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Posted by Steven Plaut, January 31, 2004.
Sharon's prisoner capitulation is already having its impact. The Hamas is openly threatening now to start snatching Israeli civilians in order to extort Israel, now that the Hizbollah showed how effective a tactic it is. The HizbAllah (that is its correct spelling) promises to kidnap some new Israeli hostages soon. And Israel threatens that if it does, Israel will retaliate Really Really Hard. Yep, it is the return on the RRH doctrine.

All of which proves that Israel is planning to defeat the HizbAllah by causing its leaders to laugh themselves to death.

No sooner does Haaretz, the newspaper of the thinking Israelis, run Uri Avnery's screed about how Ariel Sharon is the cause of the kidnapping of the three murdered POWS because he did not agree voluntarily to release all the imprisoned Palestinian terrorists on his own initiative before the kidnappings, when the editor of Haaretz publishes an editorial today in which he repeats the same charge. By refusing to pursue peace by releasing all the jailed Palestinian murderers and terrorists wholesale, it is Ariel Sharon's fault that the Hizbollah kidnapped and extorted.

You know how everyone whines when Israel blows up the house of a suicide bomber, claiming it is inhumane, unlike the blowing up of civilian buses which is a legitimate form of protest against occupation?

Well, just guess who ELSE is blowing up terrorist homes without a squawk from the media or the Eurotrash. Pakistan. They get the locals to do the dynamiting and bulldozing. This is from the New York Times (http://www.nytmes.com/2004/01/31/international).

SLAMABAD, Pakistan, Jan. 30 At the start of the month, Pakistan massed several thousand troops in and around the town of Wana, near the country's mountainous border with Afghanistan. Using a harsh century-old British method, officials handed local tribal elders a list and issued an ultimatum. If 72 men wanted for sheltering Al Qaeda were not produced, they said, the Pakistani Army would punish the tribe as a group, demolishing houses, withdrawing funds and even detaining tribe members.

Several days later, several thousand tribal elders held a jirga, or council, and agreed to raise a force of their own to find the wanted men. In the last two weeks, the tribes have handed over 42 of them. Tribal members, meanwhile, have bulldozed and dynamited the homes of eight men who refused to surrender.

Pakistani officials said they would wait to see how many of the wanted men were handed over, particularly foreigners. Depending on the results, they will shower the area with money, or soldiers.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

Posted by David Ben Ariel, January 31, 2004.
This was written by Jo-ana D'Balcazar and appeared yesterday in "Pakistan Today" and is archived at (http://www.paktoday.com/joana30a.htm). Jo-ana D'Balcazar, M.A., is a political analyst in International Relations and a specialist in the European Union and the Middle East Crisis. Send comments to: politics2see@hotmail.com

Undoubtedly, the Federman case is one of the cases that awakes controversy among those who defend Israel, those who believe that terrorists want peace with Israel, those who just let terrorism claim more blood without imprisoning terrorist leaders who openly take credit for genocide bombings, and those who support the liberation of Arab-Palestinian terrorist prisoners.

The point is not whether people agree or disagree with Noam Federman's politics, but that as an Israeli, his civil rights should have been respected. While 400 Arab-Palestinian terrorists possibly are about to be liberated, Federman is still seen by many as the mastermind behind the alleged Jewish terrorist underground. Is it fair to consider him a terrorist or a citizen defending his right to live peacefully in Israel? Who is attacking whom and who is being defended from whom?

Noam Federman is detained under administrative detention. Let us stop here. What does it mean being in "administrative detention"? Supposedly, it means to hold a person prisoner when there is credible intelligence that such a person is about to commit a terrorist attack. The argument here is that Federman was arrested for allegedly masterminding terrorist attacks against Arab-Palestinians hiding behind the new Jewish terrorist underground.

Then, wait a minute. If this is the current Israeli law to be used in "emergency situation," why has it not been applied to the self-confessed terrorist leaders of Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, and Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, among others? The emergency situation is clear in these cases when they even announce future terrorist attacks. Ironically, they not only announce them, and not only fulfill their attacks, but also proudly take credit for killing and maiming innocent Jews. And then, they are treated and celebrated by Arafat and almost every Arab-Palestinians not as murderers, but as martyrs.

Have not terrorists publicly confessed being responsible for many of the terrorist attacks including genocide bombings? Besides, Israeli intelligence has a lot of evidence about terrorist leaders. Something here is just not making sense. Federman, allegedly, was imprisoned for fear that he might plan attacks against Arab-Palestinians within Israel. Why is it then that the Arab-Palestinians terrorists in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are not also detained, but instead they are even encouraged and supported by Arafat and the neighboring states, such as Iran, Libya, and Syria that are sponsoring terrorism?

It is not a crime to allow the growing terrorist campaign whose goal is to destroy Israel, a democratic country since its modern foundation in 1948? Sarcastically, terrorist leaders with clear evidence of terrorist participation, including Yasser Arafat, former terrorist leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and now Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, are still walking around free planning more and more terrorists attacks. Let us not forget that Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, responsible for many terrorist attacks, is nothing else but a military arm of the Palestinian Authority.

One can argue that Arafat, in a sense, is under special prison treatment because he cannot leave his headquarters in Ramallah. Well, he might be under special prison treatment but he still operates and officially commands the Palestinian Authority. This is where the controversy starts. For instance, the head of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ra'ad Salah, received only a restraining order after he was accused of raising funds for the terrorist group of Hamas. Does it mean that Federman is more dangerous than Arafat and Ra'ad Salah and other Arab-Palestinian terrorist leaders?

Therefore, some argue that the use of "administrative detention" is being used as a tool against those who oppose the destruction of Yesha towns, which are located in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Federman resides precisely in Hebron, part of Yesha towns. Will this mean that residents in those areas, who oppose leaving their towns and decide to defend themselves against terrorist attacks, will also be imprisoned for "fear" that they will attack Arab-Palestinians terrorists?

Now, there is enough intelligence information about the whereabouts of known terrorist leaders in Judea and Samaria. Why not then go after them and apply this "emergency situation" instead of letting them plan, announce, and commit their publicized terrorist attacks?

Would it not be more logical to apply the "administrative detention" law to imprison real terrorist leaders and not people or Israeli citizens who want to defend Israel precisely from those genocidal attacks? This reminds us of the case of the American Christian-Zionist David Ben-Ariel, who was imprisoned allegedly for trying to destroy the Dome of the Rock for the reconstruction of the Jewish Temple. Ben-Ariel repetitively declared that he was there only to protest, not to destroy the Mosque.

Attorney Naftali Wurtzberger, who defended Federman, also represented David Ben-Ariel during his trial in Israeli High Court and Jerusalem's Municipal Court. Ben-Ariel is now free and back in the United States. The Israeli government decided that Ben-Ariel cannot visit Israel and that he might be eligible to return in 2005. Why not deport the leaders of terrorist groups who are living, apparently with more rights, in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza?

The Federman situation has caused many Israelis to reexamine their conscience. Again, the controversy arises. Federman, an Israeli, who has not committed a genocide attack, was imprisoned under an "emergency situation," while the Israeli government has agreed to free about 400 Arab-Palestinians terrorists.

The condition is that they must be without "blood on their hands" and with less than 3 years remaining from their prison sentences. It is naive to believe that these 400 terrorists will obey "a promissory note for not continuing with terrorism." Plus, instead of being deported, they will be sent to Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Does this means a victory for the terrorists and a slap for Federman and Ben-Ariel? Simply said, something is not clicking.

Ironically, it appears that terrorism is dictating the terms for peace negotiations. Is it that negotiation for liberation of verified Arab-Palestinians terrorists is more negotiable than that of Federman? Even though genocide bombings did not stop, but increased. This is why the fence has been adopted as a "security measure."

There are two questions. First, is it fair to consider Federman as a terrorist and not as a citizen defending Israel? Remember, it not a matter whether people agree or disagree with Federman's politics, but about Israeli civil rights. Second, can this "emergency situation law" be applied immediately to all known terrorist leaders in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza? What do you think?

Posted by Tamar Bush, January 30, 2004.
This was written by Terence Jeffrey and appeared on the Townhall website (http:/www.townhall.com) January 28, 2004.

Politicians serious about preventing another Sept. 11 should listen to the leader of Hizballah, and then read an indictment unsealed this month in Detroit.

"Let the entire world hear me," said Sheik Hassan Nasrallah on Sept. 27, 2002. "Our hostility to the Great Satan is absolute."

There's good reason to take this sheik seriously. In 1983, his Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist group attacked the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans. According to the opinion of U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth in the case of Peterson v. the Islamic Republic of Iran, Nasrallah attended the meeting in Baalbek, Lebanon, where the 1983 attack was planned. Until Sept. 11, it remained the deadliest terrorist strike ever against the United States.

The sheik's Sept. 27, 2002, rally in Beirut celebrated the Palestinian intifadah. It was broadcast live on Lebanese TV and monitored by the BBC.

"Regardless of how the world has changed after 11 September," Nasrallah said that day, "Death to America will remain our reverberating and powerful slogan: Death to America!"

Six months later, according to the BBC, Nasrallah warned Americans that if the U.S. invaded Iraq, "The region's people will receive you with rifles, blood, arms, martyrdom and martyrdom operations."

Now, turn to May 3, 2003. That's when FBI agents searched the Dearborn, Mich., residence of Mahmoud Kourani, a 32-year-old illegal alien from Lebanon.

In a statement submitted last week in federal court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Chadwell revealed words the FBI found on audiotapes there: "You alone are the sun of my lands, Nasrallah! Nasrallah!/. . . your voice is nothing less than my jihad."

"We offer to you Hizballah, a pledge of loyalty," said a tape. ". . .. Rise for Jihad! . . . I offer you, Hizballah, my blood in my hand."

Kourani pleaded guilty to harboring an illegal alien. A judge sentenced him to six months. On Jan. 15, a second indictment was unsealed, charging Kourani with conspiracy to provide material support to Hizballah.

"Kourani was a member, fighter, recruiter and fundraiser for Hizballah," said the indictment. "Operating at first from Lebanon and later in the United States, Kourani was a dedicated member of Hizballah who received specialized training in radical Shiite fundamentalism, weaponry, spy craft, and counterintelligence in Lebanon and Iran."

"Kourani," Chadwell added in his statement, "is charged with conspiring with individuals at the highest levels of the terrorist organization, including one of his brothers who is the Hizballah chief of military security for southern Lebanon."

Kourani got to America, the prosecutors allege, with the help of a Mexican official.

"On approximately Feb. 4, 2001, Kourani surreptitiously entered the United States by sneaking across the U.S./Mexico border in the trunk of a car," wrote Chadwell. "He reached Mexico by paying $3,000 used to bribe an official in the Mexican Consulate in Beirut, Lebanon, to give him a Mexican visa."

Do prosecutors believe that official was Imelda Ortiz Abdala, the one-time Mexican consul in Beirut who was arrested by Mexico in November, according to the Associated Press, "on charges of helping a smuggling ring move Arab migrants into the United States from Mexico"? "They are not sure if that is the person that received the money," said Sandy Palazzolo, a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Jeffrey G. Collins of Detroit. "They have information that she worked there during this time frame, but they don't know if that is in fact the person that he did bribe."

In a sentencing memorandum in Kourani's alien-harboring case, Chadwell told the court Kourani's "offense of conviction was part of a continuing scheme to bring illegal aliens to the United States from Lebanon through Mexico."

Kourani has pleaded not guilty to providing material support to Hizballah. I asked his attorney, Nabih Ayad, about the claim in the indictment that Kourani was a member, fighter, recruiter and fundraiser for Hizballah. "He denies all that," said Ayad. Kourani also contests the government's assertion that he bought a Mexican visa for $3,000 in Beirut. "My client told me specifically," said Ayad, "that he got it legitimately through the Mexican consulate."

Why did Kourani come to America? "I think why millions of Americans, the immigrants, come to the United States," said Ayad. "Basically, to make some money. . . . According to his statements to the FBI agents, he was here to make some money to go back with $10,000 for his wife and children."

Whatever the eventual outcome in this case, simple prudence demands that a question be asked of our political leaders: If they don't secure our borders against illegal immigration, how can they secure our country against Hizballah?

And Hizballah, as Sheik Nasrallah says, seeks "Death to America!"

Posted by IsrAlert, January 30, 2004.
This was written by Rachel Neuwirth, a free-lance writer from Los Angeles and appeared on the website (http://)
"Let's not mince words: American policy today toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is insane," asserts Mr. Thomas Friedman in his article "War of Ideas: Part 4" (New York Times, Jan. 18, 2004. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/18/opinion/18FRIE.html?th).

Well, Mr. Thomas Friedman, I shall not mince words either. American policy is not "insane," but your flawed observations and analyses are. From your first assertion that the Palestinians are "gripped by a collective madness" causing them to "commit suicide" to your cure-all suggestion that an Israel reduced to a nine-mile wide strip will be a more defensible Israel, you have shown yourself to be neither a friend of Israel nor an expert on this matter.

Once again you have ignored the basic fact that the Israeli-"Palestinian" conflict is nothing more than the same old Arab-Israeli conflict using a new platoon, the so-called "Palestinians." Even "new historian" Benny Morris came to the conclusion that the long history of [Arab] rejectionism has perpetuated this conflict. http://www.tnr.com/doc.mhtml?i=20030421&s=morris042103

What is "insane" is your claim that Israel is in the way of the Arab/Muslim world modernizing and liberalizing. What hinders that process is not Israel or America, but rather the corrupt, despotic systems of government in most Arab/Muslim states including Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Arab leaders refuse to modernize because they realize it will involve democratization which would spell an end to their regimes. If anything, Israel is the ONLY example of modernization, liberalization, and democratization in the entire Middle East. Yet you blame her for the shortcomings of her enemies.

What is "insane" is that you criticize the Bush team for a "just do nothing policy" in the "Palestinian"-Israeli conflict. The Bush team knows there is little it can do until the corrupt, terrorist-supporting regime led by Yasser Arafat ends. The American administration knows that until that time, sadly, there is no hope for peace any time soon.

What is insane is insisting that Israelis must evacuate their communities in Judea-Samaria (your "West Bank") in order to be MORE secure when, in fact, the opposite is true. The brave Israelis living in these territories are the first line of defense in keeping OUT those "collectively mad" Arab terrorists "committed to suicide [Jihad]."

What is "insane" AND ignorant is that you overlook the fact that an Arab-"Palestinian" state already exists and has existed since 1922. It is called Jordan. Even the Arab world recognizes Jordan's historic ties with the Arab "Palestinians." Prior to 1967, no Arab state ever called for another independent Arab-Palestinian state even when Arabs were in full control of today's so-called "occupied territories." Nor did they ever recognize a distinct "Palestinian" nationality. As Zahir Muhsein, former head of the PLO's military division, stated in 1977:

"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality, today, there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak, today, about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct Palestinian people to oppose Zionism. (Amsterdam-based newspaper "Dagblad de Verdieping Trouw", March 31, 1977).

If Arab terrorism emanating from Judea-Samaria ever ends, the Arab-dominated areas could possibly confederate with that existing Arab-"Palestinian" State of Jordan. Or those Arab-"Palestinians" could simply wade across the knee-deep Jordan River and become official Jordanian citizens. But it has become painfully apparent (except to you) that they will NEVER renounce their right to murder Jews or wipe Israel off the map. And THIS is why they should NEVER be allowed to create a state along Israel's underbelly from which to continue their war on the Jewish state.

What is "insane" is that you are so wedded to your distorted, yet simplistic, view of the conflict that when questioned about it, you overreacted. According to journalist Steven I. Weiss, when Manhattan attorney Harvey Schwartz suggested that you were "willing to sacrifice Israel on the altar of Iraq," you yelled "F**k you" and slugged him. (http://www.jewsweek.com, December 13, 2003).

Perhaps, Mr. Friedman, you should reflect on the conclusions of Japanese researcher Nobuaki Notohara who lived among the Arabs for some 40 years and of Kuwaiti columnist Muhammad al-Rumayhi who reviewed Notohara's recent book: "[The author] says: 'I think that oppression is an incurable disease in Arab society, and therefore any author or researcher who speaks of the Arab society without being aware of this simple and obvious fact is not a serious researcher.' Mr. Al-Rumayhi concludes that in order to enter the modern age, the Arab value system requires revision. (http://www.memri.org/bin/opener_latest.cgi?ID=SD64804)

Mr. Notohara has never claimed to be a Jew, a Zionist, or an expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict; but he certainly has a lot to teach you about sanity AND reality!

Or perhaps, Mr. Friedman, you could learn from Walid Shoebat (43), who grew up fully indoctrinated in the hate-filled Arab culture and became a zealous, Jew-hating Muslim in the West Bank, progressing from a boy who threw stones to a young man who was a full-fledged Molotov Cocktail tosser... and perhaps even more. Eventually, he learned the difference between right and wrong. Now he says:

"The world does not see the truth about what's happening in the West Bank," Shoebat told the Star in an interview yesterday afternoon. "My purpose is to tell the West that they aren't getting the real picture, that what they're seeing is propaganda. I know the truth because I was there, I was part of it. And the truth is, we wanted to kill Jews long before the occupation. I wanted to kill Jews." (http://www.thestar.com/ January 21, 2004).

In conclusion. There are two insanities at work here. First is the insanity of your reasoning and depiction of Israel as the main source of every ill known to the Middle East. But equally sad is the insanity of those who fill your lecture halls time and time again to listen to your distortions.

The Arab World's war of ideas, Mr. Friedman, can never be blamed on Israel and/or America. If anything, these countries offer hope to the mass of Arab peoples living under despotic regimes. Let's place blame where blame is due and not mislead American readers.

Thomas Friedman: you stand accused of waging your very own intifada against the Children of Israel, and for that there is no excuse. You are nothing more than a full-blown apologist for Arab terrorism. You have spent ample time in the Middle East but it has taught you nothing.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 31, 2004.
NGO Monitor reports that the EU invested financial and political capital in the "peace process," without effect. The EU is so hostile towards Israel as to help demonize it. Europe attempts to impose its ways on the Mideast, implicitly and mistakenly assuming similarity in history and conditions. European journalists and academics as well as diplomats have adopted the Arab version of events. They ignore the cause of the conflict - Arab rejection of Israeli sovereignty - and focus on pos-1967 issues such as "settlements." They ignore the terrorism and wars preceding the 1967 war.

Europe also has invested billions of dollars in Arab states, hoping to promote its interests and stability, stemming the tide of immigration. That, too, has failed. It had to -- Europe ignores regional threats and matters of security. Europeans concentrate on ideals, but their efforts have not promoted human rights and democracy nor ended P.A. corruption. Europe welcomed Syria's President warmly, while Syria increased its antisemitic remarks.

The EU also has spent large sums in Israel, not with transparency but intervening in Israeli politics and society, attempting to influence public opinion there. (Subversive.)

EU foreign policy is primarily "lofty declarations, unquestioned assumptions, flawed analyses, and unrealistic policies." "From an Israeli perspective, the tone of such declarations has often been perceived as patronizing, paternalistic, and poorly informed."

De-emphasizing security, the EU stresses preventing violence via diplomacy. It does not realize that this policy leaves the aggressive Arabs freer to use violence. This philosophy has clashed with US policy in Iraq and on proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. EU policy relies on "constructive dialogue" and trade with Iran, while Iran acquires missiles and fissile material. Israeli military responses to terrorism are called counter-productive. European thinkers ignore the effect of these attacks on Israel and their threat to Israeli security and survival.

Mistakenly thinking the Arabs the victims and Israeli force excessive, EU policy is biased in favor of the Arabs. The EU funds NGO campaigns to demonize Israel. The EU's moral equivalence between P.A. terrorism and Israeli defense against it is not ethical. Without evidence, the EU declares Israeli defenses not only excessive but that they do not bring security. The evidence suggests otherwise. Some European states vote for resolutions justifying suicide bombing against Israel as "resisting Israeli occupation."

The moral posturing may be just a cover for Europe's major policy consideration, which is oil and other economic interests.

Siding almost exclusively with the P.A., and taking its cue largely from the anti-Israel Israeli Left, Europe, which subsidizes the P.A., urges US pressure on Israel, alone. Europe talks about the subsidy being transparent, but it is not, and Arafat steals it. What he doesn't keep under his own name, he uses to incite his people against the Jews and to wage war on Israel (IMRA, 1/10 from Gerald M. Steinberg). So much for EU anti-militarism.


The EU rebutted NGO Monitor. It denied the accusation of undue closeness to Arafat, on the grounds that its requires beneficiaries to function independently of officials and to work with NGOs.

NGO Monitor erred, said the EU, in describing a major aid recipient as "a political tool that presents a distorted picture of the Israeli press." These NGO recipients were selected in a transparent process and are neither political nor discriminatory. They have positive purposes, such as enhancing Arab human rights and media access. Offering the Arabs a "decent life can undermine the spread of violence and hatred." (Jihad is a religious phenomenon, not an economic one.) The "People to People" program's objective is not to support a political camp but to encourage dialogue. Besides, the EU does not endorse all their views.

UNRWA already has refuted claims that it fosters hatred against Israel. The main supporters of UNRWA, the US and the EC surely would not "support a UN Agency if it was (were) responsible for inciting hatred and violence through its support for Palestinian education."

The EU's main goal is "a peaceful resolution to the conflict in line with the Roadmap, based on two states living in peace and harmony within recognized international borders. It is inconceivable that we would conduct activities which could be used to promote hatred and violence or put innocent lives in dangers." (IMRA, 1/10 from NGO Monitor.)


Some of the EU defense was that a different agency of it was responsible for some program or a different amount was spent. NGO Monitor accepted that rebuttal and modified its website. It also backed away from claims it could not prove. Its main thesis it upheld.

NGO Monitor was warning of the widespread manipulation by alleged "human rights" groups to attack Israel politically and ideologically. It provided evidence of this by some beneficiaries of EU funding. For example, NGO Monitor erred in describing a major aid recipient as "a political tool that presents a distorted picture of Israeli press." For example, the EU-funded Ilam mission statement is about standards to empower Arab residents of Israel, but it uses biased language to claim stiff censorship in Israel, without mentioning that the Israeli press criticizes the government and the Arab press is free to operate within Israel. (The "Jerusalem Times" is an Arab daily that takes the P.A. line.) Why shouldn't the public know that the EU funds groups that are political tools in the de-legitimization of Israel, rather than an unbiased tool of democracy?

The Ford Foundation, Oxfam Belgium, and US government have acknowledged similar abuses and halted some of their subsidies accordingly.

The EE reply reiterated EU guidelines and funding criteria. NGO Monitor agrees that the beneficiaries' mission statements are in accord with EU funding criteria. Monitor's point is that the beneficiaries' activities are not! The EU reply failed to address the accountability of the beneficiaries. How does it try to prevent NGOs form involvement in P.A. corruption? Doesn't say.

Instead of dismissing criticism and relying on circumstantial evidence, the EU should investigate independent reports, such as those showing that UNRWA ignores the use of its camps as bomb factories and for terrorist organizations and its schools for incitement to violence against Israel (Op. Cit.).

I don't believe the main EU defense, that it just seeks reform. Its aid primarily is seditious. Its efforts for democracy ignore Israel's real undemocratic aspects. They solely would empower Israeli Arabs, engaged in a struggle for control of the country, and help P.A. Arabs engaged in a war for that control. Hey ignore P.A. antisemitism because the EU is antisemitic. The EU ignores problems of Israeli security, because, as its Road Map makes clear, it seeks Israel's insecurity. If the EU doesn't cynically realize this, then its left had doesn't know what its right hand is doing.

As for its denial that the NGOs work with Arafat, let us bear in mind that the P.A. is a dictatorship, and Arafat is the dictator. He has cracked down on independent-minded NGOs. Since their work now is anti-Israel, he tolerates them.

Mr. Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

Posted by Heshy Riesel, January 30, 2004.
This was posted on the www.e-thepeople.org website.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. I lost my job this past year. When Clinton was president I was secure and prosperous, but in the last year, we had to close our operations. We simply could not compete with foreign labor. This foreign labor worked for low pay under very bad conditions. They worked very long shifts, and many even died on the job.

This competition could hardly be called "fair." I was forced out of the place where I had worked for 34 years.

Not a single government program was there to help me.

How can Bush call himself "compassionate?" Far worse, I lost two of my sons in Bush's evil war in Iraq. They gave their lives for their country, and for what? So that Bush's oil buddies can get rich. My pain of losing my sons is indescribable.

While it is trivial next to the loss of my sons, I regret to say that I also lost my home. I simply have nothing left. How can Bush call himself a Christian when he neglects people like me? I am a senior citizen with various medical problems. I'm not in a position where I can begin a new career. I was reduced to the point where I had to live in a hole in a ground, all because of President Bush.

And when the authorities found me there, did they have any compassion for my misfortune and ailments? No, I was arrested. Mr. Bush, I dare you to look me in the face and tell me you are a compassionate man! I dare you to look me in the face and tell me you are a Christian. If I had any money left, I would donate it to the Democrat Party.

If Al Gore had been elected in 2000 I would still have a job, a home, and most importantly, my dear sons!


Saddam Hussein

Posted by Professor Paul Eidelberg, January 30, 2004.
Hatred of Jews and of Judaism is as old as the hills: one may even call it the equivalent of a law of nature. The hatred is subterranean. It surfaces and explodes under various external forces. Of course there are philo-Semites, but anti-Semitism is the norm.

I will not go into the theological reasons for this anti-Semitism. Instead, I limit myself to the explosion of anti-Semitism that coincides with the Arafat War against the Jewish state, a war that erupted after Ariel Sharon went up to the Temple Mount in September 2000 and preached peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs.

To be sure, Arafat had planned the war long before Sharon's stroll on the Temple Mount. Nevertheless, even though Arafat used Sharon's visit to the Mount as a pretext for initiating the war, that visit was a precipitating cause. But I was talking about the explosion of anti-Semitism.

It is my contention that the explosion of anti-Semitism that has swept the democratic world during the past three years would not have occurred were it not for the failure of Israeli prime ministers to eliminate the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its terrorist network. No one is more culpable in this regard than Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, whose landmark victory over Ehud Barak in the February 2001 election was a mandate to destroy the PA and thereby abrogate Oslo.

By his readiness to create a Palestinian state on Jewish land, and by calling this land "occupied territory" while perpetuating the myth of the "Palestinian people" - actually a welter of Arab gangs - Sharon actually confirms the accusation that Jews have stolen their land. Coming from him it is hundred times more convincing than from any Arab.

This most crucial fact aside, Arafat's and his minions could have been eliminated in one swift and sweeping attack using overwhelming force, which could have been done before and certainly after 9/11. Instead, Mr. Sharon pursued a policy of self-restraint against the terrorists. This had predictable consequences. First, it revealed that such was Sharon's commitment to a Palestinian state that he would refrain from eliminating the PA as "negotiating partner." His appointment of Shimon Peres as Foreign Minister was all Arafat needed to sleep peacefully.

Second, failure to destroy the PA enabled Arafat's minions to accumulate more and more weapons, as well as deadlier weapons. This could not but prolong the war.

Third, this prolongation of the war enabled Arabs and Muslim throughout the democratic world to inflame anti-Semitism; and this could the more readily be accomplished by TV clips of Israeli retaliation against terrorist attacks. Operation Defensive Shield should never have been necessary. Jenin should never have been the focus of CNN and BBC. Targeted killings should never have been a cause for denunciation. There should have been no Arab bomb factories, no incitement of Arabs via the Palestinian media, no brainwashing of Arab children to emulate suicide bombers. And there should have been no "security fence" to arouse Jew-haters. All this could have been avoided were it not for the gross incompetence of Israeli prime ministers, above all, Ariel Sharon.

This incompetence - to put it mildly - has been a primary cause of the explosion of anti-Semitism.

When Israel defeated its Arab enemies in the Six-Day War, the Jewish state was admired throughout the world. What they admired was not the justice of Israel cause so much as Israel's display of power. The world respects strength, not weakness. The world certainly has no respect for Jewish prime ministers willing to sacrifice their people's heartland for "peace." It certainly has no respect for Jewish prime ministers who negotiate with and reward terrorists. It must certainly despise Jewish prime ministers who release and arm Arab terrorists to provide for their country's security. It must surely despise a Jewish prime minister that exchanges 435 terrorists for a single Israeli and the corpses of three Israeli soldiers. Is it any wonder that Jew-hatred has exploded around the world?

Organizations which are now activated to combat anti-Semitism are shadow boxing. As long as the Israeli Defense Forces target various terrorists, as long as Arab women and children blow themselves up to kill Jews, anti-Semitism will persist. Because Arabs are willing to die for their cause, they will win the support of thoughtless men and women, of whom there is no shortage. As long as Israeli prime ministers behave like cravens and cretins, Jews everywhere will become targets of the anti-Semites. As long as the Jews of Israel do not rise up and put an end to this humiliating and degrading state of affairs, Jews everywhere will suffer the taunts and torment

Professor Paul Eidelberg is Head of the Yamin Israel Party in Israel. Prof Paul Eidelberg is President of the Foundation For Constitutional Democracy, 244 Madison Avenue, Suite 427, New York, NY 10016, Tel: 212-372-3752, and Email: Constitution@usa.net A version of this article is archived on the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, Maccbean Online (http://www.freeman.org/m_online/mar98/eidelb2.htm).

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 30, 2004.
This was written by Mike Levine

Yesterday Prime Minister Sharon stood in front of three caskets containing the bodies of soldiers kidnapped from the Israeli side of the border with Lebanon who were killed by Hezbollah, and whose bodies were held for ransom for three years.


You could almost hear Sheik Nasrullah laughing! Arafat, no doubt, was in stitches. In fact they were laughing heartily all over the Arab and Islamic world.

They know all too well what Sharon's warning is worth. It's worth a mouthful of warm spit!

If Sharon had the balls he was born with he would have immediately, the day these soldiers were kidnapped and murdered, sent in the airforce with 1,000 pound bombs and obliterated all the known Hezbollah camps and infrastructure. He would then have issued a warning to Syria, the sponsor of Hezbollah, that Damascus was next if they do not immediately pull out of Lebanon and disband what's left of Hezbollah.

On the very same day that we were delivering, by comfy air conditioned buses, 435 Arab terrorists to freedom, and a plane load of murderers to Lebanon, we received in return three pitiful coffins and one Israeli businessperson who evidently went to Lebanon to conduct some dealings with the enemy. Maybe weapons. Maybe drugs. We don't know yet, and may never know.

On that sickening day a Palestinian Policeman employed by Arafat detonated a huge bomb filled with the usual assortment of nails, iron scraps, and other deadly shrapnel in a bus in Jerusalem. A bus filled with people heading to work or for treatment in one of two major hospitals. The top of the bus flew 70 feet in the air. Ten innocent humans died instantly. Many of the dozens injured will die in the coming days. Sixty wounded.

The location where this homicidal maniac blew himself up? Near the Prime Minister's residence! A block away from the cafe that was bombed recently with 23 dead, and around the corner from the country's main Synagogue.

This attack was planned for several weeks to coincide with the day we released hundreds of murderers of our people, and the place was chosen in order to send a taunting message to Sharon that they are all laughing at him for the spineless, weak-kneed way in which he continues to respond. History has shown only too often and well that our enemies respect only force, and that whenever we make concessions, whenever we appease them or negotiate with them, we pay the price in dead babies, women, and old people, as well as kidnapped soldiers.

While we here in Israel were mourning our three dead soldiers, in Beirut Nasrullah and the entire Lebanese government were celebrating. It was a joyous event shown on television in every country on earth. The returning terrorists were accorded a hero's welcome, with flowers and kisses. In his triumphant speech Nasrullah promised to kidnap more of our soldiers in order to trade them for hundreds more!

We get three coffins. They get hundreds of live, healthy, well-fed terrorists ready and willing to go back to the business of slaughtering Jews.

A terrific deal, eh Mr.Sharon?

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 30, 2004.
Arabs are developing military skills. Jordan is developing an upgraded version of the turret of the Challenger-1 main battle tank (IMRA, 1/13). Israelis think it incumbent upon themselves to negotiate peace before they lose their "military edge." I think it incumbent upon them to win the war before they lose their ability to defend themselves. The problems with negotiations are: (1) Arab treaties don't make peace; and (2) The world insists that Israeli negotiators make concessions that weaken Israel against a war.

The Foreign Ministry set up a new website of information about Israel in Arabic. It will include op-ed articles from the Arab world "so that we can hear the views of our neighbors."

The theory behind the website is that factual information "is the desired alternative to conflict and confrontation." Israel wants to send a message of peace (IMRA, 1/12).

The theory reflects Israeli ignorance about the conflict. The conflict is caused by an Arab ideology of confrontation. Israeli ignorance of that cause prevents Israel from taking appropriate counter-measures. The website would offer the Arabs information they won't believe and op-eds they and Israelis can get from Arab TV and that contain falsehoods, threats of war, and false promises of peace if only Israel would make concessions that facilitate Arab war. The website has as much chance of fostering peace as would one with those similarly fanatical and totalitarian enemies of the Jewish people, Nazi Germany and the USSR. Indoctrinated fanatics don't end conflicts because of information from the enemy they deem liars. The Arabs are in a jihad, which is a religious imperative impervious to being advised that the enemy they demonize is decent.

Posted by Itamar Marcus, January 30, 2004.
Yesterday Israel released over 400 Palestinian terrorists and those who had aided terrorists from its prisons in exchange for the bodies of three Israeli soldiers and a civilian who had been kidnapped by the Hizbullah terror organization. Those opponents of the deal in Israel fear that exchanging terrorist prisoners for kidnapped Israelis will encourage more kidnapping. Confirming Israel's fears, the Palestinian media has cited numerous PA sources expressing the sentiment that Hizballah has created the precedent, and the "resistance" is more effective than negotiations. Even Arafat's Fatah "emphasized the necessity to follow in the footsteps of the act of Hizbullah, so that all prisoners and detainees will be released." The following are a collection of statements from the PA media:

The Minister for prisoners and detainees affairs, Hisham Abdul-Raziq, expressed his joy at the completion of prisoners exchanging between Hizbullah and the Government of Israel. This deal includes the releasing of four hundred Palestinian prisoners...

The spokesman of the committee of the relatives of the prisoners in Israeli jails, Halid Al-Hatib... said: "The Government of Israel, by reaching this agreement, sends the Palestinians a message, which indicates that the releasing of your prisoners will not happen through negotiations."

Palestinian National Council member, Basam Abu Sharif, thanked Hizbullah for its efforts to release four hundred Palestinian prisoners. He described this act of Hizbullah as a Pan-Arab one deserving respect...

The Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements described the deal as "an achievement", which confirms that the resistance is "a realistic and practical option" for the freeing the land and people.

One of Hamas leaders, Ismail Haniyah, told the French News Agency that the deal is a Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab achievement and he added: "This deal confirms that the resistance is a realistic and a practical option, which is capable of achievements to liberate the land and people.  [Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, Jan. 26, 2004]

The wife of the prisoner, Nafiz Haraz, a resident of Gaza who served 19 years in jail of life imprisonment... said: "every single prisoner who is released is an achievement for us and a victory for the resistance... We thank Sheik Nasrallah for this important achievement of releasing prisoners. He is the hawk of the Arabs..."

The [Palestinian] citizens believe that Hizbullah's action opend a new door of hope for the families of the prisoners, after it was closed during the [discussions of] political solutions between the [Palestinian] National Authority and Israel, which did not lead to any practical results..." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, Jan.27, 2004]

"... the military branch of the Fatah movement, organized a civil and military parade yesterday in Rafah to express appreciation and gratitude for the efforts made by Hizbullah in releasing Arab and Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails in the prisoners exchange deal with Isreal. In a manifesto of the Abu Al-Rish Regiments, the military branch of Fatah emphasized the necessity to follow in the footsteps of the act of Hizbullah, so that all prisoners and detainees will be released." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, Jan. 29, 2004]

Itamar Marcus is director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). To subscribe to PMW's reports, send an empty e-mail to reports-subscribe@pmw.org.il

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 30, 2004.
What a shame that Sharon only seems to be able to be clever when it comes to his own skin. If instead of investing public funds and resources into bolstering his popularity he were to use them to fight the terror, all of us including Sharon would be in better shape. Once people can calm down a bit and actually think about what has happened, a goodly number of them will be totally disgusted by Sharon and his antics. These are news item from today's Arutz-7 (http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=57038). Sharon must resign.

In an impressive military-state ceremony, the State of Israel last night welcomed home the bodies of Staff-Sergeant Benny Avraham, Staff-Sergeant Adi Avitan and Staff-Sergeant Omar Suaed...

President Katzav, Prime Minister Sharon, Defense Minister Mofaz and Chief of Staff Yaalon addressed the ceremony, with Chief Rabbi Brig.-Gen. Weiss read a quotation from the Bible in honor of the soldiers and their families.

During the ceremony, the fathers of the Jewish soldiers, Adi Avitan and Benny Avraham, recited the Kaddish prayer said in honor of the dead; and an imam recited Al-Fatcha, a Muslim prayer in honor of the dead, alongside the father of Omar Suaed.

Prime Minister Sharon, who called the decision to go ahead with the exchange with the Hizbullah that led to the return of the bodies "a Jewish decision", addressed the ceremony saying, "The reality of our lives sometimes forces us into a terrible mix of sadness with sadness. It appears that is the price a society that values life must pay."

"We are here with a heavy heart before these three caskets draped in the national flag. We considered with great seriousness all of the data, and we placed on the scale one decisive factor: Jewish sensitivity. We have paid a great debt today," Sharon continued, "a debt of honor due our soldiers, and due their tortured families."

Regarding the issue of the confrontation with the Hizbullah, the prime minister said, "The State of Israel will not allow the terrorist organizations to turn kidnapping into a system." He issued a warning to Lebanese terrorist elements that Israel has harsh tools at its disposal to combat kidnapping that it has not yet employed - but would, should it become necessary...

...Several Knesset members refused to attend. Shas party head Eli Yeshai called the ceremony a wasteful "festival"... Were the abundant speeches and musical accompaniments truly necessary? It is interesting to see how many of those present will come to comfort the families when television cameras are not around."

Another person opposed to the ceremony, who was instrumental in bringing a case to court objecting to the release of the terrorists, was Meir Indor, of the Almagor terror victims association.

"Now it can be revealed," Indor wrote after the ceremony, "Everyone fooled everyone else!" He explained that the ceremony, which does not appear in any state protocols, was produced under orders of the prime minister "to milk the public for support, after the criticism he was exposed to as a result of the deal." Indor also blamed the media for collaboration, as well as the ceremony organizers for "dancing on the coffins."

On the other hand, offended by what was not included in the ceremony, was the spokespersons for the Action Committee for Jonathan Pollard. In none of the speeches delivered at the ceremony, even those which referred by name to missing or imprisoned Israelis abroad, was there any mention of Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned in the United States for his activities on behalf of Israel, the activists noted with disappointment.

At approximately the same time that the Israeli airplane carrying Elchanan Tenenbaum and the bodies of the three IDF soldiers landed in Israel, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah was presiding over a celebration in Beirut marking the return of the dozens of Lebanese terrorists released by Israel in the exchange.

During his address to the large crowd last night, Nasrallah stated that his organization would kidnap more Israelis in order to obtain the release of other terrorists imprisoned in Israel. Noting the numbers of prisoners released by Israel in the exchange, Nasrallah taunted that just for information on Ron Arad, Israel will release all of its security prisoners.

The Hizbullah's original demand was for the release of approximately 4,000 terrorists and their accomplices. During the negotiations leading up to the just-completed exchange, Israel appeared willing to release Samir Kuntar, responsible for the deaths of four Israelis, in exchange for details on missing navigator Ron Arad.

Released terrorist leader Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid, originally captured by Israel as a bargaining chip for Ron Arad, commented in an interview with Al-Jazeera television that while he was pleased to be released, the Arab world must not forget "the others still in jail."

Similarly, one of the terrorists released yesterday into Palestinian Authority jurisdiction in Gaza told Israeli media, in Hebrew, "I have a message for Sheikh Nasrallah. We had only a few months left, it was not much. But we have brothers who are in jail for life; they are suffering." The Arab terrorists released into PA custody were greeted by cheering throngs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Judy Balint, January 30, 2004.
This was written by Stuart Pilichowski, Mevasseret Zion.

It started out simply enough. A cold, beautiful Jerusalem morning. I got to the Kotel, the Western Wall, in the Old City of Jerusalem at 8:00AM for Yakir's bar-mitzvah celebration. Yakir was born during (into?) the SCUD War. I'll never forget the first baby pictures. It was hard to see him clearly: he was in a plastic tent. That was his gas mask. Great way to enter the world. A slap on the tush and then preventive measures against chemical and poison gas.

He did a great job leading the services and reading from the Torah. It's pretty normal to become bar-mitzvah at the Kotel so I didn't really think twice about the enormity of where we were and what it meant in the realm of things. We too quickly become accustomed to what should always remain most meaningful. The exotic and mysterious lose their allure. Sometimes even for our loved ones. Maybe it's just me.

Then we heard the news. A bus bombing in Jerusalem. Reports were first coming in. We later learned of the terrorist rising at 4:00 in the morning and going to his prayer services before setting out on his way to destroy lives. To destroy families.

A reminder: The bomb is not "just" a block of C4 explosive or something. It's laden with nails and ball bearings to maximize the damage. It's horrible enough to sit at your worktable and manufacture a bomb that you know will savagely slaughter innocent lives. But to top it off with bits and pieces to take full advantage of the damage you can cause is just unfathomable to me.

I wonder what the Allah he thought he was praying to was thinking about this worshipper's "religious" intentions.

My daughter-in-law and two granddaughters were in a taxi on the way to the Kotel when they heard not only the radio reports coming in, but also the sirens blaring from every direction. Avigayil, 4 1/2, began crying. She understood. She was sensitive. She was frightened. Temimah, 3 years old, said let's pray. Even at such a young age they seem to know. Israeli intuition?

We toured the Old City after breakfast. What struck me during a stop at a museum showing the banishment of Jews from the Old City in 1948 by the Arabs (not Palestinians - that's a new term) was that not only aren't things changing, but I was actually bothered by a burning question I've always had: What have we Jews done so sinfully or wickedly that we to this day warrant such bitter hatred?

Yakir. He was kidded about being a "flower child" because he delivers flowers on Fridays in honor of the Sabbath. While his friends were celebrating their buddy's bar-mitzvah last night, Yakir's Uncle David turned to me and said, "Just another few years and all these kids are going to be wearing uniforms. They're going to be protecting us." Unspoken was the fact that perhaps (certainly?) a few years later some wouldn't even be around.

While we were dancing and singing songs of joy and celebration into the night, burials, eulogies, and cries of anguish were already happening in Jerusalem. The dead do not remain in the Holy City overnight. They must be buried. Why? I'm not sure.

Perhaps because death is a sure sign of absolute conclusion. Nothing more can be accomplished by the deceased. Only the memories and past deeds remain. Jerusalem, the City of Peace, requires action, movement up the ladder towards always aiming for greater achievement. Never remain passive. Always stay optimistic and struggle to climb the mountain.

To come full circle, when I was getting flowers for the bar-mitzvah celebration and for the Sabbath this Friday morning, the store seemed unusually quiet for a Friday morning. After all, it's the busiest time of the week.

The fellow in the store said his brother-in-law was killed in the blast and buried last night.

Everyone is touched somehow. Shabbat Shalom

"Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" by Judy Lash Balint (Gefen) is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com

Posted by Steven Plaut, January 30, 2004.
We have often commented on the antics of Uri Avnery. Avenry heads a splinter anti-Israel extremist group called "Gush Shalom" www.gush-shalom.org, no doubt funded by the usual overseas ill-wishers. Avnery is considered the father of Israeli anti-Zionism and wrote a book "Israel without Zionists" back in the late 1960s. He is so extremist that when his own mother died, she cut him out of her will and declared in her will that she regards him as a traitor. He has been compared by many to Lord Haw Haw. Mikey Lerner of Tikkun regularly runs Avnery's ravings and endorses them. I guess Lerner runs the rebuttals of Avnery on the same web page on which he posts a photocopy of his Rabbinic ordination certificate and the transcript of his studies from Rabbinic seminary....

Avnery runs ads in the Israeli press for his movement, paid for by Guess Who. They inevitable involve attacks on Israel and defense of Palestinian hatred of Jews. But today's ad in Haaretz by Avnery goes a bit beyond his usual fare. Avnery writes a short screed under the title "Only with Violence/Force" in which he defends the Hizbollah having kidnapped the three Israeli soldiers and holding their bodies as extortionate bargaining chips to force Israel to release the hundreds of imprisoned terrorists. You see, explains Avnery, it is all Israel's fault. Had Israel voluntarily released all the terrorists long ago, the Hizbollah would have had no reason ro grab Israeli hostages in the first place to extort the release of the terrorists. SO because Israel was obstinate and "only understands the use of force" (his words), it is all the Sharon government's fault. Avnery does not consider the possibility that executing the 450 terrorists would also have removed any incentive for the Hizbollah to grab bargaining chips.

Someone just asked me why Israel has not tossed Avnery into "administrative detention", which is usually used to hold terrorists and occasionally Kahanists. I do not have a good answer.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

Posted by Bryna Berch, January 30, 2004.
This article was written by Amir Taheri and appeared as a Opinion column on the New York Post website (http://www.nypost.com). January 26, 2004 -- THE other day at the World Economic Forum's inaugural session at Davos, Switzerland, Iran's President Muhammad Khatami repeatedly nodded his head in approval as forum founder Klaus Schwab called for the eradication of international terrorism. In his own speech, Khatami called for a "dialogue of civilizations" as an alternative to war and terror.

Meanwhile, militants from some 40 countries spread across the globe were trekking to Tehran for a 10-day "revolutionary jamboree" in which "a new strategy to confront the American Great Satan" will be hammered out.

The event starts Feb. 1, to mark the 25th anniversary of the return to Iran from exile of the late Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini, the founder of the "Islamic Revolution." It is not clear how many militants will attend, but Iran's official media promise a massive turnout to underline the Islamic Republic's position as the "throbbing heart of world resistance to American arrogance."

The guest list reads like a who's who of global terror.

In fact, most of the groups attending the event, labeled "Ten Days of Dawn," are branded by the United States and some European Union members as terrorist outfits. These include 17 branches of the Hezbollah, a worldwide militant Shi'ite movement created by Tehran in 1983.

For more than two decades, Tehran has been a magnet for militant groups from many different national and ideological backgrounds. The Islamic Republic's hospitality cuts across even religious divides. Militant Sunni organizations, including two linked to al Qaeda - Ansar al-Islam (Companions of Islam) and Hizb Islami (The Islamic Party) - will enjoy Iranian hospitality. So will Latin American guerrilla outfits, clandestine Irish organizations, Basque and Corsican separatists and a variety of leftist groups, from Spartacists to Trotskyites and Guevarists.

Tehran is the only capital where all the Palestinian militant movements have offices; some have training and financial facilities there, too. Iranian officials claim that the presence of these organizations is limited to "cultural and information activities."

The militant offices are known as "daftar ertebat" - "contact bureaus" - while the training offered by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards is presented as "courses in self-defense."

But the war in Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein have shaken the traditional Khomeinist assumption that the United States will never risk a direct confrontation with the Iranian regime.

The old view is expressed in a celebrated dictum of Khomeini that is painted on the walls of the conference center where the militants will meet: "America Cannot Do A Damn Thing!"

Now, however, many in Tehran believe that unless the Khomeinist regime modifies aspects of its behavior, notably in its relations with terrorist groups, it might find itself in military conflict with the United States. "Anyone who ignores the presence of the American war machine all around us suffers from deadly illusions," says Imadeddin Baqi, a member of the outgoing Islamic Majlis (parliament).

Until at least last December, one idea was to either cancel the terrorist jamboree or curtail it to a single prayer session at Khomeini's mausoleum in Tehran.

That idea was vetoed by the "Supreme Guide," Ali Khamenei, who believes that any show of weakness by the regime could encourage its numerous opponents inside and outside the country. Thus Khamenei plans to use the global jamboree to show that Iran is still a revolutionary force to be reckoned with, and that he alone, and not the ineffective Khatami, calls the shots in Tehran.

Khamenei also hopes that the next elections, to be held 10 days after the terror jamboree ends, will produce a new majority that shares his strategy. His game plan is to unify the regime by cutting the so-called "reformists" down to size and adopting a wait-and-see tactic until after the American presidential election.

The militants headed to Tehran will likely be told they must lie as low as possible for the next few months without abandoning their radical goals.

The Tehran gathering is also expected to deepen the recent informal alliances made between Islamist militant groups and a variety of communist, anarchist and environmentalist militant groups against the "American common enemy." The Khomeinist leadership has taken note of the success of the Islamist-Leftist alliances in organizing rallies against the liberation of Iraq last year.

Khomeini himself presided over an alliance of Islamists, communists and other Marxist-Leninist groups that brought down the Shah's regime in 1979.

"Today, mankind has a common enemy," says Ayatollah Ahmad Janati, who heads the powerful Council of Guardians in Tehran. "And that enemy is the American Great Satan. Anyone who fights the Great Satan for whatever reason is on our side, and anyone who does not is on the opposite side."

Nevertheless, it is clear that the Khomeinist regime is prepared to change aspects of its behavior and even concede some tactical retreats to weather what many in Tehran call "the Bush storm." But the regime's strategy - aimed at driving America out of the Middle East, destroying Israel and replacing all Arab regimes with "truly Islamic" ones - remains unchanged.

It is no accident that two words are popular in Tehran these days. One is detente, often used by Khatami and the so-called "reformists." The other, used by the more hard-line Khomeinists, is hudhabiah, which is the name of a truce signed by the Prophet Muhammad with a Jewish tribe in Medina at a time Muslims found themselves in a weak position.

At the end of the truce period, the Prophet's army, having rebuilt its strength, attacked the Jews and massacred all its adult male members, seizing women and children as war booty.

It is against this background that the question of what to do with Iran must be debated. The Khomeinist leadership, isolated abroad and threatened at home, appears ready to offer almost all the behavioral changes required by Washington and the Eureopean Union. But it cannot change its nature. And there is no guarantee that this particular beast will not bite again, and hard, as soon as it feels that it is no longer threatened. A scorpion does not sting because it is naughty; that is dictated by its nature.

The current mood of retrenchment in Tehran may lead to a brief detente, as Khatami wants. But that would mean nothing but a tactical move; the strategy of terror remains unchanged.

Posted by Linda Olmert, January 29, 2004.
The article written below is from December 2001 on the Jewish World Review website (http://www.jewishworldreview.com). I am sending it now not only because the words are so poignant, or because the writer hailed from my hometown of Toronto and made aliya 8 years ago.

I am sending this article because the words were prophetic: Yechezkel (Chezi) Goldberg, of blessed memory, was slaughtered this morning along with nine others on a bus, by a terrorist in the center of Jerusalem.

Please see that this article makes it's way through the web at least with the alacrity of the jokes that we send: as a tribute, and as a cry.

The scene: 7:30 a.m. Israel time, Sunday December 2, 2001 - Eight hours after the triple terror attack at Jerusalem's popular Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall.

He walked into shul, synagogue. I nodded my acknowledgement, as I always do. He made some strange gesture, which I didn't comprehend. I continued praying.

A few minutes later, he walked over to me and said: "Didn't you hear?"

"Hear about what?" I replied.

He grew impatient, almost frustrated. "Didn't you HEAR?"

I understood that he was talking about last night's terror attack on Ben Yehuda Mall, a trendy night spot frequented not only by Israelis, but also Western tourists.

I assumed that he obviously was intimating that someone we knew was hurt or killed.

I replied: "About who?"

He looked at me as if I had landed from another planet. "About who? About everyone who was attacked last night."

I nodded. "Yes, of course I heard."

"Then why aren't YOU crying?"

His words shot through me like a spear piercing my heart. Our sages teach that "Words that come from the heart, enter the heart." He was right, of course. Why wasn't I crying?

I could not answer. I had nothing to say.

He pointed around the shul. "Why aren't all of my friends crying?"

I could not answer. I had nothing to say.

"Shouldn't we all be crying?"

I could not answer. I had nothing to say.

What has happened to all of us, myself included? We have turned to stone. Some would call it "numbness." Some would call it "collective national shock." Some would say that we all have suffered never-ending trauma and it has affected our senses.

Frankly, the excuses are worthless. All the reasons in the world don't justify our distance from the real pain that is burning in our midst.

When an attack happens, in the heat of the moment, we frantically check to see if someone we know has been hurt or killed. And then, if we find out that "our friends and family are safe," we sigh a deep sigh of relief, grunt and grumble about the latest tragic event and then, we continue with our robotic motions and go on with our lives.

We have not lost our minds, my friends. We have lost our hearts.

And that is why we keep on losing our lives.

When I left shul, my friend said to me with tears dripping from his bloodshot Eyes: "I heard once that the Torah teaches that for every tear that drops from our eyes, another drop of blood is saved."

We are living in a time of absolute madness. It is obvious what is going on around us and yet, we detach ourselves and keep running on automatic in our daily lives.

Last night, when it was only ten people who were known killed and just 200 injured, even MSNBC.com referred to the triple terror attack as a "slaughter." (More tragedy, it turns out, awaited us a few hours later.)

And yet, we are not crying.

I know a woman who lost sensitivity in her fingers. When she approaches fire, she doesn't feel the pain. That puts her in a very dangerous position because she might be unaware she is burning herself.

If we are being hurt and we don't feel it, then we are in a very risky position. A devastating three pronged suicide attack on Jerusalem's most popular thoroughfare should evoke a cry of pain and suffering from all of us, should it not? Unless of course, we have lost our senses.

And if we have lost our senses, then what hope is there?

When our enemies pound us and we don't react because we no longer feel the pain, we are truly in a dangerous and precarious position in the battle and struggle to survive.

Perhaps, my friends, we are being foolish to really believe that the nations of the world should be upset about the continuous murder and slaughter of Jews - if we ourselves are not crying about it. Am I my brother's keeper?

The most effective way for us to stop the carnage in our midst is to wake up and to react to it from our hearts. How can we DEMAND that the Creator stop the tragedy when most of us react like robots when tragedy strikes?

If WE don't cry about what is happening around us, who will?

If YOU don't cry about what is happening around us, who will?

If I don't cry about what is happening to us, who will?

Maybe our salvation from this horrific mess will come only after WE tune into our emotions and cry and scream about it.

As King Solomon said, "There is a time for everything under the sun." Now is the time for crying. May He protect each and every one of us from our enemies so that we will not have to cry in the future.

From JWR: "Chezi Goldberg is a Jerusalem based counselor for Adolescents and Families At Risk. This is his first contribution to these pages. Send your comments by clicking here."

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 29, 2004.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has posted a video of the results of todays butchery in Jerusalem. This is not for the weak of mind or stomach. You will see body parts and human internal organs strewn about. The next time someone tells you how inhuman it is to rid Israel of these wretched Arab monsters, show them this film. One of those you will see torn apart was a neighbor another was the relative of my daughters close friend. There are not a lot of degrees of separation between Jews, especially in Israel. Now I have to go to a funeral.

The video is at http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/go.asp?swiU04um0

Posted by IsrAlert, January 29, 2004.
[IMRA:  So much for the "concepts". Ali Yusuf Jaara carried out a murderous suicide bombing today.

Concept #1 Suicide bombers are the product of poverty - give them employment and you stop the attacks

Reality #1 Ali Yusuf Jaara, a 24-year-old Palestinian policeman from Bethlehem was gainfully employed. He supported his extended family with his salary.

Concept #2 Recruit the terrorists in PA security to prevent them from carrying out attacks

Reality #2 Ali Yusuf Jaara, a 24-year-old member of Yasser Arafat's Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades was employed by the PA as a policeman.]

The following news item was in Ha'aretz today:

Ten people were killed and at least 50 wounded in a suicide bombing on a bus in central Jerusalem, shortly before 9 A.M. Thursday.

The blast took place on Egged bus No. 19, on the corners of Arlozorov and Gaza streets, very close to the official residence of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was not in the building at the time. The site of the explosion is also close to the Moment Cafe, where 13 people were killed in a March 2002 suicide bombing.

Magen David Adom said that 10 people were in serious condition, 15 had moderate wounds and the rest sustained light injuries. All of the wounded were taken to hospitals in the Jerusalem area.

The Fatah-related Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack. Palestinian sources named the bomber as Ali Yusuf Jaara, a 24-year-old Palestinian policeman from Bethlehem.

Palestinian security officials said later Thursday that the bomber was a member of the Palestinian police, from the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The bomber was in the back of the bus when the explosives were detonated, said Jerusalem Police Commander Mickey Levy.

"It was a very serious attack on a bus packed with passengers," Levy said. "According to what we know at the moment... we're talking about a suicide bomber."

The blast tore apart the bus, turning it into a twisted wreck. Shattered glass lay on the ground. One side of the bus had been blown out and the back half of the roof was blown off.

Channel Ten quoted the driver of the bus, who was wounded in the attack, as saying that he did not see anyone suspicious get on the bus.

"It was like a pastoral scene - the sun was shining and it was serene outside - but the bus was a nightmare. Bodies were sitting in their chairs, burnt, motionless," said witness Drora Resnick.

"There were burnt children sitting together. People started rushing off the bus, but they were still there, not moving."

A resident of the area, who only gave his first name, Ofer, said he heard the blast and ran to the scene.

"I saw sights that we are now becoming used to seeing: a bus with its back part cut off, people jumping from the bus," he told Channel 10.

Stephane Ben Shushan, who owns a chocolate store in the upscale neighborhood, was walking to work and was outside his shop, about 10 meters away, when the explosion went off.

"It's indescribable," he said. "It's a real nightmare, you can smell the blood." He said there was heavy traffic and the bus was driving slow at the time.

The explosion came just two days after senior Egyptian officials made another attempt to win a pledge from Palestinian militants to halt attacks on Israelis.

The attack was a further setback to international efforts to bring about a resumption of peace talks. The U.S.-led road map peace plan has been stalled almost since its inception in June of last year.

The Palestinian Authority condemned the bombing, and senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat called for a renewal of "a meaningful peace process." Otherwise, he said, "violence will breed violence, bullets will breed bullets."

The last suicide bombing in the capital ahead of Thursday's attack took place on September 9, 2003, when seven people were killed and dozens wounded in suicide bombing at the popular Cafe Hillel on Emek Refaim Street.

Emergency numbers
Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus - 12 55 121
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem - 12 55 122
Bikur Holim - 12 55 123
Shaare Zedek Medical Center - 12 55 125

EVENTS IN ISRAEL TODAY: January 29, 2004
Posted by David Frankfurter, January 29, 2004.
1) At around 9.00am local time, a homicide bomber attacked a crowded Jerusalem bus. Detonating himself at the back of the vehicle, he left at least 10 dead and around 50 wounded.

2) In its reports today, the Associated Press chooses to call the victims of today's bus bomb "10 bystanders" ignoring the fact that Israeli Jewish civilians were (by the terrorists' own admission) the deliberate targets of the bomb. Likewise, in Strasbourg, the Council of Europe condemned the bombing as an "indiscriminate act of violence," as if this act of terror was not carefully planned. Many of the dead and injured were Israelis making their way to one of Jerusalem's main hospitals, which was the final stop on the route of the bus that the terrorists chose to bomb.

3) The Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, the "armed wing" of Yasser Arafat's Fatah organization claimed responsibility for the attack. The Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades is under the sole control and funding of Arafat's Fatah (using in part European Union grants which have been constantly been defended by senior European leaders such External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten, who was formerly a senior figure in the British Conservative Party). The Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades named the bomber as Ali Yusuf Jaara, a 24-year-old Palestinian policeman, working for Yasser Arafat's police force in Bethlehem (his salary also paid from the same EU grants).

4) The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, paid a "courtesy call" on the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in nearby Ramallah, an hour after the bombing, before visiting the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. On Tuesday Dr Williams described Israel's security fence as a " terrible symbol," ignoring the fact that it is being built to keep such bombers out.

Posted by Harv Weiner, January 29, 2004.
This was written by Dwight Owen Shweitzer, and appeared today on the Israel Insider website (http://www.israelinsider.com).

"April 1948, Tel Aviv. Israel's new Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, announced an end to the occupation of a small portion of the State of Israel today, an occupation that has continued unabated since the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in the year 74 when they expelled the Jewish population and renamed the land - Palestine.

"Certain non-Jewish residents of the small portion of land recently returned to us have been invited to stay but apparently object to the return of sovereignty to the rightful owners. This, even though the Jewish leadership has agreed to forgo the claims of the Jewish People to the return of 80 percent of the State of Israel being given to the Arabs in the made-up state of Transjordan in exchange for peace.

"Unfortunately, even a concession of such magnitude made to peacefully achieve a quick and peaceful reinstatement of Jewish control over that tiny fraction of their land being offered, which is largely desert, is apparently inadequate to insure its peaceful return."

Did anyone ever see that story? The answer is no, because no one wrote it, not then and unfortunately, not now. Diaspora Jews had long since accepted the fiction that land stolen is land lost, when international law existing since Roman times held that "first in time is first in right," a legal premise that has continued unchanged in almost every law book throughout the world and to this day.

Interestingly enough, our Arab brothers and sisters understood this concept only too well and so conveniently created the fiction that the Jewish people of today aren't related by blood and genetics to those Jews expelled by the Romans so many centuries ago. These "modern" Jews sprung out of the ether sometime after the "real" Jews conveniently disappeared.

Why these "neo Jews" (my phrase) decided to take up Hebrew, the five books of Moses, the same Torah scrolls with the same rituals and historical connections of the "real" Jews is somehow left to the fertile imaginations of the creators of this rather ridiculous fiction. Of course one might pause to wonder why anyone with half a wit would choose to be Jewish at a time when Jews were not safe anywhere and particularly unsafe everywhere. A time when Jews were blamed for every possible misfortune of their fellow men, women and children.

So what do our founding fathers do when the remnant of their ancient homeland is, like a bone to a hungry dog, tossed to them and then made to fight for the right to keep even that? They act as if the State of Israel really was created in 1948 and that what they were given was a gift out of the goodness of a world heart that really felt bad that the Holocaust happened on their watch.

This one small act in a long and unhappy history of bad calls was the precursor of all that has befallen my ancient homeland since the day when someone should have said, "Thanks, but remember what we are giving up to get this little sliver of home." If they had, say after the 1948 war, just said "We have the right to it all but we are willing to settle for this, just leave us alone to live with you in peace." If they said it in 1956 or even waited until the 7th of June 1967 and reminded the world again after the Yom Kippur War in 1973 that it had always been Israel, that might have been enough.

For what we must also "never forget" is that we live in a world that defines justice as anything but the rights of the Jewish People to get back what was stolen from them. It doesn't seem to matter whether the theft was by the Romans or the Swiss bankers or the French insurance companies, or the Germans or the Austrians or the Spaniards or the Russians and oh so many others for so long in ways too numerous to mention.

The legacy of that slight historical omission is that our Land, that holds centuries of our blood in its arid sand, is somehow not ours, and not to be reclaimed like the stolen goods of centuries since; this is the legacy of Jewish hubris and it is a legacy we will be shackled with as a millstone around our collective necks until we face the world and say Judea and Samaria are Israel and have been since before the creation of every state on the face of the earth save Egypt.

On that day, our cause shall be just, and those who accuse us of occupying our own land, those who have our blood on their hands and our gift to the world in their hearts will be made mute. The ebb and flow of history inexorably favors those whose cry for "justice" is also a cry for truth, for it is truth that is the greatest gift to be sought, fought for and achieved. The truth, so simple and explicit, is that we cannot be occupiers of our own land.

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by Freedom Now World News, January 29, 2004.
PATOKI, Pakistan: At least three armed men entered St. Paul's Church firing several rounds during a Sunday prayer service in Patoki, Pakistan, on Sunday, Jan. 25. No injuries were reported.

According to eye-witnesses, three of the attackers, Azad Hussein, Mohammad Ali and Amanat Ali, yelled: "We will teach you a lesson and even demolish your church," while firing several rounds from semi-automatic weapons during the service.

"These men have a butcher shop in front of our church,  Rev. Saleem Gill, the church pastor said. "They throw [animal] remains in our compound, which is nauseating to worshippers."

According to Gill, prior to the attack, the three men would often disrupt services by playing loud music and taunting congregants, especially women, with continued harassment and vulgarity.

When church officials asked these men to stop their disturbance, the men threatened to demolish their building and entered the church premises the next day to open fire, Gill said.

The All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) sent a team of investigators to the location and filed a complaint with the local Sadder Police Station on Jan. 27.

"We are making all efforts to get justice and to highlight this case for appropriate action," Shahbaz Bhatti, chairman of the APMA said. "The Christian community is fearful that the perpetrators will return to attack again if authorities will not deal seriously with this case."

Bhatti claims that police are often reluctant to protect non-Muslim minorities and have sought to "hush up" this incident. He says he is concerned that the callousness of the police regarding this attack may encourage increased violence against Christians and other non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan.

St. Paul's Church serves 80 Christian families living in town of Patoki, district of Kasor, where approximately 700 Muslim families reside.

On Jan. 15, extremists set off two explosions at Holy Trinity Church in Karachi, causing numerous injuries and extensive damage. Since 2001, there have been a series of attacks by Islamic militants on Western and Christian targets in Pakistan.

Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, January 29, 2004.
Today at 8:50 A.M. a Homicide Bomber from the Dahaishah Refugee Camp in Bethlehem blew himself up in Jerusalem on the #19 bus killing instantly 10, wounding 50, 12 critically. The passengers were mostly Israeli Jews and Arabs, patients and support staff, doctors and nurses who were going to Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus in Ein Kerem, plus other commuters.

This happened 3 hours BEFORE Sharon released 436 Terrorists in trade for 3 bodies and one kidnaped Israeli. Sharon went ahead with the exchange despite this horrific bombing outside his home.

Some of the released Terrorists went to Ram'Allah to meet with Yassir Arafat. In the Dahaishah Camp, reports indicate that the Arab Muslim Palestinians were celebrating in the streets.

The Homicide Bomber was Ali Yosef Jara, a former "Palestinian" Policeman, one of the Terrorists from al Aksa Martyr's Brigade (connected to Arafat's Fatah movement). He was also related to one of the Muslims Arab Terrorists who took the Church of the Nativity hostage and who was subsequently exiled to Ireland. Elements of Fatah are known to operate with funds, explosives and support from Hizb'Allah.

Sharon joins Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu and Barak by enlarging his own cemetery as Israelis are murdered by released terrorists.

The slogan outlawed by Israel's Ultra-Left Supreme Court: "No Arabs = No Terror!" is still true. I would add: "No weak politicians = fewer dead Israelis!" to that slogan.

Israel is running out of graveyard space for Israelis killed due to weak Prime Ministers tied to a short leash of foreign interests. No doubt, Israel will shortly hear from President Bush expressing condolences, with commentary from Secretary of State Colin Powell representing the U.S. State Department, saying that: "We won't let Terror stop the 'peace process'."

Clearly, it is time to cut the puppet strings that make Sharon dance. He has become a liability and a Clear and Present Danger as a leader who is controlled by foreign powers. It is also time for a house cleaning of major proportions if Israel is to survive the onslaught of Terror, Death and Maiming that is upon her.

The # 19 bus was driving on Rehov Gaza (Gaza Street) one block from the Prime Minister Sharon's residence, near the Cafe Moment, rebuilt after 21 young people died in another homicide bombing. This is at the intersection of Gaza and Arlozorov Streets around the corner from the Prime Minister's home, the President's residence, the American Consulate, Terra Sancta Convent, the Great Synagogue and the Jewish Agency building. The top of the bus was blown off, with bus and body parts blown up into apartments nearby.

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Mid East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel, Gamla (http://gamla.org.il/english) and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm)

Posted by David Wilder, January 29, 2004.
Why do Arabs continue to kill Jews?

It's clear that the suicide bomber who exploded in a Jerusalem bus this morning, murdering 10 Jews (as of this writing) and wounding about 50, was acting out the goodness of his heart.

While the palestinian policeman' from Bethlehem, who belonged to Gedudei El-Aktza of Arafat's Fatah, was blowing the #19 bus to smithereens next to Ariel Sharon's official residence, Israel was in the process of implementing the 'prisoner exchange' with Hezbollah. Israel released, not only 400 live terrorists, but also 60 bodies of dead Hezbollah warrior terrorists. Today's terrorist attack was an attempt to even the equation. After all, we were only getting three bodies back. So the terrorist exploded in an effort to even the score. Ten killed, fifty wounded, equals 60. Plus three soldiers' bodies - Israel comes out on top.

That's one reason to kill Jews. But of course, there are more.

Two days the Yesha Council held a unique press conference, during which they revealed the contents of 'secret discussions' between Yesha leaders and the highest levels of the Prime Minister's office. These leaders met, one at a time, with Dov Weisglass, Sharon's Chief of Staff. He offered them a seemingly, tantalizing deal. The Sharon government would 'disengage' from seven Yesha communities sometime in the near future. Those communities named were: Kfar Darom, Netzarim and Morag, in Gush Katif, Kadim and Ganim in northern Shomron, and Sa-Naur and Homesh in central Shomron. In return, Sharon promised to refrain from any other 'disengagements' until a final agreement with the PA terrorists. In addition, he promised to try and 'save' the rest of Gush Katif in Gaza.

At the press conference, the Yesha Council vehemently rejected this 'deal,' calling it a disgrace. But that's not really what is important. What is important is that the 'deal' was offered in the first place. Our Arab enemies could view this planned eviction of Jews from at least two different perspectives. On the one hand, they must have been disappointed at the small number of communities Sharon was offering to destroy. But, on the other hand, the very fact that Ariel Sharon, the great warmonger, the brain behind Sabra and Shatila, would even consider deleting any Jewish settlements in Israel must have been seen as a great victory.

Their analysis must have been short and sweet. The reason behind Sharon's proffered 'disengagement' was simple. The above-named communities and their surrounding vicinities are all prime targets of Arab terror attacks. Numerous security forces are needed to provide them with even semi-adequate protection. Sharon himself said, not too long ago, to a group of Bedouins that he hopes the time will soon come when Israeli troops will no longer have to serve in Gaza. Why? Because it's too violent there.

The terrorists may not all be university graduates, but simple arithmetic isn't beyond their capabilities. They know that one plus one equals two. Kill Jews plus Kill More Jews equals capitulation-withdrawal-'disengagement.' One need not be a genius to figure it out.

Actually, today's prisoner exchange is a case in point. In truth, were I in a decision-making position, I really don't know what I'd do. It is similar to a King Solomon trial (when having to decide which woman the baby belonged to, Solomon commanded that it be cut in half). But the absurdity of the deal screams out to the heavens. Elhanan Tennenbaum, an Israeli colonel in the reserves, whose kidnapping is cloaked in mystery and question marks was freed. In addition Israel received the bodies of three soldiers who were killed by Hezbollah on the Lebanese border for the purpose of kidnapping them. Hezbollah terror leader Nasrallah is already on record proclaiming that he will kidnap more Israeli soldiers in order to use them to liberate other captured terrorists.

In return Israel was forced to release four hundred! live terrorists - four hundred, most of whom will undoubtedly return to their favorite pastime - and we all know what that is. (See: Jibril, Achmad: Victory Over Israel - How I Added One Thousand Soldiers to my Private Terror Force.)

It seems that the nucleus of the deal was not Tennenbaum or the dead soldiers. Rather, it is the missing aviator Ron Arad. Israel has been promised, at the very least, information concerning Arad, and particularly, whether he is still alive. For that information we will release another Arab murderer. The price to obtain Arad, living or dead, will be astronomical.

In other words, Israel, pushed into a corner, is continuing to acquiesce. Our enemies take the offensive, we take the defensive, they are victorious and we lose.

One of rules of Israeli negotiations centers on the principle which states that terrorists 'with blood on their hands' i.e., who have murdered Israelis, will not be released from jail. Despite this code of conduct, several Arabs with 'blood on their hands' were today set free. And ten others, with blood on their hands and faces, legs and arms, all over their bodies, were also liberated - not from Israel, but from this world, for eternity.

Hamas spokesman Abdel Aziz Rantissi said after today's bombing, "It's not important who carried out this operation. The only thing which is very important is that we are resisting occupiers who came ... to occupy our land and to kill our people."

Rantissi isn't talking about Gaza - he's talking about Jerusalem and Hebron, Tel Aviv and Haifa, Eilat and Kiryat Shemona. It's only logical. After all, Sharon is folding - in the midst of a war he's offering to 'disengage' from Israeli communities, he's offering a palestinian state, he's releasing hundreds of terrorists from Israeli jails, in return for... Killing Jews!

So, in reality why not KILL JEWS - IT WORKS!

David Wilder is spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron. Their website address is http://www.hebron.org.il

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 29, 2004.
It seems fitting and in the proper spirit of the Sharon Judenrat that on the same day that hundreds of blood thirsty, Arab murders are released into the world and Jews are butchered on the streets of Jerusalem that two decent, suffering Jews are locked up. The first news item is from today's Arutz-7 (http://www.israelnationalnews.com). The second item is from the Hebron Community website.

Pas And Shvu Sentenced To Jail Time

(IsraelNN.com) Hebronite Yitzhak Pas and Matityahu Shvu of Havat Maon were each given a 15-month sentence for illegal possession of IDF weapons for criminal purposes. The sentence was handed down by the court as part of a plea bargain worked out by counsel for the defense in which other charges against Pas were dropped.

Yitzhak Pas is the father of Shalhevet Pas, the 10 month old infant brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist who fired at her through the window of her bedroom as she slept in her crib.

From www.Hebron.org.il

The prosecutor demanded that the two men be sentenced to a minimum of six years in jail, claiming that they were planning to commit a terror attack against Arabs in revenge for the murder of Itzik and Oriya Pass' infant daughter, Shalhevet.

However, the judge rejected this argument, saying that there was no basis for this assumption. Two days ago, when offering pleas for punishment, the prosecutor spoke of the two men as 'terrorists' and 'extremists,' noting 'where they live.' He was severely reprimanded by the judge, and told to 'stick to the issue at hand.'

Posted by Steven Plaut, January 29, 2004.
I have spent most of the past 12 years being ashamed to be an Israeli. Israeli governments made me ashamed, and they did so by abasing, disgracing and humiliating me as a Jew and as an Israeli.

I have been ashamed for 12 years at being an Israeli because this was the period in which the governments of Israel abandoned the struggle for Jewish national survival. They stopped trying to defend me and all other Jews. They lectured me that it was my fault that the Arab fascists were attacking Jews, and that it was within my power to stop the carnage if only I would agree to demean myself sufficiently, to grovel before the terrorists of the Middle East, and to appease the anti-Semites. I could achieve peace if I would agree to place my neck in an Arab noose, but if I refuse to do so then I would be the impediment to peace and my obstinacy would be to blame for all further carnage.

For 12 years, my government pursued a policy of defending me and my family by abandoning all attempts to defend us. My government decided to pursue peace by pretending that war did not exist. After two millennia of anti-Semitism, my government decided that anti-Semitism does not REALLY exist, and that when people randomly murder Jewish children it is because they have some legitimate grievances, because they have suffered, and because Jews have shown them insufficient sensitivity.

My government implemented policies based on the presumption that the making of concessions to blood-thirsty terrorists would be rewarded with moderation and goodwill, that importing armed Nazis into the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would cause them to seek peace. My government followed policies based on the notion that the Jews were evil, insensitive, and selfish. My government decided that if Jews would only "share" their land and resources with those who rule the entire territory from the Atlantic Ocean to Central Asia, that is, with those who refuse to agree to any "sharing" that allows a Jewish state to exist anywhere in the Middle East, then there would be peace.

My government decided that rewarding terrorists for violence would end violence, an dthen told me that there was simply no alternative to coddling terrorists and nazis.

My government pursued peace by pretending that war did not exist. My government sought peace through arming and bankrolling terrorists. My government decided that anti-Semitism can only be overcome by redressing the "underlying grievances" that it reflects. My government fought terrorism by not fighting it, and by trying to appease it. My government insisted that I must coddle anti-Semites and terrorists, and must pander to their agenda and desires for there is no other choice.

My government over the past 12 years preached to me that it was my own pride and my parochial patriotism that was the obstacle to peace. It told me I must seek peace through self-abasement and self-humiliation. My government told me that if I would show willingness to compromise, then so would the Arabs.

My government has been wrong about everything, but refuses to admit it has been wrong about anything.

My government decided that Palestinians are a "nation" and that chunks of my Jewish lands were in fact "Palestinian lands". My government decided that Arabs may freely live any place they wish anywhere in the land of Israel, but I may not live freely where I might choose if it happens to be across the "Green Line". My government instituted discrimination against me and against other Jews in the name of "affirmative action", quotas and preferences for Arabs and directed against me.

My government fought for my survival through cowardice and endless "restraint", turning my other cheek against my will, pursuing endless "goodwill gestures", which only enflamed the violence. It did so despite the fact that I and my fellow Israeli citizens voted repeatedly to revoke the "Oslo approach" and voted in favor of pursuing war against our enemies, not appeasement. My government abandoned all of northern Israel to the mercies of the Hizbollah rockets, now aimed at me in the thousands. My government abandoned the Jewish towns near the Gaza Strip to rocket barrages from the PLO.

I have spent the past 12 years cringing in shame. My government made me feel that way. But I have NEVER felt as ashamed at being an Israeli as I did this week, when my government decided to reward the Hizbollah for murdering three of my fellow citizens in cold blood. My government also abandoned Ron Arad, releasing his kidnapper, rewarding the terrorists who kidnapped him, who "sold" him to Iran and possibly murdered him.

My government decided to release nearly 450 murderers with blood on their hands in order to "buy" the release of the carcasses of three of my fellow citizens who were murdered by the Hizbollah after they had been kidnapped by it. My government had abandoned southern Lebanon to the Hizbollah and assured me there would be complete tranquility thereafter. After the farcical Israeli "withdrawal" ordered by my government, the Hizbollah has fired almost daily into Israel, has sent in terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians, and snatched the three soldiers (two Jews and one Bedouin Arab) whose bodies were released this week, after murdering them in cold blood.

Last week the Hizbollah murdered one more army officer working a bulldozer; in response my government punished some empty Hizbollah buildings. The prisoner "deal" was possible only because my government refuses to execute the murdering savages, the terrorists. My government thinks capital punishment is inhumane, and its absence has made possible the murders of 1300 of my fellow countrymen. That is like twenty two September 11ths, when measured proportional to population.

The Hizbollah also held as prisoner a man who had entered Lebanon for criminal purposes, possibly a drug deal to pay off his gambling debts. I opposed releasing any terrorists to get him released. I might have considered agreeing to release a handful as payment to the Hizbollah to keep him imprisoned there, if he is indeed a drug smuggler.

My government decided to respond to the murders of the three POWs by rewarding their murderers, not by converting three Hizbollah towns into large parking lots, not by bathing the Hizbollah leaders in napalm. My government signaled to all my fellow citizens that it was unwilling to avenge our deaths. My government let every Israeli soldier know that his life would be worthless if captured by the enemy because my government would always seek "deals" with those who murder POWs. My government made it known that by grabbing some Israelis as hostages, anyone could obtain any concession they want from my country. My government also let every soldier know that, if captured in war, he would be abandoned to his fate by my government. My government agreed to this "deal" with the Hizbollah, a deal that spit on the family of missing Israeli airman Ron Arad. The man who kidnapped and "sold" Arad has been released by my government as payment for the release of the common criminal.

My government is trying to cover its shame by boasting that it "held out tough" and refused to release the baby-murdering terrorist Samir Kuntar, the man who murdered the members of the Haran family in Nahariya. My same government boasts that it would have released this arch-murderer had the Hizbollah so much as told Israel where Ron Arad (or his grave) is.

So much for "standing tough".

My government is a disgrace. My government practices cowardice and pretends it is courage. My government displays indifference to the Israelis who will now be murdered by those released terrorists and murderers. My government had the gall to pretend it was acting out of compassion and morality when it signed this capitulation, when it placed that smirk on the face of the Hizbollah chief terrorist, boasting of his victory. To drive home the point that the "deal" proves to the world that the Jews are on the run, the terrorists blew up a bus in Jerusalem, the same Jerusalem they pretend is holy to them, as part of celebrating the stampede of Jewish flight. After all, the Hizbollah was being rewarded for terror, so why should not the Palestinians follow their lead in obtaining Israeli surrender?

The bus atrocity in Jerusalem was carried out by the "Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades," a PLO terror group under the direct command and control of Yassir Arafat.

My government pretended it was suddenly acting out of Jewish ethical values. My government would not know a Jewish ethical value if it popped up in its face. My government pretends there is a "Part B" to this capitulation, in which information about Ron Arad will be released. I do not belive them. I think my government is lying to window-dress this act of cowardice.

As I watch the victory smile on the mug of the Hizbollah Chief Terrorist, my own government makes me cringe. My government makes me ashamed of being an Israeli.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

Posted by Arlene Peck, January 29, 2004.
Have they lost their minds? Israel has let out another four? Five? hundred more terrorists. For what? The remains of three dead soldiers and one live businessman with dubious ties and who shouldn't have been there in the first place? And, who apparently is under suspicion of engaging in drug deals at the time he was taken captive. Truly, I think the powers that be who are running the country are not dealing with a full deck.

Even the fact that they pick such historic good friends of the Jews as Germany to broker the exchange I find astounding. Why not the French? Or maybe the Saudis? Ah, but the logic set by the cabinet is that these busloads of freed terrorist are to be prisoners with less than two years still to serve without "blood on their hands." Wow, what exactly does that mean?

Are these savage terrorists who "don't have blood on their hands" (yet) acceptable because they failed in their attempt to collect the fee for bombing innocent civilians? Would that make them nice guys who should be let out? Then if only the nice terrorists are going to be released, then why is Israel willing to open the jailhouse doors to let a terrorist murderer like Lebanese prisoner, Samir Kuntar out to kill again.

Why? Because they've been promised that they will receive concrete proof as to the fate of that poor man, Ron Arad who was kidnapped by these savages almost twenty years ago. Great! They'll smile and tell Israel "He's dead" and then the murderers go free. One of these prisoners is even suing Israel for $1.4 million dollars, folks, claiming he was raped by his Israeli interrogators. With the mentality of Israel as of late, I wouldn't be surprised it they'd pay it.

Hey, in this moronic bargain the enemy doesn't even have to supply Israel a body. All they have to do is tell what happened to him and Voilia!, another terrorist goes free!

Does anybody out there see anything wrong with the revolving door that the misguided leaders, and I use the word loosely, have set up for whenever their prisons get too full?

Have any of you actually read the conditions of this "exchange." According to the Israeli government statement on prisoner exchange, "Israel has apparently accepted the principle that the sovereign state of Lebanon has borne no responsibility for the open holding of hostages by an armed camp." Of course they don?t. There is no more Lebanon. It's all Syria now.

Good Lo-d! What kind of message does this give to the terrorists? You want land? Money? The prisons opened? Well, apparently in Israel, all you have to do is kidnap someone and you won't even have to go meet your 72 virgins. Just grab somebody out of a restaurant, or disco or hey, kidnap a few Jewish kids out of school and they'll give you anything you want to get them back.

They don't even have to be living when you trade them when you give Israel your 'wish list.' How the enemy must be laughing in they're mosques. What contempt Israel has earned. I remember Rabbi Meir Kahane telling me years ago, "The people in Israel want to be loved. I don't want the love of the Arabs. I want them to fear us, and respect us." Now I know what he meant. He knew the meaning of the words, "Never Again."

I feel like an idiot. I'm one of those silly American journalists who go on Front Page Jerusalem (a Christian radio show which is heard in a hundred stations across America) or, I speak to a group of Hillel kids and tell them, "You want to support Israel? Then get on a plane and travel there. The people of Israel need you. Don't be afraid."

Yeah right. You bet your bippies that I'll think twice the next time because crazy and irrational actions like this release don't make me want to encourage the mindless to travel there.

What does this do to morale? How does the IDF feel now? Knowing, that their hard-earned capture of these savage barbarians was for nothing. Do you think that the United States would be crazy enough to open the gates at Guantamno and let those dangerous men loose?

I have an idea! Maybe the damn fools who think it prudent to let even more terrorists roam the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem give a little more thought. As long as they are setting them free why not give them a one way ticket for them and their families to any Arab country of their choice. But, I'll make a bet with you. Just as always, they wouldn't find any of their Arab brothers willing to take these trouble-makers in. The Palestinian Arab want to push Israel into the sea? They should be pushed back into their Arab lands. Anyone of the twenty-two that they already have will do.

Shimon Peres, who gave the PLO an army and guns, was quoted in the LA Times, "There's no room for joy here. We paid a high price because we are more sensitive to human life than Hezbollah is." Lovely.

Maybe it's time to stop being so politically correct and sensitive to the human life of the terrorists and show some cohones. Israel is in a war and has the power to do something. It's time to do it.

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She can be reached at: bestredhead@earthlink.net and www.arlenepeck.com

Posted by Women In Green, January 29, 2004.
David Ben Gurion, the Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1937.

"No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish People in Israel. No Jew has the authority to do so. No Jewish body has the authority to do so. Not even the entire Jewish People alive today has the right to yield any part of Israel.

It is the right of the Jewish People over the generations, a right that under no conditions can be cancelled. Even if Jews during a specific period proclaim they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to deny it to future generations. No concession of this type is binding or obligates the Jewish People.

Our right to the country - the entire country - exists as an eternal right, and we shall not yield this historic right until its full and complete redemption is realized."

Posted by Kevin Bjornson, January 29, 2004.
It's time to dump Sharon. He's under a legal cloud over alleged misuse of power for personal financial gain. That makes him more vulnerable to attack, and less able to fight; much like Clinton was during his scandals. Netanyahu would be a much better leader. I advise the new leader to not exchange imprisoned terrorists for kidnapped civilians - whatever is rewarded will be encouraged. If military personnel were kidnapped, that would be a different matter, but the exchange should be equivalent, not lopsided. The effect of this would be to channel the aggression of terrorists unto the IDF, whose profession is to deal with matters of that sort. The release of kidnapped Israeli citizens should be a necessary condition of any exchange of terrorists for IDF personnel, but no additional credit given.

BTW, I like the idea of the WB barrier. Since fixed check points are a sucker move (due to vulnerability to surprise attack), why not eliminate them, and seal that border entirely? That way, West Bankers would have to travel through Jordan; the long trip would be more difficult to make and easier to trace through intelligence.

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 29, 2004.
This is a letter I wrote to the Washington Post about a Molly Moore column.

Molly Moore's Jan. 29 report of exchanges of fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza has two important flaws which have the effect of humanizing terrorist groups and downplaying Israel's need to protect itself against them.

First, with the lead paragraph, she casts the story in the form of human tragedy -- a father who pleads with his son not to leave the house when the fighting erupts, but the son bolts out the door and gets killed. It is not until the last sentence in the SEVENTH paragraph that we're told that the son was listed by Islamic Jihad as among four of its fighters killed during the fight. In other words, the son was a terrorist rushing to join other terrorists. Would the Post cast a story about a U.S. military clash in Iraq with insurgents as a bereaved father's loss of a son?

Second, it is not until the last sentence in the TENTH paragraph that we're told the supposed reason for the Israeli raid into Gaza in the first place. It cites a statement from an Israeli military spokesman that Palestinians had been conducting attacks against convoys traveling to and from a nearby Jewish settlement. Again, that's NOT THE FULL STORY from the Israeli side. Israel said there had been recently a marked escalation in the planting of roadside bombs and the lobbing of rockets into the settlement. In other words, it wasn't just attacks against convoys but a widespread increase in terrorist attempts to kill more and more Jews. Why can't Molly Moore report accurately Israel's position when she so solicitously goes out of her way to describe the Palestinian side?

IT'S ASPIRATION, NOT DESPERATION: The Death Worship of Suicide Bombers
Posted by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, January 29, 2004.
"I always wanted to be the first woman who sacrifices her life for Allah. My joy will be complete when my body parts fly in all directions."

These are the words of female suicide terrorist Reem Reyashi, videotaped just before she killed four Israelis and herself two weeks ago in Gaza. What is surprising about this horrific statement is that she put a positive value on her dismemberment and death, distinct from her goal to kill others. She was driven by her aspiration to achieve what the Palestinians call "shahada," death for Allah. She had two distinct goals: To kill and to be killed. These independent objectives, both positive in her mind, were goals greater than her obligations and emotional ties to her two children. This aspiration to die, which contradicts the basic human instinct for survival, is at the core of the suicide terrorism fervor. Only when this death worship component is recognized as a basic tenet of Palestinian belief will it be possible to understand the challenges Israel and the world face from suicide terror.

Palestinian society actively promotes the religious belief that their deity craves their deaths. Note the words of a popular music video directed at children, broadcast hundreds of times on PA TV, which depicts the earth thirsting for the blood of children: "How sweet is the fragrance of the shahids, how sweet is the scent of the earth, its thirst quenched by the gush of blood, flowing from the youthful body."

This conviction that the deity thirsts for or craves human death as tribute and sacrifice has its roots in ancient beliefs. The Bible cites ancient cultures of the Land of Israel: "Their sons and their daughters they sacrifice to their Gods" [Deut: 12]. Even the Israelites were drawn to it: "And they built altars to give their sons and daughters to Molech which God did not command nor consider this abomination [Jeremiah: 32]." As recently as 500 years ago, South American tribes used to leave children to die on mountain tops as presents to their gods. The common denominator driving human sacrifice cults was the belief that the deity craved the death of innocents.

This is precisely the belief that the leaders of Palestinian society are inculcating in their people. Moreover, Palestinians have been taught on PA TV by their religious leaders that they are born for the very purpose of dying for Allah: "The believer was created to know his Lord and to uphold Islam to be a shahid, or intend to be a shahid. If the Muslim does not aspire shahada, he will die as in the Jahiliya [pre-Islam faith]. If we truthfully request it of Allah, He will grant us its rewards even if we die in bed."

This message is of paramount significance. The Muslim is born in order to die the right death, according to Palestinian Islam. Death need not be the termination of life to be prevented, but can be transformed into the ultimate achievement, on the condition it is for the deity. Those who do achieve this death are promised rewards by religious leaders on PA TV: "All his sins are forgiven from the first gush of blood; he is exempted from the torments of the grave (Judgment)... he marries 72 Dark-Eyed [Virgins or Maidens of Paradise]... on his head is placed a crown of honor, one stone of which is worth more than all there is in this world."

EVEN CHILDREN are not spared the indoctrination that the deity wants their deaths. A telling example is the story of 14-year-old Faras Ouda, a boy elevated to heroism by the Palestinian leadership. Yasser Arafat regularly singles out Ouda as a role model for children, addressing children on TV once as "peers, friends, brothers and sisters of Faras Ouda," another time telling them "This generation represented by your colleague, the hero Shahid, Faras Ouda!" Yet another time he said, "We are saluting to the spirit of our hero Shahid Faras Ouda, Faras Ouda, Faras Ouda!"

What was Faras Ouda's great accomplishment that Arafat elevated him to archetypical role model? The boy's goal in life was to die for the deity, as reported in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al Jadida: "On the day of his death Faras Ouda left his home with a slingshot, after having made himself a wreath decorated with photos of himself and having written on it 'The Brave Shahid Faras Ouda.'

Faras Ouda wanted to die for the deity, achieved it, and thus became Arafat's hero.

Palestinian mothers have been taught to aspire to death for Allah for their children. A mother explained recently on PA TV why she expressed joy upon hearing of her son's death: "A mother makes sounds of joy because she wants him to reach shahada. He became a shahid for Allah Almighty. I wanted the best for him; this is the best for [my son] Shaadi."

PA ideology rejects the value of 'life' that other societies hold supreme. As expressed by a senior historian, professor Issam Sissalem, in a lecture on PA TV: "We are not afraid to die, and do not love life."

Like their adult role models, Palestinian children have learned to see dying for the deity as their goal in life. In a chilling talk show interview on PA TV, two 11-year-old girls explain cheerfully and eloquently what they and their young friends desire: Walla: "Shahada is very, very beautiful. Everyone aspires to shahada. What could be better than going to paradise?" Host: "What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people or shahada?" Walla: "Shahada". Yussra: "Of course shahada is sweet. We don't want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life but from the Afterlife... Every Palestinian child aged, say 12, says "Oh Lord, I would like to become a shahid."

