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by Lawrence Uniglicht


Last night I had a dream that the seductively scenic serene world-class sparsely populated suburban area of Gush Katif, Gaza, Israel still existed; abutting the Mediterranean Sea boasting beautiful houses framed by manicured lawns, fertile farms, overwhelming orchards, planetary state of the art greenhouses, fascinating foliage, beautiful beaches, rolling sand dunes, charming stores, museums displaying the works of international and local artists, seafront hotels teeming with tourists, palm-tree lined shopping centers, attractive buildings, progressive schools, wondrous playgrounds for wide-eyed children, architecturally astounding synagogues, contemporary cultural and athletic centers, theatrical edifices, zoos hosting exotic creatures, and mouth-watering restaurants; imbued by an over-all quaint but modernized energetic community aura befitting emerging century twenty; absolutely not an expanse of "settlements" thus its residents were not "settlers" as malicious detractors did allege.

Those dastardly terms had morphed into repugnant images for mass consumption. "Occupation" and "occupiers" likewise are words born of ignorance and hatred, misleading mind-sets worldwide, not at all descriptive of a tragic scenario crafted by a cadre of bellicose maniacal fundamentally flawed Muslim Arabs and their muddled minions, tormenting the lives of peaceful Jews residing within landscapes of disputed governance. The intrepid Israeli troops that had been deployed near enclaves such as Gush Katif were bodyguards but there to protect the health and safety of beleaguered men, women, and children of Jewish heritage collectively attempting to raise families, educate youngsters, earn livings, serve the needs of neighbors, socialize, secularly and spiritually prosper, ever-strengthening the foundations and infrastructures of the hometowns they cherished. Sound familiar?

Might most civil denizens of this planet live or wish to live similarly in such settings sans the neighboring hostility? If such properties were magically relocated on say the USA "Jersey shore", might million dollar price wars ensue for drooling wanna be owners? A smattering of Jews, perhaps dwarfed 150 fold by so-called Palestinian Arabs, within small rural/suburban towns of Gaza, not unlike the Jewish denizens of Judea, Samaria, east Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights; territories justifiably annexed to Israel in 1967 as a consequence of vanquishing Arab aggressors in their war of intended annihilation, an annexation based on a world past practice that such conflicts craft state boundaries; seethed with anger and anxiety as planetary pundits enamored by skewed (so-called) Palestinian claims of ownership evicted them from their homes.

Why the hell was there and should there be a double standard for Jews! Why did Prime Minister Sharon and a partially obliging Knesset strategize a Gaza pullout that ripped their nation's soul asunder, and why couldn't Jewish citizens peacefully reside in their blooming desert oases nurtured by the sweat of their toil? Why did Jewish leaders cede their land to so-called Palestinians who will likely ravage not invigorate that purloined soil, biding their time by denouncing Jews from dawn to dusk with filthy maligning rhetoric.

Common homicidal criminals belonging to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, as well as their fanatical racist supporters should have been completely disarmed and appropriately punished prior to any agreements, and of course that would not have happened. The conceptualization justice now connotes a sanctimoniously besmirched tool of convenience to be flaunted about by politically correct imbeciles and Machiavellian manipulators.

No humane observant thinker might but writhe in anguish at the tragedy perpetrated on that tiny strip of paradise metaphorically set to flames within besieged disrespected Eretz Israel. What terrible affliction now eats away the mind of man?

It is critical that no further slices of Israel's modest anatomy be ceded to hostile neighbors. Citizens of the besieged Jewish state must select leaders that collectively stand tall, if necessary, defying world opinion. Energy addicted sycophantic first world politicos, bound by Faustian covenants, easily and sleazily spew orders at Sharon and his somnambulistic shlamazels; sucking up to robed royal rogues, spiny talons affixed to their infamous fossil fuel spigots. Such sanctimoniously oozing soul bereft moralists sacrifice nothing if Israel surrenders its soil, in effect eviscerating its very soul.

What might Judea, Samaria, and east Jerusalem mean to arrogant jet setting cosmopolitico movers and shakers reduced to netherworld negotiators; their children will not feel the pain of future generations of Israelis forced to prosper in a two by four fortress bequeathed to them by their pusillanimous ancestors who refused to defy their formidable ally and pseudo friend's State Department, stewarded by Conde Rice, erstwhile self-appointed zoning commissioner and building permit scrooge of Gush Katif.

So let it be written: the State of Israel must never again be this planet's patsy!

Let the so-called Palestinian waifs set up shop in Jordan, their true native land. Israel must not cede another inch!



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