by Bernice Lipkin

This issue is mostly about revelations, the common ordinary kind, the kind that result from being forced to look at things in new ways because of new happenings. Judging from recent news items, more of the general public seem to have become aware that we have a new enemy we should take seriously.

It isn't really a new enemy. Resurgent Islam has long been using its enormous wealth and its expanding population to try to dominate the world. The Muslim Brotherhood started organizing and planning for a dominant Islam with the entire world adhering to Sharia law over eighty years ago. Muslim theologians, scholars, academics, political leaders, sheikhs and heads of prominent families are passionately dedicated to reestablishing the Caliphate, imposing Sharia law, and in the process, giving every Muslim the feeling of superiority over non-Muslims. But the implications have been ignored by us, the targeted victims.

ISLAMISTS HAVE BEEN BUSILY TAKING OVER EUROPE by rapidly increasing their already large population. They back up their increasing demands by riots, mayhem, terrorism, brutal physical attacks on those they claim have insulted their prophet Mohammad and by inhuman slaughter of civilians, particularly Jewish babies and young children. In Europe, they support their troops -- the huge number of humble Muslims with their multiple wives and many children -- by sopping up the host State's disposable income in welfare payments. In their own countries the long stable relationship of a Muslim majority and dhimmi minorities is in flux, with Islam stepping up the pace of terrorizing minorities and making it more and more difficult for them to maintain their religious practices. The killing, torturing and burning of their resident Christians and other minorities is on the increase. In America, their quiet infiltration of our infrastructure has been occasionally punctuated by isolated acts of war. Though they began attacking us earlier, 9/11 was a seemingly unavoidable declaration that they meant us harm. Yet we continued to act as if we can make the unpleasantness go away if we ignore it.

We defeated Nazism and Communism. Yet we've been botching the war Islam declared. Aside from sending our soldiers to fight interminable and deliberately limited wars, we've not made a total commitment to fight back. But current events are forcing a change in attitudes. The violent overthrow of dictatorial governments in the Middle East hasn't -- as we had been led to believe it would -- brought about democracy and freedom. Any more than deposing Saddam Hussein and his entire regime led to a fundamental change in Iraq. All that's happened is that political dictatorships have been exchanged for Islamic dictatorships. The cast of characters participating in the civil war in Syria suggests Syria will be no exception.

In America, despite the reassurances coming from much of the media that the only problem is that the poor Muslims are suffering from Western Islamophobia, our attitudes are changing. The sensational disclosure that American security and administrative agencies have been infiltrated by Islamists is beginning to force us to rethink what we think we know about the Religion of Peace.

Admittedly there's still the bogeyman fear of being called a racist -- may it soon join the fear of being called a communist on history's dusty pile of conditioning and control words that have lost their power. But one indicator of the change in attitude is that talking about Islam is no longer totally taboo, even in the face of the well-funded campaign to make any criticism of Islam a crime and to label anyone who objects to Islamicist tactics as islamophobic. We are beginning finally to explore implications. We are starting to connect the dots.

One example has been our shock and amazement when security vetting issues are discussed, voiced as: how the devil did Huma Abedin ever get security clearance? Nor is she an isolated case. Other people with questionable ties to terrorist organizations have gained entry to sensitive security sites. As Frank Gaffney has pointed out:

Not only does Ms. Abedin's relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood and involvement in policies favorable to its interests warrant close official scrutiny. There are at least six other individuals with Brotherhood ties whose involvement in Obama administration "Muslim outreach" and/or related policy-making also deserve investigation by the IGs and the Congress:

Inquiries have been countered by irrelevant responses. Ask how Huma could obtain security clearance and you are accused of being a conspiracy theorist. You are reminded you are slandering a good person. Even in Congress, the response has mostly been gallant and nonsensical. People become indignant that a nice lady like Huma Abedin is being slandered. We believe that determining whether someone can be trusted with sensitive information and access to secure sites should not depend on whether we like them or how charming they are or whether they are kind to their mothers and/or dogs. When it comes to security, an impartial, objective vetting of job applicants using predetermined and appropriate criteria must come first, before other qualifications are considered. The whole situation started me wondering about the general procedure of vetting of people in high places. My thoughts are in an essay below called "On the Matter of Vetting People in High Places".

TO READ MANY IN THE PRESS AND TO LISTEN TO OUR PRESIDENT, the Muslim Brotherhood, with its huge organization, political clout, avowed and announced determination to destroy Western civilization, enormous resources and repertoire of working techniques that range from organized persuasion to blatant terrorism -- all directed to making Islam dominant world-wide -- is more like a bunch of religious do-gooders. Like the Muslim version of Hadassah and B'nai Brith, maybe. Over the years, Think-Israel has presented essays that don't trivialize the activities of the Brotherhood and other Islamist groups. These articles lay bare the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and their stealth infiltration into our institutions and infrastructure. In this issue, we look at Girls of the Brotherhood. These are women who knowingly or in ignorance have carried out the dictates of the Muslim Brotherhood to bring about universal allegiance to Sharia law. Should they succeed, those of them who are Muslim will have sealed their own future: they'll be back in the Harem, allowed out only by permission of their husbands, second-class chattel, minus comfortable clothes, minus clitoris, minus freedom. They'll squat around a bowl of humus and reminisce about their wartime experiences, outwitting the fools who live in the West.

