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Posted by Gush Katif Community, April 30, 2005.

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Posted by Rub Muchnick, April 30, 2005.


I'm the US Chapter Coordinator of Manhigut Yehudit (The Jewish Leadership Movement - www.jewishisrael.org)

We'd like to place the following ad throughout Israeli newspapers. Would you like to sign onto this letter on behalf of your organization? If yes, do you know of any other groups that would sign. Obviously, the more the merrier.


Rob Muchnick
U.S.A. Tel: 516-779-7420
email: rmuchnick@TheMetroGroup.com

We support those in Israel opposing the disengagement plan through non-violent civil disobedience. We call on all members of the IDF, as well as all members of the police, to follow their consciences and the Torah - and the call of Rav Avraham Shapira - to state that they cannot take part in expelling Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and Northern Shomron any more than they could from Tel Aviv or Haifa.
Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) is a group of people inside the Likud party who want to see Israel adopt a more Jewish character. Moshe Feiglin, its cofounder, has emphatically said he does not want a theocracy, but he does want a State based on Jewish values. The Manhigut Yehudit website address is http://www.manhigut.org. Or go to http://www.jewishisrael.org
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Posted by Judith Binder, April 30, 2005.

About the "Checkmate" essay, I wrote


It is a bit long but it's worth your while. It makes one think. There is some kind of a solution offered in the last chapter and I still can't decide whether it would work or not.

What do you think?

Below is what Yochanan ben-Chaplin wrote in reply.

[Editor's Note: This discusses "Checkmate" by Ross C. Leiber. To read it, click here. ]

"...she must either disappear or surprise a foe or two, by breaking away from existing paradigms."

This statement is written in the context that Israel must recognize its roots of reason in Judaism, and take the lead from that basis, rather than follow Western ideology.

Given that Western ideology has forgotten its own roots, and turned to secular humanism/socialism for its answers, this is an astute perception. As evidence, the author continues, "...'respect" for Israeli democracy was shown by the US, EU, and UN, during the Geneva Agreement 'world tour' - another dagger in Israel's back by the world.' community."

Another truth stated here by the author: "...time is short."

He goes on: "Expelling the settlers and creating a Palestinian state to please the US State Department is at worst suicidal, and at best a suicide attempt. No matter which party the US President belongs to, the policies of the State Department to encircle, shrink, and jeopardize Israel's security never change."

He's right, and his assumption for the reason behind this is partly correct: "...Israel doesn't have oil."

What are more important are the other reasons for this: that a secular world government cannot abide with a nation of G-d's chosen.

That is, Israel doesn't have oil, and Israel does have Jews.

"To my knowledge, no journalist has commented that the US, by nudging Sharon along this undemocratic path in the name of "democracy", has made a mockery of the Administration's proposals for democracy in the Arab world."

Oh, really?! I send articles out nearly every day. Two come immediately to mind: Beth Goodtree's scathing indictment of Bush, and Caroline Glick's recent insightful piece. Neither of these journalists are unknowns, especially Glick, deputy managing editor of Jerusalem Post. The author needs to widen his range of reading material.

But this is an article about "changing the paradigms," and the author is brilliantly concise in his observations about Arab hatred and global anti-Semitism in general, and Isreal's mistakes, both tactically and in terms of PR. An especially sharp observation:

"The world doesn't want Israel to win the PR battle. The Arabs don't bring up ridiculous accusations like the Protocols, blood libel, and Holocaust denial because these don't work. They know they do work. The EU and the UN act as if they were all true. Therefore, they must be. That's what being an accursed people is all about. 'Zionism is racism' is back again. For a large segment of the world, no Israel with all their Jews killed would be better than no Israel with the Jews exiled, because once again they would have to be put into ghettos, restricted, and discriminated against."

He then states that Israel must fight this PR battle, and "History will take care of the rest. It always does."

Wrong. Israel must fight the PR battle because the G-d of Israel insists upon truth and honesty. History takes of itself in Israel because YHVH is in charge of Israeli--and all human--history.

Overall, this is a brilliant, well-thought-out plan, and I basically agree with the approach if not all the details: Israel must get tough, and realize it is alone.

But I must disagree with him on one point: "Miracles are neither easy to come by, nor are they cheap these days."

Miracles have never been cheap, nor have they been expensive. Miracles are acts of G-d, who performs the miraculous routinely as a manifestation of His nature, His grace and mercy, His loving-kindness, His favor, and also His fury. G-d decides when He will act, and His miracles cannot be bribed or bought. They are no easier or more difficult to come by than they ever were, and anyone who does not recognize this does not truly appreciate the air in their lungs, the blood in their veins, the life in their bodies, because there is no more miraculous, precious gift than life itself.

So the author's presupposition that Israel is somehow capable of performing its own miracles is supremely flawed.

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Posted by Voice of Judea, April 30, 2005.

Arab caught infiltrating Shirat Hayam, a Jewish beach front village in western Gaza.

On two separate occasions over recent days residents of Shirat Hayam, a small beach front fortress which houses some 15 Jewish families, detected Arab infiltrations, which were possible despite large walls and fences that surround this isolated area.

The I.D.F. and local security personnel were unable to offer answers to this dangerous and serious security breach. The Jews living in Shirat Hayam are concerned about the apparent plans the Arabs are making to carry out a massacre there. The Arab scout was obviously sent to scale the walls and penetrate the town in order to test the security apparatus and to collect intelligence. Local Jewish residents believe that they are not receiving the necessary defense support from the I.D.F., due to political manipulations that would like nothing more than to see the Jews run away and surrender their homes out of fear.

To Read The Rest Of This Story Please Visit http://www.voiceofjudea.com

2- Thousands of fatherless children in Tel Aviv this summer.

Today's front page story in Maariv: "Because of the expulsion, reservists soldiers will have to give up their summer vacationThousands of call up orders are already in the mail Next week, almost every combat reserve soldier will receive their call up ordersThe biggest reserve recruitment since the year 2002 Thousands of women and children will have to spend their summer vacation without dad"

Voice of Judea Commentary:

Thousands of women and children will have to spend the summer without dad? Is the correspondent who wrote this article referring to the thousands of Jewish children who were left orphans after their parents were left murdered in wake of the nave and criminal Oslo agreement? No. No major Israeli correspondent sheds a bloody tear from our national tear ducts for the children and the widows of those who were murdered because the government gave guns and believed the false promises of their new found terrorist peace-partners. Was our noble correspondent referring to the children and wives of the Jews who will be, God forbid, expelled from their homes in Gaza and the northern Shomron? Is this feature headline a reflection of the feelings of a broken nation that is about to experience the separation of babies from their mothers' bosoms at the hands of soldiers who are being sent to carry out Sharon's expulsion decree? No!

The story is referring to the poor children in Tel Aviv whose fathers are being sent to tear down Jewish homes and synagogues. Amir Rapaport, one of the most distinguished journalists in Israel, has written this stirring piece about the fathers who will be sent to beat their fellow Jews and force them to leave their homes and farms this summer.

To Read The Rest Of This Commentary visit http://www.voiceofjudea.com

3- The referendum, Sharon's eleventh plague.

Sharon told Maariv correspondent Ben Kaspit last week in his Passover interview that he was terrified of the pressure to conduct a national referendum. Sharon said that serious progress in his disengagement plan could not be made until the "danger" of the referendum was cleared away by the Knesset vote against making a government sponsored referendum on the subject of the disengagement.

To Read The Rest Of This Story Please Visit http://www.voiceofjudea.com

Subscribe to Voice of Judea emails by sending an email request to jsid@dorsai.org

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Posted by Yashiko Sagamori, April 30, 2005.
This essay was written by Zack Lieberberg. I translated it from the Russian.

Remember my Uzbek schoolmate Akmal Usmanov? One day he taught me a valuable lesson in ethnography. I had spent the previous summer in Kazakhstan, then a Soviet republic bordering his native Uzbekistan. When I began describing a local dish I had tried there, Akmal interrupted me gently. Sounding distinctly uncomfortable, almost unhappy, like a parent whom unforeseen circumstances are forcing to tell his child the terrible truth about the birds and the bees a couple of years prematurely, he solemnly informed me that Kazakhs were not really human.

I trust you will not mix up Kazakhs with Cossacks. The latter are descendants of Russian and Ukrainian runaway serfs. The former are not that easy to distinguish from Uzbeks. For a European (in the archaic sense of the word), telling them apart is possible but a bit tricky, like telling a Korean from a Japanese. You've got to know what to look for. I didn't. That should explain why I met this morsel of information with skepticism.

"Why aren't they?" I asked.

Akmal wasn't prepared to explain the obvious. He thought for a few seconds and then told me,

"They boil their tea with lamb fat."

"Then I am not human either," I retorted.

"Why?" Akmal asked.

"I eat pork," I said.

"You don't understand," he assured me.

"No, I don't," I agreed.

"They are all liars," Akmal said.

"And everything an Uzbek says is always true?" I inquired.

"Of course, not. But that's different."

"How so?"

"They have no honor."

"And Uzbeks are all honorable people, without exception?"

"That's not the point."

"Then tell me what is."

"They are disgusting."


"They boil their tea with lamb fat. They are not really human."

"Do you realize that if you put an Uzbek and a Kazakh next to each other, most people will never be able to guess which is which?" I asked.

"You don't understand," he said hopelessly. "They are worse than animals."

"What about Estonians?" I asked him then.

"What about them?"

"Are they human?"

"How do I know? I've never seen one. I guess they are."

It makes sense. A much larger Kazakhstan is hugging Uzbekistan from the North. Tiny Estonia is located thousands of miles to the northwest. If Uzbeks assigned their neighbors, the Kazakhs, a lower position on the evolutionary tree, then the Estonians, due to their drastically different culture, should be situated on a different branch altogether, closer to the invertebrates or, at least, amphibians. Apparently, this isn't how xenophobia works. Russians sneer at Ukrainians who despise them in return; although, explaining to an Englishman how the Russians are different from the Ukrainians would be as hopeless a task as explaining the difference between the English and the Irish to a Tajik (not to be mistaken for a Turkmen). We are all mildly and indifferently curious towards something distant and foreign. To really hate something, we must encounter it daily and grow accustomed to it.

One might think this would explain the omnipresence of anti-Semitism. Jews live everywhere. When they move into a new country, they can be easily recognized by their gurgling R's, funny accent, and awkward sentences, but their children blend into the general population wonderfully well and often speak and write the local language (and do many other important things as well) better than the locals. In the eyes of a foreigner, the difference between a Russian Jew and a Russian Russian is probably even less that between an Uzbek and the Kazakh. Is that enough reason for the Russians to hate Jews?

It's not quite that simple. Let me tell you about my other schoolmate, Anatoly (Tolik) Potapov. He was born in a village called Maslovka not far from the city of Voronezh. Don't let the word village mislead you. In this blessed country, a village is a place in the suburbs where the tired breadwinner comes after a hard day's work in the city to spend the night in a comfortable house he could easily sell tomorrow for a seven-digit price. His wife picks him up from the station in one of their three cars. His well-behaved dog wags his tail at him happily from behind an invisible fence surrounding an impeccably manicured lawn. His children won't disturb his well-deserved rest; they are hanging out with their friends in one of the many relatively inexpensive eateries conveniently located just outside the neighborhood. While his wife prepares a health-conscious dinner for him, he spends 30 strenuous minutes on the treadmill, watching CNN and dissipating the stress accumulated during the day at the office.

Well, the village of Maslovka wasn't quite like that. Chances are, it was much worse than your idea of the Gulag. Both Tolik's parents were illiterate in the most literal sense of the word, just like most of their generation of villagers. Tolik was the youngest of the 14 children his mother gave birth to. Only three of them made it past the age of 3: Tolik himself, his older brother, and their much older sister. None of the three remained illiterate. His sister could read a little and even sign her name. His brother became a Ph.D. in electronics. Tolik, after graduating from Moscow U., earned himself a Ph.D. in math. At the time he disproved my theories about anti-Semitism, we were freshmen and very close friends. This is how it happened. One of our classmates, Yuri D., did something ugly. I told Tolik that I was surprised Yuri had that much ugliness in him. Tolik responded casually:

"What else can you expect from a Jew?"

He caught me unawares. I wasn't ready for someone who shared a room, most classes, most meals and lots of vodka with me to hate Jews so easily. Not knowing how to react, I said helplessly,

"I think he is Polish." (Actually, as I learned later, he was Ukrainian.)

"Jewish, Polish same difference. They are all scum,- my friend assured me.

While he was delivering this stunning revelation, I had time to ask myself if he had ever seen a real Jew until he joined the university. So, instead of reacting angrily, I asked him deviously, as every Jew worth his foreskin should, what he thought of Dr. Feldman, our calculus teacher who was very popular with the students.

"He is great!" Tolik assured me. "Why?"

"He is Jewish," I said.

"Really? Well, as they say, even among Jews one can find a good person."

Fortunately for me, at that time, Jews were grossly overrepresented both among the students and faculty. (Two years later, this aberration was ruthlessly corrected.) Poor Tolik was one of only three ethnic Russians among the group we hung out with. So, I slowly went through the list of our friends. As they were one by one exposed as Jews, Tolik's vision of the Universe changed right in front of me. When I mentioned that the girl he was desperately in love with was also Jewish, he finally became suspicious and asked me how I knew. I explained to him that Russian last names usually ended with an -ov, or -yev, or -in, while Jewish last names often sounded foreign and ended with an -er, or -man, or something else equally unlikely for a red-blooded Russian, like, for example, -berg. He looked at me with horror in his eyes.

"Yes," I told him sadistically. "Me, too."

He left the room without saying a word. I never reminded him about that conversation until he himself mentioned it a couple of months later.

"Do you remember our conversation about Yuri D.?" he asked.

"Vaguely," I said.

"I am ashamed of myself," he said.

"Forget about it," I said.

But then my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him why he had been so sure that Jews were bad people if he had never seen a Jew and couldn't tell a Jew from a Russian. He explained to me that, although, as far as he could tell, no Jew had ever lived in Maslovka of even visited there, it was common knowledge among the villagers that Jews were bad people - dishonest, full of hate, always plotting to betray the Motherland or to trick an honest Russian guy out of what was rightfully his. Besides, even those who had never been to a church (the Maslovka church had been closed decades earlier) knew that Jews were Christ-killers. Apparently, you can hate Jews easily without ever coming into a contact with a single one of them. 3984

Actually, this is a well known phenomenon. Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice was produced in 1597, 307 years after Jews were expelled from England. Most English theatergoers of the time - as well as several generations of their ancestors - had never had a chance to meet a Jew. Nevertheless, they effortlessly recognized the typically Jewish traits of the title character. Making Shylock a Gentile would have deprived the play of its essential context to a much larger degree than, for example, making Othello a Norwegian. I am sure that some Norwegians have killed out of jealousy, although among the Moors such a crime was probably more common. It's much harder to imagine a situation that would have forced a Norwegian to attempt convincing those around him that he is just as human as they are.

The apparent eternity of Diaspora has taught both Israel and the goyim a lesson that will not be unlearned. The goyim do not view us, either as individuals or as a nation, as equal and deserving of the same rights that are granted to everyone else. Look, for example, how the entire world, without a single exception, and that includes the majority of Jews both in Israel and elsewhere, accepted the crude lie of the "Palestinian people". (When Yashiko Sagamori published her article questioning the non-existent history of Palestine, most readers took it as an amazing piece of smart demagoguery rather than a statement of plain truth.) On the other hand, Jews themselves lack the mentality needed to assert their right to exist in a form of their choosing. Therefore, they can neither have a country of their own, nor enjoy full rights among Gentiles.

The restoration of Israel has changed the face of anti-Semitism but failed to diminish it. This wasn't unpredictable. Even without a single peaceful day throughout its entire modern history, Israel's economic, scientific, technological achievements can stun any unbiased observer. The never-ending Arab war against Israel is the single most important factor preventing mass aliya from all over the world. Without that war, Israel would turn into a perfectly peaceful superpower within a generation or two. Within a few decades, the absolute majority of Jews from all over the world would have been living in Israel. Why would we expect anyone on earth to want that to happen? Even though I do not think that the prosperity of the United States, or any other country in the world besides Israel, was created mainly by the Jews, our contribution has consistently been much higher than our proportion to the population. (Without it, how could we be accused of controlling the world? Just compare us to another homeless people, the Gypsies.) This is true even for anti-Semitic countries like Russia; this is even truer for those rare countries that are still good to their Jews. Why would the nations want to lose those who can be so productively exploited when needed and so easily dismissed when not? (Remember James "F-k the Jews" Baker?) Each country does it in its own manner. The Soviet Union kept its Jews from leaving by what passed for legal means there. The United States keeps all Diaspora Jews from going home by preventing Israel from defending itself.

The survival of Israel is absolutely necessary for the physical survival of the Jewish people. The surrender of Gaza is bound to be one of the stages of the new final solution. And yet, I'm sure there are still ways for Israel to save itself. In my view, however, it will be impossible until Jews finally realize that anti-Semitism is a fact of life and plan for it; that its manifestations are many and anti-Zionism is only one of them; and that we must accept this fact and learn to live with it rather than hoping that one day anti-Semitism will finally disappear. Judging by our history, anti-Semitism is likely to survive the Jews, not vice versa. Polish anti-Semitism, for example, effortlessly outlived the Polish Jewish community.

One of the most vital aspects of living with anti-Semitism should be an assertive "Israel for Jews" policy. The world, having never objected to the "Arabia for Arabs" concept, will respond by calling us racist in every language, even including Hebrew. If we are to survive at all, we will have to learn to live with that form of blood libel as well.

Yashiko Sagamori is a New York-based Information Technology consultant. To read other articles by the author, go to http://www.middleeastfacts.com/yashiko/ or email ysagamori@hotmail.com

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Posted by AFSI, April 30, 2005.

AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL/AFSI & ZOA are issuing a last call for their ten day, May 29-June 7 CHIZUK mission. The trip will include visits to the four communities of the northern Shomron which are threatened with evacuation, and two nights and three days in Gush Katif/Gaza, visiting as many of the 21 communities as possible that are slated for expulsion.

Wearing our orange shirts of solidarity, our message of "Not One Inch," will be a clear one. In addition, we will visit other threatened Shomron communities, and conclude our trip with a celebration of Yom Yerushalayim -a day of commemoration, prayer and thanks for the re-unification of Jerusalem. Since the Kassam rockets that land on Gush Katif carry the address Al Quds (Jerusalem) painted on them, it is clear that saving Gush Katif means saving Jerusalem and all of Israel.

For information, call AFSI at 212-828-2424, or write: afsi@rcn.com.

The DOV HIKIND mission, June 5-8, consists of three days and two nights in Gush Katif/Gaza offering CHIZUK to the 8,500 inhabitants, who with boundless mesiras nefesh, continue to persevere in the shadow of expulsion. For information, contact: Lev Kropsky, 718-853-9616.

If other groups are planning similar missions, please contact AFSI so that we can publicize this information as widely as possible.

Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI is a pro-active pro-Israel advocacy group. AFSI may be contacted by mail at 1623 Third Ave., Suite 205, New York, N.Y. 10128 (Tel: 212-828-2424; Fax: 212-828-1717); by email at afsi@rcn.com; or by accessing its website: www.afsi.org. Helen Freedman is Executive Director. Herb Zweibon is Chairman.

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Posted by Gerald A. Honigman, April 30, 2005.

Syndicated columnist Ray Hanania's April 22nd article about Palestinian Arabs accepting "reality" was actually an exercise in accomplishing the exact opposite.

While later uttering some welcome common sense, he prefaced this by rehashing the same, time-worn fractured fairy tales and toxic untruths which Arabs have poisoned their own people with for decades. Compared to Hamas & Co., he may be a moderate ... but everything is relative.

As it appeared in at least its April 27th version in the Orlando Sentinel, much of "Palestinians Must Accept Reality of the 'Right of Return'" was devoted to demonizing Israel for its alleged original sin regarding Arab refugees. Hanania then shifts gears and proposes that Arabs should next forget about all of this and accept a two-state solution. Who's kidding whom here?

There were so many errors in this alleged reality article, it is hard to know where to begin. The assertion that Israel bears full blame for the flight of Arabs totally ignores the fact that if a half dozen Arab states didn't invade a reborn Israel in 1948 and had accepted the 1947 partition plan, there would not have been one Arab refugee. After Arabs initiated hostilities, all Hades broke out. No one wants to stay in a war zone, and no one is squeaky clean once hostilities erupt.

The author ignores the fact that the purely Arab state of Jordan was itself created in 1922 from some 80% of the original 1920 Palestine Mandate. Had Arabs accepted the '47 plan, Arab nationalism would have thus wound up with some 90% of the total pie. So much for the Arab claim that Jews got all or most of the land.

Contrary to the article's main thrust, volumes of solid, well-documented evidence--from Arab sources as well as others--show that Arabs bore far more responsibility for the flight of their own refugees than the Jews did. As just a few of numerous sources, consider the following:

The current darling of the West, Palestinian Arab leader, Mahmoud Abbas, stated in Falastin a-Thaura in March 1976

"The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians...but instead they abandoned them, forced them to leave...and threw them into prisons (refugee camps) similar to the ghettoes in which Jews were earlier forced to live."

A frequent critic of the Zionists, The Economist, had this to say on October 2, 1948

"Various factors influenced their decision...there is little doubt that the most potent were the announcements by the Higher Arab Executive urging the Arabs to quit...clearly intimated that those Arabs who remained and accepted Jewish protection would be regarded as renegades."

And, as the last of numerous other examples that could be given, consider The Memoirs of Haled al Azm (Beirut, 1973), Syria's Prime Minister in 1948

"Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees...But we ourselves encouraged them to leave."

Now also consider the other following crucial facts Mr. Hanania ignores

When the United Nations Relief Works Agency--UNRWA--was set up to assist Arab refugees, the very word refugee had to be redefined to assist those people.

So many Arabs were recent arrivals themselves into the Palestinian Mandate that UNRWA had to adjust the very definition of "refugee" from its prior meaning of persons normally and traditionally resident to those who lived in the Mandate for a minimum of only two years prior to 1948. Do you really understand what this is saying?

Also keep in mind that for every Arab who was forced to flee the fighting that Arabs started (after all, how dare Jews want in one tiny, resurrected state what Arabs demand for themselves in some two dozen others--most conquered and forcibly Arabized from non-Arab peoples), a Jewish refugee was forced to flee Arab/Muslim lands (where they were commonly known as kilab yahud, "Jew dogs") into Israel and elsewhere...but with no UNRWA set up to assist them. As just one of many examples, greater New York City alone now has tens of thousands of Syrian Jewish refugees and their descendants.

As for those "native Palestinians," Arafat himself was born in Cairo, Egypt. Scores of thousands of other Arabs came from Egypt earlier in the 19th century with Muhammad Ali and son's Ibrahim Pasha's armies and many, like Arafat a bit later, settled in Palestine. Hamas' patron saint, Sheikh 'Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, was from Latakia, Syria...a neighbor of those Syrian Jews above.

During the mandatory period after World War I, the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission recorded additional scores of thousands of Egyptian, Syrian, and other Arabs entering into Palestine and settling there. Indeed, this influx of Arabs (with one of the world's highest birthrates) into the land is well documented, but few--except scholars--usually delve into these sources. And too many of the latter these days tend to have an anti-Israel bias and agenda...so such facts are simply ignored, down played, or whatever.

It is estimated that for each one of these incoming Arabs who were recorded, many others crossed the border under cover of darkness to enter into one of the few areas in the region where any economic development was going on because of the influx of Jewish capital. These folks later became known as "native Palestinians." Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from some of those same "Arab" countries--Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, and so forth--became the so-called settlers.

While this is not to say that there were not native Arabs also living in Palestine, it is to say that many, if not most, of the Arabs were also relative newcomers--settlers--themselves. And there were Jews whose families never left Israel/Judaea/Palestine despite the tragedy of the Roman wars and the subsequent great Diaspora as well.

Perfect justice exists nowhere among the realm of man. It wasn't present when scores of millions became refugees as a result of the partition plan which divided the Indian subcontinent into a Hindu India and a Muslim Pakistan during the very same year that Arabs rejected a similar plan which would have given them a total of 90% of the Palestinian Mandate.

The Arab-Israeli conflict could have been solved long ago had Arabs been willing to grant Jews (or Kurds, or Berbers, or black African Sudanese, etc.) a tiny sliver of the very rights they so forcibly demand for themselves. And that's the real reality Mr. Hanania refuses to confront his own rejectionist brethren with.

Gerald A. Honigman, a Florida educator, has created and conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated Arab spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in both the print media and on websites.

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Posted by Aubrey Wulfsohn, April 29, 2005.

The government of Israel has for many years become more and more dependent on the USA. Every American president is in turn praised by Jews as being the most pro-Israel president ever. When American and European politicians publicly pledge their eternal support for Israel they mean a small defenceless ghetto. The present president is better than his predecessors in that he does not make promises he will not keep The USA makes sure that Israel has not enough vital arms to last more than one week of a war and then pressures Israel by sending further arms only after there is a cease fire or retreat.

The USA is perpetrating money-for-land blackmail. American money is conditional; for instance it has usually to be spent on American contractors which is more or less universal. More importantly the USA always reneges on their promises refusing to give the promised money unless Israel agrees to further concessions. Furthermore Israel is getting promises of grants and loans worth a tiny fraction of the monetary value of the land and infrastructure that it is giving up. Under these conditions Israel should tell Uncle Sam as to where he should shove his money. One of George Bush's aides when recently visiting Israel divulged the American plan for Israel (presumably based on the disallowal of spatial expansion) to become one large metropolis with a park in the north and a park in the south. This plan has subsequently been changed to a North Israel metropolis with a park in the north and a South Israel metropolis with a park in the south.

Ariel ben Shmu'el Sharon does have reason to believe that because of the hatred of the rest of the world the only solution is for Israel to shrink to obscurity, except as a tool for the USA to divide an Arab empire. He does not believe in, or accept, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In that sense, Israel is a myth. All the Jews can go somewhere else, the lucky ones to the USA. They may go to synagogues wherever they are and mouth the words Israel, Hebron and Jerusalem and learn about a mythical Torah. There is already the officially Jewish region Birobidzhan in Russia; it has plenty of swamps and kadochis (fever). Peace now would be useful there as Israelis had experience from fixing up the Galil. They may even have, as a Jewish region, one of the U.S. states controlled by them, possibly Utah as Florida will be hard to get. Maybe Sharon is hurting as he claims, but has the compensation of a (fleeting) adoration, by most nations, as a statesman, of amassing wealth, of a Nobel Peace Prize, etc. His fans believe that what he is really doing is tricking the U.S. State Department but in reality he is nowhere competent enough to achieve this.

Even if he is right, the methods he and the Likud are using to enforce his beliefs are evil. Much is being written about this already, much too late. I cannot compare the Likud with the Natzional Sozialistiche Deutsche Arbeit's party as they are not a socialist-labour party but derived from an alliance of Herut with the former Liberal Party. Herut subsequently pulled out. Likud cleverly made a condition for incorporating Labour into the government that a religious party joins the goverment as well. They knew full well that Sharon could buy a religious party. Even the National Union is tainted by their propping up of the government and voting for the disengagement on principle. I shall not write about elective dictatorships. However I quote an old proverb: "****, said the king and all the courtiers squatted and strained because in those days the word of the king was law". Yitchak Peres can resist as he holds the axe of 'indictment' over Sharon's head and he usually gets his own way.

The Prime Minister is a tired, weak, aber-botel (i.e., with senile dementia) old man who refuels his energy only from his succeses over his opponents. This reminds me of of the Master, the rapidly aging arch-enemy of the Doctor (Who?) and who was uncertain of being reincarnated. The Master used a fiendish machine to drain off the life-energy of captured young women, virgins, beautiful in appearance, in order to renew his own. After each success against Sharon lands up with the same beatific smile which Yitchak Rabin used to have when getting a point over Menachim Begin. The tactics are not actually his but decided upon by a think tank team headed by Dov Weisglass (let the wise man not glory in his wisdom and potential riches). They are so rational that almost everything they decide upon is predictable. Unfortunately their decision, as to which settlement is to be vacated first, and when, is hard to predict.

Sharon understands only violence. He is unafraid of God, passive resistance and peaceful demonstrations. He used to terrorize Arabs but now he has turned to terrorise Jews; even Lidud MK Landau is now being over-careful. He is using the Arabs to help him terrorise the settlers in Gaza and Hebron. The Arabs will help in Gaza by picking off any protestors who manage to evade the roadblocks. He says he is unafraid of assassination but he still has a magnificent entourage of security guards. It is extremely unlikely that a rational right-wing Jew would assassinate him as Sharon would once again achieve hero status and Netanyahu, or one of the quasi-ministers, would take over without change of policy. It would be stupid for an Arab to assassinate him as he is about the best friend the Arabs have. Sharon is afraid of George Bush. He is afraid of the refusal of parts of the IDF to obey his orders. He is afraid of indictment over fraud.

His intentions have been obvious even before he became prime minister. One of his first actions as prime minister in waiting was to offer ex-general ben Eliezer the ministry of defence. All these kibbutz-class over-rapidly promoted generals share the same political views. His treatment of the security of Hebron and environs made it evident that Hebron was a thorn in his side and he wanted to get rid of the Jewish presence there. It is sure that he is quite willing to cede the old city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to the Arabs - the Temple Mount is at present virtually under their complete control He is a 'godfather' using the Palestinian Authority, and associates, to help him make an offer to the settlers that they can't refuse. He is not averse to letting the Arabs do his work for him, killing, usually religious, soldiers and popping off 'settlers' whenever they can. The purpose of his lack of reaction to their attacks is to scare the residents into leaving the Gaza strip.

Sharon is going backwards, not forwards. There will be no U-turn and it is pointless to send him, or Georges Bush, begging letters In the past he had many achievements but hardly any of these have remained or will remain. The Sinai has been given away, Gaza is back to chaos and will be given away as well. The Lebanese border is still dangerous and almost all of the 'settlements' are on their way out. What else has he done besides unnecessarily losing battle-fodder?

According to ex prime minister Ehud Barak, and he should know, Sharon is corrupt. Hardly any other Jew in Israel could accuse Sharon of this without landing in jail. The Courts are corrupt in that they are unduly influenced by their political views and their personal animosity to orthodox judaism. In theory, for a non-Israeli democracy, the legislature and the judiciary are independent. Certain people are getting kickbacks for the sale, at ridiculously low prices, of infrastructures in territory to be vacated.

Sharon is bluffing when he threatens a new election - it is likely that he would lose and this bothers a large 'perquarantage' of MK's who do not want to lose their jobs. However, he does not need the Likud. I noticed in the last election campaign that the posters for the Likud had a large 'VOTE SHARON' and as an afterthought mentioned 'Likud' in small print. He might become head of a diferent faction but unlikely to have enough support to form a stable government even with the help of a presumably smaller Shinui and the Arabs.

The purpose of his anti-referendum stance is to obfuscate the disengagement issue and allow him to win his budget vote. He has not much reason to dislike a referendum because, as his team will be wording the referendum to his advantage and because there is a large minority of Arab and non-Jew Israelis who would support the disengagement. Arab-Israelis would be allowed to settle anywhere they liked without losing their citizenship so the disengagement would be convenient for them and Sharon is at present trying to get the Arab vote by trying to relax the extended family restrictions. Many parties are in favour of a referendum because they would lose seats in the new elections. Some of the religious party MK's wanted a referendum as this would have let them retain their jobs and put them off the hook for supporting disengagement.

Sharon manipulates the greed of the religious parties; he has stated correctly that he could buy whatever religious party that he wishes. He bought off Binyomim ben Ben-Zion Netanyahu, the price being allowing him a free hand into instituting a capitalist state; like Hoffmann's Shlemiel, Netanyahu should avoid looking in a mirror. All the religious parties, though not simultaneously, have been propping up the government knowing full well its intentions. They are relying the 'Messiah Solution'; when the Messiah comes they will get it all back and they are quite willing to wait. The religious party MK's are unreliable, in some instances twisting the intentions of their sages to their own advantage. Even the sages are up for sale and unphased about the loss of holy sites - they are more worried about money for education and their students having to be eligible for the army. They would be quite happy with the mythical Israel, unlike the Naturei Carta who especially do have a strong link to the Land of Israel. They would, for money, agree to support the government in the budget vote even knowing that their subsequent antdisengagement would be useless. MK Gafni of UTJ actually said they were washing their hands of opposition to the disengagement and that this should be dealt with by God directly. God will not help them as they have little merit. After the budget passes they will be rely on God without any imput on their own part. God does not act this way.

There is also what I call the 'Shabatai Zvi Option' - all Jews convert formally to Islam and this is easy - they could still eat kosher and go to shul as Shabatai did. This option worked for Shabatai in Turkey and prevented a mass progrom (to the dismay of the western press). However this will not work in Israel as we are dealing not with Turks but with Arabs who are not averse to killing other Muslims, and even other Arabs.

There is a myth, put out by guess who, that Sharon is the only one who is capable of running Israel and dealing with America. He seems to have convinced most Israelis on this. Another myth is that that settling on land is Sharon's idea. Way before the State of Israel existed settlers specifically started farming in the northern Galilee and, despite the Tel Hai disaster, enabled that little but strategic bump to be incorporated in the Israel in the original partition - it was not Sharon's idea.

The claim of civil war is ridiculous - how can there be a civil war between the virtually unarmed citizens against the IDF and para-military police. That is not civil war, that is a a massacre. Anyway there is already a civil war in Israel between the Arabs and the Jews. A bloodless putsch by the IDF could topple Sharon. What would he, in his previous incarnation as General Sharon, have done? Encircled the Knesset by tanks till it capitulates (idea due to Golda Meir)? After his downfall Israel must be careful to use violence only in self-defence, the interpretation thereof being loose enough for positive action. The nations, united only by their hatred of Israel, would love nothing better than to bomb it to smithereens.

No-one took heed of God's prophet Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch; they paid him lip service and went to him to get blessings. He had warned Menachem Begin, Yitchak Shamir and others as to the blood of Jews which would be shed, resulting from giving up territory. He had forecast that the Arabs would refuse (97 percent of) Israel when offered (as by ex PM Barak); this was even rational as the Arabs are extremely reluctant to voluntarily give up parts of the holy land to Jews; they follow the Torah law of not giving away any of the Holy Land.

Why is the President of Israel not saying anything, or does he agree with Sharon's plan? President Ezer Weitzmann did not hesitate to criticise government policy. The incumbent chief rabbis say nothing - they do not want to lose their jobs.

I end with a suggestion for the Jews who love the Land of Israel. One of the prayers in the eighteen benedictions, said three times daily, morning, afternoon and evening,on weekdays is for the uprooting of the 'malchus harosha'ah', the Wicked Kingdom. Those who pray should deeply intend that passage instead of just rushing through it. This is not a prayer for the death of those concerned, just their removal from power. Similarly to what Rabbi Ovadiah Joseph said; may they all live to be a hundred and twenty

The base to the present wicked kingdom is the axis of evil, made up the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Defence Minister. Almost all the cabinet ministers constitute the rest.They are nowhere near the level of their fathers.

Aubrey Wulfsohn is at the Warwick Mathematics Institute in Coventry,

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Posted by Janet Lehr, April 29, 2005.

I sat at the Seder and paid attention to the math, what about the Israeli press!!!

80,000 Israelis converged in Gush Katif in Gaza this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, this was not reported in the American media, and probably not widely reported in Israel. But 80,000 Israelis are equivalent to 860,000 Americans. 80,000 is equivalent to about million protesters!!! [Editor's note: Estimates varied betwen

This article is called "What Israel can - and must - learn from the French" aand was written by Caroline B. Glick and appeared today in Jewish World Review.

http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | So it looks like the EU's constitution might have run up against an iceberg. According to a report from Paris in The Weekly Standard, French President Jacques Chirac may have overplayed his EU card by allowing the French people to decide by referendum whether or not they wish to ratify the French-authored, 448-article EU constitution. Opinion polls taken in mid-April indicate that 56 percent of French voters now oppose the constitution which they are set to vote on in late May.

According to the report, French opposition to the constitution is based on a combination of economic populism and general distaste for the entire project - one which diminishes their national sovereignty and puts them under the control of people they dislike and distrust.

If this negative trend is not reversed, it seems that the French voters will reject the plans of the nonelected European bureaucratic elite that have been more or less pushing through the program of European unification for the past few decades without public oversight. That is, the European elite, in progressing to their post-nationalist (and anti-American) dream regime of multinational elites writing treaties and regulations and hatching plots together in Brussels, may actually suffer the consequences of cutting themselves off from the people in whose name they purport to be working.

The most striking aspect of this turn of events is that it reminds us what it means to live in a democratically governed society. It means that when elections are free and fair and direct, the leaders of any particular government are supposed to reflect the collective will of their people and that the policies of a democratically elected government will, at the end of the day, be a reflection of the self-interests of the community of voters that make up its society. If, as the West has for the past 400 or so years, the citizens of a country are considered rational actors, then the result of elections should be the emergence and development of peaceful, non-revolutionary, wealth-creating societies.

In countries where elections are corrupted - either by non-direct electoral processes or by regimes that organize them in a manner that prevent the people from exercising an authentic free choice - the connection between the governed and their leaders becomes attenuated and the policies of the government will not be informed necessarily by the interest of the people.

This is the case, no doubt, in Saudi Arabia. Last Saturday, in the third round of municipal elections in that absolute monarchy, Islamist candidates were swept into office. The fact that women in Saudi Arabia are denied the vote, like the fact that the country is governed as much by the religious thought police as by the secret police, no doubt had something to do with the results.

In the Palestinian Authority the situation is even more acute. Palestinians are governed by a series of interlocking yet quasi-independent tyrannies. On the one hand, they have the PA itself with its secret police and goon squads, better known as the Palestinian security forces, that determine whether they will receive jobs, various licenses or permits to work in Israel. As well, the PA determines the content of school and university curricula, mosque sermons, newspapers, and radio and television broadcasts.

On the other hand, Palestinians are governed by the terrorist organizations that rule their streets from Rafah to Jenin. Some, like Hamas, bring them into their fold through Saudi-funded welfare services. Others, like Fatah, bring them in by intimidating them or paying them off with PA, Iranian or Hizbullah-financed salaries.

Given this situation, the PA-ruled areas can be compared to a jungle and the strongest force in any particular area is the most popular one.

So, when PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas wants to pander to the people, he panders to the strongmen, who are also terrorists. This presents both Israel and the US with an unworkable situation. Under pressure from both to reform his security services, he turns to strongman Rashid Abu Shabak - strongman Muhammad Dahlan's replacement as head of the Preventive Security Service (the PA version of the KGB) - to head the PSS in both Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

Shabak is a powerful man. But he is also a mass murderer and master terrorist. He commanded the bombing of the school bus in Kfar Darom in November 2000 that killed two adults and left three children legless. He is known in Gaza as both the father of the Palestinian mortars - over 5,000 of which have rained down on Israeli communities in the area since their introduction in 2001 - and as the "collaborator hunter." According to The Jerusalem Post's Khaled Abu Toameh, over the past several years, Shabak has "hunted down" more than 100 Palestinians who have assisted Israel in its counter-terror operations.

Yet in the jungle of Palestinian society, it is not enough to coddle terrorists. What is most important is to be a terrorist. And so, Hamas is poised to become a political force to be reckoned with after the planned July 17 elections for the Palestinian legislature. Hamas leaders have already made clear that they are first and foremost a terrorist organization and will not abandon their arms as a result of their political involvement. As Mushir al-Masri told the press this week, "Our fingers will remain on the trigger." Masri maintained that Hamas's participation in the elections, "does not mean it is on the way to becoming a political party."

In the meantime, the Palestinians, election or no election, are preparing for the next round of war, which they plan to open in September, immediately after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to expel all Israeli citizens from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria is completed.

This week there were several reports that Palestinians have already smuggled anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns into Judea and Samaria. The Islamic Jihad is reorganizing in the Jenin area which is set for Israeli withdrawal. At the same time, the IDF is sending special forces to man the 180-km border with Egypt which now, for the first time since the signing of the peace treaty 25 years ago, is considered by the IDF to constitute a strategic threat to Israel.

As for Israel, after buying off a sufficient number of Likud backbenchers to prevent a national referendum on his planned withdrawal and expulsion plan, Sharon managed to scare a lot of friends of Israel in Washington earlier in the month with his talk of the likelihood of civil war breaking out. Americans take the specter of civil war very seriously.

But what they cannot possibly understand from where they sit is that it isn't the Israelis slated for expulsion from their homes that wish for civil war, but Sharon's newfound supporters on the far Left. Voicing this bloodlust most recently was Haaretz columnist and Susan Sontag-admiring pseudo-intellectual Avirama Golan. Golan explained her opposition to the proposal to build new communities in Nitzanim for the set-for-expulsion Israelis thus: "Transferring the evacuees from Gush Katif to a brand new neighborhood built especially for them along the beautiful strip of Nitzanim transmits a problematic implicit message. This is a message that says [once again] to the Jewish settlers in the territories: You are a chosen group You will not be like all the other Israelis... If this is what the government does in the evacuation of Gush Katif, the main sting of the evacuation of the settlements will be neutralized It will be as though nothing has been done."

So, for Golan, if the thousands of Israelis whom the government plans to forcibly expel from their homes and farms are not treated poorly, then the whole operation won't be meaningful. She wants her political antagonists who insist on believing in God and Jewish rights to suffer. And if they don't, then Sharon will have failed her.

What Golan represents is the Israeli version of the European elites. She and her buddies represent a tiny minority of Israelis, but like their European counterparts, they exert a great deal of influence through their control of the media, the legal system and the universities. As Amnon Abromovich, Channel 2's chief commentator, said of the prime minister at a conference on Sharon's withdrawal plan, "In my view, we must protect Sharon not only from political threats but also from legal threats."

When his remarks were subject to scrutiny this week, he relented and said that Sharon should only be protected by the media until September - after the withdrawal goes through.

Eighty-thousand Israelis braved the rocket-and-mortar onslaught on the Israeli communities in Gaza on Wednesday to come to Gush Katif and demonstrate against Sharon's planned withdrawal. The prime minister's supporters claim that a majority of Israelis support the plan. But the truth is probably different. A majority of Israelis is probably indifferent today to the plan, but indifference cannot be confused with support.

Given this, and given that from day to day it becomes increasingly apparent just how ill-advised Sharon's plan is from both a strategic and an operational perspective, it is clear why Sharon and his elitist supporters and protectors are so deathly afraid of a referendum. But the issue that Israelis, friends of Israel and supporters of Israeli democracy should be raising now is as follows: The French have recourse to a referendum to voice their views on a project that was undertaken largely without their consent and with which they have become increasingly disenchanted. The Israeli pubic is forced by events to face the dangers that Sharon's plan poses to the country and its citizens.

In the absence of a referendum - and assuming that the government will not fall before the withdrawal because the Labor, Yahad (Meretz) and Arab parties will protect Sharon to ensure that elections are out of the question - what is the vehicle through which Israelis will be able to voice their opposition to a plan adopted without their consent with which they are becoming increasingly disenchanted?

Janet Lehr is editor/publisher of a daily e-mail called "Israel Lives." She can be contacted at janetlehr@mindstring.com

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 29, 2005.

This was written by Victor Davis Hanson, a military historian and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. His website is victorhanson.com. This appeared in www.nationalreview.com/hanson/hanson200504290803.asp

Last year the hysteria about the hostility toward the United States reached a fevered pitch. Everyone from Jimmy Carter to our Hollywood elite lamented that America had lost its old popularity. It was a constant promise of the Kerry campaign to restore our good name and "to work with our allies." The more sensitive were going to undo the supposed damage of the last four years. Whole books have been devoted to this peculiar new anti-Americanism, but few have asked whether or not such suspicion of the United States is, in fact, a barometer of what we are doing right - and while not necessarily welcome, at least proof that we are on the correct track.

The Egyptian autocracy may have received $57 billion in aggregate American aid over the last three decades. But that largess still does not prevent the Mubarak dynasty from damning indigenous democratic reformers by dubbing them American stooges. In differing ways, the Saudi royal family exhibits about the same level of antagonism toward the U.S. as do the Islamic fascists of al Qaeda - both deeply terrified by what is going on in Iraq. Mostly this animus arises because we are distancing ourselves from corrupt grandees, even as we have become despised as incendiary democratizers by the Islamists. Is that risky and dangerous? Yes. Bad? Hardly.

At the U.N. it is said that a ruling hierarchy mistrusts the United States and that a culture of anti-Americanism has become endemic within the organization. No wonder - the Americans alone push for more facts about the Oil-for-Food scandal, question Kofi Annan's breaches of ethics, and want investigations about U.N. crimes in Africa. If we are mistrusted for caring about those thousands who are inhumanely treated by a supposedly humane organization, then why in the world should we wish to be liked by such a group?

EU bureaucrats and French politicians routinely caricature Americans, whipping up public opinion against the United States, even as they fly here to profess eagerness to maintain the old NATO transatlantic ties. Is it to our discredit that what Europe has now devolved into does not like the United States?

Mexico, we are told, is furious at the United States. Mexico City newspapers routinely trash Americans. Vicente Fox usually sounds more like a belligerent than the occasional visitor at the presidential ranch. That is not so bad either.

In short, who exactly does not like the United States and why? First, almost all the 20 or so illiberal Arab governments that used to count on American realpolitik's giving them a pass on accounting for their crimes. They fear not the realist Europeans, nor the resource-mad Chinese, nor the old brutal Russians, but the Americans, who alone are prodding them to open their economies and democratize their corrupt political cultures. We must learn to expect, not lament, their hostility, and begin to worry that things would be indeed wrong if such unelected dictators praised the United States.

The United Nations has sadly become a creepy organization. Its General Assembly is full of cutthroat regimes. The Human Rights Commission has had members like Vietnam and Sudan, regimes that at recess must fight over bragging rights to which of the two killed more of their own people. The U.N. has a singular propensity to find flawed men to be secretary-general - a Kurt Waldheim, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, or Kofi Annan. Blue-helmeted peace-keepers, we learn, are as likely to commit as prevent crimes; and the only thing constant about such troops is that they will never go first into harm's way in Serbia, Kosovo, the Congo, or Dafur to stop genocide. Even worse, the U.N. has proved to be a terrible bully, an unforgivable sin for a self-proclaimed protector of the weak and innocent - loud false charges against Israel for its presence in the West Bank, not a peep about China in Tibet; tough talk about Palestinian rights, far less about offending Arabs over Darfur. So U.N. anti-Americanism is a glowing radiation badge, proof of exposure to toxicity.

The EU is well past being merely silly, as its vast complex of bureaucrats tries to control what 400 million speak, eat, and think. Its biggest concerns are three: figuring out how its nations are to keep paying billions of euros to retirees, unemployed, and assorted other entitlement recipients; how to continue to ankle-bite the United States without antagonizing it to the degree that these utopians might have to pay for their own security; and how not to depopulate itself out of existence. Europeans sold Saddam terrible arms for oil well after the first Gulf War. Democratic Israel or Taiwan means nothing to them; indeed, democracy is increasingly becoming the barometer by which to judge European hostility. Cuba, China, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah - not all that bad; the United States, Taiwan, and Israel, not all that good. Personally, I'd rather live in a country that goes into an anguished national debate over pulling the plug on a lone woman than one that blissfully vacations on the beach oblivious to 15,000 elderly cooked to well done back in Paris.

Mexico, enjoying one of the richest landscapes in the world, can't feed its own people, so it exports its poorest to the United States. Its own borders with Central America are as brutal to cross as our own are porous. Illegal aliens send back almost $50 billion, which has the effect of propping up corrupt institutions that as a result will never change. Given its treatment of its own people, if the Mexican government praised the United States we should indeed be concerned.

Who then are America's friends? Perhaps one billion Indians, who appreciated that at a time of recession we kept our economy open, and exported jobs and expertise there that helped evolve its economy.

Millions of Japanese trust America as well. Unlike the Chinese, who on script vandalized Japanese interests abroad in anguish over right-wing Japanese textbooks, Americans - who at great cost once freed China - without such violence urge the Japanese to deal honestly with the past. After all, the Tokyo government that started the war is gone and replaced by a democracy; in contrast, the Communist dictatorship that killed 50 million of its own and many of its neighbors is still in place in China. At a time when no one in Europe seems to care that Japan is squeezed between a nuclear North Korea and a nuclear China, the United States alone proves a reliable friend. The French, on spec, conduct maneuvers with the ascendant Communist Chinese navy.

Eastern Europeans do not find the larger families, religiosity, or commitment to individualism and freedom in America disturbing. Apparently, millions in South America don't either - if their eagerness to emigrate here is any indication.

It is the wage of the superpower to be envied. Others weaker vie for its influence and attention - often when successful embarrassed by the necessary obsequiousness, when ignored equally shamed at the resulting public impotence. The Cold War is gone and former friends and neutrals no longer constrain their anti-American rhetoric in fear of a cutthroat and nuclear Soviet Union. Americans are caricatured as cocky and insular - as their popular culture sweeps the globe.

All that being said, the disdain that European utopians, Arab dictatorships, the United Nations, and Mexico exhibit toward the United States is not - as the Kerry campaign alleged in the last election - cause for tears, but often reason to be proud, since much of the invective arises from the growing American insistence on principles abroad.

America should not gratuitously welcome such dislike; but we should not apologize for it either. Sometimes the caliber of a nation is found not in why it is liked, but rather in why it is not. By January 1, 1941, I suppose a majority on the planet - the Soviet Union, all of Eastern Europe, France, Italy, Spain, and even many elsewhere in occupied Europe, most of Latin America, Japan and its Asian empire, the entire Arab world, many in India - would have professed a marked preference for Hitler's Germany over Churchill's England.

Think about it. When Europe orders all American troops out; when Japan claims our textbooks whitewash the Japanese forced internment or Hiroshima; when China cites unfair trade with the United States; when South Korea says get the hell off our DMZ; when India complains that we are dumping outsourced jobs on them; when Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians refuse cash aid; when Canada complains that we are not carrying our weight in collective North American defense; when the United Nations moves to Damascus; when the Arab Street seethes that we are pushing theocrats and autocrats down its throat; when Mexico builds a fence to keep us out; when Latin America proclaims a boycott of the culturally imperialistic Major Leagues; and when the world ignores American books, films, and popular culture, then perhaps we should be worried. But something tells me none of that is going to happen in this lifetime.

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 29, 2005.

Miracles do happen - sometimes.

Recall when Pharaoh sent his troops to capture or kill the Jews being led out of Egypt by Moshe Rebbeinu. The Jews had their backs to the proverbial wall or, in this case, between the Pharaoh's pursuing army and the Nile River at the Sea of Reeds. There was no normal way that they were going to escape the might of Pharaoh's army.

After the ten plagues, the first miracle on their journey was a Pillar of Fire which appeared between the advancing forces of Pharaoh and the Jewish people.

The Pharaoh's army was halted in what was clearly a miracle of major proportions. The prior miracles of the 10 Plagues should have been sufficient to warn off Pharaoh as well as the officers and men of his army. But, leaders who think they are earthly gods have no need of warnings from a higher authority.

The Pillar of Fire should have turned them around but, despite the Fire Pillar, Pharaoh drove them forward.

Perhaps it is time once again for HaShem to bring back His Pillar of Fire to stand between the Jews of Gush Katif and Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon's army, pressed into service to forcibly remove Jews from their homes.

Like Pharaoh, Sharon has crowned himself to become a demi-god, answerable to no one except himself. He believed his own propaganda which the Israelis used to shout - "Arik, Melech Yisrael (King of Israel)".

Sharon, like Pharaoh should have been alarmed by all of the Plagues. Sharon's Plagues were the Terror attacks the Muslim Arab Palestinians brought against Israel, the Wars, the Terror but - like Pharaoh, Sharon was blinded by his own arrogance. He refused to recognize or understand that the Arab Muslim Palestinians were a plague in and of themselves, not only infecting the Jewish nation but, wherever Islam felt empowered by the successful Arab Muslim Palestinians Terror attacks on the Jews to attack all Free Western countries globally.

Imagine the consternation of Sharon, who like Pharaoh, had around him advisors of a low and corrupt nature. Once he too was an advisor to Menachem Begin, along with Ezer Weizman and Moshe Dayan during the Camp David Accords which led to the abandonment of the Sinai.

Have you noticed that whenever there is to be an abandonment of Jewish Land (given by G-d to the Jewish people in perpetuity), Sharon and, of course, Shimon Peres are always there to execute the dangerous deed?

Imagine if the Pillar of Fire moved about, in front of Sharon, then forward to the Knesset and the Supreme Court.

Imagine the consternation of all the nations to see such a miraculous display.

Would the these G-dless and corrupt Jews flee the country or accept a higher authority through "teshuvah"?

I suppose this is wishful thinking but you (all of you) might ask HaShem to return His Pillar of Fire and disabuse Sharon, Bush, Peres, et al, of their plans to force the Jews off their Land HaShem promised to Abraham in perpetuity.

I fear, however, that all Israelis will first have to be dealt a mighty blow before they throw off the leadership of Arik Sharon and his collaborators, the Peresites.

Those good people who faithfully settled the formerly barren Land and believe in a Higher Authority will no doubt unfairly suffer for a crime for which they are not responsible.

Hopefully, that will be of short duration or, perhaps for them, not at all. Those who believe in nothing but themselves and call themselves "The Left" may very well meet the fate of Korach. (Korach and his followers who opposed the leadership of Moshe Rebbeinu were swallowed up by the earth in a "miraculous" earthquake - courtesy of HaShem.)

Hopefully, HaShem will deliver the wake-up call that gives "The Left" sufficient time to abandon the evil path they have chosen. Here I include President George W. Bush who surely has brought retribution upon the good people of America who do not deserve the punishment they will have to share with the Bush Dynasty and his crowd of advisors. Whether it is a collapsing economy, a plague or natural disasters it's coming our way.

We do live in interesting times. (By the way, that is a Chinese curse NOT a blessing.)

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm).

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 29, 2005.


Rabin was the first radical Prime Minister of Israel. His Labor Party predecessors were somewhat appeasement-minded, but not so extreme in what they would cede. Timid in pursuing Jewish rights and interests, they never boldly and public made a case for what the Jewish people are entitled to. That enabled the evolving misinterpretation of the Balfour Declaration and Palestine Mandate, so that our contemporaries do not know, and cannot tell from a cursory glance at the preamble, that the Mandate was meant to confer Jewish statehood on the whole little area now comprising Israel, the Territories, and Jordan. The Laborites were so docile towards the British, as to be taken for granted (as they are now towards the US).

When in self-defense Israel liberated Judea-Samaria and Gaza, it failed to plan strategically for integrating them into the State. Instead, Moshe Dayan turned the keys of the Temple Mount and of Hebron over to the otherwise quaking Arabs (who then abused Israel's trust in them). He should have retrieved property that the Jordanians and pogromniks had seized from Jews years earlier.

To get a Jewish presence back into Hebron, religious and patriotic Jews had to use subterfuge. Other Jews similarly set up isolated little settlements amid the Arabs, or in unsettled areas that then the government let Arabs come in, surround, and now claim that these are Arab areas from which the Jews should vacate.

Leftists cite Zionist subterfuge with indignation. The shame is that the patriots had to resort to such measures, because Leftists left them no alternative. Their indignation should be against the anti-Zionist, self-denying, self-destructive policies of the Left. Leftist appeasement of the fanatical Arab enemy is recipe for war and defeat. It lays somewhere between treason and suicide.

What should Israel have done? First, at the end of the Arab attempt to exterminate the Israeli Jews in 1949, Israel should have expelled the remaining Arabs, with compensation for those known to have helped Israel, and let none in. Israel today would not have an Arab fifth column and there would be no Arabs in Knesset to tip the balance against measures of national security.

Second, when Israel acquired the Territories, it should have annexed all the vacant land, isolating the Arab cities. It should not have granted the Arabs of Jerusalem the privileges of Israeli health and welfare benefits. It should have let the Arabs out of the area, if they wished, but not to work in Israel. There would have been no hinterland to build a PLO state out of. There would have been little income to keep the Arabs anchored there. Those Arabs would have left. That would have ended the problem with the Palestinian Arabs, though not with the Arab world. Israel would have had secure boundaries from the east, north, and partly from the south. The southern approach would have been more secure if Israel had kept the Sinai. Israel's mistake is to try to please its concession-demanding and territory-demanding critics, who in any case are implacable, rather than figure out what is best for it.


Abbas had a terrible record, but was hailed as the hope for reform and for peace. Other than a few perfunctory nods to peace, he has continued violating agreements and upholding jihad. That is in line with the Arab methodology of false promises and subversion. To someone familiar with jihad, this is unsurprising. To someone else who finds out about it, it should be appalling. Why then is there no outcry against him?

I think that the answers are: (1) Western conspiracy with the Arabs against Israel; (2) A media conspiracy of silence about the Arab record; and (3) Wishful thinking that: (a) Maybe Abbas will come to reason; and (2) Maybe Israel soon will be gone. Abbas will not come to reason, Western style. He doesn't think like a Westerner. He is succeeding using Arab methods. There is no hint of Western or Israeli retribution. This way, he takes no risks; he avoids potential assassination.


In two incidents, the IDF caught one or more Arabs carrying a sack of arms from the Sinai to Gaza. Egypt did not assist the IDF (IMRA, 3/30).

This is open country. It has just a few roads and a short border. Egyptian police easily could intercept such smuggling. Obviously, Egypt wants the arms to go to the terrorists.


Likud Party officials in the Knesset who supported PM Sharon's abandonment plan or the budget on which his regime keeps its tenure, were given Cabinet posts at great government expense and inefficiency during budgetary austerity. The public recognized how cynical a ploy that is (IMRA, 3/30).


The Court ruled valid the conversions by alien workers and tourists who started studying Judaism in Israel, then went to a foreign country for a swift, non-Orthodox conversion, and returned to Israel as immigrants under the Law of Return and entitled to a few thousand dollars of subsidies.

The problem with non-Orthodox conversion is that the Orthodox don't recognize it, and consider as gentiles such "converts," who pledge to only a minimal observance of Judaism. The Orthodox are not allowed to marry such non-Jews, whom the Court dubs "Jews," by government decree, not by religion. As a result, the Orthodox will have to keep a register of authentic Jews, to protect legitimate Jews from marrying quickie ones.

MK Effie Eitam said, "The Supreme Court is carrying out a hostile takeover of the character and identity of the State of Israel as a Jewish state in accordance with Jewish tradition. Judges who represent an extremist and marginal worldview within Israeli society are forcing their opinions on the general public." The judges are issuing religious rulings, which is not their provenance, and they are issuing them in order to blur Judaism. That is in accordance with their secularist hostility towards the religion (Arutz-7, 3/31).

When people criticize Israel for not having separation of religion from state, do they have in mind the Supreme Court interference with religion, i.e., with the Jewish religion? (One does not hear of Israeli interference with the Muslim religion.)


After a heavy bombardment of Jewish communities in Gaza, several residents held a peaceful protest along the road. Without notice to desist, the police suddenly declared the protest illegal (though it wasn't). They arrested them and the prosecutors demanded that they remain under house arrest for the whole process of their proceedings, which lasts for months. This is a way of keeping them subdued during their communities' uprooting from Gaza. Violent demonstrators often are held for shorter periods, but this is political by the government (Arutz-7, 3/31).

Keeping Jews immobile during the drawn out proceedings is a means of undemocratic punishment of the innocent, in Israel, commonly thought to be democratic. It deprives families of their livelihoods. What does the government think they would do, if able to move about freely, in between hearings?

So now the law is what the cop says? Nothing may be done without government permission? Anyone who doesn't is scolded as not obeying the law, as if such law has any legitimacy. In Israel, the law is used to restrict democracy. Although Israelis pride themselves on having a government of laws, it is a government of activist judges, high-handed PMs, and rogue cops.


The effect of the separation barrier, unilateral withdrawal, and building in Jerusalem's suburbs just over the Green Line represents an Israeli definition of its future border. (Yes, that is what the Right warned of, but nobody listened). The notion of the barrier becoming a border gained ground when the Supreme Court of Israel (and the World Court) demanded that the fence be recast nearer the Green Line that the world and the Left would like to be the border with a PLO state.

The Green Line is just the armistice line from the war's end in 1949. (Yes, I stress that, because it shows a lack of significance to that line, which therefore has no standing to be a border.)

The area on the Israeli side of the fence encompasses only 8% of Judea-Samaria, and this is before final status negotiations. (Negotiations imply more Arab demands and Israeli concessions.) Some of the Jewish towns further in may not remain Israeli. (This puts the lie to critics of Israel who asserted that the fence was a major land grab. The critics probably counted on most people not having access to maps that would refute their assertion. When I saw such a map, I realized that the land-grab criticism was false propaganda.)

99.5% of the Arabs in Judea-Samaria would live on the Arab side of the fence. This amounts to fewer than 10,000 out of two million Arabs! (That fact further refutes critics' claims that Israel is occupying and oppressing the Arabs and that the Arabs have some right to "resist". Besides, at Oslo, they abjured warfare.)

The Arabs are not satisfied with having control over 99.5% of their people in 92% of Judea-Samaria (though why they should have any there is a good question). "They argue that all Israeli settlements beyond the Green Line are illegal. They reject the annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967. (It should be "eastern Jerusalem," but the "Times" would rather imply that it is a separate city and Israel's inclusion of it within Jerusalem is unnatural and improper). They contend that the 8% of the W. Bank inside the barrier is among the best land for housing and agriculture. Unilateralism, they say, is no substitute for negotiations."

(The "Times" accurately stated the Arabs' inaccurate claims. That is an old "Times" trick. Reiterate the Arabs' false arguments as on a par with the Israelis' true statement of international law, without stating the Israeli case. That fails to establish what is factual. Is the land inside the barrier best for housing and agriculture? What if it were? Israel has legitimate claims to it. The "Times" condoning of Arab falsehood and omission of the Israeli view leaves readers unable to decide properly for themselves. Unaware and deceived, many tend to side with the Arabs.)

(Why should Israel negotiate further with these Arabs who violate what previously was negotiated with them? Why should Israel ever negotiate with fanatics out to destroy it?)

(The Arabs can reject the annexations, but annexation is legal, reasonable, and ethical. The Arabs, after all, were the aggressors and still are. As scofflaws, the Arabs are in a poor position to complain about other things being illegal. Most of their building in Jerusalem and much of it in the Territories and in Israel is illegal.)

Israel is in violation of its commitment to the Road Map. PM Sharon says he has not begun to implement the Map, because it has as a prerequisite the P.A. eradication of terrorism, which prerequisite the P.A. has not met (and refuses to). (Here the "Times" did give the Israeli answer. It is a satisfactory answer. However, the "Times" crafts this and most articles to engender indignation against Israel and not the Arabs for cheating on agreements.)

"Large municipal boundaries around smaller communities are a standard Israeli device, critics say, to make it seem that new settlement construction is merely "thickening" existing settlements. The official municipal boundaries of Male Adumim are huge, larger that Tel Aviv's, and stretch nearly to Jericho. The settlement is built up on only about 15% of its official area.

(My reply to this is more analytic than factual. Perhaps some of the boundaries are too extensive. But that happens. My father's town of New Milford, CT, is physically larger than Manhattan. However, it is reasonable to allow for natural growth. The US does not want to allow that. Therefore, the State Dept. criticism is unreasonable, in any case.)

"Given the proximity to Jerusalem, the passions on both sides are intense. Israelis want E1 (the area to connect Jerusalem with Maale Adumim) to provide contiguity of Jewish settlement around Jerusalem, while Palestinians (Arabs) want it to ensure contiguity of Palestinian settlement between East Jerusalem and the W. Bank." (Steven Erlanger, 4/19, p.1.)

This statement equates the wishes of the Arab aggressors and their Israeli victims, who have the far better legal, ethical, and historical claim to the Holy City and the right to protect their capital from repeat Arab terrorism and invasion. It misstates the passions of the Arab rulers. The Arabs have never shown permanent interest in Jerusalem, until the infidels get it. Then the Arabs want it. It does not have much historical or religious significance to them, myths about it notwithstanding. When Jordan controlled the Old City, it neglected the mosque on the Temple Mount, kept Jews from their holiest site, discouraged Christian access, and it used to have snipers firing upon Jews in the New City. Giving the P.A. control over the Old City and other parts of eastern Jerusalem would return the city to civil war and Islamic intolerance of other faiths' holy places. The "Times" does not provide that type of historical and factual background, which would undermine its case.

Neither does the "Times" explain that the Arabs have been striving to surround or cut off Jewish communities. The Arab complaint that in this case, Israel is moving to preserve its communities, is hypocritical. If the public knew how pervasive Arab hypocrisy is, it would give less credence to Arab arguments.


Abbas promised to end P.A. media defamation of Israel. Weeks later, P.A. TV still featured claims such as that the Jewish state tortured, burned, and exterminated Arabs in the name of God (Arutz-7, 4/1).

Ironically, Israel doesn't do much of anything in the name of God. Its secularists are in charge. The Arabs are lying about Israel, as if Israel were fanatical like the Arabs.


The official newspaper of Egypt alleges that Israel bars peace by deliberately starting conflicts elsewhere in the region. No examples given (IMRA, 3/25).

The Arabs routinely slander. Defamation is their means of argument and propaganda. It also reflects Arab antisemitism, which fantasizes that the Jews constantly plot mischief. It is not seemly for Egypt, which started several wars and many raids against Israel and gratuitously intervened in Yemen's civil war, to complain that another country starts conflicts.


In what post-abandonment security planning is the Sharon-Peres regime engaging? None disclosed, none discerned.

Abandonment is fraught with risk. Security afterwards should be planned. Some of the measures would encounter heavy international condemnation, that might be somewhat ameliorated by public relations. Effective public relations mean criticizing the Arabs. In case you haven't noticed, the government of Israel rarely criticizes the murdering, arms-smuggling, treaty-violating Arabs for anything worse than "not trying hard enough" to do something positive to which they have agreed (Dr. Aaron Lerner, IMRA, 3/31).

Although the Arabs, proceeding with a strategic plan for the conquest of Israel in phases, complain that Israel constantly schemes, Israel does no strategic planning. Israel is content with the status quo. Israel does not consider the consequences of policies such as Oslo, Map, and abandonment. It fails to prepare for the problems left in their wake.

If Israel analyzed the problems in advance, it would have to admit that those situations should not be allowed to occur and that the "peace plans" are unacceptable.


Jordan states that Israel has agreed to release Jordanians from its prisons, and that this caps efforts at improving relations between the two countries (IMRA, 4/1).

Why is it that a dangerous concession to the Arab aggressors improves relations with the Arabs, and there are no concessions by the Arabs to Israel, nor even Arab compliance to agreements with Israel? Do the improved relations last? No. Soon the Arabs are complaining again, accusing again, and demanding concessions again.

Relations really don't improve with the Arabs. The notion of improving relations is a ruse for wresting concessions from Israel, that craves peace, for the Arabs, who crave Israel.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 29, 2005.

1. The "Plan of Stages" of the British Moonbats at www.discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/2005/04/ plan-of-stages-of-british-moonbats.html

British academic moonbats this past week decided to declare "academic boycotts" against two Israeli universities, one in which I happen to be employed. In Israel the "boycott" by the Lunabrits is being referred to as the "Plan of Stages." [The "Plan of Stages was always the PLO's official doctrine of destroying Israel piece by piece, until all the Jews would be in the sea and a new Islamofascist state would replace it on all its territory.]

The "boycotters" are motivated by hatred for Israel and Jews, not any desire for peace. They are the pseudo-academic equivalents to pogromchiki. They are like those people who want to destroy "Israeli apartheid" while ignoring the fact that Israel is the only state in the middle east that is NOT an apartheid country. Prof Mina Telcher, a leading mathematician, was denied the opportunity to put the Israelis' side of the story before the vote. A bit of AUT pre-boycott boycotting.

British Jews and non-Jews outraged at the "boycotters" are organizing a "Boycott the Boycotters" campaign. The London Times denounced the Association of University Teachers in no uncertain terms: "Their actions are an echo of the Nazi ban on Jewish academics, and the general discrimination so common three generations ago." Columnist Joseph Farah condemned the AUT as anti-Semites. Adam Logan, a non-Jewish lecturer in pure mathematics at the University of Liverpool, says he will resign from the University of Liverpool if they attempt to enforce the boycott.

Not since 1930s Germany have Jews been the targets of an official boycott in a civilized country. Only recently leaders of Britain's 10,000 Jewish students complained of the presence of the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" book being distributed on many campuses throughout Britain. Where are the boycotts of Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, China and countless other countries who are truly limiting academic freedom?

But no doubt the most incredible aspect of the affair is the unambiguous condemnation of the boycotters of Israeli universities by ... (drumroll) ... a pro-terror Palestinian university!

Yes, Al-Quds University in Israeli-liberated eastern Jerusalem has come out AGAINST the British academic boycott of Israel. "We are informed by the principle that we should seek to win Israelis over to our side, not to win against them," said the university spokesman, which is headed by Dr. Sari Nusseibeh. Never mind that Nusseibeh is himself an anti-Israel pro-terrorist extremist and his university is a bastion for suicide bombers in training. "Therefore... we believe it is in our interest to build bridges, not walls; to reach out to the Israeli academic institutions, not to impose another restriction or dialogue-block on ourselves."

Of course the REAL reason the Palestinian university opposes the British boycott of Israeli universities is that they realize what the British moonbats do not - that Israeli universities are bastions of the pro-Palestinian Israeli Left, where non-leftists are routinely subject to harassments. That does not interest the Brits though Israeli leftist academics are as much Untermenschen in their enlightened minds as are all other Joos.

Israel's Foreign Ministry over the weekend accused the British Association of University Teachers of hypocrisy - saying Israel is the only Mideast country with complete academic freedom - and urged British academics to distance themselves from the boycott. The Brits are now preparing McCarthyist blacklists of Israeli academics who fail to endorse Palestinian terror. All Israeli leftist moonbats who support the anti-Jewish Palestinian terror will be exempt from the boycott.

Meanwhile, one of Britain's foremost scholars from Oxford University, Dr Emanuele Ottolenghi, from The Middle East Centre at St Antony's College, has issued his own condemnation of the AUT boycotters:

"Regarding the AUT recent decision to boycott Haifa University and Bar Ilan University in Israel, I am shocked to learn that, in addition to a call for boycott, the AUT is ready to offer a waiver to scholars on condition that they publicly state their willingness to conform to the political orthodoxy espoused by the academics who sponsored your motion. Oaths of political loyalty do not belong in academia. They belong to illiberal minds and repressive regimes. Based on this, the AUT's definition of academic freedom is the freedom to agree with its views only.

"Given the circumstances, I wish to express in no uncertain terms my unconditional and undivided solidarity with both universities and their faculties. I know many people, both at Haifa University and at Bar Ilan University, of different political persuasion and from different walks of life. The diversity of those faculties reflects the authentic spirit of academia. The AUT invitation to boycott them betrays that spirit because it advocates a uniformity of views, under pain of boycott. In solidarity with my colleagues and as a symbolic gesture to defend the spirit of a free academia, I wish to be added to the boycott blacklist. Please include me. I hope that other colleagues of all political persuasions will join me."

Caroline Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post:

"THIS DECISION (by the AUT) is an act of pure anti-Semitism. Israel is being singled out from all the countries in the world. There is no call to boycott Palestinian universities, which celebrate terrorist massacres, indoctrinate students to jihad and are used as recruiting grounds for terrorist organizations. There is no call to boycott Saudi Arabian universities, where gender apartheid and religious persecution are the explicit and rigidly followed norms. And of course, no one would think of boycotting Chinese universities for China's occupation of Tibet. Only the Jewish state and its research universities are unacceptable. " 2. This is called "Unlearned "Rabbi" Rages at Ratzinger" and was written by Ilana Mercer. It appeared today in FrontPageMagazine.com (http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/Printable.asp?ID=17881)

Liberals can always be trusted to see God in Mumia Abu-Jamal and the devil in the Pope. As if on cue, they launched a rash of appalling attacks to mark the beginning of Benedict XVI's pontificate. Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of TIKKUN, a befuddled, New-Age magazine, emphasizing interfaith activities, wasn't persuaded by good manners, or by the Holy Father's brilliant mind and beatific smile - the whole holy package, really - to withhold his insufferably sanctimonious sermon.

Lerner, in whom delusions of grandeur and an atrocious lack of decorum combine, claims to speak (boy, is he windy!) for the entire universe, which is apparently agreed that, "The New Pope [is] a Disaster for the World and for the Jews..." But then, the world's 1.1 billion Roman Catholics are not the only people Lerner lectures. A regular busybody, the Rabbi is always poised to remind Israelis, whenever their civilians are blown to smithereens by suicide bombers, to take the blame and turn the other cheek.

That Sub-Saharan Africa is home to more than 60 percent of all people living with HIV "is by and large the Catholic Church.s fault," as Lerner sees it. No matter that an enormous AIDS-education effort has been underway for some time in these regions. Or that there isn't a village that has not been missionized by AIDS educators. It is the church's opposition to providing "birth control information to the poor of the world," that has ensured "AIDS would spread and kill millions in Africa," or so Lerner alleges. According to his logic, Church doctrine is killing Africans, for whom salvation will come when the Church joins Planned Parenthood's African chapters in hanging condoms on every baobab.

Presumably Lerner knows that the main source of HIV transmission in Africa is rampant, promiscuous, heterosexual sex. One doesn't have to be a South-African AIDS counselor, as I once was, to know that much. What moves people to fornicate into the afterlife? The inability to refuse sex, for one. Sexual violence is endemic in Africa, and I don't mean campus 'date rape'. In South Africa, for example, a woman - toddlers and babies included - is raped every few minutes. Cultural factors also determine infection rates. African patriarchs don't like prophylactics; African women risk battery, and worse, should they insist on their - Like, reproductive freedoms. (uttered in staccato, tart tones, indigenous to North America).

There's also the entirely uncontroversial concept of time preference rates - the degree to which different people discount the future in favor of immediate gratification. Less delicately put: When do most Africans want sex? They want it now! A death-defying desire, indeed.

Here's a simple enough proposition for Lerner and other liberals to contemplate: The Church also enjoins against sex outside marriage. If the Church's do's-and-don'ts carry so much weight in Africa, how come this injunction is generally ignored? Isn't it rather foolish, then, to imagine that Africans aren't using protection in deference to Church doctrine? Or that if the Church sanctioned sheaths, Africans would put them on? In all likelihood, the Church's consecration of condoms will have the same overall effect on African infection rates as its condemnation of sex outside marriage.

Lerner's Fritjof-Capra inspired Judaism helps explain why he is furious with the Pope for "suggesting that secularism is now repressing religion." Jewish "representatives" have long insisted that America must evolve into a secular and religiously neutral society, a stance that rests on dubious legal precedents set by a hyperactive Supreme Court. Last I looked it was the secular Left - and Jewish leaders - that was determined not to rest until the last nativity scene was removed from the public square.

The "Rabbi" is also lathered up at Cardinal Ratzinger for not discarding a filament of the Christian faith, the belief that the path to God is predicated on accepting Christ... This is a slippery slope toward anti-Semitism, and a return to the chauvinistic and triumphalist views that led the Church, when it had the power to do so, to develop its infamous crusades and inquisitions. ... This new Pope does not represent what is most beautiful and sacred in the teachings of Jesus," he added.

What bad form and chutzpah it is for a Jew to lambaste this immensely learned churchman about doctrinal issues, in general, and the centrality of Christ to Christianity, in particular. (Lerner's energies would be better spent protesting the faith of Jihad, honor killings, clitoridectomy, and forced marriage.) I certainly don't hear Catholics telling orthodox Jews to ditch their maddening dietary laws, because these make people of other faiths feel inferior. As for Catholics reviving The Rack; shouldn't Lerner be warning his Network of Progressive Spiritual Activists about more pressing perils?

Still, Lerner's campaign for "kumbaya Catholicism" is not all worthless - its gift is Cardinal Josef Ratzinger's coruscating appraisal of Buddhism, rivaled only by Ayn Rand's. Contra Lerner, Rand was a staunch defender of Western civilization, not unlike the Holy Father. And like him, she was uncongenial to Buddhism "and its equivalents." If "manufacturers of railroad engines suddenly went irrational and began to manufacture covered wagons, men would step into the industrial vacuum and start manufacturing railroad engines. But - when we are offered Zen Buddhism as the latest word in human thought - nobody volunteers to step into the intellectual vacuum to carry on the work of man's mind.

Pope Benedict XVI's goes one better, calling "Buddhism an autoerotic spirituality that offers transcendence without imposing concrete religious obligations - offers false hope, in that it guarantees purification based on a morally cruel concept of reincarnation resembling a continuous circle of hell... At the time," laments Lerner, "Cardinal Ratzinger predicted that Buddhism would replace Marxism as the Catholic Church's main enemy."

Not quite: there are some hopeful signs Pope Benedict XVI is closer than Lerner to realizing that the dangers (to Europeans and Americans) don't come from the practitioners of The Pancha Shila.

Ilana Mercer is the author of Broad Sides: One Woman's Clash With A Corrupt Culture. Mercer has written for WorldNetDaily.com, VDARE.com, The American Spectator, the Colorado Gazette, the Orange County Register, The American Conservative, and Insight On the News. Her work has appeared in The Financial Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Calgary Herald, The Report Newsmagazine, and London's Jewish Chronicle, among other publications. For more about her work, visit IlanaMercer.com.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Golan Residents Committee, April 28, 2005.

Contact the Golan Residents Committee by email at golan-r@golan.org.il

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Posted by Susie Dym, April 28, 2005.

To: Friends of Israel in the United States

I am delighted to report that there is now a nationwide cohesive group of Jewish activists in the US who are working together to prevent the displacement, by force, of the 9000 Jews of Gush Katif.

The Gush Katif Jews are the only remaining impediment to establishment of a full-fledged world terror capital in Gaza.

These activists are doing great stuff. For example, they are contacting rabbis in their area to find out who is sympathetic, contacting their local Jewish press and their senators, visiting Gush Katif on 5 June or sponsoring others to do so, putting together an email list of concerned American Jews, and so forth.

Please contact Jon Hambourger at www.savegushkatif.org (jon@caphomeloan.com) if you can help in your area. And please keep me posted, as well - my email address is sddym@bezeqint.net.

Thank you so much for caring and helping!

Help save Gush Katif. Please email this flyer to your distribution list. On July 25th, 9,000 Jewish residents of Gush Katif (Gaza) will become homeless, by order of the Israeli government.

Unless we act now to avert this tragedy, these Jews will be expelled from the land and homes they have lived in for decades, their communities obliterated, their lives shattered.

But the Jews in Gush Katif have faith that their 22 communities will remain standing strong. They are placing their trust in Hashem, and in the meantime, they are making improvements to their homes, and planting crops that won't be harvested until after the date set for disengagement.

With the same simple faith and trust that the people in Gush Katif have, we can change the course of history. This is what you can do:

a.. Send your email address to us at info@savegushkatif.org
b.. Learn the facts at www.savegushkatif.org & posted links
c.. Let us provide you with materials to spread the word in your community
d.. Contribute money to Friends of Gush Katif (501(c)(3)) at www.katifund.org
e.. Come with us to Gush Katif on June 5th
f.. Make this the most important issue in your life (it is)

Gush Katif Forever
(310) 288-0333

Here is what you can do to help your brothers and sisters in Israel:

1.. Give generously to Friends of Gush Katif (501c3) www.katifund.org. All funds raised go to programs that help the residents of Gush Katif, including:

"Panim El Panim" (face to face): a program where the residents of Gush Katif and other settlements in Yehuda and Shomron go door to door from Haifa to Eilat, distributing vegetables grown in Gush Katif as well as a CD and a brochure that explains the importance of the settlements. By doing so, they educate the misinformed citizens of Israel about the strategic necessity of their communities, and they help dispel the negative image of settlers that the mainstream media has foisted on the general public.

"Making homes livable": Despite the impending expulsion, there are several families committed to moving to Gush Katif. All that is required is money to make old, abandoned homes habitable. These new residents have the power to show the world the steadfast faith that we, as a global community, have in the settlements.

2.. Come to Gush Katif. The Jews in Gush Katif want to see you, and the world needs to know that you care enough to come. On your next trip to Israel, make a stop in Gush Katif. New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind has scheduled his second mission to Gush Katif on June 5th. Can you imagine the power of 1000 American Jews showing up together? If you can't physically come, then sponsor someone else to come.

3.. Wake up the leadership in your community and get committed. The price for not acting NOW is too high. If we leave Gush Katif, it is that much easier to give away Hebron and Jerusalem, G-d forbid. This decree can only be averted if we start working now. Organize parlor meetings in your community to talk about the importance of Gush Katif. Contact your local congressman and senator and tell them to oppose the impending expulsion. Do everything you can to stop 9,000 Jews from losing their homes, and the rest of Klal Israel from losing its values.

This is a defining moment in the history of our people. Let's recognize this fact, and with the same simple faith and trust that the people in Gush Katif have, let's get to work.

For more information, and for help in setting up Gush Katif support groups in your communities, please email info@savegushkatif.org, log on to www.savegushkatif.org or call 310-288-0333.

Susie Dym is spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli grassroots group working towards peace for peace since 1992. As such, she has had a leading role in organizing opposition to Sharon's trampling over the Knesset, his own party - the Likud - and the Jews who live in Biblical Israel. Contact her by email at sddym@bezeqint.net

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Posted by Ken Heller, April 28, 2005.

Here's what we're working on:

1. we are distributing CDs, Flyers, and Bump stickers via Pesach programs from Miami to S. Diego. Also, several people volunteered to take these materials to their home towns and distribute them in shuls and retail businesses.
2. we will be distributing those materials throughout L.A. shuls and retail businesses.
3. our first advert appeared on the back cover of Community Links magazine
4. our website is under construction
5. we are supporting a solidarity mission to Gush Katif on June 5th organized by Assemblyman Dov Hikind of New York
6. we are organizing simultaneous Gush Katif rallies thru ought various Jewish communities
7. we are organizing team leaders in various communities to disseminate information and to fund raise

We have two primary goals:

* to create support from our own people, against the "disengagement" from Gush Katif (Gaza) and Northern Samaria.

* to raise money for Friends of Gush Katif

What we need from you:

* email your contact list the strategic importance of retaining Gush Katif and Northern Samaria and ask for their support (I will supply you with plenty of great articles, power point presentations, and videos)

* organize parlor meetings for fund raising * identify potential donors and get their permission for me to call them

* come to Gush Katif on June 5th or pay for someone else to go

* determine whom you know in other cities who would want to take an active role in duplicating what we're doing in L.A.

* volunteer your time to help implement our plans and to create new opportunities

* do you know a journalist, a press agent, a web site developer or anyone else that can help us?

I truly believe that if (IY"H) we gain sufficient momentum, we can avert this potential tragedy. And, if all we accomplish is to show 9,000 Neshamot in Gush Katif that we love them and appreciate their maseret nefesh, this is also good.

Chag Kasher V'Samayech,

P.S.: please send business to ARCS Corporate Printing (310-854-5687) and to Community Links (310-965-1544).

Let My People Stay
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Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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Ken Heller is a pro-Israel activist and a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of Americans For A Safe Israel. He can be reached at kjhnha@aol.com.

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Posted by Jerome S. Kaufman, April 28, 2005.

This was written by Yehudit Tayar, a veteran spokesman for the Settlement Movement. She lives in Samaria with her husband and family - all of whom have chosen to serve in some of the most dangerous units of the Israel Defense Forces.

The Hebrew title "Sar HaBitachon" is pathetic. "Bitachon" in Hebrew means security and "Sar" means Minister. What security is Shaul Mofaz ministering? I just came back from Katif where I have been fortunate to spend a great deal of my time for the past thirty years. The officers in our army cannot look us in the eye. They sit helpless while dozens of missiles hit Jewish civilian and military targets. They sit helplessly due to direct orders from this so-called minister of security. They know as we do that something can be done but that they have been told not to do anything even though 100 missiles have already hit us.

The launchers of these deadly missiles are televised and aired on Israeli T.V., so it is certainly not a question of finding them, only eliminating them. The callous policies of abandonment of citizens of Israel by this government are painfully reminiscent of the abandoning of one of our soldiers to bleed to death in the Tomb of Joseph under the orders of an Israeli government. That was the first time that I felt ashamed to be an Israeli.

Today I am ashamed for the Prime Minister, the so- called Defense Minister of Israel and all of those elected to office in order to give us security and protection because they have deliberately decided not to do so. While Mr. Sharon is off in the United States meeting with President Bush the citizens of Israel are under attack.

The demonic plan to uproot thousands of decent, patriotic and loyal citizens of Israel while terror is on the escalation throughout the land is dangerous not because of so-called Jewish extremists but because of real Muslem terrorists. The same terrorists that are found in Jerusalem spitting out hate and disclaiming the Jewish rights to the Temple Mount, the same hate that is perpetrating terror and the smuggling of weapons of destruction in Shechem, Ramalla, and the North of Israel.

Perhaps Prime Minister Sharon and Defense Minister Mofaz are waiting for us to return fire on to those who are firing on us and endangering our lives and the lives of our children. Perhaps they are seeking an excuse to confiscate our weapons that were given to us by legal license in order to protect our lives. Perhaps this is yet another attempt to smear us with the label of fanatics and extremists.

I invite them and all of you to come to see us in Katif. To see the children going off to nursery school and schools, to see the farmers working in their hothouses and fields, to see mothers shopping with their infants. Come and see the children playing, and the dignity of these wonderful Jewish pioneers who are determined to continue in the direction we have always gone: protecting the Torah, the Land and people of Israel by being the kind of Jews we are supposed to be. Neither the rockets and missiles of hate nor the disdain and callous abandonment of our government will change us.

Governments come and go. Prime Ministers and Defense Ministers disappear into the pages of history. We, the people of Israel go on and we will be here long after them. We are writing glorious pages in the history of our people: endurance, love, humility, and belief. Would that the governments and elected officials of our country and people prove the same loyalty to our Land and people.

Jerome S. Kaufman is National Secretary of the Zionist Organization of America. and host the Israel Commentary website (http://www.israel-commentary.org).

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 28, 2005.

This was written by Asaf Romirowsky, Tech Central Station and appeared in the Middle East Forum (http://www.meforum.org/article/705) April 26, 2005. Asaf Romirowsky is a Campus Watch Associate Fellow for the Middle East Forum and the Israel Affairs associate for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

We are entering the 100-day period before the disengagement from Gaza begins. The odds are we will see pictures similar to what we saw when Israel gave back Yamit - a settlement that came to be known as the Jewish capital of Northern Sinai - in 1982. As Ehud Barak famously remarked after the Israeli pullout of Lebanon, "Withdrawals are not photogenic." We may assume that contested withdrawals are even less so.

In his book The Revolt, former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was confident that despite opposing political beliefs during the British mandate the Jews would never reach a point of civil war. As he wrote, "Two factors saved the people from the catastrophe of civil war. In the first place we did not teach Irgun fighters to hate our political opponents. One-sided hatred is obviously a threat to national unity. Mutual hatred brings almost certain civil war. Whenever we saw manifestations of hatred against us we grieved and were astonished. Was such brother-hatred possible, we asked ourselves." He held this belief to be true when he agreed to give back the Sinai Peninsula for peace with Egypt. And yet, Israelis still did not leave peacefully and many left the country disappointed in Begin and his government.

In 1982, Ariel Sharon had to go down to Yamit and help remove the residents. Now he is asking many of those same people more than 20 years later to evacuate their homes from Gush Katif. Begin had an easier task than Sharon does today. As Israel's prime minister Sharon is possibly facing the one scenario Begin thought would never occur among Jews. As he moves ahead with the disengagement from Gaza, Sharon himself admitted to an NBC interviewer, "The tension here, the atmosphere here looks like the eve of civil war." Moreover, Sharon's plan puts Israel's democracy to the ultimate test - a democratic state forcing thousands of its own citizens to leave their lawful homes.

Oslo proved to the world that all the promises made by Arafat were just talk, with no real intention to resolve the situation between Israelis and Palestinians. And yet, Sharon is taking Israel back to the road map - an outgrowth of that same program. To the naked eye it would seem like Israel has overcome the latest intifada, and then Arafat's death created the right environment to cede Gaza to Abu Mazen's Palestinian Authority.

But have the rules of the game really changed that much since Arafat's death? If one looks at Abu Mazen's list of demands for peace, they have not changed since Arafat's tenure. He still is demanding a complete right of return for Palestinians refugees, Israel's complete withdrawal to the untenable pre-1967 borders, and making Jerusalem the Palestinian capital. Abu Mazen's "peace" is more means than end here again, Abu Mazen and the PA will be tested.

President Bush vowed to defeat terrorism in an unprecedented global war. Part of that promise required that the Palestinians crack down on the radicals' in their midst. Yet, today, the PLO covenant (www.unitedjerusalem.com/PLO_COVENANT/plo_covenant.asp) still calls for the destruction of Israel in any means possible and still acts as the Palestinian constitution: "The liberation of Palestine, from an Arab viewpoint, is a national [qawmi] duty and it attempts to repel the Zionist and imperialist aggression against the Arab homeland, and aims at the elimination of Zionism in Palestine." How is the disengagement furthering peace if the Palestinians own constitution has not be changed to recognize the other's right to exist? If there is no recognition there is no compromise or solution.

