupings and at least 40 private armies..." (The Media's War Against the Jews, p 239). Since September of 1982 Lebanon has been a Syrian colony, its domestic and foreign affairs dictated from Damascus.

What happens to the Lebanese Christians? The Syrians should be removed from Lebanon. Two enclaves around Beirut would become sovereign principalities, one Christian and one Druze. With "Palestine" in the south, the balance of the country would become a unified Lebanon, no longer the "Fractioned Country," created by France after WWI. Once Palestine is established, its citizens would fiercely defend their homes and their new country against any invaders or insurgents. Millions of Arabs would settle in their new country; from Yesha, Coastal Israel and the refugee camps. A peaceful Muslim democratic state would become a beacon of hope and peace to a billion Muslims. International terrorism would receive a death blow. Israel would gain a peaceful buffer zone on its northern border, immeasurably strengthening its security.

By right of national defense, and documented by an official I.D.F. report of over 100 missile attacks on the Northern border since Israel's withdrawal, resulting in the death of at least 28 Israeli citizens, Israel can conquer this territory and deed it to the New Palestinians.

As the Pilgrims created a new nation, so peaceful Arabs can create a new Palestine, vibrant and prosperous. "Because of a high degree of mobility in the past and the present, both tribal and non-tribal Middle Easterners do not readily fall into classificatory niches such as villagers, pastoral nomads, or city dwellers," Dale E. Eickelman tells us (Handbook of the Middle East, p 775). Arabs easily move to new nations as they have done by the millions to Europe, the U.S., Central and South America.

This immigration will be entirely voluntary, not coerced in any way, compared to the Vietnamese "strategic hamlet" program instituted by the U.S.; Stalin's Crimean Tatars decree; or Hafez Assad's Arab Belt plan. Not to forget the "Trail of Tears" March forced on the Cherokees in 1838, or the forced exodus of entire Jewish populations from Europe and Asia. A Latin proverb asserts: "Where one is happy, there's one's home." For Arabs living in squalid refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, a new homeland, homes and employment would be occasion for celebration. Millions of Arabs will flock to Palestine, from the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and elsewhere to participate in its historic, formative and prosperous years. The new nation will be a God-send for many Arab men, working in far-away lands, separated for years from wives and children. They will return to their own homes, to work in Arab enterprises, to live in the bosom of their families, their children going to Arab schools, "You would probably get 90% for 'transfer' if you could convince everybody it would be painless for Arabs and Jews alike," asserted Ido Dissentchik, Ma'ariv editor.

Palestine will need significant technological and financial assistance for a short, specific start-up period, such as three or five years. The U.S., other nations and the World Bank need to provide Palestine seed money to help it develop its governmental infrastructure, its technical, industrial and agricultural base, and to assure it a healthy start. With refugees emigrating to Palestine and refugee camps closed, UNWRA funds can be released to help develop the new nation. Billions blackmailed by the PLO from Arab states can now go to create Palestine.

Each family should be offered a plot of land, (Lebanese landowners compensated), on which to build its home. Land ownership is profoundly meaningful. It affirms, substantiates and validates that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Capt. John Smith of Virginia wrote: "When our people were fed from the common store, glad was he who could slip from his labor," but when farmers had their own land, "they will doe in a day" what had previously taken a week. Palestinians will make the nation bloom as Jews made Israel flourish. Prof. Anton Shammas, an Arab Israeli, wrote in the Nov. 21, 1988 L.A.T.: "People in the Middle East would settle for a plot of land; happiness for them remains as yet another distant dream." The distant dream will burst into a beautiful reality. As Americans named cities after those from which they came, so Arabs will recreate Jerash, Ajar, Zekharya, Nablus, more beautiful than the originals. Arabs from Israel are among the most educated and knowledgeable of Arabs. They built the infrastructure of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and other foreign cities. Now they can build their own gleaming cities. Palestine's standard of living will become a showcase for the entire Arab world. Its economy will offer Israel healthy competition. Imports and exports between the two nations will benefit both. Palestine and Israel will bloom.

With borders from the Litani River to the north to Israel to the south, from Syria east to the Mediterranean west, Palestine will be a viable state, of one piece, and not segmented as Judea/Samaria and Gaza are. It includes Tyre, a deep-harbor sea port, and a fertile topography far superior to the Judean and Samarian mountains and gorges. Good roads, rail grids and airports can be easily built.

The water quantity and quality of the Litani River is far superior to that provided Israel by its National Water Carrier. Sale of a portion of Litani water to Israel will provide Palestine a considerable, steady and permanent income stream, while Israel obtains an appreciable increase in its water supply. Arab resettlement will require no adjustment in language, climate, religion or social mores. Dislocation will be minimal. No enormous or dangerous journey, such as the Pilgrims faced, is necessary. Nor are they far from relatives who choose to remain in Israel. Palestine becomes a full state.

