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by Emanuel A. Winston


The new word being used by the military and politicians is "Asymmetric". (1) While the threats have grown the choice of killing or being killed is the same despite the fog of words. In World War II we had nations fighting nations -- even though there were guerrilla actions on both sides. Today the guerillas are terrorists, still killing, more ruthless.

While armies in the field understood their mission of defeating the other army, it was also understood that the so-called home front supported their respective armies with money, manufacturing of armaments and all the necessities to supply their soldiers.

With that, each side understood that besides combat in the field, there was also a mission to destroy the other side's home front ability to manufacture munitions, tanks, aircraft, ships, communications and always the art of sabotage. We bombed the factories and cities of the enemies because it was war and good losers are only losers.

We Allies firebombed the city of Dresden, leaving it a sea of flame, recognizing that the so-called German home front kept their war machine going.

We destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the world's first-use of nuclear bombs where the population honored the suicide dive bombers. This was the reality of the bestial process called "War".

Granted, there were so-called "rules of engagement", such as how to treat prisoners of war and civilians. But, Germany and Japan were fighting to win so there was the Bataan death march, the killing of American and British prisoners by the Germans. Those so-called "civilized" rules of war were laid aside for the fruits of victory. Today Islamists employ a doctrine where targeting civilians, torturing and mutilating captives is the rule, not the exception.

The world is now engaged in what some define as a new type of warfare, an "Asymmetric" war. In plain dictionary language that means: "lacking in symmetry" or, being more complex. Was any war not complex, other than ancient wars where armies gathered on two sides of a field and hacked each other to pieces with the winner being the last man standing? They then proceed to loot, rape and enslave the vanquished.

Israel's slippery and inept politicians managed to mis-direct their military into fumbling about and losing to an inferior enemy called Hezb'Allah. Suddenly, the apologist for failure all were talking about complex "asymmetrical" problems for defense as if none existed before.

On one side, there were the Islamists wholly backed by a hostile civilian population who are both used as "human shields" for the Terrorists and will hide them with their families. The civilians are dedicated to both Islam and erasing their self-perceived inferiority to the Jews. When Muslim mothers teach martyrdom to three year olds, you know that here is a culture that revives human sacrifice on a modern day scale.

Today the Jews are being led by Ehud Olmert -- straight out of a dysfunctional family where his wife was a dominant Leftist and founding member of the Women in Black who harass the Israeli soldiers on duty at the lonely check points. His daughter is said to be a lesbian and his son, both of whom, hated the concept of a Land belonging to Jews. Olmert, however, is merely one of a twisty line of corrupt leaders, hopefully, the last who betrayed the Jewish people and the Jewish nation.

Here the concept of "asymmetrical" took on a new meaning in terms of a leader dedicated to defeat. The pagan Muslim Arabs are unified in their hatred of the Jews while the Jews were fractionalized into Right pioneers who loved the Land and Left Liberals, in all sorts of guises, who wanted to give it away.

Israel, under her current corrupt, inept leadership, was going to show the world how dedicated it was to multi-culturalism and humanity by surgically targeting enemies and thus gain the admiration of Jew-haters the world over.

As usual, it didn't work and the terrorists were encouraged to greater acts of terror.

The Arab Muslims throughout their families uniformly hated the Jews and supported terrorists' suicide bombings, targeting civilians with randomly fired missiles, kidnaping and delivering their captives, chopped up and mutilated, as a sign of their vicious displeasure.

Since Israel cannot win the elusively sought peace through appeasement, she must win every war or disappear. So, forget about surgical bombing and do as the Muslim Arabs do -- fire at anyone who moves in a possibly hostile manner. Destroy their infrastructure, be it military or civilian, it is organically one and the same. The Jihadists (Holy warriors for Islam) make no apologies about collateral damage because civilians are their target.

There are no civilians among the Muslim Islamists. Destroy their cities, towns and villages -- knowing that there is not any difference between the Jihadists and Mohammed, the shoemaker. Kill them as they try to kill us. Carpet bomb their hideouts in civilian homes. Make it like Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki until they have nothing left to kill us with.

That is the true symmetry of warfare. It is a killing-to-survive way of mankind since cavemen attacked other clans to claim their women or bear meat, roasting on a spit.

For the Jewish State of Israel, it is fight or die. Pleading for peace and understanding from a pagan civilization, anxious to offer human sacrifice to their god Allah, will not stop them for moment. Frankly, killing their enemies brings them joy to the tedium of their useless days. From the very young to the very old, they thrive on war in all its forms.

"Peace" is a non-word among Muslims -- except for the confusion it brings to their more civilized enemies. They understand their own rules of war and battle. Only when they are soundly beaten do they sink back into the lethargy of their unproductive civilization. They stay that way until their enemies forget who and what they are -- at which point they rise again to savage all who try to avoid them.

When Israel next goes to war against Islamists, there should be NO self-restraint! Follow the rules of war as conducted by the Muslim Arabs. Leave nothing standing that can hide or give them refuge and sustenance. Leave no one standing who can rise up to take vengeance -- as outlined in their Koran and Mohammed's Oral Law, the Hadith.

Their rules of engagement are Dar el Harb (House of war -- when strong) and Dar el Islam (House of Islam or temporary peace to re-arm and re-build strength) and then to war again. In between, the Muslims call for a Hudna (cease-fire to re-build).

The Muslims, especially the radical Jihadi Islamists (Muslims for Holy War against all non-Muslims), have no pity, no remorse in delivering death to their enemies. Very well, those are now the rules of engagement they have laid down -- for us to follow as well as them. Fair is Fair in War and all that. America is finding that true in Iraq as they fight the Mujahadin (mix of Muslims -- Arabs and others) who are killing American and Allied soldiers. War for Muslims has no Rules, no Geneva Convention, no Pity -- only torture and mutilation of prisoners be they soldiers or civilians -- man, woman or child.

This just in, a report of American soldiers uncovering Al Qaeda torture chambers, replete with instruction manuals on the best methods of torture, fully illustrated. Forty victims were rescued from there by the American soldiers.

Regrettably, like Israel, instead of wiping out the nests where they breed more terrorists (in Iran and Syria), America fights their proxies in unlimited numbers. The Israeli Leftist politicians make suicidal agreements like Oslo 1 and 2, Wye, Geneva, and actually evacuated Gush Katif from Gaza and four villages in Northern Samaria, etc., bringing Terror deep into Israel "proper". Somehow the confused Jews always expect new results from past failures. Albert Einstein said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". (2)

America also coddles Iran, knowing full well that they are building a larger war machine, capped with nuclear weapons which they intend to use for the glory of their Allah. While Israel is seemingly a closer target, America is really at the top on their listed targets.

Indeed, the symmetry is there and hasn't changed in hundreds of years. Spears, swords, gunfire to nuclear bombs -- it's all the same for the dead. Don't wait for the Mullahs to recruit more Shahids (martyrs for Jihad Muslim Holy War).

Kill the Mullahs and Islamic leaders quickly, even as they preach hatred in the mosques for "infidels" (non-Muslims). Muslim mosques the world over are not holy places but schools to teach hate, murder and recruit Islamists for Terror.


1. "Israel Fights to Reclaim Decisiveness, Victory" & "War Game Puts Political-Mil Leaders to Postwar Test" by Barbara Opall-Rome U.S. Defense News May 14, 2007

2. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" by Albert Einstein


Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies ( Contact him at


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