by Dave Gaubatz

Masked Man Holding Koran and Kolashnikov

Many Americans wonder how terrorist attacks like the Fort Hood massacre[1] and the Boston Marathon bombing[2] could have happened. In these cases the military and FBI failed to follow up on clear indicators, and even warnings, of radicalization.

The media, pundits and political leaders portrayed the attackers as an anomaly, the actions of lone individuals. The term "lone wolf" is commonly used by law enforcement and public officials when talking about "home grown" terrorist attacks. The implication is there is no larger movement or ideology involved. Officials want Americans to move on, because there is nothing to see here.

This narrative is both a false and dangerous.

Churchill on Muslims

There is one document that proves this narrative is false. The document shows how these, and any future attacks, are not the actions of lone wolves. Rather this document shows that Major Nidal Hassan and the Tsarnaev brothers were in fact "Soldiers of Allah" and acted in full compliance with the Islamist movement in America. They were acting not as individuals but as militant members of the "ummah" (the Muslim community).

The document is a 81-page manual found in a Mosque Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY written by an Islamic leader and filled with racist comments about American law enforcement, Jews, non Muslims, etc. It is a hate filled manual. The manual tells Muslims how to go underground if they are wanted by U.S. law enforcement for terrorist crimes or other violent crimes.

The manual is titled "What should you do if you are arrested or investigated by the racist, fascist and criminal police, or the racist, fascist FBI?" and, according to the title page is written by Dr. al-Hajj Idris Muhammad.

Documents like this manual have been found in mosques across America.[3] Currently there are approximately 2,300 mosques in America. Research on mosques in America, originally published in the summer 2011 edition of Middle East Quarterly (MEQ) under the title Shari'a and Violence in American Mosques,[4] found:

The following are quotes taken directly from the 81-page manual:

The manual also lists some Muslims convicted convicted of crimes (including the murder of police officers) as 'Freedom Fighters" including:

Dr. Mordechai Kedar[6] wrote about this document in February 2013. Dr. Kedar is an Israeli scholar of Arabic and Islam, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam, Bar Ilan University, Israel. Dr. Kedar stated:

"Another booklet that is distributed in mosques of the United States is entitled 'What should you do if you are arrested or investigated by the racist, fascist and criminal police, or the racist, fascist FBI?' This guidebook is written — according to what is printed on the title page — by Dr. al-Hajj Idris Muhammad, and is issued by the publishing house 'al-Amin' in New York.

"In this booklet the writer instructs the reader in how to withstand interrogation relating to his religion and jihad against the 'Great Satan,' by exploiting the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. These rights are considered the most important rights in the United States, even if by exercising them, the United States is rendered less able to fight the enemies who conduct their jihad against it from within and from its prisons."


THE IDEAS PRESENTED IN THIS DOCUMENT are echoed in a book titled The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism by Trevor Aronson. According to the author the book,

"[E]xposes how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000 informants whose primary purpose is to infiltrate Muslim communities to create and facilitate phony terrorist plots so that the Bureau can then claim it is winning the war on terror."

Phony terrorist plots eerily sounds like recent claims of phony scandals surrounding Benghazi and Extortion 17.

The whole idea is to make the Muslim community distrustful of law enforcement agencies, while at the same time insulating people like Nidal Hassan and the the the Tsarnaev brothers from scrutiny. The intent is clear: prevent law enforcement officials from doing their jobs and lull Americans into a false sense of security. Reading this document will open the your eyes. It is more frightening when you understand this type manual is in many mosques in America.

I have obtained several copies of this manual if you want one please contact me:

hate manual

This manual is a must for CT Researchers and American Patriots who want real evidence to show your local law enforcement, politicians, and media. Dave obtained several copies of this manual from a mosque bookstore in Brooklyn, NY. The manual is filled with racist comments, hatred, and informs Muslims how to go underground if they are wanted by law enforcement for terrorism or other crimes in America. I suggest you obtain this manual and then show to your local authorities. Evidence like this makes more of an impact than having a hundred protestors hold banners against Islam.









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Paul "Dave" Gaubatz is a former Federal Agent, is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and counterterrorism specialist. Working on assignments in Middle-Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Iraq, Dave Gaubatz has more than two decades of experience. Mr. Gaubatz is the owner of Wahhabi CT publications and provides counter-terrorism training materials for law enforcement and other organizations. He co-authored with Paul Sperry, "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America" Note that the author participated in the Center for Security Policy study cited in this column. This article appeared August 1, 2013 on the WatchdogWire website and is archived at

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