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by Judah Tzoref


The verbal Jihad legitimizes all means of demagogical rhetoric, spiced with shameless deception, just as the military Jihad legitimizes all forms of atrocious terrorism to undermine the existence of Israel. In both pursuits, the intent is to advance the "holy" cause of denying the Jewish heritage. Pursuing the "glorious" tradition of verbal Jihad, some fervent advocates of the Palestinian cause contract 4,000 years of the unique Jewish bond with the Land of Israel to merely 500 hundred years of past Jewish kingdoms.

The continuity of Jewish predominance within the Land of Israel was interrupted only by the Islamic conquest [1]. The Islamic occupation successfully accomplished ethnic cleansing of the Jewish community through displacement, expropriation and forced inundation of the Land of Israel by Arab immigrants (a proven historical fact). All historical, scientific and non-Jihadic findings attest to the predominant Jewish existence in the Land of Israel over 2,500 years (since Abraham up to the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Islamic occupation).

Zionism, so vociferously abused by the mouthpieces of the Arab cause, is the return of Jews to their national, historical and spiritual homeland. No other sublime cause can compare with the Jewish renaissance of the Return to Zion. Even during the 1,200 years of the post-Islamic Jewish exile, the unique spiritual bond between the Jews and the Land of Israel was as staunch as ever. Tourists that explored the Land of Israel during the era of Jewish exile documented their dismal impressions of the bleak and dilapidated country, which was mourning the absence of her native inhabitants, the Jews. [2-8] The country bloomed only with the first significant return of Jews during the second half of the nineteenth century.

The revival of the land by the magic touch of the Zionist pioneers attracted Arab immigrants from all around. [9-11] The absolute majority of the so-called Palestinians are descendants of the Twentieth Century Arab immigrants who searched for a rewarding chunk of the economical boom engendered by the returning Jews.

In quantitative terms of predominant existence in the Land, Jews undoubtedly come first of all existing nations. In qualitative terms, the spiritual bond between the Jews and the Land of Israel is downright incomparable. It was precisely in the Land of Israel where Jews created the world's greatest spiritual work. The Jewish Bible is unequivocally related to the Jewish history, morals and destiny, that are intimately entwined with the Land of Israel.

The divine promise of the Land to the Jews is explicitly acknowledged even by the Koran. Without the Jewish Bible, there would be neither Christians nor Moslems and the sanctity of the Holy Land, the Temple Mount and the Cave of Machpelah (the burial place of the Patriarchs) would have never been identified.

Indeed, there is no historical record of any population identified as Palestinians. The term "Palestinian people" has been used only for a few decades as a political instrument in the Arab strategy to annihilate Israel. In fact, the Moslem Arabs rejected, at first, the British Mandate's attempt to officially establish the definition of Palestinians for the inhabitants of the Land of Israel (Jews, Christians and Moslems). Most ironically, the Jews of the Land were those who referred to themselves as Palestinians. In recent times, the Arab ideologues have detected the political potential enfolded in "Palestinian Arabs", in contradistinction to "Zionists".

One should never underestimate the existential consequence of the spiritual bond between the Jews and the Land of Israel. The revival of the Land with the return of the Jews speaks for itself and should be regarded as an objective observation. This is just one of many indications attesting to the unique course of Jewish destiny.

It can be readily inferred from analysis of current events that the Jews have reached the phase of consolidating their grip on the Jewish homeland. The deepening Arab-Islamic animosity to Israel, paradoxically associated with her territorial contraction as a binding consequence of the "peace" process, proves that Israel cannot survive without the integrity of the Land. The Jews are therefore bound to continue reestablishing their reclamation of the entire Land of Israel despite the setback of temporary territorial concessions perpetrated by the "peace"-ridden governments of Israel. First and foremost, by indispensably dismantling the Palestinian Authority, they will regain sovereignty over the entire Judea and Samaria, where the divine promise of the Land to the people of Israel was decreed.

The Arabs prefer to obstruct the course of Jewish destiny by contriving 'Palestinism', resorting to hostilities and mounting international campaigns to discredit Israel and undermine her existence. They should bear in mind, though, the bitter fate destined for the professed enemies of the Jews. The Romans, who imposed the name "Palestine" on the province of Judea, are long obliterated. However, it is not too late for an Arab change of heart and understanding of the calamitous potential of 'Palestinism'.

In plain words, this means that the Arabs should relinquish their ambition to control parts of the Land of Israel on the pretext of a Palestinian self-determination. The Palestinian nationality is only a political tool to undermine Israel. There's never been a Palestinian nation. There isn't any. And there shall never be such a nation. The Palestinian fake identity is like a curse on its assumers, and it is increasingly shaping up to its inevitable Amalekite mentality, manifestation and fate.

So much for Palestinism.


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Dr Judah (Yehuda) Tzoref is a scientist, trained at the Technion in Haifa and Oxford University in England. His expertise is in physics and energy engineering. He is a grass-roots activist on behalf of Israel. He lives in Rehovot.

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