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by Emanuel A. Winston


The Annapolis Conference for "Peace in Our Time" is the American version of the infamous Wannsee Conference [January, 1942]. The main goal of Rice, Bush -- and others -- is to divide Israel and build another Palestinian state out of what's left.

1. Conventional Wisdom indicates that President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hope to leave office with at least one single win, claiming they brought "Peace In Our Time" to the Arab and Jewish conflict.

(Note! Bush, Rice and the State Department already know there is nothing Israel can give up which will change Fatah or any of the other terror organization's Charters which all demand that the Muslims occupy all of Israel and that all of the Jews totally withdraw from their Land -- if they are still left alive).

2. Bush and Rice are willing to gamble Israel's existence on the off chance Iran and Syria will cease being aggressive and cease transferring terrorists Jihadists and Mujahideen (Holy Warriors for Islam) as well as arms, explosives and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) into Iraq. Then Bush could withdraw a few brigades to show the success of his "surge" policy.

Since the flood of Mujahideen terrorists into Iraq has proven successful, it is doubtful that either Iran or Syria would cease supplying terrorists or armaments.

In addition, Saudi Arabians are a main source of radical Muslim who migrate to Iraq to fight American and Coalition forces and Iraqi civilians.

3. Saudi Arabia has informed the State Department long ago that, IF the Jews could be driven back to the 1967 borders which actually means the 1947 (pre-Independence War) borders, they "might" accept Israel's existence. Since the Saudis, from the earliest days of their oil wealth, maintained that their Wahhabi religion (strictest form of Islam) -- which meant continual hatred for Jews, Americans and the West - or any infidel (non-Muslim), their assurances meant very little. The State Department and the multi-national oil companies knew all of this. They know that the Saudis are a large source of the Muslim "Jihadists" killing Americans, Coalition and Iraqi soldiers and civilians. (Not a word of objection from Bush, Rice and the Arabist State Department?)

When the Media all begin to use the word: "Terrorist" instead of "Insurgents", maybe we will realize some success in defeating Global Terrorism.

4. If Bush, Rice and Baker have given up on their mis-directed "Road Map" as unworkable, why would another Palestinian State covering (to start) Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and all of Jerusalem occupied and desecrated by the Jordanians for 19 years between 1948 and 1967 be any different from the effects of a Global Terror Base like Hamas in Gaza and/or Hezb'Allah in Lebanon? This "second Palestinian State" would simply be an armed staging area for these Global Muslim nations through their Palestinian proxies. Terrorist groups like al Qaeda, Hezb'Allah, Al Aksa, PFLP, Tanzim, Force 17 and more have been training in Gaza [with the great aid of the CIA] and the 7 cities that Oslo 1 & 2 turned over to Arafat for years.

5. Recall that within the now defunct, dysfunctional, despicable "Road Map" for disaster, Bush and Rice had certain things the Muslim Palestinian Arabs must do before proceeding with Israeli "gestures" of tangible Land surrenders. The Muslim Palestinians are supposed to do Intangible "Things" like ceasing terror and incitement via mosques and school, tv and radio, teaching the youngest of Muslim children to hate and kill Jews as part of their pre-school and up curriculum, gathering up weapons and dismantling terror infrastructure -- and more. If the Israelis surrender any of our ancestral homeland, it is likely "forever". That is "Tangible". If the Muslim Arabs stop any of their "Intangible" commitments today, they can easily start again tomorrow.

This was the "Road Map" that was to be but it never was implemented. The Muslim Arab Palestinians first under Arafat and now under Abu Mazen refused to implement any of these pre-peace measures. They made no attempt at compliance but Rice insisted Israel comply as if Arafat and Abu Mazen had actually complied with the terms of the American "Road Map".

So, Bush and Rice simply conceded failure by demanding that Israel ignore the Terrorists' non-compliance and give up her ancestral Land anyway. That includes the Sharon-Olmert blunder of evacuating 10,000 Jewish men, women and children from Gush Katif/Gaza, destroying their homes, farms, factories, schools, synagogues and cemeteries. Now Gaza is a fully fledged Global Terror Base which fires Kassam Rockets on Israel daily.

Is this then the reliance Israel must place on Bush promises and slogans? The number of abandoned or ignored agreements with Israel by the U.S. Administration is staggering.

6. So, what else can Bush, Rice and Baker expect out of betraying and dismembering the Jewish State? There is always the almost hidden deal that, if Israel can be forced off the Golan Heights -- which is her most vital observation post to watch the Syrian military, Bashar Assad would be so grateful he would allow the building of a huge U.S. Military Base on the Heights. (Note! Lacking the Golan Heights, the U.S. made a deal with Lebanon to put a forward Air Base in Northern Lebanon on the Syrian border. I wonder how long before the Mujahideen from Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia will begin blasting this base (as they do now in Iraq), claiming it's an "infidel" incursion on what is to the Arabs any land where a Muslim has walked -- Oh Yes -- "Holy Land".

7. The hostile State Department and the Bush Administration, in deference to Saudi Arabia demands, they will all benefit by squeezing little Israel into a mere speck. The idea is to jettison Israel's heretofore Ground and Air Force -- then to rely on -- who? The Saudis have no fighting spirit -- unless it is to attack Americans. Shall America rely upon Egypt, with its $70 Billion in free American tax-payers' dollars which bought American high tech military equipment to fight on America's side against fellow Arab Muslims?