In practice, security will be the bottom line. Can it be achieved? The basis for coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians depends not only on rebuilding trust and acknowledgment between the two parties but on creating a secure environment, dismantling terrorist networks, reforming the media and education, and stopping weapons smuggling into Gaza and the West Bank. If we are to believe that Abu Mazen is sincere, he should make it clear now, though real actions and deeds.

Begin was right to say that "we are a small nation which has laid the foundations for its freedom. Our enemies are many; our friends are very few. Who knows what the morrow holds for us?" Sharon cannot know what tomorrow will bring, but as someone who has fought an every war since Israel's establishment the big question for him is how will these 100 days be used and will they create a concrete understanding between Israelis and Palestinians. At the same time he must secure the foundations of freedom that make Israel the Jewish state, and not place such duties in the hands of Israel's enemies.

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Women in Green, April 28, 2005.
This was written by Sarah Honig and appeared in the Jerusalem Post on April 21, 2005.

The Haggada we'll recite tomorrow night speaks of a child who hasn't yet learned to ask - ostensibly like the stellar hotshots of our otherwise imperious media. If they were only the proverbial tots, lacking elementary exposure to life's complexities, dayenu - it would have sufficed us.

But those now clamming up are the very ones who should be hammering hardest at the most difficult, penetrating and discomfiting queries. Were our press true to its fundamental duty, it wouldn't cease demanding replies from a premier whose policy is to evade any meaningful discussion of the most profound ideological reversal imaginable.

It's impossible to envision a comparable situation anywhere in the free world - even where existential matters of life and death aren't at stake. Nowhere would the media be so lackadaisical, so docile and so incredibly uncritical.

On this, the eve of what will probably be the last Seder ever in Gush Katif, there are four questions the press should have harped upon relentlessly, regardless of the journalists' own political predilections. The answers are key to every individual Israeli's endurance prospects.

1. How is Israel's long battle for survival different this year from all preceding years? Why are terrorists rewarded and emboldened this year, whereas in previous years it was deemed essential not to give in but to combat terror uncompromisingly?

Ariel Sharon may pooh-pooh Hamas mouthpiece Mahmoud Zahar's crowing assertions that his outfit's atrocities drove Israel out. Yet didn't Sharon admit precisely this in Texas, when he announced that the retreat from Gush Katif was geared to "reduce terror?" Isn't the flipside of his unfortunate statement that the terrorists have succeeded in terrorizing Israelis into fleeing for safety?

No one bothered asking.

2. How are Afula and Ashkelon different from Sderot and Gush Katif? Does Sharon believe that the former are immune to the shelling to which the latter have been subjected? Does he sincerely trust that Gaza's famed humanitarian benefactors will spare Ashkelon from the pounding they had no qualms about inflicting on Sderot? Does he believe that the ambassadors of goodwill from Jenin, who'll take over the four neighboring settlements soon to be ceded, won't be tempted to aim their rockets at Afula and Hadera?

And doesn't the surrender of 30-year-old settlements signal the Arab world that nothing the Jews built in this land is permanent, and that frightened Jews can be pushed out of Afula and Ashkelon too? What happened to convince Sharon that the fates of Tel Aviv and Netzarim aren't after all inextricably linked (as he kept stressing to us for decades)?

The press never pressed for an explanation.

3. How is this year's version of the road map to "peace" different from the edition popularized last year? Didn't Sharon notice that America is no longer adamant about dismantling terror's infrastructure as a precondition to progress along the anyway dubious Saudi-charted course? Even insistence on this demand never guaranteed its implementation. There's no way of proving conclusively that terror cells have been thoroughly eradicated, particularly when the PA itself is one large unreformed (though whitewashed) terror syndicate.

Yet now even this primary, albeit rickety prerequisite for further "headway" has been removed. Didn't Sharon hear Bush beat about the bush and yammer awkwardly about "lack of confidence on either side?" Did Sharon really fail to realize how assiduously and systematically his host avoided comment on the need to demolish terror's underpinning?

The question wasn't posed.

4. Last but hardly least, can Sharon reveal to the benighted masses how his currently projected withdrawal is different from all other withdrawals? Past experience teaches us incontrovertibly that each Israeli concession only amplifies international clamor for more of the same. Still, regardless of the unequivocal historical record, Sharon's hype remains that by relinquishing vital strategic assets Israel gains indispensable diplomatic credit, especially in Washington.

How can Sharon in clear conscience (assuming he has one) assert that Israel will accrue valuable bonuses from "disengagement?" If anything, his egregious territorial generosity has only compromised such seemingly secure urban complexes as Ma'aleh Adumim, whose de facto annexation was always taken for granted. Rather than better, hasn't he made things far worse? Hasn't he hastened Israel's shrinking to the 1949 armistice lines - those which ultra-dove Abba Eban dubbed the "Auschwitz borders?"

This question too was never put to the PM, who exempts himself from minimal accountability even on issues of self-preservation.

Nevertheless, let there be no doubt. Our molders of public opinion haven't unexpectedly lost their capacity to ask. They're not uninitiated infants.

They deliberately refrain from asking. They refuse to ask. They don't want to embarrass a former foe whose enthusiastic accomplices they've become.

They surrender their integrity and professional inquisitiveness willingly, because they're no longer in the business of uncovering the truth, but of collaborating to cover it up.

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Dr. Ron Breiman, April 28, 2005.

Professors for a Strong Israel declares that the irresponsible policy of the Prime Minister, having crossed all the red lines, is leading the country towards non-violent civil disobedience. This is the only democratic means remaining to those who value human dignity and human rights, and who hold high the basic norms of Zionism, Judaism, and democracy.

We are convinced that, even in the Israel of 2005, where the institutions of the media and of law enforcement sacrifice their integrity to the Molech of "disengagement," and where the Prime Minister, losing sight of the real enemy, threatens to use the people's army against the people -- even here, even now, common sense will prevail and the transfer will not pass.

Dr. Ron Breiman is Chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 28, 2005.


Tongue-in-cheek, I wrote a piece asking whether Pres. Bush is a conservative. Its point was the coinciding of Bush's policies on the Arab-Israel conflict with those of the Left. It is just a coinciding. Bush supports the Arabs because he favors the oil industry colluding with them to overcharge over phony oil crises, because of appeasement, and because of State Dept. anti-Zionism and perhaps his own Christian replacement theology that the Jewish people no longer have a Covenant with God that includes entitlement to the Holy Land. The Left favors the Arabs because of their own antisemitism, anti-Americanism, and romantic notions of Third World moral superiority.

The leftist view is divorced from reality. So is the State Department's. The Arabs are the enemy not just of Israel but of the entire West if not the entire world including themselves. Whatever your ideology and theology, if you strengthen an enemy out to kill you, and if you do so by weakening an ally who deflects some of the enemy, you are a fool.

A reader took up the question of how conservative Bush is, in an analysis so thoughtful, I reproduce it here in toto. It seems that Bush is as little a conservative as the leftists are "progressive." How progressive are the leftists, when they support medieval and theological Arab dictatorships against the Israeli welfare state, murderers against victims, and bigots against the tolerant?

I have one relevant comment about my reader's analysis. He makes sense on his points, but stops short of a final revelation, one that also could be made about the Left. Here is that conclusion.

"Conservative" and "liberal" were fine-sounding terms that demagogues often usurped, to appear respectable. These demagogues are caricatures of their ostensible ideology. Many far leftists call themselves liberal, and the others have retreated into an extreme ideology of the welfare state. Correspondingly, many reactionaries call themselves conservative.

What Bush really stands for is a corporate welfare state. Thus he gives great subsidies to corporations, under-charges them for services or in taxes, lets them over-exploit the environment, and even subordinates foreign policy to their perceived short-term interests. On the other hand, like most conservative Presidents, he accedes to popular demands for entitlement programs that probably are too costly, ineffective, and counter-productive. For him it is politics, not liberalism.

An unfortunate characteristic of politics is pork barrel legislation. Congress appropriates funds for weapons that don't work or bases the military doesn't need, to provide employment in their districts. Presidents, conservative and liberal, have not made much of an issue over the need to close under-utilized bases and to shame those who would build boondoggle weapons at a risk to national security.

The truth is, for those porkers on Capitol Hill and in the White House, the public Treasury is a trough for their supporters and associates. Ideology is something that they cite because YOU believe in it.

Now for my reader's essay: "True. But Mr. Bush is also a big spender and a big government guy. He simply refuses to balance the budget, something conservatives are supposed to champion. Conservatives mock the left as 'tax and spend' liberals that cannot and will not balance the budget, nor have they ever seen a spending-program they did not like. He has expanded the size, influence and scope of the federal government. He and the Republican Congress are spending like proverbial drunken sailors and they are giving sailors a bad name. He's expanded the Education Department with his "no child left behind program," a department Ronald Reagan threatened to eliminate according to conservative principles. But even Reagan was a big spender. Conservatives believe education is best left at the local level, to parents, teachers and to the school board, not to big government.

"Bush has vastly expanded Medicare with his new prescription drug plan that he campaigned on. Had a liberal Democrat in the White House brought about this prescription drug plan the Republicans would be incensed. Liberals are accused of being weak on our borders. Well? Liberals are accused of appeasing dictators, gangsters and thugs. Liberals are expected to appease terrorist enablers and terrorists themselves such as Mahmoud Abbas whom Bush called a man of peace and who is expected to visit the White House soon and to appease Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (Wahhabi crown prince of Saudi Arabia) who is expected to pay a visit to Bush's Crawford Texas ranch today. Bush will assure the prince that he is doing his utmost to create a Palestinian (terrorist) state.

"Which side is George W. Bush on? According to one conservative author, conservatives don't have a plan to fix the world (or the Middle East for that matter). In fact we are suspicious of such grandiose "visions." We are realistic enough to know that human nature is imperfect (and that some cultures and regimes are violent, such as the Third Reich, Nazi Germany, the Saudi regime, Palestinian Authority and much of the Palestinian populace). Conservatism is the accumulated wisdom of human experience. It is skepticism of quick fixes and utopian schemes (like 'road maps' and other nonsense). It is everything we have learned over the years, often at great cost.

"President Bush is no conservative. He has grasped little -- if anything -- of what we've learned over the years, often at great cost."


P.A. military intelligence officers attempted to smuggle into the P.A. anti-aircraft missiles. Israeli Defense Min. Mofaz said that crossed a "red line." He demanded that the P.A. prevent such efforts and locate any such missiles already inside.

IMRA asked whether by "locate" such missiles, Israel wants the P.A. to hold, destroy, or transfer them to a third party. Min. Mofaz's media representative said it would be sufficient for the P.A. to hold such missiles. (Hold for what, the next breakdown in negotiations and the signal to fire?)

Thus the P.A., which showed its bad faith by attempting to smuggle such weapons in, is to be treated as a responsible governing body of good faith, and allowed to hold onto such weapons. IMRA had to assure readers that this was not a Purim parody (IMRA, 3/27).

If the terrorists fire a missile at an airliner, no airline would take a chance on flying to and from Israel, even if the first missile misses. Israel must not let it come to this (Arutz-7, 3/27 from Zeev Schiff).

The P.A. claims that Israel has not made any "progress towards peace" (IMRA, 3/27).

Is P.A. smuggling in anti-aircraft weapons progress towards peace? Is the P.A.'s inviting terrorists to join the P.A. police, instead of disarming and arresting them, progress towards peace? Is reiterating the gal of jihad progress towards peace?

Frequently, my sources have to assure readers that some suicidal, naive action by the government of Israel is not a parody but real. Every time the Arabs cross what Israel calls a "red line, the government draws a new red line, rather than punishing the Arabs. Israel's is a government of grovel - bluster but grovel.

The IDF should be sent not against Jews in Yesha but to track down any missiles smuggled in, and incidentally to kill all the terrorists there and to disarm the population. Otherwise, Israel will have no civil aviation. The current status of letting the P.A. continue its war of attrition is ridiculous.


Israeli security officials arrested an Islamic Jihad cell in Jenin, that had been testing and manufacturing rockets. Some of the members had been released under the aegis of "security-cooperation" with the P.A. (IMRA, 3/28).

The program should be called "insecurity cooperation." Israel releases terrorists, the US says that is a good thing to do, the terrorists return to Jew-genocide, and the US deplores it but then ignores it. Every week, one hears of new foolishness by the government of Israel, new evil by the Arabs, and new callousness by the US. The government never learns - too leftist to think?


The Air Force intends to improve its technology, so its unmanned vehicles can sneak up on the Arabs. IMRA throws cold water on the Air Force assumption that it would dominate the skies over the P.A.. The Quartet would work so as not to allow it (IMRA, 3/28).

Israel doesn't get it. The Quartet is working to sacrifice Israel to the Arabs, for some kind of credit with the Arabs. The Quartet does not get it. The jihadists will turn on it all the harder, seeing how weak it is in sacrificing its ally.


Although subsequently the agreement to unify broke down, when Abbas' PLO and Hamas agreed to unify, their joint platform was the strategy of phases, or the phased conquest of Israel (IMRA, 3/29 from Michael Widlanski).

It means that they would conquer Israel piecemeal. They would acquire Yesha, perhaps in phases, and from there attack and take over Israel. This is the theory of the PLO Covenant, that the PLO and Pres. Clinton pretended the PLO had nullified. This announcement shows that Abbas seeks conquest and war. Let the US stop pretending that Abbas is a reformer.


"Haaretz comments: 'The extremist camp has grown, and today its members number in the thousands. It is currently girding its loins to stop the disengagement - and once again, we are witnessing intensive violent activity whose goal is to fan the flames of hatred between Arabs and Jews. (The Arabs do that sufficiently to have led them to start several wars.) Now, as then, preparations for the disengagement are being accompanied by daily pogroms in Arab communities, destruction of property, harassment of soldiers, physical assaults on Palestinians, cutting down trees, beating and throwing stones at passersby, threatening nighttime patrols through Arab villages and even shooting with intent to kill. When such things happen under the guise of Purim celebrations, they are accompanied by a phrase that recalls the Goldstein affair: 'The rioters were drunk.' ...Had it not been for the presence of human rights activists in the area, it is doubtful that the public would even know about what happened. These activists brought about the arrest of Avri Ran of Itamar; they are also the ones who reported the poisoning of livestock in the South Hebron Hills. The settlers, for their part, attacked the soldiers and policemen who came to arrest them and ultimately succeeded in chasing them off." (Foreign Ministry, 3/28)

This doesn't make sense. The Jews of Yesha did not do this sort of thing before, the Arabs did and "Haaretz" did not complain. Now those Jews are on the defensive. They would be ruining their case if they did these things. I wonder why I see these complaints only in "Haaretz." Are they false, in that leftwing extremists have been lying or taking Arab lies seriously? Or are they true and the Right censors them from its publications?

I asked Prof. Steven Plaut about it. He suspects that the news stories are highly exaggerated by the yellow press in order to defame the Jews. (I know this has happened before.) There needs to be independent verification.


The deaths of two members of ISM, closer monitoring of members trying to sneak into Israel, and the exposure of ISM interference with Israeli counter-terrorism has stunted the organization's recruiting. The new head of the organization has renamed it Palestine Summer Encounter (sounds more like the name of a program than of an organization) and arranged with some Bible college in Judea-Samaria to bring young people in as exchange students. The students are heavily subsidized.

The head of the Bible college blames Israel, instead of the P.A. and Muslims Arabs who persecute Christians, for the Christian plight from the P.A.. He is overlooking the Muslim terrorists' takeover and desecration of the Church of the Nativity, a couple of years ago, as well as of Jewish shrines, the Muslims' concept of treating Christians as inferior to them, PLO shakedown of Christians' stores, etc. (Prof. Steven Plaut, 3/28).

P.A. Christians must be somewhere between being hostages and dhimmis, and being naive collaborators with the Muslims, and being fellow antisemites. They are being pushed out of the area but are defending the pushers. If the Muslims succeed in destroying Israel, the P.A. wound not need to appear somewhat civilized to international supporters. It then may well oppress the Christians harder. It always needs a scapegoat and its people like having someone to hate. Its preachers already urge the murder of Christians. The age of Christian martyrdom is now, again.


Arafat's conduit for money-laundering donations into private accounts remains intact; his successors demand funds from Israel. It means they are seeking funds for themselves.

The difficulty the rulers would have, if they wanted to eradicate terrorism, is that by really jailing and ceasing to fund terrorists, they would ensure their own assassination by other terrorists.

The P.A. security forces number 62,000 (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/30).

That is double the number allowed by Oslo and far more than the non-official militias combined.)


To the Arab League, there is "occupation" and "oppression" by Israel and there is all other occupation and oppression. When it (mistakenly) considers Israel to be occupying Arab areas, the League suggests boycotting and breaking diplomatic relations with it. When it considers Iran to be occupying some UAE islands, Syria to be occupying Lebanon, and Arab armies to be oppressing parts of Sudan, then the Arab League merely asks the offending power to desist. Nor does it place responsibility on Sudan for its crimes against humanity (IMRA, 3/30).


Using the pseudo-ceasefire time to replenish their stores, P.A. terrorists have been given credit for staying "calm," although there have been some attacks and many attempted ones. The terrorists have continued smuggling in arms, have had experts teach how to boost firepower, and have mined tunnels to be blown up when given the signal (Arutz-7, 3/30).

The governments of the US and Israel and much of the media act as if this pseudo-ceasefire means progress towards peace. It is a deadly pretense.


The Arab states are not promoting another Palestinian Arab state "because they believe in freedom and self-determination for the Arab people who live there. Instead, they are doing so to create a permanent staging ground from which they will continue their war of attrition against the Jewish infidels who have the audacity to live in what they consider to be Dar al-Islam" (Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily.com, 2/11 from solicitation by PRO ISRAEL) or the realm of Islamic rule.

Another motive is that the Arab states would not want the western Palestinian Arabs to live amongst them, now that they have proved subversive to their hosts successively in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Kuwait.


The EU has tried to halt Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons, but supposes that a nuclear-armed Iran would be responsible, lest it bring about its own destruction. Meanwhile, Iran pursues "unstable revisionist policies." Iran is aggressive, and its leaders are isolated from all but its clients, who are terrorists. The EU approach was shown up by Iran's continued deceitful pursuit of nuclear status. Unfortunately, the EU undermines any US military option. That leaves the prospect of a nuclear-armed "core member of the evil Axis," that takes action in behalf of its proxies and could let a crisis escalate out of control. The best option is to keep nuclear fuel from Iran (IMRA, 3/30) while trying to get the regime overthrown. If necessary, bomb its facilities.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, April 28, 2005.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) reported this week on the "escape" from prison of the two terrorists they had arrested after the Tel Aviv suicide bombing in February.

This "escape" is yet another indication that Mahmoud Abbas is using the same strategies of duplicity that were used by the Arafat regime. Arresting terrorists immediately after bombings, only to quietly report their "escape" after the bombing was no longer a news item, was an effective tool used by Arafat. Because of this approach, the West praised him as a terror fighter, while he was praised at home as a terror supporter.

The PA under Arafat used varied methods to facilitate these "escapes." The following item from the PMW archives is the PA's own description of one particularity creative "escape" from a PA prison of 3 terrorists in 1999.

Al Quds: October 6, 1999

"Governor of Nablus, Brigadier General Mahmud Alaalul, a member of the revolutionary committee of Fatah...disclosed the details of the escape of three Islamic Jihad prisoners...

Last Saturday, the prison officials allowed four prisoners to go to the Al-Quds Open University to register for studies. The four were accompanied by a single policeman and once there, the four entered the university while the policeman waited for them outside. After a few hours, only one of the four prisoners returned, the others did not. It was clear that the other three had escaped.

Alaalul notes the high level of trust between the prison management and the prisoners as the reason that the prison sent only one policeman. There was no expectation that they would escape."


VISIT PMW VIDEO ARCHIVES ON PA INCITEMENT TO GENOCIDE http://www.pmw.org.il/tv%20part6.html


Itamar Marcus is director of PMW - Palestinian Media Watch - (http://www.pmw.org.il). PMW is based in Jerusalem. Barbara Crook, a writer and university lecturer based in Ottawa, Canada, is PMW's North American representative.

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 28, 2005.

1. Some universities that the British Moonbats are NOT Boycotting

Britain's leftist moonbats just decided to "boycott" two Israeli universities because the British leftists want all the Jews thrown into the sea. Alan M. Dershowitz has just denounced these people as British McCarthyists opposed to peace. In Dershowitz's words:

"By targeting Israeli Jews, Britain's "Professors Against Peace" - that's what they really should be called - have displayed bigotry against Jews, done violence to academic freedom and anti-discrimination laws, and are fast closing a window of opportunity for reconciliation in the Middle East."

Never mind that Israeli universities are themselves dominated by leftists and are arguably the most-left-wing arenas in the country. This does not interest the British boycotters, who want the Israeli leftists thrown into the sea and blown up by Palestinian bombers just as much as they want all other Israelis dealt with this way. Like a certain German house painter in the 1930s, these British bigots make no fine distinctions among different types of Joos.

British Jews and non-Jews are increasingly denouncing the "boycotters" for what they are - anti-Semites, and some are calling for international boycotts of the bigoted boycotters themselves. Jewish lecturers have been resigning from the British Association of University Teachers - Britian's organization of academic terrorism against Jews - in droves.

Remind you a little of Berlin in the 30s?

The "boycott" is part of a world campaign to delegitimize and demonize Israel and endorse the terrorism and aggression against Israel by the Islamofascist world. The boycotters want Israel not only to end its "occupation" of the West Bank but of all of Israel. Had these moonbats been alive in 1937 they would without any doubt have been organizing boycotts of Czechoslovak universities as acts of solidarity with Nazi Germany in order to protest the "occupation" of the Sudeten lands by the Czechs and the "mistreatment" of ethnic Germans by Czechoslovakia, while never having a world to say about German plans to destroy Czechoslovakia or human right sabuses inside Germany.

The British moonbats did NOT propose that their own British universities be boycotted by the world due to the British occupation of Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and North Ireland. They did NOT propose boycotts of the "universities" operating in Arab fascist countries, generally under the direct control of the state.

Among those universities that the British anti-Semites did NOT propose be boycotted are those run by the PLO in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. These "universities" however are little more than training centers for terrorists and bomb makers. Most of the suicide bombers have been students at PLO run "universities. The new "moderate" head of the PLO has done nothing to stop the activities of student terrorist organizations and everything to encourage them.

(For clean copy and links see www.discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/2005/04/ some-universities-that-british.html)

2. Two Haifa local weeklies reported this past Friday that a dissident lecturer at the University of Haifa is being threatend and harassed for participating in a panel AGAINST the Sharon disengagement plan for the Gaza Strip. The lecturer, Dr. Guy Enosh, teaches social work. He is not tenured and has been delicately "warned" repeatedly that expressing support for the movement opposing Sharon's "disengagement plan" could jeopardize his position in the university. Some people at the same university that has never acted to fire Ilan Pappe are not comfortable with non-leftist faculty members being on the payroll.

(For the record, I have experienced such "warnings" myself at the University of Haifa for many years.)

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, April 28, 2005.

This is a news item from Arutz-7 (www.IsraelNationalNews); it is archived at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=80968

(IsraelNN.com) Some opponents to the Gaza/Shomron Disengagement Plan were unpleasantly surprised when they arrived at the Kotel (Western Wall) on Wednesday.

Police stationed at the entrance prohibited girls wearing the orange Gush Katif solidarity tee shirts from entering the Kotel area, instructing them to first remove them. One family told INN.com that they were treated "not nicely" by police, who were extremely rude and made no attempt to hide their own political leanings.

> Police explained they were under orders regarding the tee shirts, adding the Kotel is not a place to voice political statements. When asked, police stated they did not have similar orders regarding Peace Now or similar left-wing tee shirts.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

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Posted by Michael Freund, April 28, 2005.

These are difficult times for opponents of Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal.

Politically, Sharon has succeeded in dodging the various obstacles that stood in his path. Diplomatically, his proposal has received the "blessing" of US President George W. Bush and much of the rest of the world.

Domestically, the media stands solidly behind him. Israel's courts are almost certain not to intervene, and local pundits and opinion-makers are backing him enthusiastically. Indeed, at this point it seems there is little standing in the way of Sharon's plan to expel Gaza's Jews from their homes.

Little, that is, except for faith.

Recently, a couple I know decided to move to Gush Katif. Determined to stand in solidarity with the thousands of Jews living under threat of expulsion, they left behind a comfortable villa, friendly neighbors and familiar surroundings, and moved into a tiny caravan, together with their numerous, and rather boisterous, children.

The father is a respected physician, and he will continue to treat his patients by commuting to and from his clinic in Jerusalem. The mother has thrown herself into the campaign against withdrawal, speaking out, raising funds and dedicating her time to protecting her family's new home.

Why did you do it? I asked. What prompted you to move?

"We couldn't. We just couldn't sit back and watch," he replied. "The pullout would endanger Israel, and we need to show the world that this land is ours."

But what will you do, I said, if soldiers come to remove you from your home. How will you deal with such a situation?

"If they want to remove me, then I'll chain myself to the bed," he said, adding, "They'll have to drag me out, but no matter what, I won't use violence."

How naïve, you might think. What could these people possibly hope to accomplish? The jig is up, the game is over. Perhaps they should just throw up their hands and accept defeat?

Sorry, but that is just not the Jewish way. If it was, then Israel would have closed up shop and called it quits a long time ago.

All is not lost. This game is far from over. Those who love the land of Israel and cherish it can prevent the retreat from taking place.

The first step is to reach out and help those people, like my friend the doctor, who are willing to move to Gush Katif. Over 1,000 Israelis have already done so in the past few months, and many more are reportedly in the process.

To meet the demand, long-time activist Datya Yitzhaki launched the "Minhelet Kela", a Hebrew acronym for the Gaza Absorption Authority, which has been busy refurbishing homes, thereby enabling dozens of families to make the move and help strengthen Gush Katif.

There are numerous empty structures of all sorts throughout the area, many of which can easily be converted into living space. Yitzhaki and her colleagues, who can be reached at: eylond@ort.org.il, note that this would enable Gush Katif to absorb thousands of additional residents in the coming months, giving it a big numerical, as well as emotional, boost.

The second, and equally critical, step in blocking the withdrawal is to create a "Wall of Faith" around Gush Katif prior to the date of the planned expulsion. If tens of thousands form a passive human chain around the area, one bound together by resolve and faith, they can prevent the demolition from taking place.

In effect, it all boils down to simple arithmetic: bring as many people as possible, making it hopelessly impractical to remove them.

There are sure to be untold thousands of Israelis who will take part in this undertaking, but I think it is essential to reach out to friends and supporters abroad as well, such as US Christians, and to encourage them to come and take part in protecting Gush Katif.

The presence of large numbers of US Christians standing arm in arm with Israeli Jews in defense of G-d's Holy Land, would send a potent message that is sure to echo through the corridors of power in Jerusalem and Washington.

In Hebrew, Gaza is referred to as Aza, which means "strength" or "might", perhaps suggesting that only if we muster within ourselves the determination to stand up for what we believe in, can we possibly merit to succeed.

Now, more than ever, this is a struggle for the integrity and the future of the Land that was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Anyone who believes in the Bible, and in G-d's eternal promise to His people Israel, can not and must not remain silent.

Michael Freund served as an aide to former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

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Posted by Naomi Ragen, April 28, 2005.

The most horrendous aspect of the expulsion of Jews from their homes (commonly known in politically correct terms as "the disengagement" ) is the growing evidence of how many Israelis completely side with their enemies. Years of brainwashing from the BBC, CNN, and The New York Times (and almost every other media source) that have painted Israeli Jews living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as some species of subhuman, who can justifiably and morally be shot at, blown up, orphaned and widowed have done a remarkable job.

Whatever one believes about the necessity of uprooting thousands of Jews from Gush Katif and Samaria, where they have built homes, businesses, raised children and buried their dead for over 30 years, the reality of blowing up synagogues (recently suggested by the IDF) and handing over Jewish homes to members of terrorist organizations responsible for logging bombs homes and school buses, killing and injuring dozens--surely is not a cause for either celebration or glee.

Unfortunately, that is often the case nevertheless. In letters to the editor published on YNet in response to the online news service's article about yesterday's 80,000 strong demonstration against the expulsion, we find comments like: "Get out of there already. Go find yourself someplace else!' ' Bring in 200,000 troops to Gaza, close the place up and throw away the key' 'Settlers, we are not afraid of your threats. Nothing will help you. Start counting the days until you are thrown out."

It has often been repeated, and with some justification, that what Yasir Arafat and his merry band of murderers couldn't accomplish with four years of daily killings, i.e. the complete demoralization of Israeli society, Mr. Sharon's government is now accomplishing with its own hands. In a leaflet handed out at the demonstration, protestors wrote: "...If the army succeeds in expelling Jews from their homes, it will become polluted. Our sons will no longer volunteer for elite units or to become officers. They will avoid reserve duty." My own son, a new recruit, is going to have his training shortened in order to prepare him for participation in the expulsion, along with every other new recruit. I can just imagine what these things are going to do the morale of the next generation of Israeli soldiers.

I have been clear about my opposition to this step that the government of Israel is now zealously pursuing. My reason is simple: it has no possibility for bringing us closer to peace -- quite the opposite. If I was a Palestinian terrorist, or even just an ordinary Palestinian, wouldn't watching the Israelis "unilaterally" throw Jews out of their homes and blow up their synagogues, simply whet my appetite, giving fuel to my hopes that what had seemed a complete failure, the intifada, was in truth an enormous success? Wouldn't it encourage me to think that another four years of blowing up buses, killing small children and their pregnant mothers would be a great tactic for accomplishing more of the same? And if I was an Israeli soldier, listening to the Left and the Right, wouldn't it hurt my morale, disturb my training, and perhaps, weaken my resolve?

It would be behoove Israelis to remember that whatever side of the political spectrum they find themselves, their enemies don't make such fine distinctions, and like it or not, siding with the enemy either by demoralizing our soldiers or wishing "settlers" all the worst equally endangers our lives, our families and everything we all hold dear.

Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist and journalist who lives in Jerusalem. She can be contacted at www.naomiragen.com, where you can subscribe to her newsletter.

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Posted by Batya Medad, April 28, 2005.

My mind never ceases to host dancing Hebrew letters, busy changing partners. In addition, people write to me asking questions, stimulating my mind even more.

Suddenly I realized that I had left out an important, possibly the most important variation of the word, "chametz." Remember that the word "chametz" is made up of the letters, "chet," "mem" and "tzaddi" in that order, and one must banish it from one's possession during the Passover holiday. But if you reverse the order of the letters, you have the word "tzemach," plant. The verb, "l'tzmo'ach," means to grow, expand.

There are no coincidences in Hebrew; there must be a reason for this. Judaism is the one religion that recognizes all of man's physical and spiritual needs and contains a series of Laws to control these needs to utilize them for good. Chametz is powerful; it can both destroy and create, like G-d. When we rid ourselves of the chametz, desist from playing G-d, we can enjoy the benefits of the tzemach, the growing, expansion, progress.

The next word I'll be playing with was inspired by a shiur (Torah class) this past Shabbat HaGadol by Rabbi Reuven Grodner of Kfar Adumim. He and his wife Chaya were here in Shiloh and he gave a very stimulating class. What I'm writing is not a transcript of what he said, though there are many things I learned from him that day. He had my mind spinning with ideas. If it hadn't been Shabbat, I'd have been taking notes non stop, and then I would have run home to the computer to write it all down before the glorious messages and ideas were forgotten. But, as we all know, not only was it Sha! bbat, but it was also the Eve of Passover.

Saturday night, once the sky filled with stars, I couldn't run to the computer. I had to set the table for the Passover Seder. And then until well after midnight we were busy with the tradional reading of the Hagadah and eating the ritual foods and the festive meal. The next night, once the holiday restrictions were eased there was so much else to do, and now so little of what I learned and thought is remembered in accessible places of my mind.

One word keeps playing in my brain, as it played while Reuven spoke. It's "Pharoh," "Parroh," as we say in Hebrew. "Peh," "resh," "eyin," "heh." "Pri," "ra," bad or evil fruit. "Ra" means "ratzon atzmi," or ego, selfishness. "Avodim hayinu l'parroh b'Mitzrayim,..." "We were slaves to Pharoh in Egypt,..."

Maybe I'm the only one, but every once in a while I've wondered why Yaakov and clan stayed in Egypt. Why didn't they leave as soon as the famine was over? Why did they make that deal with Parroh for the land, the riches? Look again at that very well-known line in the Haggadah, and read "Parroh" as its meaning. "We were slaves to the evil fruits, the addicting riches and materialism in Egypt."

When we read it like that, everything becomes clear. Their sometimes irrational behavior even after seeing those great miracles include worshipping the Egyptian cow and dreaming of the "Egyptian delicacies." The Children of Israel weren't happy to have left. Many blamed Moshe for making a difficult situation worse.

I'm reminded of the Holocaust survivors who, despite all they suffered at the hands of the Germans still considered the German culture superior to all others. Even when their daily lives became more and more difficult, the majority made no serious attempt to leave. And they didn't rebel in sufficient numbers to be successful.

Human nature hasn't changed, or has it?

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

This is Musing #115. Batya Medad lives in Shiloh. She can be reached by email at Shilohmuse@yahoo.com or visit her website http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/ or go to http://www.shilo.org.il

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Posted by Arlene Peck, April 27, 2005.

Recently, while in Atlanta for a class reunion, the number of which you could pull my fingernails out and I would not divulge, I think I found the answer to the lack of interest in the realm of concern of my fellow Jews. It is, I think, a matter of apathy and irrelevance. People just do not care anymore. The priorities have chanced. My dad came out of the service in the Second World War and knew he had to finish school and get into a business to raise a family. Today, we are lazy and without a clue about the subjects that make a real difference. I remember when I lived in Israel and the men there, unlike most of the ones I meet here who are gay, married or dead... sometimes all three, were sexual beings. If they woke up at three in the morning, it was to make love. Today, they'll get up at 3:00 A.M. to watch a Lakers game. It is all about the mere acquisition of things, seeing all there is to see, buying a bigger, better car or watching sports on television.

I think that maybe it is because life has turned into a series of sound bytes. That, and the fact that so much of the population has "dumbed down". I speak to a lot of Christian radio and Church groups. They may mean well but for the most part, they have no conception of what the map of Israel even looks like. When I speak of the "new Palestinian State" that the world is pushing for in Gaza and ask how many of them even know how big this fictional country is going to be, usually all I receive are blank stares.

They are always amazed when I say that Gaza is about eight miles by twenty-four miles. Good heavens, we have shopping centers that size! Disneyland's manicured grounds are about that much just to walk around! However, I have decided that for the most part, the majority of the population has no concept of the Middle East or the mindset that is so savage and barbaric that bombings, murder, mayhem, and be-headings are a way of life. We just do not want to deal with it.

While on the Christian programs, I have been asked, "Why doesn't the 'Hollywood crowd' support Israel?" Until recently, I just thought that we are for the most part so assimilated that the Jews of the West Coast can tell you everything about their trophy wives, (usually Asian or very, very blonde) hobbies, the latest gadgets or cosmetic surgery but events like Passover can come and go and it doesn't make an impression. Even Israelis living here do not make an effort to inconvenience themselves and march in a rally or really work for an organization like the "old days". For the most part, they will write a check and think they have done their obligation.

Maybe it is because I, as a journalist, have been somewhat consumed by the events in Israel and the madness that seems to be taking over the world as we know it by the Islamic and Islamist culture. The fear of losing our civilization and lives to a barbaric and evil identity is to some of us is not only real but also marching over the hill. Yet, our media focus on moronic events and too many of us are consumed with the daily happenings of Michael Jackson or Scott Peterson instead of concern for the thousands of other people being killed by Muslim jihadists or the countries that are being taken over by Islamic law and wars. People, for the most part, just do not care - or notice. The world could be crashing down and all our politically correct population notices is whether Britney Spears is pregnant or why did Brad and Jen really break up.

We have mastered the Orwellian talent of double-speak anyway. Love is hate and hate is love. Hey, even I, who once considered herself well versed in political issues, am confused. We are weary of watching our soldiers sent home in body bags from a barbaric country whose culture still treats their women like farm animals and has no concept of what democracy means. Nor, do they ever intend to. Wouldn't matter anyway as their interpretation will bear no resemblance to our own. Yet, somehow we, as a nation, still want to hold onto the believe that the trashing of our way of life as we know it in defense of this violent culture called Islam has a reason behind it that's going to be positive.

As a journalist, I am confused as to what happens to Israel's leaders ten minutes after they take office and follow our Presidents like puppy dogs. Israel is not the fifty-first state! Nor is it a banana republic, which has to kow-tow to any leaders when they snap their fingers! We are too bored and apathetic. We have gotten used to the be-headings and horrific sights sent to us via the glory of Allah. Maybe though, before we all smell the blood of jihad on our own shores on a regular basis, maybe it is time to smell the coffee?

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She has recently joined Shalom TV AT NCTA. She can be reached at: bestredhead@earthlink.net and www.arlenepeck.com

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Posted by Janet Lehr, April 27, 2005.

On the occasion of her 65 birthday, Queen Margrethe II says in her new book people must on occasion show their opposition to Islam. It must be remembered that the Danish King, during WWII sewed a yellow Star of David onto his clothes to stand proud with Jewish Danes against the Nazi onslaught.

US see how long before the EU and other groups demand an apology!

Good for her for speaking and up with truth!

COPENHAGEN - Denmark's Queen Margrethe II warned against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Denmark and the world in a new book out on Thursday, saying people must on occasion "show their opposition to Islam".

"It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and very lazy," she said in the authorized biography "Margrethe" written by journalist Annelise Bistrup.

While she did not specifically refer to fundamentalism, she spoke of "these people for whom religion is their entire lives".

"We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance," she said.

"And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction," added the queen, who has reigned since 1972 and celebrates her 65th birthday on Saturday.

Janet Lehr is editor/publisher of a daily e-mail called "Israel Lives." She can be contacted at janetlehr@mindstring.com

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 27, 2005.

Some will recall that it was the Nazis who thought through the best method of identifying, gathering, calming and finally transporting the Jews of Europe out of their homes. Using Jews as surrogate Gestapo to herd their own people seems an infallible method of disposal.

What is even more astonishing is that those Jews, with their vaunted superior cleverness, never catch on. Like dumb sheep or scapegoats like Azazel (destined to be hurled over a cliff) they are herded about by their own leaders who are, of course, taking instructions from whatever present day bullies, tyrants and dictators - be they French, Poles, Russians, Saudi Princes or even American Presidents.

Today we hear reports about the Israeli Knesset babbling about the unfairness of Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon's invitation to Egypt to bring its armor and helicopters into the Sinai Desert - in effect breaking the 1979 Camp David Accords to keep the Sinai de-militarized.

Sharon and his thugocracy must again be laughing as the weak Knesset burbles about what they should do - which virtually insures that they will be too late to do anything by the time Mubarak, at Sharon's personal invitation - moves his troops and full equipment into the Sinai on Israel's southern border. (It is already known that Egyptian Intelligence is in Rafa and Gaza.)

The Knesset, in artful avoidance is awaiting the opinion of Sharon's lackey, Attorney General Menahem Mazuz, to take any effective action.

It will not matter that later Sharon's and his malicious cohorts are brought up on charges for subverting the Jewish nation's defenses. Even if they receive final judgment - as happened at the Nuremberg Tribunals or the Eichmann trial, the Jews of Israel will have already suffered with the Jews of Gush Katif and North Shomron catching the first vicious blows of uprooting and eviction.

Historians and survivors can later give testimony about how the Jews allowed themselves to be used time and again to betray their own people. Words like "Judenrat", "Kapos", and other descriptions of our own traitors come to mind. No doubt, it would not be difficult to go back to the Roman invasion of 67-70 C.E. where Jews were used to betray their own people.

So now we have the betrayers of today, anxious to please foreign masters, repeating what was instituted by the Nazis and European collaborators. They simply recruited the Jewish leaders to disassemble the Jewish communities, evacuate the Jews - all the while promising them safety for their own families and peace with a hideous race of pagans who practice murderous rituals of Terror, bombing and homicidal martyrdom.

We Jews don't really need outside enemies because we have a surplus of Jews willing to help murder our own people.

It really doesn't matter as to which name they give themselves: Leftists, Peace Now, Breira, International Solidarity Movement or weak Likud, useless Knesset, Prime Ministers who obey foreign masters, Jews who carry our the malicious goals of the Arabist State Department....etc. They are all the same.

Regrettably, such Jews, most of whom are concentrated in the big cities of the coast will not come awake until the Arab Muslim missiles, rockets, bombs and artillery strike the roofs of their houses (not the house down the block or in another nearby town). Until they are, G-d forbid, burying their own children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers they will not come awake or say "Something is happening - this is NOT peace."

Jews are good at practicing the art of avoidance on the highest levels. Even when they were being gathered and ushered into cattle cars - often by the Jewish "Judenrat", they behaved themselves in civilized manner. Later, in the camps it was Jewish "Kapos" who followed the orders of their Nazi overlords.

The Jews did not riot or kill the "Judenrat" who put them on the deportation lists. They calmly accepted their fates as their Jewish leaders told them to be calm. Not to worry, because the Nazis gave the Jewish leadership the well thought out words and slogans: "You are being moved to better places, to work camps. Here is a bar of soap and a towel to go into the showers. Just march over to those long trenches at Babi Yar, leave your clothes and stand at the edge, calmly awaiting the bullets. Behave yourselves or your killers will become angry." The "Judenrat" of Israel is hard at work assuring us that all is well and they have everything under control.

Now we await Sharon's orders. "Vote for Disengagement." "No, we will not evacuate Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights or East Jerusalem."

What Sharon tells us is just not true. "President George W. Bush is our friend and will not weaken the nation of Israel. That's all lies of the extreme fundamentalist Right to frighten the people but, just in case, perhaps its best to have your suitcase fully packed under your bed."

Are we Jews really that impossibly stupidly optimistic? Do we really believe Sharon and his gaggle of pathetic thugs who slavishly echo what he says? Have we not watched as the Bush Dynasty moves to placate the Saudis, forgive the Syrians, tell us that Hezb'Allah is evolving into a "political" organization which will eventually accept democracy? Note the "body language" when Bush greeted the Saudi Prince: Bush hugged and kissed the Prince. They walked through the fields holding hands... Wow! Do we really believe that Iraq will not fall into the same pattern as all other Muslim Arab dictatorships, with the same religiously taught hatred of the Jewish people and their Jewish State?

We already see the Jews of America (except for some stalwart activists) accept the same advise that Stephen Wise gave to the Jews during WWII: "Don't make waves because anti-Semitism will grow in America." Now we have AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations approving Sharon's "Disengagement" and other toadies being patted on their backs and told by the pro-Arab U.S. State Department not to protest the re-partition of Israel because "it's good for the Jews".

The Jews of Israel were taught by the de-Judaized leaders of Israel that there is no G-d. That this non G-d had no right to gift the Land of Israel to the Jews and, therefore, we Jews have no claim on our Land. That we can be moved elsewhere like a sack of potatoes and it will make no difference - it doesn't violate our Human Rights. That the Jewish Holy Places are not Holy and even if they were, it's better to transfer them into the hands of the pagan Muslims since they still practice human sacrifice - now calling their Muslim Terrorists "Shaheeds" (Martyrs for Islam).

The Jewish leadership wants a secular nation so they can eat treif (like Tomy Lapid, Israel's Justice Minister prefers). They want to be like the converted Marranoes of Spain who, even after their Christian baptisms were hated as "false Christians".

Come to think of it: the Mormons have been baptizing dead Jews from the names on their tombstones. Surely, they would like the names of live secular Jews for conversion. Let us provide the Mormons with the names of Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid...et al.

How comforting it will be for these Jews to know that they no longer have to carry the burden of being Jews. Now they can be what they always wanted to be - just a regular Gentile among the other nations.

I am certain the Mormons will be happy to oblige and take away their pain.

Let's gather the names and, after they are officially de-Judaized, they can have a baptismal certificate to hang on their walls proclaiming they are non-Jews.

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm).

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Posted by NGO Monitor Organization, April 27, 2005.

SUMMARY: Since the Ford Foundation issued guidelines and declared its intention to implement more stringent funding guidelines, there has been limited progress with a number of highly politicized NGOs continuing to receive Ford funding. As the following update demonstrates, implementation is taking place, but slowly, and with very limited transparency.

As documented by NGO Monitor, the Ford Foundation provided funding to a number of human-rights based NGOs that engaged in demonization and anti-Israel activities. In response to the controversy, particularly after the 2001 Durban Conference, Ford Foundation President Susan V. Berresford initiated a review in December 2003 and pledged that Ford would act to ensure that funds no longer went to "groups that promote or condone bigotry or violence, or that challenged the very existence of legitimate, sovereign states like Israel."

Previous NGO Monitor updates have noted limited progress in fulfilling this declaration, with a number of highly politicized NGOs continuing to receive Ford funding. As the following update demonstrates, implementation is taking place, but slowly, and with very limited transparency.

1) On 20 December 2004, NGO Monitor drew Ford's attention to the activities of the Al-Dameer Association of Human Rights, the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Ford Foundation in 2004. Al-Dameer engages in anti-Israel demonization while condoning Palestinian terrorism. In addition it is a member of the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), which played a key role at the 2001 Durban conference. NGO Monitor's analysis was sent to the Ford Foundation, whose Assistant Secretary and Associate General Counsel, Nancy Feller replied on 3 December 2004:

"Thank you for your communication of November 24. As you know, we put such information through an established review process, which we will do in this case."

No further correspondence on this issue has been received.

2) The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network continues to receive grants. This EU-based organization has repeatedly launched politicized attacks on Israel and chose to highlight criticism of the assassination of Hamas terrorist leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin through links on its website to politicized Palestinian NGOs.

3) Ford's list for 2004 indicates that it is no longer funding a number of highly politicized NGOs. These include the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, MIFTAH and the Habitat International Coalition. Despite this, both PCHR and PHR-I continue to list the Ford Foundation as a major donor, and this contradiction must be addressed.

In addition, Ford's funding guidelines have led to protests from a number of US universities such as Harvard. This issue is outside of NGO Monitor's mandate, other than to note that the primary cause of the guidelines was Ford's recognition of the abuses of funding by NGOs in the Durban framework, rather than other Ford grantees.

The NGO Monitor organization (www.ngo-monitor.org) promotes critical debate and accountability of human rights NGOs in the Arab Israeli Conflict.

See the original article for live links to additional material.

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 27, 2005.

Why would any Jew believe the assurances of the KGB aka Vladimir Putin, Russia's current President? Putin is back to his Cold War mind-set which includes arming the Muslim Arabs with SS18 ground-to-air missiles. SS18s are deadly and don't become less so because former KGB Putin says: "Not to worry."

KGB Putin is shipping nuclear fuel to Iran and building the first nuclear breeder plant at Bashar. KGB Putin doesn't care if Israel disappears tomorrow but, he does need the fiction that his Washington mouthpiece, President George Bush will keep believing Putin is his "Good Friend".

KGB Putin will push as far as the Washington President allows him. There are Big Oil stakes at play so the rogues dictators are playing the game for all it's worth.

KGB Putin comes to Israel to lie to us and we pretend to believe him.

KGB Putin is like the rest of the infamous Quartet (led by the pro-Arab U.S. State Department, the anti-Semitic E.U.-European Union and the anti-Israel U.N.- United Nations). He has to join in the push or Putsch to move Israel out of the territories she liberated in 1967 in order to please the Arab client states and mollify the Bush Dynasty with the pretense that Russia is not going back to the days and tactics of the Cold War.

But, Putin has already energized many of the Soviet era tactics, to include stirring up trouble between the hostile radical Islamic States of Iran, Syria and then move into the Gulf Oil States.

Bush in Washington just goes along, telling us about his "Good Friend" Putin, whom he can trust.

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will, no doubt genuflect to KGB Putin and, like an oversized "Bubba" (Doll), Sharon will tell us that Putin is Our Friend in Israel - just as Sharon tell us now how he respects the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen).

We will, of course, hear from Ha'aretz, Ma'ariv, Yediot Aharonot, the radio and TV as to how great a man is KGB Putin and how Sharon has so much confidence in Putin's assurances.

In the meantime, our great Bubba will accept the SS18s going to Syria and the nuclear fuel going to Iran like the gullible Bubba that he is.

This is from today's Arutz Sheva Daily News Service: IsraelNationalNews.com. It's called "A First: President of Russia in Israel."

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be arriving in Israel tonight, the first such visit by a Russian premier. Sales of missiles to Syria and nuclear fuel to Iran will likely be on the agenda.

Mr. Putin's visit to Israel, lasting through Friday morning, will include working meetings with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President Moshe Katzav, as well as an official tour of the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and a meeting with Red Army veterans living in Israel. The Russian leader will be arriving at the head of a delegation of more than 200 people, including two ministers in his government.

Putin's official visit to Israel, as well as a subsequent visit to the Palestinian Authority, is part of an increased involvement by Russia in events in the Middle East. In meetings with the Russian entourage, Israel is expected to voice objections to Russia's planned sale of missiles to Syria, as well as Russia's agreement to provide Iran with nuclear fuel.

Putin, for his part, has repeatedly said in the past that the missile deal with Syria will go forward despite Israeli objections, as the weapons system is intended only to defend the Syrian capital. Israel expressed concerns that the missiles would end up in the hands of the terrorist organization Hizbullah, backed by Syria, which has positions overlooking northern Israel. Such a scenario would violate Russian commitments not to sign any weapons deals that can threaten Israel.

As for the nuclear fuel supply agreement with Iran, Putin has said that "Iran is a good friend of ours," explaining that the deal is for civilian use alone. The fuel, as well as the know-how, Russia is to provide Iran, Israel has warned, can be used for the Islamic Republic's nuclear weapons project.

Aside from the serious security concerns Mr. Putin will have to allay, he is bringing with him a gift: a large statue in memory of the Holocaust. The statue, weighing three tons and more than six feet in height, portrays Jewish figures encircled by barbed wire. The statue's base declares in Russian and Hebrew that it is a gift from the Russian people to the people of Israel. It will be formally presented in a ceremony Thursday in the presence of President Katzav and President Putin.

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Posted by Judy Lash Balint, April 27, 2005.
This essay is from Alison Golub who lives in Beersheva.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me a rather startling story. I started to wonder whether it was a "This could only happen in Israel" kind of story (of which I have heard and experienced many), or whether it reflected some kind of new movement of which I am unaware. I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since, and so I thought you all might want to hear it too. I am still trying to formulate my own thoughts about it, so I welcome your insights and opinions as well.

So this friend of mine was hanging out at a pub in downtown Be'er Sheva with some other friends. As he approached the counter to order his drink, he noticed that the young bartender, a student dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, had a short row of numbers tattooed on his arm. Given that the guy was a good fifty years too young to be a Holocaust survivor, my friend's curiosity got the better of him and he asked what the tattoo was. The young man answered, "Exactly what you think it is." My friend couldn't stop there, and pressed him further. The man replied that his grandmother survived Hitler's camps and was now nearing her end. She had given her grandson her blessing to tattoo onto his arm a likeness of the very same numbers she had on her own. My friend, in recounting this story to me, remarked that he was quite moved by the gesture.

I must admit that at first I was quite taken aback. Quickly, however, my shock turned into appreciation and not a small amount of admiration. I have spent most of my academic life studying the Holocaust from political, psychological, and personal perspectives, and this is the first time I can remember that I have come across a truly original idea in the domain of Holocaust memorialization. With what amounts to probably twenty minutes in a tattoo artist's chair and the marking of a 1-inch by 3-inch area of skin, this young man has managed to both honor his grandmother and her experience, as well as send a rather striking societal message. Indeed, whether the people around him are respectful of or appalled by his choice, there is no doubt that he causes at least a hundred people a day to think about the Holocaust, if only for a moment.

My friend was most impressed by how the young man's action represents a kind of "taking back" of the image of the tattoo and the victim experience. In much the same way as African Americans have reclaimed and empowered the term "nigger" by using it amongst themselves, there is something powerful and honorable about taking a tattoo that was forced upon his grandmother without her consent and purposefully choosing to place it upon himself with her blessing.

The fact that Jews still exist in the world is proof that Hitler didn't succeed, and many say that simply living an honorable life can be our own revenge. This young bartender has taken this a step further. His existence would not have been possible without his grandmother's survival, but in thirty years when her life is a distant memory, his simply being alive won't be enough to memorialize her. Perhaps these numbers on his arm will be.

Indeed, one of my biggest fears regards the landscape of our global society in thirty or forty years. What will Holocaust education and memory be like when the last survivor has left us? I fear this period deeply, and I will weep the moment when our world will be deprived of the brilliance and strength of spirit and beauty and insight that Holocaust survivors bring to us.

When the Holocaust exists only in history textbooks and museums, this young man will have and show a personal connection that won't be attainable in any other way. In the summer, when he will roll up his sleeves and have no choice but to show his tattoo, he will make people think and feel and react in a way that no one else will be able to do.

So I have informally polled a great deal of people already, and received greatly mixed reviews. People over the age of 60 have tended to be enthusiastically in favor of the young man's choice, while those between the ages of 35-55 have generally been vehemently against it. Responses from individuals in my own generation have been fairly equally split. I'm still not totally sure how I feel about it, but I'm inclined to believe that anything that can evoke such strong emotion, on both sides of the spectrum, is worthy of deeper investigation. In any case, that young bartender in Be'er Sheva has certainly made a lot of us think.

My friend also posted an article about this experience at www.israelity.com, and he has a blog at www.arimiller.blogspot.com

"Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" by Judy Lash Balint (Gefen) is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 27, 2005.


The restrictions involved the number and hours for passing through checkpoints. "The easing of restrictions was made possible by the steady decrease of civilian involvement in terrorist activity in Nablus and the introduction of advanced security examination systems in the security checkpoints. These include computerized examination systems, metal detectors and x-ray baggage scanners, which have proved to significantly improve the quality and speed of the security examination." (IMRA, 3/24.)

Was there a decrease of civilian involvement in terrorism or an increase in IDF detection of it, apprehending terrorists before they reached the checkpoints? Does the technology eliminate the usual problem that as soon as Israel withdraws checkpoints, terrorists pass through? Will the IDF become over-reliant on technology? It can be defeated by human ingenuity. This is the sort of thing that Israeli universities should be studying.


"The withdrawal is also expected to endanger Israel's water supply from the area. PA elements currently dig illegally, and are expected to intensify this activity once Israel leaves - depleting and salinating the water supply used for agriculture in the Gilboa region and possibly wiping out regional farming." (Voice of Judea, 3/24.)


Russia has offered the P.A. helicopters, to "counterbalance" US-British "defense" support for the P.A. (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/25).

Russia should offer them to Israel, to counterbalance US-British offensive support for the P.A.. As an aggressor, the P.A. should be demilitarized.


Sec. Rice said, "Without a viable and contiguous Palestinian state that represents the aspirations of the Palestinian people - meaning enough land to function well - there will be no peace for either Palestinian people or Israelis."

"This statement does not address the concerns troubling Jerusalem. She will no doubt be asked by Israeli officials how does that vision and the support lavished on Abu Mazen fit in with the refusal of nine Palestinian organizations, including Abbas' own Fatah, to halt their terrorist offensive against Israel, their acceptance of a lull at most - not a ceasefire - and his own refusal to dismantle them, as required in the first stage of the Middle East road map." "Israeli leaders failed to react to the new US secretary's words or ask for much needed clarifications." (Sharon always gives in to US demands, no matter how dangerous for Israel.)

The US has specified: (1) Israeli towns, however large, that obstruct P.A. territorial contiguity must be removed; (2) All Israeli towns east of the security fence must be removed; (3) The P.A. must enjoy economic viability. That would mean contiguity with Jordan and gaining the Jordan Valley and the natural barrier to invasion of Israel that it presents. That correspondingly would limit Israeli access to Jordan (and give the P.A. an opportunity to subvert Jordan); (4) That notion of viability and contiguity might mean that the P.A. would be expanded to connect to Egypt and Syria, removing all of Israel's defensive borders; and (5) That the P.A. get a sovereign land corridor between Gaza and Judea-Samaria, though that would bisect Israel (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/25).


"In 1977 Israel's criminal code was changed. Section 144A made "racism" a crime. Racism was defined as "persecution, humiliation, demeaning, displaying animosity, hostility, violence or strife toward a population group or parts of such a group, all on the basis of skin color or membership in a racial or ethnic-national grouping." What is wrong with that?

"First, the law criminalizes some expressions of speech, and so infringes free speech. Second, the definition of 'racism' in the law is so vague as to render the entire law arbitrary and useless. Third, in its implementation and enforcement the law has already been used in an arbitrary and anti-democratic manner for partisan purposes."

"The law has become a bludgeon to suppress free speech selectively, used against some right-wing Israeli Jews. At the same time there has never been any attempt to prosecute Arabs nor left-wing Jewish extremists under the same law."

"The immediate motivation for the framers of Israel's law was the activities of followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. The law's purpose was to suppress the freedom of speech of these Kahanists and of some other fringe groups among Israeli Jews."

"The vagueness of the anti-racism law is extremely problematic. The law's language was so poorly formulated and thought through that it would make statements like 'I do not want to date non-Jews,' or 'I do not like blond women' crimes. Should reading certain passages in the Bible be prohibited because they offend some modern ears?"

"The law explicitly makes advocating discrimination against a demographic group to be racism. But Israel is full of groups advocating discrimination against Jews as part of affirmative action preferences, and, of course, also discrimination against males. Not a single person has ever been prosecuted in Israel for this. Why not?"

"Racism is, after all, a belief or a feeling, albeit an evil one, but a private one. Do we really want a Racism Patrol inspecting bars and poker games, hunting down individuals making racist statements in chat rooms or in salons?"

"The anti-racism law is not merely an assault against free speech, but arguably the most ludicrous law Israel has on its books. A Kahanist was indicted and convicted of racism for selling T-shirts printed with the words 'Where there are no Arabs there is no terrorism.' (There is a lot of truth to that.) Another is under investigation for selling an anti-disengagement-plan board game."

"In contrast, no racism by Arabs has been prosecuted. Nor has bigotry by politicians such as Shinui's Tommy Lapid, whose entire party agenda is based on anti-haredi bigotry. When communist Sami Michael, a prominent writer and a leader of the Association of Civil Rights in Israel, made comments which struck me as justifying Hamas's mass murders of Jews, he was not prosecuted as a racist. No Arab political parties, regardless of how outrageous their statements are, have been banned or prosecuted under the anti-racism law. Neither have Israeli professors, artists or intellectuals endorsing and justifying Arab terrorism against Jews, or declaring that Jews are not entitled to any form of self-determination."

"Free speech is alive in Israel, but wounded and threatened as the internal political divisions in Israel deepen. Besides the prosecution of those utilizing free speech and saying things of which the political establishment disapproves, there are growing, open threats from the government to use the police, intelligence services and preventive detention without trial to bully opponents of government policy into silence. The very fact that assaults against free speech for "racists" are so popular in Israel, especially among the chattering classes, illustrates how shallow, conditional and dubious is the commitment by so many in Israel to democracy." (STEVEN PLAUT, "JER. POST," 3/23/05, a few paragraphs omitted.)


Israel retained security responsibility for Qalqilyah, because the PA has not assumed proper responsibility for Jericho, that Israel relinquished to it 10 days earlier, and to Tul Karem. The PA has failed to disarm and monitor wanted individuals in these towns (IMRA, 3/25).

Should Israel be surprised? The P.A. breaks all its agreements. Arafat always did. These men whom Israel designated as wanted, are in good standing with the P.A.. That is because the Arabs do not adhere to Western standards of honor. They have the fanatic's dedication to holy war, while Israel has the Western dedication to peace. Our murderers are their heroes.


Hamas representative Bahar discussed the significance of Sharon's plan: 'The painful and qualitative blows which the Palestinian resistance dealt to the Jews and their soldiers over the past four and a half years led to the decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip."

"All indications show that since its establishment, Israel has never been in such a state of retreat and weakness as it is today, following more than four years of the intifada," he continued. Hamas's heroic attacks exposed the weakness and volatility of the impotent Zionist security establishment. The withdrawal marks the end of the Zionist dream and is a sign of the moral and psychological decline of the Jewish state. We believe that the resistance is the only way to pressure the Jews."

"There can be no clearer exposition than Bahar's statement of the Palestinian view that Israel's plan to hand over strategic assets to its enemy in the midst of war and receive nothing in return is a victory for terror." Most Israelis agree.

The difference between the Sharon plan and the Map is that the Sharon plan does not call for anything from the Arabs (IMRA, 3/26). Sharon just gives away assets to the enemy.

The logical conclusion for Hamas is to continue its success by exerting more terrorism! However, some of its premises are mistaken. The Israeli people preferred firmness. The military had defeated the terrorists until Sharon relented under pressure from the US, which has turned every Israeli victory into defeat by stopping its troops' momentum, rolling them back, and demanding concessions from it. Israel's leaders, under their sick ideology, betrayed the people.

The Right long has pointed out that the Arabs view concessions as weakness to be exploited. Sharon's plan is disastrous. It would heighten the war.


US and Israeli officials differ over what the US expects of negotiations, when it says that large population centers must be taken into account and the 1967 borders not completely retreated to. Israel thinks the US means that Israel may retain large towns in Judea-Samaria. The US language implies, points out Dr. Aaron Lerner, that Israel may keep the annexed, Jewish-populated neighborhoods of Jerusalem, if it gives up the large towns in Judea-Samaria (IMRA, 3/26). Resolution 242 refers to secure borders, which the US is ignoring. The US keeps asserting that it won't tell the parties what negotiations should conclude, but it does order them!

Sharon lies about the meaning of Bush's letter. Contrary to Sharon's assertion, Bush's letter does not diverge from the policy of the traditionally anti-Zionist State Dept..


The root of terrorism is America and its dividing of the world into Americans and non-Americans. So said Iran's Pres. Khatami (IMRA, 3/21 from MEMRI).

What about Islam's dividing the planet into the world of Islam and the world of war?

Remember when Pres. Khatami was deemed moderate. He wasn't towards infidels. He was pro-terrorist.


The Greek Orthodox Church, major landowner in Jerusalem, is short of cash. Accordingly, it sold a couple of large properties in the Old City, to Jews. When news of this reaches the Arabs, Church relations with the Arabs are likely to become strained (Arutz-7, 3/18).

53 Deputies of the Jordanian Parliament asked the government to oust Patriarch Eireneos for selling those properties in violation of Jordanian law #27 of 1985, under which he was elected, to put him on trial, and to void his other property sales. They accuse him of setting Arabs against Greeks, when he replaced some Arab officials with Greek ones (IMRA, 3/19).

The Arabs, however, seek to replace Greek officials with Arab ones. It is typically Arab to blame other peoples for doing the kind of thing that the Arabs do.

Jordan had seized the Old City by invasion. Years before the Patriarch's election, Jordan had to disgorge the Old City and had lost any jurisdiction over it. Those Deputies are being high-handed. It gives an idea what the West faces, in dealing with Islamists and their topsy-turvy notion of law and of rights.


"When a high-ranking Egyptian General laid his hands on the re-entry cone technology for missiles, called carbon-carbon, he tried to leave the country. He was stopped at the airport. Instead of bringing him to trial the State Department slipped in and had him released and sent back to Egypt."

"Just prior to Bush's first successful election to office there was a huge oil play. In the late 1990s, there was a super glut of oil offshore in foreign oil farms and super-tankers with their holds full of oil."

"Yet the multi-national corporations played as if there was no glut nor was there an investigation why they had not ordered the crude into their storage reserves. Nor did Congress want to investigate why the U.S. based cracking plants were not producing refined oil product. At the same time that the false reports of an oil shortage were being pumped out of Washington, there was pressure to open up the Alaskan fields, the off-shore drilling in Florida and California."

"The artful shortage was to be the pressure needed to break through the conservation and ecology laws protecting tender habitats. If there was a national crisis then Congress could be persuaded to over-ride the conservation laws designed to protect sensitive areas. So, the oil companies manufactured a crisis and the Bush Administration went along with the scheme."

"There was also the value in rising crude oil prices that allowed U.S. oil prices to also be artificially raised. The excess profits to U.S. oil companies topped out in the billions of dollars, perhaps trillions. That is all being replayed as the crude oil shoots up to $55 per barrel and the Saudis and multinational oil corporations are rolling in money. The rest of the world is suffering."

"The Congress refused to pass on excess profits tax as the oil companies swindled the American consumer. The Bush Administration played its role in ushering in this flagrant embezzlement to move smoothly. The oil and power industry poured in substantial donor monies for the Bush campaign and he delivered profits and a pollution safety net." (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/27.)

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Jerome S. Kaufman, April 27, 2005.

This is from The Washington Times, April 19, 2005

Embattled U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan wrapped himself in the cloak of victim hood, on April 4, 2005. He attempted to shift blame for the scandal in the oil-for-food scandal to the United States and Great Britain. Mr. Annan complained that most of Saddam Hussein's ill-gotten gains came from smuggling that occurred outside of the program. He said that Washington and London "knew exactly what was going on" and "decided to close their eyes to smuggling".

It would be difficult to imagine a more dishonest, misleading account of history. To be sure, it is hardly a secret that the United States and Great Britain were willing to overlook some sanctions violations by Turkey and Jordan because difficult trade offs had to be made. The benefits Saddam gleaned from smuggling were out weighed by the damage that near-zero-tolerance enforcement methods would have done to the economies of Jordan and Turkey, two relatively friendly Muslim nations bordering Iraq. If anything, this demonstrates the futility of trying to use sanctions in an effort to change the behavior of a totalitarian dictator like Saddam Hussein.

When the U.N. Security Council initially imposed sanctions on Iraq following the 1991 Gulf War, the secretary-general (at the time, Boutros Boutros-Ghali), was to oversee virtually everything related to Iraqi oil revenues, and Saddam Hussein was to be excluded from the process entirely. But Saddam held out for a better deal, and it came in 1996, when the Security Council created the oil-for-food program. That program, which gave the Iraqi dictator responsibility for contracting with oil suppliers and distributing goods purchased through it, was a recipe for corruption and abuse.

Why did the Clinton administration acquiesce to this? Because throughout the 1990s, it was under intense pressure from fellow Security Council members - such as Russia, China and France, along with the Arab League members and myriad international church and humanitarian organizations "to weaken sanctions against the Iraqi government or end them altogether. The world was treated to one lecture after another about the inhumanity of the sanctions regime and how it and not Saddam Hussein's refusal to permit foodstuffs and other supplies to reach the Iraqi people in an equitable manner - was responsible for their suffering.

In 1998, Dennis Halliday, the U.N. administrator of the oil-for-food program, resigned to protest the sanctions. "We are in the process of destroying an entire country," he said, calling sanctions on Iraq, including those regulating the use of dual-use goods (items with civilian and military uses), were even more porous.

After 1998, when Saddam kicked out weapons inspectors there was no one in Iraq investigating the trafficking in dual-use items. "In theory the UN. Oil-for food program people were doing the job, but in practice, they didn't have the time, the expertise or the willingness to hire more personnel." Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute said in testimony before the House International Relations Committee last year.

"Moreover, U.N. officials who met with U.S. government and congressional groups to discuss the issue related to sanctions were hostile and angry; furious over any insinuations that the program could be improved in any way," Miss Pletka added. Their main concern was objecting to the holds that that the United States and Great Britain placed on particular contracts to send goods that might have military uses into Iraq.

Moreover, while Saddam was looting the oil for food program, Mr. Annan was boasting to the Security Council that he was making it a tremendous success. For example, in a March 10, 2000, report, Mr. Annan openly bragged about how closely he was supervising the program and how he had turned it into focal point for tracking and coordinating the distribution of goods inside Iraq. In sum, Mr. Annan is behaving dishonorably when he tries to blame Washington and London for his own failings - and the failings of the United Nations as an institution - in implementing sanctions against Saddam Hussein.

Jerome S. Kaufman is National Secretary of the Zionist Organization of America. and host the Israel Commentary website (http://www.israel-commentary.org).

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Posted by Yashiko Sagamori, April 26, 2005.

On April 19, HaAretz startled its readers with the following bit of news:

The European Union will not consider removing Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations so long as it refrains from demonstrating "respect for human rights".

Here is a simple sanity test: Is it good or bad? The answer is, this is very good for everybody.

This is why it's good for the Jews. First, it shows Eurabia's opposition to a terrorist organization created specifically for the purpose of killing Jews. Second, it indirectly acknowledges that Jews are also human. Can we possibly ask for more without becoming obnoxious in that unique, unmistakably Jewish way?

But it is also good for Hamas. First, it implies that Eurabia's authorities are not planning to prosecute Hamas for the hundreds of murders committed by its members, and, therefore, it's OK to murder Jews as long as their human rights are not violated in the process. Second, it promises that as soon as Hamas leaders find an opportune moment to issue an insincere statement asserting their profound respect for human rights, their organization will no longer be blacklisted, which will allow Eurabian governments to finance and arm Hamas without having to use as intermediaries those charitable organizations with minarets that grow all over the Old Continent like maggots on a dead body.

And, last but not least, it is good for Eurabia, because it maintains an illusion that what was formerly known as Europe still has something left of its old dignity.

Trying to preserve what's left of American dignity, President Bush publicly announced that Hezbollah must disarm. Although he said it in a very strict tone of voice and in the presence of the press, Hezbollah not only failed to disarm immediately or at least promise to do so in the near future, it carelessly ignored our president's stern words altogether. I have a bad feeling that Sheikh Nasrallah does not respect the president. That's not good for anyone on this side of the War on Terror. But is it really unexpected, considering that our noble war is becoming as permanent and as meaningless as the war on drugs, the war on poverty, and a few other noble but totally meaningless wars that still go on, although nobody any longer cares to remember what they are about, mostly because they have miserably failed to render any real victories for this country?

But let us suppose that Hezbollah decided to heed President Bush's admontion and lay down its arms. What would happen next? It would become a perfectly legitimate political party, which, due to its huge popularity and the unstoppable democratization of the Middle East, would soon become a major political force in Lebanon. But wait! Hezbollah already is a major political force in Lebanon. So, what would change? Only one thing: its militia would merge with the Lebanese army. Would that be good for anyone on our side of the War on Terror? I don't think so. Of course, things would have been very different had President Bush, instead of making meaningless sounds, undertaken practical steps towards physical eradication of Hezbollan and its members. But such steps would require courage and wisdom that don't seem to be able to survive in the Washington, DC, climate.

As if to prove my point, Mahmud Abbas announced in a strict tone of voice that Hamas will have to disarm after the elections planned by the PLO for July 17. He was careful enough not to use the word immediately. Therefore, if Hamas disarms any time between now and never, it will still be in compliance with Abu Mazen's edict. But why would Hamas wait so long? It could disarm today, take part in the upcoming elections and, due to its huge popularity and the unstoppable democratization of the PLO, become a major political force on Israeli-occupied Israeli territory. But wait! It is already a major political force there. So, what would change? Nothing. Of course, things would have been very different had Prime Minister Sharon, instead of bleating humbly in the direction of Israel's enemies, led Israel to undertake practical steps towards physical eradication of Hamas and its members. But such measure would require courage and wisdom that don't seem to be able to survive in the Jerusalem climate. That's very bad.

On April 22, the newly elected Pope, Benedict XVI, wrote in his message to the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni:

As I announce to you my election and the solemn inauguration of my pontificate on Sunday, April 24, I trust in the help of the Most High to continue the dialogue and strengthen the cooperation with the sons and daughters of the Hebrew people.

This friendly note made me feel glad that I was not a Catholic. It's not because I think that Jews are any better than Catholics - that would be utterly preposterous, of course. It's because, as I was reading the Pope's words, I couldn't help thinking that I, even under the best of circumstances, would have never made a good Pope. Celibacy or being a woman has nothing to do with it: when a person reaches the age of Benedict XVI, the former is no longer a problem and, therefore, the latter makes no practical difference. Besides, at least one Pope, John VIII, was a woman. The problem is, I can't express myself the way a half-decent Pope should. If I were elected Pope, and the Chief Rabbi of Rome was my friend, and I felt like bragging to him in a nice, friendly way, this is what I would've written to him:

Hey, Ricci, in case you haven't heard, I'm the Pope now! Is it terrific or is it terrific? But, seriously, cross my heart, I hope to God that under my leadership Catholics will finally learn to get along with you people.

I can understand the Pope's reluctance to use the word Jews; like many Gentiles, he may believe that it constitutes an insult, and Jews themselves use it in a self-deprecating way, like American Blacks who sometimes address each other with the N word. But "sons and daughters of the Hebrew people?" Give me a break! I wouldn't be able to concoct something like that if my life depended on it.

But let's get back to the Pope's letter. Is this good or bad? Let's see. It's good for the Catholics, because it gives them hope that the new Pope may succeed in converting Jews to the true faith and thus finally get rid of us all in that uniquely Catholic, totally bloodless way. It's also good for the Jews, because it gives them hope that the new Pope will fight anti-Semitism. Well, fight may be too strong a word. Let's say, not actively encourage. What? You think this is not enough? That's so typically Jewish! No matter how much you give them, they will ask for more, and the more you give them, the louder they become.

Listen to me, Jews; this is nothing to sneeze at. You probably know that the newly elected Pope traditionally chooses his new name after a former Pope whom he admires the most and hopes to emulate the closest. We didn't have to guess who was Papa Wojtyla's role model: there was only one Pope John Paul before him. With this Pope, however, it's a bit trickier; 15 Benedicts have sat on St. Peter's throne before him. Go figure which one he likes the best. Hopefully, he is not going to follow in the footsteps of number 14 who wrote on June 14, 1751 in one of the most important encyclicals of his papacy, A Quo Primum - On Jews and Christians Living in the Same Place, adressed to Polish Catholics:

Our credible experts in Polish affairs and the citizens of Poland itself who communicated with Us have informed Us that the number of Jews in that country has greatly increased... The Jews have so replaced the Christians that some parishes are about to lose their ministers because their revenue has dwindled so drastically. Because the Jews control businesses selling liquor and even wine, they are therefore allowed to supervise the collection of public revenues. They have also gained control of inns, bankrupt estates, villages and public land by means of which they have subjugated poor Christian farmers... The most serious is that some households of the great have employed a Jew as "Superintendent-of-the-Household"; in this capacity, they not only administer domestic and economic matters, but they also ceaselessly exhibit and flaunt authority over the Christians they are living with. It is now even commonplace for Christians and Jews to intermingle anywhere. But what is even less comprehensible is that Jews fearlessly keep Christians of both sexes in their houses as their domestics, bound to their service. Furthermore, by means of their particular practice of commerce, they amass a great store of money and then by an exorbitant rate of interest utterly destroy the wealth and inheritance of Christians.

Sounds familiar? He keeps going for a few more pages about how Jews have practically turned Poland into the West Bank and Gaza with their settlements and how bad it is for all the good people. So if you want to figure out why Poles hate us so much, you may want to read the encyclical. Besides, it may help you appreciate the come-on line that came from Pope Benedict XVI.

Benedict XIV may rest in peace. World War II helped the Poles to get rid of the Jewish yoke. Immediately before the war, a thousand-year-old community of Polish Jews was 3.3 million strong. Combined efforts of Nazi invaders and Polish patriots have led to its disappearance. In 1970's, less than 10,000 Jews still lived in Poland, but the Polish hatred of Jews continues burning undiminished.

As long as we are in the Pope-quoting mood, let me show you something you've heard a lot about, but were too lazy to read. On March 12, 2000, the late Pope John Paul II delivered a Prayer for Forgiveness. The prayer had an introduction, a conclusion, and 7 parts listing various sins. Each part was read by a cardinal and the Pope. Here is part IV:

IV. Confession of Sins against the People of Israel

Cardinal Edward Cassidy, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity:

Let us pray that, in recalling the sufferings endured by the people of Israel throughout history, Christians will acknowledge the sins committed by not a few of their number against the people of the Covenant and the blessings, and in this way will purify their hearts.

The Holy Father:

God of our fathers, you chose Abraham and his descendants to bring your Name to the nations: we are deeply saddened by the behaviour of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


That sounds fine to me, but is it really good for the Jews? To answer this question, let's see how Catholic attitude towards Jews has changed in the five years that have passed since the prayer was delivered. Let us, for example, take a look at the predominantly Catholic France. It used to be ashamed of its anti-Semitism; today it carries it proudly, as a banner.

It would be unfair, however, to single out the Catholics. The explicitly anti-Semitic campaign for divestment from Israel was initiated by the Presbyterians. The explicitly anti-Semitic boycott of Israeli universities in Great Britain is being promoted by a perfectly secular organization, the Association of University Teachers. The list can be easily continued. To put it in simple, straightforward words, the truth is terrible. Anti-Semitism among Christians of every creed in Eurabian provinces has reached the levels that can only be compared with the time when they were provinces of the Third Reich. Apparently, the Christians spontaneously came to the conclusion that the Pope's apology miraculously absolved them from all responsibility for the persecution of my people in the past, present, and future and let their ancient hatred fly with abandon. The resurgence of anti-Semitism is not limited to the EU. It's happening in the former Soviet republics. It's happening in Canada. It's happening in the UK and the United States as well, although so far more on college campuses than in the streets.

The problem is, this will not go away. Just like 70 years ago, the wave of anti-Semitism is not the only fundamental societal change unfolding before our eyes. Just like 70 years ago, it is a sure symptom of an impending catastrophe that will affect not just Jews but everyone, without exception. Just like 70 years ago, not a single world leader is attempting to honestly face the problem. Unlike 70 years ago, Jews can still save themselves by making aliya.

And this brings me to the topic I have been carefully avoiding in all my articles. You see, I do not live in Israel. It makes it very tempting for me to suggest that Israelis follow my views: after all, if something goes wrong, I will not pay for it, but they will - with their and their children's blood. That's why, although I am opposed to disengagement, just like I would be opposed to an amputation of my own leg, no matter how many world-famous doctors assured me that without it I will finally be able to become a ballerina, I do not urge Israelis to resist it. If they do, Sharon will lock up them, not me.

However, there is something that I, as a Diaspora Jew, have a right to ask the Israeli government. What kind of an idiot will go to live in a country that evicts its own law-abiding citizens from their land and surrenders its territory to its sworn enemies, in an absurd attempt to placate them?

The disengagement will not bring peace. The goal of the Arabs' is not the occupation of Gaza, but the complete destruction of Israel, and Gaza is only one of many steps leading to that cherished goal. But it will stop many Jews around the world from returning to Israel. Many of those Jews will perish in the next Holocaust, which they might have survived had the Israeli government had courage and wisdom to defend its people and their land. But why would we expect the Israeli government to be any wiser or more courageous than our own?

This is very bad for the Jews. As always, it is bound to be at least as bad for the rest of the species.

Yashiko Sagamori is a New York-based Information Technology consultant. To read other articles by the author, go to http://www.middleeastfacts.com/yashiko/ or email ysagamori@hotmail.com

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 26, 2005.

Building a nation is obvious even to the eye of the casual observer.

Killing a nation is even more blatantly obvious.

Whatever motivated Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon in his early years to be what we thought was a 'nation builder' is either gone today or was never there. Perhaps we mistook Sharon's attraction to combat and leadership of the Israeli Army (IDF) as a talent for 'nation building'.

For example, I think that men like David Ben Gurion had vision both long and deep but, well beyond combat, necessary though that may be. Yes. Yes, I know Ben Gurion had his flaws and made his mistakes but, he was indeed a Nation Builder.

Sharon, on the other hand, has always been driven by an enormous ego which always came first - before the Country. Again, don't mistake the desire to be victorious in battle as the same as a visionary who wishes to build a nation.

Even when Sharon turned political, he moved his military mind-set to combat other politicians. For him, politics was just another war.

When he became Prime Minister and had the laws of government under his control, he then broadened his base of combat to wage conflict against his own people. Whoever disagreed with his ideas, be it one close friends or a large segment of the people, he viewed them as his enemy(ies). When Sharon tells us about how "he feels our pain" what he really means is that, he enjoys our pain - because pain is intimately involved in his ritual of battle.

In the Friday edition of the Pre-Pesach Jerusalem Post April 23rd (as well as the English Ha'aretz and I assume the Hebrew papers), Sharon gave self-serving interviews. I will grant you this: Sharon can be an enchanting scoundrel when he wishes to co-opt whomever he speaks with or to. Regrettably, Sharon has proven to be a quintessential liar and is a master manipulator of the facts to suit his goals. While I cannot include the entire interview, there are a few points worth noting.

Sharon indicated that Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) was different than Yassir Arafat and that Abbas was a man of good intentions. Somehow Sharon 'forgot' to mention that Abbas was a co-conspirator with Yassir Arafat for 40 years, helped plan and assist in funding Terrorism, including the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, massacre of children at Ma'alot, etc.

Presently, now that he is solely in charge, Abbas has not achieved one measure of his obligations under the 'Road Map' to eliminate Terror, confiscate Terrorists' weapons, prevent the smuggling of illegal weapons into Israel, and the breaking up of the Terrorist organizations. He has allowed the Terrorists to re-arm and replace the leaders killed by the IDF, But, he was chosen by President George W. Bush as the best surrogate to Arafat because he dressed like a businessman and spoke in modulated tones. It didn't matter that he was a dedicated Terrorist in a suit.

In these interviews, Sharon replied to a pointed question about possible Civil War, that the evacuation will be as peaceful as he can make it. This from the man who, along with Moshe Dayan and Ezer Weizman, advised then PM Menachem Begin to give up the Sinai Desert with oil fields that would have enabled Israel to be self-sufficient in oil, two very sophisticated high tech military bases, destroy Yamit and the small farming villages ... plus all the infrastructure. Together, on their advice, Israel surrendered assets worth $17 Billion and received from Egypt only a cold peace - plus a smuggling route for weapons into Gaza.

Replacing those assets plunged Israel into a dire economic recession, which still impacts Israel's economics to this day. Also on U.S. advice, Begin chose NOT to request equal compensation from America who demanded this inequitable sacrifice to Egypt's President Anwar Sadat.

Sounds familiar? Just like when then PM Ehud Barak took the IDF on a midnight rat race retreating from Israel's security zone in Lebanon after being assured of $800 million compensation from American President Bill Clinton to re-position Israeli forces on the Israeli side of her border with Lebanon. (That promised funding never came to Israel - nor did Bush choose to honor the commitment.)

Barak, like Sharon, had an 'idea' which proved faulty as the Syrian-Iranian backed Hebz'Allah filled the vacuum left by Barak's precipitous retreat. Keep in mind that "ideas" are merely a series of thoughts with no guarantee of accuracy or fulfillment.

Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin also had an 'idea' called 'Oslo', negotiated in secret with no military, security or intelligence experts advising. Such negotiations without prior consultation with and approval by the Israeli Knesset would normally categorize these men as traitors in any Western nation. These subversives negotiated with foreign nations to weaken Israel's outer borders - which allowed the Arab Muslim Terrorists to become a a killing machine, turning any civilian (man, woman or baby) into a target. Israelis who were sacrificed - were dying for these Osloids' 'idea'. When a Member of Knesset wanted a formal investigation of the "Oslo Conspiracy", Sharon went ballistic and called upon Sharon to kill the proposal for investigation - which Sharon did.

Now we have Sharon throwing his considerable weight around with another of those infamous 'ideas' tied to the Bush "idea" of the "Road Map", the question arises: When did Sharon make Israel a vassal state to the U.S. government policy and, specifically to the "Idea" of one man: President George Bush? Or was that "idea" implanted by the pro-Arab State Department, with Father Bush and James Baker being volunteer instigators of an "IDEA" which is now being birthed as a deformed monstrosity?

Bush may have come into office as a first time born-again Christian, with belief in and friendship toward the Jewish State of Israel but, he was then re-born once again, accepting the ideas of two oil men and the bureaucracy of the State Department which hated the Jews and the Jewish nation.

Is Sharon so naive, so ignorant of geo-politics that he believes in the Bush Dynasty's promises to protect the Jewish State of Israel? When asked, both Sharon and Bush have well-scripted answers which are nothing more than artful avoidances, if not outright lies.

Getting back to Sharon's "Disengagement Idea" - as filtered down through the bowels of the "Quartet" which was headed by the pro-Arab State Department, included the E.U. (European Union), U.N. (United Nations) and Russia... Sharon has requested $500 to $800 million to pay the 9,000 settlers just compensation, plus the cost of moving the settlers, their communal property (schools, synagogues, businesses, farms, greenhouses, cemeteries and infrastructure) and the military bases which protect ALL of Israel from the Terrorists in Gaza. (Just like Barak's request for compensation for his retreat from Lebanon.)

But, instead of getting grant funds for the deportation and destruction of 30 year old (3 generations) communities, the Bush Dynasty has gone back to the leveraged trick of 'loan guarantees' that worked very well against PM Shamir and was passed on to PM Rabin. (PM Shamir was offered $10 Billion in "loan guarantees" to assist in the absorption of the suddenly released Soviet Jews. BUT, with one excuse after another, those "loan guarantees" were withheld almost as a blackmail technique. The guarantees were only made available after the U.S. shoved PM Shamir from office and gave the Israeli Prime Ministry to a compliant Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. Buying these two was not a problem.

The U.S. offers Israel a $3 Billion loan guarantee, issued in three phases. A "Loan Guarantee" means that Israel can obligate herself to the general market by borrowing money - ALL of which must be repaid with high interest rates. The supposed benefit is that, with the credit worthiness of Israel - backed by the U.S. loan guarantees, the rate of interest is marginally reduced. Israel must again go into substantial debt to fulfill the Bush mandated "Road Map: and Sharon's "Disengagement/Deportation" scheme. The next part of the trick will be coercion via the threat to withhold the guarantees unless Israel crawls and does exactly what Bush (and/or the State Department) dictates. That is called a "Dangle" which will hang over Israel's head like the proverbial Sword of Damocles.

These demands would include (but not necessarily be limited to) abandoning the rest of Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights - and what is now called East Jerusalem. Make no mistake. Today's civil battle for those with eyes to see clearly shows that, IF Israel can be forced to surrender Gush Katif and 4 settlements in the Northern Shomron, then the battle for the unity of Jerusalem as the capital of only the Jewish State is joined - make no mistake -this IS the battle for Jerusalem.

Getting back to Sharon's Jerusalem Post (and other) interviews, he says that the Arabs must stop Terror before he continues with the evacuation Road Map. The fact is that Sharon has already accepted Terror as a way of life and yet he continues to move forward the implementation of the "Road Map" irrespective of continued Terror on a far more massive scale. This has been confirmed by the military General Staff and Intelligence, both of whom are ignored by Sharon.

Sharon says smuggling of weapons must stop, knowing full well that Hosni Mubarak (President of Egypt) has been a co-conspirator with the Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists by allowing the tunnels to be dug and the weapons to be transported across Sinai. And yet, Sharon accepts (invites) the "idea" of Egyptian troops, between 4-7,000 men, with armor and helicopters to establish a perimeter at Rafiah. Even Bibi Netanyahu has stated that breaking the Sinai agreement of disarmament is not a good "idea".

In other words, Sharon assists Egypt in re-establishing an armed Southern Front (illegal by the Camp David Accords) and a jump-off staging area for when Egypt gets around to mounting an all-out attack, probably in coordination with Iran and Syria against a truncated Israel. (Note! Don't count Iraq out of the "Terrorism" business either, once they go back to typical radical Islamic governance.)

Presumably, the reader does understand that Egypt has received free $60 + Billion dollars spent mostly on American high tech weapons since the Camp David Accords, making Egypt what former Sen. Frank Church called the military colossus of the Middle East. Israel's senior staff has long been worried about the day when Egypt goes radical Islamic under the Islamic Brotherhood.

The interviewer (Editor, David Horowitz) asks Sharon: "If Kassam rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza, would we not go back in?" Here Sharon, despite his body mass, begins to dance fast.

Sharon tells us that he does not see a situation in which we would be required to go back into Gaza "on the ground". Sharon is inferring that we would somehow go back in to defend with air power our Israeli civilians across the Gaza border. Sharon already knows that, once we are out of Gaza/Gush Katif and Kassam Rockets (or mortars and Katyusha rockets) are fired in salvos, neither the U.S. nor the Quartet will allow Israeli counter-attacks - nor searches in 'hot pursuit' of Terrorists. Can we go back into Gaza as America did into Dresden, Germany and fire-bomb the entire city? Probably not - for sure!

Arik knows that he is on a very short leash, with a choke collar (which one uses to restrain and train a dog). When Arik gives Israel assurances, he knows he is lying - which, of course, he does very well.

Sharon always flops backs on the misleading verbiage that his relationship with America is very friendly. Take that answer apart for the real truth. The American people and the Congress are, indeed, very friendly to Israel. The Bush Administration, led by the pro-Arab State Department, is Very Friendly to the Arab Muslim countries, their oil, their cash flow and then - far in the rear, they have this vague friendliness for Israel - which is more of a political bone thrown to the American people and the Christian Zionist supporters of Israel.

(Note! For more than 30 years I have written about the plan of the Arabist State Department and the oil multi-national industry to disassemble Israel which is now viewed as an irritant by Saudi Arabia - so that the oil business would not be unduly disturbed and now it is obviously happening.)

Bush and company do not wish to look like a selfish or even an anti-Semitic government just because they follow the wishes of the Saudi kingdom. Subverting and even betraying an ally for oil is not that big a deal for the Bush oil consortium and the ever hostile U.S. State Department.

