by Drora bat Melech

Two States is a fraud!
I am a Jewish Palestinian Aborigine Refugee!

Why am I a Jewish refugee?

My grandfather Natanael lived in Baghdad and owned a line of gasoline shipping trucks that transported fuel from British Iraq to Jewish Palestine. In 1950, my grandfather together with my parents and between 150 to 250 thousand other Jews who lived in Iraq received an order to pack one suitcase and leave their home, their land, and their businesses, all taken away.

Pre-"Farhood" -Murder of Iraqi Jews (

The newly established Israeli government ransomed the Iraqi Jews. They had to pay the Iraqi regime a hefty sum "Per Iraqi Jewish scalp" and renounce their citizenship. The majority of Iraq's Jewry boarded chartered airplanes arriving to muddy tent and shack "Maabarot" cities in Israel.

A rich and established landowner my grandfather became destitute and lost everything he worked for his entire life. His individual and community sin was "Being Jews" He lost his Iraqi identity in a second even though Jews have lived in Iraq for 2500 years! About half a million Jews, living in Arab countries prior to the establishment of the state of Israel suddenly found themselves refugees. Kicked out of the only countries they have known for thousands of years. The state of Israel absorbed us all!

Iraqi Jewish Refugees (Ynet News)
Iraqi Jewish Refugees (Ynet News)

  • The U.N. High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) applies this term worldwide to someone who, "owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted . . . is outside the country of his nationality." Being outside the country of his nationality implies that descendants of refugees are not refugees. Cubans who flee the Castro regime are refugees, but not so their Florida-born children who lack Cuban nationality. Afghans who flee their homeland are refugees, but not their Iranian-born children. And so on.
  • The U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an organization set up uniquely for Palestinian refugees in 1949, defines Palestinian refugees** differently from all other refugees. They are persons who lived in Palestine "between June 1946 and May 1948, who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict." Especially important is that UNRWA extends the refugee status to "the descendants of persons who became refugees in 1948." It even considers the children of just one Palestinian refugee** parent to be refugees. (**Please note when UNRWA refers to Palestinian refugees the term describes ONLY Arabs)

Iraqi Jewish Refugees child
Iraqi Jewish Refugee child in the Maabarot (

We, The Iraqi Jewish refugees should be asking UNRWA Where is OUR compensation? OUR Humanitarian aid? The world's outcry? The compensation forgotten but required as a daughter of a displaced Jewish Palestinian refugee?

Why are we ignored?

I am a Jewish Iraqi refugee and a Jewish Palestinian Aborigine...

You may ask — why a "Jewish Aborigine"?

Well, The Nineteenth session of the League of Nations council, thirteenth meeting convened at the S. James Palace in London, July 24th 1922 at 3 p.m.

Fifty one nations decided to allocate ancestral lands stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean sea to the Sovereign Jewish homeland: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, British India, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Japan, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Persia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Republic of China, Romania, Siam, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Union of South Africa, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Venezuela signed into law that they are all " favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the .civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; .... Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.

The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power... the Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes."

Read the League of Nations Mandate here.

We can conclude from these statements the following:

I am a Jewish Aborigine since all these nations acknowledged my historical connection to Palestine, i.e. Israel. They allocated lands, stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. These lands may not belong to a foreign power or serve another sovereign nation. This important international law did not lose its validity when the League of Nations became the United Nations. A similar obligating law passed in the US congress and Senate. It is available for all to see in the congressional records.

We know that we can find the history of the Jewish nation described in detail in one of the oldest and bestselling books: The bible. This recorded history received in 1922 is a binding acknowledgment by all nations and cannot be ignored today. The world powers recognized the Jews as the legal aborigines of this empty, thorny, deserted and diseased area. It was to be "Jewish Palestine".

The plan was simple all land areas stretching from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea designated by the nations to serve as a Jewish homeland. They further asserted that the Jewish Agency would densely populate Jewish Palestine with Diaspora Jews brought back to their historical ancestral land.

The world's nations recognized the rights and aspirations of ALL ethnicities in the Middle East by allocating four different areas for the Arabs living in the Middle East.

Jewish Palestine created as a Jewish state with residency and religious rights to all other minorities living in the state and exclusive sovereignty rights to the Jews. The initial plan called for having a large Jewish state comprised from both banks of the Jordan River but the eastern side ended up as the new Arab Palestinian state-- Trans Jordan.

Jews came from all over the world once it was clear that their thousand-year anticipation and prayers to go back to their ancestral land of Israel were about to be answered.

