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by Emanuel A. Winston


The people of Israel had the just expectation that their governments would do everything possible to protect them. In the beginning the doctrine was to fight attacking enemies and Terrorists. That continued through seven major wars and continual "low-level combat" called terrorism.

Then the doctrine of fighting for survival started to fade, as the Leftist ideology started to take hold in a serious way. Appeasement, pacifism and secret negotiations with the various enemy adversaries became the rule rather than the exception. The IDF (Israel Defense Force) was selected as the incubator for grooming "PC" (Politically Correct) Left-leaning officers who would be slated for political roles after their army service.

Generals of the Left became Leftist politicians. Anyone who was an observant Jew hit a "Political Ceiling" and was kept in lower officer ranks, even though observant Jews were some of the bravest soldiers and officers who practiced the gallant Zionist ideology of Acharie (Follow Me!) as they would lead their soldiers into battle from the front –– not the rear. They suffered higher losses because they were out in front.

As time passed, the Left gained the political upper-hand and, in effect, became a "Fifth Column" in frequent communication with like-minded Arab Muslim Palestinians. Some will have forgotten the secret meetings in the early 1980s of Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres with Yassir Arafat when it was illegal to meet with the PLO Terrorist organizations.

In the early 1980s they outlined plans to evict the pioneering settlers from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and parts of Jerusalem (north, south as well as east) that had been occupied and desecrated by Jordan for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

After such "ethnic cleansing" of Jews by Jews in the Israeli government, all the territory, homes, gardens, farms, factories, electrical and precious water infrastructure would be passed over to incoming Muslim Arab Palestinians. These meeting were secret and illegal, according to Israel's law against meeting with her declared enemy. None of the conspirators were investigated, indicted or brought to trial for these deliberate acts of treason against their own people and nation during this protracted, continuous war and Terrorism.

We all remember the secret meetings in Oslo, Norway –– led by Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin –– attended by such professors as Dr. Yair Hirschfeld and Dr. Ron Pundak of Haifa University and Yoel Singer, a legal advisor. The meetings were so secret that, although they dealt with national security life-and-death issues, the Army, Secret Services and National Security were not invited.

Also not invited were water experts –– since the intention of the Oslo gang was to surrender Land that contained irreplaceable water aquifers. Later, the Oslo Accords were rammed through the Knesset with Rabin's signature. Once, after Oslo proved to be a dangerous catastrophe, a Knesset member demanded an official inquiry as to who were the collaborators –– including the Leftist Israelis and Europeans who were funding this enterprise.

Shimon Peres went ballistic and threatened to quit the government. (Too bad he didn't.) Then Prime Minister Arik Sharon used his authority to quash the investigation and to protect the Oslo crowd. Later Sharon and Olmert proved their attitude and possible complicity by driving 10,000 Jewish men, women and children from the thriving Gush Katif/Gaza and 4 North Samarian settlements, thereby advancing the Terrorist cause embodied in Oslo.

During the intervening years, the Leftist "Fifth Column" deepened their tentacles into controlling the nation. This was accomplished by corrupting the Police and some officers and soldiers into following their political agenda of harassing Jews of the Right while ignoring the advancing power of the Muslim Arab Palestinians.

Oslo marched on with funding for the Arabs, while money from the Europeans and the Arabist U.S. State Department poured into the Leftist "Fifth Column" organizations to continue their subversive activities. European funding also continues to flow into the Peres Institute and the Beilin Institute, both supportive of Palestinian claims to more Israeli territory and converting "East" Jerusalem into the Capital of the new, second Palestinian State.

A non-people (called Palestinians) demanded recognition of their existence where nothing in recorded history spoke of such a people. However, politicians like Rabin, Peres, Beilin, Sharon and Olmert were willing to accommodate their demands because they simply did not value the Land given by G-d to the Jewish people in perpetuity as their sovereign territory, belonging exclusively to the Jews.

The "Fifth Column" of the Left worked tirelessly to subvert the sovereignty of the Jewish State of Israel. They seemed to want a single state, comprised of Arab Muslims and Jewish Israelis, despite the unalterable declaration from the Muslims that they would wipe out the Jewish State when they grew powerful enough to do so –– as Mohammed's Hudabaiya Treaty mandated.

Had such a group existed in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, among Hezb'Allah, Fatah, Hamas –– the arrests, indictments and trials would be short –– ending in a summary execution or worse.

Regrettably, high ranking crooks and betrayers in Israel are rarely indicted –– let alone go to jail. This is due to the Politically Correct Police and a hopelessly corrupt Supreme Court –– which is a political party unto itself.