The only danger will come from Arab totalitarian dictators, who will see free citizenry as a threat to their thrones. Mutual-defense pacts between Palestine, Israel and Western nations may be a necessity at first, to discourage nearby Arab despots from destroying the state at birth.

Arab youths, representing almost 62% of the Arab population in Israel will be a problem, having been poisoned with anti-Semitic propaganda worse than Goebbels' from the cradle on They need deprogramming and rehabilitation. No better way than to transfer their anomie and existential vacuum into the creative energy needed to build a state of their own. A survey revealed that youths are more preoccupied with enhanced economic well-being and obtaining work than in political activism (Jerusalem Post, July 23, 1999). How meaningful and exciting to a youth to help build his own country.

The birth of Palestine as the vanguard of democracy in the Middle East will be a momentous event. Its historic impact on the Middle East and the world will equal that of Europe's Renaissance and Industrial Revolution. The Israeli and American leaders who bring about this cataclysmic event will be writ large in history books; heroes who brought peace to a region torn by strife from antiquity; saviors who emancipated millions of Arabs, bringing them liberty and equality. A free Palestinian state will be a catalyst, forcing Arab despots to give their subjects a greater voice in their destiny, or be deposed. Personal wars will end, as will be the expenditure of billions on war toys. The Arab GNP will go to domestic products, creating a large working middle class. Millions of Arabs will return to their countries of origin from Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere, removing their Muslim destabilizing influence. The southern Lebanese population may choose to remain as such, to become Palestinians, or to emigrate, receiving proper compensation.

Israel will be immeasurably strengthened by the above events. Its northern border now becomes calm and tranquil. Its internal demographic time-bomb is peacefully defused by the massive, non-coercive migration of millions of Arabs. Israel is whole, eternally unified. Gaza now becomes valuable real estate, a competitor to Tel Aviv. The "Return" fable is ended. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon benefit from the dissolution of the refugee camps - sores in their body politic.

3. Insurgents and putschists.   The third category of Arabs, sadly including a large number of youths, will need to be reprogrammed, or be captured, tried, convicted and punished appropriately. It is tragic that Israel is facing what is becoming a war between Israelis and "the Palestinians." It should not have been, and maybe there is still time to avert such a massive blood-letting, which Israel may well lose. Israelis must separate the insurgent leadership from the Arab population, which repeatedly has stood on the sidelines when Haj Amin and later Yasser Arafat tried to get them to fight, in Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon. First of all, Israelis must think like Arabs to win. Uri Lubrani, Israel's expert on the Shias, believes that, "terror must be fought with terror, not in conventional ways." To deal with them otherwise is the worst of mistakes. Israelis' reactions become useless and self-destructive. Alexander Woolcott observed, "The worst sin of all is to do well that which shouldn't be done at all."

Collective punishment in the past, when Israel bombed Lebanese villages within which PLO fighters were quartered, cost Israel world revulsion, while bringing Arafat thousands of recruits. Killing family and tribal members turns non-combatants into mortal enemies. Israelis must focus on cutting off the head of the snake, while not attacking the body, or the snake acquires new heads like a Hydra. Moshe Dayan presents the right way to fight terrorists: "Even when a bomb explodes... don't let us begin to generalize. Whoever will be found guilty of the deed will be punished...Let us not make this action into a general crisis in our relations with the Arab population...Let us give to terror what belongs to terror, and to life what belongs to life. This is the most difficult challenge we have to face." (Israel and the Palestinians, p 71). Yitzhak Rabin was quite ready to fight the body of the snake: "I will be clear. There will not be one-sided terror. If our own people cannot live normally, there will be no normal life in southern Lebanon - if there will be any civilian life ... Let's confront each other. We'll see who will be stronger." Wars are not won by creating more enemies. Israelis must furthermore stop calling the Arabs "Palestinians," or they will lose the propaganda war.

Totalitarian regimes are led by individual dictators, who permit no delegation of authority. Whomever is at the top is the most ruthless. All work under him, while he claims ignorance of his own deeds. True power challengers are ruthlessly eliminated or the power holder must flee for his life. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigade, Fatah, etc. are forces under Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), as they were under Arafat. Abbas now, and his small group of dedicated fighters, are Israel's enemies, not the general Arab population. Until an Arab Palestine is created, using the term "Palestinians" must be illegal. Allow the foreign press one mistake. On the second, give them a one-way ticket home!

Instead of constantly responding to "goad-and provoke" tactics by the enemy, Israel must implement a pro-active plan, wiping out the scourge within days. The PSP plan is totally under the control of Israel. No one else involved. It attacks the leaders, imploding the entire infrastructure. They must flee or be captured, tried, and executed as genocidists, a term far more accurate than "terrorists," which relates to means, not end results.

No people on earth have been made to feel more vulnerable to death and destruction, suffered more and longer stress, or endured greater psychological trauma than has Israel's population. Time for trauma and fear to transfer to PLO leaders.

