by Paul Lademain

Israeli politicians who use the words of its enemies when engaged in "negotiations" with them make themselves into their enemies' fools.

Be ye not fools, O Israel.

Do not fall into cunning Arab traps, which is what many Jews seemingly feel a need to do in order to portray themselves as peaceable souls. One of the Arab's basic traps is to get the language-handicapped Israeli to resort to using the same words used by Arabs. When a Jewish Israeli falls into the Arab's linguistic traps, he or she has lost half the battle currently being waged over Israel's right to its lands. We shall demonstrate, below, how to break this sorry reflex.

As every thinking person knows, "peace" has nothing to do with Jewish negotiations with the Muslim. The true aim of the Muslim is to get rid of Israel's intelligent Jewish leadership and replace it with weak-spined malleable rug merchants who for the sake of jibber-jabbering, will trade away Israel's sovereignty over its lands in exchange for flattery, air-kisses and false promises. False promises that the vainglorious and naive Jew will foolishly accept because he/she hopes he/she she can magically transform this nonsense into reality by going along to get along. Such Jews end up first pretending that up is down, that black is white, and that the sky is green and then attacking those who dare disagree with them.

Such Jews, blinded by their stubborn vanity, cannot learn from experience. Such Jews should be discarded before they ruin the entire free world with their posturing.

On the other hand, some Jews holding the reins of political power are possessed of such narrow but deep intelligence and such cocksure vanity that they can and do rationalize any stupidity. Hence they talk themselves into surrendering the rights of Israel's citizenry and end up submitting to bullying in order to continue enjoying the short term pleasures and financial and social perks of political office. The more cunning Arab knows how to manipulate this vain Jew because he has learned how his mind works and thereby knows just how to manipulate this vain Jew into helping the Arab world fashion greater political and social losses for Israel "In the name of peace."

The real issue is protecting the rights of Israelis. There can be no peace without power, thus it is imperative that Jewish Israeli leadership learn how to stop such powers from being used against the Jews of Israel. The High Court of Israel has become the greatest and most dangerous tool used against the nation of Israel and against ordinary Jews in the Jewish Homeland. The High Court apparently believes favoring Muslims at the expense of Jews proves that as a body it is an honest broker when in fact it has transformed itself into serving as the broker of Islam and Islamic imperialism. Examine how Israel's High Court uses the language of Israel's enemies against the Jews of Israel.

Jewish leadership must admit to the truth: Today's Islam has mutated into an evil and destructive force, much as a healthy cell mutates into a cancerous death-dealing node that if left unchecked will most assuredly kill its host. Israel must direct its powers away from abusing and subjugating Jews who support Israel's right to its lands and re-direct its forces against the enemies of Israel. Especially those who praise Israel to its face and stab Israel behind its back. Especially those Arabs and their enabler who pretend they have superior rights to the Jewish Homeland.


HERE ARE A FEW NON-VIOLENT, perfectly legal steps toward regaining the powers former Israeli leaders unlawfully or foolishly relinquished: Israeli politicians and Israel's foreign-financed and cowed media must immediately cease referring to Arabs as "Palestinians". Don't announce this, don't explain this, and most important of all, don't crumble when criticized. Just do it. And do it now and forever.

When the Arabs refer to various parts of the Jewish Homeland as "East Jerusalem," as but one example, do not allow their words to slip off your tongues. Samaria and Judea are Samaria and Judea. They are Biblical Israel. They are not to be called the West Bank.

Jerusalem belongs entirely to the Jewish Homeland. Politicians who say otherwise, even if they are Jews, are either deliberately and inexcusably ignorant of the very laws that protect Jews and the Jewish Homeland or else they are traitors, as Professor Grief once declared them in his seminal treatise The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law. (He describes the laws that describe the boundaries of Israel and these laws have at long last become so well known that Israeli politicians who deny these laws must be removed from government.)

Refer to Jerusalem as the de facto capital of Israel. "The de-facto historical capital of Israel is Jerusalem." Repeat this phrase until it is linked to every reference to Jerusalem.

Refer to the Arabs as Arabs and cease the knee-jerk and thoughtless reference to such people as "Palestinians." No need to explain. No need to apologize when you refer to Abbas as "a putative Arabic leader" "whose every word in arabic is an incitement to murder Israelis, especially Jews."

Spread the word that thousands of Arab Israelis were also maimed and murdered by Yasser Arafat's goon gangs. No need for deep research here. Remember that in a propaganda war your duty is to winning it. Winning the scabrous propaganda war is paramount because it was brought into your nation by Israel's enemies, naive crazies, the Arab invaders and their immoral Jewish enablers.

When the Euroids falsely accuse Israel of "ethnic cleansing" immediately hurl their insolent calumnies back in their faces and focus your counter-attack on describing how the Norwegian government currently engages in ethnic cleansing by trying to wipe out the culture of the native inhabitants known as the Sami. See: Norway enforces the cleansing of ethnicity from native peoples, the "Sami." (Excerpt from National Geographic Magazine, November 2011, page 66,"Sami: The People Who Walk With Reindeer" by Jessica Benko)

Viva to the Patriots of Israel from the SC4Z. Not Left. Not Right. Just 4 Justice 4 Israel.

Paul Lademain is a Secular Christian for Zion (SC4Z). Contact him by email at This essay was submitted January 14, 2012.

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