by Paul Lademain

We are the SC4Z and we believe Israeli writers must pay more attention to the vagaries associated with the English Language.

Arabs attend US universities to study the English language in order to master propaganda, as did Hanan Ashrawi, who attended the University of Virginia where she reportedly obtained her Ph.D. in linguistics. Israelis must do the same so that you can match the skills of the arab invaders. (Notice that as good "propagandists" we never call them "palestinians"?)

If you don't realize that Israel is locked into a propaganda war you are guaranteed losers.

We strongly suggest that everyone on your team improve your linguistic skills and stop using the terminology arabs use.

Next: Understand that under common usage of international law, the Oslo Accords are void despite the understandable by ineffective yen to breathe life into them for the sake of putting down arab aggression against Jews and Israel. Why are they void? Because they were signed by Yasser Arafat who confessed that he had no intention of complying with the terms of the Oslo Accords when he signed them. That being the case, his signature means nothing because he rejected the agreement while pretending to agree to its terms and this pretense renders the agreement void because there can be no agreement absent "a meeting of the minds." The posturing and bragging engaged in by Peres and all of Clinton's boastful tears of joy cannot cure a void agreement or confer validity to a non-existent bargain.

Under Common Law, which is the basis for International Law, if one party has no intention of complying with the agreement he or she appears to have entered into, the agreement is void. In short, learn "Common Law" so that you don't find yourself trapped by your own misunderstanding of "common law" and what it portends.

If you don't understand the meaning of "common law," then Google or read the English Dictionary:

And see this: "Article 38(1) of the ICJ Statute enumerates the sources of international law and provides that international law has its basis in international custom, international conventions or treaties, and general principles of law. A rule must derive from one of these three sources in order to be considered international law."

Viva to the Patriots of Israel from the Secular Christians 4 Zion (SC4Z).

Paul Lademain is a member of SC4Z. Contact him at This article was submitted February 7, 2014.

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