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by Emanuel A. Winston


Not only did Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert plan to force the Gaza evacuation but, knew something none of us could possibly imagine. Recall that Sharon was warned time and again by the IDF's General Staff that retreating from Gush Katif/Gaza would be a monumental mistake, a blunder equal to the ignoring of similar warnings prior to the Yom Kippur 1973, by Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Ezer Weizmann, et al. It was baffling why this seasoned warrior deliberately ignored, not only the warnings, but also what he himself knew would happen when the Jews and troops were pulled out of Gaza. It, of course, has happened as predicted and Gaza has become an operational firebase for local and Global Terror, now being used to launch Kassam Rockets now up to the count of 500 and increasing.

What he, Olmert and Dov Weisglass knew was that the area outside of the Gaza Strip would become dangerous and even unliveable. Before their mandatory withdrawal of 10,000 Jewish men, women and children, 22 communities in the Gaza Strip were considered at risk or in danger. However, just before the August uprooting and eviction of Jews with destruction of all their houses, farms, gardens, factories, schools, synagogues and even cemeteries, Sharon and Olmert arranged legislation through the Knesset that 44 formerly safe communities OUTSIDE the Gaza Strip were to be considered communities at risk or in danger. The Gaza Kassams were already falling inside of Israel - especially on the town of Sderot where 2 toddlers and a grandfather were killed.

Soon, without orders to the Army to evacuate even more Jews from the Southern Coast of Israel, the Kassem and Katyusha Rockets would do the job of what Olmert calls "Convergence". Is it coincidental that all of these evacuation plans follow the so-called Saudi Plan - (Read: with State Department fingerprints) which would recognize Israel IF she first withdrew to the 1967 Armistice lines which Abba Eban called the "Auschwitz borders".

Recall when then Prime Minister Ehud Barak abandoned the Israeli security strip in Southern Lebanon, leaving a vacuum quickly filled by HezbAllah. As now in Gaza, the entire Northern area of Israel was under the threat of 15,000 missiles, some with Chemical Warheads. Here again, the Jews of the entire North may start to evacuate towards the center of the Jewish country - or "Convergence" as Olmert calls it.

If you recall, Barak, following his own evacuation plans, tried desperately to evacuate all Jews from the Golan Heights - even to the point of declaring he was "saving the Golan settlers and soldiers" because the Syrian Army could simply roll over them and could not be stopped. There was speculation that Barak was influenced to evacuate the Golan so the U.S. could establish a major military base and airfield on the Golan. One would have to question Barak and Shimon Peres also for the answer to this speculation.

So, from the South around Gaza and in the North, there will be a growing syndrome of what Olmert calls "Convergence" - or rather a 'round-up' of Jews in a grip of compression. As the Left has taken care to empty the North and South (ethnically cleansed of Jews), all that's left to "Converge" or "Compress" is the East. Olmert has stated plainly that he will start his "Convergence" of the 'West Bank' (Judea and Samaria) soon.

The Jews, according to Olmert's plan will be driven out by a corps of dumbed down Leftist Generals and lower ranked officers who only know how to "obey orders". In this case, one is reminded of the 'Scapegoat' being driven over a cliff as a sacrifice but, this time it will be the Jews of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and, of course, Eastern Jerusalem where all the most holy Jewish sites are situated. Which provokes the question: To which pagan gods are Olmert and his Kadimites sacrificing Jews now?

It appears that it's the same panoply of deities that Labor/Left had in mind when they met with Arafat in the early 1980s to refine a "Plan" to transfer Jews out of Judea and Samaria.

While Olmert has the cunning of any ambulance chasing lawyer, he is also easily influenced by the Arabists in the U.S. State Department and the Presidential Administration's advisory leaders. If they want "Convergence" to please the Muslim oil nations, Olmert will deliver Israel to them - all under .the slogan of "Land for Peace".

In case you haven't noticed, every inch of Jewish Land ceded for Peace has, in time, become a gathering place for Terror, including the Egyptian Sinai - now an easy funnel for weapons and Terrorists into Gaza (from there into Judea and Samaria).

One has to step back and view the entire picture in one panoramic perspective. Earlier, we were finessed out of the Sinai Desert by a gullible Menachem Begin being advised to do so by Ariel Sharon, Ezer Weizmann, Moshe Dayan, and, of course, President Jimmy Carter - no friend of the Jews. So with the evacuation of the natural barrier of the Suez Canal and the vast Sinai Desert, began the opening of Israel's vulnerable Southern Front to Egypt. (If you haven't noticed, the U.S. has furnished Egypt with over $60+ Billion in the best of U.S. armaments as a gift, plus training the Egyptian Army in such exercises as the annual "Bright Star", all the war-games playing operations aimed to successfully attack Israel.