The truth must be told and repeated

Benjamin Netanyahu's envoy to the United States former Ambassador Michael Oren decided to join a rival party Kulanu and run for a coveted position in the Knesset.

Michael Oren said in an interview published in Yahoo News today that "Israel has to start creating a two-state reality on the ground, by restricting settlement construction to major blocs and east Jerusalem-captured lands Israel expects to keep — while improving the living conditions of Palestinians." (see here.)

There was no Nakbah, or "captured lands." This land was legally allocated by the world's nations to the Jewish Diaspora in 1922. Refugees were on both sides [in 1948.]. The world should not be following and adopting the illegal and false "Palestinian" narrative claiming Eretz Israel is the "Arab historical and ancestral land".

Suddenly Mandated Jewish Palestine became "Arab Palestine" and "Palestinians" are the only real "Refugees"

The real independence day for Israel is 24th of July 1922!!!!

Eretz-Israel=Palestine DK


Some of the comments that added useful information.

Chaim Mazo

From the review of Howard Grief's book, The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law (see here.)

"The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law" offers a comprehensive and systematic legal treatment of Jewish national and political rights to all of the Land of Israel. The author, Howard Grief, is the originator of the thesis that de jure sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel and Palestine was vested in the Jewish People as a result of the San Remo Resolution adopted at the San Remo Peace Conference on April 24, 1920.

Yuval Ne'eman, a former Israeli government minister said: "For about 400 years, the Ottoman Empire ruled over all the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. The struggle for the liberation of those areas began in the Balkan lands at the beginning of the 19th century and ended in 1913. In the First World War, the job [of liberation] was completed and Turkey was reduced to the Anatolian Peninsula. All of this was contained in the San Remo Agreement of April 1920. The fact that it was precisely at that place and time that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the states of the Arabian Peninsula obtained [thanks to the victory of the Principal Allied Powers over the Central Powers] the very same liberation from the Ottoman yoke, strengthens the approach of Grief who presents the proof for the inclusion of Palestine [i.e., the Jewish People] in the list of beneficiaries in regard to the "settlement [or disposition] of the inheritance of the Ottoman Empire."

Dr. Ya'akov Meron, former Adviser on the Law of Arab Countries at the Ministry of Justice, Jerusalem, Israel and Professor of Moslem Law in the Faculties of Law of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv wrote: "The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law" is a forceful and erudite pleading for the respecting of the letter and spirit of the law, not only Israeli law but also the international law that came into existence in the wake of World War I. This law, now largely forgotten or neglected, is still relevant today in regard to the status and borders of the Land of Israel. The author makes a thorough analysis of the international documents which recognized the rights of the Jewish People to the land of their ancestors, most significantly the San Remo Resolution on Palestine, agreed to by the victorious Allies at the Peace Conference of April 1920.

Drora Klement Katzav

Recently a new NPO was formed called "One State for Israel" (FB) which is reviving this old forgotten law demanding adherence to it by the world's nations and the Israeli Knesset. (see here).

Jack Garbuz

I fully agree with the writer but my question is, when Israel war ruled by the Left from 1948 till 1977, where were the complaints to the UN about it? Where was the outcry? Where was the outrage? Why weren't the Mezrachim and Sefardim raising hell about what they had left behind in the Arab countries after being squeezed out? Why has it taken so long? Every day since 1948, not one minute has gone by without hearing about the "Palestinian refugees." So why didn't the world hear about the Mizrachi refugees and the Sefardi refugees as much as abut the Holocaust survivors in a loud voice too?

John Fiftytwo

Anyone can read the international law and treaty of San Remo and Mandate. Anyone can read the UN charter article 80. Anyone can read the Koran 5:20-21. Having read all that there will be no doubt that the Jews have title to 'Palestine' and that the Arabs have no political rights there. So why do politicians, leftists and muslims say otherwise? Are they ignoramuses or just antisemites?

Robert Roseboro

There has never been a Palestinian State, You will not see a Palestinian and if you left and came back there will still not be a Palestinian State.

Yonah Levi Grosman

Do you know who are the Palestinians?
More than 10 years ago I made a short presentation on two UN organizations dealing with refugees. UNHCR organization caring for refugees from around the world.
And UNRWA organization who cares for Arab refugees who fought against the Jewish State - Israel. after I published the presentation: Here is also a page of the changes made to UNRWA's refugee definition in recent years after I published the presentation.
Out of the work on the presentation I learned that the UN through UNRWA, which is used as an arm of the United Nations, promotes violence, is a factor for not resolving the conflict and transmits and stores actual war material against Israel.
Is this not a crime against humanity?