8. Besides, weren't the Egyptians scheduled by the State Department to occupy the Saudi oil fields and hold them safe as America's off-shore oil reserves? The problem here is that, when Hosni Mubarak dies or is assassinated, the Muslim Brotherhood will likely take over all the military equipment, aircraft, missiles, tanks, electronics and lock-down Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon and Syria to take another shot at Israel.

Have you noticed how abysmally stupid are the plans that come out of the State Department and the multi-national oil companies who have such a great influence on the Oval Office?

Destroying Israel's military capability may please the oil interests but, it cancels out America's only democratic ally and fighting machine who works with the U.S. and the Free West. Isn't that called cutting off your nose to spite your face?

9. So, who will benefit from crippling Israel?

Bush can rejoin his family's consortium of oil barons, the Carlyle Group and live in luxurious comfort with the blessings of the Saudi Kings (unless they are overthrown by Egypt and the neo-Palestinian Muslim State assembled by Bush).

Rice could go back to being a Board Member of Chevron oil connected to the Saudi ARAMCO as she was before. She is, of course, playing a lead role in dismembering Israel and thus is owed a big debt by the Saudis, Syria and any number of other Muslim Arab countries. I think Rice will increase her wealth considerably when she is out of office as many retired diplomats have done once on the Saudi payroll.

10. Of course, Israel could find a source of replaceable energy and lessen her dependence on foreign oil and gas. That is possible but, we cannot forget Menachem Begin's abandonment of the Abu Rudeis oil fields in the Sinai that Israel discovered and developed but surrendered to Egypt for the sake of the Camp David Peace treaty. And -- Don't forget Ehud Barak's abandonment of the gas fields off the coast of Gaza.

Israel has its surplus of shallow leaders who cannot grasp the future except in small increments.

If you thought then Prime Minister Ehud Barak's offer to Arafat at Taba January 2001 was a disaster, wait til you see what Olmert, Rice and Peres intend for disassembling Israel (see Julian article in insert):

But, beware of what Olmert has already agreed to. Olmert concedes more than Taba did.

by Hana Levi Julian
Arutz Sheva
7 October 12, 2007

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to take a second look at the principles discussed during the January 2001 Taba Summit between then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak and then-Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Prime minister Ehud Olmert said this week that he has accepted the principles reached during the negotiations but that had not been formalized in a final document, as a basis for current negotiations, according to an unnamed PA official quoted by the Ma'ariv newspaper.

The source said that the PA has also agreed to the same principles as a basis for talks but has not formulated that in a formal manner.

"The problem is that Olmert has internal opposition from Barak," said the source referring to the former PM who recently returned to politics and became Defense Minister.

"The gaps between Olmert and Abu Mazen are not large," he said. "In one-on-one talks with Abu Mazen, OLMERT HAS ALREADY AGREED TO TABA [emphasis added] but he has not announced this formally." He predicted that an agreement of principles would be reached by the time of the Mideast summit scheduled for November 26 in Annapolis, Maryland.


PA negotiator Adnan Husseini, a senior advisor the PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said the PA now accepts the Taba agreement that Arafat turned down six years ago, according to Voice of Israel government radio.

However, [Husseini] rejected Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall as well as the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Givat Ze'ev and Ma'aleh Adumim.

[What most Israelis do not know is that the term: "Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem" refers in the Palestinian Arab parlance to 18 Jewish neighborhoods in West Jerusalem that bear Arab sounding names such as Ataman, Bake and Talbia.] (1)

Husseini said Thursday night that the Western Wall "is part of Islamic heritage that cannot be given up, and it must be under Muslim control." He also insisted the entire Old City belongs to the Muslims.

Abbas earlier had agreed that a land swap would allow Israel to retain sovereignty over the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall in the Old City.

Summary Of Taba Accords [January 2001]:

The concessions made by Ehud Barak in Taba six years ago included:

  • Jerusalem would be designated as an open city, with Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall and Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem and PA sovereignty over Arab neighborhoods in the city. Each side would define their part of Jerusalem as its capital. The issue of the Temple Mount had not been resolved and the PA has now demanded the Western Wall as well.

  • Israel agreed to withdrawal from Judea and Samaria over a 36-month period and withdrawal from the JORDAN VALLEY over an additional 36-month period, to be replaced by an international force. Arafat rejected these ideas.

  • Israel proposed handing over blocs of land occupied by Arab residents, and retaining so-called "settlement blocs" within Judea and Samaria.. Arafat rejected this.

  • Israel agreed to withdraw from 97 percent of its territory restored in the 1967 Six-Day War. Arafat rejected this too.

  • Israel agreed to a limited so-called Right of Return, which would allow some 5,000 foreign Arab descendants of those who fled the country during the 1948 War of Independence. Barak proposed that the Arabs be allowed to immigrate (a) to Israel, (b) to Israeli swapped territory or (c) to the PA state. A second proposal offered to Arafat included (a) rehabilitation and relocation within the current Arab host country or (b) relocation to a third country. Arafat rejected these proposals.

  • Both sides agreed to phase out the UNRWA agency that administered internationally-funded programs among the PA population, within five years.

  • Both sides agreed the PA state would have sovereignty over its airspace.

  • Both sides were willing to make a commitment to fight terror and cooperate on security issues.

  • Both sides agreed to abide by United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 and that the June 1967 lines would become the basis for permanent borders between Israel and the new PA state. (2)


Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies ( Contact him at


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