Public opinion polls indicate that Yussra and Walla represent an overwhelming majority of Palestinian children who embrace this belief. According to three different polls, 70 to 80 percent of Palestinian children aspire to shahada.

In the ancient world, there was widespread belief that the deity wanted humans to die as the ultimate form of worship. People gave their children to the deity of Molech and the Baal. This ancient belief has now returned to plague the world. The world had assumed that the Palestinian suicide terrorist was facing a dilemma of having to choose between the "value" of killing Jews and the value of life. Clearly, this is false.

Killing Jews is one "value." Death for deity is itself a value, indeed, a value greater than life. Seeking shahada is not desperation but aspiration. As the mother explained her joy after her son's death: "I wanted the best for him."

Itamar Marcus is director of Palestinian Media Watch (http://www.pmw.org.il). Barbara Crook, a writer and university lecturer based in Ottawa, Canada, is PMW's North American representative. The TV quotations in this article can be viewed on the PMW web site.

Posted by Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D., January 29, 2004.
If Israel's Finance Ministry ultimately has its way, the famed Merkava Mk. 4 tank may soon be a thing of the past.

For the moment, the government has given the Merkava a temporary stay of execution, deciding in late November that it would continue to fund the tank program into the 2004 fiscal year. But the rate of production probably will be reduced and the program cut back or killed in the coming years. The current fleet has 3,900 tanks.

Strong, eleventh-hour lobbying by military and industry leaders has kept the program on life support. But many observers believe that new austerity measures adopted by the government may soon force reluctant ministers to once again revisit this issue.

Seeking to bridge an ever-widening budget gap, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli's current minister of finance, is targeting the Merkava, a program which many believe is too costly and wasteful given the nation's other more pressing priorities.

Many of these same officials also contend that the program is superfluous given the recent defeat of the Iraqi military by American-led forces and its elimination as a near-term threat to Israel's security.

The Merkava is the country's only indigenously produced main battle tank and represents a formidable part of the defense manufacturing base in Israel. Israel spends approximately 1 billion NIS ($228 million) a year on tank procurement.

Supporters contend that eliminating all tank production in Israel is not only shortsighted, but also fiscally irresponsible. They note that both the human and financial costs of any shut down would be high and should be weighed accordingly. More importantly, though, the recommendation ignores key strategic considerations which fall outside of the purview of the Finance Ministry.

Proponents argue that while Israel contemplates a reduction in its ground forces, the countries it may one day face in battle - Egypt, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia - continue to upgrade their arsenals with ever more modern, lethal and offensive armor, missile, naval and aircraft platforms.

In a recent interview, Israel's Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz expressed concerns over the massive buildup in Egypt's offensive armament, particularly its acquisition of state-of-the-art American equipment saying, "We look with concern at the strengthening of Egypt, and we ask: What is it for? After all, we have peace with Egypt and I see no country threatening them. A new reality may develop that in a few years there will be a different leadership in Egypt, and that could change how they relate to Israel."

The combined tank forces of Egypt (3,000), Syria (3,700), Lebanon (280), Jordan (990) and Saudi Arabia (750) stands at roughly 8,720.

In October, the Pentagon approved the sale of 125 additional M1A1 Abrams tank kits to Egypt along with associated services and upgrades. The move brings to 880 the number of M1s in Cairo's inventory. The M1 is the U.S. premier battle tank.

Among the Merkava's principal advocates is Maj. Gen. Haim Erez (Res.). During the Yom Kippur War of 1973, his brigade was the first to cross the Suez Canal in pursuit of the fleeing Egyptian Army. His commander was Ariel Sharon, now Israel's Prime Minister. "The Merkava MK.4 provides its crew with excellent protection and survivability from new threats that have developed since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and is essential to sustaining the country's qualitative military edge," said Erez. "If the IDF had had such a tank in 1973, I estimate that the Armor Corps would have sustained 90 percent fewer losses."

The fate of the Merkava program was the topic of a forum held in Tel Aviv on November 16 by the Manufacturers Association of Israel. Representatives from Israel's major defense companies, former officials of the Ministry of Defense, Knesset members, retired military officers and experts in strategic and international relations concluded that cutbacks to the program will have serious repercussions far beyond ordinary tank production.

The group estimated that more than 220 sub-component suppliers would be immediately affected by the loss of the program. Many of these would probably be forced into bankruptcy. Up to 10,000 jobs could be affected, both directly and indirectly, from a shutdown of the Merkava production line. These would include not only engineers and scientists, but skilled manufacturing workers. In Israel, technology spin-offs from the military are responsible for a large portion of the country's non-defense commercial exports.

According to the Manufacturers Association, between $200 million and $250 million in defense annual technology exports can be attributed to the Merkava. This figure excludes Israel's contract with Turkey to provide upgrades for its inventory of M-60 tanks.

It is likely that the reverberations of any government decision to end the Merkava program will be felt in the United States as well. Nearly 22 percent of the Merkava's content is of American origin, including a portion of its armor plant and its 1,500 hp MTU engine, produced under license by General Dynamics Land Systems. GDLS is now under contract to manufacture 400 Mk4 engines at a cost of nearly $200 million.

Should the Merkava program be cancelled, Israel will have no choice but to pay a contract termination penalty estimated to be around 90 percent of this amount. Experts believe this may have played a large part in the government's decision to reverse its immediate plans to kill the tank.

Long-term consequences also must be considered, said Brig. Gen. Shlomo Pazzy (Res.), the former Head of Planning in the IDF Logistics Branch, "Today, Israel is regarded by the United States and its allies as a leader in defense systems. Kill the Merkava program, and these leading nations will no longer feel obliged to allow Israel to participate in the co-development of advanced technology... Our economic and military survival depends upon our integration into the world of cutting edge science and engineering."

Since 1970, Israel has spent more than $6.5 billion in the Merkava. Program officials point to the fact that advancements in tank electronics, survivability and battle management systems have been adapted to the requirements of the Israel Air Force (IAF). Many are now standard features in IAF cockpits.

Meanwhile, many within Israel's defense establishment have begun to question the suggestion by some in the Sharon government that Israel consider replacing the Merkava tank with the M1 Abrams. This, however, is unlikely. The United States has no intention of restarting M1 production at the Lima Army Tank Plant in Ohio. And even if it did, the cost of the M1 surely would be more than Israel could afford. At $8 million to $9 million per copy, the Abrams is far more expensive by millions of dollars than the Merkava. For a nation looking to reduce its defense expenditures, a move to purchase the M1 makes little sense.

Moreover, the tank that the United States would most likely offer would be an export version of the M1. Israel would then have to make additional investments in technology upgrades to ensure the tank was suited to its requirements. The M1 tanks sold to Egypt are provided as kits and assembled at a plant outside of Cairo - a plant built by the United States at a cost of $1 billion. Egypt manufactures 40 percent of parts and equipment locally.

Alternatively, some have suggested that the United States might offer Israel M1 tanks straight out of its domestic inventory or used tanks currently in Iraq. Neither is an attractive option, given the significant improvements that would have to be made. According to an Israeli armor expert, "the cost would be enormous."

Though the M1 is a superior main battle tank, its design is better suited to the kind of open maneuver warfare characteristic of Europe or the broad desert expanses of the Middle East. Israel requires a tank that performs equally well in the open desert and the mountainous terrain of the Golan Heights as well as the dense urban environment of the West Bank and Gaza.

The Merkava was developed by Israel's foremost tank designer, Maj. Gen Yisrael Tal (Res.). Drawing upon the lessons of the 1967 and 1973 wars, he devised a tank with revolutionary characteristics: modular armor, a special mechanical suspension system allowing for greater maneuverability, a rear door that permits the transport of infantry into battle, cabin overpressure for enhanced WMD protection, and a front-mounted engine providing greater survivability to the tank crew.

Since it first came into service with the IDF in the late-1970s, the Merkava has been produced in several versions. The latest, the Merkava Mk. 4, has a fully stabilized 120 mm smooth-bore cannon, an advanced fire control system, a 60 mm mortar launcher, improved ballistic armor and a 1,500 hp engine.

Even if all of these characteristics could be incorporated into an Israeli version of the M1 tank, many in Israel's defense community still fear that acquiring a foreign tank once again will make Israel reliant upon an overseas supplier for not only the basic platform, but, more importantly, the spare parts. Israel has a long and unpleasant history with nations who thought little of using the leverage conferred by military dependency to influence Israel's options on and off the battlefield.

It is a view strongly felt by Maj. Gen. Ami Sagis (Res.), the former head of logistics in the IDF. The Merkava, he notes, "makes an enormous contribution to Israel's security [and] is important to Israel's economy. It has allowed us to develop a manufacturing capability for weapons and other systems on a level equal to or greater than the world's most technologically advanced nations."

Israel can never be sure that, in an emergency, it will be able to obtain an uninterrupted flow of parts from a foreign source. Indeed, the speed of modern warfare may make timely delivery all but impossible. As a precaution, the IDF will have to maintain a large and costly inventory of spares to meet any future contingency.

Yet, having a robust domestic industrial base for tank manufacturing can help to mitigate these concerns. In an emergency, the Israeli companies responsible for the Merkava would be called upon to meet surge requirements. Their ability to meet the Army's logistical demands could spell the difference between victory and defeat, explains Pazzy. "At least under these circumstances, we can control what our industries do."

Critics of the Merkava's cancellation point to another assumption that may be guiding the government's thinking. It could be that Jerusalem is hoping that if it switches to an American-made tank, the United States would be willing to assist in financing the difference in the purchase price through an increase in Israel's annual foreign aid allotment. It is difficult to imagine this happening at a time when the U.S. government already is straining under a growing mountain of war-related debt.

The U.S. decision to provide $9 billion in loan guarantees earlier this year was intended to assist Israel with its many war-related expenses by lowering the cost of its commercial borrowing. At the same time, Israel is scheduled to receive an additional $60 million in military aid in 2005 as part of a negotiated agreement to end its reliance on Economic Support Fund assistance.

What makes the Merkava affordable is that Israel is able to use a small portion of its annual foreign aid package to purchase parts in Israel. Known as offshore procurement, this shekel-denominated assistance helps to strengthen the local economy. The bulk of the roughly $2.1 billion in military assistance Israel receives annually from the United States is dollar-denominated and must be spent in America. Industry experts note that ideally Israel should produce between 60 and 70 tanks per year in order to achieve the optimum economies of scale.

Many in Israel's military establishment have begun to voice another more worrisome concern - the fear that U.S. policymakers may come to resent the fact that America, not Israel, is shouldering an ever-increasing share of the nation's defense burden. These are costs that rightfully should be borne by the Israeli taxpayer, notes one observer. "The U.S. government would prefer that Israel use its foreign aid to meet its extraordinary defense requirements, not serve as a substitute for current government spending."

Israelis closely involved with the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship are fearful that America, burdened by overseas commitments, may come to see the Jewish state as a financial and political liability rather than as an important regional asset. So far, this has not been the case. Israel has been a close ally to the United States in not only the conflict with Iraq, but in the ongoing war on terrorism. However, this could change if Israel's budget cutters are not mindful of the defense costs they are asking others to shoulder.

There is no question that Israel faces some difficult economic choices in the months and years ahead. Barring a sudden reversal in its revenue projections, it will have to reorder its spending priorities. If this means eliminating the Merkava, a program that for nearly three decades has been central to Israel's national defense, then many military experts are wondering if there are any "red lines" left in the military budget.

At a time of growing Palestinian unrest and increasing regional tension, many fear that cutbacks of this sort will only signal weakness to Israel's enemies leading them to believe, in the end, that war with the Jewish state remains an option. In the last two decades, the military intelligence available in both the Arab and Islamic worlds has increased dramatically, making defense planners acutely aware of even subtle changes in Israel's defense posture. The huge qualitative military edge which Israel once enjoyed over its neighbors has diminished, in the view of some Israeli security experts, to a critical level.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has raised the alarm over the Finance Ministry's proposed cuts to the country's military budget next year, warning that they will impair the operational readiness of all branches of the armed forces. Last November, the Treasury recommended a NIS 7.1 billion ($1.6 billion) cut in the defense budget at a time when Israel's General Staff insisted it could barely absorb NIS 3 billion ($684 million).

Yet, heavy armor has, and is likely to remain, an indispensable part of Israel's force structure for the foreseeable future. Supporters of the Merkava note that even though the U.S. maintained total air superiority over the forces of Saddam Hussein in both the first and second Iraqi wars, it was the tank, backed by infantry, that ultimately was responsible for securing the battlefield.

The project manager for the Merkava, Brig. Gen. Zeev Bar-Gil (Res.), laments the possible demise of the Merkava. "It took Israel over three decades with investments of several billion shekels in research and development in order to build and deploy one of the best tanks in the world. The fear is that with one government decision all of this, the skills and technology that it represents, could be lost overnight. This would cause irreversible damage (not only) to our defense industries... (but) to our national security as well."

It is a fear that Bar-Gil, and a growing number of military experts in both Israel and America now share.

Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D. is president of Fishbein Associates, Inc., a public policy consulting firm based in Potomac, Md. His Web site is www.fishbeinassociates.com. This article can be found at: http://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/article.cfm?Id=1335

Posted by Yardena Even, January 29, 2004.
NEW YORK- The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has protested Columbia University's decision to hire yet another anti-Israel extremist for its faculty.

Mary Robinson, the former United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, has been hired to teach in Columbia's Department of International and Public Affairs and to serve as a senior research scholar at Columbia Law School's Human Rights Institute. (Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan.23, 2004)

Examples of Robinson's anti-Israel extremism:

* Under Robinson, the UN Human Rights Commission sanctioned the use of "all available means" --which implicitly includes suicide bombings and other terrorism-- to fight Israel. (New York Sun, April 29, 2002)

* In an interview with Salon.com on July 26, 2002, Robinson falsely claimed that "the occupation is at the root of many of the human rights problems, and the intifada, which had started then [in September 2000], was only at the stage of stone throwing and young people being killed" --in fact, there had been many suicide bombings and other mass terror attacks before then.

* While condemning suicide bombings, Robinson in the same breath asserted that America is to blame for future Palestinian Arab suicide bombings: "I find it very disheartening that there is not more understanding here [in America] of the appalling suffering of the Palestinian population, nor appreciation that this is not going to lead to a secure future. It's going to lead to greater hatred and desperation, of further suicide bombings." (Salon.com, July 26, 2002)

* Robinson continues to defend the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic conference at Durban in 2001, in which she participated. She has complained that "there are those who refuse now to accept that any good came out of Durban." (Salon.com, July 26, 2002)

* Robinson cited "the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay" - the arrest and questioning of Al Qaeda terrorists-- as an example of human rights violations. (Salon.com, July 26, 2002)

* Robinson's report, as U.N. Human Rights Commissioner, on conditions in Judea-Samaria and Gaza was denounced by the Anti-Defamation League as "distorted and detrimental" because Robinson "opted to blame the Israeli military and settlements for provoking the Palestinian violence."

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: "The hiring of Mary Robinson sends a message that those who hate the Jewish State are welcome at Columbia. How many Jewish parents will want to send their children to a campus with such a hate-infested atmosphere?"

Other anti-Israel extremists at Columbia:

* Rashid Khalidi, who was recently named to the Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies, has been a longtime adviser to PLO terrorist chief Yasir Arafat and a member of the PLO's Palestine National Council.

* Until his death last year, terror supporter Edward Said held the prestigious post of Parr Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia. Said publicly supported the Palestinian Arabs' murder of fellow-Arabs whom it accused of helping Israel (Critical Inquiry, Spring 1989); personally threw rocks at Israeli soldiers at the Israel-Lebanon border (New Republic, July 24, 2000); and fabricated his life story to make it appear as if he was a refugee driven out of Jerusalem by the Jews when he was a child, when in fact he grew up in Egypt (Commentary, Sept. 1999).

* In 2002, Columbia hired Irish poet Tom Paulin as a visiting professor, even though Paulin told the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram Online that American Jews who reside in Judea-Samaria "should be shot dead. I think they are Nazis, racists, I feel nothing but hatred for them." Paulin also said he "never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all," and "I can understand how suicide bombers feel. I think, though, it is better to resort to conventional guerrilla warfare. I think attacks on civilians in fact boost morale." In addition, in one of his poems, Paulin referred to what he called "the Zionist SS." (Jerusalem Post, Nov. 14, 2002; Forward, Nov.22, 2002)

Posted by Tamar Sternthal, January 29, 2004.
On Sunday, Jan. 25, the Los Angeles Times published "Two State Solution Again Sells Palestinians Short," an op-ed charging Israel with "ethnic cleansing" of the Arab population in 1948. Written by George Bisharat, a professor at the University of California's Hastings College of Law, the essay contains numerous factual errors and questionable claims concerning Israel's treatment of Arabs today and in 1948.

Factual Errors

1) Bisharat falsely claims that "Palestinians living in Israel" - (in other words, Israeli Arabs) - "cannot serve in the armed forces."

This fallacy is particularly offensive given that many Israeli Arabs have died while serving in Israel's army. The day that Bisharat's column appeared, for example, the Los Angeles Times itself reported on Israel's planned prisoner exchange with Hezbollah, mentioning Sgt. Maj. Omar Souad, an Israeli Arab soldier who was kidnapped by Hezbollah in October 2000 (Laura King, "Israel, Hezbollah Strike a Deal on Prisoner Swap," Jan. 25) He is presumed dead. Some of the other Israeli Arabs who died in the line of duty for Israel include Sgt.-Maj. Madin Grifat, 23, of Beit Zarzir, killed by a mine in the Gaza Strip on Nov. 9, 2002, Maj. Ashraf Hawash, 28, of Beit Zarzir; Sgt.-Maj. Ibrahim Hamadieh, 23, of Rehaniya; Sgt.-Maj. Hana (Eli) Abu-Ghanem, 25, of Haifa; and St.-Sgt. Mofid Sawaid, 25, of Abu Snan, who were killed by Hamas terrorists who infiltrated their unit on January 9, 2002. Christian Arab Staff Sgt. Rogia Salame was mortally wounded by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza on Feb. 5, 2001. Likewise, Druse Border Police Cpl. Yusef Madhat was shot to death by Palestinians Oct. 1, 2000 at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus.

Morevoer, Mary Curtius of the Los Angeles Times reported on the Jan. 9, 2002 attack ("Hamas Takes Responsibility for Attack," Jan. 10, 2002). She wrote:

Three [sic] soldiers of a mostly Bedouin unit were on duty at the rain-soaked position.

Bedouin, who are Arabs, are not required to serve in the Israeli army. However, they are allowed to volunteer, and about 2,000 Bedouin serve, according to an army spokesman.

In addition, on Jan. 14, the Los Angeles Times carried a page 3 report about Ariel Sharon speaking to Bedouin troops in the Gaza Strip. Entitled "Sharon Talks of Possible Troop Withdrawal From the Gaza Strip," the Laura King article stated: "Sharon, speaking to Bedouin troops, who are often called to hazardous duty in Gaza, said he hoped the Israeli military presence in the Mediterranean seaside enclave would end..."

Though Israeli Arabs may opt out of military service, they certainly have the right to serve, and many exercise that right.

2) Bisharat also trots out the false Palestinian propaganda that "Palestinians [Israeli Arabs] have restricted access to land (most real property in Israel is owned by the state or the Jewish National Fund and is leased to Jews only.)" Legally and practically, Israeli Arabs have equal access to state-owned land (80.4 percent of all land in the entire country). About half of the land Israeli Arabs cultivate is directly leased to them by the Israeli government through the Israel Land Administration (ILA) ("Rural-Urban Land Use Equilibrium," Tel Aviv: Ministry of Agriculture, 1979), as cited by David Kretzmer, The Legal Status of the Arabs in Israel, Westview Press, 1990, pp. 60-61).

Moreover, Israeli Arabs have even enjoyed an affirmative action-type program, providing them with access to land at a cheaper rate than Jews. For example, the ILA charged Jewish citizens $24,000 for a capital lease on a quarter acre of land near Beersheva, while a Bedouin family in nearby Rahat paid only $150 for an equivalent plot of land (Ezra Sohar, Israel's Dilemma, New York, Shapolsky Publishers, 1989, p. 97). In another case, Eliezer Avitan, a Jew from Beersheva, applied to the ILA to lease land at the same subsidized price that was made available to local Bedouins. The ILA rejected his application, so he sued, but Israel's Supreme Court ruled in ILA's favor, saying the administration's discriminatory policy was justified affirmative action for Bedouins (Israel Supreme Court, Avitan v. Israel Land Administration, HC 528/88).

The ILA also administers Jewish National Fund land, which makes up 13.1 percent of the land in Israel. JNF's official policy restricts its land for Jewish access only. In practice, though, JNF land is leased to Israeli Arabs on short-term and long-term bases. For example, the ILA has leased on a yearly-basis JNF-owned land in Besor Valley (Wadi Shallala) to Bedouins (Aref Abu-Rabia, The Negev Bedouin and Livestock Rearing: Social, Economic, and Political Aspects, Oxford, 1994, pp. 28, 36, 38). Through a legal loophole, Arab citizens have also gained access to JNF land for long-term housing purposes (Kretzmer, Legal Status, p. 64). All of this information is available in CAMERA's backgrounder, "Land, the Palestinian Authority and Israel," by Alex Safian.

3) Bisharat wrongly states, "In 1948, about 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland..." While some Palestinian Arabs were expelled, such as those who resided in Ramle and Lod, the vast majority of Arabs fled of their own accord, many due to false rumors spread by Arab propagandists. For example, Hazem Nusseibeh, an editor of the Palestine Broadcasting Service's Arabic news in 1948, admits that he and Hussein Khalidi, of the Arab Higher Committee (the representative body of the Arabs of British Mandate Palestine), fabricated atrocities in reporting about the battle at Deir Yassin "so the Arab armies [of neighboring countries] will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews." Nusseibeh said in a BBC television series "Israel and the Arabs: the 50 Year Conflict" that:

This was our biggest mistake. We did not realize how our people would react. As soon as they heard that women had been raped [which was a fabrication] at Deir Yassin, Palestinians fled in terror.

Scholars such as Dr. Efraim Karsh and Arieh Avneri have demonstrated that claims such as Bisharat's regarding mass expulsions and dispossession are wildly exaggerated. For example, in the July-August 2000 edition of Commentar, Karsh details the Arab flight from Haifa, one of the largest Arab population centers. In the Commentary article are a number of quotations that disprove or contradict Bisharat's statements that Arab leaders allegedly exhorted the Palestinian Arabs to stay.

According to Karsh's research, before fighting broke out, the Arab upper classes fled despite the urgings of Haifa mayor Shabtai Levy and other Jewish authorities that they remain. The Arab Higher Committee (AHC) in Beirut ordered an evacuation, promising the Haifa Arab leadership that retaliatory action would be forthcoming - "it is only a matter of days" - and warning that "since there will be a lot of casualties following our intended action... you [would] be held responsible for the casualties among the Arab population left in the town." About the Arab rejection of the truce and decision to leave, British commander Major-General Hugh Stockwell told the Arabs:

You have made a foolish decision. Think it over, as you'll regret it afterward. You must accept the conditions of the Jews. They are fair enough. Don't permit life to be destroyed senselessly. After all, it was you who began the fighting, and the Jews have won.

The next day, Haifa's remaining Arab leadership met with Stockwell and his advisers to discuss their evacuation. Almost all of the 30,000 decided to leave, and a few days later, only 3,000 remained in Haifa. After the Arabs left, Jews urged their former neighbors to return. On April 25, the American Vice Consul Aubrey Lippincott reported to Washington that:

Jews hope poverty will cause laborers [to] return [to] Haifa as many are already doing despite Arab attempts [to] persuade them [to] keep out.

Two days later, according to Lippincott, Farid Saad of the National Committee (the official leadership body of Haifa Arabs), acknowledged that Jewish leaders had "organized a large propaganda campaign to persuade [the] Arabs to return." In contrast, the Arab Emergency Committee employed scaremongering and threats to keep residents from returning. For example, Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Murad of the National Committee warned a number of escapees from the neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas that if they returned as they planned, the Jews would kill them allwomen and children alike.

Even Haled al Azm, the Syrian Prime Minister in 1948-49, acknowledged the Arab leadership's responsibility in creating a mass Arab exodus from Mandate Palestine:

Since 1948, we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave. Only a few months separated our call to them to leave and our appeal to the United Nations to resolve on their return. (The Memoirs of Haled al Azm, p. 386-7)

Likewise, refugee Habib Issa recalled:

The Secretary General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, assured the Arab peoples that the occupation of Palestine and Tel Aviv would be as simple as a military promenade... He pointed out that they were already on the frontiers and that all the millions that Jews had spent on land and economic development would be easy booty, for it would be a simple matter to throw Jews into the Mediterranean... Brotherly advice was given to Arabs to leave their land, homes and property and to stay temporarily in neighboring fraternal states, lest the guns of the invading Arab armies mow them down. (Al-Hoda, June 8, 1951)


1) Bisharat implies that Israel is to blame for poor infrastructure in Israeli Arab towns: "Palestinian towns and villages are starved of resources, with many lacking connections to the country's electrical or water systems."

As Tzvi Bar, Mayor of Ramat Gan, pointed out in an Oct. 13, 2002 Ma'ariv article, Israeli Arab towns have inferior infrastructure largely because much of the Israeli Arab population has failed to pay its taxes:

Among the jobs of a local council is to build roads, set up a water and sewage system and infrastructure, and other assorted services. The Arab town councils also have to give these services to their residents. But, if the readers will examine the Ministry of the Interior data, he will discover - to his shock perhaps - that in the past decade the property tax debt in the Israeli Arab sector has accumulated to over two billion shekels! Not only that, but the Arab town councils, which include 10.4 percent of Israel's total population, receive 24.3 percent of the total balance grants which are given to local councils throughout Israel. The meaning of this for the year 1999 alone is that the Arab local councils received grants exceeding half a billion shekels to their relative numbers. Why do the Arab local councils deserve to be supported by the government at the expense of the Jewish local councils?

2) Bisharat writes:

Ironically, those who today protest that the return of the refugees would destroy Israel unwittingly confirm this viewpoint, for the refugees are simply the Palestinians and their offspring who would have become Israeli citizens had they not been exiled.

Israeli Arabs who have grown up as Israeli citizens are quite a different population than many Palestinian Arabs who have been subjected to years of vicious anti-Israel propaganda disseminated in the Arab countries in which they have resided.

Posted by Chana Shavelson, January 28, 2004.
On Jan. 14, Hamas dispatched its first female suicide bomber to a Gaza checkpoint. Reem al-Riyashi, a Palestinian mother of two small children, killed four people and wounded at least 10 others, including several Palestinians, in the attack. Al-Riyashi was the first mother to detonate herself in the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Nationally-syndiated columnist Mona Charen takes al-Riyashi's recent "murder-suicide" as her point of departure in "Lady Killers" (Creators Syndicate, Jan. 23), a cogent analysis of how long-standing Muslim incitement to hate and kill has created a new breed of female terrorists. (The article is archived at http://www.creators.com/opinion_show.cfm?columnsName=mch).

A key element of the incitement, explains Charen, is an Arab and Islamic press that has regularly celebrated terrorism perpetrated against Israelis and other non-Muslims. Such incitement is not new, and Charen offers a sampling of Arab media coverage in the case of Wafa Idris, the first female terrorist to detonate herself in January 2002:

"Al-Quds Al-Arabi, a London-based Arabic language newspaper, hailed her (Wafa Idris) for killing 'in the heart of the occupied city.' (Note well: the attack took place in West Jerusalem.) The Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram, reports Memri (www.memri.org), praised 'Her dreamy eyes and the mysterious smile on her lips, that competes with the famous smile some artist drew on the lips of Mona Lisa.' A Jordanian Islamist wrote in the daily Al-Dustour, 'Wafa carried her suitcase (of explosives) which is ... the most beautiful prize any woman can possibly win. Her spirit was raging, her heart filled with anger, and her mind unconvinced by the calls for peace and coexistence ...' "

Open praise for terrorists, Charen intimates, flows naturally from "a press in the Islamic world that is just staggeringly false and propagandistic," in which "the most vile and idiotic slanders against Jews and Americans are presented as fact" (emphasis added).

The columnist debunks the idea that poverty and despair alone create terrorists:

"Americans have difficulty understanding how people can be driven to such lunacy. Liberals, in particular, are inclined to blame poverty for most of the hatred and violence in the world. During the Cold War [as now] ... liberals reflexively blamed poverty. They underestimated the power of ideas." (emphasis added).

Charen concludes with other examples of how the Arab and Muslim worlds encourage and even cater to the new female "martyrs":

"In Pakistan, mothers of 'martyrs' are popular speakers. In Chechnya, a women's group called Black Widows is responsible for more than 165 murders by suicide. In March, an Arabic newspaper in London reported that Al Qaeda is setting up training camps just for women jihadis."

Arab and Muslim states long have glorified male terrorists by naming schools, summer camps and athletic events in their honor; a common sight in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is children sporting pendants and swapping trading cards with the faces of terrorist masterminds emblazoned on them. Now women and mothers are being enlisted in these societies to kill Israelis and non-Muslims too.

Charen's clear exposition of the phenomenon provides a critical backdrop for Israeli government insistence that Palestinian leaders must condemn - and make strong efforts to stop - the ubiquitous incitement to violence in their society. Charen's work also fosters a fuller understanding of the true roots of terror, a topic often written about but rarely reported accurately. Charen's column should be commended and brought to the attention of the general media and our government representatives.

Chana Shavelson is Research Analyst for CAMERA (http://www.camera.org).

A LOST PIECE OF JEWISH HISTORY: The Rescue of Bulgarian Jews
Posted by Deb Kotz, January 28, 2004.
This was sent to me by several sources.

Michael Bar Zohar was born in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia in 1938. After W.W.II, when he was 10, his family immigrated to Jaffa, Israel. He did his military service in Air Force intelligence and paratroopers, and became a journalist and writer of books (including David Ben Gurion's biography), as well as a public servant.

Part of the year he spends in the United States, where he is a professor at Emory University and a very busy speaker. It was at Emory in 1993 that he read a New York Times article about the wartime rescue of about 7,200 Jews in Denmark He wrote to the newspaper about the much bigger rescue in Bulgaria, and, only after much checking, did the newspaper publish it. The flood of positive reaction to this little known tale, and colleagues at the university, convinced Bar Zohar to write about it.

A great many Jew knows the story of how the Danes rescued 8,000 Jews from the Nazi's by smuggling them to Sweden in fishing boats. Very few Jews, including me, until yesterday, know the story of how all 50,000 Bulgarian Jews were saved. Not a single Bulgarian Jew was deported to the death camps, due to the heroism of many Bulgarians of every walk of life, up to and including he King and the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

In 1999, Abraham Foxman, the National Director of the Anti Defamation League flew with a delegation to Sofia to meet the Bulgarian Prime Minister. He gave the Prime Minister the first Bulgarian language copy of Zohar's remarkable book, Beyond Hitler's Grasp written in 1998. This book documents the rescue effort in detail. The ADL paid for and shipped 30,000 copies to Bulgaria, so that the population could partake in the joy of learning about this heroic facet of their history. This story is clearly the last great secret of the Holocaust era.

The story was buried by the Bulgarian Communists, until their downfall in1991. All records were sealed, since they didn't wish to glorify the King,or the Church, or the non Communist Parliamentarians, who, at great personal risk, stood up to the Germans, and the Bulgarian Jewish Community, 45,000 of whom went to Israel after the War, were busy building new lives, and somehow the story remained untold.

Bulgaria is a small country and at the outset of the War they had 8 million people. They aligned themselves with the Nazi's in hopes of recapturing Macedonia from Yugoslavia and Thrace from Greece. Both provinces were stripped from them, after W.W.I.

In late 1942 the Jews of Selonica were shipped north through Bulgaria, on the way to the death camps, in sealed box cars. The news of this inhumanity was a hot topic of conversation. Then, at the beginning of 1943, the pro-Nazi Bulgarian government was informed that all 50,000 Bulgarian Jews would be deported in March. The Jews had been made to wear yellow stars and were highly visible.

As the date for the deportation got closer, the agitation got greater. Forty three ruling party members of Parliament walked out in protest. Newspapers denounced what was about to happen. In addition, the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Kirili, threatened to lie down on the railroad tracks. Finally, King Boris III forbid the deportation. Since Bulgaria was an ally of Germany, and the Germans were stretched militarily, they had to wrestle with the problem of how much pressure they could afford to apply. Theydecided to pass.

Several points are noteworthy. The Bulgarian Jews were relatively unreligious and did not stand apart from the local populace by virtue of garb, or rites. They were relatively poor by comparison to Jewish in other countries, and they lived in integrated neighborhoods. Additionally, Bulgaria had many minorities, Armenians, Turks, Greeks, and Gypsies, in addition to Jews. There was no concept of racism in that culture. The bottom line here is that Bulgarians saw Bulgarian Jews as Bulgarians, and not as Jews. And, being a small country, like Denmark, where there was a closeness of community, that is often missing in larger countries.

Deb Kotz is an active member of the Brandeis Chapter of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and maintains an email list to distribute articles of interest to the local community. She can be reached at DebKotz@aol.com

Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 28, 2004.
This was in today's Arutz-7 (http://www.IsraelNationalNews.com). Sharon has been denying that he has made up his mind to start clobbering the Jews in Samaria and Judea. When he goes to Washington, he wants to show Mommie Conned Rice what a good boy he is - even if it damages Israel severely.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is apparently going ahead with his plans for what he calls his "disengagement plan" - known by others as unilateral retreat in face of continued terrorism and no diplomatic options. National Security Advisor Gen. Giora Eiland, who is responsible for getting the plan off the ground, has convened four teams on various aspects of the plan - security, legal, financial (such as compensation to residents who will be expelled) and humanitarian (such as issues of PA employees being allowed in to work). Eiland met with the Prime Minister this afternoon.

The Prime Minister's Bureau was apparently taken off guard by yesterday's Yesha Council press conference in which it was announced that Sharon plans to dismantle and expel the residents of seven outlying Yesha communities. The seven are Kadim and Ganim in northern Shomron; Sa-Nur and Chomesh in central Shomron; and Morag, Kfar Darom and Netzarim in Gaza. The terrorists responded immediately to the news by firing two mortar shells at Netzarim; no one was hurt.

The Yesha Council leaders announced last night that Sharon's top aide Dov Weisglass had not only informed them, for the first time, of semi-official plans to destroy the seven towns - but also asked the Council leaders to agree to the plan. In exchange, the Council heads stated, Weisglass offered to have the Knesset pass a law banning further settlement destruction until the finalization of a permanent agreement with the PA.

Following the revelation of his plans, the Prime Minister convened an urgent consultation with his aides and told them that the publicizing of his plan sabotages his intention to provide U.S. President George Bush a detailed plan next month for the stopping of Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Sharon is known as one of the prime forces, over the past three decades, in the development of Jewish cities and towns in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. His break with the Yesha leaders, with whom he worked very closely for so long, was symbolized by the presence at the Yesha Council press conference of his good friend Ze'ev Chever, head of the Amanah settlement organization.

Sharon's consternation at the reports was evident, Yesha Council sources say, in the fact that he departed from his normal custom of maintaining media silence. In an infrequent appearance last night, he denied part of the Yesha Council leaders' accusations, saying that he would not agree to legislate a law that would "tie the hands of the government." He did not relate to the charges that he plans to destroy seven Jewish communities.

Yesha leaders met at the Knesset today with 15 Likud MKs, telling them of the proposals Weisglass put forth last night. Bentzy Lieberman, head of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, told Arutz-7 this morning that the goal is to attempt to make it clear to the Prime Minister that if he attempts to present such a plan to the Americans, "he will find, when he comes back, that he no longer has a government behind him."

"It was told to us quite clearly," Lieberman said: "Agree to the removal of some towns, and we'll pass a law against any further removals until the signing of a final agreement. This was the deal that was offered. There is no doubt that the Prime Minister or his office tried to pull a fast one on us [in trying to obtain our approval for his disengagement plan], but we didn't fall for it, and instead we were the first to announce the details of the plan - which is a continuation of the Oslo process."

Lieberman said that Sharon's aides met separately with several Yesha leaders, "and to none of us did they mention all the yishuvim [communities] that they plan to uproot. To me, for example, they didn't mention Ganim and Kadim." Some Yesha Council sources say that the plan might even involve the expulsion of Jews from other areas as well, such as the South Hevron Hills.

Asked if there were any circumstances under which the Yesha Council would agree to the removal of a Jewish community, Lieberman said, "No. Sometimes we explain our objections based on various external factors, such as quoting the Chief of Staff as saying that leaving Netzarim would require the deployment of a tremendous amount of soldiers - but these are just 'extras.' We say clearly wherever it must be said: There is no difference between a Jewish town in Judea and one in the Negev or the Galilee: They must not be touched."

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) was asked today how he feels about the deal offered to the Yesha Council: the destruction of seven towns in exchange for a moratorium on further expulsions. Eldad said that he is "of course against any deal having to do with ceding parts of the Land of Israel, but even if I did not feel that way, I would still recommend not entering into any such deal with Ariel Sharon. He is the man who originally mocked the idea of a partition fence, and yet now is building it with vigor; he was against a Palestinian state, and now favors it; he built the Yesha communities, and now wants to uproot them; he was always strongly against a unilateral withdrawal under fire, and now he supports it, under the pressure of terrorism... This has nothing to do with parliamentary no-confidence, but rather on the personal level; when you make a deal with someone, you want to make sure that it will be carried out as agreed."

Asked at what point he would advise his party colleagues to quit the government, MK Eldad said that this is not a fair question: "I was originally against joining the government, such that many red lines have already been crossed from my standpoint. I can say, however, that the official National Union party policy is that the moment the Cabinet decides on the removal of a Yesha community or the establishment of a Palestinian state, we quit the coalition."

Posted by Ruth Matar, January 28, 2004.
Dear Friends,

For many months the Women in Green traveled the length and breadth of Israel in our "Truth Mobile" to collect signatures for a Petition addressed to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, protesting his plan to create a Palestinian state in the Biblical Heartland of Israel. Wherever we found the busiest place in any given town, we set up our tables loaded with Petitions, and used loudspeakers to ask people to sign. Since Jews from all over the world are now coming home, we might have printed the Petitions in many more languages. We limited ourselves to Hebrew, English and Russian. (Yes, we do have a fair amount of Russian members - one of them the famous refusnik Ida Nudel)

The text of our Petition to Prime Minister Sharon is as follows:

We, the undersigned raise our collective voices in protest against your recent statement (and the subsequent remark of U.S. President Bush) about creating still another Palestinian State within the heartland of the historic Land of Israel.

The events of the past year have clearly indicated that establishing such a State would jeopardize the continued existence of Israel. The widespread Arab terror, and Arafat's refusal to arrest those responsible, confirms the high degree of collusion among the organizations responsible for such terror. The uncompromising nature of the Muslim Religion and Arab enmity are a reality. Arab incitement to terror and hatred of Israel and Jews, constitute a continuous threat to the safety of everyone. The Palestinian Authority, like its predecessor the PLO, will always seek Israel's destruction. It will enlist foreign troops to be stationed within its borders, and amass sophisticated weaponry, no matter what the restrictions of any signed written Agreement. As Israel's elected leader you cannot put your citizens to such risk and danger. We demand that you never agree to the creation of an additional Arab Enemy State.

* * * The response was amazing. People literally stood in line to sign the Petition. They brought their friends; they brought their family; they brought their neighbors; they even brought passersby to show them this new phenomenon: the Women in Green daring to stand up against the much touted "consensus". The Israeli media is unfortunately dominated, or, in fact, almost completely controlled by the left, which has been insisting that the People of Israel are anxious to give up their Land for "Peace". And here, people like them, mothers, grandmothers and young girls, have come to tell them: "Take a good look! The emperor is naked! That consensus is one Big Lie!"

And now that we had collected more than 350,000 signatures on our Petition in a fairly short time, we thought that the media in Israel and the rest of the world would finally be interested in us. The same way that they are so interested in former Shabak chief Ami Ayalon's giveaway scheme, planned together with his Arab partner, Sari Nusseibeh. Their scheme for a peaceful solution between Jews and Arabs was that the Jews give away large parts of their Promised Land, and that the Arabs graciously accept the gift. According to their own website, as of yesterday, they had the signatures of 156,000 Israelis and 100,000 Palestinian Arabs. Ami Ayalon was invited by the President of Israel, Moshe Katzav, to discuss his "peace" initiative.

Were the media interested in our 350,000 plus signatures? These signatures, with the exception of some 200 Israeli Arabs, were all of Jews. That's a lot of signatures collected in a relatively short time, in a small country like Israel with only 6.6 million citizens, by small groups of very committed people. No, the media was not at all interested! In fact, there was a deafening silence!

Our problem thus became how to get the general public to become aware that the majority of Jews in Israel are against the creation of an Arab State within Biblical Israel. The media certainly was not interested in helping us, and Prime Mister Sharon deliberately ignored our Petition drive, even though we faxed him every signature. Of course, he also ignores the Likud party platform on the basis of which he was elected, which specifically rejects the creation of an Arab state in the Holy Land.

Fortunately, the President of Israel, Moshe Katzav, invited us to meet with him at his residence in Jerusalem to discuss our Petition drive, and a delegation of Women in Green met with him on Sunday, January 25, 2004. Ma'ariv, the second largest newspaper in Israel, in their January 22 edition, was amazed at this invitation, and expressed the opinion that the fact that President Katzav even invited the Women in Green, showed that he was completely above politics.

Our meeting with President Katzav was inspiring. He is a charming, soft-spoken man, who truly tries to be a man of the People, and to represent the consensus of the population. He never misses making condolence visits to the families of terror victims, something that many of our politicians fail to do.

We brought the President a Historical and Archeological Map of Judea and Samaria, illustrating the number of places holy to the Jews that date back to Biblical times. Most importantly, we brought him a sample of the 350,000 signatures, 100,000 of them, in boxes labeled "The Land of Israel for the People of Israel", because we feel that President Katzav must represent the consensus of the population, and the 350,000 signatures on our Petition represent the will of the People.

We also brought him letters from two important United States organizations: AMERICAN COMMITTEE FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE LAND AND PEOPLE OF ISRAEL and NATIONAL UNITY COALITION FOR ISRAEL. The text of their letter appeared in a full page advertisement in the Jerusalem Post of January 23, and is reproduced in full herewith:


January 23, 2004

Dear President Katzav, Prime Minister Sharon and Members of the Knesset,

We, the AMERICAN COMMITTEE for the PRESERVATION of the LAND and PEOPLE of ISRAEL, together with the NATIONAL UNITY COALITION FOR ISRAEL, are sending you this open letter.

We have learned that President Katzav is meeting with WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW [WOMEN IN GREEN] in the very near future, concerning petitions they have gathered containing over 350,000 signatures opposing the creation of a 23rd Arab state within the Biblical Land of Israel. We understand that these signatures were collected in a short period of time from all over Israel. This is evidence that an overwhelming number of Jews in Israel oppose the creation of an Arab state within the Holy Land.

We are sure you know that G-d promised the Land of Israel to the Jewish people and there are absolutely millions of Americans who believe what the Bible says in that regard. The U.S. Congress, as the representative legislative body upon which Israel relies for its generous support, reflects the strong ties of the American people to the Nation of Israel.

We are positive that the current level of terrorism (Islamic Jihad) would not subside, but simply get worse with the establishment of a Palestinian state. That Palestinian state would not only threaten the existence of the Middle East's one democracy, but would threaten all of Western civilization, as well as facilitate the globalization of radical Islam.

Our civilization has been founded on Judeo-Christian moral and ethical values, which stand in stark contrast to the values of radical Islam. Another Arab Islamic state established as a reward for Arab terror will foster further terror - not only within Israel, but especially towards the United State, and ultimately promote a complete globalization of the Islamic Jihad.

We respectfully ask that you consider all the implications for world Jewry and Christianity when determining the possibility of statehood for those who have repeatedly sworn to eliminate the Jewish Homeland of Israel. Please do not forget that whatever Israel does has always affected the world, since Israel was created by G-d to be a "Light unto the Nations."


AMERICAN COMMITTEE for the PRESERVATION of the LAND and PEOPLE of ISRAEL. ACPLPI is a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of New York.
3 West 16th Street, Suite 305, New York, NY 10011, ACPLPI@yahoo.com

NATIONAL UNITY COALITION FOR ISRAEL. The Largest Coalition of Pro-Israel Jewish & Christian Organizations in the USA. 200 Organizations Representing 40 Million Americans.
Phone: 913-648-0022, Fax: 913-648-7997, www.israelunitycoalition.com, voices@israelunitycoalition.com.

* * * We think that President Katzav was impressed with the magnitude of the support from the United States, of 40 million Americans, both Christians and Jews. That this support from the American People is not exaggerated, is borne out by the recent public opinion survey commissioned by the firm McLaughlin and associates:

a) 66.6% are against expelling the Jews from their homes in the territories.

b) Nearly 3/4 of Americans (73.6%) support halting $200,000,000 in annual aid to the Palestinians.

c) 55.7% of respondents said they agree that the Palestinian's goal is "the eventual destruction of Israel".

d) 65.2% said the Palestinian Authority "cannot be trusted to fulfill peace agreements that it signs with Israel".

Referring to the massive number of signatures we had obtained, President Katzav was of the opinion that Prime Minister Sharon would be forced to bring a question of such importance to the People for its decision.

This is where we differ with the President. There is no point in having such a referendum since taking part in it would mean that the Jewish People consider an Arab State in the Holy Land an option. No one has the right to give away any part of the Land of Israel to a foreign entity, as G-d has Promised the Land of Israel to the Jewish People for eternity.

As it is written in the Torah: "The land shall not be sold in perpetuity, for the land is Mine; for you are settlers and residents with Me" (Leviticus 25:23)

To the wonderful American organizations who published the full page advertisement in the Jerusalem Post, Yasher Koach! You should go from strength to strength. For in truth, IF WE ARE UNITED WE STAND - IF WE ARE DIVIDED WE FALL.

With Blessings and Love for Israel,
Ruth Matar

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

Posted by Herbert Zweibon, January 28, 2004.
Is the Bush administration serious about the war against international terror?

Writing recently in National Review Online, scholar Michael Ledeen points out that immediately after the 9/11 attacks, America seemed determined to confront global terror head-on, "but our instant understanding of the world after the terror attacks has long since been diluted by the usual triumph of old reflexes and bureaucratic emphasis on procedure at the expense of content."

As examples of those "old reflexes," Ledeen cites the administration's failure to deal with Iran's nuclear threat, or Syria's sponsorship of terrorist groups (such as Hezbollah), and Bush's gentle approach to Saudi Arabia.

"Our diplomats are so intent on pretending that we can 'work with' Iran, that they failed to take any serious steps to prevent the recent appeasement of the mullahs' covert nuclear program," Ledeen writes. Likewise regarding Damascus: "If we were serious about waging war against our enemies, we would have put enormous pressure on the Syrians to shut down the network of terrorist facilities in Lebanon, and expel Hezbollah," he continues.

"It seems the administration has decided to 'manage' Iraq until Election Day, and then take stock of the situation," Ledeen explains. The idea is to refrain from taking the initiative, refrain from expanding the war on terror beyond Baghdad; just do enough to be able to say "yes, we are rounding up lots of bad guys," in order to impress voters.

Ledeen may be right, but the problem goes well beyond managing the situation until the election. President Bush has lost the moral compass evident in those splendid speeches when he said the war was against terror and those who harbored terrorists and identified the axis of evil, those regimes which seek weapons of mass destruction and are prepared to provide them to terrorists. In Korea, as Danielle Pletka, vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, has pointed out, "North Korean nuclear and missile programs now operate with impunity inside the hermit kingdom" and the "six-party talks designed to pressure North Korea into disarmament have transformed into a mechanism to pressure the United States into conciliatory gestures toward the Kim Jong Il regime."

But the loss of direction and purpose is most evident in the President's policy toward the Arab-Israel conflict, the litmus test in the war against terror. And the failure here was apparent from the start, in the President's much-praised speech to the UN on June 24, 2002 when he outlined his two-state "vision." The President ignored what we at AFSI pointed out in our pamphlet "The Palestinians" in 1977: "The Arabs of Palestine have allowed themselves to be defined as an 'anti-nation,' one that derives its entire meaning and purpose from the desire to destroy another nation." But when that reality thrust itself upon him, when instead of the "new and different Palestinian leadership...not compromised by terror" he called for in his speech, he found that Arafat simply consolidated his power, the President did a U-turn and pressured Israel to accomodate the terror-master. Far from asserting pressure on the Palestinian Authority, the President has agreed to send yet more aid to Arafat's corrupt kleptocracy. (For a chilling look at Arafat and Co.'s misappropriation of donor funds and how the money is used to fund terror, see Rachel Ehrenfeld's new book Funding Evil.) Meanwhile Arafat has proclaimed his "sadness" at the capture of Saddam while the Palestinian Arab "anti-nation" took to the streets to demonstrate its undying love for Saddam.

To fight terror effectively, President Bush needs to match his noble rhetoric with deeds and to adopt a policy that does not distinguish between terrorists and their promoters, whether they are named Saddam, Bashar, Kim Jong, Osama, or Yasser.

Herbert Zweibon is chairman of AFSI - Americans For a Safe Israel (http://www.afsi.org). AFSI is a Zionist organization dedicated to the territorial integrity of Israel including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan and Jerusalem, the indivisible 3,000 year old capital of Israel.

This article is #163 January, 2004 Outpost, a publication of Americans For A Safe Israel.

Posted by David Franfurter, January 28, 2004.
Hamas leader Abd al-Aziz al-Rantissi has declared that his willingness to come to peace terms with Israel, and then went on to explain the impossibility of peace which includes radical Islamic groups. (Click here to see the report in Aljazeera.)

Al-Rantissi explained that Hamas can't win militarily against Israel right now, so it is willing to allow a ten year truce (while he re-arms of course), after which his organisation will once again fight a battle to destroy Israel. For this privilege, all Israel has to do is withdraw to the 'Auschwitz borders' of 1967. Of course he forgot to mention that the proposal is modeled on Muhammad's 10 year hudna, which did not last. As soon as Muhammad felt strong enough, he found an excuse to break his truce & wipe out his enemies.

Can anyone point to a reason why Hamas may act differently?

David Frankfurter sends "Letters from Israel" emails to subscribers. Contact him at David.Frankfurter@iname.com

Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 28, 2004.
Wait until they publish the people in the States and Europe on the Saudi payroll. That will really be big-time. This was written by Philip Delves Broughton and Jack Fairweather and appeared on the Telegraph-UK website (http://www.telegraph.co.uk) today.

Saddam Hussein bribed his way around the world, buying the support of presidents, ministers, legislators, political parties and even Christian churches, according to documents published in Iraq.

The list of those who allegedly benefited from Saddam's largesse spans 46 countries.

According to the newspaper al-Mada, one of the new publications that have emerged since the removal of the dictator, Saddam offered each of his friends lucrative contracts to trade in millions of barrels of Iraqi crude under the United Nations oil-for-food programme.

The 270 individuals and organisations alleged to be in his pay included the sons of a serving Arab president, Arab ministers, a prominent Indonesian leader, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, the party led by the Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky and even the Russian Orthodox Church.

Abdul Sahib Qotob, an under-secretary in Iraq's oil ministry, said the documents "reveal how Saddam jeopardised the oil wealth of Iraq on personalities who had supported him and turned a blind eye on the mass graves and injustice he inflicted on the sons of the Iraqi people".

He said the ministry was building up a legal case and might seek the help of Interpol to recover the money. Interpol refused to comment.

A senior official at the oil ministry said last night: "This is oil money that should be used for reconstructing Iraq. We will use all means to get it back."

Al-Mada based its list on documents allegedly obtained from the former State Oil Marketing Organisation, or Somo, the commercial arm of Saddam's oil ministry.

The newspaper showed two sets of photocopied documents to The Daily Telegraph. One was a set of contracts signed by Sadam Zibn, director of Somo, and Ali Rajeb Hassan, his deputy in the late 1990s. The other was a list of recipients of oil contracts, arranged by nationality. Their awards of oil were given in a spreadsheet over a three-year period.

The editor of al-Mada, Fahkri Karim, claimed that he had many more. "I have seen rooms of such documents. There is a lot more information," he said.

He said the documents were salvaged from Somo in the chaotic hours when the Americans entered the city.

Yesterday Le Monde named several Frenchmen alleged to have been on the list.

Gilles Munier, secretary-general of the Franco-Iraqi Friendship Association, said the list was confusing.

He said he and his organisation introduced numerous businesses, oil and otherwise, to contacts in Iraq but that it was all perfectly legal.

For each successful introduction, he received a commission.

"Everything was done within the rules of oil-for-food," he said. "There was nothing illegal about it and it didn't deprive the Iraqi people of what they were owed under the programme."

Patrick Maugein, the head of the French oil firm Soco International, said he did a lot of business in Iraq under the oil-for-food programme, but none of it was illegal.

"There isn't a refinery in the world which would have accepted a secret load," he said, noting that UN inspectors monitored every tanker.

He said that unlike Africans, the Iraqis were not in the habit of giving their partners anything extra.

The list published by al-Mada gives the numbers of barrels of oil attributed to each of those Saddam wished to reward.

Al-Mada published its scoop in what was only its 45th edition.It said that "millions of barrels of oil were offered to individuals who had nothing to do with the oil business" in what it called the former regime's "largest corruption operation".

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 28, 2004.
Western supporters of the Road Map think they are promoting a two-state "solution," by setting up a PLO state. However, the official P.A. website Map of Palestine includes all of Israel (Prof. Louis Rene Beres, Midstream, 1/2004, p.8). First two states, then one.

The P.A. hopes that the great powers will continue to pressure Israel into giving it concessions without requiring it ever to end or declare an end to the armed struggle. That is the Arab notion of maintaining Islamic honor. They would deceive infidel friends and infidel enemies into thinking they are making peace, without yielding anything.

Posted by Tamar Rush , January 28, 2004.
This was written by Dov Goldstein and was an Op-Ed piece in today's Ma'ariv International (http://www.maarivintl.com)

Much to my own surprise, I find myself making equal comparisons between Prime Minster Ariel Sharon and Hezbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah. What is my similarity of feeling for the Israeli P.M. whom I have always openly supported and the lying despicable Lebenese bully? I believe both of them. I believe the Prime Minister that the decision to swap 430 terrorists for one live man kidnapped under soon to be investigated suspicious circumstances and three dead bodies was a decision driven by morality and good values. I don't believe that his decision was motivated by his recent drop in stature or by an attempt to distract the public from the cloud of possible indictments looming over his head.

I also believe Nasrallah, unfortunately, vis a vis his plans to kidnap more soldiers. Although he deserves all condemnation and should be treated like the despicable man he is, there is one thing I can say for him. He is trustworthy. He keeps his promises.

Don't misunderstand me. My heart goes out to the Tennenbaum family who will surround him with love and stand by him to help him clear his name. And of course I feel for the families of he three IDF soldiers, and I am praying with them wholeheartedly that their boys will return alive. And even if this latent hope is dashed it is their right to have a grave on which to pour out their hearts and cry.

But in the familiar battle of mind over heart, this time heart has taken the cake: Israel gave in. Israel made a bad deal. Israel made an unjustified and costly sacrifice all for the principle of the obligation to return captives.

Did you see Nasrallah at the press conference? Did you see his face, flashing a contemptuous smile at Israel? And did you hear how he mocked the Israel and the government? How the ministers ran to the telephone to report on the results of the meeting before the formal decision was even made? I was ashamed.

He was right. He won. Israel rightly earned his contempt. Israel, or at least the mainstream of its leaders always clung to the idea that the Arabs only understand force. It's not true. The natural order has been inverted. Nasrallah has proved the exact opposite is true: Israel only understands force. Without the Palestinian violence, Sharon would not agree to a Palestinian state. Without Palestinian terror, the Likud would not have changed its mind and decided that the Western parts of the Land of Israel are under an occupation which must be ended. Without Nasrallah's bullying and determination, Israel wouldn't agree to release hundreds of prisoners in return for one live man and three bodies.

Israel by giving in to Nasrallah, granted his team a number of wins, for which Israel will pay dearly.

Israel has crowned Nasrallah, the head of a small band of terrorists, despised by even the Lebenese government as the respected pan-Arab leader from whose violent and brutal ways the Palestinians will learn an invaluable lesson. Israel proved that not the failure Abu-Mazen or the and not even the more sophisticated Abu Alla are the ones who can drag concessions out of Israel, but rather only Nasrallah who aims at Israel 1000 Iranian long range missiles and laughs at its weakness.

Israel's unmatched military power can crush and subdue Hezbullah and pick lice from Nasrallah's beard. But because of its political weakness and its leadership's feebleness it gave in to tyranny and bent before Nasrallah.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 28, 2004.
This article was forwarded to me from my friend Bob in the USA. This was written by William F. Jasper and is from the October 18, 1993 issue of the New American.

Some folks pretend that "no one knew", and that they "were as surprised as anyone" when the PLO brought war, not peace to this land. B.S.!!!!!!

It is being heralded as "miraculous," "an impossible achievement," "a stunning breakthrough," "a dream finally come true." Pundits and news commentators cannot resist drawing parallels to the "collapse of communism" and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Superlatives compete with super-superlatives in describing the significance of the event. And why not? After decades of bitter enmity, war, terrorism, charges, and countercharges of genocide and repression that have involved almost every nation in the world in the intractable Middle East imbroglio, the two main irreconcilables have kissed. Well - at least they've shaken hands. And other implacable antagonists apparently are ready and willing to set aside their arms and their hatreds to come to the peace table. Or so it appears.

"Amazing Event"

The possibility of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief Yasir Arafat joining hands in anything except a death struggle would have seemed pure fantasy only a few weeks ago. And yet, on Monday, September 13th, there they were on the White House lawn making peace, with all the world looking on in amazement. This was an even more improbable event than the sensational Begin-Sadat rapprochement of 1978-79.

Rabin, 71, is one of Israel's military heroes of the 1967 six-day war that saw the surprise route of the combined armies of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. To millions of Arabs, he is the nemesis responsible for their ignominious defeat and the loss of strategic Arab real estate, while to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians he is the devil who drove them from their homes and later directed brutal reprisals against uprisings in the Israeli-occupied territories. During last year's election campaign he promised Israeli voters he would never speak with the "terrorist" PLO.

Arafat, 64, is Israel's nightmare, while to millions of exiles of the Palestinian diaspora and to Arab inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank he is not only a hero and their main hope for establishing a Palestinian state, but through the PLO's welfare organizations is actually the source of their daily bread. To many "hard-line" Arabs and Islamic "fundamentalists," however, he is a "traitor" for recognizing Israel. To Arab heads of state he is alternately a necessary evil, a useful tool, a colossal headache, a dangerous rival, and a thorny destabilizing force.

The Carter-brokered Camp David peace accords won Sadat and Begin a Nobel Peace Prize, and already Arafat and Rabin have become the odds-on favorites to carry away the prize this time around. An amazing global consensus seems to have developed -- at least among the politicians, analysts, and spinmeisters who have dominated the "discussion" of this matter in the major media. Peace, they say, is busting out all over. Kalashnikovs and bombs are transforming into olive branches. Rejoice! Huzzah! Of course, a few cautionary notes have been sounded: This peace is fragile, we are told, and fraught with many challenges ahead that require commitment and sacrifice - especially from the United States and the rest of the First World. What? You did not hear those caveats amidst the exaltations? No matter, say the "optimists"; after all, isn't peace worth it?

Cause for Concern

But therein lies a major problem with this super triumph of symbol over substance and mendacity over goodwill: No mutually agreed upon definition of "peace" -- or description of concrete objectives that will constitute peace -- has been forthcoming, and no one has explained the basis for our (the U.S.) role in this risky, ongoing "process." Those are not, or at least should not be, trifling concerns. If the major parties to the contract cannot even agree on basic terms and the "guarantor" (that's us, according to our President) is still in the dark as to what his obligations are, it just may be that it is a bit premature to start popping the champagne corks. And one need not be a "rejectionist" Arab radical, an "extremist" member of Israel's Likud opposition, or an "ultra-right" American "isolationist" to find real fault with the precarious course on which we have embarked.

Danger Signs

The tragic results of past treaties and peace agreements suggest that we hold up on the euphoria until a thorough and sober assessment of this "surprise" agreement can be made. In the interim, there are abundant danger signs screaming out for our attention. Some of the most obvious warning signals that should alarm all observers include:

  • Secret Agreements. Ever since Yalta, we have been trapped in secret executive agreements that have involved our nation in fiascos piled on top of betrayals. This one appears to be no different. President Clinton has made "undisclosed" commitments of security and economic aid to Israel that could literally blow up in America's face. Secretary of State Warren Christopher acknowledged, for instance, that American soldiers may be deployed to the Golan Heights. The financial commitment, we are told, will be minor, with the bulk of the economic end being covered by Japan, the European Community, and the Arab states. We heard that same tune before Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope, and we are still paying the piper.

  • Intentional Confusion. The Israelis and the PLO have not been able to come to agreement on even some of the most basic definitions. Rabin insists that the PLO include in its renunciation of terrorism a repudiation of the intifada (Palestinian uprisings in the occupied territories), a demand Arafat refuses. Arafat tells the Arab world that he will be given control of the bridge over the Jordan; Rabin says it was explicitly agreed upon that Israel would retain control. And on and on.

  • Crooked Players. The major and minor characters in this unfolding drama are as unsightly and diabolical an assortment of terrorists, communists, socialists, and oneworld globalists as have ever come together. Collectively they have probably done more to promote tyranny and undermine freedom than any similar gathering in history. Looking to these architects of disorder for a "peace" solution makes as much sense as calling Arsons R Us to put out a fire.

  • A Stacked Deck. The entire peace plan process has been scripted to entangle the United States and the rest of the world ever deeper and deeper in the Middle East conflict, to poison U.S. relations with moderate Arab countries, and to increase the call for a United Nations World Army to police the planet's trouble spots. It plays to the "new world order" game plan in which the UN is transformed into an all-powerful world government.

Transforming Terrorists

Although arguably not the most dangerous character in the evolving peace production, Yasir Arafat is without question the most notorious and presents the greatest credibility challenge to the accords. There's just something about masterminding and directing a three-decade spree of murder, mayhem, bombing, rape, hijacking, kidnaping, assassination, torture, and extortion that makes one an unlikely candidate for the role of Francis of Assissi. But, reports say, he is being forced into this peacemaking role by economic realities; he has lost the massive subsidies that for years flowed unabated from the Soviet Union and the rich Arab states. Moreover, it is said, he is mellowing and seeking his place in history as the father of the Palestinian state. Perhaps.

But he has made these promises before, forswearing terrorism only to kill again when it suited his purposes. Some "highlights" from his abbreviated PLO resume include the following accomplishments:

May 1972: Members of the Japanese Red Army acting in support of the PLO open fire with machine guns and grenades at Tel Aviv's Lod Airport, killing 26 and wounding 70.

October 1972: The PLO's Black September group massacres Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics.

May 1974: Maalot school massacre. 28 killed, nearly all children.

1976: PLO, Libyan, and Iraqi terrorists overrun Maronite Christian villages in Lebanon, brutally murdering hundreds of civilians, including women and children.

March 1978: Terrorist bus rampage on the Haifa-Tel Aviv highway leaves 35 dead and 80 wounded.

Then there was the murder of American citizen Leon Klinghoffer in the PLO's Achille Lauro hijacking, the murderous attacks on the Rome and Vienna Airports, the La Belle disco bombing in West Berlin, the bombing of the Istanbul Synagogue - to name just a few.

Surely such a sterling record should qualify Arafat and Company for world recognition as the sole "representatives of the Palestinian people," no? Who better to govern and police the troubled West Bank and Gaza Strip? Apparently no one, according to the negotiators. So the PLO will soon begin forming a "police force" 20,000 to 30,000 strong, it says, to enforce the edicts of the Arafat-headed Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority created by the agreements. It will be a socialist, centrally planned regime, naturally, with an Electricity Authority, an Environmental Authority, a Land Authority, a Water Authority, a Development Bank, a Port Authority, etc., "and any other Author ity agreed upon." All of which will require mucho dinero, of course. Article XVI of the accords refers to the need for a multilateral "Marshall Plan" for the region. Arafat figured $11.9 billion over the next seven years from "the international community" would be a good start. The World Bank, headed by Council on Foreign Relations member Lewis T. Preston, came in with a slightly lower sum. In a report strategically time-released on the eve of the historic signing, the bank said the new government would need at least $3 billion over the next decade. Although less than a third of what "Mr. Palestine" is asking and about half of what the PLO reportedly took in annually during the late 1980s, $300 million a year is still nothing to sneeze at. The PLO could do a lot with that much money.

Soviet Source

Arafat has always been a truly "international" man, spreading his good fortune and influence generously around the globe. His thugs have trained and aided the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the FMLN in El Salvador, the ANC in South Africa, Khomeini's revolutionaries in Iran, Idi Amin's butchers in Uganda, and virtually every terrorist outfit in the world. And it is no secret that the principal source of his guns and training was for years the Soviet Union, though oftentimes the support was channeled through Eastern European, Cuban, and Middle East surrogates.

Arafat was so dependent on the Soviets, East Germans, Romanians, Bulgarians, and Albanians that he rarely made any serious move without first getting counsel from his communist superiors. For years, his chief contact in the Soviet Union was Vladimir Buljakov, head of the Soviet Foreign Ministry's Middle East Department. It is also no secret that during the PLO's Lebanon sojourn Arafat met daily with Soviet "Ambassador" Alexander Soldatov, a high-level KGB agent who had been expelled from Britain for espionage. And General Ion Pacepa, head of Nicolae Ceausescu's secret police, revealed after his defection to the West that Arafat had intimate ties to the Romanian DIE. In fact, in his 1987 book Red Horizons, Pacepa explained that Arafat's best friend and head of PLO intelligence, Hani Hassan, was actually a DIE agent and that the PLO's Beirut telephone monitoring center (built by the KGB) was wired directly to the Soviet Embassy.

But those relationships supposedly ceased with the "end" of the Evil Empire. Or did they? Are the obituary writers a bit premature again? Although not nearly as visible as in former years, the Soviets are far from dropping out of the Mideast picture. On September 15th, for example, John P. Hannah reported in the Wall Street Journal that Russian transport planes had landed in Damascus on August 5th carrying components of Scud-C ballistic missiles from North Korea for Syria's President Hafez al-Assad. The Scuds are capable of carrying chemical weapons deep into Israel and are in violation of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) agreement Russia recently signed.

This blatant treaty violation by our "partner," Boris Yeltsin's Russia, was taking place amidst reports from defense intelligence experts that the Russian military continues to modernize its strategic nuclear forces and recently conducted a major exercise of its Strategic Rocket Forces that included a mock attack on the United States.

And these actions followed close on the heals of other troubling Russian conduct: belligerent threats against Lithuania, illicit attempts to deliver rocket fuel to Muammar Qaddafi, a new relationship with Iraq, etc. In spite of the best efforts by our Establishment media and politicians to put a new face on our erstwhile adversary, the "changed" Russia continues with embarrassing lapses into the nasty, old Stalin-KhrushchevBrezhnev-Andropov habits. This should be of particular concern since Russia is our co-guarantor in this Mideast gambit.

Three-phase Plan

Those who insist that post-Gorbachev Russia is now our "ally" are worse than foolish. So too are those who see in Comrade Arafat a born-again pacifist beset by hard-liners and fundamentalists. The PLO's maximum leader learned well from his Soviet mentors the value of creating splinter groups to serve as surrogates. Thus, many years ago he began creating fictional "radical" factions within his organization. Black September, Black June, the Abu Nidal Group, the Colonel Hawari Group, Abu Jihad's Western Section, and other covert units and proxy groups were formed to carry out the dirty work while Arafat's mainline Fatah worked toward achieving political respectability. These "deniable" elements allow Arafat and the PLO top command to have it both ways. They can present a conciliatory face to the West, while promising Palestinian militants that the PLO is committed to the destruction of Israel.

Arafat is a master at this dissembling. It is all part of a three-phase plan adopted by the top PLO command two decades ago. The first phase, from 1967 to 1974, called for shocking the world with brutal terrorist acts as a way to put the Palestinian cause before the world. Phase two, from 1974 to 1983, centered on winning political legitimacy, while continuing the "armed struggle" through separate, clandestine branches. The third phase, which we are now witnessing, is a two-part strategy for destroying Israel. The first part involves the creation of a Palestinian state (through negotiation) on territory relinquished by Israel; the second calls for using that territory to launch a final assault against the Zionist infidels.

Ultimately, Arafat is fond of saying, this strategy will see final victory in the raising of the Palestinian flag at the Haram Ash-Sharif (the Temple Mount in Jerusalem). In fact, he reportedly evoked this same image when addressing Arabs during the negotiations in the first week of September. And only a few days before he formally accepted the agreement, Arafat told Palestinian critics of the accord on September 1st that "this is the Phased Plan we all adopted in 1974. Why should you oppose it now?"

He is obviously trying to play it both ways, which is nothing new. In

1988, he publicly "renounced terrorism" and accepted Israel's right to exist. At the same time his terrorists were landing on Israeli beaches. And, it should not be forgotten, during the Persian Gulf War he broke ranks with his Arab brethren and supported Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. He viciously denounced the United States and danced with glee as Scuds dropped on Israel.

Helping Hand

Due to these lapses in etiquette, Arafat's propaganda campaign to craft a "moderate" image for himself and his gang has had its ups and downs over the years. But there is no question that he has had a great deal of help along the way in covering his tracks. The first big boost came in November 1974, when the pudgy, stubble-faced "freedom fighter" addressed the UN General Assembly in New York. The communistand Third World-dominated body recognized the PLO as the "representative of the Palestinian people" and granted it observer status.

In 1977 President Jimmy Carter (a charter member of David Rockefeller's world-government-promoting Trilateral Commission) lifted the "terrorist" label from the PLO to allow its officials greater access to the United States and to enable the organization to open an "information" office in Washington, DC. The following year the United Nations secretariat appropriated $500,000 for a public relations campaign to (as reported in the Chicago Sun-Times for October 9, 1978) "create a moderate image for the Palestine Liberation Organization in the United States and other Western countries."

In 1979, Arafat garnered his first recognition by a European power when he was received by the socialist government of Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky at the Vienna meeting of the Socialist International. This had been arranged by the communist Ceausescu regime. General Ion Pacepa has revealed that at the request of Arafat, he (Pacepa) had been sent by Ceausescu to Germany in 1979 to ask the Socialist Prime Minister Willy Brandt to arrange for the Socialist International (SI) to officially recognize the PLO. Brandt willingly accommodated his comrades in the struggle and prevailed upon Kreisky. Brandt, who is the current president of the Socialist International, which boasts lineal descent from the First International of Karl Marx, continues to aid the Arafat legitimacy campaign.

It is interesting to note the hand of the SI in much of the current Mideast dealings, particularly since it is completely ignored (or censored) by the major press. Yitzhak Rabin's Labour Party is a member of the Socialist International, and his foreign minister, Shimon Peres, is a vice president of the SI. Peres, of course, is Israel's main negotiator and together with Rabin has had the main job of selling the Israeli people on the idea that Arafat and the PLO have changed. The SI connection helps explain the choice of Oslo, Norway as the site of the PLO-Israel secret negotiations over the past nine months. Norway's president, Gro Harlem Brundtland, is also a vice president of the SI. Even more important, however, is the fact that her socialist foreign minister, Johan Jurgen Holst, who led the negotiations and shuttled back and forth between Tunis and Oslo, is a member of the Trilateral Commission (TC) and the former director of the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, Norway's sibling to America's Council on Foreign Relations CFR).

Insider Handprints

Everywhere one looks, the handprints of the CFR-Trilateral Insiders are to be found all over this "peace" accord. It actually began long ago. Back in 1979, when the SI was recognizing the PLO, the Atlantic Council, an offshoot of the CFR, came out with a report urging the U.S. to develop "informal contacts" with the PLO. The report was authored by John C. Campbell, the CFR's former director of studies.

During the Reagan years, Secretary of State George Shultz (CFR) made moves to recognize Arafat and even sent ships to rescue Yasir and his henchmen when they were trapped in Lebanon by Israel and rival fedeyeen groups. During the CFR-Trilateral-dominated Bush presidency, the current process was set in motion. Over the past two years, the CFR has held numerous meetings in Washington and New York with key players in the Mideast drama and principal political players and opinion molders in the United States. On April 24, 1992, for example, the CFR held a special Members' Conference on "Political Change in the Arab World," chaired by Donna E. Shalala (CFR, TC). Besides the Arab participants, speakers included Professor John Waterbury of

Princeton (CFR), Professor Kurt Campbell of Harvard (CFR), and New York Times correspondent Youseff Ibrahim. These and other politically correct participants in the CFR's briefings would later be trotted out in the editorial pages of the nation's major papers and on television to sell the accords to the American people.

The Council's hand was also directly involved in the whole negotiation process. The chief U.S. participant has been Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who, until appointed by President Clinton, was the vice chairman of the CFR. You may recall that it was Christopher's "diplomacy" under President Carter that brought about the overthrow of two of America's strongest allies, the Shah of Iran and President Samoza of Nicaragua.

Heading up Christopher's Mideast negotiating team were: Assistant-Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Edward Djerejion, Special Middle East Coordinator Dennis Ross, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Dan Kurtzer, all members of the CFR. These and other State Department participants were regulars at CFR meetings over the past two years, where Council members received privy information on the secret negotiations, and, no doubt, provided "advice" to the government officials.

This incestuous relationship between the official and private policy elites at the Council on Foreign Relations and the secrecy with which they operate in fashioning their subversive new world order should not be tolerated in this republic. Neither should we allow our government to send American fighting men or American tax dollars to advance this, or any other, new world order scheme.

Posted by Joe Kaufman, January 27, 2004.
(Coral Springs, FL) Americans Against Hate is urging law enforcement to investigate the Islamic Center of Boca Raton's usage of material published by the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, a Saudi-backed "charity" that has been found to have raised millions of dollars for the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The material is found on the Islamic Center's website, www.icbr.org, within the section 'Embrace Islam.'

The origin of the material is a web-based book published by the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, entitled 'This Is The Truth,' which is currently located on Al-Haramain's website, www.it-is-truth.org.

This is the second instance of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR) being cited for having information concerning Al-Haramain on its website. Less than a year ago, the ICBR was reported as having had a link on its site to the terrorist charity's homepage, www.alharamain.org. The graphic link was seven inches in width, and was located on the ICBR's website for well over three years - including during the September 11, 2001 attacks - and was only taken down in 2003 after negative press coverage.

Ibrahim Dremali, the Imam of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, is an advisor to the American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), located in North Miami Beach. AMANA's website, www.al-amana.org also contains a link to the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, under the heading 'Good Islamic Organizations and Websites,' on the same page as a picture of the World Trade Center in flames on 9/11.

Just this past week, the United States Department of Treasury added four branches of Al-Haramain to the "U.S. list of groups and individuals suspected of bankrolling terrorism, effectively freezing any assets they hold in the U.S." (CNN, January 23, 2004)

Joe Kaufman, the Chairman of Americans Against Hate, stated, "The fact that the Islamic Center of Boca Raton is using material from an organization that the U.S. has deemed a supporter of those that attacked us on 9/11 is serious. This is especially vital given the ICBR's previous involvement with another 'charity' that America has taken action against for its terrorist fundraising, the Global Relief Foundation. I urge law enforcement to look into this matter immediately."

The website of Anmericans Against Hate (AAH) is http://www.ameriansagainsthate.com

Posted by AMIA JUSTICE ORGANIZATION, January 27, 2004.
On July 18, 2004, the people of Argentina will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. This tragedy took the lives of 85 people and injured over 300 others. TEN YEARS have passed and no one has been convicted of this crime - the largest anti-Semitic catastrophe since World War II. Recently declassified documents indicate that members within Argentina's own government and police force may have collaborated with the terrorists in this heinous act.

Please read and sign this petition to President Nestor Kirchner requesting that JUSTICE be served. This petition will be presented to President Kirchner at the 10th anniversary commemoration ceremony this summer. President Kirchner, as well as the Argentine government, is very conscious of world opinion and your signature will contribute significantly to the wave of support for action on this matter. After signing, it is very important you forward this to your family, friends and colleagues.

The petition is on our website. To sign, Click Here


Please note that after signing you will be sent a confirmation e-mail for verification purposes. Only after clicking on the link will your online signature be authenticated as a new entry. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Posted by Barry Rubin, January 27, 2004.
The word "reform" is somewhat in favor for today's Arab world. Even pillars of the establishment in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, for example, are talking about the need for change in their domestic systems.

Yet what does this impulse actually amount to in reality?

--It is mainly a gimmick to answer the U.S. pro-democracy policy which has already brought the overthrow of Iraq's regime. To ward off American pressure or a possible liberal upsurge, the rulers are trying to portray themselves as the real reformers.

--In Gulf Arab monarchies, notably Saudi Arabia, this idea is part of regime strategy to fight a growing internal terrorism problem fed by the system of anti-American, anti-Israel indoctrination intended to preserve the regime and traditional structures of society. The rulers recognize that there is a need to tone down some of the deliberately fostered extremism lest it turn against themselves.

--Of course, to some extent there is also recognition from the top that their systems really are outmoded and inefficient, that they are falling further behind the rest of the world.

--In several countries the elite are more Westernized in thought than are the masses. They know about Western political philosophy and are affected by what the rest of the world thinks about them. For these people, Jordan and Morocco are two examples that come to mind, having a more "modern" society is a point of pride.

At the same time, though, one can expect relatively little to change. Even if the current situation is dismal and stagnant, those in control today would rather be running the swamp than be sitting in the prison of a democratic regime.

Aside from the simple fact of self-interest--those in power seek to remain in power enjoying their privileges--there are some other good reasons for the tremendous difficulty in fixing what is wrong with the Arab world. At best, the process of change is going to take a long time. To say even that it has barely begun is an exercise in wildly wishful thinking.

While the Saddam lesson is having some effect on Arab regimes, they also bear in mind previous historical events as teaching them caution. These include:

First, events in the USSR and the Soviet bloc, where Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms created a chain reaction that ended with the complete collapse of Communism. The revolution in Romania, the only Communist state where the dictator was put in front of a firing squad, is an especially frightening example for these people.

Second, Iran, where the shah's efforts at modernization and reform made for social dislocations which helped spark an Islamist revolution that overthrew him.

Third, Yugoslavia, where greater openness led to bloody ethnic civil strife that resulted in the country's disintegration.

Fourth, Algeria, where holding free and fair elections was about to bring an Islamist regime, prevented only by a military coup and a bloody civil war that continues down to this day.

Fifth, the violent ethnic strife in Iraq is a warning for other regimes which might face Sunni-Shia, Muslim-Coptic, Muslim-Christian, Muslim-Alawite, Arab-Berber, or Arab-Kurdish strife. The Lebanese and Sudanese civil wars have already taken place.

In this context, consider the following iron paradoxes facing reform:

--The current system, with all its problems, does keep the incumbent regimes in power. If they avoid the kind of extreme adventurism of Saddam Hussein they are unlikely to meet his fate.

Even Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi, no exemplar of brilliant realism, has well understood this fact. By confessing his secret efforts to get nuclear weapons and offering compensation for past terror attacks against a Western target or two, he has bought immunity from American retaliation and international sanctions.

Most regimes will get away with having to do far less. In Syria's case, talking about renewed negotiations with Israel seems to that regime enough show of moderation to be left alone. Of course, Damascus has no intention of bargaining seriously with Israel, much less reaching an agreement. But similar tactics got the regime through the 1990s unscathed.

--Change may undermine the regimes and eventually bring them down. They know that this is the goal of the liberal reformers. In some cases--most obviously in Syria--the United States also hopes that reform will lead to domestic regime change; in others places--notably Egypt--local paranoia convinces leaders that America is conspiring against them.

--Any opening will benefit radical Islamist forces to create more instability and make things worse. Advocates of reform deride this claim by saying that the masses really favor democracy but even many potential liberals support the regime fearing that something worse might happen if it fell. In several cases, popular opinion has opposed liberal reform and apparently sided with the Islamists. The failed attempt by regimes to give women the vote in Kuwait in 1999 or to change laws unfair to women in Egypt and Jordan provide examples.

--Many people, including those in leading positions, believe their own propaganda. Their world view is shaped by radical Arab nationalist thinking with a strong dash of Islamist (or at least the reactionary-traditionalist version of Islamic) thinking. They are certain of vast conspiracies against them, the total evil of Israel and the United States, the threat of the West, the decadence of democracy, and the horrors of modernism.

The result is that it is going to take the Arab world a long time to get out of its current mess and the prospects for democracy seem quite distant. This will be even more true if things go badly in Baghdad but the situation is bad enough even given a best-case outcome for post-Saddam Iraq.

Professor Barry Rubin is Director of The Global Research in International Affairs Center (GLORIA) and Editor of Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA).

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 27, 2004.
This news item is from today's DEBKAfile. It is titled " Iran, Europe Are Part of Hizballah's POW Sting Operation " It is archived as http://www2.debka.com/article.php?aid=776

This is so insane that is hard to believe that even Sharon and his low-lives could come up with it. I guess we will all be a bit wiser in a few days. If this turns out to be true, then we must assume that Sharon has cracked a deal with someone to protect him from prosecution and this is part of the payment. The rest will come in the form of destroyed Jewish communities and the deportation of their Jews.

The Israeli-Hizballah POW-abductees-DIA deal going into effect Thursday is even more lopsided than first reported, as discovered by DEBKAfile's intelligence sources from unpublished elements of the accord. Tuesday, January 27, the Israeli government published the lists of prisoners to be released two days hence for the bodies of three Israeli soldiers kidnapped three years ago by the Hizballah on the Israeli side of the Lebanese border and businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum.

It includes 371 Palestinian prisoners and 60 detainees, 30 Lebanese and Arabs, and 1 German plus 59 bodies. Extra Palestinians were listed to top the figure up to 400 in case appeals to Israel's Supreme Court in the next 48 hours block some of the releases.

However Part One of the deal is dwarfed by Part Two, according to the fresh revelations obtained exclusively by DEBKAfile's sources. They also demystify some puzzling remarks dropped in the last three days: Saturday, January 24, the German mediator, Ernest Uhrlau, thanked Iran for its contribution (!); 24 hours later, Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah, reversing a long-held claim, announced that the missing Israeli navigator Ron Arad was not in Iran but Lebanon.

Our sources have discovered that not only Germany, but France, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and the Netherlands are "contributing" to the victory parade the Hizballah chief is stage-managing in Lebanon to celebrate the successful outcome of the deal. These European countries are preparing to release Iranian, pro-Iranian, pro-Syrian Lebanese, Hizballah and other prisoners under sentence for assorted terror-linked crimes dating from the 1980s, mostly against American and Israeli targets.

However, in a second round of releases, Israel will pay up too by setting free thousands of Palestinians, including men convicted or detained for murdering Israelis, on top of the 400 going to their West Bank and Gaza Strip homes Thursday.

Israel's reward will be information attesting to the fate of its missing airman.

Over a TV talk show Monday night, two former Shin Beit directors, Shabtai Shavit and Yaacov Peri, spoke persuasively about the need to pull back from Part Two of the deal before it gets out of hand. They questioned prime minister Ariel Sharon's claim that the transaction was moral when even the German mediator has not been told whether the information on offer proves the navigator is alive or dead. Like a majority of Israelis, his family is against handing over terrorist killers for his remains, certain that they will soon return to their old ways and gained a further incentive to continue kidnapping Israelis.

It has gradually dawned on informed Israeli circles that Part Two is the outcome of the German mediator actively assisting Iran and the Hizballah chief to use the POW deal for a sting operation against Israel. He has struck a secret side deal with Tehran to open a great many European prison gates to Iranian, pro-Iranian, pro-Syrian, Lebanese and possibly Palestinians convicted of terrorism. Israel has been drawn over its head into the arrangement by the lure of unspecified information about a serviceman who fell captive 18 years ago. Part One of the POW deal therefore may now be labeled "the small transaction" because Part Two is ballooning out of hand from a single name, that of the Druse Nahariya killer, Samir Kuntar.

The fallout is already palpable:

1. The Hizballah chief has begun boasting about how he sprang more Palestinian prisoners from Israeli confinement than all the Palestinian leaders, from Yasser Arafat to Abu Mazen, and Arab rulers rolled together. He is therefore claiming the adulation of the Palestinian and Arab masses and the right to force international diplomats to reckon with him as a strong regional voice in any future Middle East steps and decisions. For the Europeans, a new and forceful representative of the Palestinian people takes the place of the discredited Arafat.

2. Sharon and his defense minister Shaul Mofaz, who refused to negotiate with Arafat but agreed to engage Nasrallah, will find it hard to continue dismissing him as a mere terrorist chief.

3. The Europeans have nailed two birds with a single shot: First , Israeli concessions have enabled them to extend their protection to the Hizballah and its chief in case the United States takes action against a group listed officially in Washington as a terrorist organization. Second , for the same price, Europe has built itself a new bridge to Tehran, whose hard line leaders will be grateful to find relief from much of the international pressure weighing on their sophisticated weapons, including nuclear programs.

DEBKAfile's sources with access to the text of the Israel-Hizballah agreement mediated by Germany were surprised by the gaps. There is no provision for either contingency of Arad being discovered alive - however unlikely, or being proven dead. In both cases, Israel is committed to freeing thousands of Palestinians. One source said: "Had there been any chance of recovering Arad alive, the price might have had a modicum of logic. But if Hizballah and Iran come up with proof that he is dead, Israel is trapped in a blind commitment and can hardly turn round and say we are reneging on the deal because you murdered our airman."

In the interests of morality as well as avoiding the Hizballah-German-Iranian trap, Sharon and Mofaz would have done better to heed the last wish of Batya Arad, the aviator's mother, who said on her deathbed: "If my son is dead, not a single terrorist should be given away for his body."

Interestingly no comment has come from Washington on the European ramifications of the POW swap even though notorious murderers of Americans may go free. DEBKAfile's Washington sources note that last week Sharon said Israel was wiling to iron out of the security barrier separating the West Bank and Israel the enclaves winding round the Jordan Valley, Ariel, Beit Arieh and Gush Etzion. In a conversation with the Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer Monday, January 26, he said he was considering re-routing the fence, whose construction has slowed down in the last week. Mofaz has meanwhile set up a special defense ministry team to take care of Palestinian humanitarian needs.

When these developments are added to the prospect of thousands of Palestinians being turned loose from Israeli prison in the coming weeks, including convicted murderers, the Israeli government looks as though it is in the midst of a sweeping policy change as regards the Palestinians. This departure, which coincides with the arrival of John Wolf, a senior state department official, may be Sharon's way of meeting the Bush administration halfway in its demands with regard to the barrier and the need to address the human problems of the Palestinian people.

Posted by IsrAlert, January 27, 2004.
Haifa's Chief Rabbi, She'ar-Yashuv Cohen, a leading member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, says that the blanket ban on entering the Temple Mount is, for all intents and purposes, no longer in effect. "The longing to ascend to the holy site is so great," he acknowledged, "that every month, many religious Jews ascend to the site, and what we must do is to make clear exactly where the permitted areas are." The reason for the original rabbinic ban was because of the fear that Jews would unknowingly walk in areas that are Halakhically forbidden. "For very long, it was impossible to ascertain where these areas were, but now the situation has changed."

Rabbi Cohen said that a synagogue existed on an area adjacent to the historic Temple Mount - in today's Temple Mount complex - for 400 years, and that the Rambam [Maimonides, 1135-1204] prayed in it.

Rabbi Cohen addressed an Ariel Institute gathering yesterday on contemporary and Halakhic [Jewish legal] issues connected with the Holy Temple. In the audience were dozens of rabbis and public figures, including police officers. It was decided to establish a non-governmental committee that will look into the possibility of building a synagogue on the Temple Mount.

Waqf and police officials have allowed Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount during the morning hours since August of last year - but they are not permitted to pray there.

This morning, the police detained five Jews who allegedly took advantage of their presence at the holy site to utter a prayer.

Posted by Sarah Friedman, January 27, 2004.
Last week, the Jewish Nation suffered a fierce and devastating blow, when a synagogue was destroyed. One may question with great concern. Where? France? Poland? Prague? Of course had it been in one of these known anti-Semitic countries our lives would have been made much easier. We would all rise up in unison chanting "Never Again". The Israeli government would denounce the anti-Semitic act and possibly send emissaries to aid in the reconstruction of the synagogue. If it had happened in Poland it would surely become a new site visited by tens of thousands of Jewish youth annually.

When a synagogue was destroyed last week and our holy ark, presumably containing our holy Bible swept away into captivity, I could not help but cry and shudder with pain. No! This synagogue where G-D's divine presence rested was not in Poland or France, rather, here in the heart of the Holy Land. No! This holy sanctuary was not destroyed by neo-Nazis or French anti-Semites, rather by Israeli soldiers and police sent by the Israeli government itself.

After the Holocaust, when thousands of survivors swam to the shores of the Promised Land, when Jews from all over the world sand out in unison, a prayer- "... to be a free nation in our land...", who would have believed that we would see the day when a synagogue would be destroyed. Have we forgotten our past? Is "Never Again" a slogan recited only on Holocaust Memorial Day, which pertains to acts of anti-Semitism in Poland and Germany?

Last week while being forcefully held down by a soldier girl (in a ditch by the side of the road), all I could do was watch as hundreds of soldiers walked up to our hilltop "660"- "Tapuach West". They were not going there to protect us. No! They were marching together to destroy our synagogue. Now, several days after the construction there remain only a pile of debris. Of course, there was a successful attempt to rebuild it, but the soldiers were quick to destroy it again. In many ways it is hard to condemn them. Orders are orders, and of one refuses to obey, he or she will be put in jail. Throughout history, people have been driven to do atrocities. How? Is it because of this fear of being punished or maybe 'not accepted'? Is it because people are so easily brainwashed into believing that what they are ordered to do is always for the good of the society? Whatever the answer may be, may we so easily forgive those who do such acts?

Last week while our synagogue was being destroyed, I made several attempts to break free of my capture, in order to block an army jeep or police vehicle from going to our hilltop. Each time I tried, I was quickly seized, and once back in the ditch, told the same words over and over again. The painful sentence "Calm down, there is nothing one can do!" will be imbedded in my mind forever. What will these soldiers answer their children when asked about this black moment in history?

As for us, residents of hilltop "660", we will not give in to the self-hating, anti-Semitic whims of Minister Tomy Lapid and his friends. Unlike the soldiers who will do terrible deeds if ordered, we fear not military officers nor corrupt politicians, only the Almighty Himself. Where today a pile of debris lies, with G-D's help a new synagogue will soon stand in all its glory.

You can support the rebuilding of the Shul by sending an email to paypal@hameir.org

Pleace sign the Kahane Shul Petition: It requests the Sharon government to allow the Shul to be rebuilt. Click Here.

Sarah Friedman is director of community events at Kfar Tapuach she lives with her husband and their two small children on the Tapuach west "outpost".

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko , January 27, 2004.
This was written by Donna M. Hughes and appeared on the Front Page Magazine website (http://www.frontpagemagazine.com) today. Dr. Hughes is a Professor and holds the Carlson Endowed Chair in Women's Studies at the University of Rhode Island.

A measure of Islamic fundamentalists' success in controlling society is the depth and totality with which they suppress the freedom and rights of women. In Iran for 25 years, the ruling mullahs have enforced humiliating and sadistic rules and punishments on women and girls, enslaving them in a gender apartheid system of segregation, forced veiling, second-class status, lashing, and stoning to death.

Joining a global trend, the fundamentalists have added another way to dehumanize women and girls: buying and selling them for prostitution. Exact numbers of victims are impossible to obtain, but according to an official source in Tehran, there has been a 635 percent increase in the number of teenage girls in prostitution. The magnitude of this statistic conveys how rapidly this form of abuse has grown. In Tehran, there are an estimated 84,000 women and girls in prostitution, many of them are on the streets, others are in the 250 brothels that reportedly operate in the city. The trade is also international: thousands of Iranian women and girls have been sold into sexual slavery abroad.