The PSP plan factors in never-before-used Islamocentric leverages. They trump the PLO's major weapons, death and the threat of death.

Israel is losing the psychological war; the geo-political war (Arafat was received by the Pope, the U.N., the E.U., and delegates from many nations); the military war (Israel is releasing more and more PLO fighters and the PLO is receiving more and more sophisticated equipment); and the economic war: a Times staff writer called the PLO "one of the wealthiest revolutionary movements in history." According to Flame (Jerusalem Post, July 18, 1998), "25% to 30% of [Israel's] budget going for defense, compared to 7% in the U.S. and less than 1% in Japan."

Czechoslovakia, at the beginning of 1938, was a relatively prosperous state, secure behind a bulwark of powerful fortifications, possessed of a magnificent army, buttressed by powerful allies in both east and west. Nine months later, she found herself unable to stave off disintegration, in which her friends lent her enemies a helpful hand. Israel's situation is identical, from 1993 to the present. It just took Arafat a little longer than it took Hitler. "The most frequently made mistake," according to crisis-management expert Gerald Meyers, "is denial, and it's the biggest one you can make." Israel is in full denial. It had better wake up in a hurry.

Terrorism - death and the threat of death - is the PLO's major and most successful weapon in its genocidal war. No one has found an effective weapon against it. This Plan does. Israel's Knesset must create Special Criminal Courts who try all genocidists (fighters and all support elements). If found guilty, they are convicted and sentenced to death. The sentence is held in abeyance as stipulated in the S.T.O.P. component of the Plan, detailed below. There must be but one indivisible, all-inclusive crime: genocide, and one sentence: death. "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed" (Gn 9:6). Sovereign nations must never permit criminals to impose their "law" upon it. Israel's law crumbled under PLO's terrorist "law," when it kept its major weapon sheathed. Use all available weapons, and the Dance Macabre ends.

Posters prominently list those who have been convicted in absentia. This gives them 3 days to flee. Fighters and others not yet captured have three days to surrender, give up their arms, and be pardoned. They are debriefed, they renounce genocide, and are paid a substantial sum of money for their arms. Released genocidists may well use their funds to start a new life in the New Palestine. If caught thereafter with arms or in genocidal activities, they are executed within 24 hours. With leaders gone, the war is almost over. Israel is close to peace.

In Arab societies, when one power holder is eliminated, power challengers rise up to take his place. This may occur in Israel. For this exigency, the S.T.O.P. (Syncopated Threat of Punishment) plan takes effect. It "places the tail of the snake into its mouth." Bite, and it kills itself. Israel imposes the death penalty on those currently imprisoned, with blood on their hands, but the sentence is held in abeyance. A list of those under such sentence is prominently posted throughout Israel. If any Israelis or others (such as Arab collaborators protected by the S.T.O.P plan umbrella) are murdered, a number of such genocidists (say 10), are executed within 24 hours. This is not similar to Nazi practices, as these genocidists were previously convicted and sentenced to death for their crimes. A large group of family members and tribal and village supporters of those at the top of these lists will exhort the new commanders not to mount any attacks while their loved ones are under peril of execution. If those commanders do not heed these warnings and order the terrorist attacks, and victims die, loved genocidists also die. The commanders will be blamed, not the Israelis, and their lives will be short. Nor will the lives of those returning from such attacks be worth a plugged nickel. For the first time, genocidists will be under enormous pressure NOT to carry out terrorist acts. Internal strife will tear these organizations apart, a totally new occurrence. The S.T.O.P. Plan is reinforced by refreshing the list every 90 days, bringing new constituents to the fore. Terrorism comes to an end.

4. What about the death penalty?   Israel's leaders boast that they have never executed a "terrorist." Technically true, for Israel has MURDERED numerous genocidists without trial, receiving world condemnation in the bargain. Under the PSP Plan and its S.T.O.P. sub-section, executions carry full legal weight. Why do Israel's leaders not sanction executions? The rationales are so ludicrous as to be embarrassing to even list. But list I must.

a. The "It will bring pressure from anti-death penalty advocates" argument. In 1979, then-Israeli Ambassador Chaim Herzog argued at a press conference in Los Angeles: "We've proved that by taking strong measures against terror, we can curtail it...[We] are not likely to include use of the death penalty...We've never executed a terrorist. The use of the death penalty would bring pressure upon the Israeli government from Amnesty groups, public corporations, heads of state and the Pope." What "strong measures"? "what curtailment effected"? Thousands of graves tragically mock these statements. Should Israel's leaders pander to Amnesty International and the Pope, or save Israelis?

b. "[Israel's] people and government have a profound respect for human life." Such respect is shown when murderers are executed, not set free. The Bible thunders: "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." (Genesis 9:6). "He that smitheth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death. (Exodus 21:12). That shows respect for human life; the loss of precious lives must be paid for by their murderers. Currently, the lives of murderers are considered more valuable than that of their victims, by Israeli authorities. Saving the life of just one Jew is a mitzvah. The S.T.O.P. component of the PSP Plan places an umbrella of protection over all Jews, whereas the U.S placed such protection upon genocidists like Arafat and now Abbas!

