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by Emanuel A. Winston


When President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Gen. Earle Wheeler to do a study in June 1967 on what was needed by Israel to survive as a nation, without American needing to come to her rescue, the following was concluded:

That Israel needed its furthest borders at key positions to be able to withstand the frequent assaults by the Arab nations. This study was to be a top secret document because not only did it advise Israel how to survive but, it was also self-serving for the U.S. who did not want to be called in to fight the Arab armies in order to save the Jewish State. This highly secret study was researched by each of America's Armed Forces including Air Force, Army, Navy and several of its key Intelligence Agencies.

Israel was advised not to abandon her furthest borders and whatever high ground she held. This secret June 29, 1967 report was released by the WALL ST. JOURNAL March 9, 1983. We happen to have an original copy #32 and a re-done line drawing of the secret map available on request by FAX. Please send your FAX number.

According to the report that accompanied the map, the Joint Chiefs said: "Returning Israel to pre-1967 boundaries would drastically increase its vulnerability. Israel would be threatened by West Bank artillery and tactical SAMs - a sword constantly over its head and the need to maintain readiness with prohibitive mobilization costs. For stable future Arab-Israeli agreements, Israel must feel it can wait out a crisis rather than strike pre-emptively. Israel should retain....the Gaza Strip, mountains and plateaus of the West Bank, the tip of the Sinai, Sharm el Sheikh, the Golan Heights east of Quneitra and ALL of Jerusalem."

Four were negotiated away. The last two have been declared by various Israeli governments as "negotiable". Nevertheless, the Arabs all say that ALL Jews must go.

This report not only focused on Israel's military defensive positions but also contemplated water resources as a strategic necessity. Needless to say, a gaggle of exceptionally naive Israeli Prime Ministers were ready to give up the vital water aquifers under the Judean Hills and the Golan tributaries which feed the Lake Kinnerat (Sea of Galilee) - Israel's main fresh water source.

Needless to say, our shallow Jewish leaders through the years ignored this vital advisory and caved in to political pressure from a mix of pro-Arab interests, namely the U.N., E.U., U.S. State Department, et al. So-called Jewish leaders gave up a huge chunk of this land and its attendant defensive values for short term gains they expected to receive through their appeasement of adversaries by abandoning G-d given Jewish land. The gains never came and the threat of war coupled with Terror continued and grew exponentially.

The 1993 Oslo Accords provided the Arab Muslim terrorists with a great leap forward as territory was traded for virtually nothing but empty words.

Now, once again, the current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, like his predecessors Rabin, Peres, Beilin, Barak and Netanyahu wishes to pull back from vital territories. Sharon is unilaterally retreating from the Gaza Strip - which was always the southern entry point of Israel's enemies from Egypt. This abandonment of 8,500 Jewish men, women and children will only bring the missiles and rockets of the Arab Muslim terrorists closer to Israel's population centers - like the cities of Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Sderot, Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv and suburbs.

As Oslo and Barak elevated Arab Muslim Palestinians expectations, Sharon, the once great warrior in the eyes of the Arabs and Muslims, will prove that all Jews can be made to run.

ALL of the terror organizations have pledged to continue their war to annihilate the Jews, regardless of whatever Israel gives up as one of those infamous "gestures" of Peace.

Yassir Arafat, the creator and godfather of modern terrorism and Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has already been selected to run in his place - although many of the Terror Organizations have already said they want their own terror leader to be the Top Dog. Abbas has accepted the role of candidate with the accompanying comments: that he will follow Arafat's platform, to include the right of return for several million hostiles to Israel's center. Another Palestinian State on the entire West Bank with Jerusalem as its capital. Marwan Bargouti, in prison for 5 life sentences for murder, will also run - which means that Israelis will likely be kidnaped en masse in order to trade Bargouti for Jewish hostages.

The qualifications needed to be the leader of the Palestinian Muslims is a background of terror and a pledge to continue that terror until Israel disintegrates and is replaced with an Arab Muslim State.

The Oslo Gang gave the Arab Muslims the foothold they needed to strengthen their bases of terror in Jenin, Schehem (Nablus), Ram'Allah, Jericho and other areas. Barak gave Hezb'Allah a power vacuum in Southern Lebanon by abandoning and retreating in the middle of the night. Now Southern Lebanon is filled with Hebz'Allah and 12,000 missiles (some with chemical warheads) capable of reaching much of Northern Israel.

Netanyahu gave up 80% of Hebron, now one of the epi-centers and operational bases of terrorists. He, too, thought he was appeasing the Arabs and the American State Department under then President Clinton. They all ignored his "Faustian" bargain and along with the Palestinians, demanded far more.

Now, we have Arik Sharon retreating from Gaza at the behest of friends and enemies - even as the terrorists have introduced longer range Kassem rockets that are already being fired into what Sharon calls "Israel proper." Sharon has been advised by his own Military and Intelligence that Iranian missiles with a range that can easily reach Tel Aviv and Haifa will be shipped into Gaza - a technique exposed when the Karina A boat-load of munitions from Iran to Arafat was captured by Israel. Sharon has persistently ignored the role of Egypt in transferring weapons to the Palestinians even to the point of inviting them into Gaza to guard security in Gaza. In brief, Sharon has invited the Egyptian Army to the Sinai, in effect, scraping the Camp David Accords which ordered the Sinai to stay de-militarized.

Sharon weakly tells all that Israel will control Gaza ship ports, airfields, the Sinai border at what is called the Philadelphi Road. But, Sharon knows that he is simply lying to push his single-minded, simple minded "Disengagement Plan".

Arik knows that, once our patrols and checkpoints are removed from Gaza, we cannot stop the inflow of munitions, missiles and the inevitable unity of all the Global Terror Organizations. Arik knows that the U.N., E.U. and soon-to-be introduced forces from NATO will prevent Israel from interfering with the build-up of a Global Terror site.

Arik knows that the Mujahaddin now fighting American troops in Iraq will immigrate into Gaza and whatever land from which Sharon will retreat next in the center of the country.

Arik has not only ignored the conclusions of Gen. Earle Wheeler's report recommending NOT giving up the Land but, Arik has himself actually launched an Israeli government-driven Civil War against Israel's population. He has introduced a PR campaign, demonizing hard working settlers on the pretext that, retreating once more will "somehow" pacify the terrorists and make city centers safer.

Clearly, it is time for a Regime Change. Whatever Ariel Sharon was in his early days, he is no longer that person or General. Not only has Prime Minister (Gen. - retired) Sharon ignored the advisory of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff but, has shut out his own Generals and Intelligence who have advised against abandoning Gaza - which is certain to become a fully operational terrorist base.

In his advanced years all that remains is that inflated ego which he uses to harass and beat anyone who opposes his ideas of shrinking the Jewish Nation of Israel in order to accommodate a hateful people and foreign interests.


Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies ( He can be reached at


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