The head of Iran's Interpol bureau believes that the sex slave trade is one of the most profitable activities in Iran today. This criminal trade is not conducted outside the knowledge and participation of the ruling fundamentalists. Government officials themselves are involved in buying, selling, and sexually abusing women and girls.

Many of the girls come from impoverished rural areas. Drug addiction is epidemic throughout Iran, and some addicted parents sell their children to support their habits. High unemployment 28 percent for youth 15-29 years of age and 43 percent for women 15-20 years of age is a serious factor in driving restless youth to accept risky offers for work. Slave traders take advantage of any opportunity in which women and children are vulnerable. For example, following the recent earthquake in Bam, orphaned girls have been kidnapped and taken to a known slave market in Tehran where Iranian and foreign traders meet.

Popular destinations for victims of the slave trade are the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. According to the head of the Tehran province judiciary, traffickers target girls between 13 and 17, although there are reports of some girls as young as 8 and 10, to send to Arab countries. One ring was discovered after an 18 year-old girl escaped from a basement where a group of girls were held before being sent to Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The number of Iranian women and girls who are deported from Persian Gulf countries indicates the magnitude of the trade. Upon their return to Iran, the Islamic fundamentalists blame the victims, and often physically punish and imprison them. The women are examined to determine if they have engaged in "immoral activity." Based on the findings, officials can ban them from leaving the country again.

Police have uncovered a number of prostitution and slavery rings operating from Tehran that have sold girls to France, Britain, Turkey as well. One network based in Turkey bought smuggled Iranian women and girls, gave them fake passports, and transported them to European and Persian Gulf countries. In one case, a 16-year-old girl was smuggled to Turkey, and then sold to a 58-year-old European national for $20,000.

In the northeastern Iranian province of Khorasan, local police report that girls are being sold to Pakistani men as sex-slaves. The Pakistani men marry the girls, ranging in age from 12 to 20, and then sell them to brothels called "Kharabat" in Pakistan. One network was caught contacting poor families around Mashad and offering to marry girls. The girls were then taken through Afghanistan to Pakistan where they were sold to brothels. In the southeastern border province of Sistan Baluchestan, thousands of Iranian girls reportedly have been sold to Afghani men. Their final destinations are unknown.

One factor contributing to the increase in prostitution and the sex slave trade is the number of teen girls who are running away from home. The girls are rebelling against fundamentalist imposed restrictions on their freedom, domestic abuse, and parental drug addictions. Unfortunately, in their flight to freedom, the girls find more abuse and exploitation. Ninety percent of girls who run away from home will end up in prostitution. As a result of runaways, in Tehran alone there are an estimated 25,000 street children, most of them girls. Pimps prey upon street children, runaways, and vulnerable high school girls in city parks. In one case, a woman was discovered selling Iranian girls to men in Persian Gulf countries; for four years, she had hunted down runaway girls and sold them. She even sold her own daughter for US$11,000.

Given the totalitarian rule in Iran, most organized activities are known to the authorities. The exposure of sex slave networks in Iran has shown that many mullahs and officials are involved in the sexual exploitation and trade of women and girls. Women report that in order to have a judge approve a divorce they have to have sex with him. Women who are arrested for prostitution say they must have sex with the arresting officer. There are reports of police locating young women for sex for the wealthy and powerful mullahs.

In cities, shelters have been set-up to provide assistance for runaways. Officials who run these shelters are often corrupt; they run prostitution rings using the girls from the shelter. For example in Karaj, the former head of a Revolutionary Tribunal and seven other senior officials were arrested in connection with a prostitution ring that used 12 to 18 year old girls from a shelter called the Center of Islamic Orientation.

Other instances of corruption abound. There was a judge in Karaj who was involved in a network that identified young girls to be sold abroad. And in Qom, the center for religious training in Iran, when a prostitution ring was broken up, some of the people arrested were from government agencies, including the Department of Justice.

The ruling fundamentalists have differing opinions on their official position on the sex trade: deny and hide it or recognize and accommodate it. In 2002, a BBC journalist was deported for taking photographs of prostitutes. Officials told her: "We are deporting you... because you have taken pictures of prostitutes. This is not a true reflection of life in our Islamic Republic. We don't have prostitutes." Yet, earlier the same year, officials of the Social Department of the Interior Ministry suggested legalizing prostitution as a way to manage it and control the spread of HIV. They proposed setting-up brothels, called "morality houses," and using the traditional religious custom of temporary marriage, in which a couple can marry for a short period of time, even an hour, to facilitate prostitution. Islamic fundamentalists' ideology and practices are adaptable when it comes to controlling and using women.

Some may think a thriving sex trade in a theocracy with clerics acting as pimps is a contradiction in a country founded and ruled by Islamic fundamentalists. In fact, this is not a contradiction. First, exploitation and repression of women are closely associated. Both exist where women, individually or collectively, are denied freedom and rights. Second, the Islamic fundamentalists in Iran are not simply conservative Muslims. Islamic fundamentalism is a political movement with a political ideology that considers women inherently inferior in intellectual and moral capacity. Fundamentalists hate women's minds and bodies. Selling women and girls for prostitution is just the dehumanizing complement to forcing women and girls to cover their bodies and hair with the veil.

In a religious dictatorship like Iran, one cannot appeal to the rule of law for justice for women and girls. Women and girls have no guarantees of freedom and rights, and no expectation of respect or dignity from the Islamic fundamentalists. Only the end of the Iranian regime will free women and girls from all the forms of slavery they suffer.

The author wishes to acknowledge the Iranian human rights and pro-democracy activists who contributed information for this article. If any readers have information on prostitution and the sex slave trade in Iran, please contact her at dhughes@uri.edu

Posted by Yardena Anat Even, January 27, 2004.
This was written by Daniel Pipes and Asaf Romirowsky. It appeared on the Jewish World Review websote (http://www.jewishworldreview.com).

We broke the news in October 2003 that Mustafa Abu Sway, a visiting Palestinian professor at Florida Atlantic University, is "known as an activist" in Hamas, a group on the U.S. government's terrorism list. We also revealed that his salary is being paid by the U.S. taxpayer (via the Fulbright exchange program).

Our little scoop met with yawns or with disbelief. Abu Sway himself denounced our article as a "witch hunt." FAU ignored the revelation ("we have no reason to take any action"). The hometown Palm Beach Post published four skeptical responses, including an editorial insisting that "there is no known evidence" against Abu Sway.

Actually, being named as "a known activist" in Hamas by the Israeli government - who knows terrorism better? - qualifies in itself as "evidence," but we since October have learned that Abu Sway also:

* Was a board member and raised funds for two Jerusalem-based Hamas-related organizations, the Heritage Committee and the Foundation for the Development of Society, both of which were shut down in February 2003.

* Has worked with the Palestinian "Charity Coalition" that includes such organizations as Al-Aqsa Foundation (South Africa) and Comite de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (France), both known as Hamas fundraisers.

* Is connected to Sheikh Ra'ed Salah's Islamic Movement in Um al-Fahm, Israel, 14 members of which were arrested in May 2003 for Hamas fundraising.

If this does not count as evidence of ties to Hamas, we are not sure what does.

In a written response to us, Abu Sway denies each of these points, other than board membership on the Foundation for the Development of Society and meeting Ra'ed Salah one time.

How does one assess his denial? As one usually does in such matters, by checking a person's general credibility.

Abu Sway these days says, "I cherish the Jewish presence [in Israel] and advocate non-violence." But in the past, before he was under scrutiny, he spoke very differently:

* At a 2002 interfaith meeting in Israel, reports Christianity Today, he remarked, "to audible gasps from Jews in the audience, that he wished the state of Israel 'would disappear'."

* The Jerusalem Jewish Voice, reporting on the same meeting, recorded Abu Sway saying that he wished for "the end of the state of Israel."

* In a 2003 study published by the U.S. Institute of Peace, Abu Sway is quoted stating "To imagine shared sovereignty or dual sovereignty is not being faithful to Islamic tradition" and specifically calling for an Islamic state of Palestine to replace Israel.

The contradiction here points to a clever switching of messages as suits his needs of the moment.

Another example: speaking to an American audience via ABC News in 2002, Abu Sway deemed the Arabic term jihad "a very beautiful concept which is deep in the area of spirituality." But in his role as co-author of a Palestinian Authority textbook (available at www.edume.org), he explained to seventh graders that jihad is a military obligation that "becomes the individual religious duty of every Muslim man and woman - if the enemy has conquered part of its land."

Posted by Aaron Lerner, January 27, 2004.
NEW YORK - In response to reports that the Peace Now movement has asked the government of Finland for a grant to monitor Jewish construction activity in Judea-Samaria, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) will be asking the government of Finland for a grant to monitor Palestinian Arab construction in those territories.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: "It would represent an unconscionable, racist double standard if Finland funds monitoring of Jews but not of Arabs. Therefore we are presenting the Finnish government with an opportunity to prove that it is not biased, by asking it to provide the ZOA with the same level of funding to monitor the widespread Palestinian Arab construction in the territories."

The Israeli government has previously estimated that Arabs are building at ten times the rate of Jews in Judea-Samaria.

According to a report in the Israeli weekly Makor Rishon by the Israel Resource News Agency (Jan. 23, 2004), Peace Now requests funds for "regular bi-monthly ground surveys" of Jewish construction, using volunteers, and "renting a light plane twice a month" to engage in "aerial photography" of the territories.

The ZOA likewise proposes to recruit volunteers to engage in regular bi-monthly ground surveys of Palestinian Arab areas, and to rent a light plane twice each month to undertake aerial photography.

Peace Now's grant request defines its goals as: "To monitor settlement developments on the ground, accurately and reliably; To make this information available to the Israeli and international public; To advance the fulfillment of the Road Map."

The ZOA's grant request will likewise monitor Arab settlement developments; make the information available to the Israeli and international public; and advance analysis of the Palestinian Authority's failure to fulfill the Road Map.

Peace Now's grant requests states that it will engage in "Contacts with diplomats, leaders and press in order to convey reliable information on all aspect of settlement issues." The ZOA's grant request will say the same thing.

Peace Now's request states that "funding is necessary to support the staff and rent the vehicles for aerial photography." It is requesting $17,000 to hire a coordinator; $13,000 to rent a jeep; and $20,000 to conduct aerial surveys. The ZOA's request will ask for exactly the same thing.

Peace Now states in its grant request that it also receives $100,000 from Americans for Peace Now and 150,000 Euros from "European Foundations" for its settlement watch project. The ZOA will state in its grant request that it does not receive such funding, thus making the Finnish government's support all the more necessary.

Aaron Lerner runs IMRA (Independent Media Review Analysis), which tracks the media, polls and events of importance in the Middle East. Its website address is http://www.imra.org.il

The Zionist Organization of America, founded in 1897, is the oldest pro-Israel organization in the United States. The ZOA works to strengthen U.S.-Israel relations, educates the American public and Congress about the dangers that Israel faces, and combats anti-Israel bias in the media and on college campuses. Its past presidents have included Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and Rabbi Dr. Abba Hillel Silver.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 27, 2004.
This from a witness in Israel over the government's attack on a hilltop outpost of Tapuach:

"Meanwhile the army did not come last night. Perhaps they knew that it won't be easy to get Kahane people off that hilltop without both sides badly injured. Anyhow, we asked the court not to dismantle, as the Hilltop is a legal part of the settlement which is also legal. The answer will be at 4 pm today. If the court postpones dismantling, it is only because they know there won't be compromises but a lot of people hurt. That will not stop them from coming a month later in middle of the night when no one is there and dismantle a tin building. But, what will they do with the Torah and prayer books - act like Arabs or Jews? It is a terrible situation. (Eventually they removed the religious articles, but nevertheless destroyed the synagogue.)

I'm not on the Hilltop, because the police often club even non-violent dissenters on the head ,and when they drag you away, they often drag you down the hill with your head and back hitting the ground that is rocky. (This time they didn't do that.) Meanwhile the Shin Bet comes in close and takes pictures of each individual, even at a Women In Green demonstration, phones are tapped."

But, the Arabs keep on building (illegally, but without Israeli government objection) on the Jews Hilltops surrounding Maale Adumim, walk in the Malls among all the Jews, are expensively dressed, buy in stores that I can't afford to walk into, and live without fear. If I walk into their neighborhood, good chances are that I'll never walk out alive.

The courts decided to postpone the dismantling of The Tapuach Hilltop. Goes to show that when push comes to shove, strength, determination and not compromise wins out. When they know you fight to the end, they back off. But, for how long? This evil government will send the army in middle of the night to dismantle, a week later, a month later, who knows?

The government returned the next day, with hundreds of well-armed security men, some firing their weapons into the air. They behaved roughly. At last report, some people were barricaded on the roof of the synagogue, so the government couldn't just demolish it then. When the police finally did, they smiled. Were they enjoying their sinful humiliation of Judaism in the Jewish homeland? I think they were pleased with eliminating the synagogue, because it was erected as a monument to the slain Rabbi Kahane. The government and leftist mentality is not its own antisemitism but the Kahanists for warning about it.

My informant explains that the community had applied for building permits for the synagogue. It didn't occur to residents that in a supposedly Jewish state, the government would not understand that building a synagogue was natural for a Jewish community.

In Israel, a supposed democracy, the government is in charge of almost everything, takes inordinately long to make decisions, and acts arbitrarily and politically. The notion of settlements and outposts being illegal largely is misunderstood. The illegality is mere technicality. The government acts maliciously to harm people of different views from its own. The Sharon government is more or less, with a show of independence here or there, in the service of the antisemitic Shinui Party, the anti-Zionist State Dept., and the terrorists who murder Israelis.

The witness explains that this small outpost would be precedent for larger dismantling. I replied, yes, the government does things by degrees, starting small, to see what it can get away with and accustoming people to. Ariel Sharon maneuvers against his people with the same cunning that he maneuvered on the field of battle. It is too bad he now is on the side of Israel's enemies.

In frustration, the witness exclaimed that when the government officials meet their maker, they'd encounter divine justice. I replied, "I'd find the accomplishment of justice more reassuring if some of those people you mentioned would receive their divine punishment on earth and in public view. It would be exemplary."

Why are outposts being demolished? I think it is because the Quartet wants to show that the Jews are not entitled to their homeland, are not sovereign in their state's decisions, and to clear the way for a turnover of the territories to the Arabs, regardless of Israel's superior legal, historical, and moral claim and the Arabs' declared use of the territories as bases in the final conquest of Israel. The Quartet calls that a peace plan, we need not. Hitler and Stalin called their schemes peace plans, too. The analogy fits.

Mr. Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 27, 2004.
This is amazing for two reasons. One, that it happened at all and two, because the BBC is reporting it. This story is by Raffi Berg and wa on the BBC New online.

Walid Shoebat vividly remembers the tumultuous days of June, 1967, when Israel and its Arab neighbours were at war.

For six days and six nights, Walid and his family hid in the bathroom of their home in Jericho, as fighting raged outside.

"On the sixth day, everything went quiet," Walid told BBC News Online. "My father was listening to Arab radio and the news said: 'We cleansed Jerusalem of the Jews'. Then we opened the door and there was this Israeli tank with the Star of David flag standing in our street!"

Less than a week after the war began, Jordan had been repelled from the West Bank, Israel had taken over and the map of the modern Middle East had been redrawn.

A humiliating defeat for the Arabs, the Israeli victory spawned a new generation of young nationalists determined to restore lost pride, vanquish the enemy and establish a Palestinian state.

"From kindergarten we were taught that Jews were dogs," said Walid. "We were taught that Jews were the converts of monkeys, that Jews were Sabbath breakers and prophet killers. We even considered Arabs in pre-1967 Israel traitors because we could not understand how they could co-exist with Jews."

'To die as a martyr'

As a teenager in the mid-1970s, Walid joined the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and became a local activist - printing fliers, organising demonstrations and confronting Israeli troops.

"My whole dream was to die as a shaheed [martyr]. At demonstrations I would open my shirt hoping to be shot - but the Israelis would never shoot at the body, so I never succeeded," he said.

One day, in the middle of a riot, Walid was part of a group which snatched an Israeli soldier who was trying to quell the violence.

They beat him senseless and tried to lynch him, before he was rescued by troops and the group fled.

"We ran to a monastery where the nuns protected us - even they hated the Jews!"

Walid was eventually caught and imprisoned in the Muscovite Prison in Jerusalem, but was released after a few weeks.

He returned to violence straight away, bombing an Israeli bank in Bethlehem.

'How do you explain this?'

The course of Walid's life took a turn when his parents sent him to the United States to get a better education.

Walid enrolled in Loop College in Chicago, where he became president of the Palestinian Students' Association, raising funds for the PLO and recruiting volunteers to fight in Lebanon.

He eventually moved to California, where he met his current wife, a Catholic from Mexico.

"I wanted her to convert to Islam," he said. "I told her Jews had corrupted the Bible and she asked me to show her some examples of this corruption. At this point I had to go and buy a Bible and I started reading it and I saw the word 'Israel' all over it. I had to be brutally honest - the very word I hated the most was throughout this book!

"I thought: 'How do you explain this?' Then I started thinking, really the Jews didn't do us any harm but we hated them and accused them of all this horrible stuff. I began to think more openly."

In the mid-1990s, Walid went to a family reunion in southern California where a row broke out after he defended the biblical matriarch Rachel, whom his uncle had called a "Jewish whore".

" 'You deserve to be spat at'," my uncle said, "and they threw me out the house".

"I realised they knew nothing about history, all they knew was the same propaganda that I had been taught."

Speaking out

Walid's convictions led him to renounce violence and convert to Christianity but it was at a price: his family disowned him and his own brother threatened to kill him for abandoning Islam.

His disappointment with his own family's ideology and remorse at the folly of his youth strengthened Walid's resolve to speak out against militancy as a way of solving the Palestinian problem.

"Yes, there is personal risk to myself. If I went back to my village of Beit Sahour I would live five minutes, I can guarantee it. But I hope that by speaking the truth I will open other people's eyes."

"I chose to speak out because I was a victim, as a child I was a victim of this horror. Now I see other victims, millions of them, kids.

"I was taught songs about killing Jews. You need to get rid of the education system where they are teaching this type of thing and get rid of the terrorist groups. It will take a generation, but until then, there's not going to be peace, it doesn't matter what kind of land settlement you have."

A militant-turned-peacemaker, Walid wants to meet the Israel soldier he tried to kill almost 30 years ago.

His voice cracking with emotion, Walid said he would offer the soldier his hand and say to him: "'Please understand, we were just children, brainwashed to kill you, to hate you.' I would seek his forgiveness."

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by CAMERA, January 27, 2004.
National Public Radio bias is unabating. On January 19, on "All Things Considered", NPR host Robert Siegel reported on Israeli Ambassador to Sweden Zvi Mazel's angry reaction to an art exhibit in Stockholm considered by many to be a glorification of Palestinian terrorism. In protest against the exhibit, Mazel unplugged a light illuminating a pool of blood-red water on which floated an image of a female suicide bomber, and tossed the light into the water. The ambassador's action came in the context, he later explained, of chronic anti-Israel activity in Sweden, some of which the creator of the art exhibit, Dror Feiler, promoted.

According to a January 18 interview with the Ambassador: "Dror Feiler is the main anti-Israel activist in Sweden. In the past few years before I got here, he was known as someone who stands outside the embassy and passes out flyers against Israel. He appears in lectures here and he writes articles and it is all against Israel. Every second word of his about Israel are the words 'apartheid' and 'racism'. He is Israel's number one enemy and everything that he does is Anti-Israel." [Interview with Zvi Mazel, Israel's Ambassador in Sweden and Dror Feiler, the artist, IBA RESHET BET, JAN. 18, 2004, By courtesy of Prof. Murray Kahl http://www.upjf.org/documents/showthread.php?threadid=5911]

But Siegel omitted any reference to the anti-Israel environment and interviewed only Feiler. The NPR host did refer to having "tried" to reach Mazel, but gave no indication why, if Mazel couldn't be interviewed, the network didn't find one of the many other speakers who could have presented Israel's views. Siegel lobbed mostly sympathetic questions and was silent in response to Feiler's extreme allegations, including his charge that Israel is "a rogue state."

Feiler said: "...Mr. Mazel is behaving the same way like his government is behaving. He has disrespected international laws, and he is bullying his way around like the Israeli government is doing. And it's not surprising that the diplomats of such a rogue state, I would call them, are behaving like this."

In contrast to NPR, most other mainstream media provided a broader view of the individuals involved in the incident and the background against which Mazel acted. Excerpts below are typical:

Jan 18 New York Times -- Greg Myre: "Mr. Mazel, who has served in his post for a little over a year, said he has faced considerable anger directed at Israel during his time in Sweden. 'There is a hostile ambience in this country that is orchestrated by the press and the extreme left,' he said."

Jan 19 UPI -- Joshua Brilliant: "The controversial piece was the work of a former Israeli, Dror Feiler, and his Swedish wife Gunilla Skold-Deiler. Dror Feiler, 52, was raised in a communist kibbutz in Israel, moved to Sweden in 1973, and gave up his Israeli citizenship."

Jan 19 Los Angeles Times -- Laura King: " 'Maybe if he had been sitting in that restaurant, and his wife had been killed, he might have changed his mind,' said Tova Bahat, who was widowed in the [Haifa terrorist] attack [committed by the Palestinian woman featured in Feiler's exhibit], and her 3-year-old son critically hurt."

Jan 20 Associated Press -- Dan Perry: " Reflecting a deepening rift with Europe, Israel's ambassador to Sweden received strong support in Israel after vandalizing a Stockholm art exhibit he saw as glorifying Palestinian suicide bombers. Zvi Mazel's outburst - captured on a security camera before he was escorted from Sweden's Museum of National Antiquities - added fuel to a debate over artistic freedom and Europe's views about Israel. But Mazel said those were minor issues compared with what he described as a tide of European anti-Semitism that reminded him of the eve of the Second World War.

" 'This exhibit was the culmination of dozens of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish events in Sweden,' the veteran diplomat told the Associated Press by phone. 'When you don't protest it gets worse and worse. It had to be stopped somehow, even by deviating from the behaviour of the buttoned-down diplomat.'

"The exhibit opened in tandem with an international conference on preventing genocide set for this month in Stockholm, but is not tied to it. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson David Saranga said the exhibit broke an understanding Israel had with Sweden that the genocide conference would not include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"There has long been debate over where criticism of Israel ends and anti-Semitism begins. But the current round touched a deeper chord because many Israelis feel outsiders often accept the Palestinians' use of suicide bombings against civilians...

"Even government critics in Israel sided with Mazel. 'Mazel was not an ambassador but a human being,' wrote columnist Ben Caspit in the Maariv newspaper. 'His hand, which pulled the plug, was the hand of all of us.'..

" 'We are in the 1930s now: That is the feeling of many of us who know history,' said Mazel, referring to the decade that saw the Nazi takeover in Germany and led to the slaughter of 6 million Jews. 'There is a feeling among many people, including me, of a tragedy that could be coming.' "

CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America - monitors the media for anti-Israel bias. Its website address is http://www.camera.org.

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 26, 2004.
These pieces were extracted from a news item in today's Ha'aretz.
"The poll by the Ipso research institute for Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera was conducted in Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Britain.

Asked if Jews in their countries had a "mentality and lifestyle" different than other citizens, 46 percent said yes. About 40.5 percent said Jews in their country had "a particular relationship with money" and 35.7 percent said Jews "should stop playing the victim for the Holocaust and the persecutions of 50 years ago."

Some 9 percent of the respondents said they "don't like or trust Jews," and 15 percent said "it would be better if Israel didn't exist

More than 68 percent said they believed Israel had a right to exist but the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was "making the wrong choices."

More than 71 percent of those polled said Israel should leave the

occupied territories and Palestinians should stop attacking Israeli targets."

Not very encouraging. But we need to keep some things in perspective.

Some of the questions strike me as fitting the label of "push" polling. By this, pollsters mean questions that "push" respondents into giving a certain answer just by the way the question is phrased. For example, the Corriere della Sera poll asked Europeans if Jews were "different" and 46 percent said "yes." If I had been asked the question, I also would have said "yes" because Jews are and should be different. But that's a benign view. The other more pernicious view -- and I suspect the majority view of the "yes" respondents -- is that Jews are a group totally apart with separate agendas that clash with accepted European norms. Egyptians held that view in Biblical times before the Exodus. But whichever way you want to slice the question semantically, it was a loaded question.

Aside from some of the loaded questions in the poll, one might also ask why the poll confined itself to Jews to begin with. Its findings would be far more revealing if similar or other loaded questions had been asked about Muslims, immigrants in general, gays, gypsies, blacks, etc. Or what Europeans in some countries think about Europeans in other countries. (Boy, would you find a lot of stereotypes in polling in that direction!)

That said, the finding that anti-Semitic views correlate directly with anti-Israel views should come as no surprise in view of how Europe's new anti-Semitism has morphed into deep prejudice against Israel (vide the Swedish art exhibit glorifying a female suicide bomber) or, if you prefer, how the constant drumbeat of denunciations of Israel has fed the new anti-Semitism. I'm sure different lessons can be drawn from this. Some Jews - I would call them highly naive - would solve the anti-Semitism problem by joining the anti-Israel "Sturm und Drang" (I.e. the likes of Michael Lerner). Others would draw the more appropriate conclusion that, as Jews, we're all one people facing common foes and dangers.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 26, 2004.
The Arabs are on jihad. They have no Western notion of scruples in their quest to conquer. They explain their offers to negotiate as not seeking peace but, on the basis of Islamic history, as seeking an advantageous position or a respite from setbacks. Every negotiation in which they engage strives to gain the upper hand. Nevertheless, each Arab offer to negotiate brings expressions of hope of a turn towards peace or of praise from the Western media.

Syria is going through the motions now. The US expresses "cautious optimism." Syria is not giving evidence of a newfound desire for peace. It suggests negotiations so it might acquire strategic territory at Israel's expense. The Western media should not get taken in yet again. There are some signs of Israeli sophistication about this. Israeli officials remark that while Syria claims an interest in peace, it continues to arm Hizbullah and promote terrorism against Israel.

Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, January 26, 2004.
By Emanual A. Winston, Middle East commentator and analyst.

I understand that Newton, Massachusetts has elected, through its city board to be a conduit for Muslim Arab Terrorist Propaganda on its Cable TV show. That would make Newton the first town to request that Arab Muslim Terrorists be broadcast in America.

Clearly, Newton will become well known to Americans in the coming weeks - even infamous.

U.S. soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan while Newton's board and Mayor has decided to become a voice for Arab Muslim Terrorists broadcasting in America.

How did Muslim Terrorists sign up Newton? Who was paid or has the Newton Board of Cable TV 'unanimously' volunteered its services - out of sympathy with their cause? Has Newton become a base for the voice of Arab Muslim Terrorists, connected to Arab American Muslim organizations who are pressing for Newton's accommodation? Who exactly are the Newton Cable TV (NewTV) Board members? What is their connection to an Arab Muslim Terrorist News Network?

The program planned to begin broadcasting into Newton living rooms is called "Mosaic" - a collection of 11 Middle East TV stations that will bring weekly anti-Israel propaganda in the form of "news reports" - all done under the guise of 'free speech'. Nine of the stations are from Arab countries, one from Iran - all controlled by their (non-democratic) governments). The 11th is the Arabic Channel of Israel.


Please write to Mayor David Cohen who must sign a now-expired contract with NewTV. dcohen@ci.newton.ma.us phone: 617-796-1100

Please monitor your local & national Media to be sure they are not falling prey to the same.

"Hezb'Allah TV comes to Newton" by Charles Jacobs, President of the David Project.

In spite of a vigorous protest by many from Newton's Jewish community, the Board of Newton Cable TV (NewTV) unanimously decided at a public meeting last week to begin broadcasting Arab propaganda shows into Newton living rooms.

Over 50 Jews braved zero temperatures to voice opposition to a program called "Mosaic" - a collection of 11 Middle East TV stations that will bring weekly anti-Israel propaganda in the form of

"news reports" - all done in the guise of free speech. Nine of the stations are from Arab countries, one from Iran. All these are controlled to some extent by their (non-democratic) governments, which exercise severe censorship of journalists. The 11th is the Arabic Channel of Israel.

Mosaic was introduced to NewTV and defended in the meeting by Newton residents who think that news on American TV is "controlled by the government," and that we need to see why people around the world "hate us."

Well, hatred is surely coming our way. Hatred of America, of Israel, and perhaps of Jews. One of these hate broadcasters is Lebanon's Al Manar TV, which is operated by Hezb'Allah (please check their web site: http://www.manartv.com/.) This is the equivalent of allowing the KKK or Joseph Goebbels cable access. A proponent of Mosaic said he was confidant Americans were smart enough to distinguish between truth and propaganda (apparently only when it comes to non-U.S channels.)

But he certainly wasn't smart enough. Mosaic's fans in Newton were taken in by the program's claim that it presents an objective sampling of the way the US and its allies are seen by the Arab and Iranian world in the Arab and Iranian media. But as Professor Sol Schimmel explained to the Board, Mosaic feeds American viewers "what the Arab and Iranian governments would like Americans to believe their populations are seeing on their own TV screens, not what they actually do see, which is virulent anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism."

This will be censored news, Potemkin Village "news" that will edit out for American consumption Arab TV "reports" that the CIA attacked the twin towers on 9/11 in order to prepare Americans for the "assault on Islam." And the "reports" that "the Jews" bombed the WTC, a canard believed now throughout the Islamic world.

Nor will Newton audiences see the sermons from Muslim clerics broadcast from Mosiac's Palestinian station. Like this one: "Oh Allah, destroy America, for she is ruled by Zionist Jews... Allah will paint the White House black." "All weapons must be aimed at the Jews, at the enemies of Allah, the cursed nation in the Koran, whom the Koran describes as monkeys and pigs... We will blow them up in ... Tel Aviv and in Netanya... we will bless all those who educate their children to jihad and martyrdom."

Mosaic will also cleanse from it broadcasts its Egyptian station's 41 part series on how the Jews control the world, based on the notorious anti-Semitic libel, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But neither Mosaic nor its defenders are telling us that.

Mosaic's Syrian station featured purported footage of Jews murdering Christian children and catching the blood in mixing bowls to make Passover matzo. The Arab TV news we'll get in Newton will be cleaned up... to make its perspective seem reasonable.

But here is the real question: Why would NewTV board members, our neighbors, allow racist anti-Semites to broadcast anything to our community? David Duke couldn't get on Roxbury Cable if he were doing a show on gardening.

We lost because the board thinks it can afford to be insensitive to Jewish communal interests and because it is morally confused about free speech. This, even though Rabbi Gershon Segal of Congregation Beth El told the Board these same stations are used to persuade Palestinians to blow themselves up and murder Jewish men, women and children.

Essentially, the board response was that if Jews don't like a show that says Israel and its Jewish supporters are to blame for the ills of the world - we can just make a program that says we're not. If they say we murder children, we can come on and say we don't. What could be more reasonable? (And what could be better for cable business!?) These are likely the reasons Mosaic is making its way into American living rooms across the country.

Promoters of Mosaic in Newton argue that even if it borders on hate speech, we Americans need to know what the Arab world is like. Of course we do, but Mosaic pulls a veil over the region's realities: its religious and cultural intolerance of "the other," its religious apartheid. Mosaic blocks out news about the oppression of women, about clitorectomies, and honor killings, and the brutal treatment of homosexuals in the Arab world. NewTV will broadcast shows that censor news about the oppression of Christians in Egypt, and Lebanon and Iraq, about the black Christian jihad-slaves in Sudan, and the black Muslim slaves serving Arab masters in Mauritania; about the plight of the Bahais in Iran; even about exploited workers who nowhere in the Arab world are permitted free labor unions. In the progressive City of Newton we will not hear about death penalties for those who wish to change their religion from Islam. Censored: the news that apostasy is a death sentence in the Islamic world. And most surely kept from Newton eyes will be the single most important news - that under Islam,

Jews and Christians are legally considered dhimmis, a despised and restricted underclass, who are religiously forbidden to establish self-rule anywhere in "the Arab realm."

The Mosaic fans are not at all interested in "diversity" of views. They are interested in demonizing America and Israel. Diversity is not served by broadcasting selected, censored, propaganda produced by the ruling ideologies, dictatorships and tyrannies.

by JAT List Owner (jat.action@runbox.com)

Newton (MA) Alderman Bob Gerst is taking a leading role in the NewTV controversy. With his leadership, we believe that it will be possible to reverse the NewTV decision to broadcast the Arab propaganda network, Mosaic. Two kinds of action will be needed.

1. We will need to have as many Newton residents as possible contact the Mayor immediately. Mayor David Cohen's email: dcohen@ci.newton.ma.us; link: mailto:dcohen@ci.newton.ma.us; Phone: 617-796-1100.

2. We will need to have an impressive turnout at an upcoming Board of Aldermen meeting.

Under the terms of the agreement between Newton and NewTV, which expired March 2001, Newton required NewTV to "produce or assist Authorized Users in the production of original, non-commercial video programming with an emphasis on programming focusing on Newton issues, events, and activities for cable casting on the PEG access channels."

Alderman Gerst writes: "I find it hard to interpret that clause as a directive to exhibit, instead of produce, non-original video programming which focuses in no way on Newton issues, events, and activities."

Alderman Gerst has docketed a discussion of the NewTV renewal for an upcoming Board of Alderman meeting. The date has not yet been set but will probably be in about two weeks. We will announce that meeting when it is scheduled, because it will be very important to have a large turnout of citizens opposed to the broadcast of an Arab propaganda network over NewTV.

The renewal of the contract between the City of Newton and the present Board of Directors of NewTV is now sitting on the Mayor's desk awaiting his signature.

It is imperative that everyone concerned about the broadcasting of an Arab propaganda station over Newton's public access channel write or phone Mayor Cohen immediately and urge him not to sign the renewal, or to postpone his decision about signing until the Newton community has had a chance to consider the direction in which the present board wishes to take NewTV.


These are some arguments against having the Arab propaganda network Mosaic broadcast over newTV include:

1. Mosaic broadcasts Hezb'Allah TV, among other stations.

2. The producer of Mosaic, Jamal Dajani, is on record favoring the elimination of the State of Israel (he favors a "one-state" solution). Dajani stated this position in a "Mosaic special" on the Road Map.

3. The backers of Mosaic have said "the idea is to let Americans see the news as those in the Arab world do." However, Mosaic, in fact, is a propaganda broadcast created and carefully tailored to influence American viewers; it is not at all representative of what viewers in the Middle East see.

4. Mosaic deliberately mistranslates the Arabic as part of its American propaganda effort. For example, they translate "the zionist entity" as "the Jewish State" to give the false and misleading impression that the broadcaster accepts Israel's existence.

5. Mosaic is not responsible journalism. For example, when the IDF calls in a helicopter strike to take out a car in which a known Hamas official and his driver are traveling, the Mosaic story will describe a heinous Israeli assault on Palestinian civilians. The viewer will have no way of knowing that the target was a car carrying terrorists, and may actually gain the impression common in the Muslim world that Israeli soldiers routinely and deliberately murders random civilians.

6. We do not wish to invite Hezb'Allah TV into Newton living rooms. We would not invite Al Qaeda to broadcast daily over our local public-access network, and we do not want the Voice of Hezb'Allah to broadcast daily over our local public access network.

7. Picking up Arab propaganda stations for rebroadcast, as Mosaic does, will give the governments that produce these newscasts the dangerously false impression that their style of propaganda-masquerading-as-news is acceptable to western audiences. It is not. We owe it to the millions of Arabs who see only propaganda broadcasts to send a clear message to their governments that journalists must be free of government direction before we in the west will find Arab and Persian news programming acceptable for rebroadcast.

8. Picking up programs from Egyptian, Syrian, and other national television networks will give these governments the dangerous impression that the vile anti-Semitic programming and incitement to murder Jews that they broadcast at home is acceptable to American audiences. This will work against the efforts of the State Department, which has issued stern protests against the vile, racist programming broadcast at home by the very stations that NewTV proposes to rebroadcast excerpts from.

9. NewTV is a local public access network. As residents of Newton, we do not feel that it is appropriate to bring in outside programing, especially when the lone daily program scheduled for broadcast is produced by an individual who seeks the elimination of the State of Israel.

Posted by Ruth and Nadia Matar, January 26, 2004.
Women In Green have been aware for some time that the overwhelming majority of the Jewish People, after living with continual Arab terror for three long years, are against the creation of another Arab State within Biblical Israel. The problem was how to get the general public to become aware that these are the facts. Certainly, you can not get this information from the general media. It goes out of its way to give the impression that the majority of people go along with Prime Minister Sharon in his advocacy of another Arab State in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. This in spite of the fact that the Arabs in a truly racist and anti-democratic fashion support that the Jews be uprooted from their homes. Traditionally and historically, Judea, Samaria and Gaza and the Jewish communities located therein, have always been part and parcel of the Jewish Homeland. Sadly, it is this area that is to make up a major part of the new Arab state that is to be created.

Accordingly, the 350,000 signatures that Women In Green have gathered by visiting the cities of Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzliyah, Netanyah Petach Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Tiberias, Safed , Kiryat Shmonah and many, many others is truly representative of how the Jews in Israel feel about the creation of another Arab State alongside of Israel. That is why we welcomed the opportunity to visit with President Katzav to convey to him these facts. Prime Minister Sharon has deliberately and totally ignored the wishes of his people in that regard. He has been faxed each and every page of the Petition, directed to him by 350,000 citizens of Israel. They have implored him not to support the establishment of another Arab state in their midst. Sharon has furthermore disregarded the Likud Party Platform on the basis of which he was elected. That Platform specifically rejects the creation of an Arab Palestinian state within Biblical Israel.

Our Jewish People have witnessed Arab terror at close hand and properly concluded that the majority of the Arabs wish to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. To establish another Arab state alongside of Israel is not only a reward for Arab terror, but it will encourage and promote such Arab terror in the future. In the schooling of their children and in their propaganda the Arabs refuse to recognize the Jewish State of Israel, nor are they willing to live in peace with it. It is thus reasonable for our Jewish citizens to conclude that the Arabs will not change their stance in the foreseeable future.

At the time our delegation from our organization, of men and women, met with President Katzav, we conveyed to him the following:

1. We presented him with a sample of over 100,000 of the over 350,000 signatures we had previously obtained. The President's office had called us not to bring the entire amount of signatures, but merely a sample of them. The President's office suggested we bring 5 such boxes, but we actually brought them 7, because we wanted there be over 100,000 such signatures. We pointed out to President Katzav that these signatures reveal the true feeling of the Jewish People in Israel, with regard to the creation of another Arab State in their homeland. This attitude of our Jewish people is not properly reported in the media. Many people are unaware that they are part of a great majority who feel that way. When Prime Mister Sharon advocates the creation of such an Arab state, he is acting in a dictatorial fashion. The Will of the People is opposed to what he intends to do. By the way, the electorate had chosen Prime Minister Sharon in the last election, on the basis of his Party's Platform. This platform specifically states that it is opposed to the creation of another Arab State in our midst.

2. Recent polls in America, clearly indicate that approximately 70% of Americans are opposed to the creation of another Arab State within Biblical Israel. This reflects the sentiment of millions of Americans who do not support President Bush's present "Road Map" Proposal. During our meeting a letter written by the Presidents of American Committee for the Preservation of the Land and People of Israel and National Unity Coalition, representing over 200 groups of Christians and Jews who are opposed to the creation of such an Arab State within Biblical Israel, was presented to President Katzav. A Full Page Ad to that effect appeared in the Jerusalem Post's local and international edition as well as the French edition of that paper, on the Friday, January 23, 2004, preceding our meeting with President Katzav.

3. At this meeting we presented to President Katzav a Historical and Archeological Map of Judea and Samaria showing the Jewish Biblical roots to their homeland. This map was meticulously made up by two of our devoted members, who spent hundreds of hours of research verifying the facts stated therein.

4. Our spokesperson Nadia Matar urged the President to do all in his power to obtain the release of our Prisoners of War Ron Arad, Zecharia Baumel, Yehuda Katz, Zvi Feldman, Guy Hever, and Jonathan Pollard.

The President responded to this latter plea of Nadia's by saying that just today he had mentioned the release of these prisoners while he was paying a shiva call to a family of a soldier in the north, killed by the Hizbullah. However, he indicated that the media does not always relay such statements he makes in that regard. As to Jonathan Pollard, the President stated that both the left and the right were unanimously united in their efforts to bring Jonathan home.

Referring to the massive number of signatures we had obtained against the formation of an Arab state, President Katzav was of the opinion that Prime Minister Sharon would bring the question of such importance to the People for its decision. He thought the procedure for this would be a Referendum, submitted to the People of Israel for its decision.

Nadia and several of our women responded that no one has the right to give any part of the Land of Israel to a foreign entity. Ben Gurion as early as 1937 recognized this fact at a World Zionist Conference, and it has been often repeated since then. Esther Beit Halachmi, one of our women, expressed this view to the President, in an eloquent manner. The banners that were posted on the boxes we presented to the President carried the message that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People of Israel eternally.

President Katzav urged our organization to remain steadfast in our national beliefs, and praised our organization for its courage and convictions. As a result we, in Women In Green, were strengthened by the words and encouragement that the President gave to our delegation.

[Ed note: This is a news item from today's arutz-7:

Katzav met several weeks ago with former Shabak chief Ami Ayalon, who presented the President with a petition signed by several tens of thousands in favor of an Arab state to be formed in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Women in Green notes that it was signed by "many Arabs, whereas our plan is signed chiefly by Jews, showing therefore that it reflects more truthfully the true desires of the People of Israel."

Today's petition, addressed to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, states, "We raise our voice in protest at your declaration, followed by a declaration by Pres. Bush, regarding your consent to establish a Palestinian state in the heart of the Land of Israel. The events of the past year have once again proven that Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority are enemies of the Jewish Nation, and are no different than Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist organizations, whose sole purpose is to liquidate the State of Israel. A Palestinian state in the Land of Israel is, aside from 'stealing the poor man's lamb,' also an existential danger to the State of Israel. As our elected Prime Minister, you must declare and actualize the historic bonds between the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel. We oppose a Palestinian state!"

The petition was faxed to the Prime Minister's Office, which proffered no reply.]

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 25, 2004.
This is an Associated Press news item that appeared today on the Jerusalem Post (http://www.jpost.com).

Anti-Semitic attacks around the world dropped in 2003, with only seven counted in the United States, but the number rose sharply in France, according a report released Sunday.

Israel has repeatedly warned of rising anti-Semitism around the world, pointing especially to bombings against Jews in Turkey and Morocco and attacks on Jews throughout Europe. The Israeli government has made the subject a top priority in recent meetings with European leaders.

"There is a deep strengthening of classic anti-Semitism that is appearing in unprecedented quantities and quality," said Diaspora Affairs Minister Natan Sharansky at a news conference in Jerusalem.

Israeli government figures compiled in the report showed that in 2003, there were 235 violent anti-Semitic incidents in the world, down from 319 in the previous year. In the United States, the number dropped to seven in 2003 from 12 in 2002.

But in France, violent incidents rose to 85 in 2003 from 69 in 2002, more than a third of all attacks around the world last year, according to the report, noting that 79 percent of anti-Semitic violence in 2003 took place in Western Europe.

Sallai Meridor, chairman of the quasi-governmental Jewish Agency, which helped compile the report, cited several incidents in France in which students were attacked for wearing Jewish symbols like skullcaps.

The attacks have led to a fear among French Jews, forcing them to cover or remove their skullcaps or religious symbols to avoid anti-Semitic violence, especially from the Muslim population there, Meridor said.

The French government announced in December a campaign against anti-Semitic violence that includes encouraging French schools to lead class trips to Auschwitz, the largest Nazi concentration camp from World War II, and punishment for anti-Jewish remarks in the media.

Extra security at Jewish places of worship and schools and "exemplary sanctions" against anyone found guilty of anti-Semitic acts is part of the new policy. Attacks have been shown to climb along with tension in the Middle East.

However, in many instances of anti-Semitic incidents, anger at Israeli government policies stems from hatred of Jews in general, Sharansky said.

In November a poll commissioned by the European Union found that 59 percent of Europeans consider Israel a threat to peace, more than any other country.

The same month 23 people were killed in bombings at two synagogues in Turkey. In an effort to crackdown on anti-Semitism, Israel has designated Jan. 27 as "National Day to Combat anti-Semitism," which will be marked in the Jewish state and several European countries, Sharansky said.

Posted by Yehoshua Friedman, January 25, 2004.
This comes from the Far From Perfect website (http://www.seadoc.net) December 24, 2003. Scott Trask, an engineer with WSTR-FM, wrote: "Remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it? His trial is over. How much of this Judge's comments did you hear on TV? Everyone should hear what the judge had to say. This is worthy of your time. The real eye opener is that the news media did not report anything on it.

US District Court Judge William Young made the following statement in sentencing "shoe bomber" Richard Reid to prison. It is noteworthy, and deserves to be remembered far longer than he predicts.

"How much of this Judge's comments did you hear on our TV sets? ZERO! Please pass this around. Everyone needs to hear what the judge had to say."

"January 30, 2003, United States vs. Reid.

Judge Young: "Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you.

"On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sentences you to life in prison in the custody of the United States Attorney General.

"On counts 2, 3, 4 and 7, the Court sentences you to 20 years in prison on each count, the sentence on each count to run consecutive with the other.

"That's 80 years.

"On count 8 the Court sentences you to the mandatory 30 years consecutive to the 80 years just imposed. The Court imposes upon you each of the eight counts a fine of $250,000 for the aggregate fine of $2 million.

"The Court accepts the government's recommendation with respect to restitution and orders restitution in the amount of $298.17 to Andre Bousquet and $5,784 to American Airlines.

"The Court imposes upon you the $800 special assessment.

"The Court imposes upon you five years supervised release simply because the law requires it. But the life sentences are real life sentences so I need go no further.

"This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and just sentence. It is a righteous sentence.

"Let me explain this to you: We are not afraid of any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before.

"There is all too much war talk here. And I say that to everyone with the utmost respect. Here in this court, where we deal with individuals as individuals, and care for individuals as individuals, as human beings we reach out for justice, you are not an enemy combatant.

"You are a terrorist.

"You are not a soldier in any war.

"You are a terrorist.

"To give you that reference, to call you a soldier, gives you far too much stature.

"Whether it is the officers of government who do it or your attorney who does it, or that happens to be your view,

"You are a terrorist.And we do not negotiate with terrorists.

"We do not sign documents with terrorists.

"We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice. So war talk is way out of line in this court.

"You are a big fellow. But you are not that big. You're no warrior. I know warriors. You are a terrorist.

"A species of criminal guilty of multiple attempted murders.

"In a very real sense Trooper Santiago had it right when you first were taken off that plane and into custody and you wondered where the press and where the TV crews were and he said you're no big deal.

"You are no big deal.

"What your able counsel and what the equally able United States attorneys have grappled with and what I have as honestly as I know how tried to grapple with, is why you did something so horrific.

"What was it that led you here to this courtroom today? "I have listened respectfully to what you have to say. And I asked you to search your heart and ask yourself what sort of unfathomable hate led you to do what you are guilty, and admit you are guilty of doing.

"And I have an answer for you.

"It may not satisfy you. But as I search this entire record it comes as close to understanding as I know. It seems to me you hate the one thing that is most precious: You hate our freedom.

"Our individual freedom. Our individual freedom to live as we choose, to come and go as we choose, and to believe or not believe as we individually choose.

"Here, in this society, the very winds carry freedom. They carry it everywhere from sea to shining sea.

"It is because we prize individual freedom so much that you are here in this beautiful courtroom. So that everyone can see, truly see, that justice is administered fairly, individually, and discretely.

"It is for freedom's sake that your lawyers are striving so vigorously on your behalf, have filed appeals, and will go on in their representation of you before other judges.

"We are about it. Because we all know that the way we treat you, Mr. Reid, is the measure of our own liberties.

"Make no mistake though: It is yet true that we will bear any burden, pay any price, to preserve our freedoms.

"Look around this courtroom. Mark it well.

"The world is not going to long remember what you or I say here. Day after tomorrow it will be forgotten. But this, however, will long endure. Here in this courtroom and courtrooms all across America, the American people will gather to see that justice, individual justice.. Justice, not war. Individual justice is in fact being done.

"The very President of the United States through his officers will have to come into courtrooms and lay out evidence on which specific matters can be judged. And juries of citizens will gather to sit and judge that evidence democratically - to mold and shape and refine our sense of justice.

"See that flag Mr. Reid?

"That is the flag of the United States of America.

"That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag stands for freedom. It always will.

"Custody, Mr. Officer. Stand him down."

Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 25, 2004.
This is to puke. Freeing hundreds of twisted Arabs! If they didn't succeed in murdering Jews, it wasn't from lack of trying. So now they get another chance. And Hizballah gets seasoned recruits. Wow. I can't wait. On the other hand, the released terrorists have signed an agreement that they won't commit any more acts of terror - just like the last batch of released terrorists did. Ain't that reassuring?

This account is from today's Arutz-7 (http://www.IsraelNationalNews.com).

German mediator Ernest Uhrlau announced yesterday that the prisoners-for-hostages exchange with Hizbullah will be carried out this week. The basic framework is as was approved in November, i.e., 435 prisoners who live in Palestinian Authority-areas and Lebanon, including Sheikh Obeid and Mustafa Dirani, in exchange for abducted citizen Elchanan Tenenbaum and the bodies of three soldiers killed by Hizbullah over three years ago: Benny Avraham, Adi Avitan, and Omar Souad.

A second stage of the agreement is the formation of an international committee to investigate the whereabouts and condition of missing Israeli navigator Ron Arad; Lebanese-Druze Samir Kuntar, who murdered several members of the Haran family in 1979, will be released in exchange for "solid evidence" that Arad is either alive or dead. Hizbullah chieftain Nasrallah reportedly told Kuntar's family that he would be released three months from now.

The official German announcement of the deal is somewhat different. It states that Kuntar will be returned to Lebanon without delay as soon as the negotiations regarding him are completed successfully - and that the sides hope this will occur within 2-3 months. The Germans also state that committees will be established to reveal the whereabouts of Ron Arad and of four Iranian diplomats who have been missing in Lebanon since 1982. "In exchange for a clarification about Ron Arad's fate and his return," says the German announcement, "Palestinians and other Arabs will be freed based on negotiations without preconditions."

Prime Minister Sharon expressed gratitude to the German government for its efforts in mediating the deal, as well as to Gen. Ilan Biran, who has conducted the Israeli negotiations over the past months.

In addition to the 435 PA and Lebanese prisoners, Israel is also to release 12 other incarcerated Arabs, as well as a German Hizbullah agent. The latter is a convert to Islam arrested by Israel in 1997 after he was sent to perpetrate a suicide attack against Israelis. None of the 450 prisoners succeeded in murdering Jews. Israel has also agreed to give the Lebanese maps of the minefields it planted in southern Lebanon, hand over the remains of 59 Hizbullah terrorists killed in fighting with the IDF who are currently buried in cemeteries in northern Israel, and clarify the fate of 24 other Lebanese who have been listed as missing in the past two decades.

Hizbullah head Nasrallah held a press conference this afternoon, gloating over the "victory" he had achieved over Israel and promising to achieve the release of even more Arab prisoners from Israel.

Three other soldiers missing in action were not even mentioned in the deal, and their families feel that they have been abandoned. The three - Tzvi Feldman, Zechariah Baumel and Yehuda Katz - have not been seen for certain since the Sultan Yaaqub battle in southern Lebanon in 1982, although there have been many reports that one or more of them were seen in Syria shortly afterwards. Yonah Baumel, Zechariah's father, said today that he was happy for the four Israeli families in the current deal, even though he feels the price was too high. He further said that he had asked Prime Minister Sharon and Defense Minister Mofaz not to release any Syrian prisoners at present, but was rebuffed. "I take that very hard," Baumel said. He said that he knows that his son's case is not directly connected with Hizbullah - "Hizbullah wasn't even in existence in 1982" - but he has strong criticism of the entire system: "I, by myself, conducted negotiations [in the 1980's] for the return of one soldier in exchange for one terrorist - not one for 300 or 400."

The big winner from this deal is apparently Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah, who is perceived as the only Arab leader to have "liberated" lands from Israel, and will now be able to preside over a joyful parade of returned prisoners. However, some analysts feel that whatever gains Hizbullah derives from the deal will not offset the organization's image as a liability to Lebanon's development, and/or that Hizbullah may still be sacrificed by Iran and Syria in order to gain points in the Western world.

Domestic political reactions to the latest news on the deal leading to the release of the Israeli hostages:

Infrastructures Minister Yosef Paritzky (Shinui): "I'm glad this difficult story has come to an end. The heart is with the families of the fallen, who can finally bring their dear ones to burial in Israel... Obeid and Dirani are no longer an asset to us, but rather a liability, as they have already given us all the information they have."

Welfare Minister Zevulun Orlev (NRP) told Arutz-7 today, "I was one of the sharp opponents of the deal at the time, for three reasons: our moral obligation to Ron Arad; the great concern that freed terrorists would resume their terrorist activities; and the extra boost that it gives Hizbullah. But now that it has been approved and will be carried out, I stand behind it and see no reason to continue to object to it and to cause more pain to the families. There are times when we must unite."

Orlev said that the government decided in November that Samir Kuntar "would not be freed, period, but if there are new developments, such as concrete information on Ron Arad, the government will have to decide anew whether this justifies the release of Kuntar." He added that terrorists "with blood on their hands will not be released," but in any event, "the list must be publicized 48 hours in advance, and we, with the families and our friend Meir Indor and the terror-victim organizations, will carefully check it to make sure there are no mistakes, as there were in the past, and that we do not pay too high of a price."

MK Yuri Stern (National Union): "This exchange is an act of insanity, contrary to all principles of the war against terrorism. It is liable to strengthen Hizbullah and encourage abductions of other Israeli citizens."

The twin brother of Omar Souad, one of the three soldiers whose bodies will be returned to Israel this week, said last night, "No price is too high for the State of Israel to pay for their release."

Other hostage relatives have not felt the same way. In 1969, Prof. Shmuel Samueloff and another Israeli Jew spent 99 days in a Damascus prison after their TWA plane was hijacked on its way to Israel. Naomi Samueloff, who went to the U.S. to gather support for her husband's release, was asked her thoughts at the time about a possible exchange of Syrians in exchange for her husband. She replied, "I am not prepared to request anything that might endanger anyone else or undermine my country's security - not to mention its principles." Shortly afterwards, when asked a similar question, her reply became a headline in the New York papers: "Should a Thief be Paid to Return What He Has Stolen?, Asks Proud Wife of Damascus Prisoner." (source: "99 Days in Damascus," by Uri Oren, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, p. 147, 154)

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said that he is sure that in the end, Samir Kuntar and other terrorist murderers will be released, "because it has been shown that Prime Minister Sharon and the ministers simply cannot withstand the pressure from the families. The terrorist organizations know that this is our weak point, and they will continue to take advantage of this by trying to collect more bodies." In Eldad's opinion, "Hizbullah is holding us by the throat. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the fact that last week, after the murder of our soldier who was dismantling mines placed by Hizbullah to kill Israelis, we retaliated so weakly. It was because this deal was in the works, and we were afraid to rock the boat. We are dancing to Hizbullah's tune."

Yehudit Dasberg, who is raising her two grandchildren following the terrorist murder of her daughter and son-in-law Efrat and Yaron Ungar in June 1996, is also strongly against the Tenenbaum deal. Although terrorists with "blood on their hands" are not to be released, she acknowledged in a talk with Arutz-7 today, "the government is already saying that Samir Kuntar, who participated in the murder of four Jews, will be released if information on Ron Arad is received. So why are they acting as if they will never release murderers?" In addition, she feels that "the hundreds of prisoners released in the 1985 Jibril deal [in which 1,150 Arab prisoners were freed in exchange for three captive Israeli soldiers] brought about the first intifada, which in turn led to the second one [and many Israeli deaths]. The government then did not know what would happen and had good intentions, but we must not repeat the same mistakes again." She explained that she has a list of terrorists freed in previous exchanges that later took part in murderous terrorist attacks. "How are the murderers of our three soldiers being punished? Exchanges of this type merely encourage more kidnappings and more murders, and we thus lose another level of deterrence. Ariel Sharon, who is supposed to be Mr. Security, has made every possible mistake and thus destabilized our security in every corner."

"It's been said that the politicians simply cannot face the families, and that's why they gave in," Arutz-7's Emanuel Shilo said. Mrs. Dasberg acknowledged, "So that three mothers can bring their child to burial, all of Israel must face the prospect of even more terrorist murders and deaths on the streets? I simply do not understand. How will they be able to show their faces in public? True, if it were my child who was involved, I would very very much want this exchange to go through. But I expect from our Prime Minister, who is responsible for the security of the entire state, to ignore my private tears, and deal with the needs of the collective. This is a problematic area today, when the public awareness is that the individual is in the center, and the rest is not important... What happened to our national proportions?"

Posted by IsrAlert, January 25, 2004.
This is from Alzaeera news (http://english.aljazeera.net) today.

Hizb Allah Secretary General Sayyid Hasan Nasr Allah says the longest held Lebanese detainee Samir al-Qantar will be released in two or three months.

Nasr Allah reiterated on Sunday Hizb Allah would ensure the release of all Lebanese prisoners being held in Israel.

He was speaking at a press conference in Beirut on the details of the prisoner swap between his group and Israel.

Israel agreed on Saturday to release 400 Palestinians, 23 Lebanese and 12 other Arab prisoners in exchange for Israeli Elhanan Tannenbaum and three Israeli soldiers.

Hizb Allah says Tannenbaum is a Mossad spy while Israel insists he is a businessman.

Nasr Allah said the Lebanese prisoners would be home on Thursday or Friday. While al-Qantar was not included in the first batch of detainees, Nasr Allah stressed the deal hammered out with Israel included Samir.

Two-stage deal

The swap would take place in two stages, said the Hizb Allah chief. In the first stage 23 Lebanese, 400 Palestinians and 12 Arab detainees would be released this week. A German national being held by Israel for allegedly supporting Hizb Allah would also be released.

The bodies of 59 slain Arabs would also be handed over, said Nasr Allah.

The Palestinians being released were all captured for their participation in the Intifada against Israel's occupation, added Nasr Allah.

In the second stage, al-Qantar would be released. Hizb Allah will also try to secure the release of more Palestinians and Syrians.

Difficulties surrounded the release of some Syrians because they held dual nationalities-Syrian and Israeli, said Nasr Allah.

Israel has refused to negotiate the fate of these detainees, insisting they are Israelis and not Arabs.

As for Jordanian detainees, Nasr Allah revealed most of the 25 being held would be released before the al-Adha feast on 1 February.

He vowed to continue negotiations to have all detainees released.

Nasr Allah also thanked the German mediators. Longest-held prisoner

Al-Qantar welcomed the deal in a letter to Nasr Allah on Sunday. "We congratulate the resistance and our nation for this great achievement which will lead to the rapid release of our comrades," he said from his jail cell in Israel.

"I thank you for the support that you have given my case in the past few weeks.

"For my part, I will remain steadfast with my head held high and will do my duty however long it takes."

Al-Qantar is a former member of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He was jailed for 542 years in 1980 for the death of three Israelis.


Israel holds about 6000 Palestinians, many without trial or charge. Nasr Allah said he received assurances those released would be allowed to return to their homes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The resistance group also received assurances no Palestinians would be forcibly transferred from their homes from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip.

Addressing Palestinians, the Hizb Allah chief said hopes were high among many families. He vowed to continue negotiating for the release of more Palestinians.

The names of those to be released would be announced within two or three days, he added.

Hizb Allah spearheaded the campaign to oust Israeli forces from south Lebanon in May 2000 after a 22-year occupation.


Meanwhile, senior Israeli security officials were meeting on Sunday to iron out the technical details of the exchange, according to media reports.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Israel had taken the right decision.

"The decision over the prisoner exchange deal was not an easy decision. I think we took the right, ethical and responsible decision," army radio quoted him as saying before a cabinet meeting.

Among the Lebanese set for release are Shaikh Abd al- Karim Ubaid and Mustafa Dirani, who were captured by Israel in 1989 and 1994, and held in exchange for news on missing Israeli pilot Ron Arad.

Arad's plane was shot down over Lebanon in 1986 during the war.

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Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by Barry Shaw, January 25, 2004.
In keeping with its legendary reputation for winning international hearts and minds, Israel's government has developed a revolutionary model of diplomacy. It will dispense with speech altogether and start ripping plugs from the wall instead.

This exciting advance in Israel's grasp of realpolitik was on display during the past week, when its new ambassador to London was confirmed as a Russian with a command of English which (he told the civil service vetting panel) leaves something to be desired; while in Stockholm its ambassador to Sweden dismantled the spotlights on an art exhibit and deposited one into the middle of the installation.

Thus was born something we might call performance diplomacy - or how Israel decided to solve its communication problem by turning aggression into an art form.

Of course the ambassador, Zvi Mazel, was grossly provoked. Entitled 'Snow White and the Madness of Truth', the exhibit consisted of a small ship bearing a picture of the Maxim cafe human bomb Hanadi Jaradat, who murdered 22 people in Haifa last autumn, sailing 'with the smile of an angel' in a pool filled with red water.

This glorification of genocidal mass murder was -- grotesquely -- part of a three-day conference hosted by the Swedish government on 'preventing genocide.' As Mr Mazel said: 'It is not a piece of work; it is a political call to kill Jewish people.' The fact that the artist happens to be a deracinated Israeli merely underscores the pathological self-hatred of the Israeli far left which stokes the fires of European prejudice.

Now the embassy's Swedish landlord has even told the Israelis to relocate on the grounds that they 'pose a threat to other residents.' Mr Mazel was correct to link the exhibit to Sweden's near-daily incidents of Judeophobia.

But however strong the provocation, an ambassador should not descend to acts of vandalism. His role is to represent his country. And what such a reaction tells us is that Israel has no self-control: that it no longer has the words to make its case, but lashes out with its fists instead.

Israel disagrees. Back home, the ambassador has become an overnight hero. With this one gesture, he is seen to have avenged the daily torrent of lies, blood libels and malevolent dehumanisation that now characterise European attitudes to Israel. Ariel Sharon thanked him for 'standing up to antisemitism.' Other ministers said it was 'an outcry from all of us' and that he should be given an award.

The feeling is that Israel now has no choice but to act in this way. But Israel has chosen not to act in any other way. It has all but turned its back on the hate-fest in Europe. As its diaspora minister Natan Sharansky admitted, it has actually vacated the battlefield of European antisemitism and effectively abandoned British and European Jews to fight this poison virtually unaided.

Time after time, diaspora Jews have pleaded with Israel's government to bring some professionalism to the statement of its case -- only to be slapped down by expressions of mulish indifference or active resentment, on the grounds that Britain and Europe are lost causes and that diaspora Jews should either make aliyah* or shut up.

The result has been a shambolic and incoherent presentation of its case; a complete absence of any publicly sustained forensic attack on the prejudice surging throughout Europe and the Islamic world; and continuing incompetence in the appointment of its ambassador to London.

This ambassador needs to possess three outstanding qualities: a faultless command of standard English, high-level diplomatic skills, and the ability to see deep inside the British heart and grasp the lethal question - 'Why should a Jewish state exist at all?' -- that lurks behind every question Israel is asked.

Israel knows this. It has been told this many times. It has listened to countless pleas to get its diplomatic act together, the latest of which was offered by a recent Board of Deputies delegation. It gave its answer this week by confirming London's new ambassador, Zvi Hefetz - a Russian-born lawyer with no diplomatic experience and self-acknowledged limitations in English, the latest beneficiary of the usual political patronage which has thrust so many unsuitable Israeli spokesmen into the world spotlight. It is an expression of the deepest contempt for British Jews, and total indifference to the unequal struggle going on here against anti-Jewish prejudice.

Mr Hefetz may of course turn out to be an outstanding diplomat with an extraordinary insight into British society and an undetected fluency in English to rival that of the late Isaiah Berlin. But the signs are not auspicious. It seems instead that the people of the book have abandoned the word altogether for the deed. Why bother about a minor detail like how the guy talks, when his beginner's guide to diplomacy presumably now contains instructions on tripping a fuse whenever he blows one himself?

Barry Shaw writes "The View From Here." Write him at netre@matav.net.il to subscribe.

Posted by David Yisrael HaLevi, January 24, 2004.

I am writing to introduce all of you to a new organization called K'Cholmim (As Dreamers), which is the beginning of a new and passionate Zionism founded on the principles of love, understanding, and participation in Am Yisrael - The Nation of Israel, Torat Yisrael the Torah/religion of Israel, and Eretz Yisrael - the Land of Israel. As K'Cholmim strives to realize such broad ideals, while still offering particular and specific ways to bring these ideals about, we hope to serve as an instrument of God and as a mechanism for the realization of His ideal conception of mankind. Among the ways K'Cholmim seeks to achieve this is through education and the various other activities we run - all aimed to aid in the furtherance of the Jewish Peoples return to our Holy Mission, a mission that we were all born into as part of a covenantal community. We at K'Cholmim hope that all of you will join us in this great undertaking, an undertaking that is none other than the destiny of the Jewish People.

From our first chapter at the University of Chicago, we have now opened up over one dozen chapters at both universities and communities from Florida to New York, to Chicago, to Toronto, to California. In Israel we have a chapter at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv and a chapter in Jerusalem. Classes at these chapters explore a part of the rabbinical world view, especially how much of normative Judaism understands Israel's role as central to Judaism. Discussions at at the Aliyah Shabbatonim have turned to be a surprisingly powerful experience for many, causing most to remember moments and experiences of love/understanding/participation in the three major themes of Judaism that they had not thought of for a long time.

Our website, which I encourage you to visit, is http://www.kcholmim.org. We have articles on Am Yisrael (The Nation of Israel), Aliyah, Programs and Internships in Israel and Ahavat Yisrael (Love of Israel) - as well as a weekly Dvar Torah.

We have kippot made by Jews from Uganda for sale to raise money for them to return to Eretz Yisrael. We are also raising money for them to finish a giurl l'chomre under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi in Eretz Yisrael. And we have recently added campus posters that can be downloaded for student activists to use so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel.

We at K'Cholmim strongly feel that while systematic visions and understandings of what it is to be Jewish and to live as a Jew exist and have existed throughout Jewish history, they must continuously be updated, discussed, and most importantly find meaning in the Jewish masses that they are supposed to serve. As Paul Tillich, the great Christian theologian points out so beautifully in his "Systematic Theology," if the Answers don't address the Questions, then we have not done our jobs.

That most Jews so easily and nonchalantly dismiss all of traditional Rabbinic Judaism as something 'childish', 'foolish' or otherwise 'stupid' is appalling. But in truth, most Jews are rejecting that which they remain entirely ignorant of. K'Cholmim believes that the only possibly way we can find answers - authentically and halachically Jewish answers to the problems that face our troubled nation today - is to first educate ourselves more thoroughly in our own history and tradition, in our own wisdom.

To be K'Cholmim we must return to our roots and understand what it means to be a Jew, and that means knowing and loving Am Yisrael, Torah, and Israel, and understanding how these ideas all fit together and why. That is no small task, but it is our destiny. "You are not required to complete the task, yet you are not free to withdraw from it." (Avoth 2:21)

David HaLevi is founder of K'Cholmim. It's website address is http://www.kcholmim.org. Or email david@kcholmim.org

Posted by Bryna Berch, January 24, 2004.
This article was written by Susan Rosenbluth and appeared in the Jewish Voice and Opinion (http://jewishvoiceandopinion.com) of Englewood,New Jersey. As if Israel didn't have enough resident Arabs trying to do her in, she has a bunch of Marxist academics demonizing her and trying to get rid of sane academic voices like Steven Plaut. I keep wondering: if their aid to the Arabs were to succeed so well that Israel is destroyed, do they have some marker or ID to tell the raging Arab mob 'me friend. me good guy'. Or will they too become casualties of the Arab hate of Israel?

Meantime, suits are costly. If you'd like to help Dr. Plaut defray expenses, write him at Steven_Plaut@yahoo.com

In this article, Ben Gurion U (BGU) officials are quoted as claiming BGU is apolitical. You might want to read Dr. Arieh Zaritsky's article, "Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech in Israel's Universities During the Oslo Decade" in the September-October 2003 Think-Israel. Dr Zaritsky is a professor at Ben Gurion U and he has a very different take on how 'apolitical' and impartial BGU is.]

To voice an opinion to Ben-Gurion officials, write to:

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It does not matter to Professor Neve Gordon that scholars continue to debate exactly what is meant by "antisemitism." The Ben-Gurion University (BGU) academic, whose pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel columns have appeared in numerous publications in the Jewish state and abroad, has launched a libel suit against another Israeli professor who dared to call Dr. Gordon an "antisemite."

The outcome of the suit may say more about the state of free speech in Israel than it will about either of the litigants. In fact, some observers in Israel say the case bears an eerie resemblance to the famous libel suit brought by Holocaust denier David Irving against Holocaust academic Deborah Lipstadt.

In 2000, Mr. Irving sued Ms. Lipstadt for libel, claiming that when Ms. Lipstadt called him a Nazi apologist and admirer of Hitler, she had "damaged his reputation and credentials as a serious historian and writer." Ms. Lipstadt's winning defense was that her depiction of Mr. Irving as a Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust denier was entirely true.

"Politics and Human Rights"

The object of Dr. Gordon's suit is Prof Steven Plaut, a professor of economics at the University of Haifa. A nationalist pundit and prolific political commentator, Dr. Plaut frequently excoriates Israeli leftists such as Dr. Gordon, who teaches "politics and human rights" at BGU.

Known for his sapient wit, Dr. Plaut has frequently published articles on the Internet and elsewhere in which he holds left-wing political opinion and behavior - including that of Dr. Gordon - up to ridicule. The objects of Dr. Plaut's essays are always public people - politicians, authors, or commentators - whose public pronouncements and/or behavior provoke Dr. Plaut to comment.

Dr. Gordon, who claims to specialize in "political theory and human rights" and writes a monthly column syndicated by Knight Ridder, was obvious grist for Dr. Plaut's mill.

Libelling Israel?

Going further than most writers on the Israeli left, Dr. Gordon has repeatedly called Israel a fascist country which engages in state terrorism that does not differ morally from the atrocities committed by Palestinian terrorists.

An Internet search did not turn up a single piece in which Dr. Gordon sympathized with Israeli victims of terror or the Israeli government's search for a way to protect its citizens. A listing of his articles showed that most of them have been published in pro-Palestinian and leftist political journals rather than in academic publications.

Just a few weeks ago, he published a piece entitled "Why Is the World Silent in the Face of Israeli Apartheid?" In the article, he claims the Israeli government is "forcing the Palestinians into ghettos." He calls the security fence Israel is building the "apartheid wall," and, he says, it "clearly exposes Israel's lie, revealing that security is not the government's real objective."

Requesting Pressure

Written just before the 65th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the piece calls on "international leaders" to use the Holocaust commemoration to raise their voices against Israel and its elected leaders on the issue of the security fence. In the piece, he calls on these "leaders" to use whatever means necessary to force Israel to adopt the policy of concessions and appeasement endorsed by Dr. Gordon.

"The international leaders should tell Prime Minister Sharon that at this historical moment he has an option between walls and ethnic cleansing, on the one hand, and open borders and freedom on the other. They should also let him know, in unequivocal terms, that they will use all necessary means to ensure that Israel will choose the latter," he wrote, leaving out any mention of Israel's security needs or the ongoing scourge of Palestinian terrorism.

Dr. Gordon has repeatedly endorsed boycotts against Israel, and his pieces are routinely carried by pro-boycott websites, magazines, and organizations.

Last spring, before the war on Iraq began, Dr. Gordon signed a petition declaring that Israel was planning to perpetrate atrocities and massive crimes against humanity once the war against Iraq began.

"Signs of Fascism"

Dr. Gordon does not limit himself to conducting diatribes against Israel only when he is in the country. Last spring, in the US, he told students at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, that the realization of peace in Israel is most challenged not by terrorist organizations, but by Israel's own government.

"Israel's gravest danger is coming from within," he told the students. "It is the creeping rise of a proto-fascism."

He said there is evidence that Sharon's government is employing tactics, such as phone tapping and e-mail interception, to track the plans of peace groups. "This kind of surveillance has become legitimized," said Dr. Gordon, calling it a sign of fascism.

Withhold Loan Guarantees

To fight back, Dr. Gordon suggested Americans oppose US loan guarantees to Israel. He said they should tell the US government that Israel "should be held accountable for the use of American products," such as Caterpillar bulldozers, which are manufactured in the US and sold to Israel. The bulldozers are used to flatten Palestinian homes in Gaza, Dr. Gordon told the students.

According to reports, Dr. Gordon said nothing about the fact that the homes that are leveled are those found to contain smuggling tunnels from Egypt to Gaza. Terrorists use the tunnels to smuggle weapons, ammunition, and even personnel.

Dr. Gordon is no kinder to US leaders than he is to his own. He recently called President George Bush's "war on terrorism" a "war that has destroyed all sense of shame."

Demoralizing the Troops

In January 2003, just about the same time that he launched the suit against Dr. Plaut, Dr. Gordon wrote that he had been expelled from his IDF unit, the educational corps.

According to Dr. Gordon's essay, "Israel's Slippery Moral Slope," he was asked to lecture on "leadership" to some 60 future military commanders from the elite Givati infantry brigade who were about to begin an officers' training course.

He divided his lecture into two parts, he said. The first examined several leaders and concluded that while Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot were as "charismatic and intelligent" as Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, only the latter three were guided by "universal moral values," namely "the equality of all people."

The second part of the lecture maintained that "so long as the occupation of Palestinian territories continues, the Israeli military will not produce worthy leaders." His contention, he wrote, was that, "within the context of occupation, even the most humane officers would find themselves trampling human dignity."

Defending the IDF

His soldier-students evidently would have none of it, telling Dr. Gordon the IDF's primary objective is to protect Israeli citizens. Most of the soldiers stressed to Dr. Gordon that the "IDF is the most moral army in the world."

It evidently was Dr. Gordon's last lecture to the troops. He was convinced that as long as the soldiers considered protecting Israeli lives their most important job, they could never be moral because it meant they had "rejected the notion that human beings are created equal."

He did not explain whether he considered the lives of suicide bombers to be equal to those of Israeli civilians, or who, besides the IDF, should be given the job of protecting Israeli civilians.

Better To Die

In another essay, Dr. Gordon noted that attacks in eastern and western Jerusalem "damage and demoralize," but, he said, while suicide bombers attack the western part of the city, providing "a very real personal threat," this is not "a national threat."

"The random killings of civilians in no way jeopardize Israel's existence," he said.

By contrast, he said, the eastern part of the city is under attack "by Israeli authorities" who "exploit the ongoing conflict to accelerate Israel's geographic and demographic conquest of East Jerusalem." "The strategy is clear - to strangle and intimidate the Palestinian population," he wrote.

Norman Finkelstein

Dr. Gordon's libel suit against Dr. Plaut is based on two short sets of comments that Dr. Plaut published on the Internet. In one, Dr. Plaut described Dr. Gordon as a "groupie" of Norman Finkelstein, an American author who has been denounced as a Holocaust denier and an antisemite by many publications, including the Washington Post, and by such luminaries as Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager, and Jonah Daniel Goldhagen. The New York Times compared Mr. Finkelstein's book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Holocaust Industry has been described as a diatribe against Jews for trying to extort gentiles into compensating them financially for the Holocaust, which Mr. Finkelstein says has been "grossly exaggerated" in terms of the number killed.

Arguing that Israeli Jews use the Holocaust in order to oppress the Arabs, Mr. Finkelstein has been accused of endorsing Arab terror and the destruction of the Jewish state.

Dr. Gordon's critics say that he, too, by blaming Israel, expressing sympathy for the Palestinians, and withholding compassion for Jewish victims, is endorsing Arab terror and the destruction of the Jewish state.


Citing Dr. Gordon's review of Dr. Finkelstein's book, Dr. Plaut maintains that Dr. Gordon "strongly approves of Finkelstein's claim that the Holocaust is being used by racist Jews to justify their presence in Palestine and to oppress Arabs." According to Dr. Plaut, Dr. Gordon agrees that the use of the Holocaust as "extortion to extract money from Germans and others is a crime."

In articles published in Ha'aretz, the left-wing magazine, The Nation and on the Internet, Dr. Gordon has publicly praised Dr. Finkelstein, comparing him favorably to the Prophets of the Bible, which is why Dr. Plaut called him a "groupie."

In his suit, Dr. Gordon translated the American term "groupie" to mean "walking in the furrow" of Holocaust deniers.

In his lawsuit, Dr. Gordon defends Mr. Finkelstein, arguing that he is not a Holocaust Denier, but, rather, the son of Holocaust survivors who is furious that "certain elements in American society" have transformed "the memory of the Holocaust into a profitable industry by cynically using the outrageous crime perpetrated by the Nazis against humanity and notably against the Jewish people, in order to pocket billions of dollars and/or to advance policies that are violent and/or uphold the control of another people."

Although his defense of Mr. Finkelstein was impassioned, Dr. Gordon said he has never met him personally.

"Judenrat Wanna-Bes"

A second comment by Dr. Plaut is also cited by Dr. Gordon in his suit. Dr. Plaut noted that Dr. Gordon, as a member of Taayush, a radical group made up of Israeli leftists and Arabs, visited Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat in early 2002 in Ramallah when the latter was protecting Palestinian terrorists who had murdered Tourism Minister Rachavim Ze'evi from being arrested by Israeli troops.

Dr. Plaut called those Israelis acting as human shields "Judenrat wanna-bes," explaining that they had appointed themselves representatives and liaisons to mass murderers of Jews.

Dr. Plaut has also described Dr. Gordon as a fanatic antisemite.

An Assessment

According to Dr. Plaut, everything he has written about Dr. Gordon is nothing more than his assessment of Dr. Gordon's public writings and behavior.

"Gordon is a very public figure, an op-ed columnist, a representative of several radical political organizations, a very public hand-holder of Yasir Arafat"and criticism of his political opinions and political actions is a legitimate expression of free speech," said Dr. Plaut.

In the US, Dr. Gordon would have to prove that Dr. Plaut bore the leftist writer malice. But both men admit they have never met or spoken. Dr. Plaut said he knew nothing about Dr. Gordon before the latter launched his lawsuit against him, other than his published political writings and actions.

Dr. Gordon admitted that, in the US, where freedom of speech is guaranteed, his suit would probably be dismissed, leaving him vulnerable to a costly counter-suit by Dr. Plaut. But in Israel, said Dr. Gordon, he believes he stands a chance of winning.

One Definition

"An antisemite is someone who hates Jews just because they are Jews," said Dr. Gordon. "And that's not me."

He was unwilling to concede that some of his actions, including visits of encouragement to Mr. Arafat in Ramallah; published statements, such as all the Israeli government understands is "violence;" and denunciations of Israeli leaders, including Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak, as "war criminals," might lead critics to justify the "antisemite" appellation.

Dr. Gordon denied he ever served as a "human shield" in Ramallah, although he admitted going to visit Mr. Arafat in Ramallah after the Passover massacre in Netanya in 2002. He conceded that while he would not sue anyone who called Mr. Arafat "a murderer," he personally believes the name does not fit.

He said he saw no connection between visiting Mr. Arafat and condoning Palestinian violence against Jews. And, he said, someone who sees such a connection is not entitled to the opinion that Dr. Gordon is behaving like an antisemite.

Court Shopping?

Although Dr. Gordon resides in Jerusalem, he and his attorney, Farid Gahnem, whom Dr. Gordon described as "a friend and brilliant," chose to file the lawsuit in Nazareth. According to some reports, the case will be heard by a female Israeli-Arab judge.

Asked why he chose Nazareth, Dr. Gordon said he had conducted a "statistical analysis" and found that the courts in Nazareth were the "fastest in the country."

"Fast," of course, is a relative term. Dr. Gordon's suit was filed in January 2003, and there has still been no action on it.

Dr. Plaut's supporters believe Dr. Gordon was "shopping" when he opted to file the case in Nazareth, hoping an Arab judge would look favorably on Dr. Gordon's suit at Dr. Plaut's expense.

Extremist Plaintiffs

Nevertheless, say Dr. Plaut's supporters, when the case finally comes to court, it will be decided in favor of the defendant, mimicking the David Irving libel trial, which was held in London. The Irving trial was won by the defendant, Ms. Lipstadt.

"To begin with, both cases involve a political extremist suing for libel a courageous critic who labeled him an antisemite and fanatic because of his writings and political behavior," said Richard Lakisher in a piece entitled "The David Irving Trial in Israel," which was posted on the Arutz 7 website last month.

Like Dr. Irving, Dr. Gordon maintains that criticism has hurt his reputation. This criticism, he says in his suit, comes not just from Dr. Plaut, but also from writers whom Dr. Gordon says have been influenced by Dr. Plaut.

Free Speech for Whom?

Asked if he is trying to silence Dr. Plaut, Dr. Gordon said, no. He claimed he is in favor of free speech, but to avoid a lawsuit from him, any critic would have to try to guess what criticism he would find acceptable and which actionable.

He said he would not mind if Dr. Plaut had written, for example, that Dr. Gordon's views were "inimical to the Jewish state and could cause it harm." Asked why that opinion of his work would be acceptable to him while the opinion that it is the work of an antisemite is not, Dr. Gordon had no response.

"Just don't say I want to stifle free speech," he said.

Trying To Stifle

But Dr. Plaut and his supporters insist that is exactly what Dr. Gordon is trying to do. They say that like Dr. Irving, Dr. Gordon is attempting to use the court as a club to suppress free speech in an anti-democratic manner.

"The plaintiff has filed a frivolous nuisance suit to bully his critics so that they will be afraid to denounce the plaintiff's political views and behavior," wrote Mr. Lakisher, adding that, like David Irving, Dr. Gordon is using the framework of a libel suit "to try to force his critics into silence."

"There are other significant similarities between the two trials. In both, the plaintiffs - Irving and now Gordon - have records of praising and promoting the views of people commonly seen as Holocaust deniers. In both, the plaintiffs associate with extremist antisemitic organizations and with individuals widely considered to be antisemites, and collaborate with them in publishing their views.

"Both plaintiffs are venomously critical of Israel and its leaders and have expressed 'understanding' for anti-Israel terrorism. In both cases the extremist plaintiffs claim that their good names as researchers were damaged by those who attack their behavior and denounce their writings and opinions. In both cases, no attempt was made to prove that actual material damages were suffered by the plaintiff," said Mr. Lakisher.

Allowed and True

Dr. Plaut and his attorney, Dr. Haim Misgav, will probably use two defenses: that the criticism offered by Dr. Plaut was an assessment of Dr. Gordon's political speech and behavior and was, thus, protected free speech; and, like Ms. Lipstadt's defense, Dr. Plaut will argue that what he said about Dr. Gordon is true.

One measure might be the types of organizations that have posted Dr. Gordon's pieces on the Internet or published them in their news magazines.

"Gordon's articles have been published and cited on a wide variety of neo-Nazi, Holocaust Denial, and Islamist fundamentalist newspapers and web sites," said Mr. Lakisher.

Dr. Gordon denies that he gave those sites permission to host his work, claiming that they took his pieces on their own. Dr. Plaut maintains that the fact that these groups want Dr. Gordon's work demonstrates its content.

Speaking Volumes

Some of the organizations which have touted Dr. Gordon's work include the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, which routinely spreads anti-Jewish blood libels; al-Jazeera satellite television; Radio Islam (which carried Dr. Gordon's work alongside its reprinting of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion); the pro-terrorism Web Site the "Electronic Intifada;" and the US-based Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR.

"While Gordon claims that he himself did not place his articles on some of these more antisemitic websites, the fact that the articles appealed to the operators of those sites sufficiently for them to carry them speaks volumes about their content," said Mr. Lakisher.

In 2002, Holocaust revisionist Paul Grubach wrote a piece denouncing Cambridge University Professor of Modern History Richard J. Evans, who was instrumental in helping Deborah Lipstadt triumph over David Irving. Mr. Grubach cited a work by Dr. Gordon entitled "Torture: Human Rights, Medical Ethics, and the Case of Israel," to prove his point that Israel is "a state with a horrendous human rights record, a long history of persecuting Palestinian Arabs, and in which severe discrimination against non-Jews is enshrined in law."

This piece by Mr. Grubach and the citation from Dr. Gordon's work is also posted on the web site belonging to Mr. Irving.

Recycling Calumnies

Dr. Plaut is by no means Dr. Gordon's only critic. Daniel Doron, president of The Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress, an independent pro-market policy think tank, recently called Dr. Gordon "one of the rabidly post-Zionist revisionist historians."

"Most of the articles Gordon has published are devoted to denouncing Israel as a fascist, terrorist state," said Mr. Doron.

He recognized that Dr. Gordon "would probably claim that he is fighting for the rights of oppressed Palestinians," but, he said, it is telling that he "devotes most of his energy to recycling calumnies that subvert Israel's legitimacy."

Human Rights for Whom?

For a while, Dr. Gordon, who is not a medical doctor, was the leader of the pro-Arab "Physicians for Human Rights" in Israel, an organization that was publicly denounced as "extreme" by the Israel Medical Association. Prof Gerald Steinberg of Bar Ilan University organized a petition that condemned "Physicians for Human Rights" as openly antisemitic.

Dr. Plaut called Physicians for Human Rights "a group dedicated to preventing all forms of Jewish self-defense against Arab nazism, and it has never heard of an abuse of human rights by Arabs that it wishes to condemn."

"It does not regard blowing up school buses full of Jewish children or cafes with Jewish mothers to be human rights abuses, merely protests against 'occupation,'" he said.


Asked about the lawsuit, Dr. Gordon claimed that Dr. Plaut has initiated a "campaign" against him, asking his friends and supporters to contact Dr. Gordon and harass him. Dr. Gordon said Dr. Plaut had posted requests for this campaign on a website devoted to the teaching and philosophy of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Dr. Plaut, however, said he had never asked anyone to harass Dr. Gordon, and, further, said Dr. Plaut, he had never posted anything himself on a Kahane website. "If they used some of my material, then it was unauthorized," said Dr. Plaut.

But Dr. Gordon is well-acquainted with campaigns of this nature. In October 2002, his friend, Yigal Bronner, from the Dept of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University, was arrested by the IDF for "refusing to take part in the occupation of Palestine."

Dr. Gordon mounted a campaign on behalf of Mr. Bronner which included asking supporters to send protests to many senior Israeli officials concerning Mr. Bronner's imprisonment.

Dr. Plaut's supporters have been sending their comments to Avishay Braverman, president of BGU, and to Vivien Marion, the new executive vice-president of American Associates of BGU.

Death Wishes

Dr. Gordon said that he was including in his suit a complaint that Dr. Plaut had asked people to send him "death wishes" via email. Asked if he meant "death threats," Dr. Gordon said no one had threatened him.

"They send me messages saying they hope I die soon," he explained.

Asked if he had reported these emails, he said he had filed a complaint with the Beer Sheva police. But when asked, a spokesman for the Beer Sheva Police Department said they had no record of such a complaint.

Things in Common

Although they represent opposite ends of the political spectrum, Professors Gordon and Plaut have more in common than just their professions in academia. Both carry American passports. Dr. Gordon, who was born and raised in Israel, is the son of Americans. Dr. Plaut made aliyah from Philadelphia in 1981 and resides with his wife and three children in Haifa. Dr. Gordon's PhD is from Notre Dame in Indiana. Prof Plaut's doctorate is from Princeton University. Dr. Plaut is a tenured professor; Dr. Gordon is not, but, he said, he is on a "tenure track."

When asked why he had opted for a lawsuit as opposed to countering Dr. Plaut's articles with more essays and rebuttals of his own, Dr. Gordon said he would not do that because he had "no argument" with Dr. Plaut.

"He can say anything he wants unless it slanders me," said Dr. Gordon, explaining that he himself - and, of course, the judge - would be the ultimate arbiters as to what is slanderous and what is not. "I have the right to protect my own good name," said Dr. Gordon.

Jerry Falwell and Larry Flynt

In the US, lawsuits that attempt to stifle free speech are not the approved way to protect anything, as Christian Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell found out in 1988 when he tried to sue Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt for libel. The Supreme Court ruled that because Dr. Falwell was a public person he could not be shielded by the law from individuals making hurtful statements even if such statements were made with "a bad motive."

"The sort of robust political debate encouraged by the First Amendment is bound to produce speech that is critical of those who hold public office or those public figures who are intimately involved in the resolution of important public questions, or by reasons of their fame, shape events in areas of concern to society at large," said Chief Justice William Rehnquist, speaking for the majority. "In the world of debate about public affairs, many things done with motives that are less than admirable are protected by the First Amendment."

A public figure, he said, could hold a critic liable for the damage to reputation caused by publication of a defamatory falsehood only if the statement was made with the knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.

Dr. Gordon, who expressed displeasure at being compared to Dr. Falwell, said he was glad he did not live in the US where his claim against Dr. Plaut would be held to that standard. He seemed surprised to hear that, in the US, people would rather see a public person who was under attack strike back with a rebuttal of his own rather than with a lawsuit.

Asked if he was receiving any help in paying for his suit, Dr. Gordon said he was receiving no funds from any organization or individual.

Support from AFSI

Among Dr. Plaut's staunchest supporters are Helen Freedman and Herb Zweibon, director and president, respectively, of Americans for a Safe Israel. Dr. Plaut has frequently written for AFSI's newsletter, Outpost.

Ms. Freedman and Dr. Zweibon also noted the similarities between the current lawsuit and the David Irving Libel trial.

"There is so much in Gordon's hate-filled resume, However, while Gordon feels entitled to freely express the most extreme fanatic sentiments, he does not believe Plaut is entitled to express his own views on them, and is using the courts in an attempt to silence criticism. Gordon's suit in the Israeli courts is no more likely to succeed than Irving's appeal to the British courts, but it has major nuisance value, putting Plaut to the expense and travail of a trial," said Ms. Freedman.


In the US, Dr. Gordon's case might be categorized as a SLAPP suit, an acronym for "Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation." Originally used by giant corporations as a means of stifling grass roots complaints, SLAPP suits have come to mean any lawsuit brought against an individual or an organization in an effort to stifle dissent and deny freedom of speech.

A SLAPP suit is typically a libel suit aimed at chilling the defendant's participation in free and open debate. When SLAPPs are defended against on the basis of First Amendment Rights, they are usually dismissed. Frequently, a summary judgment is entered for the defendant who can then sue for damages and legal fees.

Many SLAPP suits are ultimately dismissed when the judge believes the suit has no merit and was brought only to harass and intimidate an individual into keeping quiet. But even if the suit is dismissed, the damage of being sued can be profound. Legal fees, in the US and Israel, can be ruinous.

Several states, including New Jersey, have adopted anti-SLAPP laws as a means of discouraging suits which are intended to stifle free speech and open debate.

Harrassment in Israel

According to Mr. Lakisher, in recent years, frivolous lawsuits have become a common form of harassment in Israel, "where free speech on the right is sometimes weakly protected and where libel laws allow attempts at suing for all sorts of things that are regarded as protected speech in most other democratic systems."

He noted that in a recent case, a left-wing professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University sued four people, including two other professors, for libel. He lost and was ordered to pay court costs and damages to the defendants. "The David Irving trial of Israel is likely to have a similar outcome," said Mr. Lakisher.

Blaming BGU

One of the unintended victims seems to be Dr. Gordon's Ben-Gurion University. Last month, the school's Washington-based American Associates of BGU appointed a new executive vice president, but no sooner did Vivien Marion assume her position, than she was hit with the Gordon-Plaut controversy.

According to Ms. Marion, she has already received a number of angry emails and letters, asking why BGU is not speaking out against Dr. Gordon's attempt to stifle free speech.

Ms. Marion and her associate, Lea Golan, BGU's America-Israel liaison, seemed as upset by Dr. Gordon's extreme left-wing positions as they did about the free-speech issue.

"What can we do? We can't get rid of every disgusting person," said Ms. Golan.

"Apolitical Campus?"