Israel's leaders' boast of not killing terrorists is a lie. For years, they ordered the bombing and shelling of numerous Lebanese villages, killing thousands of innocent civilians in an attempt to kill some terrorists among them. The whole world loathed Israel for this. Mossad death squads have murdered numerous terrorist commanders and lower-echelon terrorists throughout the world, including Zuheir Mumsen (Cannes), Awel Abdel Zwaiter, Abdel Hadi Nakaa and Abdel Hamid Shibi (Rome), Dr. Mahmoud Hamshari, Dr. Basil Al-Kuhaissi and Mohammed Boudia (Paris), Zayad Murchesi and Hussein Abad Al-Khair (Nicosia), Mohammed Youssef Najjar, Kamal Nasser, Kamal Adwan, Ahmed Bouchiki and Ali Hassan Salameh (Beirut), Fathi Shikaki (Malta), Monzer Abu Ghazala (Athens), Abu Hassan, Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad, Arafat's 2nd in Command), Samir Toukan and Abur Safwat, Abu Hassan (Lebanon), Yassin (Gaza), and so forth.

These genocidists should have been executed, but legally, upon trial and conviction.

c. "It is akin to Nazi practices." An Israeli official was quoted as saying: Nazi practices consisted of killing innocent Jews. This practice is just the opposite. It kills genocidists for killing Jews.

d. "Israel's leaders and people don't want to execute." Only half right. "Israel's people" strongly endorse executions. A 1985 poll indicated that 71 percent of the Israeli population wanted the death penalty imposed, while only 20 percent opposed it. Israel's leaders must think themselves an aristocracy of brains, smarter than the general population. This has cost Israel thousands of lives, creating an, "extraordinary apathy and fatalism in the country," according to Kimche. Bertold Brecht's ironic remark might suit them: "As the government has lost the confidence of the people, the people will have to be replaced."

A U.S. Poll by Louis Harris showed that 79 percent of those surveyed advocated a universal death penalty for terrorists. Public support for the death penalty is overwhelming.'" (Los Angeles Times., Sept. 9, 1988).

e. "It will worsen Arab-Jewish relations." Ariel Sharon used this rationale when he voted against the use of capital punishment in 1979. The Arabs consider violence and death normal occurrences. When the Shin Bet killed 2 terrorist prisoners after the bus hijacking, it outraged the Jews, but not the Arabs. Kill or be killed.

Arabs respect ruthless opponents, considering other weak and dishonorable. How ruthless have Israelis been?

1974: Prime Minister Golda Meir after the Ma'alot massacre of the children: "Any government of Israel will do everything in its power in order to cut off the hands that want to harm a child."

Then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan urged, "We must kill them." As the Knesset called for the death penalty for captured terrorists, Dayan said, "They must know that they will not leave Israel alive..."

1975: Then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin after the Zion Square bombing: "The only language they understand is that of the sword. In that language we shall talk to them..."

1980: Prime Minister Menachem Begin, at the funeral of 2 "-year-old Eyak Gluska: "Even the devil has not yet devised a proper revenge for the blood of a child."

1982: Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir, at the graveside of murdered Israeli diplomat Yaacov Barsimantov, threatened to attack terrorists "wherever we find them...with no holds barred, with no surcease, for we have decided to live, and to live in peace." But Yediot Aharonot asked, after this latest murder: "Must we continue to wait until our blood starts flowing like water"? The answer is yes.

1985: Ma'ariv, after two Israeli schoolteachers were murdered, declared that those who kill Jews "should be hanged until their loathsome soul departs their bodies." Then-Foreign Minister Yitzhak Rabin, "led a move in the Knesset to impose the death penalty against terrorists convicted of murder," and "The Israeli Cabinet ordered a review of proposals to mandate the death penalty for terrorist slayings." All talk and no action.

1986: Foreign Minister Shamir, after the Istanbul Synagogue massacre: "The Jewish blood spilled obliges the Jewish State to intensify the war against terror organizations in every place and in every way."

Unaffected by military responses, and with executions of captured genocidists rejected, Israel's leaders have made wild threats for years, all sound and fury, but no action. No guts.

Benjamin Disraeli, one of England's greatest Prime Ministers, declared: "I repeat...that all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise; that, from the people, and for the people, all springs, and all must exist." The Knesset must represent the people, not themselves. Ariel Sharon, serve the citizens of Israel, not yourself.

Conclusion: The dereliction of Israel's leaders in not applying executions, the only effective and legal weapon to counter the PLO's death and threat of death weapon, has cost thousands of lives and the maiming of thousands more, and has brought Israel to the brink of extinction and its people to the edge of a Holocaust. It is time to unsheathe the ultimate weapon before it is too late.