The interviewer goes on: Question: "Are Ofra and Beit El part of a bloc?" (Note the evasive answer.) Sharon: "Beit El and Ofra are a large settlement with thousands of residents." (He just doesn't answer the question as to their prospective political evacuation.)

Clearly, Arik Sharon is not now nor has he ever been a Nation Builder. As this Jewish nation's leader, he is submissive to the interests and mandates of other foreign nations. Granted, Israel is a very small nation and must make 'gestures' of appeasement to mollify her enemies and friends who have their own vested interests. However, cutting off parts of your own body to please others, slowly brings you to the point where what you have left to give up, no longer allows you to walk, to pick up things and, finally you are unable to protect yourself as you are now a multiple amputee.

Israel is cutting off her own body parts to a point where there is little left on her already minuscule body.

Sharon has lied so many time that nothing he says now can be believed. He will continue making gestures of releasing Arab Muslim prisoners - even those with Israeli blood on their hands - even as they return to Terror (as many of those already released have done).

Sharon speaks about Diaspora Jews coming to Israel BUT, he has made Israel an undesirable destination for World Jewry as he quashes democracy, increases brutality of the Police and Army, uses the Shabak (Secret Services) to coerce Israelis - even by arresting and jailing girls as young as 13 (last week - they missed their family's Seders).

So who wants to live in a Police State, run by crooks called politicians - unless they have always been one and the same?

To sum up: On one hand you have a born-again Christian morphed into a person who has adopted the wishes of his father, James Baker, the Arabist State Department 'et al' to transfer the Jewish State over to a pagan Muslim civilization in defiance to G-d's promise to the Jewish people.

One the other hand, you have PM Arik Sharon (Likud), Vice PM Shimon Peres (Labor) and the entire irreligious Left who wishes to de-Judaize Israel by evacuating ALL the Jewish holy sites and forcing evacuation of those religious folk of quality from the Land that they have worked hard to settle, make green, fruitful and profitable.

Clearly, the forces of Good and Evil have joined in a battle to the end.

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm).

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Posted by Patrick Dempsey, April 26, 2005.

Etty was deported to Auschwitz from Westerbork on Tuesday 7th. September 1943. On board the "Transport" she found room enough to write her last letter, a postcard to those of her friends. The postcard was thrown from the Train where passersby found it and mailed it on. The postmark; Wednesday 15th. September 1943, addressed to:-


Opening the Bible at random I find this:-

"The Lord is my high tower."

I am sitting on my rucksack in the middle of a full freight car. Father, Mother and Mischa are a few cars away. In the end, the departure came without warning. On sudden special orders from The Hague. We left the camp singing, Father and Mother firmly and calmly, Mischa, too. We shall be travelling for three days. Thank you for all your kindness and care. Friends left behind will still be writing to Amsterdam; perhaps you will hear something from them. Or from my last letter from camp.

Good-bye for now from the four of us."

Etty Hillesum was murdered at Auschwitz on Tuesday 30th. November 1943, 84 days after being "Transported East". I did not want to finish her Book so that in my mind I could keep her, somehow alive in my imagination. Sadly, in my rush to find out what she had to say next, her work had been done and her epitaph is here to be written.

Patrick Dempsey is an Irish Catholic who writes on the Holocaust. Contact him at patrick1010@tiscali.co.uk

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Posted by Sergio Tezza (Hadar), April 26, 2005.

I wonder what kind of Saudi - and James f... the Jews Baker - concocted "road trap" they are preparing for us now... This is a news item from yesterday's Arutz Sheva (www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=80796). The pictures were posted yesterday on IsraPundit (www.israpundit.com) by Joseph Alexander Norland, cohost of IsraPundit, who wrote, "I didn't make these up - honestly! I have heard of men who would chase anything wearing a dress, but this is ridiculous!"

Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is due to meet US President George W. Bush at his ranch in Texas today.

The close proximity of the Saudi de facto ruler's visit to that of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's dilutes the claim that Sharon's visit to the Bush ranch was a special privilege granted only to close allies. The visit was touted by the Israeli press as an indication of the special relationship granted Israel due to plans to withdraw from Gaza and the northern Shomron.

Bush has urged Saudi Arabia to expand "the role of its people in determining their future." But, despite muted US State Department criticism, the Saudi Kingdom has largely ignored US encouragement to become democratic. It is far from backing away from Islamic rule. Militant Wahabi Islamists swept the latest municipal elections held there. Women were not allowed to vote or take part in the local elections.

Just this weekend, Saudi Arabia detained 40 Christians for praying within the country, which has made the practicing of any non-Islamic religion illegal. The men, women and children, Christians from Pakistan were found praying in a private residence and immediately arrested according to Al-Jazeera. The Arab news station also reported that Christian tapes and books were found and confiscated.

[Editor's note: A comment by Robert in IsraPundit: "As Jay Leno said, 'The Saudis are really helping in the 'War on Terror'. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be fighting terror.'"

Another comment by Jennie: "I did get a giggle this morning Fox news showed that very same picture with the song " Love Is In The Air" playing in the background even I was shaking my head at this one thinking to myself Prez what could you be thinking by holding the crown prince's hand especially in light of the fact so many fellow Americans distrust the Saudis along with the fact rising oil costs have put many companies an employees out of work an none of us want to be perceived as having a whim to hold the crown princes hand nor do we feel love is in the air given the behavior of the Saudis. I cannot fathom the direction the war on terrorism has turned if the Saudis have been encouraging jihad then why would they have been greeted with such a warm welcome? To add to that at one point North Sudan was being credited for being a somewhat beneficial ally in the war on terrorism but as of yesterday the 700 Club broke a story which dispelled that a video tape snuck out of North Sudan showing a terrorist training camp for youths where children were being schooled in how to kill Christains, Jews and those of other faiths along with two former members of the camps one a former instructor who not only gave insight but also said the North Sudanese govt was well aware of the existance of not just that camp but at least 8 others. Now we all know the fact that there has been an ongoing campaign by the North Sudanese to wipe out the predominately Christain South. That tape shown on the 700 Club documented and busted the North Sudanese red handed. A reporter with the 700 Club took the tape to the North Sudanese ambassador and played it for him all of it televized of course. The ambassador just sat there stonewalling saying no I don't think so it isn't correct as the reporter said oh yes take a look at the date and location then came complete silence. Heh I certainly hope at least some of our leadership watched that telecast on the 700 Club because it proved that North Sudan was in fact supporting terrorism."]

Contact Hadar at Hadar-Israel@verizon.net

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Posted by Anita Tucker, April 26, 2005.

I know we're all rejoicing in Pesach preparations but it's important to spread this message as we join with all of Klal Yisrael in celebrating Chag HaMatzot this week. Forward to your friends and family as well.

When the Ramatkal, Dan Chalutz, was in Gush Katif yesterday and was asked what the army would do if it came to evacuate and found 100,000 Jews standing in opposition. He said that Tzahal couldn't do anything against that kind of public pressure and that it would send the decision back to the Knesset rather than deal with this.

Therefore, we are all asked to realize the importance of the moment and save Israel by being there and not allowing ANY Jews to be evacuated from any of Israel. The domino effect of capitulating and allowing the evacuation of Gush Katif (God forbid) is obvious and despite declarations to the contrary, it would be very difficult to evacuate other parts of Israel if we stand firm for and with Gush Katif,

May it be a Chag Geula for ALL of KLAL YISRAEL and may we indeed see a Kibutz Galuyot and safety and good health for all of Israel,

Shabbat Shalom and Chag SAMEACH veKasher!

See you all during Chol HaMoed in Gush Katif, Be"H!

Anita Tucker lives in Gush Katif, Gaza.

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Posted by Denise Andrades, April 26, 2005.

This strategic piece of commentary on the plight of Israel and the Jewish people and their constant need to protect and protest at the diminishing land mass being claimed by the Muslims (and Christians) is most alarming.

The Muslims keep telling us that Mohammed is the last prophet. My question is who was the first and why no respect for our Torah written by the first scribe, Moses?

This is a seriously distressing situation for the Jewish people with rising European ant-Semitism and discrimination in all of the Arab nations. Israel is more important than ever and even as a secular Australian with Jewish roots I feel more than ever like going to live there. I would demonstrate in the Arab sectors holding up my placard with the words "Go back to Mecca where you belong." I don't want to kill them, but because they want to kill me, what choice do I have? Yes the world should be made to sit up and watch us as we have to eliminate all opposition to our religious views as they want to eliminate us.

They have made themselves fair game with their lack of respect for our holy sites and their wrecking of all the other surrounding religions icons, like the giant Buddhist statues in Afghanhistan and creating a Mosque at the site of the Golden Temple where Ram the Hindu god is supposed to have been born.

It's time the world stopped the aggressive behaviour OF THESE ARROGANT AND DESTRUCTIVE MUSLIMS and teached them a lesson in humility.

Personally I don't give a damn about them owning all of the oil, because its only going to run out and then where will we all be? It is evil to base political decisions on such limited economic resources. And then they create really disgustingly rich oil shieks who don't even share their wealth with the rest of the population. The whole situation stinks and I am living for the day when as a Jew I can feel proud and know the Temple Mount is under the control of the Jewish people and we can commence construction of the Third Temple dedicated to our God, JHWH.


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Posted by Gerald A. Honigman, April 26, 2005.

And I'm no right-winger.

While he sits--on that rare occasion when his boss isn't paying for his travels around the world (careful Tommy...despite your frequent Arab derriere kissing, with your last name, you'd better remember Danny Pearl)--in a home probably farther away from his New York Times office than the State of Israel is in width, Friedman loves to take other Jews to task for wanting something beyond a 9-mile wide rump state status imposed upon them in 1949 by a United Nations more concerned with limiting Arab losses than halting their initial aggression. That's how Israel got those pre-'67 armistice lines--not borders--that have served as a constant invitation to 300 million Arabs who surround it to sever it in half. The U.N.'s Ralph Bunche, the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, had plenty to say about this. So did Lord Caradon, Eugene Rostow, and other architects of Resolution 242. I wonder if Tommy ever read them? It certainly doesn't appear so.

Let's get something straight. It's not Israeli annexation of all the disputed territories that's at issue here--despite how Friedman constantly twists the truth--but justice's demand that the travesty of the Auschwitz lines imposed upon the Jews in their sole state at long last--as U N Security Council Resolution 242 called for--be rectified. Israel isn't looking to rule over millions of Arabs, and he knows this. Yet this is what Friedman dwells on and how he chooses to present Israel's case. There are a few choice words describing those who indulge in such things. Read my mind...

Any 22nd Arab state--and second, not first Arab one created out of the original 1920 borders of Palestine (Jordan created from the lion's share in 1922), should not be born at the expense of the minimal requirements for some sane semblance of security for Israel's Jews. Nations (which dwarf Israel in size and power) habitually conquer, acquire, and manipulate territories often hundreds or thousands of miles away from home in the name of national security. Think Panama or the Falklands War for just a few examples. Only Jews are expected to forsake even minimal needs in these regards. That's what the issue regarding the territories is really all about. Reading Friedman, however, you'd never know it.

Poll after poll taken among Arabs repeatedly show that the size of Israel is not the issue. The very existence of a Jewish State on what Arabs claim to be purely Arab patrimony is. Arabs fought three wars with Israel before the latter was ever in the disputed territories. Friedman knows all of this, as he knows that his buddy, Mahmoud Abbas, got elected running on a platform calling for Israel's destruction--but by "more acceptable" means. Blown buses bring bad press. Yet Tommy chooses to paint Jews in search of a fair territorial compromise with those who delight in disemboweling their children merely as extremists.

Listen to a typical Friedmanism from one of his latest op-eds, "Rooting For The Good Guys":

"...This withdrawal is a threat to the Jewish religious nationalists. Their goal is not peace, but to conquer Israeli society with their messianic vision and biblical map..."

He devoted about 85% of that article to this theme and the rest--the last two paragraphs--to addressing the Arabs.

A few years back, he took great pride in his claim to be the originator of the so-called "Saudi Peace Plan." This also tells you where Friedman is coming from. That "peace (of the grave) plan" called for a total withdrawal of Israel to the Auschwitz lines and a "return" of millions of Arabs (most of whom never lived in Israel) who have been raised on Jew-hatred and canonizing those who blow Jews apart to the Jews' lone, rump state. Half of Israel's Jews were refugees from "Arab"/Muslim lands--but without some two dozen other states to choose from. Friedman should have to live with such neighbors in his own back yard...or perhaps have to take an Egged bus to work.

As just one of many other examples of "justice"--Friedman style--listen to his advice to some thirty million truly stateless Kurds, whose best chance at independence was sacrificed after World War I on the altar of British petroleum politics and Arab nationalism. While I'm not a wealthy author and New York columnist, my work on this subject was published in a heavily Nobel Laureate-sponsored academic journal, the Fall 1981 Middle East Review, and can be found on recommended reference lists of leading universities all around the world--including Paris' famed Science Po...Not bad for someone who had his academic career nipped in the bud because his politics differed with the tenured chief honcho who used one set of lenses for the scrutiny of Israel and another for the study of the neighborhood in which it exists.

Here's Friedman on the Kurds' quest for their share of justice. He stated in the March 26, 2003 New York Times that they should be told point blank...

"...What part of 'no? don't you understand' ...You Kurds are not breaking away."

While Tommy and professors such as the one described above laugh at or belittle the needs and aspirations of others in the region, both he and they are tireless proponents of the demands of the Arabs themselves for the creation of their 22nd state. While he gives a few sentences of lip service regarding Arab extremists--even though, unlike Israel's own few real "extremists," those of the Arabs are in the clear majority when it comes to not conceding rights to others--he allows Israel no wriggle room in dealing with the fragile realities of its pre-'67 existence. Jews as perpetual victims are what his kind of "liberals" demand. And for those who do not know, the '67 Six Day War began with an Arab blockade of Israel--a clear casus belli--and other hostile acts as well. That's how Israel wound up in the disputed, unapportioned (not purely Arab) lands of the original Mandate and elsewhere...fighting yet another defensive war for its very life.

Liberals (as well as other fair-minded folks) are not supposed to just shed tears over victims but are supposed to want to see a long term resolution to their victimization. Perfect justice doesn't exist anywhere among the realm of man, so Friedman and his ilk should not demand it in terms of the Arab-Israeli dispute either.

This being the case, the basic needs of the sole state of the world's longest victimized people--the Jews--should not be subjected to the treatment that those like Friedman constantly subject it to.


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Posted by Judith Prewitt, April 26, 2005.

The boycott is outrageous.

This first item is a letter was written my friend Dr. Benjamin Szwergold.

Dear Sir,

The recent AUT decision to boycott Israeli Academic institutions is antisemitic in the best tradition of the actions of the Nazi academics in the universities of the Third Reich.

You sir, and your colleagues just joined their ranks.

Your action goes against everything that Universities and Colleges nominally aspouse, such as freedom of thought and opinions.

It is nauseating but alas, not surprising......

Shame on you !

Benjamin S. Szwergold, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
Dartmouth Medical School
Remsen 311-314, HB 7515
Hanover, NH 03755
Tel & Fax. 603-650-1848

Statement by AUT general secretary Sally Hunt: AUT Council today decided to boycott Haifa University and the Bar-Ilan University. The executive committee will issue guidance to AUT members on these decisions.

Council delegates also referred a call to boycott the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the executive committee will investigate the background to this and will report in due course.

Council delegates also agreed to circulate to all local associations a statement from Palestinian organisations calling for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

Press contact:
David Nicholson (press@aut.org.uk) Frederic Leder wrote: "UK teachers' assoc. passes boycott of Israeli academics".

This is called "UK teachers' union passes boycott of Israeli academics" and was written by Talya Halkin and Sari Cohen. It appeared in the Jerusalem Post Apr. 22, 2005.

New motions to boycott Israeli academics were passed on Friday at the annual meeting of the Association of University Teachers in the UK. The AUT voted to pass two of three motions directed against individual universities and to boycott Haifa University and Bar Ilan University.

The AUT accused Haifa University of restricting the academic freedom of staff members who are critical of the government, and protest Bar Ilan's campus in the settlement Ariel in the West Bank, The Guardian reported.

A third boycott proposal against the Hebrew University was dropped after delegates to the meeting questioned the evidence of an alleged case of Palestinian land confiscation by the university.

The Israeli Embassy in London released a statement condemning the boycott as a biased and adverse move which, far from promoting peace efforts, it ignores and sabotages progress made between the Israelis and Palestinians.

"The resolutions are as perverse in their content as in the way they were debated and adopted. The AUT ignored overwhelming academic and public rejection of the proposed motions.

"The fact that no AUT member who wanted to argue against this decision was allowed to speak, and the case for the Israeli universities was not presented to delegates, speaks volumes about the relevance and fairness of this debate," the embassy statement read.

As the statement notes, Israeli universities are rare institutions in which Arabs and Jews work and study side by side.

"In particular, Haifa University, which was boycotted today, has a substantial Arab faculty and student body. Such institutions are at the forefront of efforts to develop cooperation between different communities and thus further steps towards peace."

"We are certain that the British Government and British university authorities will make it clear that no discrimination or bias on the grounds of nationality, race or religion will be tolerated in UK higher education. Academics should be at the forefront of international cooperation - by passing these resolutions the AUT is doing exactly the opposite," it concluded.

Britain's Orthodox chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks expressed his disappointment in the AUT's decision.

"I am most distressed by this outcome. Academic life is about building bridges of dialogue, not destroying them; opening minds, not closing them; hearing both sides of an argument, not one alone. The AUT has betrayed the academic principles it supposedly represents. This is a sad day for British universities."

"This is a political campaign," Jonathan Spyer, Director of the European Affairs of the Global Center in International Affairs at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzeliya, told The Jerusalem Post after Friday's bote.

"Indeed," he said, "the model or metaphor for it is the campaign against South African apartheid."

"The boycott," added Spyer, who is an expert on Europe-Israel relations and on the new anti-Semitism in Europe, "should be seen as part of a broader strategy toward the de-legitimization of Israel, leading to eventual sanctions against the country. This is a political campaign. The people behind the campaign, such as Sue Blackwell, are opposed to the continued existence of the State of Israel. In line with PLO policy of the 1970s, they wish to see the Jewish State replaced by a 'democratic-secular state', i.e., a single state with a Palestinian Arab majority between the Jordan and the Mediterranean."

The motions had provoked a heated debate earlier this week before the AUT assembled on Wednesday for a three-day meeting in Eastbourne, in South-East England.

Pro-boycott activists were hopeful that their motions stood a better chance of being passed this year after they were turned down in 2003. One reason for their optimism, they said earlier this month, was that they have now received the unequivocal support of the Federation of Unions of Palestinian Universities' Teachers and Employees, a sister union of the British association. The Palestinian federation has recently released a statement endorsing the British call to boycott Israeli universities. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post earlier this month, Sue Blackwell, a Birmingham University lecturer and one of the leaders of the boycott proposal, told the Post that she "completely agreed" with comparisons between Israel and the former Apartheid regime in South Africa.

Dr. Judith Martha Prewitt, FIEEE can be reached at MadameProfessor@EarthLink.net

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 26, 2005.


The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported about the hearing. It contends that the State of Israel and "members of the Jewish community" of the US lobbied hard and long for clemency." Justice4Pollard calls that report a sanitized version. Actually, the State abandoned Pollard and so did most US Jewish organizations. They turn away at their own peril, for this is "a case that continues to be used to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally and the loyalty of American Jews."

"Judge Sentelle's hostile observation that 'the problem with Mr. Pollard is that he thinks he is unique' speaks more about America's contempt for the cause Jonathan served - Israel and the Jews - than it does about Jonathan personally. This is the very issue that Israel and the Jewish leaders -with the help of the Jewish media- have spent 2 decades trying to ignore. By turning their backs on Government excesses and judicial inequities, they have tried to convince themselves that this really has nothing to do with them." "Anyone who was in the courtroom last Tuesday had the same sinister message - that Jews are fair game in America - driven home to them all over again."

The US Jewish media either neglected or misrepresented his case. (I remember the "Jewish Week" of New York writing a hatchet job about Pollard, with fabrications it should have checked and debunked rather than reiterated.)

The report stated that Pollard could appeal to the US Supreme Court but not now unlikely that Court would be to grant a hearing.

"The third judge, who dominated the hearing, Judge David Sentelle, is described by the JTA as "visibly frustrated." "Judge Sentelle repeatedly side-tracked the oral argument, verbally harassing and nitpicking on irrelevant matters until the presentation time was used up." "In fact he was openly hostile, mocking, and scornful. He went so far as to insist that in this case the court does not have the authority to allow Pollard's security-cleared attorneys access to their client's own sentencing file. How much more obvious could Sentelle's contempt be, than to suggest that the court has no authority over court documents!

The best legal minds in the country support Jonathan Pollard's attorneys' right to access the material in their client's own sentencing docket. But JTA takes no note of this and fails to mention that the American Civil Liberties Union, The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and prominent individuals have filed a "Friend of the Court Brief" in support. Even the Government had previously conceded that the Court has the authority to grant access to the documents, but had confined its argument to the position that the Court should not do so in this case." (IMRA, 3/22 from Justice4Pollard.)

The hearing was more cover-up. Ours is a government by conspiracy, whitewash, and cover up.


"NOT a Purim spoof! Yesterday at the Likud party caucus, Ariel Sharon harangued the Likud leaders to reject the idea of a national referendum on his 'disengagement' plan for Gaza, claiming it was dangerous and undemocratic. When challenged to explain why it was dangerous and democratic, he replied, "No one knows to what it could lead. It could lead to ELECTIONS." So now we understand. Undemocratic things are those that lead to elections" (Prof. Plaut, 3/22).

The abandonment plan is dangerous, because it gives free rein to terrorists to arm with heavier weapons and attack Israel all along its border at times and places of their choosing. Sharon's tactics for getting it authorized are undemocratic.

1. "The successful withdrawal from Southern Lebanon is a precedent for everything that will take place in Gaza and Northern Samaria after the withdrawal from these areas".

There were a hundred missile attacks, alone, killing 28 people.

2. "There is less incitement from the Palestine Authority since Abu Mazen's entry into his position as president".

The government is not monitoring this. (IMRA reports continued mosque and media incitement.)

3. "Abu Mazen is a peace seeking leader".

The Israeli government ought to publicize and criticize Mazen for constantly admitting that he will not disarm the terrorists and, in fact, will enroll them in his official police. His "statements do not represent any willingness for peace or co-existence with the people of Israel."

4. "Aid given to the PA education is a positive development".

"...reports from the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, www.edume.org, ... show that the PA's educational system is based on continuing the war against the "Zionist State".

5. "The United States promised to recognize settlement blocs".

PM Sharon cites "agreements reached in his meeting with Bush on April 13th, 2004. The only problem is that the American Embassy informed me that the American Foreign Ministry completely denies any such promise of recognition of settlements."

6. "As part of the United States' gestures of good will to Israel for the Gaza and Northern Samaria withdrawal, the US will aid in the buying of the property belonging to the residents of the settlements."

US Aid denied being asked and denies that it would.

7. "Israel is expecting the United stated to automatically provide additional funding for the high cost of dismantling and pulling out of the settlements".

"There is no indication of such on Capitol Hill"

8. "Jerusalem is not up for negotiations".

"However, one must pay close attention to US Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice, who clearly states that the US opposes any settlement activity beyond the '67 borders. When I asked the US Embassy spokesman whether reconstruction of the famous "Hurva" synagogue, located in the Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem and destroyed by the Jordanians in 1948, was considered to be "illegal settlement activity", the answer was, 'yes'."

9. "Improvement of Security".

"Anyone visiting the Elei Sinai community in the most northern most part of Katif in Gaza will quickly see that the distance between the front porches of that community and the major power station in Ashkelon is within shooting range. Is it not quite evident that after Israel's pullout from such an important strategic region that Ashkelon's power station will not be threatened by PA security forces and all the terror organizations who populate the Gaza Strip?

10. "The Western Negev will be strengthened".

"Most recently, guides from the Jewish Agency reported that they had received guidelines not to encourage organized groups to sleep over in the facilities of the Western Negev region, because of security concerns from Gaza. A sign of things to come?" (IMRA, 3/23.)


The P.A. accused Israeli troops of herding Arabs, returning from the Sinai to Gaza at the Rafiah crossing, into a room where they are irradiated in order to give them deadly diseases.

The P.A. Ambassador to Sri Lanka alleges that two Israelis killed Arafat with a laser device. He claims that they were caught by P.A. guards and held Canadian passports (IMRA, 3/22). The passports may have been mentioned to irk Canada, already sensitive to Israeli agents' improper use of its passports. The pair has not been produced. It's the usual accusation without evidence. Arab slanderers are capable of going into non-existent detail.

I have the impression that the major US media ignores that particularly ridiculous type of defamation, though it repeats other types against Israel. (I wonder whether the European media, more biased, reiterates it.) Why doesn't the US media publicize constant Arab accusations that Israel poisons the Arabs, debunk them, and draw the proper conclusions about Arab unreliability and viciousness? One needn't demonize the Arabs to show they are like demons.


The myth had gained currency that terrorism in general cannot be stopped. Israel, however, stopped it as a major force, though a relatively few attackers got through. It defeated Arafat. Other countries are studying what Israel did, to learn how to do the same. Israel's methods were:

"1) Highly advanced intelligence capabilities;

2) Precision-guided weapons for preventive targeted attacks against terrorists;

3) Isolation of the political leaders (Arafat);

4) Extensive perimeter defense;

5) A motivated and resilient civilian population, which continues to identify closely with the IDF."

Unfortunately, Israeli appeasement detracted from this success: "The transfer of control of cities and villages to the PLO and other groups under the ill-considered Oslo 'peace process' had severely impaired Israel's capability to monitor and, where necessary, act against Palestinian (Arab) terrorist activities." Hence most Israeli casualties were in the first year. Training kept IDF casualties to a tenth of what Arafat expected.

"In parallel, the policy of isolating Arafat in a 'closed military zone' without ready media access was a highly successful example of psychological and political warfare, and clearly a better option than arrest, exile or assassination, however morally justified. As a result, Palestinians no longer heard his support for 'martyrs,' but saw his impotence daily, particularly when first the U.S. government, and then, with reluctance, even Arafat's European backers, agreed that he had become 'irrelevant.' (So they turned to Abu Mazen, with fresh cynicism/naivete.)

The IDF took (excessive) risks to avoid inflicting excessive civilian casualties. With whatever it did, however, its ideological enemies found fault. Israeli incompetence at propaganda let it appear that the IDF was neither competent nor ethical. Thus NGOs unfairly and incorrectly accuse Israel of war crimes and violations of international law (when it is terrorism that violates international law). They used biased sources (IMRA, 3/23 from Gerald Steinberg).

Imagine how well the war would have gone if the government were patriotic! Its failure to arrest Arafat indicated impotence. Arafat should have been put on trial for another 10 crimes every month. That would have shown his criminality.


King Abdullah plans an initiative against antisemitism. He said he has sent messages to other Arab states urging them to fight antisemitism, but he did not reveal the content. He told some US Jewish organizations that he wants to remove the religious component from the Arab-Israel conflict. His speech to an Arab summit in Algiers, however, did not mention antisemitism. IMRA reminds us that his schools' textbooks are antisemitic (IMRA, 3/23).

I'll bet that the Jewish representatives did not ask him about his antisemitic schools. They are better at memorializing dead Jews than preserving live ones.


The P.A. claims a 27% increase in territorial income. It attributes it to fighting corruption, since commerce did not grow. There must have been a lot of corruption!

There still is, according to candidates in the 2004 P.A. elections. It was a major issue. Even the official newspaper complains that the government buys $76,000 new cars for Ministers who are supposed to turn in their older cars but don't. The existence of that critical editorial represents progress (IMRA, 3/23 from Palestinian Media Watch).

It became popular to complain about corruption, so its existence cannot be assumed from complaints. Corruption and dictatorship are their problem, not ours, so any reduction in it does not necessarily affect us positively, since their jihad continues.

The perquisites of Israeli officials can match those stories. For example, for an automobile, a Member of Knesset sold his vote and put over Oslo, hundreds of Israeli deaths ago. Corruption may be keeping PM Sharon hostage to the Left and therefore to the Arabs. The last two Israeli elections were financed by illegal foreign donations. Arbitrary power there increases corruption.


Some opponents of Sharon's abandonment plan blocked traffic. Others brought to residents of Israel literature with produce from their Gaza hothouses that Peres is eager to give, free, to the P.A.. Police detained them all, regardless of what they didn't or wouldn't do. They were detained because of what they stood for - opposition to the government plan. Detainees report sudden police violence, deliberate as ascertained by police removing their ID. Police claim it was minimal or provoked by non-cooperation (Arutz-7, 3/23).

If provoked, arrest. They didn't arrest. Therefore, the violence must have been simple brutality.

I think that the police don't know how to cope with civil protest, are brutal, and are confused over who is protesting and whether it is legal. There is a combination of willfulness and incompetence. I disapprove of blocking other people's traffic. Ironically, doing that was a police tactic, as by halting the Purim gift-givers.

Civil disobedience on highways should be reserved for major issues, such as this one. It is resorted to in student and labor disputes. I think it curbs sympathy, whereas its promulgator believes it draws attention to the national crisis.


Turkey now joins the Arab states in which Hitler's autobiography, "Mein Kampf" is a best seller. The book blames the world's problems on the Jews (sorry, lost source). How fast Turkey turned against its Kemalist, secular heritage! The secular parties' corruption cost them public favor.

SHARON'S NEW PROMISES Fresh from breaking all his old promises, such as promising to abide to votes against his plan, PM Sharon is making new promises, to shore up his budget, whose approval is needed for keeping his post. The new promise to opponents of his abandonment plan is that he would not make further withdrawals except as negotiated with the P.A..

The promise has an escape clause. After all his dissembling about the advantages and consequences of his plan, his contradicting the platform on which his Party won a landslide victory, his dirty politics (and dirty tricks), his lying about accepting the results of votes on it, and his ignoring the votes of his Cabinet, it is amazing that some people still believe Sharon. One hopes that the people will stop obeying his illegal orders (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/24).


The Jerusalem Post writes that the Arab summit "opted to readopt the 'Saudi plan' passed in Beirut in 2002. This plan included the familiar Palestinian (Arab) positions calling for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 lines and establish a (second Arab) Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital... The fact is that, once again, the governments meeting in Algiers missed an opportunity to lead toward the peace they insist they want, and to assuage Israeli concerns about their true intentions. There is a simple measure of leadership: Will these states take steps that encourage the Palestinians to moderate their demands, most importantly concerning the 'right of return'? Will they encourage the Palestinians to take more realistic positions that are fully consistent with Israel's sovereignty and right to exist?" (Foreign Ministry, 3/24.)

The Arab summit showed their true intention: conquer Israel. If they tried to "assuage Israeli concerns about their true intentions," they would have been lying and perhaps deceiving.

It would be dangerous for Israel if they encouraged the Palestinian Arabs "to moderate their demands," for then Israel might sooner make a deal that gives the Arabs concessions. Giving aggressors concessions is unfair to the victims. It also positions the aggressors closer to victory.


"Moufaz, Israel's Defense Minister told Yaalon that he was relieving him of his duties because he did not think he fully supported the disengagement plan. Moufaz conceded that Yaalon was one of the finest Chief of Staffs Israel ever had and said that he has not one complaint against Yaalon other than the fact that he once voiced doubt about the disengagement plan. Ironically, Yaalon has given full backing to Sharon and has since showed complete loyalty to the plan." (Voice of Judea, 3/24.) Mofaz' action seems totalitarian and paranoid.


At a briefing, the State Dept. representative said, "And you saw that there may have been people elected that may have been members of Hamas, but they weren't terrorists. They were people who advocated the importance of improving the quality of life for people in the region, people in the Territories. And they were businesspeople, they're professionals." (IMRA, 3/16.)

Many terrorist leaders are professionals, doesn't the State Dept. know? Their domestic program doesn't matter, when their ideology and organization is terrorist. The domestic program is a means to power, not evidence of decency. The State Dept. either is getting ready to make a deal with Hamas or naively believes its fairytale ending to Hamas.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Sergio Tezza (Hadar), April 26, 2005.

This was written by Daniel Hulkower and appeared in Arutz-Sheva (http://israelnn.com/article.php3?id=5036) April 20, 2005 as an Opinion piece. Hulkower is an immigrant from Brooklyn and lives in Kiryat Ata. He hopes to soon enter the Israeli army.

I am not a religious Jew. In America, my Friday nights were spent with my friends and my Saturdays were spent on my motorcycle. (If you live in Brooklyn, New York and saw a red motorcycle driven by someone wearing a helmet that said "It is forbidden to give them a state" in Hebrew - that was me.) In Israel, it is not much different for me; I am secular and very proud to be Jewish. I am an ardent Zionist and a proud supporter of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (as a matter of fact, I have been to Gush Katif twice already, and I am planning on going on the upcoming Arutz-7 tour, as well).

The fact that I am secular kind of distinguishes me from my fellow right-wing Zionist counterparts. The reasoning behind my support for the settlements is not as much religious as it is political. I know stupidity when I see it, and giving land to terrorists in exchange for ho-hum peace plans is a good definition of stupid. I know very well that giving land for peace can not and will not work. I have done my reading and research, and discovered that the land-for-peace concept is a leftist hoax, which guarantees nothing but more terrorism and the further destruction of our state.

Recently, I saw I sign near Haifa that proclaimed, "22 Dead. Leave Gaza Now!" 22 soldiers dying for their country and that all of a sudden means that withdrawing from Gaza will surely prevent more from dying? The contradiction there, of course, is that if soldiers are there fighting terrorism, destroying weapons tunnels, preventing Kassam rockets from flying and halting the free movement of terrorists, then why pull them out? If we do that, the only logical conclusion is that these things will continue to happen, but nobody will be there to stop them. If the Israeli army is then forced to reenter Gaza, then that means more soldiers may be killed and the whole Disengagement was for nothing.

People today also complain about the money being spent to protect these lands, but it will cost just the same when we have to go back in. So why withdraw in the first place? Furthermore, with a recent increase in terrorism of a whopping 330% - with Kassams landing in Gush Katif, thus breaking the Sharm El-Sheikh agreement - why bother leaving? The point of withdrawing from Gaza is so that the Palestinians will be able to keep themselves in line, but they cannot.

For the life of me, I will never understand why people (especially secularists like myself) believe that the Palestinians are trustworthy partners in peace. Forget for a minute the fact that Gaza is ancient Jewish land, and look at the fact that there is no evidence the Palestinians have ever proven themselves worthy of their own state. I cannot understand why this does not occur to enough people. Through increases in terrorism, both inside and outside Green-Line Israel, with anti-Israel hatred brewing daily throughout Gaza and the West Bank, why do enough people not realize that Palestinians are not our "friends and peace partners"? Even when the supporters of Disengagement bring up their worn-out argument that "soldiers are dying," it does not occur to them to examine why this is so. It is not because 8,000 Jews live in red-roofed houses and make deserts bloom, it is because Palestinians want to destroy us. People call the leftists "misguided", but I am sorry, folks, you do not need to be a prodigy to know to who your enemies are.

Well, for all those in Judea, Samaria and Gaza who believe that most leftist groups are comprised of secularists, and that all secularists are leftists, just know that there are many out there like me and my friends. We support you and your fight. If need be, I would not think twice about going to Gaza to fight at your side.

Contact Hadar at Hadar-Israel@verizon.net

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Posted by Judy Lash Balint, April 26, 2005.
This essay was written by Laura Ben-David, who lives in Neve Daniel. Contact her by e-mail at Laura@LBWx2.com

When we moved to Israel from South Florida over 2 1/2 years ago we were realizing a 2,000 year old dream. We were not moving as a political statement, or to double the number of passports we have to carry - (though both happened whether we wanted it or not). In fact when we chose to live "over the green line" it had nothing to do with idealism or extremism or any other "ism". It was simply a place within the land of Israel that was beautiful and had excellent schools.

When we left America we were not leaving an oppressive, dictatorial state to practice religious freedom like so many others who have left such countries. We were not seeking a democratic way of life, the right to vote, free speech, freedom to protest the government, or any of the other freedoms that we Americans take for granted and of which we would expect nothing less. Unlike our ancestors who underwent countless challenges and difficulties to move to the Promised Land, we went with a 40-ft container filled with our belongings, moved into a lovely rental home, were greeted by all sorts of services and assistance. Really, there has never been a better time to move to Israel from this perspective.

Spiritually we knew we were going to a much better place. There is no place like it in the world. And hundreds of millions of people across the globe, of three of the major world religions, agree with that. At least that hasn't changed.

But something happened. Despite Israel's reputation as an island of democracy in a sea of religious dictatorships, the reputation is grossly inaccurate.

Though represented as a democracy, the State of Israel is anything but. As Sharon's "unilateral disengagement plan" looms ever closer, the Jewish citizens of Gaza and from a few towns in northern Samaria are bracing themselves for eviction from their homes and their land.

Though Sharon's use of the word "unilateral" was meant to indicate that it was don't without negotiation with the Arabs, it is more accurate to say that it was unilateral because it was without negotiation with much of anyone. Though it went against the very party that Sharon represents, and theoretically against the moral fiber of every democratic society in the world, Sharon has used everything in his power, whether legal or not, to make this happen.

I know that there are often very difficult decisions, and even huge concessions, that need to be made in any type of negotiations. Sometimes they can be very painful ones. But I have always lived in a democracy where even if something I so strongly believed in was voted against, there is a sense of security in knowing that a sacred process was followed. The process of democratic vote. The process that says that the majority wants it a certain way, and that is the way it will be. And I can live with that even if it is strongly against my own choice. I am very sorry to say that that process is not in place in the State of Israel.

Yesterday, the first day of Chol Hamoed (intermediate days of Passover), we had the good fortune to join our friends the Goldsteins on a trip to the beautiful Jewish communities in the eviction-threatened Gaza Strip. Shaul Goldstein is not only the Mayor of Gush Etzion, he is also the second-in-command of the Yesha Council and he knows the Gaza communities in a way that no tour guide could.

We first stopped at Netiv Ha'Asarah on the northern border of Gaza. We saw beautiful Jewish homes there in towns on both sides of the border; homes that looked like they came right out of Boca Raton, Florida.

Unbelievably, the homes on the "Gaza" side of the fence are slated to be taken away from their Jewish residents and handed over to the Arabs on a silver platter so that they will border the other Jewish town. Hamas will then have no need to improve their Kassam rocket weapon technology at that point as the distance between their homes and the Jewish homes will be much less than ever before.

We then toured all over the Jewish neighborhoods of the Gaza Strip. We went to Gush Katif, and saw its various communities, like Ganei Tal, and others. A little fishing village, several very large neighborhoods with stunning homes, clean, colorful parks with children everywhere, schools; Everything one would imagine in any blooming, vibrant town. Plus so much more. The famous Gush Katif industry of hydroponic vegetables and many plants and flowers were evident all over as greenhouses filled the scenery. We stopped at a fabulous greenhouse to buy plants for our new home. We wondered if we would ever have the chance to buy there again.

We stopped for lunch in a lovely little village where our children ran and played on the beautiful playground equipment set upon perfectly manicured green grass with colorful flowers abound. What was remarkably evident was the extreme care that the villagers used to maintain their homes and their surroundings. Yet these people are about to be taken from their homes, their parks, their green grass, and their flowers.

After lunch we went the short distance to the beach. The land that is called the Gaza Strip is actually a relatively narrow parcel of land that runs along the Mediterranean Sea and takes up around 20% of Israel's coastline with it. As our children romped in the still-cold-from-winter waves, I stood back and enjoyed the fresh air, the salt-spray, the joyful shouts all around me, and all I could think of is that Sharon wants to give this all away. I looked around at the many children splashing and having a wonderful time, wondering which of them lived here and were about to have the beach that they grew up on taken away from them.

I wondered how many of those same children had come to Israel with their families on Aliyah, realizing the same dream I had, only chosen this wonderful sea-side life in place of the mountains I chose. How many of their grandparents had come on Aliyah after being harshly evicted from their homes in World War II Europe, or in post-1948 Middle East. To have come so far to find the Jewish haven - and then to have Jews, themselves, do the evicting! It is unconscionable; -- it is unthinkable!

Our final stop in Gaza was the small neighborhood of Kfar Darom. We were all invited into the home of Shaul's friend, a delightful man who lost his wife, Miri Amitai, to an Arab terror attack. We then saw the beautiful synagogue that was built in her memory and to the memory of four others from the community who lost their lives to terror attacks.

It had taken tremendous efforts to raise the necessary funds to build the synagogue and place of Torah learning. As I sat reading a leaflet about the synagogue I was struck dumb by the overwhelming absurdity of the planned events. Here is a community that lost five of its members to terror attacks. After much time and effort they finally raised enough money to build a beautiful synagogue. Now the country in whose name they died is prepared to hand over the synagogue built in their names to the Gaza Arabs from where their murderers came. This is our democracy in action.

"Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" by Judy Lash Balint (Gefen) is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com

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Posted by Evelyn Hayes, April 25, 2005.

The upright are downwrong and would leave themselves to the beasts if the beasts would let them.
The upright are seeking to quell the swell of their proclamations by making proclamations that only invoke the yoke of those they will not break.
Considering strength is not a consideration, weak Britain is losing the jihad war.
It lost the war before.
Consider the British as manager of the Balfour Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine in 1917.
The British not only mismanaged with a lot of help from the Jew, Sir Herbert Samuels, who thought
if he made the terrorist, Haj al Husseini a statesman, he would stop the provocations. We all know
the results, the massacres against the Jews in the 1920s and 1930s. Worse, the British befriending
of the mufti at the expense of the Jews ended up supporting the mufti who sided with Hitler, the enemy
of Britain in WWII. And Britain continued this alliance even while at war with the mufti's partner, Hitler.
Not only did Britain pay for its mistake, suffering bombings, destruction and loss of lives, it collaborated
with the enemy and is responsible for the death of 6,000,000 because it suffered the Jews to not suffer
itself. Britain did not allow the Jews into their Jewish homeland and gave away 78% unilaterally to the
Arabs who befriended its enemy. This 78% is an Arab only Palestinian state. Israel, a not only Jewish state,
with a growing Arab infrastructure, is still up for dividing even unto nothingness.
Fool once. Fools twice:
Great Britain is again trying to escape the fury of its Arab minority's minority, the jihadists. It is
again scapegoating the Jews, by denying them their facts and truths. The British archives tell the
truth. The British oversaw the Jews in Gush Katif, too. The British chased the Jews out of Jewish
Gaza because they failed to protect them. They let them die in Hebron because they failed to protect
them and failed to let them protect themselves. They didn't stop the massacres, looked the other way.
They failed further by allowing Syrian and Egyptian terrorists into the Jewish mandate, many who are
still there today illegally. Worse by not letting Jews out of fiery Europe they were murdered by the
denial of Jews their Jewish mandate to them by the British. Today, the British further, deny the facts of history and denounce Jewish settlement. They scapegoat
the settled Jewish settlers who are re-occupying their own land, the land briefly occupied by Egypt.
Supporting jihad, Great Britain is supporting its own enemies again. Thinking appeasement will ease the aggressiveness of jihad, Great Britain weakly scapegoats the Jews again. Confused, perhaps, Bush follows
his ally Blair and supports those who attack America and in the midst of suffering suicide war of the
Hussein/Al Qaida/Palestinian "nuts and bolts" kind, the loser is getting a deadlier infrastructure.

How many have to suffer because those who want to escape the consequences of confronting the confrontational, scapegoat the Jew?

The opposite of war is settlement. All of Israel is a re-settlement.
America began as a new settlement and is still a settlement. Great Britain unsettled a lot of places and
made the worst of it. The British imperialisms are responsible for the unsettlements the globe now suffers.
Excusing itself, Britain would escape, but there is no escaping; the monster keeps coming out
of the socked. Letting Israel be sacked will only be a boomerang against the British who are downwrong.

The Jews were in Gush Katif before the British misuse of its mandate and will be there after
the British surrender to jihad within. Let Israel not go down with the downwrong and let not America
fail in its impulse to fight evil by joining the colloborators who are at risk again.

Evelyn Hayes is author of "The Eleventh Plague, Twins, because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable" and "The Twelfth Plague, Generations, because the lion wears stripes." Contact her at haze@rcn.com.

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Posted by David Singer, April 25, 2005.

30 April 2005 marks the second anniversary of the launching of the Road Map to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This performance based and goal driven plan is yet to get off the ground despite its sponsorship by President Bush in June 2002, and its endorsement by Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, in Ministerial statements made on.16 July and 17 September 2002.

The detailed plan with its clear Phases, timelines, target dates and benchmarks was finally unveiled on 30 April 2003 by this powerhouse group calling itself the Quartet.

All of them must now be feeling decidedly queasy at their impotence in failing to get the plan up and running.

They only have themselves to blame for their present quandary as they are forced to sit and watch Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, try to put his own unilateral disengagement plan into operation.

This super-global partnership had incredibly based the foundations of its plan on the same principles as the failed and discredited Oslo Process, which had begun in a blaze of hope in 1993 only to sink into oblivion in 2000.

The mistakes the Quartet repeated were many.

Firstly the Road Map was time-based demanding its three complex Phases be met by specified dates between 2003-2005 - an unrealistic and unattainable goal, given the 120 years that the conflict has raged and the enmities that have been created.

Secondly the vision of the two State solution was always a misnomer.

What the Quartet actually proposed was a three State solution in the former Mandate of Palestine by creating an additional Arab State between Israel and Jordan, the two successor States to the Mandate already exercising sovereignty in 94% of the total area of former Palestine.

The framework of the Mandate had been created by the San Remo Conference and the Treaty of Sevres in 1920 and confirmed by the League of Nations in 1922.

The Quartet's idea of a second Arab State in the remaining 6% of former Palestine where sovereignty still remained unallocated, failed to recognise the legal right conferred on Jews by the Mandate and article 80 of the United Nations Charter to reconstitute the Jewish National Home in these very areas

The Road Map, like Oslo, simply ignored these historic, geographic, demographic and international law realities as though they never existed or had any relevance to the current conflict.

Thirdly weighed down by hundreds of UN General Assembly resolutions fictitiously claiming the West Bank and Gaza Strip to be "occupied Palestinian territory" and any Jewish presence in the West Bank and Gaza to be "illegal", the Road Map required that no further Jews be allowed to settle in the West Bank and Gaza and called for the removal of the 400,000 Jews currently living there.

Fourthly, absent from the Road Map was any acknowledgement that the Jews had returned to areas of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 from where they had been driven out in 1948 by the invading Arab armies of Jordan and Egypt or had been massacred by marauding Arab gangs as had occurred in Hebron in 1929.

Fifthly, the Quartet naively articulated the belief that the Arab population could undertake an unconditional cessation of violence, terrorism and incitement and restrain individuals and groups conducting and planning violent attacks on Israelis anywhere.

Is it any wonder that this Road Map has gone nowhere when the conditions for its implementation are so impossible and its omissions so glaring?

So what must the Quartet now do, if they want to really try and bring peace to the region.

Firstly, they must have realistic expectations of what they can hope to achieve.

Existing peace treaties signed by Israel with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 must be the building blocks for any hopes of peace in the region.

Allocating sovereignty in the West Bank and Gaza between Egypt, Jordan and Israel will separate the Jewish and Arab populations and extend immediate Arab Statehood in Jordan or Egypt to the presently stateless Arab population of the West Bank and Gaza.

The introduction of each Government's, army, police and legal structures into the West Bank and Gaza will lead to a substantial lessening of the violence that has marked the past two years of lost opportunity, help restore law and order and enable a return to normal civilian life.

Secondly, no time frame should be set on completing negotiations to achieve the above objectives.

Thirdly, substantial international financial aid should be given to Egypt and Jordan to reconstruct the devastated Arab populated areas of the West Bank and Gaza coming under their sovereignty and help restore some semblance of dignity and hope for the future.

Fourthly recognition needs to be given that in core areas such as Jerusalem, refugees and water rights, the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty lays down modalities that can and should be followed in trying to resolve these issues.

Fifthly, the existing Road Map should be used as wrapping paper for tomorrow's fish and chips.

Then perhaps we might get a credible Road Map that can lead to somewhere.

David Singer is an Australian Lawyer and Convenor of Jordan is Palestine International, an organisation calling for sovereignty of the West Bank and Gaza to be allocated between Israel and Jordan as the two successor States to the Mandate for Palestine.

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Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz, April 25, 2005.

According to our sages, after hearing Pharaoh's decree that all male newborns be thrown into the Nile, Amram -the leader of the Israelite community - divorces his wife in order to set an example and prevent suffering and infanticide. Other commentaries suggest that Amram separates from Yocheved in a state of utter despair, declaring, "It is all for naught!" At the time, Amram is unaware that he has already planted the seed of redemption (Yocheved is three months pregnant with Moshe).

For a Jew, perhaps nothing is more agonizing than feeling as if one's efforts have been wasted, and yet it is often our greatest moments of anguish and despair which allow for the possibility of deliverance.

According to some midrashim, Amram's voluntary and exemplary act of separation from his wife is seen as a great action in G-d's eyes (see Aviva Zornberg's "Reflections on Exodus"). This is strange and seems to run contrary to family-oriented Jewish tradition. Many of us are familiar with and more comfortable with the commentaries which give credit to Miriam's greatness in admonishing her father and reconciling her parents (and consequently the rest of the Israelite couples).

But it seems that Amram's greatness lies in his authenticity and righteousness, as authentic cries, groans and pain can be heard and felt in the heavenly realms. Our remarkable ability to turn inward, in times of severe crisis - in search of our true selves - while simultaneously reaching outward to G-d is quite possibly the greatest of all human achievements. It's no easy task and yet it doesn't require any of the qualities which we mortals usually attribute to exceptional accomplishment - In fact, great intellect, talent, and self-confidence are actually a hinderance to effective introspection, whereas a shattered ego can release an imprisoned soul. This is when true prayer becomes possible. And, ironically, it's this occasional exchange of our external selves and physical labors with an intense and existential grappling and questioning of the purpose and direction of our efforts which can activate a redemptive response from On High. This type of exertion can transcend logic and appears to be almost other-worldly, and that may be why it seems to elicit an appreciative response from the heavenly realms.

We entered the month of Nissan having expended tremendous energy towards trying to avert Prime Minister Sharon's decrees concerning the Gaza Strip. Our benign efforts and use of acceptable and lawful channels seemed spent. And, in the best of Jewish tradition, we did take a moment to separate from the mundane in order to pause and reflect. I think I speak for many of us when I say that garnering the resources and stamina necessary to focus on Pesach preparations was particularly tedious and draining this year. And perhaps a few of us were asking, "Is it all for naught?"

And then, perhaps miraculously, we got word of a three week delay in Sharon's disengagement plan. Maybe the "bulldozer" is having engine problems, second thoughts, or tactical difficulties. Whatever the reason, we got a welcome reprieve just in time for the holiday. And it seems that a lot of us are enjoying an exceptionally joyful Pesach. Although we rarely see immediate results, I'm quite sure that our sincere efforts and expressions on all fronts and in all realms throughout the years have been well worth it.

Take a moment to look back and see what we've done and how we've struggled to stop the unstoppable and "irreversible" process The current battle to secure and preserve the Jewish communities in Gaza and the Shomron is part of the continuing war against everything Oslo wrought. I believe that our determination, efforts, and exceptional stamina and spirit have made an impact, and one day we may merit seeing the miraculous fruits of our labors. The following is a special tribute which outlines some of those efforts and is to be included in a book that I've written. Let us not dismiss any of the below labors as having been wasted:

The War against Oslo is in its eleventh year. It has been fought by a small, but highly mobilized and motivated army - an army without a military budget, uniforms or weapons of war. Sometimes the battle has been visible and thunderous, but more more often than not, it has taken the form of an unpretentious, constant flurry of activity.

This book is dedicated to those who adjusted their daily routines and protested, prayed, cried, mourned, wrote, spoke, organized, phoned, emailed, faxed, fasted, fed activists with sandwiches, kept lists of obituaries and lists of the injured, held signs on street corners, held hands in hospitals, attended funerals, supported the fallen, picked-up body parts, listened to and counseled the bereaved, monitored, documented and responded to the hourly media atrocities, and kept watch at night or maintained a constant vigil.

This book is also dedicated to the memory of those in uniform who fell in the defense of their nation, to those civilians who were butchered while going about their daily tasks in Eretz Yisrael, to those who fell in their devotion to the building of YESHA (Judea Samaria and Gaza) and to those whose lives are committed to keeping YESHA eternally ours as part of 'Eretz Yisrael Hakedosha'.

"For the sake of Zion I will not be silent, for the sake of Jerusalem, I will not rest." (Isaiah 62:1)

Ellen W. Horowitz and her family live on the Golan Heights. She is a painter, columnist and author of the upcoming book, The Oslo Years - A Mother's Journal.

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Posted by John R. Cohn, M.D., April 25, 2005.
< p> At least since late 2000, when the Palestinian Authority's late president, Yasir Arafat, ratcheted his low level war against Israel into a full-blown conflict, there has been considerable debate about the use, or lack of use, of the word "terrorist" by mainstream news media. Adhering to a perceived maxim, "ne man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", newspapers, television and radio networks, as well as spokespersons for various governments and agencies have struggled to avoid the "T" word. Individuals who attacked unarmed civilians with the express purpose of killing as many as possible have been variously called "militants", "gunman", and even "commandos".

Recently, the ombudsman for The New York Times, citing the statement of his own Jerusalem bureau chief, suggested that perhaps such efforts had gone too far, writing that a newspaper's "earnest effort to avoid bias can desiccate language and dilute meaning."

At first blush this piece was seen as progress and even lauded by many who had been critical of the news media's approach. But, the battle over "terrorism" is just the most visible manifestation of the MSM's refusal to recognize the legitimate rights of the Jewish people. The terrorist "tree" has obscured the bias "forest".

Journalists have often sought parallels between contesting sides, as if adherence to balance guarantees neutrality and comes closer to accuracy. Deborah Lipstadt, who successfully defended a highly publicized libel suit by a Holocaust denier, was told she would only be interviewed on a national network about her newest book, if her protagonist, scathingly criticized in the court's decision, was also given network time.

A few short years ago, newspapers around the world headlined a non-existent massacre in Jenin, because the Arabs, backed by an equally dishonest UNRWA official, claimed it was so. Despite an Arab record of fabricating countless "facts", for journalists to require truly independent confirmation of such horrendous charges before reporting them would have been labeled as "bias". Don't you trust Arabs?

At such times it is not just language but truth that has been damaged. If someone were to contend that Brooklyn was in fact in California, would they merit time on national television or space in The Times to espouse their alternative worldview? Would the answer between those contending Brooklyn is in California and those insisting it is situated in New York be presumed to lie, as with claims about the Holocaust or the Middle East's so-called "cycle of violence", somewhere in between? The logic of such a compromise would still lead to a flawed conclusion, although one geographically closer to the truth. Brooklyn is in Iowa.

In the Middle East, the origin of the "terrorist" word problem, the predicament becomes most obvious when there is no possible parallel to draw. In contrast to the lively debate that characterizes Israeli politics, there is no Palestinian left, no Palestinian peace movement marching in the streets demanding that Abbas turn his troops on Hamas, using whatever force is necessary to disarm them and rein them in. Why not? Can one readily name any democratic Western nation that does not have its "peacenicks"?

Indeed, our country has had people opposing war since our revolution in 1776, including some who protested war against Nazi Germany. It seems fair to contend that the latter, especially in retrospect, may have had a few screws loose. Are we to believe that all the screws are ratcheted down tight in the Arab world? Is there nobody there, right or wrong, who is willing to demonstrate to demand their government be more vigorous in the pursuit of peace?

Hundreds of thousands around the world protested George Bush's plan to invade Iraq and depose Saddam, a man responsible for the death of more Muslims than anyone in the twentieth century. Where were the protesters against Saddam's brutality?

Undoubtedly, some were in the mass graves found in Iraq. A CNN network executive said that during the rule of Saddam they distorted their coverage to maintain access and protect their Iraqi employees, who they feared would be killed or tortured. The Israelis don't intentionally kill journalists, of course. Is that why nobody worries about currying their favor?

What has really been lost is not just language but the journalist's moral compass. Refusing to label those who intentionally massacre civilians, and the more the better, as "terrorists" is in reality a manifestation of inability or unwillingness to distinguish right and wrong. That is a problem not limited to journalists. As David Brooks recently noted on the op-ed page of The New York Times, "sinful" in our society is most often associated with chocolate.

Maybe we need more bias and not the impossible task of trying to avoid it, at any cost. The real truth does not always have to lie somewhere in between. Calling terrorists "terrorists" may not just be a linguistic but also a moral judgment as some editors contend. Then again, sometimes moral judgments may be the right thing to do.

John R. Cohn is a Philadelphia physician and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. He is also a frequently published political commentator, who speaks on the Middle East and the media. He was selected as "Letter Writer of the Year" in 2003 by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 25, 2005.

This comes from Roee Nahmias and Yitzhak Benhorin. It appeared in www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3077007,00.htm

Proposal submitted by U.S. Senator Sam Brownback calls on international community and Arab countries to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, states "Jerusalem not mentioned in Koran."

A U.S. senator drafted a bill demanding the recognition of Jerusalem as the unified and indivisible capital of Israel before any recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

The proposal, which was submitted by Senator Sam Brownback (Republican - Kansas), also calls on the international community and Arab countries to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital in exchange for considering the possibility of permitting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

"180 days prior to the recognition of a Palestinian state, the U.S. would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem," the proposal states. "Jerusalem is where the Israeli government, president, parliament, and High Court of Justice are situated."

According to the bill, Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran and was never the capital of any other nation.

"Jerusalem is essential in Judaism, it is mentioned in the bible 766 times," the proposal states.

Threat to national security

Brownback, a devout Catholic, is considered an avid supporter of Israel. He submitted the proposal also on the behalf of fellow Republican Senators Michael Crapo (Idaho) and Gordon Smith (Oregon).

The fact that solely Republicans signed the proposal does not bode well for its approval or implementation.

U.S. President's Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have refused to carry out a Congress resolution from the mid 1990s that called to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, as they believe it would have a negative affect on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The Americans continue to delay the embassy's move on account of what they claim are threats to national security.

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Naomi Ragen, April 25, 2005.

Early this year I met with Jonathan Pollard's lawyers and heard a tale of incredible duplicity and downright fraud in everything concerning Jonathan's legal rights. There is no question that Jonathan Pollard was railroaded in one of the most disgusting displays of injustice since the Dreyfus case rocked an anti-Semitic French government. Pollard, unlike Dreyfus, actually did commit a crime. But the distance between his crime and his punishment is huge and should give us all a sense of anger and urgency in seeing him freed. His "crime" was passing on vital information to a friendly government that helped it to prepare for a rocket attack against its citizens, information that the US deliberately withheld from Israel. For that he has been tortured for 20 years in the worst prison conditions possible. Below, Caroline Glick describes her meeting with Pollard and why on Passover, the holiday of freedom from oppression and bondage, we should all be thinking about Jonathan Pollard. Her article appeared April 22, 2005 in the Jerusalem Post.

Jonathan Pollard is one of the most polarizing figures of our times. Pollard, a former intelligence analyst in US naval intelligence, has now served 20 years of a life imprisonment sentence following his conviction for transferring classified US intelligence materials relating to Arab ballistic missile and nonconventional weapons programs to Israel from May 1984 until his arrest in November 1985.

For his contribution to Israel's security and for his long suffering in prison, Israelis consider Pollard a national hero. He is commonly considered the source of Israel's preparedness for the Iraqi missile attacks during the Gulf War. Israelis across the right-left and religious-secular divide are basically unified in their hope to greet Pollard in Israel as a free man.

For many American Jews, Pollard is reviled as a traitor. Since his arrest, a cloud of suspicion has hung over all Jews employed in the Pentagon, the State Department, the US military and intelligence services. Time after time, baseless allegations surface of American Jews spying for Israel. In spite of Israel's strategic alliance with the US, American intelligence agencies define Israel as a "country of concern" for intelligence breaches and American Jews are under constant, often malicious scrutiny. All a person has to do to expose the deep frustration of Washington Jews with the constant discrimination by intelligence agencies is mention the name "Pollard." Immediately he will be showered with bitter statements like, "If it weren't for that traitor, we wouldn't be in this position," and, "I hope he rots in jail."

For the past 12 years Pollard has been incarcerated in Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina. He was transferred to Butner from Marion Federal Prison in Illinois where he was held in a subterranean cell in solitary confinement for seven years. Pollard's treatment, like his life sentence, is unprecedented in the history of US espionage investigations. Never has a spy in the employ of a friendly country received such a sentence. On average, spies working for countries considered US allies receive between 4-7 years in jail. Aldrich Ames, the most notorious spy in recent history, who as head of the CIA counter-intelligence department compromised all US intelligence emanating from the Soviet Union for over 15 years and caused the death of more than 10 US agents operating in the Soviet Union while sentenced to life in prison was never placed in solitary confinement for stretches comparable to Pollard.

I went to see Jonathan Pollard last week. During a two-and-a-half-hour meeting, we spoke at length about his espionage, the conditions of his imprisonment, his feelings toward the US, Israel, the Jewish people and his hopes for the future.

Pollard is now 50 years old. He grew up in South Bend, Indiana. He studied political science, economics and classics at Stanford University and was studying towards a doctorate in military history at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts when he was recruited in 1979 by Naval Intelligence.

Pollard first visited Israel in 1971 for a summer program at the Weitzman Institute. He refers to his Jewish background as "modern-Orthodox, American style. The centrality of Israel for the Jewish people was emphasized."

"I had thought constantly about aliya," he says, "But it's hard to pick up a nd leave the 'Golden Medina.' My parents are proud Americans. My father is a decorated Army officer. He carries a copy of the US Constitution in his pocket. But when I joined Naval Intelligence my father warned me that it's not a good place for a Jew. There is a lot of anti-Semitism there. But even when I saw it, I thought it would be better for me to stay."

Today at Butner, Pollard is employed as a window washer. His life is one of constant terror.

"I will give you an impressionistic description of my life. It involves constant noise, constant violence; profanity every conceivable type of profanity. There is no place to be quiet or to find quiet to read. You really have to be disciplined not to be provoked. You need to be disciplined to see when a situation is getting out of hand and to get away as quickly as possible. I have to be ready if my door opens at 2 in the morning.

"I live in a small room, not in a cell, with a roommate. My room is so small that when I sit on my bed and stretch out my arms I touch both of the walls. And it is impossible to lock the door. When I am not washing windows I spend my day reading and listening to the radio to NPR and the BBC."

The prison has television sets set up in common rooms for inmates. His fellow inmates include murderers, rapists, armed robbers, pedophiles and other violent criminals. On September 11, Pollard was in the TV room, watching CNN.

What did you feel when you saw the World Trade Center and the Pentagon attacked?

"I felt sick to my stomach. The worst thing for me was that a lot of the Muslim inmates here greeted the attacks by saying Alla Akhbar and cheering."

But why would it bother you to see the US under attack? After all, you betrayed this country.

To this, Jonathan gave me a look of profound sadness and said, "I fell in love with two women Israel and the US. It doesn't work in private life, and it doesn't work in politics. My reaction to September 11 was as an American. As an American, I believe that this country is guarding the gates of Western civilization from the barbarians."

In 1983, shortly after Israel and the US signed a memorandum on intelligence sharing, then deputy director of the CIA Admiral Bobby Ray Inman unilaterally breached the agreement by stopping all intelligence transfers to Israel on Arab and Muslim states not directly bordering Israel. This included Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunis and Pakistan. Inman was hired after leaving the agency by a company called International Signal and Control. The company's owner, James Guerin, was imprisoned later for transferring military technology to Iraq and South Africa.

Pollard, who was privy to the now embargoed intelligence, believed that Israel faced the specter of chemical and biological warfare attacks from these countries. Pollard claims that he considered all legal venues for ending the embargo but felt that informing the media, testifying before Congress or involving the US Jewish leadership of the situation would all be ineffective.

He claims also that "there was an incident during Operation Peace for the Galilee that provided me with my introduction to the US-Israel 'special relationship.' I saw the incredible cynicism with which the US views Israel. It flew in the face of everything that I thought was the point of the relationship. The way I viewed the world was destroyed. I had never before thought that my loyalties towards the US and Israel were in contradiction. But then I understood."

What did you understand?

"I understood that we are alone."

Pollard argues that his decision to spy for Israel, and thus betray the US, stemmed from his conviction that he "was preventing a second Holocaust."

One can question whether it was necessary for him to prevent it personally, or whether he could simply have quit his position, informed the responsible Israeli officials of the mounting dangers and let Israel with its intelligence agencies and military -- contend with the issue as a sovereign state. But the fact is that Pollard chose himself for the task and Israel, too, in employing Pollard as its agent, chose him for the task. Over the 18-month period that Pollard worked for Israel, he provided suitcases of documents to his handlers on a regular basis.

Rafi Eitan, Israel's master spy who served as Pollard's chief handler from his position as head of the Office for Information Cooperation (LAKAM) at the Israeli Embassy, told him that his information was discussed at cabinet meetings and Pollard understood that his main contractor was then Maj.-Gen. Ehud Barak, who then served as Commander of Military Intelligence.

Yet, when Pollard was arrested, Israel did whatever it could to deny its connection to him. From the moment then prime minister Shimon Peres ordered embassy security officers to physically eject Pollard and his wife-at-the-time Anne from the embassy, Israel has done everything in its power to distance itself from Pollard. It wasn't until 1995 that he was granted Israeli citizenship and it wasn't until 1998 that Israel officially recognized that Pollard was its agent.

Binyamin Netanyahu was the only prime minister to have made a serious effort to get Pollard released. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has abjectly refused to take any action on Pollard's behalf.

For Pollard, who expected to be protected by Israel if caught, it is the treatment he has received from the Israeli government that surprises and disturbs him more than the harsh and disproportionate punishment that he has received from US authorities.

"I had two particularly memorable terrible days since I was arrested. The first was when the FBI showed me transcripts of statements that Israeli officials made shortly after my arrest. It was clear that the Mossad had three goals. They wanted to put all the blame on the Office for Information Connections and Rafi Eitan; they wanted to protect AIPAC at all costs; and they wanted to bury me. It was the Mossad that was the source of all the disinformation about me and my character. The lies that I used cocaine and was a mercenary, selling secrets to countries other than Israel, it all came from them.

"Later, in 1995, a Mossad agent came here to see me and suggested that I kill myself. I said that while I would die for Israel, I would not die for some group of toadies.

"The Israelis claimed that mine was a rogue operation. But this was a total lie. Not only did the senior political and military leadership know what was happening, Ariel Sharon tried to use me for his own ends. Rafi Eitan was Arik's man. And he asked me to collect political intelligence for Sharon what people in Washington were saying about him and the like. I refused.

"But what hurt me the most was when I saw the unclassified version of the Eban Report. [The Eban Report was a report of the Knesset's sub-committee on intelligence services investigation into the Pollard affair that was published in 1987.] It made me almost physically ill. The report includes a summary of a midnight conversation between Peres and [then US Secretary of State George] Schultz about a week after I was arrested. Schultz asked Peres to return the documents I took and Peres agreed but made Schultz promise that the documents wouldn't be used against me and Schultz agreed.

"No one ever told me about this agreement. I could have used it in my defense. It is the country's responsibility. Israel had standing before the court. Israel is the only country to participate in the prosecution of its own agent.

"Several years later [in 1990] Sharon attacked Yitzhak Shamir for going along with my abandonment. But that is what Sharon is doing now."

Although sources close to Sharon claim that Pollard may be released on the sidelines of the destruction of the Jewish communities in Gaza and northern Samaria and the pullout of IDF forces from the areas, White House sources know of no request on Sharon's part to release Pollard from prison.

Ahead of Sharon's visit to the White House last spring, 112 Knesset members, including Sharon himself, signed a letter to President George W. Bush asking him to release Pollard from prison. Sharon refused to deliver the letter to Bush. This month, ahead of Sharon's meeting with Bush at his ranch in Texas, all current and former Israeli chief rabbis signed a letter to Bush requesting that he free Pollard. Again, Sharon refused to deliver the letter to Bush during his meeting.

After meeting with Pollard, I contacted James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA. Woolsey told me that upon taking up his position in 1993 he reviewed Pollard's entire file carefully. "This man would not be my first candidate for clemency, but 20 years is a long time. As a general proposition, one dimension of this is that a substantial penalty has been paid, so that the element of deterrence is dealt with.

"I do think there is a consideration here. Israel and the US, Australia, Japan, Poland and Britain are all in this war on terror together. We need to pay attention to the concerns of the citizens in fellow democracies. I would feel this way if it were Japanese espionage. We have to have a degree of sympathy for the sentiments of citizens in a fellow democracy." At the same time, Woolsey was quick to explain, "This is not a recommendation for clemency."

Woolsey also stated that Pollard was not suspected of having transferred secrets to governments other than Israel. In his view "the heart of the matter" was the US fear that Israel's own intelligence apparatus would be penetrated by hostile governments and that as a result the materials Pollard transferred would be picked up. This, he explained, "would present a danger to the US ability to collect intelligence."

"The fear was that the Israeli government itself might have been penetrated, not that Pollard gave the information to anyone else."

When Pollard speaks of his future, he says that he has been training himself to go into a non-security related field if released from prison and most of his reading materials are scientific. "I have an interest in alternative energy sources to replace oil and in water desalination."

Is there any reason that the US should worry about security damage you may cause if released from prison?

"There is no substantive American worry regarding my release. My life has been destroyed so deterrence has been achieved. Nothing I know and certainly nothing I would ever do would be antithetical to US interests. The bottom line is, I want to come home so I can be with my wife, my people and my land."

In the days that have passed since the interview it occurred to me that the reprehensible behavior of the Israeli government in the Pollard affair tops that of all concerned parties all of whom have behaved reprehensibly. Aside from the anti-Semites who take pleasure in spewing Jewish conspiracy theories, Israel was the only side that gained anything from Pollard's espionage. The US gained nothing and Pollard lost everything.

In shirking its responsibility for Pollard, Israel paved the way for the entire story being blown out of all proportion by opportunistic enemies of Israel and American Jewry for two decades now. If Israel had resolutely stood by Pollard, then the aspersions cast on Washington's Jews would be far more circumspect than they are today and the US would have seen that Israel is an ally to be reckoned with, not a doormat to be stepped on at will.

Pessah is the holiday of freedom. But for a nation to be free it must take responsibility for its actions, no matter how grave those consequences may be. In shirking its responsibility a nation is doing more than casting out the unwanted weight. It is casting off its own ties to freedom. Pollard said, "The abandonment of a nation begins with the abandonment of an individual."

If we wish to maintain our integrity as a free people, we can do so only by taking on the task of bringing Pollard home. He may be a hero and he may be a fool. However he is viewed, he is one of us and he has been discriminated against and persecuted because he helped us. And other Jews are being persecuted because we refused to defend him. It is time for us to take responsibility for Pollard because his imprisonment paves the road to our servitude.

Naomi Ragen is an American-born novelist and journalist who lives in Jerusalem. She can be contacted at www.naomiragen.com, where you can subscribe to her newsletter.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 23, 2005.


Although the package smells, conservatives don't open it to see whether the fish inside is rotting. They fail to question the coinciding of Pres. Bush's policy towards Israel with leftist ideology.

The Left talks about the non-existent peace process, and so does the Bush Administration. The Left wants Israel to cede Yesha to the Arabs, and so does Bush. The Left demands that Israel reduce security measures in order to make life easier for the Arabs, and so does Bush. Bush wraps his fish in the old newspaper of solving the Arab-Israel conflict that the Arabs don't want solved. They want conquest.

Aren't conservatives supposed to be at the other end of the political spectrum from leftists and jihadists? Part of the answer is that there is no straight-line political spectrum from left to right. There never was, not when the Nazis and fascists were placed on the right, the Communists were placed on the left, and the two groups shared a totalitarian ideology. But this is different.

Bush is an oilman. The oil industry appeases the Arabs. Hence, Bush has a pro-Arab policy. Is this policy good for the US?

No. The US is betraying Israel and its army to the Arabs, although the Arabs are enemies of the US. He is building up the army of Egypt, although Egypt hates the US.


The Arab states and P.A. emit a constant stream of incitement to ethnic violence, preposterous charges against their prey, and other false propaganda. The Western media ignores most of it, accepts uncritically other aspects of it, and often publishes it in parallel with what their enemies say, as if of equal consideration. The Western media does not serve its people.

The Western media should not ignore what the Arabs say, but neither should it give credence to it. It should publicize their ranting, especially their weekly exhortations to kill Christians, Jews, Americans, etc., and show what is wrong with it. Oppose fact to fantasy, and truth to lies.

I know fellow Americans who have no idea of Arab culture's savagery. They have a false idea that the Israeli Right is extremist. These people read the "NY Times," the renowned newspaper that excused Stalin's murder of six million Kulaks, hid the Holocaust, presented Castro and Allende as reformers rather than dictatorial Communists, and distorts the history of Zionism.


The government of Jordan has latched on to the issue of Israeli release of P.A. prisoners to demand the release of Jordanian prisoners. There is no reason for releasing the Jordanian terrorists. That would not stop the government of Jordan for two reasons: (1) Why shouldn't it demand this? There is no reason for releasing the P.A. terrorists, either, for it has proved counter-productive; and (2) When did the Arabs require reasons for demands? The Arabs have excuses, pretexts, and rationalizations, not reasons. The Jordanian government gives this rationale: it is demanded by Jordanian public opinion. First the government makes a public issue of prisoner release, and then it cites public opinion. Let it stew in the juice of its own making!

Half the released terrorists released revert to terrorism. If Jordan were anti-terrorist, it would want them kept incarcerated. What is Israel's excuse -- Israel is discussing the issue with the kingdom. It should demand that Jordan first honor the terms of the peace treaty, and normalize relations. That is the Arab way, not keep its end of the bargain but tack on more demands of the enemy. Let this remind us that peace treaties or no, the Arabs remain Israel's enemy.


Critics of Agriculture Min. Katz say he would rather disengage from Gaza and northern Samaria than from his Ministerial portfolio (IMRA, 3/21).

It is well known that Members of Knesset keep Sharon in power because they are leery of risking another election. That is a personal corruption that puts their current privileges against the future lives of the entire country that Sharon's policy imperils.


Until PM Sharon switched policy to extreme appeasement, the policy of all Israeli governments since acquiring Yesha was that the area was disputed. This means that Israel had a proper claim to them.

Recently the government went to court, claiming that the pioneers knew when they settled down in Yesha that Israel held only a temporary, "belligerent occupancy" status there. How could the pioneers know that, since the government at the time denied it? This reasoning is ex post facto (IMRA, 3/22).

Has the government no shame in its attempts to appease the US and the Arabs? Apparently not.


Scientists at the Weizmann Inst. have bumper stickers in favor of expelling the settlers. A computer programmer there wears a small lapel pin in the form of an orange star of David. It symbolizes solidarity with the Jews of Gaza.

Leftists complained that the pin interferes with their concentration. The Institute threatens to dismiss the programmer for wearing it (Prof. Steven Plaut, 3/23, e-mail).


The Shas sage, Rabbi Yosef, has called the abandonment plan madness. Nevertheless, he urged his party's Members of Knesset to vote against holding a referendum for it. He rationalized that if this were put to a referendum, so might religious issues that his party already has secured.

The fallacy in his rationalization is that a referendum in Israel cannot initiate such a problem. The referendum is instituted only after the Knesset has passed the problematic legislation. Therefore, the referendum gives the people a chance to retain what the Knesset otherwise might cede.

Why then did the Rabbi oppose a referendum. It is said that Sharon's staff told him that Israel has to carry out the abandonment in order to keep the US willing to take out Iran's nuclear facilities. It is a difficult argument to refute (IMRA, 3/23).

Who knows what the US would do? What we know is that so far, the US has not acted. Let Sharon demand US action before Israel makes concessions, if it must make them at all. I think that the US would not bomb Iran unless I feels it has to, for itself.


S. Arabia has pressed hard against its local terrorists. As a result, many fled to neighboring Gulf states. There they formed cells and commit terrorism. Several of the Gulf States have been fighting battles with terrorists and have been arresting them. The terrorists enjoy much local sympathy, until their depredations against innocent people disgust the natives (IMRA, 3/21).

This means that Arabs lack common human sympathy for other peoples. Only when the terrorism they condone against others strikes home, do they abhor it.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Yuval Zaliouk, April 23, 2005.

Dear Jewish friends,

This is truly extremely painful!

Israel may, MAY, survive the calamity of eviction of Jews by Jews from their homes and lands, but Israel will not survive the ignorance that brought about this stupefying idea.

A whole Israeli generation is growing up without even the most basic knowledge of Judaism, Jewish history, Tanach, Talmud, Haggada etc. etc.

In the following article, Jonathan Rosenblum asks:

"Commentators on the Haggada have long been perplexed by the quotation of the same verse in response to the evil son and the one who does not know how to ask. The author of the Haggada deliberately drew a connection between the one son and the other. But why such a negative view of a son incapable of formulating even the simplest question?"

Is it a coincidence that of those who push the eviction most are on the left?

Tonight. in the Seder, ask these questions in addition to the regular four. It may save us all.

This article is called "Think Again: A nation that knows not how to ask." It was written by Jonathan Rosenblum and appeared in The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull& cid=1114049938298&p=1006953079897) yesterday.

Commentators on the Haggada have long been perplexed by the quotation of the same verse in response to the evil son and the one who does not know how to ask. The author of the Haggada deliberately drew a connection between the one son and the other. But why such a negative view of a son incapable of formulating even the simplest question?

Some commentators have suggested that it is not stupidity but apathy that explains the failure of the fourth son to ask. Unlike the evil son, he is not bothered if his fellow Jews wish to participate in absurd ancient rituals. But, like him, he feels completely alienated from everything associated with the Seder night. He doesn't ask because the proceedings are irrelevant to him.

Of all the many failures to be laid at the door of the Israeli educational system, the most serious, and the one with the greatest implication for Israel's future, is the creation of a generation of Jewish youngsters indifferent to their nation's past. A member of the founding generation once lamented: "We sought to create a generation of great apikorsim (deniers) and succeeded only in raising amei ha'aretz (ignorant boors)."

Since then the situation has only worsened. Thirty years ago, secular Israelis my age knew the country and every settlement in it, with the appropriate biblical references. Today few know their way beyond the beach and the local mall. Over half of Israeli high school students have never visited Jerusalem.

That great apikorus David Ben-Gurion insisted on a place for Talmud, Tanach, and biblical archeology in the basic school curriculum of the nascent state. He understood that the "Third Jewish Commonwealth" could only survive if it was connected in the hearts and minds of its citizens with what had gone before. That required basic Jewish literacy.

What secular Jewish student knows anything of these subjects today? Or even of Jewish history? Hillel Halkin accurately summed up the worst offense of a 9th-grade history text prepared by the Ministry of Education: its studied neutrality concerning Jewish history.

"Nowhere is the ninth-grader reminded that he belongs to the people that he is reading about, that he is flesh of their flesh, blood of their blood; nowhere that their story is his."

THOUSANDS OF young Israelis trek to the Far East annually to explore Eastern mysticism. It never occurs to them to learn something about the treasures of their own religion first. Nothing in their education has given them any hint of a tradition that fully absorbed many of the greatest minds in history. The recently published Letters to a Buddhist Jew - an epistolary exchange between Rabbi Akiva Tatz and David Gottlieb, an articulate Jewish Buddhist - should be required reading for Israeli students who assume that all depth lies outside their own tradition.

Even basic Jewish pride has disappeared. During the Holocaust, Jews who had passed for decades as gentiles came forward to share a common fate when the Jews of their town were rounded up for extermination. Yet when the UEFA insisted that Maccabi Tel Aviv play last Rosh Hashana and the UEFA spokesman taunted Israeli Jews with the necessity of choosing between football and synagogue, few hackles were raised and the option of forfeiting was never seriously entertained.

As novelist Aharon Appelfeld charged last year, modern Israelis "flee from being Jews." Every reminder that they are Jews "makes them flinch [and] arouses disgust in them." The result is a "black hole of identity" in place of the "internal organs of the soul."

Nor is this self-alienation accidental. It is, in large part, the result of a systematic attack on Jewish identity by major institutions of the state. In the turbine case, our Supreme Court forbade the government to give any value, no matter how minuscule, to the prevention of Shabbat desecration, ruling that only economic considerations could be taken into account. More recently, the court ruled that there was no valid municipal interest in instilling Jewish national identity through banning the sale of pork - something that has been abhorrent to all Jews for millennia.

The draft constitution prepared by the Israeli Democracy Institute would codify the court's jurisprudence and render unconstitutional any law having its roots in the religious history of the Jewish people.

Given the demands of daily life in Israel, we do not have the luxury of being the only country in the world to educate our young to be indifferent to their past at best, contemptuous of it at worst.

On Seder night, we celebrate our birth as a people. May this year's telling of the Exodus from Egypt trigger some curiosity about our national mission in all those Jewish sons and daughters who presently do not care enough to ask.

Yuval Zaliouk writes the Truth Provider columns. To subscribe, send an email to ynz@netvision.net.il

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Posted by Jacob Gurewich, April 22, 2005.

Israel is in great danger! When Saddam's Scuds hit Israel, we caved in to the anti-Semitic James Baker, and did not retaliate - risking the lives of thousands of innocent Jews in Israel. Instead of harshly retaliating, we relied on dubious, experimental American missile devices. We caved in to the Papa Bush/Baker/Weinberger administration; just as Sharon is now caving in to the George W. Bush/Powell/Rice administration. By not destroying the nests of the Arab thugs and their Qassam rockets, and expelling the murderers from the Land of Israel, Sharon is endangering the lives of innocent Jews in Israel.

Sharon is betraying Jewish settlers and the entire Jewish Nation. In concert with our own Enemy Within, ironically with a majority of only 2 Arab votes, he became a dictator and is trying to uproot Jewish settlers from the Land of Israel. What a farce! In biblical times he would have been judged and stoned. Adding insult to more criminal acts, Sharon supports Israel's pseudo allies to establish an Arab homicidal state in the Land of Israel. Akin to millions of diabetic human beings who are Insulin Dependent, our pseudo allies are Petroleum dependent--oil is more important than Jewish blood.

So hearken Be'li-al and hearken well: The evil Roman heathens uprooted Jews from the Land of Israel. Neither you nor Peres, the vulture with whom you are tied, will live to see Jewish settlers being uprooted from the Land of Israel, or the establishment of an homicidal Arab state within the Land of Israel, ever! You joined your soul mates, the abominable coterie et al., endangering the State of Israel. You joined those with whom you grew up and waved the red flag, and are an alien growth, a despised weed. True Judaism vomits them up. The Jewish Nation shall band together as one united front, and shall be unstoppable--our strength shall be formidable.

Remember Israel, oh remember the vision of Ze'ev Jabotinsky - the son of Chava, the daughter of Meir Zack - who beseeched the Jews of Europe before the Holocaust: Eliminate the Diaspora, or the Diaspora will eliminate you!

Alas, a third of the Jewish Nation was brutally slaughtered in 33 German death camps. Thousands of our sons and daughters sacrificed their lives to liberate our homeland.

We must eliminate and swiftly dispense with this evil plan to uproot settlers from the Land of Israel, or the plan's villainous architects will dispense with us!


This poem was written by Jacob Gurewich, who is author of "The Enemy Within", "a series of essays describing the author's first-hand experiences as a founding member of the Israeli IRGUN (IZL), the underground Organization founded by Ze'ev Jabotinsky." His website address is http://www.jackgur.com

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Posted by Yuval Zaliouk, April 22, 2005.

Dear friends,

Greetings from Israel and happy Passover to all of you who celebrate it and the meaning of it, FREEDOM!!!

So, is Abu Mazen going to lead his people to freedom?

Read the following Jerusalem Post article.

Your Truth Provider,

This article is called "Whom should we back?" and was an opinion piece in yesterday's Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ ShowFull&cid=1114049937543&p=1006953079865)

What was initially whispered in Washington and Jerusalem is no longer a secret: Mahmoud Abbas is losing altitude.

The Palestinian Authority leader whose electoral success was originally hailed - mainly by those who were either tendentious or ignorant - as the dawn of a new era is actually failing to rule. He certainly has yet to spend his time coaxing investors and creating jobs, clearly one of the most urgent things to do in order to truly end the violence he had so admirably condemned.

On the security front, Abbas is nowhere near disarming the numerous gangs that roam the streets he nominally governs. As for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the prospect of him confronting them in broad daylight, or even just in the dark of night, has never seemed less likely.

Faced with such setbacks, those who once deluded themselves that Abbas was "their kind of guy" now wonder what it is they must do to support him.

Israel must avoid such thinking.

Too much experience has been accumulated here about the impracticality, and boomeranging, of rule by proxy. Israel's nurturing of allies like Bashir Gemayel, Sa'ad Haddad and Antoine Lahad, as well as interlocutors like Yasser Arafat, all failed to deliver the strategic goods.

Politically, the common denominator among these was the Israeli failure to adequately gauge prospective allies' limited following. For our part, we believe that the weakness such leaders displayed stemmed from their lack of solid democratic credentials.

The way the Oslo Accords' masterminds saw it, this deficiency was not only tolerable, but even advantageous. That is what Yitzhak Rabin meant when he promised that Arafat would deal with the extremists "bli bagatz u'betzelem," namely without being "burdened" by an independent judiciary's supervision and assorted human-rights groups' scrutiny.

As it turned out, the PA's lack of such institutions and norms not only failed to deliver peace, it delivered war.

Today, those of Oslo's supporters who concede its general failure often agree also about its misconception concerning democracy. In the spirit of the American analysis of the Middle East since the September 11 attacks, Israelis of all stripes should finally understand that it is not up to them to choose their neighbors' leaders, nor to back or trip them.

That also goes for Abbas.

Seen through a democratic rather than an opportunistic prism, Abbas's predicament lies not in his current lack of clout, but in his lack of viable opponents back when he ran for office. Had he faced, and defeated, a Hamas candidate back then, his adversaries would not have been in a position to undermine and intimidate him the way they currently do.

Even so, many outside the PA still question the wisdom of allowing Abbas's regime to be toppled, one way or another, by Islamists. The answer to them is that if he has failed to win the people's hearts no external power will salvage him, however unpalatable Israel might consider such a shift. And if the people's genuine democratic choice is Islamism - and we'll presumably get a good sense of this should elections to the Palestinian National Council take place as scheduled in July - then that is what they will have.

Chances that the Palestinian people will be satisfied with Islamist leaders are low, and prospects that the same people power that crowns them eventually will depose them are high. The choice, in any event, cannot be Israel's or any other foreign power's; it can only be made by the Palestinian public.

Yuval Zaliouk writes the Truth Provider columns. To subscribe, send an email to ynz@netvision.net.il

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Posted by Sliwa News, April 22, 2005.

For more information, contact: Dennis Hale, Judeo-Christian Alliance, www.judeo-christianalliance.org, Phone: (617) 552-4165

The Judeo-Christian Alliance (JCA), an initiative of the Boston-based David Project, called on the United Church of Christ to speak the truth about violence against Jews in Israel. The JCA made the call after the denomination announced that it will consider two proposals to divest from Israel at its upcoming General Synod.

"Both resolutions are written as if occupation was the cause of Palestinian violence. Palestinian violence is the cause of the occupation," says Dexter Van Zile, JCA director and a member of the UCC. "The Palestinian violence against Israel takes place in the context of a world-wide Jihad intended to impose religious apartheid on non-Muslims. Hamas' constitution makes that plain."

Dennis Hale, president of the JCA said the resolutions are based on an inexcusable ignorance of the history and politics of the Middle East.

"The ignorance is inexcusable because the truth is readily available to anyone who will look for it; but in its zeal to demonize Israel, the UCC, like other mainline Protestant denominations, has taken the fatal steps from willful ignorance to appeasement and then to active collaboration with the real enemies of peace," he said. "Like their intellectual forebears, the 'peace in our time' appeasers of the 1930s, the UCC and its brethren are the architects not of peace, but of unending warfare against the innocent. Their actions bring shame on Christians everywhere."

The UCC has a role to play in framing Christianity's response to militant Islam, Van Zile says, but the denomination is unable to acknowledge there's a problem, as evidenced by the resolutions, which make no mention of the religiously motivated hostility toward Israel.

"The leadership of the UCC is in the grips of a bad case of Jihad denial," he says. "They can't create a rational response to a threat they deny."

The Judeo-Christian Alliance is an initiative of the David Project, a group that promotes a fair and honest understanding of conflict in the Middle East. The JCA was founded to give Christians in the U.S. the information they need to act with an informed conscience about the Arab/Israeli conflict.

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Posted by Louis Rene Beres, April 22, 2005.

The following article was written immediately following the first Oslo Agreement in 1993. Its persistent truth after almost twelve years of enlarged Jewish suffering now speaks for itself. Indeed, today, anticipating Prime Minister Sharon's self- inflicted Jewish deportations from Jewish land, a timely new subtitle for this now classic article might be added: "Jewish Self-Destruction in the Time of `Disengagement.'"

