by Fjordman

Sweden: From ABBA to Allah

In the 1970s Sweden was a stable and wealthy country that was admired by many outsiders. It had international pop artists such as ABBA, sports stars like Björn Borg and Ingemar Stenmark as well as Volvo cars. Some outsiders still maintain this rosy image. In 2016, Sweden was still ranked as the world's " goodest " country.[1]

Unfortunately, being "good" in the Western world today seems to mean being suicidal.

In just two generations, Sweden has become an increasingly dysfunctional and crime-ridden country. The main cause of this negative transformation is non-European mass immigration.

I have been chronicling Sweden's decline for many years. My reports were falsely dismissed as fantasies made by an alleged "right-wing extremist." This denial is no longer possible.

Many alternative media and independent websites are now describing these issues. Major media in Britain, Germany, the USA and even in Russia have also finally discovered Sweden's Multicultural problems. This is causing huge embarrassment to the ruling elites in Sweden. They are used to being admired. They are not accustomed to international ridicule, or being viewed as an example of what not to do.

Events reached a peak when U.S. President Donald Trump publicly made negative remarks about the problems in Sweden. The Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has repeatedly rejected suggestions that the authorities have lost control. On February 20, 2017, the former Prime Minister Carl Bildt accused President Trump of " engaging in misinformation and slander" against Sweden.[2] That very same night, violent riots once again erupted in one of the no-go zones near Stockholm that allegedly do not exist.[3]

Car burning in Sweden, January 2017
Car burning in Sweden, January 2017

All former Swedish governments since the 1970s, including those led by Mr. Bildt and Mr. Löfven, have directly contributed to the massive problems Sweden is currently facing.

Carl Bildt served as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994. He was in charge of a center-right coalition government by Swedish standards. Bildt served as Minister for Foreign Affairs between 2006 and 2014 in the center-right coalition of PM Fredrik Reinfeldt. These governments also continued mass immigration, just as the Socialist Prime Ministers Olof Palme, Ingvar Carlsson, Göran Persson and Stefan Löfven did.

The Swedish author Astrid Lindgren published the first stories about Pippi Longstocking in the 1940s. If they were updated for today, perhaps Pippi would have to flee from the suburbs of a Swedish city after having been gang raped by immigrant boys. Alternatively, she might have been a radical Feminist who donned the Islamic veil in order to express her solidarity with the Muslims who are colonizing her country.

The Swedish mass media and political elites are very careful not to suggest any connection between rapes and mass immigration from Third World countries. Yet there is every reason to suspect that such a connection exists. We know from other Western European countries that immigrants from certain regions and cultures, particularly from the Islamic world and Africa, are disproportionately represented as perpetrators in rape cases.

In 2005, the ethnologist Maria Bäckman in her study "Whiteness and gender" followed a group of ethnic Swedish girls in the suburb of Rinkeby near Stockholm. Here, natives are now a minority of the inhabitants due to mass immigration. Several natural blondes stated that they had dyed their hair to avoid unwanted attention and sexual harassment. Being called "whore" is so common for white girls in certain schools that teachers no longer react to this.[4] The problem certainly hasn't become smaller in the years that have passed since then.

Suggesting that the ongoing rise in violent crime might have something to do with mass immigration of alien and aggressive cultures may cause you to be legally prosecuted. In March 2007 during a rally supported by SSU, the Social Democratic Youth League, a man carried a sign reading, "While Swedish girls are being gang raped by immigrant gangs the SSU is fighting racism." He was promptly arrested and later sentenced to a fine. His crime? He had "expressed disrespect for a group of people with reference to their national or ethnic background." The local court rejected the man's free speech argument because even free speech has its limits, and he had clearly acted in too provocative a manner.[5]

Expressing disrespect for Europeans and their culture seems to be fine, though. This is not merely allowed, but actively encouraged. Fredrik Reinfeldt, Sweden's allegedly conservative Prime Minister from 2006 to 2014, has stated that the original Swedish culture was merely barbarism; everything good was imported from abroad.[6]

If a leading politician had said that African, Asian or Islamic culture was "merely barbarism," there would have been a huge public outcry and calls for his immediate resignation due to "racism." His career might have been over. Yet disrespecting and mocking the traditions of the majority population is apparently no problem.

This phenomenon seems to exist in all Western countries with a white majority population, and there only. Europeans alone are supposed to denigrate their own culture and give away their country to outsiders.