Death and the threat of death are psychological weapons, not military ones. The more gruesome, the more they are prized by the Arab masses. In 1979, Begin recommended death by hanging rather than by firing squad as to least hurt the Arabs' feelings. George Patton held the opposite view. "Decide what will hurt the enemy most within the limits of your capabilities to harm him and then do it." Bashing in children's heads, shooting and throwing wheelchair-bound Klinghoffer overboard, shooting babies in their cribs, their pacifiers still in their mouths, decapitating and dismembering women and children with bombs, blowing people out of airplanes - the more gruesome the deaths, the more they serve the PLO's purpose. Such murders have no military value. They are tools to gain psychological and political ends. A.C.Hazelip lists "Ruthlessness and extraordinary violence" among his Twelve Tenets of Terrorism, "essential to terrorist success."

Sun Tzu counseled: "Begin by seizing something that your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will." (The Art of War, p 58). Arafat and other terrorist leaders learned that lesson. Now Israel must seize and threaten something its opponents hold even dearer than the hostages, and the PLO will be amenable to Israel's will.

Keeping its strongest weapon unused, Israel caved in and released 6,137 convicted genocidists in return for 16 Israeli hostages. With the S.T.O.P component, Israel can regain Israeli POW's such as Ron Arad (if he is still alive), by convicting Sheikh Obeid and Mustafa Dirani, and setting a deadline for their executions if POW's are not released by that date. Israel must trump genocidists' weapons with cards higher than theirs. This includes cremating executed genocidists with pig parts, so virgins will wait in vain. Two can create fairy-tales. The PSP Plan factors in Islamocentric components, bringing the conflict to a short, painless and successful conclusion. Too chicken? Then pay the price with your lives. A Latin proverb states: "The people's safety is the highest law." Israel's leaders' highest law must be to safeguard Israel's citizens, not the PLO's genocidal thugs. They must do their duty. Israel's population is ready for all-out combat. Are its leaders?

B. Security against Outside Threats.

"The Arab Muslim culture rests on two pillars: Pride and Shame," according to Emanuel Winston. Israel's strategy must therefore personally and directly threaten dictators' pride-shame ethos. Otherwise, wars have no effect upon them. Netanyahu quotes Immanuel Kant: "But under a [despotic] is the simplest thing in the world to go to war. For the head of a state is not a fellow citizen, but the owner of the state, and war will not force him to make the slightest sacrifice so far as his banquets, hunts, pleasure palaces, and court festivals are concerned...[The] glory of its ruler is in his power to order thousands of people to immolate themselves for a cause which does not truly concern them, while he need not himself incur any danger whatsoever" (A Place Among the Nations, p 243). He must be made to feel the pain.

Israel must state up front that if threatened or attacked, it will take pre-emptive action and capture and forever annex any territory of the enemy necessary for its self-defense, per international law. The permanent loss of land would bring shame upon the dictator, and very likely, cost him his head. This threat will stay his hand. Never again must field commanders such as Yigal Allon, tell his officers, "We won the war, but lost the peace," with Israeli soldiers dying in vain. To preclude any attack, Israel must take every measure to assure victory.

Judea/Samaria and Gaza form Israel's sword and shield. "This is the crucial point to understand about a military buffer space: Space buys time. The distance the enemy has to cover before it can enter Israel's populated areas ...translates into time that Israel has to mobilize," states Netanyahu. "The farther the advancing column has to travel, the more likely it is that air harassment and resistance on the ground will be able to stem the advance...The space available for such delaying tactics is called 'strategic depth'...

The topography of the Judean and Samarian mountains is particularly well suited for the delaying actions necessary for Israel's defense. To an invader from the east, this range is an extraordinary obstacle to overcome...Such an invader enters the West Bank in the Jordan River Valley, which is the lowest point on earth, more than a thousand feet below sea level. He then has to fight his way up a cliff face that rises a daunting three to four thousand feet within a space of seven to nine miles. This is terrain that, with the exception of a few torturous routes, is virtually impassable to tanks and other heavy equipment.

No amount of electronic gadgetry can replace a stone wall thousands of feet high as an obstacle to war. The West Bank thus provides Israel not only with strategic depth but with strategic height... Israel's current width from its eastern front to the sea is forty miles. This is bad enough, but Israel is now being seriously asked to reduce that distance to ten miles. Against such odds, it could not survive." (Ibid, pp 261, 263-265). These are the facts, plain and simple.

"The Zionist and religious motivation is indeed powerful; still, it is secondary to the search for security," wrote Prof. Harkabi. Israel's Security Principle mandates that Israel never surrender Judea, Samaria, the Gaza Strip or the Golan Heights to anyone. This requires that Israel unify the nation forever.