A vulture was hacking at my feet. It had already torn my boots and stockings to shreds, now it was hacking at the feet themselves. Again and again it struck at them, then circled several times restlessly round me, then returned to continue its work. A gentleman passed by, looked on for a while, then asked me why I suffered the vulture. "I'm helpless," I said. "When it came and began to attack me, I of course tried to drive it away, even to strangle it, but these animals are very strong, it was about to spring at my face, but I preferred to sacrifice my feet. Now they are almost torn to bits." "Fancy letting yourself be tortured like this!" said the gentleman. "One shot and that's the end of the vulture." "Really?" I said. "And would you do that?" "With pleasure," said the gentleman, "I've only got to go home and get my gun. Could you wait another half hour?" "I'm not sure about that," said I, and stood for a moment rigid with pain. Then I said: "Do try it in any case, please." "Very well," said the gentleman, "I'll be as quick as I can." During this conversation the vulture had been calmly listening, letting its eye rove between me and the gentleman. Now I realized that it had understood everything; it took wing, leaned far back to gain impetus, and then, like a javelin thrower, thrust its beak through my mouth, deep into me. Falling back, I was relieved to feel him drowning irretrievably in my blood, which was filling every depth, flooding every shore.
-- Franz Kafka, "The Vulture".

Even by the standards of Kafka's uncannily prophetic insights, the parable of the Vulture is remarkable. Examined as a lesson for Israel in its protracted struggle for survival in the Middle East, especially after its recently concluded agreement with Yasir Arafat, this cautionary tale is right on the mark. Indeed, it reads as if it were written originally with no other struggle in mind.

Consider the scenario. A man is being destroyed, slowly and painfully, by a fierce and predatory bird. Repeatedly, the bird hacks at its victim, immobilizing him systematically and purposefully, piece by piece. The man, of course, has not allowed this process of sequential dismemberment to proceed without defensive reaction. Fearing, above all, for his face, for his very being, he has preferred to "sacrifice my feet." Rather than confront his enemy head on, frontally, with some hope of emerging victorious, he has calculated instead, quite rationally he maintains, the cost-effectiveness of appeasement. In the end, his rational calculations prove altogether erroneous. It is true that our victim does draw some satisfaction from the final mutuality of death - the vulture drowns "irretrievably" in the man's own blood - but it is a satisfaction that is necessarily short-lived.

There is more. Before the dreadful demise of both victim and victimizer, a "gentleman" promises aid to the former. The gentleman needs only to return with his "gun;" the man needs only to "wait another half hour." All the while, the vulture, not merely a beast animated by instinct, "understands" the plan against it, and decides, again after "calm" and careful calculation, to launch decisive thrusts. So what if they turn out to be more carnivorous frenzies. It is now too late to stop the hacking. Events have achieved an unstoppable momentum of their own. What must be done must be done.

The "gentleman," of course, never returns. Like the vacant American President Clinton, who now urges Israel onward with a delusionary "peace process," he has other, more urgent, preoccupations. The problem with his promises is not that he is necessarily deceitful or meanspirited (he is, after all, a "gentleman"), but that he is interested only in himself.

For too many years, the "vulture" has been hacking away at Israel. >From its fragile beginnings, Israel has been heeding one "gentleman" or another. Although the United States has hardly urged the Jewish State to deal with its painfully progressive decomposition by explicitly recognizing the advantages of firing "one shot," the implicit promise is always present: "Negotiate, compromise, yield, beg; there is really no risk involved. There is always the last resort of overwhelming military power."

This promise, whether it refers to American or to Israeli forces, or to both, is of little or no value. Taken too seriously, it will likely lead Israel toward one form or another of the "Samson Option." While enemies of the Jewish State will "drown irretrievably" in the full fury of Israel's most terrible weapons - in the lifeblood of a victim that has waited for too long to ensure its survival - this fate will occasion no celebrations in what is left of Jewish Jerusalem. Faced with the end of the Third Temple Commonwealth, Israel's leaders will curse their enemies and their "gentleman," but it will be an indecipherable curse, a curse heard by no one.

It will emerge, of course, that this Oslo "peace process" is an oxymoron, a paradoxical conjunction of terms that could seal the fate of an imperilled ministate - one smaller than some counties in California. For Israel, a long-suffering and increasingly directionless victim, the process may lead to complete and irreversible helplessness. Sacrificing more and more essential security in the hope that predators will be satisfied, it will learn too late - unless Kafka's revealing parable is understood by the endangered People of Israel - that the lure of carrion only inflames the vulture. In an unspeakable irony genuinely savored by the insatiable vulture, Israel could even become the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

Louis Rene Beres is the author of many publications dealing with Middle Eastern security issues. Strategic and Military Affairs columnist for The Jewish Press, he is Chair of "Project Daniel," a private group advising Israel`s Prime Minister on nuclear strategy matters.

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Posted by Ruth, Nadia and Michael Matar, April 22, 2005.

There is despair in the Holy Land today, Hatred abounds, not only from the Arabs, but also among Jews themselves. America and Sharon have unwisely fostered and brought about a divided nation.

Terrorism reigns. Abu Mazen, an evil man in sheep's clothing, seems to have the ear of Bush, the EU, the UN and Russia. Sharon himself has said that Israel is close to a civil war. From whence cometh our help? From whence cometh our salvation? It is time that Israel turns to fervent prayer, for there seem to be dark days ahead. Not a happy time to celebrate Passover, the joyous holiday of Freedom.

And, yet, we Jews are an eternal people, who have trusted in the G-d of Israel throughout the ages. We must turn to Him to save our nation. Although we are undeserving of His help, perhaps He will show us mercy and kindness.

May this Passover be an undoing of our enemies. May He who has brought us out of Egypt to be a holy nation, restore us to our halcyon days of yore. May all those who celebrate this Holiday of Freedom be blessed with new hope and fortitude!

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Kaustav Chakrabarti, April 22, 2005.
O! Jerusalem, What a beautiful name

Set against the skyline, Standing Erect

Proud and Solemn

How many miracles God wrought here

For the good of mankind

Without favour or fear

How many hopes were born in thy midst!

Always with the prayer, "Next time in jerusalem"!

Among Passover feasts

The Jewish people doth come here

Everytime with joy and cheer

For Jerusalem lives in their hearts

A Prayer for generations to last

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Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, April 22, 2005.

David Bedein, the director of the Israel Resource News Agency scores another major scoop. As I have written before, this is all done on a shoe string budget and without any large or even small organization to back him up. Imagine what could be done with only a small amount of serious money.

Yep, this is an appeal to help him. You can send him an email at media@actcom.co. il and get details or go to https://www.israelvisit.co.il/BehindTheNews/member.htm and help directly.

This article was written by Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily's Jerusalem bureau chief, and it appeared today in World Net Daily (www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=43921).

JERUSALEM - In what some here are calling a curious development, a multi-million-dollar investment fund founded in 1999 by Israel's Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres announced this week it would liquidate its assets and return the money to all investors, according to an Israeli media report.

The move follows WorldNetDaily exclusive articles exposing a private probe, brought to Israel's Knesset Ethics Committee, questioning whether Peres profited from the fund, which secured investments from the Palestinian Authority and several supporters of the politician while he was a government minister - a conflict of interest that could require Peres to vacate his government position.

As WND reported, the Israel Resource News Agency in February privately requested the Knesset probe the establishment by Peres of the Peace Technology Fund, a $160 million venture-capital entity created in part to encourage investment in the Palestinian economy.

Investors in the fund, allegedly procured while Peres was minister of regional cooperation under Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in 1999, include the Palestinian National Authority and several companies that in the past have contributed to the Peres Center for Peace, a non-profit think tank founded by Peres.

The fund's first investment - a $9 million, 3-percent stake in Paltel, a Palestinian telecommunications company - was announced in Business Week in June 1999, one month after Peres assumed his ministerial position that year.

The article reported, "A venture capital fund founded by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres has taken a $9 million, 3.3 percent stake in Paltel ... The investment is the first by the peace fund, which was established last year by Israeli and Palestinian investors."

The price of Paltel's shares jumped from 2.5 Jordanian dinars in May 1999 to 4.5 in August of that year, reportedly realizing a nearly $10 million profit for the Fund's investment.

The stock increase has been widely attributed to a monopoly license granted in August 1999 by the Palestinian Authority to Paltel for the company to operate exclusive wireless services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

David Bedein, director of the Israel Resource News Agency, raised questions regarding the possibility Peres profited from the Paltel investment, and whether he knew in advance, through government contacts while he was an Israeli minister, the PA was going to grant Paltel the exclusive contract.

Other questions surround Peres' involvement in the procurement of a $22 million investment in the fund by the Palestinian National Authority, also allegedly while Peres was an Israeli minister. The PNC is a monetary branch of the Palestinian Authority.

As well, nearly $10 million was raised by the fund from Bank Leumi, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Federmann Enterprises, Koor Industries, Arison Investments, Strauss Holding, Delta Galil, Daimler Chrysler and Keter Plastics. Most are contributors to the Peres Center for Peace, which itself is listed as a member of the fund's advisory board.

WND reported that the Ethics Committee responded last month to Bedein's probe request, explaining to him they are not an investigative body and can determine only whether documented activities violate government rules. Bedein said the Knesset asked him to provide them with detailed information about whether Peres received or continues to receive fees for allegedly securing multimillion-dollar investments or profits from previous fund ventures.

But before Bedein commenced the next stages of the investigation, the fund sold all its holdings and decided to return all monies to original investors, according to an article this week in Israel's Yediot Ahronot Hebrew daily. The fund reportedly sold its investments to Palestinian entities.

"I find it to be a very strange coincidence that immediately after the Knesset ethics committee asked for verification of Peres' assets in the Palestinian Authority, and after their request was publicized, the fund suddenly announced they are divesting and returning assets," said Bedein. "It sounds like they are running scared."

The fund, registered in the Cayman Islands and classified as an international investment entity, did not issue an explanation for its sudden closure.

Sources told WND a slew of private investigative firms have quietly offered their services in conducting various probes of the fund.

"The next step is to find the proof of any wrongdoing," said Bedein. "For example, since Peres was the minister of regional cooperation when the Palestinian investment was made, was Peres was paid a consulting or broker fee as payment for bringing in the investment?

Consultants procuring investments for companies or funds typically receive finder's fees of 2 to 5 percent. The Palestinian Authority's investment of $22 million could have earned Peres a fee of $440,000, according to Bedein.

"Also, why is the Peres Peace Center, a nonprofit political think tank, qualified to provide financial consultation services to the fund?" asked Bedein.

He added, "all this comes at a very strange time regarding financial interests of Peres and others. It happened just as Peres announced he wants to turn Gaza into a Club Med. Who is going to profit from that?"

Bedein was referring to statements Peres made this week following talks with French President Jacques Chirac regarding economic possibilities from Israel's plan to withdraw Jewish communities this summer from Gaza and parts of the West Bank. Peres suggested building a Club Med in the lands being evacuated.

"We could convert a settlement into a Club Med," Peres told reporters.

"We must not wait for the political solution but create economic and social hope" in the region, Peres said. "We must coordinate on the economic front."

The developments also come at a delicate time for Sharon, whose Likud party is bitterly divided over the Gaza withdrawal. Nationalist opponents have been regularly calling for Sharon's resignation.

If Peres is found in breach of the Israeli government's official code of ethics, he would be required to vacate his post, a move that likely would undo Sharon's current unity government between Likud and Peres' Labor party, and could precipitate new elections in Israel.

Shimon Peres is a regular political fixture in the Jewish state. He served twice as Israel's prime minister - following the formation of a unity government in 1984, he was an alternate prime minister with Likud leader Yitzhak Shamir, and again in 1995 after Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Peres has held numerous other government posts, including deputy defense minister, minister of immigrant absorption, minister-without-portfolio, minister of transport and communication and minister of information. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appointed Peres foreign minister until Labor left the government in 2003, and created for him the position of vice prime minister when Labor again joined Sharon's coalition in December.

Peres founded the Center for Peace in 1996 with the aim, according to its website, of "realizing [Peres'] vision of a 'New Middle East,' in which people of the region work together to build peace through socio-economic cooperation and people-to-people relations."

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

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Posted by Israel Landsman, April 22, 2005.

In the recent Jerusalem Post interview Ariel Sharon "justified" the pullout from Gaza by the unwillingness of many Diaspora Jews to make Israel their home. In that, he repeated the call made by Israel's president, Moshe Katzav, a while ago, to the Jews at large, to come to settle in Israel. The two politicians, dedicated to the creation of a Palestinian state, lament that not enough Diaspora Jews decide to expose themselves and their children to the daily threat of Palestinian terrorist attacks and become sacrificed on the altar called "the US foreign policy priorities." What have those two politicians done(and they could have done a lot) to make Israel a safer place for Jews and non-Jews alike? Most of Moshe Katzav's "activities" consist of periodic and abject appeals to the international community for help in this or that and his disgraceful readiness to shake hands with Jewish enemies, in Rome or elsewhere. As for Ariel Sharon, his glory is in the past. He's just an old man who's painted himself into a corner from the very first time when he allowed the US administration to blackmail him with the Sabra and Shatila episode.

Scared by the propect of a trial at the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, Sharon has been surrendering Israeli sovereignty to foreign powers from day one of his accession to his office as Prime Minister... He who uses lame excuses shouldn't expect to be reciprocated with either trust or respect. Apparently, many Jews who reside outside of Israel aren't that desperate (or that ignorant) as to trust the above-mentioned individuals with their lives.

Israel Landsman lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Posted by Bernard J. Shapiro, April 22, 2005.

Dear Friends of Israel:

Like most of you, I am frustrated, angry and depressed over the actions of the Israeli government. We must, however, get over the depression and then use our anger to spur ourselves to greater action on behalf of Israel. EIN BREIRA. In that spirit I offer the following chant or song to sing at demonstrations (slightly abridged from the popular song sung at Passover). Sing the traditional Dayanu and the new resistence against the deportation of Jews from Eretz Yisrael. Please distribute to your friends for their family Seder this year as widely as possible:..........With Love of Israel

If you had collaborated with enemy to get elected to office,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy and not given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy, given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; and not divided the People of Israel setting brother against brother,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; and not beaten and abused women and children,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places, divided the People of Israel; beaten and abused women and children; and not suppressed our freedom of speech,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech and not endangered our water supply,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply and not released terrorist murderers into our midst,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply, released terrorist murderers into our midst and not surrendered our strategic mountains that protect us from attack,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply; released terrorist murderers into our midst; surrendered our strategic mountains; and not created a Palestinian State dedicated to the destruction of Israel,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply; released terrorist murderers into our midst; surrendered our strategic mountains; created a Palestinian State and not broken G-d's Covenant with Abraham,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply; released terrorist murderers into our midst; surrendered our strategic mountains; created a Palestinian State, broken G-d's Covenant with Abraham and not defamed religious Jews and their TORAH,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule

If you had collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply; released terrorist murderers into our midst; surrendered our strategic mountains; created a Palestinian State, broken G-d's Covenant with Abraham, defamed religious Jews and their TORAH and not jeopardized Jewish rule in Jerusalem,

Dayenu -- It would have been enough to rebel against your rule


You have done all of these things. You have collaborated with the enemy; given away our Sacred Land and Holy Places; divided the People of Israel; beaten women and children; suppressed our freedom of speech; endangered our water supply; released terrorist murders into our midst: surrendered our strategic mountains; created a Palestinian State; broken G-D's Covenant with Abraham; defamed religious Jews and their TORAH and even jeopardized Jewish rule in Jerusalem.




Bernard J. Shapiro is the executive director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and the editor of The Maccabean Online and the Freemanlist. Contact the Center at Freeman Center For Strategic Studies, P.O. Box 35661, Houston, Texas 77235-5661. Phone or Fax at 713-723-6016

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 22, 2005.

The BBC has never been shy about its biases. It is anti-Blair and anti-American and tried to sabotage the invasion of Iraq. Blog-space is sites devoted to fighting the bias of the BBC, perhaps the best of which is BBCWATCH. It was the BBC's bias that may have been the cause behind the famous suicide of a government expert on Iraqi weapons, and a British court soundly criticized BBC for its reporting. David Kelly had killed himself after being identified falsely as the anonymous source of BBC's report accusing the government of exaggerating claims about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to bolster support for war. Harvard Professor Peter Hall has denounced the bias of the BBC while defending its right to independent reporting. John Reid, the chairman of the British Labor party, claims the BBC acted as the "friend of Baghdad" when Saddam was still in charge. During the war, the BBC was swamped with letters of outrage against its anti-American bias. The Weekly Standard denounced the BBC as cowardly and biased. Even more outrageous is the fact that the BBC is financed by the British taxpayer, in a television tax that proves that many British politicians just never learned anything from the American revolt against taxation without representation. (The British taxpayers do not vote for who runs the BBC nor what it will air.) Josh Chafetz writes:

THE WAR IN IRAQ has left in its wake a string of embarrassments for the BBC that have many questioning its privileged status. Throughout the war, the BBC was consistently--and correctly--accused of antiwar bias. These accusations began almost as soon as the fighting did, when the BBC described the death of two Royal Air Force crew members, after their jet was accidentally downed by a U.S. Patriot missile, as the "worst possible news for the armed forces." On March 26 (less than a week into the fighting), Paul Adams, the BBC's own defense correspondent in Qatar, fired off a memo to his bosses: "I was gobsmacked to hear, in a set of headlines today, that the coalition was suffering 'significant casualties.' This is simply NOT TRUE." He went on to ask, "Who dreamed up the line that the coalition are achieving 'small victories at a very high price?' The truth is exactly the opposite. The gains are huge and costs still relatively low. This is real warfare, however one-sided, and losses are to be expected." Outside critics were even blunter: They revived the nickname "Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation," a coinage from the first Gulf War, when BBC broadcasts from the Iraqi capital were censored by Saddam's government without viewers' being notified.

But of all the BBC's biases, none is so naked as its hatred of Israel. Every terrorist murdering Jews is an "activist" or a "militant" according to the BBC, unlike the IRA people who tried to bomb BBC headquarters in London, who of course were "terrorists". The BBC routinely counts the Palestinian suicide bombers in the body count of the "victims" of terrorist atrocities, letting everyone know it thinks Israel is evil and ultimately responsible for Middle East violence. It is quite candid about its belief that Israel needs to grant complete independence to the Palestinians in ways that the BBC never thinks should be applied to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Channel Islands.

This past week arguably the most biased reporter of all at the BBC is to receive the "Member of the British EMpire" award. (Member of the British Empire? Talk about illicit occupations!!)

She is BBC reporter Orla Guerin, who has come under sharp attack for what some perceive as an anti-Israeli bias in her coverage, will receive an MBE honor from the British government for "outstanding service to broadcasting."

Israeli Minister Natan Sharansky, who last year wrote a formal letter of complaint to the BBC over Guerin's coverage, said it is a pity that a lack of anti-Semitism was not a criterion for the award. Sharansky protested that Guerin, in her report, portrayed the event as "Israel's cynical manipulation of a Palestinian youngster for propaganda purposes." He said this "reveals a deep-seated bias against Israel. Only a total identification with the goals and methods of the Palestinian terror groups would drive a reporter to paint Israel in such an unflattering light instead of placing the focus on the bomber and the organization that recruited him." Another Israeli official, who responded to the news by saying he was "shocked," said Guerin is among the most anti-Israeli journalists reporting from Israel today.

The UK's own Evening Standard, which interviewed Guerin in 2003, wrote that she "questioned Israel's claim to be a democracy, compared its press freedom with Zimbabwe's and accused its officials of paranoia."

This is not the first award to naked anti-Israel biased bimbo reporters in the UK. In 2003 granting the United Kingdom's Political Cartoon Society awarded Dave Brown of the Independent its "cartoon of the year" award for a cartoon he drew depicting a naked Ariel Sharon biting off the bloodied head of a Palestinian child. (http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/2005/04/bbc-biased-bimbo.html)

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Lisa Rubin, April 21, 2005.


He shows how the situation in Israel is a Mandatory War, In which even loss of life requires it! The argument about cutting off a diseased limb to save a patient? He explains that the patient decides.

This means that either: The residents of Gush Katif & Hebron decide; or all the Jews in Israel must vote on it - only allowing those who are Orthodox, shomer shabbos, etc.

The arguments about Gush Katif not being part of Israel? Nonsense!! He shows how that differentiation had to do only with one limited halacha!

Obeying the "law of the land"? - that only applies to monetary and related matters. He says it does not apply at all in this case, as in matters of Torah, etc.

Even more amazing, he shows how it does not apply in a Jewish State. He agrees that people complain about how Israel is run, but points out that in Talmudic times, the gov't was involved with idolatry, and worse. More to the point, PRECISELY BECAUSE the non-Jews are trying to get the land is proof that it is a recognized Jewish State! In other words, every time Connie Rice, Bush or anyone say to give it over, it verifies that it IS a JEWISH STATE - and thus we must literally fight to the death to keep it. Ahhh. Pure and simple. Do listen to it!

In Faith, and Good Shabbos and Pesach, too.

This news item is from today's Arutz-7 (www.IsraelNationalNews.com).

Yeshiva University's RIETS Kollel program head Rabbi Hershel Schachter, in a Talmudic lecture on the Disengagement plan last week, refuted the notion that it's merely a matter of government law. The notion that the disengagement is a question for the Israeli government to decide, and that "the law of the land is supreme" in this case, was presented by two leading YU rabbis in a recent conference. Rabbi Schachter strongly disagrees.

Citing Talmudic and rabbinic sources in abundance, Rabbi Schachter noted that Gaza is clearly within the borders of the Land of Israel. He noted that G-d told Isaac not to leave the Land of Israel, but rather to live in Gerar (present-day Gaza) - thus proving that Gaza is in the Promised Land. (The rabbi also noted and resolved an apparent difficulty in Rashi's commentary on this point.)

Rabbi Schachter acknowledged that Gaza does not have the same Halakhic [Jewish legal] sanctity as other parts of the Land, thus exempting it from certain Land-oriented commandments. However, he emphasized, some rabbinic opinions hold that this does not detract from the commandment or importance of living there.

Independent of the above point, Rabbi Schachter said that there is a separate commandment to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. This commandment certainly applies to the entire area of the Land of Israel, he said, and not just to those areas that are Halakhically sanctified.

Furthermore, another commandment exists that is key to the entire issue: that of waging defensive war. Where and when it applies is an intricate question, the rabbi taught, but it certainly applies when there is pressure to surrender sovereignty over some of the areas of the Land of Israel to a foreign sovereignty.

War, by definition, means the loss of life, such that this commandment cannot be pushed aside because of the fear that lives will be lost. Just as doctors must sometimes amputate a limb in order to save one's entire body, so too individual lives are put at risk - and worse - in order to save the People as a whole, or Klal Yisrael. This Klal is found only in the Land of Israel [based on the Minchat Chinuch's explanation to Megillah 14a].

The question that remains, Rabbi Schachter explained, is whether the lives to be put at risk will help us win - or, as some feel, this is just a losing battle, with more and more lives being lost with no gain in sight. This, he said, is a very strong question - and can be decided only by the endangered entity itself. That is to say, just like a person in danger can "choose his risk" [based on rabbinic interpretations of the story of the four lepers in Kings II, 7], so too the Klal in Israel - not the government, but the people themselves - can and must decide for themselves whether retaining all parts of the Land means winning the war, or losing it.

Rabbi Schachter further said that the concept of the "supremacy of the law of the land" does not apply in this situation. That concept applies only in areas of monetary and civil law, but certainly not in issues of religious prohibitions and obligations such as Sabbath or marriage and divorce. "The issue of the Land of Israel belonging to the Jews is not just a monetary matter of real estate," the rabbi taught, "but rather belongs in the [other] realm of 'issur v'heter.'"

Since the Land belongs to the Jewish People not as real estate, but rather as a legacy given by G-d to the Jewish people, it can be given away only if retaining it would exact a price so high that the Klal does not feel it's worth it - and this can be ascertained only by polling all those Jews in Israel who subscribe to the Thirteen Principles of Faith.

The entire lecture can be heard at "http://www.yutorah.org".

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Posted by Unity Coalition for Israel, April 21, 2005.

This was written by Cal Thomas and is filed at http://www.israelunitycoalition.org/home/ link.php?file=../html/article.html?id=5585

After meeting on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President Bush said, "The United States is committed to Israel's security and well being as a Jewish state, including secure and defensible borders. We're committed to preserving and strengthening Israel's capability to deter its enemies and to defend itself."

The president did not say what he meant by such a "commitment," but it is hard to accept that Israel's security is preserved and strengthened when the American government, over several administrations, has pressured various Israeli prime ministers into relinquishing land to its sworn enemies.

The two sides haven't even gotten to the road map yet and are still in what might be called the "pre-road map stage." But Sharon has said that even in this stage, certain conditions must be met before moving to the road map, itself.

These, reasonably, include a full cessation of terror, violence and incitement, the dismantling of terror groups and collection of their weapons, as well as the cessation of smuggling of terrorists and weapons, particularly from Egypt, through the Gaza Strip and into Israel.

None of these conditions, which are spelled out in the road map, have been met, but that does not deter President Bush, or those who have preceded him, from pressuring Israel to give more.

On every previous occasion when Israel has caved to U.S. pressure and ceded territory vital to its own defense, the Palestinian and Arab side has behaved like a giant boa constrictor. It swallows its prey, rests for a bit to digest it, and then starts looking for more.

The Bush Administration wants to send additional tax dollars to the Palestinians to build infrastructure. If new Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas wants money for Palestinian infrastructure, he can draw on considerable amounts socked away in secret Swiss bank accounts by the late Yasser Arafat.

According to Issam Abu Issa, former chairman of the Palestine International Bank, Arafat misappropriated hundreds of millions of dollars, and he and some of his cohorts became millionaires while they allowed many Palestinians to live in squalor. Read all about it in the fall 2004 issue of Middle East Quarterly.

If one visits the State Department's Web page on which the "road map" appears, one finds the headline "A Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

The key words are "performance-based." So far, it is only Israel that has been doing the performing. The Palestinians have limited their performance to lip service and meaningless gestures.

In the past, the Palestinians were happy to reduce incidents of terror in order to get the next piece of land. After they got it, the terror resumed because terror is at the center of their strategy to capture all the land. What they don't get by intimidation, they will try to take by all-out war at the appropriate time.

Phase One of the road map was supposed to be completed in May 2003. It called for "ending terror and violence, normalizing Palestinian life and building Palestinian institutions." Since not one of these objectives has been realized, even in the "pre-road map" period, how could anyone other than a cockeyed optimist believe that the Palestinians are serious about co-existing with Israel?

Sharon has repeatedly said that moving forward depends on these steps. Yet he acknowledges the problem of continuing terror, although at different levels of intensity. So, if it is a condition for "moving forward" that the terror completely stop, but yet the terror continues, why is Israel moving forward anyway?

Doesn't he make the case against the very policy he is implementing, which includes the uprooting of thousands of Jews in Gaza (along with the evacuation of their cemeteries and synagogues)? It was none other than Sharon who urged these Jews to live in Gaza in the first place.

The flaw from the beginning has been the belief that what Israel does or doesn't do affects the conduct of her enemies, whose policy remains the elimination of Israel - by hook, by crook or by road map.

The Unity Coalition for Israel (http://www.israelunitycoalition.org) is "the largest worldwide coalition of Jewish and Christian organizations, with more than 200 groups representing millions of people dedicated to Israel. Though we have many different backgrounds, we have one common goal: A Safe and Secure Israel."

"Israel is not just a Jewish issue. Millions of Christians resolutely endorse the principle of peace with security for the state of Israel. Because we work closely together and speak with a united voice, our message is being heard!"

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 21, 2005.


Oil consumption is growing rapidly, due to economic growth in China and India and to wasteful self-indulgence in the US. Hence the price, pollution, and our dependency upon suppliers are rising. Supplies are less stabile and more easily disrupted by Islamists. These make conservation and switching to other sources of energy, especially non-polluting and renewable ones, imperative.

Does our President propose conservation and alternative fuels? Not significantly. He cites increased costs of conserving, though conserving by definition saves money. He should be ashamed of himself. He is an oil man, not the patriot supposed.

Actually, the oil industry could do quite well, without such selfish and self-destructive policies. First, it has invested in the alternative means of energy production. Second, supplies are being consumed so fast, it would have no problem getting high enough prices. High enough for reasonable businesses. Not high enough for greedy ones.

They are short-sighted too, for the higher prices they secure for the Arabs arm the jihad against them.


I dined with three fellow Jews who were too busy to inform themselves about the Arab-Israel conflict, and do not realize they were misinformed about it. They made assumptions about the Arabs based upon their own culture and outlook. That gives the Arabs undeserved credit and slack.

They thought that a peaceable solution is possible. The solution should be reached via compromise. Since the Palestinian Arabs are smart, they could accomplish a lot in conjunction with Israel. That makes sense in a vacuum. In the real world, those notions don't work.

Arab-Jewish cooperation? The Arabs ostracize Israel, as an infidel state. They don't care what they might accomplish together with what they consider sub-humans. (Yes, the Arabs, who often call Israel racist, are the real racists.) The dream of Jewish-Arab cooperation should have been burst when Ben-Gurion found it wanting. It is a Jewish dream that the Arabs reject.

"Compromise?" There were attempted compromises. Jordan, which ws 75% of the Palestine Mandate for a Jewish national home, was taken out of the Mandate and given to the Arabs. Jordan therefore is a Palestinian Arab state, the achieved goal of those who think that there should be such a state. The Arabs have so many states and so much land, how much do they need? Must they have more of the small portion left to the Jewish people? Besides, as my friends now know, the Arabs don't demand that portion out of some territorial grievance to wish to compromise, but because they are chipping away at Israel in the hope of taking it over.

Compromise is a Western concept. It is alien to Islam. Islam moves forward. It seeks conquest. Any apparent compromise the Arabs either renege on or consider temporary, until they can move forward, again. This duplicity is one of their approved tactics. Therefore, compromise is dangerous for the West.

"Peaceful solution?" There can be no peaceable solution with totalitarian fanatics. Totalitarian fanatics do not give up what they consider an imperative to rule the world. Just as the Nazis had to be fought and the Soviets to be contained, so, too, the Islamists, and probably all of Islam, must be fought and contained. Unless we gird for world war, including by economic means, we may lose the jihad that the Islamists already started. In our time, weapons are longer range, so we have less time to come to our senses than we did against the Nazis.

It behooves Westerners to study Arab culture, to learn how to deal with them. It really is patronizing not to. Westerners would find their goodwill not requited but exploited.

Unfortunately, our own media serves us ill. Pres. Bush is fighting on the cheap, not that it isn't costly, but he is not fighting on the scale needed, and has not made his case. He is sacrificing Israel to the enemy, although Israel has an army whose help we can use. He acts more the oil man than one who is to rally Western civilization.


IDF dispatches about reduction of security arrangements often describe the decision as being made by the "political echelon." What it means is that politicians unknowing or uncaring about the military and their decisions' eventual political consequences direct the military to reduce national security in order to make life easier for the Palestinian Arabs, whose mission is to make life more difficult for the Palestinian Jews. The military seeks defense; the politicians seek appeasement.

Appeasement brings a false hope of a temporary respite in foreign criticism of Israel. Since the foreign critics would not be appeased until Israel withdrew totally from Yesha, they see Israel's goodwill gestures the Arab way -- as inadequate restitution of what belongs to the Arabs.

The Arabs would not stop criticizing until their own goal is met - domination of Israel. Once Israel withdrew from Yesha, then, judging by the history of Arab tactics and by the Covenants of Fatah, Hamas, and the PLO, the Arabs would draw up a new list of grievances against Israel. The same reasons (such as Arab recalcitrance and obliviousness to early "compromises") that led other foreign critics of Israel to agree with the earlier list of grievances are likely to persuade them to accept the new ones. Already the Arabs have the Europeans speculating whether Israel should exist and that its reconstitution was a mistake. A better case could be made that Germany should cease to exist and that its unification more than a century ago was a mistake. (Why not end the existence of the artificial and usurping P.A. and Jordan?)


Often, when an organization is found to have abused its power, the head of that organization is reluctant to admit his negligence or his actually commissioning the abuses. He sets up a fraudulent investigation, designed to find there was minimal abuse. The accused then proclaim their vindication. Usually the public is not the wiser. Abuse may even continue.

Columbia University's President appointed a committee to whitewash his administration. Students had complained about professors' ethnic bias and bullying of students over it. This is a national disgrace, not just Columbia's. Because the American people do not realize how their universities have become advocacy centers for the Left, the Arabs, and antisemitism, and not centers of scholarship, they imagine that the controversy is limited to Columbia and probably not important. Actually, it is a serious blow to our war on terrorism and a serious degradation of education.

The investigation committee was skewed by appointing to if some of the very biased types whose tactics are supposed to be investigated. The outcome was whitewashed in advance by giving that committee an assignment to check only some of the grievances. This is an old trick. Thus the committee was told to check whether professors imposed upon students. It was not told to find out whether those professors not only are biased in their opinions, but run their classes as indoctrination centers for those opinions, distort the truth, and do not conduct proper scholarship. (In Israeli universities, the far leftist professors may not do scholarly work, just some pro-Arab propaganda.)

The key questions omitted from the committee's mandate are more objectively investigated than the one left in it, bullying. It is difficult to investigate claims of bullying. Some students may be afraid to testify. Others may be vindictive. Muslims believe in deceiving the infidels. Peering in from the outside, I don't see how the committee could determine the veracity of the complaints of bullying. The complaints do sound genuine and the behavior of the professors is Arab-like.

The outcome is that a professor may be ignorant, prejudiced, and dishonest, but may not insult or extort students personally. He may run his classrooms like madrassas. One wonders whose country this is and what we are allowing to be done to its survival and to our youth.


NPR conducts quarterly self-analyses and sporadic, minor corrections. These are just damage control, asserts CAMERA. But the damage keeps getting committed against Israel.

Broadcaster Peter Kenyon declared, ""most observers believe under international law all Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are illegal." He did not indicate how many or who or how he came to conclude they are a majority. He cannot be counting the State Dept., which considers them legal, and opposes their existence for other reasons. He just made a blanket statement. (Are these observers or bigoted anti-Zionists? He did not comment on the extensive illegal Arab building in the Territories.)

In nine weeks, NPR held eight interviews with the editor of the Lebanon "Star," who called Hizbullah "a very impressive, legitimate, even heroic resistance movement." (It does not resist Syrian occupation.) He denied that Hizbullah is a threat to Israel, but he neither commented on nor was asked about Hizbullah's diatribes against the Jews and Israel while it aims 13,000+ missiles at Israel (nor its firing some and murdering Israelis).

Another repeat interviewee was from Arab News, the Saudi extremist news organization that accuses Israel of mass-murder and condemns MEMRI for exposing Arab antisemitism.

The station frequently presented as neutral commentators Patrick Seale, apologist for the predecessor of the current dictator of Syria, and Robert Malley, who calls Israel's offer to the P.A. (which is a terrorist entity) of 95% of Yesha insufficient.

"There were familiar paired segments of Israeli and Palestinian students and predictable NPR laxity in challenging blatant Palestinian falsehoods. When Arab students recited a litany of distorted allegations about Israel, Siegel interjected one apologetic corrective, noting that contrary to a Palestinian student's claim that Israel had failed to open checkpoints or release prisoners: 'By Palestinian standards a very small release, but a few hundred people have been released so far.'" "To the ludicrous claim that 'during Oslo period, there was no bombing, there was nothing,' Siegel was silent, failing to remind listeners that Oslo spawned unprecedented terror bombings."

(Silence with the guilty is complicity. Release of terrorists is not decency but criminal negligence.)

Siegel reiterated as his own view the Arab claim that the security "wall" is a major obstacle to peace. More sense is made by the Israeli view that terrorism is the obstacle to peace, as a result of which Israel built a fence, NOT a wall (IMRA, 3/19).

Let us understand Arab propaganda techniques. The Arab claim that the fence is an obstacle to peace is not the Arab "view" or a legitimate opinion. It is stated as propaganda against the wall, because the wall is an obstacle to war. The Arabs want war. They relish jihad, armed struggle.

When NPR presents both sides, it gives fanatical Arabs' lying propaganda equal weight with Israeli statement of the facts. At other times, it selects Far Leftist, fringe Israelis who agree with the Arabs but are presented as representing the Israeli side.

NPR may be called the voice of the Arabs.


Israeli military analysts rarely include Saudi military capabilities in their assessment of the balance of power. The Israeli Air Force, however, now conducts its training with the Saudi Air Force in mind as a potential adversary (IMRA, 3/19).


A London Arabic daily was told that Abbas would tell the Cairo conference to be realistic about plumping Palestinian Arabs down upon Israel. At the conference, however, he reaffirmed their entry as a right. The Western media had publicized what was falsely predicted (IMRA, 3/19).

The Arabs constantly speculate. They also mislead by seeming to agree to ceasefires, but then certain groups deny their participation and others ones tack on new conditions. The Arabs agree, among themselves, to a conditional ceasefire. The media does not always report that it is conditional. If Israel doesn't accept the unacceptable conditions that the terrorists always demand, the media may accuse Israel of forfeiting peace.


He claims he, too, must release terrorists, so as to integrate them into his forces rather than leaving them independent. Then, when they commit terrorism, he could shuck responsibility off onto them. He is more sophisticated than Arafat, in that he is able to garner EU and US support (Foreign Ministry, 3/17 from Hatzofeh).

Arafat did, too. When his terrorism, corruption, and duplicity became too obvious for the US to deny it, it stopped supporting him publicly but continued to shovel money his way.


A mere 10,000 people came to a rally called by Peace Now. These pro-abandonment people claim to represent the majority. By contrast, 100,000 - 200,000 attend rallies by opponents of abandonment. Who represents the majority?

The Peace Now message was belligerent, not pacifistic. One leader received cheers for asserting, "Those who invite a civil war should know that we're ready for battle." (Arutz-7, 3/20.)

Rally attendance may show the intensity of an opinion rather than its prevalence.


Terrorists committed an attack between Ramallah and Jericho. Israel had removed the checkpoint between the two cities. The perpetrators could flee to Jericho, from which Israeli forces had withdrawn, and find sanctuary. There they could sign up for the P.A. police force, and get onto the payroll (IMRA, 3/20).

Abbas, Bush, and Rice know that, and they also know that Abas refuses to disarm terrorists, when they demand that Israel give up checkpoints and roadblocks


AIPAC and United Jewish Communities held their annual meetings. The leader of the opposition to PM Sharon's abandonment plan, MK Uzi Landau, complained that those two meetings did not invite opponents of the plan. Only the pro-plan view was aired (IMRA, 3/20).

AIPAC touts Israel as a democracy, but denies Israeli dissidents a voice. How democratic is its own position, based on one-sidedness?

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Rachel Kapen, April 21, 2005.

Now once again, as it has been every year for many generations, Jews in their Homeland, and in the United States and elsewhere in the free world are celebrating the Festival of Passover. It is also called: the Festival of Freedom, as it commemorates the famous exodus of the Hebrews from bondage and slavery in the Land of Egypt to freedom and nationhood in the Land of Israel.

However, amidst the nostalgic sight of the filled to the rim Elijah's cup, the sweet sound of the youngest child asking the customary Four Questions, and spirited singing of the beautiful hymns from the Hagaddah, the Seder's book, another seder comes to mind, under entirely different circumstances. Fir it was 62 year ago, at the seder night, that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising erupted, a fateful event to become an example for the ultimate in man's struggle for freedom and dignity. But unlike the ancient Hebrews under the great leadership of Moses, the heroic fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto could not hope for freedom, not even fir survival. For them, the redemption of Jewish honor and dignity- even in death-was a good cause to fight the Nazis to the bitter end, and so they did.

I was 4 years old when it all happened, growing up in far away Land of Israel, then under British rule, when Hitler's murderous claws luckily failed to reach our small community. At a time when hundreds of thousands of Jewish children all over Europe were slaughtered mercilessly, we, the children of Eretz-Israel(the Land of Israel) or Palestine as it was called by the rest of the world, lived a more or less normal childhoods, shielded by our parents who themselves were not completely aware-almost till the end- of the horrifying magnitude of the almost total annihilation of European Jewry, an event so unique in human annals that it created a name of its own, The Holocaust, The Shoah in Hebrew.

Indeed, there were all those beautiful faces staring at me from our family album. These were some of my uncles, aunts and cousins who were murdered by Hitler, my used to tell my sister Shula and me again and again, wiping her tears. I was certainly well versed at what happened to my own people, but was I really? After all, how could a child growing up in a land of less than even one million Jews conceive of the mind-boggling number of six million?

This being the case, for me and for my contemporaries who were born in the Land of Israel and fir whom the concept of anti-Semitism and of being a persecuted minority didn't really apply personally like it did to our parents and grandparents, the real concept of the Holocaust was virtually incomprehensible. Not until I was a wife and a mother that it finally was integrated into my being.

This was the year of 1961 and we were living in Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel. For hours on end I was glued to the radio listening to every word which was said in the Eichmann Trial as one after the other witnesses recounted the horrific tales to which they were subjected by the man who sat expressionless in the bullet-proof glass booth, horrors they miraculously survived to tell their story to the world. These were ordinary people, Israelis, Americans and from a variety of European countries who spoke in Hebrew, English, and a myriad of other languages. These were people just like me and my parents who had the bad fortune to be in Europe at the time and not in the Land of Israel or in America. As I walked around in my tiny apartment as if in a daze, I still had an infant son to tend to every now and then who helped me face reality.

The city of Jerusalem was swamped with journalists from all over the globe who came in order to cover the sensational story of a Nazi arch-war criminal who was kidnapped from Argentina, a country where he found shelter after the war and was brought to face justice by his victims or in their names, One of these journalists wandered one sunny day into our neighborhood, a mere stone-throw from Yad VaShem, the world-renowned memorial for the Shoah. Watching me hanging diapers on the clothesline on our second floor veranda, he started to shout at me questions regarding my thoughts of the trial. I asked him politely to come to my apartment and there I told him about the family album and all the family members whom I never knew and all perished in the Holocaust and how only now it is really registering with me. He asked to see the album but I told him it is with my mother, the only memorials to the beloved people she left behind when she came to help rebuild her people's homeland. The journalist seemed genuinely moved, thank me, and let me return to my seat near the radio.

One of the most powerful and most significant words in the Hagaddah which we recite every year in unison is: "In every generation a person should regard himself as if he personally came out of Egypt." Although this declaration specifically mentions the exodus from Egypt, it is actually symbolic of Jewish oppression throughout history and its eventual freedom and redemption most recently with the return of Jews to the land of their ancestors and the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel.

Rachel Kapen lives in West Bloomfield, MI.

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Posted by Louis Rene Beres, April 21, 2005.

War is never far from the minds of prudent Israelis, and prudent operational planning must always look closely at the regional "correlation of forces." Drawn from the military lexicon of the former Soviet Union, this concept is usefully applied as a particular measure of armed forces, from the subunit level to major formations. Additionally, it has been used to compare resources and capabilities on both the levels of military strategy and of so-called "grand strategy." This meaning is closely related to the concept of "force ratios" used more commonly in Western armies.

Today, with renewed preparations for a Middle East "peace" that would include a Palestinian state, Israel must undertake prompt assessments of enemy states with particular reference to the "correlation of forces." Here it must seek more than an "objective" yardstick for measurement of opposing forces. Although the IDF is assuredly comparing all available data concerning both the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of units, including personnel, weaponry and equipment, its commanders will need to know more to establish Israeli force superiority at decisive places and times. This is especially the case in matters of grand strategy, where opposing forces could soon be endowed with genuine weapons of mass destruction.

What, exactly, should be the IDF concept of "correlation of forces?" First, it must take careful account of enemy leaders` intentions as well as capabilities. Such an accounting is inherently more subjective than assessments of personnel, weapons and basic logistic data. Such an accounting must be subtle and nuanced, relying less on scientific modeling than upon carefully informed profiles. In this connection, it will not do to merely gather relevant data from all of the usual sources. It will also be important to put Israeli strategists into the shoes of each enemy leader, determining what Israel looks like to them.

Second, the IDF correlation of forces concept must take account of enemy leaders` rationality. An adversary that does not conform to the rules of rational behavior in world politics might not be deterred by any Israeli threats, military or otherwise. Here the logic of deterrence would be immobilized and all bets would be off concerning expected enemy reactions to Israeli policy. This point now pertains especially to growing existential threats from Iran. There, if the Islamic regime is permitted to complete its still planned nuclearization without preemptive interference, Israel could find itself face-to-face with a suicide bomber in macrocosm.

Third, IDF assessments must also consider the organization of enemy state units; their training standards; their morale; their reconnaissance capabilities; their battle experience; and their suitability and adaptability to the prospective battlefield. These assessments are not exceedingly difficult to make on an individual or piecemeal basis, but the Ministry of Defense needs to conceptualize them together, in their entirety. To get this more coherent picture will require creativity and imagination, not merely the more ordinary analytical skills.

Fourth, IDF assessments must consider the capabilities and intentions of Israel`s nonstate enemies; that is, the entire confuguration of anti-Israel terrorist groups. And once again, such assessments must offer more than a group by group consideration. Rather, the groups must be considered in their entirety, as they interrelate with one another vis-a-vis Israel. And these groups need to be considered in their interactive relationship with enemy states. This last point might best be characterized as an IDF search for pertinent "synergies" between state and nonstate adversaries.

Fifth, IDF assessments must take special note of the ongoing metamorphosis of a nonstate adversary (PLO) into a state adversary (Palestine). With this metamorphosis, Israel`s strategic depth will shrink to less manageable levels, and a far-reaching enemy momentum to transform Israel itself into part of the new Arab state will be energized. How shall Israel "live" with Palestine? In one respect, the codified institutionalization of disparate enemies into "Palestine" will actually provide some geostrategic benefit to Israel (now reprisal and retaliation will likely be easier and more purposeful), yet there will also be a corresponding and consequential loss of vital territories.

In the matter of synergies, the IDF must also consider and look for "force multipliers." A force multiplier is a collection of related characteristics, other than weapons and force size, that make a military organization more effective in combat. A force multiplier may be generalship; tactical surprise; tactical mobility; command and control system; etc. The presence of a force multiplier creates synergy. The unit will be more effective than the mere sum of its weapons. IDF responsibility in this area concerns (1) recognizing enemy force multipliers; (2) challenging and undermining enemy force multipliers; and (3) developing and refining its own force multipliers. Regarding number (3), this means a heavy IDF emphasis on air superiority; communications; intelligence; and surprise. It may also mean a heightened awareness of the benefits of sometimes appearing less than completely rational to one`s enemies. This last point is especially important, and warrants serious and immediate study.

Correlation of forces will essentially determine the outcome of the next Middle Eastern war. It is time for Israel to go well beyond the more usual numerical assessments to "softer" considerations, and to focus especially upon the cumulative importance of unconventional weapons and low-intensity warfare in the region. A key dilemma in this focus will be the understanding that, in certain circumstances, preemption is both indispensable and infeasible, and that any suitable expression of "anticipatory self-defense" will require skillful and authoritative clarifications.

Louis Rene Beres is the author of many publications dealing with Middle Eastern security issues. Strategic and Military Affairs columnist for The Jewish Press, he is Chair of "Project Daniel," a private group advising Israel`s Prime Minister on nuclear strategy matters.

This article appeared today in the Jewish Press (www.jewishpress.com) and is archived at http://www.jewishpress.com/news_article.asp?article=4930

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Posted by Moshe Feiglin, April 21, 2005.

Important Announcement

Every non-violent activity in the struggle for Eretz Israel is legitimate, honorable, and keeps alight the spark of national honor.

Any Jew who was arrested because he participated in the struggle for Eretz Israel, the Jewish People, and the Torah, is invited to send to Manhigut Yehudit (The Jewish Leadership Movement) a confirmation of this (faithful to the original) or an affidavit signed by him and by witnesses.

In the coming months Manhigut Yehudit will issue certificates of good citizenship to the heroes who are acting with devotion and encountering hostility from within and without. In the Jewish State that with G-d's help will be established soon, the bearers of this certificate will be the first to be appointed to any position requiring loyalty and devotion to our nation and to the cities of our G-d.

The confirmations can be sent to:
Manhigut Yehudit
PO Box 21, Ginot Shomron 44853, ISRAEL
or faxed to: 09-792-0570 (Israel) The Dispute about Blocking Roads

The blocking of roads immediately aroused controversy: Whether they aid the struggle or cause the drivers held up to hate the settlers. We have already clearly expressed our opinion in the matter (Listen to the Arutz Sheva interview with Shmuel Sackett on Civil Disobedience: American Jews Must Help Israelis Protest).

However, it seems that even the opponents of the roadblocks will find difficulty in denying the facts published this week. The Israeli Police announced this week that it intends to reduce the number of policemen that will participate in the eviction by 70%. The Police initially intended to allocate 30% of its forces for execution of the crime, but now because of the roadblocks (and the expectation that these activities will increase) it won't be able to allocate more than 10% for this.

The controversy regarding the blocking of roads will continue, but it has now become clear that the young heroes, who are prepared to suffer blows, arrests, and humiliations, are the sole ones who have proved the effectiveness of their activities. With all due respect for the Human Chain, the legal mass demonstrations, the visiting of homes (mishlohei manot), and the marches, these fine and important activities, and the millions of shekels expended on them, did not bend the government's hand by a millimeter. In contrast, the great devotion of a small group of young people has already prevented thousands of policemen from participating in the crime in Gush Katif.

How Can the Crime of Eviction be Prevented, With G-d's Help?

The eviction will be prevented by repentance, prayer and a cry to our Father in Heaven, and by devotion.

Regarding Devotion:

It is not difficult to understand that if the action of a small group of devoted, loyal people reduced by two thirds the number of policemen allocated to perpetrate the crime, broader circles of activities will prevent the remaining third being deployed against the residents of Gush Katif. (For further details on this subject see Michael Fuah's article: "Don't Look For Me at Home," http://www.jewishisrael.org/views/views_fuah/fuah65_02.htm)

Regarding the Army:

The ranks of combat troops and officers are currently mainly filled by belief-based and nationalist soldiers who have not lost their human characteristics. The army is devoting tremendous efforts to brain-washing the soldiers regarding the need to obey the order and participate in the crime. (To our shame, the brainwashing material issued by the Educational Branch of the army contains remarks in favor of obedience made by certain rabbis.)

However, an amazing number of soldiers (about 15,000) have already signed a declaration that they won't participate in this crime. We have to expand the circles of refusal to a state in which it will be clear that the IDF lacks the forces to perpetrate crime. We must continue to explain to the soldiers their human and Jewish obligation not to take part in this crime. We have to stand in hitch-hiking stations and at the entry to army bases and at every other possible meeting place and explain to the soldiers the obligation to refuse to obey orders.

Manhigut Yehudit has published a lot of explanatory material. The booklet Clarification of the Obligation to Refuse to Obey Orders is intended for every Jew, and explains the simple, moral basis. The booklet The Magic Button is intended for soldiers who observe Torah and Mitzvot (Commandments) who also wish to clarify the Halachic (Jewish Law) aspects of the issue. The booklet can be obtained by calling 1-800-200-613 (Israel). In addition several excellent short films and other material have been produced by many bodies. Everyone has relatives, neighbors, etc., including soldiers and policemen. Don't wait for special instructions. Collect explanatory material and go and explain to the soldiers that they are first of all humans and Jews. Explain to them that if they carry out the order they will stain the State, the IDF, and their souls, with a stain that cannot be removed and will never be forgotten. Explain to them that responsibility for the State and for the IDF (and also for democracy) currently means refusal.

A Debate in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Last Wednesday a debate was held in the Hebrew University in the subject of refusal. The motion was supported by Noam Livnat and Moshe Feiglin, and opposed by Ben Artzi, David Yazerwitz, and Minister Vilnai. The debate was managed by Jack Levy from IDF Radio. Unfortunately the representatives of the Left did not succeed in concentrating on the subject at issue, but resorted to personal attacks. The result was clapping for representatives of the Right, but the debate itself was barren and virtually of no significance. Vilnai's remarks indicated that he was incapable of rising above the level of a sergeant major for trainees, and could not address the subject in a relevant manner. At this stage there was no reason to remain further.

A Debate in Haifa University

This debate contracted strongly with that held in Jerusalem. The orange cell in the University (led by Motti Ravhon and Se'adiya Gorodetzki) organized a fascinating evening and invited four lecturers: Dr. Gai Enosh from the Social Work department in the University, Mrs. Yael Ben Ya'akov, one of the founders of Mevo Dotan, Tzafrir Ronen, one of the organizers of the Nahalal Conference, and Moshe Feiglin.

When Arab students in the University heard that Feiglin would come, they made every effort to frighten people and sabotage the meeting. The notices were destroyed, threats were made, and the media had a field day.

Not only the Arab tried to sabotage the meeting, but also several senior members of the University staff. Dr. Gai Enosh received a written recommendation from one of these senior people not to participate, in which he was reminded that he did not yet possess permanent tenure. The threats were effective, and the hall was not full. However, several tens of brave students arrived, as well as two Arabs and a Jew from the Hadash cell in the University. All the lectures were of a very high standard, important questions were asked, and a fascinating debate developed. In our opinion this was one of the most important debates held on the subject of the disengagement plan since Sharon and Yoel Marcus announced the criminal plan. Every lecturer analyzed the issue from a different angle, and together they participated in a deep, important debate.

Jonathan Pollard

The Empty Chair on Seder Night

We did not join in the pleas to Sharon to mention the subject of Pollard in his visit to President Bush. The reason is simple: Sharon is the main reason why Pollard is still in jail. Every Israeli Prime Minister who really wanted to bring about Pollard's release could have done so immediately. But the Jewish people has neither betrayed nor forgotten our brother Jonathan. This year we shall leave an empty chair with Jonathan Pollard's photo at the Seder Table.


* The Primaries are approaching. We have a belief-based candidate and we must win and lead. For this purpose we need volunteers to distribute our monthly newspaper -- Hametzuda. Call now 1-800-200-613 (Israel).

* Manhigut Yehudit needs your donations. Please call 1-800-200-613. (Israel) or 1-516-295-3222 (USA). Or click here to donate via our secure on-line donation form.

* A new book by Moti Karpel called: On the Axis of Time will shortly be published. The book contains a collection of articles that appeared in the weekly Lechatchila magazine. The book may be ordered immediately after Pesach. G-d willing we will also begin posting English translations on our website.

Manhigut Yehudit wishes all its members, supporters, and the entire Jewish People, a happy Pesach, and that we shall all be privileged to enjoy real freedom in our country.

Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) is a group of people inside the Likud party who want to see Israel adopt a more Jewish character. Moshe Feiglin, its cofounder, has emphatically said he does not want a theocracy, but he does want a State based on Jewish values. The Manhigut Yehudit website address is http://www.manhigut.org. Or go to http://www.jewishisrael.org

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Posted by Watchman, April 21, 2005.

Arieh wrote:

I don't understand: If we "cannot say no..." and there is nothing we can do, then let's 'go to sleep'.

But I say that we CAN say NO and behave like a grownup nation!

This is the major point: IT ALL DEPENDS ON OUR ACTIONS!

I AGREE, the question is - when? Netanyahu could not say no, Barak could not say no, Sharon cannot say no. There is no one in office who can say no.

Israel must say: no more INTERFERENCE and PRESSURE from the U.S. and then Israel must defeat the enemy and when the phone rings from Washington to stop 'for the peace' or else, ISRAEL must tell the president to take a long walk off of a short pier. Israel can say no, the question is - when?

The friendly partnership between Israel and the U.S. has turned into a Master and Slave relationship. Just as the journey of Joseph into Egypt eventually turned sour and all of Israel became enslaved so too now the relationship with America imperils Israel. Another mighty deliverance from slavery for Israel is at hand because there is no one in Israel who can say no. Arieh:

You are welcome to fight Bush and his ilk (I have nothing for him), as a support, but WE must do what we must! Don't YOU see?

I fight and warn Israel against the EVIL Road Map that divides up Israel and rewards it to the enemies of Hashem. Arieh:

You should be LOUDLY against this EVIL also.

The Author of the Road Map is Israel's enemy. The proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing who casts a spell on Israeli P.M.'s where they are no longer capable of saying no. Don't you see the EVIL pressure from the wolf dressed as a friend?

You can contact the Wathman by email at up2zionsg8@yahoo.com

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We'll resume the April Blog-Ed page on April 27th,
with the original posting times.

Posted by Udi Ohana, April 21, 2005.

Dear Friends,

One of the advantages of living in the Diaspora is the existence of two Seder nights. This situation resolves the annual conflict of the average Israeli - who celebrates only one Seder night. The conflict - who to celebrate with? Grandparents A or Grandparents B? Both sets of grandparents, for their part, make every effort to convince you that spending Seder night with them will be a happier and a tastier experience. Seder night is the opportunity for every grandmother to display the full array of her culinary talents in front of the extended family. Behind the scenes, in the weeks before the holiday, protracted negotiations go on as to where the Seder will be celebrated. This is a no-win situation, because celebrating only one Seder night will always leave one party disappointed. Seder night in Israel is a little different from the other holidays, because even the non-religious among us consider it to be a family gathering worth attending.

On the eve of the holiday, the streets are full of stalls offering flowers, candies and all sorts of gifts suitable to take to the family gathering. People like me, not used to buying presents, run around in a panic - what to choose? - the main objective being not to arrive with empty hands.

A few hours later, the streets empty and everyone hurries home to get ready. New clothes, new shoes, new fragrances, new jewelry, new everything - this is the time to impress distant cousins. When everyone is dressed in their best, the whole family crams into the family car and tumbles into the next nightmare - the traffic jam. The inter-urban roads are one huge pulsating mass of vehicles, and it seems as if everybody is on the road, going somewhere. You wonder, with all the cars on the road, who stays at home? Every year, while inching gradually and painfully forward, you think to yourself - instead of "Next year in Jerusalem" - "Next year, we'll leave a half hour earlier."

Eventually we reach our destination. With the average Israeli family, the basic rule is the more the merrier - so that the average number of people around the table on Seder night can be anything between 15 and 30 - or even more. Everybody is talking to everybody, shouting and gesticulating from one end of the table to the other, everyone crowds into the kitchen to have a peep at the food and get an idea of what delicacies to expect. Grandma reigns supreme over this entire colorful orchestra. She takes a last look at the pots, checks to see if there are enough seats for everyone, enough Haggadot and yarmulkes - and then sits everybody down.

Once everyone is settled, we start reading the Haggadah. As the enticing odors from the kitchen grow stronger, the speed of reading increases. The mouth recites the Haggadah, and brain reacts to smells that fire the imagination - and the taste buds. Before you know it, the reading of the Haggadah is over, and the true celebration begins.

Seder night in Israel, for me, is like standing in front of an abstract painting composed of a mixture of strong and pastel colors, pandemonium and tranquility, that, at first glance have no apparent connection. At a second glance, however, you can see the harmony that connects all the elements, and which creates a magnificent picture that remains in your head - at least until the next year.

Happy Passover - Chag Sameach

Udi (& Mal) Ohana

Udi and Mal Ohana live in Kfar Saba and have created remarkable graphics and visuals on Israel. See http://www.conceptwizard.com/info.html

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Posted by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, April 21, 2005.

Palestinian Authority leaders and the official PA media have long presented America as an enemy of Islam and the US war on terror as a war against Islam. This promotion continues unabated today, in spite of the American political and financial support of new PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

This week, a religious leader whose salary is paid by the PA added a new accusation to the standard attacks on American policy by preaching that the US war effort in Iraq and elsewhere, including "Palestine," attempts to force Muslims to convert to Christianity. He said US actions today were crueler than those of a Christian Caesar who, according to Islamic tradition, dipped a Muslim into boiling oil in order to force his conversion to Christianity.

In addition, an old accusation was repeated in an article in the official PA daily this week. The writer states that the true enemy of the Arabs is not Israel but the US, and that Israel is merely an arm of the US in its imperialist wars. In this article the US is accused of "grinding the bones" of Palestinian children, "devouring their eyes."

It is important to note that the inflammatory sermon comes only a few weeks after the PA leadership announced it would review the Friday sermons to remove incitement and hateful content.

The following are the two items from this week's PA media:

Friday sermon on PA TV

"Our prisoners are subjected to most criminal kinds of physical torture. They are tied with chains and trussed up with iron chains, and hung by their feet from the ceiling, like animals are hung after slaughter for days. Many of them lose consciousness. Our prisoners are exposed to beating, electricity and fire tortures.

"The prisoners are exposed to conversion to Christianity, to abandoning religion, [as it was] in the distant past and recently. Yes, our prisoners are forced to curse Muhammad; our prisoners are forced to curse the religion of Allah, our prisoners are forced to curse the essence of divinity.

"Haven't you heard of our prisoners [of war] in Palestine, have you not heard of our prisoners in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and all over the world, who are exploited and imprisoned, and are offered conversion to Christianity?

"This is an old - new infidel policy. Allah's servant, Ibn Al-Hudhafa Al-Sahmi, totally refused this. The [Christian] Caesar told him: 'We shall dip you in boiling oil'. He answered: 'Do as you wish'. He arrived with two Muslims and was dipped in boiling oil until his flesh separated from his bone. But what the Caesar did was not as bad as what his followers do, the missionaries of freedom and democracy of today. In the name of Allah, what Caesar did, dipping Muslims in boiling oil, was one hundred thousand times lighter than what their soldiers are doing today to our wives and daughters in Iraq, in Palestine, in Guantanamo and in Abu Gharib.

"What Caesar did is not as bad as five American soldiers who meet to rape one of our daughters, a girl who has the honor of a Muslim woman, in order to desecrate her honor at the Abu-Gharib prison."
[Sheikh Ibrahim Mudayris, PA TV, April 15, 2005]

Article from official PA daily newspaper

"Seventeen years (since the assassination of the fighter Abu Jihad) that the murderous millstones of America have been turning, grinding the bones of our children and devouring their eyes. Not Israel! There is no such thing called Israel! It is America repeating upon us, the Arabs, the tragedy of the Indians [sic] from the dawn of her [American] history that began with this first crime of genocide."
[Article by Said "Abu Ajima," Al Hayat Al Jadida, April 16, 2005 ]


VISIT PMW VIDEO ARCHIVES ON PA INCITEMENT TO GENOCIDE http://www.pmw.org.il/tv%20part6.html


Itamar Marcus is director of PMW - Palestinian Media Watch - (http://www.pmw.org.il). PMW is based in Jerusalem. Barbara Crook, a writer and university lecturer based in Ottawa, Canada, is PMW's North American representative.

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Posted by Batya Medad, April 21, 2005.

This year I did something rather traumatic and revolutionary; I hired someone to help get my house ready for Pesach. It was a real pleasure and worth every penny, nickel, dime and more. Since my own kids are fully grown, nesting, residing, visiting and trekking elsewhere the burden of Pesach cleaning and house organizing has fallen very heavily on one person, the muse, yes me.

As one of my neighbors mentioned when I told him that I had hired one of the neighbors, "it's easier and more pleasant than one's own kids." "Yes," I answered; "they don't argue." Some of the things the young man did were the same things I had wanted my own to do, but of course no one considered those tasks important. The hired hand, asks no questions, just follows orders, and in this case did a fantastic and efficient job.

In the evening I found myself in front of the TV, and didn't manage to escape quickly enough. This time the "experts" around the table were complaining that the people in Gush Katif expected too much. They should be grateful that the government's being so generous. The government officials are laboring so hard to find them alternative accommodations, but the residents of Gush Katif aren't cooperating. The officials need to know where to set up the refugee camps; they're willing to be flexible, the Negev, the Galil, near Ashkelon.

The speakers sounded terribly hurt and insulted. They, the hard-working bureaucrats are slaving away trying to create the shantytown of your dreams, and those ingrates, the "settlers of Gush Katif" aren't cooperating. They're being offered money, so what's the problem? p>I'll tell you what's the problem. The loyal patriots of Gush Katif don't want government money; they don't want to move; they don't want their homes, schools, businesses and lives to be destroyed. It's not the same as my young neighbor who gratefully took my money and cleaned and schlepped for me. http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=80651

It doesn't matter how much money is offered and how many dunams are given as compensation. Some people just aren't for sale.

For years I have been amazed that the government, the Left and the media are so certain that "everyone has his price." I'm also offended, because according to their plan, someday soon a letter from the Judenrat will be delivered to me, too. To think that some spiteful bureaucrats will G-d forbid have to power to evaluate "compensation," a price, for home, for my life.

Listening to some of them, you can feel their confusion. They honestly can't understand why the residents of Gush Katif aren't tempted by their offers. They try to "sweeten" them with an additional few meters, rental housing, or a chance to live with old friends. For them "money speaks." They expect the Israelis in Gush Katif to follow their instructions like my neighbor's son did when I asked him to schlep the branches that had been taken off the succah a half a year ago or the old stove that had been braving snow, rain and sun for eighteen months.

There's a difference between someone who's looking for work or to move and someone who isn't. Not every nineteen year old boy in the neighborhood would have cleaned my house, no matter how much money I'd offered, and I wonder if those same government officials would give up their homes, communities and businesses to move into refugee camps, ok "alternative housing solutions" just because the government decided they should.

As hard as it is to say this, I must. Israel is becoming a totalitarian regime.

"Ministers Must Exhibit Loyalty"

(IsraelNN.com) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warning that any minister who does not vote to support government policy has no alternative but to leave the cabinet immediately.

What's the point of a cabinet that is filled with puppets? People keep telling me that government decisions in a democracy must be obeyed. Maybe that's true, but the State of Israel is no longer a democracy.

Chag Kasher V'Sameach,

This is Musing #114. Batya Medad lives in Shiloh. She can be reached by email at Shilohmuse@yahoo.com or visit her website http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/ or go to http://www.shilo.org.il

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 21, 2005.


Almost every day and at every meeting, PM Sharon and his government refer to the continuation of terrorism and the continued P.A. failure to disarm the terrorists as something Israel cannot accept. Nevertheless, he continues to work on abandoning territory to them, on keeping the checkpoints inoperable, and on freeing terrorists. He should be weakening those jihadists, not whittling down his own country's strategically defensive territory.

What does he mean, Israel cannot accept this? It accepts it. It makes it possible by a one-sided ceasefire and by freeing terrorists.

Worse, Sharon asserts that the "disengagement" plan is a step towards the Map, and that the Map must be implemented without shortcuts. He implies that the Map's first requirement, to eradicate terrorism, must be carried out. In that case, his plan to abandon Gaza and northern Samaria is just such a shortcut. (It enables the non-eradicated terrorists to operate in secrecy.)


In the IDF announcement of an agreement to withdraw its forces from Jericho, "A key feature is that Israel drop the checkpoint that monitored movement between Jericho and Ramallah - or as critics put it the weapons manufactured in Jericho and terrorists enjoying sanctuary in Jericho will be able to move freely to Ramallah." (IMRA, 3/16.)

This is like asking the Nazi SS to provide security for Jews. Like Shimon Peres, Sharon's appeasement of the enemies of Israel is so treasonous, and the pair's hold over the State so impervious to elections, that they are public enemy number 1. As Emanuel Winston suggests, they are the prime candidates for a people's court.


In "other civil-disobedience news, police beat several Tel Aviv University students and briefly arrested three early this morning, during a student protest against higher-education budget cuts." "The students locked the university gates during the night, and police who arrived on the scene used excessive force and unnecessary violence to disperse them, witnesses said"

On the other hand, "Shinui MK Meli Polishuk-Bloch was quoted as saying, 'Let the police direct their violence against the settlers and disengagement opponents instead.'" (Arutz-7, 3/16.)

A responsible parliamentarian would have demanded that the police be restrained and retrained. Instead he urged that the police beat people whose policies he does not like. Thus it is the Left that incites to violence, but complains falsely that the Right does.


PM Sharon keeps contradicting himself by asserting that the P.A. first must eradicate terrorism before Israel makes the Road Map concessions, and in the next breath he insists on abandoning Gaza and northern Samaria, which, the US points out, is partial implementation of the Road Map. Who points out that contradiction? IMRA does. I have not noticed anyone else doing it.

No matter how illogical and contrary to the facts are the excuses for appeasement of the Arabs, the media does not contradict most of them. A certain amount of failure to detect poor argumentation is due to ignorance and advocacy journalism. But a certain amount is due to the failure of people with the ability to think to exercise that ability. They lack skepticism.


Egypt objects to Administration leaks about Egyptian social problems. It considers the resulting "frivolous" US media discussion about domestic Egyptian affairs unbecoming of an ally. An example is the attention given the discovery that Egypt helped Saddam develop chemical weapons. Egypt also cancelled an Arab League summit after Sec. Rice criticized Egypt's arrest of an opposition leader. Another response is publication of cartoons depicting Pres Bush as a Hitler, a mass-murderer, and a devil. (Egypt has done this, before.) A columnist decried the US as a major human rights violator, a phony champion of human rights, and asserted that Sec. Rice's "crude interference" in the arrest is counter-productive. An Egyptian week weekly charged the US media with lying about Egypt.

The Egyptian media denies the impression held by the US media that its being government owned or controlled hampers its independence (IMRA 3/17, from MEMRI).

The virulence of its retorts, typically Arab, demonstrates America's point.


The US built up the Egyptian Army supposedly so as to guard Saudi oil for us. (The US forgot that Egypt once tried to seize it, but it was diverted by a war with Israel.) As Mubarak passes out of power, his successor is likely to compromise with the Moslem Brotherhood. The jihadist may get their hands on the Army, that the US poured $60 billion into.

Pres. Bush has promised Israel special weapons, if Egypt attacks. If he means to keep his word (and if he is in power then), it would be too late, anyway. (Invasion would outrace any airlift, thanks to US pressure that got the IDF out of the Sinai.)

Rather than let Pres. Assad withdraw his forces from Lebanon, as the US wishes, and forfeit the income from the opium fields there, the Syrian generals may assassinate him.

Under pressure from Bush, Sharon may acquiesce to Abu Mazen's release of the worst terrorist murderers. Then, to appease his own public, he would have them found and executed. (They may have be tipped off by Israeli secret service agents where and when to find the Cabinet Minister they murdered when he was about to bring down the Sharon government. Sharon would not want that news out and publicized.)

Bush has grown softer on terrorism, since his difficulties in Iraq, or else he is following the advice of his father and father's associates. Hence he muses that Hizbullah may not be so terrorist (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/17).

Hizbullah not terrorist? It has 14,000 missiles, now and then being fired, pointed at Israeli cities.


Egypt's Speaker of Parliament rejected an invitation to visit Israel. He will not go until it gives in to P.A. demands. He is a man of principle (IMRA, 3/16).

What principle? The treaty between the two countries calls for normal relations. Egypt is in violation. Was peace arranged by Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai, or was Egypt given the hope to conquer Israel next time and with billions of US aid, given the opportunity to build up for it?


Egypt is acquiring a couple of hundred advanced howitzers (IMRA, 3/17). It is considering acquiring about 150 advanced US jets. The US pays for this out of a $2 billion annual subsidy. Why? If the US wanted peace, it would not arm Arab aggressors.


Sensationalist, the media tends to panic a population against its continuation at war. (By contast, the sensationalist Arab media goads its people to war.) Some militaries keep the media away from military operations. Israel was afraid of being criticized by the media for barring it. It was afraid, until now.

Now that the police are preparing to conduct military operations against Jews in Yesha, the government intends to bar the media (Prof. Steven Plaut, 3/17, e-mail).

Why? To avoid the ignominy of persecuting Jews, of letting the world watch Jewish police drag them off so the Arabs, committed to terrorism against Israelis, can move into their places? Or, as I suspect, to avoid letting its own people and foreign Jews see the brutality with which the secularist government intends to perpetrate this?


On March 18, a preacher warned on P.A. television, as did another from Al Aqsa mosque, that the government of Israel is planning to invade that mosque on the Temple Mount, with thousands of extremist Jews. He threatened to get millions of Muslims to come to the mosque's defense. The speech was anti-American, too. So much for Abbas' announcement that all mosque sermons would be censored against incitement against Israel (IMRA, 3/17).

There was some truth to the preacher's warning: "On Sunday April 10, 2005, the first day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, Revava-a grassroots Jewish organization-plans to bring 10,000 Jews to the heavily restricted Temple Mount to spark Israeli dialogue about reclaiming the holy site from its Muslim custodians."

"We're talking about our civil and religious right to have access to the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the single holiest place in the world for Jews. It's time the Israeli government restores control to the rightful owners-the Jewish people." (Voice of Judea, 3/24.)

The 10,000 would assert the right to a Jewish presence. There was no plan to attack the mosque, itself. False tales of plots to attack the mosque is an old demagogic trick of the Arabs, used to incite pogroms.

Actually, Israel is letting the Arabs on the Mount build illegally and destroy, in their excavations, ancient Jewish artifacts. Then the P.A. asserts that there was no ancient Jewish history on the Mount or, by implication, Christian history. The Christians have not caught on to that.


(I am catching up with my e-mail news sources but still am 3 weeks behind. Usually it does not matter. This time, however, I am not sure whether the election discussed in the next brief is the one that already occurred. My comment is appropriate in either case.)

The feeling in the P.A. is that Hamas will win the next election, because people don't like Fatah's corruption. Abbas conceded that possibility. He said denies concern about it (IMRA, 3/16).

Hamas did win the municipal elections in Gaza. Is Pres. Bush still pleased with the "democratic" elections in the P.A., where any competition is over who runs the holy war? The State Dept. is!


In commemoration of international mother's day, a P.A. TV sermon exhorted mothers to celebrate their sons' death as human bombs. Young girls are taught to emulate an early Muslim woman who rejoiced that Allah had honored her by letting her four sons die in battle against the infidels. This was Arafat's policy; it continues under Abbas, who a week earlier garnered Western headlines with an announcement that the P.A. would write the sermons from then on (IMRA, 3/15). In the West, such attitudes towards women would be considered psychotic and towards children would be considered child abuse.


The Winston Mid East Analysis repeatedly warned that Gaza would fill up with terrorists, if Israeli forces withdrew. It was echoing the warnings by Israeli intelligence. The warnings are confirmed by a "Jerusalem Post" report that Abbas has invited the terrorist organizations headquartered in Damascus to move to Gaza, if the IDF withdrew. They accepted (Arutz-7, 3/18).

Would they be moving there NOT to commit terrorism? Would they be satisfied with Gaza or even all of Yesha? No, not according to the terrorist manifestos that reflect their ideologies. Instead of "disengagement," Sharon invites heavier conflict. Nevertheless, Sharon plows over opposition, determined to withdraw. His no longer is a sane rationale.


The opponents of Pollard are an interesting lot. Some cannot debate the issue without insulting their opponents. Others continue to use long disproved arguments, the leaked canards such as mercenary motives and jeopardizing US agents and codes. When those canards are disproved, shouldn't opponents of Pollard turn some of their attention and some of their resentment to who tried to mislead them? Should they not wonder what makes government leakers so desperate as to have to resort to defamation about somebody already convicted? Might they not consider that perhaps Pollard's greater offense was in discovering their Iran-Contra and other crimes and cover-ups?

One reader rejected my complaint that Pollard was sentenced disproportionately. Claiming that Pollard got away with his life, he challenged me to name one other traitor who was not executed. I believe that only two have been executed. CIA moles Ames and Aldritch, who got dozens of US agents executed, did not get capital punishment nor life sentences. Of the three Walkers, whose naval spying got GIs killed in Vietnam, one or two got life sentences, and the third got a much shorter sentence. There were a couple of Arab spies, such as an Egyptian general who merely was let out of the country and the other got perhaps two years. A Korean-American got a very light sentence.

Pollard already served 19 years of a life sentence. The average sentence for the kind of spying Pollard did gets 2-4 years. There are different types of spying. One spies for enemies of the US or, as Pollard did, for non-enemies. One harms the US or, like Pollard, did not harm the US. My reader was not in possession of the facts. Some don't want to know the facts. They just want to hate. Then hate the subversives still in the US government.


The question should be put to a national referendum not only whether to transfer out the Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria. It also should ask whether to transfer out the Arabs of Yesha and the Arabs of Israel. The Jews abroad should have some voice in this, because their patrimony is involved (Voice of Judea, 3/19, e-mail). A further question should be whether to rescind Arabs' Israeli citizenship and enforce the laws against them.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Ruth Matar, April 21, 2005.

Dear Friends,

Presently there is much despair amongst all of us. The date of the immoral and illegal ethnic cleansing is coming closer and closer. The "Disengagement Plan", which is an outgrowth of the Road Map, is a plan for Israel's destruction, conceived by Saudi Arabia, and former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker. (James Baker of "f--k the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway" fame is even today head of the powerful law firm which represents Saudi Arabia in the United States.)

What is the "Road Map" and the "Disengagement Plan" all about? It is a plan and a map for dismembering the Holy Land, which G-d promised to the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as an everlasting inheritance! It is a plan to forcibly expel and transfer the Jewish People from their Biblical Homeland, bit by bit, and to carve out from the Holy Land yet another Moslem terror state for a fictitious nation which never existed.

It seems that we have for a long time been engaged in fervent prayer for a miracle from G-d to put a stop to this dangerous insanity. Why doesn't the Master of the Universe grant us one of his much-needed miracles?

On April 11, 2005, on the spacious ranch of George W. Bush, the U.S. President and the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, met to determine how much land should be given to the Arab terrorists at this time. They also discussed the mechanics of the successful transfer of Jews from their Promised Land. President Bush reiterated that no future Jewish settlements were to be allowed in the Holy Land!

The ranch of President Bush is just a few miles away from Crawford, a small town in Texas. A Rally was therefore organized to be held in Crawford by Pastor Jim Vineyard, Women in Green and others, to coincide with the meeting of President Bush and Sharon.

It was on this day, April 11, 2005, 12 days before the Jewish Holiday of Passover, that the outlines of a miracle of G-d started to emerge.

Thousands of Christians and Jews from across America descended on Crawford to "lobby" President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon. They came from all over the United States, by plane, by bus and by car to demonstrate in favor of the "Land of Israel", and against U.S. pressure on Israel to relinquish parts of the Holy Land. A delegation from Israel came to Crawford as well.

The Rally was a vision in orange, as thousands of demonstrators wore orange t-shirts and caps with the legend written in bold letters: "Israel belongs to the Jews."

Pastor Vineyard, who has a very large congregation of Christians in Oklahoma City, in the State of Oklahoma, mounted the podium and addressed the People of Israel. "We want to tell you that there is a groundswell movement starting. We will do everything we can to get the message to all Bible-believing people in America and around the world that there is only one true position they can take: The Land of Israel belongs to the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and not the sons of Ishmael, Arafat and Abu Mazen. "

Why do I call the Rally in Crawford: "A Passover Miracle" - Because it was a coming together of Bible-believing Christians and Jews, who passionately believe in the eternal truth of G-d's promises. It is the emergence of a Christian-Jewish Alliance, which is ready to pray not only with words but also with their feet.

The people who attended the Rally, which was held on a Monday, certainly had to sacrifice a day's work. In addition, of course, there was the expense involved in traveling to Crawford which is not easily reached. I asked a group from Arizona how long it took them to get to Crawford? They responded: "Eighteen Hours each way by bus." That was a typical answer, and shows a passionate involvement by those who attended.

An interesting sidelight: Jerusalem Rabbi Mordechai Rabinovitch made a very relevant observation about Christians and Jews working together for this Rally.

Rabbi Bachya, a pupil of the famous Rabbi Rashba, lived in Spain prior to the expulsion of the Jews from that country in 1492. In his Torah Commentary, he predicted that Christians would in the future come to the aid of the People of Israel. Moreover, he claimed that Christians would assist so greatly in the rebuilding of the Third Temple, that its restoration would be attributed to their efforts.

The Rally in Crawford was tremendously inspirational. It was the beginning of a joint effort of Bible-believing Christians and Jews to save the Holy Land of Israel. TOGETHER WE SHALL OVERCOME!

With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Hebron Community, April 21, 2005.
1. Good news - girls released from prison! Early this afternoon, Jerusalem Municipal Appeals Court Judge Saban voided the previous Jerusalem Magistrate court decision, requiring that five girls, aged 12-14, sign an order limiting their access to the Hebron Heroes neighborhood for 90 days. The girls were released on bond without any restrictions.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement:

These young heroes may now go back to the Hebron Heroes neighborhood, after having victoriously fought 'the system.' Judge Amnon Cohen's evil decree, by which the girls would have spent Passover in jail, was rightfully overturned.

These girls' courageous act should be a living lesson to all Jews - to stand up for what we believe in, at almost all costs. These young women knew that they might celebrate the Passover Seder behind bars, but were willing to take that chance, realizing that the freedom to unlimited access to Eretz Yisrael takes precedence over a few days or even weeks, in prison.

Today no tears - only cheers!

You can contribute directly to The Jewish Community of Hebron, POB10, Kiryat Arba-Hebron 90100, hebron@hebron.org.il, 972-2-9965333 or write to The Hebron Fund, 1760 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, hebronfund@aol.com

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Posted by Michael Freund, April 21, 2005.

Following is an article of mine from the Jerusalem Post about the growing number of instances of anti-Semitism in the Israeli (that's right - the Israeli) press, and the need for people to speak out against this phenomenon. Letters to the editor may be sent to: letters@jpost.com.

The global rise in anti-Semitism over the past several years has left few parts of the world unscathed. From Western Europe to the Arab countries, Jews have become the targets of renewed vitriol and fury, leading various Jewish organizations to intensify their efforts to monitor and track this growing and worrisome trend.

But for all the attention being paid to international outbursts of anti-Semitism, there is one place in the world where this phenomenon has largely gone overlooked: right here in the State of Israel, under our very own (Jewish) noses.

That's correct - there is anti-Semitism here in Israel, too, and plenty of it. If you find this hard to believe, then just take a look at some of what appears in the local press and decide for yourself.

Take, for example, an article that ran this past Sunday in Haaretz. Zvi Barel, one of the paper's correspondents, wrote a piece entitled "To find shades of the old Harlem, or a Jewish Sadr City, look to Hebron." His main point: to compare the Jews living in Hebron's Avraham Avinu neighborhood with Iraqi Shi'ites in Baghdad who carry out terrorist attacks against US troops in the area.

Barel is, of course, entitled to his opinion about the Jews of Hebron, but to compare them to followers of renegade Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is simply twisted and hate-filled demagoguery.

Don't find it sick or offensive? Well, then, how about this from Amira Hass, writing in Haaretz on March 21: "Israel has turned the liquidation of Europe's Jews into an asset. Our murdered relatives are being enlisted to enable Israel to continue not giving a damn about international decisions against the occupation."

The last time I checked, accusing Israel of exploiting the Holocaust for political gain is considered to be blatant anti-Semitism. Indeed, just last month, the Anti-Defamation League released a report on anti-Semitism in the Arab press, noting with dismay that "many newspaper articles accused Jews of using the Holocaust to justify the persecution of others."

Yet, that is precisely what Hass herself was doing. And if you don't believe me, just check out the headline of her article: "Using the Holocaust to ward off criticism."

The anti-Jewish tirades in Israel's media don't end there. In a pre-Pessah article in Yediot Aharonot recently, one writer mused, "That which the Egyptians did to us, along with many other nations throughout our long history, we are now doing to the Palestinians."

That's right - the Jews are cast as Pharaoh and his evil taskmasters, playing the role of villains who enslave others.

And how about this pearl from Ma'ariv last October: "There is one principal difference between the ayatollahs in Iran and rabbis in Israel. There, religious rulings are compulsory; here they are merely a recommendation. But as the need and the response to such recommendations increases, so too the differences grow blurred."

The writer, one Moshe Gorali, was criticizing various rabbis for their opposition to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal plan. Apparently, he saw nothing wrong with comparing Israel's sages to the fanatical rulers in Teheran, the very same ayatollahs who seek Israel's destruction.

It would be easy to dismiss the rantings of such people as little more than angry rhetoric, the journalistic equivalent of those who spray offensive graffiti on the sides of buildings.

But to do so understates just how dangerous such hatred can be. If Israel's own newspapers are filled with anti-Semitic rhetoric, then how can we expect anything better from our neighbors? And the fact that the people who write such horrible things in the Israeli media also happen to be Jewish should in no way excuse the gravity of what they do. An article should be judged to be anti-Semitic on the basis of what it says, and not because of the religious beliefs of the person who wrote it.

It is therefore time for Jewish groups worldwide to consider adding a new section to their reports on global anti-Semitism, and to start monitoring some of the odious and hateful language that appears in Israel's own press.

As news consumers, it is our responsibility to raise our voices in protest whenever anti-Jewish rhetoric rears its head. We should flood Israeli newspapers that print anti-Semitic venom with phone calls, letters to the editor and protests, just as we would any other newspaper around the world.

Simply because the Israeli media operate in a Jewish country does not place them above criticism, or excuse their decision to publish what no one else would dare to say.

In the age of the Internet, when every newspaper has a potentially global audience, there is no telling just how far anti-Jewish sentiments can reach. The hatred may start at home, but it won't necessarily end there.

And that is why, now more than ever, we must do our utmost to bring about an end to the self-loathing and self-hate that is so rampant among us.

Michael Freund served as an aide to former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

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Posted by Itamar Weisbrod, April 21, 2005.

Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish said: "He who becomes merciful unto the cruel is destined to be cruel unto the merciful."

On Monday, June 28th, 2004, a Kassam rocket slammed into the driveway of a S'derot kindergarten, murdering Afik Zahavi and Mordechai Yosefov. Afik was only three years old when his life was cut short by Arab terrorists from the Gaza Strip. These Arabs did not kill him because he is a settler, or because he supported the settlements. He was killed simply because he is Jewish and lives in Israel. The headline in the next day's paper read "Kassam Kills Boy On Way To Nursery School" and the newspaper showed the father of Afik crying over his son's body. I saved this newspaper clipping from almost nine months ago because I wanted to see just how long I would be able to feel the same pain I felt that day when reading about that horrible tragedy.

Do not think me a masochist of some sort; I really believe that sometimes pain is a good thing, because it lets us know when something is wrong. When little Jewish children are killed on their way home from school, part of the natural and healthy emotional reaction is to feel pain, because there is clearly something very wrong with it. However, it seems as though most of the Israeli public (at least those who support the Disengagement Plan) have become numb to such sickening acts of terror, as though the ones who commit these acts don't deserve to be punished properly. How many actually feel such strong pain that they would at least never support a plan where there is an admitted chance of terrorism continuing? Just the thought of excusing a plan because it will only cause "less" deaths should be so sickening that no Israeli would ever dream of supporting it.

While attending a conference at a college in Ariel, President Moshe Katsav made the following statements in regards to the residents of Gush Katif and the disengagement plan: "The Knesset, which approved the evacuation plan, democratically represents the nation. Every Israeli citizen needs to feel the pain resulting from a plan to uproot Jewish communities, a difficult decision that's not limited just to the Knesset. My heart goes out to the Jewish communities of Gush Katif."

Firstly, the president, with all due respect, is making an enormous error in his understanding of the way disengagement was passed in the Knesset. Anyone who claims that it was passed democratically, and that the Knesset represents the will of the nation, is sorely mistaken. The will of a nation cannot be bought and manipulated with millions of shekels, lucrative jobs and all sorts of other perks, as Disengagement was bought and manipulated through the Knesset. Secondly, the president's call for every Israeli citizen to "feel pain" for the residents of Gush Katif remains vague and elusive. Such empty calls to "feel the pain" have also been made by other pro-Disengagement politicians, such as Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon, who constantly remind us of the "pain" disengagement causes them, and how "their hearts go out to the settlers of Gush Katif and the Shomron." How do these politicians really feel people should express their "pain" over the plan? As far as Sharon and Olmert are concerned, any opposition to the plan is labeled "incitement", if not worse. Clearly, they are just paying lip service, making it seem like they cannot stop a harsh inevitability; an "inevitability" that they initiated on their own.

I have been accused many times of using strong emotions as a means of persuasion in order to influence someone's political opinion. However, I see the Disengagement Plan as a very emotional issue, and there certainly are points in time when political actions need to be influenced by emotions. The current plan to expel all Jews living in the Gaza Strip and in the northern Shomron is immoral. The reason for this is plain and simple: it will cause more Jews to die. The plan is dangerous; it puts people's lives in jeopardy and unfortunately, will cause unnecessary deaths.

Much to my dismay, I have actually used this argument in discussions with Disengagement supporters, and apparently, some actually understand this, but feel that since "the number of deaths may be less after Disengagement, then Disengagement is the right way to go." Such a sick and twisted way of thinking has also been applied to supporters of Ehud Barak's cowardly retreat from southern Lebanon. "Centrists" and left-wingers defend Barak by saying it was the right thing to do because the number of deaths as a result of the retreat has "only been a few". How many lives are considered "just a few"? Why are "just a few" deaths a tolerable number?

These band-aid solutions cloud the real issues at hand. What we need are solutions that will result in the deaths of no one. There is absolutely no excuse for supporting government decisions in which it is blatantly clear that Jewish lives are still put in danger, even though it seems "less" Jews will be killed. It is immoral and inexcusable.

Not only is the plan immoral for endangering the lives of all Jews in Israel, it also has the element of rewarding terrorists and pardoning mass murderers. In the last Gazan municipal elections, Hamas won a landslide victory of almost 75% of the votes. This statistic is appalling, if not surprising, and must be brought to the attention of anyone who has ever said or thought, "Well, not all the Arabs support terror." True, still probably not all, but an overwhelming majority does. One can conclude from the results of those elections that, clearly, most of the average Arabs living in the Gaza Strip support Hamas, for one reason or another. Any Arab who participates in terror activity, has membership in any terrorist organization or supports any terrorist organization is guilty of the mass murder committed by those organizations.

