by Michael Devolin

I've been fighting anti-Jewish hatred for so long that I'm convinced people like me—Jew and non-Jew alike—will be fighting this mental plague in every generation until the end of time. Anti-Jewish hatred will never die. It is the "resurrected" evil of mankind. It is the stain that cannot be removed from the fabric of mankind. It is a tattoo that will forever remain under the skin of humanity.

If this be true, and I'm convinced it is, then Israel's Jews must stop apologizing for being the citizens of a powerful nation. Jews must not feel guilty for being in possession of nuclear weapons and an army and air force readily capable of pushing their enemies back into the deserts from whence they came. Time to scoff at "experts" and "Professors" like Finkelstein and his ilk that have every answer for why Jews should become downtrodden again but no word of encouragement for those proud Jews who refuse their neck to the heel of their enemies. Time for Jews this long after the Holocaust and this far into a sovereign state of Israel to leave Finkelstein to those so wrenched from the reality of such sovereignty as to be enamoured by his mental ailments: Time for Jews to stop apologizing for their Zionism.

Jews must cease placating the world, especially the Arab Muslim world, with justifications for the fact that they "exist" as a sovereign nation in the Middle East. The Arab Muslim will hate you no matter how justified you are for being a Jewish nation surrounded by Arab Muslim enemies. Jews must begin to take notice of the madness of such an undertaking: How do you appease an enemy bent on your absolute destruction? Therefore, convinced by the fact that all measure of appeasement will never effectuate a peaceful equivalent to Islamic-taught hatred of the Jew, let the Jew now boast of his country and his people and turn up his nose at those who will forever condemn him for such swaggering nationalism.

Karl E. Meyer wrote that "...evangelists of national greatness forfeit all sense of limits." This could one day apply to the Jews and their Israel in a positive sense. Why should Jews apply limitations to what measure of joy or pride they should feel about land and territory conquered by their army and air force? It's not like the Arab Muslim world is set to go into mourning over territory they've acquired by way of conquest from other Muslim rulers. I don't see Turkey apologizing to the Kurds, or Iraqi Sunni Muslims offering concessions to Iraqi Shiite Muslims, so why must Jews set limits on how often or how strongly they should express their pride in the State of Israel? Why must Jews apologize for being a powerful country? How does any country survive in the Middle East but by being perceived by its enemies as powerful and unforgiving of those enemies?

Anyone who has read anything about the history of England, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Spain knows very well that etiquette was not a prevalent consideration when their armies were conquering indigenous peoples and displacing them from their homes and into the outer fringes of the foreign cultures they carried with them. Conversely, the Jews, far from thirsting for empire, and although today enduring the neurotic excoriations of Finkelstein's shadows, simply returned out of a genocidal darkness to a land and a nationalist idea first articulated millennia before in their Torah. Why should Jews feel guilty of the sins of those colonizing nations, as though their escape from extinction and into the cause of a religiously inspired, nationalist imperative had anything to do with forcing an imperium upon an indigenous people? Jews were simply returning to a land that was long ago already theirs. Israel, the land of the Jews, has been "occupied" by the Muslim Arab and not the other way around.

Israel is here to stay. Make no mistake about that. This nation of Jews was gained by violent conquest and only by violent conquest will they be destroyed. But anyone thinking of removing this nation of Jews from the Middle East had better pack a lunch. A big lunch. Not so easy to push Jews around anymore, especially from a land they've dreamed about for so long and from so many dark and dangerous places; especially from a land that has always been a part of their soul.

Michael Devolin is a Noachide and lives in Canada. Contact him at This article appeared December 18, 2013 in Magic City Morning Star and is archived at

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