Deterrence being a critical part of security, the name of Israel's forces should reveal both sides of its capabilities - offensive and defensive, i.e., Israel Security Forces or Israel Armed Forces. Hitler's Top Secret Directive No 6, of Oct. 9, 1939, stated, "The trifling significance of treaties has been proved on all sides in recent years. The greatest safeguard against any Russian attack a prompt demonstration of German strength." Power and the willingness to use it when required are key factors protecting Israel's national security. No substitutes for military power exist - not words, scraps of paper, buffer zones, early warning systems, mutual inspections, etc. All can be disregarded, evaded, circumvented.

"Deterrence is cheaper than defense," according to Luttwak. It stops wars before they begin, saving lives. Use Islamocentric markers. Extinguish undesirable behavior. Don't "make friends," with enemies out to kill you. The less a nation has regard for moral obligations the more it tends to respect physical strength - the deterrent power of a force too strong to be challenged with impunity.

Bully- and robber-types won't assail anyone of greater strength. Their very belief in force makes them susceptible to the deterrent effect of a formidable opposing force. Giving back lost territory regains honor, and is tantamount to zero-cost training exercises, prior to the next war. The permanent loss of the Golan Heights was such a shame-inducing event to Hafez Assad, that he expended enormous effort to regain it, even though this territory represents but 400 sq. mls, or 0.5% of Syria's 71,498 square miles.

Pryce-Jones tells us that, "Tribal-religious boundaries are entirely dependent on conquest..." They do not end in treaties, but go on forever. Israel must train Arab predators the Western price of defeat or it will face Arab wars for millenniums. Israel must specify any impersonal and external act the casus belli for Israel's deterrent action, such as artillery barrages from Lebanon. This is known as "automaticity." You do this, we do that, for sure. Peace comes from aggression deterred, then extinguished. Hudna has two Arab meanings: a momentary armistice, or coexistence with outside powers which cannot be conquered. This eventually leads to cooperation, co-existence and peace.

Proxies will no longer serve dictators. With permanent frontiers declared, Israel activates the same response upon proxies as upon their god-fathers, known as "extended deterrence." Under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter, Israel declares all such attacks to be acts of war, and seizes, occupies and permanently annexes whatever territory it deems necessary for its self-defense. Israel will accept no cease-fires, armistices, negotiations, or agreements. Case closed.

Israel's strategy from the day of its rebirth has been offense. Moshe Dayan asserted, "Our strength, that of our officers and soldiers, arose from this principle: We shall never take shelter behind barbed wire or man-made fortifications; we shall charge the enemy and hurl him back onto his own territory." (The Walls of Israel, foreword). Has Sharon forgotten?

Ze'ev Schiff records that, "Orde Charles Wingate...the single most important influence on the thinking of the Haganah...gave Yigal Allon, Moshe Dayan, and other future Israeli army commanders their first formal instructions in warfare... carrying the fight to the heart of the enemy's activity rather than assuming a static defense...His maxim that offense is the best defense later became one of the primary combat doctrines of the Israel Defense Force." (A History of the Israeli Army, pp 13-15). U.S. General George S. Patton Jr. concluded that "In war, the only sure defense is offense..."

General Tsur, commander of the 1st. Armored Group stated: "War still remains for us a commando action enlarged to the dimensions of a classical war...we must strike fast and hard. We are condemned to the Blitzkrieg...Their strength [the units of the Israeli army] depends entirely on their speed, their self-sufficiency, and their mobility...Our tanks charged as the cavalry did in olden times. They could not retreat: Where was there to retreat to" They could not lose without condemning their wives and children to death." (The Walls of Israel, Jean Larteguy, p 162).

Each time Israel used the Maginot Line or fixed-line defensive strategy, such as at Masada and hunkering down behind the Bar-Lev line at the Suez Canal, it ended in disaster. Shelford Bidwell warns that a linear, rigid defense without depth, is a formula for rapid defeat. Supporters of the PLO Palestinian state in Judea/Samaria and Gaza, are setting Israel up for a Cannae on the narrow coastal plain, with wholesale slaughter the result.

Israel's vaunted tanks will be destroyed in their revetments, or picked off, one by one, in narrow defiles. Israel's superb air force will be destroyed on runways, or easily shot down taking off or landing, at their most vulnerable. Chaim Herzog claimed that, "A PLO-controlled Palestinian state [in Judea/Samaria and Gaza] ... could by means of suitably sited modern surface-to-air missiles render air travel in Israel's air space impossible." (Who Stands Accused, p 79). Retreating behind the Green Line, Israel will be breaking its own spear and spearhead. Helicopters, VTOL's and STOL's will be of little use. Retired General Bruce Clark stated, "The helicopter is an awfully vulnerable piece of equipment." (National Defense, James Fallows, p 12). Israel's forces at the Jordan River and Golan Heights, surrounded and without hope of being relieved, will fight valiantly, and then become silent.

In conclusion, Liddell Hart counseled: "The fundamental rule in warfare is to deny the enemy targets." (Strategy, p 197) The one target which no leader can ever permit the enemy to bring under attack is a nation's population. The PLO, in control of the Judean ridges overlooking Coastal Israel, has no dearth of targets. Most of Israel's population, its industries, supply depots, military assembly lines, airfields, harbors, all become targets to even light artillery. In this end position, no army, air force, tank corps, can save Israel and its population from being decimated.