Although Ms. Marion and Ms. Golan insisted BGU was an "apolitical campus," they had no comment when asked why the school had permitted Dr. Gordon to post his suit against Dr. Plaut on its website in both Hebrew and English. They also had no comment when asked if BGU had plans to allow Dr. Plaut to post his rebuttal to Dr. Gordon.

Dr. Plaut, who said he is considering filing a suit against BGU in the US, noted that Israel is in desperate need of anti-SLAPP legislation.

Neither Ms. Marion nor Ms. Golan attempted to discredit those who drew an analogy between the Gordon-Plaut suit and the David Irving Libel trial. Ms. Golan seemed especially annoyed that Dr. Gordon uses his Ben-Gurion affiliation on every piece his writes.

"I guess he thinks it gives him credibility," said Ms. Golan.

[Ed note: You can read the article by Mr. Lakisher on the December Blog-Ed page of Think-Israel.]

Posted by IsrAlert, January 24, 2004.
Professor Paul Eidelberg is Head of the Yamin Israel Party in Israel. Prof Paul Eidelberg is President of the Foundation For Constitutional Democracy, 244 Madison Avenue, Suite 427, New York, NY 10016, Tel: 212-372-3752, and Email: Constitution@usa.net A version of this article is archived on the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, Maccbean Online (http://www.freeman.org/m_online/mar98/eidelb2.htm).

The source for this item was ruvin2 at Jewishclubmaoz.

What would Socrates, the "gadfly" of Athens, do were he in Israel today? He would surely inquire about justice. Sooner or later some Israeli would say justice is "giving to each his due." Socrates would probably lead him to a more refined definition, perhaps something like the following.

Justice is giving equal things (such as rights and honors) to equals, and unequal things to unequals in proportion to their inequality, i.e., in proportion to their merit (as is done in classrooms), or in proportion to their contribution to the common good.

Any sensible Israeli would then see that to give Arabs, who strive for Israel's demise, the equal political rights of Jews, who struggle for Israel's welfare, is not consistent with justice. He would then conclude that if justice is to prevail in Israel, its Arab inhabitants must either be disenfranchised or undergo a profound political and religious metamorphosis.

If Socrates led Israelis to this conclusion he would probably be condemned by Israel's political and intellectual elites and indicted for "incitement" and "racism." True, he might point out, during his trial, that Israeli Arabs do not perform military service; that they engage in massive tax evasion; that they supported Saddam Hussein despite his threat to incinerate Israel; that they aid terrorists (including suicide bombers) and commit terrorist acts themselves; hence that it is unjust to endow such disloyal Arabs with the equal rights of Jews.

All this would probably be of no avail at Socrates' trial. He would almost certainly be convicted and imprisoned, and any appeal to Israel's egalitarian or leveling Supreme Court would be futile. This is quite a commentary on Israel's ruling elites, from whose lips the honeyed words Peace and Democracy are ever dripping but hardly a word about Justice. Not a single public figure in Israel has the courage to tell the truth about the manifest injustice (and deadly consequences) of giving the vote to this country's Arab inhabitants. Indeed, it is against the law in Israel to tell the truth about this issue.

Now we are prepared to go to the root of things. What needs to be said, and what no one dares say in Israel, is that this country was founded, in 1948, on a monumental injustice: giving to Jews and Arabs - to loyal and disloyal inhabitants of Israel - the equal right to vote in this supposed-to-be Jewish State.

Not Peace but Justice is the true and most fundamental issue in Israel today. In Israel, however, justice has been reduced to a leveling equality, which is why the sense of justice has been murdered in this country. This is why the killers of so many Jews in this country go unpunished. This is why Arabs who have butchered Jewish women and children have been released by various Israeli governments. This is why various Israeli politicians have clasped the bloodstained hands of Yasser Arafat.

You will not go to the root of things by explaining their behavior in terms of their desire for "peace." You will not truly explain their surrender of land for which Jews have so long yearned for, fought for, and bled for, in terms of "American pressure." No, the suffering and humiliation of Israel today is the inevitable result of the monstrous injustice prescribed in its so-called Declaration of Independence, that all inhabitants of this State - Jews and Arabs alike - would receive equal political rights. This is not justice but the negation of justice and even of common sense.

This negation has made babes of Israel's ruling elites. It has made fools of Israeli politicians, of Israeli judges, of Israeli intellectuals. It has driven this country to suicidal madness - the prey of Arabs armed by Israelis posing as men. All this is described in Isaiah 3:4; 5:20; 28:7, 15-18; 29:9, 14; 44:25. Hence the "peace process" and even its critics obscure the most important issue, the issue of JUSTICE. Until that issue is faced - until Jews pursue JUSTICE - neither politics nor political analysis nor prayer will save Israel from recurring disasters.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 24, 2004.
This was written today by Jeff McKay, CNS News correspondent.

(CNSNews.com) - A new report indicates that Syria may be the next target in the U.S. war on terror.

In a report released Friday by the London-based Jane's Intelligence Digest, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as saying that the U.S. is considering "multi-faceted attacks," which could be conducted against Hezbollah positions in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, controlled by Syria.

According to the report, the U.S. move would "almost certainly involve a confrontation" between American Special Forces and Syrian troops.

The report highlights potential military action against Somalia as well as Syria. According to the Jane's report, "Covert U.S. forces have periodically infiltrated Somalia over the past two years to conduct surveillance and even potentially snatch suspects wanted for the November 2002 suicide bomb attacks in Mombassa, Kenya."

In near simultaneous attacks, al Qaeda terrorists bombed a hotel and attempted to bring down an Israeli airliner using a shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missile.

In addition, the Jane's report states that during the past six months, there has been an increased US military presence along the Syrian border with Iraq "and, on several occasions, [the U.S.] has sent special forces into Syrian territory or penetrated Syrian air space."

The report also detailed a running gun battle between Saddam loyalists and U.S. troops who crossed into Syrian territory, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people, including Syrian nationals.

The Syrian government has always maintained close ties with both Iraq and Iran, and has been a hotbed of Arab radicalism, allowing terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hizbullah to maintain offices in Damascus.

The ruling power in the Syrian government is the Baath Party, a secular and socialist-leaning political group headed by Syrian President Bashar Assad, the son of former Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad. Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party led Iraq before its fall to U.S.-led coalition forces.

Administration officials have expressed increasing frustration with Syria and have said the country "is on the wrong side in the war on terror."

Just last year, Congress adopted the Syrian Accountability Act, a comprehensive outline pledging sanctions if Syria does not halt its support for terrorism, end its occupation of Lebanon, stop its development of weapons of mass destruction, cease its illegal importation of Iraqi oil, and be accountable for its role in the Middle East.

Over the last three weeks, three high ranking Cabinet officials have made it clear that Syria needs to take immediate proactive measures to create stability in the Middle East.

While briefing reporters after President Bush's recent trip to Mexico, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice suggested that hundreds of millions of dollars - and maybe Iraqi weapons -- may have been smuggled into Syria.

"There are a number of issues that we'd like to discuss with the Syrians......including the borders with Iraq and what may have happened in the past there and what may be continuing to happen there," said Rice.

Earlier this week, an Israeli soldier was killed while clearing mines planted by Hizbullah at the Israel-Lebanon border, when Hezbollah terrorists fired anti-tank weapons. Israel responded by shelling Hizbullah positions during a raid by the Israeli Air Force in Lebanon.

The terrorist action launched from Syrian-controlled Lebanese territory drew a rebuke from Secretary of State Colin Powell.

"The deliberate action that [Hizbullah] took, which resulted in the loss of life, once again demonstrates the nature of that organization," Powell told reporters. "I would hope the Syrians would, once again, understand that any support (for terrorists) is destabilizing in the region and is not in the interest of peace."

The Jane's report said any U.S. action against Hezbollah in Lebanon could create a domino effect, creating immediate instability in an already unstable region.

"The political consequences of a U.S. attack against Lebanon...could result in the destabilization of a country that is still rebuilding its infrastructure a decade after a ruinous 15-year civil war and would also fuel Muslim and Arab hostility toward the US at a time when US-led occupation forces are fighting the ongoing insurgency in Iraq," noted the report. It also said any U.S. actions could lead to a regime change in Syria.

"However, given the Bush administration's doctrine of pre-emptive strikes, it remains entirely possible that Washington will soon launch military strikes against Lebanon, regardless of the consequences for wider regional stability," the Jane's report said.

US objectives from a confrontation with Syria would include neutralizing Hezbollah and ending its presumed connections with al Qaeda; withdrawal of Syrian occupation forces from Lebanon; potential regime change in Damascus; and creating better coexistence between Israel and Syria.

With U.S. troops regularly patrolling the Iraq-Syrian border, and with a massive military presence in the region, the question of whether the war on terror would lead to Damascus is an ongoing topic of discussion in some quarters.

"Syria clearly needs to do more," said Jon Alterman, Director of Middle East Programs for the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"While there are some in the office of the Secretary of Defense who may want to raise the options, raising the options doesn't mean the action is around the corner," he said.

"While the Syrians are looking into many avenues, including re-starting peace talks with Israel, it is clear the government can't keep doing what it has been doing."

Alterman, who was in Syria as recently as a month ago, says this is a time of confusion on the "Syrian street" as to what path their government will take in the post-9/11 world.

"The Syrian people do not know what role their nation should play in the world. They do know that with their ties to Iraq cut off, their world is changing," Alterman added.

Jim Besser, the Washington correspondent for The Jewish Week said he doubts U.S. military action against Syria is imminent: "I don't see this administration embarking on another military campaign while issues are still pending in Iraq, and before an election with successes already in hand," he said.

"There needs to be peaceful coexistence in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors, but without the terror groups reined in, the region will remain unstable."

According to Besser, although an imminent military move against Syria is unlikely, he believes the US-led war on terror will not end in Iraq.

"In the end, one thing that is for sure is there must be a focus on al Qaeda, and all groups with al Qaeda ties," he said.

Posted by Arlene Peck, January 24, 2004.
Dang! I just discovered I've been looking for love, or fair and unbiased reporting in all the wrong places. All this time I've been writing and complaining about the attacks on Israel from mainstream papers like The Los Angeles Times. Or, I've watched CNN and the BBC spew their hatred and, I shouldn't have been paying any attention to them. Folks, I've discovered it's the trash scandal sheets that know the real scoop.

For instance, while on a recent trip to the hairdressers, I sat under the dryer with a stack of those magazines that are read by everybody but, no one has ever admitted to buying. What a Mecca of real information.

For instance, did you know that "The Star" had the real scoop on 'alleged anti-Semite' Mel Gibson's new movie, "The Passion of the Christ." It was from none other than "The Man" Pope John Paul II who, apparently despite his failing eyesight and the apparent inability to form a coherent sentence, has seen this movie and "given it two thumbs up." I find it truly amazing that at this point in time the Pope who appears to have to have his head propped up could even raise that hand, but hey, it was a Vatican official who reported it so how could there be any doubt.

Except Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, (according to the L.A. Times and we know how truthful they are) quoted Foxman as saying he snuck into a screening, paid a $295 registration fee and found it "painful, offensive and capable of stoking anti-Semitism."

Interesting how the Jews could look at this abomination and find it "unambiguous portrayal of Jew as being responsible for the death of Jesus." And concerned that Mel's movie "could fuel latent anti-Semitism that exists in the hearts of those people who hold Jews responsible for the death of Jesus." Funny, how the Catholics see the same thing and give it "two thumbs up."

An article in the mainstream press denies that the pope made any reference to Gibson's movie, for or against. So who knows what the real story is folks; but I'm sticking with the Star, because you know how reliable the mainstream press is especially when it comes to Jews and Israel."

Anyway, this same Vatican official reported " 'It is as it was' the Holy One said." And, hey, he should know. He was probably there.

I wonder if this movie goer Pope who has been ever so vocal about the dangers of the Fence that Israel has been building to protect them from the violent neighbors who surround them has ever noticed the monstrous fence that encompasses his hometown, Vatican City? And, that's just to keep out the tourists who are vying for one of those favored visits with him. Remember how cute he and Arafat were in those photo-ops?

I suppose he's been to busy being a movie critic to notice those stories and lawsuits the Catholic church has been paying out to victims of pedophiles.

And, speaking of that! The Star was full of all kinds of juicy tid-bits about super star Michael Jackson's (Jacko's) Dream Team.

Imagine my surprise when next to a full page spread of the friends and supporters of possible upcoming felon Jackson I should see, next to a clip of Louis Farrakhan, Jackson pal Rabbi Shmuley Boteach! How delighted I was to see a picture of the good Rabbi, kepot and all, smiling into the camera saying, "I don't believe Michael Jackson is a pedophile. It is the rest of his life that is so screwed up." And, "The Star" heard it first.

Actually, that triggered thoughts of another encounter I had with the "celebrity Rabbi." It was a couple of years ago and he was promoting that scholarly book, "Kosher Sex". He had arranged at a local theatre a 'dialogue' with yet more paragons of virtue, Hustler Magazine publisher, Larry Flint and "white trash with money", Rosanne who now is redeemed because she's discovered Kabala.

Naturally the audience was filled to the brim with young Orthodox kids who had come to be enlightened with their dialogue of sex, pornography and I'm sure religion was tied in there somewhere. When the Rabbi was able to get a word in edgewise, between Rosanne's four-letter expletives, he was generous in his praise with those who shared the stage with him. So, I wasn't too surprised in the class he showed by praising his good friend Michael Jackson.

Yet another surprise was awaiting me in the full page spread of "Jackos Dream Team" Liza Minnelli) was also in this 'Star special' giving glowing reports to "suspected" pedophile Jackson. Now, would you have ever seen such earth-shattering news in the mainstream press? Probably.

But elsewhere in many of these same scandal sheets as of late was even more about one-time star, Minnelli. It seems that the tabloids say Liza Minnelli has a new man in her life. Several have said that "Liza (57) is often seen with Yossi Dina, 49, a former Israeli army captain described as a pawnbroker to the stars" He supposedly lends her diamond jewelry, and she invites him to high-profile events such as Liz Taylor's recent AIDS fundraiser. The news out here in Hollywood is giving glowing reports to this happy couple.

Aw, but I have a scoop that I don't think even the tabloids know yet. I know Yossi personally and his reputation is that he only likes under aged, blond, bimbetts. Hmmmm, maybe I can start writing for the Star or Inquirer?

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess - Arlene speaks regularly around the country and keeps a packed suitcase ready to GO. She can be reached at: bestredhead@earthlink.net and www.arlenepeck.com

Posted by Aaron Lerner, January 24, 2004.
This was written by David Bedein, Bureau Chief Israel Resource News Agency, Beit Agron International Press Center, Jerusalem. It appeared in "Makor Rishon", a weekly Israeli newspaper, Jan 23 2004. The translation was provided by David Bedein.

Documents that have been received at the office of Israel Resource News agency confirm that the Peace Now organization has submitted a $50,000 budget request to the government Finland, conduct intelligence activity in the Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, the Golan , Gaza and Jerusalem.

In the Peace Now grant application to the government of Finland, Peace Now delineates the purposes for which the grant will be used:

"1. Regular bi-monthly ground surveys must be conducted whose purpose is to document the numbers of empty houses in settlements and ongoing construction in settlements. This work engages tens of volunteers, who travel around the west bank in cars (armored if possible) tracking developments.

2. Aerial photography: Twice a month a light plane is rented in order to allow settlement watch staff to ascertain the extent of ongoing physical expansion in existing settlements. Once a baseline survey is completed, subsequent surveys cane be used to measure expansion using GIS overlays. This mechanism will yield tangible graphic and quantitative data for the public."

Peace Now defines its objectives to the government of Finland in the following manner:

"To monitor settlement developments on the ground, accurately and reliably

To make this information available to the Israeli and international publics

To advance the fulfillment of the Road Map"

Peace Now identifies the "target groups" for the government of Finland as:

"Israeli public
The Israeli political leadership
International Diplomatic Corps
Israeli and international press"

Peace Now defines the "final result of the activities" for the government of Finland as:

"Regular and reliable reports, in real time, disclosing the situation of settlement construction

Regular and reliable reports, in real times, monitoring the dismantlement of outposts and settlements according to requirements of the Road Map

Contacts with diplomats, leaders and press in order to convey reliable information on all aspect of settlement issues"

Peace Now informs the government of Finland that it would use the $50,000 grant in the following manner:

"$17,000 Coordinator,
$13,000 Jeep,
$20,000 Aerial Surveys"

Peace Now informs the government of Finland that "funding is necessary to support the staff and rent the vehicles for aerial photography.

Peace Now defines itself for the government of Finland as an "educational foundation".

Peace Now indicates in its grant request that it also receives $100,000 from the Americans for Peace Now and 150,000 Euro from "European Foundations" for its settlement watch project.

A spokesperson for Peace Now indicated that the "European Foundations" mentioned in the report were actually funds from the European Union.

IMRA - Independent Media Review Analysis - tracks the media, polls and events of importance in the Middle East. Its website address is http://www.imra.org.il

Posted by Beth Goodtree, January 24, 2004.
Don't let the Arabist/anti-Semitic taint and news blackouts in the media fool you, there is heartening news coming out of Europe and the United States. Recent actions and polls done in both places show a definite reversal in the indifference to recent anti-Semitic trends. So here are a few kudos.

A Big Tres Bon to France!  Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala, a well-known French comedian, is being prosecuted for his anti-Semitic rantings on network television. During a prime time TV show, "On Ne Peut Pas Plaire a Tout le Monde," ("You Can't Please Everybody") on Dec. 1, 2003, Mr. M'Bala included in his skit raising an arm and shouted "Isra-Heil!" - a reference to the Nazi slogan, "Heil Hitler." Further, he dressed up as an Orthodox Jew and decried the "American-Zionist" axis.

Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has said he was "shocked" by the performance, the show's host, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, apologized for the episode, and prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation Dec. 24 into whether the comic's skit and "incriminating comments" constituted racial defamation. Apparently they did. Now the comedian must stand trial and Justice Minister Dominique Perben said that "justice would be inflexible" if racism is proven. "Racism is an evil that I don't want to see develop in this country," he said. Bravo!

Go Americans!  According to a poll commissioned by the firm McLaughlin & Associates which was conducted in mid-January, 67.4% of 1,000 Americans surveyed say the Palestinians have not met the conditions outlined by President George W. Bush for statehood, including fighting terrorism and ending incitement, and 66.6% are against expelling all Jews from their homes in the territories.

Also, nearly three quarters of Americans (73.6%) support halting $200 million in annual aid to the Palestinians, and just 15% support continuing the aid. Additionally, 55.7% of respondents said they agreed that the Palestinians' goal is "the eventual destruction of Israel" compared to 21.3% who say their goal is statehood alongside Israel. Meanwhile, 65.2% said the Palestinian Authority "couldn't be trusted to fulfill peace agreements that it signs with Israel" vs. 18.6% who said they trust the PA.

Apparently, Mr. and Ms. Average American know the real deal. And since this is an election year, look for President Bush to, at least temporarily, halt his unreasonable demands upon Israel while letting the Palestinian-Arab entity slide. Right on American public!

Cheers to the Brits!  Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy fired British Legislator Jenny Tonge as party spokesperson on Children's Affairs after she expressed sympathy for suicide bombers and suggested she would consider becoming one herself if she were a Palestinian.

Kennedy characterized Tonge's remarks as "completely unacceptable; they are not compatible with Liberal Democrat party policies and principles," he stated. "There can be no justification, under any circumstances for taking innocent lives through terrorism."

Ms. Tonge made the remarks about suicide bombers during an address to a meeting of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. She had visited Palestinian areas last June and compared their life with the Nazis' treatment of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. She said suicide bombing "is truly born out of desperation," and while the phenomenon was widely criticized, she said, "I can understand. I am a fairly emotional person and I am a mother and a grandmother," she continued. "I think if I had to live in that situation.... I might just consider becoming one myself."

Ms. Tonge, a physician besides being a legislator, tried to 'clarify' her remarks the following day, but to no avail. Both sides of the British political scene came out against her. A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, sought to distance the party from Tonge, saying she was "expressing her personal views" and insisted that the "Liberal Democrats do not condone terrorism in any circumstances whether by suicide bombers or anybody else." Meanwhile, Michael Ancram, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Labor Party, said the comments would "sicken those across the world who have lost loved ones to suicide bombers." Bravo Britain!

Cheers Again For Britain!  A new poll out shows that an overwhelming 78% of Britons are not prejudiced against Jews. Although he poll also revealed that one in seven Britons believes the Holocaust has been exaggerated, Lord Greville Janner, chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said he was surprised that the numbers who believed the Jewish suffering had been exaggerated were "so low, given the anti-Semitic, racist element present in this country."

And although the number of people revealed to be anti-Semitic is a relatively small minority, Home Secretary David Blunkett articulated his "deep concern" at the numbers who believe the Holocaust is exaggerated. He found the result "worrying and disappointing," stating "it means people are prepared to set aside not only the evidence, but the overwhelming emotion that goes with it."

It appears that Britain's leaders are willing to tackle the anti-Semitism that has been so rife of late. Again, Bravo!

Israel and its fate is the core of Judaism, in the same way Mecca is core to Islam and the Vatican is central to Catholicism. These recent events are proof that the anti-Semitic ploy of trying to separate Israel from Judaism is no longer working. An anti-Semite is an anti-Semite and has no place in the civilized world. And there are countries with the guts to fight them.

Beth Goodtree is an essayist who writes both serious and satirical political commentary.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 23, 2004.
Below is an account of the destruction of the Tapuach Synagogue, written by Janet Kasten Friedman, who was there. Janet Friedman is the wife of Rabbi Yehoshua Friedman, Founder of the Noahide Fellowship. They live in Kochav HaShachar (Morning Star), a pioneering community near Jericho.

From Israel Club Maoz: "This account reminds me of one I read years ago of the massacre of the student protesters in Teineman Square in China. The journalist in that report wrote how the troops were all specially picked to be basically "country bumpkins" with no direct knowledge of the nature of university students. They were then feed a daily dose of hate propaganda explaining how dangerous and filthy the students were. To further insure they would ruthlessly murder the student, just before being sent into action, they were given some sort of shots to protect them against a 'deadly disease' the students were supposed to be infected with. It was probably an amphetamine.

The grandfather of scientific warfare, Sun Tzu, taught that all warfare is based on deception. He emphasized how and why it is necessary to deceive the enemy. It is the nature of tyrants and tyranny to view anyone outside of the ruling circle as an enemy. This includes their Army as well.

Deceptions, manipulations and outright lies are all the tools of the trade for Israel's ruling elite. To put it in the simple language American politician enjoy using: Deception is how bad people get good people to do bad things.

It was through deception that religious soldiers were used on Shabos to destroy a small Jewish community, Gilad Farm, a while back and it was through deception that the Synagogue in Tapuach was destroyed and it will be through further deception that Jewish towns will be destroyed and the Jew deported to Gulags. All of this being done by nice Jewish boys and girls."


There used to be an Israeli schoolchild's expression, said when someone is lying to you: "tell it to your grandma!" Presumably the child thinks the old-fashioned, and perhaps slightly senile lady is more likely than himself to believe the lie. Or perhaps the expression comes from "sipurei savta" = "grandmother's tales" meaning old-wives stories.

I am indeed a grandmother, but even when I was young I was often accused of being naive, old-fashioned and gullible. But I was not gullible enough to believe the tale I was told today!

The tale was told to me by an Israeli soldier who spoke American English. I never met him before and don't know how long he's been in Israel, but he obviously believed what he told me.

I was at Tapuah where my married son lives with his wife and kids. Hundreds of soldiers and police were there to destroy the synagogue. True, it was only an unfinished wooden structure; but the Divine Presence has dwelled in little wooden shuls throughout most of Jewish history.

The army sped in there the moment the Supreme Court ruled that the synagogue was to be targeted. I also sped there as fast as I could hitchhike; but by the time I got there at 1:30 the road had already been closed. In general, the resistance to the destruction was not very well organized. Many people could not make it even as far as I had gotten. I tried to run around the back way and was stopped by soldiers, first male then female. They held me in a jeep for a little under 2 hours and then let me out, presumably because most of the destruction was over. I made a beeline up the hill and was stopped about a half a kilometer from the synagogue. I tried to weave my way around the soldiers, but they were many and fast. When a jeep came I lay down on the road and was promptly dragged off by a team of female soldiers. I repeated this tactic several times over the course of about 2 hours. In between scuffling we shared water and I explained to these kids that it was nothing personal. I love them and pray for them daily; but that destroying synagogues is not the proper function of the IDF. My "function" requires me to resist such destruction. Here's where I heard the grandmother's tale:

"Can I just speak to you for a few minutes? Please, Janet?" He knew my name, this American-born soldier, and that's a good resistance-breaking technique. Hey, I might as well listen, since I've got a soldier-girl sitting on my legs and another two holding my arms. Literally a captive audience! If I wanted to I could tell him I don't listen to traitors, but hey, he's a nice boy, and means well and I might as well listen as not. "OK, talk. I'm not going anywhere right now, anyway. I love you guys, its not your fault... but I can't let you destroy a synagogue without resistance... if I could, I would stop you completely!"

"We're not destroying it. We're only taking it apart to be put back together again somewhere else... maybe even here on this same hilltop..."

So this soldier explained to me gently, sweetly, in New York English, in attempt to be humane and help me see the Error of my Ways in resisting Army Orders. He seemed to even believe it himself: the army isn't destroying a synagogue; its simply taking it apart in order to move it!

The soldiers down the hill in the jeep had told me the same thing, but I had thought I just didn't catch the Hebrew linguistic nuances. "What's the difference" I asked my sabra captors in the jeep, "between 'destroying' (leharos) and 'taking apart' (lefarek)? I thought they were just correcting my Hebrew. No. They were correcting my political incorrectness. 'Destroying'," they explained pedantically, "means breaking up the pieces so they can't be rebuilt. 'Taking apart' means unscrewing all the pieces carefully, leaving them intact so they can be re-assembled elsewhere."

"That's why," explained the soldier from NY. "this 'action' is taking so long. The army doesn't want to destroy..."

Well, when they finished the 'action' on the synagogue, a voice yelled, "yalla, let 'er go!" The young woman got off my legs, the men let me go through, and I completed my beeline up the hill. Soldiers were coming down and I was going up.

What do you say to Jewish soldiers who have just destroyed a synagogue? Should I avoid looking them in the eye? Should I turn my face from them, not to look at an evil person? Will they think I am ashamed of myself for having been so silly as to get full of mud and scratches at my age, and for what? To resist the mighty IDF?! Should I curse them out, my own fellow Jews, my son's friends, brethren in arms, who, until today, had spent their time trying to protect us all?. Should I yell "traitors!"?

I decided to to what R. Kook said to do: Hate the sin; love the sinner. I said to the groups of frighteningly silent soldiers, who were coming in groups down the hill. "See you tomorrow at the Temple in Jerusalem."

Most of the soldiers ignored me, army orders, no doubt. A few said "amen", but the "mishmar ha gvul" guys "protecting" the bulldozer from my dangerous influence, shoved my into a gully where I landed (thank G-d) feet first and was held there till the bulldozer was safe.

I got to the synagogue. It was not "taken apart"; it was destroyed! Beams were broken in the middle, corregated roof-material was split into splintered pancakes. A pile of ashes was on the side. If anything was neatly "taken apart" I saw no sign of it.

I've long since stopped trying to understand why Sharon, or any other elected or self-appointed Israeli politician would want to make any concessions to Arabs. It clearly only hurts us and cannot help. In my mind I think of Leftist ideology and the actions spawned by it as a kind of autism. Does anybody really understand what the autistic person is thinking?! I no longer waste my time trying to understand the mysteries of mental illness. But I wondered: how will they get Jewish soldiers to carry out anti-Semitic attacks?

Today I learned how: They indoctrinate the soldiers to believe they are doing an innocent, even a good, deed. They are simply "moving" us to a safer place! They "protected" me from getting run over by a jeep (never mind that the jeep was going to destroy a synagogue). They "dismantled" the synagogue, they didn't "destroy" it! These Jewish soldiers are 18-21 years old. Their schools never taught independent thinking. They watch TV and movies and seldom read anything deeper than a newspaper. Those newspapers are chock full of leftist propaganda spiced with pornography. Their social lives revolve around the army and carving out a niche for themselves among their peers. They are good kids, generous of heart and very Jewish just under their hedonistic exterior. But they are pitifully naive, woefully unaware that the people who are supposed to be in charge are selling us all down the drain.

Please, American-speaking Soldier, wherever you are now, please listen to me, now! They lied to you! Next time they do it, tell 'em: "Tell it to your grandmother!"

Posted by Emanual A.Winston, January 23, 2004.
Israel, in desperate need of a strong image to the world, instead sends troops to destroy a synagogue. Would Christians send troops to destroy a church? Would Muslims even think to destroy a mosque?

Only the shallow-minded dummies like Mofaz, Lapid and their boss Sharon would shame the nation thinking they will receive gratitude from Bush, the Arabs and the Europeans.

When Netanyahu gave away Hebron, he, too, thought that he would be applauded by America, the U.N. (United Nations), the E.U. (European Union) but, all he got was the comment: what else can you part with?

When Ehud Barak ran like a river rat from Lebanon, he thought that he would be applauded by Clinton and receive money for re-locating. Of course, Barak thought whatever came into his mind and out of his mouth must be true. All Israel rescued was an influx of Hezb'Allah with 12,000 missiles now positioned at all parts of Israel's Northern border.

Now, the world stands in shock and feels shame for the Jews who turned into 'pintele Yids' (small cringing Jews) in their disposition to please Bush. The Arabs laughed; the Christians in Europe smiled and the Christian Fundamentalists simply felt shame for the Jews they have been trying to help.

Jews like Sharon, his sons, Dov Weisglass and all of Sharon's other "Yes" men, talk to themselves in their little conference rooms, certain they have absorbed the world. They take no advise from anyone because they believe that they know everything better than anyone else.

If they were warned that destroying a small synagogue would make them look stupid, cowardly, irreverent, anti-religious and small, they would have told you, Not to worry. We know what we're doing.

But they usually don't know what they are doing. In fact, they have not a clue. In fact, they are uneducable.

So, what synagogue will Sharon, Lapid, Mofaz knock down tomorrow? What sort of show will this trio of misfits put on for the world in the near or more distant future?

Let's see what more you three can do to shame the Jewish nation and the Jewish people.


Links for eyewitness stories about the Synagogue Savagery:

Jan. 22, 2004 "Imagine thinking: "I COULD HAVE been that man" "A Lamentation for Tapuach" by Tsvi Selengut

"Heroic Hilltop Community of Tapuach West Defending Themselves from Sharon's Troops Who Came To Destroy the "Illegal" Synagogue!" Full Photos

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Mid East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel, Gamla (http://gamla.org.il/english) and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm)

GIVING ANTI-SEMITISM THE BOOT: Amid European Worries, Italian Soccer Acts
Posted by IsrAlert, January 23, 2004.
This article was written by Tom Rachman, Associated Press Writer. It was published in Tampa Bay Online (http://ap.tbo.com).

ROME (AP) - Soccer hooligans - not exactly known for well-mannered behavior - committed a memorably despicable act at a Rome stadium a few years back, holding up a vast banner at opposing Jewish fans: "Auschwitz Is Your Country; the Ovens Are Your Homes."

Five years on, in a Europe faced with new violence against Jews, Italian soccer is using the same stadium for a charity "Match of Memory" to fund a Holocaust museum. In addition, professional players have been ordered to march onto the field at this weekend's matches in T-shirts marking Holocaust Memorial Day. Jewish leaders wonder if soccer, Europe's unifying obsession, might be a way to tackle anti-Semitism.

"It's about time," said European Jewish Congress secretary-general Serge Cwajgenbaum. "It's an informal type of education that should maybe be enlarged and maybe should be seen all over." He and other Jewish leaders have argued that Europe is gripped by a new anti-Semitic outburst, 60 years after the Nazis killed 6 million Jews.

In the past three years, Jews in Europe have suffered assaults, synagogues have been targeted and, on one occasion, teenagers on an amateur Jewish soccer team were attacked with sticks and metal bars.

Both the world soccer's governing body, FIFA, and its European counterpart, UEFA, fight racism in the sport, but neither has tried to combat hatred of Jews specifically.

The Italian effort has gained considerable support, with dozens of local celebrities signing on to participate in the "Match of Memory" on Tuesday, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The game will be broadcast on state television, with proceeds going to a planned Holocaust museum in Rome.

Among those watching the match will be Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. "It's not my style to go to football games, especially not when we deal with a ceremony of such sobriety," he said by telephone. But "it's an important thing everywhere to remember what happened in those times, especially these days when the memories of those times are vanishing together with those who lived them."

Soccer may seem a strange choice for such a solemn event. Soccer violence has killed dozens of fans; fans have pelted black players with debris and taunted them; teams considered to have Jewish supporters suffer grotesque chants and insults.

Roman Jewish community official Raffaella Spizzichino remembered the moment in November 1998 when she came to Rome's Olympic stadium to support her team AS Roma, and read the Auschwitz banner hung by extremist supporters of crosstown rival Lazio. Rather than turning away from the sport, she helped organize the upcoming soccer events. "We chose to do this to break the taboo in the soccer world, which often forgets the Holocaust," she said. "Why do this in the world of soccer? Because the world of soccer is what draws most attention."

However, journalist Simon Kuper, who studied the links between politics and soccer in his book, "Football Against the Enemy," doubts there is a link between anti-Semitism among soccer hooligans and recent attacks on European Jews. "The hooligans or hard-core fans know that shouting anti-Semitic stuff is shocking to people, which is why they do it. These are not people who have elaborate neo-Nazi ideologies," he said. Kuper says anti-Semitism is terrible, but the recent phenomenon has been greatly mischaracterized. "You get the sense that Europe's on the brink of another Holocaust. Every famous figure who says something anti-Semitic - it's all proof that Europe's old demons are reappearing, we're sliding back," he said. But most of the recent anti-Semitic violence was committed in France by Muslim youths who have no political power, he said. "These acts are not a very good measure of widespread attitudes, and as far as I can see they do not relate to these people at football matches."

Wiesel, however, disagreed, saying current European anti-Semitism is not the work of a small, disaffected group. "My generation has good antennas," he said. "We have antennas and we feel it's anti-Semitism and it's dangerous. We have a right to say so and a duty to say so."

Although the thugs who hang signs mocking the memory of Auschwitz may never be converted, officials hope millions of other fans who witness such acts will at least begin to say, "Enough." "I believe it's important for all those who go every Sunday to the stadium," said Francesco Ghirelli of the Italian Soccer Federation. "It's a moment to listen and remember - an important cultural moment."

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by Eli S. Pollack, January 23, 2004.
PRESS RELEASE: JERUSALEM - ISRAEL - Israel's leading newspaper, Maariv, along with two US partners, announced this week the launching of its online daily English edition www.maarivintl.com.

The site, officially launched on January 20th, 2004, will provide a full range of daily news, business news, and opinions and editorials, as well as up-to-the-minute breaking news. Designed similarly to Maariv's popular Hebrew site, it will stand out among competing sites with its mid-stream, balanced approach to Israeli politics for which Maariv is already well-known.

In addition to top quality news, the site will offer a host of valuable features and services including: publication of reader comments to articles, an in-house e-commerce store, 24-hour live video streaming from the Western Wall, classified ads, stock and currency quotes, and an online radio streaming with over ten thousand songs.

The Maariv International site is a product of a three-way joint venture between Maariv and two US based companies, E-Shop Enterprises and Joya Global Corp. All parties will play a pivotal role in the success of this joint venture.

While Maariv will supply the site with ongoing content as well as its world renowned reputation and brand name, Joya Global Corp will be responsible for overall technical development of the website and for translations. E-Shop Enterprises will focus on business development of the site and on cultivating various revenue streams that the site will generate.

"We have found that there is a growing demand amongst both Diaspora Jews and non-Jews alike for our content" says Ofer Nimrodi, Maariv's publisher. "The online English edition will allow readers who do not read Hebrew to receive quality content from Israel, along with a true picture of what transpires in Israel."

Articles and breaking news on the site will be translated throughout the day from Maariv's Hebrew online site (maariv.co.il) which currently boasts over 200,000 unique users a day.

"We are excited about the creation of this Joint Venture and the launch of the new site" says Jess Dolgin, CEO of E-Shop Enterprises, who initiated and spearheaded the formation of the venture. "The site will provide English readers worldwide with an invaluable source of news and information from Israel, along with many additional services. The goal of the joint venture partners is to take the online Anglo-Jewish experience to the next level."

Maarivintl.com (also accessible through maarivinternational.com and maarivenglish.com) will maintain the overall look and feel of its Hebrew counterpart and will be updated by both Israeli and US based translators.

"We are happy to be partners in providing the English reading public a fresh and unbiased look at both Israeli news and politics which is long overdue" says Elliot Moscowitz, CEO of Joya Global Corp, "our goal is to deliver the highest quality of online news and services possible geared specifically to the needs of the world wide Anglo community who take a serious interest in real news from Israel?

For more information about the Maariv International website, please contact Jess Dolgin 310-344-7376.

Posted by IsrAlert, January 23, 2004.
This was written by Itamar Inbari and appeared in the Maariv International (http://www.maarivinternational.com).

An Israeli delegation visited Sudan this week in order to facilitate the immigration of 18,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel, according to a report by Kuwaiti newspaper A-Siasa.

European diplomatic sources in Geneva told the newspaper that the delegation, comprised of Foreign Ministry and IDF representatives, was allowed to visit following US intervention.

The sources added that the warming up in Israel-Sudan relations follows two recent developments, one being the peace agreement recently finalized in Sudan, which ended the civil war between the North and the South.

Another reason cited was the recent thaw between Israel and Libya over the past 6 months. The sources explained that these relations are part of Israel's attempt to end hostility with Arab states.

A senior Ethiopian official told the sources that Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir, did not meet with the Israeli delegation because he was attending the Cairo Summit hosted by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at the time. Even so, the meeting featured senior Sudanese officials who closely supervised the talks between the Israeli and Ethiopian delegations and also took an active role in formulating the agreement to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

According to the report, Sudan agreed to allow Israel to use its airports in order to ensure that the planned immigration operation is successful and also offered to designate several airplanes for that purpose.

The European sources also reported that during meetings in Khartoum the parties agreed that an Israeli delegation would fly to the Sudanese capital in order to oversee the operation. The sources noted that Sudan's President updated his Egyptian counterpart on the planned initiative before approving the Israeli delegation's visit.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 23, 2004.
This was written by Vernon Richards.

In any debate, to confuse an opponent, the classical approach is by and through obfuscation, tangential diatribes, and/or classic political spin. The desired effect is to create confusion, to weaken an opponent's resolve and momentum through diversionary tactics. It is an age-old approach employed when one's own arguments have weak moral or logical foundations. The tactic is often the only option when tasked with presenting an inferior argument, which cannot be promoted through persuasiveness based on reason, logic, or moral clarity. This method becomes the only viable option because a more progressive concept cannot be beaten by an inferior philosophy without those arguing on behalf of the lower standard first concealing obvious truths in layers of fog. On hearing such rhetoric, a reasonable layperson may detect that there is something wrong with either the message or the delivery, but sufficient time for careful analysis and appropriate response is seldom available, as expediency quickly sweeps both the obvious facts with the muck into the past.

Once the audience has been so prepared, one can then make suggestions and offer premises that would have otherwise been easily recognized as irrational or unconscionable. When carefully prepared and delivered under the axiom "the bigger the lie, the easier it is for people to swallow," otherwise outlandish suggestions can result in a mental shock effect, which over time can break down resistance. To the masses for which the spin was constructed, the net effect is confusion and the blunting of reasonable responses and actions, as well as more of an inclination to accept the unacceptable, or at least to tolerate the intolerable. Indeed, when not properly recognized and challenged, there is the potential that otherwise good people might eventually accept that right is wrong, or that evil means can be sanctified if associated with a seemingly good cause.

Take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for example. Claiming that Israel is the sole instigator and villain in this passionate and tragic play is a tactic designed to hide many truths in plain sight. The weak-minded demonstrate personal failure when they bury their heads in the sand, and are akin to the Germans who "closed their drapes" as the Jews were rounded up. We all see and hear about the things going on in the Middle East every day, yet many continue to hide behind silly libels against the US and Israel to either justify continued support for the Palestinian cause and methods, or to remain silent.

In a population of 6.3 million, Israel has endured over a hundred suicide bombings. If the same proportion of attacks had occurred in the USA (288 Million people), there would have been 4571 suicide bombings with over 40,000 killed and hundreds of thousands wounded (often maimed for life). The number killed would be the equivalent of twelve 'Sept-11/Pearl-Harbor' type mega-attacks! Almost everyone would know more than one victim. Pause... and think about it. The reaction of this nation would likely be more severe and violent than the Palestinians have faced to date from all Israeli actions. Without second thoughts or significant dissension we would be sending our armies marching orders to destroy everyone suspected of supporting the attacks in any way. Political correctness would yield to the logic of survival and nearly every American would support any and all means necessary to completely ruin individuals, organizations, and governments deemed remotely culpable, with collateral damage of much, much less concern.

Truth is truth, to the end of reckoning. Spin may distract, but does not diminish her. When "Old Europe" and our own schizophrenic State Department say, "create a Palestinian state, coddle the Saudis, don't offend anyone," it only serves to embolden despots and their terrorist foot soldiers. When we respond to left-leaning media, our Arab "allies," and the Europeans, we lose moral authority and giving sanctuary and encouragement to despots and terrorists alike. As with the Israelis, our survival and democracy depends on us living with both eyes wide open, willing to do the hard things necessary to protect our children's future. Islamic extremists, and Palestinians in particular, continually debase themselves as they bask in their hatreds, blood lust, and thirst for revenge. Ongoing anxiety and suffering cries out for intelligent deliberation, judgment, and then effective action. State department coddling and financial/humanitarian-aid notwithstanding, nothing we can ever do will make fascist fanatics love us. We can only make them fear and respect us. The world should with unison loudly reject when terrorists weave pure spin claiming violent murderous tactics are a legitimate option in pursuit of freedom and self-determination. In fact they have had, and do have, complete control of their future and far superior options to choose from, but have chosen to surrender that future by engaging in illegal and immoral activities. They have spent their entire allowance pursuing these doomed options, and now claim to be victims when facing the unavoidable consequences of their poor choices. Obfuscation aside, no people have the right to exercise their right to self-determination, if the path they choose in pursuit of the same involves bombing cafes, night-clubs, busses, targeting women, children, students, simple commuters and pedestrians, and families in their homes. It is the opinion of this author that engaging in and supporting such activities disqualifies an individual, culture, even a whole people from normal inherent rights to freedom of movement, association, assembly, self-determination, and self-rule. Palestinian extremists, who appear to enjoy support by the majority of locals, are simply not advanced, mature, or grown-up enough to be trusted with certain freedoms. Current events and past history has proven they will only exercise those freedoms to terrorize, kill and maim. To propose otherwise is to essentially argue to immediately empty all prisons worldwide and to abolish all laws and punishments based on concepts of personal responsibility. And it follows that opposing the rule of law is in fact a proposal for wholesale regression to principals akin to middle-age tribal conquest and rule. While it is heart wrenching to see and hear of the suffering of innocent Palestinian children in the current conflict, yet we must not forget the culpability lies squarely on the shoulders of the parents and leaders who have failed them. The only thing we can do to help them take that necessary first step of real change (accepting personal responsibility for their mistakes and failures), is to expose and resolutely reject the spin they spew to deceive themselves and others.

Conveniently ignoring the vast majority of official violent passages and verse, promoters acting in the cause of Islam will continue to quote the same oft-repeated minuscule 'goodies' from the Quran to tell us the 9-11 episode is not 'real Islam.' From President George Bush to brother Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), every 'lover' of Islam is using a huge loudspeaker to announce to the world that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Islam does not preach violence, terrorism, murder, killing, raping, burning, and looting... etc. The terrorists have hijacked peaceful Islam. How very nice those words are... Islam is the light of the world. The world would surely plunge into a new dark age without the light of Islam... One can't help wondering why they feel inclined to praise Islam and its works quite so often. Self-praise is no recommendation, and the barrage seems aimed to both reassure themselves and to deceive the uneducated.

The world asks, if Islam is such a virtuous religion, then why does it need such a huge broadcast to proclaim such to the billions of 'ignorant Kafirs,' 'Islam is peaceful' ad infinitum, as if repeating it often enough can alter reality or somehow create truth out of thin air. No other religion in the world needs such a huge advertising campaign to deflect criticism. Is there anything wrong with Islam? Of course not! Everything is fine and dandy with Islam. That great cry from the dust of tens of millions of dead and persecuted is simply the wind. If anything seems amiss with Islam, it is not the fault of the 'best religion' of Allah, but is by sinister design from the evil Jews, the satanic West (Christians), the vile Maalaoon Indians (Hindus) and the repugnant secularists/ freethinkers. In the classical strategy of transference, when challenged they parlay and deflect criticism by accusing the accusers of being guilty of what Islam is itself most guilty of; persecution, misinformation, intolerance, prejudice, and bigotry. Violence and spin, the chief exports of Islam, grows louder daily, yet somewhere in the fog, truth still stands silently and solidly in opposition to the din.

The Emperor's Raiment

The grand Emperor, Muhammad, enjoyed grand clothing and fine robes as ornate and decorated as any great leader of vast kingdoms, but sought ever finer raiment so that others might see outwardly the greatness and power of his office and influence. He had the finest clothes and trappings commensurate with his desires, but a great tailor and wizard from another land whispered in his ear that he could create an adornment so beautiful, grand, and powerful that all who saw it would naturally worship the wearer as the greatest of all leaders. The material to be used possessed the unique quality of being visible only to the truly enlightened and intelligent, but would be invisible to stupid infidels. Work commenced and soon the great one was on proud display with his new robe for all the world to see. The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen should be studied carefully as it seems more applicable today than any other time in history. Today many view plainly the works of Islam yet continue to issue the usual politically correct euphemisms of how beautiful and perfect the new robes appear. The simple innocence and honesty of an unafraid, unsophisticated child is called for to give the rest of us the courage to state the obvious. Who are the new weavers of the emperor's new clothes today? Islamic apologists, the myopic liberal media, academia elitists, as well as an unusual conflagration of fascists, communists, European socialists, anarchists, and many other far-left and far-right organizations throughout the world. You can call me stupid, I just don't see it. The reader is hereby promised that if you study without bias the facts herein in their entirety, the robes will become invisible to you too. The spectacle of 'Islam Undressed' is neither benign nor pleasing, and is likely to invoke embarrassment or horror from the looker, but should also result in a healthy dose of apprehension and accompanying survivalist thinking. Survival is the first order of the day, once secure we can return to debating the niceties of various more subtle political and cultural differences and resurrect more sensitive approaches to handle political, religious, and racial sensibilities. For now, the sight of this self-described great emperor needs to be dealt with, particularly his intentions with respect to the sword of Jihad in his right hand already dripping in blood.

The issue at hand is the war we are engaged in, which we are told is a war against 'terror'. But terror is a method, not an enemy. Those who limit their thinking to the constraints of the politically-correct 'thought police' seem content to believe that we are not really fighting individuals or nations, but rather some kind of abstraction, as if somewhere there are soldiers with "Republic of Terror" embroidered on their uniforms marching lock-step to attack us. Terrorist acts are simply the weapon of choice deployed by the true enemy. So in reality we are no more in a war against 'terrorism' than we were engaged fighting the scourge of Machine guns in WWI, Zeros in WWII, the plague of German Tanks in WWII, or the threat of nuclear weapons in the Cold War. Though such vague, loose nomenclature may be reassuring in our society obsessed as it is with political correctness, it is unnecessarily nebulous. Such poor precision is deception and prevents rational evaluation of the true threat behind the terrorist weapon deployed against us. In wartime, machine guns, kamikaze zeros, tanks, and bombs don't kill people -- actual real people acting on some nationalistic, political, or religious ideology pull the trigger.

There are two very practical pieces of advice upon which one can base fair judgment of other people, religions, and governments. In fact those who fail to embrace this advice completely are destined to remain forever as lost as 'old' Europe is today. I believe my source is a good one. The first litmus test to use in judgment is, "Only through a man's works is his true nature exposed." The other is, "By this we can know if man has truly repented, he will confess and forsake the bad behavior". By these two pieces of advice, one can fairly judge the value of individuals'/groups' actions, and also gauge the progression of an individual/group if and when they realize their actions lead to bad fruit, and make claim to be reformed. Until then, it would be stupid to call the kettle anything other than 'black,' even when speaking from a pot that is less than white. Civic piety allied with political correctness is collectively blinding us, keeping us from asking reasonable questions about Islam, questions upon which the survival of our civilization may depend. Does Western culture obsessed with tolerance render us incapable of drawing reasonable conclusions about Islam's core values and designs? The general reluctance to criticize any non-Christian religion and the almost universal public ignorance about Islam make for a dangerous and potentially lethal mix. Until the day Islam takes full responsibility for the violence being produced in her name, we must be realistic and realize all we can expect is more of the same... a little 'hand wringing' is probably all we will ever see from their regional and world leaders, along with more finger pointing at Israel and the West. The reasons for such pessimism will become clear later. In the mean time, until we see effective action and hear convincingly from this supposed vast silent majority of peace-loving Muslims, it is expedient for the rest of the world to take off the blinders and begin to live with both eyes wide open.

The book "Islam Undressed" is a critical analysis of 'real' Islam, studying its people, politics, culture, philosophies, and practices yesterday and today. A copy of the book can be obtained by sending a request to Islam_Undressed@yahoo.com.

Posted by Moshe Burt, January 23, 2004.
On Tuesday morning, 20 January, 2004, immediately upon receiving a Supreme Court decision denying Tapuach-West's appeal regarding their Beit Knesset, a force of several hundred military and police, equipped with bulldozers descended upon the site.

The Army quickly placed barriers at the Tapuach Junction to prevent the arrival of Shul supporters. However, some of the supporters were able to arrive in any event. And so, the Tapuach group was caught flat-footed. By about 2:15 PM, the destruction of the Shul had begun.

Despite the court's mandate that the demolition of the synagogue must be carried out with great caution, witnesses state that hundreds of police and military arrived at Tapuach-West "with great violence, most of them armed, and some of them even fired in the air... Some people have been knocked unconscious by their violence. " The Aron HaKodesh which housed the Shul's new Sefer Torah, placed there two weeks earlier, was violently confiscated by the army. One young female resident begged the police not to confiscate the Aron, that it belonged her family. She was brutally beaten-up by police officers for no other reason than for asserting ownership of the Aron.

In the aftermath of the dismantlement, information has come to the fore which, if proven, indicates that Yesha Council, by virtue of their silence and inaction, may have been complicit wih Prime Minister Sharon, the police and the military in the "rabbinic supervised" trashing of theTapuach-West Shul.

"Senior Yesha Council official Bentzi Lieberman released a message to the media calling on the IDF to exercise restraint and comply with the law while carrying out orders to destroy Yesha outposts.

The veteran Yesha activist reiterated the Yesha Council remains opposed to the uprooting of any Jewish community (outpost) in the Land of Israel, adding the Tapuah West community was authorized by former Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Binyamin Netanyahu. Lieberman stated Prime Minister Ariel Sharon could have permitted the process to obtain permits for the synagogue but instead ordered the building destroyed."

The Council further stated that "...it objects to the evacuation of any Jewishly-held point in the Land of Israel, and that with a little good will, the government could have authorized the synagogue, just as the Barak government did in the past in similar situations. At the same time, the Yesha Council said it would not take part in the efforts to prevent the demolition 'in cases where we do not know in advance the nature of the resistance.' The Council thus leveled some veiled criticism of the Kach supporters in Tapuach, implying that they might respond violently to the evacuation." (Arutz-7 Demolition of Tapuach Synagogue Begins With Violence14:17 Jan 20, '04 / 26 Tevet 5764)

Although Yesha Council did issue some weak statements in opposition to the trashing of Tapuach-West's Shul, very reliable sources, both among the Religious-Nationalist movement and the opposition Labor Party have indicated a secret back-room deal struck at the highest levels of both the Yesha Council and the Sharon government whereby Yesha Council would not interfere in the bulldozing of Tapuach-West's Beit Knesset and in echange, the government would refrain from dismantling a certain unnamed outpost. On an internet forum, a number of people submitted emails describing how they contacted Yesha Council inquiring as to how to get to Tapuach-West and what the Council was doing to help Tapuach. They apparently received responses from the Council "not to be concerned about Tapuach-West."

And particularly damning was a statement in a Hebrew newspaper attributed to "an unnamed Yesha spokesman" which said "Baruch shepetarnu m'hamivneh hazeh" -- "Blessed is the one who set us free from this building." Just what we need -- lies and deceit within the Nationalist ranks. Is there nothing sacred? "Surely this thing is known..." (Torah Gems, Volume 2, page 20 on Parsha Sh'mos, Perek 2, posuk 14 quoting Binah Le-Itim.)

"At the beginning of the Parsha, we are told that when Moshe grew up, he went out to see his brethren ... their ways and behavior. When he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, and there was no one else in sight, i.e., no other Hebrew ... willing to defend the man .... being beaten, he assumed that was because their slavery had destroyed their will to struggle. On the second day, though when he saw two Hebrews fighting one another and one said to him, 'as you killed the Egyptian,' he saw that that man believed that Moshe's actions on the previous day had been wrong. Moshe responded, 'Surely this thing is known' -- it is not their slavery nor their lack of strength to fight back that is causing them not to resist the Egpytians, because they are perfectly willing to fight one another. What is evidently missing is a sense of justice, of mutual support, of helping the weak, and that is the reason why the redemption had not yet come. 'Surely, this thing is known' -- now I understand the matter." And so too, in our generation, it's not that we are weak and can't fight, it's just not politically correct among those who are assimilated, who seek to be as the goyim, who seek "a state of all of it's people" or are afraid to assert Jewish possession of Eretz Yisrael and who are totally devoid of Torah. In our generation, divisiveness and Chillul Hashem abound.

IY'H, that B'nai Yisrael comes to our collective senses and finally sees the imperative dangers, both within and without, and acts to defeat them. May we not lose further valuable Jewish neshamot to the machinations and chesbonot of the anti-Torah politically self-interested. In the merit of our collective unity, emunah and actions, may we be zocha to compell Hashem to do what he want's to do, to bring us Moshiach, the Geula Shlaima, and an end to low, dirty politics, political equivocation, perfidy and false cheshbonot; Achshav, Chik Chuk, Meiyad, Etmol!!

Moshe Burt, an Oleh, is a commentator on news and events in Israel and Founder and Director of The Sefer Torah Recycling Network . He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

PR CHIEF: Don't Use word 'Hasbara'
Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 23, 2004.
This was written by Greer Fay Cashman and appeared in yesterday's Jerusalem Post.

It was a hasbara man's dream. Gideon Meir, Deputy Director General for Public Affairs at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs had completed his presentation to several hundred WIZO members from 28 countries and was about to quit the stage when cries of protest echoed through the ballroom of the Tel Aviv Hilton.

The women didn't want to let him go. Involved in presenting Israel's case in their places of domicile, they wanted to hear more - and they wanted to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. The look of surprised delight on Meir's face said it all.

His constant uphill battle includes having to contend with anti-government viewpoints as expressed by the Israeli media.

In fact a WIZO leader from Panama, where Israel has no embassy, asked whether views that run counter to government policy could not be censored. In the absence of Israeli diplomats, she said, WIZO had to take responsibility for most of the hasbara effort, and it was extremely difficult to defend issues that were being criticized by the Israeli media.

"We are paying the price for the fact that we are a democracy," responded Meir. "Being a democracy means having a free press that represents the different views of Israel and allowing foreign media access to 99 percent of the places they want to go to."

While Israel as a democracy accommodates dissenting voices, Meir pointed out, "on the Palestinian side there is not one voice of dissent."

One of Israel's major hasbara problems said Meir, "is that we don't want to be defensive. We want to be pro-active."

Actually, he dislikes the word hasbara that translates as information or explanation because "it has a negative or apologetic connotation and we have nothing for which we have to apologize. We have a strong case."

An inter-ministerial task force will be focusing on the issue of the security fence in the weeks ahead in preparation for deliberations that are set to begin at the International Court of Justice in the Hague on February 23.

The Palestinians are calling the fence an apartheid wall, said Meir. Israel is calling it an anti-terror fence because its purpose is to protect people inside Israel from Palestinian terrorism.

In the battle for public opinion, Israel's toughest challenge according to Meir is media distortion and undisguised anti-Israel bias. Various examples that he screened included an El Mundo report on the terrorist attack on the Dolphinarium in which the suicide bomber was humanized. "He died last Friday with 19 young Israelis in a suicide attack in Tel Aviv," read the report.

While Israel's credibility is often questioned with regard to any given incident, said Meir, "the credibility of the Palestinians is never questioned."

Meir cited several instances where it should have been.

Similarly, Israel is always portrayed as the aggressor and the Palestinians as the victims. When Israelis and Palestinians are depicted in a photo montage, the Israelis almost always come off looking worse. Meir showed a British example that featured the faces of Binyamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat. Netanyahu had a fierce, hard-line scowl, while sweetness and light emanated from Arafat's visage.

And yet, noted Meir, Arafat is the only political leader in the world whose attire relentlessly represents the continuing armed struggle. "Even (President Fidel) Castro (of Cuba) occasionally wears a business suit. But you'll never see Arafat in a business suit. He always wears the uniform of the armed struggle."

Posted by Ariel Natan Pasko, January 23, 2004.
There they go again, those "wild weeds from Brooklyn," as former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin called them, religious Jews and rabbis at that, starting trouble in Israel. Rabbi Arik Ascherman is currently on trial along with two other Israeli activists. They don't deny blocking the bulldozers, but they said the demolitions were illegal and had a "duty" to stop them.

Were they trying to stop the bulldozing of "illegal outposts"? Not a chance. No, it was Israel's bleeding-heart liberals...

Ascherman - a Reform rabbi and leader of the left-leaning Rabbis for Human Rights - was charged with blocking police from demolishing illegally built Arab structures in eastern Jerusalem in two incidents last year. His co-defendants, Shai Eliezer Tzvi and Omer Ori, were charged with joining Ascherman - the former rabbi of Richmond's Temple Beth Hillel - in the second incident.

Arabs around the country regularly build houses on vacant land or build additions to existing structures, without getting the necessary building permits. The Arabs - both "Palestinians" and Israeli citizens - generally refuse to recognize Israel's authority to issue permits. And, since every time Israel wants to enforce the building laws, Arabs, Israeli leftists and their international followers turn it into an "international incident," Israel only infrequently carries out the court-ordered demolitions. Despite the protests, both houses were torn down.

The Israeli prosecutor Shlomit Landes told the judge in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court that the activists had illegally prevented police from carrying out orders, and that the legality of home demolitions was not the issue before the court. They simply broke the law in trying to prevent the police from carrying out demolition orders, which were the response to Arab building-code violations.

But Ascherman has international backing, the North American branch of Rabbis For Human Rights. Simcha Weintraub, a Conservative rabbi from Brooklyn, presented a letter to Israeli officials in the United States, signed by more than 300 American rabbis in support of Ascherman's breaking the law.

Back in October 2002, during the height of the left's hysteria campaign against "settlements," then Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg called the people protesting at Gilad Farm in Samaria "Jewish Hamas." They were protesting the expulsion of people from their homes on legally owned Jewish land, that for political purposes, the Sharon government found convenient to expropriate, calling it an "illegal outpost."

If Jews protesting the theft of their property are "Jewish Hamas," what are Ascherman and his group? Where is Burg now?

At the same time, Meretz Party Knesset member Yossi Sarid said: "All of the settlements were created by law-breaking and violence and I hope the spread of this cancer will end quickly. The outposts are worse than suicide-bomb belts."

Does Sarid endorse Arab law-breaking, while condemning Jews? What about the law-breaking of his friends, Ascherman and Rabbis for Human Rights?

Illegal Arab building in Jerusalem or elsewhere undermines Israel's sovereignty. Radical leftists, whether rabbis or not, who help the enemy in wartime - Israel has been at war for more than three years now - damage Israel's image abroad and undermine its resolve to win. More than 1,000 Jews have been killed in the intifada. If Ascherman's actions strengthen the resolve of the Palestinians to continue fighting - i.e., killing Jews - will Sarid now say that Ascherman and his group are "worse than suicide-bomb belts"?

Where is Yossi Sarid now?

But worse, Ascherman and Rabbis For Human Rights are known to regularly support the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank. For example, following the murder of shepherd Yair Har-Sinai in July 2001 by terrorists from Yata, a hostile Arab village, Rabbis For Human Rights organized a campaign to protest the Israeli army's security measures imposed upon the population of Yata and the environs.

It's from that area that the murderers of Har-Sinai, Dov Dribben, and 14-year-olds Kobi Mandel and Yosef Ishran came. I guess that's a Jewish and Zionist "duty" also.

The left in Israel is continually harassing the brave Jews who are building up the Jewish homeland in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Yet, they seem to overlook at best, and more often help the Arabs who are working to steal the Jewish people's patrimony.

This conflict, between the Jews and Israel on one side and the Arabs - "Palestinians" - on the other, is being fought on the political level, on the military level and also on the territorial level, house by house.

Arabs stealing land, or building illegal additions to their homes, is an act of war. As for Ascherman and his group, I don't have words strong enough to describe them.

Ariel Natan Pasko is an Israeli independent analyst and consultant in international relations.

This article appeared yesterday on the Jewish News Weekly website (http://www.jewishsf.com).

Posted by Jules Segal, January 23, 2004.
This was written by Jason Orenstein and appeared on the Israel Insider website (http://web.israelinsider.com) on January 21. Orenstein is a graduate of Yeshiva University who made aliyah last January.

Ironic. There is no better word to describe the events unfolding today in the Land of Israel. "This is very sad, very grave, but this is the reality of Israel in 2004. There's Sopranos on television, and there's Sopranos in Israel." So spoke Senior Labor party legislator and Member of Israel's Knesset, Ofer Pines-Paz, who, in a single sentence, aptly summed up the success and ultimate failure of secular Zionism.

Pines-Paz was referring to what he termed as a "political earthquake" resulting from the alleged bribery scandal involving Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Sharon's son, Gilad, Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and potentially many more high-ranking government officials.

Sadly, this is not the first time that the names of Sharon and Olmert have arisen in political corruption scandals. In fact, political corruption among Israel's leadership dates back to the period of the pre-state Yishuv, and is perhaps the one area where Israel's political leaders, of both the left and the right, are able to walk side by side.

At the very same moment, a political earthquake of another sort is raging in the Land of Israel. The Likud, headed by the likes of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, has undergone a transfiguration to the point where its policies now resemble those of their long time political opponents, the Labor party.

Ze'ev Jabotinsky, founder of Revisionist Zionism, of which the Likud party is a direct descendant, must be turning in his grave. Revisionist Zionism, as well as the Likud's party platform, rejects the notion of the creation of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River. To hear Sharon and Olmert speak not only of favoring the creation of a Palestinian state, but that if it can not be achieved through negotiations, they will bring it about through unilateral concessions, is truly mind-blowing.

MK Amram Mitzna, if he weren't too busy trying to foist non-government sanctioned peace deals such as the Geneva Accords down our throats, would be charging Ariel Sharon with highway robbery. After all, it was Mitzna, then head of the Labor party who was routed by Sharon in Israel's last election, who ran on the platform of making unilateral concessions to the Palestinians and of the need to create some type of physical separation between us and them. Lo and behold, the very platform that forced Mitzna to resign his leadership of the Labor party, as he and the party became the laughingstocks of the country, is now the platform of Ariel Sharon and the Likud.

Sharon has stated time and again that he is willing to make painful concessions. Included in those concessions will no doubt be the uprooting and transfer of Jews from their homes. Should this come to pass, it will not represent the first time in the long history of the Jewish people that Jews have been expelled from their homes simply because they are Jews, but it will represent the first time this will be done to Jews living in the Land of Israel, our ancestral Homeland, by fellow Jews. (In 1982, Ariel Sharon oversaw the destruction of Yamit, a Jewish town in the Sinai, not Israel).

The defining goal of secular Zionism was for Israel to become a nation like all other nations, as well as to create a new Jew, one who would bear little resemblance to the traditional Diaspora Jew who because of his numerous Jewish practices and beliefs was shunned by the non-Jews. In this regard, secular Zionism has been an almost complete success.

In Israel, one can find on TV "The Sopranos," "Sex in the City" and "Friends." Israeli secular culture -- on TV, in the movies, literature, education, clothing or music, is based almost entirely on western societal norms and values, predominantly found in Europe and the United States, as opposed to representing Jewish values and beliefs. This ideology, of striving to be a nation like all other nations can also be found in our leaders of today.

Can one really look at our leadership today, or even over the past decade, and say that the prime motivation behind their actions was in accordance with Jewish values or rather with trying to win favor and acceptance in the eyes of the nations of the world? Sadly, the same values that allow our leaders to become involved in all manners of political corruption are the very same ones that allow them to call for the transfer of Jews from their homes in the Land of Israel.

In the Tanach (the Jewish Bible), one can find what is expected of the leadership of the Jewish people. He is to be one of the highest moral character, as well as being of great spiritual stature. One who can lead the Jewish people in both war and prayer. He is not expected to be perfect, rather one who when confronted with wrongdoing can lead the nation in sincere repentance. He is to be the embodiment of a Jewish nationalist, with a love for the Land of Israel and the people of Israel coursing through his veins.

These are the values -- Jewish values -- that are so sorely lacking in our leaders of today. The Jewish people and the Jewish state are deserving of and crying out for a leader with the Jewish values necessary to lead the Jewish nation. Only Jews, proud Jews, in heart, mind, body, spirit and soul need apply.

Israel Insider is "an independent, nonpartisan online publication that aims to provide an 'inside perspective' on the latest news, analysis and commentary from and about Israel."

Posted by Yahiko Sagamori, January 23, 2004.
Whatever the French do, be it shaving the heads of female Nazi collaborators, cooking, or being obnoxious to innocent American tourists, they do it with passion. Their pursuit of religious freedom is no exception. Thus, on St. Bartholomew's Day of 1572, French Catholics began passionately slaughtering French Huguenots and kept going until the score exceeded 70,000. That's a lot of dead Protestants, especially for those primitive times when every throat had to be slit manually, individually, and, obviously, very personally. It didn't stop there, of course. Eventually France, like the rest of Western Europe, became a predominantly Catholic country, and, for awhile, maintaining religious freedom there was a piece of cake. A living testimony to the openness of the French society in modern times, 2% of its population remain Protestant, and 1% are actually Jewish; neither of them willing to rock the boat, preferring instead to enjoy whatever liberte, egalite, and fraternite is afforded to them by the magnanimous Catholic majority.

Then came the Muslims. I am not talking about Bosnians escaping Serbian pogroms or Iranian intellectuals unable to live in the stranglehold of the ayatollahs. I am talking about the influx of true blue Muslims who had suffered no persecution in their native lands; who had never aspired to become a part of the European culture; who carried jihad in their hearts and turned every place in Europe where they settled into as close semblance of their native Turdistan as the local laws allowed, and then some. Today, those Muslims constitute close to 10% of the French population. With them came the soaring crime rate and the resurgence of anti-Semitism that had been dormant until then in quiet post-Holocaust Europe. With them came a whole new set of political problems for the polite Europeans. Raised in the most oppressive societies in the modern world, the newcomers were unable to appreciate liberte or even grasp its meaning beyond the obvious opportunity for abuse and personal gain. Faithful Muslims, they abhorred the idea of fraternite with the infidels. It didn't prevent them, however, from demanding their share of egalite, and that's where the French have stumbled.

It's not just the fact that girls in traditional Muslim headscarves looked drastically out of place in French schools - or anywhere around civilized people. It's that the Muslims have a tendency to introduce themselves into the Western societies with a strange combination of stealth and in-your-face attitude. They would enter quietly and begin quietly testing the limits of the host's tolerance. Once those limits are reached, they, assisted by local (often, Jewish) lawyers, would offer a novel interpretation of the host's laws that, suddenly and unexpectedly, implied the newcomers' inalienable right to turn the country that accepted them into a part of the Caliphate.

In response, the French did what they always do whenever France is being raped: they looked dignified to the maximum degree possible without appearing disrespectful to the rapist. This time, for whatever inexplicable reason, their fictional dignity has led them to ban Muslim headscarves from public schools.

Occasionally, I, too, stumble into a character sporting a headscarf. Frankly, I cringe at the sight the same way I would probably cringe if I saw someone with a swastika tattooed on his forehead. Both are symbols of hatred towards everything that we cherish in our civilization. An ancient, eternal hatred directed at me, my country, and my world is what I feel when I see one of those creatures walking along the street dressed, even at the height of the summer heat, in a shapeless overcoat that reaches almost to the ground and an ugly scarf wrapped around the head, leaving open only the face that looks so stern, it resembles that of a shaven ayatollah.

I sincerely feel that admitting faithful Muslims into my country is wrong. These people are our enemies, and, thanks to the liberties we enjoy here, they don't even consider it necessary to hide the fact. Too bad the INS never consulted me on the subject. They let those people in without demanding that they first renounce their faith, or their dress code, or even their hostility towards us. Guess what? In my book, it means they should be free to wear whatever they consider proper, no matter how I feel about their sense of fashion. What's more, if I am unable to prevent the enemy from moving into my neighborhood, I will feel safer if they wear their uniform openly.

Generally, in a free country, the government shouldn't be allowed to tell people what they may or may not wear as long as they meet the demands of basic modesty. And if a person decides to don something that advertises his or her religious affiliation, the government should have no say in it either. Not surprisingly, the interpretation of freedom offered by the French government contradicts mine. France has decided to outlaw Islamic headscarves in public schools.

That immediately raised an obvious issue of egalite. Even in France, the government cannot outlaw symbols of any one religion. To avoid discrimination, the government announced its opposition to yarmulkes and large crucifixes. Small crucifixes, unlike small headscarves, tiny yarmulkes, or peyes of any detectable size, were allowed. Then someone alerted the public to the imminent danger that Muslim girls, in lieu of headscarves, may begin wearing bandannas. The government assured the nation that bandannas will not be allowed when used as religious symbols. In other words, Christian and Jewish kids will be allowed to wear bandannas, but Muslim girls won't. Vive la liberte religieuse!

You know how kids are. I have no doubt that some of the Catholic children will try to undermine the government's efforts by smuggling in huge crucifixes hidden under their clothes. Obviously, sooner rather than later, one of them is bound to get caught, and the French Republic will proceed to outlaw the subversive practice. For the sake of egalite, the new law cannot be specifically directed against crucifixes but will ban all concealed symbols of any religion.

Now, here's the real can of worms. Every Jewish boy carries an unmistakable symbol of his religious affiliation concealed inside his clothes. Will the French lawmakers use the case of the crucifixes as a precedent and outlaw only large symbols of the Judaic faith or will they ban all of them, regardless of the size, like they did with the yarmulkes? Will they require the owners of smaller ones to carry them openly to ensure that their sizes at all times remain within the limits established by law? Will they entrust specially assigned government officials with the difficult task of monitoring the size of those religious symbols? Will France expel well-endowed Jewish boys from its public schools or, in order not to deprive them of equal access to education, castrate them instead?

Why do I feel that Jews are so likely to become victims of the French campaign against Muslim headscarves?

Can anything that happens in Europe nowadays be good for the Jews?

Yashiko Sagamori is a New York-based Information Technology consultant. To read other articles by the author, go to http://www.middleeastfacts.com/yashiko/

Posted by IsraelUpdate, January 23, 2004.
This was written by Binyamin Zev Kahane, who, together with his wife, was killed by Arab snipers.

If we take a close look at the Exodus from Egypt, we notice that practically the entire story centers around the plagues which Pharoah and the Egyptians suffered. From our early childhood, we are familiar with, and take great pleasure in, the episode of the plagues. The plagues play such a central role, that we sometimes forget to ask: Hey, wait a minute! Why should the Exodus focus so predominantly on the plagues? Why should the liberation of the Hebrews, the nation which brings light to the world, have to be so closely associated with the suffering of another people?

An Exodus Without Plagues?

Let us rephrase the question: Could the Almighty not have taken us out of Egypt in another fashion? Could he not have taken us out with "Darke Noam" (pleasantly)? Could God not have performed a few miracles ("nice" ones, where nobody gets hurt) in which the Egyptians would somehow be unable to prevent the Jews from leaving? If so, then why did God have to make the Exodus hinge upon cruel abuse of Pharoah and the Egyptian population? Hashem is Omnipotent, and if He wants to redeem His people, he can do so without plagues and without pain. Since every detail of the Exodus (our redemption and establishment as a nation) is important, we must ponder this question.

The question is compounded when we read the Haggadah of Pesach, and see a very peculiar dispute among the rabbis. If until now we had thought that there were ten plagues, the rabbis in the Haggadah learn out from the verses that there were actually many more. One of the sages reaches 50 plagues, the second 200, and the third, 250! How odd. Who cares how many plagues the Egyptians were stricken with? Isn't the important thing that the Jews left Egypt?

How to Make a Better World

To understand this, we must understand that the Jewish People is like no other nation, and consequently, its "national liberation" is like that of no other nation. The Jewish nation is the representative of the Almighty in this world; the chosen nation, whose goal is to bring good and Divine kindness to a world which was created for this very purpose. If so, its liberation has a clear goal, too. And that is to bestow goodness upon the world - Divine Goodness from the God Whom these people represent.

But when bestowing good upon the world, there is a "small" obstacle in the way: the evil which also exists in the world. Obviously, good cannot reign in a world in which evil exists. As we have said so often: there can be no co-existence between good and evil. And so whenever one wants to bring good to the world, he must overcome an obstacle which is not always a pleasant one: He must "burn out the evil from thy midst."

Striking Down Evil - Kiddush Hashem!

Now we know why when an event of this magnitude takes place the liberation and establishment of God's People in the world it had to focus upon the confrontation with, and the defeat of, evil. The confrontation with the Egyptians was not an incidental one, as one would deal with some annoying pest. This confrontation expressed the eternal struggle between good and evil. It is the confrontation between blasphemy of Hashem ("I do not know Hashem," as Pharaoh brazenly proclaimed), versus "I know Hashem," which is expressed through the very existence of the Jewish People in the world.

Every plague against Pharoah, who stubbornly stuck to his evil and his refusal to accept Hashem was in essence a plague against the ideology of "I do not know Hashem," and a proof that indeed, there is a God in this world, and He is the God of Israel. Now it is clear why it was important for the rabbis in the Haggadah to multiply the number of plagues in Egypt: Because the plagues are an expression of the power and existence of the true God who defeats falsehood. In other words, each plague against the evil gentile is a Kiddush Hashem. A sanctification of the God of Israel.

There is No Peace With Evil

The same holds true today, in these times of redemption. Today, as well, many do not understand why the redemption must revolve around conflict and war with the Ishmaelites. Now it is clear. The Ishmaelites try with all their might to halt the redemption process, the process which is meant to bring good upon the world. They spearhead the evil and falsehood that exists in the world! Each and every pigua is a "pigua" against God, a declaration of "I do not know Hashem, and I will not let Israel be redeemed." On the flip side, every time we strike them; every victory over them; any act of vengeance is a step forward in the redemption process, the process of Kiddush Hashem.

This authentic Jewish viewpoint pulls out the rug from under the feet of all those who seek "shalom" with those who "do not know Hashem" and aspire to wipe out His People. Peace can only be with those who acknowledge God's choice of Israel and the land He chose for them. Any kind of "shalom" with such people is a coming to terms with evil with those who aspire to liquidate God's sovereignty. Furthermore, this authentic Jewish view pulls out the rug from under those who "share in the sorrow," or condemn acts of vengeance, that are taken against the enemy. God forbid that we ever feel sorry about it. It is a Kiddush Hashem, just as in the Exodus from Egypt, which we celebrate until this very day.

The email address for Israel Update is Israelupdate@hameir.org. Their website address is http://hameir.org

Posted by Mike D. Evans, January 23, 2004.
Anti-Semites are attacking Jews all over the world -- even throughout America -- preaching and teaching holy war and hatred. The United States must make efforts to stop this dangerous development. Your help is needed! Please go to ConservativePetitions.com to see what is at stake. click here

Join me in urging President George W. Bush to declare war on anti- Semitism as Lincoln did on slavery. Call on him to use the power of the White House for legislation that will stop anti-Semitic teaching and actions.

The majority of the 1.3 billion Muslim world believes Hitler's hateful lies about the Jews. Our government must recognize and understand that 150 million Islamic fundamentalists are not peaceful Muslims. Americans must admit that this distorted form of Islam exists, and that this religion kills! These Islamic clerics teach killing Jews and Christians is the greatest honor in life, guaranteeing paradise. The time has come to make a stand against hatred and holy war.

Fight this Jew-hatred by adding your voice to a petition that in effect sends a letter to the President with reasons why such legislation is needed for America. Then tell everyone you know about this threat in our midst. Here's again is where to act: Click Here

P.S. America must continue to shine the bright light of truth into the darkness. God honors our nation when we honor Him and stand with the embattled Jewish people against the vicious lies. Pray for God to touch hearts and create a loud outcry that cannot be ignored.

Mike Evans heads the Jerusalem Prayer Team, a group whose members include some 300 prominent Christian leaders. Their website address is http://www.jerusalemprayerteam.org

Posted by Jules Segal, January 23, 2004.
The original source for this essay is unknown. A new computer virus has been detected that you may want to take precautions against.

This is the Palestinian Virus - a virus that settles in your PC, claims it was there before your PC was built or Bill Gates was born, then demands parts of your hard drive.

If you want the virus to leave you and your PC alone, you can try to give the virus the hard drive space it wants, but it will refuse the deal and start killing data on your computer.

Some people have suggested a solution for this virus problem is to give the virus its own PC. As stated above, this virus has been known to refuse the offer. Other nearby PCs won't take the virus either, even if the virus is compatible with the other computers.

The virus seems to want nothing less than to take over your entire computer together with the removal and destruction of all your data.

Software based anti-virus solutions have been proposed, but so far only hardware solutions have had any impact. The only solution we have been able to determine that may work is the physical removal of the virus from your computer.

The only problem with this solution is all the other computers will object, and you will be castigated in the media and by the UN.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 23, 2004.
Al-Aretz's Aloof Benn says, "Weisglass, Rice agree - PA to blame for freeze in talks. But then:
WASHINGTON - U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, in unusually candid remarks, said on Thursday the United States was stalemated in efforts to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and placed blame on both sides.

"We're having a great deal of difficulty," Armitage told Egypt TV.

"(Palestinian) Prime Minister Quriea (Abu Ala) is not able or willing to make any tough stands on the question of security and on the other side, the Israelis are intent on not compromising either," Armitage said. "So we're at a bit of a stalemate."

What more can we do? We have suffered over 1,300 deaths siince Oslo - and still we signed the suicidal "Road Map" in Aqaba. During the first 38 weeks since the Road Map was issued, there have been a total of at least 954 Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 140 people were murdered and 743 wounded (source: ZOA).


The "Oslo Accords" gave the "Palestinians" legitimacy, land, security forces, arms, autonomy, control over the daily lives of almost all their people, and hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and gifts. And they got more: They got offers of up to 97 percent of all the land they were demanding;

They got offers of an independent state of their own.

They got offers of half of Jerusalem as a capital for their state.

They got offers of the top of the Temple Mount on which stand their mosques.

They got Oslo +.

Israel, in return, got 1,300 deaths through lynching, burnings, bombings, stabbings, hit-and-run attacks, stoning, sniping, ambushing and drive-by shooting.

Israel got more than 10,000 of its people wounded, maimed, paralyzed.

Israel got thousands of its families decimated, tens of thousands of its citizens left with inconsolable anguish in their hearts and souls.

Israel got diminished security, increased danger.

Israel got no safety, no peace.

Israel got nothing, nothing but blood, dismemberment, tears and fear.

And Israel is being accused of being "not willing to compromise?"

Why haven't the Arabs EVER been asked to "compromise" or "trade land for peace"????

I think we all know the answer to that one.

"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."

Posted by IsraelUpdate, January 22, 2004.
Join me, Friends of Isralert, in an imaginary trip into the near future. Imagine that in a matter of months, if not weeks, Israel's Prime Minister is indicted and forced to withdraw from the government. Imagine you learn that in addition to bribery that same PM had ordered the destruction of shuls, schools, homes and communities in Yesha in a sinking-man's effort to gain favor from an Attorney General known for his anti "settlement" stance. Imagine how you'd then feel about what happened in January 2004 in the "disputed" territories. Imagine your disappointment, your outrage, your sense of utter betrayal, our loss. Imagine yourself doing something about it NOW. Where there is no man be that man, while you still can. Harv Weiner



"A Lamentation for Tapuach" was written by Tsvi Selengut

A shul has been destroyed.
Oh G-d help us.
Why, why must our own people annihilate each other in such a way?
The Shechinah has been pushed away by these godless rulers.
The name of G-d defamed in public.
The pictures on the news show young men and women crying as their house of prayer is destroyed.
While one lady, brave indeed, was arrested.
She pushed a soldier, who was attempting to destroy her shul, off the roof.
Men were thrown on the ground crying, as they watched seemingly
inanimate beams removed one by one.
We saw beams, but they saw people, angels screaming for mercy on each beam.
The animals tore away at it like vicious rapists.
They stole the innocence of a young place where jewels of torah once filled.
They ravaged its beauty and tenderness.
Like boars they ripped at its flesh walls, and gutted it of its torahs.
They ripped it until not a page of the word of G-d was left.
Naked, it stood.
Its walls gone,
its insulation of torah removed,
its beauty of prayer stolen.

Yet there stood the faithful, waiting for the redemption watching
through tears as their love was violated in front of them.
Yet there they stood praying, and crying, and dancing.
For even something this terrible must be in the Lord Almighty's plans.
Woe to us, the sight of the lord's house lying naked, unwanted, and spit on by its own people.
Yet there the faithful lay shaking, convulsing on the ground,
as their love, their jewel, their riches, their life
was ripped from within them.
As they engaged in these lamentations a chayelet,
stood watching the scene laughing,
she saw it as amusing that these zealots,
these extremists were so emotionally distraught.
They are deserving of this, she thought,
they will weep as their homes will soon be taken.

And where are my leaders, my lovers, my brothers.
They put their eyes in torah all day.
They study the word of G-d, but for them it is a vale.
My mind is puzzled and my heart is heavy,
I am lightheaded at my people's ignorance and cold-heartedness.
Just as Zion has wept as a widow for 2 thousand years,
so does the illegal outpost of Tapuach West weep today.
For we realize now, that if the holy temple was built on the mountain of G-d,
they would destroy it too.
So I proclaim from the Illegal outpost of Har Habayit, through the streets of Al-quds,
even through Nablus, onto the highest mountain in Palestine,
by my blood and my life, Zion shall never fall again.
For on this day I have heard the cries of Meir, Binyamin, and Talia.
I have heard the cries of our martyrs,
I have heard the screams of six million
as they burn in the ovens of fire,
and I have heard the word of G-d to our fathers:
"To you have I given this land."

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by Moshe Feiglin, January 22, 2004.
Noam Federman is being held in "protective custody". His arrest is, of course, quite legal. An IDF bulldozer destroys a synagogue built with loving care on an exposed hilltop in the heart of the country. The law must be enforced.

In The Hague, jurists from the International War Crimes Court are beginning their day's work. IDF officers (who gave the orders for the bulldozer) are in their sights. Sharon has in the meantime evaded conviction for war crimes, while the "sane" Leftist proponents of the separation fence, and in fact the whole country that has been overcome by this madness of fences, are now standing trial. "The law must be enforced", explains the State Attorney, "I cannot defend you".

"What is your attitude to the concept, 'The Rule of Law'," I was asked by Ha'aretz reporter Lily Galili a month ago. I replied that this concept is abhorrent to me. "This is a totalitarian idea. I am in favor of the rule of justice".

A small criminal acts in contravention of the law.
A medium criminal evades the law.
A big criminal acts using the law.

However, those who chose to act criminally using the law, those who destroyed a synagogue instead of thousands of other illegal buildings in the same region, are in fact saying that they believe in the law of the strong, not in the law of those in the right. Israel is now trying to obtain American agreement that the court in The Hague has no legal jurisdiction. Perhaps America will throw us a bone on this occasion.

Together with America we will seem to be strong for another few days. But perhaps America won't agree. However, it is clear that by adopting this militant culture towards those of its citizens in the right, Israel has cast aside any possible defense that could be presented. It is only a question of time until we all are charged with war crimes in the Hague court. It is of no importance what will be decided there. We ourselves have formulated the principle. They will treat us precisely in accordance with the law of the strong, just as we act towards Federman and the settlers.

But despite this we will win in the end.

We will do so because in some dark cell (of Federman, and of Pollard) and on some destroyed hilltop in Samaria, there are a few people who have been humiliated and tormented. Their brothers decided to trample them underfoot. But they are holding for all of us the strongest weapon of all - they are holding justice.

Because of this we shall win. Moshe Feiglin begain Manhigut Yehudi (Jewish Leadership) a group of people inside the Likud party who want to see Israel adopt a more Jewish character. Feiglin has emphaticaly said he does not want a theocracy, but he does want a State based on Jewish values.

Posted by Rabbi Berel Wein, January 22, 2004.
The current discussion regarding demographic projections of Jewish population here in Israel and in the Diaspora is being conducted, like many of our discussions, as though there is no historical background present in which to set the scene. It is obvious that Judaism and the State of Israel cannot exist without live Jewish people being present in numbers that form somewhat of a critical mass. Yet, it is not clear what numbers are really necessary to form such a critical mass.

The Bible records for us that there were 600,000 Jewish males between the ages of 20 to 60 who left Egypt. Adding women and children and the aged to that number it is estimated that the Jewish population then numbered close to three million. According to the Bible, there was no material increase in the numbers of Jews during their forty-year sojourn in the desert of Sinai.

From the time of the entry of the Jews into the Land of Israel until the Babylonian exile, no exact population figures are given in the Bible. In fact, the thrust of Jewish halacha and practice has always been never to actually count Jews directly. The census in the Sinai desert at the time of Moses was taken by counting the half-shekel donations to the Tabernacle and then later, in the time of Saul, by counting sheep brought by the Jews to the counting stations.

David was punished for conducting a direct census of the Jewish population of his time. Thus the number of Jews existing in First Temple times is uncertain. What is certain is that the complete demise of the Northern Kingdom of Israel certainly lowered the Jewish population in the world substantially.

Ezra rebuilt the Second Temple and the Second Commonwealth beginning only with some forty- two thousand Jews. By the time of the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, the Jewish population was in the millions. There are no exact figures again, but the Talmud speaks of great numbers of Jews in both Israel and Babylonia during second-century times. However, the ravages of Roman persecution and the rise of early Christianity - and its rabid anti-Semitism during the Dark Ages - appear to have once again dramatically reduced the Jewish population. It is estimated that at the time of Rashi (11th century France) there were only 5000-10,000 Ashkenazic Jews in the world! There were probably no more than a million Jews overall in the world at that time. Even by the time of the seventeenth century Chmielnitzky pogroms in Eastern Europe (in 1648-9) there were hardly two million Jews in the world.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Romanov czars of Russia thought that they could solve their "Jewish population problem" through conversion to Christianity, pogroms and forced emigration. This was based upon their assessment that the Jewish population was small enough for such solutions. Yet, by 1939 the Jewish population in Europe as a whole approached eleven million and in North and South America there were an additional five million Jews while the Land of Israel hosted almost half a million Jews. Jewish population in the world in 1939 was estimated at nineteen million, probably the high-water mark of Jewish demography in its history.

The Holocaust, assimilation and intermarriage, Communism and the Soviet Union, all have conspired to bring down the current world Jewish population to about thirteen to fourteen million. The truth be said, even this figure is probably somewhat inflated, since the population surveys of Jewish America indicate that there are only about three million "core Jews." These Jews are identified as born of two Jewish parents or converted to Judaism religiously (though not necessarily halachically), and one who identifies as being a Jew.

Thus in reality Israel already contains the majority of world Jewry's "core Jews" within its borders. There are really no longer any vast untapped reservoirs of Jewish population left in the world. Yet, we should not despair for we have never been a numerous people. The Bible itself tells us: "I have not chosen you because of your great numbers, for you are the smallest in numbers of all nations." Yet, the smallness of our numbers has not in any way diminished our influence or progress in human history. In fact, a case may be made that our very smallness has made us such an intensive, dynamic people.

Fifty years ago, David Ben-Gurion said that when the State of Israel housed five million Jews it would be secure. Well, we have passed Ben-Gurion's benchmark but our security still eludes us. Nevertheless, all of our history tells us that security, accomplishment, growth and achievement bear little connection to Jewish numbers and demography. As such, we should concentrate on not only making ourselves more numerous, but more intensively Jewish as well.

Posted by IsrAlert, January 22, 2004.
This was written by David Parson and appeared today on the ICEJ News Service from Jerusalem website (http://www.icej.org).

Leaders of Christian Zionist ministries were invited on Tuesday to the inaugural meeting of the new Knesset Christian Allies' Caucus to launch what co-chairman Dr. Yuri Shtern termed a "political upgrade" of relations between Israel and its Christian supporters across the globe.

The historic moment, the first time the Knesset as an institution has officially acknowledged and engaged with the growing Christian pro-Israel movement worldwide, featured not only many warm mutual greetings, but some rare and unusually frank exchanges as well.

In one instance the co-chair of the newly formed caucus, MK Yair Peretz of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, who represents a segment of society that maintains little contact with Christians, made a sincere appeal for Christian assistance to help Israel meet the needs of its poorest communities during these tough times. Peretz suggested that due to the nation's budget constraints, Christians could perhaps distribute Passover baskets to needy secular families this spring and school bag kits to underprivileged children at the start of classes next fall.

Meantime, Gadi Golan of the Foreign Ministry's religious affairs department delivered an impassioned plea that the Israeli government across the board should stop overlooking their Christian friends and especially that they should cease "humiliating" Christians in the land with visa and tax problems.

"As Israelis, we should know the terrible mistakes we have committed, and yet these beautiful people keep going on quietly with their many kind works among us," said Golan.

The Knesset Christian Allies' Caucus is the outgrowth of an idea that had been brewing over recent years among Israeli lawmakers, particularly after broad segments of Christianity aligned to stop the construction of a provocative mosque next to the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth. But through MK Shtern's efforts, the caucus was rushed into being in recent weeks after a number of Christian expatriates residing in Israel ran into difficulties renewing visas in the second half of 2003.

Shtern apologized for the visa situation, citing last autumn's long civil servants' strike and Israel's restrictive policies in dealing with security concerns and illegal workers. "We have to and will keep working on it, however," insisted Shtern.

Most Christian ministries present reported progress in the processing of visas and thanked the Knesset members for their recent intervention with Ministry of Interior officials.

Clarence Wagner, International Director of Bridges for Peace, noted that scores of Christians abroad had contacted his offices welcoming the formation of the Knesset caucus earlier this month. "There was an amazing response," he said. "The phones were ringing off the hook."

"We too were surprised by the enthusiastic response to the announcement of this Knesset caucus," concurred Malcolm Hedding, Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. "I can assure you that the eyes of the Christian Zionist world are upon what you are launching here today, and therefore it must not fail. This forum must be a pro-active mechanism for developing better ties between Christians and the Jewish state and community worldwide."

In an attempt to broaden the effectiveness of the informal committee, Shtern (of the right-wing National Union) and Peretz selected six other Knesset members from an array of factions to join the caucus, including Chemi Doron of Shinui, Gila Gamliel and Gilad Eran of the ruling Likud party, Gila Finkelstein of NRP, Arieh Eldan of the National Union, and Isaac Herzog of Labor.

"We will not be demanding that Christians adopt any particular political viewpoint on the conflict here," said Shtern in clarifying the goals of the caucus. "We simply are reaching out to Christians to support Israel on the basis of our fundamental right to live here in peace and security."

In a statement, the caucus members said they would seek to (1) recognize and further mobilize those Christians around the world who are contributing to the security of the State of Israel and the welfare of the Jewish people; (2) bring to the attention of the Israeli public the unqualified support Christians are giving to Jewish aspirations in the Land of Israel; and (3) provide Christian and Israeli leaders with a Knesset forum for face-to-face encounters and enhanced co-operation.

