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posted by Emanuel A. Winston
May 9, 2003

Strange, isn't it, when consistent violence in the name of Islam or any setback for Islam can be accepted as a natural and expected part of Muslim culture by such as Bush, Powell, Chirac, Schroeder, Putin or the radically Left Liberals of both Israel and the world Media.

Violence that come from Arab Muslims seems explainable, even acceptable and, therefore, it is reasonable to expect it.

Currently, vast graveyards of murdered Iraqis are being uncovered. In every Iraqi city Saddam's graveyards are oozing up. In football stadiums, in the area between highways - everywhere - but, no one seems to care very much - the French, not at all; the Russians - well they are used to large kill offs of civilians. The volunteer hostages for Saddam remain silent at the work of their idol. I see very little coming out of Washington, except for the usual `pro forma' comment: "We condemn (this or that)". No one seems ready to say that this hideous display is not all that unusual in the Muslim Arab world. Only the European nations have more graveyards for the Jews whom they have murdered.

Bordering Iraq, you have Syria which, if you view the deeds of the Assad family, is a mirror image of the Saddam Hussein regime - except Syria does not have marketable oil. Syria also has its vast graveyards but, no one, not the State Department, not the U.N., not the E.U. has ever called Syria and its murderous leaders to account. Most forget Hafez al Assad's homicidal attack on the Syrian city of Hamma which Assad considered his enemy. He ringed the town with artillery and tanks, firing day and night until the city was leveled and as many as 20,000 Syrians lay dead. But, that wasn't enough. Assad sent in squads with cyanide gas sprayers to gas the ruins lest some survived in their cellars under the rubble.

Neither the U.N or the Europeans or the U.S. State Department protested or penalized Syria. They were too busy voting resolutions against Israel's security and sovereignty for Israel's success at defeating the attacking Arabs to acknowledge the Terrorism rooted in Syria and Iraq.

These are two artificial nations, partitioned by the French and English who carved up the Ottoman Empire after WW1 and put borders where it was convenient for them. None of these nations are indigenous as a nation or by virtue of being ancient civilizations in the territory they now occupy. They were virtually given states by fiat or as a gift - some as mandates and some as protectorates of that particular European country which WW1 left in control of that vast area. These artificial nations did object to the partition of Israel which was the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people for some 5000 years.

Another artificial nation called Iran is now driven by religious zealots, Ayatollahs who also reflect the bizarre cruelty driven by their brand of Islam. Who can forget the Ayatollah Khomeini who, through his Mullahs (Islamic clerics), handed out slips of paper to children as their `passports' to that special `warriors' heaven of Islam. All they had to do was race across known Iraqi mine-fields in a suicidal frenzy, clearing the way for regular Iranian Army troops attacking their Iraqi enemies.

Human sacrifice of their own people seems a common practice among the Arab Muslims IF it is done in the name of Allah.

Americans have heard and seen a lot of Arab/Muslim perfidy since 9/11, much of which they either chose to ignore or were ignorant of because the facts were kept from the public by the Arabist U.S. State Department. Only after 9/11, in America's hunt for Osama Bin Laden, did we choose to see what the Taliban and Al Qaeda Muslim Terrorists were doing to the people in Afghanistan.

Only then did we observe the extraordinary cruelty of the Taliban, who crushed their own people, particularly the women - all in the name of Allah. They brutalized their people, even targeting children - all in the name of Islam. They were proud to join Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi millionaire, who followed the Wahhabbism form of radical Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis have undertaken a global crusade to establish Madrassas (Islamic religious schools), where they teach Jihad (Holy War) and hatred of the infidel, the non-believers, the non-Muslims. The Arabist U.S. Department of State knew this for over 30 years but, they allowed America to become saturated with radical Muslims and `sleeper' Terror cells because such mass immigration of Muslims was good for business - the oil business. Campus anti-Semitism has become a major problem as young Muslim Arabs charm na´ve young Americans to their murderous cause and, possibly, into prison for assisting Terrorists.

These `madrassas' were not limited to the country of Saudi Arabia but are spread throughout Europe and America. The children they produce are small time-bombs who will explode when they are teens and adults, against their host nations into which they migrated. America is just beginning to wake up to the reality of this danger because the Terrorist bombers of 9/11 were 15 Saudis and 4 Egyptians. America now feels the threat of Terror personally and wonder if the Muslim students at American universities will be the ones to deliver the next Bomb or Plague.