If Hamas, clearly a terrorist organization by every definition, enjoys 75% support from the Arab adult population living in the Gaza Strip, then the Disengagement Plan is essentially the handing over of control of a strategic part of the Land of Israel to approximately a million Arabs who are guilty of supporting mass murder. They will be creating a Hamas-run state, whose goal is to destroy the State of Israel, in very close proximity to main Israeli population centers. I would say that such an act constitutes a crime against humanity, as mass murders are left unpunished, hate-filled ideology is being left to flourish and thrive, and the lives of many, many Jews are being threatened.

Yes, it is true that there may be a chance that many of the average "Joe-shmoe" Arabs living in Gaza throw their support behind Hamas because of the economic and social support they receive from them. However, I don't believe this absolves them of their crimes of supporting a terrorist organization. Just like in Germany, many of the Germans who supported the Nazis did so purely for economic reasons. I still believe that each and every one of them was guilty of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust, despite their true intentions for supporting the Nazis. Therefore, even the average Arab who supports Hamas for only economic reasons is still completely responsible for all the crimes against humanity committed by Hamas.

"Centrists" and left-wingers believe that to counter the threat of racist and psychotic hate-filled ideology, popular in the Palestinian world, we must force the Palestinians to "re-educate their children for peace". However, I do not believe the answer lies in re-education. Not only is it not our responsibility to educate them in the way we see fit, as a liberal, I feel we have absolutely no right to instruct another people how to educate their children. If their religion and culture dictates that the Jews and infidels must be killed, then we have no right to tell them otherwise. How would we like it if Arab imams taught Jewish children that there is no mitzvah (Biblical commandment) to observe Shabbat? Or that we do not have a mitzvah to settle the Land of Israel? Of course, no one has the right to coerce another religion to change to its liking.

If Islam dictates violent hatred of the Jews, then so be it. Our responsibility is, plain and simply, to defend ourselves against an enemy who has chosen to seek our destruction.

Recently, a senior Hamas official, Ahmed Al-Bahar, made it blatantly clear that the pullout from Gaza is just another step closer to the destruction of Israel (G-d forbid). He was quoted as saying:

"The painful and qualitative blows which the Palestinian resistance dealt to the Jews and their soldiers over the past four and a half years led to the decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. All indications show that since its establishment, Israel has never been in such a state of retreat and weakness as it is today, following more than four years of the intifada. Hamas' heroic attacks exposed the weakness and volatility of the impotent Zionist security establishment. The withdrawal marks the end of the Zionist dream and is a sign of the moral and psychological decline of the Jewish state. We believe that the resistance is the only way to pressure the Jews."

The very sad thing about this is that he actually makes some good points, and is mocking the fact that he is able to admit this publicly, and the representatives of the victims of his terror organizations' actions, the Israeli government, will still turn a blind eye to it. It is true that Israel is caving into the many acts of terror committed against her, and is in a dire state of retreat and weakness. However, instead of bringing these criminals to justice, Israel will create a situation in which they will roam freely, maximizing their ability to commit further crimes against humanity.

After reading about the new "disengagement ward" built in Ramle's Ma'asiyahu prison, I couldn't help but wonder how the government could have so much chutzpah. They have actually used the taxpayer's money to build it and, at the same time, they released 500 Arab terrorists. Releasing terrorists, even for a supposed "peace", is unjust and immoral. What kind of state is Ariel Sharon helping to create if it necessitates releasing terrorists? Additionally, after committing such an act, which is essentially a crime, they have the moral turpitude to waste public money on building a new detainment facility to lock up the very protesters who are acting against the government's immoral crimes. They are really confusing the arsonist with the firefighter.

We, the Israeli public, should take a good look at the act of moral hypocrisy being committed by the Sharon-led government. The government is losing its moral standing and is mocking its own moral right to enforce the laws, as it blatantly shows no regard for human life by releasing terrorists. How could one then argue that the government still has the moral right to imprison someone who murders after it just released Arab murderers? If a government's responsibility is to protect its citizens from violent death, and therefore is meant to lock away those who have committed such crimes, then by releasing Arab murderers, the Israeli government is showing that it is not fulfilling its duties properly. Instead of wasting the money on a "disengagement ward", maybe they should pump the money back into the security budget, for eventual expenses in having to recapture all those 500 released terrorists. I am sure, just as we have seen time and time again, they will go back to a life of terrorism and may, G-d forbid, take more lives.

Another problem is that the government and the media are making it look like the Disengagement Plan is ensuring a safe future for Israel at the settler's expense. The settlers may be getting the short end of the stick now, but in the long run, the plan is being implemented at the expense of the entire Jewish people. By allowing our homeland to be continuously threatened by a hostile enemy, Sharon and Disengagement supporters are trampling the very foundations of Zionism and exacerbating Israel's unremitting existential threat.

What is needed now is a leader with a clear and moral vision. Israel needs a leader who has integrity, and who has shown that the needs of the Land of Israel come before his own. We need someone who will stand up for G-d's truth, no matter who is against it, because in the end, that is all that matters.

Such a person is gravely needed in order to ensure a safe future for the Jewish people. Unfortunately, as it stands now, with the continuation of political manipulations and the lack of political integrity, I do not see the redemption coming from the Knesset. Itamar Weisbrod can be reached by email at itamar@magshimey-herut.org

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Posted by Hebron Community, April 20, 2005.

1. "Security forces continue to protect Arabs," (Pictures: www.hebron.com/news/sharfiasco.htm)

Hillel and Tzvi Lebovitch brothers (whose older brother Elazar was killed by terrorists) were beaten by border policemen. One as them was struck in the face several times with a walkie-talkie.

Yesterday there were several clashes between border police and Hebron residents in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. Numerous police have taken over several private rooftops, causing major disturbances, noise and damage to property. On one rooftop two solar panels were broken by the border police. In one case, the border police bashed the head of Hebron youth Yinon Cohen into the solar panel several times, breaking the glass. They then punched him twice in the face. During another incident, a border policeman loaded his rifle, pointed it at children jeering him, and then ran after them. Tzvi Lebovitch, whose older brother Elazar was murdered by Arab terrorists, was struck in the face multiple times with a policeman's walkie-talkie.

This morning Hebron military commander, Col. Motty Baruch visited the neighborhood for the first time since the 'Hebron Wall' was built, two weeks ago. Hebron residents strongly expressed their feelings to the Colonel. One of the men asked Baruch how he would react if a bottle of urine was thrown on his wife.

Following the confrontation, Baruch met for a short time with several Hebron leaders. He told them that in light of the continued altercations, he had decided to temporarily stop the renewed construction at the Sharabati house for the duration of Passover, and would remove all unnecessary security forces from the neighborhood.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement:

Again, we are witness to theatre of the absurd. Israeli security forces, whose primary concern should be protection of Israeli citizens, are protecting an Arab-terrorist family, assisting them to move into a house which borders the Avraham Avinu neighborhood, while at the same time, beating up Jewish children and adults who fear for their lives. We demand an immediate halt to the Sharabati renovations and permanent removal of the border police, whose disgraceful conduct cannot be justified or condoned. The Israeli government has planned to expel almost 10,000 Jews from their homes. We are sure they can find room for one Arab family, whose presence, in such close proximity to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood, is a threat to people's lives.

2. Girls in jail (continued from below. Click here.)

Last night, the five girls, aged 12-14, were moved from the Gush Etzion police station to the Ma'asiyahu jail, and were housed with other 'anti-expulsion' criminal protesters. Municipal appeals court judge Saban refused to hear an appeal of the imprisonment today, pushing off the hearing until tomorrow at eleven in the morning. Legal experts analyzing the judge's decision said, 'the fact that he isn't hearing the case today means that he isn't concerned that the girls will have to spend another night in jail. Additionally, he preferred to delay the hearing so as to prevent an additional appeal to the Supreme Court before the beginning of the Passover holidays, should the petition be denied." It should be noted that Saban will be the presiding judge during the appeal, meaning that the girls will probably spend the first days of Passover behind bars.

A source close to "News from Hebron" disclosed that senior police officials said that 'they feel very bad about the way these girls were treated, but that they have orders from the 'political powers' to react very harshly at such behavior.'

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement:

This is a perfect example of cheers and tears! One the one hand, we can only say Bravo to these courageous young women, who refuse to compromise their ideals, preferring jail to a restraining order, forbidding them to be found anywhere near the Hebron Heroes neighborhood for three months. Despite the knowledge that they may be forced to spend the Passover Seder separated from their families, they refuse to bow down to dictatorial conduct, imposing limits on where they can go in Eretz Yisrael.

On the other hand, we can only decry the despotic demeanor of 'the authorities,' ranging from the police, to the judiciary, to those giving the orders. This is a true twisting of justice for purely political purposes and must be publicly condemned and stopped.

3. "Children bake matzah in Hebron," (Pictures: www.hebron.com/holidays/pesach/matza2005.htm) See below. Click here.)

This afternoon Hebron's children were treated to an annual festivity - Matzah-baking. Under the auspices of 'Lev l'Noar,' the children heard a short lecture about how kosher for Passover Matzahs are baked and then got their hands dirty. Each child kneaded flour and water, transforming it into dough suitable for baking. They poked holes into the dough and then brought their finished product to a special outdoor kiln. Minutes later they received back fully baked Matzahs. Tasty, fun and educational, all at once.

4. A special Torah scroll, dedicated at Beit Hadassah many years ago, was recently found to be damaged and must be fixed before being used again. The original donors wish to repair the Torah, but have appealed to outside sources to assist in defraying the costs, which are estimated at several thousand dollars. Anyone who can help is requested to make a donation via our secure server: https://wwws.capalon.com/secure/hebron.org.il/hebdonate.php3 and to note 'TORAH' in the "Comments" section of the form. Questions can be addressed to torah@hebron.org.il - With gratitude from Hebron.

The Jewish Community of Hebron
POB 105, Kiryat Arba-Hebron 90100
Tour Hebron: Tel 972-64-371257 or write: simcha@hebron.org.il

You can contribute directly to The Jewish Community of Hebron, POB10, Kiryat Arba-Hebron 90100, hebron@hebron.org.il, 972-2-9965333 or write to The Hebron Fund, 1760 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, hebronfund@aol.com

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Posted by David Horowitz, April 20, 2005.

This article was written by Rachel Ehrenfeld and appeared in Front Page Magazine (http://www.FrontPageMagazine.com) April 18, 2005. Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, a member of the Committee on the Present Danger, is Director of American Center for Democracy, and author of "Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed - and How to Stop It" (Bonus Books, 2004,2005).

When referring to the enemy's money we are usually concerned with how the terrorists collect the funds they need. As we know, the government efforts to stop terrorists financing have not been very successful thus far. However, equally, if not more disturbing is the possibility that terrorists may be using their money to buy into our national infrastructure in order to undermine our economy and security from within. Was Ptech, the Massachusetts-based company, used in this manner?

The privately owned technology company, based in Quincy, Massachusetts, received at least $20 million in financing from Saudi investors between 1994, when it was founded, and 2001. Fourteen million came from Yassin Al-Qadi, who was listed as a specially designated global terrorist on October 12, 2001.

Ptech is used primarily to develop enterprise blueprints at the highest level of US government and corporate infrastructure. These blueprints hold every important functional, operational, and technical detail of the enterprise. A secondary use of this powerful tool is to build other smart tools in a short period of time. Ptech's clients in 2001 included the Department of Justice, the Department of Energy, Customs, Air Force, the White House, the FAA, IBM, Sysco, Aetna, and Motorola, to name just a few.

Examples of information gathered utilizing Ptech's capabilities would include the following:

A complete blueprint of a nuclear waste disposal site would detail the security procedures required to access military bases during transfer of nuclear waste materials. It would also include security rules, revealing where tight security searches vs. random searches exist for conducting detailed identity screening and security checks. These are typically noted in the architecture process, and surely, would be of interest to terrorists.

A second example is a complete blueprint of food distribution patterns, which would include food suppliers, warehouse locations, distributors, vehicles and schedules. With this knowledge, fraudulent deliveries of contaminated food would not be difficult to accomplish.

Another example is Product specifications in the blueprint for Smartcards as implemented in various defense facilities. It would include enough information to provide templates for duplication, and for unauthorized production of fake Smart IDs, which are a basic tool in the arsenal of criminals and terrorists alike.

Ptech's Middle East branch called Horizons, received projects directly from Ptech, and is used to outsource projects for Ptech's US clients. Other clients come from the Middle East and include clients such as the Egyptian military, the Saudi Bin Laden Company, and the Afghan based BTC Bin Laden Telecom, which provided pre-paid telephone calls.

Among Ptech's top investors and management in 2001 was Yassin Al-Qadi, who was listed as a specially designated global terrorist on October 12, 2001. His investment of $14 million in Ptech in 1998 made him Ptech's major investor. Al-Qadi was the Director of the Saudi-based Muwafaq Foundation ("Blessed Relief") that fronted for, and funded, Makhtab Al-Khidamat (MK), Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Abu-Sayyaf organization, to name just a few. According to a Treasury Department letter to Switzerland's Attorney General in November 2001, there was "a reasonable basis to believe that Mr. Kadi has a long history of financing and facilitating the activities of terrorists and terrorist-related organizations, often, acting through seemingly-legitimate charitable enterprises and businesses."

Al-Qadi's businesses extended throughout the world, and included banking, diamonds, chemicals, construction, transportation, and real estate. It would be hard to find a more strategically placed individual to advance the agenda of Al-Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization. Last August, the Swiss government indicted Al-Qadi for financing terrorism.

The identities and connections of some other Ptech major investors and managers should have also raised a red flag: Suliman Biheiri, an Egyptian, is alleged by the government to have funneled $3.7 million from the Saudi funded charity, the SAAR Foundation, to Islamist terrorists through BMI, a now-defunct New Jersey-based Islamic investment firm of which he was the founder and president, and which fronted for and funded Hamas. Biheiri, who was convicted in October 2004, for lying about businesses with Hamas? Mousa Abu Marzook, was already in prison for immigration fraud. He also had links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda's money-laundering machine, the Al-Taqwa network. One of Al-Taqwa's companies, which was designated as a terrorist entity, was used not only to fund Al-Qaeda, but also to launder Saddam Hussein's money.

Yakub Mirza, a Pakistani, was not only a business partner with Yassin Al-Kadi in Ptech, but also the financial mastermind, Trustee, President and CEO of the SAAR Foundation, which according to the government is connected to the Safa Foundation, which the government claimed also provided material support to Islamist terrorist groups. Mirza was also a Trustee on the board of Sanabel, the investment arm of the Saudi International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), which shared the same address as the SAAR Foundation: 555 Grove Street in Herndon, Virginia. He set up and was the Secretary/Treasurer of the US branch of the Muslim World League (MWL), another Saudi charity that also served as the fund- raising arm of the US branch of the IIRO. Over the last four decades, the MWL received more than $1.3 billion directly from King Fahad. Both organizations have been documented to support Islamist around the world. In addition, according to an alert employee, Mirza was a subscriber to Worldwide Flight Guide since 1987. One wonders why Mirza as well as these organizations are still missing from the US government designated terrorist list.

Abdurahman Muhammad Alamoudi was the President of the American Muslim Council (AMC) and the American Muslim Foundation (AMF); both received thousands of dollars from the Success Foundation. The Success Foundation also shared offices with the SAAR Foundation and provided the logistical and financial support for Islamist terror organizations. Alamoudi also served as the Secretary of the Success Foundation, and openly stated his support for HAMAS and Hizbollah. Like Mirza, he was a member of the IIRO. Alamoudi pled guilty in July 2004 on charges related to a Libyan plot to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. He, too, is still missing from the US Government Designated Terrorist list.

Suheil Laher, managed customer services for Ptech, and was closely associated with Care International, which acted as a branch office of the Al-Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn, NY from which Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman funded and plotted the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Laher has also written many articles about Jihad, frequently quoting Abdullah Azzam, Bin Laden's mentor, whose general philosophy is shared by all Islamist terrorists: "Jihad and the rifle alone! No negotiations; No conferences; and No dialogues." (emphasis added).

In October 2001, former Vice-President of Sales for Ptech approached the FBI Boston office with detailed information regarding possible links between Ptech and the 9/11 attacks. He was followed by Indira Singh, a risk consultant at J. P. Morgan Chase, in May 2002, who approached the Boston FBI office, the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force, the management of J. P. Morgan Chase and FBI headquarters with more documentation regarding possible Ptech penetration of US government agencies and corporations.

The FBI finally raided Ptech on December 6, 2002. However, no arrests were made and the company continues to operate, and according to Ptech's CEO, Oussama Ziade, in May 2004, "Ptech still has government agencies as customers, including the White House."

Even the concerns, few as they were, with Ptech, after it was raided were misplaced. The few questions that were raised were regarding Ptech's software, and not the information to which Ptech's employees, management and investors had access. The possibility that Al-Qaeda or other Islamist terrorists have taken advantage of our free market system to undermine our economy and national security seems quite real when you identify the connections and affiliations of Ptech's management, investors and employees.

So, how could a small, Saudi-financed company with questionable terrorist connections obtain significant government and business contracts, and who facilitated this? Was Horizons, its Egyptian branch, ever investigated? Why wasn't Ptech shut down? Why is it still allowed to operate? And even more importantly, are there other Ptechs around?

Recently, Ptech changed both the name of the company and of its software to GoAgile.

David Horowitz is editor of Front Page Magazine.

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Posted by Unity Coalition for Israel, April 20, 2005.


Every Wednesday Phil drives to the Capital to stand for Israel. Many Americans who love and support Israel stand with him. We applaud his dedication and courage.

The time is here
The time is now.

By following inconsistent strategy against terror and supporting disengagement, the U.S faces military defeat at the very frontline of the global war on terrorism.


Download the UCI Declaration of Concerns: Road Blocks to Arab/Israeli Peace

This essay is called "An Uncommon Man," and was written by Esther Levens, UCI.

One Man Standing for Many

His name is Phil, Phil Beachey, and he hails from somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Picture taken by Carrie Devorah, sister of Egged Bus #19 murder victim, Chezi Goldberg. Contact editor@carrieon.com for picture reprint permission.

You will find him every Wednesday morning standing in front of the White House after traveling two hours from his home. He comes to Washington to make a statement that sends a strong message of support to the 9,000 beleaguered, soon to be homeless, residents of Gaza, Israel. By his very presence, he transcends many barriers and delivers a firm rebuke to our president.

I first met Phil on April 11 in Crawford, Texas when he approached me after I had delivered a speech to the throng of more than 3,000 people who had gathered from all over the U.S. While President Bush and PM Sharon met at the ranch, Phil was among those who had come from great distances to protest the expulsion of more than 9,000 people threatened with dispossession of their homes, businesses, places of worship, schools, and even cemeteries. Some of these families have lived in Gush Katif, the Jewish section of Gaza, for several generations, in a beautiful community overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

In July, their homes are to be turned over to the same Palestinian terrorists who have repeatedly attacked their community with the purpose of driving them out. And now, after they have stood strong against the terrorists, they are being forced to leave, not by their attackers, but by their own government in collusion with the President of the U.S.

By some illogical thought process, George W. Bush has concluded that the victims of Palestinian jihad, whose families have been killed and maimed by vicious murderers wanting to steal their land, must be forced out of their homes. Their houses will then be turned over to the terrorists. He intends to finish their criminal work. This places the U.S. squarely on the side of the terrorists. It makes the U.S. complicit in dividing up the spoils of the war of terror instigated by the Palestinians and sponsored by radical Islamists.

To make matters worse, President Bush wants to sweeten the pot by giving them two million additional U.S. taxpayer dollars, on top of the billions already handed the Palestinians. A fortune in previous aid has not been accounted for. We do know that many millions of dollars have been wasted on rockets, weapons and palaces for cronies of Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.

And what do the Israelis get in return for appeasing the terrorists and agreeing to sacrifice the residences and wellbeing of 9,000 residents of Gush Katif? You guessed it. Absolutely nothing.

At this point in time, the people who are being tossed out of their homes have no place to go. The Israeli government has not even made plans for them. All IDF reports predict an escalation of violence. The new Palestinian leader, Abu Abbas, has publicly said he will invite the terrorist leaders leaving Lebanon to move into Gaza once the Jews are removed. He has even officially taken Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations (on the State Dept. terrorist list) into his new government, and they are stockpiling weapons to renew their jihad war as soon as the Israelis are out of Gaza. Such a deal!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, our friend Phil is staging a one-man protest against this outrage. Phil is well aware of the injustice taking place in Israel and wants President Bush to know that Americans do not want to be part of it. Whether intentional or not - we are becoming allies with the very terrorists we have been fighting since 9-11 when we give them land and financial assistance.

Phil believes that terrorism should not win, and that it is obscene for American taxpayers to foot the bill to pay off the Middle East neighborhood bullies. He understands that the Arab world, with 23 countries, does not need one more country to foster international terrorism.

If you want to meet a true American who is willing to stand up for his convictions, honk your horn and tip your hat to Phil, as you drive by the White House any Wednesday morning. Let him know that you support him and if you would like - join him in his vigil. He is the Christian who is willing to not only complain about injustice but is willing to do something about it. He is the person wearing the orange t-shirt, the orange cap and carrying the orange sign - the color that signifies solidarity with the residents of Gush Katif. It is the color they are identified with.

And Phil is the man who speaks volumes for hundreds of thousands of Americans who don't want the courageous pioneers of Gush Katif to be betrayed by our government. And he represents these same Americans who are particularly opposed to wasting hard earned tax dollars to pay for this betrayal.

Esther Levens is CEO and Founder of the Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI). UCI (http://www.israelunitycoalition.org) is "the largest worldwide coalition of Jewish and Christian organizations, with more than 200 groups representing millions of people dedicated to Israel. Though we have many different backgrounds, we have one common goal: A Safe and Secure Israel."

"Israel is not just a Jewish issue. Millions of Christians resolutely endorse the principle of peace with security for the state of Israel. Because we work closely together and speak with a united voice, our message is being heard!"

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Posted by Max Yas, April 20, 2005.

Jill Hunter is trained as a lawyer, but prefers to pursue a career as an artist and writer. She has recently finished a book entitled "How I Lost All My Friends When I Read the Koran." The book documents the global and personal events, since 9/11, that have transformed the way she sees the world as well as the way her family, friends, and former friends see her. Several of the images from the book can be seen on her website: www.jillhunter.net

Dear Max.

This is in response to your letter of 30th March/2005 re: "First the Presbyterians and then THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES (WCC)."

When I first read about the Presbyterian Church's resolution last summer, I was furious and started writing to them. I always receive a standard form letter response. My phone call to the main office, last September, started out productively. The man I was speaking with actually ended up agreeing with me, and forwarded my call to a man with a stronger connection to the issue. Of course, he never returned my call.

When I received your letter last week, I decided to renew my correspondence. I am forwarding it on to you.

Thank you for all of the good work you do.

Jill Hunter

To the Caring People at the Presbyterian Church:

I married into a Presbyterian family, and we are saddened by - and ashamed of - the counterproductive and terrorist-appeasing actions of the Presbyterian Church. In its Resolution on Calling for an End to the Construction of a Wall by the State of Israel, adopted at its 2004 General Assembly, the Church suggests that the Separation Barrier is actually a ploy to grab land rather than a security measure. The Church fails to note that, actually, the wall has resulted in a significant reduction in deaths and injuries to Israelis. But the resolution's focus is the inconvenience and possible economic losses to the Palestinians, which motivates their decision to punish Israel.

The Comment Section, together with information provided elsewhere on the Church's website, repeatedly insinuate that "but for" various actions taken by Israel, there would be no violence. The members of the Church who supported this measure apparently suffer from the same cognitive block as the Arabs; an inability to grasp the nature of cause and effect. Your willingness to exonerate Arab/Muslim violence by blaming the victim and justifying the murder of Israelis is very troubling. For example, while the Palestinian Authority's Communication Minister acknowledged that the Al-Aqsa Intifada had been planned at least two months earlier, a fact which was confirmed by the Mitchell Report in May, 2001, the Church perpetuates the lie that Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount provoked a spontaneous surge of violent rage. What is the message we are giving our children? That extreme acts of violence can be explained away with the "he made me do it" excuse?

Many other egregious examples of historical revisionism can be found in the Church's Resolution and supplementary information. But even on its face, I don't understand the logic underlying the Church's decision to wield the financial "stick" at Israel and give the "carrot" to the Palestinians, for whom you are soliciting donations.

Let's assume that Israel responded to this resolution by dismantling the separation wall and turning over all of the "occupied land." Do Presbyterians genuinely believe that the Palestinians will cross over that "bridge of peace" and welcome the opportunity to live in a two-state "Mr. Roger's neighborhood?"

In case that is not the case, and Palestinians use their new unimpeded access and freedom from scrutiny to bomb heavily populated areas in Israel, what will Presbyterians do? I certainly do not want to undermine the sophisticated foreign policy analysis reflected in the Resolution's observation that, "Good neighborly relations, rather than mutual isolation and suspicion, are urgently needed between Israel and its neighbors in Palestine and the Middle East." But if Israelis acquiesce to the pressures laid on by the Church (and other well-intentioned anti-Israel organizations such as the UN) and instead of peace they get blown to pieces, does the Church have a back-up plan? A more cynical mind might infer that maybe that is the ulterior motive. It wouldn't be the first time that a calculated plan for the wholesale slaughter of Jews was implemented.

And what if life for the Palestinians continues to be what it has been since the PA took control? This would include torture and murder of gay men, acceptance of "honor killings" of women (including a recent case where a man murdered his sister because she had become pregnant after being raped by her father), the assassination and/or imprisonment of political dissenters and the public lynching of suspected "collaborators" in the middle of Bethlehem's Manger Square under the watchful eyes of Yasser Arafat as his image leers down from a huge banner. What was that about a "dwindling Christian population?" And, last but not least, I hope the Church has a plan to deal with all of the children that have been indoctrinated to believe that growing up to become a "martyr" is the ultimate glorious achievement. I hope you will watch these videos. http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0405/glick040305.php3

And last but not least, instead of focusing on what Israel might have done differently to avoid provoking Muslim/Arab rage, you might want to appreciate the significant scientific and medical contributions that Israelis have made to make life better for people around the world.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: We wonder why any religious organization, dedicated to "loving thy neighbour as thyself " would shower love on only one neigbour and largely ignore the suffering of millions. Do they not matter, the millions of Tibetans occupied and subject to ethnic genocide by China, the Christians in southern Sudan ( 2,000,000 murdered), the black African population in Darfur who suffer rape, displacement and mass murder? Does the Presbyterian Church love Palestinians only, or has it embraced pre Holocaust antisemitism, now thinly disguised as anti-Israel?

Shalom from Max.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 20, 2005.


Normal people dislike being called on the carpet. But friends of Israel thrill at the attention give to PM Sharon by a White House that shunned Arafat. Sharon, however, keeps relinquishing key matters of Israeli national security to an Administration that collaborates with Arafat's people. That is chilling, not thrilling.

To the "NY Sun" (April 11, 2005 editorial), the meeting exemplifies a peak US-Israel governmental relationship. Sure there is no quarrelling, as the editorial noted - Sharon is appeasing Bush. Sure this is different from the days when Clinton tried to force Israel to make more concessions to the Arabs -- Sharon is making those concessions more readily. That should be a source of concern, for he is tightening authoritarian rule over his people and an Arab vise over his homeland. Each step taken is deemed a precedent for another, rather than a reason for saying enough, now wait for the Arabs to finally eradicate terrorism. The Administration rationalizes that the Arabs should "continue" trying to fight terrorism. Actually Chairman Abbas enables terrorism, as by getting an Israeli cease-fire that lets the terrorists rearm. Conservative editors, who justifiably castigate the Democrats for having treated the Iraq war with partisanship, themselves unjustifiably admire this supposedly conservative President over his policy towards Israel. Pres. Bush throws tax dollars at the terrorists, while piously denouncing terrorism.

They admire Bush's advocacy of democracy. So do I. All the more deplorable his promotion of a jihadist, anti-American regime in the Palestinian Authority (P.A.). Let not the "Sun" imply that the phony P.A. election was democratic or that democracy matters when the whole population agrees to continue jihad!

The two leaders confer daily, the editorial celebrates. Frequency of contact means US micromanagement. PM Sharon is in the hands of his leftist blackmailers, so he let the US impose upon Israel even more than usual. Let those conservative editors wonder how a conservative President harmonizes so well with the appeasement ideology of the Israeli Left. The difference is that the US style is to help the Arabs swallow Israel slowly, like a boa constrictor, whereas the Left would like the Arabs to wolf it down. The stronger the Arabs and the weaker Israel, the more likely another Arab invasion. The editorial and the President call the Road Map to this invasion a peace plan, without showing any logical connection between peace and the Map, which is a plan to turn Israel's secure orders, water, and patrimony over to its mortal enemies.


Jordan praised Hamas for turning from terrorism to politics. The assumption is that if Hamas immerses itself in politics, then it must be emerging from terrorism. That is not a logical deduction. Hizbullah did not disavow terrorism and continues its terrorist attacks.

If Hamas abandoned terrorism, why didn't it turn its arms in? Under cover of Israel's truce, Hamas reorganizes its forces that Israel had scattered and expedites the manufacture of rockets for resumption of heavier fighting. This the Right had predicted.


The P.A. reports Israeli forces firing upon Arabs without admitting that the Arabs first either attacked or entered a "no-go" zone. This makes the IDF seem wanton killers. By contrast, the Saudi new agency reports the whole story.

P.A. misrepresentation seems intended not only to absolve itself from guilt, but also to foist guilt upon Israel. This lying roils Arab sentiment against Israel. By raising the level of hatred in its violent people, the P.A. increases the likelihood of violence. P.A. propaganda is a form of incitement.


UNO envoy Roed-Larsen recommends that the Security Council postpone disarming Hizbullah, although the opposition in Lebanon maintains that Syrian intelligence agents are using Hizbullah as a base for controlling Lebanon without its troops being in Beirut. He gave no reason for his recommendation. He is busy commending Syria for having removed its uniformed troops from certain areas of Lebanon (Benny Avni, NY Sun, 4/7, p.7).

How much of that recommendation stems from Roed-Larsen's anti-Zionism inclination that Hizbullah shares with direct action? Disarming Hizbullah means fighting it. Who volunteers?


PM Sharon asked a former State Prosecutor to investigate how government agencies were complicit in the establishment of "illegal outposts." The report defames settlers and urges termination of their utility services. The ex-Prosecutor's appointment was illegal, because she had not completed the official cooling-off period since here term ended. She failed to investigate her own department and that of Sharon's, both of which played a role in those outposts. Indeed, Ariel Sharon was one of the major authorizers of the very settlements he now is dismantling. The report was devised so as to whitewash him, by omission. The sponsor and drafter of the report now are being sued for their chicanery (Arutz-7, 3/11).

The report incorrectly included all the outposts as new communities. Actually, many are merely new neighborhoods in existing communities, and need only Defense Dept. approval. The campaign against them is out of emotional motives rather than on legal or ethical grounds) Arutz-7, 3/13).

Many of the outposts are illegal only in a technical sense, being held up in a final stage by bureaucratic procrastination. Did the ones requiring Defense Dept. approval get it? The report failed to specify.


Pres. Bush said, "...As for the Palestinian-Israeli issue, the role of the US will be to continue to urge both parties to make the sacrifices necessary -- sacrifice meaning that Israel must withdraw from the settlements, there must be contiguous territory for a(nother Arab) Palestinian state -- into which a Palestinian state can grow. The Palestinians, in their part, must continue to work hard to fight any terrorist activities within the territories, and the Arab world must continue to work together to help Palestine build the necessary structures for democracy."

The US has sent a general there to help turn the P.A. police into an effective force (IMRA, 3/14.)

To fight whom? Whom do you think?

Is it a "sacrifice" for those Arabs to eradicate terrorism and establish democracy? Seems to me like a great benefit. What makes Bush think that Muslims running a democracy would end their jihad? More to the immediate point, the Arabs cannot "continue to work hard to fight any terrorist activities within the territories" or "build the necessary structures for democracy." They are doing neither, now. Bush is lying. Thus he is calling for sacrifice by Israel, to set up a terrorist state. Why those miscreants deserve a state at all never was answered, but to get for them an anti-American terrorist state is folly. Building the P.A. police into an effective force is folly. Bush's folly.


Israel has agreed to free passage within Judea-Samaria for some terrorists held up in Jericho, if they are disarmed. Abbas wants to include the murderer of an Israeli Cabinet Minister and the director of an arms smuggling ship. Sharon said Israel would arrest the pair, if they were released.

The son of the murdered man noted that although Abbas claims his agreement with Israel allows the pair out, but actually it specifies that they not be released when Israeli forces evacuate from Jericho. He takes Abbas' reneging on a new agreement as indication of bad faith (Arutz-7, 3/15).

Arabs "reinterpret" agreements so as not to have to pay their part. Not exactly is Abbas "fighting terrorism" that way, is he!

Since the P.A. is awash in guns, within a short time, the terrorists given free passage soon would be rearmed. Disarming them beforehand (if that provision even were honored), would accomplish nothing. Does the Israeli government really think disarming them beforehand would accomplish anything? Perhaps. Israel does many fatuous things out of naivete. I think it seeks to mislead its people into imagining that it is providing them with security, when it is inflicting insecurity.


Both the Oslo Accords and the Road Map require that the P.A. terminate the illegal terrorist militias. Abbas negotiates with them for ceasefires (with surreptitious military build-ups), for harmony with his own forces, and for their entry into politics (and even for integration into his own forces, which means they keep their arms). He thus is violating the core of the peace agreements (and international law).

Danny Rubinstein of "Haaretz" calls Hamas' new policy of openly working within the P.A. system an acceptance of the "peace process." IMRA notes that Hamas retains its antisemitism and its goal of conquering Israel (IMRA, 3/15).

Anyone who calls this war process "peace process" doesn't understand it.


Bush is gaining regional respect by manipulation, while the people are turning against him. His "unbalanced approach" will not get Lebanon independent, but may strengthen an "intransigent Israel." IMRA asks how. Anan visited Sharon in Jerusalem, in violation of international law expressed in Security Council Resolution 478, urging non-recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Sharon discussed with him why he refuses "serious" negotiations with the P.A.. Anan was not neutral, refusing an invitation to visit Jenin where Israel committed war crimes. IMRA mentions that canard was disproved long ago. The UN punishes only the Arabs, not Israel. The Iraqi electorate voted for an anti-US slate (IMRA, 3/16).

There was no anti-US slate. Why should Sharon negotiate with the P.A. that still violates prior agreements. The Security Council resolution was anti-Israel.


About 2,500 Kurds have reentered Turkey, to restore the terrorist insurgency thought ended five years ago (IMRA, 3/16).

Poor strategy. The Kurds should consolidate their core area in Iraq, first. Otherwise, Turkey would pursue them back into Iraq and wipe out their core area.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by NGO Monitor, April 20, 2005.

SUMMARY: Reflecting Amnesty's consistent strongly pro-Palestinian political agenda, this NGO's latest report on women's rights in the Palestinian territories also blames Israel for intra-Palestinian violence against women. Rather than a significant examination of this issue, the document, which relies on biased sources and lacks credibility, exploits this issue in the political campaign against Israel. The authors patronizingly deny Palestinian society the maturity to act responsibly, instead blaming Israeli policies for these failures.

Amnesty International released a report on 31 March 2005 headlined "Israel and the Occupied Territories: Conflict, occupation and patriarchy - Women carry the burden". Reflecting this NGO's consistent strongly pro-Palestinian political agenda, this report also blames Israel for intra-Palestinian violence against women. Rather than a significant examination of the status of women, the document, which relies on biased sources and lacks credibility, exploits this issue in the political campaign against Israel. The authors patronizingly deny Palestinian society the maturity to act responsibly, instead blaming Israeli policies for these failures.

After repeating the standard one-dimensional condemnations of Israeli policy, Amnesty asserts: "The resulting damage to the fabric of Palestinian society has deeply affected women, who have been at the receiving end of increased pressures and violence in the family and in society... and they have borne the brunt of the anger and frustration of male relatives who feel humiliated because they cannot fulfill their traditional role as providers." Furthermore, Amnesty employs the language and techniques of the 2001 Durban conference, selectively quoting the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Preamble, paras 10 and 11)(4): "...the eradication of apartheid, all forms of racism, racial discrimination, colonialism, neo-colonialism, aggression, foreign occupation and domination and interference in the internal affairs of States is essential to the full enjoyment of the rights of men and women."

Referring to "Life under siege", without reference to Palestinian terrorism and the impact on Israeli women and families, Amnesty condemns Israeli restrictions on movements of Palestinians. Devoid of any analysis, these measures are simply dismissed as "disproportionate and discriminatory - they are imposed on all Palestinians because they are Palestinians, and not on Israeli settlers who live illegally in the Occupied Territories...They are broad and indiscriminate in their application and as such are unlawful." Amnesty ignores the context behind checkpoints and other physical barriers, and shifts the focus to the political dispute over boundaries.

Additionally, while pointing out isolated and tragic incidents that have occurred at checkpoints involving pregnant Palestinian women, Amnesty immorally erases the impact of several suicide bombings and other terrorist acts, including those carried out by or involving female Palestinians. Likewise, Amnesty ignores the clearly documented abuse of ambulances and other medical materials for terror purposes while criticizing access to medical facilities.

Amnesty relies upon a number of sources that are either politically biased or simply unreliable. The report, for example, quotes the highly politicized Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, which claims that "the rate of survival of breast cancer patients in the Gaza Strip is only 30-40%, compared to 70-75% in Israel", ignoring the obvious differences between the advanced medical facilities of Israel and those of the Palestinian Authority irrespective of conflict conditions. Many of the allegations cite anonymous Palestinians, and photos and quotes are provided by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Palestine Monitor, neither of which can be considered credible.

The second half of Amnesty's report deals with societal violence against Palestinian women, in which Palestinian men are condescendingly excused from taking responsibility for their actions. According to Amnesty's highly distorted version: "Restrictions on movement and curfews which confine people to their homes for prolonged periods, and increased unemployment, poverty and insecurity, which have forced men to spend more time at home, as well as the increase in crowded conditions in the home, have contributed to the increase in violence against women, including sexual abuse, within the family."

The report notes the lack of legal protection for Palestinian women and the inability of Palestinian law enforcement agencies to uphold the rule of law. This, Amnesty also attributes, again without serious analysis, to the Israeli destruction of "much of the PA security installations and other institutions and has prevented PA security forces from operating in much of the Occupied Territories." The chronic failure of the PA's leadership to carry out reform of the security services is entirely ignored, and rape, family violence and 'honor killings' are simply blamed on Israeli actions. Thus, the absurd claims of an anonymous "Head of Palestinian Police Investigations in a West Bank town" are repeated at face value: "The Israeli army comes into the town every day, killing and abducting people, destroying houses and so on? So how can we help people there?"

To its credit, Amnesty's report includes a short section near the end addressing female perpetrators of Palestinian terrorism. The report also includes an appendix of "Israeli and Palestinian women as victims of armed attacks". However, this minor afterthought to the main report also draws an amoral equivalence between Israeli victims of deliberate terror attacks and Palestinian women who died as an unintended result of Israeli counter-terror operations.

In conclusion, Amnesty's latest report exploits the rhetoric of women's rights to produce another extremist political attack on Israel, while exempting Palestinians from acting responsibly.

The NGO Monitor organization (www.ngo-monitor.org) promotes critical debate and accountability of human rights NGOs in the Arab Israeli Conflict.

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Posted by Unity Coalition for Israel, April 19, 2005.
This is the latest news on the PLO Empowerment Plan - otherwise known as Sharon's Disengagement Plan or How To Reward Terrorism.

Opposition continues to mount from those who begin to understand that the Israeli government has made no provisions post-Disengagement for the 9,000 residents of Gush Katif (the Jewish community in Gaza) for housing and to meet their other daily needs.

Tossing Jews out of their long-established communities runs counter to Judeo-Christian values and has no basis in what we consider to be democratic, individual or human rights.

Certainly our Congress and our taxpayers are not inclined to pay the millions of dollars required for this inhumane activity. What has Prime Minister Sharon himself sacrified? Has he offered his personal property as a relocation center? Perhaps he should begin his Plan by charitably stepping forward and doing so.

The Unity Coalition for Israel (http://www.israelunitycoalition.org) is "the largest worldwide coalition of Jewish and Christian organizations, with more than 200 groups representing millions of people dedicated to Israel. Though we have many different backgrounds, we have one common goal: A Safe and Secure Israel."

"Israel is not just a Jewish issue. Millions of Christians resolutely endorse the principle of peace with security for the state of Israel. Because we work closely together and speak with a united voice, our message is being heard!"

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Posted by Join the Boycott, April 20, 2005.
This article is archived at http://www.geocities.com/truthmasters/watch05-2.html#0419

Let My People Grow

A transformation has taken place in President Bush. A man who was once firmly and rightly convinced that the US should adopt a hands-off approach to Israeli-Arab politics is now in the process of micro-managing it.

It has come to the point where a plan to build 50 houses in Elkana, a small Israeli community in Shomron, close to the old border, has become a major news event. "Israel To Add To West Bank Settlement" proclaims the LA Times (4/19/05, page 3 - read TEXT). This comes on the heels of the media's frenzy over Israel's plan to build a suburb of Jerusalem which would link Maaleh Adumim to the rest of the city. The obsession with this urban redevelopment is pure political bias. Israel is overrun with foreign reporters with an anti-Israel agenda.

Israel's Roadmap Reservations Allow It Natural Growth

Lost in the strangulating media overkill are two very pertinent and powerful truths; (1) Israel is not required either by International Law, or by UN Resolution 242 to withdraw to previous borders see The Meaning of UN Res. 242; and (2) Israel wrote 14 specific reservations to the Roadmap, which were incorporated into and made a part of it. see Israel's Reservations In #9, Israel agreed only to discuss freezing the number of settlements, not the natural growth of existing communities.

Also of pivotal importance is the failure of the Palestinians to dismantle their terrorist infrastructure which was a pre-condition to Israel's performance under the Roadmap. Arguably the agreement is dead, but it appears Israel is doing its utmost to show patience with the new Palestinian leadership and extend it good will. To that end, Israel has made a steady stream of real, tangible, and significant concessions in relaxing defensive military action, removing roadblocks, ceasing terrorist home demolitions, handing Jericho and Tulkarem over to PA control, etc. In contrast, PLO terrorism continues and the Palestinian leadership has so far displayed the same intransigence and duplicity it did under Arafat. Under these circumstances, Israel is free to expand current communities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

LA Times Again Blames Israel For Jeopardizing The "Cease-Fire"

The PLO continues to smuggle arms and plan and execute terrorist acts in violation of the so-called "cease-fire". Each violation entitles Israel to intervene in self-defense which thankfully, in most cases, it does successfully. Such was the case with the Al Aqsa operative planning a suicide attack whom Israel attempted to arrest last week. He resisted and was shot in the ensuing melee. But in "Militant's Slaying Has Palestinians Threatening To Abort Cease-Fire" the LA Times clearly portrayed Israel as the aggressor and the party jeopardizing the "cease-fire" (4/15/05, p. 3 - read TEXT at www.unitedjerusalem.org/index2.asp?id=578592&Date=4/16/2005).

The LA Times is deaf to Israel's arguments. They only listen to paper cancellations. If you are still a subscriber, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

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Posted by Barry Rubin, April 19, 2005.

Three months after Mahmud Abbas became leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the results are disappointing. True, he faces a difficult job. True he is following the safest strategy. But all that matters now are results.

With results, Abbas can use his popular mandate, international support, and Israeli flexibility to reorganize the PA, mobilize Fatah, turn his people toward peace, and make a success story in the Gaza Strip.

Certainly, Abbas's big achievement is the ceasefire, but it was gained because almost all forces on the Palestinian side were exhausted and ready for a break. Having lost the war, they were happy to end it, at least until the next time violence seems appealing.

Again, Abbas's strategy does make sense. He faces three serious oppositions: Islamists (mainly Hamas), Fatah insurgents (the al-Aqsa Brigades), and Fatah hardliners (many of his own colleagues). But his policy of appeasing them will make his job tougher. Perhaps it is already too late for him to change course and emerge powerful and triumphant.

Instead, he too often imitates Yasir Arafat's old approach. Make an announcement--condemning terrorism, warning extremists, denouncing corruption or calling for reforming the security forces--and then doing nothing.

Blaming this on Israel is going to be hard. The Israeli government has released prisoners, wants to turn over West Bank towns, supports the PA getting more money, has stopped pursuing wanted men, and is ready to leave the Gaza Strip. About all Israel can be accurately accused of is building some new settlement housing in very limited areas of the West Bank.

Let's review all the issues in depth and see how the new Palestinian leadership stands.

Ceasefire: Abbas has helped persuade Palestinian factions of agreeing to a ceasefire with Israel. But much of the credit goes to effective Israeli security measures as well to the self-interest of Palestinian groups badly weakened by defeats in their recent war against Israel.

Fighting lawlessness and disarming militants: Without structural changes, however, the ceasefire could end at any time. Abbas wants to integrate last week's terrorists into the security forces, but such a step would undermine the reliability of his own armed men. Arrogant militia leaders escalate their financial and other demands. When these are not met, they riot and shoot at whomever they want, including high PA officials. No one is arrested or punished.

In this context, who will gain popular credit when Israel turns over the whole Gaza Strip to the PA, Abbas or the gunmen? Will PA security forces be ready to face down the militias and really take control of all this territory in order to govern it?

Reforming security forces: One or two incompetent and dishonest commanders have been removed but no real step has been taken toward restructuring the security forces or ensuring their discipline.

Weapons' smuggling: Some attempts have been made to reduce bringing arms across the border but munitions are still coming in, many of them delivered to Abbas's enemies.

Corruption: A small number of offenders are being investigated or threatened with prosecution but for most it is business as usual.

Incitement: A decline in calls for immediate attacks on Jews and support for the ceasefire are short-term improvements. But continued insistence on the illegitimacy of Israel, its future destruction, and the extolling of violence bodes ill. Weekly sermons of clerics appointed and paid by the PA still include blood-curdling hatred of Jews and Americans.

Rebuilding Fatah: With elections due in July--and especially now that Hamas is running candidates--revitalizing Fatah should be an all-out top priority. Yet despite talk about this necessity, the level of passivity is incredible. Fatah is headed for a disaster both in terms of its internal unity and its appeal to the people as a whole.

Gaining control over Fatah insurgents and Islamists: Abbas has talked to a lot of people but has made zero progress on both of these fronts.

Winning personal support from the Arab world: Abbas has not gotten strong endorsements or backing from Arab rulers, at least aside from Egypt. This is a big failure especially since success here might not have been so difficult.

Again, the new leadership's task is difficult. Taking strong action against the hardliners, criminals, and terrorists would provoke a strong reaction from those targeted. Yet absent in the Palestinian leadership's calculations is any attempt to appeal over the heads of the militants to the masses.

Where are the ringing speeches in which Abbas could say, "Yes, I arrested 200 people on corruption charges and seized Hamas' weapons stockpiles but I did it to ensure that bullies would not shoot up your streets, demand protection money and steal bread out of your mouths."

Where is the new vision of the Palestinian future about which Abbas could say, "The time has come to make peace with Israel and end the conflict forever. Getting an independent Palestinian state where we can live in peace and happiness is worth giving up our claim to the rest of the land."

Failing to fight corruption and anarchy or take the steps needed to get Israel to relinquish West Bank towns is going to lose the chance to mobilize popular support behind the new leader.

Yes, it is easy to answer that Abbas has taken the safer road and avoided risks. Yet rejecting both any hint of confrontation now and failing to consolidate power vigorously only ensures there will be a confrontation later in which he fights from a position of weakness.

Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), and co-author of "Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography and Hating America: A History" (Oxford University Press, August 2004). Rubin's columns can now be read online at http://gloria.idc.ac.il/columns/column.html. This article is archived at http://gloria.idc.ac.il/columns/2005/04_12.html

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Posted by Hebron Community, April 19, 2005.
"Thirteen year olds in prison - until further notice"

Late this morning, Judge Amnon Cohen, president of the Jerusalem Shalom Court, ruled that five girls, including several thirteen year olds, would remain imprisoned until further notice.

The five girls were arrested two nights ago at the Hebron Heroes Neighborhood, where a group of youth from Hebron and Kiryat Arba attempted to rebuild there a shack. The site, located on 'worshipers way,' between Kiryat Arba and Hebron, is across the street from the area where 12 men, including three civilians and 9 officers and soldiers, were killed by Arab terrorists two and a half years ago.

The police accused the girls of 'attacking' them, however a film of the event shows otherwise. [See http://www.hebron.com/video/girlsarrest.wmv]

One of the 13 year olds arrested is Yisca Federman, daughter of Noam and Elisheva Federman. She told her parents that she and the others weren't doing anything - "we were just there." "The police saw us and arrested us, for no cause, except our presence at the site," she told them.

Following their arrest, the girls were taken before Judge Cohen, who ordered them to sign a declaration forbidding them to be anywhere near the Hebron Heroes Neighborhood for 90 days. The girls refused. The judge then ordered them to spend the night in jail.

This morning he called the girls into his courtroom one by one, and asked them if they understood that if they continued to refuse to sign the declaration, they would spend all of Passover behind bars. Each girl answered that she understood. He then asked them if they would sign and they all refused, one at a time. Judge Amnon Cohen decreed, "then you will remain in prison until further notice."

According to an expert on Israeli judicial proceedings, there is no precedent for such a ruling, as such a decree does not appear in Israeli jurisprudence and is, for all intensive purposes, illegal.

At the moment the girls are being held at the Gush Etzion police station. An appeal is being filed with the Jerusalem municipal appeals court.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement:

Not only are the police, army and other security forces preparing for this summer's planned expulsion program. So are the courts. It is clearly evident, without any doubt, that today's ruling is the newest in a set of 'scare tactics' utilized to frighten would-be protesters. It makes no difference that this event occurred in Hebron, and that the participants were children.

Judge Cohen, it seems, has little regard for the law or for the citizens he is supposed to serve. A pawn in the Sharon game of Israeli suicide, his ruling is an absurdity of justice, and another in the long list of strategies drawn up to repress freedom of expression, i.e., dissent, i.e. opposition to expulsion and abandonment of our land. Judge Amnon Cohen must be immediately dismissed from his judicial post, and the girls released, unconditionally, without delay.

You can contribute directly to The Jewish Community of Hebron, POB10, Kiryat Arba-Hebron 90100, hebron@hebron.org.il, 972-2-9965333 or write to The Hebron Fund, 1760 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, hebronfund@aol.com

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Posted by Evelyn Hayes, April 19, 2005.

This was written by the Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff. Jerusalem Newswire is the only independent Jerusalem-based, Christian-operated news service providing daily coverage and commentary on events in and relating to Israel.

What will happen when the government moves to uproot thousands of Jews from their homes this summer is anyone's guess, but the IDF is certain the aftermath of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's "disengagement" will be increased terrorist warfare.

The period of expected escalation of "Palestinian" violence following Israel's retreat from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria has been code named "Rainy Day" by the army, reported HaTzofeh military correspondent Haggai Huberman.

Terrorism is expected to reach such levels that "the IDF will be forced to re-take the cities of Judea and Samaria" that were recently handed over to PA security control, Arutz 7 quoted Huberman as saying.

Ha'aretz defense affairs expert Amir Oren concurred, adding, "The prediction [among military officials] is that by next January to March, after Palestinian terror has increased and become more sophisticated, the IDF will return to Gaza."

"The mind-boggling thing," Huberman wrote, "is that the State of Israel is advancing, knowingly and with its eyes open, towards this death trap."

"The Yom Kippur War of October 1973 was a surprise, but the war of October 2005 is totally known in advance."

Huberman noted that even if the diplomatic process were progressing, terrorism would still renew following the uprooting of Jewish Gaza, albeit at a "more moderate" level.

"These, then, are the two only post-expulsion possibilities the IDF is preparing for," he writes:"If there is an agreement, there will be terrorism, and if there is no agreement, there will be an escalation, i.e., war."

Arutz 7 Monday again reported on hugely increased efforts by the Palestinian Arabs to smuggle arms into PA-controlled areas in preparation for future anti-Jewish aggression.

"Standardized powerful dynamite, which has not been seen in Judea and Samaria since Operation Defensive Shield almost three years ago, is among the materials the terrorists are trying to smuggle in," the news agency reported.

Additionally, since the start of 2005 "Palestinian smugglers have managed to bring over 1,000 assault rifles, dozens of RPGs and at least five anti-aircraft missiles into Gaza."

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Posted by Dr. Reuvan Erlich, April 19, 2005.


  • Over the past weeks, expressions of anti-Israeli incitement in the Palestinian establishment media were kept to a low level. However, virulent incitement continued to be spread in the mosques as usual and on occasion in the media as well, especially with regard to the extensive attention being given to the mosques on the Temple Mount.

  • As of this posting, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has done nothing effective to stem the tide at deeper levels, such as the educational system (particularly the universities) and the mosques.

    Incitement on the backdrop of the Temple Mount mosques

    A procession organized by Hamas at Al-Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip as a protest against threats made by Jewish organizations "to invade Al-Aqsa mosque" (Abu Dhabi TV, April 1, 2005)

  • The amount of anti-Israeli incitement in the PA establishment media increased with the extensive attention being given the Temple Mount mosques. Various Palestinian organizations, chiefly Hamas, repeatedly warned Israel not to plot to harm the mosques, combining the warnings with propaganda whose objective was to increase the fear that the mosques were somehow in danger and exacerbate an already tense situation. Similar statements were made by individuals in the PA,[1] deliberately avoiding mentioning the many preventive steps taken by the Israeli government to preserve quiet on the Temple Mount.
  • Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organized mass demonstrations characterized by threats of renewed violence, suicide bombing attacks and a renewal of the intifada, as a protest against what they called the "Zionist attempts to attack Al-Aqsa mosque."[2]

  • At the same time, the electronic media continued (relatively prominently) broadcasting songs supporting peace instead of incitement to violence. For example, a number of times Palestinian TV broadcast a song whose theme was peace and freedom while showing pictures of children dancing and waving signs in several languages advocating the same. The Voice of Palestine broadcast a love song sung together by a Palestinian and an Israeli.

    Incitement in the media not under Palestinian Authority control

  • The Palestinian terrorist organizations sidestep the limitations imposed on them by the PA's establishment media by using other means, such as newspapers, the Internet, local radio stations, the Arab media, etc.

  • For example, Hamas' newspaper, Al-Rissalah, which is published in Gaza, printed an anti-Semitic article attacking Pope John Paul II for his sympathetic attitude to the Jews (April 7, 2005). It directed most of its wrath at the fact that the Pope had "absolved modern-day Jews from the guilt of having murdered Jesus." The author considered the absolution "a terrific heresy" in the Christian faith and noted that modern-day Jews were "criminals like their ancestors." He also complained about the Pope's attitude toward the Holocaust: the Pope's request that the Christians apologize to the Jews and ask forgiveness was "a service to the Zionists," calling it "Pope John Paul II's worst crime..."

  • Nabil Sha'ath (Minister of Information and Deputy Prime Minister), in an exceptional step, praised the local radio stations for their fast reporting of "the occupation's activities against [Palestinian] citizens." He noted that the stations were "overcoming" the "Voice of Israel," which was, he said, "poisoning the Palestinian people" (Al-Hayat Al-Jadeedah, March 19, 2005). It should be noted that the Palestinian terrorist organizations often use local radio stations to broadcast their anti-Israeli incitement.

  • The most prominent local radio stations in the Gaza Strip are Hamas' Radio Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's Radio Al-Quds. Radio Al-Quds, which recently began broadcasting, has provided a stage for terrorist activists and focuses on "the threats against Al-Aqsa mosque" to fan the flames of anti-Israel sentiments. It broadcasts strong threats and rants and raves against Israel and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, for example: "The criminal Sharon does not understand any language other than blood. We are ready for any situation, and you will hear the response in every place in your settlements: in Jaffa and in our captured lands in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Our missiles will reach Sderot and Majdal [Ashkelon]...

    Incitement from the mosques

  • Most of the incitement from the mosques has focused on "the Israeli threat" against Jerusalem, as expressed in the sermons delivered by prominent clerics such as the extremist sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiras in Gaza and Taysir Tamimi, head of the Shari' religious court. Their sermons, which were intended to pour oil on the fire of anti-Israel sensibilities, were publicized fairly widely in the media, including the mosques on the Temple Mount, which have remained a focus for anti-Israeli incitement. On the other hand, the sermons delivered in the mosque in Jenin supported the current calm (Palestinian News Agency from Jenin, March 18, 2005). It should be noted that so far, no significant action has been taken by the Palestinian security apparatus in either monitoring or dealing with the incitement in the mosques.

    Demonstrations and rallies during Shaheed Week

  • Shaheed Week was held in the PA-administered territories beginning March 25. The events included mass demonstrations in Nablus and Ramallah with tens of thousands of participants. Hamas leaders gave fiery speeches stressing Hamas' adherence to the continuation of violent activities and specifically stating that the lull was only temporary.

  • Masked terrorists took part in a mass rally in Nablus, but familiar incitement motifs (such as burning models of buses and settlements or the Israeli and American flags) were absent. In Ramallah, on the other hand, groups of armed men and activists were conspicuous at the Hamas rally, where shots were fired into the air and models of Qassam rockets were displayed. In 'Asirah Shamaliyah, a village to the north of Nablus, a fair called The Path of the Shaheeds was held, where material was exhibited dealing with the lives and activities of Hamas shaheeds. The events of Shaheed Week were covered by the Palestinian media but were not a focus of public interest.

    Calls for a decrease in incitement

  • From among Palestinians, calls have begun to be heard for a decrease in the level of incitement. For example, a new project for the supervision of Israeli and Palestinian media sponsored by an organization called Miftah[3] published a report critical of the content of Palestinian media broadcasts. On March 19 an article was published in the PA journal Al-Ayam which was severely critical of the educational and cultural systems' helplessness which, according to the author, was responsible for the increase in violence among youth.

    In summation

  • The attention being paid to the issue of the Temple Mount mosques has been a convenient excuse for incitement, particularly for Hamas. A genuine fear that the sacred places of Islam on the Temple Mount might be desecrated was a convenient excuse to preach incitement intended to magnify fears of danger to an extreme degree and exacerbate the situation. With the exception of that charged issue, the trend continues in the Palestinian media to lower the amount of inflammatory material presented, although the Palestinian terrorist organizations continue presenting such material in media not subject to PA supervision. So far, the PA has done nothing effective to stem the at deeper levels, such as the educational system (particularly the universities, where incitement was wide-spread during the elections) and the mosques (especially those on the Temple Mount).


1. For example, the director of the public relations department of the Palestinian Ministry of Information, Khaled al-Khatib, warned that there was a possibility that activists from Israel's extreme right would break into Al-Aqsa as an excuse to sabotage the disengagement plan. He also warned of a suicide bombing attack which would be perpetrated on the Temple Mount using booby-trapped gliders (Palestinian News Service in Gaza, March 17, 2005).

2. For example, about 10,000 Hamas supporters, 2,000 of whose faces were masked, demonstrated at Al-Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip as a protest against "the repeated Zionist attempts to attack Al-Aqsa mosque and the holy places" (AP, Gaza, April 1, 2005); in Rafah the Jerusalem Battalions, the terrorist-operative wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, held a rally at which they warned against any attack on Al-Aqsa: a masked terrorist warned that they would send "an army of istishhadayeen [suicide bombers] if they [the Jews] dared to pollute Al-Aqsa" (Ramatan Agency, April 4, 2005). 3. The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, an NGO chaired by Hanan Ashrawi.

Dr. Reuven Erlich is Head of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Israel. Its website address is http://www.intelligence.org It is worth reading this article in the original, which contains live links to additional material (Updated report, April 10, 2005).

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Posted by Marlene Young, April 19, 2005.

One of the only Likud Members to remain faithful to his constituents and his Jewish and Zionist ideals is Uzi Landau. Of course, he was one of those who were fired by Sharon for democratically disagreeing with Sharon's Disengagement Plan.

In a Q & A in the Leftist Haaretz News yesterday (www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/QA.jhtml?qaNo=121#4535), Uzi made some important comments about the Disengagement Plan, calling it a hoax and dangerous and illogical. Instead of discussing the details of the Plan and explaining why it is being implemented, we can see that Ariel Sharon has instead erected a smokescreen of incitement, in concert with the Radical Left, against the Jewish Israeli citizens "settlers" who are being victimized most by this Plan. These were the questions asked to Uzi, and his important answers:

[Haaretz Preface: Likud MK Uzi Landau, one of the most outspoken opponents of the disengagement plan, answered readers' questions on April 18. Many thanks to the thousands of people who participated in this live event.

Landau believes the pullout plan poses a danger to the State of Israel and is a reward for Palestinian terrorism. "Our opposition to disengagement," Landau said last year, "is because when you're in a war you want to win the war and dismantle the terrorist organizations."

Landau has spearheaded the opposition inside the Likud against Sharon's plan. Thirteen anti-pullout Likud lawmakers, led by Landau, have been dubbed the Likud "rebels." Haifa-born Landau has been an MK since 1984, and has held several ministerial posts. He also holds a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.]

Don't you think that there is a risk that the settlement blocs that the Israelis have built in the West Bank (and most probably are going to be able to hold on to in any future peace agreement) are seen as a reward for an aggressive land grab policy?
Tom Kaufmann
Stockholm, Sweden

Uzi Landau:

Sir, your approach is totally wrong. We are building communities in Judea and Samaria, that you refer to as the West Bank, because we are building them in our homeland, no different than in other parts of the country. King David, as we know in the scriptures, was born in Bethlehem of Judah, not in Bethlehem of the West Bank, and Jerusalem has never been but the capital of the Jews regardless of the many occupiers that conquered it over the past 2,000 years.

The most holy place in Jerusalem is called the Temple Mount not because of its mosques but because of the Jewish temple there. Begin refered to Jerusalem as Jerusalem D.C., that is David's Capital. How do civilized people settle their differences? In our democratic world, this is done through negotiation. In the Oslo agreement 12 years ago, which effected huge and far-reaching concessions for Israel, the Palestinians committed themselves to settling all differences through negotiations. But like many things which the Palestinians believe they can get through force rather than negotiation, they have been using blatant terrorism on the issue of settlements too. But the real problem the Palestinians have is not the existence of a settlement in Judea and Samaria but the existence of big settlements in our cities Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva and Haifa, our very existence in those cities is seen as a provocation in their eyes.

Do you believe that the original core ideology of the secular Revisionist movement can still be retained within today's Likud? Has Israeli politics changed so much that the classical liberalism of Jabotinsky is no longer relevant?
Warren Davis
London, U.K.

Uzi Landau:

I think that the Revisionist movement, while secular, always had a tremendous respect for all segments of Israel's society - including, of course, the religious parts. And in itself it also had tremendous respect for Israel's tradition. Truly, Israeli politics changed much and definitely, the present norms of Israeli politics unfortunately led by Likud figures are far from reflecting the classical liberalism of Jabotinsky. But we all hope that putting the Likud back on track will revive that too.

I heard that our enemy in the north, the terrorist group Hezbollah, will have a fighter plane in five years. Is this true?
Benny Goldstien
Troy, U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

I have no knowledge about that, but we have to prepare ourselves for every scenario even the most remote and incomprehensible one.

Shalom MK Landau, How might Israel defend itself once the United Terrorist Forces led by Hamas in all of Gaza come out of hibernation this fall? Is there any mechanism in place to allow for timely reconsideration of the disengagement plan based upon new realities, even at this late date and despite the approval of the Knesset?
Paul Herdan
Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

All the concerns you raise are in place. I hope this government will eventually find the mechanism to fully understand the huge risks in this process and replace it with a different process that will really bring us to peace while reducing terror. But I don't have an idea at the moment for doing that.

Excuse the intervention of someone who is not involved in the conflict, but my worry does exist. Is this war? Why do your people attack a people who don't have a regular army? Even if you were not backed by the U.S., would you continue the war? It has already been recognized which side is stronger, the problem is whether the stronger can show the virtue of modesty and generosity or not.
Akira Yamanaka
Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan

Uzi Landau:

First Sir, this is truly a war which the Arabs have launched against Israel for almost 100 years with the clear purpose of totally destroying the chance for the Jews to have a state of their own, like any other nation. The Palestinians could have had the dignity of a state in 1948 when they were offered a Palestinian state by the UN resolution. They rejected it and went and attacked Israel because in that very resolution, the Jews too had earned a state. Between 1948 and 1967, no one heard about a Palestinian people, and the "territories" of Judea and Samaria and Gaza did not have any Jewish settlement or community. They were inhabited by the Palestinian people and only used as a a stone to launch terror attacks against Israeli people. Please note that during these years there was no claim for a Palestinian state nor that there is a Palestinian people because the Arab countries controlled Gaza and Judea and Samaria. Only after the attack on Israel in 1967 again in order to destroy the state which ended in Israel's conquering Judea and Samaria and Gaza did the Palestinians for the first time demand a state. They had the chance in the Oslo agreement again to have a state of their own and Israel went to far-reaching concessions to come to peace terms with the Palestinians, and yet again the problem then too was that when they had to recognize Israel as a free and Jewish state in return, they resorted once more to terror. And this so even with the present Palestinian leadership - they are unprepared to fully accept the existence of the Jewish state.

That the Palestinians have no regular army, thank God this terror entity doesn't have an army, but it has an abundance of different terrorist organizations which are deliberately targeting women, children innocent passers-by, bomb kids in discos and students in universities in order to promote their political objectives, and they are popularly supported by the Palestinian population. In all of our history with the Palestinians, whenever they had a chance to have a state of their own in which they had also to agree to the existence of a Jewish state, they always turned it down. Please note the dangers to countries and people today do not come only from entities that have regular armies, but rather from terrorist organizations that with mega-terror activity are targeting hundreds of thousands of innocent people in order to promote their evil political objectives. Please see the examples of the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York, the bombing in Bali, Indonesia, the hundreds of schoolchildren in Beslan, the hundreds in Madrid and this is only part of the list. The Palestinians are no different. The Palestinian terror organizations are part of this worldwide concert of terror and their terror should be treated no different than Al-Qaida terrorists.

Dear Sir, Do you really think that if Iran got nuclear arms it would launch an attack on Israel, as former Iranian president Rafsanjani said at the time?
Reza Homam
Baghdad, Iraq

Uzi Landau:

Iran would undoubtedly launch a nuclear attack on Israel if it knew that it could get away with it unharmed. But if it knew that on the one hand, the chances to really penetrate our air defense systems with a missile are very small, while on the other hand the price it would pay for it would be disproportional, turning them back to the Stone Age, I guess they would be much more hesitant.

The only reason I can find for Sharon to push so hard for disengagement is that he wants to let the Palestinians swallow the bait and attack Israel, and then he has to go after them in an all out war to be able to beat them properly. Otherwise it is suicide. Has my line of thinking any touch of reality?
Jakob Peter
Stavanger, Norway

Uzi Landau:

Your reasoning is quite interesting, implicitly you assume that much thought has gone into the disengagement plan. Let me say that I have no clue as to the logic of this plan. People on the right and left alike should ask serious questions regarding its logic. I question if the prime minister has any grand plan in which the disengagement plan is just one step or one link. In fact, what is going to be the day afte disengagement is completed? To whom are we going to turn over the keys, to the Hamas extremists? Are we going to let the influence of Hezbollah dominate the area? Can we really trust the Egyptians to stop the smuggling of advanced weapons from Sinai to Gaza after having 10 years experience with them of totally failing to stop the free flow of weapons from Egypt to the Palestinians. What is Israel going to do if katyusha rockets hit the cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod, which will come in their range, but also the shelling of the northern towns of Afula and Beit She'an, Hadera and Pardes Hannah that will be in the range of Qassam rockets once Israel withdraws its forces from northern Samaria? What will Israel do if a ground-to-air personal missile, even the primitive Strela-7, will hit a plane coming to land in Ben-Gurion International airport? Who will pay the six billion Israeli shekels needed to compensate the people for their relocation, the addiional three billion for the redeployment of the IDF plus the additional billions of shekels needed to compensate for the serious damage to the Israeli water resources company up north? Has the prime minister really fully considered, analyzed the consequences of tearing apart our society? What are we getting for it? And you sir, are trying to see the underlying deep thinking behind it. I see none, with all due respect, I see none.

Throughout the process, from when Ehud Olmert floated the test balloon and then the prime minister announced he would push for the destruction of Jewish communities, it has seemed that the only one truly acting with complete resolve, determination and commitment to a plan of action has been Sharon. Why are the MKs allowing Sharon to trample on the most basic principles of the Jewish state - that Jews should be safe from the persecutions of the Diaspora?
Moshe Wolfish
Maryland, U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

In Israel, the right-wing national camp is usually stronger than the extreme left wing camp. In the last Knesset, the right wing had around 68 votes versus 52 on the left altogether. If Sharon has managed to persuade using various methods 13 Likud members to switch their positions, which tilts the balance altogether and makes it possible to promote a clear left-wing extreme policy, which is of course done in a non-democratic or in a democratically-illegitimate manner. Why does Mr. Sharon change his mind? I have no clue. I have known Mr. Sharon for decades. I was a firm supporter of his policies. I understood his reasoning. I don't understand anything now. He is a different man and there is neither ideological nor pragmatic logic in this disengagement plan.

The new Palestinian Authority is seen to be working well and keeping the situation under control, but contrary to their promises, the Israelis have not released more prisoners or turned over more cities to PA control. There is growing concern that the settlements are still being expanded, which is becoming more and more important as the pullout is getting closer.

What do you think about criticism that the truce between Israel and the Palestinians is in imminent danger due to Israel's unwillingness to meet its commitments?
Rajarshi Chaudhuri
Campbell, U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

Perhaps we don't mean the same thing when we speak about the new Palestinian Authority. From every crack of their structure you see that they are not working well, in fact at this particular time as Israel has stopped its campaign against the different terror organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad extremists, they are using this time in order to re-arm, smuggle more weapons and train themselves, to prepare for a new round of terror attacks. Abu Mazen, the new Palestinian leader, is simply ignoring all of that on purpose, he isn't dismantling the terrorism infrastructure in contrast to the road map agreement that was signed a year and a half ago. He hasn't cracked down on terrorists, he hasn't collected illegal arms. In the Palestinian schooling system they continue to use those textbooks that describe the Jews as the enemy of mankind, the plague of the third millennium, as Satan on earth, that they should be prepared to carry out suicide bombings in order to obliterate us. All this continues under Abu Mazen, so when you say that the PA is now keeping the siuation under control, I don't know what the heck you are talking about. Perhaps in the USA you are failing to read the proper information that is available to every person who wants to read it. That Israel didn't relase more prisoners? The hundreds that we have already released without a reciprocal plan, isn't that a sufficient number? Are you expecting Israel to release terrorists with blood on their hands in the hope that this will encourage future peace rather than promote terrorism? And therefore we have responsibility to the safety of our citizens and after the loss of one thousand of our citizens just over the past four years, after following such suggestions as releasing many prisoners, evacuating Palestinian cities and the like, that we have done in the hope that this will bring peace, of course we are much more careful, as you would be if you were in our situation.

Why doesn't the government of Israel hold real dialogue with the Palestinian Authority about a final status agreement?
Santiago, Chile

Uzi Landau:

Because you need two to tango. And the Palestinians have never ever handled a real dialogue with us. The Egyptians did and we have peace, the Jordanians did and we have peace. The Palestinians use negotiations only to get on the table concessions that they coubdnlt have gotten otherwise and this process of unilateral stopped, they turned immediately to use terroism.

You have distinguished your position from those of other anti-withdrawal MKs by calling it a security decision. With this and the disintegration of the Likud's political ideology in mind, why aren't you and your allies in the Likud willing to break away from the party? (A similar question was asked by Ben from New York)
Ramon Epstein
Acre, Israel

Uzi Landau:

First of all, it's not Likud political ideology that disintegrated. Weak Likud political leaders changed their policy but the majority of Likud's membership still hold strong to the very basic principles. I think that it would be a grave mistake to break away from Likud and form a new party. We have enough parties in Israel. The proper way is to debate these issues within the Likud and changing Likud's leadership and Knesset reps will put Likud back on track in two major points. First on reviving its defense and for political principles. Secondly, putting much more emphasis on cleaning Israeli politics of corruption. My anti-withdrawal arguments were also focused much on security reasons but not only. Two major non-security problems do develop.

First, under the important principle of reducing friction between us and the Arabs, Arik Sharon has decided to transfer people from their communities. The major problem there is he has decided to transfer 24 communities which are Jewish only. Why on earth doesn't it make sense based on the same important principle of reducing friction to move even one Arab community in the name of political wisdom. The Sharon government has simply laid down the precedent in the principle of reducing friction that the only people to be transferred are Jews. And this doesn't make any sense whatsoever and its unjust. The second problem has to do with the moral justice of our war with the Arabs on this land. There is only one Palestinian state - which is Jordan. Seventy percent of the population there is Palestinian. The queen was born in Tul Karm. The crown prince is Palestinian. So Jordan is Palestinians. There is another Palestinian state which Israel has agreed in the roadmap after certain conditions have been fulfilled. This does not satisfy the Palestinians.

Mr. Landau, First of all, I'm proud of your dignity and your commitment to defend the Jewish people. Given the fact that many on the Palestinian side still consider the "phased plan" of the destruction of Israel as part of their ideology, is there any alternative to giving in to the demand for a Palestinian state alongside Israel? Thank you and my best wishes to you and your family.
Yoseph Eshkenazi
Alberta, Canada

Uzi Landau:

There is no chance for any peace with the Palestinians unless terrorism is toally dismantled as a precondition. And once this is done and there is a chance for a new and different Palestinian leadership after an interim period, with the help of foreign countries such as the EU and the U.S., without the intervention of Israel, will develop democractic structure which will make it possible to elect a new Palesitnian leadership. After three years of this Palestinian leadership and a change in the Palestinian education system to teach their kids that they ought to have peace with Israelis rather than become suicide bombers, then it will be a proper time to sit and negotiate peace between us and the Palestinians. But anyone who speaks about any compromise or suggestion of a detailed plan is simply doing something that no one in a war is doing - that is making concessions already before the negotiations start. What you do in war is want to win and concessions you make with your defeated enemy after the war is decided and those concessions are mutual.

I know that it would be very nice to keep Gaza, even nicer to keep it without Palestinians, do you think that there is any hope of doing that and achieving peace, or do you feel that it is better to keep that land and continue losing our sons in a hopeless and futureless struggle?
Erwin Rosen
Ramat Gan, Israel

Uzi Landau:
First, I don't think Israel should have the intention to keep Gaza. Perhaps, Erwin, you might want to keep it. I don't. I thinking holding any piece of land, rather than transferring it to the pals, isn't really going to make any step forward to peace. On the contrary. It is only going to harm the chances of peace. The real problem we have with the Arabs is not any piece of land that they see in our hands as a provocation. Our very city of Tel Aviv is a provocation in their eyes. They are simply unprepared to accept our existence as an independent Jewish state here on what they consider to be Arab land. The question, therefore, as if it is better to keep the land and continue to lose our sons in future hopeless struggle is simply ill-defined, it is unfounded. I would like to attract your attention to the fact that we have handed over Gaza to the Palestinians as we did with vast areas in Judea and Samaria and basically they have control over 97 percent of the Palestinian population and are responsible for running their day-to-day aspects of life. But it is their perception that with terror, they can push us to even more far-reaching concessions than we made under Oslo. And that's why they pushed on with terror. If we were to have Swiss people or Canadians as our neighbors, peace would have been here long ago. But the Palestinians are not Canadians, they have no regard for human lives, human rights, written agreements. In the Middle East, is already clear there is no mercy for the week, regardless of the territory they are on. Gaza is not the issue. The issue is the state of mind of Israeli who fail to understand the after so many years of wars with the Arabs that it is only our strength and ability of deterrence and their total understanding that they have no military option that will be the real basis of a future negotiations for peace.

Uzi, why did you not try to topple the government earlier by voting against them in no confidence votes? Do you see yourself as a future PM and if so will you challenge Arik Sharon for the leadership of the party, or will you set up a new, true right-wing party? Delaware, U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

Well, I did vote against the government but to topple a policy you need to have a majority but the left in Israel and non-partisan members of the Knesset such as Abdelmalik Dehamshe and Taleb A-Sana joined with the prime minister to promote a policy that transfers Jews only. I believe that the promotion or nominating seven additional deputy ministers was done with the purpose of solidifying the camp of the prime minister for future votes in the Knesset. I can sssure you Prime Minister Sharon will not the be only one competing to be the Likud candidate for prime minister. If I also join the race, I haven't yet decided on that, but I'm considering it.

Don't you think that it is imperative for Israel to separate itself from the Palestinians? Do not you think that we must separate even if it is a unilateral separation, for our own safety and to keep Israel as a Jewish and a democratic state?
Jerusalem, Israel

Uzi Landau:

Truly I think it is imperative for Israel to separate itself from the Palestinians. This is why I was the first minister in the cabinet who demanded to build the fence. I did that as being responsible for Israel's police. Interestingly enough, Sharon of Likud, and Peres and Ben-Eliezer of Labor were against it. And I think we have to go for separation also if it should be done unilaterally. But the "disengagement" plan is not the real separation. It is called disengagement from Gaza in order to attract the sympathy of the majority of people. But we have really pulled out of Gaza 10 years ago. All the highly populated areas of the Gaza Strip have no Israelis whatsoever. Pal terrorist pushed us back, forced us to go back after the Park Hotel bombing on March 2002, to the hearts of the cities - Tul Karm, Qalqilyah, Jenin and Nablus in order to stop terrorism. But we haven't gone back to the city of Gaza. That's why terrorism from northern Samaria cities such as Jenin gradually diminished while in Gaza they continues to launch their rockets at the Katif region communities. The IDF did deploy surrounding Gaza in order to stop the launching of these rockets. But as we haven't chased the terrorists to their dens, Qassam rockets are still launched. The only thing that we do in Gaza is that we pull out from regions where we have no Arabs and that were separated from Arabs in the first place - such as the Katif region. This whole concept - as if we really disengage ourselves - is a hoax and is directed at naïve people who do not read the small letters of this plan.

If the disengagement takes place, will the Likud survive as a united party or will there be a formal break-up before the next election?
Jay Dershowitz
Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

Let me first stress that Likud's positions adopted by its major institutions such as its members referendum or decisions takens by its central committee have been totally violated by the present Israeli government, headed by Mrr. Sharon.

Sharon is executing a left-wing policy which is in contrast to Likud's policy. After this disengagement, if it takes place, the Likud will be different. It's clear to me that the Likud, if it wants to survive as a meaningful party must combine a vision with pragmatism. After disengagement there is no vision, and the Likud will have to reclarify and redefine the major debate will be on its future nature.

I should add that the very same problem stands before Labor. Labor today is a party that stands on opportunism - it has no vision. I guess the problem for Israel today is to have major parties for which a prime minister and government will be formed to lead the country are parties that have a vision and have a power and the skills to carry out this policy and that will have a position which one can argue for or against.

The situation today is that what one sees is many ministers and MKs in the big parties taking decisions not based upon what is best for the coutnry but rather what is best for themselves, and this is something that should be a major concern for those who care about the wellbeing and the future of the country.

The group I belong to - the loyalists or the faithful - we shall never leave Likud. We are those who carry the banner of what Likud is, in the Knesset and the public representing Likud's position since the time of Begin and Shamir, of course being adapted to the rpesent situation.

Dear Mr. Landau, As an Israeli and an ex-IDF officer I can understand your concern regarding security in the face of the pullout, but what is the alternative, another 37 years of status quo? Don't you think that it is time to give the average Palestinian some real hope, to show that Israel is serious and to finally have a legitimate and moral Israel behind recognized borders, regardless of theoretical Palestinian threats?
Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Uzi Landau:

Exactly the same question was raised 12 years ago, when the Oslo agreement was signed and many of us saw its imminent tremendous dangers to Israel's security on the one hand and its clear undermining for any chance for peace on the other hand. It took us a number of years and 1,400 proofs - in the form of 1,400 Israeli citizens that were murdered - to understand the tragedy of the underlying assumptions reflected in your question.

Are Palestinians' threats really theoretical or have we paid a heavy price when we made this Oslo mistake? Does the average Palestinian really need some real hope in order to stop terror? Basically what we see are two things: First in all of the surveys taken without exception, the majority of the Palestinians see the terror is rewarding and the real hope they see is using terror in order to obliterate Israel. The suggestion that Israel needs to show its seriousness in its approach in order to get legitimate borders I think is a fallacy.

All Israeli governments, left or right without exception, in all its previous negotiations wanted to have serious peace with all the Arab countries. So it was between Begin and Sadat of Egypt. So it is and so it was with Rabin and King Hussein's peace agreement. But with the Palestinians we haven't had the real partner, we haven't had a real will or wish on their side. And for many, many decades the only tool they rely upon is terrorism, which follows limited political processes that are unidirectional. The Palestinians continue to follow them on the condition it is Israel that makes compromises. The bottom line of this unilateral pullout, done without a partner on the other side, with no negotiations, with no agreement, will simply expose Israel to many, many risks in the future and will make peace much more distant.

Marlene Young is vice-president of TODA - Torah Organization for Disability Access, as well as an advocate for Israel. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, April 19, 2005.

Over the past few months I have taken every opportunity to explain to the public that the real issues behind the extermination of the Jewish communities in Gaza, the rest of Yeshah and ultimately all of Israel have nothing to do with political issues of peace or national security. It does have everything to do with money and very big money.

To fully understand the meaning of the Arutz-7 (www.INN.com) report below, it is necessary to read the expose' by David Bedein following the INN story. Another important bit of information is that not only are Peres and Weissglass politically and financially close to each other, they are actually neighbors living next to each other in the same luxury complex in North Tel Aviv.

The plan all along has been to get rid of the Jews in Gaza, steal their property and convert the area into a luxury hotel-casino resort. I have no doubt that the Sharon and Peres gangs have received advanced payment for this already and are anxious to "deliver the good" to their partners. The personal consequences to them and their organizations for not delivering would be extremely unhealthy.

This is only one of the many dirty deals that have been made by Israel's rulers with foreign interests and for the benefit of our enemies. Each one more treacherous than the next.

"Peres' Club-Med Solution," today's Arutz Sheva - IsraelNationalNews.com http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=80487 (This article ran in FrontPageMagazine.com on September 27th, 2004.)

(IsraelNN.com) Vice Premier Shimon Peres during a Paris meeting with President Jacques Chirac suggested the Gush Katif communities evacuated by Israel be converted into branches of Club-Med.

Peres feels while Israel debates if the homes of Gush Katif residents should be razed or made available to the PA, his Club-Med solution would provide a unique answer that would bring obvious economic advantages to the region.

Peres stressed new economic realities must be created in the region, adding there is no need to wait for the politicians to move ahead. He had words of praise for PA leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), who he stated is doing "good work".

" Rubbing Elbows with Arafat: Sharon's Top Advisor Represents 'Business Interests' of the Palestinian Authority," by David Bedein, http://israelvisit.co.il/cgi-bin/friendly.pl?url=Sep-27-04!NigudInteresssim www.IsraelBehindTheNews.com, 27th September, 2004.

"One of the Biggest Questions of the New Year Focuses Around the Question: What Would Motivate Ariel Sharon to Conduct His Current Policy with the Palestinian Authority?
The Answer: Business Interests."

The man who has been the most visible diplomat representing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in negotiations with the Palestinians and with the U.S. government has been a lawyer by the name of Dov Weissglass - the man who created and engineered Sharon's withdrawal plan, and the man whom Sharon has delegated to negotiate for Israel with U.S. National Security Advisor Condeleeza Rice and with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Weissglass's power in the government of Israel with Ariel Sharon at the helm has eclipsed the influence of the highest officials of the Israel Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense. Yet Weissglass has another identity.

Back in December 2002, Israel Resource News Agency uncovered the fact that Weissglass, then the office manager of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, was still in private business, listed in the Israel Corporate Registrar as the owner and operator of his law firm, Weissglass-Almagor and a business trust by a similar name

That finding was publicized in the weekly Israeli newspaper, Makor Rishon.

Why is that so important?

Well, it would be one thing if Weissglass's firm represented Zogloveck, Israel's kosher sausage firm.

However, Weissglass's law firm and business trusts represent the financial interests of the Palestinian Authority, including Muhammad Rashid, the treasurer appointed by Yassir Arafat to manage Arafat's illusive accounts which amount to several billion dollars.

Two Israeli journalists, Amos Harel and Avi Issacharov, have just published a book titled The Seventh War, in which they report that Weissglass actually celebrated the electoral victory of Ariel Sharon in the company of Muhammad Rashid on election night in February, 2001.

In June, 2003 Israel Resource News Agency uncovered the fact that Weissglass's law firm and business also represent the Palestinian casino firms, which are in part owned by PLO security chief Jibrl Rahoub, and by Yassir Arafat himself.

Why is that important, in light of the demise of the former Palestinian casino in Jericho, that was closed down when the Palestinian Intifada began in October, 2000?

According to the Palestinian tourist publication This Week in Palestine, plans are under way to build a new Palestinian casino and resort for tourists in "Southern Gaza", in place of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif that now reside there.

And who stands to profit? None other than Dov Weissglass, the architect of the Sharon plan to withdraw those very Jewish communities from Gush Katif.

The logical question to ask would be: Where is the law enforcement system in Israel that would act against any such conflict of interest and possible breach of security?

In January 2003, after it was revealed that the Prime Minister's office manager, Weissglass, still maintained his law firm and business outside his government job, the Israel Civil Service Commission looked into it and affirmed that Weissglass was indeed still registered in the Israel Corporate Register as part of that law firm. But they dismissed its importance, after Weissglass wrote to the commission that he had divested himself from his law firm and that he had sold all financial interests in his business. To support that claim, The Israel Corporate Authority in April 2003 reported that Weissglass finally removed his name from his law firm in the Israel Corporate Authority records and provided us with a document from the Israel Corporate Authority to prove it.

However, in April 2004, our agency uncovered what the Israel Civil Service Commission did not know, which was that Weissglass's name was still registered as the lawyer of record for two other firms which bore virtually the same company name, while also located at the same corporate address.

In May, 2004, the Israel Civil Service Commission declared that this represented a conflict of interest for Weissglass.

So in July, 2004 Weissglass quietly resigned his position as the Prime Minister's office manager, but received permission from the Israel Civil Service Commission to assume a new position as the all-powerful official "advisor" to PM Ariel Sharon.

In other words, although the highest echelons of the Israeli government are cognizant of the fact that Weissglass represents the business interests of Yassir Arafat, Weissglass was still allowed to continue to conduct negotiations on behalf of the state of Israel with all official levels of the Palestinian Authority and the United States government, even though Weissglass continues to represents the business interests of the Palestinian Authority.

You might call this a legalized conflict of interest, Middle East style.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

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Posted by Yehudit Tayar, April 19, 2005.

This was written by Yehudit Tayar, a veteran spokesman for the Settlement Movement. She lives in Samaria with her husband and family.

The Hebrew title "Sar HaBitachon" is pathetic. "Bitachon" in Hebrew means security and "Sar" means Minister. What security is Shaul Mofaz ministering? I just came back from Katif where I have been fortunate to spend a great deal of my time for the past thirty years. The officers in our army cannot look us in the eye. They sit helpless while dozens of missiles hit Jewish civilian and military targets. They sit helplessly due to direct orders from this so-called minister of security. They know as we do that something can be done but that they have been told not to do anything even though 100 missiles have already hit us.

The launchers of these deadly missiles are televised and aired on Israeli T.V., so it is certainly not a question of finding them, only eliminating them. The callous policies of abandonment of citizens of Israel by this government are painfully reminiscent of the abandoning of one of our soldiers to bleed to death in the Tomb of Joseph under the orders of an Israeli government. That was the first time that I felt ashamed to be an Israeli.

Today I am ashamed for the Prime Minister, the so- called Defense Minister of Israel and all of those elected to office in order to give us security and protection because they have deliberately decided not to do so. While Mr. Sharon is off in the United States meeting with President Bush the citizens of Israel are under attack.

The demonic plan to uproot thousands of decent, patriotic and loyal citizens of Israel while terror is on the escalation throughout the land is dangerous not because of so-called Jewish extremists but because of real Muslem terrorists. The same terrorists that are found in Jerusalem spitting out hate and disclaiming the Jewish rights to the Temple Mount, the same hate that is perpetrating terror and the smuggling of weapons of destruction in Shechem, Ramalla, and the North of Israel.

Perhaps Prime Minister Sharon and Defense Minister Mofaz are waiting for us to return fire on to those who are firing on us and endangering our lives and the lives of our children. Perhaps they are seeking an excuse to confiscate our weapons that were given to us by legal license in order to protect our lives. Perhaps this is yet another attempt to smear us with the label of fanatics and extremists.