Among the organizations represented at the launch of the caucus were the ICEJ, Bridges for Peace, Christian Friends of Israel, The Ebenezer Fund, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the National Unity Coalition and the Jerusalem Summit.

Over recent decades, the Christian groups represented have been working to build political and moral support for Israel in national and international arenas, to assist and encourage Jews making Aliyah, and to provide social and material assistance to poor and needy communities in Israel and Palestinian areas. The caucus members said they would now begin to develop joint welfare projects with the participating Christian Allies that could be given high-profile launches from the Knesset itself, while also enlisting Christian support for new informational efforts to improve Israel's standing internationally, with an urgent need to focus on Europe.

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Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 22, 2004.
This is from today's Arutz-7 (http://www.IsraelNN.com).

Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger spoke with Arutz-7's Uzi Baruch this morning about his visit last week, together with Chief Rabbi Rishon LeTzion Shlomo Amar, with Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. He said that the meeting had more historic value than practical value, "but we were told in advance that this would be the case. In the Vatican, there is no such thing as decisions on the spot; everything takes much time, with committees and the like. Despite this, our meeting was a great departure from their regular protocol: It was planned only three days in advance, and in fact the Pope expressed opinions, though not officially; in addition, only the three of us were there, and photos were permitted - major changes from hundreds of years of protocol."

The meeting was called in order to discuss anti-Semitism, the redemption of our captives, and a mutual condemnation of terrorism. It had some unexpected ramifications, however: "I can tell you something that the rabbi of Warsaw told me just this week - something very wondrous that resulted from this meeting. He said that after we met, he received dozens of calls from Poles who wished to confess their role in killing Jews during the Holocaust. The rabbi rebuffed them, though, saying he wasn't a priest for confession.

But one man insisted and said he couldn't sleep at night, and told him that that at age 11, his uncle came from the front wearing an army uniform and wanted to show him how to shoot. So just for fun, he [the uncle] took 50 Jews and shot them on the spot. He, the 11-year-old, threw the bodies into some kind of hollow in the ground and covered them.

For 62 years, he told no one, figuring that the Jews are not important. But when he saw on television how the Pope received the Chief Rabbis with such honor, calling them 'my older brothers' in front of the whole world, he said he realized that he did a great sin, and he therefore called the rabbi and said he wants to show him the 'burial' spot, and that he wants to atone by helping bring them to proper Jewish burial. This is something that came directly out of our meeting."

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 22, 2004.
Letter 1: For a long time, I've felt that Tom Friedman is typical of a naive, idealistic American trait that if you just sign a decent treaty and treat fairly all Arab and Muslim countries, things will eventually work out for both Israel and the United States. In following this course, he tended to overlook or brush aside a festering evil within the Arab world and instead pounced on Israel for building settlements in "occupied" territories.

But in view of his last two columns, I think this kind of comparatively benign critique of Friedman can no longer remain operative. If you read the five-part NY Times series on Friedman's peace plan for the Middle East, you find two basic components -- a prompt, unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza, coupled with U.S. rapprochement with Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

What this amounts to, of course, is a sellout of Israel's existential interests and a return to the days when the United States thought it could do business with totalitarian Arab rulers -- never mind that these people spread the vilest incitement against Israel and the U.S., while abetting terrorist attacks against both Israel and the U.S.

Here's how Friedman, however, rationalizes his anti-Israel and pro-Arab dictatorships agenda. By pressuring Israel into major one-sided concessions, he argues, the Arab world will look more positively on both Israel and the United States and terrorists might even see the light of day. And, after Iraq, he posits, we should go out of way to win or recoup the goodwill of the mullahs of Iran, the Saudi theocrats, Assad's regime in Damascus, and Cairo's repressive, terrorism-supporting regime (who help smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip?) to stabilize the region -- especially if we throw Israel to the wolves.

This is 1939 all over again! Rank appeasement. Ariel Sharon once told George Bush that he wasn't going to let happen to Israel what happened to Czechoslovakia. I don't think Bush will. But Friedman would! Letter 2: Columnist Tom Friedman's prescriptions for how to deal with Iraq and the wider threat of global terrorism left me a bit confused ("War of Ideas, Part 5, New York Times).

First, he declares that "smashing someone in the face is necessary to signal others that they will be held accountable for the intolerance they incubate." But then he turns around and argues that the United States will fail unless it forges a "rapprochement with Iran, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia."

Stupid me. I thought that Iran, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were prime examples of countries noted "for the intolerance they incubate." Smashing them in the face may not be the wisest approach to get them to change their ways. But how would cozying up to them get rid of the intolerance they incubate?

Posted by IsrAlert, January 22, 2004.
The sources for this item are Arutz-Sheva; UPI/Washington Times; The Jerusalem Post; Ramit Plushnick-Masti, "Many Israelis Want to Keep Golan Heights" (AP/Washington Post); and "Top U.S. Senator: Iraq WMD May Have Gone to Syria" (Reuters).

Proving once more how volatile the situation is on Israel's northern border in relation to both Syria and Lebanon, Arutz Sheva reported the following on January 21:

Southern Lebanon

Labor MK Efraim Sneh said this morning that the 12,000 Hizbullah missiles deployed in southern Lebanon deter Israel from taking strong military action in the north. Sneh, who was Deputy Defense Minister when the IDF unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon under then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak in May 2000, said, "I warned Barak that withdrawal from southern Lebanon without an agreement [with Lebanon] would create a vacuum that would be filled by Hizbullah, but I didn't imagine that the consequences would be so grave."


Syria has completed chemical warheads for its arsenal of Scud-based missiles, Middle East Newsline reports. U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton said that Syria, with help from North Korea, has succeeded in designing and installing chemical warheads for its various Scud missiles, with a range of 250 to nearly 700 kilometers.

The chemical agent deployed in the CW warheads is sarin, regarded as a most toxic material. "Since the 1970s," Bolton said, "Syria has pursued what is now one of the most advanced chemical weapons capabilities [in the Arab world]. It has a stockpile of the nerve agent sarin that can be delivered by aircraft or ballistic missiles, and has engaged in the research and development of more toxic and persistent nerve agents such as VX." When Hizballah and the Syrians unleash these awesome weapons of mass destruction on Israel's northern towns and villages, the result will be devastating. We might well pray that, as the United States and Britain dealt with Iraq, Israel will have the fortitude to deal with this life-threatening danger before it is too late.

But not, as Shmuel Katz - an advisor to Prime Minister Menachem Begin and a former Knesset Member - so clearly and convincingly explains, by another withdrawal (like Israel's unilateral withdrawal from South Lebanon) - this time from the Golan Heights!

With Syria, trade peace for peace

In implementing the separation of forces agreement with Syria after the Yom Kippur War, Israel withdrew from territory it had captured at Kuneitra and its surroundings. Subsequently, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, reporting to the Knesset on June 3, 1974, said, "There is no place for an interim stage. Once we achieve further progress in a settlement with Egypt the question will arise whether Syria is indeed ready to sign a peace treaty with Israel."

The agreed line of separation (which included the whole of the Golan) promised Israel security from future attacks from the Syrian aggressors. Indeed, that line has been the most untroubled border experienced by Israel to this day.

Thus it was that Prime Minister Begin in 1981 received the Knesset's consent to incorporate the Golan into Israel's territory. A thriving Jewish community has been growing on the Golan ever since.

The Yom Kippur War was not the only occasion for an unprovoked Syrian attack on Israel. It was the third. Syria had joined in the Arab League campaign to abort the very creation of Israel in 1948. The Arabs were thwarted in their major objective - Israel survived - but Syria converted the Golan into a tremendous system of fortifications for future attack on Israel. That, indeed, was the only constructive Syrian act in the years of its possession of the Golan.

Meantime, it contented itself with making life in the Galilean plain below as miserable as possible, mainly by the intermittent lobbing of shells into Jewish villages. During those years there were children who did all their schooling in the underground bunkers erected as protection against Syrian shelling.

Then came the attack on Israel by Egypt and Syria in June 1967. That attack was bombastically proclaimed in advance - by Egyptian president Nasser - as the war that would put an end to Israel. This time Israel decided to put an end to the towering threat of the Golan. IDF units scaled its formidable heights, bringing the Golan into Israeli hands at last. Six years later, on Yom Kippur, the complete surprise of the Syrian attack (like the Egyptian attack in the south), momentarily threw Israel off balance. It was only after some hard fighting and heavy casualties that Israel regained control of the vital Golan bastion.

Does the sane nation exist which would, after that threefold experience, hand back the Golan to Syria on any terms? It is all the less likely when, throughout the years, the Syrians have been one of the most important backers and sources of terrorism against Israel - harboring some of its leading perpetrators; sowing, spreading and teaching its children murderous propaganda, demonizing not only Israel, which it threatens to destroy, but the Jewish people as a whole.

Winston Churchill, during World War II, laid down a clear-cut principle for a very similar set of circumstances: "Twice in our lifetime," he told the House of Commons on February 22, 1944, "Russia has been violently assaulted by Germany. Many millions of Russians have been slain and tracts of Russian soil devastated as a result of repeated German aggression. Russia has the right of reassurance against future attacks from the West, and we are going all the way with her to see that she gets it."

Yitzhak Rabin phrased it succinctly in a speech in 1992: "Whoever abandons the Golan endangers the existence of Israel."

For the Jewish people, the Golan has a fascinating history, largely associated with the post-biblical period and the revolt against Rome, its memories resonating historically as Jewish as those of Judea and Samaria. What has, moreover, been forgotten is that it was so recognized in the Mandate for Palestine. Yes, most of the Golan was included in the territory envisaged for the establishment of the Jewish National Home in the Mandate in 1922. But the British, to whom the League of Nations had entrusted the Mandate as a trustee for the Jewish National Home, violated the Mandate and, a year after its promulgation, illegitimately gave away the Golan to Syria. Article 5 of the Mandate for Palestine reads: "The Mandatory [power] shall be responsible to seeing that no Palestinian territory shall be ceded, or leased, or in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign power." That was in 1923. The British signed an agreement with France whereby in return for certain benefits to itself in Europe, Britain transferred the Golan to France. France then included the Golan in its own Mandate for Syria. When France's Mandate came to an end in 1945 and Syria became an independent sovereign state, Syria became also the mistress of the Golan; and therefore the Golan was turned into a powerful base for attacking - and destroying - the Jewish National Home.

The undignified decision of Israel's president, in a knee-jerk reaction to a seemingly softer tone from Damascus, to honor President Bashar Assad with a visit to Jerusalem indicates once again the ease with which Israeli political leaders constantly ignore the painful lessons of 50 years experience with the Arabs.

They seem to forget Israel's national policy and the Golan's status as a part of Israel. Three prime ministers in turn acted out of the deluded belief that Syria would make peace with Israel if the Golan was given back. They did not grasp that Syria needs the Golan primarily as a base against Israel. They forgot the reasons why the Golan was incorporated into Israel and why it must remain there for good.

Israel can offer Syria peace and, indeed, economic and cultural cooperation - but Syria must first put an end to the promotion of terror and the harboring of terrorist organizations, the anti-Semitic politicization of children, and its virulent anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. But these are not matters for negotiation; putting an end to them is a normal basis of civilized behavior. Otherwise it is useless, indeed counterproductive, to call for negotiations for the sake of negotiating. (Published in The Jerusalem Post, January 19, 2004.)

More U.S. Money in Syria Despite Act

Despite the Syria Accountability Act endorsed by Washington last December, last week the Syrian government awarded a contract to U.S. Improvid Petroleum Recovery and India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) for exclusive oil exploration, prospecting, and production in the northeastern part of the country. "The U.S. share of oil investments in the country is the most important....The new contract which was signed in Damascus after the American president endorsed the Syria Accountability Act raises suggestions that American oil companies might have received guarantees from the U.S. administration that the act won't be implemented," said one analyst. U.S. oil investments in Syria are estimated at $600 million.

Analysts noted that a month after Bush signed the Act into law, the U.S. administration has not taken any concrete step to implement or discuss the issue of implementation. (UPI/Washington Times)

Crime Should Not Pay - Moshe Arens (Ha'aretz)

Crime should not pay - that is a maxim of all civilized societies. This is equally true for nations that have committed crimes against their neighbors. Aggression should not be rewarded, it should be punished. The accepted rule of international behavior is that a nation committing aggression not be "rewarded" by the return of territories it lost as a result of the war it had started. Violation of this rule is nothing less than an invitation to further aggression.

Today's Germany is not demanding the return of territories it lost to Poland in the last world war. Nor is Japan demanding the return of Korea or Manchuria to Japanese control. Only the case of Israel and its Arab neighbors seems to be different.

People tend to forget that the doctrine of "territories for peace" was used by Hitler in 1939, when he declared that he would leave Europe in peace if territories in Poland that Germany lost in World War I were ceded to Germany.

Now along comes Syria, which attacked Israel three times: in 1948, 1967 and again in 1973, demanding control of territories it lost in wars of aggression and demanding that Israel "return to the 1967 borders."

Common sense and the accepted rules of international behavior should determine Israel's response to Bashar Assad's overtures. Sure, we are prepared to negotiate a peace treaty with Syria. But forget about the Golan Heights, and consider yourself lucky if you are not presented with a bill for economic reparations for the damage your aggressive behavior has caused Israel and its citizens over the past 56 years.

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) said Wednesday: "I think that there is some concern that shipments of [Iraqi] WMD (weapons of mass destruction) went to Syria."

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Posted by Isaac BenAmi, January 22, 2004.
This letter was written by an Israeli citizen to Charlotte Kates of New Jersey Solidarity, who led a scheme a few months ago to demonize Israel on the Rutgers Campus. [Ed. note: see the article by Merav Zarifa in the September-October 2003 issue of Think-Israel, entitled &quo;Rutgers' Sukkot Hatefest."]

Dear Ms. Kates,

I think you are a remarkable woman. You are neither an Arab nor a Jew, you do not study the Middle East, or any associated subject, and correct me if I am wrong, you have never visited this region. Therefore I am somewhat astounded at your expertise and at your comments on Israel being an "Apartheid" state.

I have lived in Israel for many years and I would be delighted to take you on a little virtual tour of our country. Let me first give you a couple of minor points. Israel occupies 0.1% of the land mass of the Middle East and it is the only Jewish state, not only in this region, surrounded as we are by 22 Arab states, but in the world.

Let us begin your virtual tour!

You have already been through immigration at Tel Aviv Airport with your boyfriend, whom we shall call Ken. You will have filled out a visitors form. This form will not ask you, as it will in many of the countries that surround us, what is your religion, and it will certainly not ask you, as they do in Saudi Arabia, for a "certificate of religion".

The day is Sunday. You will want to attend a church service. No problem in the Apartheid State of Israel. We tolerate and freely allow worship for all religions. This is more than can be said for nearly all of the surrounding 22 Arab nations. In fact many of them would not even have a single church, let alone a synagogue.

After a lovely service you and Ken would head for a leisurely lunch, maybe at one of the lovely beach front restaurants in Tel Aviv. You would most likely have returned to your hotel and put on a very casual outfit, as fitting the very hot Israeli summers. This could be a pair of shorts and a tight fitting skimpy t shirt. No problem in the Apartheid state of Israel. In Israel we allow freedom of dress, especially for women, who are not made to wear bulky long robes, a veil to cover their face, and, wouldn't it be a pity if you had to cover that lovely coiffed hairdo, as you would probably have to in most of the surrounding 22 Arab states.

During lunch Ken could gaze lovingly into your heavily painted eyes, complete with a good application of black mascara. He would be free to lean across and kiss your lips, finely painted with lip liner, 2 shades of burgundy lipstick and gloss. People would probably think you were in love, especially as Ken has proudly displayed a good wine on the table. Public displays of affection and consuming alcohol in the Apartheid state of Israel is nothing unusual and its not even scorned upon. That's more than can be said for most of the surrounding 22 Arab states, where your glossy lips would be considered whorish and alcohol is forbidden. But, Ken being a little flirtatious pinched one of the young waitresses while you went to reapply your lipstick. It was harmless and luckily for the young girl in the Apartheid State of Israel, her father and 6 brothers will not take her to the family pool in the evening and drown her, as they would in some of the surrounding 22 Arab states.

After lunch you and Ken drive around. You are even allowed to drive. It is not forbidden in Israel. You stumble across a kindergarten. The children are running around and enjoying themselves. They are not made to sit for hours reciting by rote, pages of meaningless text from religious books. Their games are in the sand pit or on the swings. They are not infested with hate or told the only honor to their lives will be in death. In the Apartheid State of Israel we rejoice in life and living. We do not promote murder and violence by brainwashing our children with hatred, as they do in many of the surrounding 22 Arab states.

By the end of the day you and Ken come across a political rally. Many thousands have turned up. In the Apartheid State of Israel, all the citizens, men, women, Jew, Arab and Christian are free to vote. We are allowed to openly criticize the government and our media, including the T.V. and newspapers, offer, without prejudice, a choice of opinions. Every person has the right to openly agree or condemn the government. This can certainly not be said for most of the surrounding 22 Arab states, ruled as they are by oppressive dictators, where any dissent is met with dire consequences.

Of course most of the 22 surrounding Arab countries can't offer you a good old fashioned homicide bombing as a tourist attraction. This can only happen in the apartheid state of Israel, surrounded as we are, by so many hostile countries, determined, as you are, to wipe us of the face of the earth. Where else can you get on a crowded bus, often packed with children and come face to face with some poor, plighted Palestinian ghoul who thinks life isn't very jolly, having been fed and brainwashed by evil organizations like Hamas to believe that the only way forward is to murder innocent people. This dehumanized creature will have been fed on a 24/7 diet of lies and hate incitement, he will have been coaxed with the reward of 72 vestal virgins waiting for him in Paradise. His demonic mother will be dancing in the street waving her $10,000 check.

While Israelis are scraping their dead children off the sidewalks, the Palestinians will be lighting fireworks and dancing in the street, to honor this mass murderer as a hero, often to their children who are being systematically nurtured to be the next generation of mass murderers.

The Apartheid state of Israel. Forgive me Ms. Kates but you seem somewhat confused as to the meaning of the word. It usually refers to segregation. Its funny isn't it that a large section of the Jews who live in this apartheid state had to flee for their lives from nearly all of the surrounding 22 Arab states. These countries not only have no tolerance for Jews, they refer to anyone who is not a Moslem as an Infidel and an enemy. I find it somewhat curious that you find nothing "apartheid" about these countries.

Maybe you should do a project on how many churches there are in Saudi Arabia. Let me help you - there are none. It would not be tolerated.

I am proud to live in this Apartheid State. In 55 years we have become one of the most technologically advanced nations on this planet, with many innovations that have made Israel a true leader in many fields. It is tragic that we have to live in a region that feels threatened by our achievements. Israel is not an apartheid state and it is appalling that a so-called intelligent and thinking person like you can go around finding feeble excuses for mass murder. Ms. Kates there is no justification, in any society, for getting on a crowded bus, often packed with children, detonating an explosive belt, often packed with nails and shrapnel and destroying innocent lives. This is not a freedom fighter, or a person seeking justice, but a chronically and irreversibly evil human being.

I can only assume that one day in the near future Ms. Kates, you will chip off that heavy layer of make up and discover your conscience.

As always,


Posted by Beth Goodtree, January 22, 2004.
The way to prevent future bombers suddenly became clear when I read that the latest homicide/genocide bombing by a Palestinian female was done to 'save face' because she had had an affair. All it requires is using the bomber's own twisted worldview against them.

In Arab society, the idea of 'face' is so important it even supercedes life itself. Like the feudal Japanese, committing suicide is more acceptable to them than making atonement in this life for some transgression. And while the civilized world may regard such thinking as primitive and self-defeating in the extreme, one cannot deal with such people on a higher level. One must base one's actions and words in terms to which the less civilized person or society will respond.

In the society from which this latest bomber came, 'face' is all about bringing honor to her family and peers. Therefore, if one can turn the bomber's act into a source of eternal derision, shame and ridicule far worse than whatever it was they were killing themselves for, it will be a disincentive for them to go around blowing up innocent people.

So here is what Israel, and any other country that suffers from homicide bombers should do. First, never return the body for 'proper burial.' It merely gives those who support that sort of behavior a chance to glorify the bomber in a public funeral parade. Instead, the remains of the bomber should be disposed of in a manner which is forbidden by whatever credo they follow. In the case of a Muslim, wrapping them in a pig's carcass, burying them in unhallowed ground after 24 hours have passed (maybe call it 'The Cemetery of the Accursed'), and then pouring suet on the soil is taboo to their beliefs and would be a great disincentive.

(To those who would object to such treatment as disrespectful, I pose the question: 'Why is a homicide bomber worthy of respect?' This is not about disrespect of a religion; it is about dishonoring a murderer to convince others that the same fate will await them if they choose to murder. Decent, non-murdering people of all faiths are worthy of respect, not those who pervert their own religion to justify killing. May I also remind you that Muslims have, in the past, used Jewish and Christian tombstones for urinals and paving stones while Jews would never desecrate a Muslim cemetery. Nor have the offending parties restored any of these desecrated burial artifacts.)

Meanwhile, a tombstone should be erected. This tombstone will be a monument for all time attesting to the shame of the bomber. In the case of the recent female bomber, it might read:

"Here lies Reem Salah Al-Rayashi, a murderess and adulteress who abandoned her children by blowing herself up to kill as many innocent people as possible in the vain hope of selfishly redeeming her promiscuous soul in the blood of innocents. This murdering adulteress brought untold suffering to her own people. Her act caused them to lose several days wages and forced them to undergo many hardships in order to eventually return to their jobs. May her name be remembered and cursed forever."

And speaking of workers, they too can be employed in the eternal shaming of the homicide bomber. Whenever crossings are closed because of a bombing, billboards should be erected all over where the affected people live and commute saying something like "Reem Salah Al-Rayashi caused today's closings. She murdered innocent people because she wanted to atone for her adultery."

Going along with this theme, signs should also be erected where there are more stringent security measures. Such a sign might read "Reem Salah Al-Rayashi, the murdering adulteress, is responsible for your suffering and long wait." Likewise, periodic announcements saying the same thing can be made over the loudspeakers for those who failed to read the signs.

At the same time, loudspeaker cars can be dispatched to the bomber's home town telling the people that any suffering they may undergo to prevent future bombings can be attributed to_______ (use the name of the bomber). These loudspeaker cars can also announce the original shameful act, which caused the bomber to kill him/herself while murdering innocent people. Even skywriting planes, flying over the bomber's territory can be employed. It would be like writing their sins on Heaven's window. Every hardship undergone by the people who are effected by the bomber's act -- and thus subsequent security measures -- must be blamed on the bomber as loudly and as often as possible.

The whole point is to shame the bomber to as many people as often as possible, thus making them remembered for their heinous acts. If the potential bomber knows that the shame and loss of face they suffer now would be far greater if they were to commit a bombing, they wouldn't do it. Even their families would encourage them not to do it for the shame it would bring to the family name.

It's time to stop letting homicide bombers have a hero's burial, have songs written about them, and have schools named after them. It's time to have their own people remember them as the ones who brought them hardships. It's time to shame the bomber for all eternity to the world in general, and to his or her own people in particular.

Beth Goodtree is an essayist who writes both serious and satirical political commentary.

Posted by Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D., January 22, 2004.
They left Baghdad almost as quickly as they had arrived, but with an urgency that belied their reputation as heroes and champions of the common man. Once the United Nations (UN) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) felt the sting of terrorism in the lawless streets of Baghdad their instincts were the same - to cut and run.

This is certainly not the example set by the world's great battlefield humanitarians: Henry Dunant, founder of the International Red Cross; Clara Barton, Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross; or Florence Nightingale, who braved Russian shelling during the Crimean War to bring aid and comfort to Britain's battlefield wounded. Nor is it in the tradition of the numerous private aid agencies that remained in places like Eritrea, Rwanda, El Salvador, Guatemala, East Timor, the Philippines, Bosnia, Chechnya and Lebanon even as fighting raged around them.

It has now been six months since the UN departed Baghdad. Little has changed in Iraq. Violence and mayhem remain unchecked throughout the country. Everywhere, Iraqi civilians are in dire need of humanitarian aid. It may be some time before Iraq resembles Vermont.

Both U.S. and Iraqi officials have pleaded with Secretary General Kofi Annan to authorize the return of the UN, but to no avail. Citing ongoing security concerns, the Secretary General has balked at sending a survey team to the Iraqi capital until the Coalition could guarantee its safety.

But safety is not what the UN and the ICRC are all about. Their missions are to assist the needy, relieve suffering and help to bring order out of chaos -- regardless of the risk. Yet when it comes to Iraq, both organizations seem to have forgotten that these tasks are written into their job descriptions. Like it or not, danger will always be an occupational hazard of war. Perhaps it is time the UN and the ICRC woke up to this reality and to their responsibilities to those they are sworn to serve.

A Sorry History

The UN has a long history of rapid-fire withdrawal whenever the going gets tough. In September 2000, the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) was the first to flee West Timor after a spate of killings that left nearly 100,000 East Timorese to fend for themselves in squalid camps. In September, 2001, the UN ordered its 80-person staff to abandon Afghanistan and seek refuge in Islamabad, Pakistan, in anticipation of an imminent U.S. strike against the Taliban and the followers of Osama bin Laden. The scene was repeated again in July 2002, as the UN hurriedly evacuated its staff from war-torn Chechnya following the kidnapping of a senior aid worker.

While there is no disguising the fact that the UN and the ICRC are non-combatants in Iraq, their missions remain what they always have been: to purposefully venture into harm's way to bring aid and comfort to the victims of war. This work cannot be carried out from the salons of Geneva, Paris or New York; it must be done in the field where the need, and the risk, is greatest. If Baghdad - and by extension Iraq - were a peaceful place, capable of providing its own social services, then the UN and the ICRC would not be needed. But this is surely not the case across this beleaguered city.

More sobering is the hypocrisy the UN and the ICRC show towards the United States as it battles to bring law and order to a chaotic corner of the world. It is not enough that the U.S. suffered its largest single terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, and is struggling against an elusive enemy. Americans must also endure the sniping of those in the international community who are unable, or unwilling, to bear the cost in either lives or treasure for the principles they espouse.

Ever since September 11th, ICRC spokesmen have publicly chastised the Bush Administration for its decision to hold terrorist suspects in military detention at the U.S. base in Guantanamo, Cuba. They have upbraided Washington for using what the Red Cross calls disproportionate and indiscriminate force on the battlefield and have faulted the Pentagon for occasionally permitting both Iraqi and Afghan POWs to be photographed after their capture.

Most egregiously, the ICRC also has been quick to condemn the U.S. for the deaths of non-combatants during the Iraq campaign. Yet it has been less than forceful in highlighting the perfidious manner in which Saddam's soldiers routinely fired upon Coalition forces from within schools, mosques and hospitals in their efforts to avoid reprisal.

As a result, the U.S. sustained higher casualties in the Iraq campaign than was necessary because the Pentagon's rules of engagement sought to minimize the intentional loss of civilian life. "We choose targets carefully to avoid civilians," noted a spokeswoman for the U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in a news conference on April 10th."Our ground and air forces take similar care to avoid damaging neighborhoods, hospitals and religious sites."

Fight or Flight

The first to flee the violence of Baghdad were representatives of the United Nations. Within days after its Baghdad headquarters building was bombed on August 20, 2003, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan decided it was just too dangerous for the mission to remain at full strength. He ordered that the staff of 300 in Baghdad be reduced to a token presence. The attack on the UN headquarters left 17 dead and 100 injured. Killed in the blast was the Secretary's special envoy to the country, Sergio Vieira de Mello. A second car bombing on September 22nd in a parking lot outside the UN's Baghdad compound killed a policeman and compelled the organization to further reduce its profile in the Iraqi capital.

Then came the suicide attack on the Baghdad offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross on October 27th. At least ten people were murdered in this bombing which occurred when an ambulance bearing the insignia of the organization drove into the ICRC compound and exploded. The ICRC insisted it was the first time the organization had been deliberately attacked in 140 years.

Pierre Krahenbuhl, Director of Operations for the ICRC in Geneva, decided to draw down most of his staff in the Iraqi capital. Left behind was a caretaker operation, one not focused on delivering services to the needy, but instead protecting ICRC property from looters. The ICRC headquarters issued a statement condemning the bombing and noted that attacks that targeted civilians were violations of "international humanitarian law and negate the most basic principles of humanity."

The last straw came for the ICRC on November 8, 2003, when, in response to mounting attacks against coalition forces throughout Iraq, the organization's leadership decided to shutter its doors and cease all operations in Baghdad. "We decided that in view of an extremely dangerous and volatile situation that we would have to temporarily close our offices in Baghdad and Basra," said Florian Westphal, a spokesman for the ICRC.

The View From Tel Aviv

If you are an Israeli sitting in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv these days, the ICRC's use of the terms "extremely dangerous" and a "volatile situation" to describe the situation in Baghdad must seem more than a little disingenuous. After all, there have been more than 130 suicide attacks in and around Israel over the last three years and literally thousands of Palestinian bombings, shooting, kidnappings and stabbings. Yet, ICRC and UN agencies seem to function normally despite the perceived danger. Their representatives have no difficulty traversing the battle lines, bringing supplies to the Palestinians, writing reports and insinuating themselves between the combatants at every turn.

Witness the Israeli siege of the Jenin refugee camp in April 2002. During this operation against a known terrorist stronghold, UN and ICRC representatives were on the scene, braving the bullets, in order to make sure that no opportunity was lost to paint a fictional picture of Israeli brutality. In fact, when it comes to condemning Israel, the UN and ICRC representatives seem to be emboldened by danger. Their actions echo the observation attributed to Winston Churchill that there is nothing so exhilarating as the caprice of the bullet.

Either these UN and ICRC workers are a tougher lot than their Iraqi-based counterparts or they have managed to find ingenious ways to adapt to local conditions. Sadly, all evidence points to the latter. The fact is that these workers enjoy the comfort and protection of the terrorist militias that control much of the Palestinian-controlled territories. For reasons of both personal survival and personal sympathy, they have struck a devil's bargain with the very people responsible for so much civilian suffering.

The UN and the ICRC rarely run afoul of the terrorists because they are in bed with the terrorists, providing cover to their operations in the refugee camps, justifying their actions before the world media, ignoring their use of Red Cross ambulances to transport weapons and guerillas, and permitting the widespread misuse of international relief funds provided by the international community, most notably through UNWRA, the UN Works and Relief Agency.

Even more galling to Israeli observers must be the appeal of the ICRC to the "most basic principles of humanity" when speaking of its own painful loss in Iraq. Where is the plea for the "principles of humanity" when bombs go off in Israeli malls and on crowded Israeli buses killing and maiming innocent men, women and children? Only the targeted retaliation by the Israeli military against known terrorists and their hideouts seems to arouse the indignation of these two esteemed organizations. In fact no Israeli response is ever deemed appropriate, neither retaliatory action nor pre-emptive strikes to neutralize so-called "ticking bombs."

Today, in Iraq, American troops are subject to an average of twenty attacks per day. Not only is the sophistication of these attacks growing, but so too is the brazenness of their perpetrators. Many of these are roadside bombs which indiscriminately kill soldiers and civilians alike.

Nearly 250 Americans have died in Iraq since President Bush declared an end of major combat operations in May. Administration spokesmen have declared their intention to remain in Iraq as long as it takes to bring stability to the country and to ensure that all necessary relief aid is made available to those Iraqis who most need it.

Yet it took only one bomb to drive the ICRC out of Baghdad and two bombs to force the UN and its staff to drastically reduce its presence in this city. By contrast, the innocent Iraqis served by these two organizations have nowhere else to go. They can neither flee their conditions nor seek sanctuary outside the city. Instead they are left to die by the score, unfortunate collateral casualties in an unrelenting terrorist war.

The same is true for the thousands of Israelis who, for the last ten years since the signing of the Oslo Accords, have found themselves subjected to the indiscriminate killing now so commonplace throughout Iraq. Their toll, though, has been significantly higher: More than 900 Israelis have been killed and 6,000 injured in more than 19,400 terrorist attacks between September 29, 2000, and January 1, 2004.

In contrast to the UN and ICRC action, the Italian Government did not choose to retreat after eighteen members of its stabilization force were killed in a November 12th suicide bombing in Nasiriya. It was the worst loss suffered by a U.S. coalition partner since the start of the war. Eleven Carabinieri paramilitary police, four army soldiers, an Italian civilian, and an Italian filmmaker were killed in the blast. Just hours after the incident, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi made it clear that his country would not abandon its commitment to the Iraqi people and the United States to continue to help stabilize the country.

The UN and the ICRC had many options in Baghdad after their headquarters were attacked. They could have reinforced their compounds with additional Iraqi guards, moved to a more secure location, retained the services of foreign security personnel or sought the protection of Coalition forces. None of these was acceptable. Each was rejected.

Instead, the two organizations ordered their staffs to flee Iraq's capital city in what can only be described as a shameful display of weakness. Abandoning their posts at a time of profound human need has surely earned them the ignominious title: "The Cowards of Baghdad."

Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D. is President of Fishbein Associates, Inc., a public policy consulting firm based in Potomac, Maryland. He is a former Professional Staff Member (Majority) of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee and a former Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to Senator Daniel K. Inouye. He can be contacted through his company web site at: www.fishbeinassociates.com or fishnet@pipeline.com.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 22, 2004.
If you think it paranoid to suspect the Quartet of plotting the destruction of Israel (then you haven't read the Road Map and deduced its destructive consequences), be advised that the Quartet had paved the way for weapons of mass destruction to be used against Israel.

When the US had an agreement with Israel to inform it of Arab military plans, the US secretly violated the agreement. The US knew that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, notably nerve gas, and expected Saddam to launch missiles of nerve gas at Israel. The US kept this knowledge from Israel. Its silence induced Jonathan Pollard to inform Israel on his own. Israel prepared, thereby rendering Saddam's weapon largely useless, so Saddam launched conventional missiles, instead. That spared tens of thousands of Israeli lives and avoided an expansion of Gulf War I. For his life-saving spying, Pollard has been punished to an unprecedented degree, but those in the US government whose subversion otherwise might have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Israelis, remain unpunished.

Then Defense Secretary, Caspar Weinberger inadvertently gave away his complicity in the anticipated slaughter of Israelis. On the first day of the attack, Sec. Weinberger commented over the radio, "It is a shame that Israel is being hit with nerve gas." Israel was not struck by nerve gas. Then why did he say it was? He knew Iraq had it, and expected Saddam to use it. Therefore he assumed the Scuds carried poison gas supplied in part by members of the Quartet (Ibid.). He has never answered for that. Amazing what investigations are not undertaken!

There's also an agreement Israel has broken. Under international law, every government is obliged to punish terrorists when it can, as common enemies of mankind. "No government has the legal right to free terrorists as a 'goodwill gesture'..." Even the US Presidential pardon is limited to offenses against the US. Nevertheless, PM Sharon had released about 500 terrorists, in what he called a goodwill gesture. At least two of the terrorists are known to have gone on to commit suicide bombings that took the lives of more Israelis. But the State Dept. was pleased with the gesture.

This international law derives from concepts of a higher power, concepts that originated in the Torah. PM Sharon, like his predecessors, violated international law, Jewish law, and common decency in freeing terrorists (Prof. Louis Rene Beres, Jewish Press, 2/9, M1).

The releases earned Arab contempt rather than goodwill. They fueled the Arab war on the Jewish people. Israeli politicians' naivete denied justice and inflicted further injustice. There is an element of sadism in the opportunistic State Dept. pressure on Israel to free murderers (while Europe condemns the US for executing some of its own murderers). There is an element of masochism in Israeli compliance.

So long as Israel acquiesces, so long will it be pressured. Half the antisemitism is opportunistic --the victim's meekness tempts those bullies not simply driven by ideology against the Jews.

Mr. Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

Posted by Honest Reporting, January 22, 2004.
The Google search engine is the most popular method in the world for finding information online, handling more than 200 million search requests a day. Building on their success, Google has now developed Google News (www.news.google.com), a portal that is quickly becoming one of the most influential sources of world news.

Here's how it works: Google News has accepted thousands of news sources for inclusion in a pool, which Google's computer continually scans by algorithm to group articles by topic. When the user types in a search word, such as 'Israel', Google News presents links to hundreds of relevant news stories on that topic. (Greater prominence is given to articles more recently released, and more popular online.)

But with the proliferation of vitriolic anti-Israel and anti-Semitic material on the web (the number of neo-Nazi websites in Germany, for example, has tripled in the past four years) and much of it deliberately disguised in 'news format', the question is: What does Google News consider a legitimate news source - as opposed to fiction or propaganda? The Google News website states only:

While the sources of the news vary in perspective and editorial approach, their selection for inclusion is done without regard to political viewpoint or ideology.

This goal to present a broad spectrum of viewpoints is praiseworthy, but HonestReporting is concerned with Google News' acceptance of one particular site - Jihad Unspun - as Mideast 'news', despite the site's record of blatantly distorting established facts, glorifying terror, and publishing highly defamatory anti-Semitic material. Jihad Unspun's articles appear prominently on searches for Israel-related topics on Google News. But click through, and this is what Jihad Unspun serves up:

- Outrageous 'Zionist conspiracy theories', such as the canard that 9/11 was a sinister Zionist plot, as were the recent Istanbul bombings: 'Zionist Intelligence Engineered Istanbul Blasts'.

- The authors generally refuse to call Israel by name, employing instead the terms 'Zionist forces' and 'Hebrew state'. Some examples:

'Resistance Fighters Attack Zionist Vehicles' (i.e., deadly terror attacks on Israeli civilian cars)
'Zionist Chief of Staff Promises More Suffering for Palestinians'
'Hebrew State Refuses British Involvement'
'Zionist Terrorist Forces Demolish More Palestinians Homes, Mosque'

- All of Israel is referred to as 'occupied territory' and all Israelis are 'settlers'. For example, a report on the closing of the Sbarro's pizzeria, site of the horrific 2001 bombing, reads:

Owners of a Zionist restaurant in central occupied Jerusalem have failed to convince customers to frequent it anew. Clients deserted the 'Subaru' restaurant after a Palestinian commando blew himself up in it about three years ago, killing 17 settlers and wounding tens others.

- The site publishes the writings of the rabidly anti-Semitic Edgar J. Steele, including an article with these passages:

It isn't Arabs rigging the US stock market and commodities futures markets - it is jews.
It wasn't Arabs who sent our military into Afghanistan and Iraq - it was jews
It wasn't Arabs who forged the Anne Frank "diary" - it was jews.
It wasn't Arabs who lied about gas chambers at Dachau and Auschwitz - it was jews.
It wasn't Arabs who demolished the World Trade Center - it was jews.
It wasn't Arabs who had Jesus Christ crucified - it was jews.

The owner and publisher of Jihad Unspun is Khadija Abdul Qahaar (a.k.a. Bev Kennedy), who converted to Islam after 9/11, became an advocate for its most radical fringe, then launched the website without any journalistic credentials.

While the site is duly protected by the First Amendment (we found no overt calls to murder), the material Jihad Unspun publishes does not meet a reasonable definition of 'news', but is rather anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda that masquerades as news. Google News recognizes this loophole in its system - in March of last year Google News responded to an email campaign protesting the inclusion of the radical Indymedia site (where the term 'Zionazis' was prevalent), and removed Indymedia from their service.

With the highly influential Google News still a work-in-progress (it remains in experimental 'beta' mode), HonestReporting encourages subscribers to write to Google News at news-feedback@google.com, encouraging the removal of Jihad Unspun from their list of legitimate news sites. Though the goal of providing a spectrum of news sources is laudable, hateful propaganda has no place on Google News. Thank you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.

Honest Reportng monitors the media for inaccuracy and unfairness in how they report the news about ISrael. Ther website address is http://www.honestreporting.com

Posted by David Ben-Ariel, January 21, 2004.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Defense Minister Shaul Mufaz

We demand that Noam Federman be granted full civil rights, as are extended to all Israeli citizens. If Federman is suspected of committing a crime, indict him and put him on trial. Allow him to see all evidence being used against him. Allow him to present a full defense, as is granted to anyone accused of a crime. If there is no evidence against him, and he is not accused of a crime, Noam Federman should be, and must be, immediately released from prison.

Either put Noam Federman on trial or free him.

Click Here

David Ben-Ariel is author of "Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall." His website address is http://benariel.port5.com/

Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, January 21, 2004.
Do you think Israel could stand one honest man in the Prime Minister's Office? Don't you think that the Israeli people, Right and Left, deserve a leader who has a reputation for being honest with his people? One who has not been identified with as an inveterate liar, or accused of accepting illegal foreign monies, a man who does not believe in secret connections with foreign interests. In brief, One Honest Man.

Some may recall that President Harry Truman was viewed by most as One Honest Man. He really never wanted the job, which made him an even better President. So, let's get to it.

There is one man you all know who comes with a great deal of experience in government and no baggage of tricky deals. His name is Uzi Landau, a Member of Knesset. I don't think he wants the job of Prime Minister but I strongly believe that he'd be darn good at it. At least, he would give straight answers to your questions which, as I recall, never seemed to be the habit of the last five Prime Ministers.

MK Landau has the credentials for the job, well beyond present and would be candidates for the job. He is calm, unflappable, knows every job in the Knesset and Cabinet. Strangely, he is trusted by both the Left and the Right. If there were a political contest, no doubt, there would be mud thrown but none would stick to MK Landau. He lives a quiet life with his family. He is a steady man who does not exhibit the typical hunger for power.

Normally, the expression of an Honest Politician is considered an oxymoron but, not when describing Landau. When he speaks, it is with authority and no fumbling because he knows what he is talking about. MK Landau is known to all as a patriot but makes no big show of it. He quietly goes about doing his job with competence - which is a lot, given the usual scramble for power, perks and special accommodations by most politicians.

And, very important, MK Landau listens if someone brings him genuine advise. He wants solutions to problems, not BS.

Israel will soon have need of a thinking, honest Prime Minister. Given the trouble Israel has with the world's nations, he had better be a respected, well-spoken leader (in English) who does not bend under pressure from good friends and dedicated enemies.

Israel needs a Truman-like 'Honest Man' as much as a drowning man needs a life preserver. Some nations just don't get lucky until the right man rises to power, even when he doesn't seek that power.

So, where do we go from here? Will a fast talker with a golden tongue take the office for a few years? Will another Barak or Peres manage to rise up from the ashes? Will Americans choose the next Prime Minister - as happened on a few occasions.

You can ask Uzi Landau but, he will probably turn you all down - at least the first or second time. But, if his Party really needs a candidate who can run as the "One Honest Man", I think the public is ready.

In the end, because Uzi Landau is a true patriot, he will accept a job which brings no pleasure, no gratitude with a great deal of pain and pressure. I can think of no other man who can handle the challenges of this most crucial job in Israel's history.

Ask Uzi Landau. And don't take NO for an answer.

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Mid East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel, Gamla (http://gamla.org.il/english) and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm)

Posted by Kaeren Fish, January 21, 2004.
I am writing on behalf of the community of Nokdim in Gush Etzion. We are a community of 110 families, with a great variation of cultures, levels of religious observance, academic background, mother tongues, and just about everything else. We are situated south-east of Jerusalem, on the edge of the Judean desert, very close to Herodion.

My husband and I are originally South-African, we have 6 children and have lived in Nokdim for 4 years.

Nokdim does not receive any regular funding from any charitable organization or institution, and we are not currently being sponsored by any body.

So that you understand the picture: The drive from Nokdim to Jerusalem (where most of us work) takes 45 minutes. The road passes through an Arab village (the shorter route was closed by the I.D.F. in September 2000 and was never reopened. A new by-pass road is under construction, but work proceeds slowly.) Three of our neighbors have been killed in shooting attacks on the road. For this reason, many people are reluctant to drive at night; some travel to work and back only by bus (bullet-proof), and children generally travel only to school and back (again, on bullet-proof busses). Hence our most pressing need is to have some cultural activity going on in Nokdim itself. We have plans for, and have started construction of, a children's library and activity center (in memory of Sarit Amrani, a 25-year old mother of 3 who was the first victim of terrorism in Nokdim). The fund that was set up for this purpose will not be able to cover the project; we are short of about $50,000 to finish the building and equip it with books, computers, games and outdoor activities.

Owing to the economic situation (in Israel in general, and in Nokdim in particular) the job of "cultural coordinator" has been abolished, and hence there is also no activity organized for adults. An urgent need, for the psychological welfare of the community, is a cultural coordinator and a regular budget for activities - lectures etc. I estimate that around $250 a month could make a substantial contribution to the quality of life of both adults and children by providing extra-curricular activities.

The economic situation of Nokdim reflects the economic reality of Israel as a whole: several people have lost their jobs; in addition, many mothers have quit their jobs in Jerusalem because of the uncertainties of the road.

Nokdim is not surrounded by a fence. There is a constant I.D.F. presence of 3-4 soldiers who help with guard-duty at the gate by day (by night the Nokdim residents stand guard.)

If you would like to help send some assistance to Nokdim directly, please make check out to: AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL and mail to: PO Box 459, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006. ALL the money will go to Nokdim.

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 21, 2004.
h This should be read along with the"Kingdom of Silence" article in the Jan. 5 New Yorker. It is a Special Dispatch from MEMRI and it is archived at http://www.memri.org/bin/opener@latest.cgi'ID=SD64804.

In an article titled "How the Arabs Appear to the Japanese," the head of the Kuwaiti National Council for Culture, Art, and Literature, liberal columnist Muhammad Al-Rumayhi, reviewed the book The Arabs: A Japanese Point of View, by Japanese researcher Nobuaki Notohara. The book, which was recently published in Arabic, included criticism of societal patterns, oppression, and the absence of self-criticism in the Arab world. In his review, Al-Rumayhi presents the book as required reading for anyone interested in reform in the Arab world. The following are excerpts from Al-Rumayhi's article:(1)

What Enabled the Japanese to Enter the New Cultural Age'

"Whenever some Arabs meet at a scientific convention and Japan is mentioned, the participants compare Japan's revival to the yearned-for Arab revival. They say that Japan succeeded in entering the new age while at the same time preserving its social culture. Apparently, this is the majority opinion among Arab observers. It appears that this is an apologetic view or justification aimed at saying, 'You can enter the age of modernization, globalization, and production without giving up your social heritage, the traditional political pattern, and the behavioral norms that are inappropriate for our time.'

"'And if they are told that the Japanese entered the new age because they changed the political patterns and social behavior to which they were accustomed and because they adopted new ideas, some Arabs respond to this with amazement and denial...'

"Now a Japanese man comes along who expresses, in excellent Arabic, the opposite of what certain Arabs think. This is what Nobuaki Notohara wrote in his book. As soon as I read the book, I thought it [worthy of being] a required book for every Arab statesman who believes that reform is still possible in our Arab region.

"The testimony of Notohara - who dwelled among the Arabs for some 40 years and saw both Bedouin and urban culture, who speaks Arabic like an Arab and who followed Arab literary works and translated them into Japanese - is to the best of my knowledge the first Japanese testimony written about Arabs in their own language..."

'Oppression is the Only Thing That Does Not Need to Be Proven in Arab Countries'

"The author points out the tension clearly apparent in the crowded Arab cities; [he] refers to the tension in the Arab street. He thinks that this tension stems from oppression. 'The people walk through the streets as if they were being followed, faces frozen and silent, and [there are] long queues. A person is harmed by oppression even in a taxi, as the driver chooses his passenger according to where he [i.e. the driver] wishes to go, and refuses to take someone he doesn't like.' The book concludes with a comment that 'the residents of the Arab cities are unhappy and dissatisfied. The people are silent and do not speak, but out of this suffocating silence we hear a cry!'

"Notohara believes that the reason for this atmosphere lies in the absence of social justice, and adds that he has the right to say something to the Arabs after all these years of living among them: 'The absence of justice means the absence of the fundamental basis for human relations. Thus, people in the Arab countries say time and again that [in the Arab world] everything is possible because the laws that exist are not implemented and not honored.'

"The law does not protect the people from oppression because it is violated, and Notohara cites many examples and adds: 'Oppression is the only thing that does not need to be proven in Arab countries.'"

In the Arab World, 'The Ruler Rules For His Entire Life'

"One of the phenomena of oppression that surprise modern Japanese is that 'the ruler rules for his entire life, while the Japanese prime minister's term lasts no more than a few years. In every [Arab] country there is a ban on some newspapers, and authors and publications are subject to censorship.'

"A Japanese individual does not expect to see such phenomena. '... Anyone visiting Japan sees cars with loudspeakers in the streets [verbally] attacking the prime minister and the ruling party without anyone harassing them... But in the Arab countries the regime and the ruler are one. In most Arab countries, the only criteria for respecting a citizen and for the extent of his patriotism is the degree of his loyalty to the ruler. All these are alien to us Japanese of the modern age...'

"The author is aware of the fact that Japan was in the past subject to oppression. But the Japanese freed themselves from it, and it became history. [The author] says: 'I think that oppression is an incurable disease in Arab society, and therefore any author or researcher who speaks of the Arab society without being aware of this simple and obvious fact is not a serious researcher.'

"'As a result of oppression, the people try to be conformist in their opinions, dress, and homes, and under such circumstances the individual's independence disappears. Similarly, the phenomenon of public responsibility is absent. Oppression engenders fear and creates spurious respect [for the government].'"

No Justice - No Public Responsibility

"'Due to the absence of justice, there is no public responsibility. This is why Arab residents destroy parks, streets, public drinking fountains, and public transportation, thinking that they are destroying government property, not their own. Similarly, responsibility for... political prisoners [meaning those fighting for civil and human rights] who sacrificed themselves for society is lacking; society itself has abandoned these courageous people. People in Arab countries see the problems of political prisoners as a private problem of the family of each prisoner.'

"The Japanese individual wonders: 'I can understand that the regimes [fight] prominent individuals, thinkers, authors, politicians, scientists, and artists, but why does the people itself abandon them''

"According to the author, 'the Arab adopts his ideas from outside, while the Japanese shapes his ideas on concrete events in Japan that he experiences every day. In Japan, new facts are added every day, while the Arab makes do with reconstructing events from the distant past...'"

'People Need Domestic and External Criticism'

"The author compares Japan to the Arabs: 'The Japanese had to deal with the bitter and difficult experience of the Japanese military taking control of the emperor, the government, and the people and leading the country to war... But we recognized our mistake and decided to correct it. We expelled the military and decided to rebuild what was destroyed by the military oppression. We learned that oppression leads to destruction of national resources and the murder of innocents... Self-criticism is a great value in the life of every people, and people need domestic and external criticism.'"

Why Don't the Japanese Hate America (While the Arabs Do)'

"The author says that several times his Arab friends have asked him: 'The U.S. destroyed you by dropping two nuclear bombs on your cities. Why don't you hate America'' He answers: 'We must admit our mistakes. We were imperialist and we conquered peoples and destroyed many lands - China, Korea, and Oceania. We must criticize ourselves and then correct our mistakes. As to feelings, this is a limited personal matter that does not build the future.'

"Notahara insists that awareness of problems is the right approach to correcting them... The Japanese does not expect coming to a bank to withdraw money and having the teller give him less than the amount coming to him, or coming to the museum and having the museum director offer to sell him archeological exhibits...

"In his book, Notohara describes many instances; once he saw a nun in religious garb who paid a bribe. Why' Because in her institution, she could not get any attention without it. The author shows that the Arab value system contains many flaws that do not comply with the progress for which the [Arabs] yearn."

'I Think We All Need to Read This Book With Open Eyes and Hearts'

"I have tried to present in brief this book, which opens the eyes of anyone who wants to see. It presents two matters: Japan freed itself of many of its old values ... in order to enter the modern age, [and] the Arab value system requires revision...

"I think that we all need to read this book with open eyes and hearts."

(1) Al-Quds (Palestinian Authority), January 8, 2004.

Posted by Yardena Anat Even, January 21, 2004.
After Glorifying Homicide Bomber, Sweden Should Take Lead To Make Suicide Bombing A 'Crime Against Humanity'

INSTEAD, Swedes advertise (in their subways) "art" installation glamorizing the female Palestinian suicide murderer of 21 Israelis...

Huge posters of this exhibit plastered in the Stockholm underground/Tunnelbana give a sense of repulsion. All said and done, this is definitely not art in a good sense. To me personally there is no difference between this exhibit and a poster of Osama bin Laden calling for Jihad.

Unfortunately The Liberal Left who don't mind such atrocity has contributed to the present acceptance of so called "art" glorifying and paying homage to a Suicide Bomber created by society's reject - a sociopath - Dror and his Swedish Wife "Gorilla" who reside in a country, Sweden, known as a natural kennel for breeding nazis.

A decent society of the world must take Sweden to the international tribunal in Hague for glorifying murders and terrorism.

And in my opinion, The initiators of the call should be folks at HaAretz who support and encourage hate against their own country and their people by publishing poisonous works the likes of Amira Hass and Gideon Levy or Uri Avnery. You are to blame.

It is commonly known that there is a rapid emergence of dormant anti-Semitic tendencies in Europe Liberal Left and the Radical Israeli Left feeds into this pile of hatred.

It boggles the mind that the moment an opinion is publicized through the medium of art, it becomes sacrosanct, regardless of the actual content being conveyed. Of course, the defense of human life and the protection of the ideals of our common humanity must transcend art. The fact is, the piece in question attempts to dehumanize the victims of terror by comparing them to a killer who has, by virtue of her acts, given up her own humanity.

Now, if you have a drop of decency in your conscience left you will take action and responsibility to drum sense into your cold-blooded supporters in Sweden.

Posted by David Ben-Ariel, January 21, 2004.
This is by Jo-ana D'Balcazar, a political analyst in International Relations, specializing in the Middle East Crisis and the European Union.

MIDDLE EAST: JANUARY 20, 2004 - Has not the U.S. declared a global war against terrorism and listed Syria as one of the states sponsoring terrorism? So, what is this wishful-thinking of granting more time to see whether Syria and Arafat change their terrorist behavior? It is clear by Israeli and American evidence that Syria supports terrorism, including in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). So, instead of exercising a consistent policy, how cab the new approach be a passive one? Homicide bombings against innocent Israeli civilians continue coming from Judea and Samaria, while the Palestinian Authority, although it doesn't say so publicly, far from eradicating terrorism, backs and supports the Al-Aksa Brigades (its terrorist arm). How can Israeli President Moshe Katsav expect that Syrian President Bashar Assad, while still supporting Hizbollah, honestly would accept to hold peace talks in Jerusalem? To believe that, would be either foolish or naive.

Interestingly, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said in a US News & World Report interview on Jan. 8 that the U.S. "will continue to encourage the Syrians to change aspects of their behavior that we [USA] think are inappropriate." Didn't Assad fool Powell during his earlier visit to Damascus, promising that he would stop Syria's support and shut down the Hamas and Hizbollah headquarters in Damascus? Well, that was wishful-thinking on the part of Collin Powell, as nothing that he was promised then happened. Didn't Powell learn yet that Assad and terrorists can't be trusted, or is he still on his wishful-thinking parade? Someone needs to wake-up.

The statistics are clear. Deaths and injured people continue to increase. Finally, isn't it time to keep a consistent policy against all entities and states sponsoring terrorism, including Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Iran, and Libya instead of believing in empty "peace" promises? Diplomatic and economic support to these groups has proved an ineffective approach witnessed by an ever-increasing bloodshed. This U.S. inconsistent policy, is no doubt what increases negative attitudes toward U.S.

If the U.S., as expressed by Powell during a January 14 radio interview co-produced by the BBC, Public Radio International and WGBH TV I Boston, "has been acting on the basis of principle, we're [USA] interested in freedom, democracy, and human rights." Then, this statement also, does not apply in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Freedom, democracy, and human rights?

Supposedly, the U.S. is an ally and friend of Israel. Yet, when Israel - the only democratic country in the region - defends herself against terrorist attacks coming from the Palestinian Authority region, the U.S. criticizes, instead of supporting, Israel. Let us not forget that, as we said before, the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, as part of the Palestinian Authority, proudly takes credit for several homicide bombings. Moreover, Arafat, by keeping silent, indeed backs the Brigades.

Is not Israel doing the same the U.S. is doing against Al-Qaeda, which is eradicating the terrorist infrastructures? Are not the homicide bombings, not one, but continued suicide bombings, despicable enough? Who are the ones committing genocide against human rights of innocent civilians, that are even celebrated? Alternatively, we may ask, why the UN and the world, blindly, can only count victims from one side but not the other? Or is it that Israeli victims are not supposed to be counted, despite that they are the main target?

The point is that there are 21 Arab nations that in several occasions had attacked or condemned Israel, the only democratic nation in the area. Israel for thousand of years has been struggling to survive. Nowadays, since the establishing of the Modern State of Israel, its struggle has been to fight for its right to exist. The Arabs had fought against Israel since its independence but, interestingly enough, have lost all their wars, including the 1948 War of Independence, the 1956 Sinai War, the 1967 Six Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur, etc.

The results? The terrorist group of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, very conveniently changed its name, and it is now known as the "Palestinian Authority", even though the same leader "Yasser Arafat" leads it. Arafat has legalized his terrorist policy and obtained the historical Jewish lands of Judea, Samaria, Bethlehem, and Hebron as part of the yet to see "Palestinian State."

Is Arafat just pursuing his original PLO goal, which is to destroy Israel' Otherwise, how can you explain that in the PLO's official website, the map of the envisioned State of Palestine, an Israeli state does not appear, as it does not exist, or it has never existed, even though it is Israel, not Arab-Palestine, the one that has existed in that area for thousands of years? Although historical facts prove it, Arafat is rewriting history and the world is buying it. Thus, at the end, who is smarter, the victim or the terrorist? No comment.

Then the challenge comes clear for Pres. Bush. Bush has said that he is a man who keeps his word. He declared a war against global terrorism, so this will be a good time to stand by his word. Arafat succeeded in selling the concept of the "Palestinian People." When in fact, there has never been a Palestinian homeland, language, or Palestinian culture, but it was only the political invention of the Romans in the second century to erase the Jewish identity. What the world now knows as Palestinians is nothing more than Arabs. Moreover, 57% of Europeans, based on the poll sponsored by the European Commission, consider Israel, instead of the Palestinian Authority, as the obstacle for peace.

Yet, Arafat's public relations and marketing strategies - with all the millions or billions he cleverly accumulated, as reported by Forbes - succeeded, while Israel miserably fails to keep the original names of their historical lands: Judea and Samaria. All this can be traced to the leftist politics that have misguided Israel ever since. but fortunately, there is fresh hope that this idea might be in the process of changing. Unless Israeli leaders prefer to believe Arafat's empty peace promises.

Bottom line, Israel and the U.S. should take public relations and marketing lessons from Yasser Arafat. Arafat sold himself as dressed with a democratic and diplomatic uniform, which covered and still disguises his terrorist garb. Arafat's fortune, as estimated by Forbes, consists of $300 million, placing him in sixth place of richest world leaders, while the true innocent Arab-Palestinians live in miserable poverty. Is not time to wake up and smell the coffee? If conventional war did not destroy Israel, apparently, a terrorist policy is paying off. Israel continues to make concession after concession while the killing of innocent Israelis does not stop but increases. So much for Syria and Arafat as peace partners. Does Israel need more empty peace promises? What do you think?

Posted by CAMERA, January 21, 2004.

Aggressive bias continues at NPR, America's foremost publicly-funded radio network, with lopsided time afforded Israel's detractors, whether man-in-the-street Palestinians or critics from the political fringe. Unsupported and anecdotal charges of Israeli misconduct are routinely aired without any balance or counterpoint. Partisan (and sometimes extremist) groups critical of Israel are characterized euphemistically as neutral champions of "peace" and "human rights."

These are some recent examples.

1) January 9 -- Morning Edition: NPR's Peter Kenyon devoted an entire "Morning Edition" segment to the grievances of Palestinians in Nablus in the wake of Israeli military action there. Israel was accused, among other things, of house demolishing, killing "unarmed bystanders," damaging "ancient walls and streets," delaying Palestinian firefighters as they try to "save burning buildings" and wrecking water and sewer pipes in the city.

Listeners heard from:
1) a Palestinian bakery owner who says - with no apparent evidence - that "maybe" the "Israeli army are going to come and kill me in my store;"
2) the Palestinian fire chief of Nablus who alleges Israel blocks firefighting and knocks down "electric cables;"
3) the Palestinian mayor of Nablus who says desperate boys are attacking Israeli tanks "because of the occupation."

Kenyon cited charges of Israeli misconduct at checkpoints leveled by B'Tselem, a pro-Palestinian group which he characterizes misleadingly as an "Israeli human rights group." He reports B'Tselem's charges that Israeli soldiers have "beaten" men with "rifle butts" and "beaten and handcuffed" students "to an olive tree."

A dramatic indicator of B'Tselem's extreme advocacy of Palestinian positions is the fact that in tallies of those killed it categorizes as "civilians" Palestinians who have been killed in the course of bombing, stabbing and shooting to death Israeli civilians. For example, B'Tselem includes the following listing under Palestinian civilian victims of Israel: "Abd a-Salam Sadeq Hasouna, from Nablus, the West Bank, killed by IDF gunfire after having fired at Israeli civilians in a banquet hall in Hadera, in Central Israel."

Not only had Hasouna "fired at" Israeli civilians with his M-16 assault rifle -- he killed six of them and wounded 24 attending a young girl's Bat Mitzvah. (See www.btselem.org)

Despite the very serious allegations leveled in the segment, there was not a single Israeli speaker to convey the need for operations in Nablus to disrupt terrorist violence emanating from a city that has produced a quarter of the suicide bombers of the last three years. The only Israeli "rebuttal" was Kenyon's ambiguous reference to a written response by the army saying the B'tselem charges were being investigated and such efforts are "time consuming." In contrast, other major media presented essential context for Israel's actions in Nablus.

* One day before NPR's story, the New York Times wrote on Jan 8: - " 'Nablus is the hottest and most dangerous town,' an Israeli commander in Nablus told reporters on Tuesday. 'Most of the suicide bombers, most of the bombs, most of the ammunition, is in Nablus.'"

* Agence France Presse wrote on Jan 7: "Israel has come to regard Nablus as a hotbed of militancy. A suicide attack on December 26 on the outskirts of Tel Aviv was carried out by a bomber from a village close to the town. Israeli military sources said 27 Palestinians had been arrested in and around Nablus since the middle of last month, and that the drive against the 'terrorist infrastructure' would continue. Militants from the Nablus region had attempted to carry out 18 separate attacks against Israeli targets since early October, one source said. 'The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) is operating in the city of Nablus due to serious alerts of terrorists organising and carrying out terror attacks from the city,' said the source. 'The IDF regrets that terror organisations operate in densely operated civilian environment and take advange of cilvilian infrastructure. We do our upmost to leave innocent civlians out of harm's way.' "

2) January 14 -- (Multiple NPR programs were seriously distorted on this date): A Morning Edition segment reported by Linda Gradstein was again focused on events in Nablus, primarily on the case of a Palestinian killed there by the Israelis. The circumstances of his death are disputed, with the man's brother, Mustafa al Khasass, alleging gratuitous murder by the Israelis who are said to have shot the victim in the face at close range and then prevented his evacuation to a hospital.

Gradstein reports "several neighbors" confirm the "exchange" between the victim and the soldiers. Likewise, she says Nablus governor, Mahmoud Aloul, asserts "hospital reports" supposedly corroborate the event which "looks like a summary execution."

One Israeli army spokesman is heard presenting the military perspective that the Palestinian man was shot from a distance when soldiers believed he was armed and threatening.

But the segment concluded once more with Gradstein repeating allegations of B'Tselem, yet again described as "the Israeli human rights group." The group's director charges "excessive force" by Israel and "cases of Palestinians killed with no justification whatsoever."

The skewed segment consisted of three critics of Israeli policy and one defender.

3) Morning Edition (1/14/04) -- NPR's Peter Kenyon concluded a "Morning Edition" report on the suicide bombing at Gaza's Erez checkpoint that killed four Israelis with a reference to the death of Tom Hurndall who had been shot by an Israeli soldier nine months earlier. Once again, an extreme, anti-Israel group was misrepresented as devoted to "peace."

NPR host Bob Edwards called Hurndall a "British peace activist" and Kenyon said "he was part of an international peace group." In fact, Hurndall was a member of the International Solidarity Movement, a self-avowed pro-Palestinian group whose spokespeople have endorsed violence against Israel. ISM leaders have said "the Palestinians have a right to resist with arms, as they are an occupied people ... Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics -- both nonviolent and violent...". The same leaders have described "suicide operations" as "noble." (Palestine Chronicle, January 29, 2002)

Unlike NPR, numerous other major media outlets reporting Hurndall's death did not whitewash his controversial political activity with the misnomer "peace." The Los Angeles Times and Associated Press referred to Hurndall as a member of the "pro-Palestinian" International Solidarity Movement. Reuters, the New York Times, the Washington Post and AFP termed Hurndall merely a "British activist" or an "activist."

4) All Things Considered (1/14/04) -- A segment reported by Linda Gradstein the same day was also based on the allegations of a partisan political group critical of Israel, Rabbis for Human Rights. Gradstein quotes false and misleading charges by the organization's director, Arik Ascherman who claims "it is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain permits to build legally" in Jerusalem.

Gradstein herself resides in Jerusalem where specialists on the subject of Arab housing, such as Justus Weiner (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs), could have readily been enlisted to offer rebuttal and balance on this contentious subject. Weiner's recent book on construction in Jerusalem documents that it is actually not difficult for Arabs to secure ordinary building permits. (As in any modern city or town, building cannot impinge on services and infrastructure.) Over the last five years an average of 183 have been issued to Arab residents. Weiner notes that "the percentage of applications that result in the issuance of a building permit is virtually identical in Arab and Jewish neighborhoods."

Arab preference to build illegally, without having to pay permit fees, and with scant chance of retribution has helped spur the massive illegal construction in the city. According to Weiner, a Palestinian Legislator bragged at a 2002 conference that Palestinians had "erected 6,000 illegal homes without building permits, out of which only 198 were demolished." The rampant unlicensed building has been encouraged by the PA. None of this is mentioned by NPR.

Instead, Gradstein quotes Ascherman as saying his effort to stop Israeli bulldozers from demolishing Arab houses in east Jerusalem "was an act of civil disobedience over what he called an 'unjust and immoral Israeli policy.'" Gradstein also cites charges by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, an extreme fringe group whose leader, Jeff Halper, has repeatedly compared Israeli laws to the Nazi Nuremberg laws.

CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America - monitors the media for anti-Israel bias. Its website address is http://www.camera.org.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 21, 2004.
This was written by Menachem Ben and appeared today on Maariv International. It's archived as http://www.maarivintl.com/index.cfm'fuseaction=article&articleID=1472

We have to make way for the Palestinians! Who needs those Russian engineers and doctors anyway? Get ready for the "One State Solution!" (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

Boaz Gaon's upsetting article last weekend about the 50,000 Soviet immigrants returning to Russia and our sour faces, did not even raise an eyebrow in the media. Nothing. An Olympic silence. As if this wasn't a serious slap in the face for Zionism. As if this wasn't an unbelievable loss to Israeli society. As if this wasn't twice the total number of immigrants who arrived in Israel in 2003, and as if it is not exactly clear who is responsible.

Although the departure represents only 5% of the million or so immigrants that have come here, the trend is gathering pace. Not surprising, perhaps even pre-destines, given the malevolence they experienced at our hands.

For years the Interior Ministry, a Shas stronghold of bigotry and rabid xenophobia, displayed antipathy and spewed hatred against "those gentiles"' to the man on the street, who almost never objected to the public humiliation of the Russians. Only when teenager Mizrachi Musat murdered a Russian contemporary in some caf' simply because he spoke Russian, was there some sort of distress signal in the media. And the likes of Tal Friedman (popular TV host), who sits on the "Wonderful Israel" TV show presenting damaging and cynical stereotypes of the typical Russian cashier in Israel.

We are talking about working women, who do not shy away from any sort of work (and who do not automatically apply for government benefits.) They are normally very amenable and efficient workers. Yes, Friedman and co. already have a part in the waves of desertion that will only increase. Very funny.

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, spiritual leader of the Shas party, can also rub his hands in glee. The tens of strangulating and humiliating restrictions that his ministers, from Eli Suissa to Eli Yishai, with the support of the Attorney General, imposed on the immigrant population (which continues today under the supposed control of Avraham Poraz of Shinui,) succeeded beyond all expectations. The number of those returning to Russia is growing, while the immigration flow has been severely curtailed.

Was there anything we did not do to frighten off the immigrants' (Not all of us, of course. There were and there are those amongst us who display total support and affection for immigration.) We kicked out the halahically non-Jewish mothers of frontline immigrant Russian soldiers; we forbade them to marry here; we buried them outside the fence of the Jewish cemeteries; Israeli children mocked and victimized them; they were swindled, and their absorption money was stolen. Every Russian woman was called a 'prostitute;' our Finance Ministers, from Sylvan Shalom to Bibi Netanyahu, cut back their allowances; we allowed the Interior Ministry bureaucracy to define them as "not entitled" (because their Jewish connection was never officially proven, and that after they had already arrived in Israel,) and we left them to roam the streets, homeless, worthless with no citizen's rights of any sort.

We are talking about over a million immigrants who came here from Russia and the former Soviet Union. People who brought with them inestimable amounts of education and knowledge, professional skills, culture, and excellent work and study habits - a phenomenal treasure house of human, cultural, and economic resources - not to mention their electoral blocking of Shas' intended government takeover (Shas knows this well, hence the hatred.) But the threat has still not been removed. If we do not embrace immigration from all countries; different colors and accents with warmth and love, the demographic grip will close in upon us from within and from without.

Posted by IsrAlert, January 21, 2004.
This was in Arutz-7 (http://www.IsraelNationalNews.com).

Sgt. Yan Rochansky, 21, who was killed on Monday by a Hizbullah-fired missile on the northern border, was laid to rest today in the military cemetery in his hometown of Herzliya. In retaliation for the killing, Israel Air Force jets bombed two Hizbullah training camps in southern Lebanon early yesterday evening. The attack was accompanied and followed by much verbiage: Israel threatened both Syria and Hizbullah, Hizbullah threatened Israel, and the United States is blaming Hizbullah for the "escalation."

The targeted camps, chosen by Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz, are used to train terrorists on their way to attacks against Israel. No casualties were reported from Lebanon, and the IAF planes returned safely to their base.

Labor MK Efraim Sneh said this morning that the 12,000 Hizbullah missiles deployed in southern Lebanon deter Israel from taking strong military action in the north. Sneh, who was Deputy Defense Minister when the IDF unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon under then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak in May 2000, said, "I warned Barak that withdrawal from southern Lebanon without an agreement [with Lebanon] would create a vacuum that would be filled by Hizbullah, but I didn't imagine that the consequences would be so grave."

Analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA notes that MK Sneh is one of the few Labor Party members who objects to a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. "It is most unfortunate that more people are not making the obvious connection between what we are facing now in the north, and what we will face in the south if we unilaterally withdraw from Gaza," Lerner told Arutz-7 today.

Syria has completed chemical warheads for its arsenal of Scud-based missiles, Middle East Newsline reports. U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton said that Syria, with help from North Korea, has succeeded in designing and installing chemical warheads for its various Scud missiles, with a range of 250 to nearly 700 kilometers. The chemical agent deployed in the CW warheads is sarin, regarded as a most toxic material. "Since the 1970s," Bolton said, "Syria has pursued what is now one of the most advanced chemical weapons capabilities [in the Arab world]. It has a stockpile of the nerve agent sarin that can be delivered by aircraft or ballistic missiles, and has engaged in the research and development of more toxic and persistent nerve agents such as VX."

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by Voice of Judea, January 21, 2004.
1. Hezbollah laughing all the way to Beirut

Hezbollah parliamentary leader mocked Israel's retaliatory raid in southern Lebanon yesterday. Israel's air strikes in southern Lebanon yesterday in response to the murder of IDF soldier by Hezbollah was greeted with laughter by the Hezbollah. A Hezbollah representative in the Lebanese parliament said, "Israel's cosmetic air show over southern Lebanon succeeded in doing absolutely nothing. The Israeli's did not even succeed in appeasing internal public opinion with their lame show of impotence."

Amos Gilad a spokesman for the Israel defense ministry said that Israel continues to reserve the right to attack. And that Israel continues to hold the Hezbollah and their Syrian handlers responsible.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

Nobody takes Sharon seriously. What does it mean to hold the Syrians accountable and to reserve the right to respond and to defend Israeli citizens' Somebody needs to explain to the Israeli government that it is not their right to respond and to defend Israeli citizens; it is an obligation, not a right, to defend your citizens! When Sharon wants to do something, he knows very well how to achieve his goals. Sharon wanted to destroy the synagogue in Tapuach West yesterday and he carried out his wishes with a vengeance. He should only show the same fervor when it comes to saving Jewish lives.

To hold the Syrians accountable means to dismantle Damascus together with Teheran who both continue to orchestrate continuous terrorism against Jews. Sharon is very brave when it comes to dismantling Jewish homes and places of worship. Our brave general has lost what it takes when it comes to dealing with the enemies of Israel.

2. Tapuach Synagogue: the battle continues

Anyone who thought that it would be easy to destroy the Tapuach synagogue is in for a bit of a shocker. After several hours of fierce resistance on the roads adjacent to Tapuach west hill and on the roof and in the synagogue itself, the police and troops finally succeeded in tearing down the Kahane synagogue. Close to a thousand Israeli soldiers and Israeli policeman battled with several hundred men women and children who came to defend the synagogue. Twenty five people were arrested in the Malay, 2 are still being held. Six Jewish worshipers and two soldiers were wounded during the demolition.

In spite of the apathy on the part of the Yesha council hundreds of Jews from neighboring towns attempted to make their way to the synagogue Tuesday afternoon. Left wing parliamentarians, such as Ofer Penus from Labor, as well as right wing activists claim that a deal was struck between the Yesha council and the Government, permitting the destruction of the Kahane synagogue in exchange for other political favors. This might explain the passive reaction by Yesha council leaders who told many people who called them yesterday, "they are not getting involved in organizing or aiding the Tapuach synagogue, in spite of the tragic precedent that was being made by the synagogue's destruction."

Volunteers who arrived on the scene after the synagogue was already destroyed began clearing the rubble and rebuilding a temporary house of prayer, with the broken beams and wood that remained. At approximately 4:00 an IDF jeeps rammed the new makeshift synagogue causing the new and flimsy building to collapse. Worshipers who arrived on the scene early Wednesday morning began rebuilding the synagogue yet a third time. At 1:00 pm approximately 50 soldiers arrived on the scene to dismantle the building and arrest those present. A scuffle is presently underway between troops and worshipers.

Residents of Tapuach West vow that "they have no plans of changing their religion or their religious practices and that they will continue to pray 3 times a day and study Torah in the place where the synagogue once stood. They explained that their spirit can not and will not be broken and that they will continue to live and practice Judaism as proud Jews in the land of Israel."

A tour conducted by the OU - Orthodox Union of America - brought a bus load of Rabbis and community leaders to view the damage only moments before the IDF had returned to destroy the third synagogue. Members of the group pledged 2 new caravans that can be used to house the torah and the synagogue. The 2 members of the tour, Harvey Schwartz and Jay Herzog pledged to sponsor 2 immediate caravans to be placed on the hill. If the first one is destroyed than the second one will be placed and so on. Residents of Tapuach west are urging Jews and non Jews from around the world to file complaint with their local Israeli consulates and embassies a well as with the Israeli government to measure their protest against this desecration. The sponsor of the first Sefer Torah, Eric Greenberg, pledged to donate a second Sefer Torah in the coming year as well.

People who would like to contribute towards the rebuilding of the synagogue as well as to help with our efforts should use anyone of these ways:

(1) call 718 874 2057

(2) send an email to info@defendisrael.net


(4) write

The website address of Voice of Judea is http://www.voiceofjudea.net. Subscribe by writing listmaster@voiceofjudea.net

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz, January 21, 2004.

Q: What two utterances will compel a secular Left wing-Israeli to get in touch with his or her 'spiritual' side'
A: Yigal Amir

The secular Left becomes deeply religious - in a dark, subterranean sort of way - upon the very mention of that name. The oracles of the Left were particularly wicked this week as news of a possible wedding for Amir surfaced. Meretz MK Yossi Sarid proclaimed on Israel Radio, "We need to do everything to make sure this wedding does not take place." The prominent czar of Meretz continued his rantings in the press: "I would be pleased to be invited to his funeral not his wedding. The curse of the world is on him, his bride and his seed." Not to be outdone, Meretz MK Ran Cohen declared that the "abominable murder is not worthy of one second of joy." Labor Mk Eitan Cabel spewed out similar wrath: "The State of Israel needs to let Yigal Amir the murderer rot in prison, and never let him marry...There is no reason in the world for a hated murderer such as Amir to have children." Labor MK Dalia Itzik declared that a "pool of blood" would be the only appropriate venue for the wedding.

Yes, the enlightened ones seemed ever - so primitive this week and they conjured up images of the Inquisition with its shadowy priests delivering incantations, curses, and torture. I feel a bit silly having to remind those champions of humanity of the following: Ceaseless solitary confinement and virtual castration is not consistent with human rights.

The official canon of the Left decrees that Yigal Amir killed their lord and he should, therefore, be condemned to eternal damnation. A tacit addendum to the doctrine implicates all those who voiced opposition to the Oslo Accords as inciters to murder (for the record, I would like to say that I was at home that night).

Come on! Even the Catholic Church, save for maybe Mel Gibson, has softened-up on that stuff.

For the official news services to connect the wedding story to Dalia Rabin Pelosoff's admission to the hospital with a reported heart condition was a bit...shall we say... unscrupulous.

Yigal Amir does not have an exclusive on delivering heartache to this country. He gets to share the honor with the architects of the Oslo Accords.

If, over the past decade in Israel, one has been admitted to the hospital with panic attacks, heart palpitations and other stress related symptoms, then they can consider themselves one of the lucky ones - as they got off easy. Does anyone happen to have the figures on the amount of valium, anti-depressants, anti-spasmodics, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and blood-pressure medication that's been prescribed over the last several years in Israel' I hear TEVA's stock is up.

An accurate description and recap of events is called for, because a little honesty may help relieve the collective knots in our stomach and ache in our heart.

I hate to interrupt the Left's feeding frenzy with facts, but chew on this for a while...

In the fall of 1995 elections were fast-approaching and Yizchak Rabin was lagging behind in the polls. Terror was on the increase and the public was out on the streets screaming bloody murder. It was a given that Oslo was already a dismal failure. The Left-wing coalition along with Peace Now initiated frantic damage control measures. They enlisted the help of the the ever-ready media and Shabak (the General Security Service) to help stem the tide. For lack of a better term, I have to say that things took a very 'weird' turn. An enormous 'Peace' concert featuring Israel's most popular idols and icons was planned as a sort of last-ditch effort to save the process. Israel's most cunning prophets of peace were summoned and assembled to speak , sing and offer hope. And then shots rang out and the party was over.

Darkness descended upon the already greying landscape, followed by curses, erroneous accusations, false arrests and candle children. There was utter confusion and the ensuing investigation took on the flavor of an hysterical witch hunt. But in the end, Yigal Amir was convicted in an Israeli court of law and sentenced to life in prison.

In spite of the intrigue surrounding the case, conspiracy theories and lingering suspicions, there is no doubt that Amir pulled a trigger. But there are unanswered questions, and Dalia Rabin-Pelosoff and her mother, the late Leah Rabin, would be the first to tell you that. There was negligence and scheming on the part of the security services, media, public and government. The case is likely to keep resurfacing and we will continue to be plagued by unanswered questions, because justice has not been fully served and treason is in the air.

Those who believe the countries current woes began with an assassins bullet are a little late in the game. The crime even predates Oslo, the handshake on White House lawn, and Madrid. It may have begun at Sinai. Whether we turned our backs on commitments made at biblical, spiritual, territorial or strategic Sinai makes no difference - as it's all the same. Regardless of one's personal world view and politics, we're all part of the same people living a page in the ongoing epic narrative of the Jewish People.

It's time the Left crawled out of their subterranean space, where only tunnel vision is possible, and saw the light. It's time we all took a panoramic view of our history and remembered who we are, where we are and reviewed our obligations and commitments as part of the Jewish people.

The Left need not be concerned about inappropriate celebrations. From what I understand, living in a cell under 24 hour-a-day surveillance is not conducive to marital bliss. Allowing minimal simcha for a man condemned to a life in prison for a crime that, in some grand existential way, every member of the Jewish nation played either an active or passive part in; may help put things in perspective for all of us.

Knowing that Yigal Amir will step on the glass while standing under a wedding canopy within prison walls is, in a 'weird' sort of way, almost cathartic.

Ellen Horowitz lives in the Golan Heights, Israel with her husband and six children. She is a painter, writer and co-founder of helpingisrael.com. She can be contacted through her website http://www.artfromzion.com

Posted by Beth Goodtree, January 21, 2004.
In the January 21, 2004 issue of the Moscow Times online*, a group of respected scientists proved that the Exodus from Egypt as written in the Bible was quite possible. In fact, Naum Volzinger, a senior researcher at St. Petersburg's Institute of Oceanology, made the following statement in a telephone interview: "I am convinced that God rules the Earth through the laws of physics."

The six-month study used differential equations to determine if, given the proper wind speed, meteorological, oceanographic, and geologic conditions, the waters of the Red Sea could part enough to leave a passageway for all 600,000 Israelites to cross and then fall back upon the pursuing Egyptian army. Not only did these scientists prove it was indeed quite achievable, they located the probable crossing point - a reef that runs from the biblical starting point of the Hebrew's escape to the north side of the sea. (This might be a good place for an archaeological dig, nu')

Interestingly, this is exactly what I was taught in religious school (and I am not Orthodox) - that God performs His handiwork through the forces of Nature. When asked how the miracle of Israel could be explained this way, my teacher said that humans are also part of nature. And it was human will and human struggle that made the present state of Israel come into existence.

So what is the next miracle in the offing' Hold onto your kippahs and keffiyahs, because this one's a biggie and we may have already started to see it happening. It is all about the Temple Mount and that defiler and polluter of the most sacred and holy ground in all of Judaism, Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock. We may be watching a miracle in the making. The following are the facts surrounding this possible miracle.

The Temple Mount is situated on earthquake-prone land and has suffered extreme seismic events in the past. Also, it is literally like a multi-layered cake of archaeology, each structure having been built upon the rubble of the previous one. This makes the foundations for the present usurping Muslim structures extremely vulnerable to any ground shaking.

On top of that, the WAQF (the Arabs controlling Judaism's holiest site) are excavating beneath it, probably to destroy any archaeological evidence that the Temple Mount is indeed a Jewish holy site. This excavation has so weakened the initially weak foundations, that one entire section of the Wall is in danger of collapse. All it needs is a little push from Nature... maybe by way of God.

On January 19 (of this year) there was a news item discussing the seismic susceptibility of Jerusalem. In a three-year study, conducted by the Geological Survey of Israel, researchers used computers to map Jerusalem's topography, geology, soil and the Old City's subterranean labyrinth of cisterns and tunnels. They warned that the area of the Temple Mount will fall victim to another major earthquake within the next 50 years.

Meanwhile, there has been an unusual amount of large seismic disturbances worldwide recently. Here are some headlines** from the past two months to illustrate that point (notice that volcanic eruptions are also included because volcanoes and earthquakes often go hand-in-hand):

The world's most lethal quake in at least 10 years laid waste most of Bam's mud brick buildings in Iran in seconds.

The most powerful quake (6.5) to strike California since a 7.1 quake rocked the desert near Joshua Tree more than four years ago in 1999. North Carolina (USA) experienced its strongest earthquake in more than a century. The most powerful quake to hit the Taitung area of Taiwan in over the past 30 years.

Volcano Shiveluch on Kamchatka has spewed ash to the altitude of 3 kilometers above its crater. A big number of small tremors have been registered at the volcano, and thermal anomalies have also been registered there. Shiveluch awakened January 11 after a brief period of dormancy.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka is showing heightened activity, with ash spews reaching 100 meters above the crater and a big number of local crust tremors registered. About 300 tremors were registered in the vicinity of the Karymski volcano.

Volcano Bezymianny, which spewed ashes to the altitude of 8 kilometers on January 14.

A huge column of ash shot out of the Ecuadorean volcano making it the 6th one showing signs of eruption in the South American country. Mount Aso in southern Japan erupted.

The list of geologic events in merely the past two months is, to say the least, abnormally high. And such events have global repercussions, geologically speaking. As one tectonic plate moves, it pushes those next to it, which then push those next to them and so on.

Now earthquakes have, in the past, destroyed Al Aqsa several times. And while each event was a potential opportunity to reclaim that holiest of Jewish land and rebuild the Temple, the time, according to the Bible was not ripe. Before the Temple could be rebuilt, the Jewish people would have to return to, and reclaim their aboriginal land in what is now called the State of Israel.

Well, the Jews are back in their native homeland and making aliyah (return) in droves. The walls and foundations supporting Al Aqsa are on the verge of collapse due to poor planning and irresponsible excavations. All the signs of a coming "geological event" are playing out before our eyes. Maybe it's time to start planning that Third Temple...


Beth Goodtree is an essayist who writes both serious and satirical political commentary.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 21, 2004.
Two million Christians or more have fled from Arab rule, in the past two decades. In the P.A., Christians are being murdered, raped, and intimidated. Systematic persecution has reduced their numbers to a tiny proportion of the population there. Ironically and unfairly, the P.A. is successfully making the accusation that Israel is persecuting then and causing this exodus.

The logical fallacy in blaming Israel is that the exodus occurs only under Arab rule, not under Israeli rule. Few people realize or admit that Israel does not rule the P.A. now. They do not know that many of the Christians who fled the P.A. went to Israel, which they prefer to live in. The Christian population of Israel is burgeoning. The charge is specious.

Joseph Farah, a Christian Arab reporting in the US, suggests that reporters and diplomats interested in this issue ask Christian refugees why they left, instead of taking believing the notoriously false P.A. propaganda (Jewish Press, 1/9, p.4).

Mr. Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 21, 2004.
Eventually the Synagogue will be rebuilt. Whether the reputation of the Israel Defense Forces will be able to be rebuilt is another question. (IsraelNN.com) Army troops a short time ago returned to the Shomron community of Tapuah West and destroyed the start of the rebuilding of the synagogue that began yesterday afternoon after the army destroyed the first building under construction.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 21, 2004.
Please excuse my ignorance, but I have just watched President Bush's "State of the International Community" speech, and I am puzzled by his request (demand') that the "Patriot Act" be extended (Why not just make it a Constitutional Amendment').

America was attacked by Saudi Arabia, and only Saudi Arabia. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Mexico had nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11-2001, AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CERTAINLY WERE NOT INVOLVED IN THE OPERATION! So why should the American people agree to accept living in a Police State? Why don't you just ban Saudis (heaven forbid you should actually invade Saudia) from entering US territory, and allow Americans to live in freedom'

To a "foreigner", the self-flagellation policies accepted by the American public since 9-11 make very little sense - but then, there's a lot I don't understand about contemporary US society.

I'd appreciate an explanation.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 21, 2004.

The speculation is that the reason Sharon is so eager to destroy Jewish communities, especially the Synagogue at the community of Tapuach, is to ingratiate himself to his Minister of inJustice, the Grand Wizard of Israel's KKK, Tommy Lapid. Lapid is a political creature without principles or conscience. His entire political career has been dominated by his two obsessions; his own self aggrandizement and his hatred of the Haradim. Saving Sharon would significantly advance both.

Let us pray that there is enough decency left in Israel's criminal justice system to actually force these crooks out of office and eventually into jail.

While they are checking out the Apple bribery business maybe someone would be interested in looking into who is making the money on the Fantasy Fence. Also, it would no doubt be educational to go over the books and find out who and how money was made in Yeshah under the watchful eyes of Sharon in his various offices.

(IsraelNationalNews) Tycoon David Appel was indicted this morning on suspicion of bribing Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert in connection with his plans to build the world's largest vacation resort on a Greek island he wished to purchase. Today's indictment is an amendment to an earlier one. Sharon and Olmert, who served at the time as Foreign Minister and Jerusalem Mayor, respectively, have not been charged - but the political establishment is in suspense at the expected political fallout.

Appel is suspected of paying Gilad Sharon, the Prime Minister's son, some three million dollars for serving as "consultant" - a job that entailed surfing the internet for information on tourism. The suspicion is that Appel actually intended to "purchase" his employee's father's influence-peddling abilities. He is alleged to have told Ariel Sharon, "Your son will make a lot of money."

Appel is similarly accused of bribing Trade Minister Ehud Olmert when the latter served as Mayor of Jerusalem. The suspicion is that Appel's financial support for Olmert when the latter ran for Knesset came in exchange for Olmert's help in connecting Appel with Greek officials. As mentioned, however, neither Ariel Sharon nor Olmert are mentioned in the indictment.

Appel and his lawyer, Moshe Yisrael, continue to insist that the indictment is "nonsense," that the law enforcement agencies are acting unfairly towards them, that there was no bribes given or taken, and that there is no doubt that this will all be proven in court. Many analysts believe that Prime Minister Sharon, however, will be the subject of intensified pressures to resign.

Most analysts believe Mr. Sharon will not be able to survive the indictment, explaining that once the connection is made and the case proceeds, the links to the prime minister, Olmert, and Sharon's son Gilad will tighten.

If Sharon is forced to resign, the law is that the President chooses his replacement, after consulting with the Knesset faction heads. However, Likud faction head Gideon Saar has already begun speaking with his colleagues in order to bring about a change in the law, thus that the replacement will be chosen internally by the resigned Prime Minister's party.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

THE REPLAY OF OSLO: This time with the help of U.S. Ambassador Kurtzer
Posted by Ruth and Nadia Matar, January 21, 2004.
The headline in the Jerusalem Post, January 20, 2004, read as follows: "Sharon upset at Qurei-Peres meeting." Along with Qurei was Saeb Erekat, PA Minister of Negotiations. With Peres were Uri Savir and Avi Gil, who had participated in the original Oslo negotiations.

Sharon should not only have been upset. He should have forcefully rejected the attempted replay of the failed Oslo process. Once again, Norway's Terje Roed Larsen, now holding a powerful UN position, is involved by hosting the Peres-Qurei meeting at the Norwegian Embassy.

The Israeli electorate resoundingly rejected the Labor Party, the Oslo Process and its perpetrators in the last Israeli election. It is ludicrous that Peres, who is not a member of the current government, should try to be involved in the determination of Israel's foreign policy.

Despite the horrible consequences to the Jewish People, we are once again being led down the same path of Oslo by the same individuals who visited this catastrophe upon us. If Sharon was truly acting in behalf of the Jewish People, he would not allow the Oslo Process to be reinstituted.

The article also pointed out that Sharon complained of another meeting, this one between PA Minister of Negotiations Saeb Erekat, Yossi Beilin and Labor MK Haim Ramon. This meeting was hosted by U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer at his home in Herzliyah.

The incredible interference in the determination of vital Israeli foreign policy is shockingly clear. To invite to his own home Labor and radical Left-oriented individuals, together with PA leaders, crosses all red lines of proper diplomatic behavior, Kurtzer has repeatedly interfered in Israeli internal affairs in the past and his recall should have been demanded by the Sharon government long ago.

Israel should demand from the United States that it recall Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer forthwith.

Ruth and Nadia Matar established Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is http://www.womeningreen.org

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 21, 2004.
Sharon's Fantasy Fence is not about security. It is about money. Money for his friends and ultimately for him. I have yet to see anyone address this as the real reason for this idiocy. In American political jargon it would be called a pork barrel.

This was written by Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis) and is archived on the IMRA website (http://www.imra.org.il/story.php3?id=19509).

TEL AVIV - Palestinian infiltrators have succeeded in breaching Israel's new security fence and barrier system. Israeli security sources said Palestinian infiltrators have scaled the four-meter high concrete fence by using a simple ladder. The Israeli project calls for the establishing of a 730-kilometer fence at a cost of $1.9 billion. Most of the project consists of a concrete wall or chain-link fence with sensors, cameras and military patrols.