A rule of statesmanship is never to take actions which one may later regret. Thomas Heywood bemoaned: "O God! O God! That it were possible To undo things done; to call back yesterday!" Pray that Israelis need not utter this lament.

Remember when Saddam Hussein fired some Scuds into Israel in 1991? The psychological injury was a thousand times greater than any physical destruction. Geoffrey Aronson reported in the L.A.T. that, "Israelis, fearful of an attack by non-conventional weapons, abandoned en masse the coastal Tel Aviv metropolis for days, even weeks after the first of 39 conventionally armed, not very deadly Scud missiles were unleashed upon the Jewish state." They fled to Judea and Samaria. With a Palestinian State there, this option will be closed. Where will Israelis go when conventional shells start falling on Tel Aviv? Of course, we know what will happen if the shells are loaded with chemical payloads. Instant Armageddon. Long-range missiles can be intercepted. Artillery shells cannot.

The threat of chemical and biological attack upon Coastal Israel is real. Egypt, Syria, Iran and Libya are some of the Arab states possessing large quantities of chemical and biological stock of every kind, including cyanide, mustard gas, and its derivatives, T, Q, and HN3, and nerve gases such as Tabun, Sarin, and Soman. Robin Wright explained that "Chemical weapons...are simple to make, relatively easy to deliver, appallingly effective and almost impossible to defend against on a large scale...The deadly poisons can replace explosives in conventional weaponry, such as artillery, rocket and bombs? (L.A.T., Oct. 9, 1988). Israel must take every precaution to safeguard itself from such attack. The further away the enemy, the safer. Currently, Israelis have three minutes from attack 500 kilometers away. From artillery shells, it is 3 seconds.

The 1925 Geneva Protocol prohibits chemical warfare. But that has never stopped Arab rulers from using it. Israel has the ability to launch one or more Doom's Day nuclear missiles, but at what targets? If the PLO under Abbas attacks, will Israel nuke Cairo, Beirut, Tehran? How about East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Shechem? In the meantime, Arab dictators will be on vacation in London or Paris.

To succeed, Abbas knows that he must win the war in lightning fashion. Ehud Yaari quoted a top Fatah leader who stated that they must storm and annihilate Israel in a period of no more than a week. "'According to this concept, the time element is most significant for it leaves imperialism no opportunity for intervening; if the attack were to succeed, those backing Israel (i.e., the West) could do nothing but resign themselves to the fait accompli.'" (Strike Terror, p 180). Golda Meir told Richard Nixon once, "By the time you get here, we won't be here."

Prof. Harkabi declared: "If Israel withdraws and war comes as a result, the odds it will have to face will increase ...What is at stake is...the sheer existence of Israel...It is no good evading these unthinkables. They should be addressed squarely." (Arab Strategies, p 126). Israelis' survival depends on keeping any and all Arab forces as far away from its major population centers as possible. Otherwise, Shukairy's boast will come true: "I estimate that none of them [Israelis] will survive." The Diaspora Israelis and Jews throughout the world will reassume their scapegoat roles, subject to discrimination and persecution far greater than they are suffering today. Only a victorious Israel will reverse this trend.

Avoiding war will also save the Arabs. Under totalitarian rule, they are not "free, now and forever," as Clinton so glibly asserted. They will be no longer be cannon-fodder, as Muslim extremists attempt to conquer the world. Fortunately, this campaign is no longer led by the arch-Genocidist, Arafat, felled by a mysterious disease better known as AIDS.

Principle 3:  Peace.

Finally, Israel must secure Peace

Peace cannot be attained by putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop. Lord Samuel tried it in the 1920s, and Rabin tried to do in 1993. Willa Sibert Cather could have told them: "No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person." Worse, Arafat was, and Abbas is now a murderer, anything but noble. "The sturdiest liberal democracy depends, for the effectiveness of its government and the maintenance of its system, on the state's holding a monopoly of force, with governmental control of obedient security forces," according to Jillian Becker (The PLO, p 93). Israel broke this inviolable principle when it put Arafat in charge of ending the terrorism which he controlled (as Abbas controls it now). Israel must immediately regain this monopoly of force, using whatever means necessary.

Shakespeare makes the point:

"Immortal gods, I crave no pelf;
I pray for no man but myself:
Grant I may never prove so fond,
To trust man on his oath or bond.

Peace cannot be bought by the meter. To bargain peace and security from extortionists is the height of folly. The US and other Western nations respect independence, strength, courage and determination. Israel must gain its own peace through its own strength. It must no longer plead for peace, or pay to be "recognized." It must command respect and deference. Furthermore, as Lord John Russell wrote almost 150 years ago, "If peace cannot be maintained with honor, it is no longer peace." The peace Sharon is trying to obtain now, by retreat and appeasement, while pitting Israelis against one another, is anything but honorable.