After the botched Summer 2006 Lebanon War against Hezb'Allah, Olmert hand-picked Judge Eliyahu Winograd to investigate Olmert, then DM Amir Peretz and Chief of Staff Dan Halutz for their failure, both during the war and the lack of adequate supplies of even food and water to the soldiers.

Winograd and his investigating committee made a political decision to keep Olmert in power –– because –– he was ready to abandon more Land to the Arabs.

Winograd, himself, should have been investigated because his 'cover was blown' by one of the five Committee members, Professor Yehezkel Dror, admitted that the Committee had made a political decision to deliberately fix the outcome so Olmert could keep his power to abandon more Jewish Land. But, the Winograd Committee has not yet been charged with malfeasance of their responsibility.

Olmert continues under some 8 various (dragged out) investigations into his corrupt activities. These botched investigations by the Police seem designed to keep him in power long enough to agree to dangerous surrender of pieces of the Jewish State of Israel. Their intention was that he could finish his assignment to drive the Jews out of Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, and divide the Jewish Capital of Jerusalem to create a capital for the neo-Palestinian State.

The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) just met with Israel's current President Shimon Peres at the official State President's Residence to discuss a halt to Israeli building so that the second "Palestinian" State can be "contiguous". Since Peres met with Arafat in the early 1980s to accomplish the same thing, Peres and Abbas pick up where they left off with Arafat.

The Olmert Kadima government has continued to act as the apologist and protector of hostile Muslim Arab Palestinians. The first Terrorist that used a Bulldozer on July 2nd to kill 3 Israelis and maim others still has his house un-demolished. But, the Jews of Gush Katif/Gaza who were thrown from their homes which the State of Israel demolished the same week, are still without homes, jobs and their lives have been sacrificed to create a Global Terror Base in Gaza. Where is the justice in Israel? Clearly, Sharon and Olmert never intended to keep their promises to the Jews uprooted from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria.

A second Tractor Terrorist was killed but first government comments were that he "was a lone Terrorist". No comments on the continuous flow of hostile propaganda from Abbas (who praised Samir Kuntar, the arch Terrorist Olmert freed) who made so many Palestinians eager to kill Jews. No comments on the viciously anti-Semitic curricula indoctrinating the children from age 3 in their schools and TV to hate and kill Jews.

According to DEBKAfile, Israeli security forces broke ranks on keeping silent and let it be known that 3 covert Palestinian Terror networks coordinate attacks in Jerusalem. Moreover, the report goes on to say that "Masses of weapons and explosives are cached in Palestinian Arab villages and districts of Jerusalem where these three Palestinian Terror networks are working together". The Terrorist organizations' directors decide whether the "lone killer" should use firearms, explosives, knives or mechanical weapons like the 2 Bulldozers.

Naturally, the Israeli government, acting as a "Fifth Column" and a collaborator of the Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists knew all of this from their excellent Intel reports. Apparently, they do not want to speak of the danger cause by Palestinian workers wandering freely through Israeli cities, confident that the Olmert government will protect them.

A Government dedicated to appeasement of both Syria and Iran represents a clear and present danger to all of Israel. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly stated his Mein Kampf to the effect of "wiping Israel off the map" as he demonstrates the capability of his missiles and advances his nuclear weapons' capability. Check the revealing map in the August 2008 National Geographic for the sites –– labeled in plain sight –– of Iran's nuclear research, manufacturing and technology. It is as if National Geographic has laid out the attack plan.

Given Olmert's predilection to cowardice and appeasement, Israel may (G-d forbid!) end up a smoking hole in the ground with only Olmert and his gang of scoundrels emerging from the deep government bomb shelters –– safe and alive.

I wonder if the Shabak and/or Mossad ever thought of solving this problem –– if nothing more than to save their own families?

Final Note! The latest news indicates that Olmert and Kadima are planning to stay in power as follows:

Olmert says he will resign in mid-September, in effect, leaving him in power at least until then. Since he has nothing more to lose, he is free to carry out the moribund, failed Oslo plan and that advice by Rice and Bush at Annapolis which rested on the dead bones of the Road Map.

When one kills a deadly snake, you must watch out as it thrashes about, trying to sink its fangs into whomever it can reach. Then there is the necessity of eliminating the nest of vipers that he has spawned to take his place.

The Kadima Party has several replacements for Olmert who carry the identical plan to re-partition Israel, divide Jerusalem and temporarily appease Syria and Condi Rice's State Department. Here we find Ehud Barak, Tzippi Livni and Shaul Mofaz. As for Olmert, no doubt, he made a deal with the Courts and Police that, if he finally steps down, he will not serve time in prison and he will be allowed to peacefully fade from public view.


Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies ( Contact him at


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