I invite them and all of you to come to see us in Katif. To see the children going off to nursery school and schools, to see the farmers working in their hothouses and fields, to see mothers shopping with their infants. Come and see the children playing, and the dignity of these wonderful Jewish pioneers who are determined to continue in the direction we have always gone: protecting the Torah, the Land and people of Israel by being the kind of Jews we are supposed to be. Neither the rockets and missiles of hate nor the disdain and callous abandonment of our government will change us.

Governments come and go. Prime Ministers and Defense Ministers disappear into the pages of history. We, the people of Israel go on and we will be here long after them. We are writing glorious pages in the history of our people: endurance, love, humility, and belief. Would that the governments and elected officials of our country and people prove the same loyalty to our Land and people.

You can contribute directly to The Jewish Community of Hebron, POB10, Kiryat Arba-Hebron 90100, hebron@hebron.org.il, 972-2-9965333 or write to The Hebron Fund, 1760 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, hebronfund@aol.com

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 19, 2005.


Israel's leftist newspapers have seized upon the Sasson report on outposts to denounce them as illegal, urge their demolition, and call the settlement enterprise unethical. The papers ignore the report's having been commissioned as a hatchet diatribe in support of PM Sharon's abandonment plan and as a whitewash of him. The papers praise him for having turned on that enterprise, which is where their lack of ethics comes in. They forgive those who turn to them, and ostracize those who turn away from them. They do not discuss the issues objectively.

Few are those who treat their own policies objectively. For themselves, most people are indulgent and rationalize. But the Left ignores the inconvenient facts and misrepresents the situation. It does not want to admit that Israel is not a government of laws but of men, i.e., of arbitrary government discretion and a thicket of bureaucracy that is slow to navigate through. Hence the quasi-legal status of some of the outposts.

PM Sharon has turned from demagogue to not totally a dictator yet but severing more of and more of the remaining threads of democracy in Israel. His is what one should call a "managed democracy." The Left long has supported illegality in line with its unpatriotic proclivities. Thus it condemned the police for self-defense against the Arabs and ignores policy brutality against Jewish nationalists. It punishes as "racists" truthful critics of the Arabs, but grants immunity to those Arabs, who advocate the destruction of the state and work towards it, one way being by indoctrinating their people in antisemitism. The Far Left urges Israeli troops not to serve the national defense in Yesha, and the Near Left condones this organized mutiny, but condemns Israeli troops who decline to serve national destruction in Yesha, under Sharon's "Disengagement" plan, which involves attacking Jews who don't give up their homes and the national patrimony there.

It hardly becomes the hypocritical Left to act indignant against the outposts, some of which were not completely through the process of legalization but sincerely applied as appropriate. Those steps, however, depended on government officials performing their duties. The officials procrastinated. That is not the fault of settlers.

As we have pointed out, some of the outposts were really just the start of new neighborhoods within existing municipal boundaries. Would any normal country condemn people for building within their own town? Then again, no normal country plans to cede portions of its homeland to its enemy and condemns patriots for objecting.

Some of the outposts are intended to act as informal security posts, being positioned at the likeliest sites of ambush, as learned from hard experience. Why didn't the government set up those security posts, themselves? Aren't the volunteers who did to be commended?

In expressing indignation, the Left adds insult to injury.


About half the Evangelists believe in "replacement" theology. They believe that God has replaced the Covenant with the Jews by a Covenant with the Christians. Accordingly, the Jewish people no longer have a sacred right to the Holy Land.

The other half believe that the Christian Covenant is in addition to the Jewish one. They support the Jewish state. The late Pope made this belief Catholic doctrine.

Unfortunately, Pres. Bush is a "replacement" Christian. So is Sec. Rice. Friends of Israel may expect no comfort from that pair. If this had been understood before, not so much hope would have been squandered on Bush.


Abbas said he let the radical militias opt for a ceasefire (which they violate). It was voluntary, he said, because the P.A. is a democracy. He did not pledge their disarmament. He denied that those militias are responsible for recent terrorism. He said individuals did it on their own. Since they had to cross Israel's security fence, he holds Israel responsible. (Is the policeman responsible for crime he didn't intercept? Then what about the P.A.'s own security lines?) The "Time" magazine interviewers did not ask why a fence that hinders terrorism is responsible for it.

Hamas' successful debut into municipal elections did not faze Abbas. He interpreted their entering politics as a wholesome development (and later called it democratic). The interviewer did not ask how their being in politics reduces their being in terrorism (IMRA, 3/7) or fails to degrade politics.

Individuals are not able to perpetrate sophisticated acts of terrorism. Their motivation often comes from pressure by terrorist groups condoned by the P.A., from wishes to evade shame over personal matters, and from P.A. propaganda over the media and in the schools. Abbas is lying.

His notion of democracy does not allow for enforcement of law and order against criminals. Nor does he consider fellow jihadists criminals. Hamas contributing to democracy would be like a US Communist Party contributing to democracy. Totalitarians don't contribute to democracy, they participate in it to destroy it.

His answers reveal a devious mind and himself to be an enemy of Israel and of peace.


"Egyptian Feminist Dr. Nawal Al-Sa'dawi Announces Candidacy for Presidency; Explains Women Can Lead Countries; Calls on 70 Million Egyptians to Fight U.S. and Israel." She supports the use of female human bombs, whom she calls victims of occupation.

She also said, "we need to start to change the Egyptian and the Arab way of thinking, to encourage critical thinking, and to base educational values on debate, dialogue, and critical thinking, and not on obedience and subjugation." "I want to amend the law and to separate between religion and state in all of the laws, including the personal status law - this, together with a free market and a war on American-Israeli-European imperialism..." (IMRA, 3/9 from MEMRI.)

The Arab will murder you and then complain that he is your victim. Arabs now call themselves democratic, because the Western media praises them for it instead of seeing through it,(not that there aren't some democrats among them, though Abbas and Mubarak are not such, but what good is her democracy and feminism? She would continue the war but infuse it with the strength of her gender.


A Greek Orthodox man brought suit in Israel against the election of Irineos as Greek Patriarch. The judge ruled that the election was illegal; a new one must be held (Arutz-7, 3/9).


Iraqi insurgents have been able to blow up US military vehicles that had not been armored. An Israeli company won the contract to provide 2,000 such vehicles with armor (IMRA, 3/9).


Israel and the P.A. supposedly devised a policy of testing P.A. reduction of terrorism by withdrawing IDF forces from certain P.A. cities. The P.A., however, declared that it would not use force to eradicate terrorism, but would try to persuade the terrorists to put their arms on the rack for a while. (That solves little.) The P.A. further declared that it would not do even that, unless Israel agreed immediately to other negotiations and to agree according to how the P.A. wants them to proceed. No wonder that the IDF wishes to maintain checkpoints around one of the first of such cities, Jericho, to at least restrict terrorists there from fanning out. The P.A. demands that Israel relinquish those checkpoints, too.

The P.A. has not relinquished terrorism. To the contrary, it uses terrorism as blackmail. This tactic is the fight-talk-fight tactic that the N. Vietnamese Communists taught the PLO. To them, warfare and negotiations mutually reinforce each other. Israelis naively think that negotiations are undertaken to end the warfare and the whole conflict.

Further evidence of continued terrorism under Abba is his assurance to Hamas that after negotiations fail, Hamas could resume armed struggle. Negotiations tend to fail, because the Arabs' ultimate goal is total subjugation of Israel, and the Muslim Arabs always invent more grievances. As Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, advised the Sudetenland Germans, always demand more than the enemy possibly can agree to, but keep the negotiations going.

The two parties are at an impasse. Will the US take sides? If the US demands that Israel yield on its measures against certain terrorism, instead of that the terrorist entity yield to Israeli security measures, would Israel stand up for national security? (Dr. Aaron Lerner, IMRA, 3/11).

PM Sharon usually gives in to US demands.


"Religious soldiers at every level will be replaced by less motivated but ideologically pliable secular Israelis and also by Ukrainians, Turks, Egyptians, Americans and British MI5 agents, all of whom are already in the country in large numbers, and by "Palestinians" presently undergoing "special training" with Israeli government approval. These and the ideological kibbutznikim who volunteer to brutalize the "settlers" will form the psychopath squads who will do the dirty work of expulsion."

"Of course, they will all wear IDF uniforms so that no "settler" will open fire on them. But that is already taken care of. It has already been reported by Ha'aretz, the PLO's favorite Hebrew paper, that there are settlers who would open fire on other settlers to provoke them into firing on the army, which will force the army, yes force the army, to fire on the "settlers." (They will not be called "civilians," innocent or otherwise, as they call the "Palestinians" who willingly serve as human shields to protect the terrorist perpetrators of mass murder.) The modus operandi is clear: a Shabak agent provocateur, a latter day Avishai Raviv, disguised as a "settler" will fire the first shot in the direction of the IDF, justifying the ensuing massacre and civil war." (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/12 from Yaakov Perez Golbert.)

What other reason would there be for large numbers of Turks, Egyptians, Ukrainians, and British Intelligence agents to be in Israel?

How a civil war would weaken Israel, especially in morale. It would destroy the patriotic element. The Army should arrest Sharon and the secret service agents involved in the dirty tricks.


He said that terrorism is an attack on human rights and on the rule of law, and urged a global campaign against it. The right to resist occupation does not justify deliberately attacking civilians. Terrorism is one of the major menaces of the century. He suggested a legal definition for it (there already is a practical definition) the strategy for dealing with it, and no longer letting it continue under the umbrella of protracted negotiations:

1. "Dissuade disaffected groups from choosing terrorism as a tactic to achieve their goals." Terrorists believe that their methods are effective and their people approve of them.

2. "Deny terrorists the means to carry out their attacks;"

3. Deter states from supporting terrorists;"

4. "Develop state capacity to prevent terrorism;"

5. "Defend human rights in the struggle against terrorism." (IMRA, 3/12.)

He should reject the rationalizations used by the Arabs to contend that the obviously civilian people they attack are not civilians.


Israeli officials are delivering speeches at such appeasement-minded US organizations that it once ignored, such as Americans for Peace Now and the Israel Policy Forum.

Consular officials also have been urging mainstream US Jewish organizations not to "second-guess" Israel. ZOA, however, pointed out that it is not a part of the government of Israel and its duty is to promote policies it thinks best for the Jewish people. Accordingly, ZOA opposes US aid to the P.A., whereas AIPAC, a tool of the government of Israel, calls this an historic opportunity to be seized by giving such aid (IMRA, 3/12).

The government careens from one blunder to another, from Oslo to Map to Abandonment. That managed democracy has its nerve trying to silence Jewish opposition in the name of democracy.

The poor Jews of Israel are being abandoned to a looming Holocaust, just as our brethren in Europe were. They don't see it coming. It is imminent, because when Sharon abandons Yesha, and especially if the US cajoles Israel out of the Golan, the Arabs would be able finally to conquer Israel. This time they are in a more murderous mood than in their earlier attempts, after having come to a blacker view of the Jewish people as an alien and evil race.

The difference between this second Holocaust and the first one is that this time, the gentiles have succeeded in getting the Jews to bring it about. It would be a double disaster by killing million of Jews and dispossessing the Jewish people so soon after they have recovered their homeland.


The P.A. news agency claimed that the IDF shot a large number of peaceful demonstrators against confiscation of some land in the P.A. for erection of the security barrier. It did not use those terms. It calls the IDF "Israeli Occupation Forces;" confiscation is " annexation; land purchased in that part of the Jewish homeland are "colonies".

"Haaretz" reported that police did not shoot bullets but used tear gas and stun grenades. It said that the demonstrators clashed with police and threw stones at them, wounding one soldier. So much for their "peaceful demonstration" (IMRA, 3/12).

The Arabs are among the greatest colonizers in history. They wrested Pakistan from India, N. Africa and most of the Mid East from the Christians and Jews, and are making another bid to take over Europe.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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IMAGINE - NOT LIKE JOHN LENNON, AT ALL! I don't want to be sued by Yoko Ono
Posted by Batya Medad, April 18, 2005.

A Very Special Musing

Imagine if everyone says no
It's easy if you try
No hell of disengagement
No reason to reason to kiss our homes goodbye
Imagine all the people
Refusing government orders...

Imagine if during World War II
the Germans would have refused
What the Nazis had ordered them to do
Hitler would have been jailed
And the Six Million would have lived
and realized that their home was here...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But Herzl and the chalutzim* were, too
I hope you'll really join us
And make this dream come true

Imagine no terror
It's easier than you think
Just refuse to participate
In the destruction of our state
Better to be jailed
Than just hoping...

Imagine if all the teachers
and civil servants, too
and workers of all sorts
were jailed by Tzippi Livne
for saying what we thought

Who would teach the children?
Who would sort the mail?
Who would drive her to her meetings?
Who would cut Sharon's hair?
Imagine if more people
Would say what they think

We could rescue our nation

There would be no disengagement

You may say I'm a dreamer
But it's all up to me and you
Because together we have the power
To make this dream come true

*chalutzim were the early Zionist pioneers who established the kibbutzim and Jewish communities

This is Musing #113. Batya Medad lives in Shiloh. She can be reached by email at Shilohmuse@yahoo.com or visit her website http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/ or go to http://www.shilo.org.il

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Posted by Yoram Ettinger, April 18, 2005.

Enclosed you'll find my own paraphrased version of Daye'noo.

Hang Tough, Happy Passover, and may Israel's policy-makers revisit the significance of eating a hard boiled egg during the Seder. Just like the egg (which unlike other food it gets harder the longer it is boiled) so is the Jewish People - the heavier the pressure (by Pharaoh and since) the more defiant and hardened they get, thus enhancing their image in the eyes of the world.

If the 17th century Puritans in the Colonies had only respected the Old Testament, but had not been more Talmudic than many American Rabbis, Daye'noo (It would've sufficed);

If the Puritans had only been more Talmudic than many American Rabbis, but John Locke - who inspired the Founding Fathers and read Hebrew - had not tried to make the Laws of Moses the law of the land, Daye'noo (It would've sufficed);

If John Locke had tried to make the Laws of Moses the law of the land (and enticed Jews to come to So. Carolina, which he co-founded), but Harvard University had not required - during its first hundred years - Hebrew studies in order to get a degree, Daye'noo;

If Harvard U had required Hebrew studies, and if Yale U had chosen the High Jewish Priest Seal as its own Seal ("Oorim veToomim" in Hebrew letters), but the authors of the US Constitution had not been invigorated - also - by Moses, Aharon, Joshua and Samuel when highlighting Liberty, Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances, Daye'noo;

If the US Founding Fathers had been inspired by the Old Testament, and Jefferson had proposed the parting of the sea as the official Seal of the US, but the Liberty Bell had not been inscribed with Leviticus 25:10 ("Proclaim Liberty upon all its inhabitants thereof"), Daye'noo;

If the Liberty Bell had been inscribed with Leviticus 25:10, and Moses and the Ten Commandments had featured at the ceiling of the US Supreme Court, but Lowell Thomas - the radio icon - would not have stated on May 15, 1948: "Americans read the Old Testament as a background for this historical day [Independence of the Jewish State]," Daye'noo;

If Lowell Thomas had expressed America's solidarity with the re-birth of the Jewish State, but General Omar Bradley, then Chmn of the Joint C-o-S, had not contended in 1952 that Israel should have a special role in defense of the eastern Mediterranean, Daye'noo;

If General Bradley had highlighted Israel's potential strategic contribution to the US, as vindicated by the Six Day War (a USSR nightmare), but Israel had not snatched in 1970 the chestnuts out of the fire for the US (rolling back Syria's invasion of Jordan, which could have engulfed Saudi Arabia, while the US was bogged down in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), Daye'noo;

If Israel had snatched the Jordanian chestnuts out of the Syrian fire for the US, and if Israel had been the role-model of countering-terrorism when pulling off the 1976 Entebbe/Jonathan Operation, but had not destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, Daye'noo;

If Israel had destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 - thus facilitating a US conventional option against Iraq in 1991, sparing the US the cost of a nuclear confrontation - but had not introduced over 600 modifications into the latest generation of the F-16 (generating jobs, exports and national security for the US), Daye'noo;

If Israel had upgraded multitude of US military systems, but had not been (as suggested by Al Haig) the largest US Aircraft Carrier which can never be sunk and doesn't require a single US serviceman, and had not contributed to the US (as suggested by Senator Inouye) more intelligence than all NATO countries combined, and had not produced for the US (as suggested by Air Force General John Keegan) as much intelligence as five CIAs, Daye'noo;

If Israel had been a unique strategic ally, but had not shared with the US vital technologies in the areas of homeland security, commercial, defense and agro Industries (enhancing US competitive edge in the global market), Daye'noo.

How unique are the ties between Judeo-Christian USA and the Jewish State, founded upon shared long-term Judeo-Christian values (rather than short-term interests), and upgraded through joint-interests (stability, peace), mutual-threats (Islamic terrorism) and partnership-in-grief (the Columbia Shuttle tragedy)?

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger is a consultant on US-Israel relations and former Minister for Congressional Affairs to Israel's Embassy in Washington, DC, He served as Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern US.

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 18, 2005.

This comes from Turks US and is archived at http://www.turks.us/article.php?story=20050416070920253

Denmark's Queen Margrethe II claimed that Islam poses a global threat and urged government to show no tolerance toward the Muslim minority in the north European country, reported the Telegraph on Friday, April 15.

"We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance," the queen said in an official biography published on Thursday, April 14.

The queen told her biographer Annelise Bistrup that Islam is posing a major challenge to the whole world which requires taking serious measures to face it.

"We are being challenged by Islam these years - globally as well as locally.

"It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy."

Queen Margrethe, who turns 65 on Saturday, April 16, said the country could have handled "this challenge a bit better, if we had realized what we were up against".

The monarch who has ascended the throne since 1972, wields no political power in the north European country but does occasionally give comments on political issues.


Queen Margrethe said she was feeling frightened from Muslim "extremists" who have dedicated their life only for religion, Reuters said.

"There is also something frightening about such a totality which is also a part of Islam."

She stressed that certain response must be shown "and sometimes one must run the risk of being labeled in a less flattering way. Because there are certain things with which one should not be tolerant."

The monarch said there is "something impressive about people for whom religion imbues their existence, from dusk to dawn, from cradle to grave."

The Danish government announced last year plans to curb the activities of "radical" religious leaders, a measure seen as specifically targeting imams.

The rules oblige religious leaders to be financially self-sufficient, speak Danish and respect Western values or risk being declared persona non grata.


The monarch said immigrants in the Nordic country should learn the Danish language in order to easily integrate into society.

She maintained "it is wise to make demands on the language. We should not be content with living next to each other. We should rather live together."

Many newcomers do not learn Danish and unemployment rates among them is still much higher than among Danes, as are crime rates.

Immigrants make up about 8% of Denmark's 5.4 million -- about a third of them come from other EU countries or North America.

Among the immigrants is Margrethe's daughter-in-law, the very popular Crown Princess Mary, who is from Australia.

But Denmark has cracked down on migration in the past three years and the anti-immigrant Danish People's Party, an ally of the center-right government, has pushed through laws making it harder to bring in foreign spouses or qualify for asylum.

Danish Muslims - estimated at 170,000 or around 3 per cent of Denmark's 5.4 million - sounded the alarms that much more restrictive steps would be taken by the government in future.

Islam is Denmark's second largest religion after the Lutheran Protestant Church, which is actively followed by four-fifths of the country's population.

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Jerome S. Kaufman, April 18, 2005.

This essay is from the book jacket of "Broken Covenant" by Ambassador Moshe Arens, 1995.

In this no-holds-barred account, Moshe Arens, Israel's former Foreign Minister and Defense Minister, lays bare the harsh realities of U.S.-Israeli relations during the tumultuous period of the Palestinian uprising known as the Intifada and the climactic Persian Gulf War. During those years, diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Washington plummeted, as President George Bush's administration, (With current American Jewish hero and media darling, Dennis Ross in the lead - jsk) in pursuit of U.S. interests in the Middle East, interfered in Israeli domestic politics, refused Israel vital military intelligence during the Gulf War, and attempted to bring down Israel's democratically elected government.

In January, 1989, just weeks before Moshe Arens became Foreign Minister, the U.S. government began a dialogue with Yasser Arafat's infamous terrorist group, the PLO. At the time, the Intifada was in full swing in the occupied territories west of the Jordan River, and Israel's new Likud-led coalition government was eager to begin peace negotiations with the Palestinians, as well as with the surrounding Arab countries that were at war with Israel.

Arens charges that the opposition Labor Party, led by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, was increasingly willing to make concessions to Israel's Arab neighbors that would weaken Israel's national security. Secretary of State James Baker and President Bush circumvented, and ultimately undermined, the legitimate Israeli leadership in Jerusalem by entering into backdoor negotiations with Rabin and Peres, who were willing to accede to Arab demands for PLO representation at the negotiating table. As a direct result Israel's coalition government fell apart in early 1990, and Shamir was forced to form a new government in which Arens became Defense Minister.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, the U.S. began a pattern that would continue throughout the Gulf War, refusing to provide Israel with military intelligence on Iraqi troop movements and missile launcher sites, even as Israel was being attacked. The U.S. gave repeated assurances that they would eliminate the Scud threat to Israel, yet missiles continued to fall within Israel's borders for six weeks. Arens's efforts to deploy Israel's owe military forces were constantly rejected by U.S. Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney and other members of the Bush administration In the meantime, while the U.S. raised funds for Arab countries that had been economically weakened by the war, Israel received almost no economic aid.

After the war, as Israel's peace effort resumed, Shamir and Arens continued to resist external pressure to make unwarranted concessions to the Arabs. The Bush administration resorted to strong-arm tactics to force its peace - agenda on the Israeli government, delaying a ten-billion-dollar loan guarantee intended to help Israel absorb recently arrived Soviet immigrants until U.S. terms were met. In the end, U.S. manipulation of Israel's internal political situation helped bring down the Shamir-Arens government in the 1992 elections and effectively restored the more conciliatory Labor Party to power.

The rejection of Bush's policy toward Israel by American voters committed to the U.S.-Israel alliance contributed to the defeat of Bush in the U.S. elections that followed. Posted by

Jerome S. Kaufman is National Secretary of the Zionist Organization of America. and host the Israel Commentary website (http://www.israel-commentary.org).

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 18, 2005.


The Iraqi jihadists published a list of their foreign volunteers killed in battle. Most are Arabs, especially Saudis and Syrians. Syria ought to be concerned about how many Syrian Islamists there are and what military training they are getting, because they may turn their sights on Syria. Some were people of means or educated and with potential. The Saudis came in groups, indicating strong Islamist influence in their circles. The Saudi clergy made statements in support of the insurgency, without Saudi government contradiction. S. Arabia is making a mistake in not following Egypt's lead of imprisoning returned jihadists. Returnees with military experience pose a threat to their own societies.

"Particularly striking in the above list is the absence of Egyptians among foreign Arab volunteers for the insurgency in Iraq, even though Egypt is the largest Arab country, with millions of sympathizers of Islamist groups. It is also known that many Egyptians, including professionals among them, arrived in Iraq looking for work, and some of them were taken hostage by insurgent groups. Hundreds of Egyptians also took part in previous Islamist battles in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya. The absence of Egyptians from the list may be explained by a significant decline in the influence of Jihadi groups in Egypt; the harsh oppression of Islamists by the Egyptian authorities; the mass trials of Egyptians who returned from other regions where Islamists staged insurgencies; and the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. While the Brotherhood does support the Jihad in Iraq, it advocates a strategy of propaganda only, demanding of its adherents to strictly refrain from physical participation in the Iraqi Jihad."

Of the Iraqis, very few are Islamists (IMRA, 3/4/05).


Vice-PM Peres pointed out that Syria needs to keep occupying Lebanon because it planted a million workers in that country, from which it earns 20% of its income.

He noted that if Syria withdrew, Israel could make a separate peace with Lebanon, because there are no territorial or water conflicts with Lebanon (IMRA, 4/5).

He makes sense about the Syrian economy. I haven't noticed him making sensible statements in years, but perhaps that is because his numerous insensate statements get one's attention.

There is a water conflict with Lebanon, but I think Peres means that it is fomented by Syria. Whether Israel could make peace with Lebanon depends on Lebanon containing Hizbullah and wanting peace. It would be an uneasy peace, for at any time, Lebanon could backslide. The peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan have not normalized relations with those countries; they pursue other means against Israel.


Israeli TV broadcast a mock news report from the training kit for evacuation troops. It mentions high casualties among people opposed to the abandonment.

Why such training? To get the troops used to slaying opponents of national betrayal. Why release the training piece? To cow opposition. The government again is conducting psychological warfare against its own people (IMRA, 3/6).

It is a crazy Jewish state that brutally expels loyal Jews from part of the Jewish homeland, and "kindly" leaves disloyal Israeli Arabs or enemy P.A. Arabs in place and indignantly calls the thought of removing them unethical. Leftwing ethics means Jewish deaths, at the hands of those Arabs.


As we've discussed before, the government of Israel cites the example of the abandonment of Lebanon as a model for the abandonment of Gaza. Deputy PM Olmert declared that there were no attacks from Lebanon, since the IDF withdrew from it. Actually, there has been a terrorist arms buildup at the Lebanese border and dozens of attacks. Those attacks were not publicized in Israel. Apparently, Dep. PM Olmert is counting on the inadequacy of the biased media to get away with false claims.

A dissident journalist, David Bedein, brought the attack statistics to Olmert's attention. Olmert walked away, saying he did not want to talk about it (Arutz-7, 3/6).


"Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has, as part of his 'Disengagement Plan' told to the public, Media and Knesset that great amounts of money will be saved because the military will no longer be needed to protect the Jews of Gaza. Even as he put forward this rationale, Sharon knew that he had to put even more soldiers in a re-deployed position, at great expense and risk." His advisers warned that an unmonitored Gaza would attract terrorists and weapons. "Israel will have to create an impenetrable barrier of men, electronics, armor to prevent well-armed and highly motivated Terrorists from reaching Israel's densely populated coast area." Thanks to his restraint of IDF operations in Gaza, weapons already are flowing into Gaza, in anticipation. Gaza likely would become a base for the Iraqi insurgents, too.

The cost just of moving soldiers "from expensive base encampments has not yet surfaced as part of his Voodoo budget." He has failed to initiate counter-measures, lest the real costs prove daunting, and his abandonment plan seen as disastrous. Israel needs to freeze its plans, elect an honest government, and get a true audit (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/6).

The plan has been a web of deception from the start. Gaza would not be "Easier to defend after withdrawal."


The "Jordan Times" states that its country is returning to the terms of the peace treaty with Israel. It denies having violated them. It blames Israel as a violator, for "aggression" against the western Palestinian Arabs. (To the Arabs, Israeli self-defense is aggression.) IMRA notes that the "Times" really is admitting that by not adhering to the treaty, Jordan is not reliable. (What Arab state is?) Jordan is asking Israel to release Jordanian prisoners, regardless of their crimes, as a confidence-building gesture. IMRA asks, what confidence-building gesture is Jordan doing? Why doesn't it remedy its antisemitic curriculum and enforce the treaty against the professional associations' boycott of Israel (IMRA, 3/6). Why does Israel have to gain Jordan's confidence, again, when it is Jordan that is unfaithful? The term, "confidence-building," is just an excuse for demanding unwarranted concessions.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Women in Green, April 18, 2005.
This was written by Cal Thomas.

After meeting on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President Bush said, "The United States is committed to Israel's security and well being as a Jewish state, including secure and defensible borders. We're committed to preserving and strengthening Israel's capability to deter its enemies and to defend itself."

The president did not say what he meant by such a "commitment," but it is hard to accept that Israel's security is preserved and strengthened when the American government, over several administrations, has pressured various Israeli prime ministers into relinquishing land to its sworn enemies.

The two sides haven't even gotten to the road map yet and are still in what might be called the "pre-road map stage." But Sharon has said that even in this stage, certain conditions must be met before moving to the road map, itself.

These, reasonably, include a full cessation of terror, violence and incitement, the dismantling of terror groups and collection of their weapons, as well as the cessation of smuggling of terrorists and weapons, particularly from Egypt, through the Gaza Strip and into Israel.

None of these conditions, which are spelled out in the road map, have been met, but that does not deter President Bush, or those who have preceded him, from pressuring Israel to give more.

On every previous occasion when Israel has caved to U.S. pressure and ceded territory vital to its own defense, the Palestinian and Arab side has behaved like a giant boa constrictor. It swallows its prey, rests for a bit to digest it, and then starts looking for more.

The Bush Administration wants to send additional tax dollars to the Palestinians to build infrastructure. If new Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas wants money for Palestinian infrastructure, he can draw on considerable amounts socked away in secret Swiss bank accounts by the late Yasser Arafat.

According to Issam Abu Issa, former chairman of the Palestine International Bank, Arafat misappropriated hundreds of millions of dollars, and he and some of his cohorts became millionaires while they allowed many Palestinians to live in squalor. Read all about it in the fall 2004 issue of Middle East Quarterly.

If one visits the State Department's Web page on which the "road map" appears, one finds the headline "A Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict."

The key words are "performance-based." So far, it is only Israel that has been doing the performing. The Palestinians have limited their performance to lip service and meaningless gestures.

In the past, the Palestinians were happy to reduce incidents of terror in order to get the next piece of land. After they got it, the terror resumed because terror is at the center of their strategy to capture all the land. What they don't get by intimidation, they will try to take by all-out war at the appropriate time.

Phase One of the road map was supposed to be completed in May, 2003. It called for "ending terror and violence, normalizing Palestinian life and building Palestinian institutions." Since not one of these objectives has been realized, even in the "pre-road map" period, how could anyone other than a cockeyed optimist believe that the Palestinians are serious about co-existing with Israel?

Sharon has repeatedly said that moving forward depends on these steps. Yet he acknowledges the problem of continuing terror, although at different levels of intensity. So, if it is a condition for "moving forward" that the terror completely stop, but yet the terror continues, why is Israel moving forward anyway?

Doesn't he make the case against the very policy he is implementing, which includes the uprooting of thousands of Jews in Gaza (along with the evacuation of their cemeteries and synagogues)? It was none other than Sharon who urged these Jews to live in Gaza in the first place.

The flaw from the beginning has been the belief that what Israel does or doesn't do affects the conduct of her enemies, whose policy remains the elimination of Israel - by hook, by crook or by road map.

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Moshe Feiglin, April 18, 2005.

Dear Friends,

Shmuel Sackett, co-founder and International Director of Manhigut Yehudit has just arrived in Israel and found UNBEARABLE POVERTY by holy Jews living in Immanuel, the Haredi settlement in the Shomron.

There are many Jews who cannot afford to make Pesach this year!! We are talking about buying Matzot and Wine!!

This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL and all money - 100% - will be given by Shmuel DIRECTLY to the poor families in Immanuel.

Since Pesach is THIS WEEK, there is NO TIME to mail checks. Please click here and donate via our secure server on your credit card. As soon as the donation is made, Shmuel will deliver the money.

May this be the LAST YEAR we need to help fellow Jews.

Please help as best you can and please respond QUICKLY!

With love of Israel,
Manhigut Yehudit
and Friends of Zo Artzeinu

Weekly Update for the 9th of Nissan 5765 (April 18)

How ridiculous was Sharon's latest media spin this week in the US. Sharon told the world about the threats to his life and his fears of a civil war. Sharon is in fact the most well-guarded person in the country.

The extreme Left and Sharon are deliberately forcing Israel into a civil war. In a real democracy, responsibility for preserving the unity of the nation lies first and foremost with the leadership. In the face of the "enlightened" Israeli despotism, we, the real leadership alternative, must assume responsibility.

Those who still don't understand this were given a horrifying reminder this week in the words of the secretary-general of Peace Now, Yariv Openheimer: "We're prepared for a civil war".

We shall defend Gush Katif and the State valiantly. We shall not permit the Left, that desires Jewish blood to be shed, to create provocative acts of mutual firing. We shall never bring weapons to the regions of the confrontation. Anyone who does so will be regarded as an agent provocateur and removed from the area.

We Have Already Won

Last week members of Young Manhigut Yehudit held a Shabbat in the settlement of Itamar. Before Shabbat Moshe Feiglin spoke with the young people, and his major argument was that we have already won in the strategic struggle. Furthermore, precisely because of the illogical, feverish desire to destroy Gush Katif and Northern Shomron, we can see that a narrow social stratum has lost its head after sensing our victory. It senses that it has lost its domination of the country and is being pushed aside by a new leadership layer. The old despotism, just like every dictatorial regime coming to an end, is leaving burnt earth behind it.

Obviously we must also win the tactical battle against the disengagement plan, and we believe that with G-d's help we shall do so. However, we must constantly keep the overall picture in mind. We are talking about a desperate rear-guard action being fought by a narrow, alienated social layer. We have to assume responsibility both for winning the current battle and for reaching leadership of the country as rapidly as possible, without G-d forbid being dragged into a civil war. Refusal to Obey Orders

Many important activities are taking place with the aim of preventing the disengagement. The first one is, of course, prayer. It is immediately followed by practical activities. The heroes of the period are those who are blocking the roads. These heroes know that they will sustain cruel blows, will be arrested, humiliated, and will encounter an especially anti-Semitic, hostile judicial system. Despite all this there are courageous young people who aren't prepared to ignore the crime of expulsion, and are transferring the problem to the center of the country

The blocking of educational institutions this week was an example of creativity. Those who are prepared to cut off Jewish communities from their homes, from their educational institutions, from the roads, phones, water, electricity, etc., will certainly be prepared to experience for a few hours the same feelings in their own neighborhoods.

It is reasonable to assume that constantly increasing circles will join these activities, but they still don't embrace the broad public. Until then every responsible citizen is required to find the appropriate niche in which he can participate in the struggle.

You can join the regular (legal) protests at the sides of road junctions. Tens of junctions are already being manned at regular times by the National Home group. This is a very effective activity that engages very large Police manpower, thus taking them away from the forces allocated to the disengagement plan.

However, the most significant activity, that will in the end decide the issue, is mass civil disobedience. The unique feature of this activity, apart from the tactical problem it creates, is that it represents in fact an alternative referendum. The soldiers are the nation, and if they refuse to obey orders in their masses this means that the nation is opposed to the disengagement plan and the "enlightened" despotism lacks the legitimacy to carry it out. (See Motti Karpel's article: The True Referendum -- Refusal to Obey Orders and Michael Fuah's article: Don't Look For Me at Home).

In the final analysis our strength does not lie in our ability to defeat the Establishment. (We have neither the ability nor the wish to do this.) Our strength lies in our ability to negate the legitimacy of the regime to carry out these crimes. Persistence in the struggle, accompanied by widespread disobedience, will with G-d's help lead to this result. In this context Manhigut Yehudit has published the booklet The Magic Button, that explains the obligation to refuse to obey orders, directed at the public that observes Mitzvot.

Revava Demonstration at the Temple Mount

Manhigut Yehudit supports all positive activities and therefore many of its leaders went to Jerusalem to identify with the activities planned to encourage the opening of the Temple Mount to Jewish Prayers. Michael Fuah, the Director of Manhigut Yehudit was detained for questioning when he attempted to enter the Kotel grounds with his family, to pray. The Meeting in the Beit She'an Likud Branch

Last Thursday Moshe Feiglin and Michael Fuah met with members of the Beit She'an Likud branch. The Beit She'an mayor and chairman of the branch, Mr. Jacky Levy, and the deputy mayor, Mr. Rafi Ben Shitrit, were present. The impressive attendance and the excellent atmosphere left the participants with a wonderful feeling. We look forward to continued cooperation and would like to thank the organizers, headed by Eitan Tibe, who set up the meeting.

Meeting with the Israeli Institute for Democracy

Just before midnight on that same evening a meeting was held in the settlement of Kedumim with members of the Israel Institute for Democracy. In Beit She'an we encountered the real representatives of the nation, who have been pushed aside. A few hours later, in Kedumim, we met with a fringe movement that persists in regarding itself as the real representatives of Israel.

Young Manhigut Yehudit Update

In recent weeks members of Young Manhigut Yehudit together with the National Home group have commenced protest activities aimed at arousing the struggle. To participate in the activities call 050-8739270 (Israel).

After Pesach we shall hold a great rally in Binyanei Ha'uma, Jerusalem and begin stage 2. Details will follow.

On Shabbat, parashat Tazriya, a Young Manhigut Yehudit conference was held in Itamar, on the subject of Liberty.

The fifth issue of Hamatzpen addresses the subject of Liberty. It presents various viewpoints on the topic. There is also an interview with Minister Natan Sharansky.

Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) is a group of people inside the Likud party who want to see Israel adopt a more Jewish character. Moshe Feiglin, its cofounder, has emphatically said he does not want a theocracy, but he does want a State based on Jewish values. The Manhigut Yehudit website address is http://www.manhigut.org. Or go to http://www.jewishisrael.org

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 18, 2005.

"How many of those who say they are unreservedly in support of the Khmer revolution would consent to endure one hundredth part of the present sufferings of the Cambodian people?"
- Francois Ponchaud, 1977

The Associated Press has a story today about the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia, whose 30 year anniversary is this week. It describes how ordinary Cambodians suffered, and it focuses on the plight of one representative Campbodian, Nai Oeurn:

"Thirty years later, after the 'killing fields' and the death of one-sixth of the Cambodian population, his dream has come to this: collecting cow dung for a living, earning 90 cents for a 3-foot-high pile that takes five days to collect."

We have a practical suggestion for Nai Oeurn and people like him. Why not file a suit against MIT professor Noam Chomsky?

Why Chomsky? Because throughout the years of the Cambodia's "killing fields", throughout the communist genocide committed against Cambodia's people, Noam Chomsky was the unofficial apologist and academic spokesman for the Khmer Rouge regime.

Chomsky insisted throughout the genocide that anything uncivil going on in Cambodia was all the fault of American imperialism. Throughout the massacres, Chomsky repeated communist propaganda and simply insisted over and over again that no massacres were taking place and that the countless news stories of such massacres were American disinformation. These statements of the Noam have been carefully cataloged by James Liberty here. Other collections of Chomsky citations can be found here and here and here.

Chomsky is the leading "academic" spokesman of anti-Americanism, hatred of Israel, endorsement of terrorism against the US and Israel, and defense of Holocaust Deniers. Chomsky thinks Bin Laden was just trying to pass on to us a message of truth that we needed to hear:

"They are telling us just what they think. The United States wants to silence the one free television channel in the Arab world because it's broadcasting a whole range of things from Powell over to Osama bin Laden. So the US is now joining the repressive regimes of the Arab world that try to shut it up. But if you listen to it, if you listen to what bin Laden says, it's worth it.

Chomsky is for the Khmer Rouge what David Irving is for the Jewish victims of World War II.

So happy anniversary, Noam Chomsky. Have a nice full meal at the expense of the victims of the Khmer Rouge starved to death in countless numbers!

Come to think of it, Chomsky long ago joined Nai Oeurn in collecting dung for HIS living as well, -- at the Masschussetts Institute of Technology to boot!

(For links, see www.discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/2005/04/ happy-anniversary-noam-chomsky.html)

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Beth Goodtree, April 18, 2005.

Being fairly non-religious, I believe on alternate days in an actively participating G-d and on the others I believe in A G-d who merely created everything and then took off on a permanent vacation. But I do know enough to recognize a pattern when I see one. And I am seeing a pattern of natural disasters that seemed deliberately aimed at some of the main population centers of Islam.

There is a very good website, which I check out twice daily, that lists all earthquakes around the world. It even gives a map for those of us who can't tell latitude from attitude and longitude from long underwear. It's run by the US Geological Survey and can be found here: http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/. There are also several good sites that provide daily updates of natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes and the like. I check those out on a daily basis too. I've been doing it since I became computer literate, in 2000.

Way back then, I noticed a distribution pattern in the earthquakes. They'd be fairly evenly scattered across the globe, with only occasional concentrations in one area, and then immediately going back to an even distribution across the globe. But recently I noticed a change in this pattern.

Now it is said that God does his work on Earth through nature. For example, it is quite possible that the column of smoke by day and fire by night that the escaping Israelites saw after their Exodus was, in fact, the plume from a volcano. This same volcano may also have been responsible for the plagues brought upon the Egyptians due to their slavery of the Jews.

We know from recent volcanoes that a huge eruption can cause darkness over the lands for many hundreds of miles. One of the plagues was the plague of darkness. Also, the rivers turned to blood and the fish died. This too could have been caused by an extreme volcanic eruption. Some volcanoes contain iron oxide, which is red. A massive eruption could have caused the fallout of iron oxide in the rivers of Egypt, killing off the fish.

Regarding the plague of boils, hundreds of people ended up in hospital emergency rooms with skin sores and rashes after the Mount Saint Helens eruption due to exposure to the acidic fallout ash. This same fallout caused livestock to perish or to be destroyed due illness from prolonged inhalation of the volcanic dust.

Of course, the fiery hailstorm to plague Egypt as described in Exodus is a common occurrence when a huge volcano blows. When Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980, it caused a cloud of pellet-sized volcanic debris to fall like hail. Burning pumice from the sky set fires on the ground, destroying trees and houses. Lightning flashed all over the area, created by the enormous turbulence inside the volcanic cloud. For days volcanic debris fell like hailstones, flattening crops for miles around.

This coincides with what is written in the Bible about what happened to Egypt.

Exodus 9:23-4: So there was hail, and fire flashing up amidst the hail, very grievous, such as had not been in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation. 4. And the hail smote throughout all the land of Egypt all that was in the field, both man and beast; and the hail smote every herb of the field, and broke every tree of the field.

In fact, most of the plagues can be attributed to a super eruption. And it just so happens that there was a super eruption at the time of the Exodus. It was on the Greek island of Thera, which is now called Santorini.

Santorini is a bay over six miles across that is actually a crater formed by the eruption of Thera. Evidence suggests that sometime around 1500 BC a gigantic volcanic eruption all but destroyed the island of Thera. Judging by the size of the crater - over thirty square miles - the Thera eruption has been estimated to have been over twenty times bigger than the Mount St Helen's eruption.

In addition, pumice samples taken from the seafloor show that the wind at the time was blowing towards Egypt. And Egypt is less than 500 miles away -- certainly close enough to be severely effected from such a huge eruption.

If something looks like a snake, slithers like a snake, hisses like a snake and downs mice whole like a snake, I'm gonna jump on a table and start screaming, because I know it's a viper. The same goes for acts of God wrought through nature. On the days that I believe God is just a tourist somewhere, having created the world and left it to its own devices I remember the Exodus and Thera. It cannot be a coincidence. And I realize that maybe, at the very least, He phones home once in a while, to right wrongs and do the various things a deity is wont to do.

Which brings us back to Islam. Over the past few years, the Muslim world has been ramping up its rhetoric and lies, hatred and acts of violence against Jews in general and Israel in particular. "Mein Kampf" and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" have become best sellers in the Middle East and the Muslim parts of Asia. Muslims have been accusing Jews from doing everything from using Arab babies to make matzoh to stealing their baby's to harvest their eyes and other organs.

And of course, the Muslim world is calling for the destruction of Israel and targeting Jews in utterly bestial acts of genocidal murder, often keeping body parts, dipping their hands in Jewish blood and dancing in wild, joyous abandon.

Unfortunately for the Arabs, although they'd like to convince the world differently, the Muslim headquarters, population-wise, is not in Arabia but Asia. Specifically Indonesia, which has the most Muslims in the world in a single country. And Indonesia has been under constant onslaught by nature, perhaps initiated by the Almighty, for months.

Even before the tsunami of December 26, 2004, I had noticed an increase of earthquakes in that area. And since the tsunami, the frequency of the earthquakes has been increasing dramatically. On top of that, many of their volcanoes have awakened. And if you look on the USGS map of earthquakes, you will see Indonesia being ringed with tremors. So too are some of the nearby countries, but only in certain areas. If you look at a map and a chart of demographics of these countries, you will see that the areas affected are predominantly Muslim. Makes ya think...

Indonesia and these other areas affected by recent earthquakes and volcanoes have been quite antagonistic towards Israel and Jews. Indonesia, for example, is the training headquarters for several Islamist terror groups. It has also been so hateful of Jews that when Israel offered aid after the tsunami, the offer was at first rejected out of hand, then grudgingly accepted, with the admonition that no Jews would be allowed to go to Indonesia to help -- they'd only take Jewish money and goods. However, a few days ago, the Indonesians apparently had recovered enough, partly from Jewish aid flowing in to them, to stage an anti-Israel rally with an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people.

For Jews, tis the season of miracles. We recently had the miracle of survival celebrated by Purim and we're coming up on Passover, the miracle of our escape from bondage by the Egyptians. Could we be seeing another miracle in the making?

History has shown that any country or government or regime that does not accept the Jewish people will fall. The Romans, the church of the Inquisitors, Stalin's Russia, Hitler, the USSR, all have fallen after they began demonizing the Jews. And the tiny population of Jews survived it all and even thrived, despite their best efforts to exterminate us with overwhelming money, odds and military might.

I read recently that the tectonic plate that Indonesia is on has fractured. Could this be the final warning to them to mend their ways regarding Jews and Israel? And could this most recent anti-Israel rally be the straw that will sink their precious country beneath the waves? And if Indonesia goes under the ocean, will all the other Muslims who live to hate Israel and Jews take warning? Or will they say it was a Zionist plot, thereby sealing their own fates?

Stay tuned to this channel, when next week we present "Unrepentant Muslims Blame Allah's Wrath on the Jews."

Beth Goodtree is a writer specializing in political commentary, Islamism and the Middle East and also writes the occasional science and humor articles. She has a background in advertising and works as a consultant on Islamism and terrorism to a security firm. Contact her at her website: http://goodtree.theraphi.com/

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Posted by Batya Medad, April 17, 2005.
No Time To Waste!

There's no time to waste, and I'm not even thinking about the Pesach. It's like if the house is on fire and you spend time asking people if you should use the green hose or the blue one.

Even without the latest news about "Disengagement II" it was always obvious that after Begin's Sinai withdrawal, AKA the destruction of Yamit, the Oslo Accords, which gave weapons to the Arab terrorists, Bibi's Wye, (http://www.mideastweb.org/mewye.htm) which caused increased deterioration in the security situation and other similar government decisions that we were spiraling towards disaster, G-d forbid!

When Menachem Begin shocked us all and announced that he and Egyptian President Anwar Sadaat had made a deal, many of us knew that it would end in tragedy. His rationale, the excuse he gave until he sequestered himself away from the public, was that he was doing it so that Israel could finally have "peace" and to develop the Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, Golan and Gaza (www.israel-mfa.gov.il/MFA/Foreign%20Relations/Israels%20Foreign%20Relations %20since%201947/1977-1979/200%20Statement%20to%20the%20Knesset%20by %20Prime%20Minister%20Beg).

As we all know, instead of guaranteeing Israel peace, Begin's Camp David Accords just opened up a Pandora's Box of terrorism and further withdrawal from our precious Homeland. Begin's successors have each sliced away at Israel's security just adding euphemisms to glossaries in Political Science texts.

This "disengagement" doesn't even pretend to bring peace, http://www.middleeastwindow.com/article-print-754.html, http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=66470. Nobody is happy with it including the Arabs http://www.palestine-pmc.com/details.asp?cat=4&id=1764. It is probably the most "peculiar" government decision in world history. It makes the World War II European "map changes" look benign in comparison. (See this excellent Time Line showing Europe from the 1918-1946 http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/timeline/ww2time.htm#1939.) No other country so voluntarily self-mutilated like Israel has been doing for the past twenty-five years.

Now, even before the nightmare has taken place, we're being prepared for the next stage, named "Disengagement II." First denied by Ehud Olmert and then followed by the official statement from the Prime Minister's Office http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/2005/04/official-prime-ministers-statement.html. We all know what that means. The pattern of leaks and denials is eerily familiar. We have to get our heads out of the sand.

We have no choice. We have to do something to make sure the suicidal spiral is permanently stopped. A totally new leadership must replace the present establishment. Our country and our people are in danger! Each one of us has a different role to play.

On Shabbat there was a guest in Shiloh who spoke to us about the "Panim el Panim" campaign, in which those of us who value Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, have been knocking on doors throughout the cities and towns of Israel just talking to people and listening to them. Those participating report that most Israelis are against "disengagement" and don't agree with the media.

I must admit that I haven't joined any of the busloads of my neighbors who have been going to Kiryat Ono to meet the people, the silent majority. Apparently these missions are successful, or the government wouldn't be sending the police to stop the buses http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=80099. Yes, unfortunately, the government is using the police and soldiers to enforce unpopular decisions, the definition of a totalitarian police state. http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=80357

It wasn't that long ago when Israeli politicians, including the Prime Minister, could mingle freely with ordinary citizens. Israelis trusted their leaders and there was a sincere mutual respect and fondness between the politicians and the voters. Since Begin's Camp David and his subsequent withdrawal from public life, there has been a steady deterioration.

A politician who fears the public is not doing his job properly; he is going against the will of the people. In a democracy the people should be ruling, and if they are feared by those in "power" and need to be policed, then it isn't a true democracy. Our rapid descent in totalitarianism began with Yitzchak Rabin who belittled the anti-Oslo demonstrators. http://www.afsi.org/OUTPOST/97DEC/dec8.htm http://www.commentarymagazine.com/Summaries/V101I1P25-1.htm.

Simultaneously, agent provocateurs, like Avishai Raviv, were given more and more power and worked with the IBA staging "news" that made the anti-Oslo population look violently dangerous. http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2527/listraviv.htm and http://www.freeman.org/m_online/dec97/expose.htm There's so much written about Avishai Raviv's career, he specialized in infiltrating groups of teenagers and university students.

We have to rescue Israel from this dictatorship, and I think that the first thing we should all do is to just say: "I'm against disengagement; I don't agree with the government."

The more people who say it and write it and publicize it, the more people will have the confidence to admit it. And G-d willing, from these few words, the sea will part, and we will have true freedom to build our country. "Avodim hayinu... v'atoh bnai chorin!" "We were slaves... and now we are free men!" Chag Cherut Sameach!

This is Musing #112. Batya Medad lives in Shiloh. She can be reached by email at Shilohmuse@yahoo.com or visit her website http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/ or go to http://www.shilo.org.il

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 17, 2005.

How nicely antiseptic, like businessmen meeting to decide production quotas for the coming year. Some will be reminded of the Wannsee Conference where Heydrich gathered good Germans to decide how to solve the "Final Solution to their Jewish Question". Here too they spoke about how to transfer and contain their Jews. How to make it look good to the world at large.

Decisions, voting, all very civilized. Once again those obstinate Jews must be taught discipline and to obey their superiors. Clearly, Sharon's obedient Cabinet are incapable of producing a product - a safe, sane country. Have they built anything approaching the advanced controlled atmosphere of the Gush Katif greenhouses, with innovative organic and insect-free fruits and vegetables?

Nevertheless, it is clear who is superior, having risen in the ranks to an appointed political Cabinet post.

So, let us remember these 'superior men' who, as others before them, sat in meetings to again solve the "Final Solution to their Jewish Questions". Wasn't it Ahaseurus who asked Haman what shall we do for a man whom the King would honor? Well, you remember how it ended for Haman.

This announcement is entitled "Cabinet approves special work procedures to advance implementation of Disengagement Plan" is from the Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs April 17, 2005 (Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser).

The Cabinet today (Sunday), 17 April 2005, by a majority vote, approved Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's proposal that sets special work procedures for all matters regarding advancing the implementation of the Disengagement Plan. The goal of the decision is to achieve maximum efficiency and to hasten the work procedures regarding both the evacuation of communities in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria and the provision of various alternative residence solutions.

The decision determines that a special ministerial committee chaired by Prime Minister Sharon, and with the participation of Industry, Trade and Employment Minister Ehud Olmert, Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz, Construction and Housing Minister Yitzhak Herzog, Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz and Environment Minister Shalom Simhon will be authorized to make decisions in all matters regarding Government preparations ahead of the implementation of the Disengagement Plan in the civil sphere, when the committee's decisions are approved by the Cabinet.

The decision defines the ministries? directors-general forum, chaired by Prime Minister's Office Director-General Ilan Cohen, as the body that will coordinate and promote the implementation of the Disengagement Plan in the civil sphere. The directors-general forum will consider the feasibility of the establishment of sites designated for community or urban settlement for Gaza Strip and northern Samaria evacuees, and will make recommendations to the aforementioned ministerial committee regarding the implementation of the Disengagement Plan.

According to the decision, all ministries participating in the implementation of the Disengagement Plan will appoint a senior employee to be responsible for the ministry's preparations ahead of the implementation of the Disengagement Plan, with the representatives of the various ministries working in full coordination.

The decision also defined that, in keeping with the opinion of Attorney-General Meni Mazuz, those instances in which it would be necessary and desirable to make use of the clauses regarding exemption from public tender in the public tender rules regarding contacts requiring special urgency in implementing the Disengagement Plan. Thus, the time needed for contacts between the Government and various suppliers will be significantly shortened.

The Israel Lands Administration Council will define those cases in which exemptions from public tender will be awarded regarding land transactions with Gaza Strip and northern Samaria residents. These rules will enable the immediate allocation of lands for the residents' benefit

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm).

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 17, 2005.
This essay was written by Simon Jacobson of the Meaningful Life Center (www.meaningfullife.com).

Years ago I taught an introductory course on Jewish mysticism (also known as Chassidus or Kabbalah) to a class of seniors. In one of the written tests I asked them to describe in their own few words the difference between various entities: the difference between body and soul; between the animal force and Divine force; between material and transcendental needs; between the secular and the sacred; between heaven and earth; between selfishness and selflessness.

I was struck by the large number of answers that distinguished between all these categories simply with the words "evil" and "good." The body is bad and the soul is good. The material is bad, and the transcendent is good. 20 out of 30 questions were answered with the one word "good" or "bad."

Children think in terms of black and white: Good and bad; sweet and sour; light and dark. Young, undeveloped minds don't yet appreciate the nuances of life; the gray areas; the ambiguous and the ambivalent.

There is purity in the innocence of simplicity. And many adults would do well to not lose that enchantment. But life is complex as well.

Western thought is often criticized for being linear, especially relative to Eastern thought. Linear defines a very structured and organized way of looking at things. Relentless cause and effect is the heartbeat of phenomena. In Eastern thought reality is seen in an amorphous state; things do not have stark definitions. Linear, logical thinking is limited, and paradox is the closest reflection on the true nature of existence.

In truth, to truly appreciate life in its entirety we need to embrace both dimensions into one integrated whole.

In modern day physics, for instance, we know now that on the macroscopic level (the world that we perceive and experience with our five senses) grand order and design drives the machine of the universe. Newtonian physics - defining phenomena in terms of the "billiard ball" cause and effect - stands as the dominant way of looking at the world. However, on a microscopic level it has been clearly demonstrated that reality functions very much in an amorphous "state of probability." In the inner world things are not quite defined in the same structured way as in the outer world.

Indeed, in Kabbalistic thought there is the cosmic distinction between "circles" (iggulim) and "lines" (yosher). A line is made up of defined points, structured in a clear order of higher and lower. By contrast a circle is one continuous flow, with no top or bottom. All of existence is made up of both lines and circles: The outer world is driven by order and organization - the linear structure, that evolves in an orderly sequence. But beneath the surface, in the "engine room" of the universe, the driving force is "circular" energy.

In Kabbala there is even a metaphor of the "square within the circle" and the "circle within the square," because the linear and the circular of existence is intertwined into one seamless whole.

Thus we live in a world that is both orderly and paradoxical.

As children we may perceive life in black and white terms. As we mature we learn that life is far more nuanced and complex.

When asked the question: "How is your life?" a child usually answers "good" or "bad" based on his/her emotions of the moment. An adult (not just a chronological one) would answer: "Some thing are great; some not so great; some so-so; and the bulk is in between, and can go either way." In other words, life is complex. There is no such thing as good without bad, and vice versa.

The challenge is to appreciate the flow and ride the waves.

The holiday of Passover celebrates the paradox of life - the structure and the unstructured; the defined and the undefined. We don't just remember the exodus but also the exile. We don't just recreate the joy, but also the pain. We drink wine, but also taste bitter herbs. We respect the process - the entire process - from the lowest points to the highest, and we recognize how it replays itself in our lives today.

The Passover Seder orbits around the three matzos and the four cups of wine. Matzo is the "food of the impoverished;" wine is the drink of royalty. Eating matzo is symbolic of our humility; wine demonstrates our proud sense of freedom.

Are we kings or paupers on Passover night?

The answer is both.

True humility brings one to true greatness.

That is the ultimate truth of life.

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Gerald A. Honigman, April 17, 2005.

Well, the day has finally arrived. I now find myself in agreement with the Secretary General of the Arab League.

Recently, at the end of the Arab League Summit, Amr Mussa declared that peace could not arrive until there was withdrawal from occupied territories, the creation of another state, and the return of refugees.

He's basically correct. Except he has a few details mixed up.

Native Copts in Egypt - millions of them - had their country overrun by conquering, settling, subjugating, and occupying Arabs.

To this day, they never know when the next murder will occur, the next church will be burned down. They have learned that to survive they must consent to the forced Arabization process. Their leaders have even written that for Israel to "get along," it too must consent to a variation of this. Pretty pathetic. Uncle Butros instead of Uncle Tom - but the same breed, if you know what I mean. Just imagine the world-wide outcry if Israel's Jews did this sort of thing to Israeli Arabs.

The majority Berber population of North Africa saw its lands overrun as well over the past centuries by conquering, settling, and subjugating Arab hordes creating Arab empires. Imperialism is evidently only nasty when non-Arabs indulge in it. Berbers who dared to insist on keeping their own pre-Arab language and culture have been murdered for trying to do so. A look at any number of websites dealing with Berbers on these subjects will be revealing indeed.

In 1968, Ismet Cherif Vanly wrote The Syrian Mein Kampf Against the Kurds. A Kurdish nationalist, he described the murderous and brutal Arabization policies - Syrian settling, conquering, and occupying Arabs - employed against Kurds who predated them in the land by thousands of years. Settling, conquering, and occupying Iraqi Arabs did likewise to Mesopotamia's ancient native Kurds (the Hurrians, Guti, Kassites, and Medes of old), Assyrians, and other non-Arab peoples as well - Jews included.

Literally millions of native African Blacks have been butchered, maimed, enslaved, turned into refugees and seen their lands forcibly Arabized. All of this still going on today, and not just in the Sudan.

Half of Israel's almost six million Jews originated in the Arab/Muslim world. They too predated the Arabs in many of those lands that they were forced to flee as refugees, leaving far more property and valuables behind than Arabs who fled in the opposite direction after the latter's brethren invaded a reborn Israel in 1948.

The famous Jewish community in Alexandria, Egypt, was prominent centuries before Jesus. The Jews of Iraq had been in that country at least since the days of the Babylonian Captivity and Nebuchadnezzar. The Jews of Yemen were on the Arabian Peninsula before Muhammad was born, and the latter Prophet of Islam fled Mecca to Medina, a Jewish date palm oasis on that peninsula where the Jews were still prominent when Muhammad sought refuge there during the Hijra. When they would neither convert to his new faith (based largely on their own), nor accept his religio-political leadership, he butchered and enslaved them. Jews also took part in the resistance against the Arab imperial invasions of North Africa in the 7th century C.E. Recorded history, replete with similar instances, is difficult to reconcile with Amr Mussa's demand that the Jewish state submit to the will of the Arab world.

A better course for the Middle East might be the following:

It's time that the Africans of southern Sudan gain independence from the Arabs who have butchered, subjugated, and enslaved them over the centuries - long before the hypocrites in the United Nations raised so much as a mutter.

It's time for thirty million truly stateless people - such as the Kurds - to finally get their own state. They were promised one after World War I but saw it sacrificed at the altar of British petroleum politics and Arab nationalism. An Arab Iraq was pieced together in its stead.

Trusting Arabs - whether Shi'a or Sunni - is probably an unwise decision, given the track records of Arabs of any stripe towards these people. With almost two dozen states already - including one carved out of almost 80 percent of the original 1920 borders of "Palestine" and today called Jordan - Arabs now have an American-sponsored roadmap to help create yet another for themselves. Yet even as they demand justice for Arabs, they seem deaf, dumb, and blind to the plight of the Kurds.

It's time for the subjugation of North Africa's huge Berber populations to come to an end and for those folks to be able to decide if they want to remain forcibly tied to Arabs or not. If not, then why should they not get territory to create a Berber State if Arabs can get to have yet a second one carved out for themselves in "Palestine?"

You see, Mr. Musa, justice should not be exclusively for Arabs.

Unfortunately, for the Copts, not too much to offer here...So many more will become refugees.

And the above Arabs' victims' list is by no means complete. Just ask native Christian, Semitic but pre-Arab Lebanese - as just one other example.

The hypocrisy of the conquering, racist, and subjugating Arab League is nauseating enough. That the latter, however, is widely supported in its demands on Israel by much of the rest of the world should be appalling to anyone with any notion of fair play.

Despite all of the international pressure on it to consent to becoming a reincarnated 1938 Czechoslovakia, ready to sacrifice itself for another "peace for all time," Israel must now muster the strength to do what it must do.

The only appropriate response of Israel to all of this should be to counter offer the Arab League peace for peace. Israel must not consent to slowly being eroded via the Arabs' openly admitted "Trojan Horse" destruction in stages plans. And it must free itself from the belief that it must allow Arabs to determine the rules of the road if widespread violence erupts again. Abbas' folks have said that they would support quiet only as long as Israel continues to cave in to all of their demands. And they're the "moderates."

Millions upon millions of non-Arabs became refugees because of the Arabs. Many of these people fled to America, Great Britain, Germany, and elsewhere. They're not returning to those "Arab" lands. Likewise, Arabs will have to take care of their own refugees, created in a war that they started and far fewer in number.

The occupied territories Amr Musa mostly speaks of are disputed lands. They are not purely "Arab." Jews had as many, or more rights to be on those lands as Arabs had. Much has been written about this, including UN Resolution 242, and leading experts such as Eugene Rostow, William O'Brien, Arthur Goldberg, Lord Caradon, and others have been quite vocal on these matters as well.

Jews have a word describing demands such as those made by Amr Musa. It's called chutzpah. Israel must have leaders who will respond to such so-called Arab prerequisites for "peace" by telling them where to stuff them.

Gerald A. Honigman, a Florida educator, has created and conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth, has lectured on numerous campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated Arab spokesmen. His articles and op-eds have been published in both the print media and on websites.

This article appeared in www.FrontPageMagazine.com, April 14, 2005.

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Posted by Mordechai Ben-Menachem, April 17, 2005.
This was a news item in today's Arutz-7 (www.IsraelNationalNews.com).

The Palestinian terror onslaught offensive is expected to resume in September, prompting the IDF's re-capture of cities in Judea and Samaria in the fall, and a re-entry to Gaza by early next year.

The IDF has given the code-name "Rainy Day" to the period following the disengagement/expulsion, which is scheduled to begin July 20 and end sometime in August. This name was chosen "not only because of the autumn winds soon to blow," writes military correspondent Haggai Huberman in HaTzofeh, "but also because of the military scenario foreseen by the army. "The army is calling it a 'security escalation' - in other words, a renewal of war with the Palestinians."

The violence is expected to reach such levels, Huberman writes, that "the IDF will be forced to re-take the cities of Judea and Samaria" that were recently given over to the security control of the Palestinian Authority. Jericho and Tul Karem were recently given over, but the handover of Kalkilye to the PA has been held up because the PA refuses to collect the weapons of wanted terrorists.

"The mind-boggling thing," Huberman continues, "is that the State of Israel is advancing, knowingly and with its eyes open, towards this death trap. The Yom Kippur War of October 1973 was a surprise, but the war of October 2005 is totally known in advance. Senior IDF officers say it in closed sessions in the clearest manner possible to everyone, including the media. The Prime Minister and the Defense Minister, pushing with all their might for the uprooting [of the Jews in Gaza and northern Shomron], also know it. This scenario is shown on slides that the senior officers show the diplomatic echelons, the government, the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, and all others who have to know."

Haaretz defense affairs expert Amir Oren agrees. "In and around the IDF," Oren writes today, "the assessments are mixed as to how well the security forces will overcome the [Jewish] opponents of the evacuation... But there is no disagreement about what can be expected after the summer: The prediction is that by next January to March, after Palestinian terror has increased and become more sophisticated, the IDF will return to Gaza - this time without the police."

HaTzofeh's Huberman adds that even if a diplomatic agreement appears to be in the making, terrorism will still be renewed - but on a "more moderate" level. "These, then, are the two only post-expulsion possibilities the IDF is preparing for," he writes: "If there is an agreement, there will be terrorism, and if there is no agreement, there will be an escalation, i.e., war."

Arms-smuggling from Egypt into Gaza, and from there to Judea and Samaria, or along the Egypt-Negev-Judea route, continues to increase. Standardized powerful dynamite, which has not been seen in Judea and Samaria since Operation Defensive Shield almost three years ago, is among the materials the terrorists are trying to smuggle in. IDF officials consider this the main threat against Israel today, as it will mean roadside bombs along major highways in the Israeli heartland.

In the 15 weeks of the year 2005, the army reports that 1,000 rifles have been smuggled from Sinai into Gaza and the Negev. Dozens of RPG mortar launchers, 150 pistols and tens of thousands of bullets have found their way into Israel since the beginning of the year. Some 600 rifles were smuggled in over the past month alone. It is suspected as well that five anti-aircraft shoulder missiles were smuggled in via one of the tunnels into Gaza.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is at Ben-Gurion University. He can be reached by email at quality@computer.org

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Posted by Marlene Young, April 17, 2005.

Israeli Knesset members and other remnants of the Israeli government who still remain loyal to the Platform they were elected on, and their Jewish and Zionist ideals and values MUST unite and:

Pass a law making it ILLEGAL for the Israeli government to EXPEL JEWS en masse from their homes and to take possession of said homes, anywhere in Israel, including Gaza, Shomron and Judea.

Pass a law making it ILLEGAL for the Israeli government to take possession of a Jewish-owned home or community and to transfer said Jewish home or community to Arabs or to a foreign entity such as the WORLD BANK.

Pass a law making it ILLEGAL for any Cabinet member of the Israeli government, including the Defense Minister, to train and form Special Paramilitary Units to act solely against Israeli Citizens to expel Israeli Citizens from their homes, to destroy or move synagogues, or to destroy or move Jewish graveyards.

Pass a law making it ILLEGAL to use the Israeli military to carry out political objectives of its leaders and/or foreign leaders including the USA and EU; and requiring the Israeli government to use its Military exclusively for PROTECTING AND DEFENDING AGAINST ANY THREAT TO the Jewish [and Arab] Citizens of the State of Israel: in protection of their lives, security, their property, civil rights, religious freedoms and liberty.

Only once these laws are passed can Israel continue to thrive and grow and prosper, without the continued malignant threat of Palestinian Arab Genocidal terror and allied Radical Left undermining of Israel's status as a Jewish State, and security interests.

Marlene Young is vice-president of TODA - Torah Organization for Disability Access, as well as an advocate for Israel. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Posted by David Singer, April 17, 2005.

Israel is indeed truly unique.

It is constantly singled out for special treatment that no other country would accept or tolerate.

Take the case of Maaleh Adumim, which is situated in the West Bank (called Judea until 1950, as those who followed Pope John's funeral service were reminded).

The West Bank is an area of land just 5860 square kilometres in size - about the size of Delaware.

President Bush calls Maaleh Adumim a "settlement", a code word indicating that Jews are not welcome residents in any part of this territory where neither Jews nor Arabs have yet established the internationally recognised right to be its sovereign ruler.

In fact Maaleh Adumim is a thriving metropolis of 32000 people, containing 9 schools, 39 kindergartens, 7 medical centres and two family centres.

There is no hospital, but 5 major hospitals are located just 7 kilometres up the road in Jerusalem.

President Bush reminded Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during their recent meeting at the President's Crawford Ranch that under the Road Map Israel had to refrain from any new settlement activity.

The President was particularly concerned that Israel was planning to build another 3500 housing units in the Maale Adumim "settlement".

Has a city of 32000 people ever been told they must refrain from having children, getting married or enjoying family reunification?

President Bush is worried that the fundamental basic human rights of 32000 Jews to copulate and populate might cut off Palestinian access to East Jerusalem frustrating his two State vision of Israel and a Palestinian democratic State living side by side.

The President really needs to exercise tunnel vision to overcome this basic moral flaw in his plan to succeed where others have so dismally failed.

The Palestinians have proved themselves very adept at building tunnels through which they have smuggled all kinds of weapons and explosives in their unremitting terrorist campaign against their Jewish neighbours.

No doubt a system of tunnels could be constructed and used for peaceful purposes to allow any such access under or around Maaleh Adumim.

The President is supposedly said to have given Mr. Sharon a commitment that Israel would be able to hold on to "major population centres" such as Maaleh Adumim.

Why doesn't he have the guts to come out and publicly say so right now rather than try to put a hold on the lives and hopes of 32000 people and create false expectations for the Palestinians whose cause he apparently is championing?

Maaleh Adumim just happens to be located in an area slated for the reconstitution and establishment of the Jewish National Home by "close settlement on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes" as was proclaimed by the League of Nations Mandate, which still is alive and operative today by virtue of Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.

President Bush's moral and legal blindness also extends to his three partners in the Road Map - the European Union, Russia and the United Nations - none of which cares a hoot what history, the United Nations Charter or international law says or prescribes.

We see how absurd this Road Map really has become when the President of the world's only superpower backed up by his three powerful enforcers has to tell 32000 people that they have to live and behave in ways that would not be acceptable in any other part of the World.

Intent on creating a second Arab State in Palestine in addition to Jordan, which already occupies almost 80% of the former Mandated Territory, the President seems to have lost the plot and appears to be totally lacking in conceiving any sort of creative resolution to what could be easily overcome with a little imagination.

Underground railways and road tunnels are a part of every modern society.

What is the problem doing the same thing in the West Bank and Gaza?

Neither Jews nor Arabs need become the scapegoats for each other's continued residence in the areas claimed by them. Contiguity can be achieved just as easily underground as at ground level.

Whilst the idea is promulgated that Jews will not be allowed to live where they currently do in accordance with international law, the failure of the Road Map will be assured.

One President's vision is surely 32000 other peoples' nightmare.

If the President doesn't wake up soon and review this irrational racist and discriminatory policy, it will also turn out to be the worst nightmare for millions of other Jews and Arabs in the region as well.

David Singer is an Australian Lawyer and Convenor of: Jordan is Palestine International - an organisation calling for sovereignty of the West Bank and Gaza to be allocated between Israel and Jordan as

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Posted by Women in Green, April 17, 2005.
This was written by Sarah Honig and appeared in the Jerusalem Post april 15, 2005.

There was Richard Gere in Jerusalem, still every bit - white coiffure notwithstanding - the Hollywood hunk of his younger years, with amazing facial bone structure, a boyish, toothy grin and an adolescent knack for spouting superficial slogans about mutual understanding, international cooperation and nonviolence.

How cute! Mind you, charmers like Gere charm their way into high places and can impose on the schedules of elder statesmen and self-professed deep-thinkers like our own ever-sprightly Shimon Peres. Chummily the twosome chatted before the cameras, sharing chic cliches of brotherly love, saccharine righteousness and, never to forget, the "New Middle East."

Then someone asked Peres which Gere movies he'd seen. My Fair Lady, the deputy PM chimed instantly. Common wisdom has it that he meant to say Pretty Woman. In any case, with greater things - like global harmony - at stake, Gere seemed unoffended.

The pretty man displayed equal magnanimity in Ramallah, when he posed for other cameras with Mahmoud Abbas, that noted humanitarian who engineered a few terror atrocities, denied the Holocaust and now purports to promote peace. The next day the PA daily Al-Ayyam captioned the photo: "President Abbas with the British ambassador."

But Tinseltown's suave schlemazel persevered. Lesser egos might be bruised, but Gere's ego is bigger than that. This captivating crusader for justice has taken it upon himself to raise us benighted natives to his standards of boundless goodwill. He brings with him profound erudition, experience and insight about the plight of our pitiable region, enabling him to offer the ultimate catchy, kitchy cure to all that afflicts us.

We're not the first he's tried to uplift and/or reform. The tribulations of Tibetan refugees in Nepal touched him back in 1978 and he spared no effort to demonstrate how compassionately he commiserated and empathized. In the Eighties Gere zeroed in on Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. He brought crayons to displaced peasants to help them illustrate their traumas.

"If I can feel the pain of another person, it's the same as my pain," Buddhist dabbler Gere pontificated in a recent interview with the Survival International organization's bulletin. "When they're hungry, I can relate it to the times I've been hungry" - in all likelihood when dieting. In the same interview, though, he also listed the bad guys who harm tribal and indigenous folk. "The US," he intoned reprovingly, "is providing expertise for this kind of horror and human rights abuse. And if it isn't the US, it's Argentina, Britain or the Israelis."

THERE YOU are. We plainly aren't worthy of his sympathy. The yet-vulnerable remnant of the world's most persecuted people is chided for not facilitating shallow sanctimony by committing altruistic suicide (just as nonviolence guru Gandhi proposed on the eve of the Holocaust, thereafter condemning Jewish victims and survivors for failing to nobly self-destruct). Yet Arab Nazi-torchbearers, whose bestseller list is topped by Mein Kampf and the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, are portrayed as downtrodden underdogs.

They mocked Gere's presumption last January, when he broadcast a TV commercial urging them to participate in their then upcoming elections. Sure of the moral sanction of his celebrity, he cheerfully announced: "Hi, I'm Richard Gere and I'm speaking for the entire world. We're with you during this election time. It's really important. Get out and vote."

Our circumstances here are far more complex than populist purveyors of fantasy and professional utopians like Gere can comprehend. Our travails are nothing like he imagines when seeking to shower us with the benefit of his infinite smarts. There's no panacea in the synthetic salvation proffered by stylized icons of spiritual virtue.

It's charitable of Gere and his fellow glitterati to try to spark up our drab existence with their electrifying visits, but announcing the dawning of a new era of accommodation and informing us of suddenly improved opportunities for coexistence isn't enlightening. It's blinding our eyes to the dangerous reality that lurks behind deceptive declarations and counterfeit cease-fires. It's whitewashing corrosive hate and making believe that embellishing the hideous will change it.

Pacifists toyed with the masses' minds precisely thus in the 1930s, creating the climate for appeasement and emboldening Hitler. Then, as now, delectably simplistic solutions did incalculably more damage than good.

Why should any Hollywood ham assume that his fame equips him with a license to butt in, and that we're all bound to bow before his own inordinate esteem of his intellectual and ethical stature?

If Gere's script for our future bombs, only we will pay. He won't stick around to face the grisly consequences. He'll have found other fashionable causes and leisure-time larks. It'll be no skin off his perfect nose. The peace he peddles is, alas, as real as the British ambassador's stirring performance in My Fair Lady.

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 17, 2005.

This appeared on www.discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/2005/04/foolani.html

"Dr." Lenora B. Fulani is an Afrofascist moonbat who - for reasons we cannot explain - is a high-profile political ally of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City. Fulani is a groupie of the Rev Al and of Louis "Calypso Lou" Farrakhan and routinely turns out North-Korean-sounding sycophant pieces about these two dear leaders. Fuulani was one of the people marching famously with Rev Al and supporting his position in the infamous Tawana Brawley hoax.

Fulani is very closely connected with a mega-moonbat mentor Fred Newman, who claims to be a psychotherapist, and was closely associated with Lyndon LaRouche. [Newman's "social therapy" group sessions link emotional problems to social problems and seek to "deprogram" clients and then direct them to work for Marxist-influenced political agendas.] Fulani's "doctorate" is from Newman's New York Institute for Social Therapy.

Fulani ran for President in 1988 as a member of the New Alliance Party, which Newman founded. When Fulani ran for New York Governor in 1990 and for President in 1992, she was endorsed by Farrakhan, but never managed to break that tough glass barrier of 1/5 of 1% of the popular vote. She and her guru Newman have both been repeatedly denounced as anti-Semites by the Anti-Defamation League, due in part to their producing a Jew-bashing play that told a distorted version of the Crown Heights violence in 1991. The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith published a 'research report' called "The New Alliance Party: A Study in Deception." It begins by describing NAP as "(p)art Marxist sect, part therapy cult... and includes a section headed "More Hostility Toward Israel and Jews." Not coincidentally, it is included in the FBI's files on the New Alliance Party. NAP received its first official mention in an ADL report in 1987. Titled "Still a Scapegoat: Israel and Zionism in the Mind of the Radical Left," the report described Comrade Newman, the chief strategist of the New Alliance Party, as a "self-hating Jew." Fulani and Newman both love to rant about the "Zionist lobby" and are obsessed with imaginary Jewish cabals.

A few days ago, Fulani started a new controvery when was asked and refused to disavow comments attributed to her in the late 1980's saying that Jews "had to sell their souls to acquire Israel" and had to "function as mass murderers of people of color" to keep it. Asked about the comments on NY1 News on Wednesday night, Fulani, tday a high-profile official with the Independence Party, said, "What is anti-Semitic about it? It's raising issues that I think need to be explored." Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Dr. Fulani's remarks undercut arguments that she has matured since her earlier, more incendiary days. She was praising Yassir Arafat's terrorism long before Arafat started pretending to be participating in any "peace process."

When Mayor Bloomberg was asked at his regular press briefing yesterday morning whether her stand was anti-Semitic, he initially said he could not hear the question. Then he said, "I don't know what she's referring to so you'll have to ask her." Aides later said the mayor had not been briefed on Dr. Fulani's remarks before the encounter with the press. This is the same woman who charged - just three months after the events - that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were "the result of how America has positioned itself in the world."

The NY Post pretty much summed things up the best: "It's time for New York's political establishment - led by Mayor Bloomberg - to sever all ties to the anti-Semitic hatemonger Lenora Fulani."

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Yaacov Ben-Yehudah, April 17, 2005.

This is a DEBKAfile Exclusive Report, entitled "Jordan's Not-So Far-fetched Scenario for West Bank" and archived at http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=1015

April 16, 2005, 11:33 AM (GMT+02:00)King Abdullah II is deeply preoccupied in restructuring governance in his realm according to a self-designed pattern of democracy. This revolutionary process is going forward quietly step by step. This month, he appointed a new government shorn of policy-making authority in the fields of foreign affairs, defense and home security, prerogatives that will pass to the royal court. Furthermore, he is acting to decentralize parliament in Amman.

But along with these radical reforms, the Jordanian king's peripheral sight is fixed on his western neighbor. He has not missed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's descent deeper day by day into the morass of disorder and revolt.

Last Tuesday, April 11, US president George W. Bush and Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon debated the chances of propping Abbas' rule up against collapse. Next Thursday, two senior American officials, deputy head of the national security council Elliott Abrams and head of the State Department's Middle East desk David Walsh, will be visiting Jerusalem and Ramallah to try and determine its feasibility.

But according to our Amman sources, Abdullah thinks the Palestinian Authority under Abu Mazen is sinking rapidly and may be beyond saving. What interests him most is the July 17 Palestinian election and its potential impact on stability in his kingdom given his large Palestinian population. Hamas' prospects of sweeping the election improve as Abbas weakens. Of one thing Abdullah is certain: he cannot afford a Hamas takeover of Palestinian government in the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinian Hamas terrorist group is not isolated or autonomous; it is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement whjch is strongest in the Arab world. A Brotherhood-dominated government in Ramallah would point a knife at the Hashemite throne in Amman.

Abdullah is therefore turning over the possibility of Jordan moving in to fill the power vacuum that would be formed on the West Bank by Abu Mazen's downfall.

Last week, the Jordanian ruler set up a new body called the Commission for Determining Jordan's National Agenda. Its eight sub-committees were entrusted with drafting new laws for the redistribution of legislative authority among provincial parliaments still to be created.

DEBKAfile's Amman sources reveal that the king has decided on three provincial parliaments for Irbid in the north, Salt in the center and Kerak in the south. Each will elect a government to administer the province.

A royal decree will cut down the central parliament in Amman from 110 to 80 seats. Two more royal reforms are of critical importance.

1. He has adopted the Ottoman Empire's term wilaya for the new provinces. DEBKAfile's experts note that the historical term pertained to large territories, often whole countries. All biblical Palestine was one; Iraq, two.

2. The new cabinet headed by Adnan Badran that was sworn in April 7 has one third more Palestinian ministers than the former Fayez government. However, the only post with real authority was awarded the Palestinian-Jordanian economist Basem Abdallah, whose job it is to reform the economy. The Bedouin tribes of the south and their 34 deputies in the national assembly are protesting bitterly over the increment in jobs for the Palestinians at their expense. The king has not taken them into his confidence about his plans to empty many of the government's functions of content and share out legislative powers among provinces. He wants to see the process in place before it is unveiled.

As for the West Bank, the Jordanian king would not be surprised if a breakdown of the Abbas government in Ramallah produced an invitation from Washington, pro-Jordanian elements among the Palestinians - and even possibly Israel, for him to step in and sort out the mayhem in the West Bank.

Such an invitation might lead to consideration of a plan to make the territory the Jordanian kingdom's fourth wilaya. The Palestinian Authority already has a muqataa - the Ottoman Empire's term for a governing administration under the Sultan. It would retain broad powers in such local fields of operation as employment, education, and general services to the population, while West Bank representatives would be integrated in the Palestinian faction of the disempowered central parliament in Amman.

Abdullah's aides are seeking to muster a majority of royalist supporters for the three Jordanian provincial governments. The headhunt is led by Jordan's elder statesman Zeid al-Rifai, many times prime minister in Amman, his son, Samir Rifai, one of the king's closest advisers, and the speaker of parliament, Abd al Hadi Majali.

DEBKAfile's Washington sources have no doubt that the king discussed his West Bank concept with Bush during their White House talks in March. Neither gave the game away in their public appearances later. The president only praised "His Majesty's" steps for democracy in general terms, making no commitments. He may have set Abdullah's suggestion aside as a possible Plan B for consideration if the Palestinian Authority crisis becomes terminal. Our American sources are certain Sharon was clued in on the Jordanian option when he visited the presidential ranch in Texas last week.

Whatever becomes of this as yet unformed notion, a Jordanian-Palestinian province on the West Bank might open up some fresh thinking on ways of keeping some Jewish settlement blocs in situ - if not under full Israeli sovereignty then at least under Israeli administration - under give-and-take accord

Contact Yaacov Ben-Yehudah by email at benyehudah5764@yahoo.com

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 17, 2005.
This article was written by Caroline Glick and it appeared in the Jerusalem Post April 15, 2005.

As irony would have it, democracy is now the biggest threat facing the so-called peace process between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. This we have learned from the press reports and media spins that preceded and followed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's photogenic visit to US President George W. Bush's ranch in Texas this week.

Both the Americans and the Israelis are concerned, deeply concerned that is, by the specter of the elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council that are scheduled to take place on July 17, just a few days before Sharon's planned expulsion of all Jews from their homes, farms, businesses, synagogues and graves in Gaza and northern Samaria.

According to the polls, Hamas, which won some 70 percent of the seats in the recent municipal elections in Gaza, will do quite well in these elections - winning at least a third of the legislative seats. Fatah sources acknowledge that, if anything, the polls have severely underestimated Hamas's support base.

They believe that if the elections are held on schedule, Hamas will win a majority of seats in the PLC.

Recent weeks have brought on a steady drumbeat of statements by top IDF officials and Palestinian sources that Fatah is planning a major terror offensive in June in a bid either to force a postponement of the elections or to increase public support for PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas's party ahead of the poll. Senior Fatah officials told The Jerusalem Post last Saturday that they wished to postpone the July elections in order to prevent a Hamas takeover, and the Israeli government, like the Bush Administration, was praying for their success.

The thing is, both the US and Israel are largely responsible for the current political realities in the PA - where not only are all major political parties also terrorist organizations, but the relative popularity of each party is directly proportional to the volume of terror attacks it has carried out. It was the Bush Administration that first lumped the January 9 elections for PA chairman together with the January 30 general elections in Iraq for a transitional constitutional assembly, as well as with last month's anti-Syrian demonstrations in Lebanon as evidence of a wave of democratization in the Middle East.

This conflation of these events has made it difficult for the general public to understand just how different the situation in the PA is from that of Iraq and Lebanon. As events in the latter two advance the goals of the global war on terrorism, the events in the PA work to its detriment.

In Iraq, the electorate was given the chance to choose its leaders freely, with its former dictator Saddam Hussein in jail and his Ba'ath party defanged, delegitimized and barred from competing in the elections. Not only were Iraqis empowered to speak out freely against the former regime, they have also bravely exposed the roles played by the former regime's allies - the UN, Jordan, Syria and Iran - in prolonging Saddam's grip on power and in fueling the insurgency in the aftermath of his fall.

So, not only was the Iraqi dictatorship destroyed before the Iraqis went to vote, the international and regional systems that were allied with the dictatorial regime and allowed it to continue to rule were also delegitimized in the eyes of the Iraqis.

In Lebanon, where the fate of democracy remains much more unclear, last month's mass protests against the Damascus-backed Lebanese government and the effective Syrian occupation of Lebanon were not simply a result of domestic frustration with the status quo. The Lebanese would never have taken to the streets if former prime minister Rafik Hariri's assassination had been greeted with a yawn by Paris and Washington. The protesters were responding to what they sensed to be a change in the momentum of events, and this is what allowed them to express their political desires in public. For the first time in years, it seemed that the Syrian mukhabarat and Hizbullah terrorists were on the losing side, and so they were suddenly fair game.

The situation in the PA couldn't be more different. Abbas ran for office as Arafat's heir apparent, pre-anointed by the White House. Neither Fatah chief and imprisoned mass murderer Marwan Barghouti nor Hamas challenged him. The other candidates were pro forma - lacking funds and access to the media (both controlled by Abbas) that were necessary to raise any sort of challenge to Arafat's deputy of more than 40 years. And yet, despite the open field, Abbas's campaign was marked by vote fraud and voter intimidation.

Its endemic corruption - which included keeping polls open an extra three hours and busing PA militiamen from poll to poll to vote multiple times - was overshadowed only by Abbas's embrace of master terrorists and attacks on the "Zionist entity" to prove his bona fides as Palestinian leader.

The Palestinian election experience, then, is in no way similar to the Iraqi elections or to the Lebanese anti-Syrian protest movement. Whereas in both Iraq and Lebanon, terrorists such as Hizbullah, and terrorist-supporting regimes like Jordan and Syria and Iran, are seen as part of the problem, among the Palestinians the opposite is the case. The overwhelming majority of Palestinians believes that it was terrorism that forced Sharon to move to withdraw Israeli forces from Gaza and northern Samaria, expel all Jewish residents and declare a cessation of offensive operations against terrorists throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The terrorists themselves have been promised protection from the PA regime, which has put out the red carpet and the gravy train to make them feel welcome in the "newly reformed" PA militias, rather than keeping its word to Israel and the US by casting them out of its ranks and imprisoning them for murder.

At the Bush-Sharon press briefing on Monday, we saw which way the wind will be blowing in the coming months and years. For his part, Bush refused to countenance the notion that the PA's current lack of action against terrorism (that is, active protection and support of terrorists) might hold up further Israeli concessions. He explained that his native optimism makes it impossible for him to believe that things will be bad and so he can't foresee a situation in which events warrant putting off further Israeli land giveaways to the PA.

The only clear position Bush adopted during his appearance with Sharon was that he sees the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria as a mere first step. If this hadn't been the case, he would not have said - three times - that Israel mustn't build in the rest of its communities in Judea and Samaria, even those that Sharon insists Bush has slated for inclusion in the envisioned shrunken, post-roadmap Israel.

Sharon, with no way to hide the fact that for the past year he has been lying to the Israeli public by claiming that in exchange for the destruction of the Jewish presence in Gaza and northern Samaria he received American support for expanding the Jewish communities in the rest of Judea and Samaria, has simply changed the subject. He has changed the subject by changing the enemy. It is not the Palestinians who worry him anymore, but the Jews. It's the Jews - and in particular his political supporters turned opponents who two years ago elected him on the basis of his declared opposition to precisely the unilateral giveaway plan he is now forcing them to swallow - who are the greatest danger.

In an exclusive interview with NBC TV, which set the tone for his entire visit, Sharon said that Israel "looks like on the eve of a civil war." He then went on to say, "All my life I was defending [the] life of Jews. Now, for [the] first time, security steps are taken to protect me from Jews."

The sheer obscenity of this statement by Sharon, made at the same time that the people he is set to expel from their homes were being attacked by Palestinian mortars that Sharon ordered the IDF to do nothing about, is made all the more clear when one looks at a statement he himself made 10 years ago. Speaking to Kfar Chabad's local newspaper in 1995 of the press accusations at the time that opponents of the so-called peace process were inciting civil war, Sharon said, "Look what happened in Stalinist Russia, for example. In the mid-1930s, the Soviet authorities disseminated stories that there was a plan to assassinate Stalin. They were used as a justification for destroying the high command of the Red Army as well as the Jewish writers and the Jewish doctors. This is exactly what the Rabin government is doing now in Israel Have we gotten to such Stalinist Bolshevism? Where are they leading with the blood libels they are putting out? To the abandonment of the settlers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and maybe to a civil war. We have to shout out the warning: Tyrants at the gate."

So there we have it: Not only has US policy of safeguarding the PA while insisting on further Israeli land concessions to the PA made terrorism the choice of the Palestinian electorate, but Ariel Sharon's decision to go along with the US has made him chart a policy course that leads, as he stated so well a decade ago, to grave dangers to Israeli democracy.