Multiculturalism is an anti-European ideology. Under the seductive and misleading slogans of "diversity" and "tolerance," it entails unilaterally dissolving European nations and their distinct identities. This can only be presented as something positive if you think Europeans and their culture are either worthless or just plain evil.

Not just car fires but even arson against schools has become disturbingly common in parts of Sweden. In neighboring Denmark, firemen in 2013 warned that they risk being attacked by stones, ambushes and petrol bombs if they simply try to do their job in certain immigrant-dominated areas. The worst are suburbs in certain cities such as Tingbjerg in Copenhagen, Vollsmose in Odense and Gellerup in Aarhus.

The Danish fireman Jesper Bronée recalls how shocking it was for him when he first experienced that people were throwing stones at him while he was working. " It's scary. We're out there to save lives, and that is what our minds are focused on. That we are then suddenly attacked is something totally alien to our culture."[7]

Malmö is Sweden's third-largest city. It is set to become the first Scandinavian town with a Muslim majority population. In recent years, it has achieved a certain notoriety for its crime problems.

Children in Seved, Malmö
Children in Seved, Malmö

The wave of robberies the city has witnessed is part of a " war against Swedes."[8] This was the explanation given by young robbers with immigrant background on why they are robbing native Swedes. In 2006 the sociologist Petra Åkesson interviewed boys between 15 and 17 years old, both individually and in groups. "When we are in the city and robbing, we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes." This argument was repeated several times. "Power for me means that Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet." The boys explained, laughingly, that "We rob every single day, as much as we want to, whenever we want to."[9]

In May 2012, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt faced a storm of criticism after using the term "ethnic Swedes." He was responding to a question about Sweden's high level of unemployment.[10] The outcry came because he dared to refer to Swedes as a particular ethnic group. The official mantra is that a "Swede" is everybody who happens to reside on Swedish soil. The Somali family who came there last year is just as "Swedish" as those whose ancestors have lived in the country since prehistoric times.

The New Swedes: Somalis in Sweden
The New Swedes: Somalis in Sweden

Yet as we have just seen, immigrants are perfectly capable of recognizing "Swedes" as a distinct group when they harass or assault them in the streets. Swedes are therefore attacked as an ethnic group, but they are aggressively barred from identifying and defending themselves as a group of people with a shared heritage and shared interests. So are the English, the French, the Germans, the Dutch and the Italians.

The belief of the Western ruling elites seems to be that a country is simply an empty bowl, just waiting to be filled with shopping and human rights under their enlightened leadership.

Displacing the Tibetans in Tibet is seen as evil by Western governments. Displacing the Germans from Germany, the Finns from Finland, the Danes from Denmark or the Scots from Scotland is cheered and encouraged by the same people. Ethnically displacing Europeans is the trend of the day.

Already today, London has become minority white. And many of the whites who are there are white South Africans, Poles, Russians and other Europeans. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an actual Englishman in the English capital city. Likewise, in the outskirts of Paris, it is challenging to find an ethnic Frenchman in the French capital city. The globalist ruling elites seem happy with this development.

Immigrants in Southall, West London
Immigrants in Southall, West London

"Stockholm syndrome" is a psychological term referring to people who express positive feelings for persons who capture or abuse them. It was introduced after a 1973 bank robbery and hostage crisis in Stockholm.[11] Some of the victims began to show sympathy with their hostage-takers. Today, much of Sweden seems to suffer from a kind of Stockholm syndrome in relation to Muslims and others who colonize and abuse them.

The writer Eva Agnete Selsing believes that "Sweden is the Evil Empire."[12] She is referring to a new kind of totalitarianism and Utopian ideology of open borders. In her view, the explosive cocktail of extreme political correctness and rampant mass immigration is creating a "catastrophe" in Swedish society. The ruthless authoritarian suppression of dissent imposed by the ruling elites and the media establishment has transformed Sweden almost into a "prison of the mind." We are finally seeing some cracks in this wall of censorship.

The phrase "the Evil Empire" was applied to the Communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union in 1983 by the conservative U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Reagan felt that he had no choice but to define the Communist system as evil, due to its repressive nature and the huge amount of human suffering it caused.