In one case, the sources said, Arab infiltrators brought a ladder to the fence in the northeastern West Bank. They quickly scaled the fence and entered a waiting car that took them to Israeli Arab villages. The infiltrators were deemed as Palestinians looking for work.

The sources said an Israeli command center spotted the infiltrators but could not respond quickly enough to capture them. They said this constitutes a breach in security that must be resolved.

Posted by Aaron Lerner, January 21, 2004.
Labor MK Efraim Sneh said on Israel's Channel 2 Television morning program yesterday that the 12,000 missiles in southern Lebanon that cover much of Israel deter Israel from action against Hezbollah.

"I warned (the prime minister) Barak that withdrawal without agreement from Southern Lebanon would create a vacuum that would be filled by Hezbollah," Sneh said, but I didn't imagine that the consequences would be so grave.

Recently Labor MK Shimon Peres termed Sneh "worse than Likud" for objecting to the Labor Party proposal to unilaterally retreat from the Gaza Strip.

Army Radio reported last night that Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, who is a supporter of Beilin's Geneva Initiative and served as Minister of Tourim when Israel retreated from Lebanon said that "those who claim that we surrendered to Hezbollah by withdrawing from Lebanon are not completely wrong."

Dr. Aaron Lerner is Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis), which provides a "current digest of media, polls and significan interviews and events.". Its website address is http://www.imra.org.il

Posted by Elias Yrachmiel, January 21, 2004.

We say never again - but in our wildest dreams did we ever believe that Jews would again turn on their brothers - just because they could?

Because we misguidedly believed that they love Am Yisrael and not just the power that came with our votes?

Because we want peace so much that we would do anything to bring it about - even the desecration of Holy Ground!

We gave them their time to make this a makom patur - a safe place for all Jews and they have failed.

What do we do now - just sit and wait for a miracle - or make changes for all of Klal Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael?

Netzah Yisrael Lo Yeshaqer
The Eternal One of Israel never lies,
Or changes HIS mind,
As HE is not like a man,
That HE should change
HIS Mind!

The netzahyisrael group has list subscription; to subscribe send an email to List-Subscribe@netzahyisrael.org. Their archive of current and previous essays and commentary can be found on http://netzahyisrael.org/blogger.html

Posted by Judy Lash Balint, January 21, 2004.
Sometimes it's helpful to get a different perspective. Generally, Jerusalem Diaries posters are English speaking immigrants already living in Israel. Today, we're sending a letter from Bradley Fish, a professional musician, instructor, and recording artist who is currently based in Madison, WI, but is planning to move his recording and production business to Israel in the summer of 2004.

"What an amazing trip. Past the "green line" I found very spiritual people.

It was the opposite of the secular, (even sometimes anti-religious), hip,Euro-American-Israeli vibe in Tel-Aviv, with its big buildings, clubs, restaraunts, and busy streets where I've been hanging.

These people spend a lot of time in meditation and prayer, Jewish rituals, and study of the Tanach (holy books). Education includes a LOT of debate. They are surrounded by nature, and a lot of Arab villages.

This place is beautiful - "Settlement" is an inaccurate and very loaded term. Suburb is much more accurate. It reminded me a little of being in a suburb in Colorado. A rapidly growing community of 1,000 BIG families (Closing in on 10,000 people) on the other side of the (non-existent) "green line" (Israel's pre-1967 borders, also called the Auschwitz borders - only about 9 miles wide at points) and the new security fence. I got to Beit El in a bullet-proof bus from Jerusalem for 6.5 shekels (about $1.50). It used to be double that but the government cut the costs to encourage people to take the safer public transportaion - since so many Jews were getting shot by Arabs on the highways. Its a 20 minute drive or 30 minute bus ride from Jerusalem.

The Judea and Samaria communities are higher up in hilly, rock terrain. From a lookout point you can see the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv.

I stayed in the house of a very welcoming religious Jewish family with 7 kids in a nice, modern house, not unlike my parent's house where I grew up. The outside was stone. The inside had hardwood floors and windows imported from Canada, a modern kitchen and 2 American style bathrooms. All Israeli houses have a cement bomb shelter in the basement, they also had a few bedrooms in the basement. The family lives a block from the kids' school and a few blocks from the synagouge. There are street signs and American style paved roads and a small park. It looks like like any small but nice modern suburb in the States.

Before the intifada broke out, this family used to go often to the nearby Arab villages, which are built on top of Ancient Jewish communities built during the 1st and 2nd temple periods - something like 2,000 and 3,000 years ago - long before the start of Islam. There are a lot of historical, archeological remnants of the ancient Jews. Now its not safe for a Jew to go there. The residents of the Arab villages are smashing ancient artifacts in an attempt to erase history.

So, a brief history. Since there never was an autonomous Palestinian state or even a people of this name (Before the '67 war the only "Palestinians" were Jews - this is all very Orwellian), it would be at least more accurate to call this area the "Discarded Jordanian Teritorries". After Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and other Arab countries all attacked Israel in '67, Israel miraculously won and took a lot of land. Israel offered the land back to Jordan for a peace treaty, but Jordan refused. Egypt accepted a land for peace deal and got the Sinai (Triple the size of Israel itself and the only oil Israel ever had) back.

This is an extremely "cold peace" by the way. Egypt gets almost as much US aid as Israel (funny, the American Left never mentions this) and continues to arm itself to the teeth. Jordan's King Hussein killed tens of thousands of its "Palestinian" Arab citizens and was happy to give Israel the gift of some more. To this day Jordan is more than 3/4 "Palestinian" Arabs. the King. of course is not Palestinan, although his wife is.

Originally, this land was called Judea and Samaria - all part of biblical Israel. I checked out the Arutz-7 radio station here. Most of the media in Israel is left wing. These guys are on the right. They recently got shut off the air, for now, on a legal technicality by people on the far left trying to keep them off the air. In the meantime, they continue to "broadcast" radio, TV, and print on www.israelnationalnews.com. It's a good resource for up to date info and commentary from Israel.

A week ago over 120,000 people showed up in Tel Aviv to protest the dismantling of the "settlements". That's over 2% of the country's population at the rally - like over 3 million Americans showing up to protest in Washington. It got very little coverage in the mainstream world media, but when a handful Air Force pilots refuse to serve, it's front page news...very interesting...

A few more observations...

I took a random sampling of Israelis I met here about where they or their parents were born. So far the answers I've gotten have included:

England, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Australia, Scotland, Sweden, India, Holland, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Paraguay, Uzbekistan, Russia, South Africa, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Canada, Hungary, Pakistan, Turkey, and a lot more....I also met Jews who are 12th generation Jerusalemites. Jews have always lived here continuously.

I see Jews of every skin color here. It is totally mind-blowing. Middle Eastern, Black, White, Latino, Asian, and many diverse mixes. Whether its coincidence or not, this is biblical prophesy being realized. Fascinating.

Meanwhile, Israel is surrounded by Arab-only countries (the Jews have been ethnically cleansed). Yet somehow, according to the left, Israel is the "apartheid state". hmmm....VERY interesting. Again, VERY Orwellian.

The only Arabs in the middle East that can vote in democratic elections live here in Isrel (1/5 of the country's citizens). The surrounding countries espouse Jew-hatred in print (many Nazi publications are now best sellers in the Arab world, including Hitler's Mein Kampf) and on TV (see the recent CNN story on the Arab world's most watched TV show depicting Jews as sucking the blood of Arab children) to a population that is 50% illiterate, dirt poor, and purposely kept out of touch with the Modern world by its oil rich dictators.

There are more than 1/4 of a million Jews living in Yesha (Israel's Judea, Samaria and Gaza) that Bush wants moved. Israel is the smallest country in the Middle East. Where will they be moved and how will this be paid for? The family of 7 living in a big house in Beit El could only buy a 1 room apartment for the same price in Tel Aviv, an extremely crowded city. Are we going to move these people for the crime of being Jewish? If there ever does end up being a Palestinian state, why will no Jews be allowed there?

Things are far from perfect here. The government ought to be treating its foreign (mostly Asian and eastern European) workers better. The Russian Mafia has a foothold that needs to be broken. The people are sick of the violence. The declining economic situation, caused by all the terrorism and resulting lask of tourism has been tough on most segments of the population.

Also, a bunch of 18-21 year old kids in the army are responsible for policing a population that wants them dead and teaches Jew hatred in the classrooms and promotes suicide bombings in posters and music videos. It's bound to lead to conflicts. Having said that, given the situation, they seem to be doing a decent job.

The problem is that generally, being TOO humane is causing problems. Last week, a 22 year-old Palestinan mother complaining she had a medical problem that needed immediate attention and claiming she had a plate in her leg so the metal detector might go off - blew up, killing 4 of these kids when they let her in past a check point out of concern for her health.

Arafat is a billionaire, siphoning the money of his invented Palestinian people (he was born in Egypt) and these new "Palestinians" gave up their Jordanian citizenship to become "Palestinians" under PLO (a terrorist organziation) sovereignty in the 90's. Then the PLO walked away from an insanely generous (possibly suicidal) offer of a Palestinian state from Israel and began the intifada instead of building a country. The Palestinan people have to deal with their own thugs taking their cars or killing them if they don't LIKE them.

Slavery still exists in Arab countries like Libya, and human rights don't exist, along with Women's rights or religious freedom in the 22 Muslim Arab countries in the mid East, but all I hear from the American left and is about the "Apartheid state of Israel".

They could care less about black slave trade. Its those damn Jews. In Israel women can do anything they want, and you can practise any religion free of persecution. I've been in the Bahai temple and a mosque in Haifa. Try bringing a bible into Saudi Arabia or walking around as a woman without a head covering.

I'm afraid many of my friends in the states are buying the big lie and the double speak that is so prevelant. Even in Israel the left wants to give the Arabs land for the illusion that it will bring Peace. Sorry, it won't. The Jew hatred in the Arab world is too venomus.

There is a lot of misinformation, double speak and anti-Semitism floating around at home, too. I've had people in Madison tell me about how filthy rich the Israelis are. (Israelis make 1/2 as much money as we Americans do, pay the same rent and double for imported items like cars and stereo systems.) A lot of jaded people on the left want to support the Palestinians who have no respect for human life, women or freedom and hate Jews.

For some reason, this tiny country of 5 million people - the population of Wisconsin, on a plot of land about 1/3 the size of Wisconsin - surrounded by 1.3 billion hostile Muslims is the greatest threat to World Peace according to a European poll, a continent where Jews have been getting harassed a lot lately. The BBC, CNN and NPR give horrendously anti-Israel accounts of the situation to uniformed listeners.

If someone were to say that we should all leave Madison, WI because this is occupied Native American ground, or give California back to Mexico, I'd say they may have a strong case. However, to say that Israel should its give Ancient land to set up yet another Arab terrorist state is unfounded, preposterous and dangerous. Please, don't fall for the big lie, guys.

Oh, finally, I want to say that I'm having an amazing experience out here, I'm optimistic for the future of this country and I'm amazed by the strength and resilience of the people and the potential for good things to happen here. Also the weather rocks.

Judy Balint is author of "Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" (Gefen). It is available for purchase from www.israelbooks.com

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 21, 2004.
When controversy first broke over Ambassador Mazel's attack on the Swedish art exhibit glorifying a suicide bomber, the Stockholm museum took refuge behind the artist's sacred right to free expression. But it now turns out this was a phony excuse.

The museum didn't just select an entry showing a Palestinian female bomber sailing on a sea of blood with a caption depicting her as "Snow White." To advertise an exhibition tied to an upcoming Swedish conference on genocide, they plastered posters showing the bomber's picture all over Stockholm - a poster in each of 26 subway stations.

In taking this pro-active step to advertise the entire exhibition by calling attention to its most obscene entry, the museum became complicit in this inciteful propaganda effort to justify the killers of Jews.

And to make matters even worse, the museum did not act independently in this matter, but hand in glove with the Swedish government, the official sponsor of the upcoming genocide conference, which this nauseating exhibition was designed to promote.

Now, in the face of protests, museum officials are turning around and taking down the offensive posters, but not the exhibit itself. That's a patently transparent move to wash their hands of any guilt - and try to make the artist solely responsible for the uproar. But it won't wash. The museum and the Swedish government joined with the artist when they gave maximum exposure to this vile propaganda effort to extol suicide bombers, and should be condemned as well.

Posted by Joseph Alexander Norland, January 20, 2004.
I find the news about the destruction of a synagogue in Tapuah West, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, most distressing.

Hitherto, I harboured the illusion that the Zionist project was about building a Jewish state, not about demolishing it. To see the Old General display a lion heart against his people and feet of clay to his people's enemies gives one pause. Of course, the demolition is hardly a surprise, for it was foretold in Sharon's speech in Herzliya. Herzliya having been invoked, I ask the reader to compare the words and acts of the Old General with Pat Robertson's words at the same Herzliya gathering, in December, 2003. As quoted from The Official Site of Pat Robertson, Pat Robertson beseeched Israel: "[P]lease don't commit national suicide. It is very hard for your friends to support you, if you make a conscious decision to destroy yourselves."

Indeed, I find it increasingly difficult with every passing day.

Pat Robertson continued:

I hardly find it necessary to remind this audience of the stated objectives of Yasser Arafat, the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad. Their goal is not peace, but the final destruction of the State of Israel. At no time do they, or their allies in the Muslim world, acknowledge the sovereignty of Israel over even one square inch of territory in the Middle East. If a Palestinian State is created in the heart of Israel with sovereign power to deploy troops, import modern weapons - even weapons of mass destruction - and operate with full secrecy and diplomatic immunity, the ability of the State of Israel to defend itself will be fatally compromised.

The slogan "land for peace" is a cruel chimera. The Sinai was given up. Did that bring lasting peace? - No. Southern Lebanon was given up. Did that bring lasting peace? - No. Instead Hezbollah rode tanks to the border of Israel shouting, "On to Jerusalem!" Now, as many as 10,000 rockets aimed at Metulla, Qiryat Shemona, and all of Northern Israel have been put in place throughout Southern Lebanon.

Arafat was brought up at the knees of the man who yearned to finish the work of Adolf Hitler. How can any realist truly believe that this killer and his associates can become trusted partners for peace?

I ask you, IsraPundit's reader: If Herzl himself were present in Herzliya, if Herzl himself observed the destruction of the synagogue in Tapuach West, would he side with the Old General or with Pat Robertson? I know for sure with whom I side.

Joseph Norland is co-publisher of IsraPundit (http://israpundit.com), which is "dedicated to pro-Israel advocacy through the presentation of news and views."

Posted by David Ben-Ariel, January 20, 2004.
Dear President Bush:

You have lost your way!

It's such a tragedy because you could've become a hero in our British-Israelite history, judged as a great leader with character and conviction, yet you've chosen to ignore your conscience (to the peril of all) and have become drunk with delusions of a peace without biblical foundation! Now you shamefully follow the March of Folly with such comrades as Neville Chamberlain instead of Winston Churchill!

Your misguided roadmap hurls the Middle East down the Highway to Hell and invites EU road rage (to ditch America and drive their stake into the heart of Israel and occupy Jerusalem!) Fasten your seatbelt! EU turbulence is just ahead! (Isa. 28:18). President Bush, Commander-in-Chief of Manasseh, leader of the "Lost Tribes" and head of Joseph:

May you wholeheartedly repent of your accursed involvement with lying peace treaties (signed with blood) that will soon be littered (with many lives) along the way and encourage Israel to know President Ronald Reagan's "peace through strength" and Rabbi Meir Kahane's biblical solution to liberate the Arab-occupied territories, annex them and expel all who refuse to live in peace within the Promised Land of Israel (not Ishmael). After all is said and done, and you kneel before our common Creator and face our Jewish Lord and Savior - as a professing Christian, you know the Holy Land is given to the Jews (as custodians for all 12 Tribes) and that the God of Israel cannot be mocked and doesn't renege on His promises.

Why would you reward ungodly terrorists by erasing our forefather Israel's name off the map to supplant it with "Palestine" (Ps. 83)? Why would you dare to dismantle the Temple (Jerusalem) and dismember our Mother (Jewish homeland) to divide Israel's inheritance among bastards, whose illegitimate claims don't hold water' (Joel 3:2, Jer. 2:13). Who are you to tempt the Lord your God? Don't you know that the nations are soon to be judged for defiling the Holy Land with their unholy presence as "peacekeepers" and unnecessary meddling as mediators? Does God need the bloody UN to impose their will on His City or the German-Jesuits to stamp the Middle East with their Merovingian mark?

President Bush, descendant of King David through your royal lineage: May God bless you to keep the Faith, uphold Jerusalem and boldly support the Scriptures and prosper rather than vainly attempt to override them and miserably fail! May the God of your fathers bless you to make a u-turn and burn with His zeal (untouchable to hostile men or nations) and shine with the light of His Word, filled with His Spirit of joy (knowing God's anointing is upon you and that the faithful are praying for you!)

David Ben-Ariel is author of "Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall." His website address is http://benariel.port5.com/

Posted by Morris J. Amitay, January 20, 2004.
Making predictions for a new year should usually be considered risky business - except, it can be argued when it comes to the Middle East and Israel. Unfortunately, we can be assured that too many things will not really change.

For instance, it is a safe bet the UN's antipathy toward Israel will continue to be expressed in its numerous resolutions, statements and conferences devoted to the "inalienable rights of the Palestinian people". Writing in the Wall Street Journal recently, Max Kampelman reminded us that since 1964, the UN Security Council has passed no fewer than 88 anti-Israel resolutions and the General Assembly more than 400! Apparently this august body cannot find more important issues to occupy its attention.

So we can expect more of those lopsided majorities in the General Assembly supporting Arab-sponsored resolutions decrying the "occupation" and highlighting Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. In the somewhat weightier Security Council, the United States will again have to exercise its veto to protect Israel from unjustified attacks, with the U.K. occasionally abstaining. And predictably, the UN's slide into irrelevance will continue.

As for the Palestinians, you can count on their vitriolic expressions of hatred towards Jews, Israel, and the United States. These openly expressed attitudes should raise the obvious question why our country would support the emergence of yet another virulently anti-American corrupt dictatorship. Hope, it seems, must spring eternal at the State Department whose m.o. is "to do business" with just about any dictator. But with wiser heads in charge, the goal of a fully sovereign Palestinian state by 2005 looks like a non-starter. As long as Arafat is alive there can be no progress toward any kind of genuine accommodation - much less "peace". For the foreseeable future we can also forget about any Palestinian leader announcing the abandonment of the so-called "right of return". An entire generation raised on hatred of Jews and the United States cannot become peace loving overnight, as their admiration for Saddam Hussein and the insurrection in Iraq demonstrates. A common theme in PA sermons, calls for the destruction of the U.S., Britain - and, of course, Israel - will remain a constant in 2004.

In Israel, the "peace camp" will continue to ignore reality while giving aid and comfort to Israel's enemies. Peace Now will count and publicize every new (Israeli) structure in the disputed territories, while B'Tselem will denounce any real or perceived slight suffered by the Palestinians in response to Israel's measures to protect its citizens from murderous attacks. The Yossi Beilins, oozing their good intentions, will continue to search for Arab "peace partners" in all the wrong places, thereby earning the well-deserved contempt of a majority of Israelis.

Most of the Islamic world will also maintain its campaign to demonize the Jewish State while blaming it for their own self-inflicted wounds. Egypt will accelerate its military build-up (with U.S. help) but with no external threat in sight. Syria will surely not relinquish its hold over Lebanon or crack down on terrorist groups. It might, however, express a willingness to accept the entire Golan (including the Sea of Galilee shoreline), from Israel in exchange for vague promises of peaceful intentions - another non-starter. In Iran, repression by the mullahs will continue despite a restive population demonstrating its desire for freedom.

Here in the United States, the The New York Times will continue its barely disguised campaign to undermine the Bush Administration's reconstruction efforts in Iraq, while putting Israel in the worst light by slanted reporting, critical editorials, and Tom Friedman's fixation on "settlements" as the source of all evil in the Middle East. Not to be outdone, The Washington Post, will continue to routinely describe Israeli Government officials as "right wing" or "hard-liners" - but never refer to opposition figures as soft-liners or left-wingers.

In an election year, we can also be certain Jewish contributors and voters will be wooed with promises of support for Israel that will soon be forgotten after Election Day. (How many party platforms have we seen pledging to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem?) Suffice it to say, it is always preferable to be pandered to than ignored. This emphasis by politicians on linking Jewish American support with Israel will be resented and decried by those Jews who frequently seek to burnish their liberal credentials at Israel's expense. So we can expect Americans for Peace Now and leading Reform Rabbis to continue their carping about Israel's "humiliation" of Palestinians, and their calls for the U.S. to even-handedly impose a solution.

On the much more positive side, however there is the certainty that strong support for Israel will continue to be championed by the U.S. Congress. Whether by its resolutions, letters, or by adding funds for Israeli defense programs, the Congress, on a bipartisan basis, will maintain its welcome support for the Jewish State. For this, we can be grateful, but should never take it for granted. All in all, one thing is for certain, 2004 should be a year full of challenges for Jewish Americans and for Israe1.

Morrie Amitay is a former Executive Director of AIPAC and founder of the pro-Israel Washington PAC (washingtonpac.com).

Posted by Steven Plaut, January 20, 2004.
Myth #1: Israel is an aggressor.
Truth #1: Israel is the victim.

Myth # 2: The "intifada" wave of Palestinian terror was caused by Israeli occupation.
Truth #2: The "intifada" wave of Palestinian terror was caused by removal of Israeli occupation.

Myth #3: The territory of Israel used to be an Arab Palestinian state.
Truth #3: There has never been an Arab Palestinian state anywhere, anytime.

Myth #4: Arabs are mistreated by Israel.
Truth #4: Arabs under Israeli rule are treated infinitely better than are Arabs living under Arab regimes.

Myth #5: The West Bank is Palestinian land.
Truth #5: The West Bank is Jewish land, even though some governments of Israel have been prepared to relinquish it.

Myth #6: Creation of a Palestinian state will produce peace.
Truth #6: Creation of a Palestinian state will produce escalated war, perpetual terrorism and barbarism.

Myth #7: Arab war and terrorism against Israel was produced by Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
Truth #7: Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza was produced by Arab war and terrorism against Israel.

Myth #8: Israeli leftists are seeking to achieve peace.
Truth #8: Israeli leftists are motivated by hatred of their own country and their own people, and are seeking their destruction.

Myth #9: Arab terrorism is a byproduct of poverty.
Truth #9: Arab terrorists are almost all middle class and educated yuppies.

Myth #10: The key to peace is granting Palestinians hope.
Truth #10: The key to peace is taking away Palestinian hope (of destroying Israel).

Myth #11: The Palestinians seek to have their own state alongside Israel.
Truth #11: The Palestinians and their apologists seek to destroy Israel and conduct genocide against Jews.

Myth #12: Zionism is a form of racism.
Truth #12: Anti-Zionism is a form of racism.

Myth #13: Arab violence is a result of excessive use of force by Israel.
Truth #13: Arab violence is a result of insufficient use of force by Israel.

Myth #14: Israel can only achieve tranquility through displays of niceness.
Truth #14: Israel can only achieve tranquility through displays of harshness.

Myth #15: Israeli displays of flexibility and willingness to make concessions build Arab trust.
Truth #15: Israeli displays of flexibility and willingness to make concessions are seen by the Arabs as signs of weakness and encourage Arab aggression and irredentism.

Myth #16: The bulk of Palestinians want peace with Israel and oppose terror.
Truth #16: Virtually all Palestinians support war and endorse terror. None have publicly denounced terrorism.

Myth #17: Arafat is trying to halt the terror.
Truth #17: Arafat personally commands the terrorist groups carrying out most of the violence.

Myth #18: The Road Map is an effective plan to achieve peace.
Truth #18: The Road Map is an effective plan to achieve the destruction of Israel.

Myth #19: The Palestinian cause is similar to that of black South Africans under apartheid.
Truth #19: The Palestinian cause is similar to that of the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia.

Myth #20: Israel is an apartheid country.
Truth #20: Israel is the only state in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid country.

Myth #21: The Arab war against Israel is a struggle for justice.
Truth #21: The Arab war against Israel is a struggle for injustice.

Myth #22: The Middle East war is a result of unwillingness by Israel to share land and resources.
Truth #22: The Arabs control land from the Atlas mountains to Central Asia. The war is because they are unwilling for the Jews to control an area smaller than New Jersey.

Myth #23: Arabs became refugees because Israel expelled them.
Truth #24: Jews from Arab states became refugees because the Arab countries expelled them.

Myth #25: The Middle East war is about Israel refusing to acknowledge the Palestinian right of self-determination.
Truth #25: The Middle East war is about the Arab world refusing to allow the Israeli Jews the right of self-determination.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 20, 2004.
This was a news item in Arutz-7 (http://www.IsraelNN.com) today.

(IsraelNN.com) A small number of persons have already returned to Tapuah West, the site of the destroyed synagogue, taking the first steps towards rebuilding the structure. AT about 13:00 today, IDF troops entered the area and carried out a demolition order for the partially completed synagogue.

The building was recently dedicated as the International Headquarters of the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea. While Tapuah West is legal, authorities stated the synagogue did not have a permit.

Officials in the community explained the permit was requested but the government was unwilling to hold off on the demolition order issued by the prime minister and defense minister, seeming intent on destroying the building.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Isralert, January 20, 2004.
These are two pieces on Bashar Assad of Syria. The first is a DEBKAfile (http://www.debka.com) Special Report, entitled "Assad Hemmed in, Sends Hizballah to Lash out against Israel." The second is called "Sharon: It Would be a Mistake to Rescue Assad from World Pressure." It's by Gideon Alon and it appeared in Ha'aretz.


Syrian president Bashar Assad is a very worried man.

In a typical reflex action, he sent his Hizballah proxy to shoot up an Israeli military tractor, killing one Israeli soldier and injuring another, on the very day, January 19, that a group of Syrian opposition leaders based overseas held its first known public get-together in Brussels.

DEBKAfile's sources report the group last met five monthsago in Washington. Its new venue in Europe recalls the pattern of conduct followed by overseas Iraqi resistance groups prior to the Iraq war. Just as any such meeting Washington would have had to be sanctioned by the powers-that-be, so too Monday's gathering in Brussels could not have taken place without the approval of European Union leaders and the Belgian government. The Bashar regime finds itself increasingly isolated. Europe is clearly lining up with the United States on the Syrian problem. As one of Damascus's main trading partners, Europe is capable of squeezing the Assad regime economically even more than America.

DEBKAfile sees two reasons for this particular European alignment:

A. France and Germany in particular are seizing the opportunity of collaborating with the United States in an effort to mend their feud over Iraq. That is not to say they go along with the Bush administration's Iraq policy - only that as pragmatists they accept the reality of the Middle East being the focus of US global strategy and key plank of the US president's re-election campaign. Therefore, anyone failing to pitch in will be left out in the cold.

B. Iraq is undergoing tidal changes, which are relevant to the Syrian question in two ways:

1. The Americans are pulling ahead in the war against the pro-Saddam guerrillas. Despite the massive suicide car bomb attack Sunday, January 18, at the gates of the US-led coalition compound in Baghdad, in which 24 Iraqis died and 120 were injured, the number of anti-US strikes has dropped by some 70 percent since Saddam Hussein's capture on December 14. The daily count of 50 attacks has dwindled to an average of 15. DEBKAfile's military sources report that American commanders are bracing for the next wave of assaults expected to surge in the spring and early summer when the Bush re-election campaign is at its peak.

But meanwhile, Bashar Assad is in deep trouble, forced to realize he may have picked a loser. Having backed the pro-Saddam guerrilla war in Iraq with infusions of fighting strength, funds and weapons, his entire Middle East posture is now in question. It was based on the proposition that as long as the Americans were kept on the run in Iraq, they would leave him alone on such thorny issues as weapons of mass destruction - his own and the ones he hid away for Saddam Hussein, his domination of Lebanon and his support for the Hizballah and Palestinian terrorism. The other side of the proposition was just as simple: any decline in the anti-American guerrilla offensive would leave Syria shorn of its Iraqi lever against Washington and expose Assad to extreme heat. This is exactly what happened.

2. In the wake of the Iraq war, Syria finds itself severely hemmed in on all sides. In northern Iraq, whatever it may call itself, a self-ruling Kurdish state is rising with its own armed forces. Although part of the Iraqi federation, it will be out of bounds to Iraqi federal troops.

President Assad regards a fully autonomous Kurdish entity a strategic threat to Syria's territorial integrity - particularly in view of the secret military and intelligence relations between the two Iraqi Kurdish leaders Jalal Talabani and Mustafa Barzani and Israel. This concern has driven Damascus in recent weeks to woo Iran and Turkey in search of partners to resist the Kurdish momentum in Iraq.

Viewing the Syrian ruler's plight, European leaders have grasped that there is nothing to be gained by continuing to champion this Middle East leader.

Another recent development is directly pertinent to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

For decades, many Europeans and some Israelis espoused the cause of an independent Palestinian state. But because the Palestinians under Yasser Arafat's leadership opted for a violent campaign to achieve their ends, a path emulated by Bashar Assad, the Palestinians will lose out; Kurdistan will rise to statehood in 2004 - not Palestine.

A small group of moderate Arab leaders - Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah and Jordan's King Abdullah - have suddenly woken up to Syria's plight and are scrambling to mount a rescue operation. They are resorting to the rusty device of cooking up a new peace initiative to bring Syria and Israel together. Their initiative is still at its outset. So far, it bears a strong resemblance to the gimmicky Saudi peace plan of 2000 that quickly melted away in the heat of the Palestinian campaign of suicidal violence.

On Monday, January 19 too, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon threw cold water on the Syrian ruler's attempts to pick his way out of the minefield by suggesting peace talks. Let Assad first address the demands coming at him from the rest of the world, he said, before sitting down for talks with Israel. Sharon then turned aside to warn Israeli political figures urging him to take the Syrian feelers seriously that negotiations would entail relinquishing the Golan Heights, a step too unpopular for any Israeli politician to risk.

Assad knows he is cornered. The Syrian opposition leader, an American lawyer of Syrian descent called Farid Ghadiri, aired the substance of the decisions taken at the Brussels gathering before European media.

He called on the Syrian people to rise up against the Assad regime and fight for democracy without waiting like the Iraqis for outside forces to do the job for them. Syrians, he said, are capable of carrying out their own revolution.

This is the first time since the Assad dynasty seized power in Damascus in 1974 that anyone has urged Syrians to overthrow their government so bluntly.

The Syrian president's response was typical. All of a sudden his peace talk evaporated and made way for an order to the Hizballah to start shooting across the Lebanese-Israel frontier. Hence the anti-tank missile that hit an Israeli military tractor clearing bombs near Moshav Zarit, killing one Israel soldier and injuring another, and sending this usually calm border into a fresh spiral of of tension.

Assad appeared to be calculating that the tactic of violence which failed him against the Americans in Iraq, might just work against the Israelis. To see the above mentioned site for the "Syrian Democratic Coalition", go to http://www.reformsyria.com/.


Addressing the issue of Syria, Prime Minister Sharon told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Monday: "I hope it is clear to everyone that negotiations with Syria that start from where they left off means giving up the Golan Heights."

Syrian President Bashar Assad "can prove the seriousness of his intentions by responding positively to the world's demand to cease his support for global and regional terror and end his support for the terror organizations and then we will be happy to negotiate with him on every issue without any preconditions."

Palestinian terror gets its orders from Damascus, and Hizballah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards activity in Lebanon is all with Syrian permission. "Assad is on the list of those most responsible for the spread of international terror."

The Western world is closing in on Assad, pressuring him, and it would be a mistake to rescue him, Sharon said. "We're interested in peace with Syria, but not in exchange for lip service meant to relieve Syria of the pressure it faces."

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by Voice of Judea, January 20, 2004.
The high court of Israel rejected the petition filed by Jewish worshipers on Tapuach West, 10:00am Tuesday. The high court of Israel gave a green light to Sharon's Government to execute the immediate destruction of the Kahane synagogue on the Shomron hill of Tapuach West. While the Judge did ask the police and the soldiers who will implement the demolition to show respect for the Torah scroll and the holy place of worship, the ok was granted to destroy the building.

Residents of Tapuach West said, "Only a sick and cynical anti Semitic judge could speak of destroying a Shul while showing proper respect to the place. How does one show respect to a holy place as they smash the walls on top of the ark holding the torah scroll and on top of men, women and children who are praying inside? Only a sick twisted, sadistic and cynical person could say such a thing."

In the mean time the Head Rabbis of the settlements in Yesha called upon the Sharon Government to withdraw this evil decree and warned against the horrible implications and the grave sin of tearing down the synagogue in a statement they released early this morning.

Residents vow to resist, and vow to continue to pray in the holy place, regardless of the consequences. Ezra Stein said, "The destruction of the Kahane Synagogue on Tapuach West, marks the first shot in Sharon's 'Kristalnacht' against Jewish property in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. A state that discriminates against Jews and Judaism is neither a Jewish state nor a democracy. How many times has Israel permitted wanted Arab terrorists to hide out in Mosques and churches so as to not in any way damage the structures or offend religions? However zero sensitivity is shown when it is Judaism and Jewish places of worship."


Residents of Tapuach West are urging the public to join hands in resisting the destruction of the synagogue and in preventing the desecration to God's name. They request that people come immediately to Tapuach and to the synagogue. Organizers are also seeking emergency funds for transportation, housing and food for those who have already arrived. It is very likely that many of the residents of Tapuach will be injured God forbid during the demolition of the building. Many may be arrested and detained as well. Funds are urgently needed to cover these expenses.


Checks can be mailed or Fed Ex'd to:
Kahane Building Fund
Rehov Moriah 3
Jerusalem, Israel

For more information on wire transfer option or to contribute via credit card call 718 874 2057 or from Israel at 067 910 341 or email info@defendisrael.net

OR pay through Paypal by emailing paypal@hameir.org

[Additional Information. News items in Arutz-7: "Hundreds of pro-Land of Israel supporters began making their way to the site as soon as word of the ruling was learned. The security forces quickly placed barriers at the Tapuach Junction to prevent their arrival, but some of the supporters were able to arrive in any event."

"David HaIvri of Tapuach told Arutz-7 today that the town is in the process of registering the building for a permit: "We never would have dreamt that a Jewish town in Israel would not be permitted to build a synagogue," he said. "But we know Ariel Sharon from what he did in Yamit, and our job is to try to stop this from happening once again." Sharon, as Defense Minister in 1982, oversaw the evacuation and destruction of the city of Yamit and neighboring communities in northwestern Sinai following the signing of the peace treaty with Egypt. Sharon has since expressed regret for these actions."

"Eyewitness Gershon Hershkovitz said, "Hundreds of police/soldiers arrived here with great violence, most of them armed, and some of them even fired in the air. No one was hurt by the shots, thank G-d, but this is a bad precedent - and some people have been knocked unconscious by their violence... They took out the Torah scrolls and other holy books fairly roughly - but some 30 people are barricaded on the roof, so they can't take down the building... We call on people from all over to come and help us."

"By late this afternoon, some 30 residents had been arrested, the furniture had been taken out of the synagogue, and one wall was knocked down. Another eyewitness said that the books were taken out in an orderly fashion, "but our resistance wasn't just for show. We were trying to stop them. We also want to show them that it won't be so easy for them to take down other places in the Land of Israel."

The grassroots organization Cities of Israel released the following statement: "We are shocked at the destruction of a synagogue, which could easily have been authorized by Defense Minister Mofaz. If the identical event were to happen in Europe, it would rightly be castigated as anti-Semitism. Indeed, pressures from abroad to raze Jewish homes and institutions in [Judea and Samaria], while Arab homes and institutions sprout untouched, are just that - anti-Semitic." The organization also called on "Israel's friends abroad" to strongly protest and denounce the American pressure that "Prime Minister Sharon has specifically indicated is the impetus for these steps."]

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 20, 2004.
This is a terrible thing that's happening. The first paragraph was in yesterday's Arutz-7 website (http://www.IsraelNN.com) The rest of the story comes from today's article. [Ed. note: See the article posted by Voice of Judea below, appealing for help to save the synagogue on Tapuach West.]

(1) (IsraelNN.com) The Supreme Court this morning rejected an appeal filed by residents of Tapuah in the Shomron seeking to stop the planned IDF destruction of the Tapuah West synagogue that was dedicated earlier this month. The High Court's rejection of the appeal permits the army to proceed as planned.

(2)Demolition of Tapuach Synagogue Begins With Violence

Only a few hours after the Supreme Court rejected a petition this morning against the demolition of a synagogue in Tapuach, hundreds of police and soldiers arrived on the scene early this afternoon and began the destruction in a most violent manner.

The residents of the Shomron community of Tapuach claimed in court not that the synagogue is authorized, but rather that it is a basic need of the community, and that the decision to raze it is solely political. The judges rejected the suit based on what the Tapuach lawyer said was only a "technicality," and added that the demolition of the synagogue must be carried out with great caution.

Hundreds of pro-Land of Israel supporters began making their way to the site as soon as word of the ruling was learned. The security forces quickly placed barriers at the Tapuach Junction to prevent their arrival, but some of the supporters were able to arrive in any event.

David HaIvri of Tapuach told Arutz-7 today that the town is in the process of registering the building for a permit: "We never would have dreamt that a Jewish town in Israel would not be permitted to build a synagogue," he said. "But we know Ariel Sharon from what he did in Yamit, and our job is to try to stop this from happening once again." Sharon, as Defense Minister in 1982, oversaw the evacuation and destruction of the city of Yamit and neighboring communities in northwestern Sinai following the signing of the peace treaty with Egypt. Sharon has since expressed regret for these actions.

The Yesha Council said it objects to the evacuation of any Jewishly-held point in the Land of Israel, and that with a little good will, the government could have authorized the synagogue, just as the Barak government did in the past in similar situations. At the same time, the Yesha Council said it would not take part in the efforts to prevent the demolition "in cases where we do not know in advance the nature of the resistance." The Council thus leveled some veiled criticism of the Kach supporters in Tapuach, implying that they might respond violently to the evacuation.

A Voice of Israel reporter noted today that there is a precedent in previous evacuations for the destruction of a synagogue. It occurred in the Maon Farm in November 1999. Eyewitnesses said that it was carried out carefully, under the watchful eye of an IDF rabbi: first the Torah scrolls were gingerly taken out, and then the building was gradually razed.

Today in Tapuach, however, as reported by eyewitness Gershon Hershkovitz, the story was quite different. With loud screams and other noise in the background, Hershkovitz said, "Hundreds of police/soldiers arrived here with great violence, most of them armed, and some of them even fired in the air. No one was hurt by the shots, thank G-d, but this is a bad precedent - and some people have been knocked unconscious by their violence... They took out the Torah scrolls and other holy books very violently - but some 30 people are barricaded on the roof, so they can't take down the building... We call on people from all over to come and help us."

The Torah scroll, in the memory of terror victims Binyamin and Talia Kahane, was introduced into the synagogue in a festive ceremony only two weeks ago. Many hundreds of people from all over the country participated in the joyous occasion. Tapuach residents deny that the building is a center for the promulgation of the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, Binyamin's father. In fact, Talia's father, David Hertzlich, said that he uses the building "just to teach little children the verses of the Bible."

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 20, 2004.
Daniel Pipes once warned the American Jewish Congress that the increased presence, stature, affluence, and enfranchisement of US Muslims endanger US Jewry, because the Muslims are led primarily by Islamists. He clarified that statement a year later, by explaining that he made the same point to audiences of women, gays, civil libertarians, Hindus, Evangelical Christians, atheists, and scholars of Islam. They all are endangered by the increase in Muslims here.

Distorting the statement, which correctly assessed the extremism of US Muslim's leadership, Sen.Tom Harkin of Iowa condemned Mr. Pipes as bigoted. He also claimed that US Muslims have become Americanized, taking on American values. (No proof given.)

Pipes defends his prediction by citing the example of France. A French weekly's editor explained that post-War Jewry had thrived in France until a few years ago. Then Muslim immigrants reached a critical mass and rejected Jews as Jews and Zionists. They have set more than 20 synagogues and schools on fire, routinely harass Jewish children and teachers, beat rabbis in the street, and gain fame by calling Jewish nationalism dangerous. The country's elite has been reluctant to condemn this Muslim attitude and action. French Jewry is considering mass emigration. Sen. Harkin, let not the US make France's mistake! (Pipes #406, 1/5, e-mail.)

Imagine, a US Senator unaware that Islamism is engaged in a world war, and consider the US their chief enemy!

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 20, 2004.
This was an item on the Little Green Footballs website (http://littlegreenfootballs/weblog).

Speaking in Saudi Arabia, Bill Clinton rhapsodized Mohammed as a sort of Arab Henry Ford, and said that if cars had been around 1400 years ago (stay with me here), not only would Mohammed have made the desert kingdom the first automobile producing nation on earth, he would have even let the women drive! Saudi Arabia bars women from driving and being seen in public with men other than family members.

A fatwa, or edict, issued by the head of the country's Department of Religious Research, Missionary Activities and Guidance in 1990 declared women should not be allowed to drive because Islam supports women's dignity.

Clinton said, however, Muhammad would have let his wife get behind the wheel.

"He probably would have made Saudi Arabia the first automobile producing nation on earth and put her in charge of the business," he said, according to Reuters.

The former president was speaking at a conference in the Red Sea port of Jeddah, where women delegates, covered in black robes, were separated in the meeting hall from the men by a screen.

OK. That's stretching a metaphor w-a-a-a-y past the breaking point.

[Ed note: Comments made by a reader: Shouldn't that be 'wives' in paragraph #3, not 'wife'? One of Mohammad's wives was 9 years old - isn't that below the driving age?]

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 20, 2004.
This was written by Lucy Ballinger and appeared Sunday on IC Wales, "the national website of Wales" (http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk). Obviously, her values are different than mine. I think Rhys-Davies showed courage.

ONE of the biggest Welsh movie stars in Hollywood kicked off a race storm last night after making anti-Muslim remarks.

Outraged Islamic leaders in Wales demanded an immediate apology from Lord Of The Rings actor John Rhys-Davies, who claimed an increase in Europe's Muslim population was a "demographic catastrophe" threatening "Western civilisation".

The 59-year-old Ammanford actor's comments were originally made in an interview with American journalists from World magazine, but this week they were used by the far right British National Party in a leaflet to campaign for support among cinema-goers.

Last night Rhys-Davies stood by his views which follow Robert Kilroy-Silk's inflammatory anti-Arab column. But he criticised the BNP for hijacking his words for their own ends.

In the interview, Rhys-Davies, who plays heroic dwarf Gimli and recorded the voice of computer-animated character Treebeard in the Hollywood blockbuster, interprets Tolkien's story of good versus evil as a metaphor for modern race relations.

He said: "There is a demographic catastrophe happening in Europe that nobody wants to talk about, that we daren't bring up because we are so cagey about not offending people racially. And rightly we should be. But there is a cultural thing as well.

"By 2020, 50 per cent of the children in Holland under the age of 18 will be of Muslim descent.

"I think that Tolkien says that some generations will be challenged. And if they do not rise to meet that challenge, they will lose their civilisation. That does have a real resonance with me."

The 6ft tall actor, who wore facial prosthetics and performed on his knees to portray the 4ft 2in dwarf in Lord Of The Rings, even says he is aware that his beliefs could end his career, which has seen him star in the Indiana Jones films and James Bond movie The Living Daylights.

"I am for dead, (traditional) white male culture," said Rhys-Davies, who divides his time between his homes in Los Angeles and the Isle of Man.

"Many do not understand how precarious Western civilisation is and what a joy it is.

"From it, we get real democracy. From it, we get the sort of intellectual tolerance that allows me to propound something that may be completely alien to you.

"I'm burying my career so substantially in these interviews that it's painful. But I think there are some questions that demand honest answers."

The BNP reproduced some of his comments on their website, where they ask people to print them off and distribute them at showings of Lord Of The Rings.

BNP leader Nick Griffin last night defended using Rhys-Davies' words for their Stand, Men Of The West leaflet, which he claimed was popular with film-goers in the Valleys.

"He is not a racist in terms of race hate and nor are we," he said.

"We just feel his views dovetail with our message as the comments in the interview quoted reflect our opinions too."

Rhys-Davies said it was "distressing to find yourself on a BNP leaflet", adding: "But on reflection, these people can't really do any great harm unless you allow them to."

The actor's over-the-top views were criticised by Tolkien Society publicity officer Ian Collier.

He said: "The Tolkien Society is not a politically-aligned organisation and we do not in any way condone the use of his works to support messages of racial hate, just as Tolkien himself objected strongly to the use of Northern Myth by the Nazis.

"There is documentary evidence that Tolkien did not agree with these views and we are saddened to see this kind of misrepresentation occurring."

The views were greeted with contempt by the MP for Rhys-Davies' former home town, Ammanford.

"I condemn these comments as being racist and ill-informed," said Adam Price, Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr.

"It is obvious that this man who now lives in the lap of luxury in Hollywood is out of touch with realities of the nature of present day European society.

"His attack on Muslims and comments about the threat that they pose to Western society shows his ignorance of world events and the true teachings of Islam.

"Ammanford people will feel very let down by a man with such close connections to the town."

Last night Mohammed Javed, chairman of the Muslim Society for Wales, said: "We want an apology. This could stir up racial hatred in society. It's ignorance, he should learn more about Islam and the religions before he makes these comments.

"They are based on his ignorance and nothing else."

Chief executive of the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (Awema) Naz Malik agreed.

He said: "I do not know why he has said these things. If 50 per cent of people in Holland under 18 are Muslims in 16 years time, so what? In Britain the fastest growing race is mixed race, people of dual heritage. It is a cause for great celebration that our cultures are mixed.

"We live in a global society - we celebrate what is good in cultures and challenge what is bad in civilisations.

"Does he ever listen to any music other than European? Does he eat Indian food? Does he ever appreciate art other than that from Europe?

"I feel sorry for this actor because he must feel very insecure about his future. I feel sorry for his close mindedness."

Wales Friends of Searchlight's Ian Titherington accused the BNP of hijacking the actor's comments.

He said: "Tolkien's Ring Trilogy is generally considered to be the best fantasy story ever written.

"It really shows how desperate the BNP are, to try to make political capital out of a cinematic re-production of fantasy."

LAST NIGHT we spoke to John Rhys-Davies from his Hollywood home and asked him to defend his opinions.

Here's what he said...

I BELIEVE in racial equality not racial discrimination. All I was commenting on was that there are cultural changes taking place in Europe that I consider to be unacceptable.

The fact that a minister of the French government has to fly to Cairo to talk with one of the religious heads in one of the mosques to get his approval for a ban on headscarves can be seen in two ways.

One, is how wonderfully culturally sensitive. The other, it seems to give an authority to a wholly unelected figure well outside Europe's jurisdiction.

I am really proud to be living in a society that accepts women as our equals, that accepts civilised discourse that allows people to hold different opinions without coming to any act of violence.

Here in America when that earthquake happened in Iran the reaction of everyone I knew was horror and dismay, the reaction of everyone when they heard that the old woman had been brought out alive long after they thought there was anyone there was absolute awe at the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit to survive. Contrast that with people jumping up and down and clapping at the 9/11 disaster in certain countries.

I don't think that Western society is opposed to Islamic society at all. I think a very important part of Islamic society is opposed to Western society.

It is time that ordinary Muslims stood up to be counted.

Most societies can benefit from a good stirring of genes, but most cultures are tolerant of each other. I do not see Buddhists throwing bombs into Christian churches, I do not see Christians blowing up Hindu temples, I do not see those sorts of challenges.

When we are prepared to overlook certain things because we don't want to rock the boat, this is wrong.

The greatest act of racism is to expect that other people will not behave according to your values and standards.

Yes, I am for dead, (traditional) white male culture. It's pretty damn good, pretty damn marvellous, pretty wonderful. That's not to exclude other cultures, but it's not to diminish mine.

I'm sorry that might be perceived as infringing some sort of racial taboo, it's certainly not intended to be a racial remark.

We are losing the ability to sit down and be able to have a tolerable argument.

I do not want to see a society where, should I ever have any, my granddaughters have their fingernails pulled out because they are wearing nail varnish.

I hope that my friends and relatives in Wales are not going to be shocked by what they are going to read about.

Do not brand me a racist because I am most certainly not.

But I will stand by this: Western Christianised Europe has values and experience that is worth defending.

Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 20, 2004.
This was written by Michael Fuah, General Manager of Manhigut Yehudit. Manhigut Yehudi (Jewish Leadership) is a group of people inside the Likud party who want to see Israel adopt a more Jewish character. It was begun by Moshe Feiglin, who has emphaticaly said he does not want a theocracy, but he does want a State based on Jewish values.

When a person whose sole interest is money is shown a beautiful flower, he doesn't enjoy its appearance, nor its fragrance, but only asks "How much does it cost?"

The same thing happens when a society motivated mainly by personal aims encounters one motivated by ideology. The cultural gap is apparently the reason for the name "Feiglinites" given by the media and Education Minister Limor Livnat to members of Manhigut Yehudit. As one who greatly admires and works closely with Moshe Feiglin, I wish to announce that I am not a Feiglinite! Furthermore, although I think that in the current situation he is the most suitable candidate for the post of prime minister, I am not a Feiglinite!

The term "Feiglinites" derives from a philosophy that attributes importance to loyalty to a person and not to an idea. Those who believe in loyalty to an idea are similar to those who can enjoy the appearance and fragrance of a beautiful flower, while those who are career-motivated ask merely "How much does it cost? Who should I flatter now, and how will I benefit from doing so?" Amendment 19c to the Likud Constitution, which is currently being proposed by Manhigut Yehudit, lies precisely on the borderline between two cultures. It is proposed that an MK or minister cannot be a candidate to represent the party for a period of five years if he votes in the Knesset or the government against decisions of the Likud Central Committee. This is an amendment required at a time when lack of public integrity is commonplace.

The situation in which people are elected on a basis of a specific political platform and then adopt a diametrically opposed policy is especially conspicuous in a party such as the Likud, and the reason for it is simple. In order to advance within the ranks of the party you have to express loyalty to its values. From the moment that you have been elected, and you want to be popular with the media, you begin to adopt a more Leftist attitude, or kick the party from which you came. Call Central Committee members "Indians" and you will be considered clever, refer to them as "criminal elements" without naming even one of them and you will be commended for your courage to the acclaim of the press.

Not by chance does amendment 19c, which was intended to establish new standards of reliability and integrity in political leadership, so frighten the current leadership. The idea of the Jewish State proposed by Manhigut Yehudit is greater than all the current leaders of Manhigut Yehudit, and does not depend on one person or another.

The name "Feiglinites", which centers on a specific personality, is foreign to the movement and expresses a different culture. It is true that the name "members of Manhigut Yehudit" is not sufficiently trendy for the media.

Furthermore, it is difficult to use such a name to refer to a group, since many people feel they belong to it, including mainly Likudniks.

This is in fact its strength. Anyone who makes efforts to cause Israel to change from being a state of all its citizens to a Jewish State, already belongs in fact to Manhigut Yehudit. Those who have already joined the Likud, and the many others joining now, are simply concentrating their joint efforts in the political field in order to advance this process. The intensity of the reaction proves that they are succeeding.

Posted by Voice of Judea, January 19, 2004.

Residents of Tapuach west in the Shomron hills of Israel have sent an urgent plea to Jews around the world to pray for their synagogue that is at risk of being torn down by the Israeli troops to satisfy American and Arab dictates.

The synagogue was built one month ago to facilitate the basic religious needs of the approximately 100 Jewish residents on the hill. Extreme anti religious minister Tommy Lapid of the Shinui party demanded the destruction of the synagogue several weeks ago. The synagogue was built in memory of Rabbi Meir Kahane as well as in memory of his son Binyamin and daughter-in-law Talya hy"d. The 3 Kahanes were murdered by Arab terrorists. Binyamin and Talya were ambushed and killed several miles away from Tapuach 3 years ago; their 6 orphaned children continue to reside in Tapuach.

In addition to requesting the active participating in tonight's prayer vigil and in addition to the urgent request for Jews worldwide to join in prayer on behalf of the synagogue, residents are also requesting desperately needed funds to house and feed the hundreds of people who are coming to the hill and to continue with building plans of the synagogue on the hill. Yekutiel Ben Yaakov said, "We will not be broken regardless of the evil decree; we will continue to study Torah and pray in this holy synagogue on this holy land of Eretz Yisrael. They can come with their tanks and come with their tractors, we come in the name of god and the spirit of Judaism will overcome the evil edicts of the modern day Hellenists."

Desperately needed funds can be mailed or Fed Ex'd to the Kahane Building Fund:

Rehov Moriah 3
Jerusalem, Israel

for more information please call 718 874 2057 or email info@defendisrael.net

This is an urgent plea for prayer, physical participation and desperately needed funds!

The website address of Voice of Judea is http://www.voiceofjudea.net. Subscribe by writing listmaster@voiceofjudea.net

Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, January 19, 2004.
It has just been reported that American Intelligence has concluded increasing fatal hits on American aircraft is due to a more sophisticated ground-to-air missile being employed by Iraqi (militants) - can't call them Terrorists due to PC Media policies. So far, 9 helicopters have been hit by missiles and 46 American soldiers have been killed. (1)

Shoulder-fired missiles can range from low tech RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) to very intelligent missiles that track heat, proximity sensors, fire-and-forget guidance systems - each having different distance capabilities.

Israelis should pay attention because this affects you! Incoming and taking off airliners with hundreds of passengers will be in range of the Bush/Powell/Sharon new Arab State of Palestine.

Some will recall that we Americans provided the "Mujahaddin" (Muslim guerillas in Afghanistan - including Osama Bin Laden) with Stinger missiles and the training to use them. It worked well as the Afghans wreaked havoc on Soviet helicopters and other low-flying combat aircraft. The Soviets were driven out of Afghanistan because even their combat-hardened pilots could not avoid these smart shoulder-fired missiles.

Some Stingers have flowed from Afghanistan through Pakistan and on into Iran and are still operational - somewhere. There are also other types available. They are made by France, England, Germany, Sweden, Russia, etc. Israel will absolutely face a mix of these weapons once the Arab Palestinians are allowed to get within range and with no Israeli patrols to stop them.

The hits against American aircraft in Iraq with increasing frequency didn't take deep analysis to conclude that ground-to-air missiles of a higher quality were being used. These are coming mostly through the Syrian (or Lebanese) border along with trained foreign (Muslim) Terrorists from many nations. (CNN presented a one hour program, War on Terror, on Saturday January 17 at 7 PM CST which forthrightly described the Muslim Terror network throughout the world. This program concentrated on the millions in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.)

But, not to worry - President George W. Bush is supplicating Syria's President Bashar Assad through the good offices of James Baker's Institute at Rice University. Bush has already indicated that he will NOT employ the sanctions authorized by the Syrian Accountability Act, the law Congress just passed. But, instead Bush seems to be using the backdoor "Presidential Waiver" to pander to Bashar Assad.

I, for one, never believed that Bush and Company would ever use this bill to punish Syria. We have all been suckered by the Waiver Provision. Consider the millions paid to Arafat under the "Presidential Waiver" after the U.S. State Department issued its annual whitewash of Yasser Arafat's PLO.

The "Presidential Waiver" has been used every six months to stop the U.S. State Department from moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

An impertinent question: "Does the Congress provide phoney bills for their electorate, knowing the President will always use his Waiver clause?"

Bush, through James Baker, has just sent Edward P. Djerejian to plead, massage and make promises to Assad - just as Baker did with Bashar's late father, Hafez al Assad. I would guess the promises are to sell him vast quantities of U.S. weapons, using American aid (read: free). America did this with Egypt to the tune of $2 Billion a year since the Camp David Accords, which adds up to about $50 Billion of American taxpayers' dollars given away to Egypt.

Strangely, something of that nature is occurring now with Libya. Reports indicate the American weapons' industry, with Bush approval, had been negotiating with Moammar Kaddafi since the middle of last year. Now, that Kaddafi has 'koshered' himself so that he can be supplied with advanced American aircraft, missiles, tanks - possibly using the Egyptian formula. So, forget about the Bush pledge to confront Global Terror. Nudge it over to the column marked cash flow through aid-supported sales to benefit what General/President Dwight Eisenhower called the military/industrial complex. Sales and/or gifts to Syria and Libya will be a new and windfall market to American arms manufacturers. Thus, you can expect new and profitable wars in the future - courtesy of the Bush family and their rings of political cronies in industry.

Thus goes the Global War against Terror.

The 'Lesson' Israel has to learn out of the "new" Intelligence about American aircraft being shot down in Iraq by shoulder-fired missiles is this: When - at the behest of the Bush/Quartet Road Map and the collapse of Prime Minister Sharon's instincts for survival, another Arab State of Palestine is created, Israel will face the same circumstances of missile Terror facing Americans in Iraq - only closer in to their homes.

Not to be alarmist but - what's to stop Global Terrorists from targeting American planes on American airfields: civilian and/or military? Or European civilian and/or military airfields?

No aircraft, civilian or military, will be safe from ground attacks in the narrow air corridors left for Israel to fly. Civilian airliners, circling to land in Israel, or slowly gaining altitude in take-off will be literally sitting ducks for the present sophisticated missiles now in production.

As the years pass, Israel will become even more unable to defeat close-up missiles with the electronic counter-measures currently installed on most Israeli and some international aircraft. In fact, the entire aircraft industry, globally, are now contracting for these anti-missile systems at extraordinary expense (instead of eliminating the threats at their sources).

But, not to worry. Bush seems certain he can tame the Arab/Muslim 'militants' and they will turn in their present inventory of missiles and promise not to purchase more or fire them at landing aircraft. Sure!

Sharon seems delusionally confident that, even though he brings the 'militants' within easy range (should we say 'a stone's throw' away?) of all incoming and outgoing aircraft, there will be NO danger. One can only wait and pray that a giant passenger plane from EL Al, British Airways, Lufthansa, et al, will not be shot down with 400 passengers on board. I would guess that the lawsuits against Israel's incompetence and dereliction of passenger safety would be in the hundreds of Millions to Billions of dollars. Of course, all foreign airlines would terminate flights to Israel. El Al would remain the only carrier but since the new State of Palestine was born by the Bush/Sharon diktat, who would fly through a combat air space, even with El Al?

I would think that liability would lie personally with Sharon for malfeasance of office - given that he already knows that the Arabs promised continual Terror - even after a peace treaty and another Arab/Muslim State of Palestine was given to them. Sharon already knows that advanced shoulder-fired missiles have been smuggled in from Egypt - with President Mubarak's knowledge. Israeli Intelligence has probably already calculated that it could not maneuver or fly over the Judean and Samarian mountains - except at very high altitudes, given the presence of shoulder-fired missiles - once another Arab/Muslim State of Palestine exists and presses up on Israel's borders.

Clearly, both Sharon individually and the successive Israeli government administrations, past, present and future will be responsible for putting Israelis and such foreign nationals who dare to fly into Israel in jeopardy. Kaddaffi had to pay over a Billion dollars for Pan Am flight #103 which his Libyan Terrorists were responsible for crashing over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988, killing 259 people on the plane plus 11 on the ground. While the intent was somewhat different, the end product, that of shooting down civilian airliners, will be the same - although the criminal charges will be malfeasance in office and dereliction of responsibility to protect civilians.

Sharon has again demonstrated his incompetence to protect the citizens of Israel. Just days after a woman suicide bomber came into Israel with a stream of Palestinian workers and blew herself up along with four teenage Israeli soldiers, Sharon opens up the same gates again. This can be no less than criminal, given the facts.

Israeli politicians seem unable to learn a lesson from the grief of others, as is happening in Iraq. First, Israelis must experience their own tragedies, several hundred times, before they get the idea.

Clearly, Sharon and Bush's new Arab State of Palestine will be an excellent ground base from which to launch shoulder-fired missiles at all aircraft. Additionally, the Arab/Muslim Palestinians can also launch long range mortars, missiles and artillery over Sharon's "Wall of Life" meant to separate the Arab Terrorists from the Jewish communities. They will be able to hit anywhere in the nine mile width that is left of the Jewish State of Israel.

Good thinking, Arik! But, do pack a bag in case the Israeli citizenry decide to revolt and run you, Peres, Beilin and all the radical Lefties out of town.


1. "Iraq Rebels Seen Using More Skill to Down Copters" by Eric Schmitt NEW YORK TIMES January 18, 2004

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Mid East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel, Gamla (http://gamla.org.il/english) and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm)

Posted by Bryna Berch, January 19, 2004.
This appeared on the Arutz-7 website (http://www.IsraelNN.com) today.

Photographs taken by British pilots in 1944, at the height of the Holocaust, reveal the truth of the long-time Jewish claim that the Allies could have bombed the railroad tracks leading to the Nazi death camps - and even the gas chambers themselves.

The archives of some five million photos are being made available today on a new internet site (www.evidenceincamera.co.uk). Some pictures show a clearly-identifiable plume of smoke rising from a crematorium in Auschwitz, while others show smoke rising from burial pits where bodies that were unable to be taken to the crematoria were burned.

"One thing is certain," says Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum director Avner Shalev. "These photos show once again, in a most chilling manner, that which was known before: The Allies were able to reach the death camps, fly over them, photograph them - and bomb them."

British sources say that the tremendous amount of photographs that were taken made it difficult to analyze all of the relevant ones. The Allied intelligence services apparently chose the ones that were of immediate military importance.

Shalev adds that it was in mid-1944 when the destruction of 600,000 Hungarian Jews was at its peak. Yad Vashem archives already have pictures taken by American and South African pilots of the death camps, including some which show the smoke of dead Jews rising skyward. In many cases, an analysis of the time and date of the picture, together with information on the various transports of Jews that arrived at the camps, can produce an accurate picture of the precise origin of the transport eternalized in the photo.

Because of the tremendous interest generated by the site, it has been largely inaccessible since its launching this morning.

Posted by Isralert, January 19, 2004.
This is a piece from the Peace Encyclopedia available at http://www.yahoodi.com. It is the section on Palestine and the Palestinians (http://www.yahoodi.com/peace/palestinians.html#whatwa). Reading it on the Yahoodie website allows you to immediately link to other sites with detailed information on the different subjects.. [Ed. Note: The Background page of Think-Israel (http://www.think-israel.org/background.html) has additional accurate sources of information on the Arab-Israeli conflict.]

Use of a term like "Palestinian" without the suffix "Arab" and the term "Israeli-Occupied Palestine" have served to confuse the public into thinking that there has always been an independent "Palestinian" people which hasn't been given the opportunity for self-determination. In fact, any such failure has been the fault of the government of Jordan, which covers the majority of what was once known as "Palestine" and in which the majority of Palestinian Arabs live. "Palestinians" [are an] Arab people no one heard of before 1967.

Are the Palestinians native to the land where Israel now exists?

"The fact is that today's Palestinians are immigrants from the surrounding nations! I grew up well knowing the history and origins of today's Palestinians as being from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Christians from Greece, Muslim Sherkas from Russia, Muslims from Bosnia, and the Jordanians next door. The civil and tribal wars between Yemmenites (from Yemen) and Kessites (from Banu Kais of Saudi Arabia)... are well known among Palestinians. "My grandfather, who was a dignitary in Bethlehem, almost lost his life by Abdul Qader Al-Husseni (the leader of the Palestinian revolution) after being accused of selling land to Jews. He used to tell us that his village Beit Sahur (The Shepherds Fields) in Bethlehem County was empty before his father settled in the area with six other families. The town has now grown to 30,000 inhabitants." - Walid, a Palestinian Arab defector, talking about the recent immigration of Arabs to Palestine. quoted from "Answering Islam"

The current PLO and Arab claim (and mainstream media regurgitation of it) is indeed a very distorted version of `recorded history' and can only qualify as pure Orwellian propaganda. In fact, putting aside all the myths and propaganda, the only area that would qualify historically as truly Arab land, is the Arabian desert peninsula. Unfortunately, it seems that Goebbels was correct in stating that if a lie were repeated often enough, it would come to be "perceived" as truth.

No doubt, some Arabs have lived in the area of the Mandate of Palestine for many centuries, but not as many of them as had the Jews. What is more, Jews had lived in Arab lands since times preceding Islam itself. And yet, these Jews in Arab lands were never regarded as citizens of the Arab lands they lived in and were unceremoniously expelled in the years subsequent to Israel's establishment. In other words, residency alone did not confer national rights on those who inhabited an area. Nor did it make a people out of congeries of Arabs and other nationalities that had come to the area of the Mandate of Palestine while the Jewish people were restricted. The nations of the world recognized this after World War I when the League of Nations determined that the geographical area called Palestine was to become a homeland for the Jewish people, the people that had been continuously associated with this land since ancient times when it was known as Judea and Samaria. - David Basch

So why did so many Arabs end up in Palestine?

During the British Mandate, even well into the 1940s, Arabs were allowed into "Palestine" in huge numbers without visa or passport, especially from the Hauran District of Syria, while the British continued to do everything possible to prevent Jews from entering, even down to the last minute when all attempts were made to deny entry to thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. Only in 1948 were Jewish refugees allowed free entry to their homeland, and that was because Israel had, once again, become an independent nation.

[The Arabs of Ottoman Palestine may have] had certain attachments to the fields they were cultivating but at the same time they were destroying the Land. Parkes stated that "in the wars between villages it was far too common a practice to cut down fruit trees and olives and to destroy crops, and this in the end caused as much loss of life through hunger as was caused by the actual casualties of fighting". He concluded that "in spite of the immense fertility of the soil, it is probable that in the first half of the nineteenth century the population sank to the lowest level it had ever known in historic times."

Palestinian leaders claim that Israel is built on Arab land, when the truth is that eyewitnesses such as Mark Twain and Rev. Manning of England who visited the Holy Land in the last century wrote that the land was barren and empty. The population then was less that 5% of today's population. In fact Joan Peters in her book "From Time Immemorial" tells us that the return of the Jews in 1800's and early 1900's created jobs and Arabs from impoverished areas were drawn into the Holy Land for work. Peters also tells us that in 1948 so many Arabs were new to the area and could not qualify for the UN requirement for refugee status (people forced to leave "permanent" or "habitual" homes) that they added a clause permitting refugee status for Arabs who had been there as little as two years. Thus the Zionist slogan "The Land without a people for the people without a land" was absolutely correct. The slogan did not mean that there were no inhabitants at all in Palestine, it just indicated that the non-Jewish population constituted a conglomeration of dozens of heterogeneous groups of residents having very little in common, i.e. not constituting a single nation, a people. These residents were not united by any specific national idea. Parkes wrote that the Balfour declaration for the first time established a "unit called Palestine on a political map... There was no such thing historically as a 'Palestinian Arab', and there was no feeling of unity among 'the Arabs' of this newly defined area."

So before the creation of the State of Israel, who were the Palestinians?

Until 1950, the name of the Jerusalem Post was THE PALESTINE POST; the journal of the Zionist Organization of America was NEW PALESTINE; Bank Leumi was the ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK; the Israel Electric Company was the PALESTINE ELECTRIC COMPANY; there was the PALESTINE FOUNDATION FUND and the PALESTINE PHILHARMONIC. All these were Jewish organizations. In America, Zionist youngsters sang "PALESTINE, MY PALESTINE", "PALESTINE SCOUT SONG" and "PALESTINE SPRING SONG" In general, the terms Palestine and Palestinian referred to the region of Palestine as it was. Thus "Palestinian Jew" and "Palestinian Arab" are straightforward expressions. "Palestine Post" and "Palestine Philharmonic" refer to these bodies as they existed in a place then known as Palestine. The adoption of a Palestinian identity by the Arabs of Palestine is a recent phenomenon. Until the establishment of the State of Israel, and for another decade or so, the term Palestinian applied almost exclusively to the Jews.

What was the identity of the Arabs of Palestine at the end of the Ottoman Empire?

On August 11, 1919 in a memorandum to Lord Curzon, Lord Balfour stated that "whatever be the future of Palestine, it is not now an 'independent nation,' nor is it yet on the way to becoming one". Professor of history Reverend James Parkes wrote in Whose Land that "before 1914,... the mass of the population [in Palestine] had no real feeling of belonging to any wider unit than their village, clan or possibly confederation of clans". He stressed the point that "up to that time it is not possible to speak of the existence of any general sentiment of nationality". A Palestinian Arab, Professor of history Rashid Khalidi recently confirmed Balfour's and Parkes' statements that the population of Palestine at the beginning of this century did not represent a distinct nation. In his book Palestinian Identity, he wrote that only at the beginning of the twentieth century did the Arabs of Palestine start to see "themselves as part of other communities, both larger and smaller ones. This identification certainly did not include all sectors or classes of the population. But it did constitute a new and powerful category of identity that was simply nonexistent a generation or two before, and was still novel and limited in its diffusion before World War I."

...the non-Jewish residents of Palestine tried to don several different identities. First, they attempted to become Ottomans. This attempt failed after the defeat of the Ottoman army and subsequent withdrawal of Ottoman authority from Palestine. As Khalidi wrote, "in a period of a few years, Ottomanism as an ideology went from being one of the primary sources of identification for Palestinians, to having no apparent impact at all."

Then came the turn of the Syrian identity that did not last long either. When the French crushed the two-year-old independent Syrian state in 1920, the elite of the Palestinian Arabs decided to change orientation again. Khalidi quotes the nationalist leader Musa Kazim Pasa al-Husayni, who said, "Now, after the recent events in Damascus, we have to effect a complete change in our plans here. Southern Syria no longer exists. We must defend Palestine". It is important to note that the nationalist movement among the non-Jewish residents of Palestine did not originate on its soil, but was imported from Egypt, Turkey and France. Parkes wrote that it was "exclusively political in the narrowest sense, and showed little awareness of the day-to-day problems which would arise if its political objective were reached". Illiterate fellahen became the pawns in the game of power-thirsty Arab nationalists who tried to repeat King Abdulla's success in Jordan at a smaller scale in the remaining part of Palestine.

Are the Palestinians a separate and unique people, different from the other Arabs? When did the notion arise - of the Palestinians as a separate Arab people?

There is no language known as Palestinian. There is no distinct Palestinian culture. There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians (another recent invention), Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 percent of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one-tenth of 1 percent of the landmass. But that's too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting in Israel is about today. Greed. Pride. Envy. Covetousness. No matter how many land concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough. - Joseph Farah, Arab-American journalist, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily

The concept of "Palestinians" is one that did not exist until about 1948, when the Arab inhabitants, of what until then was Palestine, wished to differentiate themselves from the Jews. Until then, the Jews were the Palestinians. There was the Palestinian Brigade of Jewish volunteers in the British World War II Army (at a time when the Palestinian Arabs were in Berlin hatching plans with Adolf Hitler for world conquest and how to kill all the Jews); there was the Palestinian Symphony Orchestra (all Jews, of course); there was The Palestine Post; and so much more. The Arabs who now call themselves "Palestinians" do so in order to persuade a misinformed world that they are a distinct nationality and that "Palestine" is their ancestral homeland. But they are no distinct nationality at all. They are the same - in language, custom, and tribal and family ties - as the Arabs of Syria, Jordan, and beyond.

There is no more difference between the "Palestinians" and the other Arabs of those countries than there is between, say, the citizens of Minnesota and those of Wisconsin. What's more, many of the "Palestinians", or their immediate ancestors, came to the area attracted by the prosperity created by the Jews, in what previously had been pretty much of a wasteland. - New York Times, June 12, 2000 (via CFICEJ's ISRAEL REPORT May/June 2000)

Meeting in Cairo in 1964, the Arab League resolved to divert the waters of the Jordan River, which are vital for Israel's existence. At that same conference, there was a public declaration of the intention to destroy Israel, and the PLO was founded. - Anita Shapira, The New Republic, 29 November, 1999

It is mainly in the past few decades that "Palestinian" has been co-opted by the Arabs, as if the name belongs exclusively to them, pretending to have a long history and independent national identity. Until 1967, most of those who now call themselves Palestinians were reasonably happy with their Jordanian citizenship and with calling themselves "Jordanians" Even today, there is strong support among the "Palestinian" majority of Jordan for their Hashemite monarchy, though King Hussein relies on his Bedouin troops when he needs absolute loyalty. The use of a term like "Palestinian" without the suffix "Arab" and the term "Israeli-Occupied Palestine" have served to confuse the public into thinking that there has always been an independent "Palestinian" people which hasn't been given the opportunity for self-determination. In fact, any such failure has been the fault of the government of Jordan, which covers the majority of what was once known as "Palestine" and in which the majority of Palestinian Arabs live.

"Palestinians" [are an] Arab people no one heard of before 1967 before Israeli governments certified this piece of propaganda... As has been noted many times before, prior to 1948, that is before Jews had begun to call themselves Israelis, the only persons known as "Palestinians" were Jews, with the Arabs much preferrring to identify themselves as part of the great Arab nation. - David Basch

The actual word "Palestine" came from the Romans, not the Arabs, and there has never been an independent country or state of Palestine, nor a Palestinian rule. Yet we are led to believe that there are Palestinians and then there are Arabs.

Avi Erlich wrote in his book Ancient Zionism, A Palestinian Arab claim to the Land of Israel cannot rise above a claim to houses, lost from the larger Arab Empire. Neither Moorish homes in Cordoba nor Arab homes in Jerusalem can reasonably constitute lost nations... Homeland represents the grafting of a specific place with a specific national idea. No Palestinian idea beyond the claim to land or other lost property has ever been articulated. Borrowed and usurping nationhood does not count.

Palestine has always constituted a single geographical, political and demographic unit with Greater Syria and Egypt. On its soil the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt intermingled. Palestine also witnessed, as a land bridge linking Asia, Africa, and Europe, several movements and waves of conquerors who dominated it for different periods of time and left behind varying degrees of influence. - By Abdul Jawad Saleh, in Transformation of Palestine, printed in Challenge, February 1995, published on the WWW by the Center for Research and Documentation of Palestinian Society, Bir Zeit University, the West Bank

Prior to partition, Palestinian Arabs did not view themselves as having a separate identity. When the First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations met in Jerusalem in February 1919 to choose Palestinian representatives for the Paris Peace Conference, the following resolution was adopted: "We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds."

"There is no such country [as Palestine] 'Palestine' is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria." - Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, a local Arab leader, to the Peel Commission, 1937

"Palestine was part of the Province of Syria... politically, the Arabs of Palestine were not independent in the sense of forming a separate political entity." - The representative of the Arab Higher Committee to the United Nations submitted this in a statement to the General Assembly in May 1947

"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria." - Ahmed Shuqeiri, later the chairman of the PLO, to the UN Security Council

The Romans had changed the name of the Land of Israel to "Palestine." But from A.D. 640 until the 1960s, Arabs referred to this same Land as "Southern Syria." Arabs only started calling the Land "Palestine" in the 1960s.

Until about the eighteenth century, the Christian world called this same Land, "The Holy Land." Thereafter, they used two names: "The Holy Land" and "Palestine." When the League of Nations in 1922 gave Great Britain the mandate to prepare Palestine as a national home for the Jewish people, the official name of the Land became "Palestine" and remained so until the rebirth of the Israeli State in 1948. During this very period, the leaders of the Arabs in the Land, however, called themselves Southern Syrians and clamored that the Land become a part of a "Greater Syria." This "Arab Nation" would include Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Transjordan as well as Palestine.

An observation in TIME magazine well articulated how the Palestinian identity was born so belatedly in the 1960s: Golda Meir once argued that there was no such thing as a Palestinian; at the time, she wasn't entirely wrong. Before Arafat began his proselytizing, most of the Arabs from the territory of Palestine thought of themselves as members of an all-embracing Arab nation. It was Arafat who made the intellectual leap to a definition of the Palestinians as a distinct people; he articulated the cause, organized for it, fought for it and brought it to the world's attention. If there was an Arab Palestinian culture, a normal population increase over the centuries would have been expected. But with the exception of a relatively few families, the Arabs had no attachment to the Land. If Arabs from southern Syria drifted into Palestine for economic reasons, within a generation or so the cultural tug of Syria or other Arab lands would pull them back. This factor is why the Arab population average remained low until the influx of Jewish financial investments and Jewish people in the late 1800s made the Land economically attractive. Then sometime between 1850 and 1918, the Arab population shot up to 560,000.

Not to absolve the Jews but to defend British policy, the not overfriendly British secretary of state for the colonies, Malcolm MacDonald, declared in the House of Commons (November 24, 1938), "The Arabs cannot say that the Jews are driving them out of the country. If not a single Jew had come to Palestine after 1918, I believe the Arab population of Palestine would still have been around 600,000... "Because Arabs until the 1960s spoke of Palestine as Southern Syria or part of Greater Syria, in 1919 the General Syrian Congress stated, "We ask that there should be no separation of the southern part of Syria, known as Palestine."

In 1939 George Antonius noted the Arab view of Palestine in 1918: Faisal's views about the future of Palestine did not differ from those of his father and were identical with those held then by the great majority of politically-minded Arabs. The representative Arab view was substantially that which King Husain [Grand Sherif of Mecca, the great grandfather of the current King Hussein of Jordan] had expressed to the British Government... in January 1918. In the Arab view, Palestine was an Arab territory forming an integral part of Syria.

Referring to the same Arab view of Palestine in 1939, George Antonius spoke of "the whole of the country of that name [Syria] which is now split up into mandated territories..." His lament was that France's mandate over Syria did not include Palestine which was under Britain's mandate.Syrian President Hafez Assad once told PLO leader Yassir Arafat: "You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget this one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian People, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria. You are an integral part of the Syrian people, Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the true representatives of the Palestinian people."

Assad stated on March 8, 1974, "Palestine is a principal part of Southern Syria, and we consider that it is our right and duty to insist that it be a liberated partner of our Arab homeland and of Syria."

In the words of the late military commander of the PLO as well as member of the PLO Executive Council, Zuhair Muhsin: "There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity....yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel."

The following are significant observations by Christians of the Arabs in Palestine in the 1800s: "The Arabs themselves, who are its inhabitants, cannot be considered but temporary residents. They pitched their tents in its grazing fields or built their places of refuge in its ruined cities. They created nothing in it. Since they were strangers to the land, they never became its masters. The desert wind that brought them hither could one day carry them away without their leaving behind them any sign of their passage through it."

Stephen Olin, D.D., L.L.D., called one of the most noted of American theologians after his extensive travels in the Middle East wrote of the Arabs in Palestine "...with slight exceptions they are probably all descendants of the old inhabitants of Syria." Palestinian Arab nationalism is largely a post-World War I phenomenon that did not become a significant political movement until after the 1967 Six-Day War and Israel's capture of the West Bank.

...the Arab leadership realized how much more effective they could make their efforts to "throw the Jews into the sea" if they became Palestinians rather than Arabs. By then, the Jews of this country (the only people called Palestinians before the War of Independence) were named Israelis. Even The Palestine Post became The Jerusalem Post.

By adopting the name 'Palestinians,' the Arabs succeeded in converting the Arab-Israeli conflict from a war of annihilation against the Jewish population to a struggle of dispossessed natives against colonialist invaders. It was a spectacularly effective canard, eventually adopted by Israel's own fiction weavers, the 'new historians.' - David Bar-Illan, The Jerusalem Post, 'Eye on the Media', November 5, 1999.

What was the initial reaction of the Arabs of Palestine to this new and separate national identity?

...after the Six-Day War, when Yasser Arafat and Fatah tried to establish their infrastructures in what they referred to as the West Bank they were rejected by the Arabs themselves. Neil Livingstone and David Halevy wrote in Inside the PLO, "The effort, however, turned out to be one of Fatah's greatest failures, not so much because of Israeli efficiency in ferreting out the secret network as because of Palestinian apathy. At that point many Palestinians living in the West Bank were actually relieved to be out from under the oppressive yoke of Jordanian rule and simply wanted to find some kind of accommodation with the Israelis. Within months Arafat was forced to leave the West Bank on the run".

The Arab leaders are well aware of the fragility of the Palestinian identity for the majority of the Palestinian Arabs. This is the main reason why they have not allowed the Palestinian Arabs living in the refugee camps, for almost half a century, to intermingle with Arabs of their countries. Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri confirmed this on February 5, 1998 in an interview with London MBC Television. He said the following; "We do not want to fall into the trap of resettling the Palestinians. This would lead to resettling the Palestinian refugees and their eventual assimilation. The Palestinians themselves have consistently rejected this approach so that their cause and characteristic identity might not be lost". When Al-Hariri said, "the Palestinians themselves rejected this approach", he missed one important word - leaders. It is the Palestinian leaders who try to prevent the assimilation of the Arabs among the Arabs. It is the Palestinian leaders who today more and more openly declare the Israeli Arabs to be their "property", to be an unquestionable part of the "Palestinian people". If Israel does not confront this dangerous tendency she arrives at an extremely perilous situation.

There is a way to deal with this matter. Edward Said wrote that, "Unlike other peoples who suffered from a colonial experience, the Palestinians do not primarily feel that they have been exploited but that they have been excluded, denied the right to have a history of their own". Israel has an excellent chance to mend this problem. As was stated earlier, the non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine tried to take on several different identities; none of them brought relief or happiness, most likely because all of them were artificial.

Who is the real enemy of the Palestinian Arabs?

"Arafat himself is one of the world's foremost terrorists. He knows it, we know it, and he knows that we know it. So what's he up to? Muddying the waters, that's what.... The [Jerusalem marketplace] massacre was, he said, nothing to do with him. But where's the evidence the Israelis are trying to starve the Palestinians into submission? There isn't any. Where's the evidence the Israelis have a siege mentality against the Palestinians? Again, there isn't any. The truth is... the Arab world has repeatedly tried to destroy the only democratic nation in the entire Middle East. If Arafat wants he can make a legitimate deal with the Israelis right now and end the so-called 'state terrorism' against his people. Yet instead he prefers to use his own people as pawns in his own cunning, devious game. It is Arafat himself, not the Israeli people, who is the enemy of the Palestinians." - Editorial (Canada's Calgary Sun, Aug 12, 1997)

What will be the function of the new 'secular, democratic' Palestinian state?

First of all, who really believes that a Palestinian state will be either secular or democratic? A secular Islam... is a contradiction in terms; in the Middle East, the idea of a secular State is merely a weapon recently added to the armoury of the PLO. - Jacques Givet, "The Anti-Zionist Complex"

"We are slowly and dangerously moving towards a police state where intimidation and threats become the norm instead of the rule of law." - Daoud Kuttab, a prominent Arafat supporter and Palestinian journalist, after he was fired from his job for signing a petition protesting the P.L.O.'s decision to shut down a pro-Jordanian newspaper (Reuters, 6 August 1994)

"I am not Mr. Chairman. I am His Excellency, the President of Palestine." - Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the P.L.O., in response to a greeting by Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt (Jerusalem Post, 17 December 1993)

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

Posted by IsrAlert, January 19, 2004.
Does it make sense to cut a program when it's so successful? Sending young people to Israel during their formative years pays huge dividends. The Birthright program must not be slashed. This news item written by Uair Sheleg appeared in Haaretz. A long-term study of how the Birthright tour affects participants demonstrated that if prior to the trip only 38 percent of participants expressed a sense of connection to the Jewish people, one year afterward, the rate of those feeling such a connection was 65 percent. Despite its success, the project faces severe budgetary distress after the Israeli government and the local Jewish communities greatly curtailed the scope of their participation in the past two years. This has cast a heavy pall over the future dimensions of the project, if not its very existence. (Ha'aretz)

[Ed. Note: See also Michael Freund's article on the Birthright Program below. It was posted January 14, 2003.]

Posted by Yashiko Sagamori, January 19, 2004.
This was written by 'Carlos' and was on the Peace with Realism website (http://www.peacewithrealism.org). It's called "The Palestinian "Resistance" Revealed: The Arabs' War of Genocide

It is hard to tell Israel's story these days. In writing any article for this site I try to document my sources carefully. Nevertheless, sometimes people dismiss the article without even looking at the sources. It's in support of Israel, therefore it must be biased, is what I sometimes hear. It is hard to change a mind that is already made up.

The Palestinian Disinformation Campaign has been very successful at implanting an image of the conflict in people's minds that is difficult to overcome. It is the image of the Palestinian as victim, as heroic underdog waging a "resistance" against Israeli settlements and against a "brutal occupation." The Arabs have invested billions of dollars - far more than Israel has at its disposal - into public relations, and has successfully created a popular image that is close to a complete reversal of the truth.

The truth is that this war is not a war against settlements or against occupation. It is a war against the existence of Israel. It is a genocidal war, because its aim is the complete destruction of Israeli society and the murder and expulsion of the Jewish population.

In many other articles I have tried to support this position with facts, logic, and references to current events. This feature is a little different. For those who are not inclined to believe Israel's supporters when they tell this story, here we will allow the Arabs to speak for themselves. In their own words they will tell us what this war is really all about and what their intentions really are.

We will not be relying merely on the opinions and sentiments of individual Palestinians, but on material from official sources, including government newspapers and TV broadcasts and statements by political and religious leaders. Expressions of mutual hostility by isolated individuals are easy to find; there is much of it on both sides. But only on the Arab side do we find a calculated and officially supported strategy to liquidate the other community.

Two basic points will emerge: first, this is not just a war against Israel but a war against the Jewish people, and second, its goal is not peaceful coexistence in two separate states but the complete destruction of Israeli society.

I will now step aside and allow the Arabs to tell us through these official sources what their intentions are. If the world at large will not believe the Israelis, maybe it will believe the Arabs.

"Thanks to Hitler, blessed memory, who on behalf of the Palestinians, revenged in advance, against the most vile criminals on the face of the earth. Although we do have a complaint against him for his revenge on them was not enough." - Columnist Ahmad Ragab in the Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar, April 18, 2001.

"Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine and is therefore a strategy and not tactics." - Article 9, The Palestinian National Covenant, 1968 (never rescinded).

"We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.... All the rich Jews who will get compensation will travel to America... We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years we will have six to seven million Arabs living in the West Bank and in Jerusalem... You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State... I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews. We now need all the help we can get from you in our battle for a united Palestine under total Arab-Muslim domination!" - Yasser Arafat, "The Impending Total Collapse of Israel" (address to 40 Arab diplomats at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden), January 30, 1996.

Two Israeli reservists who made a wrong turn into Ramallah were murdered by a Palestinian crowd inside the PA police station where they sought shelter. The Palestinians celebrated the killings (see photo).

In a sermon broadcast live on Palestinian TV the next day, Dr. Ahmad Abu-Halabia, a member of the "Fatwa Council," appointed by the Palestinian Authority, urged:

The Jews are Jews, whether Labour or Likud, the Jews are Jews. They do not have any moderates or any advocates of peace. They are all liars. They are the ones who must be butchered and killed. As Allah the Almighty said: 'Fight them... Allah will torture them by your hands and will humiliate them and will help you to overcome them, and will relieve the minds of the believers...'

"Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Whenever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them - and those who stand with them - they are all in one trench, against the Arabs and the Muslims - because they established Israel here, in the beating heart of the Arab world, in Palestine." - Dr. Ahmad Abu-Halabia, Friday Sermon, Zayd bin Sultan Nahyan mosque in Gaza, October 13, 2000.

"The PLO's aim is not to impose our will on the enemy, but to destroy him in order to take his place... not to subjugate the enemy, but to destroy him." - Filastin al-Thawra (official weekly magazine of the PLO), June 1968. (Cited in Barry Rubin, "The Terror and the Pity: Yasir Arafat and the Second Loss of Palestine," Middle East Review of International Affairs, Vol. 6 no. 1, March 2002.)

The Peace With Realism website (http://www.peacewithrealism.org) "works toward a just peace in the Middle East." but meantimes focuses on countering the lies that have been disseminated. The website is maintained by two Jews whose families came from Iraq. They write excellent essays on different aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Posted by Irwin N. Graulich, January 19, 2004.
Worse than cocaine. More devastating than heroine. 1.2 billion Muslims with an irrational, dangerous "craving" for Jews and Israel as the major reason for their problems. It is not an obsession; it is truly an addiction.

When the world body of Islamic nations has its first major conference in several years, their focus was not on the social diseases which caused 9/11, Islamic fundamentalism/terrorism, suicide bombers or the lack of progress in many Muslim nations. In order to help them cope with their real illnesses and problems, the drug of choice distributed at the Malaysian meeting was "hatred for Israel."

A good, healthy Muslim should be defined as one who acknowledges their problems and does not deny it like CAIR. Yet, a drug regimen became necessary because the entire purpose of the Arab and Muslim media is to make their readership and viewers feel good, instead of hear the truth. To help them believe obvious lies, they needed to use mind-altering substances called "antisemitic propaganda" a la the Joseph Goebbels indoctrination method.

A sickly, desperate addict needs the same excuses as a sickly, desperate belief system in order to survive. Muslims have been injecting Jewish "Heroin(e)" into their souls for 1400 years, the most recent and lethal batch being the "state of Israel." This persistent, habit-forming compulsion blossomed into full force in 1948 with the raising of the Israeli "poppy" plant (and mommy plant). In "The Land of Milk and Honey" this God-given vegetation produced baby Jewish poppy plants that could not be destroyed, despite trying to burn the crop like the Nazis had done.

Unfortunately, the Muslim world does not blame the users for their disastrous addiction problems who simply should take personal responsibility for their actions. Instead, like every addict and leftist social organization, they conveniently blame society and the physical substance itself, in this case taking the form of Israel and Jews. Naturally, the actual drug abuser has virtually no responsibility.

The fact that there are hundreds of millions of decent, fine Muslims throughout the world is beautiful, but irrelevant to this issue; just like there were some good Germans in Nazi Germany. However, the dominant Muslims are the militant monsters/distributors whose evil addictions affect the youth and masses in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Syria, Iran and other despicable drug dens throughout the world. Today's Muslim leaders/dealers are potentially ruining Islam forever.

Just like the addict hates the drug but loves the experience, the addicted Muslim hates the Jew and loves the experience, because it provides them with a convenient "pleasurable" excuse for their own failures. The idea that "I cannot provide for my family because of Israel," is "rushing" through their bloodstream and they cannot rid their system of this Jewishly inspired high.

So Muslims keep "shooting 'em up" with Jews. There seems to be just one major issue in the Arab and Muslim world. Look at the websites, newspapers, media. Israel--nothing else seems to matter quite as much. There is a definite physical need for Israel and Jews that overwhelms everything, just like cocaine.

And these drug dealers are now selling their vile drugs in Europe and on American college campuses. These places are quite susceptible to the need for new stimulants and highs, as they become God and values free.

Instead of considering a 12 step recovery program, the entire Muslim world is now focusing on a new type of cocaine which has only recently come onto the market. It seems to be more deadly than anything previously available. This new "drug" threatens to destroy these drug addicts in their homes in Afghanistan, Iraq, and any other place that threatens America. It is called "American Coke" - and it doesn't come in a can or bottle. The entire world knows its deadly force because "It's The Real Thing!"

The author is a motivational speaker on morality, ethics, Judaism, and politics. He is President and CEO of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a corporate communications, marketing and branding company located in New York City.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 19, 2004.
This is from yesterday's Jerusalem Post. It's entitled "Ariel Sharon to be mentioned in Appel indictment"

Sharon and his sons will most likely be mentioned in this week's indictment of David Appel, regarding the Greek Island affair, reports ynet. According to the indictment, Appel allegedly bribed PM Ariel Sharon and his son Hilad in return for assistance in promoting a resort abroad. This will be the first time that the two will be mentioned by name in an official document with reference to illegal activities.

Deputy PM Ehud Olmert will also be mentioned: when serving as mayor of Jerusalem, he organized a dinner for the mayor of Athens where he met with Sharon.

In an interview to the Jerusalem Post published Sunday morning, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's former aide David Spector claimed he knows enough about the prime minister to cause his downfall. He is sure that once the police finish their investigation, they will issue an indictment against him.

"I believe that there will be an indictment against Ariel Sharon," he told The Jerusalem Post on Friday. "In a normal country there wouldn't be a prime minister who would stay in power in such circumstances."

Once one of the invisible men behind the prime minister, Spector has stepped into the limelight and become one of his better-known accusers, an unusual choice for a man whose business as a public relations and security expert depends on anonymity. It's not one he took lightly.

Attacks against him by Sharon and his defenders left him no choice, said Spector, explaining that he will do what he needs to do to defend himself.