Recall during one such "Operation Bright Star" the Egyptian General Ahmed Abdel Hamid, standing next to William Cohen, then Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton) said: "We are preparing a war with Israel." According the reports, Cohen said nothing in response - since the goal of the exercise was either to attack Israel or take back territory Egypt may have lost to Israel when Egypt mounted the 1967 Six-Days war. (1)

Soon, Mubarak (Egypt) will fall to the Muslim Brotherhood who would become their heir to that $60+ Billion in aircraft, tanks, missiles, electronics and a very large army. Oh Yes! The State Department has been reported to have opened up secret contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood - which both will deny.

That is in synch with Egypt's repeated demand that Israel stand down her nuclear deterrence. As of April 24, 2006 Jordan's King Abdullah has joined Egypt (read State Department) and demanded that Israel disarm its nuclear capability. This is followed by the statement that, IF peace is achieved there will be no need for Israel to have such a deterrence. The State Department and the Media have carefully avoided speaking about Pakistan's master Nuclear scientist, Dr. A.Q. Khan who visited Egypt with his package of nuclear technology - as he did for Iran.

I guess with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya in that peace camp, backed by the Arabist State Department, Israel could rest easy.

I recall President George Bush saying something in reference to Iran's attacking Israel to the effect that he would come to Israel's defense. I wonder if that means he would supply body bags and grave diggers to bury our dead after the first saturation missile attack by Iran with their new nuclear weapons.

Above all, Israel must be induced, seduced, transduced into giving up her Nuclear Deterrence so that there is no chance for a reprisal or retaliatory second strike by Israel's nukes, lest it destroy their precious oil markets and wreak havoc among the attacking Arab countries. If it were up to Olmert, in linkage with Peres, I have little doubt that they would accommodate the State Department and the Arab Muslim oil countries.

Clearly, a choice and a plan has been made that Israel must be expendable "for the greater good". The easiest part will be recruiting the Leftist Jews of Israel and America. They are suckers for a pat on their backsides and promises of how they are such a vital and important part of the Great Middle East Peace Plan!

One is reminded (especially tonight on the Eve of Yom HaShoah) of the sign over the entry to Auschwitz: "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Will Make You Free). Sometimes they even had Jewish musicians playing Wagner for their entry into the death camps. How peaceful, how calming and so - it all happens again. What happened to our Jews' determined proclamation of: "Never Again!"

Bush is offering the 'calming' refrain that somehow, sometime he will come to Israel's defense. Remember the Secret Memorandum of the Joint Chiefs dated June 29, 1967 was for the purpose of determining exactly what land was necessary for Israel so that America WOULDN'T NEED to come to Israel's defense. (2) Be assured that neither the Americans nor the Europeans will fight Arab Muslims merely to rescue the Jewish State of Israel.

How calming! How soothing! And the Kadimites under Olmert tells us: "It's only Convergence". Yes, indeed, they converged us at Auschwitz, Birkenau, Maidenek, etc. They "converged" us all to the number of 6 million (including 1 million children) at forced labor at Siemens, Daimler, Ford and all the other international European companies based in Germany and Poland, where the Jews were only "converged" for a short time until they starved to death or died from easily spread disease.

Can't you hear the music of Wagner as we are invited into the Peace Net.

So tell us Ehud, how did they get you to start the "Convergence"? What were you offered? What did you finally accept? Let us hope that the "Convergence" follow-on was merely the case of abject stupidity, rather than intentional planning. This would make the difference between merely being dumb and intentional treason.

As I was correcting the draft of this article today April 25th at 5 A.M., I had not yet opened this morning newspaper, The Jerusalem Post. The top headline read: "Dozens Killed as Terror Shatters Dahab Calm. More than 30 people were killed, 150 injured. Three Israelis among hundreds wounded. Al Qaeda blamed for three blasts at tourist sites." (Dahab is a resort on the Red Sea in the Egyptian-controlled Sinai Desert.) Al Qaeda was blamed but be assured that the Muslim Brotherhood was an operational co-conspirator.

Also on today's front page: "Olmert says appeasement is a Recipe for Holocaust". This statement from a back room lawyer who had advised Ariel Sharon to appease the Palestinians of Gaza and Olmert is pledging to evacuate the 'West Bank' in an identical gesture of appeasement.

Radio News: Norway, the birthplace of the Oslo Accords, insists on meeting with Hamas next month while Poland, Sweden and others refused. Can't wait to hear from Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, the original Osloids, on why we should open up public contacts with Hamas as have their friends in Norway.


1. "Arming the Arab Muslim Palestinians in Gaza" by Emanuel A. Winston May 2004 Think-Israel blog (

2. "Secret Memorandum for the Secretary of Defense" for the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed by Gen. Earle G. Wheeler Chairman, Joint Chiefs June 29, 1967. Available By Fax. Please send your full name and FAX number for a copy of Copy #14 of 32.


Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies ( Contact him at

This article was submitted April 25, 2006.


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