Husby rioter

In May 2013, major riots erupted at the outskirts of Stockholm.[13] The riots began in the immigrant-dominated suburb of Husby, but quickly spread to other suburbs such as Rinkeby, Tensta, Kista and the town of Södertälje south of Stockholm.[14] Night after night, rioting immigrants left images of broken windows, burnt walls and scorched car parks. Cars were torched and several schools and a police station were set ablaze.[15] The police and the firefighters who came to the scene were often pelted with stones.

One of these violent Stockholm suburbs was Fittja, where in April 2013 Muslims had received permission to broadcast Islamic calls to prayer for the first time in Swedish history.[16] They were so grateful for this that they responded with car burnings a few weeks later. Some of the rioters shouted "Allahu akbar!"

In 1972, the Swedish popular music group ABBA was formed in Stockholm. They went on to sell hundreds of millions of records throughout the world. Among their international hit songs were "Waterloo," "SOS," "Dancing Queen" and "Money, Money, Money." In 2013, a museum dedicated to the famous pop quartet was opened in the Swedish capital city, with its beautiful harbor views of the Stockholm archipelago.

In the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, an Australian news team from 60 Minutes were physically attacked in 2016.[17] So were journalists from Norway's state broadcaster NRK. The police admitted that they are losing control over the area.[18] On February 20, 2017, a Swedish news photographer was hospitalized after being assaulted by 15 people in Rinkeby. He was there to report on riots.[19] Locals had once again been burning cars and throwing stones at the police. Clearly, some Muslims view this as their territory, not Swedish territory.

In just a few decades, Sweden has gone from ABBA to Allah. It has not been an improvement.


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EDITOR'S NOTE: These are some videos on the state of the Swedish State:
Muslim no-go ghettos:
Swedish State Television in DAMAGE CONTROL:

Of particular interest, one comment pointed out that Swedish newspapers are owned by the [Jewish] Bonnier family, hinting that the Muslim immigation was the fault of the Jews. The circuitous route would be: Jews tend to be global and humanitarian. They are pro anyone labeled a refugee. Ergo, they caused 'the problem.'

Another comment. generalized the issue of who is promoting the migratory overload, emphasizing a major mystery: why do people act against their self-interest, by incouraging the entry of Muslim, whose religion teaches them to hate the infidel. Ronald B. wrote:

I have to make a general observation here.

The mystery is why perfectly good countries and cultures such as Sweden, Germany, England, and Holland, are literally committing suicide by importing hoards of unassimilable, low-IQ, violent, largely Muslim refuse from Africa and Asia. There have been many attempts to explain it, including some deep analyses here at GoV. But, in the end, it's like quantum mechanics: you can describe the effect with high precision, but there is no explanation for it. It simply is.

Whatever you want to say about Jews, bringing in hoards of Muslims is directly counter to their self-interest. Jews are having to leave France and Sweden because of being targeted by Muslim street thugs. Jewish community centers and synagogues in the US and Canada are already under special protection.

So, the Jewish inclination to import Muslims is exactly the same trend as the countries I mentioned: they are acting directly counter to their own self-interest. Whatever the influence of the Jewish community, which can be debated, the more they succeed in bringing in Muslims, they more violent, unstable, and unlivable their (the Jews) own living conditions become.

It's like a class of mathematical problems classified as "NP Complete". The defining characteristic of these problems is that if you solve one problem, you've solved them all. But, nobody has ever solved one, or proven they cannot be solved.

This is exactly analogous to the question of why a successful, prosperous country, society, or identity group would self-destruct knowingly, over time, with the evidence of the consequences clearly available. If you can give a definitive answer for one such group, you have a pretty fair shot at understanding the whole phenomenon. But, we're not there.

So, Jews simply represent one component of the general mystery. They are not unique in any sense for their self-destructive impulses. The Pope, the Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, the Mennonite church, the Congressional Black Caucus...all are pursuing courses clearly self-destructive to their constituencies.

I'll go further and say those who focus solely on Jewish groups to explain the suicide of the West are themselves pursuing a self-destructive course. They ignore the massive rush to suicide by the entire leadership of the west to focus on a single component.

Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen is a prominent Counter-jihad Norwegian blogger who writes under the pseudonym Fjordman. He was one of the first to observe the Muslim impact on European culture and style of life. His dire forecasts, unfortunately, have come true, yet are still being denied by politicians and academicians blinded by their strong belief in diversity and multiculturalism.

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