Millions, perhaps Billions of American taxpayers' dollars are being spent on Homeland Security now because 9/11 woke up the Government. The FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Immigration Agencies have all been reorganized with more agents, more surveillance, more electronic spying, impinging on Americans' civil rights - because we have no choice. Our safety, our freedom is being eroded because radical Islamists, Muslims, Arabs have become a visibly clear and present danger. The Justice Department, FBI, etc. are not looking for Mexicans or Asians. The profile of suspected perpetrators are Arab, Muslims and radical Islamists coming from those nations we once considered our friends and allies, including especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind, the only reason the American people and Congress thought Egypt and Saudi Arabia were our allies is because the U.S. State Department did not allow the CIA or FBI to investigate or arrest any Arab Muslim organizations, spies or individual Terrorists.

Every Arab/Muslim nation is ruled by a single man, a despotic dictator - even when they have elections. Saddam was voted into office by 100% of the Iraqi people. The same is true for Syria, Egypt, and Iran. They will have such theatrical elections among the Palestinian Arab Muslims and they will be as meaningless as they are in the entire in Muslim/Arab world.

So, why did President Bush and Secretary of State Powell assemble a gang of natural cut-throats called the "Quartet" to force Israel into the hands of Muslim/Palestinian barbarians? Yassir Arafat's Palestinian Terrorists probably killed and tortured as many of his own Arab Palestinian people as he did Jews (including at least 40 Americans). When his various Terrorist groups were not conducting Terror operations against Israelis, they were arresting Palestinians and beating them to death in the cells of their Police Stations which were turned over to them by the Oslo gang of Jews.

In every nation where Muslim Islamists build a `critical mass', they inevitably attack their host country. Why? Because Islam mandates that they `convert' every infidel over to Islam. They start slowly by building organizations which, on the surface, sound like `social service groups' providing humanitarian services but, when they achieve sufficient numbers (`critical mass'), their civilized behavior implodes or explodes. The `mask' comes off and they become the dangerous, aggressive force for which they are trained by radical Islam. Even the moderate Muslims who would wish to be peaceful become radicalized by the dominant and organizing force among them - the extremists driven by religious fervor.

So far I have use words like: Terror, Brutality, Torture, etc. - most of which have lost the true impact of their meaning to the average reader. It is like talking about the Holocaust without the word pictures (or actual pictures) that describe the creative methods of torture in exquisite detail. Yes, the Germans, known for their great music and culture (as well as their collaborators, the other European nations) were hideous monsters, both as a nation organized brilliantly to conduct death but, also as the individuals who saw and ignored or accepted what they knew was being done in their country and in their name.

Today, within the bowels of Islam, the nations of the Arab Muslims practice their own forms of Jewicide while the family of nations (the U.N.) looks on with benign neglect. For years, after every Homicidal bombing in Israel, these nations apologized for Yassir Arafat and his gangs of Muslim killers. Yes, the Palestinian Arabs as a whole approved of killing Jews (polls show that) just as the German people did. (See Jonah Goldhagen's book, Hitler's Willing Executioners: The German people.)

The Nations of the world only see the Muslim/Arab Terrorists as they really are when something horrific happens in their own respective countries. Then they shout, investigate unless, of course, they happen to have a significant number of Muslims (`critical mass') as immigrants, posing a threat to their peaceful existence. Thus we see Jacques Chirac of France bowing and scraping to the Muslims because they are 10% of France's population. England has a similar problem but, the percentages are lower. What the Muslims do not have in numbers, they make up for in virulent rage and threats to the safety of their host country's citizens. There are parts of London inhabited by Muslim immigrants that are so dangerous even the London Police will not venture into. There the streets are literally owned by the Muslims and their Mullahs.

When President George W. Bush recently made it a point to visit the epicenter of Muslim immigrants in America, Dearborn, Michigan, he was talking to "the potential voters". He was apologizing for Americans who believe he and America are at war with Islam and radical Muslims. He was already campaigning for re-election in 2004, with the down-payment called the "Road Map". Another Arab Muslim Palestinian Terror State in the heartland of Israel will give the hostile surrounding Arab/Muslim nations the perception that Israel is vulnerable, inviting their attack and final destruction of the Jewish State.

Colin Powell created the infamous "Quartet" including the Arabist U.S. State Department, the anti-Jewish pit called the U.N. (United Nations), the E.U. (European Union), most of whose countries fell under Hitler's rule but who collaborated with him in the elimination of their Jews and, finally, the Russians, the cradle of the Pogrom. When he gathered this "Quartet" under the umbrella of the "Road Map", all these scurrilous `thugs' knew the Jews, as a nation were to be sacrificed to the Arab/Muslims - for the sake of keeping them `peaceful' in their own countries.

