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by Marlene Young


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has joined with the unelected Leftists in his government to carry out what he calls the "Disengagement Plan": the confiscation of property and forced transfer of thousands of Jewish civilians from Jewish-owned land, farms and communities in Gaza and the Shomron (Northern West Bank).

Many of us in the Jewish and Christian community are very disappointed with Mr. Sharon and hope that he will stop this immoral Plan to Deport Jews. Many of us who helped reelect President Bush hope that we can convince him that he should not be creating a Palestinian Radical Islamic Terrorist State, run by lawless corrupt Fatah and Hamas leaders.

The focus of this paper is that even if a Palestinian State were to be created, it should not be created by the immoral act of singling out Jews for deportation.


"Evacuation", "Pullout", and "Disengagement" are terms that refer to military personnel, not to the forced transfer of thousands of civilians and their homes and farms.

The terms "disengagement" and "contiguous" Palestinian State mean in effect the confiscation of Jewish property, forceful transfer of Jews, and the refusal to allow Jews property ownership in the territories even as Arabs sprawl all over Israel.

The new use of the word "contiguous" by Condoleeza Rice and President Bush to refer to the components of this projected Palestinian "democratic" state was first promoted by the Arab states and the European Union (EU) and is synonymous with the forced transfer of Jews and confiscation of Jewish owned property.

Granting for the moment that contiguity is essential, contiguity can be achieved through the building of roads between Arab villages. The international community is contributing to a dangerous precedent by accepting the immoral concept that it is right and just to transfer out a people to achieve "contiguity".

Israel builds roads and fences around Palestinian Arab farms and villages so as not to interfere in their space. It would be condemned for even suggesting that Arab villages be destroyed and thousands of Arabs transferred. Ironically, the Left attacks the solution of building roads between Arab villages to achieve contiguity as "racist", while it promotes the racist Plan to deport Jews and confiscate their property. The Left-controlled Israeli Supreme Court activist judges have gone so far to protect Arab property rights that they have acted against Israel's own security interests by including Palestinian villages "inside" the security fence and by building gates in the fence to allow Arab farmers access to their land. The same Court, and Israeli leaders, are acting against their own rulings when it comes to the property rights of Jewish farmers in Jewish Gaza and the West Bank.

As usual, the liberal media is being used by the Left to suppress and obfuscate the truth. "Disengagement" and "pullout" are terms that refer to movements of a military force - not the forced transfer of thousands of civilians - ordinary Israeli citizens entitled to the full rights of citizenship - and the dismantling of (only) Jewish civilian neighborhoods. The pullout and disengagement of troops in conflicts around the globe today do not include the forced transfer of thousands of civilians of one religion or nationality, the demolition of all communities of one religion or nationality, and confiscation of all property of one religion or nationality.


It is extremely important that people become aware of the details of the Disengqagement Plan. The danger is in the overall concept and in the details. Its true awfulness lies in the details, but the details are not being reported by the "mainstream" media or disclosed by the Sharon government.

There is no moral, historical, or legal basis to carry out the forced transfer of this or any Jewish population from their property. So the Government invents its own rules as it begins to carry out the expulsion and meets resistance. Attorney General Mazuz and the Justice Minister call for increased suppression of the opposition's right to protest and employ escalating tactics of police brutality, detainment, arrests and administrative detention, where civilians are jailed without trial and without evidence of committing any crime.

Actually, for all the haste with which it is being put into motion, the Disengagement Plan is a "work-in-progress." Sharon sculpts it as he goes along. He, Mofaz, Mazuz and Peres make deals, coerce, manipulate and are manipulated and bribe members of the Knesset, Israeli and PA officials and foreign leaders. The Plan morphs accordingly.

The Palestinians and the Left try every single day to speed up the date of initiation and completion, because they know they are acting on a precipice of moral and legal bankrupcy and only sheer brutal force props them up.

One of the strongest strategic tools they've used is to convince the people that this is unavoidable, a "done deal". We are also told, as we have been since the 1993 Oslo Accords, that peace with the Palestinians hinges on giving them billions of aid dollars (still unaccounted for), building up their security forces (used to commit thousands of terror attacks), giving them more territory (Israel has given them more land and autonomy than Palestinian Arabs have had in their history), releasing hundreds of Palestinian terrorists from jail, and now confiscating Jewish-owned property and moving Jewish neighborhoods away from Arab ones.

If we are to hold the Palestinians, the Quartet and the Left to their claims that they are indeed establishing a Palestinian "reformed democracy" then the most obvious question is: why is this "democracy" demanding the forced transfer of neighborhoods of only Jewish Israeli nationals? Would a democracy demand the transfer of a minority population of Jewish Israeli nationals? Why would a reformed Democracy force communities and farms owned by Jewish Israeli nationals to be sold and its residents forced to move? The U.S. could never similarly force communities of Chinese or Mexican nationals to sell their property in communities in California and forcefully move them out. If Jews will not be allowed to own their property in this "democratic state", are we not helping to set up another Saudi Arabia? Palestinian villages in Israel, inside the fence, in Jerusalem, within the "Green Line" are not being forced to move out to Gaza.

As you read the details of the plan, keep in mind that there is no moral, historical, or legal basis to carry out the forced transfer of this or any Jewish population from their property. Perhaps that is why Sharon, Mofaz and Mazuz are trying to carry out the expulsion as quickly as possible, using the liberal media to mute most of the details, and steamroll their opposition.



Marlene Young is vice-president of TODA - Torah Organization for Disability Access, as well as an advocate for Israel. She and her husband, Mark Young, run Washington Media Watch, which monitors TV network and cable news broadcasts for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish biased reporting.


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