Minister Natan Sharansky has explained that the true test of democracy is not the test of elections, but the "town square test" - whether an individual can stand in the middle of the town square and freely express his unpopular political opinion without fear of punishment. By this measure, the PA is not now and has never been a democracy. And the only change in democracy witnessed by Holy Land residents in the last year has been the increased danger to Israelis who have taken to the town squares to voice their opposition to Sharon's alarming new policies.

Is the Middle East democratizing? Certainly not in our neck of the woods.

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm).

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Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, April 16, 2005.

Why is it that our self-anointed Jewish leaders accept Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's statements without any deep questions or objections? Every statement that Sharon has made ranges between outright lies or clever manipulations of the truth. Even before his 'idea' of "Disengagement" pushed by President Bush (denials notwithstanding), there have been major attacks by Arab Muslim Terrorists (not militants, guerillas or freedom fighters). But, the current Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) has been of NO assistance, has asserted NO control over the Terrorists (even from his own Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigade organization) and says he will make NO arrests nor will he confiscate ANY weapons. That is the first obligation in order for him to be in compliance with the Bush "Road Map".

But, there are two Road Maps. One has been designated by Bush for Israel to follow. The other is for the Arab Muslim Palestinians which does not require compliance.

The main question which James Tisch and Malcolm Hoenlein avoided asking is: Exactly what does Sharon expect for his 'ethnic cleansing' of the Jews from Gush Katif? We already know that a renewal of "Intifada" 3 is highly probable - as reported by Israel's General Staff. Why are Jewish leaders so obviously pathetically gullible when they are addressed by an Israel Prime Minister?

The 1993 Oslo Accords were similarly accepted on a "Trust Me" basis of PM Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. Americans seem to think that if they read it in the New York Times or hear a speech or 'personal briefing' by an Israeli Prime Minister Sharon or by Shimon Peres, everything is acceptable. When Sharon bleats that his decision to evacuate Jew is painful to him personally - who cares? Besides, if you really know Sharon personally, he has little concept of personal pain other than saying so.

Who said that the "Road Map" is beneficial to Israel, aside from these self-serving (by Bush) speeches of assurance? Who guarantees handing Gaza/Gush Katif to Arab Muslim Terrorists - under the so far weak administration of Abu Mazen - will make Israel safer with greater peace?

As a relevant aside, we hear tonight (April 16th) from the DEBKAfile that King Abdullah II of Jordan is contemplating dividing his kingdom into Turkish "wilayas" with the fourth division being the 'West Bank' (Judea and Samaria) IF there is a breakdown of order under Mahmoud Abbas or Hamas. A "wilaya" is something like a governable canton. This should set off the Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists and, no doubt, the settlers of YESHA will have a great deal to say.

When the new, more deadly, more accurate missiles fall on Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beit Shemesh, Eilat, Tel Aviv and/or Jerusalem or hit a plane circling for a landing at Ben Gurion Airport, will our erstwhile Jewish leaders resign in shame or beg forgiveness from those killed and wounded? Not one of the Oslo gang has ever apologized for their gross killing mistakes. Nor did we hear any thoughtful comments from the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations or AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) when Oslo turned in to a suicide pact.

In the meantime, Sharon and Olmert in another moment of truth have denied that they will start evacuation plans for Judea and Samaria - with the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and, undoubtedly, Jerusalem - right after they flush the Jews out of Gaza.

Below is the announcement issued from the Conference Of Presidents Of Major American Jewish Organizations. James S. Tisch, Chairman

Malcolm I. Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman
Contact: Malcolm Hoenlein, 212-318-6111

The Conference of Presidents is the central coordinating body representing 52 national Jewish organizations on issues of national and international concern.
Tel: 212-318-6111
Fax: 212-644-4135
E-mail: info@conferenceofpresidents.org

The announcement is entitled "PM Sharon to Jewish Leaders: US-Israel Relations Never Better."

New York, April 13, 2005 - Meeting with American Jewish leaders at Blair House, the official guest residence in Washington DC, Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, "US-Israel relations have never been better." In contrast to press reports on the meeting between President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon in Crawford, Texas, Prime Minister Sharon characterized the result of the meeting as broad agreement on many issues of common concern, particularly Iran's nuclear aspirations and the War on Terror.

In his introduction of the Prime Minister, James S. Tisch, Chairman, lauded his steadfastness of purpose, determination and foresight. Participants included leaders of major Jewish organizations of the Conference of Presidents and United Jewish Communities. The discussion lasted more than an hour, during which Prime Minister Sharon covered a wide variety of topics in response to questions by Jewish leaders.

Following the briefing, James S. Tisch and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents said, "We were pleased that the implications of the press stories were not borne out. The special relationship between the United States and Israel is better than ever. Prime Minister Sharon has a clear vision and direction to pursue in the interest of security for Israel and peace for the region. The future of the Road Map clearly depends on the actions taken by the Palestinian Authority and Abu Mazen to rein in terror and move toward stability and law and order. The Road Map remains the most viable plan, but cannot be entered until Palestinian commitments are met.

"Israel is committed to the Road Map, but will remain in the pre-Road Map phase until the Palestinian Authority has fulfilled its commitments to a full cessation of violence, collection of weapons, dismantlement of terrorist infrastructures, and cooperation with Israeli security services. Abu Mazen is deploying troops, but not taking action. The Cairo agreement raises concerns about the Palestinian Authority's commitment to act against Hamas and other terror organizations. Dangerous arms-smuggling continues, some of it involving officials of the Palestinian Authority itself."

The Jewish leaders noted that the Road Map has clearly delineated stages and no progress is possible between them without implementation of prior obligations.

Tisch and Hoenlein said, "Prime Minister Sharon told us that the Disengagement Plan is the most difficult decision he has ever taken. It is a painful sacrifice for security and for peace. Israel alone will determine the steps necessary for her security. If Palestinians attack Israeli soldiers or settlers during the disengagement from Gaza, the Prime Minister said Israel will retaliate harshly.

"The Iranian nuclear program is a danger to Israel, the region and beyond. Iran is trying to resolve remaining technical problems and is close to the 'point of no return' in nuclear weapons development. The UN Security Council should deal with this issue. The Prime Minister said Israel is not in the lead on this issue. With the ballistic missiles that Iran has acquired, the danger is not just to Israel. Iran and Syria continue to support Hezbollah and supply them with rockets, 13,000 of which are now on Israel's northern border. They are recruiting terrorists among Israeli Arabs as well as in the West Bank and Gaza.

"There will be no peace without education for peace. The Prime Minister pointed out that the first word Jewish children learn is 'shalom,' which means 'peace' and 'hello.' Arab children are fed a diet of incitement and hatred for Israel, which does not even appear on the maps in their textbooks. Arab academics, businessmen, and professionals boycott Israel and continue to agitate against it."

Tisch and Hoenlein also noted that both Labor- and Likud-led governments have had disagreements on settlements with the United States, but these have always been discussed without animosity. Prime Minister Sharon cited President Bush's recognition of the reality of the major settlement blocs, which PM Sharon said would remain with Israel.

The Jewish leaders said, "We are grateful to President Bush for his hospitality to the Prime Minister and his efforts to enhance the special relationship between these two great allies. We pray that the President and the Prime Minister will succeed as they advance the cause of peace and the War on Terror."

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm).

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Posted by Israel Zwick, April 15, 2005.

This is the time of year when many young Jewish families engage in an exodus from New York to settle in the sunny, warm state of Florida. These Jewish families occupy residences in a number of hotels and apartment buildings. The large influx of Jewish families to Florida puts a tremendous strain on the infrastructure and causes friction with the native residents. It is time to consider putting an end to the Jewish occupation of Florida and removing some of the temporary settlements along the coastline.

Miami Beach has long been a haven for Jewish retirees from New York.

The Jewish population in Miami-Dade County has made significant contributions to the growth, development and economy of the region. However, in the last 30 years, there have been some ominous developments in the Jewish demographics of Florida. It appears that many young Jewish families have moved northward and established settlements in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. There are now hundreds of thousands of Jews living in these counties in many different settlements.

These settlements with young, Jewish families are the major obstacle to the peace and stability of the region. They will promote friction and conflict with the Muslim communities. They are posing a threat to the gentle tranquility that the State of Florida is known for and they should all be dismantled. The Jews there should be compensated and relocated to Miami-Dade County.

Demographic studies have shown that there is an increase of young Muslims moving into various Florida counties. These young Muslims are coming to Florida to study air navigation, nuclear energy, and chemical engineering. It is a common observation that when Jews live among Muslims, they tend to incite violence from the Muslim community. The presence of Jews provokes Muslims into committing a variety of violent activities. For example the increase in the number of small synagogues encourages young Muslims to throw incendiary devices at the synagogues. This necessitates a response from the police and fire departments that make a lot of noise and block traffic. It would reduce the efficiency of the emergency response teams. The residents of Florida should not be subjected to this annoyance and then be asked to pay for additional police protection for the synagogues. This would be an unfair burden on the peaceful people of Florida.

Another example is the incitement caused by young Jewish men who walk around the streets with little black caps, and fringes sticking out of their shirts. When Muslim men observe these Jewish men, they may act on their desire to attack a Jewish infidel and consequently stab or shoot the Jew. When the Jewish victim is taken to the hospital, he may require a blood transfusion which would put a strain on the available blood supply, which is usually in short supply. Of course it is recognized that if the Jewish victim dies quickly before he gets to the hospital, then this would not be a problem.

Even young Jewish women may present and obstacle to peace and tranquility. While most young women in Florida wear minimal clothing in the hot climate, some Jewish women have been observed wearing long sleeves, long skirts, and wigs. This makes them more susceptible to heat stroke. The additional calls to 911 would put an unneeded strain on the emergency services divisions.

There is sufficient historical justification for dismantling the Jewish settlements in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. First, there is no evidence that there were any Jews with Ponce de Leon when he explored Florida in 1513. There were only a handful of Jews in Florida when it became a state in 1845. Careful study of the Jewish Torah and Talmud reveals no mention at all of the State of Florida. Archeological digs in Florida have not revealed any evidence of the presence of ancient Jewish tribes. Consequently, the Jews living in Florida have no historical, cultural, or religious connection to the State, so they have no right to be there.

Governor Bush of Florida should call an emergency meeting of the State Legislature to discuss the disengagement of Jewish settlements from Broward and Palm Beach Counties. He should issue a statement supporting the dismantling of all settlements that are occupying space in these counties. At the same time, he should reaffirm the rights of Jews to live in Miami-Dade County where they have been welcome for many years. As a symbolic gesture of goodwill, an Office of Jewish Relations should be opened in Miami. This office would work together with the Disengagement Agency. Young Jewish families who are displaced from Palm Beach to Miami, would be granted compensation of $80,000 per family to help defray the costs of moving. Until the permanent homes are ready, the displaced Jews can live in little canvas huts with bamboo roofs. Their vacated homes can then be offered at reduced prices to young Muslims who are coming to Florida from refugee camps in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. They will be in desperate need of descent, affordable housing. This plan should provide an adequate solution to the problem of Jewish settlements, which are presenting an obstacle to peace in the region. If it doesn't, the Legislature should convene again to discuss a Final Solution to the problem of Jewish occupation and settlement in Florida.

Israel Zwick can be reached by email at israel.zwick@earthlink.net

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Posted by Jerome S. Kaufman, April 15, 2005.
This article was written by Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis). Contact him by email at imra@netvision.net.il

"Talk now comply later - if ever" - that's what PA head Mahmoud Abbas others pressing for immediate final status really mean.

Well, maybe Israel should take Mr. Abbas up on his offer.

But instead of basing its negotiating positions on the negotiating on the apparently unrealistic assumption that the Palestinians will ever honor their obligations - in particular their security obligations - Israel could approach final status talks with the refreshingly sober attitude that, photo-opportunities and wishful thinking notwithstanding, the Palestinians are never going to be serious about dropping the terror and violence option.

And there certainly has been a lot of wishful thinking.

President Bush and his teams certainly talk the talk about wanting the Palestinians to honor their security obligations, but they bend over backwards to praise Mahmoud Abbas - carefully ignoring that he wants to integrate the terrorists into the PA security forces rather than disarm them.

And it doesn't end there.

This Wednesday White House Spokesperson Scott McClellan went so far as to explain that it was OK if Hamas took over control of the PA via the ballot box since the Hamas candidates would be "business professionals --- not terrorists."

I wonder if Mr. McClellan had to see a chiropractor after delivering that line.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Bush White House has embraced the Clinton White House's "no failing grade" policy when it comes to Palestinian compliance.

And that's not all. The White House also has only praise for Egypt, the nation that serves as the conduit for almost all the weapons flowing into the Gaza Strip. The fact that Egypt only finally got around to detaining one person associated with anti-aircraft missile smuggling as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made his way to Crawford speaks volumes about what they haven't done.

What could Israel accept in final status talks based on the assumption that the Palestinians will never honor their security obligations?

Certainly not an entity with such elements of sovereignty as control of their borders and ports.

Certainly not an entity with armed forces of a size or strength beyond the scope required for the maintenance of domestic order.

And certainly not an entity with a geographic configuration that could facilitate both a bloody war of attrition against the Jewish State as well as an effective diversionary campaign to bog down Israeli forces in the event of an Arab invasion.

Talk now - Palestinian compliance never? Only if the citizens of Israel can be certain that their representatives at the talks will have their eyes wide open and the intestinal fortitude to act accordingly.

Unfortunately, given Mr. Sharon's recent track record and the front running midgets now vying to replace him it is doubtful that this condition can be met for the foreseeable future.

Jerome S. Kaufman is National Secretary of the Zionist Organization of America. and host the Israel Commentary website (http://www.israel-commentary.org).

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Posted by Fran Sonnenschein, April 15, 2005.

This article was written by Roberta Neiger. It appeared in Israel21c on March 27, 2005 (http://www.israel21c.org/bin/en.jsp?enDispWho=Articles%5El952&enPage= BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat=object&enVersion=0&enZone=Health&)

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics has developed a novel stem cell therapy to treat Parkinson's Disease - using a patient's own bone marrow stem cells to produce the missing chemical that enables restoration of motor movement.

The process - which successfully alleviated symptoms of Parkinson's in rats - will be tested on monkeys next year, with human clinical trials scheduled for the following year.

About 1.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, a chronic progressive neurodegenerative disease. Parkinson's affects those brain cells responsible for production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that directs motor movement. Insufficient dopamine levels result in tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement and impaired balance.

The Tel Aviv-based BrainStorm uses adult stem cells to repair neurological damage. Developed at Tel Aviv University, the company's propriety technology - NurOwn - has been proven capable of generating neuron-like cells derived from human bone marrow. The cells produce dopamine which can them be implanted into the PD patients.

NurOwn was developed by Prof. Eldad Melamed, Head of Neurology of the Rabin Medical Center and member of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, together with Tel Aviv University cell biologist Dr. Daniel Offen and Dr. Yosef Levy.

In June, 2004, BrainStorm acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize NurOwn technology through a licensing agreement with Ramot, the technology transfer company of TAU.

Along with these scientists, BrainStorm's team of 12 researchers is working to further develop this technology. Taking bone marrow cells from rodents and human donations, the researchers demonstrated expansion of the number of cells and their differentiation into functional neural cells.

"The breakthrough here is that, first of all, our source material is bone marrow. Second, they showed not only neuronal markers and electro-physical functions, but the in-vitro expression and release of dopamine," BrainStorm's President and CEO, Dr Yaffa Beck told ISRAEL21c.

Perhaps most impressive, transplantation of such dopamine-producing cells in rodent models of PD resulted in the amelioration of their Parkinsonian symptoms. This is "proof of the feasibility of these cells," says Beck, who has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and business development.

Beck said that the tests have succeeded in showing that the cells stay in the brain, producing dopamine for up to four months.

Pointing to the advantages of using adult stem cells derived from bone marrow, Beck explains that the therapy can be autologous - meaning it can employ the patient's own bone marrow.

"Using the patient's own bone marrow to supply dopamine-producing cells circumvents problems of immunity and compatibility, so it is safer than using cells from an outside source," says Beck.

She said that the advantage of adult bone marrow cells is that they can be taken from the patient, so there is no rejection or infection. The body identifies the cells as belonging to the patient.

"This is precisely our innovation, compared with other stem cell research companies. We're talking about adult stem cells," she told Globes.

In addition, she explains, such therapy is not fraught with the ethical issues or risk of cancer sometimes associated with embryonic stem cell therapies.

While anti-Parkinson's drugs exist, they all have significant drawbacks. "There are drugs that replace dopamine itself, but their effects are limited," says Beck. "The concentrations that reach the brain are not consistent, so dosages must be steadily increased, causing side effects and 'resistance'. After few years, patients often stop responding altogether."

As cell treatment involves implantation of cells in the brain, it would obviate the need for drugs. "In place of patients' degenerating cells, we put in new functional cells," says Beck, adding that this promises to be a long-term treatment.

"It's important to distinguish between drugs for treating Parkinson's and stem cell treatments for it," she told Globes. "We hope that our treatment will be like a full cure. I want to be cautious, and not cause misleading over-expectations, but our hope is that a person will not need further treatment for a very long time, in contrast to other drugs. It's possible to compare it with bone marrow transplants for cancer patients."

Why is BrainStorm, which aims to address a wide range of neurodegenerative diseases, initially focusing on Parkinson's Disease?

"Parkinson's is one of the few neurodegenerative diseases that has a clearly defined deficiency, not unlike diabetes," says Beck. "In Parkinson's, we need dopamine-producing cells. With other diseases, it is not so apparent which cells are required, so it will take longer to develop an appropriate therapy for them."

Having successfully demonstrated this therapy on rodent models of PD, Beck says the company plans to develop similar solutions for such illnesses as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer's Disease (AD), Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and other terminal neurodegenerative diseases

Israeli stem cell companies, says Beck, are in a unique position within the world research arena.

"Some of the world's best stem cell scientists are in Israel, primarily in the area of embryonic stem cell research," she says. "In this field, the right people have come together at the right time - and more than that, we're Jewish," she adds, referring to the Jewish tradition in which embryos are not considered to be human beings until they are born. This is in sharp contrast to the Christian view, which commonly holds that personhood starts at the moment of conception.

"This different way of looking at the embryo has helped advance stem cell research," says Beck. "There has been far less of a debate regarding its ethics."

Beck also praises the recently established Consortium Bereshit for Cell Therapy, a $15 to $20 million project of the Israel Ministry and Trade that brings together researchers from academia and industry to develop stem cell-based therapies.

"There is a nice critical mass of university researchers and companies in the Consortium. Now it's a matter of grabbing the opportunity, providing as many incentives as possible and moving ahead in this important area."

Fran Sonnenscein is with the Baltimore Zionist District. Their website address is http://www.bzdisrael.org

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Posted by Israel Academia Monitor, April 15, 2005.

Omri Raziel, a happy, cheerful little boy who loves to play with toy cars and listen to "Lion King", is in mortal danger. Reading this file may help save his life and bring him back home to his loving family.

One night, about eight months ago, Omri started screaming in pain. It turned out that the pain focused in his feet and made it impossible for him to walk. Omri was hospitalized immediately in "Dana" hospital, the children's ward of Ichilov in Tel-Aviv. There they started an intensive series of tests. Despite their efforts, the doctors couldn't find a thing, though the pain started "climbing" up his body and reached his hands.

At this stage, after three weeks of hospitalization, Omri lost much of his eyesight. An immediate head CT showed that Omri had a head tumor that injured the optic nerve. A biopsy confirmed the worst: it turned out that the tumor is a cancerous and of a particularly severe kind, Non-Hodgkins-Lymphoma (Large B cell Lymphoma). It is a particularly virulent cancer, stubborn and difficult to cure. The severity of the illness (graded by doctors 1-4) was graded 4, to describe the severity of Omri's disease.

After four chemotherapy treatments, severe eyesight impairment, excruciating pain, severe side effects and sleepless nights, there followed an optimistic period for Omri and his family. It looked as if little Omri was overcoming his illness. The results of the tests were normal, the pain lessened, and Omri looked well and was lively. All this lasted for about six weeks.

Suddenly Omri's pain returned. This time he suffered from severe headaches. More tests indicated that the virulent cancer had come back, and had now penetrated the cerebrospinal fluid and the bone marrow. Chemotherapy had not cured Omri. Omri was defined as a rare medical case due to the return of the cancer while still in chemotherapy. The regular treatments were useless, and Omri started undergoing a therapy with an experimental medication, a biological one, that is used in this country for the first time in treating a young child.

Despite this it is quite clear now that bone-marrow transplantation is Omri's only chance to overcome the disease. Bone-marrow transplantation is a fairly simple procedure that may save Omri. Scores of patients were saved this way. Unfortunately, all his immediate family members and more distant relatives were checked and found unsuitable. A search through bone marrow pools here and abroad came out negative as well. But there is a chance that there is a suitable donor among us. For this it is necessary to start a nation-wide campaign.

Today the family, together with the bone marrow pool of the non-profit organization Ezer Mizion, is organizing such a nationwide campaign. It will take place on Tuesday, April 12th 2005. The locations of the donation centers will be advertised through the media. The aim is to collect tens of thousands of specimens that should increase the chance of finding a suitable donor for Omri. The blood samples will help finding suitable donors for other cancer patient as well. The results of these new blood tests will join the donors' pool of Ezer Mizion, which at present consists of about 190,000 potential bone marrow donors. Thanks to this pool the lives of about 140 cancer patients have already been saved, men, women and children that otherwise wouldn't be with us today.

The cost of one blood test for tissue typing amounts today to $60. Regrettably, the collection of blood samples is not enough. To overcome Omri's and other patients' disease we must mobilize financial resources for each and every test.

To give Omri a chance to live we need more than a million dollars! The success of the operation depends on our being able to achieve the necessary sum.

Please help us.

Monetary donations can be transferred to a special account opened for this purpose, by sending checks or by link cards:

Details of the bank account: Bank Mizrachi, bank No. 20; Tarfon branch, branch No. 430; Account 62 9004. Swift Number: MIZBILIT Name of account: Ezer Mizion (Income-tax file no. 580079978 section 46) Address: 46 Rabbi Akiva Bnei Barak.

(For tax invoice please send the bank confirmation of the money transfer to Oranit - center of Ezer Mizion, 40 Kaplan St. Petah Tiqva).

Checks to the order of Ezer Mizion are to be sent to Oranit Center, 40 Kaplan St., Petah Tiqva 49210. Telephone answering service for link card payments In Israel only: 12-12-33-1900 From abroad dial to Oranit +972-3-9277777

Many thanks,
The Raziels

Contact the Israel Academia Monitor organization by email at e-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 15, 2005.

This was written by Aliza Karp.

The level of logic that President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon showed at their Crawford meeting is tantamount to declaring a commitment to combating obesity by setting up chocolate factories on every corner and giving free chocolates to anyone who says they are committed to loosing weight... and if they don't commit, well, give it to them anyway, to appease the United Nations of Weightwatchers.

In their recent email exposing the dishonest reporting about the Crawford meeting, honestreporting.com enumerated what actually was discussed and agreed upon in Crawford. The points are self-contradictory to the core.

Point one: The United States is committed to Israel's security. Point five: The United States supports a Palestinian State.

The Palestinian charter declares the goal of obliterating Israel, so how can you support a secure Israel with a Palestinian State? It's like committing to the health of a person while implanting a deadly disease in their chest.

Point eight: Israel should remove unauthorized outposts and meet its road map obligations regarding settlements in the West Bank. Point seven: Need for an immediate, strong and sustained effort to combat terrorism in all its forms.

So-called unauthorized outposts, together with the settlements are the best way to counter terror. They get in the way of terrorists. One lone caravan on the outskirts of settlement is much better security than a security fence. The terrorists come right up the fence, and military experts agree that the fence gives a total of one extra minute for defense purposes. Sometimes a minute is important but a much better alternative is an outpost. The terrorists know they cannot come right up the settlement, in fact they are risking their lives if they approach the outpost.

The army simply can't be everywhere. So residents are needed. Plus, there is an advantage of the soldiers guarding communities - where they can have personal interaction and are treated warmly with appreciation - rather than guarding unoccupied land and buildings. Case in point, there was no community at Kever Yosef, which was abandoned by the army under fire.

Terrorists should not be encouraged by success. The answer to each bullet fired should be another community in Yesha, and to each bomb, a new settlement. Let the terrorists get some negative feedback for a change, as an additional weapon in the war against terror. To combat terror, we need more settlements, not less.

There is one concretely accurate point on the list. It is a quote from President Bush: "Sharon is showing visionary leadership? I strongly support his courageous initiative to disengage from Gaza and part of the West Bank." Yes Sharon is showing visionary leadership. If you don't believe me, look at the synonyms I found for visionary on thesaurus.com: abstracted, ambitious, astral, chimerical, daydreaming, delusory, fanciful, fantastic, grandiose, illusory, imaginary, impractical, introspective, otherworldly, pretentious, quixotic, radical, romantic, speculative, starry-eyed, unreal, unrealistic, unworkable, unworldly.

For those of you, like me, who are unfamiliar with the word chimerical, I looked it up at dictionary.com. It's a great word. Too bad it's applying to the Prime Minister. The definition: 'Created by a wildly fanciful imagination.' And the definition of another word I was unfamiliar with, quixotic: 'Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality'? Heaven help us!

Which brings me to my next point. Heaven help us.

The word for peace, Shalom, also means completeness, no division. If we want Hashem to grant us Shalaimot HaAretz, our land in its entirety in peace, we should act with Shlaimot HaAm, a nation that is without division and Shlaimot HaTorah, observing the complete Torah.

Last summer, in an act of Achdus, the grand human chain linked Gush Katif with Yerushalaim, by the joining together of Jews with different backgrounds, assorted attire and diverse opinions. To show Achdus from abroad, Blumah Wineberg, Chabad Shlucha in Kansas City, and I, contacted dozens of summer camps and arranged to have them form chains on the date of the chain in Eretz Yisroel. While in formation the children said Psukim, phrases, from Torah and Tefila, prayers, and passed around charity boxes with coins for all to put in.

This was our way of showing Hashem we have Shlaimot HaAm and Shlaimot HaTorah. But why children and not adults? The answer is in a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, dated the 15th of Tammuz, 5733-1973. Please note, the deportation is scheduled for the time frame of the Bein HaMetzarim.

"I particularly wish to broaden your understanding of a particular point relating to the rapidly approaching time period of Bein HaHetzarim, the three week period between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av. While you are surely aware of the history and the theme of these days, I wish to emphasize the following point:

Concentrate and focus on the unique merit that Jewish children possess in their ability to positively affect the entire Jewish people, in keeping with King David's statement: "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings You have established strength, to vanquish Your enemies, to silence foe and avenger." [Tehillim 8:3]

It is time to mobilize the children once again. Blumah and I and a group of concerned women are using email, mail, internet, networking and even phones and faxes, to reach individuals, families and communities world wide, to encourage assembling of children on Wednesday of Chol HaMoed Pesach, to participate in Torah, Tefilah and Tzedakah, charity. All three representing Shlaimot HaTorah. Wednesday is the 18th of Nissan, or as we say, Chai Nissan. Chai means life, Nissan means miracle. And we need a live miracle! It is also a special day on the Lubavitch calendar, it is the birthday of Reb Levik, the Rebbe's father.

One child saying Psukim and giving Tzedakah may not attract the attention of the media, but it will attract the attention of the G-d of Isreal. The more places where children gather in groups of 2 to 2 million, the stronger will be the voices of children, our strength "to vanquish Your enemies." These rallies can be done around the kitchen table, in the park or on the swing set. Better yet they could be a gathering of neighbors and even better would be a community gathering. The outer trappings will vary, but the results will be the same.

At the children's rallies held by the Rebbe, the children themselves would lead the saying of Psukim. Each phrase was said by a different child or group of children.

We have prepared a booklet of Psukim and a story about Pesach to send to anyone who would like our assistance. If you would like the materials, we can be reached at aliza@chabadnorth.com. The Pesach Nash, will have to be provided locally, sorry we can't help with that.

Please send pictures to the above email address so that we can assemble them and present them to the people of the threatened communities. Especially the children will feel encouraged by knowing that children around the world are thinking of them and doing what they can to help.

The biggest obstacle to making theses rallies is the Yetzer Hara, the evil inclination. Right now mine is telling me that since I am doing the organizing and mailing and writing this article, that I personally am exempt from making a rally. Should I listen to my Yetzer Hara? Are you going to listen to yours?

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Rachel Neuwirth, April 15, 2005.

This was written by Douglas David and appeared in the Spectator in England (http://www.spectator.co.uk/article_pfv.php?id=5979). Douglas Davis is co-author, with Helen Davis, of "Israel in the World - Changing Lives Through Innovation," which was published this week by Weidenfeld and Nicolson.

Pay attention, Professor. If you support the proposed academic boycott of Israel - and if you are to remain intellectually honest - prepare for a radical lifestyle change. Firstly, unplug your computer. Good. Now switch off your interactive digital television set. Well done. And now throw away your mobile phone. Excellent. You see, Professor, these machines are not only the engine of the globalised, capitalist world but they also depend on technologies that have been produced by Israeli academics in the Zionist entity.

Stop playing with your detached mouse, Professor, and concentrate. I'm afraid you may not use the British Library because it has been computerised by Ex Libris, a Zionist company that was spawned by the odious Hebrew University of Jerusalem. And if, God forbid, you develop problems of the small intestine, you may not pop the Zionist-invented 'video capsule', which passes naturally through your body as it monitors this delicate piece of your anatomy. You will, sadly, have to take it up the derrière, Professor. As a matter of principle, of course. But remember: your principle allows your proctologist to keep his hand in.

All this boycotting, you see, is the logical extension of proposed academic sanctions against Israel by some members of your Association of University Teachers (AUT) when they meet in Eastbourne next Wednesday. Just visit the website of Egyptian-born Mona Baker of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. She set the standard by firing two Israeli scholars from the boards of her translation journals as a matter of high academic principle.

You will see that Ms Baker's ambitions do not end with the academic boycott. Her website also includes a section entitled 'Boycott Israeli Products & Services', which features dozens of global brands that, inconveniently, are not Israeli at all. The offenders presumably have earned their place in infamy by dealing with the Zionist entity, by being owned by Jews or by having Jews on their boards. They range from Coca-Cola and Nescafé to Johnson & Johnson and Estée Lauder, from Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren to Selfridges and Marks & Spencer, from Kleenex and Wonderbra to Lancôme and... All marked for boycott.

Absent from Ms Baker's list - and here I think I can help - is a set of global companies which are arguably even more culpable because they not only operate in Israel but also do most of their R&D there. IBM and Intel each have three R&D centres in Israel; Microsoft established its first non-American facility there, and Cisco Systems has built its only non-American R&D centre in Israel. Then there is Motorola, which has its largest R&D site in Israel, and News Corp, whose company NDS develops those neat interactive technologies for digital television. There are many more.

The AUT boycott brigade has cause for concern. It knows that these companies are attracted not only by the innate brutality of the expansionist regime but also by the cunning of its university graduates (most of the R&D centres are located on or near Israeli university campuses). Proportionally, the Zionist entity has more university graduates than any other country, while its scientists, engineers and agriculturists publish more professional papers per capita than do their counterparts anywhere else on earth. The result is that Israel has the largest concentration of high-tech companies outside Silicon Valley. But the ultimate sin is that Israel, which came to independence in the process of post-war decolonisation, stubbornly refuses to become a failed state.

So dangerous has the situation become, dear Professor, that when you meet in Eastbourne you will set aside the small matter of your pay deal (which many universities have failed to implement). Instead, you and your fellow intellectual heavyweights will ponder far worthier matters. Like foreign affairs. Of course, you will not have to bother your turbo-charged minds with this week's Unicef report which shows that half of the women in the Arab world are illiterate and more than ten million children in the region don't attend school.

The issue that will preoccupy you will be the aggressive imperialist apartheid state: a state that has nurtured the Palestinian universities and colleges in the West Bank; one that offers equal rights - and access to its universities - to all its citizens, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or sex; and which has educated tens of thousands of Palestinians at Israeli universities (several hundred a year still opt for an Israeli education). It is significant that Omar Barghouti, the Palestinian who is encouraging you and your British comrades to boycott Israel, is a doctoral student at none other than Tel Aviv University.

No, Professor, not all Israeli universities and not all Israeli academics will be boycotted if the AUT motion is passed. Such a proposition was defeated 3-1 at the association's conference two years ago, and the boycotters are too smart to repeat past mistakes. The new motion, says one of its authors, has been "tactically" amended to get it passed. "We've got to be a bit more sophisticated," she says. And sophisticated they are. They even had a dry run last December, when they met to rehearse their presentations and develop killer responses to potential critics.

Their sleek new motion - which does not involve a single book-burning - envisages sanctions against only the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Haifa University. And there's more: the boycotters generously offer Israeli academics the opportunity to buy themselves immunity if they are prepared to denounce their country, specifically, "conscientious Israeli academics and intellectuals opposed to their state's colonial and racist policies." Who could seriously question the integrity of your fellow academic freedom fighters'

But there are, of course, small obstinate obstacles in the way of you visionaries, Professor. Britain's academic institutions, for example, have not endorsed boycotting Israel's academic community. Indeed, when the Oxford don Andrew Wilkie told an Israeli PhD applicant that there was "no way would I take on somebody who had served in the Israeli army", he was hauled before the university's disciplinary body and suspended without pay for two months.

Cambridge University's Professor Sir Aaron Klug, Nobel laureate and former president of the Royal Society, put me right when I asked him about the possible impact - on Britain no less than on Israel - of such a boycott: "How important is the AUT? That's the question you have to ask." He is no supporter of Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and his policies but he does consider that the proposed boycott is "ill considered and doesn't promote anything at all". The AUT, he says, is out to attack Israel "but this is no way to proceed". Sir Aaron is "not one who looks for anti-Semitism around every corner," he says, "but I do think there's an element of that here. It does give people who are anti-Semitic the opportunity to express themselves.:

But relax, Professor. The AUT has solemnly concluded that there is a clear distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. They don't mind Jews. They just detest the Jewish state.

Rachel Neuwirth is a Los Angeles-based analyst on the board of directors of the West Coast Region of the American Jewish Congress and the chairperson of the organization's Middle East committee. Contact her by email at rachterry@sbcglobal.net

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 15, 2005.


It is ironic that our generally foul world defames the Israeli military for not meeting standards that only Israel and the US meet. While critics of the US assault on Saddam's regime lament Iraqi civilian casualties, I laud the US military for minimizing them. It is a great achievement. Democrats complain of minor such losses as if unaware of how recently it was that the US deliberately inflicted mass-casualties on civilians. That was a callousness, if not a war crime, that few Americans rued. I do.

Israel long has had a concept of "purity of arms," meaning the pursuit of military objectives by means as humane as possible. I commend that concept to Israel's critics for their own utilization.

Most of Israel's critics are not fair or objective. I would like to add that they are not sincere, but sincerity is peculiar, in that people can deceive themselves and sincerely but mistakenly believe they are righteous rather than evil. They are not fair when they simply denounce every Israeli defensive measure and not the Arabs' offensive measures, which are crimes against humanity. The forces of disorder do not have superior rights to the forces of law.

Many critics are not objective assessing blame, either. Amnesty Intl. used to excuse Arab terrorist militias and the official P.A. police from acts of terrorism, on the grounds that they are not a sovereign government. What had that to do with their criminal behavior and the duty of humanitarian organizations to protest against it? It was just an excuse not to assist the Jewish state, however sordid its enemies' crimes.

In attributing Arab civilian casualties to Israel, the humanitarian NGOs were not objective when they counted terrorist gunmen as civilians, young terrorists as "children" killed by Israeli troops, and collateral deaths as Israel's fault, although international law holds that it is the fault of the terrorists operating illegally amongst civilians. Also, the P.A. encouraged children to take part in human bombings, shot at Israelis from behind civilians, and let children stand around firefights.

The organizations that supposedly are humanitarian show they really are antisemitic, by expressing sympathy solely for any suffering by the Arabs and none for the Israelis who, after all, are the victims of Arab aggression motivated by bigotry. For myself, I don't sympathize for the Arab civilians, since they share their gunmen's goals and approve of their means, and lend what support they can. The organizations fail to roundly condemn the means used by the Arabs. This failure is outrageous. It demonstrates their hypocrisy. Here we have the Arabs, religious fanatics committing war crimes constantly, but the supposedly humanitarian organizations do not object loudly. Sometimes they object quietly, obviously paying lip service. When they object to what Israel does (if it even does it) they are vociferous. They have taken sides in the Arab-Israel conflict. They side with the war criminals.

If the critics of Israeli methods weren't themselves biased, and instead were at least responsible, they would discuss the how far a military may go in the conflict between powerful means to military victory and injuries to civilian populations. They should devise codes of military conduct that would establish permissible methods and the extent to which they may be utilized. That is what the Natural Resources Defense Council does, when it works out solutions to environmental programs with certain industries. The humanitarian organizations should not simply deny to Israel every means of defense.


Here's news! C-Span seeks "balance." It wanted to balance a Holocaust scholar with a Holocaust denier. Interestingly, the denier had lost a libel suit against the scholar, who disproved all his contentions in an exhaustive presentation of the facts. The denier did not have facts but, according to the judges, lies.

Holocaust deniers, who are antisemites like Islamists, don't work with facts. They work with minimization, irrelevance, avoidance of the records, etc..

When there is more than one side to an issue, balance is desirable. The media seldom has balance in the Arab-Israel conflict. Numerous are the radio and TV panels weighted heavily, counting the broadcaster and leftist Israelis, on the Arab side. Here, C-Span seeks balance, lest the Jewish side have the advantage. Perhaps the studies, imbalanced by a preponderance of young people, have no memory of the reality of the Holocaust.

The problem is that balance is misunderstood. Sometimes balance is desirable, and sometimes not. When there is only one side, because the facts overwhelmingly are on one side, those who hold to the other side do not merit a hearing. The trouble with that principle is its ready abuse. The Establishment often takes the position that its unprincipled stance is beyond reproach, and its opponents are a fringe element of extremists, whose principle stance is reproachful. The Establishment generally succeeds is squelching discussions within Jewish organizations and in the national media.

When science developed techniques for measuring celestial bodies, it proved that the Earth is roundish. Proof notwithstanding, a Flat Earth Society has persisted in denying the facts. Should a conclave of astronomers bring in a Flat-Earther, for "balance?" Nuts don't provide balance. The facts don't need balance. Unproved theories about black holes, dark matter, and alternative universes do.

A word about facts vs. opinions. Examples of facts in the Arab-Israel conflict are: (1) The Arabs have been making war on the Jewish state; and (2) Their reasons are religious and imperialist.

Some matters of opinion are: (1) Whether the Arabs are starting to modernize socially and ameliorate their religious and imperial drive; and (2) Which means of counter-terrorism work.

There are many controversial proposals that seem to be matters of opinion, but whose disposition seems obvious to me, though other people find the opposite self-evident. Examples of these are: (1) Whether to use military means that risk Israeli soldiers' lives in order to reduce Arab civilian deaths (I say no, the civilians are not as innocent and Israel is fighting for survival against them); and (2) Should Israel take measures to encourage Arabs to leave Israel and the Territories (I say yes, for self-preservation and victory). My opinions may leave some people aghast. The opinions conflict with certain principles of theirs. They fail to think through the consequences of their principles, which are death for the innocent and victory for the guilty. They uphold "democracy," meaning let the Arabs tip the balance in Israeli voting in favor of the Arab enemy that would end democracy and the Jews' national development if not their lives.

"Balance" can be a euphemism for its opposite, as "diversity" is for discrimination. Columbia U. has hired leftists and Arabs to teach about the Mideast. These professors not only are one-sided, they dissemble. In answer to student objections, defenders of the professors contend that these Arabs and leftists are there for balance and it is the long-suffering students (who complain that their opinions are given low marks) who are seeking to stifle diversity of opinion. Most university faculties in these subjects are so leftist, that while they seek diversity of ethnicity, they lack diversity of opinion.

Even if the universities weren't overloaded with Arabs and leftists, those teacahers would not be needed for balance. Professors who lack academic integrity don't provide balance, they mislead. Worse, they are here to make propaganda war against us. They don't belong in our colleges. ISRAELI VIEW OF TERRORISM

"What should Israel do in the wake of the attack this week in Tel Aviv?" Polled, 29% said, "Cancel the cease fire and return to full military actions and targeted killing; 64% Don't respond and instead let the Palestinians continue fighting terror." (IMRA, 3/3.) What do they mean, "continue" fighting terrorism? The P.A. doesn't and won't fight terrorism, it brandishes it as blackmail.


A Likud convention devoted itself to whether to put PM Sharon's abandonment plan to a national referendum. Sharon was booed throughout his speech. Some Likudniks held up signs, "Sharon Go Home." Sharon called those "threats."

The conclave voted overwhelmingly in favor of a referendum, most because they oppose the abandonment plan. Sharon referred to those who voted against him as "fringe extremist elements." He said, "I will not allow the extremist margins to dictate our path." (Arutz-7, 3/4/05.)

What do you call a leader who overrides some elections and bribes or threatens officials to win the rest? Dictator. He calls his Party majority a fringe and extremist. His plan to abandon billions of dollars worth of property to an enemy that murdered for it and wishes to destroy the country, and to give away territory that is the Jewish people's heritage, is extremist.


The Arabs have had a sort of "right of return," thanks to well-meaning but foolish Israeli law. Tens of thousands immigrated under the aegis of family unification and marriage. A temporary restriction on that is up for renewal. Some Israelis suggest following the model of Denmark and the Netherlands, whose restrictions reduced Muslim immigration by 60% (Arutz-7).

60% is not enough. Zero is a better goal. Reverse immigration is the best goal. National survival trumps critics' notion of political correctness.


The Israeli Ambassador hand-delivered an appeal not to extradite to Turkey, to face other charges, an Israeli drug dealer convicted in the US. The Ambassador did not hand-deliver a petition signed by 112 Knesset members to release Pollard. The petition remains in Israel. The Ambassador gave a speech within a 20-minute drive of Pollard's prison, without visiting him. (Such visits are routine for Ambassadors, but none have visited Pollard.) Thus the government once again showed that it had abandoned Pollard (IMRA, 3/4/05).

Pollard was over-punished by the US largely because he had frustrated subversives in it and he knew too much. Why is he abandoned by the Israeli government? Probably he knows too much about Sharon. On the other hand, being tough only domestically, Sharon is a toady of the US.

Pres. Clinton had granted clemency to assassins and a crooked contributor to his campaign, but not to Pollard as agreed. Sharon released hundreds of terrorists in exchange for a criminal old crony and three cadavers. Now he releases hundreds of terrorists for nothing.


The US finds Pres. Mubarak's decision to allow multiple candidates to run for President "very important." To run, however, the candidates would have to gain the approval of local councils, presumably attached to the Mubarak regime.

The Moslem Brotherhood, which remains banned, finds the new rule merely cosmetic. IMRA remarks that the US comment reflects wishful thinking more than a sincere belief that the regime is reforming (IMRA, 3/4/05). The US is tying itself too closely to the Mubarak regime. It wants desperately to count on Egypt as an ally whose continued US aid it can justify. It sees no evil.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Slivwa News, April 15, 2005.

This is a press release by Christian Solidarity International (CSI) - www.csi-int.org

Cattle Camp Arabs Promise to Free Slaves

(Nyamlell, Zurich, April 15, 2005) 336 Black Sudanese slaves were liberated between 23 March and 14 April through the mediation of the Arab-Dinka Peace Committees at Warawar and Manger Ater, Southern Sudan.

The freed slaves were registered at three checkpoints (Bac & Rumrol, Aweil East County, and Mayen Adhal, Aweil North County) before proceeding to their homes and families. Registration was undertaken jointly by local representatives of CSI, the Episcopal Church of Sudan, the Church of Christ, the Government of Sudan's Committee for the Eradication of Women and Children (CEAWC) and the SPLM's Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SRRC).

Preliminary analysis of interviews with 51 of the female slaves over the age of 11 indicate the following pattern of abuse:

37% subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM).
71% raped.
51% forcibly converted to Islam from Christianity or a tribal faith.
98% subjected to racial insults.
100% physically abused.
100% forced to work without pay.

CSI gave returning slaves grain rations and survival kits, including a cooking pot, mosquito net, plastic sheeting, a water container, a sickle and fishing hooks.

At a US government-funded Arab-Dinka peace conference in Nyamlell, Southern Sudan on April 7-9, Arab cattle camp leaders pledged to free their remaining Dinka slaves. A conference resolution called on CSI to assist newly formed Arab-Dinka committees to locate and liberate slaves from Arab cattle camps.

Conference host, Chief Dut Majak Majak of Nyamlell, thanked CSI for promoting peace between Arabs and Dinkas for the past ten years. He also observed that all Dinkas attending the conference had relatives who had been freed from enslavement by CSI.

Dr. John Eibner pledged CSI's continuing support for Arab-Dinka efforts to abolish slavery in Sudan. He also warned that unless the enslavement of Black Africans is rapidly eradicated in Darfur and other parts of Northern Sudan a comprehensive and lasting peace for the war torn country will remain elusive.

In September 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush identified the eradication of slavery as a paramount goal of his administration's Sudan peace initiative. Conservative estimates place the number of Black Sudanese slaves in the tens of thousands. The Report of the UN's Commission of Inquiry on Darfur, dated January 25, 2005, confirmed that the armed forces of the Government of Sudan and allied militias are committing "crimes against humanity" in Darfur, including slavery and the sexual abuse of women.

At the beginning of February, the Sudanese government suspended the repatriation of freed slaves to Southern Sudan in response to criticism from UNICEF. Southern Sudanese community leaders have called for its immediate resumption. (end)

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Posted by Marlene Young, April 15, 2005.
This was written by Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, and appeared in today's Haaretz (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=565291& contrassID=2&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0).

Israel Defense Forces brigade commanders in the Gaza Strip earlier this week complained to Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon about the stricter rules of engagement under the tahadiya, the period of calm instilled by the Palestinians, warning they could lead to terror attacks against Israelis.

Since the tahadiya began at the end of January, the IDF altered its rules of engagement in the territories, particularly in the Gaza Strip, easing harsh measures previously employed to counter terrorist infiltration threats. The army had declared special security zones (SSZ) in broad areas near settlements, along roads used by the Israeli populace, adjacent to the Philadelphi corridor on the Israel-Egypt border, and adjacent to the Green Line. Based on these regulations, all Palestinian traffic in these areas was barred, and soldiers were authorized to shoot at whoever entered them. Occasionally, even the warning fire procedure was shortened, making reasonable suspicion of a person being a terrorist sufficient enough for opening fire.

In this way, the IDF almost completely prevented infiltrations and killed many terrorists, but also hit many innocent Palestinians. After the number of violent incidents subsided, the army stopped enforcing the SSZ regime. Palestinians quickly caught on, and dozens of job seekers resumed infiltrating within the Green Line. Attempts also have been made to enter settlements, for, among other reasons, gathering intelligence for future terror attacks.

Since the end of January, there have been more than 40 instances in which unarmed infiltrators were caught after having crossed the perimeter fence. The army found that with the help of ladders and a methodology that disrupts the electronic alarm system along a section of the fence designed for crossing, the infiltrators had crossed the border fairly easily.

In their meeting with Ya'alon, the brigade commanders said the fact that only job seekers have been caught thus far does not negate the possibility that the next time it will be terrorists intending to attack one of the kibbutzim or moshavim near the Green Line. Under the new rules of engagement, one officer warned, the terrorists may be stopped only after they have started shooting.

A senior IDF Southern Command soruce said he understands the importance of the new rules in preventing Palestinian casualties, but expressed concern that the IDF is losing a deterrent that might encourage terrorists to risk nearing both the Green Line and settlements. <

Marlene Young is vice-president of TODA - Torah Organization for Disability Access, as well as an advocate for Israel.

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Posted by Marcel Cousineau, April 15, 2005.

The only time the word settlement is used anywhere on the planet, it is used against Israel. This diabolical lie from the pit of hell is only used to target Jews who live and breath and build as all other people on the planet do. We don't have any settlments here in the U.S. even though most of the land was stolen from its previous owners. Think of the gall, the arrogance, the EVIL of the U.S. Government to dictate to a tiny, outnumbered Israel, in a sea of hate and intolerance, to surrrender land to appease unappeasable Islam. We will pay the price as a nation for this evil.

Israel, a tiny speck on the map is too big for its greedy neighbors who control everything but this tiny speck. The Palestinians are just a pawn in the ruse to remove every square meter of Israel. That the crux of the problem with a world gone insanely mad against the Jews. The intolerant moslems, like the Saudis who do not permit Jews to live or breath on their land have no right to judge ar critize anything Israel does or does not do, but because they control much oil, the hypocrisy of the world is exposed. The towns, cities and villages Israel builds are a threat to Islam's intolerance and insatiable dominance of all land, to free it up from non-moslem rule. That's why in Israel only, we hear the word 'settlements' used. The defeated Arabs lost the war and the land, thats the reality for losers. What is most despicable is that the U.S. for economic and political reasons works to steal Israel's land and reward it to the losers. For this reason, we will hear the word 'settlements' used by the economic and political whores in Washington to gain points with their moslem partners in Israel's demise.

Contact Marcel Cousineau at up2zionsg8@yahoo.com

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Posted by WOmen In Green, April 15, 2005.

To all our members, friends and supporters,

An emergency situation has arisen which requires immediate attention by our supporters. We are desperately in need of $25,000. in connection with an unjust pending libel law suit. Ed Banyai the former representative of American Friends of Women in Green instituted this unjustified $3,000,000. libel action against Nadia Matar, Ruth Matar, Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), and Michael Levi Matar, in the United States. That libel action, is now pending in a Norfolk, Virginia Federal Court arising out of a purported claimed libel of Banyai over the Internet.

The sum in question is needed for the estimated expenses which Women in Green are obligated to pay for Examinations Before Trial, and for expert witnesses recommended by our attorneys.

It is sad that at a time when there is a pending existing crisis which threatens the very survival of Israel, that we are forced to defend against this baseless, yet substantial libel suit. Our organization is in the midst of the battle for Israel's existence, and at the same time must defend against this unwarranted claim in the States.

We deeply appreciate any financial assistance you can provide, so that we can continue our important work here in the Holy Land. To make a contribution via our secure server or through Paypal, go to: https://host5.apollohosting.com/womeningreen/funds/donation/donation.html


Michael Levi Matar, Volunteer Administrator

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 15, 2005.

1. The Other Rachels

A few days ago we commented on the trend among the Moonbatocracy to create pseudo-art celebrating Rachel Corrie, the clueless campus radical who commmitted suicide while trying to prevent Israeli bulldozers from destroying a smuggling tunnel used by the Palestinians in Gaza to smuggle in explosives, weapons, and missiles.

Well, last night, the play "My Name is Rachel Corrie" premiered in London at the prestigious Royal Court Theatre. No mention in the play of Corrie burning US flags or defending suicide bombing.

Well, we thought we would mention some other Rachels who have NOT been similarly commemorated in the London posh theaters yet (with thanks to Tom Gross). Here are the names of some plays that have not yet been produced in London:

1. My Name is Rachel Levy (Israeli girl age 17, blown up in a grocery store)
2. My Name is Rachel Thaler (Israeli girl aged 16, blown up in a pizzeria)
3. My Name is Rachel Levi (Israeli girl aged 19, murdered while waiting for the bus)
4. My Name is Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband and son while at home)
5. My Name is Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a cafe)
6. My Name is Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged 5, 13 and 6 while sitting at home)

It would be interesting knowing how many of THESE Rachels were murdered with explosives smuggled in through the same tunnels that Rachel Corrie and her ISM pro-terrorist friends were "defending"!

2. No Palestinian Child Left Behind

Israel Defense Forces soldiers searching for a wanted terrorist in West Bank house discovered that his little sister had hidden his gun in her underwear.

Troops searching a West Bank house for the wanted Hamas gunman found his sister hiding his gun in her underpants, the army said, adding that it would consider renewing strip-searches among Palestinian women when searching and screening for potential terrorists.

An army spokesman said the incident raises serious questions about the need to search Palestinian women, mainly at checkpoints. "Until now we have gone easy on women," a spokesman said. "Perhaps we need to reconsider that policy."

Meanwhile an armed 15-year-old Palestinian was arrested near Nablus after being discovered wearing five pipe bombs strapped to his body. The boy aroused suspicions by wearing a heavy jacket on a hot day.

10. Palestinian Authority Buys Fleet of Designer Cars

In what amounts to a stinging slap in the face to the beleaguered Palestinian people, the Palestinian Authority [PA] has rewarded itself by purchasing a fleet of high-end Audi automobiles.

Eighty-six PA legislators will each recieve a $45,000 Audi A4 and each of the PA's 24 ministers will receive a $76,000 Audi A6.

Palestinian columnist Yahya Rabah took issue with the decision to purchase the vehicles. Said Yahya:

"First, I would like to point out that there are no ministers, legislators and leaders in the world without cars," Rabah said. "But everything is relative. The PA is hardly able to pay the civil servants or cover running expenses, members of the security forces are struggling to get a 20 percent rise in their wages, and we still haven't solved the problem of unemployment.

The malfeasant spirit of Yasir Arafat continues haunting the PA he ran as a one-man bank.

In most spheres of human activity, reward is proportional to performance. Given the continued abysmal performance of the PA in addressing the needs of most Palestinians and in working towards peace with Israel, a more appropriate mode of transportation for all PA officials would consist of a fleet of these.
- Posted by Rocco DiPippo

3. Harvard Divests Even Though It Is Not Part of the Jihad Against Israel Incredible as it seems, a major Ivy League university has now made a "divestment" decision even though it does NOT involve demonizing Israel and encouraging Arab aggression, jihad and terrorism against Jews and America.

Harvard University has decided to divest from an oil company even though its only "sin" is that it collaborated with the genocidal Sudanese regime. Since when is that a cause for passion at Harvard, we wonder?

Be that as it may, Harvard University has decided to divest its holdings from PetroChina, an oil company with ties to the Sudanese government, according to an April 4th statement from the Harvard Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility. The statement said the group usually makes decisions based on finances, but human rights violations in Sudan called for "extraordinary actions."

The Sudanese government has been engaging in what many consider genocide in the western region of Darfur in an effort toward "forced Arabization" or "forced Islamization", according to University of Wisconsin anthropology professor Sharon Hutchinson.

The Harvard decision comes after campaigns at several universities seeking to boycott and "divest" from Israel for sometimes daring to defend itself, and a new call from a New York city councilman for divestment from Columbia University, the Madrassah on the Upper West Side.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Mordechai Ben-Menachem, April 15, 2005.
This is a news item in yesterday's Arutz-7 (www.IsraelNationalNews.com).

More than one-fifth of the most promising innovation and technology companies in Europe are Israeli, according to Red Herring technology magazine's top 100 rating.

Israel is the second most represented country on the list after Britain; 22 companies on the list are Israeli. Among them are Mellanox Technologies (producers of InfiniBand technology), Wisair (developer of a ultra-wideband chipset for wireless communications), the biotechnology company D-Pharm, EZChip, Flash Networks, BitBand Technologies, CableMatrix Technologies, Connect One, Kayote Networks, Exanet, Exent Technologies, FlexLight Networks, Followap, Orsense, Safend SanRAD, TdSoft, Telmap, StoreAge Networking, Unicorn Solutions, and Unipier.

Red Herring's editorial team evaluated the technology, financing, marketing, sales, service, leadership, and business strategies of 200 companies nominated as finalists.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is at Ben-Gurion University. He can be reached by email at quality@computer.org

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 15, 2005.

Sami Michael is one of the strangest members of Israel's Literary Left. He was raised a Jewish communist in Baghdad and then carried his nostalgia for Stalinism into Israel. He has written many novels, some of them celebrating communism, most of them celebrating Iraqi Jewry. He currently heads the far-Leftist anti-Israel extremist group, the "Association for Civil Rights in Israel", which is of the opinion that Jews have no rights, especially not the right to defend themselves against terror. [I found out the hard way that the ACRI simply does not believe in freedom of speech for non-leftists when I invited it to support my defense against the anti-democratic SLAPP suit harassment that was filed against me by the anti-Semitic lecturer from Ben Gurion Univerity, and the ACRI refused to do so. ACRI is funded by the usual sources from overseas, institutions not necessarily having Israel's wellbeing at the top of their agendas.]

Now Haaretz weekend magazine (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/565228.html) runs an in-depth expose of Michael's latest book. It turns out to be a rip-off from a Palestinian author, and I believe it would be regarded on any campus as an act of plagiarism.

The victim of this 'plagiarism' is one Ghassan Kanafani, an anti-Israel writer and essayist who was born in Acre in 1936 and died in 1972 in a mysterious car bomb explosion in Beirut, who was considered a leading Palestinian political writer. In 1972 he paid with his life for his membership in George Habash's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In 1969, Ghassan Kanafani wrote the novel "Return to Haifa" in Arabic. It was translated into Hebrew, and published by Hed Artzi in 2001, in the book "The Other Rooms: Three Palestinian Novellas," edited by Ami Elad-Bouskila. This past week, Am Oved Publishers released a new novel by Sami Michael, "Yonim b'Trafalgar" (Doves in Trafalgar), which is 'based on' Kanafani's novel. The only problem is that Michael's story is largely taken from the plot of Kanafani's book.

Now, lest you be misled into thinking that it was an intentional imitation for purposes of creating something new based upon it, kind of like the Japanese film RAN by AKIRA KUROSAWA is based on Shakespeare's King Lear, - faggetaboudit!

Michael never acknowledged he was 'borrowing' the Kanafani plot until he got caught red-handed. According to the Haaretz interview, Michael tries to huff and bluster his way out of being caught, thus:

Michael chose not to mention in Doves in Trafalgar that the book was based on, and inspired by, Kanafani's book. To my question as to why he didn't credit Kanafani's book in his, Michael said that "the story isn't of such high quality, and [Israeli Arab] writer Emil Habibi didn't like it at the time, either. I accepted Habibi's decision, which may have stemmed from writers' envy, although when Return to Haifa was published, Habibi was not yet known as a writer."

To which we reply: HUH? Because Emil Habibi did not like the book, it is ok for Michael to steal its plot?

Am Oved publishers did not even know about the connection between the two books when they produced Michael's, cause Michael had "forgotten" to tell them. After Michael was caught, they decided that on the first page of his "Doves in Trafalgar," it would be mentioned that the book "conducts a dialogue with Kanafani." However, the name of the Kanafani book "Return to Haifa" was entirely omitted at Michael's request. For the whole slippery interview with Michael, see http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/565228.html

Now other than the dubious "borrowing" of Kanafani's story line with acknowledging Kanafani's book at all, our eyebrows cannot but rise at the gall of a communist Israeli like Michael even celebrating the work of a fanatic Palestinian terrorist from the George Habash PFLP (the crowd that spent the 70s hijacking airplanes). What will be next - an anti-Semitic book to be named My Struggle that does not mention any previous works with similar themes?

This is the same Sami Michael who also celebrates mass murder of Jews by the Hamas and openly calls for Israel to be eliminated (see Haaretz interview above). A while back, Michael gave an interview to Haaretz (www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArtVty.jhtml?sw=sami+michael&itemNo=491499) in which he is cited as endorsing the right of the Hamas to mass murder Jewish children. Here is the full citation from that piece written by Akiva Eldar, unedited:

Sami Michael: "Hamas fighters are not terrorists." In an interview published in the latest issue of New Horizons, a monthly on society and the state published by the Berl Katznelson Foundation, Michael rejects the definition of Hamas fighters as "terrorists."

Author Sami Michael, the president of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, has a definition for the rabbis of the hesder yeshivas and the pre-military academies in the territories who are calling for rebellion against the prime minister: "an armed Jewish militia that lives at the public's expense." He told Haaretz yesterday that an unproductive group of people is pooling all its resources to forcibly impose an ideology rooted in ancient texts on the silent majority, which supports leaving Gaza.

Michael understands the Hamas members who are fighting these Jews, who stuck a wedge down their throats. Michael rejects the definition of Hamas fighters as "terrorists."

"Imagine the feeling if I woke up tomorrow and saw this neighborhood, which we inhabit, forcibly conquered by the Syrians, and they established settlements here, and in order to go to the bus station, I needed permission from the Syrian army. How would I feel?" the author from Haifa asked. "If I fight them, I will be considered a terrorist. Why am I a terrorist? Why do we call Hezbollah or Hamasniks terrorists? Why? Because he fights on his own territory? Suddenly, aliens, occupiers, land on him and tell him: Your house is ours. It's his land, he and his forefathers were born here, and the settlers say: We will never leave ... How would you respond to this?"

...."How is it that slaves, poor people throughout the world, are turning to Islam, even though they know that redemption will come only from Western democracy?

Islam sends a message of equality: Everyone is equal before Allah. And that's also true of the Likud: Everyone is equal in nationalism, the door is open. In reality, this isn't so, because the Likud is a government of the elite, but the `masses' don't understand this. It's sophisticated."

Nor does the left escape the lash of the 78-year-old author's tongue. "The Israeli left is hopeless and always was," says Michael, who was a member of the Jewish-Arab communist underground in Iraq. "It never connected with the common classes of Jewish society the way the Likud did with its messages. It did connect with the poor Arab classes and promised to satisfy their nationalist desires. The Israeli left is elitist, not revolutionary, and it didn't emerge from the grass roots. Its parents were communists, and they became communist because they were communists in Poland and Hungary and continued it here."

For an earlier interview with Comrade Michael, see http://www.jewishjournal.com/home/preview.php?id=10454

Oh, and do not hold your breath for Comrade Michael to be indicted for "incitement". After all, he did not state that he is opposed to Sharon's disengagement plan.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Janet Lehr, April 15, 2005.
This appeared in The New York Sun today, in the Foreign Section, page 9. It is called, "Knesset Committee Seeks Information About Peres's Technology Venture with the palestinians."

JERUSALEM The ethics committee of Israel's Parliament, or Knesset, requested last week that a private investigative group provide more information about accusations of Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres's involvement in a technology fund affiliated with the Palestinian Authority, a conflict of interest that could require Mr. Peres to leave his government position.

The Israel Resource News Agency requested in February that the Knesset look into Mr. Peres's establishment of the Peace Technology Fund, a $160 million venture capital group created in part to encourage investment in the Palestinian economy.

Investors, who allegedly joined the fund while Mr. Peres was the minister of regional cooperation in 1999 under then-Prime Minister Barak, include the Palestinian National Authority and several companies that have contributed at some point to the Peres Center for Peace, a nonprofit think tank founded by Mr. Peres.

The fund's first investment, a $9 million, 3% stake in Paltel, a Palestinian telecommunications company, was announced in Business Week in June 1999, one month after Mr. Peres assumed his ministerial position.

The article reported, "A venture capital fund founded by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres has taken a $9 million, 3.3 percent stake in Paltel. - The investment is the first by the peace fund, which was established last year by Israeli and Palestinian investors."

The price of Paltel's shares jumped from 2.5 Jordanian dinars in May 1999 to 4.5 in August of that year, a nearly $10 million profit from the fund's investment. The increase in the stock price has been widely attributed to a monopoly license granted in August 1999 by the Palestinian Authority to Paltel that gave the company the exclusive right to offer wireless services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The director of the Israel Resource News Agency, David Bedein, has raised questions regarding the possibility Mr. Peres profited from the Paltel investment. Mr. Bedein also questioned whether Mr. Peres knew in advance, through government contacts while he was an Israeli minister, that the authority was going to grant the exclusive contract.

Other questions surround Mr. Peres's involvement in the procurement of a $22 million investment in the fund by the Palestinian National Authority, also allegedly made while Mr. Peres was a government minister. The PNC is a monetary branch of the Palestinian Authority.

As well, the fund raised nearly $10 million from Bank Leumi, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Federmann Enterprises, Koor Industries, Arison Investments, Strauss Holding, Delta Galil, Daimler Chrysler, and Keter Plastics. Most are contributors to the Peres Center for Peace, which itself is listed as a member of the fund's advisory board.

Mr. Bedein said the ethics committee responded last week to his request for an investigation, explaining that they are not an investigative body and can only determine whether documented activities violate government rules. He said the Knesset asked him to provide them with detailed information about whether Mr. Peres received or still receives fees for securing multimillion-dollar investments or profits from previous fund ventures.

"The next step is to find the proof," said Mr. Bedein. "For example, since Peres was the minister of regional cooperation when the Palestinian investment was made, my agency will see if Peres was paid a consulting or broker fee as payment for bringing in the investment."

Consultants procuring investments for companies or funds typically receive finders' fees of 2% to 5%. The Palestinian Authority's investment of $22 million could have earned Mr. Peres a fee of $440,000, according to Mr. Bedein.

Mr. Bedein said he will also determine whether Mr. Peres currently holds any shares in the fund. If he does, that may be a conflict of interest since the Palestinian Authority is a major investor. Mr. Bedein also wants to know why the Peres Peace Center is qualified to provide financial-consultation services to the fund.

The investigation comes at a delicate time for Prime Minister Sharon's administration, which is moving ahead with a plan to vacate Jewish settlements from Gaza and parts of the West Bank. Mr. Sharon's plan has divided his Likud party and created many nationalist opponents who have called for Mr. Sharon's resignation.

If Mr. Peres is found to have violated the Israeli government's official code of ethics, he would be required to vacate his post. His departure likely would undo Mr. Sharon's current unity government between Likud and Mr. Peres' Labor party and could precipitate new elections in Israel.

Mr. Peres has been a political fixture in the Jewish government. He has served twice as Israel's prime minister, once following the formation of a unity government in 1984 when he was an alternate prime minister with Likud leader Yitzhak Shamir and again in 1995 after Yitzhak Rabin, who was prime minister, was assassinated.

Mr. Peres has held several other government posts, including deputy defense minister, minister of immigrant absorption, minister-withoutportfolio, minister of transport and communication, and minister of information. Mr. Sharon appointed Mr. Peres as foreign minister, a post he held until Labor left the government in 2003. Mr. Sharon then created the position of vice prime minister for Mr. Peres when Labor again joined Mr. Sharon's coalition in December.

Mr. Peres founded the Center for Peace in 1996 with the goal of "realizing [Peres's] vision of a 'New Middle East,' in which people of the region work together to build peace through socio-economic cooperation and people-to-people relations," according to the center's Web site.

Janet Lehr is editor/publisher of a daily e-mail called "Israel Lives." She can be contacted at janetlehr@mindstring.com

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Posted by Janet Lehr, April 15, 2005.

Letter to Members of Congress:

There is no justification for an additional penny of support for this empire [the Middle East Studies Departments] of error - and no better time to reexamine the federal subsidies it already enjoys.

WRITE YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES - www.vote-smart.org will enable you to find your representatives - just input the zip code of the location you vote from.

Members and Jurisdiction

Patrick Tiberi - http://www.house.gov/tiberi/ R-OH

Cathy McMorris http://www.mcmorris.house.gov/ R-WA
Vice Chairman Rubén Hinojosa http://www.house.gov/hinojosa/ D-TX
Ranking Minority Member

Mark E. Souder http://souder.house.gov/ R-IL
Danny K. Davis http://www.house.gov/davis/ D-IL

Jon C. Porter http://www.house.gov/porter/ R-NV

Chris Van Hollen http://www.house.gov/vanhollen/ D-MD

Bob Inglis http://www.house.gov/inglis/ R-SC

Tim Ryan http://www.house.gov/timryan/ D-OH
http://www.house.gov/fortuno/ Luis G. Fortu&numl;o R-Puerto Rico

George Miller http://www.house.gov/georgemiller/, ex officio D-CA

John A. Boehner http://www.house.gov/boehner/, ex officio R-OH

Jurisdiction of the Subcommittee on Select Education

Title VI (International Programs) and Title VII (Graduate and Postsecondary Improvement programs) and Title I, as it relates to those Titles, and oversight of Titles III (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and V (Hispanic Serving Institutions), of the Higher Education Programs; environmental education programs; all matters dealing with programs and services for the elderly, including nutrition programs and the Older Americans Act; domestic volunteer programs; library services and construction; programs related to the arts and humanities, museum services, and arts and artifacts indemnity; services for at risk youth; child abuse/domestic violence prevention programs; adoption programs; School to Work Opportunities Act.

Write me at janetlehr@mindspring.com for a complete list of Members of Congress.

The following are two articles are from 2003 - don't feel that they are outdated, they are well written and focus on a problem that grows worse and worse. Middle East studies at Columbia University and many other Universities and Colleges world wide are in the news with frequency, why? They have spent years polishing their message. MESA, the Middle East Studies Association of college professors, has polished a disgusting, disingenuous line for years, which you hear today in the MEALAC controversy at Columbia and being espoused by all Middle East professors.

Martin Kramer's original article clearly lays out the Muslim line used to inveigle their way in to advisory posts in government and other guidance positions such as NYC's teacher education systems. It is worth reading.

Pipes article on Title VI (US govt funding of these programs) outlines the amazing facts detailing US govt support for the programs that are supporting more than bias. They support outright lies and untruths, they support not reevaluation of history, but the invention of history.

Don't read and weep, read and write your congressional representative AND any or all of the committee members or sub committee members. This is a high energy Congress. It is moving quickly through legislation - Title VI needs revision. Each of us can do our part. Write your letters, and forward this email.

"Terrorism? What Terrorism?!" was written by Martin Kramer and appeared in the Wall Street Journal November 15, 2001.

The Middle East Studies Association of North America convenes Saturday in San Francisco. Its membership includes 2,600 "experts" on the Middle East, most of them based in universities. On Sept. 21, MESA's board issued a statement on the terror attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It encapsulates all the ills of this very sick discipline-one that did nothing to prepare America for the encounter with Muslim extremism, and that can't contribute anything to America's defense.

Before we get to the statement, a little background is necessary. For 50 years, American universities and foundations, along with the U.S. government, have fostered the growth of Middle Eastern studies. Today, most Americans can take degrees in Middle Eastern politics, history, and languages without crossing a state line. Fourteen Middle East programs are National Resource Centers-that is, they enjoy an annual subsidy from the American taxpayer, through the Department of Education.

Some of these scholars have done important work. But when it comes to contemporary affairs, their record has been abysmal. The last time they basked in the national limelight, a decade ago, they warned that a war to expel Iraq from Kuwait would be disastrous. Later, in order to burnish the image of contemporary Islam, they downplayed the growth of Muslim extremism, helping to lull America into complacency.

In so doing, they dutifully followed the lead of Columbia University's Edward Said, an honorary member of MESA. In introducing the latest edition of his book, "Covering Islam," Mr. Said mocked "speculations about the latest conspiracy to blow up buildings, sabotage commercial airliners and poison water supplies." Such talk was based on "highly exaggerated stereotyping."

Many denounce U.S. policy in extreme terms, believing the Middle East is subjected to a "neoliberal, repressive 'pax Americana'"-a description of the American role offered by incoming MESA president Joel Beinin of Stanford. The past head of Columbia's Middle East Institute, Richard Bulliet, has called American efforts to promote democracy part of "a world hegemonic discourse of Western cultural imperialism."

This is the necessary background to understanding MESA's statement. Its most striking feature is a studied avoidance of the words "terror," "terrorism," and "terrorist." These were "violent acts," "horrific acts," and "tragic events." But even now, the board members of MESA cannot bring themselves to describe any Arabs or Muslims-even suicide kamikazes who kill thousands of American civilians-as terrorists.

It's not surprising. For years the academics' response to terrorism has been to act as amplifiers for the "grievances" behind it. For the professors, terrorism was a kind of political protest-and since they sympathized with its supposed motives, they expelled the word "terrorism" from their lexicon. This weekend's conference demonstrates the neglect: With the exception of a hastily announced special panel, nothing in the program deals with terrorism.

MESA urges calm while "those who planned and perpetrated the crimes are identified and brought to justice in courts of law." Crimes-not acts of war. The same professors, who in one breath will tell you that the roots of terrorism are political, will tell you in the next breath that mass murder should be treated like a felony.

And the scholars imply that lone men committed these "crimes," ignoring the role of the state or states that must have aided, abetted and sheltered the terrorists. MESA's bottom line: No use of force is legitimate, even against terrorists and their accomplices.

Finally, MESA's board members are "deeply concerned that innocent people in the Middle East may become the targets of misguided retaliation." Needless to say, no one wants "misguided retaliation." But where is the companion sentence expressing "deep concern" that attacks could recur? It isn't there, despite the fact that the Middle East may be pregnant with more such attacks.

In short, the academics remain in a state of denial. They refuse to acknowledge that their paradigms collapsed with the Twin Towers. But the record of failure exacts no price. Ironically, the very same professors who helped to anesthetize America to the dangers of radical Islam are enjoying a windfall: Their phones don't stop ringing, their books sell briskly, and their courses fill to overflowing.

During or after this crisis, they will find some pliant senator or congressman willing to propose additional budgets for Middle Eastern studies under the rubric of national security. The State Department already wants to use professors for "public diplomacy" in Muslim countries.

But as we begin to ask why the country was so unprepared, one conclusion is inescapable: The academics are part of the problem, not its remedy. It will be necessary to start from scratch in building the understanding that must inform America's future actions. There are no quick fixes, and no steps should be taken before a comprehensive assessment of national needs in Middle Eastern studies.

In the meantime, there is no danger in simply ignoring the professors who meet this weekend in San Francisco. MESA's board called on "those with responsibility for U.S. policy in the Middle East and the Islamic world to avail themselves of the insights of scholarship." Mr. President, don't waste your time. The professors don't meet the course prerequisites. Members of Congress: There is no justification for an additional penny of support for this empire of error-and no better time to reexamine the federal subsidies it already enjoys.

This was written by Daniel Pipes, New York Post (http://www.nypost.com/postopinion/opedcolumnists/1629.htm), June 24, 2003. It can be found at http://www.danielpipes.org/article/1133

The U.S. Congress broke with a 45-year tradition last week: It permitted a dissident to critique the federal funding for the study of foreign language and cultures - to suggest that the program often serves the very opposite of academia's goals or the nation's interests.

The topic impinges on core questions of how Americans see the outside world and themselves. It also has major implications for U.S. policy.

Federal funding of international studies (known in govermentese as "Title VI fellowships") is relatively new, going back to 1959, when Cold War tensions prompted a sense of American vulnerability. The goal was to supply knowledgeable specialists to government, business, industry and education. (Full disclosure: I received a Title VI fellowship in the mid '70s.)

The $86.2 million a year spent on Title VI programs makes up just 0.0005 percent of the federal budget, but it funds 118 "national resource centers" and provides an endorsement of them that encourages other donors. Universities quickly came to depend on this subsidy of their graduate students and area studies centers.

That's why last Thursday's hearing of the House Subcommittee on Select Education on "International Programs in Higher Education and Questions of Bias" was so potentially significant: It challenges that funding.

The event showcased Stanley Kurtz, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, who explained the problems at Title VI centers. Himself an anthropologist of South Asia, Kurtz since 9/11 has developed a systematic critique of Middle East studies.

His testimony argued that this field is dominated by an approach called post-colonial theory. Developed primarily by Edward Said of Columbia University, it holds, in Kurtz's words, that "it is immoral for a scholar to put his knowledge of foreign languages and cultures at the service of American power." The predominance of post-colonial theory had two major consequences:

* Exclusion of pro-American voices: Kurtz gave several examples, such as the Web site of New York University's Middle East center (http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/program/neareast): Every one of its commentaries on 9/11 and the Iraq war that takes a political stand, he found, "sharply criticizes American policy."

* "Condemnation of scholars who cooperate with the American government": For example, the Middle East Studies Association boycotted the National Security Education Program (NSEP), a Pentagon-funded effort to develop a cadre of professionals to help the U.S. government "make sound decisions" on national security issues. In other words, Title VI funding at times reduces the expertise available to the government.

To counter this pattern of bias and alienation, Kurtz proposes three steps for Congress.

* Create a supervisory board, made up of executive branch representatives and other appointees, to manage Title VI spending, as is now the case with other federally funded educational programs.

* Amend the Higher Education Act to deny Title VI funding to any university or center that boycotts the NSEP.

* Reduce allocations for Title VI to register displeasure with the bias of area studies. Start by rescinding the $20 million added to Title VI after 9/11 and direct it instead to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif., to train students intending careers in the defense and intelligence agencies.

Confronted by this powerful critique, the education establishment's lobbyist at the hearing, Terry Hartle, was reduced to posturing about the supposed patriotism of his constituents. He also dismissed Kurtz's case as anecdotal and claimed historians and political scientists "rarely find" post-colonial theory useful. The fellow even pretended (and this falsehood must have rankled) that Edward Said's work "reached its apex of popularity more than a decade ago and has been waning ever since."

Hardly! search engine of syllabi finds Said to be one of the very most-taught authors in the field. He is, as Martin Kramer points out, "one of only two academics today (the other is Noam Chomsky) who draws an overflow crowd on any campus he visits and who always gets a standing ovation."

Hartle is wrong and Kurtz is right. Indeed, Kurtz understates the problem, for anti-Americanism among Middle East specialists has other sources besides post-colonial theory, such as fury at strong U.S.-Israel relations or sympathy for the Iranian regime.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) chairs the House Subcommittee on Select Education. Taxpayers have no better way to challenge the failure of Middle East studies than by writing him at: tellhoek@mail.house.gov.

Janet Lehr is editor/publisher of a daily e-mail called "Israel Lives." She can be contacted at janetlehr@mindstring.com

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Posted by Bryna Berch, April 14, 2005.
When Israel took Jerusalem in 1967, the Arabs asked if they could continue to go up to their mosques on the Temple Mount - expecting that Israel would act like Arabs and say no. Instead, Israel put them in charge! So now the Arabs kick up a storm at Jews coming to the Temple Mount and have been destroying Jewish artefacts in a brazen attempt to "prove" Israel didn't have a Second Temple on this site. It's nice that Jewish archeologists are saving artefacts by digging in the rubble. It would be nicer if Jews asserted their control of the Temple Mount. Then any and all archeology was done under controlled conditions, so important location information wouldn't be lost.

This item is from today's Arutz-7 (www.IsraelNationalNews.com).

A historic excavation has been taking place in an eastern Jerusalem valley for the past six months: the first-ever archaeological examination of the Temple Mount.

Arutz-7's Ezra HaLevi has taken an exclusive inside look into one of the most important and unique archaeological explorations in history - currently in danger of going unfinished due to lack of funding.

In November 1999, the Islamic Wakf carried out an illegal construction project on the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site. The unsupervised digging caused irreparable damage to the important site, as well as to untold priceless artifacts contained in rubble removed during the construction and dumped clandestinely in the Kidron Valley.

Though the archaeological remains were no longer in their original contexts, they held enormous potential to shed light on the undocumented human history of the Temple Mount, as systematic archaeological excavation or scientific study have never taken place there. The mounds of dirt in the Kidron Valley therefore contained the only available data from the Temple Mount to which modern archaeologists have ever had access.

During the illegal excavations and dumping on and from the Temple Mount, the police and the government Antiquities Authority refused to interfere, citing concerns of violence by Muslims who deny that Temples ever stood on the Temple Mount. Tzachi Zweig, then an archaeology student, called a press conference to publicize the extent of the archaeological havoc being perpetrated. Zweig caused a stir in the media by displaying an assortment of artifacts that he had easily scooped out of the piles.

The story elicited outrage across the political spectrum in Israel, and this was followed by temporary restrictions on the free access of heavy construction equipment on the Temple Mount. The dirt itself into which the Waqf had mixed garbage was meanwhile ignored, and the Antiquities Authority refused to fund an examination of the tons of rubble.

Prominent archaeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkai decided to undertake the task of sifting through the 70 truckloads of Temple Mount dirt in order to rescue as much archaeological information from the destruction as possible.

What they did was an archaeological disaster," Barkai told Israel National Radio's Eli Stutz and Yishai Fleisher. "That material is the only material available from the Temple Mount."

Private donations were gathered, and Zweig and Barkai proceeded to bring truckloads of earth to the Tzurim Valley National Park, located on the western slope of Mount Scopus, just below Hebrew University and the Maaleh Adumim tunnel.

The work was done quietly. "Anything in Jerusalem is politically charged," Barkai said. "Anything connected with the Temple Mount is even more sensitive. If our activity would have been known at the beginning, our work might have been jeopardized by unfriendly elements."

Using a mechanical sifter, the rubble was first separated into heaps consisting of material of differing sizes. The piles were then sifted by hand.

The work at the site was at first conducted primarily by volunteers who heard of the project by word of mouth and through Jerusalem-based email lists. Soon, groups from schools or other programs began pitching in for a few hours at a time. Eventually, Zweig began paying some of the more dedicated volunteers to work full-time, and since then, progress has increased significantly.

The very act of spending time and making the effort to examine debris just because it originates from the Temple Mount transmits a very powerful message to the general public and to the world as a whole about the importance of the place,' Dr. Barkai said, likening the painstaking examination of the Temple Mount rubble to the respect given to a dead corpse by burying it.

He said the project is of particular importance due to the Islamic Waqf efforts to perpetrate something that he says is worse than Holocaust denial. "There is a phenomenon of Temple denial," Barkai said. "I just heard [Arab] MK Dahamshe this week in the Knesset denying that there were ever temples on the Temple Mount. It is a part of the cultural Intifada. I think it is just as serious as Holocaust denial. This intifada started in Joseph's tomb and is trying to deny Jewish rights to the country."

The sifting and examinations have already yielded important artifacts from various periods, starting from the First Temple period until today. Among the discoveries so far:

* During the first days of the project, a coin was recovered from the time of the Great Revolt against the Romans, preceding the destruction of the Second Temple. It bore the Hebrew phrase L'erut Tzion, "For the Freedom of Zion." The find was particularly meaningful, as the Temple Mount itself was one of the focal points of the Revolt.

* A few days later, on the eve of Chanukah, workers discovered the 'pinched style' spout of a Hasmonaean lamp.

* Several weeks later, on the Tenth of Teveth - one of the fast days commemorating events that lead to the destruction of the First Temple - a crusader arrowhead was discovered. Though this was from a later period than the Temple's destruction, arrowheads were subsequently recovered from earlier periods.

* An unexpected find, due to the Waqf's removal of almost all large artifacts, was a large segment of a marble pillar's shaft - one meter tall and 60 cm in diameter, streaked with purple veins and white spots. There is another segment of a column shaft with a similar texture lying in a heap of various marble column shafts near the southern wall within the Temple Mount. Both fragments seem to be from the same pillar.

* A large amount of pottery shards were discovered. Some 10-20 percent of it stems from the time of the First Temple period, and a small amount comes from the Second Temple period.

* Animal bones - remnants of sacrifices.

* A number of mosaic tiles and prehistoric flint implements.

* An inscription chiseled on a jar fragment of the First Temple period, with the ancient Hebrew letters 'Heh,' 'Ayin' and 'Kof.'

* A seal impression from the Hellenistic period showing a five-pointed star with the ancient Hebrew letters spelling 'Jerusalem' spaced between the points. About 30 such impressions have been found in Jerusalem on handles from the Hellenistic period (3rd century BCE). This was apparently a kind of official stamp from a period about which very little is known.

* Numerous ceramic oil lamps were found. The most common among them are 'Herodian lamps' from the time of the Second Temple. Another frequently found lamp is the 'sandal' type, characteristic of the late Byzantine period (6-7th century CE). Many are decorated menorah patterns.

* About 100 ancient coins, including several from the period of the Hasmonaean dynasty. One of the Hasmonean coins bears an inscription 'Yehonatan High Priest, friend of the Jews.' On the other side is a cornucopia with a pomegranate in the center. Another coin is of Alexander Jannaeus. One side has the design of an anchor and the other side a star.

* A fragment of a figurine from the First Temple period.

* A Scytho-Iranian arrowhead, of the type used by the Babylonian army of Nebuchadnezzar that destroyed the First Temple in 586 BCE. Very few such arrowheads have been found in Jerusalem.

* A bronze arrowhead from the Hellenistic period, possibly a remnant left by the Seleucid forces that were stationed in the Akra fortress, or by soldiers of Shimon the Maccabee, who liberated the Temple Mount.

* An ivory comb, apparently from the Second Temple period. Similar combs have been found at Qumran, and it is probable that they were used as preparation for ritual purification in a mikveh (ritual bath), prior to entering the Temple courts.

'Our prime intent is to collect all man-made relics so that later we will be able to conduct a more intensive study based on quantitative analyses,' Barkai said. 'By these studies we may learn more about the level of activity on the Temple Mount during the different periods, and the characteristics of each period. Another plan is to sort the bones, identify the various animal species, and date some of them by Carbon-14 analysis.'

Because such a sensitive excavation of material had never before taken place, and because the material had been purposely mixed with garbage and other matter, Zweig and Barkai had a difficult time estimating how much time the excavation would take. Despite six months of work, to date only 15% of the rubble has been examined.

'We had to develop the work methods ourselves as we progressed,' Zweig said. They now estimate that it will take four more months to finish sifting all of the material, but their initial grant of $65,000 has nearly run out. $61,000 more is needed to finish the project, something the two say could be accomplished by the end of the summer using the methods they now use.

For information and to assist the project, contact: "zachism@miac.com"

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Posted by Marion Dreyfus, April 14, 2005.
[Editor's Note: This is an exchange between members of NUW. The chair, Louis Rivera accepted the notorious Amiri Baraka as keynote speaker at an Arab-American literature conference and was challenged by several members. A point of interest is that while people usually don't invite people who are against blacks or against feminists or other minorities for fear of the furor that would follow, they have no problem inviting anti-Semites and it is the Jews who are on the defensive. As Marion Dreyfus says, "We [Jews] should not have to jump through hoops to object to vilification."]

I wanted to add my voice to the discussion of endorsing--or otherwise--the prospective literary conference supposedly keynoted by Amiri Baraka. As soon as I saw the announcement, in fact, I sent in an objection, and indeed am surprised that you have not indicated the others--there must have been many--who objected to this poet being accorded this honor in the name, somehow, of the NWU.

You seem to exonerate the many public statements of Mr. Baraka where he clearly casts aspersions and bias at Jews and Israelis. The fact that 'only' one or two stanzas in a 60-odd-stanza poem cast vulgar and untrue charges at Jews--or Israelis, it does not really, in the end, matter very much, as Martin Luther King Jr., astutely observed decades ago--should immediately obviate him from the running, if one has any empathy for a large contingent of members who are offended by this man who evoked such revulsion that many tried to revoke his position as the (ludicrous) 'poet laureate of New Jersey.' The nomenclature was silly, and his bloviating refusal to step down when asked was telling then, and now.

A single paragraph where ugly and anti-Semitic insults are made at the expense of any minority is not acceptable. Surely there are poets without this stain against their records. Whether he is 'playing the dozens' or recapitulating the format of the African griot is of no consequence. I do not appreciate his coarseness and misrepresentation, his nasty assertions and his less than stellar choice of illegitimate and false targets. He can say what he likes; decent people do not have to endorse it or second it.

You seem to have little understanding of the corrosive effect of celebrating someone who casually and without justifiction maligns others. That you heard him read his poem means nothing to those of us who are repelled by his stance. That you saw it or read it afterwards similarly counts for nothing. Were a Jewish poet to viciously slur the group of humans to which you belong, would you sit amiably by, and ask others to recognize the literary content of his 'other' paragraphs or pages? Clearly, no.

In the course of your peroration justifying the inclusion of this less-than-stellar writer, whose work, many would agree, has not been of a uniform quality, you mentioned that many on the 'planet' have read his work. Mein Kampf is also popular: Is that an acceptable model of usable literature? The hoax and forgery called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is popular, too: It is routinely used as the basis for incitement and attacks against Jews, although it has been repeatedly shown to be an utter fake. That a man of whose work we can say at best is of dubious value is well-known ought not to be a deciding factor. Popularity is not the yardstick: Ability, achievement, excellence of literary quality, acceptability to all listeners might be far more sensible measuring gauges. Mao in his time was well-known, infamous everywhere--but though his literary and calligraphic output were, indeed, superior (I have seen his personal scrolls and his poetry is engaging and affecting, his calligraphy gorgeous), he would not for other reasons make for an endorsable keynote to decent people who had a choice.

It is not 'censure' you are referring to, but censorship. It is not a 'rubrik' but a rubric. Not backing this embarrassment of a writer does not represent anything other than a choice. It is not censorship to pass over the unacceptable and to opt for a better, less repellent or hurtful or biased writer. No one is preventing this man from speaking or publishing whatever he wishes. I do not, however, have to invite him to my Sweet 16. No one is censoring him. He just has no place being in the limelight as an exemplary "Arab-American" literary light. He is not that, in any case.

In the course of your self-justification, murky sentences obtrude. You wrote the following:

"Imagine, if you will, a series of dialogues between Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Jewish, Arab, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, African American writers [...]."

But do you not realize that "Jewish" is not the equivalent of Mexican or Dominican? That Jews live in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominica, the Middle East, Africa and everywhere else where human beings reside? Why say "Arab," then "Middle Eastern"? Would you recognize that many blacks are not African american, but hail from many nations before becoming citizens of the United states? You seem to be painting with a too-broad brush that ignores many salients best examined and not airily dismissed under headings too inexact to have meaning.