"On November 23, 1939, Hitler told his generals: "In struggle I see the fate of all beings. Nobody can avoid fighting if he does not want to go under....The fight must start here. No nation can evade the solution of this problem. Otherwise it must yield and gradually go down...No calculated cleverness is of any help here; solution only with the sword. A people unable to produce the strength to fight must withdraw..." (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, p 657). Constant withdrawals will end in mass drownings in the Mediterranean. Tying your hands behind your back to please the U.S. won't save you. Only the sword will defeat the PLO (aka the P.A.) and this the PSP plan provides. Only thereafter will Israel know true sholom bayit (domestic tranquility). But it will take boldness, courage and ruthlessness.

Law professor Arie E. David teaches: "Article 65(5) (of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, 1969) seems to acquiesce in a fait accompli [which] changes the bargaining position of the parties and may decisively determine the final outcome of the dispute." Prof. David's lesson is that either the PLO pre-empts Israel and conquers it, or Israel pre-empts the PLO and destroys it. There can be only one survivor. Gen. Omar Bradley stated, "In war there is no second prize for the runner-up." If Israel acts decisively, the conflict will be short, successful, with minimal loss of life. Question: do you have the hutzpah?


Kimche recognized that, "When oil replaced coal, the Middle East and the Arabs assumed a new importance...The United States, Great Britain and Western Europe had to put their own interests first [ahead of Israel] - and their oil interest was a very substantial item in their security and in their economic well-being." "During the 1970s, known as 'the oil years,' the Arab countries as a whole exported oil worth $1,207.3 trillion, of which $604.2 billion was used to import arms, consumer goods, and commodities." (The Closed Circle, p 265).

From a purely military perspective, if oil loses much of its importance, replaced by other energy sources, the Arab states will lose almost all of their revenue and wealth. This in turn will dry up their military purchases, bought with oil profits. The military threat by Arab states upon Israel will largely dissipate. Israel must speed this process along.

Liddell Hart believed that, "It should be the aim of grand strategy to discover and pierce the Achilles' heel of the opposing government's power to make war" (Strategy, p 228). The oil barons' weakness is of course their extreme dependence on oil revenue. Its replacement by some other form of energy will turn the tidal wave of oil into a trickle. Arms purchases in the billions will be a thing of the past. Planes, tanks, guns will rust in the sun.

Israel must harness its enormous brain power and scientific and technological know-how to create commercially viable alternative energy sources. Wealth will flow into Israel's hands, and out of those of the Arab sheiks. The Arabs' potential for waging catastrophic war upon each other, upon Israel and the world, will be extinguished.

This project is critically needed for Israel's national defense. Israel is in a phenomenal position to change the course of world history, to correct the balance of power - political, economic and military - not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world. With no entrenched opposition from oil or electric power companies, or auto industry, Israel is uniquely positioned to win the race to create alternative energy resources to replace fossil fuels. Israel's leaders should activate a mammoth "Manhattan-type" project, an army of its most eminent scientists and industrial experts, to create a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine powered automobile, solving problems of weight, range, pick-up and price. Such a vehicle will end oil's stranglehold on the world economy, greatly reduce health-destroying pollution, end the threat of global war in the Middle East and beyond. The world's populations will be eternally grateful. The oil barons and arms merchants will not. The market and the potential for profit is enormous.

Energy resource and automobile industries are exceptionally desirable. Environmentally friendly, internationally marketable, gigantic, permanent, very profitable, prestigious, highly visible. Cars made South Korea and Sweden household names. "Made in Israel" will become a stamp of quality throughout the world.

Brilliant Jewish inventors and scientists may be enticed to come to Israel's aid, to assist in its Manhattan project. For example, Stanford Ovshinsky, whose company makes the photovoltaic cells used in the Mir space station, would be a prime prospect. New Israeli industries will generate billions of dollars of revenue, making Israel wealthy, self-sufficient and independent. Israel is already heavily involved in the auto industry, but not as a top-tier global player.

The auto industry is worth accommodating because it produces such a lengthy chain of favorable economic impacts beyond the direct jobs it creates, said economist Paulo Levy of the Institute of Applied Economic Research in Rio de Janeiro. "The car industry has strong backward and forward linkages - backward in the production of auto parts...and forward in the sales, service and repair sectors. That makes autos very important as employment creators," Levy said. "All told, Brazil's auto industry represents 12.3% of total industrial output..." Israel, get in the race.


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Gilbert Simons can be contacted by email at

This article is based on a revision of the PSP plan of March, 2005, which is available at in English or in Hebrew.

David Wilder, spokesman of the Hebron Jewish community, has written to Mr. Simons: "I read your treatise with great interest. You have put together a fascinating document, detailing some of the problems plaguing us, with a very creative solution, one I haven't seen before. It is commendable."


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