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by Babu Suseelan



The current Jihadi attempt to bomb New York city Times Square reminds me of an old saying: "The snake bites you once, it's the snake's fault, if the snake bites you twice, and it's your fault".

In 1993, Amal Kansi, a Pakistan trained Jihadi killed two employees at the CIA Head quarters in Langley, Virginia. Ramzi Yousef, another Pakistani successfully bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 killing several people and injuring thousands of innocent bystanders. The bomb caused 1,042 injuries and more hospital causalities than any other event in recent history. While on the run, Ramzi Yousef bombed a Philippine Airline flight and plotted simultaneously to destroy 11 American airplanes over the pacific.

The Pakistani Jihadi Fazul Abdullah Mohammed master minded bombing on US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya in 1998. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who master minded the Jihadi destruction of the World Trade Center and killed more than 3000 people was also from Pakistan. During the World Trade Center destruction, the U.S nearly paid the ultimate price for its friendship with Pakistan.

Two American Jihadist from Chicago who were trained in Pakistan (Daood Gilani, Abdul Rehman Rana — Gilani later changed his name to David Coleman Headley) were responsible for the January 2009 Mumbai terrorist attack that killed 174 people including several American Intelligence Officials.

Since 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, Mohammedan Jihadis have carried out 15,101 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of Islam and killed more than 75,000 people including American citizens.

Last week, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani Islamist, attempted to explode a bomb at crowded Times Square.

What is it about Islamic Pakistan that manages to produce so many Jihadi terrorists, who are violence prone, men caring neither for their lives or other people's lives? Amal Kasi, the CIA murderer, Ramzi Yosef, World Trade Center bomber, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of 9/11 fame, Omar Saeed Sheikh, the Daniel Pearl kidnapper, the 3 of the 4 London train bombers, and Mumbai massacres — are born and trained in Pakistan. Any Jihadi from the East or West can go to Pakistan and learn how to make bombs to blow up themselves and other infidels.

Bin-Laden is a hero in Pakistan. It is reported that Pakistan government is hiding Jihadi terrorist leaders like Bin-Laden, Mullah Omar, and Al-Zwahiri. "If anything happen to Bin Laden, America will be responsible, said Omar Warri, the leader of the Pakistani Jihadi group Sipah-e-Sahaba (Army of the Companions of the Prophet). Satellite photos confirm that there are more than 40 active Jihadi terrorism training camps operating in Pakistan. There is no guarantee that Pakistan will not provide a working nuclear missile to Jihadis. Chinese government is also aiding and abetting Pakistan in developing dirty nuclear bombs.

Jihad terrorism is the greatest threat to American democracy, our values, way of life and culture. Our liberty, concepts of tolerance, law and order, and the future of our children and children yet to be born are under Jihad threats.

What President Barak Hussein Obama did for countering Jihad terrorism emanating from Pakistan? Earlier this month President Barak Hussein Obama had given $7.5 billion as aid to Pakistan. Since 9/11 America send $15 billion tax payers dollar to Pakistan. President Obama also directed White House staff to delete words like "War on Terror", "Jihadist" "Jihad Terrorism" off the table as acceptable words.

Where is the US aid going? Over the years, the US has provided massive amounts of aid to Pakistan the money does not always wind up where it's supposed to.

For several decades American intelligence agencies ran covert operations against Communism. And we were successful in defeating the scourge of Communism. We need to wage a new cold war against Islamic nations supporting Jihad terrorism. Jihad terrorism is an absolute enemy of human freedom. Jihadis is like communism, a virulent and contagious disease threatening the free world. Islam is not a creed of peace and veneration as propagated by Islamists and their cohorts. Obscene crimes have been committed in the name of Islam. Islamic leaders and fundamentalist Mullahs are too arrogant to apologize for the heinous crimes committed in the name of Islam. They offer pathetic justification for their inhuman crimes. American citizens must draw clear and sharp distinction between law abiding citizens and Islamists who have taken every possible opportunity to kill American citizens and undermine our freedom peace and prosperity.

America has to strike at the network of Jihad groups operating in Pakistan funded by Bin Laden and rich oil sheiks.

President Barak Hussein Obama is trying to negotiate with Palestine terrorist groups and with incorrigible Pakistani military leaders from a position of weakness. Since 9/11, Jihadi terrorists have killed hundreds of American citizens around the world. The political, social and religious dynamics created by Islamic nations is conducive for producing more and more Jihadi terrorists.