"If I did well for Israel, then I am willing to take upon myself the title of the man who caused it [Sharon's downfall]," said Spector. "What should I do, send him flowers and thank him for slandering me? No. There comes a stage when you have to put an end to it.

"All of this is one big conspiracy from the beginning to the end. When the material that the police have gathered over time, when this business comes out, people will see to what extent it is a group of criminals. This is a crime industry. The prime minister and the people around him do not hesitate to lie."

Spector takes credit for pushing Sharon to visit the Temple Mount in September 2000, and for the image makeover that paved the way for him to become prime minister. In the last six weeks he has become known to the public as the whistleblower who released tapes allegedly incriminating the prime minister and his sons in financial corruption.

On Monday Spector made waves when he appeared on Channel 2 and accused the prime minister of lying when he said that all financial transactions under investigation were made by his sons.

Spector has both threatened that he can bring down the prime minister and refused to do so; he has spoken in concrete terms only about what is already known regarding Sharon, preferring to merely allude to additional information he could reveal.

From his new, wood-paneled office in the middle of Or Yehuda's industrial district, the public relations and security expert is walking a fine line these days between standing up in his own defense and attacking the prime minister, whom he once considered his friend.

Spector, who runs the Specurity Security Center, said he is speaking up only because the prime minister harmed his reputation by accusing Spector of initiating an investigation into him and his sons, Omri and Gilad.

Spector's professional task has been downgraded in Sharon's version of their relationship from prime adviser to private investigator. Although Spector claims to have been paid more than NIS 1.5 million in fees by Sharon, with additional sums paid out to his assistants, he is referred to by the prime minister and his supporters as a "volunteer."

To counter this claim, Spector has a seven-page document, dated September 10, 1999 and classified "top secret," in which he writes to Omri Sharon of his plan to pave the way for Ariel Sharon's victory in the Likud primaries and the total rehabilitation of the Likud Party.

Spector, for three years a man under siege, this week went on the offensive. It's not a position he is comfortable with; he shifts in his chair as he speaks.

"I am working only on my image and my truth," said Spector. "I am not taking any action that may hurt the prime minister. I am not at all interested in doing so. If I were a player, then he wouldn't have been prime minister for a long time already."

But he warned should the personal attacks continue he is prepared to defend himself. "From a moral standpoint I am permitted to do everything."

"Look at the way Ariel Sharon runs things... what would some people do out of greed for power? They are working according to the their own agenda, not out of the people's best interest. They are working in the best interest of the family... Show me another country which is run by a Byzantine court like this. The prime minister sits with his sons and the people around him and decides everything," said Spector.

Spector has been attacked in the media for speaking up and releasing tapes, a move some consider unethical in light of the type of trust clients need in his business. Yes, silence is a rule, Spector said, but even attorneys can break privilege if their clients attack them.

The fact that he was taping everything was well known, and some say was a joke often made in his absence. People would comment that he didn't need to be briefed, because he could just check everything on tape.

Surprisingly, Spector wishes Sharon well. He wishes the situation were such that the prime minister will emerge clean as snow, but based on what he knows, he thinks that's unlikely to happen.

Initially, there were warm feelings between Spector and the prime minister. Spector was hired to help him with security matters in advance of the 1999 primaries to head the Likud because he knew Dov Weisglass, but when it became clear that he also dealt with public relations strategies, he was hired to do that as well. It became his primary function for the Sharons.

Spector first met with Sharon on September 15, 1999, in Weisglass's Tel Aviv office. At that time, it was widely believed that Sharon was simply a placeholder for Binyamin Netanyahu. He didn't have a good relationship with the press and was seen one-dimensionally only as a warrior. Spector suggested an image makeover. He pushed Sharon to widen his political agenda to include economics and social issues, and suggested that Sharon show more emotion and be more personal.

Spector brought in a small group of professionals, not politicians, to work with them. But divisions arose between him and Omri Sharon and Uri Shani, Sharon's former bureau chief. Spector said he was the only one who supported Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount; Omri and former bureau chief Uri Shani thought it was a bad idea.

Afterward, Omri didn't speak to his father for a week.

But Spector said he still believes it was the right move and that it was instrumental in helping Sharon become prime minister. Still, Spector said, he was uncomfortable with the growing discord between himself and Omri. It was also increasingly difficult to keep business transactions professional and aboveboard. In October he resigned, but on good terms.

Their relationship took a downward spiral with the start of the state comptroller's investigation into Sharon's financial dealings in the last year before he became prime minister, an investigation which Sharon has blamed Spector for launching. Spector denies the charge.

"He and his attorney ran things in such a way that he got himself into trouble. His own attorney harms him and incriminates him - I am referring to attorney Dov Weisglass - and since they are they are partners to the same trouble, they decided to incriminate someone else," said Spector.

When the state comptroller asked Spector questions, he answered honestly.

"I did not sign an agreement with Ariel Sharon to be a criminal, and I am not willing to be a partner to immoral activity," said Spector.

Filed in one of the many labeled notebooks on a shelf in his office is the police's search warrant. They searched both his office and his home, said Spector. Everything he has spoken out about is known to the police as a result of these searches.

The media has since reported that Spector denied Sharon's involvement in any of the financial dealings when questioned during the state comptroller's investigation. The state comptroller's office said it could not confirm or deny that report. Spector said he was quoted out of context.

Spector noted that he has no attorney, and he doesn't need one.

In the Monday Channel 2 interview, he offered a tape relating to material revealed in the state comptroller's report of September 2001 regarding an organization called Peace for Jerusalem precisely because he is acting defensively and not offensively, he said. Peace for Jerusalem was created to fight the possible division of Jerusalem in an agreement with the Palestinians. The state comptroller's report notes that while Sharon's involvement with donations was improper, no action should be taken against him because the money was never used.

The money should have been returned to the donors, said Spector. "They said they would return the money - is there one donor who got back money? They are keeping the money in a bank account - for what? For themselves," said Spector.

The tape showed a conversation between Spector and Sharon dealing with foreign donations. He chose this tape because it shows a pattern of Sharon's involvement in financial matters, even though he has denied such activity, said Spector.

"I showed that Arik Sharon was involved in the smallest details of how to send the instructions to the donors."

Spector said that he has always fought for his client. "I was in the largest battlefield in the country - the media."

He was slandered in the Ma'ariv newspaper, sued, cleared his name and received hundreds of thousands of shekels in damages.

He wasn't afraid at that time of Ma'ariv publisher Ofer Nimrodi, nor is he afraid now of Sharon.

"I do not have any plans to release any more tapes." Still, he warned, "I will protect myself. If they continue to soil my name and to release more incorrect details, I will work to clear my name."

If he were working with Sharon today, Spector said he would tell him to hold a press conference. "Tell the truth and stop being a coward and straighten things out with the public. Tell the real story," said Spector.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 19, 2004.
This was written by Gil Hoffman and appeared in Friday's Jerusalem Post.

When Education Minister Limor Livnat warned last week that a gang of right-wing extremists who have infiltrated the Likud, posed a serious danger to the state and its ruling party, she paid Manhigut Yehudit leader Moshe Feiglin the ultimate compliment.

After years of failed experiments that included challenging Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the Likud leadership and trying to elect a religious-Zionist president, Feiglin suddenly gained a platform for expressing his ideas about what he calls "Jewish leadership."

At last week's Likud convention, Feiglin went from camera to camera to respond to Livnat's charges on all the local television stations.

With ministers and MKs banned from speaking at the convention, Feiglin became the main opposition to Sharon, and his speech, carried live on television and radio, was the most anticipated at the event other than the prime minister's.

Not bad for a man who less than a decade ago had to resort to aggressive street rallies in order to gain attention for his Zo Artzeinu ("This is our land") protest movement, which tried to put a stop to the Oslo Accords. Feiglin served six months in jail after being convicted in 1997 of sedition and unlawful assembly, charges that his supporters considered a political attempt to punish him for highlighting the dangers of Oslo.

Manhigut Yehudit ironically began the same night that Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a right-wing extremist. Hours before the murder that much of the Left blamed on the instigating of right-wing rallies, a meeting took place at Feiglin's Ginot Shomron home in which the need to start a new movement focusing on Jewish leadership was first discussed. That meeting ended early when news reached them about the assassination.

Feiglin and his partners decided that even if they succeeded in toppling the Left, the Likud that dismantled the Sinai settlement of Yamit would be no more loyal to the cause of settling the entire land of Israel.

At first, Feiglin didn't dream of joining the Likud.

Manhigut Yehudit, which was first unveiled at an April 1997 press conference, first considered running on its own as an independent party, then made news when it tried to run Ben-Gurion University Professor Herman Branover as a candidate for president against Shimon Peres and Moshe Katsav.

Four years ago, when Ehud Barak was in power in 1999 and the Likud hit its nadir, two veteran Likud activists approached Feiglin and asked him to bring his movement inside the party. Feiglin joined along with thousands of supporters in 2000.

"I thought it was crazy at first," Feiglin says. "For me, the Likud was almost a leftist party and I had nothing in common with it. But ideologically, we decided it was the best party to represent the nationalist camp and the best way to reach our ultimate goal of establishing Jewish leadership in the country."

When no other candidate could be found, Feiglin tried to challenge Sharon for Likud chairman in 2000, but he was not permitted to run, because he had only been in the party for seven months. He later challenged both Sharon and Binyamin Netanyahu in the 2002 Likud primary and despite not campaigning, finished with four percent of the vote, more than MK Haim Ramon achieved when he finished third in a concurrent race in Labor.

FOLLOWING A membership drive that drew more than 10,000 people to its ranks, Manhigut Yehudit won an impressive 132 seats in the 2,900 member Likud central committee. The movement tried to use its new power to propel candidates into the Knesset, but Feiglin lost the seat on the Likud list reserved for a settler to Sharon-supported Yehiel Hazan and its candidate for the immigrant slot lost to Netanyahu-backed Michael Gorlovsky.

Feiglin, who won the 39th slot on the national Likud list, would have been the next name to join the Knesset ahead of cosmetics queen Pnina Rosenblum, but the chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Supreme Court Justice Mishael Cheshin, ruled that Feiglin's sedition charge involved moral turpitude and that he was therefore barred from running for the Knesset for seven years.

After Feiglin was pushed off the list, many Manhigut Yehudit members voted for other parties in the January 2003 election, which angered many in the Likud who continued to see the movement as a foreign element in its ranks. But Manhigut Yehudit's failure in the Knesset election only strengthened the group's resolve to make changes inside the Likud.

Ahead of next month's decisive Likud convention, Manhigut Yehudit members proposed dozens of changes in the Likud charter, the most famous of which would block MKs and ministers who defy the central committee from running for Knesset with the party for five years. If the proposal passes, Sharon, Ehud Olmert, and Livnat could face being banned from running with the party in the next election.

"We are saying that the Likud is not a rag that the prime minister or other elected officials can throw into the garbage," Feiglin says in the proposal's defense. "The Likud has its charter, and its institutions, and the MKs are mere representatives."

Feiglin is convinced his proposal could pass, but efforts are underway in the Likud to prevent it from coming to a vote.

Regardless of what happens in the convention, Manhigut Yehudit is positioned as a force to be reckoned with in upcoming years, and no judge will be able to prevent Feiglin from getting elected to the Knesset next time around.

"There is a feeling in the public that our ideas are taking root," Feiglin says. "We will have our ups and downs in the tactical steps that we take along the way to implementing our long-term strategy. But we have maintained the same goal all along: Building a layer of Jewish leadership and eventually taking over the state."

Moshe Feiglin is a member of the Knesset and a founder of Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership), which promotes a strong Jewish identity for the Jewish state.

Posted by David Wilder, January 19, 2004.
The seventh year is known to be one of rest, allowing for study and introspection, looking back at the past, learning from it, drawing conclusions, while amassing strength and looking to the future.

So the time has come to look back. Exactly seven years ago Israel signed and implemented the Hebron accords - ceding over eighty percent of the city to Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.

December 30, 1996-News from Hebron: Several members of the Jewish Community of Hebron met with Prime Minister Netanyahu for over half an hour early yesterday afternoon. None of the problems raised by the Hebron residents were resolved at the meeting.

When asked about the continued renovations in the Kasba behind the Avraham Avinu neighborhood, the Prime Minister admitted that he knows the buildings are to be filled with terrorists. But he said that the buildings belong to the Arabs, and "they can populate them with whoever they want."

When questioned about the Jewish property to be transferred to Arafat and the PA, Netanyahu claimed that this is a "pandora's box" that must not be opened.

When asked about other security issues, Netanyahu told his visitors to 'trust him.' Asked about the possibility of terrorist attacks and car bombs on King David Street (Shuhada), Netanyahu gestured that he was aware of the problem, but did not suggest any solution.

January 14, 1997-From "Moments of Truth" by David Wilder: "Tonight not only is Hebron on the chopping block. Tonight almost all of the land area of Judea, Samaria and Gazza is up for grabs. In addition to abandoning Hebron, Netanyahu has agreed to part with close to 70% of Yesha by September 1, 1998. Netanyahu is not only beheading The Jewish Community of Hebron. He is castrating the Land of Israel... abandonment of land in Israel is contrary to our very existence. We came back to Eretz Yisrael to settle the land, to live on the land - not to divide it and hand it over to our enemies, to terrorists. The direction of the present `moment of truth' is clearly negative. But eventually, this will change and the crossroads we are turning down now will reach a dead-end, and we won't have any choice but to turn around, come back, and turn the other way. Whatever the cost, we must know this, and live accordingly."

January 17, 1997-News from Hebron: "At ten minutes after six this morning, the last officer left the Hebron Military Compound and handed the keys to his Arab counterpart. Leaving the compound, this act completed abandonment of 80% of Hebron to Arafat. Arab soldiers were deployed throughout the areas evacuated by the Israeli army.

Thousands of Arabs, many of whom spent the night outside the compound, began chanting, "With blood, with fire, we will liberate palestine."... The initial stone-throwing attacks by Arabs in Hebron, and the IDF's unwillingness to arrest the perpetrators is far from encouraging. The distance between throwing rocks, or throwing hand grenades, or shooting, is very short... Concession to American pressure will only lead to more and more capitulation. Concession to terrorism will only lead to further terror. Arafat has proven his ineffectiveness in preventing terror attacks."

January 17, 1997-From 'Rest in Peace' by David Wilder: "Last night Prime Minister Netanyahu, speaking at a press conference, told viewers that "Israel is not withdrawing from Hebron, rather is resituating in Hebron." There are those who have written Hebron off - they expect Hebron's Jewish community to leave. They have declared: Hebron - Rest In Peace. For some reason they really believe that we are in the midst of a peace process. They also believe that a Jewish presence in Hebron is provocative and unnecessary. But, they are wrong. Only true peace brings true rest. Hebron will not rest, surely not as part of this false peace. The lie called Oslo will not allow us peace and quiet. Much to the contrary. The more we concede, the more trouble we will have. Hebron has been transformed into a `piece' - the exact opposite of its true essence, which is total unity.

The immediate future will be very difficult - of that I have no doubts or illusions. If the Jewish People were able to overcome the results of a Holocaust that left one third of our people murdered, and in spite of that were able to create a viable state only three years after the furnaces were extinguished, we can overcome anything. It will not be easy, but we will persevere."

So, you ask, what has changed? The words all sound the same - then and today. Most of what I wrote then I could rewrite today, just changing the date. Ideas that I thought to develop concerning Sharon I found already written, about Netanyahu. It's enough to want to make you cry. Except for one small change:

January 20, 1997 Letter-Response to questions: There are presently 54 Jewish families in Hebron. The population is 540 There are over 200 children and over 200 yeshiva students. At the moment there are no vacancies - we are beginning to build to make room for more people.

January 20, 2004 - 7 years later: There are presently 80 Jewish families in Hebron. The population is over 800. There are over 300 children and over 300 yeshiva students. At the moment there are no vacancies - we are building to make room for more people.

In the past seven years people have been killed in Hebron, soldiers and civilians. Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan, Shalhevet Pass, Shlomo Shapiro, Gadi and Dina Levy, to name a few. Others were wounded. Many many escaped only due to Divine miracle. Hebron suffered two years of constant shooting attacks, perpetrated from the hills Bibi handed to Yassir on a silver platter. We were badgered by the Israeli left, by the police, by foreigner observers and interveners.

Yet, Hebron's population has risen from 540 to 800. Then there were fifty four families - today 80 families. Then 200 children, today 300 children. Then 200 yeshiva students, today 300 yeshiva students. Then, no room for new families, today no room for new families.

In the past seven years we built new apartment buildings in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood and next to Beit Hadassah. A new building is going up in Tel Rumeida. The old "Arab market" is now filled with young Jewish families. Almost no one has left Hebron in the past three years. And the waiting list of families wanting to live in Hebron still exists.

Why? Because the Jewish people believe in Eretz Yisrael - the Jewish people are not willing to abandon their homeland, their cities, their roots. Four years ago over 500,000 people visited Hebron annually. Of course, during the years of the "Olso War" those numbers dropped. However, in 2003, they rose back to over 300,000. People come from all over the world, Jews and gentiles alike, to see, to feel, to experience Hebron. Despite the problems, the dangers, the "situation." According to the schedule sitting on my desk, this week alone we have some twenty buses of visitors touring Hebron.

True, the politicians still haven't learned and there are those amid us who are still, for one reason or another, blind. But amongst many, in Israel and around the world, the spirit still exists, the spirit of love for our people and our land.

My friends, this is the power of Am Yisrael - this is the power of Eretz Yisrael.

I will conclude as I did on January 15, 1998, in an article Next year without Oslo:

I can only but bless all of us that in a year from now I'll be able to write about how finally all Israel woke up, putting an official end to the curse called Oslo. We will then began to live again as proud Jews in our G-d - given Homeland - holding our heads high, doing what we know is right - in Hebron, Jerusalem, in all of Eretz Yisrael.


David Wilder is spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron. Their website address is http://www.hebron.org.il

Posted by Steven Plaut, January 19, 2004.
Ah, the Israeli Left! Every days brings us new wonders from it.

The Israeli Ambassador to Sweden takes action, praised by Ehud Barak, against the nazi pro-genocide "art" piece of the local ex-Israeli kapo, a work of "art" celebrating the woman suicide bomber who mass murdered 21 people, many of them children, in Haifa. A "work of art" accompanied by a poem comparing the murderer to Snow White and stating that she looked so beautiful there covered with red blood. And hours later the entire Israeli Left is out there defending the "artist" and attacking the Ambassador who stood up for Jewish dignity. The Far Leftist daily Haaretz runs an editorial, several Op-Eds and lots of letters to the editor denouncing the Ambassador and defending the piece of "art". Suddenly "artistic" expression is absolutely protected. Except the theater by the Ambassador is not.

Now it is interesting to place this sudden absolutism of the Left regarding artistic expression in context. This is the very same Israeli Left that insists that any poster that shows politicians the Left likes in unflattering manner, such as Yossi Beilin or Yossi Sarid wearing an Arab kafiya, should be grounds for prosecution for "incitement". This is the same Left that cheered uncontrollably when Tatiana Suskind, the poor young woman who had made a poster of the Prohet Mohammed as a pig, was sentenced to a long prison term. This is the same Left that has campaigned to tear down and bulldoze a memorial stone marker for Baruch Goldstein, who shot up the Mosque in Hebron. This is the Left that wants the Kahanist groups all behind bars because some of them put up posters or write graffiti whose artistic value the Left questions. And this is the Left who argues that T-shirts that read "Where there are no Arabs there is no Terrorism" should be jailed for "racism" and "incitement".

In other words, by defending this nazi obscenity in Sweden, the Left is showing how openly anti-Semitic and anti-democratic it is.

Some in the academic Left are also chiming in. Here is a letter written by Prof. Amiram Goldblum, one of the founders and long-time leaders in Peace Now, circulated this week on the web:

"The Stockholm Bully"
Amiram Goldblum

The aggressive response of Mazel to what seems to be an idiotic artistic expression, will remain in public memory as another display of Israeli violence, deriving from 35 years of occupation. That is also the source of the governmental response, praising the bully rather than recalling him and replacing him ASAP. Israel has enough rednecks in the academy, no need to have them as diplomats.

Amiram Goldblum, Ph.D. Cell: 972-54-653292
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Tel: 972-2-6758701
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Fax: 972-2-6758925
Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products
School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
ISRAEL 91120 email: amiram@vms.huji.ac.il

Inside Information on Dror Feiler, the Kapo who made the Swedish "art" celebrating the massacre in Haifa: Eliezer Feiler, the father of the "artist," was a member of the staff of the Israeli communist party. His wife - as self-portrayed by the radio interview - is a devoted communist as well. They live on a kibbutz. Dror was raised as a "red-diaper baby".

Every time a gynonazi from the Palestinians has blown herself up as a murdering suicide bomber, the Left has whined that her actions prove how oppressed and suffering the po' Palestinians are, especially their womenfolk. Naturally, the same blubberings were heard this week after a mother of two from Gaza murdered four Israelis, including those guards who had just shown her pity, and wounded 9 others, two very seriously, when she made her children orphans.

Now it turns out that the Feminist Take on the murderess has met with some snags. It seems, the mother was suspected by her husband of carrying on an extramarital affair and the only way she could escape being murdered by him and to "restore" her family's honor was to carry out the suicide bombing. She was coerced into carrying out the mass murder by the Hamas, which has now announced it will adopt as its general policy the coercion of women suspected of "moral offenses" to redeem themselves through such mass murders.

SO much for the theory that Israeli "occupation" and brutality cause the terror....

My guess is that one of these moons, the Palestinians will start equipping pregnant women with explosives around the bellies to try to blow up Jews. You realize what that would mean? Why, it would be the Palestinian version of Roe vs Wade!

Oh and I can guarantee you that at the next world Feminizt conference, the Palestinian women will be there wailing about the harshness of the treatment of women - by the Israelis.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 19, 2004.
This is from the Arutz-7 website (http://www.IsraelNN.com).

(IsraelNN.com) Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has ordered the destruction of the newly dedicated synagogue in the community of Tapuah West in the Shomron. The synagogue and Torah study hall was dedicated in memory of Rabbi Meir Kahane and his son and daughter-in-law, Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev and Talia Kahane. They were all murdered by Arab terrorists. The synagogue/study hall serves as the international center of the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea which was established by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Yesha Council officials have recently stated the community of Tapuah West is legal and has all the necessary permits, defending the dedication of the synagogue earlier this month.

Tapuah residents and community leaders are appealing to the Supreme Court to intervene to stop the planned destruction.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Israel BenAmi, January 19, 2004.
This was sent to me by Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto. I retain a US flight planning map, 1:5,000,000 covering the area from England to Pakistan, the Middle East included (US Air Force-England to Pakistan [NS-140],3rd edition,1953). It served me when, during the late 50's, I ferried - with French Air Force papers - Sud Aviation Vautour strike fighters from France, via Tunisia or Algeria, to Israel. All the international frontiers on the map are marked like Morse code "Dot-Dash-Dot-Dash, etc., except the 1949 Israeli-Egyptian,Syrian and Jordanian demarcation lines, which are marked ............(Dot-Dot-Dot, etc.). At the bottom of the map there is a special NOTE : " Boundaries shown thus . . . . . . . . . are not necessarily recognised by the US Government."

Intrigued by the present general international (and some national) religious, dogmatic reference to the "June 1967", (i.e., the 1949 Rhodes Armistice - not peace) Israeli-Arab demarcation lines as the Israel-Arabia "Natural Frontier", I had another look at British, French and other maps and Atlases. Nowhere did I find the "June 1967" demarcation lines accepted by the world community as formal frontiers.

Arabia attacked in 1967 ("We shall throw the Jews into the sea"-vox Nasser on May, 22, 1967, at Bir Gafgafa in the re-militarised Sinai - contrary to signed agreements) and lost. The non-recognised lines moved to provide better defence, proving, when Israel was attacked again, by surprise, in 1973, that moving them was justified.

So, let's get a bit more pro-active where the "holy 1967 lines" are concerned, lest we'll start believing ourselves that they are sacro-sanct.

Posted by Arlene Peck, January 18, 2004.
Wow! I feel ever so much safer now that President Bush has gotten so vocal and is standing in the door of the Baghdad O.K Coral telling the enemy in his best Texan drawl, "Turn yourselves in... or die!" Hey, I like that "Get outta town" attitude. Do ya think that Israel might adopt that same attitude? Or will Bush send his deputy, Colin Powell, over on one of those "emergency meetings" we've all come to expect, to discuss how the Jewish State by their insurgent attitude is a hindrance to the roadmap to hell?

Maybe it's because we in the U.S. are more poetic in our demands that nobody thinks of having "emergency sessions" in the United Nations to complain. For instance, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the commander of the U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq, said at a news conference, "We will be relentless in the pursuit of these targets." He continued, "The timing is perfect for the anti-coalition forces and the former regime elements to make a decision that it is time to "embrace the future," Sanchez said. Now, isn't that lovely, "embracing the future"? So, maybe that's why there isn't any protest from the left when he finishes the comment with, "We are focused. We are effective in our pursuit of these individuals. We are going to capture them or kill, as our mission." Lovely, doncha think?

And when he does go after the bad guys, I'll bet that President Bush won't be wearing his white hat. Nor will any of his deputies rushing over to demand that the jails be opened in Guantanamo and the prisoners let loose as a "good-will gesture." Hey, we're proud of that deck of cards that we've been so relentless in pursuing!

If the truth be told, I kinda like that attitude of tough love that we in the United States are taking with our good friends, the Iraqis. In fact, since jobs are so plentiful here, and President Bush has offered to give amnesty to ten million illegal aliens who have set up camp on our doorstep, he now wants us to use all of our extra billions of dollars to go to Mars!

Which on retrospect gives me an idea. How about sending all of those pesky terrorists who are so busy ambushing United States soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the mistreated terrorists who Israelis have to contend with on a daily basis in vicious attacks against their civilians and send them to Mars? Interestingly enough, while Bush wants to travel to the moon and set up manned stations on Mars, there are people in America who can't afford to go to the doctor. The problem as I see it is just in semantics and the gentle phrasing of words that our government has mastered so well. If Israel's prime ministers would learn the art of double-speak and double-cross instead of just telling things as they are, maybe the acceptance of cutting the cancer out of the country wouldn't be so impossible. After all, it hasn't taken much for the world - and even worse: Israelis; and worst of all: the Israeli government - to accept the thought of moving the Jews out of their rightful land so it could be turned over to the Arabs. All they have to do is use the words, "peace" and "transfer" in the same sentence to make it palatable?

Because if the truth be told, the steady rise in Arab fundamentalism is a cancer. I recently spent some time with Dr. Pinchas Gerber, Ph.D. (http://sdf.shomron.org.il/) who is the director of the Shomron Development Fund which was established to help the families of the Shomron live normal, healthy lives. He spread out the map and pointed to the areas which have now been given over to the Arabs and it cuts through the very heart of the tiny Jewish state. Why is the phrase "moving them out" in relation to the Jews acceptable, and not the other way around?

I wonder: If Israel were to go after these killers, would U.S. officials still see it as an "impediment to peace" under the "road map plan"? And, why is it imperative that Israel feel an obligation that they have to accede to the wishes of the world, or even the demands of the USA? What is the obligation to follow orders from the American State Department? When did Israel become a banana republic? Would it ever be possible, as touted in our anti-drug program, to "Just say NO?"

After every bombing, there are 20,000 Arab "workers" who wait at the gates of Gaza to come back to their jobs when Israel closes the crossing - then Israel re-opens the crossing after two or three days, fearful of charges of "collective punishment." Since the re-openings are always followed by more bombings (or shootings), wouldn't it be desirable to tell the "workers" that NO, this time they're staying out? And, actually mean it!

Good L-rd, why do we, in the U.S. always underestimate the value of Israel's friendship? Even the pictures which are coming back from Mars, which I again suggest as a good place to begin the twenty-third Arab state, are from former Technion students. Israel gives enormous help in science, medicine and technology and. now that we are finally experiencing the daily threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, Israeli forces are teaching security to American forces and airport personnel. In fact, if the truth be told, I'll bet that there is a lot more tangible help that Israel is giving to the USA that nobody talks about so "we don't make the Arabs angry."

Israel should worry more about what is good for her, rather than pleasing those that most often would delight in her demise.

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess.

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz, January 18, 2004.
Pride. Yes, that's the word I've been searching for. It's been a while since any diplomatic move on the part of Israel has done me proud. What Zvi Mazel, Israel's ambassador to Sweden, did last Friday is a testimony to the tenacity of the Jewish spirit.

It seems that the man who has tip-toed for years through Israel's diplomatic minefield, smoothed ruffled feathers and sipped champagne at embassies in Cairo, Madagascar, Romania and Paris; finally blew a fuse in Sweden.

Having served on the front lines of Israel's diplomatic front, I bet Ambassador Mazel has seen more than his share of anti-Semitism and affronts to Israel over the years. But every Jewish soul has its saturation point and it seems that "Snow White and the Madness of Truth" was too much for the red-headed ambassador.

So, he did the right thing and pulled the plug on the outrageous abomination that was part of the exhibit in Stockholm's Museum of National Antiquities.

Art or the lack thereof is no longer the stuff reserved for discussion over cocktails in elite cultural circles. It's making headlines, because the public is fully aware that what hangs in the galleries and is heard in the concert halls is a direct reflection of the state of our society -and it's not a pretty picture.

Several weeks ago the British Cartoonist Society presented their top award to an artist who depicted a naked Prime Minister Ariel Sharon eating the head of a Palestinian baby. In response, I wrote an article which explored caricaturing and the crossing of forbidden lines (see article at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/article.php3?id=3025. I would like to reiterate that what and how an artist draws or designs is a direct reflection on who that artist is and what kind of soul he or she has (take note Mr. Feiler ).

A few weeks later, Professor Menahem Alexenberg explored the dangers inherent in separating art and aesthetics from righteousness and ethics (see article at http://www.israelnn.com/article.php3?id=3119 He was disturbed by the awarding of the prestigious Wolf Prize to Daniel Barenboim. It seems that although the renowned conductor acknowledges the Wagnerian connection to the Holocaust, he nevertheless saw fit to break a taboo by playing Wagner's music in the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, certain astronomers, geologists, writers and artists are intrigued by the discovery that, 120 years ago, the skies turned red over Oslo due to a cataclysmic volcanic explosion in Indonesia. They believe this may have inspired the artist Edvard Munch to paint his classic work 'The Scream' (the eruption may have also triggered and Islamic fundamentalist revolution). So I addressed the issue of the existential scream as a sort of wake-up call that can be heard via today's earthshaking events and natural disasters (see article at http://www.israelnn.com/article.php3?id=3148).

Munch's guts may have screamed upon viewing the blood-red sky over Oslo, and Mazel reacted in a similar manner when he viewed the blood-red waters in Stockholm. Something shook-up the Israeli ambassador to the core - and that's a healthy sign that his Jewish soul is alive and well - and living in Sweden. The same, however, cannot be said of Mr. Feiler. The Swedish-Israeli's (is that an oxymoron?) soul is about as fit as the one he depicted on the little ship that drifts in the bloody pool.

There are limits to artistic expression, freedom of speech, diplomacy and democracy. There are also limits as to how much an individual Jewish soul or the Jewish nation will take.

So let's bring this international incident to a close by saying 'bravo' to Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel and letting Dror Feiler sail into the Swedish sunset via the bloody waters that people like him helped create.

Ellen Horowitz lives in the Golan Heights, Israel with her husband and six children. She is a painter, writer and co-founder of helpingisrael.com. She can be contacted through her website http://www.artfromzion.com

Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 18, 2004.
This was a news item from Arutz-7 (http://www.israelnationalnews.com).

The spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel, Sheikh Mowafak Tarif, this weekend signed a declaration calling on non-Jews in Israel to observe the Seven Noahide ("Bnei Noach") Commandments, as laid down in the Bible and expounded upon in Jewish tradition. Several weeks ago, the mayor of the primarily Druze city of Shfaram, in the Galilee, also signed the document.

The declaration includes the commitment to make a better "humane world based on the Seven Noachide Commandments and the values they represent commanded by the Creator to all mankind through Moses on Mount Sinai."

Behind the efforts to spread awareness of the Torah's Seven Universal Laws is Rabbi Boaz Kelly, of the directors of Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in the Krayot area of Haifa and the chairman of the Worldwide Committee for the Seven Noahide Commandments. The recent signature by Sheikh Tarif is part of Rabbi Kelly's ongoing efforts among Israel's non-Jewish community. In the past few years, Rabbi Kelly's organization has placed roadside ads in Arabic calling for observance of the Noahide Laws, as well as distributing Arabic-language pamphlets on the subject among Arabs in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

According to the Torah, all humankind (the offspring of Noah, or Bnei Noach) is subject to seven Divine commandments. They are: to refrain from idolatry; to refrain from sexual immorality; to refrain from blasphemy; to refrain from murder; to refrain from theft; to refrain from eating the limb of a living animal; and to establish courts of law.

Support for the spread of the Seven Noahide Commandments by the Druze spiritual leader contains within it echoes of the Biblical narrative itself. The Druze community reveres as a prophet the non-Jewish father-in-law of Moses, Jethro (Yitro), whom they call Shu'eib. According to the Biblical narrative, Jethro joined and assisted the Jewish people in the desert during the Exodus, accepted monotheism, but ultimately rejoined his own people. The Tiberias tomb of Jethro is the most important religious site for the Druze community.

Posted by Robert G. Samet, January 18, 2004.
Set forth below is a letter recently sent by EyeOnThePost, Inc. to officials at The Washington Post pointing out a major violation of journalistic ethics by Middle East reporter Molly Moore in which she relied upon Hamas for a false factual report about the Gaza bombing. This is important, not only because journalistic ethics require reporters to rely upon credible sources for their facts, but also because it demonstrates that this particular reporter has completely lost the objectivity necessary to make the most basic judgments about the credibility of her sources.

This is not an isolated transgression by Ms. Moore. Molly Moore is a Post reporter who stretches to defend Hamas terrorists, while criticizing Israel for targeting them. In one front page article by Moore she noted in the opening paragraph that a well known terrorist targeted by Israel was sitting on the roof of his house reading the Koran when Israelis killed him and another was talking on a pay phone while visiting his sick mother at the hospital. In that article she relied upon quotes provided by B'Tselem, a radical Israeli group that distinguished itself through the false reports of its Arab investigators of a massacre in Jenin in April, 2002 and a group called the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, whose name itself reveals its bias. That article also cited as sources the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (known by its Arabic acronym, LAW), the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. (Israel's Lethal Weapon of Choice, As Assassinations of Militants Increase, Citizens' Uneasiness Grows, Sunday, June 29, 2003; Page A01)

The public reluctantly tolerates the practice of relying on unnamed sources in news reports, because it is viewed by some as a necessity. The Post frequently cites unidentified Palestinian witnesses on the ground, despite the well known fact that the PA and Hamas routinely coach people to serve as witnesses and tightly orchestrate media access to sources. The Post often unabashedly cites unidentified hospital officials for facts they could not possibly have witnessed. With unidentified sources we are asked to take it on blind faith that the reporter will exercise appropriate judgment in determining who is and is not a reliable source for facts. Reliance on the Hamas web site as a source for facts on the ground was a shameful demonstration of a lack of journalistic integrity and clearly shows that reporter Molly Moore cannot and will not exercise responsible judgment in evaluating the credibility of her sources. The Washington Post should recognize that this is not a simple faux pas that can be excused, but rather, a further demonstration of Ms. Moore's slanted attitude favoring Palestinians against Israel... a slant that prompts her to grasp at any source, no matter how incredible, for facts that will paint a negative picture of Israel and Israelis.

Dear Mr. Graham:

When did Hamas attain the status of being a credible source for facts about events on the ground in the Middle East?

Molly Moore's first article on the Wednesday, 1-14-04, Gaza bombing, in its last paragraph, cited the Hamas Web site for a report that after the bomber set off her bomb, "Israeli soldiers began firing weapons in the direction of the Palestinian workers that were inside the terminal."

It may be appropriate to refer to the Hamas web site when reporting on Hamas taking responsibility for a terrorist bombing or to report Hamas' official position or statement with regard to a subject, but Hamas, a terrorist organization, is not a credible source for reporting facts about events on the ground, and it was entirely inappropriate for your reporter to report facts and rely upon Hamas for the same. It now appears the facts were fictitious, because no other news source has reported the same. This highlights the folly of relying on Hamas to report anything in a truthful manner.

Fortunately, this article was substantially changed before going to print Thursday morning. It appears someone recognized the inappropriateness of such reporting and also the inaccuracy of the report about Israeli soldiers firing in the direction of Palestinian workers. Unfortunately, this article remained up on the Web site for a prolonged period of time on Wednesday. The original article has now been removed, but I have a copy if you need it.

Will you please point out to your reporters the inappropriateness of relying on Hamas' web site as a source for factual reporting about events?

Will you be issuing a correction for the misinformation you reported to however many tens of thousands of your web site readers?

Female Suicide Bomber Kills Four at Gaza Crossing by Molly Moore
Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, January 14, 2004; 5:30 AM

JERUSALEM, Jan. 14 - A 21-year-old female suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a laborers' pedestrian crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel Wednesday morning killing at least four Israelis, injuring as many as nine other Israelis and four Palestinian workers, according to Israeli and Palestinian officials.

The explosion tore through a corregated metal enclosure used by Palestinian day workers at the Erez Crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel, according to initial reports from Israeli and Palestinian security officials. The attack occurred at about 9:35 a.m. well after the morning rush hour when several hundred workers transit through the checkpoint.

"The terminal was completely destroyed," said Boris Shor, an Israel rescue worker interviewed by the Israeli Y-Net Web site. "Everything was shattered, glass was everywhere, we saw body parts scattered there."

Israeli officials said that at least three of the four Israelis killed in the incident were soldiers or border security guards.

The militant wings of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and the Islamic Resistance Movement, known as Hamas, claimed joint responsibility for the attacks, according to the Hamas Web site. The groups said the attack, carried out by a Gaza woman was retribution for the attempted assassination of a militant leader of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the northern West Bank. The bomber was identified as Reem Saleh Rishi, 21, an activist in Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah Movement, according to Israel Radio.

"The Erez Crossing is designed for allowing Palestinians to work in Israel and put food on the table of Palestinian homes," said David Baker, an official in the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. "This is clearly a detriment to that goal and works counterproductive to the Palestinians' own interests."

Israeli officials could not provide figures for how many Palestinian workers are permitted to use the crossing each day. While thousands of Palestinians were allowed to cross into Israel prior to the ongoing conflict, Israeli authorities have reduced dramatically the numbers, and during some periods have completely shut down the crossing to workers.

Israeli security officials say no Palestinian suicide bomber has managed to escape from Gaza to launch an attack inside Israel since the intifada uprising against Israel began more than three years ago because of a fortified and well-guarded security fence system surrounding the Gaza Strip.

However, several attacks have been launched at crossing checkpoints, including three assaults at or near the Erez Crossing prior to Wednesday's incident in which six Israeli security officials were killed.

Last June four Israeli soldiers were killed during an attack near the crossing. On Oct. 14 three American security guards died when a bomb buried in the roadbed detonated beneath their vehicle in a diplomatic convoy about one and one-half miles inside the Gaza Strip from the Erez Crossing.

The Hamas Web site reported that after the suicide bomber detonated herself, Israeli soldiers began firing weapons in the direction of the Palestinian workers that were inside the terminal. None of the initial reports could be immediately verified because Israeli security officials cordoned off access to the Erez Crossing on both the Israeli and Gaza sides.

EyeOnThePost is a grassroots organization that monitors how the Washington Post reports the Arab-Israeli conflict. They can be reached by email at EyeOnThePost@comcast.net or visit their website at http://www.eyeonthepost.org.

Posted by Isralert, January 18, 2004.
This was written by members of the Jerusalem Post staff.

Military sources claim that the terrorist who blew up four days ago at the Erez Crossing, killing four Israelis along with herself, was forced to carry out the suicide attack as punishment for cheating on her husband, according to a Sunday report in Yediot Ahronot.

On Wednesday, 21-year-old Reem Salah al-Rayashi left her 18-month-old daughter, Doha, and her 3-year-old son, Obedia. According to a Sunday Times report, her husband drove her to Erez Crossing. IDF sources said that the investigation has already revealed that her husband, an activist in the Hamas organization, not only knew about his wife's plans in advance, but even encouraged her to carry out the suicide attack. Moreover, the person who recruited al-Rayashi to carry out the suicide attack and equipped her with the explosive belt was none other than the lover with whom she cheated on her husband.

The attack marked the first time Hamas had used a female suicide bomber. Though Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades have used women in the past, none of those bombers was married and none was a mother.

In justifying his group's first use of a female bomber, Hamas spiritual leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin said holy war "is an obligation of all Muslims, men and women." Some have speculated Hamas was forced to use a woman because Israeli security focused on young men as potential bombers.

al-Rayashi was the daughter of an established family in Gaza. Her father was the owner of a large battery factory selling mainly to Israel. Both her family and her husband's are denying rumours of an illicit love affair.

After the bombing, Raiyshi's family refused to speak to reporters, a rarity in these cases, and did not set up a mourning tent for her. Her brother-in-law, Yousef Awad, said Raiyshi and her husband had a huge argument with the rest of the family two months ago and had not been seen since. He refused to elaborate.

A senior Palestinian security official in Gaza denied Raiyshi had cheated on her husband, saying religion was her main motivation in becoming a bomber. "This woman was extremist in her religious belief and her personality was stronger than her husband's. Apparently she convinced him that she should carry out this attack, promising to meet him in heaven," the official said.

Days before, Iyad al-Masri, 17, died when his bomb belt exploded prematurely - one week after his 15-year-old brother, Amjad, and a cousin were killed in Nablus.

Many Palestinians were critical of the terror groups' choice of recruits in both cases. Members of the al-Masri family blamed the terror organizations for taking a second son away from the family in one week.

Over the past 39 months of Mideast violence, more than 400 Israelis have been killed in 108 Palestinian suicide bombings. The majority of bombings have targeted civilians in Israel - at restaurants, bars and bus stops.

The debate begins

Both suicides have sparked a rare debate among Palestinians about the attacks, focused not on wisdom or morality, but on the militants' choice of recruits.

While some offered the usual praise of the attacks as a brave strike against Israel, others were deeply disturbed the terror groups would leave two young children orphaned and deprive a grieving family of a second son.

"If society does not have the courage to speak out on this issue, we could soon see 10-year-olds and pregnant women blowing themselves up," Palestinian commentator Hasan Badtil wrote in the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam.

Up to now, such criticism has been relatively rare. In a society where consensus is valued, criticizing the armed groups openly is seen by many as treasonable. Also, many fear retribution.

Throughout the flare-up of Mideast violence, many Palestinians have supported the suicide bombings as a legitimate tool in the fight against Israel. However, a spontaneous debate erupted recently in a Nablus pool hall, the Associated Press reported, with most of the 25 men there opposed to both attacks.

"She is crazy," Saher Qussini, a teacher, said of al Raiyshi. "She has two children, she is responsible for her children, and she should be teaching them."

Qussini also criticized as counterproductive her choice of target - a crossing that thousands of Palestinians pass through to get to jobs in Israel and a border industrial zone.

Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi, who has spoken out against suicide attacks, said the anger among ordinary Palestinians at the death of a mother and a second son could help turn public opinion against the bombings.

The attacks brought "the question closer to home. Some people don't want to see their children do these things."

The discussion has also seeped into the media, with debates about recruiting mothers and children as suicide bombers playing across newspapers.

"In war we should not lose our humanity. We should not wage a war with women and children," said Hafez Barghouti, editor of Hayat al-Jedida, the Palestinian Authority's newspaper. "Our factions are committing mistakes, and we have to raise our voice against that."

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 18, 2004.
This is a response to "War Ideas, Part 4" by Thomas L. Friedman, an op-ed piece in the New York Times, January 18th.

Tom Friedman's solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - a prompt, unilateral Israeli pullout from the West Bank and Gaza - is a toxic mix of chutzpah and naivete that would mortally wound the Jewish state and undermine U.S. interests by signaling radicals throughout the Middle East that terrorism works. It would embolden homegrown guerrillas and foreign terrorists in Iraq to force a similar retreat by the U.S.-led coalition and extinguish any hopes for a democratic Iraq. And it would give Hamas and Islamic Jihad more "Lebensraum" from which to pursue their war of terror to take over all of Israel.

Legally and diplomatically, Mr. Friedman's prescription flies in the face of the "road map" sponsored by the United States, the United Nations, the European and Russia, which requires a permanent cessation of Palestinian violence as a pre-condition for significant Israeli political concessions. It also would scrap U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, the ultimate blueprint for regional peace. Resolution 242 does not demand an Israeli quasi-surrender but only envisages a pullout from some areas captured by Israel in 1967.

Contrary to Mr. Friedman's roseate view of the results of Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon, there is no peace on Israel's northern border because Iran, via Syria, keeps financing and arming Hizbollah's destructive operations and appetite for more territorial concessions. While Damascus and Tehran - along with Yasir Arafat and Palestinian terror kingpins - undoubtedly would welcome Friedman's road map, genuine reformers in the region could kiss their hopes goodbye. The entire Mideast would be at the mercy of tyrants and terrorists.

DEFENSIVE CONQUEST: They Attacked; We Advanced
Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, January 18, 2004.
Israel has nothing to explain to the International Court of Justice at the Hague regarding the Defensive Wall being built in Israel.

In 1948 the Arabs in each country announced that they would attack Israel, kill all the Jews and, as they proclaimed: "We will dance in their blood" and "Push them into the sea". As they proclaimed, so did they attack. They refused the partition voted by the United Nations in November 1947 and thus gave up any claim to land they would lose in their unprovoked aggressive war against the new born Jewish State of Israel.

Israel as the intended victim State, won that war, resulting in what can only be defined as Defensive Conquest. Israel had to pay dearly in lives lost and in what lost monies they had to raise to buy junk weapons from the scrap yards of Europe at usurious prices. These same European nations now dare to judge Israel for creating a barrier to Arab Terrorists. These were the same nations who refused to sell Israel weapons to defend herself and her people, many just liberated from the Nazi death camps.

The Arabs attacked and the Jews advanced.

In each of the 7 wars launched by the Arabs against the Jewish State (including the 1991 Gulf War when Saddam hit Israel with 39 SCUDs), the Arabs always attacked with the same intention of committing a blood Genocide and overcoming their humiliation and shame from always being beaten by the Jews they hated and despised - Jews whom they thought were weak.

Their own religious legends of fiction assured them that each defeat was an anomoly and that the Jews were the weak, cowardly people who could not, would not fight.

They attacked and we advanced.

Each time, the price for the Jewish State to stay alive was paid in Jewish blood and great debt. Each war came at a greater cost in both lives and treasure on more weapons. After each war that the Arabs instigated and lost, they retired to spend their treasure on re-arming (which should have gone to educate their primitive backward communities). But, the Arab Terrorist Losers diverted all the loot to war that they got from donor countries and the black gold, that is, the oil the Western countries extracted. The Arab Terrorist nations and organizations used these Billions to buy tanks, guns, missiles, aircraft, explosives and, for many, attempted to build WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Israel is still fighting a war against the unremitting Terror by Arab/Muslim Terrorists, who have proclaimed in their manifesto, their Muslim Mein Kampf that, they shall continue killing Jews even if it takes them 100 or 1000 years.

Israel has started to build a "Wall of Life" which fits their slogan of Ein Breira (No Choice). I do not agree with this Wall, not because of its existence and purpose but where it is placed. It walls off too many Jews who live in the villages, towns and cities called 'settlements'.

I believe there already exist two natural barriers against attacks by any coalition of Arab armies from the East. A first line of defense is the Judean and Samarian Mountains and the second is the Jordan River. They are effective and they are much cheaper than the "Wall of Life" now being built for Israel's protection of her peoples' lives. The Golan Heights is the first line of defense from the Northeast protecting Israel from attack by Syria.

Israel paid for that land with tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of thousands of injured. Israel earned that land over and over again because the Arab/Muslims attacked again and again in war and with Terrorism between the wars. Israel owns that land because G-d promised it to the Jewish people. You can read that repeatedly in the Bible.

As a relevant aside, it is interesting to watch the Left Liberal Media give honor to the pagan Koran which follows the moon god of the Arab desert tribes but the Media scorns the Jewish Bible from which the Christian Bible is written.

Arab/Muslims knowingly gambled away the land they controlled by attacking Israel in 7 wars and now demand that they deserve the Land they lost be given back - as if they deserved it. They made bad judgements in their investments in war and death. They killed Jews and they got their own people killed. There is a price that unrepentant serial aggressors must pay.

Each time they attacked, their purpose was to occupy the Land of Israel, take as their plunder what the Jews had built and enjoy the "dancing in the blood of their Jewish victims". Israel paid with rivers of blood and hundreds of Billions of dollars which the Arab aggressors still owe by way of compensation for the 7 wars and for the Jewish lives and property they confiscated in the home countries from which the Arab countries ejected them..

The Land of Israel owes no explanation to the world's nations, to the Court in the Hague or to their American friends. I offer the same advice to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon now that I gave to Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir before the Madrid Conference in October 1991. Don't go! It's another ambush for the Israeli nation and the Jewish people. Whatever you say will be irrelevant. Whatever proof you submit will be considered trivial and ignored. All your planning and discussion on the merits of your case are wasted effort. This will be another International circus where Israel will be put in the dock and pilloried. Regrettably, I do not expect you to take any sensible advise.

As for the "Wall of Life", it is only a temporary barrier, much the same as one would find in Separation Walls, moats and bars in a zoo. Israel's wall is 3% high concrete (but this is all that you see in the news) and 97% chain link fencing. Such walls exist in every civilized country, including America, to keep out illegal aliens. But, Israel has always been judged under different rules, customs and laws - only because they are Jews and anti-Jewish bias still exists.

People who take joy in blowing themselves up to kill an enemy who is not of their primitive pagan religion are dangerous animals. Perhaps one day they will evolve into civilized human beings. But, until that time, the Wall of Life must be erected to separate the killers from our people whom they have declared are their prey.

They attack! We advance! G-d promised.

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Mid East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel, Gamla (http://gamla.org.il/english) and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm)

Posted by David Ben Ariel, January 18, 2004.
We are very excited to advise you that, thanks to G-d and in His mission, the Chairman of our Movement, Gershon Salomon, will be undertaking a special speaking tour of the United States and Canada in June/July 2004. The situation in Israel and all the world makes this trip more important than at any time in the past. In the name of the G-d of Israel He will carry with him from Jerusalem exciting news and messages about the soon complete redemption of Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple and its significance to the nations at this critical time

The critical situation in Israel and all the world makes this trip more important and exciting than at any time in the past. He is coming to share with you that his vision concerning the soon rebuilding of the Temple, the coming of Mashiach ben David, the making of Israel into a Biblical nation with a Biblical mission and to be a holy nation, a kingdom of priests and a treasure among the nations (Exodus19:5,6) and its significance to all the nations, is soon to come to pass. He will share with you the Word of G-d from Jerusalem that nothing can prevent these major godly end-time events, not even the end-time war which has actually started already. He will ask you to prepare yourselves for the establishment of the kingdom of G-d from His holy house in Jerusalem to all the world and the major godly end-time events which are soon to take place.

He is coming to share with you the intensive activities and preparations of The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, the end-time Movement of G-d, for these exciting events - the cornerstones in the midst of Jerusalem for the Third Temple and other stones; architectural plans for the Third Temple; intensive learning of Temple worship by priests and Levites and preparing them for worship in the Third Temple; the search for the original Temple Menorah and Vessels in the Vatican; the creation of other vessels and garments for the Temple worship; the intensive campaign for the rebuilding of the Temple and making modern Israel once again a Biblical nation; the marches to the Temple Mount; the search for the Ark of the Covenant and archaeological remains from the First and Second Temples; the joining of many people from all over the world to the Faithful Movement and her campaign which fulfils the exciting end-time prophecy: "My house will be a house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah56:7); the standing of many rabbis in Israel and most of the Israeli nation with the campaign of the Movement; the exciting news of the recent discovery of the lost ten tribes and their regathering to Israel as a precondition for the coming of Mashiach ben David; the bulge and falling of walls on the Temple Mount; the earthquake in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount of which the scientists in Israel recently warned and its significance to Jewish tradition which holds that it will remove the mosques and all the pagan Islamic presence on the Temple Mount; and much other information.

He is also coming to raise support for the Movement which is so important to strengthen and encourage its campaign and activities in Israel more than at any time in the past. Its activities will affect all the world at this special time. Everyone is called on to support and help the Movement which was dedicated by G-d to fulfil His prophetic end-time plans. He is also coming to strengthen Faithful Movement members in the United States and Canada and our common campaign in North America for the holy goals of the movement. He will be bringing visual media with him which will show you the activities of the Movement and the preparations for the Third Temple.

Mr. Salomon is already scheduled for many meetings on this tour but his schedule is open to other invitations. He will be more than glad to speak in your congregation, with your group or in your area.

This is the time to have Gershon speak in a meeting in your congregation or area. For this please contact Laura O'Bryant in the United States on telephone: (407) 678-1653, fax: (407) 699-6399, or e-mail: TMount99@aol.com as soon as possible so that the schedule can be arranged. Please fulfil the expectations of G-d and give your assistance and stand with the greatest cause of all generations - the building of the Third Temple, the house of G-d, in Jerusalem, the establishment of the kingdom of the G-d of Israel from Jerusalem to all the world and the coming of Mashiach ben David.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is based in Jerusalem. Its website address is http://www.templemountfaithful.org. Reach them by telephone at 972 (2) 625 1112.

Posted by Israela Goldstein, January 18, 2004.
Wheels Of Justice (WoJ) is a vehicle for pro-Palestinian propaganda and lies. Its so-called "Wheels of Justice Tour" is a propaganda bus sponsored by Al Awda and the Internatioal Solidarity Movement (ISM). It is touring high schools in California, before heading to Las Vegas and Arizona.

David ML of California writes:

"If Wheels of Justice (WoJ) is headed for a school near you, you may want to work with local authorities and school leadership, as many of us did here in the Bay Area, to alert the authorities as to the real nature of WoJ and the subversive message that it contains.

Their schedule is available at http://www.justicewheels.org/calendar/month.php

The ISM and Al Awda bill themselves as "non-violent." However, the leaders of the movement have endorsed suicide bombing as an appropriate technique of "resistance" and the groups openly advocate the destruction of the Jewish State "by any means necessary." In Palo Alto, the group was met by a hundred Jewish protestors. I hope that everyone in the southwest will check this calendar and work now to get their school district to refuse time to this group. This can be done on the grounds that this group may call itself non-violent, but it actually endorses terrorism and advocates the violent destruction of the State of Israel.

Posted by Bryna Berch, January 18, 2004.
I think the reason Jews all over the world are making so much of Ambassador Mazel's effective protest is because, except for Dan Gillerman's UN Security Council speech in early October, this is the first instance of Jewish self-pride we've seen in an Israeli Government official since Oslo began. This account was on the Arutz-7 website (http://www.israelnn.com) today.

Israeli Ambassador to Sweden Tzvi Mazel caused an international diplomatic incident Friday with his act of protest against an installation art piece equating an Islamist suicide bomber with her Israeli victims. The Ambassador literally pulled the plug on the exhibit, on display at Stockholm's Museum of National Antiquities.

The piece, entitled "Snow White and the Madness of Truth", consisted of a pool of red liquid - to represent blood - with a miniature raft carrying a smiling headshot of the female terrorist who blew up the Maxim restaurant in Haifa on October 4, 2003, killing 21 Israelis. The fairytale-like text accompanying the display referred to the terrorist as "Snow White", "you poor child", and mourned the loss of her "innocent heart". The text concludes: "And many people are indeed crying: the Zer Aviv family, the Almog family, / and all the relatives and friends of the dead and the wounded / and the red looked beautiful upon the white."

Enraged by the artistic defamation of the Israeli victims of terror, and the whitewashing of the Islamist terrorist, Ambassador Mazel unplugged the floodlights illuminating the exhibit, letting one fall in the water. He was subsequently asked to leave the museum premises.

The Ambassador explained afterwards that he did not act until Swedish officials refused to comply with his requests to remove the exhibit. Mazel told the Swedish press, "As ambassador, I could not remain indifferent to such an obscene misrepresentation of reality."

President Moshe Katzav, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak (who appointed Mazel to his post) and other Israeli officials have expressed their unequivocal support for the Israeli Ambassador to Sweden. Prime Minister Sharon called Mazel and praised his "stand against anti-Semitism." Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi praised Mazel, saying that he should receive a special citation for his actions. Minister-Without-Portfolio Natan Sharansky stated that anyone supporting the "art" exhibit that glorified the Maxim Restaurant suicide bomber encourages and supports those who wish to eradicate the Jewish People.

Foreign Ministry officials immediately went on the offensive, attacking the Swedish government for allowing the display at an exhibit linked with a state-sponsored upcoming international conference on genocide. According to the Foreign Ministry, the display was a violation of understandings reached with the Swedes ahead of the conference. Therefore, "if it is not removed, Israel will reconsider its participation in the conference," officials said.

In contrast, Deputy Knesset Speaker Mohammed Barakeh is calling for the dismissal of Israel's Ambassador to Sweden, calling on cultural and artistic institutions in Israel to make their protests heard. He called the ambassador's actions an unacceptable act against a world renowned artist.

The artists behind the installation piece are Dror Feiler, an expatriate Israeli, and his Swedish wife, Gunilla Skold Feiler.

The Swedish government is expected to summon Ambassador Mazel on Monday for "clarifications". On Saturday, Swedish Foreign Ministry officials said they "maintain that it is unacceptable to destroy works of art in this way." The Swedish Ambassador to Israel said today that his government cannot and will not interfere in the art exhibit by asking for its removal.

Within hours of the Stockholm incident, a Hebrew-language petition in support of Ambassador Mazel was already published on-line at http://www.ezra.org.il/shagrir/. It has garnered more than 2500 signatures as of press time.

Posted by David Wilder, January 18, 2004.
I received this document today from Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of the International Christian Zionist Center. After speaking with him, I have no doubt that the below account is authentic and accurate. It must be widely disseminated.

This amazing report written by my friend and journalist Dmitry Radyshevsky came this morning into my hands. I publish it hereby in full as I believe this voice needs to be widely heard.

Recently he, the executive director of the First Annual International Jerusalem Summit, had an in-depth conversation with a very influential Palestinian Arab who no longer resides in the territories. While he now can afford the luxuries of open thought and free speech, his identity must be protected.

The conversation appears here without commentary. His revealing analysis provides a concise formula for resolving the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, reveals insight into current Palestinian thinking, and should be a daily reminder of what Israel is enduring.

"Israel won the first intifada. The Palestinians were exhausted. Arafat was at his lowest point in Tunisia. At that time Israel could have imposed any solution, and the Palestinians would have accepted it. Instead, you went to Oslo - without consulting with either Arabs in the territories or Jordan... And the Arabs concluded that Arafat had won.

"Palestinians were prepared to accept the status quo - a de facto peace - but Israel imposed on them the Arafat Gang with the old Arab mentality - rejection of any peace with Israel. The first thing that the PLO did upon return was to close down the opposition newspapers and fire every independent journalist.

"After Oslo, Palestinians thought we would have lightly armed police to keep public order. But when we saw these guys with submachine guns, we exclaimed: 'This is not police - this is fedayeen.' They made it clear right away: 'We came back to continue the struggle. It is more convenient to fight Israel from here than from Tunisia.'

"The 'police' installed a dozen armed structures, all in the business of robbery, rape, and extortion. A relative of mine had a store next door to a headquarters. These 'officers' would come in every day, take whatever they wanted, and tell him to put it on the organization's account. When the amount reached 15,000 shekels, they arrested the owner and accused him of being an Israeli spy. They kept him in the basement for three days and let him go only when he agreed to forget the debt. When he came home, he prayed to Allah to erase these 'headquarters'. A few months later, Israelis bombed the building. He called me saying: 'Allah heard my prayers!' Any Palestinian can tell you a dozen stories like this.

"Israeli Operation Defensive Shield made Palestinians more free by putting the PA security services out of business, which reduced the number of rapes, acts of extortion, and torture. "Israel keeps misleading us by sending wrong signals. They say Arafat is no longer a partner, but Sharon is about to meet with Abu Ala, and Omri Sharon meets with Rajoub. But among the Palestinians everybody knows them as Arafat's people. And so the Palestinians think that in fact Israel is plotting to make Arafat strong... You should either acknowledge you're working with him or get rid of his gang once and forever. Be straight and consistent. Tell the truth.

"Jerusalem Arabs want to keep their permanent resident status; they see what is going on in the West Bank and what Arafat has done to them... They panic; they say, Labor wants to hand us over to Arafat and Labor wants to bring Hamas to Jerusalem. Israel could turn them into an example for other Arabs: if you are loyal permanent residents in Israel, you will live as well as Israelis do.

"Palestinians want to go back to the pre-1987 situation, when one could travel from Ramallah to Ramat Gan, to earn money and go back home, without Arafat or check points.

"You must force Lebanon and Syria to remove limitations on Palestinian refugees - let them settle where they want and let them work. Don't say they need to disband the camps. Force them to remove the limitations on leaving, and Palestinians will leave the camps of their own will.

"You must disarm all of Arafat's armed forces and leave only a civilian administration. If you don't do it now, Arafat will be followed by thousands more 'arafats'.

"Enter the territories, disarm all the 'security services', and stay there. If you let the people know you are there to stay, that you will not allow the jihadists to return and multiply, people will believe in you and help you.

"Palestinians will not fight for Arafat. Intifada is not a popular revolt; it's a war conducted by several armed groups.

"The only other alternative you have is to go back and hide behind the 1967 borders, and then prepare for the worst: Hamas in the Old City and French Hill, and the total war for destruction. Then both Jews and Arabs will die.

"No one will say any of this in the open. First you must enter the territories and prove you're serious. And then I'll give you 500 influential Arabs who will support you."

May God Himself open the eyes of Israel's leaders to the cry of this courageous man!

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 18, 2004.
This account of the lastest female mass murderer was written by Aaron Lerner, Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis). Its website address is http://www.imra.org.il

It sounds sort of like when the Mafia gives you an offer you can't refuse.

Yediot Ahronot reports this morning that 22-year-old Reem Al-Reyashi, the mother of two who blew herself up at the Erez Crossing from the Gaza Strip to Israel, murdering four Israelis and injuring ten on 14 January, was pressured by her husband to carry out the suicide attack after he caught her with her lover who is also a member of Hamas.

In traditional society she faced execution by male family members for defaming the honor of her family.

Israel Radio Arab Affairs Correspondent Avi Yissakharov noted this morning that every female Palestinian suicide bomber has had a background of personal problems.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Jock L. Falkson, January 17, 2004.
The Jerusalem Post's leading news item Friday reported "Israel is now considering a quick image boost by changing the name to 'anti-terrorist fence' to combat propagandistic (sic) phrases that opponents are using to describe the fence, such as 'the Berlin Wall' or the 'apartheid wall'." (My point though not my words.)

The fence word is quite the wrong for something the width of a 4 lane highway. And it has been made 'treif' among the nations because the Palestinians successfully attached 'apartheid' to it. We should stop fighting windmills and just drop it.

Besides, the better expression by far is 'anti-terrorist barrier'. First because barrier describes exactly what it is: a 7 part construction of which the fence is but one component. Second because 'Berlin', 'apartheid' or 'racist' cannot be successfully attached.

The barrier construction consists of these 7 elements:

1. On the eastern side there are electronic sensors to detect infiltrators.
2. Then a ditch to prevent cars from charging through the fence.
3. A dirt road enables border police to carry out search patrols.
4. Then there's the 10 foot high chain-linked fence, equipped with monitoring sensors, which triggers an alert when the fence is touched.

On the Israeli side there is:
5. a swath of fine sand, to enable Israel to track infiltrators who get through the first lines of defense.
6. a paved road for security patrols.
7. rolls of razor wire and mounted video surveillance cameras.

So to have called this a fence in the first place was an unfortunate choice of word. Keeping 'fence' will not succeed because it has been unalterably corrupted by the apartheid image. To continue using it will be an unforgivable mistake.

Some TV news sources are reporting that Israel wants to adopt 'Terror Prevention Fence' instead. The PR genius who thought up this alternative does not understand that keeping the fence word is the problem, not part of the solution.

Secondly, 'prevention' is weak, wimpy and passive where 'anti-terrorist' is strong, even dynamic. Finally 'terror prevention' is 2 words whereas 'anti-terrorist' is one.

Enough already. To help win this important PR war of words Israel had best switch to anti-terrorist barrier.

As for the wall, it is an anti-sniper wall. We must also add what the Palestinians strictly won't and don't, that it will be a mere 3 percent of the fully completed construction. They are doing their damnedest to misrepresent the length of the wall as 100 percent.

Jock Falkson is an Israeli writer and translator. He can be reached by email at falkson@barak-online.net.

Posted by Judy Lash Balint, January 17, 2004.
It was another one of those uniquely Israeli evenings where overwhelming joy and energy is tinged with sadness and remembrance, with a good measure of resolve and "davka" thrown in.

The normally staid hall of Jerusalem's Great Synagogue became a lively concert hall last night that attracted around 1500 people to a benefit for Israeli victims of terror and their families. Organized by the One Family Fund and co-sponsored by The Jerusalem Post and New York's Yeshiva University, the event raised funds for the myriad of needs of those hit by Arab terror over the past three years.

The stained glass windows, marble pillars and heavy glass chandeliers of the Great Synagogue resounded to the beat of three popular Jewish music acts, as hundreds of disappointed supporters clamored unsuccessfully to get in as the hall quickly filled up a few hours after Shabbat.

Mid-January is high tourist time for observant college students on inter-session as well as parents visiting their kids studying for the year in Israel and organized solidarity groups - and last night's concert brought them together with dozens of terror victims and their families for an evening's entertainment.

But this was not merely a concert - the evening opened with everyone reciting Psalm 121: I will lift up my eyes to the hills...and was interspersed with moving testimony from several terror victims who have sufficiently recovered to be able to stand on stage and give thanks.

Billed as the All Together Now Concert, the first act was the Israeli trio, Oyf Simches. Headed by the versatile thirty-year-old Amiran Dvir, the group sang and danced through a lively, fast-paced forty-minute set that had the students dancing on the sides of the stage. The young women were invisible behind a heavy screen, but the guys with tzitzit flying quickly worked up a sweat as they executed their own brand of Jewish break-dancing. Several rows of ultra-orthodox students, still dressed in their Shabbat clothes, stayed in their seats but swayed to the music, payot (side-curls) waving.

The Oyf Simches lads belted out some well-known numbers, and showed off their well-rehearsed choreography to the delight of the crowd. Down in the front row, I recognized Sharon Maman, 24, a survivor of the Ben Yehuda Mall bombing of December 2001, sitting in a Christopher Reeves-like wheelchair. The last time I'd seen Sharon was in May 2002, when Rabbi Avi Weiss took a group from his Riverdale synagogue to visit terror victims at Hadassah Hospital. Then, six months after the attack, Sharon lay inert in his hospital bed with a poison-soaked nail embedded near his brain. He was paralyzed and had no speech. Last night, Sharon was holding a can of soda, turning to talk to his brother and enjoying his proximity to the action on stage.

It's more than two years since a homicide bomber irrevocably changed Sharon's life, and the lives of all those around him, but the simple act of clapping still evades him. Apparently Sharon doesn't remember his life before the attack, but he clearly remembers that he's 24 years old - he frequently looks over at the carefree young men around his age dancing a few feet away.

Before Yehuda Glantz appears, One Family Fund founder Marc Belzberg addresses the crowd. Marc, a Canadian born, forty-something successful businessman and philanthropist gives over just one idea - that the concept of 'family' means standing together in good times and bad.

Belzberg introduces a short film about the work of One Family Fund. Profiles of several Israelis permanently disabled by terror are powerful testaments to the human spirit. Whether it's the family who lost half of their ten members at Sbarros, the young Ethiopian paralyzed from the waist down, the sixty year old woman whose body is still riddled with shrapnel or the young man who lost his sight and hearing, the sentiments expressed are the same. No hatred, just a steely resolve to go on and overcome their unfathomable disabilities. The blind and deaf young man relates how three days after the terror attack, his doctors had told his parents to prepare for his death. "But today I'm walking and running. I told them, just wait another year and I'll be seeing them."

Next up is Yehuda Glantz. Yehuda had been wandering through the crowd unrecognized while Oyf Simches was playing. Now, up on stage clad in a black beret, black shirt and pants with tzitzit (ritual fringes) dangling, he shows off his considerable musical talent. An immigrant from Argentina, the bearded Glantz's music has that Latin rhythm and beat. He's an enormously versatile musician, who changes instruments with almost every number. Jumping easily from keyboard to guitar to accordion to banjo to a tiny guitar with a Spanish name, he invites the dancers on stage to keep him company during his set. The climax is his signature version of the classic La Bamba, with the original Spanish lyrics transformed into Hebrew.

While the next band is setting up, Sari Singer, the daughter of a NJ State Senator, gets up to speak. Singer was lightly injured in last summer's Bus #14 bomb. She relates how she returned to the US for the summer but came back to Israel in September to pick up her life here. I met Sari's father and brother at a news conference here a few days after the attack. The two, secular Jews with very limited Israel experience, were clearly bewildered at the change in their daughter and sister. On stage Sari is wearing a long skirt and speaks passionately about the need for Israelis not be cowed by Arab terror. "We're not afraid," she declares.

Idan Lory, gravely injured when British born terrorists blew up Mike's Place bar on the Tel Aviv seashore is invited up. A slight young man with dark brown beard and a white silk kippa balanced on his bushy dark brown hair, Lory quietly describes how he spent more than a month in a coma and awoke to discover that he had been burned over sixty percent of his body. The full bodysuit he has to wear for the next three years is visible on the thin arms that extend from his T-shirt.

Lory traded places on the stage with four American Jews his age. The members of Blue Fringe, the latest up-and-coming Jewish band, could have just as easily have been at Mike's Place last summer. In fact, bass player Hayyim Danzig hasn't been back to Israel since the August 2001 Sbarro attack, when his brother narrowly escaped injury. In a Jerusalem Post interview, Danzig admitted something very unusual for a rock star: his parents wouldn't allow him to return until now.

All four members of the slightly bookish looking group spent time studying in Israel, but returned to the US to finish college. Today, they're a sought-after band who combine funk, jazz, ska and soul with a Jewish message. Their most popular number is "Flippin' Out," written by lead singer Dov Rosenblatt, son of NY Jewish Week editor, Gary Rosenblatt. The song takes a satirical look at the experience of thousands of graduates of Modern orthodox high schools who come to Israel and "frum out." Still, they received a huge welcome last night at their international debut from hundreds of their peers who could easily fall into that category.

As the crowd started to thin and dribbled out into the cool, damp Jerusalem night air, a girl who looked to be about bat mitzvah age standing in front of me turned to her mother to remark: "What a great concert - too bad so many people had to suffer to make it happen."

Judy Balint is author of "Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times" (Gefen). The book is available for purchase from http://www.israelbooks.com.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 17, 2004.
Elizabeth Greene, whose letter is printed below, has a truly, post-modernist perspective on the matter of the Stockholm installation. Viewed as a Dada-ist, piece of performance art, the Israeli Ambassador's actions at the Swedish Gallery should be viewed as "Art", just a much as the installation in question. Had the rearrangement of the installation been carried out by a self-proclaimed "Artist", there would have been no protests. In fact, the performance artist would most likely have received a supplementary grant to further his "re-arrangement" project.

The Swede's reaction is another example of the primitive anti-intellectualism that has prevented the evolution of high art in the Nordic regions.

To the Swedes; Pay the Ambassador for his "Performance", and shut up!

From: Elizabeth Greene
To: sb.infoforum2004@primeminister.ministry.se
Cc: registrator@foreign.ministry.se
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 2:59 PM
Subject: Snow White and the Madness of Truth aka Nazi Art

It is my understanding that the Israeli government and your government were not going to show the Nazi Art made up by Kapos. Instead, you reneged and set up the Israeli Ambassador by inviting him to the sea of blood.

What stake does Sweden have in increasing the anti-Semitism in Europe?

I think the Ambassador's actions were a daring and effective performance art piece that captured beautifully the concept that the murder of Jews can no longer be treated as ethically neutral and philosophically tolerable. The particular choice of dousing the lights of public adoration of the thuggish "suicide bombers" in the symbolic pool of Jewish blood was a magnificent conceptual visual.

Bravo to him, and a shrug to those who don't have the sensitivity to recognize artistic brilliance and instead condemn it because they don't like the message.

Shame on you. Shame.

Posted by Gerald A. Honigman, January 17, 2004.
At any time, the current handwriting on the Middle Eastern wall would be unsettling. But this is an election year, and the man whom many claim to be the most "pro-Israel" President ever seems to have now bought into the State Department's position that Israel must return to the post-'48 fighting armistice lines which left it about as wide as many people travel on shopping trips or to go to work. I imagine Mr. Bush has neighbors whose ranches have more strategic depth.

Armistice lines are not "borders," regardless of how many times the media and others refer to them that way. They simply mark the points where fighting stopped or was stopped - in Israel's case, where it managed to halt a multi-pronged attack on its reborn life by surrounding Arab states. Those lines were never meant to be permanent borders, as a reading of the comments of United Nations' officials clearly shows.

Living within its nine-mile wide existence before war was forced upon it yet a third time in 1967, Israel constantly received the message that, regardless of how miniscule it was, Arabs would still not accept non-Arabs having national rights in "their" region. Forget about Turks and Iranians for now; they pose substantially different and more complicated stories vis-a-vis their relations with Arabs.

So size was not the issue then nor now. That Israel is has always been the Arabs' problem. Prior to '67, Israel was constantly attacked by fedayeen using surrounding states as staging areas. And it was also attacked by those states themselves. Syria, for example, used the gift that Great Britain gave it of most of the Golan Heights after World War I to rain death on Israelis below. If Arabs have ruthlessly suppressed fellow Muslim Kurds and Berbers who have dared to assert their own identities and political rights (not to mention non-Muslim Sudanese Blacks, Egyptian Copts, etc.), their attitude towards "their" kelbi yahudi - Jew dog - Jews, one half of whom, in Israel, were from refugee families fleeing "Arab" lands, daring to demand a sliver of national dignity in the Dar al-Islam, should come as no shock.

It is one thing for Arabs to wish for a return to the good old days of their own Caliphal imperialism whereby all who stood in the way of their conquests and forced Arabization were given little choice in the matter. That's how most of the twenty-two "Arab" states that now exist became "Arab" in the first place. The often bloody struggle of millions of native non-Arabs for rights in those lands goes on as these words are being written. Go to the Kurdish Media web site for just one example of this much ignored fact. Look up Berbers or the Sudan for a few others. And there's more. This all becomes truly pathetic when the Arabs' racist, domineering attitudes are endorsed by so many other supposedly "enlightened" voices, such as those in academia or the media....the same ones that never cease to demand less than perfection from Israel. If it doesn't involve Israel's reluctance to allow the creation of a murderous good cop/bad cop Arafatian/Hamas state in its backyard, most of those voices are deaf, dumb, and blind to the issue. Justice for Arabs and the hell with everyone else has evidently become the guideline. Oil and other business interests have lots to do with this, but they're not the whole story.

Given all of this, it is worrisome to see the public reemergence of James Baker III on the political scene. He has evidently been appointed as Dubya's personal envoy to the Middle East.

Baker has been in the background for decades, especially since his close friends, the Bushes, gained ascendancy in American politics. His law firm represents Saudi Arab interests in this country and typifies how people move through the revolving doors of businesses tied to Arab interests back and forth into government positions - especially those in Foggy Bottom...the very same institution which opposed President Truman's recognition of Israel in the first place in 1948. Baker's law partner, Robert Jordan, was appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia by President Bush in 2001. Casper Weinberger and many others have been through these lucrative doors as well. Most often, their influence has spelled trouble for an Israel trying to get a fair hearing.

Baker has consistently showed venom towards both Jews in general and the Jewish State in particular. While his "_ _ _ _ the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway" comments are legendary, they simply expressed, a bit more vividly, his already well known positions. While I have not seen it myself, reliable sources report that in Time Magazine on February 13, 1989, he spoke of Israel as his "turkey" on a turkey shoot...a quarry to be trapped, cornered, and manipulated at will. And then there was his reaction to Israel's surgical strike against Saddam's nuclear reactor. And his promise to Saddam's twin butcher, Hafez al-Assad of Syria, that the latter would receive the entire Golan back from Israel - prior to negotiations. The list goes on and on... Now add to this Bush and State's virtual insistence that Israel must return - contrary to UN Resolution # 242 - to the suicidal, pre-'67 armistice lines (that's what the flack over the route of Israel's security fence is all about), and the future does not bode well for those who truly care about arriving at a fair solution to the Arab-Israeli impasse.

If Baker is the man and these are the positions Mr. Bush apparently now endorses during the election year of his likely last term as President, what can we expect once he has been reelected for the last time and has nothing to lose in terms of voters?

Turning to the Democrats, the situation is even worse. The likely challenger, Dr. Howard Dean, has expressed his great admiration for Jimmy Carter, who has never met an Arab disemboweler of Jews he didn't blame the Jews themselves for...regardless of how often the latter showed more willingness to bare their necks for peace than would be expected of anyone else or accepted under an objective definition of fair play or sanity. Dean has espoused Carter's own distorted version of "even-handedness" regarding Arab-Israeli politics.

Note also that Carter's alleged "humanity" and concerns are highly selective. While expecting Jews to cave in to all that Arabs demand for the creation of their 23rd state, he remains strangely silent on the plight of some 30 million stateless Kurds who still have no "roadmap" in their future and whose murderous abusers have largely been Syrian and Iraqi Arabs. But not a peep about this or Arab atrocities against millions of Blacks in the Sudan, etc. from Dean or Peanutland.

While the Baker and Carter choirs insist that the proposed 23rd Arab state (second Arab one within the original 1920 borders of "Palestine") not be a "bantustan," they expect the sole, resurrected State of the Jews that one needs a magnifying glass to find on a world map to forsake its own minimum security needs to allow for this. Just how much room do they think there is between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River? Keep in mind Israel's pre-'67, 9-mile wide, armistice line imposed width.

Jews historically lived in Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") until they were massacred by Arabs in the early 20th century. Most of Israel's settlements have been built on strategic high ground areas in the disputed territories to give it a bit more of a buffer both envisioned and permitted by Resolution #242 in the latter's call for the creation of "secure and recognized borders" to replace those suicidal armistice lines. These areas were unapportioned lands of the Mandate, not Arab, and many thousands of Arabs from elsewhere moved in and settled here as well. Remember, those armistice lines were never meant to be permanent "borders."

A true compromise must be reached involving concrete and measurable concessions from both sides in order for any semblance of justice to prevail. Israel doesn't want to rule over millions of Arabs, regardless of where they originated from. But Baker and Carter's interpretations of this call for a unilateral retreat by Israel. Poll after poll taken among Arabs have shown that even if Israel did this (as indeed virtually happened in 2000 at Camp David and Taba), most Arabs would still support terrorism and reject Israel's right to exist anyway. So what both camps are demanding is not "justice," but a travesty thereof. While Carter (and thus Dean) is a lost cause in this regard, Dubya - at least once upon a time - seemed to know better. Perhaps there's still hope. But I suggest that those who care do a lot more than that at this point in time.

Gerald A. Honigman has lectured and appeared on TV, talking about foreign policy. He frequently writes on Israel, the Arabs and the Kurds. He lives in Volusia County, Florida.

Posted by Leo Rennert, January 17, 2004.
By stacking the deck against Israel in assembling its "anti-genocide" exhibition, Sweden forfeited its right to protest Ambassador Mazel's action. After soliciting art contributions from many countries, the Stockholm museum put on view 20 pieces. Three were from Israel - all promoting the Palestinian side! A pro-Israeli piece of art was rejected, according to Haaretz, following diplomatic pressures by Syria! Where was Sweden's righteous outrage against this Swedish attack on freedom of artistic expression? And where was Sweden when Palestinians engaged in vandalism of a far more vicious kind by destroying Joseph's Tomb in Nablus and repeatedly firing on Rachel's Tomb outside Bethlehem? Sweden is solidly in the camp of those celebrating the murders of Jews. Raoul Wallenberg, who was more interested in saving Jewish lives, would weep.
Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 17, 2004.
This news item was on the Arutz-7 website (http://www.israelNN.com).

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's popularity is rapidly descending, according to a poll published in Yediot Acharonot newspaper today. The survey, conducted by pollster Mina Tzemach, indicates that 56% of the Israeli public feels that Sharon is not trustworthy, and that 46% of the populace thinks he should resign. Just over half say he need not resign. Asked who their preferred replacement would be in the event that Sharon steps down, more respondents chose Binyamin Netanyahu than any of the other candidates - Ministers Olmert, Shalom, and Mofaz. The survey also showed that 68% of the public is against withdrawing from the Golan Heights in exchange for a written peace agreement with Syria.

Mr. Sharon has caused controversial headlines of late regarding his plans for a possible unilateral withdrawal from areas in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza; his lack of communication with the public regarding critical issues; and the continuing investigation into his and his sons' involvement in the Greek Island issue, the South African businessman's loan, and campaign funding.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Steven Plaut, January 17, 2004.
Among the Israeli or ex-Israeli leftist anti-Semites trekking the globe is one Mapplethropian "artist" named Dror Feiler. Feiler hates Israel with a passion and supports Jihad and Palestinian terrorism. He lives in Stockholm whence he spreads his views, including on the internet. You can read about his "art" and his support for Palestinian terror through it at http://www.tochnit-aleph.com/texts/feiler.html. He also claims to be a musician who makes "music and noise" and my guess is more of the latter than the former.

Among Feiler's recent "artistic" creations is a work celebrating the terrorist woman who blew herself up inside the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, murdering 21 people, some of them Arabs, many of them children. Feiler seems to think this woman is a great hero, so he drew a portrait of her floating happily in a pool of Jewish blood. It was part of the preparations for some sort of Swedish conference on "genocide", which by all expectations will end up endorsing Arab plans to conduct genocide against Jews.

The painting was on display in Stockholm when the Israeli Ambassador decided to respond to it in a manner almost unseen since the start of Oslo. He responded to it as a Jew and Zionist; he destroyed the monstrosity. Curiously, the Ambassador is an appointeee of Uber-appeaser Ehud Barak, who was on TV this evening cheering on the Ambassador for this rare act of Israeli self-pride and courage. Barak did NOT suggest that Feiler be granted the Israel Prize.

"This was not a piece of art," the ambassador told Sweden's SR radio news station. "It was a monstrosity." "For me it was intolerable and an insult to the families of the victims," he said. "As ambassador [of] Israel I could not remain indifferent to such an obscene misrepresentation of reality."

Feiler, who described the ambassador's actions as "vandalism," announced that he would not perform as long as Mazel was present. Feiler told the Associated Press that his installation aimed to call attention to how weak people left alone can be capable of horrible things.

"[Mazel] tried to stop free speech and free artistic expression from being carried out in Sweden," Feiler said.

Feiler describes himself as the "eye-bleeding ultimate composer of intifadic and eruptive lung-outs."

Feiler runs a PLO front group called Jews for Israeli Palestinian Peace (JIPF). It is celebrated on PLO web sites such as http://student.cs.ucc.ie/cs1064/jabowen/IPSC/authors/DrorFeiler.php He also serves as head of European Jews for a Just Peace, which might or might not have other members besides himself.

It seems that Abu-Feiler is also a regular posteur and pretty representative of what is broadcast to the world from a Far-Leftist chat list operated under the auspices of the University of Haifa, entitled the ALEF list. Headed by a lestist professor of theater at Haifa University, this list operates on the University of Haifa computer and every message carries somewhere the University of Haifa name. Its contents may be viewed by those with strong stomachs at http://list.haifa.ac.il/pipermail/alef/. There you will find calls openly endorsing terror, calls for Israel's destruction, demonization of Jews and Judaism, endorsement of treason, all posted by Israeli and ex-Israeli far leftists, and a few fellow travellers.

It turns out that Dror Feiler, the grand artiste of the Intifada, is one of the people who post to this University list. Consider http://list.haifa.ac.il/pipermail/alef/2003-June/001332.html or http://list.haifa.ac.il/pipermail/alef/2003-August/002144.html Feiler's email address is dror@chello.se, in case you would like to chat about art with him.

Incredibly, he is not the most anti-Israel or pro-terror posteur on this ALEF list. The list by the way is closed to people who are not anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, and dissidents have been removed from the list by its moderator, Avraham Oz (no relation to Amos), for expressing pro-Israel sentiments.

Oz has been in the news this week because his Dean shut down a "theater" Oz claimed to be running due to suspected misallocation of funds and other alleged misdeeds. The whole sordid business is described at http://www.ee.bgu.ac.il/~academia/2004_01_16.txt.

If you would like to tell the officials at the University of Haifa what you think about an openly treasonous chat list on which people like Dror the Jihadnik post their "thoughts", please contact them. They and their emails are to be found at http://multimedia.haifa.ac.il/manage/html/html_eng/english_archives/oldindex.html

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

CIA: SAUDI ARABIA WILL GO NUCLEAR: Contradicts statements by White House, State Department
Posted by Tamar Rush, January 17, 2004.
This article appeared today on the World Net Daily website (http://www.wnd.com). It is from Geostrategy-Direct, an online newsletter published by World Tribune (http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/).

The U.S. intelligence community has concluded Saudi Arabia intends to acquire nuclear weapons, the intelligence newsletter Geostrategy-Direct reports.

The assessment is contained in a report by the National Intelligence Council, a group under CIA director George Tenet. The council has released a report, called "NIC 2020," that envisions trends in the Middle East and other global regions over the next two decades.

The intelligence community regards Saudi Arabia as being next in line to acquire nuclear weapons, the report said. The council asserted the United States would have more difficulty in handling Saudi Arabia, a leading exporter of crude oil, than it would have with Libya and Syria.

As Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin reported in June, Saudi Arabia is among a growing list of nations that could pose a nuclear threat to the United States. Like Egypt, it has missiles and a large army and is a candidate for an Islamic revolution similar to Iran's 1979 conflict that overnight turned the country from being a stable U.S. ally to a vicious enemy.

Geostrategy reported in June that the Saudi royal family has become alarmed by the prospect of its neighbors having a nuclear bomb and has been secretly obtaining help from Pakistan for its missile and nuclear program. (See http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=33164.) Riyadh helped finance Pakistan's nuclear program precisely to ensure that the royal family will have a bomb in case of an emergency, Geostrategy said.

The CIA report envisioned Saudi Arabia as reducing its dependency on the United States and using nuclear weapons to bolster the kingdom's security.

In contrast, the intelligence community sees Libya and Syria as seeking a rapprochement with Washington.

"Ironically, some of the most significant proliferation might involve moderate states such as the current Saudi regime rather than 'rogues' such as Libya or Syria," the report said. "The former will seek ways to ensure their security without overly heavy reliance on the United States. The latter will seek to escape the opprobrium of being 'rogues' and to be fully rehabilitated as members of the international community."

The report was released on Dec. 8, 11 days before the Bush administration announced a Libyan agreement to dismantle its nuclear weapons and medium-range missiles. The CIA participated in a British-U.S. team that toured Libyan nuclear and missile facilities in October and December 2003.

The United States has expressed satisfaction over Libya's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency's inspections of Tripoli's nuclear facilities. Secretary of State Colin Powell said the administration could soon review the lifting of a range of U.S. sanctions on the North African state.

"The next step is to make sure we have a clear understanding of what Libya possesses, make sure it matches up with what we think they possess and what they tell us they possess," Powell said Tuesday. "And they are very forthcoming to this point. And then make sure that we have worked with them to verify their holdings and the destruction of those holdings in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

"When we get that under control and we have a good sense of all of that, then we'll start to examine the political and policy issues that relate to bringing Libya back into a different relationship with the United States and with the rest of the international community," he said.

Intel contradicts administration

The U.S. intelligence community assessment of Saudi Arabia contrasts with statements by administration spokesmen that the kingdom would not seek to acquire nuclear weapons. That assertion, by the White House and State Department, came in October after Saudi Arabia was reported to have signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Pakistan.

The NIC report also appeared resigned to the prospect of an Iranian nuclear bomb, a development that was said to have prompted Saudi cooperation talks with Pakistan. The Iranian drive for nuclear weapons might not be affected by a change a regime in Tehran, the report said.

The intelligence community envisions increasing unrest in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. A regime change in Saudi Arabia would prompt a major increase in oil prices, rock the Persian Gulf region and lead to increased tension with neighboring Iran, the report said.

"Replacement of the Saudi regime by a radical Islamist successor, for example, might increase Arabian-Iranian tensions, with a rivalry for Islamic leadership - one party Sunni, and the other Shia - vershadowing whatever common characteristics would set both regimes apart from the Al Saud," the report said.

"Radical regime change would unavoidably affect relations with Washington and probably the U.S. role in the region. It also would affect the Arab-Israeli equation - in a major way if the change of regime occurred in Egypt or Jordan."

Posted by Ben Ronn, January 17, 2004.
Please read this news item from the LA TIMES from March 2003, and, if you believe it as I do, you should forward this to all your friends who you feel would find this of interest.

LOS ANGELES - Mel Gibson and his parents are under fire today from a leading Jewish group for reportedly anti-Semitic impulses in the former's new film and the latter's denial that Al Qaeda executed the Sept.11 attacks.

The actor's father, Hutton Gibson, told The New York Times he flatly rejected that the terrorist group led by Usama bin Laden had any role in the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon Sept. 11.

"Anybody can put out a passenger list," the elder Gibson told The Times. "So what happened? They were crashed by remote control."

He and the actor's mother, Joye Gibson, also told The Times that the Holocaust was a fabrication manufactured to hide an arrangement between Adolph Hitler and "financiers" to move Jews out of Germany to the Middle East to fight Arabs.

"Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body," Hutton Gibson told The Times. "It takes one litre of petrol and 20 minutes. Now six million?" Said Joye Gibson: "There weren't even that many Jews in all of Europe."

Rabbi Marvin Hier, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, shot back. "To bigots and anti-Semites, no amount of evidence or scientific proof is ever enough. In their world, only hate matters."

The comments from the Gibson family come just after the actor built a church near Malibu that caters to a revisionist version of Catholicism.

According to The Times, the church has a congregation of 70, including the star of such films as "Braveheart" and "Conspiracy Theory." Mel Gibson, a devout Catholic, is directing and co-wrote the soon-to-be-released movie "The Passion," rooted in a theological movement known as Catholic traditionalism that seeks to return the faith to its pre-1962 period, before the Pope issued what is known as Vatican II, a series of proclamations that did away with the notion that Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.

"If the new film seeks to undo that," Hier told The Times, it would not be uncovering truth. Rather, it would unleash more of the scurrilous charges... directed against the Jewish people, which took the Catholic Church 20 centuries to finally repudiate."... Gibson has filmed this in Latin and Aramaic with no subtitles.

His father says that the "Second Vatican Council was a plot put out by the Jews."... When asked if Jews might be offended by his movie, Mel Gibson says: "It's not meant to. I think it's meant to just tell the truth. I want to be as truthful as possible.




Ben Ronn runs BRE (Ben Ronn Enterprises) in Houston, TX, 77055. You can contact him by phone at 713 686 4646 or email him at brehttx@localnet.com. This email was distributed by Communaute-Juive-France-owner@yahoogroup

Posted by Israel BenAmi, January 16, 2004.
While definitely NOT politically correct, this could do the trick!

"In 1909, General Black Jack Pershing was made Military Governor of Moro Province in the Philippines. Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists. So General Pershing captured 50 terrorists and had them tied to posts for execution. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the now horrified terrorists. Muslims detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, its meat, its blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell. The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad. Then soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorists' bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc. They let the 50th man go. And for the next forty-two years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world. Maybe it is time for this segment of history to repeat itself, maybe in Iraq? The question is, where do we find another Black Jack Pershing?"

Posted by Stephen Crawford, January 16, 2004.
KARACHI, Pakistan: Two explosions in Karachi extensively damaged the office of the Bible Society, on Thursday, Jan. 15. The blasts injured 15 people, including two Bible Society employees, and shattered windows in the adjacent Episcopal Holy Trinity Church and School for Girls.

