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by Judah (Yehuda) Tzoref


All the peace initiatives, which have been tormenting the citizens of Israel since the outbreak of Oslo Process, are based on a non-peaceful deprivation of the Jewish right to human and national equality.

The Europeans are naturally the prime mover of all international endeavors to shrink Israel to non-viable dimensions of an endangered state. After centuries of systematically persecuting, terrorizing and decimating Jews, Europe's ingrained antagonistic sentiments to Judaism appear to be as intense as ever. The professed determination of the European Union, which so ardently avows its commitment to establishment of a Palestinian state, betrays a typical ill-motivated drive to settle the "problem of the Jews", this time in their very homeland.

The most conspicuous indication of the discriminatory approach, underlying all variants of the "peace" doctrine, is demonstrated in the principle of "land for peace", according to which Israel can be tolerated only as a micro-state contracted to the world's most congested Jewish ghetto.

The same inequitable agenda is manifested in the internationally-acclaimed cultivation of the Palestinian myth. Never in the history of humankind has a "nation" been so spuriously devised.

Within merely three decades of its mandate over the Land of Israel, Britain played a decisive role in obstructing the prospect of a future Jewish state. In flagrant violation of its internationally-commissioned mandate to secure the re-establishment of Jewish National Home, Britain curtailed the territory destined for the Jewish state by 80% and allowed the inundation of the Land of Israel by a large Arab immigrant population that grossly exceeded the restricted quota of returning Jews. Britain's discriminatory policy against Zionism had thus facilitated an Arab demographic advantage in the Land of Israel, which was subsequently used for the fabrication of a Palestinian "history," "heritage" and "nationhood."

The deprivation of Israel's right to fair judgement has been increasingly eroding her strategic deterrence. For while Israel is not supposed to enjoy the fruits of her victories, Arabs are encouraged to benefit from their defeats. While Israel is bulldozed to concede her meager land for "peace", the inexhaustible territorial expanses of the Arabs remain sacredly intact. While Israeli liberation of the Jewish cradle homeland is ferociously condemned as "oppressive occupation," the 80% of the Jewish homeland that is occupied by Arabs is internationally canonized as sovereign Arab land.

The tragic prospects enfolded in Sharon's Disengagement Plan are fatefully underrated. Even the advocates of the Disengagement concede that such unilateral withdrawal can hardly be associated with any peace, security or other strategic gain. As openly admitted by sincere proponents of the withdrawal plan, the Disengagement amounts to nothing more than an evacuation of Jews from Gaza Strip to start with. The attempted denuding of a flourishing Jewish province into a God-forsaken Jewish-cleansed land reduced to rubble evokes blood-curdling memories from the darkest days of Jewish history.

Driven by an enigmatic urge to sacrifice vital resources of land and settlement, the leadership of Israel betrays the unequivocal no-uprooting mandate democratically decided by Israel's electoral majority and is impetuously sweeping the entire country into turbulence of unpredictable consequences. The preposterous Disengagement plan is evidently meant for the single purpose of creating Jewish-free zones in "disputed territories." By the misguided standards of Israel's leadership, the effective accomplishment of such Jewish-free zones might well be considered a strategic achievement.

Apart from reflecting a suicidal frame of mind as well as extreme moral decadence, Israel's strategy of Jewish-free zones, unilateral concessions and military restraints is an ironic victory of her worst enemies' vision. While Israel is supposed to grapple with the existential predicament of a large Arab minority, the national aspirations of which are laboriously whipped up by the European Union, Jews are expected to be shifted around, displaced and uprooted for the sake of a future Jewish-free Palestinian state.

Israel has been persistently pulled into the insidious snare of "peace". However, peace cannot rest on the abuse of Jewish human rights, usurpation of Jewish national assets and sacrilege of Jewish spiritual heritage. A belligerent anti-Semitic Jewish-cleansed Palestinian state cannot possibly serve for any peaceful solution but, rather, as an instrument for the promotion of a Jewish-cleansed Middle East. From Oslo Process to the Road Map, all land-for-peace initiatives are solely geared to impose on Israel a "peaceful" version of the notorious Final Solution to the world's excruciating "Jewish problem."

Dr. Judah (Yehuda) Tzoref is a scientist, trained at the Technion in Haifa and Oxford University in England. His expertise is in physics and energy engineering. He is a grass-roots activist on behalf of Israel. He lives in Rehovot.


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