Colin Powell will be visiting Israel the week after Independence Day and, like the gullible English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, brings a slogan of "Peace in Our Time". Chamberlain, on his death bed said: "Everything would have been all right if only Hitler hadn't lied to me." Will Powell have a similar awakening?

The Jews, as a nation, were to be placed in the hands of these Grand Inquisitors who were no less monstrous in their cruelty than the high Church officials of the Spanish Inquisition, and then to be passed on to the death cult of extreme Arab/Islam.

The Muslims are merely a latter day version of those same tribes which G-d instructed the Hebrews to slaughter for their idol worship and human sacrifice. When the Jews of Israel complained of Arafat's using women and children as `Human Shields' for their shooters and bombers, no one cared. Conversely, when American soldiers in Iraq were similarly faced with the same inhuman sacrifice by Iraqis of their own people, only then did America take notice.

Shooting and torturing American prisoners of war was a surprise to Bush, Powell and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. They protested vociferously that this was a violation of the Geneva Convention (which was never recognized by Terrorists).

Thus Powell has knowingly caused President Bush to join with the most evil forces on this planet who intend to eradicate the Jewish State of Israel and her people. Granted, Bush understood less as a young, inexperienced President in Global Affairs but, now he knows America is at war with Islam - and yet, he plunges on with the iniquitous "Road Map".

Never mind all the psycho-babble about `peace' and Palestinian Arabs living side by side with the Jews. This is a primitive culture that kills its own, enslaves its own and so what will it do to the Jews who view Islam as a cruel pagan religion? 850,000 Jews had to flee Arab Muslim lands where they had lived for centuries - often longer than the Arabs who now claim to be its indigenous national people. Those Jews from Arab countries knew what it was like to be near or surrounded by Arab Muslims.

As I said earlier, such words as Terror, Brutality and Enslavement have lost their meaning to the average reader because they (even you) have heard them over and over again. Would it stir your imagination a bit if I described Arafat's typical `lesson' to the local Muktar (village leader) in Lebanon?

In September 1970, after Arafat was expelled from Jordan for trying to take over the country, he fled with most of his Terrorist henchmen to Lebanon. Arafat tried to take over Lebanon, causing a 12 year Civil War where more than 100,000 Christians and Muslims were killed. A strong Muktar refused to pay tribute to Arafat's gang of cut-throats. Arafat had the 16 year old daughter of the Muktar kidnapped and returned to her father's doorstep in a sack. Her breasts were cut off and she was generally dismembered but, not before she was undoubtedly raped many times before death rescued her.

Would you like to hear how Arafat's thugs drained the blood out of Lebanese patients in hospital to give their own Terrorists blood? No? I didn't think so! All of this is recorded with original documentation discovered by then Defense Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon when he entered Lebanon in 1982 to stop a pending all out War by Arafat against Israel. (Documents describe their plans for War in full - in addition to the horrors inflicted on the Lebanese people.)

This is the M.O. (Modus Operandi) of most Arab Muslim leaders, be they Saddam Hussein, Hafez al Assad and families, the Ayatollahs and Arafat - along with Hammas, Islamic Jihad, Hezb'Allah, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other Terror organizations. I could further spell out the methods of toruture so that those words of Brutality, Cruelty, and Terror had real meaning to you but, you get the picture.

So, when you think of the Bush/Powell State Department plan called the "Road Map", with Israel as the Tethered Goad, the Ultimate Sacrifice - know what it all means. You should know that the Jews are knowingly, with malice aforethought, being turned over to their most dedicated enemies - just as France, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Croatia, `et al' turned their Jews over to Hitler's SS. Perhaps it is even worse when a friend betrays you to your worst enemies, albeit in sublime ignorance - we hope.

I am told that President Bush is or was a serious Bible-believing Christian who studied the Bible fastidiously. If he has gone the way of his father and the Arabists in the U.S. State Department, then he is literally betraying his own Sunday convictions.

If he turns away from re-partitioning Israel, we will know plainly that he no longer believes that G-d made a mistake in giving the Land of Israel to the Jewish People through Abraham.

Emanuel A. Winston is a prominent Middle East analyst and commentator. Many of his articles first appeared on the Gamla ( and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (( websites.

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