That Amiri Baraka once quoted mythical "Israeli newspapers" is neither here nor there. Neither the Israelis nor world Jewry were behind the 9/11 savagery. The men who perpetrated the event were 15 Saudis and 4 Egyptians. All were fanatic Muslims. None, to repeat, were Jews or Israelis. To even take Baraka's point here, no matter what raving rubbish may have been used by him as a post-criticism justification, is itself quite questionable. I doubt he saw what he claims to have seen, but whatever it was he claims to have seen, it was nonsense spouted by people who wanted perhaps to advance the agenda of anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism.

If you or the Committee want to endorse an Arab writer, perhaps you could look for an Arab writer. Baraka is not Arab. Nor, consequently, can he be Arab-American. If he is a convert to Muslim beliefs, that does not make him an Arab. Surely there are poets of note who do not bring with them the pervasive and hurtful baggage of this notorious and unpleasant malcontent. My reading of the poem in question, by the way, brings impoverished ravings and mediocre at best linguistic imagery, hardly the mark of a poet to be recommended, endorsed or co-sponsored. The work is one which fairly shouts laziness and easy-grab-street. It is hardly his best, yet it has become well-known precisely because it is so unmeasured and polarizingly extreme. The law of the media is apparently the law of the chosen headliner: If it bleeds, it leads.

To propose, furthermore, that anyone who questions your regrettable and short-sighted (and ultimately, unnecessary--who would care if you failed to endorse this selection? No one. It would go unreported and unremarked, if we of the NWU had not brought up the endorsement as unworthy of the organization of which we are all proud members) decision must also, for some reason, also read Fanon before making a counterevailing proposal is contemptuous and little-minded. My reaction, based on years as a teacher of poetry, a published poet myself, as a Jew, and as a member of the should-be neutral NWU is perfectly enough to justify this objection or any other objection. We should not have to jump through hoops to object to vilification. The contrary is the case.

So insofar as you ask the question: What would we (NWU) have you do? It should be very clear: There is no reason whatsoever to endorse this shadowed and often-derided historical leftover from an uglier past.

Marion Dreyfus
New York, NY

From: Webmaster NWU NY To: Mailing List NWU Subject: [Tonwunymembers] Why Baraka?

Louisreyesrivera@aol.com writes:

Dear NWU Member:

I received the following emails from a brother and sister member of our New York chapter regarding Amiri Baraka appearing as keynote speaker at a fundraiser (eburst previously forwarded to all) for the upcoming June Arab American Writers Conference. I thought the exchange worth noting, enough to share this with all of our members for the sake of open dialogue. I would appreciate your response to this email and of your interest in what I have proposed as part of my response.

Thank you much.
Louis Reyes Rivera, Chairperson, NY Chapter/NWU

gf@geoffreyfox.com writes:

Thank you, Trisha, for expressing your concern and for your temperate approach. I have not been a member of the steering committee since December, and so know no more about this than you do. I'm forwarding your message to the members of the steering committee. Perhaps Louis Reyes Rivera or one of the other members will be able to respond.

trixfrig@ix.netcom.com writes:

Dear NWU-NY,

I would like to understand the reasoning behing co-sponsoring an event honoring Mr. Baraka, a man who appears to have written that Jews were behind 9/11. I applaud sponsoring an event honoring Arab-American writers, organized by Arab Americans, who are certainly entitled to honor anyone they want. I am not advocating censorship of any kind.

But as a progressive Jew who does not hate herself for being a Jew and as a member in good standing of the NWU, I would really like to understand your thinking in also sponsoring this event, specifically this man. I really want to know. I am not writing to harangue or yell, or demand that you withdraw sponsorship, But I want you to know -- it is hurtful to think that my chapter of NWU would feel okay honoring a man who ascribes most of the world's problems to me and mine. And to my friend, Richard Aronow, a Jew who died in the WTC.

Amiri Baraka has been a great writer and received many honors but he has made many anti-semitic statements (which I separate out from anti-Israeli statements.) Is that really what we want to honor? Or is okay with you? And if it is, why is it okay with you?

I look forward to your response,
Trisha Arlin

Louisreyesrivera@aol.com writes:

To Trisha Arlin:

For your information, I am sending both the entire email(s) I received, including my response, to all the other current members of the New York chapter's Steering Committee as well as to Gerry Colby, President of the NWU, that they may see how I responded to your query and have the opportunity to disagree with either of us...

Since you are not attempting to harangue (your word), I will not attempt to apologize (that is, in the classical sense of apologia), defend or excuse whatever it is that our Steering Committee's decisions have encompassed... Your approach appears to me to comprise an honest attempt at dialogue, and this will be the basis for my response...

(1) As to the endorsement... You should know that the National Office of the NWU was initially approached by RAWI, the group of Arab American Writers responsible for organizing what will take place in June (a literary conference). The NO saw it as proper to endorse and support the efforts to bring together the various genres and schools of thought within the Arab American communities under the rubrik of literary output.

It was only then that the local New York chapter was asked by the National if we would join in to endorse both the forthcoming June conference and the organizers' attempts to garner the necessary money through the fundraising dinner scheduled to take place next Thursday, April 14, 2005. The endorsement from us was to include an attempt on our part to encourage our members to support and endorse both the conference and the fundraising attempt (thus, the eburst that you have apparently received). In short, this is the extent of our involvement (period).

How the primary organizers prepare their program for a fundraising dinner, who they choose as their keynote speaker, in what manner is all of this to unfold, what culinary tastes are to be considered, where the dinner takes place and how the publicity is handled are all factors that do not/did not fall within our purview. To attempt to involve ourselves in any of this for purposes of approval or disapproval is, in my opinion, an infringement upon their access to what far too many of our citizens take too much for granted -- freedom of movement and cultural expression.

That they chose Baraka as keynote is simply that: their choice and fully exercised within the parameters of how they view world literature (whatever else anyone wishes to say about their keynote speaker, the fact is that he is the single most well known and among the more highly respected contributors to that canon: world literature; he is known and read throughout the planet).

That I, one individual member of a union of writers, may or may not agree or disagree with his manner of pontification, with his literary style and content, is really beside the point that rests (way down deep) underneath a much larger premise: a group of writers wishing to organize a literary conference and to establish their own mechanisms to garner the means by which to pay for it are asking me for an endorsement of their endeavor.

What would you have me do?

Say NO!

Say, "Yes, but only if you...." (fill in the blank).

That's censureship, if not backward, at best. At worst, it borders on what we understand as dictatorial,... which should never come from either a union or from a collective of writers.

I believe that I have answered your query: (quote) "I would like to understand the reasoning behind co-sponsoring [this] event..." which you, yourself, said that you "applaud."

2) As to Baraka, the poet.

While you do applaud the effort, you single out Baraka as a man "who appears to have written that Jews were behind 9/11."

I believe you are referring to the poem, Who Blew Up America, written by Baraka almost immediately after the assault on the World Trade Center. I happen to have heard him read that poem before a live audience apparently just after he had finished it and long before "it" became such a controversial item. I also happen to have read that poem in printed form no less than three times, one of which was on the airwaves of WBAI...

Your use of the phrase, "appears to have written," says to me that you have not read that poem, but did read about it. I believe you should take the time and go to google and pull it out and read it.

If my memory serves, the poem consists of roughly 64 stanzas, give or take two. Each stanza is written in such a way as to make use of the rhetorical (and each stanza clearly reminiscent of the African American oral tradition of "playing the dozens").

Again, if my memory serves, if and when the term "Jew" or "Jewish" is used in that poem, it is allusional only to the European Jewish Holocaust (circa WW II), with further allusions to gas ovens and such other images, and within the context of comparison to the blowing up of close to 4,000 people --rhetorically and constantly asking probing questions that border on humanisms.

Of the sixty-four stanzas, there's only one that refers to Israelis (not Jews) absenting themselves that day from the WTC, which, according to Baraka, is information that he had garnered from Israeli newspapers covering that catastrophic and tragedious assault upon our New York Persons. Baraka's opponents have, in my opinion, taken that stanza out of context and have misrepresented its intent.

But that's part of the historical mystique we refer to as Baraka. Controversial and probing, enough so that those twins always get him into trouble. Having been aware of his writings ever since the days he hung tough with Ginsberg and Kerouc, etal, watching him go through both his ultra nationalist phase and into his communist-influenced currency --knowing all of that, should I stand against him?

No. I can't! I did take the time to carefully read Frantz Fanon's "The Wretched of the Earth," where he psychologically profiles people like Baraka.

Should I withdraw my support for an Arab American Literature Conference simply because the organizers chose him as a keynote speaker for their program? You tell me, and I'd be more than happy to consider your viewpoint. That is, if you have read his poem carefully and if you have taken the time to look at Fanon.

If I may paraphrase the Guatemalean poet, Otto Rene Castillo, it gladdens me that you do not the forms of injustice that have informed Baraka. It gladdens me that you are not self-hating, and I applaud you for your strength, as I too do know the implications of what you've written in that regard.

But underneath your questions regarding Baraka are deeper questions that I would love to help address: how the ways we disagree end up being rooted in distortion and misunderstanding. The presumptions you make regarding people like Baraka are areas that intrigue me into wanting to ask (as I did of the conference organizers): would you be interested in helping us to formulate public discourse of what it is that separates so many of us New Yorkers, one from the other.

I would love to see writers discussing in Town Hall manner exactly what comprises their sensibilities and how that fares in light of each. In Brooklyn, for example, today you can hear no less than 84 different languages being spoken, with the best representatives from each of those constituencies not in touch with one another.

Imagine, if you will, a series of dialogues between Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Jewish, Arab, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, African American writers engaging a public discourse aired and confronting the contradictions and contradistinctions that shape each of our unique and respective perspectives.

You and I read different books and are thus shaped by the information we receive and absorb as well as by the experiences unique to each of us. And yet we bear Common Differences. Imagine a series of panels like that.

Thank you much for sharing your thoughts, and I hope to hear from you and to note whether or not I answered your questions.

Louis Reyes Rivera
Poet/ Chair NWU/NY

Marion Dreyfus is a writer and travelor; she has taught English in China on the university level. She can be contacted at dreyfusmarion@hotmail.com

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Posted by Unity Coalition for Israel, April 14, 2005.

CLICK HERE to send the following message to President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon, Vice President Cheney, leaders of Congress and 20 mayors of communities in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. You may change this letter as you see fit.

Dear President Bush,

Thank you for agreeing with Prime Minister Sharon, at your meeting with him on April 11th, that terrorism must stop before there can be any movement toward peace in the Arab/Israel conflict.

Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is coming to the Texas ranch on April 25th and will meet with you to discuss his Road Map and the Disengagement Plan.

Mr. President, this meeting will provide you with a perfect opportunity to make a major impact in your war against terror. On behalf of the 3,000 victims of 9/11, all of their families and all Americans who are indirect victims of the radical Islamic threat engulfing us, we urge you to make demands upon Saudi Arabia.

It is true that:

  • The Road Map is a plan designed and promoted by Saudi Arabia.

  • Our arch-enemy, Osama bin Laden came from Saudi Arabia.

  • 15 of the 19 September 11th suicide bombers came from Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudi Arabia provides financial backing for international terrorism, including weaponry.

  • Saudi Arabia provides the payment of $25,000 to the parents of each Palestinian suicide murderer. This has to stop immediately.

President Bush, you have it within your power to immediately stop most of the violence in Israel and throughout the Middle East by taking a firm stand. Please demand that Saudi Arabia stop its financial support of terrorism. This should be your number one priority with Crown Prince Abdullah. Terrorism cannot survive without Saudi Arabian financial support. This is at the very root of the global radical terrorist movement. If the money dries up - terrorism will die.

We look to you, as our President, to deliver this message. If you single-handedly make this demand, you will greatly advance our cause in our war against terror and will ultimately go down in history as a one of our greatest statesmen. Signed,

The Unity Coalition for Israel (http://www.israelunitycoalition.org) is "the largest worldwide coalition of Jewish and Christian organizations, with more than 200 groups representing millions of people dedicated to Israel. Though we have many different backgrounds, we have one common goal: A Safe and Secure Israel."

"Israel is not just a Jewish issue. Millions of Christians resolutely endorse the principle of peace with security for the state of Israel. Because we work closely together and speak with a united voice, our message is being heard!"

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Posted by Dr. Reuven Erlich, April 14, 2005.

In the wake of the lull in the fighting, terrorist organizations step up efforts to smuggle arms and ammunition from Egypt into Israel and the Gaza Strip. In the absence of effective counter-measures by the Palestinian Authority, this phenomenon is expected to continue even more intensely.

Against the backdrop of the lull, the terrorist organizations have recently stepped up their efforts to smuggle arms and ammunition from Egypt into the Gaza Strip and Israeli territory. This stems from the organizations' interest to take advantage of the lull to increase their operative capabilities and accumulate power in anticipation of Israel 's implementation of its disengagement plan.

Against this backdrop, there has recently been a visible increase in the extent of smuggling arms and ammunition from Egypt into the Gaza Strip and Israel. Some of the smuggling activity is carried out in the Rafah region, using the tunnels passing underneath the Philadelphi Road (which served as the lifeline of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip even before the lull 1), and some of the activity is carried out through Sinai (to the Gaza Strip and Israel).

Since the beginning of 2005, there have been approximately 30 incidents of smuggling from the Sinai region, some to the Gaza Strip and some to the Negev. Since the beginning of the year, approximately 1000 rifles 2, dozens of RPG launchers, about 150 handguns and tens of thousands of bullets have been smuggled from Sinai to the Gaza Strip 3. It appears that during the month of March, about 5 anti-aircraft shoulder missiles were smuggled into the Gaza Strip using one of the tunnels. Figures in the Palestinian military intelligence and members of Hamas took part in that activity.

The Palestinian Authority attempts to demonstrate action against the tunnel activity in Rafah and has even uncovered approximately 20 tunnels during the lull. However, the measures it takes against the smuggling activity and the smugglers are not thorough and effective enough, and members of the military security even assist the smugglers.

1 See in this context the Information Bulletin (July 27, 2004) published on our website, titled: The City of Rafah, on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt: A hotbed of Palestinian terrorism and arms smuggling through the illegal "tunnel industry".

2 During the last month, Hamas smuggled approximately 600 rifles and numerous ammunition crates into the Gaza Strip.

3 In the course of 2004, about 4500 rifles, over 1000 handguns, hundreds of thousands of bullets, and over 25 RPG launchers were smuggled from Sinai.

Dr. Reuven Erlich is Head of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Israel. Its website address is http://www.intelligence.org It is worth reading this article in the original, which contains additional material and graphics.

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Posted by Lise Rubin, April 14, 2005.



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Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, April 14, 2005.

Not even the pretence of democracy or the rule of law is being attempted here any more. We now have at least two official Kangaroo courts set up to process the opponents of the Sharon dictatorship. No doubt this is only the beginning and similar courts will eventually be set up in the rest of the country.

The progression to a totalitarian, police state is picking up pace. Yeshah is already under martial law. The Negev is being prepared for martial law and will fall under in a month or so. Jerusalem was unofficially under martial law to deal with the Har Habeit attempt and it could easily become official in the near future. The intimidations, beatings, illegal arrests and possibly disappearances continue. It is the police under direct control of dictator Sharon who tell the Members of the Knesset what they may or may not do and anyone objecting 'can drink water from the Mediterranean.'

The desperate members of the ruling elite are placing the maximum pressure on the people of Israel in hope that there will be some sort of violent response. This to justify a massive retaliation. No doubt if no one will burn down the Reichstag on their own, Sharon will arrange for it to happen anyway.

This is a news item from today's Arutz-7 and is archived at http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=80259. It is called "Lawyers Against New Yesha Courts"

(IsraelNN.com) Several senior lawyers have charged that a recent decision to establish special courts for Yesha residents was made illegally. Court system administrators decided to establish two courts near Beersheba jails which have been designated for those arrested during the scheduled evacuation this summer of Gaza's 8,000 Jewish residents.

Senior lawyers charged that the court administrator Shlomo Cohen conducted an illegal telephone vote to win support for the new courts and that one of the backers is the attorney for the Palestinian Authority (PA) and used to represent Yasser Arafat.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

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Posted by Shahaf Pilovich, April 14, 2005.

This is from http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/7420.shtml It was written by Dan Izenberg - daniz1@netvision.net.il

The daughters of an air force hero who was killed in mysterious circumstances in Washington 32 years ago, finally had their day in court to demand that the state stop blocking their attempts to find out how and why their father was killed.

On Wednesday, the High Court of Justice gave the state 45 days to hand over all the documents in its possession relating to the murder of Joe Alon, one of the founders of the Israel Air Force. Alon's killer has never been brought to justice and the motive for the murder never revealed.

The court also called on the state to say clearly whether or not it would help Alon's daughters, Dalia, Yael and Rahel, appeal to the FBI to show them its findings. The FBI investigated the murder but consistently refused to divulge information about it.

Yael Alon-Rosenshein told The Jerusalem Post that the years of stonewalling by American and Israeli officials had led her to believe her father might have been killed by the US or Israeli governments, or both. She said Alon's death might have been linked to things he knew that were connected to the Yom Kippur War, which broke out three months after he was killed.

Alon, who was the air force and naval liaison at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, was shot and killed on July 1, 1973, as he emerged from his car after returning with his wife from a party. An assailant, who had been waiting for him outside the house, fired five bullets into his body. Alon died on his way to hospital and his body was flown back to Israel.

According to Alon-Rosenshein, Israeli authorities have blocked the family's efforts to find out details about the murder. She said her mother, Devora, returned to Washington the year after her husband's death, intending to approach the FBI and ask it what it had learned. Before doing so, she met Yitzhak Rabin, who had been the ambassador to the US for most of the time Alon had served as a liaison.

"Rabin told my mother there was nothing new," said Alon-Rosenshein. "He said there was nothing for her to do in Washington and that she should go back to Israel and look after her daughters."

Devora, who died in 1995, burst into tears at Rabin's words, said her daughter.

In 2003, after 30 years had passed, the sisters believed the moratorium on releasing US government documents had expired and they would be able to read the FBI investigation files. They consulted with many of their father's old friends, including former president Ezer Weizman, former air force commanders David Ivri, Herzl Bodinger and Motti Hod and former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy. All advised them to put the past behind them and go on with their lives.

They then appealed directly to the ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs. "After a very long time, we received an answer of one-and-a-half pages," said Alon-Rosenshein.

The letter included a description of the three avenues of investigation pursued by the FBI. The government also informed the sisters it had done as much as it could regarding the FBI, that the state had no standing in the matter and that the sisters should appeal to the FBI by themselves.

During Wednesday's hearing, their lawyer, Eliad Shraga, said the family could not fight the case in the US on its own. It might need expensive services, such as a US-based lawyer and translators. Shraga also told the court he knew that the Mossad and the IDF archives each had a box of documents related to the case, which they had not made available to the sisters.

The state's representative, attorney Yair Ettinger, told Justices Dorit Beinisch, Edna Arbel and Salim Joubran he could not say for certain whether the state would help the family in its appeal to the FBI. However, it would consider the sisters' request "sympathetically." http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ ShowFull&cid=1113358705076&p=1078027574097

Contact Shahaf Pilovich by email at pilovich2006@walla.com

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Posted by Honest Reporting, April 14, 2005.

The Guardian reports today a public embarrassment for Reuters - 'a senior editor's memo that outlined the media and information company's "terrible quality problems"':

In a memo that has led to comparisons with former jeweler Gerald Ratner - who famously described his own company's product as 'crap' - Reuters' global managing editor David Schlesinger wrote: 'Our news is perceived as not having enough insight. Our data is perceived as having terrible quality problems'... The note [was] intended to be sent to 10 senior managers but [was] actually distributed to thousands of Reuters staff.

HR subscribers will remember Schlesinger for another other candid admission - that Reuters appeases Mideast terrorists through the news outlet's choice of language. Reuters, long criticized by HonestReporting for imbalanced coverage of the Mideast conflict, was the ignominious winner of the 2003 Dishonest Reporting 'Award'.


The May 2005 edition of The Atlantic Monthly contains a lead article, 'Will Israel Live to 100?', that questions the viability of the Jewish state over the next few decades. Author Benjamin Schwartz, doubtful for any reconciliation between Israel and her Arab neighbors, feeds his cynical piece with a series of distortions and half-truths, reaching the conclusion that it's 'inevitable' that Palestinian 'expansionist energies will be directed to Israel' and possibly swallow Israel whole, peace deal or not.

Schwartz can be forgiven his doom-and-gloom tone, but the article also dredges up the oft-repeated, outright lie that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in Schwartz's words, 'connived in the massacre of Palestinian refugees'. The reference (delivered prominently - in the article's second sentence) is to the 1982 murder of Lebanese Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militiamen in the camps of Sabra and Shatilla. The IDF, under Sharon's command, controlled the region at that time. The term used in the article - 'connived' - implies willful intent on Sharon's part.

But in fact, a 1983 official Israeli inquiry (the Kahan Commission) determined that Sharon was not directly at fault for Sabra and Shatilla. Rather, the commission found Sharon negligent for merely 'having disregarded the danger' posed by the vengeful Christian Phalangists.

The falsehood that Sharon 'massacred' Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla is common fare in Arab propaganda, but it made its way into major American publications as well, even before The Atlantic. In 1985, a New York jury found that Time Magazine had defamed Sharon when Time made similar allegations that 1) Sharon had known in advance that the Phalangists would carry out a massacre, and 2) Sharon had granted the gunmen permission to do so. Though the jury found no 'willful malice' on Time's part, Time was forced to run a retraction.

HonestReporting calls on The Atlantic Monthly to publish an immediate retraction for this similar libelous statement regarding Sharon, prominently printed in its current issue.

Comments to The Atlantic Monthly: click here.

For other points of concern with the Atlantic Monthly article, please see HonestReporting's blog - MediaBackspin.

Honest Reporting monitors the media for inaccuracy and unfairness in how they report the news about Israel. Ther website address is http://www.honestreporting.com. You can help support their research online or by sending contributions to: HonestReporting, 400 South Lake Drive, Lakewood, NJ 08701-3167.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 14, 2005.


A reader is concerned that Israel has let US aid turn it into a welfare client of the US. He wonders whether Israel should reject the aid.

Some friends of Israel assume that if the US gives money to Israel, this is good for both. They should be more reflective about this than reflexive. Spending government money can do as much harm as good. Foreign aid often comes with strings attached, strings that can throttle independence. US aid to Israel does that, though its aid to the P.A. and Egypt does not.

Who pulls those strings? The anti-Zionist State Dept., for one. When Israel indicates it would act independently of the US, the US, touted as a great friend of Israel, then threatens to "reconsider," i.e., withhold this aid. Thus aid has become a form of blackmail that, considering how anti-Zionist is the State Dept., is a threat to Israeli national security.

Strings on military aid also are pulled by the Defense Dept.. Military aid is the result of lobbying. The military aid to Egypt is a form of corporate welfare, in which the US donates tax revenue to Egypt, and Egypt spends it on US arms. Considering how anti-American is the Egyptian government, this aid is misspent.

Military aid to Israel is manipulated to ruin Israel's military industry, even though that industry has invented much military hardware and technology of great use to the US and at great financial savings. One of the conditions of such aid is that it be spent in the US, so that it subsidizes the US military industry. That means that Israel can't use the funds for its own military development. It has had to switch from its superior tank to a US-made tank and from a superior plane to US-made planes. This is a way of defeating competition.

The US does not really give aid to Israel. What the US gives Israel amounts to about the same as the high rate of interest on previous loans that the US made Israel. I think that Israel should:

(1)Privatize and deregulate its own economy, stop excessive government spending, and pass on no funds to the P.A.. The economy would grow. Israel then would not need US aid. (US aid has become a small proportion of Israel's budget, anyway.) It then could afford its own arms. If its economy burgeoned, it would be treated better by some other countries, interested in trading;

(2) Israel should ask the US to forgive Israel's debt to the US, just as it did that of Egypt's debt to the US. Israel has the better case, because Egypt rendered no real service to the US, whereas Israel did (valuable intelligence; spared the US from having to go to war to save Jordan; improved US weaponry; enabled the US to counteract Soviet arms; and held off Soviet penetration in its area for a fraction of the cost of Europe doing it in its region). Another reason is that Egypt is anti-American whereas Israel is pro-American;

(3) Tied to that, but in any case, drop economic aid. If necessary, borrow privately at current low interest rates to repay the US;

(4) Demand that the US give Israel certain military items that the US makes uniquely or the best of, on the grounds that it is the least the US can do to make up for its arming of Israel's mortal enemies, such as Egypt and the P.A., for which Israel should shame the US;

(5) Forego military aid altogether, if necessary, but in any case reject US conditions such as vetoes over Israeli sales without corresponding Israeli vetoes over US sales for jointly developed arms and reject US demands that it not manufacture its own. Many Israeli innovations end up in Arab hands, courtesy of the US; and

(6) Accompany these changes with full explanations and propaganda, to gain the most acceptance. Unfortunately, Israel is poor at propaganda. It also has a gallery of politicians who serve not the national interests but the interests of US or EU power brokers and of themselves.


"Every time Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tells visiting diplomats that Israel will not compromise on the security of its citizens, but in the very same breath proclaims that Israel will retreat from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria come-what-may, he sends the message that Palestinian (Arab) noncompliance ultimately has no significance."

At the London Conference, Abbas admitted he would not repress the terrorist militias, when he announced that he would integrate them into his official police forces. It is like in the Westerns, when the crooked sheriff makes deputies of outlaws (Dr. Aaron Lerner, IMRA, 3/3).

Making them deputies does not reform them, it enables them to carry out their crimes with official sanction.


Arafat used to deceive the West by telling it in English what it wanted to hear, while contradicting that message in Arabic broadcasts to his own people. Abbas continues the deception.

Under Abbas, the P.A. issued a press release to the West condemning a recent bombing in Tel Aviv. The P.A.'s own media, however, praised the bomber. The West accepted the condemnation as sincere, and praised Abbas as being anti-terrorist. The West did not notice that the condemnation, itself, was not anti-terrorist. Rather, the rebuke complained that the timing of the bombing was bad, for it would interfere with P.A. diplomacy (IMRA, 3/3). The implication is that Abbas would not mind terrorism at a different time.

When the people of the P.A. listen to their own media praise the bombing, they are inspired to emulate it. Does the US President really want to help those people realize their national "aspirations."


Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) is an Israeli organization formerly financed by the (anti-Israel) Ford Foundation and now by unpublicized sources. Hmn. One of its chief complaints is that Israel occasionally demolishes some of the thousands of buildings erected illegally by Arabs in Jerusalem, the rest of Israel, and the Territories. (Its complaint is not that Israel demolishes too few but too many.)

Unlike most other human rights groups, RHR condemns P.A. oppression of its own subjects, condemns Arab terrorism, and assists its victims. Then it misses the point when it accuses Israel of having an official policy of human rights violations, instead of acknowledging Israel's right to defend itself as by demolitions and other measures (IMRA, 3/3 from NGO Monitor).

What is its view, that Arabs have a right to erect buildings illegally? If built illegally, why shouldn't the government tear them down? If built in order to take over territory, again, why shouldn't the government demolish them?


A car bomb exploded near 500 Jewish worshippers at Shechem in Judea-Samaria. Terrorists also opened fire at one IDF unit near there and threw an explosive device at another. Hizbullah has recruited members around there, but the presence of IDF troops kept Hizbullah largely out of action. The planned abandonment of northern Samaria, however, would give the terrorists freedom of movement (Arutz-7, 3/3). The terrorists are not quiet but attempting murder. Sharon's plan would facilitate their quest.


Columbia U. leftists and Islamists hurl at critics the anti-anti-Communist epithet, "McCarthyist." They claim the critics mount a "right-wing attack" on "academics critical of Israel," which they say commits aggression against Arab states. One professor defiantly declared, "If some faculty are going to be accused of anti-Zionism, let me be among them to say I am anti-Zionist. Another warned about student complaints, "Beware the powerful who cry tears of victimhood."

Prof. Massad accused the University investigation of abandoning him to intimidation and of "collaboration" with "witch hunters." He was concerned that investigators had a First Amendment lawyer, known for pro-Israel activism. He accused the President of bias for opposing a petition to divest from Israel.

Students had complained that Arab and other professors mocked them as Jews, turned their courses into propaganda against Israel, and went into a rage against Jews who spoke up with their own point of view (Jacob Gershman, NY Sun, 4/4, 4/5.)

What can we make of this, without knowing whether the specific complaints are true?

The same complaints are turning up in one university after another. That lends these complaints some credibility. At various campuses, right-wing speakers have been hounded off the podium. At events paid for by student associations at Arab clubs' behest, questions that indicate understanding of Israel's plight are treated with hostility. At some colleges, Arabs jeered, threatened, and even attacked Jews; police or security guards barely got them out of harm's way. This, too, fits in with what the Columbia U. students claim. So does Arab culture, in which students are expected to accept teachers' opinions and "facts" without questioning. Academic freedom and integrity are absent. Islamist professors use our campuses to press their holy war against us, as traditionally, without tolerance or scruples.

In view of the many threats and attacks on Jews at various colleges, supporters of the Islamist professors at Columbia sound disingenuous when they claim there is no fire causing the smoke there. The professor who declaimed, "Beware the powerful who cry tears of victimhood" put it well, but what he said applies to the Arabs and leftists, prominent on campus, and not to the Jews, under siege all over the world and still vulnerable. Claiming to be the victim is an old totalitarian tactic, still practiced by the heirs of the Communists and by the Arabs. The Arabs routinely accuse the Jews of doing the bad things that the Arabs are doing. As the record shows, the Arabs committed aggression against Israel; in claiming otherwise, these professors indicate a lack of academic integrity. For all their claims to be victims, the unasked but obvious question is why the universities hire as professors such lying, hysterical, intolerant, anti-Western ideologues who, by indoctrinating rather than teaching make victims of the whole student body.

Is there a "right-wing attack" on the professors complained about, to prevent criticism of Israel? That is highly exaggerated. The controversy started with student complaints to the university that they were harassed. The university ignored them. To the rescue came some national Jewish groups. Most, such as Hillel Foundation, are not right-wing. They simply don't demonize Israel. I was active in ZOA during the formation of its campus-helper group. It doesn't try to censor critics of Israel but to provide students with the necessary information for answering those critics. That is a far cry from McCarthyism. McCarthyism and censorship is what the Islamist and leftist professors practice, with their demonizing Israel contrary to the facts. You see, these Jewish organizations are still operating in the Western mode of ironing out differences, while the Arabs and leftists are working in the totalitarian mode of ironing over opponents. When we find our college faculties becoming bastions of bigotry and subversion, is it wrong to ask whether it should go on?

Far from abandoning Prof. Massad, the investigators mostly exonerated him. The First Amendment lawyer, for a committee larded with antagonists of Israel, surely was there to see to his rights. But Arabs cannot stand criticism and Islamists try to cajole critics into abandoning investigation. It was most unfair of Massad to call the President biased for condemning a libelous petition that singles out Israel for persecution, and does not suggest divesting from genocidal Arab states and that great persecutor, China. The phrases that the accused professors use, constantly calling Israel names - as the Arabs are wont to do in Syria -- is that evidence of objectivity?

Does the professor suggest that student complaints be ignored rather than investigated? If he suggests they be ignored, what does that say about him? It says that only his opinion counts, in his opinion. Now that is censorship.

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Marlene Young, April 14, 2005.
This from today's Reuters.

LONDON, April 14 (Reuters) - Israel's planned pullout from occupied Gaza would be a victory for militant violence, a senior leader of the Islamic group Hamas said in an interview published on Thursday.

Mahmoud al-Zahar told Britain's Times newspaper that Israel's hand had been forced by militants who have waged an armed uprising or intifada since 2000.

"If Israel is going to leave the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank, that was because of the intifada, because of the armed struggle, because of the big sacrifices of Hamas for this goal," he said.

"It was not because of negotiations, or the goodwill of Israel, or the Americans and Europeans."

Israel plans to evacuate all 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza and four of 120 in the West Bank from July. Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has billed it as a way to "disengage" from conflict with the Palestinians.

Israel is concerned Palestinian militants will rush in and seize vacated settlements after the Israeli army leaves.

The Times said Zahar refused to commit his group, which has long called for the destruction of Israel, to peace until it sees the nature of Israel's pullout.

"We are looking for withdrawal, real withdrawal," he told the Times.

"If they are going to be at the gates between Gaza and Egypt, or going to control our sea border, and if they are going to attack our houses ... will that satisfy the people who have sacrificed?"

Zahar repeated the group's intention to form a government if it wins Palestinian parliamentary elections it will contest for the first time in July.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders announced a ceasefire in February ending more than 4-1/2 years of violence during which some 3,350 Palestinians and 970 Israelis were killed. lene Young is vice-president of TODA - Torah Organization for Disability Access, as well as an advocate for Israel.

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 14, 2005.

It is starting to look like sauce for the goose can also be sauce for the moonbat.

A New York City Councilman, James F. Gennaro, is leading the call to institute a boycott and "divestment campaign" against Columbia University in response to the whitewash of campus anti-Semitic professors performed by a committee set up by Columbia's president Lee Bollinger. Gennaro represents the 24th District in Queens, which includes the neighborhoods of Kew Gardens Hills, Hillcrest, Jamaica Estates, and Fresh Meadows. The call to "divest" from Columbia comes in the very days that a group of British pseudo-academic moonbats are trying to launch a campaign to boycott Israeli universities because Israel occassionally dares to shoot back and never mind how full those Israeli universities themselves are with left-wing moonbats.

Gennaro dismisses the "committee of investigation" in these words:

When four out of five of the members of the committee responsible for investigating grievances related to anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements have obvious biases in this area, it seems clear to me that the investigation is a travesty. I think Mr. Dershowitz's view of the committee says it best: "Asking pro-Israel Jewish students to present their grievances to the committee members who signed the divestiture petition would be like asking African-American students to present grievances to a committee that included David Duke."

Gennaro goes on:

In my view, the problem with MEALAC is that it is little more than an anti-Israel propaganda mill whose professors engage in indoctrination, not academic discourse. Columbia.s greatest failure is that it insists on denying this underlying problem. And, as this latest episode has shown, even when utside pressure compels an examination of MEALAC, Columbia focuses not on the root problem, but on other issues which are essentially symptoms of the deeper disease... It is my hope that the leadership and trustees of Columbia will ultimately come to their senses, stop the MEALAC propaganda mill, and once again merit generous support. Until then, however, I urge supporters of Columbia to send their money elsewhere.

2. "DeNial At DePaul: The Thomas Klocek Affair," (http://www.jewishpress.com/news_article.asp?article=4902).

Catholic universities in the United States have in recent years shown a weakness for cultivating far-leftist anti-Semites and haters of America. Perhaps the best known has been Notre Dame, home of the extremist Kroc Institute, which attempted to sponsor Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss Arab with ties to Al Qaeda, for a three-year professorship. But in many ways, DePaul University is even worse.

DePaul is a large, if not particularly academically renowned, Catholic college in Chicago, nominally associated with "Congregation of the Mission," more popularly known as the Vincentians. Until recently, the main cause of controversy surrounding DePaul was its insistence on employing the notorious pro-Palestinian left-winger Norman Finkelstein as an assistant professor in its political science department. But a few months ago, DePaul took a giant step in implementing leftist suppression of free speech on its campus.

The immediate target of DePaul`s campaign was Thomas Klocek, a part-time adjunct professor at the university`s so-called "School for New Learning." ("New learning" evidently is not something DePaul confuses with "learning," as the events there show.) Klocek`s crime? He was guilty of expressing support for Israel.

After 14 years of continuous employment at the Chicago-based college, Klocek was suspended with pay last September, and then stayed suspended - this time without pay - through the winter and spring quarters. Klocek is guilty of nothing more than expressing pro-Israel views in the face of extremist Palestinian propaganda on DePaul`s campus.

DePaul summarily dismissed Klocek from his duties after the school claimed he "insulted" and "demeaned" several Muslim students at a campus fair for extracurricular groups. Klocek had publicly expressed his belief that "strictly speaking, right now there is no such place as Palestine on the map. The Palestinian people were simply Arabs who lived in the West Bank and Gaza." We seem to recall that Galileo was also persecuted by Church institutions for daring to tell the truth. (Klocek, by the way, is a Roman Catholic from a Polish-American family).

With no current income, and facing the possibility of losing the health insurance he desperately needs for a serious kidney condition, Klocek decided to go public with his fight. The story made major headlines after the Chicago Jewish News ran a large expose of DePaul` persecution of Klocek.

The university contends that Klocek`s case "is not a case of academic freedom, but a situation of inappropriate behavior outside the classroom by a university employee," in the words of the university spokesperson. This coming from an institution that has no problems with the behavior of the aforementioned Norman Finkelstein.

Klocek.s dismissal is alleged by the administration to be due the fact that, as he walked away from the students in question, he "thumbed his chin" at them. It`s a common Italian expression meaning, "I`m finished, I`m out of here." (I personally would have shown the students the finger around which the tefillin strp goes.) But in a special letter to the student newspaper DePaulia, Dean Susanne Dumbleton first apologized for the incident and stated that the instructor was being dealt with in an appropriate manner. The dean then referred to Klocek`s attempt to impose his "erroneous views" on the students. This belied the claim by the university that Klocek.s case is about his supposed attitude, not the content of his statements.

In other words, support for Israel against Arab aggression and terrorism is "erroneous" and not to be tolerated on the DePaul campus.

Klocek tells us his side of the story:

"A Student Activities Fair was being held at DePaul on 9.15.04 at the Loop campus. It was open to all. When the incident began, I had not identified myself as a faculty member. I visited various booths and tables, among them `Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).` I gave them my e-mail address and asked for some of their literature. I then stood about reading this incendiary piece about Rachel Corrie and the Israeli bulldozing of Arab homes and properties. I stated that there is no such entity as Palestine on the current map and that U.S. newspapers only began using the term Palestinians some 25-30 years ago. One of the SJP members said that the Israeli treatment of "Palestinians" is as bad as the way Hitler treated the Jews. I took vast umbrage with this scurrilous statement.

"At no time did I threaten any of the students physically or verbally, but the volume of the talking turned loud on both sides.

"Some few days later, the Dean, Susanne Dumbleton of the School for New Learning, called me in and had in her hand two letters from students. I never saw these but she appeared to read from them, outlining charges against me made by the student groups, among them that I was `disrespectful` and that they were `hurt and crushed` by my remarks. She stated that I was to be suspended from teaching until further notice. She also announced that the school would make a response to the school newspaper.

"It should be noted that Dean Dumbleton had previously met with both student groups and their faculty advisors without my being present, and, when I asked her why, she replied that I was too `passionate` about the subject."

Large numbers of bloggers and some DePaul faculty have come out in favor of Klocek and against his inquisitors. Perhaps more important, the Catholic Church as an institution is finally beginning to learn the details of the Klocek case, and several local authorities have indicated their sympathy.

DePaul`s sudden horror at the supposed "unprofessorial behavior" by Klocek is all because they claim he made an impolite hand gesture. Note how dramatically this stands in sharp contrast with the university`s record regarding Norman Finkelstein, arguably the most openly anti-Semitic Jew on the planet, certainly in American academia. DePaul recruited Finkelstein as an assistant professor in political science after Finkelstein was fired from two New York-area adjunct teaching jobs (at New York University and Hunter College). The Anti-Defamation League calls Finkelstein a "Holocaust denier" and accuses him of pursuing an anti-Semitic agenda.

Finkelstein refers to the Jews murdered by the Nazis as the "Six Million" - in quotation marks. "Indeed," he's written, "the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud." And this: "If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one," my mother used to exclaim, - "who did Hitler kill?"

Finkelstein is the star on virtually every Holocaust denial and neo-Nazi website. He has been denounced as a fraud and anti-Semite by Alan Dershowitz, by historian Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, by Dennis Prager, by Professor Omer Bartov from Brown University, by the World Jewish Congress, and by just about every other academic to comment on him, gentile or Jew.

Jonathan Freedland wrote in the British Guardian - a strongly pro-Palestinian newspaper - that Finkelstein was "closer to the people who created the Holocaust than to those who suffered it." The New York Times compared Finkelstein`s book The Holocaust Industry to the old czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

DePaul University President Fr. Dennis Holtschneider has been circulating a personal letter to anyone complaining about the firing of Klocek and the employment of Finkelstein. The letter states, in part, "Dr. Finkelstein was hired at the recommendation of the Political Science faculty after extensive reference checks and an evaluation of the quality of his teaching. The faculty were aware of his published works that have provoked disagreement from many quarters, but also recognized that mainstream publishers, publications and reviewers have taken his research seriously, if critically."

The "mainstream" reviewers and publishers of whom Fr. Holtschneider speaks are almost without exception anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis. But DePaul University will defend someone like Finkelstein while terminating a professor who refuses to toe the Palestinian line.

3. Leftist Hooliganism http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/coulter1.asp

4. Without a doubt the most important article to be written about Ariel Sharon's version of the Mitzna plan for unilateral "disengagement" and capitulation in the Gaza Strip is the guest Op-Ed by Israeli retired Supreme Court justice Zvi A. Tal, in today's Haaretz (http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/pages/ShArtPE.jhtml?itemNo= 564858&contrassID=2&subContrassID=3&sbSubContrassID=0), but alas only in Hebrew. (If any reader is up to translating it, I will post it in full.")

Entitled "The Law that Legitimizes Injustice", Tal's piece is a devastating attack on the "disengagement plan, all the more impressive because the writer sat for many years on Israel's highest court bench, ordinarily a little bastion of leftist "judicial activism". Tal argues that expelling Jews in mass from their homes when the expulsion serves no clear purpose and obviously in NOT a part of a peace agreement is unjust and criminal, and probably violates international law. If the expulsion were in fact serving some legitimate legal purpose, things might be different, but it is clear that it will serve no purpose whatsoever. It will not lead to peace and security but to escalation of violence. Under those circumstances, violating the rights of Jewish owners of homes living in Gush Katif is an abuse of the human rights of those involved. Tal also mocks the claim that the expulsion serves to "save human lives" due to soldiers being redeployed outside the Gaza Strip.

Tal concludes, "In the words of Tallyrand, the removal of these settlements is not only a crime but is stupidity."

If one sits back and waits long enough, one can find intelligence here and there even inside the Israeli media.

While we are at it, every two weeks or so Haaretz allows a non-leftist opinion to run on its pages as "balance" for the scores of Far-Leftist opinions it runs every week. (Yesterday Haaretz ran a sycophant piece singing the praises of anti-Israel feminazi Andrea Dworkin). Today Haaretz runs not only Tal but also this, which I strongly suggest you read: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/564786.html (in English)

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by IsrAlert, April 14, 2005.


I would very appreciate if you would include this short prayer during the coming Seder and every Seder after that. We, the Jews of the Arab world, expelled and humiliated, are no longer voiceless, powerless or forgotten.


JIMENA - Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa presents an additional prayer to be read at this year's Seder to honor the Jews who were forced to flee in a "Second Exodus" from Egypt and other Arab states. Our organization represents Jews who were either expelled or otherwise compelled to leave their ancient homes throughout the Arab world.

by Joseph Abdel Wahed

Today, as we celebrate the First Exodus from Egypt some 3,200 years ago, let us also remember the Second Exodus of Jews that took place not so long ago, but is unknown to most people.

In the years between 1945 and 1970, nearly one million Jews, indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, were compelled to flee, sometimes brutally, from the lands of their birth. Like their ancestors, they too left in a hurry and under similarly harsh conditions. They fled Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Aden, Tunisia and Iran. And "on the wings of Eagles", nearly 36,000 Jews from Ethiopia landed safely in Israel.

And so, on this sacred night, let us say a special prayer for these Forgotten Refugees. Let us tell their story, which is often left out of the narrative of the modern Middle East.

Therefore, with bitter herbs on your plate and a piece of matzo in your hand, please recite the following:

We thank you G-d for delivering these Forgotten Jewish Refugees from their modern day pharaohs whose hearts were hardened and full of evil. Many of these Forgotten Refugees were harassed, intimidated, insulted simply because they were Jews, until they were forced to flee. They were made to live as strangers in their own countries and denied basic human and civil rights. They left behind their millennia-old culture and heritage, their beautiful synagogues and sacred Torahs, Jewish schools and hospitals, their homes and their personal belongings.

"But G-d heard their groaning and remembered his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He said unto the children of Israel: I am the Lord and I will bring you out from the burdens of the Egyptian (and from other tyrants) and redeem you with an outstretched and strong arm. So, as in the First Exodus, we thank the Lord for this Second Exodus that we are a free people and blessed with the presence of the land of Israel".

"On this Passover and on every Passover in the future, when we eat matzo and the bitter herbs, we must cherish the memories of our forgotten brothers and sisters. And as Jews, always yearning for the winds of freedom, we say to them: We Will Not Forget You."

JIMENA calls on the global community to hold Arab governments accountable for the dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes, and the confiscation of their communal and private property.

Key Facts

Today, 99% of the ancient Jewish communities in the Middle East and North Africa no longer exist. Out of some 900,000 Jews who lived in the Arab countries until 1948, only a few thousand remain.

During the exodus, Arab governments confiscated property from the fleeing Jews worth tens of billions in today's dollars.

Harv Weiner, a businessman in Dallas, Texas, is the founder and moderator of Isralert. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

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Posted by Bryna Berch, April 13, 2005.

Practice makes perfect. After Gaza, wiping out the Samaria and Judea Jewish communities will be a snap. If Sharon's object is to dismember Israel, he's doing all the right things. I wish he'd work as hard to keep her united. But that isn't what bullies do, is it? They prey on the weak and act like pupdogs when someone stronger tells them to heel. He counts on the settlers' sense of fair play and their strong belief in the rule of law while he plays dirty with them and ignores the law as he tries to degrade and humiliate them.

This was a news item in yesterday's Arutz-7 (www.IsraelNationalNews.org).

Once again, residents of the Shomron attempting to visit the Tel Aviv area have been detained, forbidden to walk around freely, and forced to return to their homes.

It happened last night, twice. A busload of 30 members of the Bnei Akiva youth movement from Peduel in the Shomron had arrived in Petach Tikvah, and was in the process of dropping off three groups of youngsters. Their mission: to hang banners against the withdrawal plan, and to distribute stickers and flyers to passing motorists.

Suddenly, a large group of Border Guard and special Yassam unit policemen surrounded the group of 8th graders, ordered them to return to the bus, and instructed the driver to turn around and head back to Peduel. In the meantime, another group had similarly been stopped, and forced to wait for the bus to pick them up.

The police even confiscated the passengers' identity cards, saying that they would return them only once the bus crossed the Oranim checkpoint on its way back to the Shomron.

Eitan, one of the 8th graders stopped by the police, told Arutz-7 today, "It was frustrating, because we were unable to do what we came to do, and it was also very embarrassing, being held there by the police in front of everyone..."

Shortly before this incident, another busload of people carrying Passover care packages from the Shilo area, north of Ofrah and Jerusalem, was delayed by police for 90 minutes. The bus was finally permitted to continue, but only with a police escort.

Last night, Yesha Council head Bentzy Lieberman phoned police officials, who did not deny that the incidents had taken place. The Council, which represents the Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, released a statement saying that if the police continue to "fall upon innocent citizens and do not maintain the delicate balance between the fundamental rights of protest and expression and the fear of public disturbances, we will call upon the public not to adhere to police instructions in the future, with all that that entails."

Acknowledging that the call is a harsh one, Council Spokesperson Emily Amrousi said that it comes in response to a harsh situation - namely, the police disruption of lawful and protected activities by which those who object to government policy may present their views to the public.

Amrousi said that the police are causing added tensions, instead of reducing them, by stopping innocent people and treating them like criminals. "They have turned the Yesha protests into something illegitimate," she said.

A police spokesman told Arutz-7 this morning that though he was not familiar with the details of last night's incidents, police are generally not permitted to confiscate citizens' ID cards. Only when there is a suspicion that the bearer is fraudulently using someone else's card, or that the card is forged, or when the bearer is under arrest or officially detained, or in similar cases, are the police permitted to take an ID card, the spokesman said.

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Posted by Michael Freund, April 14, 2005.

Following is a column of mine from the Jerusalem Post (http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ ShowFull&cid=1113358705121&p=1006953079865) about the growing sense of intimidation and fear that many opponents of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal plan have begun to feel as a result of the heavy-handed tactics that the government has begun to use against them.

Letters to the editor of the Post may be sent to: letters@jpost.com. Your comments and feedback are welcome.

After listening to the joint press conference between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Monday, I curled up in front of my laptop ready to pen a blistering critique of the premier and his plan to withdraw from Gaza. But as the words began to flow, so did my perspiration, as I began to consider some of the heavy-handed tactics now being used against critics of the withdrawal.

In recent weeks especially, there have been a growing number of incidents in which those opposed to the plan, or even those merely assumed to hold such views, have found themselves and their most basic of freedoms trampled upon.

Take, for example, the mass arrest of dozens of Orthodox Jewish youth this past Sunday after protesters blocked Tel Aviv's Ayalon highway for several minutes.

According to various reports, many of those detained by the police had nothing to do with the demonstration. They were arrested simply because they were religious and happened to be in the vicinity of the protest. This included a 10-year-old boy wearing a kippa, and a religious soldier in uniform.

Several teenage kids in the area were said to have been taken to police stations and held incommunicado for hours without their parents receiving notification, as required by law.

There have also been a number of instances in which people standing on street corners and holding signs against the Gaza withdrawal were taken away by police - for no apparent reason other than exercising their right to protest peacefully.

In one case, a 14-year-old girl was arrested a few weeks ago and held for 24 hours in police custody without being allowed to see her parents. She was denied access to her medications, even though she suffers from chronic asthma and was at risk of a potentially dangerous asthma attack.

With less than 100 days to go until the proposed Gaza withdrawal, something terribly frightening is happening here in Israel. Some of the tactics being employed by the authorities simply have no place in a democratic society, calling into question their underlying commitment to that most fundamental of civil liberties - the right to disagree with government policy.

Now I don't consider myself an alarmist; nor do I belong to the category of those who employ frenzied language to get a point across. But I don't think it is exaggerating to say that many people opposed to the withdrawal are starting to wonder whether they can truly express themselves without fear.

Earlier this month, late one night, a prominent activist involved in organizing buses for people to visit Jewish communities in Hebron and Gaza was arrested at his home in the center of the country and held into the early hours of the morning. It remains unclear why he was taken into custody, other than to frighten and intimidate him.

Things have reached the point where even people who "look" like they might be going to a protest can find themselves receiving special attention from the security forces.

This past Monday evening, a busload of Jews from Samaria was stopped by police as it made its way toward the Gush Dan area to deliver Pessah goods to needy families. According to eyewitnesses, the police refused to let the bus continue on its way, claiming that it posed a "potential threat that may lead to the blocking of roads and other protest actions."

Only after being held up for 90 minutes were the 50 passengers allowed to continue with their charitable undertaking.

Say what you will about Sharon's plan to withdraw, there can be no excuse for such tactics. If it were just a matter of an isolated incident or two, it could perhaps be dismissed as an aberration. But the sad fact is that there is a clearly a pattern at work, one in which innocent Israeli citizens are being harassed and/or silenced because of their political views.

Of course, you won't read a great deal about this in much of the mainstream media; and don't expect to hear any of Israel's myriad human rights groups speaking up against this worrisome phenomenon. Their commitment to principle seems to extend only to those who share their liberal point of view.

But that should not deter the rest of us from speaking out, if only to ensure that Israel's democracy remains vibrant and strong. Just because someone wears a kippa, or holds a placard opposing the withdrawal from Gaza, it does not make him an "extremist" or "threat" to the country's future.

I thought twice about whether to submit this column, but realized in the end that I simply had no choice. Because if we ever reach a point where we can no longer legitimately criticize the prime minister and his policies without fear of reprisal, something will truly have gone wrong in Zion.

The only way to ensure that never occurs is to stand up without fear for what we know in our hearts to be true - that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, and to no one else. /font>

Michael Freund served as an aide to former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

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Posted by Yoram Ettinger, April 13, 2005.
Enclosed you'll find my latest OpEd on the Bush-Sharon Texas Summit, published today by Ynet (Internet daily of Yediot Achronot). Should you wish to examine previous OpEds, please visit www.acpr.org.il (Jerusalem Cloakroom and Hatikvah links).

While the Bush-Sharon Summit focused on mutual threats (e.g. Iran and Islamic terrorism), it has highlighted a few basic misunderstandings - in Israel - concerning the US political system, US-Israel relations and Disengagement.

For example, front page headlines in the Israeli dailies have concluded that - resulting from the Summit - a $600MN Disengagement financial assistance package will be provided to Israel by the US. The headlines ignore the $800MN promised to Barak by Clinton in 2000, in order to expedite the Disengagement from Southern Lebanon. Israel disengaged, Hizballah's terrorism was significantly and regionally upgraded, Palestinian terrorism was inspired and escalated to an unprecedented level, but the $800MN is yet to be granted. US Presidents do not have the authority to write checks; they can ask Congress - which possesses the Power of the Purse - to appropriate funds. Congress is currently alarmed by a growing all time high budget deficit, and Israel's leading friends have recommended that Israel refrains from requesting special financial assistance. Cheney and Rumsfeld, two of Israel's hawkish allies, are concerned that a special assistance to Israel would nibble into the stretched defense budget. Each financial request must go through Congress, which would entail a legislative process. But, some Israeli officials have pre-maturely briefed (and possibly misinformed) the media, in order to sooth opposition to Disengagement...

The Israeli public has been told since the April 2004 Bush-Sharon Summit that the US Administration has given up on the 1949/67 Cease Fire Line. However, the blunt call - by President Bush - to freeze construction in ALL settlements, has clarified that Israel should not expect any settlement-bonus, from the US, for the disengagement from Gaza and Northern Samaria. In fact, disengagement - just like any retreat in face of pressure and terrorism - would generate more Palestinian terrorism and more pressure by the Department of State, the CIA, the Europeans and the UN, which expect further sweeping Israel concessions. President Bush's statements at the summit, just like those made by Secretaries Powell and Rice since April 2004, clarify that the US has not change its position on the Green Line: no recognition of Israeli sovereignty beyond the 1949 Ceasefire Line, and no recognition of Israeli sovereignty over any Jewish community in the post-Green Line area in Judea & Samaria, Jordan Valley, Golan Heights and Jerusalem (e.g. loan guarantees are reduced by the amount spent by Israel in post-Green Line neighborhoods in Jerusalem). Wishful-thinking (sinking?) concerning a disengagement-driven diplomatic bonus have been shattered in Crawford, Texas.

Bush's proclamations suggest that disengagement from Gaza and Northern Samaria would be the first in a series, leading to the 1949 Lines (unless otherwise mutually-agreed by Israel and the Palestinians). They indicate that the post-April 2004 celebrations were based on wrong assumptions and on misrepresentations, by Israeli politicians, of the President's statements. The April statements by Bush were neither unprecedented, nor do they bind him or his successors. On June 19, 1967, President Johnson stated that an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 Lines "is not a prescription for peace, but for a renewal of hostilities." President Reagan said on September 1, 1982: "In the pre-1967 borders Israel was barely 10 miles wide...I am not about to ask Israel to live that way again...It is clear that peace cannot be achieved by the formation of an independent Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza." These statements were not binding, since they were not ratified or legislated. Bush's statements were approved, by Congress, as a Non-Binding Resolution, which is (as suggested by its title) non-binding.

Israeli observers urge Prime Minister Sharon to freeze construction in all settlements, in order to avoid a costly US pressure. They do not comprehend the US - and especially the Texas - state of mind, which admires winners and not losers, which respects gumption, the overcoming of odds and defiance of pressure. On a rainy day, the Texan President would rather have an ally, in the Mideast, "which can roll in the street with the Dobermans, rather than stay on the porch with the Poodles." And, indeed, during 1948-1992, from Ben Gurion to Shamir, Israel's Prime Ministers usually - and frequently - defied US pressure. As a result they were subjected to short-term inconveniences, which were promptly replaced by a long-term strategic esteem. For instance, in 1948/9 Ben Gurion faced a US pressure to postpone declaration of independence and accept a UN Trusteeship. The US imposed a military embargo, contemplated economic sanctions, accused Ben Gurion of leading the Jewish People toward another Holocaust, demanded an end to the "Occupation of the Negev", the internationalization of Jerusalem and the absorption and compensation of Palestinian refugees. Israeli Prophets of Demographic Doom pressured Ben Gurion to refrain from independence, lest the Jewish population be overwhelmed - by 1968 - by Arab majority. Ben Gurion defied the pressure, established the Jewish State, increased construction in the Negev, relocated government agencies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which was declared the capital of Israel. Consequently, the US upgraded its attitude toward the Jewish State, whose image was transformed - by Ben Gurion's defiance - from a powerless democracy into a promising strategic entity. Will Prime Minister Sharon resurrect the legacy of Ben Gurion and his successors which characterized Israel's leadership up to 1992, or will he sustain the Oslo-State-Of-Mind which has afflicted Israel since 1992?

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger is a consultant on US-Israel relations and former Minister for Congressional Affairs to Israel's Embassy in Washington, DC, He served as Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern US. This article is Cloakroom #175.

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Posted by JINSA, April 13, 2005.

Crawford is more than a place, it is an opportunity.

For better or worse, the Oslo process was destroyed by the principle of dealing with relatively smaller issues first in hopes of building momentum toward presumed agreement on the impossible "Final Status" issues - Jerusalem and the so-called "right of return." There was no momentum, no moment of flight. The process that should have sunk at the beginning from impossible Palestinian demands instead sunk at the end - after dashing so many raised hopes. Don't do it again, please.

Abu Mazen may well believe that the violence of the intifada was a mistake for the Palestinians - but only because it didn't work. His goals are the same goals Arafat had: to achieve an independent state without legitimizing Israel on any part of "Palestine," Jerusalem as the capital and the "right of return." After the wrenching Gaza disengagement; after the return of security control to the PA in large swaths of Judea and Samaria; after promises of a fruitful and peaceful future, what will you do with the "right of return?"

You will choke on it. You might as well choke on it now.

The issue of stateless Palestinians inside the PA areas and out cannot be resolved and cannot be ignored. There are more than four million poor, miserable, radical people imprisoned by their brothers, fed and watered by UNRWA and nurtured on the promise that they will "go home" to a place most of them didn't come from by those not entitled to make the promise. Abu Mazen can't tell them he will recognize Israeli sovereignty over land claimed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. President Bush won't tell Lebanon or any other Arab country to settle Palestinians whether they want to or not, and whether the refugees want to or not. No one will tell UNRWA that its unique mandate to serve as parent and jailer to generations of Palestinians will end. And no one - least of all the Arab states - will tell the Palestinians, "We made a mistake 57 years ago. Too bad."

In the face of the humanitarian tragedy that the Arabs and the UN have engendered over the years, and that theU.S.and the Europeans have paid for, it won't be enough for Israel to say, "no" to a mythical "right" claimed by a miserable people. Israel, the prosperous and civilized state, will be told to "help the poor Palestinians." Before that happens, Mr. Sharon, you must come to some understanding with President Bush about telling the truth: the creation of Israel was not a mistake; not a temporary aberration in the Middle East. Israel is real and it is permanent. Palestinians cannot go there in large numbers, and their continued belief that they can is going to wreck whatever accord Israelis and Palestinians try to make.

The United States and Israel have to have a united front on this one, and the Palestinians will have to hear what they don't want to hear - BEFORE the rest of the deal is called done. And if it sinks Road Map now so be it.

The JINSA Reports are published by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (http://www.jinsa.org). To subscribe, email jinsareports-www@lists.jinsa.org This is report #483 (www.jinsa.org/articles/view.html?documentid=2914).

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Posted by Batya Medad, April 13, 2005.

I should be cleaning the chametz from my house, instead of trying to clean it out of my brain. The problem is that last night I had the TV on to try to record "Law and Order," but instead I found myself watching "Popolitica," a uniquely Israeli "shout" show, in which groups of Israelis sit around a table, armed with microphones into which they declaim their opinions. Periodically the moderator switches topics, and then a different cast of speakers appears in the seats.

Usually my husband acts the gentleman and records my two favorite shows for me; the second being C.S.I., but he wasn't home, so I was stuck. In the end, due to broadcasting changes because of the death of Ehud Manor, (http://www.hebrewsongs.com/artists-ehudmanor.htm, http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/564039.html), I wasted my time and lost sleep for nothing. And even worse, another musing began fermenting in my mind - chametz!

Ionesco could have written this one in two acts. The first one starred a politician named after his grandfather, who was Chief Rabbi of Israel. This man, in his nasal voice, fantacized about which type of cookies left by the fireplace would bring better presents from Santa Claus. At least that's how realistic he seemed to me. His theory is that there is about to be a major change in the Arab world, and they will become rational, peace loving, like Europeans if we amputate YESHA. That's the gist of it.

Sitting next to him was Effi Eitam, who lives in Gush Katif http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3060478,00.html, and tried to describe how the Arabs are shooting missiles and bombs at innocent civilians, including children waiting for school buses, but he was told to keep quiet by the others. Those were not the images the other participants wanted publicized. They did their best to shut him up and ignored what he said. Young Mr. MK Herzog made it very clear that he wasn't going to let some measly bombardments get in the way of his theories. Truth is how you wish or imagine it, not what really happens. That's faith, no?

Hard to believe, but the next act surpassed the first. It was a truly absurd, perverse, display of misplaced sympathy. Such strong emotion over alleged cruelty. You had to witness it to believe it. I hope you're trying to guess; one hint, it wasn't about the dead whale (http://news.haaretz.co.il/hasen/spages/563712.html) that had the news staff in full mourning the evening before.

There was outrage over the cruelty to poultry and calves, raised to feed the masses of inhuman humans. I must admit that the first example, of the high cholesterol goose livers had some justification, but mostly because, as delicious as the delicacy may allegedly be, the process is unhealthy both for the goose and the human who eats them. It wasn't much of a debate, since the sole representative of the "chicken breeders" wasn't given a fair hearing. He tried to explain how they do their scientific best to raise healthy economical chickens, affordable by all, but he was treated like somebody defending rape as a desirable social skill.

I wish the animal defenders and the media would show the same enthusiastic sympathy to their fellow Jews. In comparison they discuss the forced transfer of thousands of innocent Jews from their homes with less feeling then they would express while putting their socks away. They show more concern over the possible destruction of the environment by the building of new communities and neighborhoods. http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=79839

The Passover Hagaddah is written to help us feel as if we, too, suffered in Egypt and exited with Moshe Rabenu. It is time to bring back the slogan "YESHA zeh kahn," "YESHA is Here!"

There's no difference between Tel Aviv and Tel Zion, Haifa and Hebron, Ofakim and Ofra, Rechovot and Revava or Savyon and Susiya. It's only when every Jew understands this fully, with all their soul and with all their might, will we merit "Geulah shleimah, the full Redemption," G-d willing, soon.

Chag Kasher V'Sameach,

This is Musing #111. Batya Medad lives in Shiloh. She can be reached by email at Shilohmuse@yahoo.com or visit her website http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/ or go to http://www.shilo.org.il

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Posted by Judy Lash Balint, April 13, 2005.

"Feldheim isn't interested, and Mesorah says my story is 'too Zionist,'" says Yosef Mendelevich, mentioning two Jewish publishers, when I ask if his story of contemporary Jewish heroism has been written up in English.

Mendelevich is one of 15 Jews from the former Soviet Union who attempted to hijack a small Soviet plane in 1970, in a crazy scheme to dramatize the longings of Jews to leave the Soviet Empire.

For his Zionist commitment, the 22 year old from Riga spent the following 11 years in a Soviet prison camp before being allowed to leave for Israel in 1981. Since his arrival, Mendelevich has studied for the rabbinate, married and become a father to seven children. He lives quietly in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem where he teaches at the Machon Meir Yeshiva.

Today, Mendelevich, 57, is slender, sports a long grey beard and grey hair topped by a large black knitted kipa. His steely grey eyes, commanding voice and natural charisma make it easy to understand how he became a leader of the Riga refusenik movement at a very young age.

Mendelevich was invited to address a group of English speaking students at Machon Meir the other night. The event was open to the public, but few outsiders attended. Mendelevich spoke (in fluent English) for two hours, but no one fidgeted or fell asleep. The more Mendelevich's dramatic tale unfolded, the more it became clear that he was almost reliving the period in the retelling. Just as on Passover, all Jews are commanded to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt to feel as if they themselves came out of Egypt, so Mendelevich's extraordinary anecdotes revealing his contribution to modern Jewish history beg to be retold.

With this young audience, he started from the beginning, by giving a brief overview of the essence of communist ideology and how it was that the Jews were supposed to assimilate into the happy family of nationalities that made up homo Sovieticus.

The Mendelevich family paid dearly for their unwillingness to conform to communist ideals. In the late 1950s, Yosef's father was arrested in one of Khruschev's mass arrests. One of Mendelevich's most powerful childhood memories is when he stood outside the courthouse with his mother and two sisters. "I just thought about what I could do to save my father--and I ended up asking for help. But I didn't know to whom I was directing my requests," he says. "But my Jewish soul had an answer--there is Someone," Yosef reflects, as he tells the students it was the first prayer he uttered in his life.

Sentenced to five years imprisonment, leaving his wife alone to take care of their three children, Mendelevich's father managed to return home after two years hard labor. Shortly after his release, Mendelevich's mother became ill and died. His father was physically broken and unable to work and so, "What was left but to dream?" Yosef asks.

"He told us of a country with blue sky, beautiful scenery and warm people who were all Jews like us," Yosef marvels."Of course we thought it was a crazy dream--but it became part of our reality."

When he was 16, Yosef went to work during the day to support the family, and studied engineering at night school. There he met other young Jews and they began to share their dreams. "It was so important just to find other Jews," he recounts. "It doesn't matter what you do--but just to have Jews gather together, it's very special--Yachad!"

Yosef was invited to take part in the first project of the Riga Jewish activists. Every Sunday, they would gather in the forest of Rumbula, on the outskirts of Riga, to rehabilitate the mass grave of more than 30,000 Jews massacred there by the Nazis. On Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Memorial Day, which they knew about through their clandestine listening to the radio broadcasts of Kol Yisrael, several hundred Jews gathered at Rumbula. Yosef recounts the speech he gave to the assembly. "I told them that it was because of the merit of the dead that we were there. There's no killing the Jewish spirit! You can never stop Jewish life. Here we were in the hundreds, commemorating our heritage, when the Nazis thought they could wipe us out..."

The Rumbula activity connected the young Jews to the remnant of the Shoah generation, and Yosef explains how the older people were called upon to teach everything they knew about Judaism. Although this was already the second generation to have lived under communist rule where Jewish teaching was illegal, vestiges of knowledge remained and were passed on. "That's how we learned about Jewish holidays and Jewish songs, " Yosef says. From that step, it was just a short distance to arrive at the understanding that there could be no complete Jewish life in the Soviet Diaspora. "Our answer to our enemies was to go..we believe in geula (redemption)," Yosef explains.

In order to prepare people for the day when they could leave for Israel, it was necessary to start an underground Zionist organization with a network of teachers. Yosef himself taught Hebrew: "I knew 300 words then--my students perhaps knew 100, so I was an expert!"

Parallel to the Zionist activity, the Jews began to test the limits of the Soviet juggernaut. They applied to leave based on family reunification. With invitations from fictitious relatives in Israel who happened to have the same family names, Jews approached the OVIR state Ministry of the Interior and tried to get permission to emigrate. Almost everyone in the late 1960s and early 70s was refused making them "refuseniks," vulnerable to being denied entry to universities or being fired from jobs.

Yosef realized that if he were to continue with his engineering studies, when he would graduate he would end up being forever enslaved to the Soviet system. So he quit and lost his deferment from the Soviet army. Again, if he were to serve in the army, his chances of ever leaving the country would be minimal, since Soviet authorities claimed that anyone serving in the armed forces had access to "state secrets" and could never be permitted to leave.

The night before his induction, the young Mendelevich prayed again. "I realized that perhaps it would help, but maybe I would have to make a sacrifice for it to work. So I decided to sacrifice my freedom, and swore to become religious if somehow I was saved from the army."

Indeed, a series of circumstances persuaded his army interviewers that he was not fit to serve, and as soon as he got back to civilian life, Mendelevich began to observe whatever commandments he knew about. The most visible was the wearing of a beret as a head covering, instead of a kipa. "I was proud to wear it because I knew that Israeli soldiers wore the beret," he exclaims. "More than anything, I wanted to serve in the IDF as a member of the Golani brigade," he tells the audience.

This was just after the 1967 Six Day War, which ignited the flame of Jewish identity amongst Jews in the Soviet Union. Groups of Jewish activists sprung up all over the Soviet Union with similar goals of pushing for the right to emigrate, and preparing Jews for that eventuality.

Thus Mendelevich came into contact with Jews in Leningrad (St Petersburg today) who hatched a plan that revolved around a former Soviet Air Force pilot, Mark Dymshitz. The group decided the time had come for a dramatic gesture that would highlight the desperation of Jews to leave communist oppression, and galvanize support for their cause. They bought tickets under false names on a small plane flying to a border zone. As the plane would land to let off the tourist passengers, Mendelevich and his associates would politely inform the pilot and co-pilot they were being left there, Dymshitz would take the controls and fly low, under the radar, landing in Sweden where they figured they'd hold a news conference and be arrested by the Swedes. A few days or weeks of detention and they'd be on their way to Israel.

Mendelevich tells the Machon Meir students that the group was armed with one machine gun. "It's a real war, we thought, not a game. If they try to kill us, we'd be smarter."

He mentions as an aside that Dymshitz is now close to 80 years old and living in Rehovot. Another "hijacker," Edward Kuznetsov lives in Motza, just outside Jerusalem.

In fact, the hijackers never got off the ground. The KGB had been tipped off and knew the entire plan. All 15 of those waiting to board the small plane were arrested that day, along with several hundred other Jewish activists from all over the country. The KGB hoped the arrests would derail the Zionist movement.

Mendelevich describes how the euphoria of his imminent departure turned in an instant to the grim realization that "I had lost my life, I had nothing." All through the interrogation period, Mendelevich was abjectly guilt -ridden that by his actions he had caused the arrest of so many other Jews. Eventually he realized that had the group not undertaken their action, Jewws would have been worse off, their weakness and vulnerability exposed.

"Prison is like a grave," Yosef explains to the rapt students. "There's total silence. It's supposed to make you feel as if you're forgotten." Yosef recounts several prison stories. He determined that he would observe Shabbat. In preparation, he started to clean his cell as his guards looked on in astonishment. While cleaning the walls, Yosef discovered a nail protruding from the wall. He used it to etch a depiction of candles into the wall. "When I "lit" these candles and said the blessing, they were truly radiant and I imagined I could see Jerusalem through the flames," he recalls. He had hoarded the best parts of the week's bread to use on Shabbat, and tore off a piece of material as a "challah" cover. "What a magnificent Shabbat I had.." marvels Yosef. "In this way I felt myself completely free.. I had my own private geula (redemption) in prison."

As the hour at Machon Meir grew late, Yosef didn't have time to tell the students how he ended up in the same prison camp as Natan Sharansky, and how he taught Sharansky Hebrew and exchanged messages with him in a bizarre variety of ways--including by pumping the water out of the toilets in their cells and communicating through the toilet bowl. When news arrived that Sharansky's father had died, Mendelevich prepared the kaddish prayer for the dead for him on a tiny piece of paper and threw it over the wall of their adjoining exercise yards.

The lives of the two former Soviet Prisoners of Zion have diverged since those days. Sharansky, father of two teenage daughters, entered the world of politics and is a minister in the Israeli cabinet. Both his Hebrew and English are marked with a heavy Russian accent. His books have met with great acclaim, particularly his most recent effort: 'The Case for Democracy,' that zoomed up the New York Times bestseller list after a ringing endorsement from President Bush. Sharansky is a much-in-demand speaker on college campuses, conferences and high level meetings all over the world and was just named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 newsmakers.

Meanwhile, Mendelevich's powerful message of Jewish spiritual survival that could be inspiring a new generation is sadly heard by only a few.

Judy Lash Balint is an investigative journalist and author of "Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" (Gefen). It is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com To subscribe to the Jerusalem group's essays, send an email to:jerusalemdiaries-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 13, 2005.

You will have to forgive me but Rocco DiPippo's comments below triggered some flow-of-consciousness free associations in my aging head.

The demise of Dworkin recalled to me a quote from Saudi Sheikh Saad al-Buraik, taken from the most-excellent book on the "House of Saud" by Stephen Schwartz, Doubleday Press:

"Do not have mercy or compassion toward the Jews. Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours."

As it turns out, the same al-Buraik was one of the "Saudi moderates" (talk about oxymorons) received by George Bush together with the rest of the "moderate" Wahhabi Saudi delegation, on his Texas ranch a couple of years back.

Schwartz' book is de rigueur reading for anyone still thinking the Saudis are anything other than Bin Laden clones.

But as you know, I think Jews should leave no peace opportunity go unpursued. That is why I decided back then to propose that as a people we agree to al-Buraik's peace terms. So I composed my own list of Jewish women I was prepared to ship to Saudi Arabia at once in exchange for peace.

Here 'tis:
1. Andrea Dworkin.
2. Dana International (Israeli transgender singer)
3. Tamar Goszansky (who used to head up Israel's communist party)
4. Gila Svirsky (who heads the anti-Israel "Women in Black")
5. Amira Hass (anti-Israel columnist for far-Left Haaretz newspaper)
6. Tali Fahima (leftwing traitor facing trial now in Israel for abetting her Palestinian terrorist boyfriend in planning terrorist attacks)
7. Tanya Reinhart, disciple of Noam Chomsky and Tel Aviv University's answer to Ward Churchill
8. Hillary Rose, British Jewish anti-Semite organizing, with her hubby Steve, the international campaign to boycott Israel

I am even willing to pay for their plane tickets to Riad out of my own salary!

Peace Now!!

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Richard H. Shulman, April 13, 2005.


The test would be if the P.A. apprehends criminals for recent, fatal terrorism and charges them with murder, not just "harming Palestinian interests" (IMRA, 2/28 from head of National Security Council). "Harming Palestinian interests" means impeding the gains for jihad that Abbas' diplomacy might bring, by attacking now instead of after that diplomacy.


Arafat had allowed more than 20 terrorists refuge in his office. Israeli forces were reluctant to storm it in his presence. Abbas continued the practice, but his security officials forced six of them out, because they were involved in kidnapping, blackmailing, and shooting Arabs.

In retaliation, a larger group of terrorists fired on Abbas' compound while he was there. Then they went on a rampage throughout Ramallah, damaging some restaurants and forcing stores to close (Mohammed Daraghmeh, NY Sun, 3/31 from Associated Press).

Since this is a more complete report than others I've seen, I thought you might find it useful. A dictator and a jihadist worries that his gangsters may become undisciplined and evade his control. Abbas may have to crack down on the terrorist militias for that reason. But he would not end the war on Israel. Rather, he would coordinate and unsophisticated their means and timing.


Peres was trying to negotiate with Syria. When Syria and the P.A. promoted some terrorism, he and Pres. Clinton did not want to denounce Syria and the P.A. for it. Denouncing them would undermine the policy of appeasement of them. Instead, they contended that Arafat of the P.A. was "too weak" to eradicate terrorism. They recommended strengthening his power, the power of the very agency that was launching terrorism.

The same thing is happening today. The US calls for strengthening Abbas, as if then the P.A. would crack down on terrorism. Actually, the distinction among terrorist groups largely is theoretical. They work together. Abbas' Fatah is particularly violent (Caroline Glick, IMRA, 3/1).

It was popular to call Clinton a great friend of Israel. It is against Israeli law to call Peres a traitor. Certain journalists point out the deceptions and rationalizations practiced upon their peoples by the heads of the US and Israel. When will the people learn to become skeptical of them?


The government of Turkey issued a statement of solidarity with Syria against US demands. The statement put it as opposing "pressure" (IMRA, 3/1).

The US mades demands upon Syria but imposed no pressure. Why not? In siding with Syria, Turkey is pursuing a pan-Islamic line. Should the US still recommend that the EU admit Turkey?


Iran issued a statement deferring to the Taif Agreement. That agreement basically lets Syria move its forces into the Beqaa Valley rather than exit Lebanon (IMRA, 3/1).

The Security Council Resolution requiring Syria to remove its forces completely takes priority over a national agreement. Iran's purpose in deferring to the Taif Agreement is to buy time for Syria, so that it need never remove its forces, which shield the terrorists financed by Iran.


The head of the Secret Service presented the Cabinet with evidence of threatening letters and bumper stickers. Trouble is, it all was the work of government agent provocateurs (Arutz-7, 2/27).

We know it. Why didn't the Cabinet? Why didn't the Cabinet demand the intelligence chief's resignation for trying to deceive it? It should have investigated how politicalized his agency has become, in the Prime Ministers' behalf. It should investigate Sharon's dirty tricks. But it won't. Its Members are in office on his sufferance. They didn't investigate Rabin's dirty tricks, either.


Syria has promised to complete withdrawing its troops by the end of April. The UNO may monitor the withdrawal. How would it verify the withdrawal of intelligence agents? Reports are that the agents simply moved to Hizbullah-controlled suburbs of Beirut (Benny Avni, NY Sun, 4/5, p.9).


In two separate petitions, 173 Syrian intellectuals demanded a new policy, that of Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon. They did not give a reason (IMRA, 3/2).


The two countries signed a pact delineating their common border and agreeing to jointly fight against terrorism. That obliges Syria to fulfill Jordanian requests for extradition of people who cross that border (IMRA, 3/2).

Syria probably sends them into Jordan, in the first place. Would it then extradite them? The P.A. never extradited any terrorists to Israel. Israel used to file protests. It was a waste of paper and a declaration of impotence.

Syria is an unlikely fighter against terrorism, hosting as it does several terrorist organizations, arming Hizbullah, and sending terrorists into Iraq.


For a day, Israeli newspapers gave coverage to a story that some rabbi ruled that it is permissible to shoot Bedouin IDF troops evacuating Jews from Gaza. The story was false. Nevertheless, on the basis of it, a Bedouin cleric issued a ruling that Bedouin troops doing the evacuation are permitted to fire back if fired upon (IMRA, 3/2).


The office of Vice-PM Peres released a statement that Peres met with P.A. leader Dahlan, to discuss civil issues. They did discuss some. However, they discussed the matter of possible passageways between the two parts of the P.A., going through Israel. That is one of the most delicate security issues (IMRA, 3/2).


Israeli troops stormed into some P.A. towns and arrested a Hamas cell planning to bombard Israeli towns with rockets. Without explaining the Israelis' purpose, the P.A. news agency called this preventive counter-terrorism "aggression" (IMRA, 3/2). Arab newspeak, not to be taken seriously.


PM Sharon plans to take away the houses and agricultural facilities that the Jews of Gaza built up and turn them over to the dedicated Arab enemy. It is a shameful theft. Some day the Jews of Tel Aviv, who cheered him on, will feel that shame (Winston Mid East Analysis, 3/2).


The Israeli official in charge of implementing abandonment had claimed that 800 families were ready to evacuate and were dickering for compensation. He has since then admitted those reports were not true. There were only 63 such families (Arutz-7, 3/2). Are there?

He was practicing psychological warfare on his own people. Shame on him and on his regime!


The territory in northern Samaria that PM Sharon also plans to abandon is double the size of the Gaza Strip. It would turn into a Fatah-land. Control over it would enable the Arabs to impair Israel's water supply. By establishing territorial contiguity over several Arab cities, the Arabs would be able to transport weapons from one to the other, as needed, without interference from Israeli checkpoints. More Israeli cities would come under rocket fire. That is what the Arabs were trying to do, but the IDF, which still is in the area, raided their workshops before they could deploy (Arutz-7, 3/2).

The US insists on that territorial contiguity.


"Mr. Sharon betrayed the voters who supported him, wounding Israeli democracy. He divided Israeli society in ways that may poison the body politic for decades hence. He aborted his own successful policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians (Arabs). He delivered Palestinian Arab and Muslim rejectionists their greatest boost ever (by his abandonment plan). And he failed his American ally by delivering a major victory to the forces of terrorism." (NY Sun, 4/5, p.9.)

Nonsense, the US favors Israeli withdrawal and it subsidizes the P.A. while the P.A. is terrorist.


The station held a discussion whether the media has been fabricating or exaggerating stories of right-wing incitement to violence. The journalists there admitted it was. They blamed the pressure of deadlines and of intense competition to keep their jobs. Hence, they accept interesting news without thorough checking (IMRA, 3/2).

Deadlines make inaccuracy, but why is the fabrication all one-way? Why is all the other biased reporting one-way?


The coterie of a human shield complained that the Israeli Army had shot him during fighting between terrorists and the IDF. Someone remarked how nervy it is for human shields to enter a war zone in behalf of terrorists and then their supporters complain about their getting shot. He would have some sympathy for them if they stationed themselves at bus stops in Israeli cities, to be shields for innocent civilians instead of guilty gunmen (Prof. Steven Plaut, 3/2, e-mail).

They come to interfere with justice in behalf of war criminals. It would be fitting justice, though in this world bad public relations, if they were aimed at.


PM Sharon said he intends to build a road linking the town of Maaleh Adumim, population 20,000 beyond the Green Line, to Jerusalem. The government of Israel cites support for such construction in Pres. Bush's letter of April 14, which he recognized that large Jewish settlement blocs should be expected to remain with Israel, in any final settlement, to be negotiated by the parties. (Negotiated by both, provided Israel does what the US wants?)

Henry Siegman, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (and who drafted the CFR report proposing that all Jews retreat behind the Green Line and give up eastern Jerusalem, having the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site) disagrees. He refers to the letter's objection to expansion of Jewish settlements. He also criticized the road building as cutting off parts of "Arab East Jerusalem from the rest of the territory that the international community envisions will be part of a Palestinian (Arab) state." (The quote is of the reporter, Eli Lake, NY Sun, 4/5, p.9.)

Most US political power brokers belong to the Council on Foreign Relations. None has expressed opposition to the CFR plan for turning Jewish territory over to the Arabs. That is worrisome.

What is a fellow Jew doing at such a Council, bringing out its worst? What are Jews doing, debating the contents of a devious letter from the President of the US, as if he legitimately were the arbiter of their future? What is the US doing, dictating the life-and-death of Israelis, in spport of Bush's own little Evil Axis with the P.A. and Egypt? This in the persona of George Bush as the imperial US that much of the rest of the world hates. Impressed by his righteousness on other issues, Bush may think he is right on this issue, too, or is it that oil greases his wheels and makes his tongue about Israeli security oily?

The proposed road from the isolated community would be a lifeline. That is why Mr. Siegman opposes it. He should be dismissed as a bending-over-backward, antisemitic crank, whose Arab protégés for "peace" want only war and wish to harm the US as well as Israel, regardless of what he is able to rip out of the Jewish people for them.

Why should Israel sacrifice its security and patrimony to its enemy, because it is "territory that the international community envisions will be part of" a second Palestinian Arab state and of a 22nd Arab state? By "international community" he means the collection of antisemitic states and their appeasers. They set no law. Israel is their scapegoat.


For 30 years, the EU and the Arabs have conspired to help the Palestinian Arabs undercut Israel. Why did the Europeans do so? "To ensure their continued oil supply and to undermine the US," said Bat Yeor, author of "Eurabia."

"Much of the European population sees the Palestinian jihad not as terrorism or the murder of innocents, but as a heroic struggle for liberty." "Zionism or American is seen as the evil force, not Islamism or even terrorism. Europe is unwilling or unable to see jihadists as an enemy or even a destructive force in the world." (Seldom do the Europeans see straight. What is it with them?)

"The Muslim populations of Europe are not assimilating or adapting to Western ideals of democracy and religious plurality." "European students are not taught the real history of the Islamic world or its historical oppression of Christians and Jews. Muslim students protest such lessons and the courses are altered to avoid negative pictures of Islam or Islamic history." (ZOA Report, Spring, 2005.) Imagine, Islamists dictate against truth in education, the very truth that Europe needs for survival from the Islamists!

Although the Europeans acquiesce to all sorts of Arab bullying and derogation of Western cultures, Democrats thought the US should consult the EU more. I've met Democrats who are irate against Bush because W. European leaders don't like him. What is there to respect about W. European leaders who lack self-respect and who side with our enemies against us? Don't the Democrats realize that the EU is anti-American? Consulting them more would be counter-productive. We should work with those who will work with us and not against us. That, Bush did.

To put matters in perspective, Western European leaders are blind and corrupt, the State Dept. is blind and corrupt, and the leaders of my fellow Jews are blind and corrupt. I sense, as when reading the "Lord of the Rings" series, a gathering of evil. Perhaps that is melodramatic. But the polices are evil, and their practitioners are committing evil. Europe's fatal innocence lives, and innocents die. If the EU succeeds in undermining the US, who will save them from the Arabs?

Richard Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. His comments and analyses appear often on Think-Israel. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

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Posted by Steven Plaut, April 13, 2005.

ISM or International Soilidarity Movement is the band of terrorism cheerleaders who leave their lattes and travel to Israel where they know they will be treated with kid gloves when they engage in violence and vandalism. They do not dare to try to serve as human shields for terrorists in Chechnya or in Fallujah or even in Algeria.

But I think that I have come up with a way to relieve the world of the ISM nuisance. All we need to do is insist that they come to the Gaza Strip in pairs, as fiances or dates. Really.

Well, let me explain. In the Gaza Strip the very same Islamofascist terrorists that the ISM moonbats come to support and promote have begun murdering people on the Gaza streets when an unmarried woman is strolling about in the company of someone to whom she is not yet married, even if it is her fiance.

Think I am kidding you? Well, over the weekend the Hamas murdered Yusra al-Azzami, a 22-year-old university student from the northern Gaza Strip. Her crime was that she was walking in public with her fiance.

Hamas has begun operating a "vice and virtue commando" in the Gaza Strip to safeguard Islamic values, Palestinian security officials and residents report. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Hamas's "morality" patrolmen first spotted the young couple strolling along the beach in Gaza City, together with Azzami's younger sister. After enjoying the spectacular sunset over the sea, they got into the future husband's car and started driving towards Azzami's home. Five masked gunmen who were in another car gave chase, opening fire at Azzami, who was sitting in the front seat next to her fiance. She died instantly. ... A cousin noted that Azzami was planning to get married next month and that her family had permitted her to see her fiance that day only because she was accompanied by her sister.

The PLO and its affiliates have long operated "vice patrols" that attack Palestinian homosexuals, as well. Some Palestinian gays have sought refuge in Israel, boosting the ranks of Arab Zionists. The New Republic a few years back exposed hideous human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority, which employs special police squads to hunt gays. The BBC reports that the PLO routinely threatens to murder gays. None of this has prevented the ultra-moonbat wing of the "Queers" movement (their term, not mine) from teaming up with neonazis to endorse Arab terrorism and promote anti-Semitism. Never mind that the movement of terror cheerleaders supporting so-called "Palestine" has always been violently antigay.

The sane wing however has long applauded the level of respect gays enjoy in Israel. (No one in Israel has any problem with gays serving in the army and helping round up and deport the ISM terrorists.)

SO send in the ISM team - in pairs - to Gaza! And send Justin Raimondo to Rafiah! (For links, go to http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/2005/04/how-to-solve-ism-nuisance.html)

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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Posted by Lise Rubin, April 13, 2005.

These are the folks who organized the amazing rally in Crawford Texas!

To write Thank You Notes for organizing the rally, write:
Dr. Jim Vineyard, Director - Yedidim of Israel
5517 N.W. 23rd Street - Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Phone: (405) 943-3326 - Fax: (405) 946-5190
E-mail: javyedidimis@aol.com

The following statement comes from Yedidim of Israel. Their website address is http://www.yedidimofisrael.com/archives/oldindex.html

Yedidim of Israel is a collaboration of over 7,600 independent Baptist churches in America. In February, 2004, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced his plan for a unilateral withdrawal of Jews from Gush Katif in Gaza and Northern Samaria. This plan came as a surprise and shock to more than 8,000 settlers. The plan to evict the Jewish people from their homes is scheduled to occur in July, 2005.

The following are reasons why our organization is against such deportation:

Their shirts read: Israel belongs to the Jews

1. Yedidim of Israel believes the only true God gave the entire land of Israel to the sons of Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 13:14-18; 15:6-8, 18, 17:6-8, 15-21; 26:1-5; 28-12-15)

2. The need for avoidance of the creation of an Islamic terror state. This will be deadly both for the Jews and the entire West. Israeli troops and innocent Israeli citizens in the Middle East will be placed in danger.

3. Yedidim of Israel believes that the deportation plan will be rewarding homicide bombers. They believe this goes against the Bush mantra to fight terror and goes 180 degrees against the war against Islamic terrorism.

4. Unless action is taken, this organization believes that this will make USA a "collaborator to Jewish genocide." They feel it will be creating a bonafide state, which will result in the extermination of another nation.

5. This deportation of Jews by a Jewish state, with the seal and prodding of the United States President, will open the floodgates for other nations to follow suit when their "anti-Semitism" reaches its boiling point.

6. For Israel, this means an increase in terror. Many of the military-security leaders in Israel know that this is the result. Fear of the Prime Minister keeps them from speaking out.

7. Yedidim of Israel feels that the deportation plan is against basic civil rights.

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Posted by Root and Branch Association, April 13, 2005.

Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi wrote that the pending Bush/Sharon Gush Katif Juden deportation is a serious crime and a severe sin.

A reader wrote:

Dear Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi,

Thank you for your comments on Israel's proposed "Judenr