At these dangerous times, the Obama administration has made an unholy alliance with phony liberals, and fringe social activists to remake America. This will enable our enemies to launch an alarming assault on our freedom, democracy and values. By abandoning our war on Jihad terrorism, the Obama administration is undermining our national security and weakening our position around the world. In the long run, such weak policies will undermine our pre eminence in economy, military strength, and threaten our safety and security.

Obama Administration has undermined American intelligence operations but claimed to be doing so in defense of civil liberty. President Obama has closed the Guantanamo correctional detention Center where Jihad terrorists were housed. The American government has now agreed to deliver unarmed drones to Pakistan and transferred billions of dollars worth of military equipment to Pakistan. Even though the U.S is giving military hardware and money to Pakistan to fight against Taliban, Pakistan is diverting funds to train Jihadists. The military hardware should be used against Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists. The Regan concept of "peace through Strength" makes perfect sense and we should consider it as a guiding principle of sound national policy. It is time for American citizens to protect our national interests, freedom, our values, and culture from a position of strength.

To represent a healthy government, political leaders should realize that we cannot change Jihadi behavior by appeasement, unconditional positive regard or more aid. Jihadist with criminal thinking commits heinous crimes without fear, shame, guilt, or remorse. They should be cornered and contained and a force continuum applied to save us from their apocalyptic terror attacks. American citizens must promote our interests not by conforming to the misguided philosophy of Islamists as promoted by phony liberals, suicidal idiotic academicians, and bogus intellectuals who claim that we can end Islamic hostility, Jihadi terrorism and Islamic animosity by changing our assertive behavior and by increasing our financial aid.

Jihadists dwell only on the bizarre teachings of the Koran and Hadith; their beliefs are unrealistic and dangerous. Recently, their terrorist tactics have become more macabre and had grown increasingly brazen in their murderous campaign.

The roots of Jihad terrorism can be traced back to the indoctrination process at the Islamic religious schools. They are further trained, armed, financed and supported by Islamic governments and wealthy oil sheiks. They are trained to believe that they can demolish America, the great Satan. There are thousands of Jihadists, all of whom seem willing to kill infidels and die for the cause of Islam. We must be realists, and as realists, we must approach Jihadi terrorists as incorrigible apocalyptic terrorists. Jihad is an absolute enemy of human freedom.

In the final analysis, the future of America is not in the hands of the Obama administration, but totally in the hands of strong willed citizens. Remember "evil occurs not only when good men fail to act, but far more often, when good men act in misguided ways". We can either remain passive, indolent and apathetic in the face of Jihadi terrorism, or react strongly the appeasement policies of the Obama administration. We all hope for the day when we can see fewer Jihadi terrorism and fewer victims of terror.


Pakistan is not only a breeding ground for Jihadi terrorists but also hiding the world's top most wanted criminal Jihadi terrorists. Bin Laden, Mullah Omer, Al-Zwahiri, Dawood Ibrahim and several notorious Jihadi terrorists are hiding in Pakistan with full protection of the military and ISI.

Now more than ever, citizens from all walks of life around the world who care about the future of civilization must start working to stop training camps in Pakistan operating with western aid. More stringent conditions shall be established to prevent siphoning of aids for training had core jihadi terrorists.

Bin-Laden, Mullah Omar, Dawood Ibrahim, Al-Zeahiri, Ramzi Yousef and all jihadi terrorist are worshipped and respected in Pakistan. But there is no room for moral relativism in a civilized world. They should be brought to justice by all means.

Democratic countries are working hard to resolve all all political conflicts around the world. . But Jihadi terrorism is not due to economic, political or social tensions. As long as Islam exists in its present combination of hostility, paranoia, fanaticism, and extremist religious beliefs, jihadi terrorism will continue.

We must remember that we should not compromise with evil and there is a limit of tolerance. At the very least we can remember what Edward R. Murrow has said "No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices."

If the free world chooses the right future, we have to make some tough choices. Even in the face of likely danger from jihadis, there will be always temptation of denial, delay of action and passivity. Livy, the eminent historian once wrote about Rome, "The people can bear neither ills nor their cures," Like Rome, if we not act wisely, the free world will soon run out of time.

Dr. Babu Suseelan is a professor of clinical psychology and the director of a drug and alcohol treatment program in Pennsylvania. A former Muslim, he writes on the subject of Islamic terrorism and its effect on Hindu society. Contact Dr. Suseelan by email at

These two parts were published as separate essays. Part 1. was submitted May 13, 2010; Part 2. May 20, 2010.


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