The first blast was caused by a grenade thrown through the window of the Bible Society's reading room at 3:15 p.m. by two unidentified men on motorcycles. Fifteen minutes later, a bomb concealed in a parked car exploded outside the Bible Society's premises.

Pakistan's Information Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, blamed Islamic militants for the attack. The car bomb, according to Reuters, was similar to the one used by Islamic extremists to kill 12 people outside the U.S. Consulate in 2002.

"This terrorist act has increased the sense of insecurity among Christians", chairman of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, Shahbaz Bhatti, said in response to the attack against the Bible Society. "The Alliance calls on all people of goodwill, both inside and abroad, to join together to stop the scourge of terrorism", Bhatti continued.

Since 2001, there have been a series of attacks by Islamic militants on Western and Christian targets. Last week, Rev. Mukhtar Masih was shot dead in his hometown of Khanewal after receiving death threats by local extremists. CSI's president, Rev. Hans Stuckelberger, responded to the murder by urging Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, to help end the cycle of violence against the country's Christians and other non-Muslim minorities, by ordering increased security measures and by repealing all laws that discriminate on religious grounds.

Stephen Crawford is a member of Christian Solidarity International (CSI). He can be reached at csi@csi-usa.org or 805-777-7107. This letter was distributed by Freedom Now (http://www.freeworldnow.com), a group devoted to wiping out slavery internationally and focusing on the Sudan.

Posted by David Ben Ariel, January 16, 2004.
This was the introduction of an email forwarded to me: "We normally do not advance to our readership letters we receive from friends or enemies. We consider those letters private in nature. From amongst the thousands of notes received since we commenced to submit to the readership of the various Reconstructionist Movement & Radio Free Israel Bulletins, I found the following letter from Devorah Hoger, a Jewish lady, formerly a member of the US military and a formidable asset to her roots, a letter she sent to one Mr. Rosenblatt, a docment that, with her permission I reproduced herein. A most sobering call to reality and arms."

Dear Mr. Rosenblatt,

It never ceases to amaze me how naive and down right stupid the American Public is. It is not conducive to American life or values to espouse us as the melting pot of the World, when indeed, we have been invaded deliberately by insurgents, usurpers, bigots and racists who espouse hatred 24/7 to everyone within ear length of their hatred for the Jews. They proclaim the Holocaust a great lie, told by people who cannot live anywhere and (promote) that no Nation wants the Jews. Alleged Zionist conspiracies abound, but the Islamic rabid hatred and political defiance to gain more control in the USA to serve their alleged religious ideology purported as better suited but in reality fit to be labeled out right Fascism, has already put a strong hold on all our Constitutional Rights.

According to Ben Wizner of the ACLU in Long Beach California, for $20 per Muslim, he will help muslims end the Constitution completely AND enforce Sharia'a Law upon all of us. Never in the History of the United States has such subversion permeated on our shores brought in by a group of Fascist Immigrants, Islam. The only time there was subversive activity within the United States was during the Civil War. When I tune into CNN or C-Span and listen to a Muslimah demand Jihad against the American Government and the American People, your redress of their immigration into the USA, is already too late.

Now I will address the reasons why I consider Islam Fascist and undeserving of protection under the guise of a Religion or be protected as such.

Dar-al-Islam: This is the Islamic mandate that considers all land ANY muslim puts his feet on, immediately becomes Islamic. By reversion or by force, the choice is on the non-Muslim, either way, you die.

Dar-al-Harb: This is land not yet taken over by Islamics and this is the true reason why America was attacked on 9/11/01. It was an attack against Americans who are "Infidels" or non-muslims. All non-muslims are Infidels. They are not religiously tolerant people for any religion other than Islam. When reporters tell Americans we should be tolerant of these Fascists, they do a great disservice to the American people, and every Veteran fighting this war in Iraq, and every Veteran who ever fought for this once fine Nation.

Jihad: This is not a "spiritual Journey." This is warfare. Jihad is the personal responsibility of every Muslim. This means to kill the non-muslim wherever he hides, children and women are equal targets. Only when they are completely subdued and reverted to Islam will there be peace or a call for the Jihad to stop be issued.

Shahid: The personal desire to attain Paradise, the fact they achieve it by killing innocent women, men and children is immaterial. This is where the 70 Virgins enter the picture.

Dhimmia: Slave status. Any one who isn't muslim is dhimmia and has dhimmi status. Dhimmis cannot own property. They cannot own a car or animal for transportation. They cannot testify in court against a muslim. They can be raped and murdered by a muslim, but, their lives are meaningless so there is no authority dealing with the murderer. If a muslim wants to kick in your door and rob you of everything you possess a crime has not been committed. If the muslim kills your spouse or your Mother and there are no adults left, the children are confiscated, used as sex slaves by their clerics and forced to convert to Islam. Dhimmis cannot walk on the same pavement as a muslim, and they are forced to dress so as to show their physical inferiority to a muslim. If a muslim desires to beat or kill you for not adhering to your dhimmi status, there is no law to prevent it. There is no justice for those living under Islamic rule who are not muslim.

Shari'a Law: This is a barbaric court. If a muslim attempts to leave Islam, they are considered an Apostate and can be killed. If someone is caught stealing from another muslim, they can lose a hand and a leg. If someone speaks out against Islam, as I am doing now, they can be beheaded. Muslim murderers and torturers go free. Muslims can murder other muslims and walk free especially if it involves family honor killings. Dhimmi's and women cannot testify as a witness in Sharia'a Court. Women can testify only in matters such as childbirth, but only if she is muslim. Women can stone other women to death for adultery even if the woman's husband is raping a child, the muslim woman can immediately serve the death penalty on the victim of rape. Sharia does not consider the slaughter of a dhimmi a crime.

Taquiya: The art of lying to non-muslims by telling them they are a religion of "Piece." Clearly the US Government and the American people, believe they mean "Peace." No Muslim means Peace.

Kaffur: Inferior dhimmi. All non-Muslims are inferior to muslims. All religions are inferior to Islam, and all followers of other religions "offend" Muslims who are notoriously religiously intolerant.

Mosques: A place to hide your bomb belts, weapons and ammunition and plan the murder of Americans and Jews. Racism and bigotry rule.

Fatwa: A call for all muslims to kill a person for speaking out against Islam, or attempting to leave this cult of death. Note: No fatwa was issued against OBL, Sadaam, or any muslim mass murderer because all of Islam respects the carnage they heaped upon the world.

Until the muslims and all of Islam tosses these Fascist Idealogies to the scrap heap where they belong, and not in a democracy or republic, lands they migrated to, there can not be a moderate muslim. It serves no purpose to continue to lie to people by not telling the truth or not KNOWING the truth. Before you or any Citizen allows one more muslim into the USA, it is best these facts about Islam be known. Every American has a right to know what they are dealing with and to act accordingly. The issues I brought up are the very elements which make Islam a 5th Column in any Nation they enter and a seditious and treasonous element anywhere they go. They cannot and will not assimilate. They will force Islam on us all and all future generations in America. Their loyalties are to Islam, the moon god, and they are committed to slaughter. Look at their States of origin, they are not fleeing persecution, they have entered America to persecute us, the dhimmis. How could our Government leaders and our American citizens be so stupid?

I would like to walk into a muslim owned store without hearing about how the Jews and Americans are the sons and daughters of Monkeys, Pigs and Donkeys. I would like to not be an adversary to muslims but I am not the adversary, they are. Recently, I walked into a furniture store in Philadelphia, named Jerusalem Furniture. I had never been in there before and within the first 5 minutes, I got a dose of hatred from this Palestinian witch that I will not soon forget. What does her anti-Semitism and hatred for Americans have to do with selling furniture? Housten, we have a HUGE problem here. HUGE...

Finally, I would like to assert that the Muslims in America already outnumber the 5.6 Million American Jews. In 1986, in Phoenix, Arizona, almost overnight, millions of muslims entered that State. They were arrogant, and intolerant and nasty to Americans. Overnight, there were more Middle Eastern Arabs in Arizona than there were legal and illegal Mexicans. I got a figure of 2.5 million Arabs who entered America in one state alone and in one year, but that was before 9/11/01. I assess there are more than 40 Million muslims in the USA and it is growing. Our INS "forgot" to include the muslims of Asian descent, Mexican, Hispanic, African not to mention the majority of our criminal element incarcerated are also muslims. The day I had the first Fatwa issued on me, on American soil, in MY Country, is the day I came to the realization that we allowed our Nation to be taken over from within. I have had 6 more Fatwa's issued against me and I am working on my 8th. I am not a political leader.

Close the borders until we get a grip on reality. CLOSE the borders.

Devorah Hoger

Posted by Dr. Aaron Lerner, January 17, 2004.
This article was written by Professor Yoav Gelber of the Department of Land of Israel Studies at the University of Haifa. It appeared in "Yediot Ahronot" yesterday and was translated into English by Moshe Kohn.

Before we proclaim that "the Golan is Syrian," it is worthwhile doing a quick review of its history. Ever since the establishment of the Syrian state, that country has lost more significant segments of its land than the Golan. In 1920 Mosul was given to Iraq and Tripoli to Lebanon, and in 1937 the Turks took Alexandretta. Yet Syria has maintained correct relations with all three of those annexing neighbors. It would seem that her insistence on getting the Golan back in its entirety stems solely from her desire to weaken Israel.

In the original division between French Syria and British [Mandatory] Palestine [after World War I], most of the Golan Heights was within the borders of Palestine. In the course of the demarcation of the boundary, local landowners applied heavy pressure, and as a result - and due to the absence of Zionist counter-pressure - the line was moved [somewhat] westward. Upon gaining independence, Syrian refused to recognize that line, and ever since they have been demanding that the border run down the middle of the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret [the "Sea of Galilee"]. During the [1947-1948] War of Independence [Arab-Israel War], the Syrians gained control of areas west of the Jordan and afterwards demanded that the border coincide with the water line. The response of Israel's foreign minister at that time, Moshe Sharett, was that it was unthinkable that Israel should hand her Syrian enemy what the British had refused to give their French ally.

Under the 1949 armistice, the Syrian Army retreated across the border, and the area they vacated was declared a demilitarized zone. The struggle for the control of that area reached its peak when Israel started to drain the Huleh Valley swampland. In the spring of 1951 violence broke out throughout the demilitarized zone, leading to the expulsion of the Arab residents of the area to Galilee and across the border, and Israeli sovereignty over the area was ensured. There was a de facto partition of the demilitarized areas: Israel controlled the central section and the Syrians had el-Hamma on the Kinneret's northeastern shore and two tels on the fringes of the Galilee "panhandle." This partition is the basis of the difference between the two concepts, "the international border" and "the June 4 [1967] lines."

What did not obligate the Syrians then should not obligate Israel [today]. There is no need today to hand the Syrians a border that they rejected in the1940s and 1950s. The Golan has been under Israeli rule longer than under the rule of independent Syria (36 years as against 21 years). [The Golan town of] Katzrin is no more Syrian than Jaffa, Lod, Ramleh, or Acco [Acre] are Palestinian (under the 1947 United Nations partition proposal), and we ought to think of the consequences of setting a precedent by giving up the Golan.

The weight of the historical arguments might have been different if Syria held Israel by the throat. But the only real Syrian threat against Israel is the threat of missiles aimed at Israel's center. Security arrangements in the Golan might be a partial solution regarding the security of the Israeli settlements situated along the pre-1967 line, but is no answer to the threat of missiles fired from points far from the demilitarized zone and from far Israel's warning systems. The sole constraint on the implementation of this threat is the Israel Defense Forces ' proximity to Damascus, Israel's withdrawal from which would abandon the Dan region, the Coastal Plain, and Haifa to Syrian missiles.

The argument that a peace agreement is the best defense against missiles is delusive. There has never been a war that was not receded by peace. And the risks of war in our case are not symmetrical: we cannot afford a single loss, whereas our neighbors have survived several debacles.

That is why Israel stubbornly insists on security arrangements in any pace pact with any of her neighbors.

Syria has far more serious problems than we in the military sphere, in the economic sphere, and in the political sphere. She needs peace in order to solve some of them, and it is she - not Israel - that has to pay the main part of the price to achieve it: first and foremost by ceasing to support Palestinian and Lebanese terror, and also by waiving her claim to most of the Golan.

Dr. Aaron Lerner is Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis). Its website address is http://www.imra.org.il IMRA provides "a current digest of media, polls and significant interviews and events."

Posted by Alyssa A. Lappen, January 16, 2004.
"The Subversion of Christianity" by the noted Islamic scholar, Jacques Ellul, can be read online (http://www.jesusradicals.com/main/library/ellul/subversion/subversion.html). In Chapter 5, Ellul argues that Christianity embarked upon the Crusades, and obtained the idea of Holy War, slavery, church and religious law, and anti-Semitism, from Islam.

There are three other important books on the subject that can be read online:

1. "The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India" (http://www.bharatvani.org/books/siii/) by Sita Ram Goel.

2."Muslim Slave System in Medieval India" (http://www.bharatvani.org/books/mssmi/) by K. S. Lal.

3. "Jihad - The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War" (http://www.bharatvani.org/books/jihad/) by Suhas Majumdar.

This next is an excerpt from the brilliant introduction to Majumdar's book.

"There was a time, not so long ago, when the exponents of jihad minced no words and pulled no punches. They were brutally frank in spelling out what jihad really meant.

But times have changed, particularly after the collapse of Christianity in the West and the rise of modern rationalism and humanism. Standards of moral judgment have increasingly tended to become universal, and no statement of faith can escape scrutiny simply because it is made in a book hailed as holy by some people. Defenders of jihad have been forced to develop an apologetics. They are now trying to protect by means of scholarship a doctrine which has so far been sustained by means of the sword.

In the present study, Professor Suhas Majumdar has seen through this "scholarship", and demolished it brick by brick. He has rescued the doctrine of jihad from under the mass of pretentious verbiage, and made it stand in its pristine purity. Let no one say any more that jihad does not mean what it has meant all along in the blood-soaked history of Islam, and what we are witnessing today in Kashmir."

Alyssa A. Lappen is a freelance journalist and prize-winning poet. Her work has appeared recently in such journals as Midstream, FrontPageMagazine.com and Campus-Watch.org and in many others over the last two decades.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 16, 2004.
Pro-Arab propaganda depicts the Jews in Yesha as the obstacle to peace. It is an illogical claim, since Arab aggression preceded Jewish settlement in Yesha. That settlement was a consequence of Arab aggression. The real cause of war there is Arab intolerance of Jewish independence and, increasingly, a jihadist thirst for committing genocide.

The propaganda does more than blame lack of peace on some Jews. It offers what appears to be a rational solution, a mutual trade. The Israeli Left likes this propaganda line also because it does not weigh the merits nor find all the evil on one side, the Arab side. It purports to balance the scales of justice by presenting Yesha Jewry as bad people obstructing peace. Some balance: likening merely people living in their ancestral homeland with terrorists trying to murder them!

Were two million more Jews in Yesha, the terrorists might have to give up in futility. The dearth of Jews in Yesha, the "parts of the Land of Israel that are closest to us historically and religiously," is an obstacle... (Women In Green, 12/31, e-mail).

What obstacle, then, do the Jews of Yesha present? Their communities require a military presence to protect them. That military presence keeps many terrorists from infiltrating Israel. It also affords Israel safer borders from invasion. By denying the area to Arab sovereignty, Yesha Jewry keeps Arafat from realizing a major step in his plan for conquering Israel in phases, one phase being to take over Yesha. By contrast, the Left, the media, and the Quartet, by promoting Israeli withdrawal, promote that step and the war that is sure to follow.

Mr. Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

Posted by Samson Krupnick, January 16, 2004.
It appeared that after the Iraq victory culminating in the capture of chief mass murderer ("terrorist") Saddam Hussein, the United States would proceed with force to attack other nations sponsoring mass murder ("terror"). The war against mass murder is presumed to be a difficult series of operations worldwide. It requires patience and determination to track down the mass murder corps. High casualties are anticipated, but that cost in lives is the price of restoring democracy to the world wherein people may live in tranquility and comfort.

Alawite Syria, Shiite Iran and Wahhabi "Saudi" Arabia in the Middle East are either engaging in mass murder or are supporting mass murder organizations with personnel, weapons and funds. Logically, the United States took the initiative to single out Syria. Congress passed a bill, signed by President George W. Bush, entitled the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act. Syria is accused of housing Resident Arab ("Palestinian") mass murder organizations such as Shiite Hizbollah, "Saudi" Arabian petro-dollar profit financed Wahhabi Hamas and Islamic Jihad, seeking weapons of mass destruction, and permitting mass murderers to cross Syria's border into Iraq. Syria is to withdraw its 20,000 troops from Lebanon, occupied for many years. President Bush was authorized and directed to apply economic and diplomatic sanctions if Syria fails to comply with American requests.

The term of the American Ambassador to Syria ended in August. The United States waited for Syria to make some positive move towards American requests, to no avail. Instead, President Bashar Assad personally - and not through his Foreign Minister as did his father - approached the European Union for support. In addition, Assad declared a readiness to negotiate a peace treaty with Israel "from the last point of negotiations" some four years ago.

Four years ago then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was prepared to surrender toe Syria virtually all of the Liberated Golan Heights, but balked at the Syrian demand for control of the eastern shore of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in reaction to the Syrian offer, said point blank: "As long as he has his terror organizations there cannot be any negotiations". Sharon presumed correctly that the Assad offer was to placate and impress the United States.

However, there was a sudden about face by President Bush. Instead of proceeding with sanctions after a given deadline, suddenly a new American Ambassador to Syria was appointed. New U.S. Ambassador to Syria Margaret Scobey promptly met with Assad. Later, she met Assad together with Senator Bill Nelson, Member of the U.S. Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committee, who "discussed relations between the United States and Syria". Apparently sanctions will not apply. Possibly, diplomatic efforts and offers of economic assistance to Syrian economy now in shambles might do the trick.

What to do with Shiite Iran is a bigger puzzle. Iran is desperate to acquire nuclear weapons. Assisted by Russia, they are making significant progress in that direction. Iran now has missiles - thanks to France and Russia - which can reach Israel. Iran has been supplying Hizbollah for many years with sophisticated weapons. All of these shipments came through Syria. If the United States can neutralize Syria, Israel would benefited considerably. Israel's military covenant with Sunni Turkey, with an air base in part, reduces the danger of an Iranian attack on Israel.

Wahhabi "Saudi" Arabia, now and before, has been a top supplier of funding to worldwide "Muslim" mass murder organizations, especially Wahhabi Al Qaeda and the Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood, and also to the "Palestine" Authority's four mass murder groups. American pressure must stop "Saudi" Arabian support of mass murder at all costs, a policy which will be complicated by the fact that U.S. oil companies almost exclusively maintain "Saudi" Arabia's oil industry infrastructure, and enjoy almost 100% U.S. tax free income on their profits. There are signs of grumbling among Saudis about "bribing" mass murderers for safety. Actually, the "Saudi" Arabian "government" has suffered several costly attacks from local mass murder groups, reflecting a struggle for "Saudi" state power among rival al Saud tribal princes, who control the various groups. Possibly, the "Saudi" Arabian "government" will cease helping mass murder.

A peace offer came from a very strange source. Saif al Islam, son of Libyan President Muammar Gadafi, whose mother is Jewish, met with several Israel Knesset members at a conference. Gadafi offered a peace agreement with Israel, even offering to pay compensation to Libyan Jews who fled following the establishment of the State of Israel, and then again after Gadafi came to power in 1969 when he overthrew the mild monarchy of King Idris, fondly remembered by Libyan Jews for his humane reign. There were some 30,000 Jews in Libya in 1948. Many escaped or were murdered. After the Six Day War of June 1967, 8,000 Jews, following a pogrom in Tripoli with 16 Jews murdered and 25 wounded, fled Libya.

Negotiations between Libya and Israel began in secret, but Arab sources exposed the negotiations. It is quite likely that Gadafi is anxious to see Libya restored to international status as a respectable nation. An arrangement with Israel would provide a gateway to both the United States and Britain.

The European Union is strongly pro-Arab and particularly pro-"Palestinian". In the past three years Europe has invested heavily to help "Palestinians". There was no positive move in any peace direction. Suddenly, personnel changed and newer members of the European Union delegated a representative to change their policy towards Israel. This of course is a very welcome shift of the European Union towards Israel.

Truly these diplomatic maneuvers at this stage are certainly confusing.

We hope for the best.

Shabbat Shalom from Liberated Yerushaliyim,

Samuel Krupnick is Board Member and Treasurer, Root & Branch Association, Ltd.; Israel Chairman, Jerusalem Embassy Initiative, Root & Branch Association, Ltd.; Yakir Yerushaliyim (Jerusalem Prize) Award Winner, 2001; Board Chairman, Encyclopedia Talmudica; Former Board Chairman, Shaare Zedek Hospital; and Columnist, National Jewish Post and Opinion (www.jewishpostopinion.com).

Posted by Itamar Marcus, January 16, 2004.
17-year-old Iyad al Masri died last week when the suicide bomb strapped to his body exploded prematurely killing only himself. His family this week expressed outrage and demanded an investigation, not of the decision to recruit a 17 year old boy for a suicide operation, but of the poor planning that left "no chance of success."

They complained that he was sent during a time of curfew on the city and their son had no experience leaving the city during a curfew "which made it impossible for him to reach his target." They further complained about the "exploitation of the anger" of their son in recruiting him following his brother's recent "Martyrdom", however, no criticism is expressed of the act of recruiting of their son, a 17-year-old, for a suicide terror mission, had it been planned properly and succeeded in killing Israelis, as well.

The following is the translation of the family's complaints in the PA daily.

"The Shahid's [Martyr's] family expressed its reservations about what had happened to its son and described it as a death in vain, which raises legitimate questions and necessitates an investigation of what happened...

The family, which lost two of its sons within 11 days, doesn't hide its reservations of what seems to be an exploitation of the anger within the youth Iyaad al Masri after the murder in cold blood of his little brother Amjad by the occupation soldiers, and its disapproval of having sending him [Amjad] to his certain death...

The family said that her son was sent to commit a Shahada-Seeking operation [suicide bombing] "that had no chance of success and that its outcome was obvious", while mentioning that the group which sent Iyad to commit the suicide attack did not take into account the chances of his success or failure though everyone knew that he was doomed to die.

The father, who emphasized his national affiliation, said that he and every member of his family are proud of their national affiliation, and that they are no different than any Palestinian in supporting the uprising against the occupation and opposition to its aggression. He noted that the group that enlisted his son and sent him to commit an attack of sacrifice under the conditions which existed, exploited the circumstances that had been created as a result of his brother becoming a Shahid [Martyr - his brother's recent death], without taking into consideration the giving of his [Iyad's] life for nothing...

The family of the Shahid is raising a number of question they want investigated... The Shahid's father pointed out that his son was sent to carry out the attack while Nablus was under curfew and strict military closure, and his son had never left the city [during a curfew] which made it impossible for him to reach his target." [Al-Ayyam, January 14, 2004]

Itamar Marcus is director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). To subscribe to PMW's reports, send an empty e-mail to reports-subscribe@pmw.org.il

Posted by Dr. Aaron Lerner, January 16, 2004.
The IDF reports that from September 2000 to January 12 2004 there were 8,248 Palestinian attacks in the West Bank and 11,155 in the Gaza Strip. And that count doesn't include the huge number of Palestinian attacks using rocks or firebombs.

And yet, despite the significant dangers that the residents of the Jewish communities in these areas face, each morning they take to the roads, sending their children off to school and driving off to work and errands.

And some don't make it back home.

Incredible bravery. Ongoing civilian heroism well beyond anything many expected (Shimon Peres, among others, expected at the start of Oslo that the "settler problem" was temporary since the Israelis would ultimately run for their lives).

But that's only part of the story.

This is an armed population. Many of the men are veterans of combat units.

Given the media image of these Jewish communities you would expect that this onslaught of Palestinian terror would be met by numerous and frequent retaliatory strikes against neighboring Palestinians.

But that's far from the case. Despite everything, self restraint was and remains the byword of these communities. A self-restraint possibly unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Some claim that the continued growth of the Jewish communities has a negative impact on the prospects for peace when in truth growth serves as a catalyst for Palestinian moderation by showing the Palestinians that there is a cost to be paid for refusing to reach a peaceful settlement with the Jewish State. That time is not on their side.

These Jewish communities deserve praise and encouragement - not mud slinging and restrictions.

Dr. Aaron Lerner is Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis). Its website address is http://www.imra.org.il IMRA provides "a current digest of media, polls and significant interviews and events."

Posted by Aryeh Zelasko, January 16, 2004.
I believe that it is reasonable to assume that Generalissimo Sharon, who as Defence Minister was in charge of the destruction of Yamit, would know all this as well. So it would seem that his plan is not to launch a frontal attack on the Jews of Yeshah but to try to destroy them in bits and pieces. Aping the Arabs salami tactics in his efforts.

We see this is his plan by the types of communities and locations he has chosen to destroy first: Small ones that even the Jews of Yeshah will find hard to justify in defending. Of course the first few will draw a great deal of protest but after the third or fourth, who will come? Also, the SHABAK will no doubt have their provocateurs on hand to create incidents so as to discredit the protests in the eyes of the general public.

Most likely that after a year or so of picking off the weaker communities, a thousand or two Jews will have been deported from their homes. If by then there has been no rebellion in the Army or an armed insurrection on the part of the Jews, the stage will be set for the destruction of a major city in Yeshah. After the first city is destroyed and there is still only passive resistance, the rest will go very quickly.

Read this article, which appeared in Arutz-7 (http://www.israelNN.com). That is Sharon's plan.

Brigadier-General Says Destroying Yishuvim an Impossible Mission. (IsraelNN.com) Retired IDF Brigadier-General Oded Tira, who commanded the destruction of Yamit in Sinai, states in an interview in the IDF's weekly BaMahane magazine that tens of divisions would be required to remove 50,000 Jews from their Yesha (Judea, Samaria & Gaza) homes. He added a portion of the 50,000 would continue efforts to return to their homes after taken out by soldiers and police.

Tira estimates such an operation would last for a year, and the world would be subjected to daily doses of difficult scenes on television news.

Tira, who today heads the Israel Manufacturers Association states that only through dialogue, is there a chance of reaching an agreement with Yesha residents, not by force.

Speaking with correspondent Tali Lipkin-Shahak, Tira explains that if ordered to remove 150,000 Yesha residents from their homes, it would be an "impossible objective", explaining in Yamit, it took two months for the division to deal with 4,000 persons. Removing all of Yesha in a short time period is an impossibility he explains. Even removing 50,000 as is being discussed today is a most complicated operation he adds, describing the TV will depict Jews beating Jews for the period a year, a horrifying sight.

Using Yamit as an his analytical base, he explains the news cameras will be showing difficult sights and even person whom are not sympathetic to Yesha residents will begin to have second thoughts. The soldiers and officers he explains will have to operate without the national consensus behind them.

Tirah adds with certainty that 18 and 19-year-old soldiers and 21-and 22-year-old officers will not be capable of such a mission that in his opinion will require the wisdom, experience, and fortitude of older officers.

Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. He is Director of Sales and Marketing of Israel Visit (www.israelvisit.co.il) which provides information and an internet buying facility for American visitors to Israel.

Posted by Beth Goodtree, January 15, 2004.
Has that esteemed, Islamic-controlled world body come out and said it wants to continue Hitler's holocaust? Hardly. But judging by recent and future planned actions as well as statements, I fully expect Kofi Anan to lead the oh-so-civilized UN in a joyful goose-step parade over the bodies of dead Jews.

Let's start with the anti-terror security barrier. If it were up to the UN, Israel would leave her borders wide open, have no checkpoints or work visas, and meekly, humbly, humiliatingly allow in any sniper, genocide bomber, baby-killer, home invader, axe murderer, etc. Judging by the purpose of the fence, the fact that the UN wants Israel to have no barrier between herself and the murderous monsters of the pseudo-Palestinian-Arab entity* means the UN want Jews to be murdered and their only homeland and safe haven utterly destroyed.

If the UN were so concerned with barriers and fences, it would have The Hague investigate the US barrier between America and Mexico, the armed and fortified barrier between North and South Korea, or the barrier that India is building against Pakistan. Meanwhile, Botswana is erecting an electric fence to keep out Zimbabweans trying to escape Mugabe's genocidal policies. Not a peep from the EU or the UN on any of these fences.

Fortunately for the Jewish people, despite the daily onslaught of humiliations and continual debasement by most of the world, Israel is not going to lay down and let herself be overrun by the genocidal hordes streaming in from Arab-occupied Gaza, Judea and Samaria. In the end, the world body will have to decide which it prefers - a benign fence or Israel taking justified self-defense measures done with extreme prejudice.

Getting back to the Islamo-Nazi-controlled UN, let's take a gander at Mr. Goose-Step himself, Kofi Ana. Recently, Kofi made a statement about anti-Semitism and bigotry. It was meant to show him as 'caring' about the fate of the Hebrew people. Unfortunately for him, some of us are onto his slithering and deceptive ways. Here is what he said while delivering the inaugural Robert Burns Memorial Lecture:

"The recent upsurge of attacks on Jews, synagogues, cemeteries and other Jewish targets in Europe, Turkey and elsewhere, show this hatred to be, not just the stuff of history, but virulent still."

Not one mention of the Islamic-wide conspiracy to destroy the aboriginal homeland of the Jews - Israel. Not one acknowledgement that Israel is as central to Judaism as Mecca is to Moslems or the Vatican is to Catholics. Is Kofi aware of this? I would hope so, since he apparently considers himself to be educated. Is he aware that most Jews are the original and indigenous people of Israel, albeit on the run from numerous campaigns of genocide? Most likely. But Kofi is the cheerleader for the Neo-Nazi world that would see all Jews subjugated or dead. Don't believe me? Let me remind you of Durban.

In 2001, there was a UN World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance held in Durban, South Africa. Kofi Anan, as head of the UN, was ultimately responsible for its tone. For starters, they tried to resurrect the 'Zionism is Racism' mantra of anti-Semites everywhere.

Then in true Arab form, the Arabs/Islamists once again attempted to steal the suffering of the Hebrew people and claim it for their own by lobbying to draft a resolution that anti-Semitism be defined as "anti-Arab sentiment" since Arabs are Semites. Copies of the infamous anti-Semitic forgery, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" were for sale at the conference, and signs included such phrases as 'Hitler Should Have Finished the Job,' 'Israel a Terrorist State,' 'Sharon is a war criminal,' 'Zionism is racism' and 'End Israeli Apartheid.'

Moving forward in history to the autumn of 2003, Kofi Anan presided over a veritable UN consensus to murder Jewish children. It all arose from a resolution that called for the protection of pseudo-Palestinian Arab children yet made no mention of Jewish children and babies. This resolution was overwhelmingly passed. In response to it, Israel drafted the first resolution it has put forth in 32 years. The resolution merely copied the one to protect Arab children but called for the protection of Jewish children. Under Kofi's reign it overwhelmingly failed. Nor did he condemn the failure.

So now the UN is at it again. Watch for the Hague Court's Israeli Anti-Terror Barrier case to become another forum to advocate, in a diplomatic, civilized and polite way, the extermination of the Jewish people. Heil Kofi.

*pseudo-Palestinian-Arab entity: The people occupying Gaza, Judea and Samaria are merely Arabs from varying ethnic and national backgrounds, not having any historic ties to the land as 'Palestinians.' The original and only Palestine was the Jewish one - dating back more than 2000 years. The only people referred to as Palestinians were the Hebrew people, until the early 1960s, when an Egyptian by the name of Mohammed Abdel Rahman al Qudwa al-Husseini changed his name to Yasser Arafat, gathered together a mob of Arab undesirables whose own native countries refused to take them back in for their murderous behavior and renamed them 'Palestinians.' This group of usurping Arabs is an entity because they have no legal status and entity was the most civilized word I could use for a people whose own polls show that they overwhelming support the genocidal bombings of Jews.

Beth Goodtree is an essayist who writes both serious and satirical political commentary.

Posted by Emanuel A. Winston, January 15, 2004.
In the early 1980s between observations and inquiries, I wrote several articles about the Labor Left's plans to evacuate all the Jews from the Jewish heartland of YESHA (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) and the Golan Heights.

The basic phased plan was to use the power of high office then controlled by the Labor Party to cut off or squeeze all services to the civilians (pejoratively called: "the settlers") living in YESHA - to begin with. That would include but not be limited to restricting road building or improvements, holding back building permits for building, withholding the installation of water, sewage and electrical hook-ups. Additional, last phase of pressure would come in the form of withdrawal of military road patrols, checkpoints leaving the area defenseless against Terror..

The worst acts of the various governments in power have been stripping the armories of the Kibbutzim, Moshavim and small towns of rifles and heavy caliber machine guns - with insufficient ammunition to hold off any coalition of attacking Arab armies and/or Terrorists. If such a coordinated attack occurred, the Arab/Muslims would likely infiltrate and take over at least several communities, if not many. Capturing Jews as hostages has long been an Arab/Muslim Terror tactic.

That would increase exponentially the tragedy of the Terrorists' urdering at least 1500 Israeli men, women and children since the Oslo peace accords were signed on the White House lawn September 13, 1993.

This withdrawal of arms for self-defense was accomplished by mandatory inspections of the weapons - and then holding them indefinitely. (Please write to me if this didn't happen in YOUR community, because knowing your community is well defended creates a good deterrent to attack, however, it did happen to very many communities - on both sides of the Green Line.)

Ammunition was strictly rationed to the point that those called "settlers" could only resist any coordinated Arab/Muslim aggression limited to hours - or perhaps days. At one point even officers who lived in the territories and not on duty were required to turn in their personal, licensed side arms. Neither soldiers nor their officers were trusted by the Leftist government if they lived in YESHA, particularly if they were observant Jews - and more than 40% of the higher soldiers and officers are observant.

These were the opening phases of a campaign to make the territories Judenrein and vulnerable. The closing phase, that of totally eliminating military security, would be to create a climate of fear for the 'settlers.' After the withdrawal of road patrols, checkpoints and army bases, the 'settlers' would be exposed to the Palestinian Arab shock troops, now trained to be Terrorists and suicide bombers by years of insidious education, beginning as early as age 3 to teach children to hate and kill Jews.

The 'settlers' and the 'settlements' are Israel's primary line of defense. If they are weakened and made vulnerable or evacuated, either willingly or forcibly, then the Terrorists will have nothing preventing them from entering any and every home, village, town and city to commit Terror. And they will become the training center for Terrorists to cast their murderous acts all over the world. So, give these pioneers credit for protecting you, wherever you live.

Although there were special Israeli units being trained to forcibly evacuate their own kindred and extended families, they would rely upon the Arabs to create an atmosphere of Terror wherein Israeli civilians, including parents driving children to school or going to work would be impacted by the Terror on the road or even inside their own homes as Terror continues on. January 13, a young father of 5, including triplets still in their hospital incubators, was shot and killed by a sniper in a car on a road near his own home. These children join thousands of other orphaned Israeli children, plus those yet to be killed or orphaned under the Bush-Sharon Road Map.

In Gaza, an Arab/Muslim Palestinian mother of two children, aged three and one, exploded herself on January 14th at a checkpoint. Her explosives set off the metal detector but she explained to the guards that she had a metal implant in her leg so the guard let her through and waited for a female soldier to do a body check. Then she detonated 10 pounds of explosives with ball bearings and screws, murdering the four young guards and wounding 9 others, including Arab Palestinians heading for work. Think of how many Palestinians prepared this women for her martyrdom, namely, planning, brainwashing, arms, explosives, et al.

Sheik Yassin, the head of Hamas, bragged that "there is no truce, operations will continue" and we will use women because they cause less suspicion. She left behind a video, stating that her passion was to kill Israelis and enter Allah's heaven. Don't kid yourselves - this is a religious war. Sheik Yassin declared that 'Jihad' (holy war) was an "obligation of all Muslims, men and women." They say they intend to eliminate all non-Muslims, Jews and Christians. Their goal is nothing less than world domination after they eliminate the Jews, they will aim at the Christians. One of their favorite mottos is "First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people."

Terror was to be the final instrument of what has come to be known as 'ethnic cleansing' In Israel's heartland of YESHA. But, it seems that despite the on-going Terror, more people have been moving into the YESHA communities than into any other part of Israel.

Several units of Israeli troops, a regenerated remnant of PM Rabin's goon squads, were to be unleashed on the smaller settlements that were easiest to evacuate. This would be accompanied by offers of re-settlement compensation monies - as was done by Arik Sharon when Yamit was forcibly evacuated in the Sinai. Only how, in G-d's Name, can Israel afford to compensate 220,000 men, women and children for their homes, factories, farms, wineries and dreams, sweat and tears? Would America put up the money? Or is America just issuing threats, - such as those threats by the current U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer (one of James Baker's Jew-boys)?

The compensation was the carrot and the Terror was the stick for those settlers who were not in Israel's heartland for ideological reasons. They could be more easily moved out. Those committed to stay because of their deep-seated religious beliefs in G-d's Promise of the Land to the people of Israel - they would have to be forced out by these specially trained elite forces called Yatam or Yassam (depending on how you would pronounce it). The Yassam and the Arab shock troops would then be free to attack settlers with impunity.

Regrettably, those of the Labor Left were never brought to trial or even investigated for their illegal meetings with Yassir Arafat, his terrorists or to act as co-conspirators in what would be the murder of more Jews by Arab/Muslims. I am told there is no statute of limitations for justice placed on those who would conspire to commit murder, particularly when those murders have actually taken place. Clearly, the first planning of forced transfer of Jews which flowed into the Oslo Accords should have been indicted in light of all those killed - some 1500 since Oslo, plus hundreds of thousands wounded, many maimed for life. It's not too late to jail those responsible!

It is now 2004 and once again I sense a re-formatting of the original plan to evacuate or forcibly transfer Jews out of the 'territories' under Sharon's adherence to the Bush Road Map (as reconstituted and distorted by the Arabist U.S. State Department). This has been resurrected by the same Osloids, now collaborating with the Europeans in an equally anti-Israel plan called "the Geneva Accords".

This, of course, would include turning over to the Arab/Muslim Palestinians all the infrastructure of the evacuated Jewish presence. Each area would be quickly packed with so-called Arab Palestinians refugees from the surrounding Arab countries who were told to leave Israel in 1948 so their brethren could sweep the Jews into the sea. Then they would create another Arab/Muslim Palestinian State, which would be an instant center for training Terrorists, for stockpiling arms, for planning Terror attacks all over the Free World. It is estimated that these so-called refugees at last count could range from 3 to 5 million claimants.

This arrangement would satisfy the Europeans, the Bush Administration (especially the pro-Arab State Department and a few of the Arab nations - for a short time. Few doubt that this would bring long term quiet and certainly not peace. As the Israelis move back under Sharon's slavish desire to follow the Bush Road Map, the Terrorists would move forward as they did when then Prime Minister Ehud Barak ran from Lebanon.

The question now is, has Prime Minister Ariel Sharon adopted the Labor Left's early plans for evacuating the territories of YESHA. Will the military's eyes be closed> Road patrols and Army checkpoints for Terrorists closed down? Will there be forced evacuations by specially trained Israel regular Army forces or police units? Will Sharon abandon YESHA to the Arab/Muslims and their persuasive use of Terror throughout the State of Israel - because YESHA is actually all of Israel's first line of defense and many of the Terror attacks have occurred in Israel's main cities.

I cannot help but wonder how much coordination exists with the Arabist U.S. State Department, especially as Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer provides Sharon with a list of so-called 'outposts' and 'settlements' that the U.S. (Bush and Powell) ordered to be evacuated.

I notice that Sharon is pulling the same trick of hoodwinking the Knesset and the public as did Rabin - who promised frequently that in matters of land transfer, he would leave it to the people to decide in a referendum. Rabin lied and thus came to Oslo without any input or advise from the Israeli people or the Knesset or world Jewry.

Now Sharon tells the Knesset that he will bring such decisions to the Knesset for debate but, like Rabin, he is probably lying and will bully through whatever he decides (or whatever the U.S. forces him to do) because, like Rabin and Peres, Sharon believes he knows what's best for the small Jewish country of Israel. Sharon's ego has blossomed since he became Prime Minister and he is sure he knows best.

Withdrawing troops from the heartland territories is a deliberate sentence for the execution of Israelis by Palestinian Arab terrorists. The Arab/Muslims will understand the message of withdrawal as a clear invitation by the Sharon government to freely attack the citizens of YESHA and murder those who refuse to be driven out. Make no mistake about it. Sharon clearly understands what it means to make people expendable in the broader scheme of things. Now it is time to collect evidence of a massive betrayal should it occur - to be followed by Nuremberg-like trials for enabling Terror and for illegal evictions of citizens from their own homes. These should include those in government, past and present who conspired against the people and collaborated with foreign interests.

I recall Saddam Hussein's method of driving out the Kurds in the North and replacing them with Arabs. Clearly, he planned and committed murder in his method of forced transfer. Now that he is a prisoner of America, I trust he will be brought to trial and executed by the Iraqi people who suffered so much torture and death from his regime. Conspiring to arrange or act as an enabler to murder your own people should most certainly carry the death penalty. Don't you think?

Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Mid East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel, Gamla (http://gamla.org.il/english) and the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies (http://www.freeman.org/online.htm)

Posted by Lee Rennert, January 15, 2004.
My letter was in response to an article in Ha'aretz.

It was very enlightening on your part to report that Yasser Araft now traces all Arab and Palestinian problems to the 1916 Picot-Sykes Treaty (more about the treaty in a moment). It shows that with some people, the older they get, the more they tend to regress.

Your readers will remember that Arafat, in his zeal to revise the past, not so long ago pulled the wool over the eyes of Bill Clinton and Yossi Beilin by signaling that he would be satisfied with reversing Israel's victory in the 1967 War.

But that turned out to be just the first stop on his backward journey. It didn't take long before it became clear that what he really wanted was to reverse 1947-48, when modern Israel was founded. After all, he still orders Palestinians each year to commemorate their "great catastrophe," - by which he doesn't mean Israel's 1967 takeover of the West Bank and Gaza, but the earlier establishment of the Jewish state. Palestinians, he insists, will never relinquish the "right of return" of millions of Palestinians - his formula for erasing what happened in 1947-48.

Now Arafat appears to have set himself an even more ambitious goal as he slides back further into the past with his efforts to undo history and restore Arab glory. What he really wants, according to your report, is to roll back Picot-Sykes, the secret British-French treaty during World War 1 that set the stage for the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after the war. What he overlooks, of course, is that Arabs - after getting rid of British and French colonialism - took over the major fragments of the Ottoman Empire. They're now called Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and (Syrian-ruled) Lebanon. Still, Arafat is not satisfied. He wants a total Arab restoration by scrapping Picot-Sykes and reviving Nasser's dream of a single great Arab nation.

But will he even stop there? As his plans for recapturing the past have progressed - or to be more exact, regressed - from 1967 to 1948 to 1916, perhaps the next stop in his time machine will be 1492 when Spain's Christian monarchs ended centuries of Moorish rule in Andalusia. If you're going for a big Arab score, why stop at restoring the Ottoman Empire, itself but a fragment of a once much greater Islamic commonwealth?

Arafat, however, could run into a bit of a problem if he keeps pushing the calendar too far back. He could end up hurtling back a couple of millennia and discovering that Judea and Samaria were part of a sovereign Jewish nation. Perhaps Arafat should be reminded that if can pick which year in history he wants to return to, why can't Jews?

Posted by David Ha'Ivri, January 15, 2004.
This was written by Rabbi Binyamin Zev Kahane. You can read other of his essays in http://www.kahanebooks.com. He and his wife were ambushed and murdered by Arabs on December 31, 2000, leaving their six children orphaned.

At the end of "Parshat Shmot" we find a confrontation between Moses and Aaron on the one hand and the officers of the children of Israel on the other. On the one side stood Moses and Aaron who had been assigned by Hashem to carry out a seemingly suicidal mission: to enter uninvited into the house of the king, of the imperial, menacing kingdom of Egypt, and to request that he let the Jewish slaves go free. In spite of the odds, Moses and Aaron, with faith in Hashem, went and fulfilled their mission completely. (According to our sages, all the elders that accompanied them dropped out along the way because of fear, until Moses and Aaron alone remained to face Pharaoh). And certainly Pharaoh rejected their request out of hand. The problem was, not only did he reject their request, but also in order to quell the "undesirable" excitement and expectation amidst the Jews, he informed them that their work conditions would become more severe. Not only would they have to keep up the stringent quota of bricks they were now required to produce, but also they themselves would have to gather the straw needed to make the bricks!

The Character of the (Jewish) Officers
Now entering into the picture are the "Officers of the Children of Israel." From the verses in our parsha, and from the commentary of our sages, we know that these were not essentially bad men; in the last analysis, they only wanted to lighten the burden of the Jews. More than this, they were prepared to bear the heavy burden for the sake of their brethren, rather than hand over to the Egyptian taskmasters those who were unable to fulfill their quotas. And for this reason, "The officers were beaten"!! (Shmot 5:14) In fact, the officers were themselves sort of communal leaders who apparently represented the Jews before the Egyptian ruler.

As practical men who recognized the nature of the playing field, they played the game, they did not believe either in "making noise" or in revolutions. They were a kind of "workers committee" that wanted to lighten, a bit, the harsh conditions, hoping for some improvement. In their eyes, any noise, any demonstration, any meeting with Pharaoh that was not carried out according to the rules of protocol, would be destructive and damaging to the delicate work of many years.

Like a Bull in a China Shop
For this reason, the moment they heard about Moses and Aaron and their results, they became very angry. They opposed them with fervor: You are novices!! You are adventurers!! May Hashem look upon you and judge, for you have brought us into foul odor in the eyes of Pharaoh and in the eyes of his servants, to place a sword into their hands to kill us!!" (Shmot, 5:21)

Among other things, we have a confrontation here between the old guard leadership of the 'status quo' who wish to protect their achievements - which although modest, were achieved through hard labor - and New Men, who through their 'exaggerated' requests not only accomplish nothing, but also even cause the destruction of earlier achievements. In the eyes of the officers, Moses behaves like a bull in a china shop.

And in fact, reality proves that the officers were correct. Seemingly, just after Moses and Aaron leave Pharaoh's presence, a harsh decree is put upon the nation. And who suffers for this? Moses and Aaron? No, of course not! The officers are the ones who suffer. They are the ones who receive the beatings for the sake of the people who cannot fulfill the impossible quotas. And all because of the irresponsibility of Moses and Aaron.

The position of the officers seemed so correct, that even Moses himself thought they were in the right. He had so little confidence in his own opinion, that he sinned by showing a lack of faith in Hashem, by crying to Him, "Why is evil happening to this people, why did You send me?"

There is No Smooth Rebellion
And with all this...the officers were not right! The reason (and also the lesson from this) is that there is almost never a revolution or change where the first stages do not involve a loss of accomplishment! Sometimes this is essential, for the 'accomplishments' of the past are parenthetical; the arrangements of small-minded people, which though successful for putting out fires, establish a dismal situation which in themselves prevent any change. And sometimes, even in the case of true accomplishments, we must know that in order to bring change, there is no choice but to lose real accomplishments, at least temporarily. Because there will always be one Pharaoh or another who will threaten that if we don't sit quietly he will nullify our achievements, "and you will lose out because of this." But if we give in to his threats, we will remain captives in the hand of Pharaoh, we, our children and our children's children...until the end of time.

Redemption - Or Slavery Under Improved Conditions In conclusion, whoever wants to progress - and this is true in every area - must take into account, that he will almost certainly find himself, at least temporarily, losing some ground. Whoever is not prepared for this will find himself, all his life, remaining in the straits of Egypt. Whoever wants change needs to warmly thank the 'existing officers' for their accomplishments, but say to them: now we are going further, we are going to progress. It is possible that a part of your accomplishments, or some of your accomplishments will be lost, either temporarily or permanently. But this is the price to pay for reaching the greater and ultimate goal. For we were not born in order to be slaves with improved conditions in Egypt; we were born to be redeemed. We were not born to live in villas in settlements surrounded by fences, like ghettos, with improved mortgage benefits: we were born to conquer and rule all of the land of Israel, free of the goyim and of our enemies. And if the price, more or less temporarily, is the loss of economic or security benefits, due to lack of participation on the part of the existing regime, or the necessity of gathering our own straw to make bricks for a while, the price is worth it. For we were not born to live with the status quo, after the fact. We were born to establish an ideal world, as it was at the beginning.

Posted by Deb Kotz, January 15, 2004.
This is an article about the Arab woman who massacred the IDF soldiers, who wanted to be kind to her. It was written by Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, and appeared January 16, 2004.

The security establishment plans to reopen the Erez checkpoint on Sunday morning, four days after it was closed following a suicide bombing in which four people were killed.

In talks held Thursday at Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's office, it was decided to open the western entrance of the checkpoint to workers and merchants entering Israel, starting early next week. The Erez industrial zone will remain closed until an alternate site for inspections is found, instead of the one that was destroyed on Wednesday.

Mofaz decided late Wednesday to impose a total closure on the Gaza Strip. Palestinians can enter Israel only in humanitarian cases, though goods will be allowed in and out of the Strip.

The IDF Southern Command would only make a decision on when to lift the closure on Saturday evening, Army Radio reported.

A military spokesman said Mofaz had decided on "a general closure on the Gaza Strip," meaning no laborers would be able to enter Israel for work.

Reem Salah Riashi, the mother of two young children, became the first female Hamas member to carry out a suicide attack when she detonated her bomb at the checkpoint that served thousands of Palestinians entering Israel to work.

The fatalities were identified as Border Police Staff Sergeant Vladimir Trostiansky, 22, of Rehovot; Israel Defense Forces Staff Sergeant Tzur Or, 20, of Rishon Letzion; IDF Corporal Andrei Kegeles, 19, of Nahariya; and security guard Gal Shapira, 28, from Ashkelon. All the victims were laid to rest on Thursday.

As of Thursday morning, nine victims of the blast were still hospitalized at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

The attack was meticulously planned. Palestinian sources said that 22-year-old Riashi had undergone an intensive period of training after being recruited at the mosque where she prayed.

When she arrived at the crossing Wednesday, she had detailed intelligence regarding the inspection procedure, and took full advantage of the weak spots that planners of the attack had identified. She played her role, designed to mislead the security guards, to perfection.

Witnesses who were in the terminal at the time of the attack say that Riashi was the very picture of wretchedness. She arrived at the crossing at around 9:30 A.M., some 90 minutes after 4,000 workers employed in the Erez industrial zone had passed through, choosing a day that many women come to the Erez checkpoint to request work permits in Israel. She passed unhindered through the Palestinian checkpoints at the south of the terminal, telling the police officer on duty that she was sick.

From there, she progressed, with four other Palestinian women who were totally unaware of her plans, via the "security sleeve," toward the Israel section of the terminal.

The building has been reconstructed several times in recent years, and, in the aftermath of shooting attack two years ago, security procedures have also been refreshed. Now, Palestinians have to go through a rotating metal device, and then pass through a metal detector. The Israeli guards - IDF soldiers, Border Police and security guards from private companies - watch them from behind reinforced windows. Only people who have passed through the metal detectors are allowed to progress into the terminal itself.

When Riashi passed through the detectors and set them off, she told security guard Gal Shapira, who was stationed at the entrance to the terminal, that she had metal pins in her leg. She even lifted her dress slightly to show the guard a bandage. Shapira told her to pass through the detector again, and again the alarm sounded.

The bomber then began to cry, lying on the floor and begging to be let through. The other women also asked the guards to let her through. Shapira called his superior, who told Riashi to move into the terminal. In the meantime, a female guard was called to conduct a physical examination. Security procedures dictate that when necessary, women be examined in a side room and by a female guard.

When the female guard turned away to find gloves for the examination, the bomber advanced some four meters into the terminal. When she was in the midst of a group of guards, she detonated the explosive belt she was wearing around her waist.

The device, which contained around five kilograms of explosives, killed four people, wounded nine others. The injured were evacuated to Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, where doctors said that two remain in moderate condition. Among the injured were the female guard and a Palestinian woman who was applying for a work permit. The damage to the small building was severe.

The commander of the Northern Gaza division, Colonel Yoel Strik, was in his office at the time of the blast, around one kilometer away. Strik was in the middle of a conversation with Channel 2's military correspondent, Roni Daniel. Moments before the explosion, Strik was speaking about the Erez crossing. Every few months, there's an attack at the Erez crossing, he was saying, and they are always large-scale. The conversation was cut short by the blast.

The initial report was that a mortar had landed nearby, but Strik heard the explosion and recognized it immediately as a bomb. When he arrived on the scene a few minutes later, he was proven right. Daniel's cameraman documented how the officers tried to restore order and others drew up lists of the dead and injured. There is no hysteria evident in the pictures, just businesslike activity.

At the same time, troops were closing down the Erez industrial zone. Within a few hours, the Palestinians employed there were told by loudspeaker to leave their places of work. They were rounded up outside the factories, underwent security checks and were sent home to the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia declined to condemn the attack, saying that continued Israeli attacks and restrictions on the Palestinians are leading "to more escalation on both sides."

Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Sha'ath said that the Palestinian Authority was capable of stopping such terror attacks, but that Israel must first halt its attacks on the Palestinians, Israel Radio reported.

Speaking from Copenhagen, Sha'ath said that last August the Palestinians unilaterally halted attacks, but this collapsed because Israel failed to abide by this as well.

Sha'ath refrained from condemning Wednesday's bombing.

Despite the bombing, the Erez crossing will not be closed this morning. Some 15,000 workers and traders from Gaza will pass through the site on their way to work inside Israel. Only the industrial zone will remain closed, until a solution can be found for the ruined terminal.

"The days when Gaza was sealed off because of a terror attack in Afula are long gone," a senior officer from the Southern Command told Haaretz Wednesday. Despite the dangers involved, the IDF is keen to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Deb Kotz is a volunteer distributor of informative and timely emails for the Baltimore-Washington chapters of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA).

COLIN POWELL: Let's Be Consistent
Posted by Steven Plaut, January 15, 2004.
You know how Colin Powell wants to offset anything Israel spends on its Security Fence from US aid to Israel? You might want to write him and President Bush and ask how come the US has never offset from its aid to Egypt all the money the Egyptians are spending on building illegal tunnels into Gaza that allow the PLO to smuggle in explosives, like the sort that yesterday were used by the Palestinian mother of two to massacre the compassionate IDF soldiers.

Steven Plaut is an American-trained economist, a professor of business administration at Haifa University and author of "The Scout." He frequently comments - both seriously and satirically - on Israeli politics and the left wing academic community. His website address is http://www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

Posted by CAMERA, January 15, 2004.
[Ed note. Background: Reem Salih al Rayashi, 21, a mother of 2, blew herself up while murdering three IDF soldiers and a civilian. This occured inside the security check terminal, where thousands of Palestinian workers are allowed to pass each day to work at the nearby Erez industrial zone in Gaza. In a video made before the bombing, Rayashi declared it was her lifelong dream to become a suicide bomber. She is already being worshipped in Palestinian society as a glorious role model for Young Arabs.]

By publishing Reem Al-Reyashi's "martyr" photo and highlighting her motherhood, too many media reports are inadvertently glorifying the female terrorist who killed four Israelis at the Erez checkpoint in Gaza on Wednesday, January 14. At the same time, virtually every report so far has failed to explore two key aspects of her attack:

1) the ploy the terrorist used to attempt to gain entry into Israel and the consequences it will have for Palestinian women, workers, and those who need to quickly pass through checkpoints due to medical emergencies. Witnesses reported that Al-Reyashi approached the checkpoint with such a bad limp that she was offered assistance by another woman, whom she rebuffed. Then, according to Ha'aretz newspaper reporter Amos Harel:

"When Riashi passed through the detectors and set them off, she told security guard Gal Shapira, who was stationed at the entrance to the terminal, that she had metal pins in her leg. She even lifted her dress slightly to show the guard a bandage. Shapira told her to pass through the detector again, and again the alarm sounded.

"The bomber then began to cry, lying on the floor and begging to be let through. The other women also asked the guards to let her through. Shapira called his superior, who told Riashi to move into the terminal. In the meantime, a female guard was called to conduct a physical examination. Security procedures dictate that when necessary, women be examined in a side room and by a female guard.

"When the female guard turned away to find gloves for the examination, the bomber advanced some four meters into the terminal. When she was in the midst of a group of guards, she detonated the explosive belt she was wearing around her waist."

2) the implications of her statement that she had wanted to become a "martyr" since she was 13 years old, which was approximately 1995.

Consequences of Faking A Medical Condition

This terror attack demonstrates once again why Israelis must check all Palestinians entering Israel, even women and even those who appear to be in need of medical care. As a result of Al-Reyashi's faking a limp and claiming a medical condition, Palestinian women, and patients who appear to be in obvious pain, will now be subjected to even stricter scrutiny at checkpoints to ensure that they also are not human bombs.

Any future reports about the inconvenience of checkpoints, and particularly reports about medical care being delayed by security checks, should include reference to Al-Reyashi's cynical fabrication of a leg injury to aid her entry into Israel to murder Israelis.

Al-Reyashi's ploy is in the tradition of other Palestinians who have faked medical conditions or abused the supposed neutrality of medical personnel to transport explosive belts, combatants and terrorists. For example,

*On March 10, 2003, Palestinian ambulance driver, Aslam Jibril, pleaded guilty to transporting explosives hidden in his ambulance on March 26, 2002. The explosives, weighing 10 kilos and attached to a belt [worn by suicide bombers], were hidden underneath a stretcher, which was carrying a young boy (his nephew) pretending to be sick. (IDF Spokesperson, March 10, 2003)

*"Troops arrest wanted militant in ambulance. In the Gaza Strip, soldiers arrested a wanted militant who was traveling in a Palestinian ambulance at the Gush Katif junction, Israel Radio reported. The troops became suspicious after noticing that there were no medical personnel or injured persons in the vehicle. They proceeded to search the ambulance and found the Palestinian." (Ha'aretz, June 11, 2002)

* "Israel Radio Correspondent, Nissim Keinan, reported this evening from Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip that today he observed a Palestinian ambulance parked next to Netzarim Junction unloading crates of ammunition and fire bombs. He observed some of the bombs [being] thrown." (IMRA, October 4, 2000)

Terrorist Yearned to Murder Since Early Years of Oslo Process

As reported by Fox News (Jan 14), "Smiling at times in a videotape that showed her cradling a rifle, Al-Reyashi said she had dreamed since she was 13 of 'becoming a martyr' and dying for her people.

'It was always my wish to turn my body into deadly shrapnel against the Zionists and to knock on the doors of heaven with the skulls of Zionists,' said Reyashi, wearing combat fatigues with a Hamas sash across her chest."

In initial reports, we have yet to see anyone connect the dots in this statement. If Reyashi dreamed of "becoming a martyr" since she was 13, that means that she dreamed of murdering Israelis in approximately 1995 (reports vary as to whether Reyashi was 21 or 22), when Israel and the Palestinians were engaged in the Oslo peace process, and Gaza was under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. Her statement highlights the likelihood that it is not any action of Israel's that provokes terrorism, but the pervasive incitement/indoctrination against Israel that Palestinians have been subjected to since 1993, when the Palestinian Authority came into existence.

Palestinian Murder of Father of 3-Month Old Triplets Given Scant Attention:

On Tuesday, January 13, Ro'i Arbel, a 29-year-old father of 3-month-old triplets (and two other young children) was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a sniper attack. Yet his compelling human interest story has so far only been published in Israeli papers. His murder has mostly been relegated to one or two sentences in articles about other developments in Israel or the disputed territories.

Media coverage has been extensive about the personal aspects of the female bomber who perpetrated the Gaza bombing (a different attack than the one that killed Ro'i) and her photo has been published. By what journalistic standard is this story given prominence, while lives cut short or changed forever by the terrorists are almost entirely ignored?

CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America - monitors the media for anti-Israel bias. Its website address is http://www.camera.org.

Posted by Tamar Rush, January 15, 2004.
This was written by Daniel Klaidman and Michael Isikoff and appeared in Newsweek October 27, 2003. The Feds listen in on terrorists but often don't have a clue to what they're saying. It's a real problem, not helped by the FBI's refusal to hire Jews, whose families are from Arab countries, and who speak Arabic.

The clash of civilizations rages in some surprising places, and one of them is the large room in the FBI's Washington, D.C., Field Office that houses a unit known as CI-19. In one set of cubicles sit the foreign-born Muslims; across a partition is everyone else.

They have the same vital job: to translate supersecret wiretaps of suspected terrorists and spies. But the 150 or so members of CI-19 (for Counterintelligence) segregate themselves by ethnicity and religion. Some of the U.S.-born translators have accused their Middle Eastern-born counterparts of making disparaging or unpatriotic remarks, or of making "mistranslations" - failing to translate comments that might reflect poorly on their fellow Muslims, such as references to sexual deviancy.

The tensions erupt in arguments and angry finger-pointing from time to time. "It's a good thing the translators are not allowed to carry guns," says Sibel Edmonds, a Farsi translator who formerly worked in the unit.

To fight the war on terror, the FBI desperately needs translators. Every day, wiretaps and bugs installed under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) record hundreds of hours of conversations conducted in Arabic or other Middle Eastern languages like Farsi.

Those conversations must all be translated into English - and quickly - if investigators are to head off budding Qaeda plots against the United States. Today, more than two years after the 9/11 attacks, the FBI is still woefully short of translators. FBI Director Robert Mueller has declared that he wants a 12-hour rule: all significant electronic intercepts of suspected terrorist conversations must be translated within 12 hours.

Asked if the bureau was living up to its own rule, a senior FBI official quietly chuckled. He was being mordant: he and every top gumshoe are well aware that the consequences could be tragic. Since 9/11, goaded by the dire warnings of Attorney General John Ashcroft, Congress has poured billions of dollars into the war on terror to beef up manpower, including hiring foreign-language translators. (CALLING ALL LINGUISTS... TO SERVE YOUR COUNTRY, reads the latest help-wanted ad posted on the FBI's Web site.)

The bureau has made some headway: before 9/11, the FBI had only 40 Arabic and 25 Farsi speakers to listen to national-security intercepts. Today, officials claim, there are 200 Arabic and 75 Farsi speakers on the job (about two thirds are contract employees).

Still, that's not nearly enough: every week, say informed sources, hundreds of hours of tapes from wiretaps and bugs pile up in secure lockers, waiting, sometimes for months on end, to be deciphered. The bureau's slow progress is not for lack of money. Rather, the FBI's understandable but obsessive concern with security, its sometimes cumbersome bureaucracy and, critics say, the remnants of its nativist culture make it a difficult place for Muslims and foreign-born linguists to get jobs and work.

A shortage of Arabic speakers has plagued the entire intelligence community. Though U.S. intelligence was using all the best technology - spy satellites, high-tech listening posts and other devices - to listen in on the conversations of possible terrorists, far too often it had no idea what they were saying.

A congressional inquiry after 9/11 found enormous backlogs. Millions of hours of talk by suspected terrorists - including 35 percent of all Arabic-language national-security wiretaps by the FBI - had gone untranslated and untranscribed. Some of the overseas intercepts contained chillingly precise warnings.

On Sept. 10, 2001, the National Security Agency picked up suggestive comments by Qaeda operatives, including "Tomorrow is zero hour." The tape of the conversation was not translated until after 9/11.

The FBI is still overwhelmed. Because of a threefold increase in FISA wiretaps to monitor the terror threat, the bureau has struggled to keep up. Mueller has been adamant about trying to monitor conversations - in real time - in the dozen or so truly urgent terrorism investigations. But he has been disappointed again and again.

One FBI official described an oft-repeated awkward scene in the director's office: a top investigator comes to brief Mueller on a high-priority case, the kind that appears in the Threat Matrix shown to President George W. Bush every morning. During the course of the presentation, it becomes obvious that there are significant gaps in the case.

The sheepish agent finally admits that hours of wiretaps have yet to be translated. Mueller, a no-nonsense ex-Marine, swallows his exasperation and tersely instructs his subordinates to "do better."

In theory, there are rules for prioritizing which conversations are to be translated first. Can the information be obtained elsewhere? Is the speaker a known Qaeda member? Is there other intelligence suggesting urgency? In practice, says one street agent, "it all depends on how loud you scream on the phone to headquarters."

Agents who live in fear of missing the smoking gun that might prevent a catastrophic terror attack are at a loss to explain the bureau's inability to fix the problem. "We keep getting these signals that they need a full-court press and no stone unturned," says one agent. "But the jewels might be on a diskette in a secure locker in Washington. It keeps some of us awake at night."

G-men tell horror stories of blown opportunities, like the one about a Qaeda suspect whose phone was tapped right up to the moment he left the United States. Only after he had surfaced in Yemen did the translators in CI-19 get around to listening to a CD-ROM of his conversations sent to a field office. The suspect had been talking about leaving the country for some time. (FBI officials declined to comment on the matter, except to say that the facts are more complicated than the story suggests, and to note that without evidence of a crime the suspect could not have been detained anyway.)

The grumbles of street agents are not just the usual grousing about the "suits" back at Washington headquarters. In the weeks before the Iraq war, Newsweek has learned, agents in a field office on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States were closely watching a radical imam with disturbing ties to Qaeda elements in northern Iraq. The FBI feared that the imam might try to launch a terror attack in the United States in retaliation for a U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Agents put the imam under round-the-clock surveillance. But, lacking a translator who could listen to his conversations in real time, the agents loaded FedEx boxes with CD-ROMs and sent them to Washington to be translated. The recordings languished there for weeks and even months before transcripts were made.

Desperate for faster action, the FBI field office hired a translator - but had to settle for one who had trouble understanding the imam's particular dialect.

Posted by IsrAlert, January 15, 2004.
This was written by Israel Harel and appeared today in Ha'aretz.

Peace, say those who call themselves men of peace, is more important than territory. Why, in their doctrine, is this truth applicable only to Israel but not, for example, to Syria? Why do they ask us to concede - for the sake of peace, of course - all of the Golan Heights, while it never occurs to them that this demand could be made, also for the sake of peace, from the Syrians?

After all, Syria has 10 times as much territory as Israel, and its population, relative to its size, is sparse. The Golan was under Syrian control for about 21 years only, while Israel has controlled it for over 36 years. The Golan is approximately one-fifth the size of the Alexandretta region, which the Syrians claim belongs to them, but which Turkey - another country known for its lack of territory - annexed for itself. The oil-rich Mosul region was taken from Syria close to 80 years ago, as was the Tripoli region in Lebanon. Syria, therefore, has no lack of territory, and, as evident from its concessions to Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon, territory is not its primary concern.

Syria is in a crisis, the head of Military Intelligence tells us. Its economy is collapsing; the upper echelon of the government, from the Alawi minority, fears for its future; and the army, whose equipment has hardly been updated since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, is in the process of disintegration.

America includes Syria in the axis of evil and Congress is enacting sanctions against Damascus. Pressured by all these, Syrian President Bashar Assad is perhaps trying to weave negotiations with Israel. Our response is reserved, as it should be at the outset of any negotiations - and certainly negotiations with Syria, through whose troubles we could obtain, even as a downpayment, the restraining of Hezbollah and the expulsion of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership from Damascus.

In light of the above, it is difficult to accept the assault on the government, from both the opposition parties and the media, which have accused it of foot-dragging. More than the critics - who, in their great wisdom, declare in advance that "the Golan is Syrian," - want peace, they are hell bent on a withdrawal for its own sake, when this means the destruction of the settlement effort in the Golan.

In their personal dealings, these critics probably know how to bargain and earn the highest profits, particularly if their negotiation partner is desperate and on the brink of bankruptcy. The same is not true, according to their reasoning, when the national interest is at stake. Considering their declarations that we have no business being in the Golan, the Syrians will have difficulty agreeing even to Israeli control at the precipice line.

Assad's visit to Ankara earlier this month was justifiably dubbed "historic." Indeed, after 66 years of insistent Syrian claims for the return of the Alexandretta region, which Turkey took over in 1937, a Syrian president makes a first-ever visit-concession to Turkey - a kind of unconditional surrender.

Assad's gracious manners, a few short years after Turkey was on the verge of invading Syria, are, therefore, a recognition of the annexation of the Alexandretta region to Turkey and its right to build dams along the Euphrates River. Arid Syria, whose claim that the water also belongs to it has a basis in international law, is so desperate that she concedes the water too. We could learn a lot, if only we desired, from these strategic concessions.

At the end of World War I, the British and the French carved up the Middle East into countries, including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and, later, Jordan. This last was established on the territory that was promised in the Balfour Declaration of 1917 for the national Jewish homeland - a promise that was approved by the League of Nations, the body that preceded the United Nations.

The imperialists determined artificial borders for the countries they established, and the ethnographic division was also arbitrary. It tore apart (and also artificially joined) tribes and members of faiths such as the Sunnis and the Shi'ites. One of the results was the gouging, under the pressure of the powers, mainly at Syria's territory. The latter wisely accepted its losses - because it has territory aplenty, but not water. That is why Hafez Assad could not accept the construction of the dams on the Euphrates and began aiding the Kurds in a revolt against the Turks, to pressure Turkey into halting the cessation of water to Syria - just as he helped Hezbollah and the Palestinian terror organizations.

Turkey responded by moving troops to the Syrian border and Assad, who knew a bit about the Turks - and they about him - capitulated. At that time, proposals were raised in Israel - this was at that height of the Hezbollah terror activities in Lebanon and northern Israel - "to speak to Assad in Turkish." The Israeli leadership, however, lacks the Turkish determination, which causes an inferior opponent to accept its situation. It is because of this weakness that to this day, Israel has not succeeded in putting an end to Syria's support of Hezbollah and the Palestinian terror, as the Turks put an end to the support for the Kurds.

Now, when the pressured and disintegrating Syria is serenading on Israel's doorstep, we must set the price, including interest and linkage, for Syrian aggressiveness over the years. If we resolutely demand - "in Turkish" - peace with the Golan, Syria is liable to come to terms with reality, following the precedents of Alexandretta, Mosul and the Euphrates.

Harv Weiner runs IsrAlert, a Jewish advocacy network. To subscribe to IsrAlert, send an email to isralert@aol.com

THE JEWISH STATE AND A PALESTINIAN STATE: Mutually Exclusive or Inclusive? The Palestinian Refugees - Myth and Reality
Posted by Hatikvah Educational Foundation, January 15, 2004.
This is Ad #6 in a series of ad placed by the Hatikvah Educational Foundation. As were all of the Hatikvah ads - this was written by Yoram Ettinger, former Israeli liaison with the U.S. Congress. See http://www.acpr.org.il/hatikvah/ for the series.


*There were 100 million refugees in the world since Second World War, and 80 million refugees during 1933-1945. Most are no longer refugees. Only the Arabs have perpetuated the Palestinian refugees, as a means to destroy Israel.

*820,000 JEWISH REFUGEES and 300,000 PALESTINIAN REFUGEES were produced by a war launched, against Israel, by the Palestinians and the Arab states.

*300,000 PALESTINIAN REFUGEES: 800,000 Arabs resided in the country in November 1947 and 170,000 upon the conclusion of Israel's War of Independence. Of the 630,000, 100,000 were allowed to return, 100,000 were absorbed in Arab countries, 50,000 Bedouins joined their tribes in Jordan and Sinai, 50,000 were migrant laborer who returned to their homes in Arab countries.

*A PALESTINIAN REFUGEE, according to UNRWA, was any Arab who stayed in the country for two years prior to 1948.

*A MAJOR MIGRATION FROM MUSLIM COUNTRIES, especially to the coastal plain, took place during 1830-1947. MOST PALESTINIAN REFUGEES resided in the coastal plain.


*The origin of most Palestinian refugees was from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria and Libya, migrating during 1830-1947. The Arab population of Jaffa, Haifa and Ramleh grew 17, 12 and 5 times during 1880-1947.

*"30,000-36,000 SYRIANS migrated to Palestine in recent months" (Syrian daily, La Syrie, Aug. 12, 1934).

*JAFFA ABSORBED ARABS FROM 15 COUNTRIES, who populated some "Egyptian Neighborhoods": Abu Kabir, Salameh, Sumeil, Sheikh Muneis, Feja, etc. Egyptian occupation (1831-1840) produced thousands of Egyptian migrants in Jaffa, Petach Tiqva, Hadera, Kalansawa, Acre, Beit She'an, Nablus, etc.

*THOUSANDS OF ARAB MIGRANT LABORERS were imported by the Ottoman Empire and Britain for infrastructure projects, and as a result of the expansion of Jewish businesses, while severe British measures limited Jewish Aliya.


*ABU MAZEN: "Arab armies forced Palestinians to leave their homes." ("Filastin A-Thawra", March 1976).

*LONDON ECONOMIST (Oct. 2, 1948):"The most potent factor [in the flight of Palestinians] was the announcements made by the Arab-Palestinian Higher Executive, urging all Haifa Arabs to quit...It was clearly intimated that Arabs who remained in Haifa would be regarded as renegades."

*THE FLIGHT OF THE ARAB ELITE (BEFORE THE WAR), the INTER-PALESTINIAN GANG WAR (as it was during 1936-39) and the ARAB DEFEAT on the battle field, expanded the number of refugees. Many returned to their countries of origin.

*"[ARAB LEADERS] ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FLIGHT... They disseminated rumors exaggerating Jewish atrocities...They instilled fear in the hearts of the Arabs, until they fled, leaving their homes..." (Jordan's "Al-Urdoun", April 9, 1953).

*In 1948, The BRITISH MANDATE urged Jewish and Arab minorities to evacuate mixed towns. The Arabs evacuated (Tiberias, etc.) and the Jews stayed and prevailed (Safed, etc.).

MISREPRESENTATION OF THE PALESTINIAN REFUGEE PHENOMENON has been intended to de-legitimize Israel and to legitimize the "claim of return", as a means to destroy Israel.

"Hatikvah Educational Foundation was established in response to the rising educational needs of an uninformed public about the post-September 11, 2001 reality in general and the post-September 11, 2001 reality in the Middle East in particular.

"Hatikvah's first project is the publication of 25 bi-weekly full page ads. They provide facts (geography, topography, security, military and history) on the implications of a Palestinian state, west of the Jordan River, on Israel's survival and on vital US interests and values."

Posted by Elias Yrachmiel, January 15, 2004.
Last night, Shlomi Arbel, age 28, driving north of Jerusalem, was murdered.

Shlomi leaves 5 children, ages 4, 2 and triplets who are still in incubators.

The Fateh movement, the mainstream movement of the PLO under the direct control of Arafat, Abu Allah, Abu Mazen and now in negotiation with Israeli left wingers led by Yossi Beilin under the Geneva Initiative, took credit for the murder of Shlomi Arbel.

The Fateh, declared by the US and Israel to be a terrorist organization, is allowed by both governments to operate because of political negotiations that continue between Israel.

This morning, Israel Resource News Agency asked the spokesmen of the US State Department in Israel - the US embassy in Tel Aviv and the US Consulate in Jerusalem if the US would condemn the Fateh for praising and taking credit for the murder of Shlomi Arbel.

After no response was received from either official, Israel Resource News Agency called the office of US Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Daniel Kurtzer.

We left a message with his secretary, Debbi, asking if Ambassador Kurtzer would issue a condemnation of the Fateh praise for the murder of Shlomi Arbel.

We called Debbi two hours later for the response.

Debbi's answer was that Kurtzer was en route to the US and that he would certainly not have any comment on the matter.

I explained to Debbi that she should remind Ambassador Kurtzer of the Talmudic edict that SHTIKA K'HODAAH DAMI, which connotes that "silence is agreement".

Ambassador Kurtzer, a former Dean of Students at Yeshiva University, is familiar with that Talmudic teaching.

This morning, following Shlomi's murder, another member of the Fateh blew herself up at a checkpoint this morning, killing four Israelis in the process.

Ambassador Kurtzer has stressed on a number of occasions that he expects Israel to go easy on the checkpoints and to ease up on curfews on Arab drivers on the roads.

The results of Kurtzer's advice are clear.

Meanwhile, from Israeli government documents that Israel Resource News Agency has examined, we have verified that the US State Department has succeeded in making Israel resume humanitarian aid assistance to the Palestinian Authority, even though Israeli intelligence has documents which show that current Israeli humanitarian aid to the PA gets siphoned off to private PA accounts in Europe.

From other Israeli government documents that we have examined, we find that the US State Department has also succeeded in getting the Israel Ministry of Justice to discourage suits of murder victim families against the PLO or the PA.

In terms of the rule of law in Israel, Ambassador Kurtzer convened a press conference at the end of December in which he told the Israeli press corps that no matter what the Israeli courts decide concerning the legality of the property claims of 43 families in the Migron west bank outpost happened to be, he expected that Israel would abide by the American directive to evacuate Migron.

On a totally different subject, Ambassador Kurtzer was asked if the US embassy would look into reports of widespread persecution of Christian residents of the Palestinian Authority. No response has yet been received.

Elias Yrachmiel's blogsite, http://netzahyisrael.org/blogger.html, is an activist site, devoted to redeeming the Land of Israel.

Posted by Jock L. Falkson, January 15, 2004.
The tragic suicide bombing at the Erez terminal outside Gaza on Wednesday claimed the lives of 3 Israeli teenaged soldiers, and a private Israeli security guard. It would appear Israel has no effective solution to Arab women who decide to explode themselves into the arms of Allah who awaits with special rewards for the so called murderous courage of so called shaheeds.

Here is a suggested system which would provide an effective solution to conducting body searches of suspects without endangering the lives of young Israeli soldiers, male or female.

1. Israel's first line of defense must start on the Palestinian side of the terminal. The Palestine Authority must search all those wishing to cross over into Israel.

2. Any Palestinian, male or female, who registers possession of metal (probably shrapnel) on metal detectors, becomes a suspect.

3. The suspect must be directed to a specially constructed search room built from heavily reinforced concrete.

4. The room should have a see through window made of especially strong explosion-resistant glass.

5. The roof should be canvas/plastic covered to allow the upward force of the explosion to escape harmlessly above.

6. The suspect must be required to strip each layer of clothes separately, until the metal is revealed.

7. Female/male suspects will only be observed by Israelis of the same sex. The suspect will be able to see the observers through the glass.

8. If no metal is revealed the suspect should be turned back on the grounds that the metal could be inside the body.

If this system were in force, the 4 innocent Israelis would be alive. No funerals, no grief stricken families. No sad and embittered nation.

It is true of course, that the suggested method is unlikely to be a permanent solution. Even a signed peace accord will not serve if the Palestinians secretly continue to plan our extermination.

Meanwhile the terrorists will surely seek other methods of killing innocent Israelis. This is the publicly stated mission of the Palestinian terrorists, their funders and political spokespersons.

Nevertheless, until a peace is reached, Israel will have no alternative except to seek fresh solutions to safeguard our people. We cannot, will not, and must not give up. The Jewish State is too precious to the Jewish People. Jock Falkson is an Israeli writer and translator. He can be reached by email at falkson@barak-online.net.

Posted by Richard H. Shulman, January 15, 2004.
The Defense Minister of Israel broadcast to the people of Iran his plans to minimize their casualties in any war Iran would launch against Israel. Iranians called up the station to express appreciation for that policy and their general admiration for Israel.

Israeli newspapers misquoted the Defense Minister, and the Government of Iran quoted the opposite of what he had said. Israel rebroadcast his remarks to refute the distortion (IMRA, 12/24).

The article quoted the actual remarks, which were unmistakably humanitarian. The article did not quote the distortions.

The people of Iran detest their theocratic dictators. I think that the US should help them, with whatever it takes, and soon, to gain freedom. Such an action greatly would reduce support for international terrorism, intimidate terrorist states, and increase support for anti-terrorism.

Mr. Shulman is a veteran defender of Israel on several web-based forums. He provides cool information and right-on-target overviews. He distributes his essays by email. To subscribe, write him at ricshulman@aol.com.

THE IRISH OF THE WORLD: Understanding Our Current Struggle
Posted by Eliezar Edwards, January 15, 2004.
This article was written by the columnist John Derbyshire and appeared yesterday on the National Review website (http://www.nationalreview.com/derbyshire/derbyshire200401140857.asp). He makes interesting and valid comparisons between IRA and Arab Palestinian terrorism. I think he's wrong to say that neither group is capable of doing all that much damage longterm. I also think the analogy between the groups breaks down in that the Irish have a focused objective - unite northern Israel and the Irish state. The Arabs, on the other hand, are developing their terrorism skills - with Saudi Arabia acting as Mr. Moneybags - in Israel. If they win, they'll move ahead to fight the rest of the Western world.

We all know, and have known since 9/11, that our country faces a threat. What kind of threat is it, though, that has brought us this war on terror? I doubt there are many of us who think that it is the kind of threat that Britain faced from Hitler, or the Roman Republic from Hannibal - the threat of conquest and subjugation by an enemy power. On the other hand, the threat is plainly not trivial. I remarked soon after 9/11 that the behavior of the administration was that of people who had asked their highest-level security people, at some sober meeting, across some polished table set out with notepads and water glasses, what was the worst that might happen, and been told in reply: "We could lose a city." George W. Bush is the kind of man who, after being told that, would immediately say, or think: "Not if there's anything I can do to stop it." But is this right - could we really lose a city? What are the stakes in the war on terror? What is the nature, what is the scale, of the threat we face?

Folk like me, who pass comment on public affairs for a living, think about this constantly. (Not that many other citizens don't likewise. I am only saying that when opinions are your business, this is one point on which you must have an opinion.) We read anything we can find that will help clarify the issue in our minds. We don't, of course, all come to the same conclusion, even after reading the same material - human nature precludes that kind of unanimity. We come to some kind of conclusion, though. Here is mine.

Sometimes I find myself reading something idly, something I did not particularly seek out for purposes of enlightenment, something I read just to while away some time in a doctor's waiting room or suchlike, yet which turns my mind to the main issue. This happened the other day. The item I was reading was Lawrence Wright's fine long New Yorker piece about his experiences in Saudi Arabia.

Wright had been hired by the English-language Saudi Gazette to train young Saudi reporters. He spent several weeks in Saudi Arabia early in 2003, a period which overlapped with the start of the Iraq war. In this New Yorker piece (it is in the January 5 issue) he tells of his experiences inside the Saudi press, and passes comments on the talk, attitudes, and beliefs of urban Saudis.

Some of what he says is familiar to us by now. The Saudis are resentful of America. Many of them hate us, and those who do not hate us do not love us. They are addicted to wildly improbable conspiracy theories, mainly involving Jews. None of them is capable of imagining much in the way of human motivation, certainly not at the national level, beyond money and blood-lust. Wright: "One of the relentless themes of the Saudi media was that the twin objects of American power were oil and murder." They are spoiled rotten by their oil wealth, and incapable of doing any kind of real work, all of which is done by foreigners. (Recall P. J. O'Rourke's report from the 1991 Gulf War about Western journalists in Saudi Arabia running a book on who could be the first to spot a Saudi lifting anything heavier than his billfold.)

Perhaps the most horrible aspect of Saudi society is its exclusion of women from just about everything. "Almost all public space... belonged to men. The restaurants had separate entrances for 'families' and 'bachelors,' and I could hear women scurrying past, hidden by screens, as they went upstairs or to a rear room." Wright has a number of things to say about this at different points in his story, and with each remark he makes, the impression mounts that there is some deep societal sickness, something pathological going on here. Speaking of the 9/11 hijackers' fantasies of being rewarded with virgins in the afterlife, Wright says: "Such abstractions don't seem quite so strange in a country where images of women piped through a satellite dish seem more vivid than actual Saudi women - whom the male reporters at the Gazette liked to call B.M.O.s, or 'black moving objects.'" He goes on to comment on the wretched state of marriage in Saudi Arabia - a revelation which, at this point in the narrative, one does not find the least bit surprising.

Another thing Wright brings out is the ugly generation gap. Middle-class Saudi men are often quite worldly. Frequently they have been educated in the West, and can at least see a Western point of view. Their sons, whom they find it difficult to communicate with, are more worrying, to them as well as to us. Having nothing much to hope for in the way of a career or a satisfying married life, these young people huddle in their rooms with computers and Koranic tracts, fixing their hopes on the next world, or on the ersatz immortality offered by a Cause. In a subsequent interview about the New Yorker piece, Wright says that he found "a great mood of hopelessness and despair and sadness, especially among the young reporters that I was working with."

I don't think it is unfair to take the situation in Saudi Arabia as representative of that in the Arab world at large, and to some lesser extent the Muslim world at large. To the degree that we have a problem with Arabs, and with Muslims in general, Saudi Arabia shows the concentrated essence of it. So...what is it? And what is the threat?

In the first place, it is certainly not a Hitler-sized or Hannibal-sized threat. These societies are such abject failures that there is no prospect of them being able to overthrow us by force. When you read about the Arabs - I have been reading a great deal this past couple of years, though I continue to think that David Pryce-Jones The Closed Circle is the best general introduction to the topic - you build up a picture of how comprehensive is the failure of their societies in the modern age. They are not merely political failures: they are military, economic, cultural, and social failures, too. In these respects, they are no threat to us.

Their very failure, though, and the massive inferiority complex it leaves them with, gives rise to a threat of sorts, as of course we found out on 9/11. To get a good analogy for the scale of that threat, carry out the following thought experiment.

Imagine you are a citizen of a single nation with some decent cultural achievements to its credit in the past - at very least, in the decorative arts, in poetry and literature, and in the transmission of knowledge from the ancient world to the late-medieval. Imagine now that your nation finds itself living in the shadow of a much richer, more powerful, more aggressive nation - a nation that is aggressive not only in arms, but also in culture, spreading its language and art, even its social customs and political institutions. Suppose, further, that this bigger, richer, more aggressive nation has seized a part of your territory, planted its own people there, and denied your claim to sovereignty over it. As a young person of spirit, how would you feel about this?

The analogy I am drawing is, of course, with Ireland vis-a-vis Britain. In my analogy, Ireland plays the part of the Arab world, perhaps of the larger Muslim world, while Britain plays the part of the West. The analogy is far from perfect, of course. The West never ruled the Arabs in the way, or for the length of time, that Britain ruled Ireland. I cannot think of any Western leader who dealt with the Arabs as Oliver Cromwell dealt with the Irish. Nor did Ireland ever suffer the extreme misogynist neurosis that Lawrence Wright describes in Saudi Arabia. Nor were her rulers and people ever corrupted by great wealth that required no effort on their part to generate it - Ireland's economic problem was not wealth, but poverty. One historian of Ireland remarked that she was, from Britain's point of view, strategically vital but economically worthless, and that this accounted for Britain's centuries-long policy of "neglect punctuated with repression." The Arabs are an opposite case: economically vital to us, but not important in any other way.

The analogy does work in one respect, though: in each case there is a Cause, rooted in blood and honor, in history and in the resentment that the weak feel towards the strong, the failed towards the successful - a Cause to which young persons can dedicate their lives. It is a Cause, furthermore, so overwhelming in its demand on the emotions that any kind of action, anything at all, is justified in furtherance of it. Hence terrorism; hence the war on terror.

No Irishman - none since Fergus of Dal Riada, at any rate - thought that his people could conquer Britain. That was not the objective of modern Irish terrorism. The objective was to expel the hated Other from Irish land, and to kill as many of them as possible, for sheer hatred's sake. Following that, the people of Ireland, though the nation might remain weak and inconsequential in the large affairs of the world, would return to their authentic essence, speaking only their own language, practicing only their own crafts and religion. Hence the dreary long backwardness of the "De Valera dispensation" in Ireland (1932-73)... Though in fairness it should be said that it was, for all its dreariness, nothing like as bad as the mullahs' Iran, or as the Islamic republic that Saudi radicals dream of will undoubtedly be.

There are other points at which the analogy works, too. In the post-1969 terrorism that has plagued Ireland and Britain, there have never been more than a few hundred active terrorists at any one time. The vast majority of Irish people were indifferent to the terrorists, or hostile to them. A small number of Irish people - perhaps one percent, which would be around 50,000 - were willing to give actual aid and comfort to the terrorists. Some larger number probably felt a slight emotional tug towards them, but not enough of a tug to bring them to any action. (Conor Cruise O'Brien remarked somewhere that when an Irishman hears of an IRA terrorist attack, he thinks to himself, "What a terrible thing!" But immediately afterwards, like an echo, there comes a tiny voice far at the back of his mind saying: "Ah, but aren't they fighting for our lost land?") Still the main picture is: 99 percent indifferent or hostile to terrorism, one percent - a few tens of thousands - willing to give active shelter or support, one percent of one percent - a few hundreds - carrying out the vile acts themselves. Outside the more fevered regions of the Middle East, places like Palestine, the percentages are probably not very different.

If this analogy is right, the Arabs are, in a sense, the Irish of the world. Their threat to us is the one the Irish terrorists posed to Britain: decades of bombings and shootings, occasional sensational atrocities like the assassination of a national personality or the destruction of a large building. All of this rooted in a nagging sense of inferiority, of social and cultural failure, that failure believed to be the result of historical wrongs committed by malign foreigners, those wrongs constantly magnified by telling and re-telling. (I write with some feeling here, having been buttonholed several times too often by Irish - or, much more commonly, "Irish-American" - bores apparently capable of droning on and on about the Saxon Yoke and the wickedness of Elizabeth the First until the crack of doom. I know Irish history as well as any of these crackpots, in fact considerably better than most of them, and am in fact generally sympathetic, but I know psychopathology when I have it hissed into my ear.)

That, however, is only the physical threat. Along with it come other, secondary threats. There is, for example, the rise of the Security State, with all the annoyance and tedium of baggage searches, metal detectors, security passes, and so on, and the chipping away at civil liberties that inevitably ensues. Closed-circuit police cameras are now a routine feature of British streets, a thing that would never have come to pass without the erosion of ancient liberties called for by the fight against Irish terrorism. Worse yet is the moral threat: the slow sapping of determination to fight, the seductive voices ever whispering that one more concession, one more act of sympathetic understanding, one more appeal to international arbitration, one more small retreat, will cause the terrorists to lay down their arms. Britain was considerably corrupted by this moral threat at last, making concession after concession to the IRA terrorists, even dismantling the Northern Ireland police and security forces and freeing terrorist murderers, while the terrorists kept all their arms, and would probably be using them now but for the collapse in sympathy for terrorists everywhere in the civilized world after 9/11.

Do we have the stomach for a "long, twilight struggle" of this kind, with the stakes not nuclear annihilation, not national conquest and subjugation, but only repetitive, spirit-sapping local atrocities, some of them on our own soil, year after year after year? To judge from Lawrence Wright's article, the Arab world looks set fair to provide the raw material for such a fight for decades to come. And if Irish history is a guide, this may continue to be the case even after the Arab world acquires rational, constitutional forms of government, if it ever does. It only takes one percent of one percent, encouraged and sheltered by one percent. Plenty of room for that, even in a tidy west-European-style social order.

And how long will this struggle be, anyway? Irish terrorism is not dead yet, but if anything kills it at last, it will be the prosperity and sophistication of the modern Irish republic, her ancient and peculiar sense of nationhood dissolved by globalized economics, her religious intensity vitiated by the easy hedonism of Euro-culture, her aching sense of dwelling in the shadow of a richer, stronger power dispelled by the equalization of wealth and the shrinking of distances. Can equivalent forces act on the Arab and Muslim worlds, to bring them out of darkness into the light? Well, undoubtedly they can, but it is hard to see much sign of such improvements at present. This is going to be a long, wearying fight.

Posted by Steve Plaut, January 15, 2004.
One of the most comic things of recent days has been watching the Far Left have conniptions over Benny Morris.

Morris is a professor of history at Ben Gurion University. He is a vintage "New Historian", who devoted most of his career to proving that Israel is a big evil bully that was the Goliath in 1948 against the poor Palestinian David, that Israel expelled the poor Palestinians in 1948, and was guilty of most of the other problems of the Middle East. But then about two years ago, Morris started having partial second thoughts. He repeatedly blamed the PLO for the Oslo violence, refused to endorse the calls for a Second Holocaust and destruction of Israel coming from so much of the Left, and criticized the anti-Israel Left.

That ignited a bonfire of hatred against him by the Left. The one thing the Left hates more than anything else is when one of its own turns coat and challenges the leftist canon and theology. In web site after URL, the Leftists attack