Without UNRWA, there would not exist "Palestinian refugees."
Without UNRWA, there would not be the requirement of the "right of return".
Without UNRWA, all the refugees in the world would receive the same conditions and the same treatment.
Without UNRWA, there would not exist in the eternal warfare between Israel and the Arabs of Israel.
UNRWA is an organization that had to be closed 66 years ago. So why is it still exists? Who and why prevents the closing of this criminal organization?

Another important point that must be said, in January of 1948, toward the end of the British rule in Palestine- the land of Israel, the British made a population census.
The result was: the number of Arabs in all this region, including the West Bank and Gaza was: - 914 000 includes Muslims, Christians, Druze, and anyone who is not Jewish.
Any intelligent person can understand that someone in UNRWA fabricates numbers.
After the 1948 war, 200,000 Arabs remained within the borders of Israel.
When it comes to the number of refugees in those years it was about 350,000-450,000.
But there is evidence that UNRWA traded with their refugee cards. Well, they put to this list also everyone who wanted to get the support of that organization at the places where they set up camps.
What does the UN teach Palestinian children at UNRWA schools?

Let's talk about occupation.
Because what is happening now in Israel will happen in your countries. Therefore, you should know about that.
Everyone who talks about the oppression of the Palestinians. Some historical information would not hurt.
The Arabs are Not Palestinians! The real Palestinians are Not of Arab origin.
Do you know who are those who stole the Palestinian identity?
Do you know that the largest mosque in Gaza was a synagogue less than a hundred years ago? Did you know that a hundred and fifty years ago, most of Gaza's population was Jews and Christians? The Jewish population in Gaza ended with the pogrom of 1928. The last Christian Priest murdered three years after Hamas came to power. And recently, Christians in Gaza are forced to convert to Islam. Just like ISIS do it anywhere which they occupy.
Please read this short article and visit all the links to get more information.

And this article written by Ben-Dror Yemini: Nakba Day and the Fraud.

And also the Interior Minister of Hamas indicates that the historical facts which I present are true. From his explanation, it is understandable that was made a deception of identity theft. And

What does the UN teach "Palestinian" children at UNRWA schools?

If so, what are the real causes of the Arab war against Israel? Here's a real explanation from the mouths of imams in mosques.

It is very important to know that Branding the Jews and their state Israel as "occupiers", gives Arab the legitimacy to remove the occupier in any way they choose, including terrorism against civilians. Therefore they insist to preserve and to leverage this branding. But anyone who is interested in reaching a peace must be recruited for switching it off.
And here you have a person who explains it the best way.! And also Sheikh Palazzi.
and Dr. Tawfik Hamid, who was a member of Alkaaida. Now he loves Israel and is trying to change Islam in order to achieve peace.

And this precious man. Once he was a terrorist and murder people.

One more point. During this period when UNRWA was created, there were a million refugees that the UN did everything to forget about them.

And this is a video for those interested in delving into the subject of the relationship between Arab - Israeli conflict and the Nazis.


Hamas's goal is the destruction of the State of Israel. But don't take our word for it! Read the actual Hamas Charter and see why Hamas will stop at nothing to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

The Palestinian National Covenant.
And an interesting series on the origins of the hatred of Jews and how the Palestinian Authority supports this hatred.

Blaming the Jews - Muslim anti-semitism - (part 1/4).

Blaming the Jews - Muslim anti-semitism - (part 2/4).

Blaming the Jews - Muslim anti-semitism - (part 3/4).

Blaming the Jews - Muslim anti-semitism - (part 4/4).

Mark Shor

There is no regional arrangement without changing the citizenship of Israeli Arabs. Arabs have a right to Palestinian citizenship of their state without Jews. If the Jews do not want to continue living in a binational state and within a generation become a minority in Israel, they have to hold a referendum on the separation of the Arabs: Two nations - Two states - Two citizenships!

Drora bat-Melech grew up in a secular family in Israel, and lived many years in California with her American husband and four kids. She founded the Organic festival and wrote for local magazines about politics, nutrition and environmental pollution dangers. Slow but steady religious awakening brought them to the realization that their home is in Israel, deciding finally to come back with all their kids on aliyah. bat-Melech is an experienced media consultant, commentator and event organizer. She has been working as a language liaison facilitator aiding private and public organizations needing research briefs in Hebrew and in English. This article appeared March 10, 2015 in Arutz Sheva and is archived at

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