The essay by Andrew Bostom vividly brings home the condition of Muslim women under enforced Sharia. He quotes from a treatise by a devout Muslim woman who unintentionally indicts the horrifying Muslim regulations for women. It's unintentional because the author sees the severe constrictions on every aspect of a woman's life as good and proper because they enable women to conform to Muhammad's wishes.

A MAJOR THREAD RUNNING THROUGH THE ESSAYS this issue is an exploration of the activities of the Abedin family. The Abedins are a well-known family, heavily involved in the Muslim Brotherhood and with the Wahhabist Saudis. They figure prominently in several operations designed to encourage the replacement of Western law by Sharia law. Recently, thanks to the prominent position held in the government by one of its members, Huma Abedin, the spotlight is on them and by extension on their work on behalf of resurgent Islam organized and funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudis. The Iranians have a separate but parallel operation which cuts out the slow and difficult efforts involved in persuasion and soft takeover. The Iranian regime would just as soon kill off the competition as quickly as possible, no matter what the consequences and collateral damage. A government that sent out some hundred thousand of its own children to remove land mines by exploding them -- and the children -- isn't going to quibble about millions of Arabs dying if they can rid the world of Israel.

Thanks to a book commissioned by the King of Saudi Arabia that is largely the work of Daddy Abedin in which Resurgent Islam's takeover plan is made manifest, Walid Shoebat is able to show us how they expect to conquer the West. The Plan is confirmed by what we know: Islamic money, organizations and strong-arm tactics have already infiltrated our universities and paralyzed university administrations; dedicated Muslims are already high officials in government security organizations and the State Department in the current American administration; our banking system is already encouraged to adopt Sharia banking and our law courts are already pressured to decide civil cases involving Muslims according to Sharia law.

For well over thirty years, the Abedins have been actively involved in the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), an organization founded and funded by Abdullah Omar Naseef, who participated actively in IMMA. Naseef's other activities have included devising channels for funneling funds to al-Qaeda, disguised as charitable contributions. He is a significant personage in the Brotherhood, having served as secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL), a most important Brotherhood organization. As Andrew McCarthy wrote

The MWL manages the "civilization jihad" — the Brotherhood's commitment to destroy the West from within, and to "conquer" it by sharia proselytism (or dawa), as Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the Brotherhood's top sharia jurist, puts it. Nevertheless, the MWL has a long history of deep involvement in violent jihad as well.

A major enterprise of the IMMA organization was, from the beginning, publications that would provide scholarly credence to Brotherhood ideology and disseminate their philosophy. Until his death, Huma's father, Zyed Abedin, was the first managing editor of JMMA, the journal published by IMMA. Huma's brother, Hassan Abedin, an Associate Editor of JMMA, is also involved in the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) in the UK. As a young King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Fellow at OCIS, Hassan was supervised by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a noted legal authority and spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, who, together with Naseef, served on the OCIS Board of Trustees. Huma herself was an editor of JMMA, prior to leaving for the State Department, and her sister Heba currently is an assistant editor. IMMA has also published separate books, including Fatima Naseef's glorification of women's chattel status in Islam and Professor Ali Mazrui's racist diatribe bemoaning the influence and power of the Jews.

Huma can hardly claim she's been the white sheep of the family. In the August 19, 2012 issue of American Thinker, Eileen Toplansky documents that even in her student days, Huma was on the Executive Board of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), and served as Head of its Social Committee. MSA is a Brotherhood front group that was Saudi-funded. She then worked for JMMA for over a decade, though she likely had other employment opportunities. Would I be making a wild guess if I suggest her conversations with Dr. Naseef at IMMA were about more than the quality of the coffee? Obama had his mentor, Reverend Wright. Huma was in constant contact with Dr. Naseef for many years. Actually, Huma had a slew of parental figures, all spouting the superiority of Sharia and the need to reconstruct Western civilization to conform to Islamic ideology. She and her family seem never to have broken contact. Despite her immodest "Western" style clothes. Despite her life style. Despite her marrying a Jew. But then, living in a manner abhorent to Islam is acceptable if one is working for Islam's benefit.

As Toplansky concludes,

The tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates crisscross one another in a dizzying alphabet-soup array of groups, intent on global jihad, of which the Abedin family has been at the forefront for many years.

It's time we acknowledged that Resurgent Islam is an existential threat to our way of life and that the Muslim Brotherhood is one of its very effective agencies. In addition to enormous financial resources and a clever use of Muslim "students" and minorities as foot soldiers, the Muslim Brotherhood has excellent organizational abilities and steadfast determination. As the Muslim Brotherhood's credo puts it: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." Seig Heil!



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